1. Brooks Ghost 14 | Steady As She Goes | FULL REVIEW
  2. Brooks Ghost 14 Review | A Conventional Daily Shoe That Sticks To What It Does Best
  3. Brooks Ghost 14 Review | 2021
  4. Brooks Ghost 14 Daily Trainer Full Review
  5. Brooks Ghost 14 Review | A Reliable Neutral Training Favorite Returns!
  6. Brooks Ghost 14 – King of the Everyday
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Brooks Ghost 14 | Steady As She Goes | FULL REVIEW

hey this is thomas with believe the run,is robbie with leaving the run and,robbie,disappear,[Music],[Music],i dont know why youd want to name a,shoe after a spooky,spirit spooky spirits but people seem to,love it what are we talking about,talking about the brooks ghost 14. have,you ever been to a hotel that has like,that doesnt have a 13th floor yes,really,theres a lot of them in new york okay,not for chelsea though but you know when,youre i think this is a mitch edward,jokes like when youre on the 14th floor,like you know yeah,yeah,so this is one of those i dont know,kind of a classic daily trainer i feel,like this is the shoe its like the,burger and fries of,running shoes like you dont know what,you want,here you go yeah,medium not a beyond burger just a,regular burger yeah its just your,standard like hey heres a shoe that you,can run in i used to love this when the,ghost first came out i was all about it,yeah i ive only worn a couple versions,of this and i mean for me its a little,bit too bulky with shoe well get into,that its one of those standard daily,trainers from brooks a lot of comfort a,lot of cushion,a lot of midsole i mean you can see look,how thick that that right now not a,missile a lot of outsole look how thick,that is that is thats it thats at,least like five millimeters of rubber,the person buying this shoe is that,consumer that wants a shoe that they can,just tank through stuff this is your,i want one shoe,im gonna go for a run,running store goes back,pulls the ghost and goes here you go and,this is also one of those shoes where,you see people like,seven years later wearing this yes,youll be youll be in the airport and,youll be like,is that the ghost 14 from 2021 yeah,meanwhile were now in 2030. so,lets get into some thoughts about the,shoe there might be a ghost by then,dude if you come back and haunt me im,going to be pissed,actually ill be cool with it double not,your shoe,you really going to wear those shorts,[Laughter],i just ive become a ghost myself on,purpose then we can do ghost reviews,yeah we are doing a ghost review,so the offer on this is pretty,traditional brooks as far as like super,comfortable lots of cushion youre going,to get,they have these its called 3d print i,mean it what is it,engineered,mesh,upper what about a gusseted tongue is it,got a gasket on it doesnt have a,gusseted tongue so theres that i mean,you would think with all the materials,that are up in this piece you know,this collar reminds me a lot of like the,saucony triumph style collar yeah i mean,theres a bunch of shoes asics has this,kind of collar in one of their shoes,yeah like the joe nimbus has it yeah,its just like puffy,i mean its comfortable dont get me,wrong the tongue is just also plush as,well super comfortable you know normally,when i hold your shoes they feel really,light yeah this one does feel bottom,heavy its very bottom heavy which is,weird because its not that heavy,overall its only,uh for my size seven and a half it was,9.4 ounces 266 grams so thats like,the spec sheet said 9.9 for a mens size,nine so thats like,under pegasus weight you know getting,into the ride of it uh,the midsole here is a little bit,different than past ghosts it has,a full dna loft midsole,so its completely full of dna full of,dna okay,i think its pronounced dana has a full,dna lost midsole,and it does provide a lot of comfort,its softer than past versions of the,ghost i would say especially if youre a,heel striker you got lots of comfort you,know im going to tell you youre going,to heal striking this no matter what,yeah do you know why gravity no no 12,millimeter drop thats insane gravity,combined with 12 millimeter drop how do,you get past,the heel with a 12 millimeter basically,high heels so youre going uh 36 in the,back,36 millimeters in the back 24 in the,front as far as stack height thats a,lot thats a lot thats as high as,youre getting usually these days its,not bad like its just a good daily,trainer a lot of cushion,youre not gonna feel fast in the shoe,at all i mean youre not doing yourself,any favors,if youre trying to go fast but if you,are looking for just something thats,comfortable that youre gonna get 500,miles out of like you can definitely use,this shoe to do that the outsole like we,said lots of rubber,lots of traction lots of durability i,guarantee you the rest issue is gonna,fall apart before this outsole wears,down i would agree with that i would,also say come back to us in seven years,when you beat the hell out of this thing,this is one of those shoes that,is gonna last longer than you want it to,its not gonna be done yet and youre,gonna be like i want a new pattern yeah,i just want something yeah something,else so this is a 130 which is like in,that range for daily trainers these days,the same as the asics nova blast oh,thats a good shoe uh same as skechers,max road another good shoe its also,more than the nike pegasus did you like,this misty night gray combo if i was,really into the ghost vibe and i wanted,something gray and spooky and foggy i,will say brooks kind of has some,like the colorways that they come out,with after the original colorways are,some of them are pretty cool yeah did,you like the banana shoe um,the chiquita banana did you keep that,banana um i wasnt that into it do i,recommend this yes if youre looking,like we said for a shoe to last forever,that youre just gonna get a ton of,daily training miles out of yeah go for,it you know its not its not gonna let,you down its not gonna let you up never,gonna let you up never gonna let you,down never gonna run around you know,what whenever i see rich roll like you,think,its bro you gotta change your name yeah,like i dont wanna you just got rich,rolled i dont wanna listen your podcast,to think that im gonna like hear that,video every time i do every time they,say his name i hear that song yeah all,right shout out to our man brandon,because this one is gonna be hard to,edit were all over the place yeah i,think thomas uh,is in the middle of,are you still binge drinking these days,i am im binge drinking nitro cold brew,oh yeah so thats probably all hopped up,on that this is made by wild barn coffee,i think theyre in boulder because of,course they are are they in boulder,check it check it out its got cacao,nibs,it is of course yeah i told you bowler,yeah yeah,so it was a gift from solomon in case,there werent enough coffee shops or,breweries in boulder you got another one,goji berries and cocoa nibs,and black coffee i think they need to,just figure out a spelling for that word,cacao cocoa or cacao just make one of,them the same all right so thank you for,the,thanks for what i was saying just tell,people subscribe help people go to,instagram yeah make sure you tell them,all the stuff ding the bell subscribe,leave a comment,uh follow us on our strava club,uh listen to the drop podcast thats,where all the cool people are going,these days yeah i mean weve had,molly seidl weve had,uh kyle whalum weve had iliad kipchoge,weve had timothy olson timothy olsen,the fkt for the pct mm-hmm,yeah everybodys there and who do we uh,we have some cool guests coming up too,yeah anyways so listen to that todd,,puma yeah yeah so listen to that thanks,for watching and uh,say hi to your mom say hi to your mom hi,mom,one has an o same wedding cacao cocoa,its actually different letters yeah,theres different letters,thats how it was spelling words but i,always feel weird when i order cacao,its like am i saying this word right,cuckoo,yeah thats how youre supposed to say,it okay

Brooks Ghost 14 Review | A Conventional Daily Shoe That Sticks To What It Does Best

hello there tom here from the runchester,with another shoe review this time me,and nick are going to be taking a look,at the brooks ghost 14 running shoe,lets take a look,[Music],the brooks ghost 14 comes in at 120,pounds or 130 dollars it weighs in at,283 grams or 9.9 ounces for men in a,size 8. the drop is 12 millimeters and,for us it fit true to size,the gross 14 is the latest version of,brookss popular daily shoe lineup,designed to offer comfort and cushioning,over daily training miles,that focus on comfort comes from a soft,plush upper alongside a thick midsole,thats now made from 100 dna loft,cushioning thats brookss popular foam,thats built to offer a balance between,responsiveness durability and comfort,the shoe features 3d printing on the,soft upper to add structure whilst the,outsole incorporates a generous level of,rubber to help improve durability and,traction on the road in different,conditions,[Music],so the ghost 14 fit true to size for me,its the same size ive worn in kind of,all brick shoes ive ever tested really,ranging from like hyperion racing flat,all the way to things like the glycerin,um its a reasonably roomy toe box,around the front its a bit tighter,around kind of the side but not in,uncomfortable ways its a nice stretchy,fabric the fit for me is absolutely fine,i think its actually a very comfortable,shoe it fit true to size for me it feels,like theres a lot of,space in there to keep your feet,comfortable um its not the widest of,shoes but its also not particularly,narrow either so its just kind of a,nice conventional fit that um ive had,no issues with at all,[Music],so ive been using the brooks and ghost,14 over the last few weeks of marathon,training and i took him actually away on,holiday as well and ive been using kind,of lots of quite big fairly big mileage,weeks for me and doing kind of a lot of,easy and steady running in them kind of,thing that really they should eat up and,and overall yeah i have enjoyed running,in them i think youve ended up kind of,falling in between a couple of,categories from me and not really being,all out comfortable like some shoes are,while still being quite as versatile as,the better kind of all-rounders on the,market,um i think i first ran out straight out,of the box looking for 10 kind of steady,miles running 10 miles in around an hour,and some strides and by the end of the,run i could kind of feel that they were,a little bit kind of ponderous heavy on,the legs and compared to some other,options um you know theres not a huge,amount of kind of bounce or rebound here,or a very snappy transition its all,kind of solid cruisery id say its how,i describe it like basically,to me it was like a very slightly,quicker version of the brooks glycerin,which is obviously a shoe design for,all-out comfort i also did kind of a,long session in them where i was running,four sets of 4k but again not like an,express pace kind of again a steady pace,um kind of just a little bit quicker in,the six minute mileing and again they,were but they were fine like i had no,problems with them but i certainly dont,feel like theyre very lively or,energetic or particularly exciting,underfoot and i do feel like the end of,those kind of longer runs if you are,trying to up the pace like i do a lot of,kind of progression runs from easy to,study theres not the perfect shoe to,pick up the pace at the end of that kind,of run and when im doing kind of pure,easy efforts in them that i mean they,are comfortable ive got no real,problems on the comfort front like you,dont need to have a shoe thats more,comfortable than this but there are,shoes that are more comfortable than,this things like brookes glycerin and,the nike invincible our design is kind,of more out you know they are more all,out easy cruisers and they do that a,little bit better than the ghost does so,its not like a slow slow shoe but it is,quite big its um its slightly hefty,and its not providing like a wild ride,its just a really solid shoe that i,guess if you are a big fan of the ghost,line you probably will kind of already,know what to expect from it and i just,think maybe,now its in the 14th edition of the shoe,that the markets moved on and there are,some more exciting options out there,ive ran about 60k so far in the ghost,14 and thats varied between sort of 10k,training runs up to half marathon uh,training runs with a bit of faster,running thrown into those runs to see,how it how it does over um at higher,speeds,and i have found it to be a completely,acceptable shoe um ive not disliked,wearing this shoe for those sort of runs,but then again ive not really enjoyed,it either um i think,it reminds me of,shoes that i probably wore about 10,years ago where,its a very conventional fit its a very,conventional feel theres not any major,performance sort of benefits that you,can feel from the shoe which isnt a bad,thing for any stretch of the nation it,feels like a very,reliable comfortable shoe that um,if youre used to wearing the go series,youre not going to be surprised by what,this shoe does its still got that sort,of conventional feel it feels like a,very stable comfortable shoe when youre,running around in it um but then again,it doesnt feel like it does anything,other than that i think for me the um,im a big fan of the glittering 19 shoe,um and that shoe is a lot,has a bit more softness to it it feels a,little bit more cushioned when youre,running its a lot more for me a lot,more enjoyable to run in it just feels,like a really nice easy run shoe um that,you can go a little bit faster in the,brooks,ghost 14,its got a similar sort of level of,cushioning in it but that cushioning for,me feels a lot harder um but it also,the hardness that doesnt really equate,to running faster so it doesnt feel,particularly more responsive than the,glycerin for me uh it just feels like it,hasnt got a lot more the sort of level,of cushioning you get in that shoe um,but i would say that i only 70 kilograms,and sometimes when i try these sort of,harder shoes um that have cushioning in,them i dont really get the benefits of,that that cushioning so for a heavier,person you might feel a bit more sort of,cushioning and um softness from this,midsole that i dont get,um but overall i have found it to be a,completely acceptable shoe for running,sort of training miles in and slower,runs um but,likewise its no its not going anywhere,near my sort of favorite daily training,shoe or favorite all-rounder shoes so,fine if thats what youre looking for,nothing exciting or nothing particularly,exceptional about the ghost 14 for me,[Music],for me as a runner the ghost 14 falls in,between kind of useful categories its,not an all-out comfortable shoe that id,want to take out for loads and loads of,easy runs,um compared to some others like it is,comfortable but its not as comfortable,as something like yeah like i said nike,invincible or um brooks glycerin you,know pure kind of kind of easy shoes and,then its not really versatile enough,for me to use as a daily trainer i just,feel like im doing my kind of easy to,steady runs my steady runs even into,kind of long,sessions from going reasonably quick uh,it doesnt really have to pick up the,kind of fast responsive kind of turnover,that i like in shoes and you can really,get now from shoes that are still,comfortable but are just a fair bit more,versatile than the ghost talk thinking,about things like you know the hawker on,on a mac 4 the um new balance rebel,version 2. pumas kind of velocity nitro,in fact the whole kind of nitro range,with that kind of super critical foam,they have in there just provides a,livelier ride than the ghost while being,a little while being just as comfortable,for me even maybe the saucony ride i,think has got slightly more pace in it,than the brooks ghost so i think thats,a fairly comparable shoe for me actually,in terms of where it sits is,more tilted towards kind of easy running,band kind of tempo or you know certainly,interval stuff and

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Brooks Ghost 14 Review | 2021

hey everybody this is steve moore the,owner of runmore this brick and mortar,running shop located,in westminster maryland thank you so,much for tuning in and checking out our,channel,today im going to be talking about the,new brooks ghost 14. this is coming out,in july of 2021,this is brooks most popular shoe this,is their workhorse,everyday neutral training shoe if youve,been a runner for some time theres an,excellent chance youve had a pair of,brooks ghost on your feet at some point,this being a neutral model shoe its,really just a straight cushion shoe so,depending on if somebody comes in here,looking for you know with injury stuff,i might pull a different model but like,its very rare when somebody comes in,here and says,im new to running i have no injury,history we find out whats going on we,give them a quick foot scan everything,looks great,they might be doing anything from a mile,to a half marathon to,gym stuff to anything in between its,very rare that i wouldnt try them in a,brooks ghost its that perfect,here we tried this now maybe well try,something firmer or something with a,lower drop or something that has a,little roll to it or all that stuff but,a lot of what we do to find out a,baseline of what people are doing and,what they like and dislike about shoes,i start them in the brooks ghost i use,this a lot too is like if somebody came,running in here and said im going on a,trip,i have no idea what im doing i need to,bring i dont even have time to try on,his shoes bring me one pair of shoes,and i can take it with me thats going,to fit well and if im a new runner im,going to be fine in,ill pull a ghost its great for such a,universal group of people,that its thats what i said its kind,of surprising if youve been a runner,you havent tried on the ghost,um this model coming from the last,version as far as like some of the,the overall characteristics havent,changed too much so this shoe still,comes in,on the mens side weighing 9.9 ounces,and on the womens side its right at,9.0 ounces so that hasnt changed,this the drop on this shoe is still the,same its still 12 millimeters so thats,how high the heel,sits from the offset of the toe so you,can kind of see how its higher here and,sort of pointed down to there,there are shoes that are about that high,there are shoes that are way less but,this is sort of that,people feel comfortable putting this in,that drop for most people especially,coming from like an everyday if theyre,wearing i dont know what to pick on a,brand like,just a casual knock around whatever,under armour shoe or something,that drop doesnt seem to cause too much,of a problem with it some of the changes,that were made to this shoe though,are nice improvements this isnt just a,fancy color update like we see on some,shoes this is actually a pretty nice big,update from brooks,the biggest being that the midsole has,been changed so a couple years ago,brooks started making their proprietary,blend their dna loft which is their own,version of a,soft responsive nice cushioned,blend throughout the shoe when they,first came out it was really only sort,of,patches throughout the shoe im not sure,why but there wasnt like a,full same consistency midsole throughout,old versions of the ghost,sometimes wed put people in a shoe that,didnt have that like on some of the,older versions and even some brands that,were the same way,and they would say like i feel like im,dropping off a ledge like you can,literally,feel the different transitions between,the shoe depending on the different,blend throughout the midsole,so now on version 14 we have completely,made we,we completely put in a whole new midsole,that is the exact same material all the,way through so this,is a dna loft it should feel smooth it,should feel,light it should feel cushioned all the,way through your foot which also makes,for a better transition from heel to toe,also just a little redesigned on the,outsole here as well as the pattern,looks pretty similar to what theyve,been in in previous versions,they did put a little more energy and,effort into changing the blend on the,outsole so its gonna be a little bit,more durable on,sort of where youre landing on so a,little bit better just overall,characteristics to the outsole of the,shoe,definitely better characteristics in the,midsole of this shoe,the uppers also had a bit of a makeover,here,theyre still using their 3d stretch and,and they were sort of one of the first,ones that we were carrying i believe,that had sort of a stretchy feel to it,im sort of designed to kind of kind of,wrap around your foot so whether youre,somebody whos a little bit wider of a,foot or maybe somebodys a little bit,more narrow,it will kind of expand and contract,around your foot a little bit,the big difference that i can tell and,feel on the on the 3d stretch between,this and the versions before im just,going to grab the old one here,is um theres a much more definition,through the toe cap,on the new one so um somebody that comes,in here that say like i you know i rip,through my shoes a lot you know we call,it sort of a prairie dog toe where like,a toe will poke through and sort of,want to look around and see what its,doing this is a shoe that really with,the nice 3d stretch and the,the energy that they put into putting,more targeted 3d stretch material around,the upper,if youre somebody who does tend to poke,a hole through your toe,through the shoe this would be a great,one to try because it not only is it,going to stretch more its definitely,even more more reinforced to the toe cap,and through this whole forefoot in,general so,you should feel pretty comfortable that,hopefully this shoe will not poke your,your toe wont poke through this shoe,things that i like about this shoe,because i said it you can do a little,bit everything into it so somebody whos,just coming in saying i need a shoe that,i can wear to work,something i can wear for just all day,stuff the ghost is perfect for that,again because its just a straight,neutral cushioned shoe,if you already have some tendencies to,over under pronate or you have some hips,knees plantar fasciitis all those things,there might be better options out there,but if youre just somebody whos like i,just need something for every day,casual running all across the game and,all over everything,because this is a straight neutral,cushion shoe its not going to correct,you but its going to feel great and,soft on your foot,all day its a perfect shoe to kind of,put on where to work and do a little bit,of everything in,because this is such a popular shoe for,brooks it comes in a variety of colors,and it comes in a variety of widths,on the women it also you know has two,different versions that are coming in,and narrow,a lot that are coming in a b width and a,few that are coming in a d,on the mens side theres one or two,that are coming in and narrow a lot that,are standard in,two and a d width theres a few colors,that are in 2e and there is one,super wide 4e of color that is available,were recording this in the end of june,so some of the colors and such that we,are waiting on have not arrived yet so,hopefully by the time you see this on,our website youll see theres a lot,more options available in widths and,colors but,heres one of the female colors this is,one thats actually a standard and wide,that we have here in the shop so,this is a nice female color and heres,another mens color so you do have some,fun options over there if youre looking,for some widths and some colors and,stuff that you can bounce around in,this is a full 12 month shoe so while,theyll be sort of a revamped color up,in six months from now the shoe is going,to stay the same until next july so this,is a great option for somebody,whos looking to do a little bit of,everything and while i do say this shoe,is great for anybody doing,you know we say from like a mile to a,little bit of everything from a half to,even a full,if youre somebody who is going to be,looking to do a fall lets

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Brooks Ghost 14 Daily Trainer Full Review

incredibly,incredibly windy on the drive up here uh,semis were swerving all over the,interstate it was crazy but up here its,wild theres not a breath of wind i,dont know whats going on i gotta shed,some layers,its toasty,[Music],youre not gonna miss that ghost oh my,my look at that colorway not messing,around in 2022 with that yellow its,basically a bright yellow im liking it,brooks you know in these winter dark,winter months so youre seeing out there,on the roads testing this shoe out in,the high country yes i was i was getting,some looks out there in leadville,colorado all right brooks goes 14 and,just for all the new lets welcome all,the new subscribers with uh colon,g-o-o colon down in the comments you,know what that means everyone for,everyone thats new,just so you know my left your right,these are all my favorite running shoes,all right uh right now now these will be,replaced over time all right his shoes,are coming onto the market in 2022 were,so you know fi ill just say finally,its time to start replacing some of,these but we got that oh man we got the,max road five you might not be able to,see that down there uh asics nova blast,ii new balance rebel v2 hoka mach4 and,the new balance fresh faux more v3 with,respect to the road scene since were,doing a road shoe today and on that note,lets dive in here we go the brooks,ghost 14 twisting more than i expected i,like it a little bit of give there,through that midsole so good work there,brooks its um its not crazy loose but,man its not bad i like it maybe one,goose on the screen there you go 54,miles in this shoe were looking at a,12.,12 millimeter drop pretty aggressive,okay so keep that in mind,i like i like higher drops ill just be,frank you know i thats why i usually,dont opt for the ultra lineup all right,zero drop unless i really just want to,stretch out the soleus but i kind of,like a higher drop 12 is pretty,aggressive though so keep that in mind,if you if you pick this shoe up 36 in,the heel 24 in the forefoot lets fire,up the scale here and im realizing that,i can actually show you guys the scale,based on some recent live streams weve,done 8.9 ounces in my size all right can,you guys soak that in all right so,theres my score for pretty standard,score for the,weight all right upper engineered mesh,with this 3d fit print which basically,its this process that uses screen print,technology to apply,this engineered structure to the uppers,and its not a gusseted tongue not,semi-gusseted i kind of wish it was,brooks just putting it out there brooks,goes 15 idea,i was noticing and well probably ill,mention this in the fit as well maybe a,little so theres you know theres my,scores for the upper a little too much,room in the toe box just a smidge i,would actually prefer a little more and,again i dont have a huge foot so if you,have a wide foot i think this toe box,could actually work out well,for you and in the winter months when,its cold and youre running in the snow,like my toes were fine its not going to,be,i guess i would say i wouldnt opt for,this type of upper in,95 degree weather with humidity i just i,just say right now it doesnt it feels,kind of like a winter shoe or a spring,shoe where you might have some colder,temperatures um and i guess on that note,ill ill mention it right now link down,below in the description and ill do my,best upper right hand corner boom brooks,ghost 14,gtx i reviewed this maybe about seven to,ten days ago roughly so this is the,gore-tex,waterproof option gotta say performed,quite well out there in the mud and the,rain alright so if you if you havent,seen that review and you do live,somewhere you know brooks is based out,of seattle washington so if you live,somewhere that gets a lot of rain you,might want to look at the brooks ghost,14 gtx but it is going to cost you about,twenty dollars more which actually that,twenty dollars might be worth you know,might be worth investigating if you do,live in some uh wet conditions all right,so there you go for the upper midsole,this dna loft foam its a finely,calibrated mix of eva foam rubber and,air and i keep i keep saying this um,well dna loft extends the entire midsole,through the entire midsole for a softer,ride,the word that jumps out at me for this,midsole is dense,but not heavy all right thats more than,one word but dense meaning its gonna go,the distance like its gonna last you a,while its not gonna wear out i i am,seeing absolutely,zero,creasing through the like its im im,very impressed brooks i dont know,exactly the the the the chemical uh,composition of your midsoles your dna,loft midsoles but im im very impressed,and at the same time 8.9 ounces like,with that type of density it just feels,yeah and you know what i shh i have,currently youre not going to believe it,ive currently misplaced the durometer,tester its somewhere i took it to,leadville i hope i didnt leave it i,think its in my car so i dont have it,but as far as the thumb test goes um oh,its nice its nice its not too firm,brooks,guys i im just i i am impressed overall,with the mid sole okay the ride is not,like jumping out at you but as far as,the overall midsole score um like its,not gonna be any of these type of,midsole scores over here uh but overall,not too shabby blown rubber on the,outsole just epic not too hard on that,ro on that blown rubber fit weve,already talked about it um again i would,just prefer a little more,uh you know little not quite so much,room through the toe box personally but,again if you prefer a little more,splaying with your toes this might work,out for you comfort score there you go,soak it in the positive is that outsole,just love it,that blown rubber unbelievable its,going to increase the durability but,its not too firm actually oh the ghost,13 im just gonna grab it right now,hold on hold on,let me just look here oh interesting it,did change a little bit but not it looks,like its oof man,man so this is the ghost 13 from 2021 um,yeah i think 20 early 2021 i took this,shoe up mount evans i think i did about,20 to 25 miles up a huge mountain with,it was paved it was on a road but anyway,so this shoe i really enjoyed in 2020,one durability 600 plus miles there you,go mostly because of that outsole and,then again the density of the midsole uh,daily trainer for me is how i will use,this shoe,moving forward price point 140,i wish it was a i wish it was in that,115 to 135 range all right anything that,for a daily trainer i like even like,really 130 if you can keep your daily,trainer price points under 130,i like that i dont know is it,everything happening with a supply chain,is why maybe thats 140 im not exactly,sure but,uh so anyway thats the explanation for,the less than seven score other shoes to,buy again brooks goes 14 gtx if you just,live somewhere that gets some rain or,slush or snow i know the springtime,uh the snowiest months of the year in,colorado are march,march basically in april so were,actually,you know you we probably will get a lot,of snow in here so im actually very,excited to keep training in the gtx in,march here in colorado as it is the,snowiest month,in this state which is interesting all,right peg 38 hoka clifton 8 a6 gel,nimbus light 3 shoot quick specs for the,brooks ghost 14 soak it in one more time,that dna loft foam blown rubber and 140,7.33,out of 10 7.33 we will take it so thats,you know,you always want to be above you know if,you can get above 7.5 i start to get,really excited heading toward the eights,you get really really excited uh but,7.33 is not too,shabby all right i would buy it again i,really would if you want somebody,messaged me on uh oh is it scott over on,discord he just said seth what are your,thoughts on the ghost 14 and i said hey,if you want a reliable daily trainer,its going to last you for a long time,just boom brooks goes 14. just keeping,in mind the 12 millimeter drop way of,life you get the comment of the day here,we go regarding the ghosts possibly the,most surprising shoe for me

Brooks Ghost 14 Review | A Reliable Neutral Training Favorite Returns!

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats up guys im matt from running,warehouse and today were going to be,taking a look at the all-new brooks,ghost 14. now the brooks ghost has been,a go-to daily trainer for runners of all,different levels because of its,mid-level cushioning its smooth ride and,its overall comfortable fit compared to,previous versions i like the 14 a lot,more its gonna have some small tweaks,to it but overall its still that,consistent smooth ride that brooks goes,for with their go to daily trainers,so when we take a look at those small,tweaks i want to start with the upper,because i think the upper is way more,dialed in than it used to be,theres going to be a simpler,3d fit print mesh that brooks has on top,here its going to feel more streamlined,and when i first tried it on it almost,felt like the brooks launch and the,launch gts where its smoother you slip,your foot into it a little bit easier,and its a very comfortable breathable,and overall,simple upper which feels great and when,youre taking it for longer runs,it really catches that pace nicely and,catches that airflow very nicely as well,theres still going to be that padded,tongue in that padded collar to give a,little bit more of a comfortable feel,there are some new laces as well theres,more flat laces instead of the the puffy,plush laces that they had in the 13. so,with those flatter laces the lock down,was really nice it just laid flat across,the top of your foot i never got any hot,spots when running in the ghost 14,it offers not a wide fit but a,comfortable fit for any foot type and it,fits pretty true to size it comes in at,around 10 ounces so its not going to be,the lightest daily trainer but its not,going to be the heaviest as well its,still going to be that mid-level daily,trainer that youre looking for so the,midsole is going to have full length dna,loft as opposed to previous versions,like the 13 there is only half of that,dna loft cushioning at initial step in,that full length loft foam felt super,soft and i really experienced something,different than in the previous versions,its going to give a smoother ride and a,more plush feel but youre still not,going to feel like youre swimming and,cushioning the brooks glycerin is going,to offer that max cushioning where if,youre looking for a more plush ride,thats going to be,the ball cushioning that youre looking,for,the ghost 14 is going to offer that,mid-level cushion that i really,appreciated because i tend to steer away,from shoes that are going to feel like,im swimming in that foam and the ghost,14 had just enough of that new dna loft,where i felt like i could take it for,longer runs or shorter runs and anything,really in between for those daily,efforts one of the main characteristics,of the midsole of the ghost,is its going to have a 12 millimeter,drop when i measured this it had 36 mils,in the heel and 24 in the forefoot this,is going to,give runners a steeper platform if,youre not used to that 12 millimeter,drop but overall,its not going to be that big of a,difference where once you start running,in this shoe you really get used to it,im used to a shoe that is going to have,that six mil or five millimeter drop and,i kind of felt that steep platform when,i first started running in the ghost but,as i got a few weeks into running with,this shoe it felt so natural to me and,it it really just felt like a normal,shoe at that point,under that dna loft midsole we could,take a look at the outsole theres going,to be a lot of rubber here this provides,a lot of durability its going to hold,up mile after mile for those daily runs,that you take the ghost 14 on im a few,weeks into running in the new ghost 14,and the rubber is holding up great the,durability of this shoe is awesome its,really built for those daily training,runs whether youre going shorter or,whether youre going longer,i would recommend this shoe to any new,runner or somebody thats just looking,to,to get those daily workhorse miles in,its a its a traditional daily trainer,thats going to hold up for a long time,and its a good entry level shoe for,anybody that,isnt used to that running shoe,cushioning or is just looking for that,mid-level cushioning thats going to,hold up mile after mile,overall i think the ghost 14 is way,better than the 12 or the 13. it has,that softer foam with that full length,dna loft the upper is more streamlined,its simple and its going to fit real,nicely and it just has that comfortable,ride that you look for day in and day,out so the ghost 14 continues that,legacy of just being a consistent daily,trainer that any runner can take for any,amount of mileage and you can find this,shoe at runningwarehouse.com,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

Brooks Ghost 14 – King of the Everyday

welcome back to running shoes guru my,name is brandon and today im reviewing,the hugely popular,brooks ghost 14.,[Music],[Applause],for me the brooks ghost has always had,somewhat of a bland ride but bland isnt,always a bad thing because the ghost has,an enormous loyal fan base,and its a certain type of runner who,buys the ghost every year,the type of runner who doesnt like to,take risks when buying running shoes,they know what they like,and the ghost gives them that year after,year,its also a really popular,recommendation for beginner runners,because its such a safe,option,its upper is comfortable no matter what,foot type you have,its midsole is neither too firm nor too,soft,and its got a remarkably stable ride,for a neutral shoe,theres a popular saying that goes,something like the more things change,the more they stay the same,and this applies here because the ghost,14 has a brand new upper midsole and,outsole,but it still rides the same as previous,ghosts,compared to the 13 its picked up 0.2,ounces of weight,it now weighs 10 ounces,but it still has a drop of 12,millimeters,and its still got a price tag of 130,whenever a new version of the ghost gets,released its never all that exciting,because you know that itll have a very,similar ride to previous ghosts,when i put the ghost 14 on my feet for,the first time it felt really luxurious,and slipper like,but the upper felt thinner and less,puffy felt more streamlined,my first run was an 11 kilometer easy,run and it felt like a typical ghost,there were no big surprises it felt,smooth,stable and consistent,there were large portions of the run,where i was able to go faster than easy,pace and at the end of my run my average,pace per kilometer was about 30 seconds,faster than my usual easy pace,it felt like this version of the ghost,wanted me to go faster than easy pace,whereas the ghost 13 felt really,sluggish and it was difficult to pick up,the pace,the new headline feature of the ghost 14,is its full dna loft midsole the ghost,13 only had a half dna loft midsole,and while this seems like a big update,the ride of the 14 is still very similar,to the 13,and in fact its so similar that when i,did an a b test,and i wore the 13 on one foot and the 14,on the other foot,i really had to concentrate hard to,notice the difference between the two,shoes,but the 14 does ride slightly softer,than the ghost 13.,compared to other mid-range daily,trainers,the ghost is firmer than the pegasus the,clifton,and the cumulus,but because of this massive chunk of,midsole foam its 36 millimeters in the,rear,its still a very well cushioned ride,if you wanted to run a full marathon in,the ghost 14 you definitely could,i did 42 kilometers in it and its one,of the best long run shoes ive tested,because of its high level of stability,its high level of cushioning,and its comfortable upper,its midsole is not excessively plush so,ride transitions feel quite efficient,and its easy to pick up the pace in the,ghost 14.,i enjoy it most,on steady paced runs which are slightly,faster than easy pace,at around 4 minutes 50 to 5 minutes 30,per kilometer,the only time i ever run in a 12,millimeter drop is in the ghost,and while it might put some people off i,didnt really mind the high drop because,i feel like it puts my foot,on its steeper downward facing ramp so,it helps me through transitions more,than a shoe with the lower drop,but one of the negatives is that i do,feel my heel catching when i come,through my gait cycle,but i get used to the sensation as i put,more mileage on the shoe,there are two types of rubber used on,the goes 14.,soft rubber on the forefoot,and harder more durable carbon rubber on,the hill,now because they changed the midsole to,dna loft on the medial side,they needed more support,so they added extra rubber to balance,out the soft foam,the forefoot grooves are now partially,filled with rubber,and this leads to a more snappy forefoot,which is less flexible,the outsole rubber shows a rapid wear,after the first couple of runs,especially on this outer lateral hill,area,but then the wear starts to taper,after 80 kilometers in the ghost 14 ive,noticed that outsole durability is below,average compared to the other daily,trainers,so if youre particularly hard on,outsource you should stay away from the,ghost,the type of rubber that brooks uses is a,really soft type of rubber so traction,is great on a variety of surfaces,the highlight of any ghost is its upper,and version 14 is no different,it has generous amounts of foam padding,in its tongue,its collar and its heel tab and it,pillows the foot,it feels really premium and its still,the most comfortable upper of all the,daily trainers,the tongue is not gusseted so it does,slide laterally slightly,but the laces have been changed from,over ones to flat ones,and i like this change because it,distributes the pressure on top of the,foot more evenly,the biggest update to the upper is the,change of mesh,its now a thinner more breathable mesh,which gives the ghost 14 a more,streamlined feel,it also opens up more space in the,forefoot because the mesh is less puffy,but it still fits true to size,when i think back to last year when i,tested the ghost 13.,runs in the 13 felt like a bit of a,chore,but the changes that brooks has made to,the ghost have improved it,and i enjoyed every run in the ghost 14.,version 14 feels more performance,oriented and more versatile because of,its streamlined upper,its snappier forefoot,and its full dna loft midsole,the ride of the ghost doesnt feel fun,or exciting,but what it does excel in is consistency,you can pick up any ghost and have peace,of mind knowing that it performs very,similarly to its predecessor,the 20 more expensive glycerin,has a better upper which is more,comfortable,but its more relaxed compared to the,ghost 14.,the ghost feels more versatile because,its midsole isnt as soft so its easier,to pick up the pace in the ghost,the ghost feels like a sporty version of,the glycerin,compared to previous ghosts im positive,that the ghost 14 will also be a,bestseller,and a fan favorites,the books ghost is proof that sometimes,the blandest item,can still be the most popular choice,because its the safest option,thanks for watching my review,you can also read my full written review,on running shoes guru,if you enjoyed the video please hit the,like button and subscribe to running,shoes guru,[Music],you

Brooks Ghost 14 – The Best Running Shoes for In-Between Season

one of the most common questions that i,get asked on this channel and a question,im sure all runners are very used to,what are your shoe preferences what,shoes are you currently running in what,are your favorite shoes to run in what,shoes do you race in what shoes should i,get for training for my next race etc it,comes up again and again and again and i,have recently added some new shoes to my,arsenal so i thought i would just kind,of go through some overview on some of,the shoes that i have why i choose,different types of shoes which shoes i,use for different types of training runs,for races etc,and the most recent addition to my,running shoe lineup is what were going,to be talking about today and that is,the new brooks ghost 14s,cheers yall hows it going today we are,going to be talking about the latest,shoes that ive added to my running shoe,lineup and that is the brooks ghost 14,shoes before we jump into that this,video is just going to be focused on,some of kind of the key features this is,actually my third pair of brooks ghosts,so what keeps me coming back again and,again and again for these shoes but like,i said before we jump into that im,rocking the bibrave hat because these,shoes were sent to me for the purpose of,reviewing as part of my participation in,the bibrave program uh so i am reviewing,them these were sent to me for free but,no one will get to review the content of,this review before i submit it no one,gets to edit the video anything like,that these are purely my own thoughts so,just wanted to let you know that before,we dive into the review itself and i,guess review really isnt the right word,because as i mentioned this is just,going to be sort of an out of the box,video talking about the key features of,the brooks ghost specifically the ghost,14s why im interested in this shoe what,types of runs i will be using these,shoes for etcetera and my why you might,be interested in them as well so quickly,just to touch on a few key features,these are very,kind of soft very comfortable shoes,designed to be really an everyday,running shoe a long run running shoe,shoes that are going to protect your,legs from the stress that theyre gonna,experience of that everyday kind of,battering that your legs tend to take,from running so really really focused on,comfort they were actually voted this,year as believe in the runs one of,believe in the runs nine most,comfortable pairs of running shoes so,really really comfortable shoes like i,said this is my third pair i really,enjoy them for those longer duration,efforts for those recovery type runs,where youre not looking to really push,the pace youre not looking to really,like punish your legs you just want to,continue to get miles but enjoy the,comfort of the ride and thats where the,brooks ghosts are really perfect thats,really where they shine as a running,shoe another thing that id love to,point out you may have seen right on the,box here,this is brookes first ever pair of,fully carbon neutral shoes uh this is,part of their initiative to become a,totally net zero carbon company by 2040.,definitely a lofty goal no pun intended,but they are making long strides in the,right direction and just something that,that i personally love to see it makes,it i think easier for me to support,companies that are behind kind of,initiatives that i believe in,and so very excited to see that and very,excited to continue to see brooks,develop these types of shoes in the,future but that being said lets get,into the shoes themselves and talking,about some of the key features right out,of the box,these are i will say,much less colorful than the shoes i tend,to run in but that being said there are,like,a million different color options on the,brooks website these are just the ones i,happen to go with i also i mean i kind,of like just the crisp white look of the,shoes but tons of color options to suit,whatever your preferences are but this,is just what the the ghost 14s look like,fresh out of the box as i said and a few,key things to look at coming out so just,overall about the shoe it is a neutral,running shoe no stability support built,in,when youre looking from heel to toe,drop youre looking at about 12,millimeters i couldnt find the weight,of the shoe listed on the brooks website,i did find another review that listed it,at about 10.1 ounces per shoe for the,mens pair so a little bit weightier,than the shoes that i tend to run in but,again when im looking for that that,cushion that extra comfort on the ride,im okay with the heavier shoe,because im not running too fast i know,my legs arent going to be crazy,fatigued on the types of workouts ill,be doing with this shoe and im willing,to sacrifice a few extra ounces to gain,extra ounces in comfort or in seoul and,thats where the bulk of the weight is,coming from is from that midsole on,these shoes now to talk about the,midsole again get a good look at it here,that is really really where this shoe,shines that is the brooks dna loft,technology their dna line is really,designed to be kind of supposed to feel,like a custom fit that matches whatever,your stride is and kind of adapt to,whatever your stride may be the dna loft,specifically is their comfort midsole,foam so it is all about cushion all,about comfort on that ride all about,shock absorption without being,overly soft it doesnt feel like your,feet are sinking into the sole when a,midsole is overly soft i think you run,the risk of feeling like youre losing,some of your extra energy in that,absorption its just being absorbed into,the squish as the sole compresses with,each step thats not the case with these,like i said its very comfortable but,still responsive it doesnt feel like,with every land your foot is just,sinking into the shoes its just enough,softness to absorb the shock of the,ground while rolling forward so,incredibly incredibly incredibly,comfortable shoe without feeling like,you are sinking into it with every,stride and talking about the stride,talking about that transition as you,land um that is one of the biggest,updates ive noticed about this as i,mentioned this is my third pair of,ghosts its been a while since my last,fair uh my last pair was the ghost,eleven so three generations ago,you can see they have taken quite a,beating i think i put at least 400 plus,miles on these things they have now just,become my everyday walking shoes because,of the comfort,so please keep that in mind when you see,just how worn down these things are but,one of the biggest updates in terms of,the transition of these running shoes um,is on the outsole of the shoe or what,they call their crash pad,and making it more segmented so if you,can see again these are really worn down,but i hope you can see kind of how deep,the grooves are,that run the length of that outsole and,so what im talking about is these,grooves right here they existed on the,old ghost and yeah these are worn down,you can probably see it a little better,less worn down on the heel there but the,grooves are much deeper,on the updated 14 which allows the shoe,to flex a lot more regardless of how you,land so im personally a heel striker so,for me that means as i land i just get a,really good flex to transition from heel,to toe and similarly if you land on the,midsole when you land it compresses the,opposite direction but those extra,grooves really make the shoe a lot more,flexible that was the first thing that i,noticed pulling it out of the box was,just the design again i feel like its,hard to demonstrate on the camera but it,really is a significant design change,between uh these ghost 14s and my,previous pair of the ghost 11s and make,a huge difference on the run as well the,other major update that ive noticed on,these shoes is just the design of the,upper its a lot sleeker of a design,its a lot less fabric it feels like,its much lighter much smoother like i,said i think just a much slicker profile,because theres just a lot less fabric,on here and thats because as w

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