1. Burrow Couch, an HONEST Review of the Nomad Sectional
  2. 1 Year Burrow Couch Review | Burrow Nomad Sectional
  3. Burrow Sofa Review: At Home with the Field 3-Seat Sofa + Ottoman
  4. Build the BURROW NOMAD SOFA with us; is it still worth it one year later?
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Burrow Couch, an HONEST Review of the Nomad Sectional

so,we bought a couch,[Music],yep we bought a couch from borough also,known as baro,this is an online couch that we bought,and im sitting on it currently if you,can see its beautiful,i was super nervous about buying this,couch because it was online id never,seen the fabric in person,only from pictures and pictures can be,quite deceiving so i was super nervous i,didnt know if the cushions was going to,be soft enough or hard enough,or if it was going to be tall enough or,too short or,i just didnt know if it would fit our,taste of what we wanted for a couch so,here is my review on this new burrow,sectional and well find out if im,gonna return it or if im gonna keep it,and i like it,lets jump into it,[Music],[Applause],[Music],before we bought this couch we were,living with old betty now old betty is,an old,from the 70s couch its dirty its ugly,its tiny its not the couch you want,for a living room its a couch you want,for like an accident or for your office,or,for something youre not going to sit on,and like take naps on all the time now i,love that couch but,we needed something for this space this,big space here so we started looking for,couches and kristen has been wanting to,count for a very long time,i have not been wanting to spend the,money but,[Music],we get ads all the time for couches,because were looking and then theyre,targeting us and so,it was inevitable that we would buy a,couch and so we bought this bad boy wait,wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait,yeah,and,its pretty great,so lets get into some of the things,like pricing and quality,and what i think about it,[Music],one of the biggest questions while,purchasing anything is of course the,price so what is the price of this couch,its expensive we ended up spending a,little bit less than four grand on it,which is a lot but,if youre going to buy something,buy something thats going to be durable,youre going to be able to use it for a,long time of course this is a couch its,going to go with this for the next 10,years probably,hopefully if the,if their statement of durability and,long-lasting holds up to what they say,and i think it will but the pricing is,not cheap now you could go look at,ashley furniture or rooms to go and get,something thats,a little bit cheaper than this or you,know two grand or something,but the quality,is gonna vary depending on what brand,you get could go lower to places like,wayfair that have cheaper stuff or you,could say secondhand shop like we did,for our last couch and thats a great,option you can find some sick couches,doing that,you could also shop at places like west,down or row concepts or restoration,hardware or design within reach,and get some like stupid expensive,couches like those couches,some of them,are fuzz some of them are,beautiful but theyre like 10 grand and,that is just out of the question i mean,maybe one day when i have like a mansion,that would be great but for this house,this house is,just a normal its a pretty small house,we dont want something that looks super,fancy because then you dont want to sit,on it and no one wants to touch it,because then youre going to ruin it and,then youre going to ruin your life,because you spent all your money so,this couch is like the middleman its a,middleman and i think the pricing for,the quality as of i know now is pretty,great,so how is this quality the quality is,pretty great i keep doing this the,quality seems pretty great like weve,only had it for,a week or so now,and its great it feels nice,it looks nice i mean look at this thing,it is pretty beautiful its got this,mid-century vibe to it its we got the,grayish if you look closely its like,black and white threaded but from a,distance it looks gray i think it looks,really nice it will make your space feel,more gucci it will really elevate your,value of your space but big butt,it wont be too nice to sit on people,will want to come and sit on this couch,itll be inviting its warm and its,just a lovely a lovely piece to your,space and its definitely the vibe,people still say that,maybe,one of the things i didnt expect with,this couch was the height of it now i,was concerned about like the back height,so like when youre relaxing on it,your head is not like it has some,support i didnt really think too much,about like,where,it was sitting too close to the ground,or like too high up,so were not super big people my wife is,54 im close to 6 foot um,were both pretty athletic shaped i mean,im skinny but,im not heavy,this is what im trying to say im not,heavy im skinny and,i fit perfectly on this couch uh i dont,have to bend down too far to sit in it,my wife,feet can fit on the ground uh without,swinging like a little kid so like the,height of it is perfect for your normal,average american,person and so that is a huge plus and,something i was pleasantly surprised now,it does sit a little bit lower than i,was expecting but i think its perfect,since we bought this couch online i was,super super concerned about the level of,firmness and cushiness to this couch we,had never felt it before never had a,friend who had it so i was concerned if,it was going to be,in what we wanted right,and i can definitely say there is enough,cushion for the pushing like its not,super firm,but its perfect to sit,have a glass of wine have some coffee to,sit and chat with friends on but its,also,relaxing,and cushiony enough to just lay back and,take a nap,and to relax and watch a movie like we,love to do so its a perfect couch for,both hanging out,and being casual but also just straight,up relaxing and sleeping even if you,wanted to um and someone can definitely,sleep on this if you have like a guest,over but the remaining question is how,will these cushions break in im not,sure im really hopeful that it will be,durable and it will keep its firmness,and cushiness pretty much the same as it,is now,well see one of the things boro,advertises is that it is stain resistant,so for dogs and babies it could be a,good couch now we havent had to clean,it yet because its only been a week,thank god im surprised we didnt spill,like 10 coffees on it already,[Music],i got raspberries on the couch,all right we gotta see,im just putting water on it for now i,guess,the red raspberries came off super easy,and im super happy about that so it,does appear to be stain resistant but,the next topic is assembly,assembly is a big thing because burrow,is a modular couch you can move them,around you can do whatever,and,now would probably be a great time to,say this is not sponsored at all by,burro but bro if youre watching this,hit up your boy ill take another couch,you know ill take all the couches i did,99 of the work my wife did about,seven percent of the work and,buddy did like negative six percent of,the work,[Music],but this couch we did it in,i dont know unpacking it putting it,together maybe in less than an hour like,it was pretty quick and this is a big,couch like and,i basically did it by myself my wife,helped me turn over the long side,so i wouldnt snap anything but i,probably could have done it by myself,anyways its not heavy at all,its not heavy but it is it feels sturdy,you know its pretty simple to get the,couches together so you basically put,two sides together,um and you match a male and female part,together,and then,theres like three of them and then you,latch them one,two,three,latch all three together and boom the,pieces together,and then you go to the corner piece,the corner piece goes along the side,you connect it the same way you stand,that up and then you connect the other,side,the other leg if you will connect that,the same way now that was a little bit,difficult to shimmy in but,i ended up getting it in fairly easy,after you know a couple minutes of,shaming,in um so i got that done,and then also put in the legs,the legs and the hardware are super easy,they come and package theyre all nicely,packaged theyre all perfectly put up,all the pieces all labeled and you screw,them in,like that and then v

1 Year Burrow Couch Review | Burrow Nomad Sectional

which brings me to my final question,which is would I buy this couch again,[Music],yo welcome,to the one year review of this burrow,couch its the Nomad sectional and,before I get into reviewing it and tell,you all the things I love and hate about,it if you are thinking about buying one,and at the end of this video you buy one,use the link in the bio get a discount,give me some you know affiliate money,yada yada theyre not paying me to say,this but I do make a little bit on it so,theres that also if you like DIY home,renovation and home investment make sure,to subscribe alrighty lets get into it,first things first I wanted to note the,uh background back there see that thats,because we just built this add-on and,were still not completely done with it,so theres you know stuff there we got,toys everywhere we got stuff in the back,um so you know just ignore that all,right now on to the couch first off,lets talk about styling how is the,style do we like the style look at this,beauty,its amazing I love this style it looks,like a really nice couch like its not a,cheap couch of course look at the price,tag but it looks nice you walk in its,like oh thats nice its nice and modern,it has nice Brown feet nice and gray,neutrally goes gray with the white goes,good with the floors so it looks really,nice completely happy with it so the,styling of it 10 out of 10. I love the,way it looks lets move on to assembly,so assembly I would give about a nine,out of 10. it was really easy to set up,it comes in all these boxes and it has a,few hooks a few screws that you just you,know hand screw in and really easy to do,I just redid it moving the couch in here,and so yeah that nine out of ten its,only not 10 because of all the cardboard,boxes that comes in and then you have to,deal with the cardboard boxes the next,up we have firmness people ask in the,comments How firm how cushiony it is and,when you first get it its pretty firm,it doesnt really sink in but heres a,little test that I did with the couch,and you can see its its nice like its,not too too firm its not too squishy,you sit kind of up in it,um it feels like you can have a,conversation on it kind of like Im,doing now you can also see in this other,shot where Im sitting on a cushion that,is newer so we had bought an extra,cushion because we had the long like L,thing sticking out which we no longer,have in here just for the sake of room,and so that cushion we sat on it very,firm now its a little bit firmer still,but it looks pretty similar as you can,see in the video,um so it does get squishier over time,and hopefully it continues to hold up,you know in the next five years of,having this couch so what the firmness,comes the question of how comfy is this,couch,its comfy its cozy you can have a nice,combo on it you can chill you can take a,nap you can watch TV I watch TV here,every single day I slept on this couch,for like,two months my La my wifes last,trimester of our most recent kid she was,snoring dont tell her Im just kidding,she knows it was very loud and I slept,on here and it was amazing so if you,have guests they can sleep on here and,it will hold up it does well,I approve but overall I would say this,couch is like,a six to seven out of ten and the reason,for that is because the back of the,couch you can see here the back of the,couch and in this clip I sit up and my,back is way higher than the back of the,couch so if you sit in a lot of comfy,couches you sit and your head kind of,hits the headrest you know its no its,not its like just nice and cozy you can,kind of just like snuggle up and lay,back this couch you cant really do that,if you want to lay down you got to scoot,way down and Im about six feet tall,five eleven to be exact my wife is five,two and even that she has to scoot down,a little so if youre looking for a,comfy cozy couch this is not the couch,for you definitely not if youre looking,for some good in between like it looks,really good it looks nice you can have a,combo on it and watch TV this couch is a,good recommendation so I definitely,recommend it for that lets move on to,another important question which is,durability we have two kids one of them,whos running around on throwing crap,everywhere and then we have two dogs and,two human beings Im one of them as you,can tell there are some,marks on the couches but my wife has,cleaned this couch multiple multiple,times and it still looks amazing,let me get something,okay,this is the couch cleaner thing that she,uses,um I think she bought it from Amazon so,therell be a link in the bio she used,this a million times and it works really,great gets all the dirt out and it makes,the couches look amazing so we havent,had anything on the couches that dont,come out like we spilled a bunch of crap,on it we got raspberries on the couch,I dont know if you gotta see Im just,putting water on it for now I guess,the red raspberries came off super easy,and Im super happy about that but every,time it needs like an extra washing with,this instead of just like a paper towel,it comes out and so that is really,amazing and really helpful having kids,and dogs an important note is that new,cushion I was mentioning earlier you,could clearly see the color difference,between the new cushion and the old,cushion the new cushion was way lighter,if you look now though you cant tell a,difference the coloring has already,darkened to fit in with the rest of the,couch so it does get darker really quick,but its not that much of a difference,like if you look here and you look at my,old video you probably wont be able to,tell it different that is just something,to keep in mind its not going to be,that super light gray that it comes with,itll be just like a shade darker but,overall durability great 9 out of ten,coloring,nine out of ten and one other thing that,I mentioned is that we had the L on the,couch where its like connected into it,and it lays down you know we since have,taken that off,um because we wanted to open this area,of the room up as you can see here so,you know we can move this around and,move around like this without having it,stuck into the couch and so that is one,thing that like weve kind of changed,and we still have that its just not my,favorite thing if you like those things,cool they worked as any other thing,works but that is something we had,changed and I just wanted to say it,lets talk about the size of this couch,this is a big old L couch and it fits,amazing if you look behind me it looks,it looks great but this room in here is,about 600 square feet which I just built,if youre interested in how I built it,and watching you know home renovation,and stuff make sure you subscribe go,watch the series its really amazing but,it fits perfectly in this space so if,you need a big couch for a big space,get this couch,perfect which brings me to my final,question which is would I buy this couch,again,the answer is,kind of,so I overall love this couch happy with,it Ive never thought about selling it,but,with it not being the most comfy cozy,couch where you can just you know sit,and lay back what I would do is buy a,smaller one of these which I just got,through saying the size is amazing but I,would buy a smaller one like maybe do,just a three-seater and then I would buy,another three seater or like a a partial,L,um thats a comfy cozy couch so you have,a nicer looking couch where its more,formal and then a comfy cozy couch for,like watching The Movies thats probably,what I would do Im not disappointed in,my purchase at all Im happy with it,were keeping it but maybe in the future,I will do something a little bit,different,and its just you know a learning,experience this is the first couch that,I bought online and its been a great,experience so if youre looking for a,couch and a lot of things that I said,you know meet your criteria and you want,to take a chance on it do so use the,link in the bio and have an amazing,couch have an amazing life something,like that also get outside

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Burrow Sofa Review: At Home with the Field 3-Seat Sofa + Ottoman

[Music],whats up everybody my name is matthew,gutuzy and i am with living cozy and,today we are going to be reviewing the,burro field couch i live in the,beautiful city of seattle and im in,this apartment that is less than 600,square feet so we dont have a lot of,room to work with and finding a couch,can be difficult at times i think that,burrow has found the perfect balance of,a timeless beautiful designed piece as,well as,simple easy,shipping and handling that makes the,couch easy to move around even in a,small space i was lucky enough to get my,hands on the field three-piece sofa with,an ottoman we have the plush oatmeal as,the fabric and the legs are an oak,finish,[Music],so we just opened up the first box which,is the corner and seat whats really,cool is that everything kind of comes,like ready to go and whats cute is this,pouch like look at whats in here its,just all the tools but its in this,really cute bag which honestly you could,probably reuse,and small details like this create the,unboxing experience to be amazing,and i love these,how they have these like panels again,making it easier sometimes its hard,when youre building stuff with uh,different tools um you know like with,screwdrivers youre holding your hand,but this is easy because it just feels,like youre kind of just rotating,something,putting together the couch was very easy,the hardest part about modular designed,couches is the actual pieces coming,together and it was not that hard at all,its done,this couch is perfect for me to be able,to have the you know perfect amount of,depth um and height so that i can,actually,sit with a good posture,and feel comfortable uh in the couch,this is a shorter couch and its fine,because our ceiling is not that tall so,it doesnt look out of place,but if you have really tall ceilings or,tall walls,if you had a couch like this,up against that wall its going to look,kind of weird because this couch is,shorter so thats something to be aware,of,[Music],a lot of couches can be almost like,too like much of a pillow and you almost,get lost in the couch then theres the,other side where you know there can be,couches that are just so firm that it,feels like you cant get comfortable,and ive had both,and one of the things that i love about,this couch is,i feel like theres a perfect balance of,firmness in the pillow while actually,still feeling pillow its not like super,tense um so you can really kind of relax,on this couch,but feel like youre not getting lost,in the actual couch,[Music],because theres not as much depth,that can be kind of difficult so having,the ottoman is a really great add-on and,to be honest i think its worth it and,you should get it if youre getting like,a three uh a three-seat sofa because,there are going to be times where you,want to kick back your legs and maybe,you have a few other people uh sitting,on the couch and so youre gonna need,some space to be be able to kick back,and having the ottoman is perfect if we,didnt have this ottoman i think that i,would feel frustrated at times with the,depth,[Music],this burro feel couch i think is,worth the money the design itself is,timeless you can fit this couch in a,variety of different spaces and so if i,were to move to another apartment i know,that this is a couch that will probably,fit,in my next apartment and the beauty of,having it being more of a modular design,is that lets say i do move into a house,and you know i want to upgrade and kind,of go from a three seater to a,five-seater i would be able to easily,buy the next two seats and be able to,add those on and so i think that is,really great if youre going to invest,in some higher end furniture burrow,really does fit the bill i know that,making a decision on what couch is right,for you is difficult theres a lot of,brands out there hopefully this video on,the borough couch is helpful for you in,your decision making check out our other,articles that we have on living cozy and,our other videos make sure to subscribe,and thanks so much for watching and,well see in the next video peace

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Build the BURROW NOMAD SOFA with us; is it still worth it one year later?

hey guys welcome back to my channel so today  is the best day ever because after waiting  ,about three to four weeks we finally got our couch  from burrow and we kind of had like a couch fiasco  ,in our moving process where our normal couch  thats not modular did not fit up the stairs,so we got a burrow couch im so excited to unbox  all of these things um we got the nomad sectional  ,from their website and it comes in literally  all of these boxes so its going to be a process  ,to put it together but its so nice that its a  modular couch and we can take it all throughout  ,new york the instructions booklet looks like this  so its pretty clear and its like designed nice  ,honestly i like their like instructions a  bit even better than like um i would say  ,like ikeas like instructions but i like how  they literally have the photo of the couch  ,and like what youre supposed to do instead of  trying to figure out a different illustration  ,and whatever so thats nice so currently jamal  is laying out the couch and hes just laying  ,it out like the way the instructions tell us to  its not necessary to really do this but we just  ,want to check and see that we have all the parts  and stuff before we move forward and then after  ,that i mean as you can see they have a list here  of all these uh necessary pieces that we should  ,have received and i actually like how all the  boxes if you notice theyre labeled so thats  ,nice as well slide each seat together using the  alignment pins and holes as a guide so they have  ,like a way to lock the seats together like this  so its nice like you know having this visual to  ,be able to see that the seats are supposed to go  together this way so i think this is so clear so  ,theres these pins on each side of the couch like  in between the sections so you just have to like  ,align those pins together and then lock lock these  things together to get the seats to go together,so now we are on to step three and it says  push down to ensure that the seats are fully  ,folded down and then unfold the seats into  the open position with the backrest still on  ,the ground and the seats perpendicular to the  ground these instructions are kind of wordy but,the actual image is like oh  okay this is what it looks like,so we just finished step six which was locking  the arms on and connecting them with the top  ,part and the bottom part the seats and the  cushions so now we are actually on step seven  ,which is attaching the legs yes and then they have  this image of what the leg should look like so  ,here we are this is the leg portion and  this is step seven so were almost done,here is step eight which we are  already on and i think this is  ,total ten steps and thats it so step 8 says to  use the built-in usb chargers and clip the cord  ,from the bottom of the right arm rest and plug the  included power cord into it and plug that into a  ,wall outlet so this is because this couch actually  has usb chargers in it which is so cool um we  ,have to plug a power cord actually like into the  couch just so it runs um but yeah literally just  ,plug it in you have your core which will go to our  outlet over there so jamals finishing step eight  ,yep and so say you have iphone cord now  wheres usb though its right here so  ,what up what up see the usb theres  a usb right here yall do you see it  ,i know you probably barely can see it  but its over here oh wow maya really,boom it works thats cool wheres the  chase at we havent got to chase yet  ,but we can leave it just like a  regular sofa oh if we wanted to,so heres our base of our chase,something weird to note is that the instructions  actually dont tell you what to do with the chase  ,and i thought that was kind of strange because  you would think the chase would be like really  ,important we didnt realize it comes with an extra  cushion to the couch so it comes with extra couch  ,cushion we literally just built it like a normal  sofa but its a sectional so now we have to figure  ,out like how to add the chase onto the couch  last minute um jamal says its simple but its  ,still like a little bit annoying to me that  they dont have like customized instructions  ,per each item that is customized especially  if its a sectional and it has a chase  ,so thats something to consider but all in all  so far a good experience its only taken us like  ,20 minutes to build it so far and probably took  less time if i wasnt recording and making content  ,but jesus jamal took the cushion off and how did  you attach that bottom part the bottom part is  ,not attached theres a little velcro its  not attached so if you felt like moving it  ,on a different day like tomorrow sunday and  youre like man i really want my sectional  ,on another side of my couch all you would do is  just rearrange a couple pillows you would just  ,take this off move your chase to this side  put your larger pillow here theres velcro,like so oh and now you have a couch with a  sectional on the opposite side and you can  ,do it in the middle but the only thing is now  when you do that so if one day you want to have  ,a sectional you have a sectional if you take  this part off you can just have a regular sofa,because the other ones all have holes for the  pins to go through this one just look like i know  ,theres supposed to be a hole there because  look how far this knife goes in oh wow yeah  ,so there was a fabric covering the hole that  wasnt allowing me to go all the way through  ,on it so we just cut a little bit around which  should be plenty enough for that thing to go  ,in dont take it out just cut a little hole  through yeah to be clear like this side the couch  ,always looks wonky because it just  wasnt properly attached because  ,that fabric was blocking it this the fabric was  blocking the side part from locking in so because  ,now weve cut this hole in the fabric we were  able to lock it into the other side of the couch,so thats a little defect that we had in  our couch but besides that its been good,all right guys so we finished assembling the  couch and we just wanted to give you our final  ,thoughts on it um im actually surprised that  like how light each cushion was and how easy it  ,was to assemble like we did it within 20 minutes  and i thought i mean like in general if i wasnt  ,recording content at the same time it probably  would have been even faster we also noticed at  ,the bottom like they have like the felt side like  stapled in um and like some parts were like a  ,little bit loose um so we actually like duct taped  where lights underneath so you cant see it but  ,like so that way that felt isnt loose and like  our cats actually like to get into the couch like  ,from underneath so that way they cant do that and  we had like a little issue like with the side of  ,the couch in general where it wouldnt like lock  properly um and thats because like the fabric  ,uh the fabric in the hole was like blocking where  its supposed to lock so we actually had to cut  ,that fabric out and like we had to go and make  an appointment at the borough store kind of in  ,like the soho area there yeah bruh only has  one showroom and it happens to be in new york  ,so we scheduled an appointment at their showroom  and like got to actually see these couches in  ,person before we did purchase them um and i was  actually pretty impressed with like the all of  ,their couches and like the materials and things  like that so thats what really sold it for us and  ,it was good to be able to go see it besides like  just buying a couch online and taking the risk,so its been a year and like i  said this couch has been holding up  ,very well um its still super firm  and we even expanded it as you can see  ,to be a larger sectional just adding one more  section which is super easy thanks to burrow so  ,we have two cats and we havent had any issues  in terms of like stains or anything like that  ,the actual fabric itself is very like stain free  l

BEST SECTIONALS for Your Living Room – What to Look for, Where to Buy! | Julie Khuu

hi everyone welcome back to the channel,im julie and today i will be rounding,up the top sectionals of 2021 for you,while i have four sofas in my small,ranch style home when i was sick all i,was thinking about was you know i just,wanted a really deep loungy sectional to,curl up into and heal and recover i did,a ton of research i compiled this huge,list and whittled it down to my top,favorite sectionals some of these,sectionals ive sourced for my own,clients some has been high on my hit,list and my radar for some time now a,lot of these have really incredible,reviews from online and in-store,retailers and of course a bulk of it was,recommended from my own family and,friends if youve been looking for the,perfect sectional to suit your aesthetic,and needs this video is for you,[Music],you all know from this channel that i,have a huge affinity for sectionals i,love how the modular configurations can,work for any living room family room or,den i love how sectionals can be used to,help demarcate space and divide the room,into functional zones theyre especially,useful in open concept spaces you dont,lose precious real estate when every,corner of the room can be used for,seating you can host large parties,gather your family in one area theres,tons of videos that highlight my love,for sectionals,there are so many different,configurations for sectionals out there,from petite sectionals for smaller,studios and apartments l-shaped,sectionals sectionals with sheds lounges,u-shapes conversation pits even ones,with sleeper sofas built in so you can,host overnight guests on the fly but,before we get into my favorites lets,talk about fabrics the number one tip,for choosing an upholstery fabric is to,always consider your lifestyle and needs,do you have young kids and pets that you,need to account for look for easy to,clean low maintenance performance,fabrics that you can spot clean with a,wet cloth or even a lysol wipe which is,what i typically use for my sofas linen,is a natural breathable fabric great for,hotter and humid climates,polyester or poly blends is usually my,go-to choice since its more durable and,stain resistant than natural fabrics,poly blends can also include microfiber,or ultra suede,natural leather is great for pets that,shed since its so easy to wipe down but,some leathers show scratch marks so be,wary of that always get multiple samples,and bring them into your space for,lighting conditions to see how well they,mesh with your interior vibe touching,and feeling the fabric is so important,especially if youre purchasing online,lets dive right into my top sectionals,list of 2021 and this is in no,particular order starting with a crate,and barrel lounge sectional ive sourced,this sectional for my own clients ive,tested it out in store i mean its just,downright marvelous when the proportions,feel right you just know it this lounge,sectional features deep low seats super,soft fiber down blend back cushions that,you can just sink into it has slim,modern track arms you can specify it,with shez options bumper options with,the u-shaped configuration this is my,personal favorite a left or right arm,facing armless loveseat theres over 90,different fabric options and colors so,theres something for everyone,the west elm haven sectional i know so,many people who have this sectional and,for good reason its so comfortable you,can customize it with a full skirted,base wood legs,metal legs deep chest sectional ends a,terminal chest sectional double wide,chest l-shaped wedge theres so many,options,i especially love the haven loft 3p,sectional this sectional from west elm,features plush seats the tapered wood,legs give it a mid-century vibe but the,metal legs give it an industrial vibe,the skirted base can feel modern and,contemporary in any type of setting,its one of those shapes that really go,with any interior style,moving on to the joy bird elliott,sleeper sectional i love that it has a,mid-century modern vibe and a full,pull-out sofa tucked right in you cant,even tell that its a sofa bed by day,its a loungy sectional with a,comfortable chest feature and by night,you can host sleepovers,it comes in 18 different fabrics and,color options with velvets pet friendly,upholstery and safeguard treatments,next we have the cb2 piazza sectional,one of the key features of this,sectional is end piece you can specify,no backs so its great for open concept,layouts that need that functionality you,can hop in from one room and out the,other quite easily its long lean and,super deep and i love that its low to,the floor its great for young kids so,its easy for them to climb onto the,back cushions are a down blend the frame,is made of sustainable hardwood,the drawback is that it only comes in,two fabrics,the white polyester linen blend which is,my personal favorite,and the new espresso brown velvet,moving on to wayfair wayfarer is an,endless endless treasure trove of,sectionals but i have managed to whittle,it down to my ultimate favorite for,small spaces i love the wayfarer jasper,velvet sofa and chez its so chic and,has plenty of space for four the velvet,fabric is soft and comfortable the chest,is deep and loungy the seat cushion,covers are removable so theyre easy to,launder when soiled i love the dark and,moody colors it looks perfect against,lighter walls and it helps to anchor a,living space,it also features metal legs that make,small spaces appear lighter without a,full skirt,ill also be linking some great,substitutions from wayfair below if you,love this style and shape but deep,velvet jewel tones might not be your,thing,next we have anthropologys relaxed,saguaro sectional anthropology while,always beautifully designed is really a,hit or miss with the reviews youll find,some who absolutely love i mean five,star rave about these sectionals and,youll find those who have negative,things to say i always read the negative,reviews first so i know what users are,griping about sometimes the negativity,is warranted and relevant but sometimes,they just dont apply to you i love this,aguaro sectional for its relaxed and,casual look it has down filled cushions,sloped arms and the low back is great,for interiors especially ones with low,ceilings and a wood frame base,it comes in two different sizes five,different fabrics 19 different color,options and two different wood leg,colors,next we have the r house kipton,sectional if youre unfamiliar with our,house our house is an incredible brand,theyre founded in 1986 on,environmentally conscious beliefs our,house is committed to creating heirloom,quality pieces that can be passed down,for generations they create unique and,functional furniture from recycled,natural resources and theyre committed,to never using wood from rainforests,that are endangered which is of course,great for the environment,this kitten sectional is available in a,wide range of configurations i love the,plush padded cushions the contemporary,thin sleek arms the rounded tops and you,have over 102 designer upholstery fabric,options to choose from they offer two,seat depths the petite 40 inch deep,which is actually quite deep or super,duper loungy 44 inch deep,our house is fabulous and a little bit,on the higher end side but i have,clients who have sourced their sofas and,sectionals and constantly rave about the,quality and the comfort next we have six,pennies neva sectional this sectional,comes in a variety of modular,configurations you can have a shed,sectional l shape or u shape so you can,build it according to the size and shape,of your room i love the loose slip cover,design it feels very european french,country,the frame is kiln dried hardwood,the legs are made of solid rubber wood,and this sectional boasts the fluffiest,comfiest super soft cushions and,seatings the cushions are removable so,they can be laundered when soiled you,can specify feather down for ultimate,luxury or polyfill for those with,allergies,it comes in 25 different fabric options,i mean if you read th

TRUE REVIEW // BURROW Nomad Sectional Sofa // Minimalist furniture // Buying a online sofa

[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],hi guys my name is jessica horn welcome,to the channel so today we are going to,do a review,for the what is this called again,burl burl burrow,burrow can i say it normal is it borrow,borrow couch,i recently ordered this couch it is a,three seat couch and heres a picture of,it right here,thats what it looks like got the little,chase that goes with it and,we just got our packages in today,so here is,the boxes now one,thing about the couch so far is,we got two boxes first before we got the,rest of the boxes,so our couch has six boxes that it comes,in and yes theyre,very like light weight kind of boxes,so super easy to go up like an apartment,stairs or you know just stairs in,general,very easy so right now my husband hi,joshua over there,is unpacking and going ahead and,putting it together but this is the,color that i got this really nice gray,color,because i like gray so thats one,but all the packages,have labels which is great,but yeah so as i was saying i got,six boxes yeah two of them came in,before,the other,four math they have super easy,instructions so far with the boxes,um yeah,if you know how to read basically you,can probably set this up now it does say,that,um you need two people to set it up,you can set up with one person but its,easier with two people so heres,heres us two yeah um and,theres my dog thats luna anyway,so lets go ahead and set this up,so,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],uh,like this,[Music],here we are guys welcome so,the review on this couch so again this,is the the barrel couch,no idea if im saying that right,probably not but anyway,this has the chase on it right here,it is 85 long,something like that the gray color,obviously yeah and the,cushions right here can switch from this,to,this yeah and,so far first impression,about it boxes the boxes were cute they,were,i know its weird to say but it was,everything was labeled correctly,everything,was like very simple to put together as,i was saying earlier i think i was,saying earlier,i dont know but and the directions were,super easy to,read um it was easy to put together,but this is a true review and we did run,into,a problem okay so one of the problems,that we ran into,is one of the latches or the levers,whatever its called but i will put in a,little clip right here,this little lever right here thats,supposed to connect the couches together,it was not going all the way down,properly easily so we did have to get,out the good old hammer,and um hammered that in and then that,everything else was pretty simple to put,together,and the comfort of the couch is i would,have to say,pretty comfortable yeah its not like,sinking into your seat comfortable but,its like a firm,comforter bowl if that makes sense,over here reference,i am short i am a good,good tall five feet and,two inches tall super tall now,really tall um thats a joke guys,but the chase works out great,for me okay yeah its pretty good,the chase is working out great for me my,husband is 5,11 and this is how the chase works for,him,and he also likes the chase as well now,my dog luna right here she hopped,on it like she on this couch well she,didnt hop on it because she cant,really jump yet because shes still a,puppy,but she likes the couch,do you like the couch,oh there you go theres our answer so,um again reference this is me,very very short girl um,it works out for me uh lets move over,here,this is usually a spot that i sit at and,i like to put my legs up and this kind,of works now,now that im sitting up like this i kind,of wish it was a little deeper,like when i say deeper i mean the couch,should be just a little deeper,yeah which its fine,its found how this is gonna be but now,i see,again i wish the couch was just a little,bit deeper but other than that its fine,because i do have this chase that i can,like relax and lounge,with yeah now we do have the option,where we dont have to have the chase so,we can take the chase off,and have it as a regular couch yep,so you do have that option,we went with the square,square arms the arms are nice theyre,yeah pretty nice i do need some throw,pillows though with this couch and,pretty much with any couch youll need,some throw pillows just add a little,comfort,and for you to you know lay your head on,while you are sleeping you know,on your couch speaking of sleeping lets,lay down,on the couch,so but my head,there we go again i am,so tall and this way,let me stop playing okay again im a,short person,this works well i am able to take a good,comfortable nap,and as i lay on this more i really do,like it has a bounce to it it really,does,it really does now,i was noticing,i think they put a little extra cushion,up here on this chase then down here,i think thats very smart for the,company to do because,youre going to be laying up here you,know all your weights right here,while your legs are right here and so,this cushion is going to go down over,time,i didnt notice that it might be my eyes,playing tricks on me i dont know,but it does look like they have a little,more cushion up in here,than they do down here because hello,youre sitting way up here,cushion is gonna eventually give in,yeah now my husband was mentioning that,he wish,these pillows had velcro on it okay now,i kind of do two but they dont because,you have the option,to switch up the design like that you,know so if you have velcro on it of,course its not gonna,give you that option so right now,theyre sticking on pretty good but i do,have kids,and i will see these on the floor which,i i dont really care that much,but yeah i can see where hes coming,from,so again couch,pretty comfy um hows that bounce to it,yeah wish it was just a little,deeper had a little more you know there,so i can kind of prop my legs up,properly,and again i am short so if youre taller,than me,propping up your legs like this might,not be comfortable for you,to be honest shortys like me it works,wish a little bit deeper thats okay i,do like you know,you can just sit here and chill,but this right here guys this is it oh,man,this is probably where i am going to,stay its comfy its,nice uh yeah got that,backwards now there we go,yeah overall i give it a,i cant say five out of five because we,didnt run into that problem,with this right here not latching down,so,i do give it four out of five very nice,love the style everythings nice about,it the boxes were perfect the,um extraction super clear to read,the colors nice and this is supposed to,be,like stain proof pet proof from all that,tear resistant proof um what are you,doing,got this puppy right here we got a kitty,over there,and so hopefully its scratch resistant,as i said it should be,and i have two crazy toddlers that um,love to throw food and,all that good stuff get things stained,up which is its okay,so i would do another update for you,guys as this couch will be used,by again as i said we got two pets and,two toddlers,and yeah its gonna be used a lot so,guys there you have it theres your,review on the uber,couch with the chase cushion right here,in the color gray obviously thank you,guys for watching and until next time,bye

Is Article Furniture Actually Good? (Unboxing and Honest Review Ceni Sectional 2 Months Later)

good morning guys we are actually here,today to,introduce you to our new couch,we actually ordered this couch from,article.com this is the first time weve,ever,owned our own couch so i actually read,an article on the wire cutter which is a,great website and they mentioned,article as being kind of a,recommendation they met they mentioned a,specific kind of couch not this one but,after going through their website we,found this couch i believe its called,the cine,but its a sectional and we got an,ottoman as well so theyre like a,charcoal gray kind of color with some,brown in it which,we think will go kind of nice with our,color here we got agreeable gray paint,on the walls,and we have like a dark wood floor so it,should look really really nice so we,wanted to take you along our journey of,unboxing these and setting them up,so stay tuned if you want to see an,unboxing so one cool thing,about the delivery of this so article if,you dont know is basically a completely,online,furniture store you dont go and pick,these out you cant go sit on them they,do have a nice return policy i think,its like 30 days or something like that,all you have to do is pay for return,shipping and theyll come and pick it up,from you,the delivery person um obviously these,are pretty big boxes so they they just,bring them inside and they drop them off,because theyre obviously theyre trying,to do contactless right now with,everything going on,you can pay for them to set them up,if you want but honestly you just screw,in the legs is from what i understand so,i dont know if paying for that is,really worth it,all right okay so this,is the smaller side of the sectional i,believe yeah,cool so okay this is a this is the color,so its kind of like a like a gray with,some brown and some white in there,looks really nice in person and thats,max one of our cats and rio,oh and theres ryu how are you im just,gonna take these out to make it easier,im not sure which ones are the bottom,okay would you like to help,max would you like to help it looks like,its packaged pretty well,i mean obviously its hard to pull out,so thats good,maybe because its the sectional part,thats supposed to be like,i think thats not supposed to go mean,this goes here,its not too heavy it was on that side,no,no no no no no,[Music],this is what you get hey,sir thats what happens when you have,cats,okay so there are two metal,let me let me show you,so where are these pieces meet theres a,hook,and a slot there and just because of the,way that the legs kind of poke out,i cant get this one to hook inside of,it so im going to try unscrewing this a,little bit maybe its too tight,or im going to try to bend it a little,bit just so i can get into that slot,[Music],there it is got it yep okay so that one,is not clipped in,this ones still not you can see it,which one,that one yay,good job okay lets try putting the,couch cushions on,[Music],oh wait okay so this one,is there,this one belongs down there,this one,i will say im happy that i dont have,to build,like ikea,yay okay so i feel like this is gonna be,my favorite spot the corner yeah so,either like right here,its a good its a good fit you have,both like,back and side support lets see what it,looks like down here,its got a itll be nice too like its,got a firmness to it you know its not,um,its not ultra plush but i think thats,okay,yeah you no no no hes already trying to,get on the couch,no you dont youre not on this couch,not on this couch he had his own couch,for the longest time back there,that was his couch but not this time,bubble this time were gonna get him,another bed,all right well we have finished making,the article,sunny couch seems comfortable so far,i think were gonna reorganize the room,get the old couches out,and then once we set everything up well,show you guys what it looks like in the,end result,okay rio were saying this is the new,couch which youre not allowed on,but he has his bed but you have your own,bed,this is your bed this couch has to go,and thats exactly where he would lay we,have to take this couch out,its time to say goodbye so you got to,get up,come on,come here okay thank you,okay you come lay down its very comfy,and you have yourself right down with,your paw,oh okay thats very nice okay thank you,its been two months since weve gotten,this,article couch we got in the mail we,unpacked it,it was pretty easy to assemble as you,saw basically three boxes,weve been enjoying it heres what we,think of the couch,we like the couch the color is great,its kind of more of like a charcoal,theres some brown in it and so i think,thats actually really cool because it,it matches with more things the material,is comfortable the couch is a very,comfortable couch,too in two months we feel like its held,up one of the reviews that i saw a lot,online was people saying that the couch,cushions would like,slide out from under you over time and i,dont think either of us have really,experienced them,theyre pretty snug glad to find out,that that is not a thing that is,occurring for everybody maybe theyve,tweaked the design or something since,those reviews came out but i havent,noticed any issues with them the only,thing,that i would say is a negative that,weve noticed,is it is a cat magnet so we have a few,cats this is one of them,one of the perpetrators they,love scratching on the couch like its a,scratch post,no no no no no no no no no no,and i know that thats kind of like a,common thing for all cats but i feel,like,specifically this material feels like a,scratch post more to them than something,else,what weve had to do is weve had to,improvise,by actually covering the corners of the,couch with blankets,and the blankets kind of deter them from,scratching on it because it doesnt feel,scratchy like they would normally and,its not not the whole couch,when people come over we can definitely,take them off if anything keeps the,couch,a little bit less furry because the,blankets cover it and,i can just take those off and wash them,and thats kind of where they lay on,anyway and it protects the couch so you,know yeah,and the few areas that they did scratch,we basically just take some scissors and,cut off the extra little fabric that,sticks out from a size perspective its,probably a little bit,smaller than i thought it was based on,the pictures but it actually for our,space ends up working just fine we have,the same amount of seating as we had,with a three seater and a two-seater,couch so we havent lost any seating but,it actually takes up a smaller footprint,so,overall as you can see like in this,living room theres plenty of space to,walk around,on either side of the couch we have,plenty of walkway around the couch,which we actually had a lot less walkway,based on our other couches they were,much larger,this is better for us it actually fits,in our room better,so weve really enjoyed that aspect of,it weve both really enjoyed having this,ottoman here as well,gives you an extra place to put your,feet up on the couch its extra seating,so i think that thats been thats been,enjoyable too i would say after,two months of regularly using this couch,it gets a thumbs up i recommend it i,think the shipping was,fast quick and easy i think the price,was better than a lot of the price we,were getting for,local furniture stores its held up we,havent noticed any creaking or sagging,or,any issues with the fabric or,discoloration so overall,happy with our purchase so if you guys,are in the market,looking for a couch definitely go to,article.com theyve got a lot of great,options,more than just you know this color,theyve got leather options and theyve,got different sizes,and they have individual chairs and big,couches so far were happy if you like,this video give it a thumbs up,leave us a comment down below if youve,ever bought a piece of furniture from,article.com and what your experience was,and well see you guys on the next video,you

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