1. 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Review: Is it Really a Daily Driver?
  2. 2022 Ford Bronco Sport // The Affordable Bronco for the MASSES! (2022 Changes)
  3. The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Is an Awesome Baby Bronco
  4. 2021 Ford Bronco Sport | Review & Road Test
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2022 Ford Bronco Sport Review: Is it Really a Daily Driver?

so recently we held a massive 2022 auto,guide compact SUV comparison presented,by NRS brakes now were going to take a,closer look at one of the entries in,that massive Battle Royale the 2022 Ford,Bronco sport,we want to take a second to thank our,sponsor NRS brakes NRS brakes offer,galvanized brake pads which use a,friction material thats mechanically,attached not glued to the galvanized,steel backing plate making them the,longest lasting and quietest Brakes in,the market find out more about NRS,Brakes in the link in the description,below,[Music],foreign,[Music],sport perfectly illustrates the,flexibility of this segment slightly,smaller than the escape with which it,shares its platform the Bros bow is,boxier and a more rugged entry in the,compact SUV segment ironically it,reverses course for car-based SUVs,offering some of the compromises of old,school SUVs but with an added dash of,cool,okay the big Bronco is cooler especially,in two-door trim but if you park the,Bronco sport beside just about anything,else in this class it does draw,attention Ford did a good job,transferring those retro looks to the,smaller platform boxy is in and this,two-pronged attack from the blue oval,gives buyers the choice of the car-like,escape and the friendly faced baby,Bronco,dont let that happy face fool you the,Bronco sport is a genuinely quick little,SUV while the other models of the Bronco,sport use a 1.5 liter three-cylinder,engine Ford torquey 2-liter turbocharged,four-cylinder is exclusive to this top,Badlands trim here it puts down 250,horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque,all through an 8-speed automatic,transmission and standard four-wheel,drive that mission of recreating the,old-school SUV experience does present,some challenges the wide-angle view out,over the hood and the clean sight lines,those are good the noticeable body lean,and Corners the constant hum from the,tires and that somewhat vague steering,less so but those are the sacrifices,youll have to make for the off-road,life with the Bronco Sport and thats,really where the Bronco sport comes into,its own on loose Services the light,steering feels relaxed better matched to,the constant slight adjustments required,on dirt the short wheelbase makes it a,good bit of fun to throw around corners,too and that heartier four-wheel drive,system in the Badlands gives it,legitimate off-road chops theres not,much else in this size of in price range,that will go further from the tarmac,its name the Bro suppose interior is,hardly fancy the optional soft touch,seats in the Badlands are great but the,rest of the cabin is more tough Plastics,than anything else that feels oddly,appropriate though given the,broncosports mission statement second,row Riders wont find a surplus of,legroom but that Safari style twin step,roof back there does give them a whole,bunch of headrooms are you camping out,for the night take advantage of the,tailgates built-in spotlights not to,mention the bottle opener be prepared to,pay a cool tax for the broncosport even,as one of the priciest vehicles in this,class it misses out on a lot of tech,even Fords newer sync 4 infotainment,system at least it has a front-facing,camera which sure enough has its uses,off-road,[Applause],if thats where you find yourself most,of the time then theres a lot to like,about the Bronco sport its lack of,Technology kind of feels appropriate and,you trade all that for buckets of cool,it really is a baby Bronco and one that,can provide plenty of smiles every time,you leave the road thanks again to our,sponsor NRS brakes be sure to check them,out and dont forget to like subscribe,and definitely ring that Bell,[Music]

2022 Ford Bronco Sport // The Affordable Bronco for the MASSES! (2022 Changes)

whats going on youtube so the ford,bronco has been and continues to be a,very hyped vehicle however not everybody,needs the capability of the full-fledged,bronco which is why the far more,mainstream bronco sport exist,this is still quite a capable vehicle,and today im standing next to the,latest 2022 version so without wasting,any time lets go ahead and jump right,into this review and see if this is the,capable compact crossover for you,[Music],so one of the key elements of the bronco,sport is of course having the tiny,bronco vibe which means you have a lot,of these same styling elements brought,down into this escape based crossover,up here in the front youll immediately,notice that you have the bronco design,language you have a very similar looking,grill,essentially youre going to have several,different versions depending on which,trim level you choose but all of them,are going to have this wide elongated,rectangular grille youve got the big,prominent white bronco branding right,through here and you can get this in,different colors as well and just,generally everything looks nice and,chunky,as we come over here to the headlights,these are going to be full led across,every single trim level,they have a very premium look including,led turn signals and the daytime running,light and then down below that you will,find led fog lamps i do want to point,out one change for 2022,these led fog lamps are now part of the,convenience package on this big bend,they were previously standard,now this is an off-road capable vehicle,still because it has to be given that,its called a bronco youre going to,have a standard 7.8 inches of ground,clearance however you go for that top,end badlands thats definitely the,toughest of the trim levels thats going,to have 8.8 inches of ground clearance,now complementing the tough design are,tough looking wheels you do have 17-inch,alloys on,almost all of the trim levels besides,for the outer banks that ones going to,come standard with an 18 inch contrast,alloy since thats the more luxury and,street oriented trim level as you can,see on this big bend we do have the nice,looking gray finish,as we come over here,each trim level is going to have its own,kind of badge and design to represent it,and then the mirrors will always be,finished in black for every bronco they,do have standard heating and standard,blind spot monitoring,alrighty guys so lets go ahead and talk,about the side of the bronco sport now,its coming in in length at,172.7 inches in length you might be,curious how that fits into the ford,lineup this does actually share the,platform with the ford escape however,this is going to come in as a little bit,shorter than that ford escape model and,of course it does have that very,signature boxy design that everyone,wants out of a bronco of course i do,also want to point out that you can get,a black roof option if you go for the,outer banks or badlands model this model,right here is just the big bend so we,have the regular,paint color roof and then as far as the,rear design for the bronco sport youre,not going to see any changes for 2022,thats of course really a good thing,because this is a good-looking product,has all the signature bronco elements,they bring it down into that crossover,body so right here in the middle we have,the big white bronco badging you can see,the little sport badge its white if you,go for every single trim level besides,for the base one which it would be black,i think it has a really nice contrast,with it and im a big fan now coming to,the tail lights youre going to have a,pretty cool three-dimensional tail light,it is going to be led accented however,each individual element including the,turn signal and brake light are all,going to be incandescent if we drop down,we have led license plate lighting and,then you have your tow hitch right here,you can have up to 2 200 pounds for a,tow rating for this bronco sport,now even though this is tough and rugged,looking it is still a family vehicle so,ford has thrown in their co-pilot 360,package standard on every single bronco,sport which will give you three out of,four safety systems ford emergency,braking lane keeping assist and auto,high beams and if you go for the plus,assist plus package which is a pretty,affordable package that will throw in,adaptive cruise control,now furthermore for your warranty you,are going to have a three year 36,thousand mile basic warranty five year,sixty thousand mile power train warranty,there will be no complimentary,maintenance though and thats gonna wrap,up the exterior design for the broncos,sport now lets go ahead and check out,the interior before we take it on a spin,so just walking up to the bronco i want,to go ahead and talk about a,modification of standard equipment for,2022.,fords smart entry system is no longer,standard on this big bend trim level you,will have to add it in the convenience,package which is what our model has done,and as you can see this is a,specifically branded bronco key fob,and then walking up to the vehicle just,grab behind the handle it will unlock,[Music],as you can see you do continue to have,the animation up there on the display,and of course theres not going to be,any significant changes to the interior,because this is a brand new model but,lets go ahead and get inside,well lets kick things off by talking,about your different interior color and,material choices so your base model and,the big ben are going to come standard,with cloth seating however as you can,see this is not just your standard plain,black cloth,you actually have a lot of different,design and textures to this,so as you can see got this different uh,type of material here at the top weve,got a softer material down through here,lots of stitching details,really soft as well these are very nice,looking seats now of course you can get,leather if you go for a higher end model,so your outer banks will come with some,special color options as well with the,leather brown or the navy pure blue and,then the badlands will also come with a,variety of cloth seating,now taking a look over here at your door,trim you do have a pad on the armrest,and kind of this rubberized texture over,top of most of the rest of it,now turn over here to the drivers side,to give you a closer look at it,taking a look at the windows though,theyre going to be one touch auto up,and down for the driver,thats a lie,coming down to the window its going to,be one touch auto down for the driver,only and the seats are going to be,manual adjusting is standard on this big,vend as well as the base model however,we do have the optional convenience,package which throws in the 8-way power,adjustment that the higher-end trim,levels come standard with,lets look around at the rest of the,cabin materials as well so this section,of the dashboard is going to be finished,in a hard touch plastic however,this section through here,is all going to be this nice rubber,material reflected from the door trim,this continues down below this as well,we have a kind of faux aluminum trim,that runs through here as well as along,the center console and everything does,fit together very nice and solidly,inside of you,now like i was mentioning with the,intelligent entry uh convenience package,does also throw in the remote start,[Music],and in terms of your gauge clusters you,do have a couple different ones to,choose between,this is the standard version so weve,got a mostly analog setup and a 4.2 inch,multi-function display right there in,the middle if you go with an upper,interim level so the outer banks or the,badlands thats going to give you an 8,inch,display in the center but you cannot get,the full digital setup like you can on,the very related ford escape model,and then as we come back here to the,steering wheel youll notice this also,shares a lot with its sibling the escape,has basically the same design but we do,have the dedicated bronco branding right,there in the middle as far as the wheel,itself it

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The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Is an Awesome Baby Bronco

this is the new 2021,ford bronco sport and its the new baby,bronco the debut of the new ford bronco,has been big news but most of the,attention has been focused on the larger,full-size bronco which debuts next year,but today im going to switch things up,a little bit and review the new bronco,sport,before i get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my new online,enthusiast car auction website for cool,cars from the modern era if youre,looking to sell a cool modern enthusiast,car from the 1980s and up cars and bids,is the place to do it you will get the,most views and the most money for your,cool car and if youre looking to buy a,cool car from the modern era cars and,bids has an amazing selection with daily,auctions check it out cars and bids at,carsandbids.com,so lets talk broncos sport but just,kind of gotten lost in all the media,hype and excitement around the new ford,bronco and thats a shame because the,bronco sport is pretty cool for what it,is what it is is a compact suv although,really its closer to subcompact at 172,inches long the broncos sport is closer,in length to the jeep renegade and the,honda hrv than to the larger ford escape,even though the bronco sport shares the,escapes platform the bronco sport offers,four trim levels this is the top of the,line model called the badlands the other,three trim levels come standard with a,1.5 liter turbocharged three cylinder,engine that makes about 180 horsepower,but if you step up to the badlands you,get a two liter turbo four cylinder that,makes 245 horsepower which is a pretty,big number for such a small vehicle as,for pricing the base model bronco sport,starts a little over seven thousand,dollars with shipping while this,badlands version starts a little over,thirty three thousand dollars with,options thats a lot more than other,tiny suvs the jeep renegade for instance,starts around twenty three thousand,dollars with shipping but the bronco,sport brings more muscle more brawn to,the compact suv segment or so they say,today were going to find out first im,going to take you on a thorough tour of,the new bronco sport and show you all of,the quirks and features of the other,ford bronco then im gonna get it out on,the road and drive it and then ill give,it a dug score,all right time for the quirks and,features of the new bronco sport and,this car has an unbelievable number of,interesting quirks and cool innovations,all throughout and im going to show,them all to you im going to start back,here with this back window just looks,like a normal tinted rear window nothing,special but on the inside you can see,theres a little broncographic next to,the wiper assembly showing the,old-school original 70s ford bronco you,cant see it from the outside so why,would they do that because youre,driving the car you look in your mirror,and you can see that graphic in your,back window and its just a reminder of,the cool car that youre driving every,time you look in your mirror that is a,neat little touch next up maybe a more,functional touch is this tailgate which,allows you to open the rear glass,independently of the tailgate itself you,can see the controls are down here one,side says glass the other side says door,and if you push the side that says glass,well then just the glass can open up and,that way if you have a smaller item you,want to put in the back you dont want,to open up the whole thing you can just,open the glass and toss it in and one,cool thing happens when you open the,glass on the inside of the latch for the,glass you can see theres this cool,mountain graphic again a nice little,easter egg just when you open up your,rear glass to remind you that youre,driving something a little more capable,than a regular vehicle but if you close,the rear glass and open up the full,tailgate you gain access to one of my,favorite innovations in any new suv and,that would be this little light on the,inside of the tailgate theres actually,two of them one on the drivers side one,on the passenger side and theyre put,here so they can illuminate this area,below the tailgate when the tailgate is,up like this so youre trying to unload,luggage or gear at a campsite late at,night you have these lights that can,illuminate what youre doing and make it,easier to see and they can be operated,with the engine off you push this little,button on the side of the cargo area and,these lights turn on theyre completely,independent of the vehicle so you can,turn them on even if you dont turn on,the bronco and theyre even adjustable,you can move them kind of forward or,backward depending on where you need,light the most that is a really cool,idea and there are more innovations in,this cargo area than just that for,instance theres a built-in bottle,opener over on the passenger side and,see next to the tail light with the,tailgate up this is a bottle opener very,sturdy so if youre at a campsite or,whatever hanging out and you cant find,your bottle opener in some bag well you,know theres one built into your bronco,sport its a neat idea as for the cargo,area itself you can see theres no,carpet back here instead this is like a,hard plastic rubbery thing the theory is,you can hose it off so if you stick gear,back here thats dirty or muddy or a dog,you can clean it pretty easily this is,not intended to be luxurious next up,another item worth pointing out another,easter egg when you open up the tailgate,a little light illuminates your cargo,area inside and that light has two bulbs,and in the center a bronco logo because,of course it does just in case you need,your interior lighting to remind you of,what vehicle youre driving another,thing i like back here in the cargo area,these hooks on the side these are very,sturdy a lot of cars have like grocery,bag hooks but these like clip into place,and they seem a lot sturdier than usual,so you can put some gear there whatever,if you dont want it rolling around in,the back now one more cargo area item,worth noting its pretty roomy back here,theres a decent amount of space,considering this isnt really that big,of a vehicle you have a pretty big cargo,area and ford is quick to point out you,can put two mountain bikes inside the,bronco sport obviously with the rear,seats folded down but it does have the,interior space to carry two mountain,bikes so its pretty big back here and,good for your active lifestyle people,but anyway next we close the tailgate,and i want to talk badging you can see,out here the only ford badge on this,entire vehicle is this one in the lower,left thats it the only place it says,for thats because they really want to,emphasize that this is a bronco theyve,probably done focus groups who have told,them that bronco has stronger positive,feelings than ford so one ford badge and,you can see even back here bronco is,heavily emphasized in the center with,large white very clear badging that,explains what this is and its the same,deal up front you got a nice sturdy,brawny grill and boxy front end but you,dont have a ford badge doesnt say ford,on the hood on the grill it just says,bronco again in big white lettering to,make it clear exactly what this is and,the same is true of the wheels in the,middle the center caps dont say ford,like so many other vehicles you have the,bronco logo instead again that ford,badge and back the only ford badge in,this entire bronco and by the way lets,talk wheels for a second now like i,mentioned this is the badlands version,the off-roader bronco sport priced,similarly is the outer banks version,which is sort of the luxury broncos,sport now if you get the outer banks you,get 18 inch alloy wheels that are very,nice and luxury looking but if you get,the bad lanes you get these these are,only 17 inch wheels but they just look,more purposeful than the outer banks,18-inch luxury wheels and i think this,is the coolest wheel option on the,bronco sport now its worth noting if,you get the badlands you also get,all-terrain tires for more capability,off-road you get a o

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2021 Ford Bronco Sport | Review & Road Test

[Music],we already know that the ford bronco,sport can do plenty off-road,because micah showed us how wildly,capable it is in our first video with it,but chances are if youre buying this,sport u youre going to be more,interested in how it drives on-road and,the utility of the thing,if thats the case then keep watching,this suv category teams with suitors for,your affections,and dough both jeep renegade and,cherokee especially the trailhawk,editions,the toyota rav4 yes you can say the trd,off-road variety too subarus crosstrek,honda passport and kia celtos all come,to mind as capable compacts here,first the broncos sport differentiates,itself to me with its styling,youve heard me complain about all those,blob like looking,suvs this one looks different,i have yet to turn my head when i see,one drive by and not know exactly what,it is,styling is distinctive and a bit of a,retro throwback to the boxier original,bronco 2.,inside youve got some really great,standard features including the,excellent sync infotainment system on an,eight inch touchscreen,copilot 360 includes blind spot alerts,and forward collision warnings,auto high beams and automatic emergency,braking,the mix of physical buttons to touch,screen up front is really to my liking,doesnt lend itself to a lot of,distracted driving which is good,the steering wheel however gets a little,bit busy,so this isnt formula one racing ford,but i really,appreciate the effort unlike f1,visibility in here is actually quite,good,better than most in the segment,the seats are really comfortable and,adjustable and if you venture into the,back or are the one that gets,chauffeured around then youre in luck,because its spacious,you can really see like just how much,headroom there is its,ridiculous maybe one of the most,impressive things in here are all the,storage options,here here here,here here,here here,and here so it makes it really easy to,haul,people and stuff and if youre really,organized like me,then youll really appreciate the,broncos sports ability to do that,ive been running errands in this all,week and not only is it small enough to,maneuver into a compact parking space,but our huge gear bag feels right at,home,i like that its a wrangler bag,and i like how the tailgate allows,flexible access for stowing your cargo,so we know its got the chops for chores,but does driving it feel like a chore,the broncos sport rides on fords,unibody c2 scalable platform,which also underpins the escape the,lincoln corsair and the new maverick,compact truck among others,its a solid chassis thats strong and,equips a front mcpherson strut,suspension and a rear independent,multi-link setup,there are two engine options on the,bronco sport the base model gets a 1.5,liter inline three cylinder thats,turbocharged,or you get this upgraded 2-liter,ecoboost,so i wish that we had gotten a broncos,sport with the base engine just so i,could test it,i have driven it with the escape,you know it felt a little bit,lackadaisical,but you know personally i like something,with a little bit more power,and a little bit more giddy up i will,say that the bronco,is full-time all-wheel drive and weighs,about 200 pounds more,so chances are its gonna feel a little,less enthusiastic,but again im not driving it so the,jurys out on that one,the two-liter ecoboost however feels,like plenty of get up and go,just to note i do feel some torque steer,under some extreme acceleration,situations so watch out for that,i like some power when im off-roading,for sure so this badlands should also,fare pretty well in something like sand,dunes,but getting onto the freeway quickly or,maneuvering out of a sticky traffic,situation,is easy with that kind of power fords,goat,driving modes are available for when,youre faced with different driving,scenarios,normal eco sport slippery and sand comes,standard on all models,you also get mud and ruts and a rock,crawl mode on the more off-road minded,badlands trim the broncos sport is,a solid and easy driver the ride is,ridiculously comfortable,without feeling too floaty the steering,actually,its on the light side as far as weight,goes but,it doesnt feel terribly wobbly,especially on center and the brakes,you know the brakes actually feel a,little bit grabby which you know,especially driving the two liter engine,you,kind of dont mind overall theres a lot,to like about the broncos sport on the,road,not just off it you can configure your,bronco sport in a lot of different ways,depending on what you use it for,most after the base model whose price,starts at about twenty seven thousand,dollars there are three trim levels,available,the big bend adds a rubberized cargo,floor and keyless entry to get your,adventure party started,the outer banks trim is more refined,with leather seats and more aesthetic,creature comfort such as fancy wheels,sunroof and a heated leather wrapped,steering wheel so this one that im,driving here,is the most expensive its the badlands,its about thirty three thousand dollars,but this is also the one that is going,to best take you off road,with extras like those two additional,goat modes,and tow hooks,if a new bronco sport looks appealing to,you i wouldnt recommend trading in your,old vintage bronco for it,thats something you should hang on to,but if you head to kbb.com and check out,the value of say your,2018 ford escape sel that youve taken,great care,of you could trade it in for almost half,of a new bronco sport,so just because everybody talks about,how great the broncos sport is,off-road doesnt mean that it isnt just,as worthy on the road,either it absolutely is and bonus,if you are hankering to do a little,driving in the dirt,then chances are that youre going to be,leaving everybody else in that,competitive set,in your dust,[Music],you

Subaru Crosstrek Sport vs. Ford Bronco Sport: Off-Road AWD Shootout

its ford vs subaru in a test hill,battle royale which is the better,all-wheel drive system its an epic,compact crossover competition on this,episode of driving sports tv,[Music],today at the test hill we have a pair of,compact crossovers that are more alike,than different,they have similar wheel bases both have,advanced off-road capabilities and both,have the word sport on their trunk lids,this is the 2021 ford bronco sport in,top end first edition trim,not to be confused with the larger,bronco the sport is small but it still,packs in big features the model were,testing includes the off-road ready,badlands package this includes falcon,wild peak at3w all-terrain tires a stout,2-liter ecoboost engine good for 250,peak horsepower and an advanced twin,clutch rear drive unit with differential,lock,as you see it here youre looking at,forty thousand and ninety us dollars,including destination,the competition today is a 2021 subaru,crosstrek sport this comes with the,largest engine option you can get in a,subaru crosstrek its a 2.5 liter,naturally aspirated boxer 4 that puts,out up to 182 horsepower,the sport has subaru symmetrical,all-wheel drive with enhanced dual,function x mode,because this is one of my personal cars,we are able to upgrade the tires to,better match the ford unfortunately you,cannot buy falcon wild peak at-3ws in,the stock crosstrek size,instead we went with the more pedestrian,falcon wild peak trail tires,these have similar compounds but a less,aggressive tread pattern,throwing in an extra thousand dollars,for the tire upgrade the crosstrek as,you see it here is twenty nine thousand,six hundred and fifty five dollars,including destination,even including the tires its still 11,000 less than the ford,today were gonna run the gauntlet,putting each of these capable crossovers,through every course on our test hill,so this first test is what we call,garter whey this is a very simple,incline with side to side power transfer,getting us up and this vehicle equipped,with,wild peak at3ws should make it,pretty easily,lets talk about vehicle setup here,shall we because were not just gonna,jump right into this lets start with,goat mode completely off i have nothing,enabled and well see what the,difference is,and away we go,this is extremely loose dirt i dont,think ryan intended it to be that way,when he built this but,in a second youll see whats going to,start happening,the rear,differential which has torque vectoring,should push power left and right to help,propel me up the hill,oh its a really soft hill,can we see power moving around outside,maybe okay i think were gonna have to,lock,im gonna lock the uh rear differential,it hasnt been locked yet see if theres,a difference,and im just keeping the throttle down,is it gonna pull us up,i think im going to actually have to,turn on the goat mode okay so im going,to switch over to,rock crawl all right oh wait lets not,do rock hall lets do sam because this,stuffs really small thats better yeah,so im going to back up now typically,sand modes with these,what they do is actually allow for a lot,of wheel spin because you need to move,your way through the sand so lets try,this again,all right,so we got take two here,do you need to give it a little more i,think i made the car the i think i made,the course too hard,this is supposed to be the easy course,like digging,i dont think ryan intended this track,to be this hard but theres just so much,loose dirt its really,ah,once you get over the rise it makes it,up but boy that was a struggle,and that was with the,at-3ws which are the most extreme tire,oof,so the subaru,well,lets jump into the subaru and well,discuss it,so before we even get started its you,got to really understand these are,different tires theyre both wild peaks,the bronco has the more aggressive at3 w,this one has the trails which are more,your everyday tire but they are still,all terrains theyre just not as,aggressive the broncos board did chew up,the course a little bit weve tried to,fill in some of the holes so well see,how this does i was just going to drive,up,but im not going to im going to keep,it in snow dirt mode with x mode so,thats x mode type one what that does is,it gives a more aggressive mapping in,how,it does break vectoring to shift power,around the system,so as i go and as wheels slip,itll put a brake on one wheel which,then redistributes power to the other,wheels,however when theres no grip oh i did,just keep the throttle in,okay im just digging holes,can i get over the rise ah,no,now i have to be careful here this is,really soft so i can easily dig a hole,thats too deep and then im basically,going to high center or scrape the nose,so were just going to do with a little,more speed here,and note i have not aired down any tires,yet that is not something that were,allowed to do on manufacturers cars,like this is my own personal car so i,could do it on this car but,i want it to be fair,and this subaru does have the exact same,or almost the same ground clearance as,the broncos sport does oh hes actually,not doing too bad,hes digging in in the back,okay and hes nope,i was going to say hes made it up but,not quite yet,and it made it up,that was tough,in my mind when i designed this course i,was thinking uh that it would compact,because of rain or something like that,it doesnt rain here ever so its,basically just like silt,uh because of that yeah im going to,give the wind to the bronco and its,mostly because of the tires it does have,more advanced off-road kit yeah were,going to get more into that on the next,course because now were going to take,them to the rattler,now the point of this one is its a lot,of rocks and theyre big rocks four by,four four by eights you know kind of,theyre all pretty large and we position,them in a way that were really going to,test approach break over departure and,articulation,im going to go ahead and set this into,rock crawl mode because it has such a,mode lets use it,and rock crawl will automatically lock,the four wheel drive system which uses a,clutch pack and will also lock that rear,differential this should make it as,easy as possible,to go over this and im really actually,the crawl ratio on this is quite nice i,am barely moving along now its not a,wrangler but its not supposed to have,them straighten out,okay,continue straight oh youre good,right there right there okay weve got,over,how we looking carlina yeah youre fine,you have,about,one inch or more,more than that you got about six inches,of clearance,so far he has,no wheels off,im feeling pretty confident in this i,mean,the suspension is really soaking up,these rocks nicely im feeling like the,system is fairly confident you do get,wheel spin because that is the nature of,these systems and these crossovers,its not like,you know in the big bronco you have a,transfer case and that will like,physically lock the front and the back,this isnt the same thing it uses a,clutch pack and it uses lots of logic,doing good i think that one worked,pretty well yeah yeah it was easy was,smooth howd the line look it was good,you didnt kick up any rocks you also,didnt,have any wheels that popped up from,whatever how was the wheel spinning was,there a lot of wheel spinning or just a,little bit only a little bit on your,drivers side great so the brake,vectoring did a good job of reducing,wheel spin because you dont want too,much on rocks,now the subaru does not have a rock,crawl mode it has x mode but it doesnt,have x mode rock crawl not a thing so,itll be interesting to see how that,deals with this tricky situation,definitely all right i think you got it,from here yeah,so the bronco did a really good job of,having a fairly decent crawl speed for,not having a low range it also did a,really good job of keeping the wheels,from spinning aggressively you start,getting aggressive wheel spin thats,when you can get into trouble on rocks,now subaru relies on wheel spin before,it clamps down and uses brake vectoring,to shift pow

Ford BRONCO Sport Indonesia : Right-hand Drive Bronco

Hai,[Musik],menyentuh,Halo guys akhirnya kita berkesempatan,untuk mereview mobil yang sempat viral,di media sosial kita kemarin yaitu Ford,Bronco sport yang sudah berformat setir,kanan nah sebelumnya memang di komentar,banyak yang pesimis ya kalau misalkan,brongkos pot tidak akan hadir di,Indonesia karena yaitu Andi putuskan,untuk pasar Amerika Serikat saja dimana,setirnya masih di bagian kiri tapi,akhirnya masuk juga ke Indonesia lewat,glamor auto butik di Jakarta Selatan,song ini bila review kami mengenai Fort,brosports,[Musik],sebelumnya Bronco sendiri itu terdiri,dari dua model ada Bronco ada juga,Bronco sport yang satu ini Hai nah dua,model tersebut adalah model yang belum,berbeda dunia karena Bronco pemakainya,untuk yang lebih kasar dimana dia bisa,melakukan medium offroad tapi untuk,Bronco yang sport Depok Kayaknya lebih,lembut dan diperuntukkan untuk sebuah SV,nyaman jadi dia cukup untuk melalui,Medan live offroad hingga medium offroad,saja walaupun berada di dua dunia yang,berbeda namun Bronco sport masih membawa,ciri khas desain dari sang kakak yaitu,Brown Gold seperti yang terlihat dari,atas Cafe ini ada terdapat garis tegas,desain kotak-kotak yang menguatkan kesan,ketangguhan sebuah sukses sejati lalu,emblem Bronco putih di sini dasdas,menghelat kalau ini masih sebuah Bronco,dan juga grillnya ini masih,dipertahankan dari Bronco 6 punya,sendiri sudah LCD Projector di juga udah,full edit sampai ke sana dan ciri khas,Bronco dari generasi keenam di 2021,tetap dipertahankan lewat bentuk dll nya,yang ada bulat sama strip ke arah grill,dan ini yang Hai saya highlight karena,bempernya ini enggak ada capek jadi dia,benar-benar plastik ABS langsung ini,untuk menghindari misalkan ada batu-batu,yang melayang ke bemper Dedi tidak,merusak cat sama sekali dan uniknya,kalau misalkan mobil-mobil kebanyakan in,the nya yaitu disembunyiin sama,bemper tapi tidak dengan Broncos porsi,ini karena dia ada dua togok yang,jelas-jelas kelihatan terus Pokoknya dia,udah proyektor LCD yang juga berfungsi,sebagai cornering lamp jadi ketika saat,kemudian digerakkan kekiri kanan dia,akan menyala sesuai dengan setir kemudi,belokan yang kita Arahkan tentunya ciri,khas desain dari Bronco juga berlanjut,di bagian sampingnya mulai dari atapnya,yang B itu ada dua undakan gitu ya kalau,misalkan kita ingat-ingat itu Mirip Land,Rover Discovery,untungnya kalau misalkan enggak ada roof,rail ini tuh dia nggak bakal kelihatan,lurus atapnya dandruff rela ini paten di,bisa mengangkat awning sampai tenda,mobil Hai Jadi kalian bisa ya udah nggak,perlu bikin flavor Maret udah langsung,aja pasang ada di mobil di atas enggak,jadi bener-bener buat berpetualang,boros-boros terus handle Pintunya dia,bener-bener bahannya itu sama kayak,trading yang Reebok sini dia enggak,pakai cat sama sekali langsung berburu,plastik ABS memang benar-benar,bronkoskopi ini menguatkan kesan sebuah,SMP sejati dia tidak berusaha untuk,menjadi elegan bener-bener tangguh untuk,trim dari bronkus porsi mie kebetulan,yang kita review adalah trim badlands,tipe tertinggi dari bronkus pot Nah,karena ini terima badlands Jadi besoknya,juga udah diperkuat agar bisa melewati,Medan medium offroad terus juga velg ini,bergaya oval kaleng ya cuma ini beneran,velg kalau yang dibentuk merupai velg,kaleng Jadi bener asli bawaan pabrik nih,lingkarnya Itu R17 dengan profil ban 235,pernah minta dan Bane ini Kebetulan,memiliki kapabilitas untuk melewati,Nganjuk dia ada logonya dan dengan ban,bawaan outline juga kaki yang mendukung,medium offroad seperti yang di depan itu,sudah mcpherson dan belakang semi trail,ring am mobil ini memang terbukti,memiliki Kapolri tas untuk melewati,Medan medium offroad lalu ini untuk,informasi aja di bagian samping memang,untuk regulasi di Amerika sana reflektor,Disamping itu memang disediakan khusus,karena yaitu untuk visibilitas kendaraan,baik saat keadaan yang berkabut atau,hujan deras tapi ini bukan hanya sebuah,reflektor saja melainkan di dalamnya ada,sebuah lampu agar tetap menyala nah,berlanjut ke bagian belakangnya,lagi-lagi Broncos for tetap konsisten,menunjukkan bahwa ini sebuah SMS sejati,terbukti dari pembukaan bagasinya yang,terpisah jadi mau kaca itu bisa dibuka,sendiri bagasi full juga bisa terbuka,sendiri dan uniknya kalian itu nggak,perlu marah-marah back nih Ini mana yang,pacarnya ini mana yang buka gitu Bagas,Nah karena Ford sudah menuliskannya di,bagian bagasinya Jadi kalau misalkan mau,buka aja nih ada gas kita tinggal pencet,menu,Ayo kita tutup dulu,nah kalau mau buka bagasinya full ada,tulisannya juga jadi nggak perlu,ngerabat,Nah dan Kebetulan sekali ngebahas,bagasinya di bagian bagasi ini memang,tidak dilapisi kain sejenis blue atau,yang elegan tapi sebagai gantinya sudah,dilapisi dengan karet yang terkesan Taft,kuat,Hai jadi mau bawa-bawa barang bawaan,yang kotor atau misalkan kasar itu,aman-aman aja sebagai sini gak bakal,ngurusin bagian dasar dari bagasinya dan,juga bahan seperti ini juga gampang,untuk dibersihkan tak lupa di bawah,bagasinya ini ada speartail yang,full-size ukurannya cuma beda 225 kalau,yang dikeluarkan 235 dan ini baru,beneran velg kaleng bukan hal-hal yang,diluar Eh tapi bagus sih tapi tetep,Oh ya sebelumnya ini juga nih unik nih,dia ada lampu buat penerangan dan bisa,diarahin mau ke arah bagasi atau keluar,Dadit nyalanya terang banget,Hai Terus kalau misalkan ikan udah enak,nih Aduh ada lampu jadi enggak,gelap-gelapan enak buat nongkrong,minum-minum tapi enggak ada botolnya,tinggal pakai yang ada di Bronco ini,emang mobil ini penuh dengan,fitur-fitur yang Adventures banget cocok,banget buat para petualang,Hai Oke dah Say kita sekarang tutup,nah di belakang sudah tersedia kamera,jadi mau kalian mundur tuh bakal,terlihat enggak ada blind spot dan juga,ciri khas sebuah SPP Amerika Dimana,mereka secara standar menyediakan hukum,untuk trailer dan juga slot untuk,lampunya yang lagi-lagi memang,dibutuhkan untuk regulasi nah di bagian,akunya juga lampu senjanya sendiri sudah,LCD bening karr walaupun memang untuk,bagian Saint dan juga lampu mundur itu,masih halogen sayangnya terus uniknya,antenanya itu bentuknya sebenarnya udah,service tapi masih ditambah tiang,Walaupun memang ini tiang a terdiri dari,dua bagian yang terpisah ya Jadi bisa,dilepas sebenarnya Cuma walaupun secara,estetika memang lebih bagus Alvin tapi,kemungkinan besar for pemasangan tiang,tambahan diantaranya itu jika kalian,berada di tengah-tengah hutan yang,sinyal memang kurang bisa didapatkan,jadi masih fungsional oke Hai tak,tinggalan ciri khas dari sebuah Bronco,ditampilkan juga di bagian belakang,seperti emblem logo Bronco yang dihelat,berwarna putih + diterangkan juga bahwa,ini adalah varian sport dan logo Ford,cuma ada satu di mobil Ini sisanya semua,emblem Bronco dan logo kuda dari Bronco,menarik terus guys trek lagi nih kalau,kita buka bagian kaca,Hai ini bisa kelihatan ada Bronco versi,game pertamanya di atas ini,Hai,kadang mobil-mobil hobi seperti ini yang,banyak bisa Keke Keke,ya kan kita kebagian dalam,nah sebelum masuk di pilar b nya ini ada,sejumlah angka yang menyala warna merah,ini adalah fitur dari Fort yang,dinamakan port security code dimana,kalian tidak perlu membutuhkan kunci,untuk masuk ke dalam pot Bronco misal,kalian lagi berpetualang di tengah hutan,atau melakukan hal-hal berpetualang,lainnya Kehilangan kunci dari bronkus,sport ini kalian bisa menekan kunci yang,ada di sini Jadi nggak perlu pakai kunci,untuk membuka pintu,Oke,sekarang kita sudah berada di interior,Bronco sport yang mau pertama saya bahas,adalah ini kenapa bisa di convert dari,left hand drive ke right hand drive stir,kanan nah sebenarnya ini tuh bukan,bawaan dari Fort langsung melainkan,hasil pengerjaan dari bengkel yang sudah,disertifikasi oleh Ford Jadi kalau,kalian lihat di bagian,ujung-ujungnya dari panel dashboard itu,rapih banget bahkan pengerjaan chatnya,pun warnanya Senada dengan door trim tuh,desnanda ada browse browniesnya gitu,tapi walaupun begitu yang namanya konser,tetap memiliki kekurangan sepert

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Review – RUGGED!

[Music],im jacob im yuri im going for a drive,[Music],2021 for bronco sport,badlands without launch control brake,[Music],boost,pretty good for something in this class,really not bad horsepower and torque,250 horsepower 277 pound-feet of torque,from a two-liter turbo four-cylinder i,should have said bronco power instead of,horsepower oh damn it,broncos lets do it again bronco power,and bronco tour,okay i think were over that okay lets,just get this right off the bat,this is not the full-size bronco this is,not a real bronco it is a bronco sport,however currently at this time the time,that we were driving it,this commands so much attention on the,road everybody stares at this thing,and everybody thinks its the bronco,yeah a lot of people dont really know,the difference and thats fine because,the people who like it,like it and theyre gonna buy it so good,for ford again ford is kind of killed in,the marking department by making this,as well as the mustang machi because the,mustang name the bronco name,they know what theyre doing to get,attention theyre doing a good job of,using the same names across,completely different models its like if,toyota did the rav4 and then the 4runner,was the rav4 pro,yes pretty much all right cliche corner,okay lets see what happens,oh definitely lots of body roll lots of,understeer this is all wheel drive,it is a heavily front biased system this,is a different system,than the rest of the broncos because of,the badlands we do have clutch packs on,the rear diff,so you can change kind of how the power,varies around,is that with your goat modes yes yuri,they are go anywhere terrain or whatever,its,called go over any terrain thats what,theyre called because like,goats supposed to mean greatest of all,time yes good good good marketing,therefore exactly well lets just get,into those drive modes,we have a lot of them starting with,slippery sport eco normal,mud ruts sand and we also have rock,crawl,those two additional modes you get on,the badlands okay the animations are,pretty sweet but like sometimes theres,a little bit of lag in that system,and just getting to all the modes its,just yeah yeah and then like if you have,your traction off and you change the,mode theres so many screens overlapping,warnings its like ah,and theres definitely pumped in audio,especially in sport mode so im just,gonna floor it,okay and then im going to put it back,into normal mode,ill put an eco even better,but see they changed it so the modes,dont vary as quickly as they did,in the edge st so theres no like its,not a hard crossover so i think they,probably watched our last video where we,complained about that kind of stuff and,then came out with an alternate solution,and so driving this bronco it actually,feels really nice on the road,the suspension is really soft it would,probably do pretty well off-road,we dont have the opportunity to drive,it off-road just because we havent had,too much time with it but,i mean on the road where i realistically,most people are going to be driving this,thing this is not the full-size real,bronco,it feels great the spring is really,light yeah its just like a normal suv,that looks cool more ruggedy and also,looks like a honda element and a,defender and has a lot of things in,common with the honda element like what,like these floors,oh yeah plasticky floors it looks like a,boxy suv,same kind of like headlights did the,bronco come first or the element,there youre talking about the broncos,the element came before the broncos,sport and were in a broncos sport oh,okay,just just yeah yeah yeah yeah got you,got you yeah yeah well you tried,let me know if thats a win or an l for,you down in the comments below yes,let me know how much he lost by and,power wise this basically destroys,everything in this class like a crv,a rav4 a rav4 trail or whatever those,called trd pro,whatever its trd whats it called trd,offroad thats what its called,yeah this basically destroys everything,in its class because this is the top,trim of this car,and we know its the top term of the car,because we have a fridge magnet on the,door yeah those fridge magnets are,brutal like,i dont know why that was their solution,to the badge yeah i dont absolutely,hate it but i do like that its a nice,bright color,and that badge also kind of matches a,baby on board sticker which most people,probably have if they buy one of these,things,or maybe on route it is a bad lens and,the badlands does get different,suspension we also like i said have that,different all-wheel drive system so its,like,actual real torque vectoring i dont,know how thats going to be for like,long-term reliability because its kind,of similar to the focus rs system okay,doesnt uh the badlands have like a tiny,bit more ride height than the other,trims of the sport,yes it has a little bit more i think,its like approximately an inch we also,have tow hooks in the front we also have,a little bit of skid plates underneath,so this is almost kind of exactly like,that little jeep uh trailhawk,yes the uh compass or the renegade,well its bigger than a renegade its,like a compass this is like a cherokee,or a compass trailhawk i feel like,cherokees a little bigger,so with the actual driving stuff out of,the way lets talk about the looks yeah,it looks,like a little bronco yeah little version,of the cool bronco thats coming out,which is fine because not everyone is,hardcore and not everybody needs that,exactly like youll see these in malls,everywhere and itll be great so this,looks better than its competitor because,its competitors kind of based off the,jeep wrangler whereas this ones based,off the broncos so i think this is a,better comparable version thats like,the more on roadie version when the,first little jeep imitation ones came,out to be like the wrangler,i think people were stoked on it then,just like people are stoked on the,broncos sport,but those arent going out those had,like the weird headlights and stuff like,that like nobody was ever really stoked,on like the weird grills yeah well the,headlight game has improved like so much,since then that was like 15 years ago,lets talk about these headlights,because they look awesome they look,awesome but they dont go full,brightness unless youre driving which i,guess is kind of cool,but itd be nice if we didnt have to,duck down with the car and drive while,filming the front end to make the lights,bright yeah because if you have it in,park,the headlights actually fully turn off,and then if you have it in this weird,little you know parking light mode,then theyre actually half brightness,its really weird i dont know why,companies do that kind of stuff did the,words bronco light up,no not in this one okay it looked like,they kind of almost do but maybe thats,everything else i think its just,because,its so bright its like yeah yeah yeah,its nice having the white bronco thing,at the front,and the grill looks cool as well yeah,then if we move on to the side weve got,nice i guess straight strong body lines,yeah it definitely looks pretty cool,from the side the one thing that i,noticed is theres,a little bit of an uptick in the roof,which adds headroom in the back,but they made it less awkward looking,because they added a straight roof rack,across the top,so it looked like a disco or a defender,or whatever yeah,yeah i mean i think i think it looks,pretty cool and then weve got like a,kind of like a weird line,for the back window its its all kind,of blends in together but it is nice and,then uh the wheels the wheels are,actually,pretty nice for this kind of car i do,like the bronco center,caps a lot and what would be the,continental recommended tire for a,bronco sport,the cross contact lx 25 okay back end,tail lights dont really do it for me,but im not offended by them one bit,yeah its nice that theyre led theres,something to them its not just kind of,like a blah,yeah and then we can pop open the hatch,its not power and then we can also pop,open the glass which is very

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