1. Bylt Basics Shirts | Worth It?
  2. I wore BYLT Basics and CUTS Clothing for 100 days! Here is my Review & Comparison
  3. Bylt Basics | Best Men’s Clothing?
  4. I’ve tried them all – BYLT VS Lululemon
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Bylt Basics Shirts | Worth It?

[Music],the basic t-shirt is a fundamental,clothing attire that everyone should,have in their closet and in todays,society there have never been more,options for you to choose from you can,find basic t-shirts starting at three,dollars from primark or 68 t-shirts from,lululemon with this large range of,pricing where do we draw the line for,what is justifiable for a simple basic t,i decided to try out a worthy contender,for the perfect basic tee with a good,mix of quality and cost today well be,going over the brand built basic and,decide if its actually worth it in this,video we are going to go over four,criteria that i deem worthy for a good,premium basic t-shirt first criteria is,the fit how does it fit on the body does,it look good is it too baggy too slim,perfect length true to size next one is,the comfort is the shirt comfy to wear,why would you pay a certain price for a,shirt if its not comfortable and if,youre not gonna enjoy wearing it third,point is going to be the quality of the,shirt depending on how much you pay for,a shirt you should be getting what you,pay for so hopefully the price to,quality ratio is good and we are getting,quality products and the final point is,the price is the cost justifiable for,what youre getting this guy with the,built basic was a deluxe blend right,youre looking good hey emily yeah what,do you think what do you think of the,shirt on your mans quality is great the,fit is great i think its gonna last a,long time so now i want to go into some,of the thoughts i had about these shirts,after wearing them for about a month,taking them out on video shoots going,out on travels going out to dinner,basically using them in any situation i,could think of and here are a few of my,thoughts and opinions on the shirt after,trying them out for so long as for my,sample size i bought four shirts from,them i bought two white t-shirts in the,luxe blend one of them a wide neck and,one of them a normal collar i also,bought a black shirt with a wide neck,and the luxe blend and then i also,bought one t-shirt in the built blend in,this very cool light gray color i wanted,at least one built blend just to compare,it to the lux blend to see which ones,better when you see that you have the,option of lux blend versus built blend,you would think lux is better because it,just sounds luxury and their highest,material and then the built blend was,probably like their original blend their,basic blend so i favored the lux blend,more because i just assumed it would be,higher quality so first criteria that we,are going to go into is the fit i am a,five foot six asian american male,weighing in about 143 pounds with a,athletic slim built and i bought a size,small in all the shirts because im,normally a small and with a small size,they have a pretty nice relaxed slim fit,its not the most slim but its not,those oversized boxy shirts the only,complaint with the sizing is that maybe,it runs like one percent too large and,thats just for my body size because i,think i have a different body size,compared to everybody else but obviously,everyones going to be different so its,going to be very tough to find that,perfect shirt but i do think these come,very close to being that perfect fit,sometimes i feel like the sleeves come,down a little too far past my bicep i,guess my only complaint like if i had,one and its really only one is just the,sleeves like i feel like it could be,like a lot tighter on the sleeves but,other than that thats really it its,slightly loose i guess they do run a,little long for me im also not as built,as this adonis right here,but i do love the drop cut style because,it gives it that teardrop look where for,when you do lift up your arms theres,more coverage there if that makes sense,like i mentioned before i love the fact,that they have the option of the wide,neck thats more of a personal,preference for me i know some people out,there like them others dont up to you,quick fit check with the built basic lux,blend wide neck,tee like i said im a fan of the ynx but,some people arent i got my buddy,barrington one of these shirts as well i,got him the medium normal neck luxe,blend black t-shirt now he normally runs,a small to medium even though hes a,taller guy with a very athletic built,but i figured the medium would be,perfect for him so we got him that and,i think he loves it all right buddy you,got the built basics luxe blend shirt,this is a drop cut right now give me a,little spin around,oh,looking crisp keep going keep going,all right what do you think this is your,first time buying a premium tee i like,it its breathable its really stretchy,in the past month ive been wearing this,to the gym and then i boarded about two,three times on a date with my girlfriend,it definitely feels a lot better than,like my typical black t-shirts um you,could definitely tear that there its a,lot better material its definitely more,taken care of like a premium quality,yeah like a premium quality when i wear,them i feel good i think the length is,perfect the size is good its not too,tight its not too baggy 4.5 out of 5.,my only complaint would be maybe a,little bit tighter on the lux blend onto,criteria number two is going to be the,comfort now when i first tried these on,right out of the packaging i will say,that the built blend was very comfy like,it was so soft so right away yeah this,is a lot softer lux blend was actually,odd and not comfortable the luxe one,feels more like polyester stiffer but,maybe more for like athletic this just,feels very soft it was weird it was,definitely different at first it felt,like a thicker material it still does,today but now ive actually gotten used,to it and i really like it it almost,felt like one of those athletic tees,with like spandex material because i,think theres five or 10 spandex in the,lux blend and it just felt stiff and,rigid but of course it wasnt washed yet,it was straight out of packaging and i,will say that after i put them through,the wash i like the luxe blend more i,think its the spandex that really gets,to me and makes it feel like a different,t-shirt the lux blend is also heavier it,feels like a thicker heavier quality,that just feels good it feels like a,higher quality t-shirt compared to your,classic h m or primark shirt theres an,obvious difference unfortunately i did,run my built blend t-shirt through the,dryer which i dont think i was supposed,to do because when it came out it got,roughed up now obviously this isnt the,shirts fault this is obviously my fault,after one wash you can also see all the,frame marks here a little disappointed,really bummed on that because i really,like the color on that shirt and i loved,how comfortable it was maybe there was,my dryer that really messed it up let,the record state that i still think the,built blend is comfier than the lux,blend and the material is still premium,i just think i prefer the lux blend more,let me know in the comments below on,which one you like more and why good,news is that the luxe blend also went,through the dryer and nothing bad,happened no shrinkage no nothing washer,dryer so far its been great no,shrinkage no shrinkage at all so for,comfort im to give these shirts a 4.3,out of 5. both lux and built blends were,comfortable but i think the built blend,would have been more comfortable if i,didnt mess it up in the dryer lux is,good since its a heavier material on,hotter days you might sweat more and,itll stick to you on a hot summer day,maybe not the best move but,youre not going to see any pit stains,overall theyre both very comfy shirts,now next point we are going to look at,is the quality for the price youre,paying they should be good right and i,will say yeah theyre pretty quality,t-shirts not gonna lie these are easily,the highest quality t-shirts that i have,ever owned or bought and yes i bought,them with my own money no sponsorships,here we broke the other selling point of,these shirts is the fact that they are,wrinkle free and i can a

I wore BYLT Basics and CUTS Clothing for 100 days! Here is my Review & Comparison

hey devore here welcome to my channel,life made easy,in todays video im gonna be answering,two questions for you built basics,or cuts clothing which one is best for,you,and overall are they really worth the,money,coming up so by now youre probably on,this video because youve been clicking,around youtube trying to answer those,questions just like i was,and you know whats crazy i still felt,as if,i still didnt get all my questions,answered so i had to go spend money to,figure that out on my own so this,review actually is coming after,me having worn the clothes for about,seven months now,ive spent over five hundred dollars,with cuts clothing so far and ive spent,over a thousand,with built basics and ive had these,clothes for at least,six months and as a matter of fact i,replaced my,whole wardrobe with both of these,clothing brands,so as just a quick disclaimer i feel im,more than qualified to not only give you,my own personal experience,but i feel that the information im,going to provide in this comparison,video or review video,however you see it im confident its,going to answer those questions for you,okay so lets get started the way i,really want to do this is i want to,break this up into,criterias all right theres actually,seven criterias that i have laid out for,you,and were gonna add them all up at the,end of the day and youre gonna see,through these criterias,which one is really for you and i think,thats the best way to approach this,im not gonna give you my opinion as far,as which clothing brand is best,for you i think the only way to answer,that question,is refer to the criteria im going to,lay out right now,that will probably answer your question,more than likely okay so,before i actually hop into the criteria,lets actually look at what i purchased,so you know exactly,when i purchase and how long ive had,these clothes and which ones i actually,purchased sometimes,that isnt really clear in a lot of,review videos so i just want to show,that to you guys,this is my cuts clothing account ive,ordered from them twice already as you,could see,i spent almost what is this 700 so far,my first order came july 5th and in that,order i had a couple of t-shirts here as,you can see the long sleeve,um and some hindlings here okay,so as you could see this now if youre,if youre still trying to figure out,okay um you know which,t-shirt did you buy because sometimes,theres two options right,let me just point that out to you um i,always just,got the the pyca pro like thats the one,that i ordered sometimes you have two,options for whatever reason,i always chose the pyca pro thats the,one that i order from cuts,thats for my t-shirts my long sleeves,and my henleys okay,so if we go back to my account here,youll also see in my other order which,was,october i ordered five of the black,long sleeve curved hems okay,and also ordered some masks all right so,lets go over to basics and you guys,could see built basics what i ordered,from them,and let me just click on this order here,and as you can see i ordered the drop,cut lux,so majority of my clothes are the luxe,material okay the lux so i got the lux,polo,luxe micro dot polo i got the weekender,pants,ive got the everyday pant and so that,is what ive ordered for built basics so,far,um ill also show you what i ordered on,september 22nd,and as you can see here i got the long,sleeve lux again drop cut lux,uh so i just wanted to show you guys,that i got the lux,okay theres multiple options sometimes,depending on when youre ordering from,built basics,theyll have the lux blend or the built,blend ive always ordered lux blend,thats just me,okay so my whole comparison and review,is based on the lux,which is their most premium from built,basics and from cuts,its that pyca pro okay so,finally lets hop into that criteria and,the rest of the video,okay so that first criteria is comfort,right if youre going to spend this,amount of money on clothes,do you probably want to know is it,comfortable is it really worth it right,well let me tell you right now built,basics and cuts clothing,both are the most comfortable clothing,youll probably ever,wear as far as my experience has been,ive worn a lot of clothes throughout my,day,and i can tell you right now this is by,far i go to sleep in these clothes,thats how comfortable,they are i can work out in these clothes,you know i can,relax with my girlfriend on the couch,and watch movies in these clothes i,dont feel uncomfortable they,really feel comfortable okay thats as,simple as this criteria is gonna be,they are very comfortable and its just,the material at the end of the,end of the day its premium um you could,tell when you slip it on,that this is some high quality stuff,here okay theres no question,i got a couple of t-shirts in front of,me here built basics does not feel,like cotton cuts clothing,feels more like cotton so its really,interesting how,built basics has majority cotton in,their material but it doesnt feel that,way,cuts clothing has more spandex but it,doesnt feel like that feels like more,cotton,uh it doesnt really matter at the end,of the day they both are,equally comfortable so that solves that,category so,in this category i can either score a,one two or three,one being terrible two is average three,being,excellent i give a three in both of,these categories three for cuts clothing,and a three for built basics when it,comes to,comfort okay so the second criteria is,durability,you probably want to know is this going,to last is this really going to last,right,and again if i take the same shirts i,was holding in my hand,this cuts clothing was the first,um shirt that i had bought which was on,july 5th,this video is being shot november 13th,so thats almost about,four to five months so far so i mean it,still looks brand new,like ive watched this so many times,like i even like my washing machine it,broke i had to go down to the local,laundromat and watch all my clothes in,there,and it still hasnt had an effect on,these clothes whatsoever,and as im looking at them today im,wearing the black cuts clothing right,now,but i flip-flop sometimes i wear a built,basics long sleeve and sometimes i wear,cuts clothing long sleeves,so you know take it for whatever its,worth both,cuts clothing and built basics when it,comes to durability theres no question,that these t-shirts are going to last,so the original stitching right when it,comes to durability it does fade off,all right let me correct that not,stitching but whatever they used as you,can see,so thats after five months but i was,wearing this polo like at least,twice a week and watching it every week,and so it still looks brand new just in,the inside it kind of doesnt anymore,but,uh i dont really think thats anything,to really hit home about it is what it,is on that so when it comes to,durability,cuts clothing gets a three built base,six,gets a three so this third criteria,is named cleanlessness all right you,probably want to know,are these things dirt magnets do they,attract a lot of lint,uh especially if youre wearing this for,business purposes or youre wearing this,on dates,or youre trying to make this your go-to,t-shirt,whether its from cuts clothing or its,from built basics im going to tell you,right now,the key difference is this cuts clothing,which is what im wearing right now and,im not too sure you could see it in the,camera,but i have a cat and when it comes to,cuts clothing material,its like a magnet for cat hair so if,you have a dog or a pet,and they shed its going to get on your,cuts clothing guaranteed,however if youre wearing built basics,it seems to just wipe right off so like,even if i got cat hair on my built,basics long sleeve,i could just wipe it off and itll,immediately come off but when it comes,to cuts clothing it seems to stay,on my shirt it seems to be a little,difficult to really get off so,thats something i definitely want to,say what the key difference is,in this category but also,theres another thing i want to point,out

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Bylt Basics | Best Men’s Clothing?

if you are watching this video right now,then you have most likely stumbled,across some built basic ads on either,YouTube or Instagram and are now,wondering what the hype is all about,this brand has somehow deemed themselves,the premium basic tea of the industry,and have actually expanded their,collection to much more pieces Ive,discovered build Basics on my search for,the ultimate premium tea and now Ive,seen my closet slowly turn into,all of their shirts I even have their,underwear,more on that later in this video I am,going to share with you my experience,with this brand the quality of the,clothing the customer support experience,feedback from friends and of course stay,till the end to see my final verdict on,built Basics okay so first thing is,first we are going to touch on clothing,quality things you need to know is that,it comes in two Blends or two types of,fabric the first one is the built blend,and the second one is the Luxe blend the,build blend is their classic material,its soft its comfy you wear to lounge,around you could do pretty much anything,with it whereas the Luxe blend is a more,luxurious heavier weight premium quality,feel and in my opinion this is the shirt,that you can do anything with my choice,is the Lux blend and most of my friends,would also agree,what are your thoughts do you approve I,do its soft it feels like,I was gonna say I dont,think the quality just feels like its,going to last a while but with that said,I have noticed on some of my teas that,the sizing label printed on the shirt,has already worn off after like the,first wash so take that as you will even,though the sizing label couldnt handle,the wash the shirts are still holding up,great no shrinkage no wrinkles now with,my built blend shirt after one wash the,shirt did start to fray but to be,Devils Advocate that might have been my,fault for my dryer or drying,instructions but after one wash it did,not turn out that well I also owned the,built everyday pant 2.0 which is like a,Chino pant that has a four-way stretch,super comfy that you can dress it down,dress it up you literally can wear this,to any occasion these built basic pants,are a direct competitor to say,Lululemons ABC pant which is like 100,bucks for a pair of pants which to me is,still kind of a lot to wrap around but,people do it for a hundred dollars for a,pair of pants I should not experience a,rip now I wasnt ripped down in the you,know what area it was actually one of,the Loops just ripped open one day for,me just pulling my pants up very lightly,with it mind you I dont use a belt and,Ive never put a belt through these,Loops so its very strange that one of,the loops just happened to rip after,slight tension of course I reached out,to customer service and I will touch on,that topic later in the video so stick,around for that but back to the pants,they feel amazing they are literally my,favorite pair of pants I wear them to,video shoots weddings going out,literally any occasion my only complaint,is that the sizing is a little hit or,miss the waist and the feel the,tightness is great but the length is the,issue for me love the fit very nice and,fitted my only complaint is that for,shorter people its a little long so you,have to roll these up unfortunately,I wish they were perfect but you cant,win them all if youre in the same boat,as me then youll be happy to know that,they did just release the jogger version,of this pant Ill put it right here and,basically I wish this pant was out when,I bought it because this would be,probably the perfect fit if you guys use,my link Down Below on your first order,of built youll save an extra 10 bucks,and Ill gain an extra 10 bucks which,will help me fund the purchase of maybe,these jogger pants next now regarding,customer support of course after I,noticed the belt loop rip off so easily,I contacted them and I didnt actually,hear anything back for maybe two to,three days and after finally hearing,back from them they said that since Ive,owned the pants for about four months at,this point its treated under normal,wear and tear so a rip is to be expected,and to me I think thats not right when,youre paying for this much money for a,pair of pants so after a lot of,persistency consistency and just back,and forth they eventually were kind,enough to send a replacement pair for,these pants I mean come on its a,hundred dollars for a pair of pants Im,Im gonna fight for it the new pair came,in about two weeks later and the pants,are exactly the same they feel great,iPad zero issues so far so with customer,support Ill take it you just have to,push a little harder if you want to get,what you want now the next thing we will,talk about are the different types of,styles that this brand has built up,no pun intended so while theyre known,for their basic tea theyve extended the,collection to pants shorts hoodies,jackets polos sweaters even underwear,First Impressions this is like the,softest material ever I mean just just,look at this hoodie like I just love the,high neck look and the quality is,amazing plus theres so many extra,details into a hoodie that you wouldnt,really think of remember that that last,time you saw me I was wearing a really,cool hoodie yeah,really no,well lucky for you I have the same one,this means,that its your lucky day,dude this is looking nice on you this,feels good yeah like what are your great,materials whats your first impressions,of the material,um really I put this hoodie on and I,feel cooler like its controlling my,body temperature Kelly what do you think,of your mans in this hoodie,um,material yeah ready lift up your pits,they got armpit holes,oh nice right wait wait theres more go,into your kangaroo pocket do you notice,anything,zippers zippers theres a pocket theres,an interior stash pocket for your Swede,the latest piece that I purchased was,this shelter jacket which is basically,just a rain jacket and its really nice,I am in love with the storm colorway now,since it is a rain jacket we should,probably test it to see how waterproof,it is currently one Wheeling through the,sidewalks of Brooklyn it is,light drizzle nothing crazy jacket is,repelling the rain pretty well its not,keeping me warm though I must stress,that its a little cold now maybe 60 50,degrees Fahrenheit Im also wearing,shorts,Not My Brightest move now when you get a,new piece of clothing deep down the one,thing you want the most besides knowing,that you look good in it is knowing that,someone else thinks you look good in it,looks good good color feel it feels nice,it almost feels its like a mixture of,like filling soft but also like quality,yes like not good now you cant feed you,the words now come on no excuse me,essentially like its soft in the way,that you want it to be as far as talk to,touch but also durable enough or thick,enough for me to feel warm in the belt,feels premium as hell but but hold up,what do you think of this one this is a,milk hoodie right here oh no,okay thats a five out of five right,yeah yeah,thats a nice city but Im gonna buy,some more build Basics man now the,question that youve all been wondering,is it worth it how much should you,really pay for a basic t-shirt their,everyday t-shirts start at about 32 and,thats actually in the average of your,cheap shirts like Primark and H M to,your higher end shirts like Lou Lemon,Rag and Bone and other name brands that,I dont even know the hoodies can start,at around 90 pants at around 110 and,jackets up to like 175 to me thats a,lot of money for a non-household name,brand but this is an Internet Brand,theres no brick and mortar store their,sales mainly come from strategic,targeted marketing and I can say its,working because my whole feed is filled,with their ads and while the prices do,seem a little high they always and I,mean always have some type of sale going,on literally at the time of this,recording Im pretty sure its their,Black Friday sale where everything is 30,off the website so if youre watching,this video ri

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I’ve tried them all – BYLT VS Lululemon

got this one ive got the built shorts,ive got the build tights but theyre,more like possibly joggers more shirts,and then look at this,those are all of my old build shirts,when i used to wear medium let me clean,this back up youre making a mess bro,[Music],if youre new here please subscribe i,have a whole bunch of things coming out,all across the board from massage chairs,to inversion tables because of my back,but you came here to see what the built,brand is all about and how it compares,to shirts like lululemon i first started,by trying out lululemon because,lululemon is kind of king in the,comfortable world and i have lululemon,shorts and pants that i always wear but,wanted to get some nice shirts so i went,out and bought their basic five-year tee,they say they say i will show you with,and without an undershirt i usually wear,an undershirt i want to show you if,these shirts are see-through or whatnot,but uh yeah here we go im 61 right now,im 185 which is a bummer it used to be,195 but anyway this is just to show you,the general build and how these shirts,will fill that this right here is the,lululemon basic five gear tee they call,it and uh its like 55 dollars this,thing is very thin which is kind of nice,because its really breathable and,comfortable it just doesnt feel like it,fits that great its a little,see-through as you can see it got black,shorts and just a white undershirt so,this is the lululemon without any,undershirt on its comfortable but,theres maybe two to three main,drawbacks to the shirt which is why i,kept looking one you get a gnarly bacon,neck let me see if i can show you oh,yeah one thats pointing because were,gonna lose the light or this right here,i havent really worn the shirt a whole,bunch because it started to just look,old pretty soon easy to stain i just,feel like it doesnt fit very well the,sleeves are a little long,i dont love it right out of the gates,lululemon for their shirts i dont like,them but for their pants theyre amazing,i actually think they could do better on,the shorts but i love their like pants,pants but now lets show you a direct,comparison to a built shirt both of them,are size large i have an undershirt,under this right now as you can tell,its a lot thicker,you can still kind of see it i think,youre gonna always have that on any,white shirt that youre wearing but this,is the best one that i found that,doesnt show through things the sleeves,are a lot shorter it just fits around,the chest a lot better overall i just,love the fit of these built shirts this,is without an undershirt super,breathable its awesome this is the lux,blend the luxe blend is like in my,opinion way better i know i have a,friend or two that prefer the the normal,cotton ones but i kind of like the feel,of these they dont wrinkle very easily,it just looks a little more athletic,this is large ill show you what a,medium looks like on me this is the,medium so i think the medium actually,looks really good the reason why i went,for the large ultimately is because it,gets a little tight under the armpits,and so throughout the day i find myself,kind of pulling it and just getting a,little more room ultimately i think the,large feels a lot more comfortable the,medium looks a lot more fitted but,obviously just depends on your body type,this is kind of a good test to see how,well it doesnt wrinkle this has been,wadded up in a bag for months on end and,obviously theres like some wrinkles on,it but overall if it was like a cotton,shirt this is the lux blend again itll,be a lot more wrinkly the long sleeves,ill still stick with getting a medium,for whatever reason it just feels like,it fits me a lot better and ill show,you what a medium looks like,this is the medium long sleeve i will be,wearing a lot of deluxe ones in this but,i do have a few of the cotton ones to,show you that overall very comfortable,and i think its fitted really well,so this is a lululemon long sleeve shirt,again its a large,a lot thinner,which has its pros because it is kind of,softer and lighter and whatever but,again it just kind of looks,a little baggy and now heres the built,shirt so again same color same size i,just feel like it fits a lot more,snug which is good and its still really,comfortable and breathable i have a,built hoodie here i honestly was on the,fence with it for a while because i,dont know if i love the high neck it,gets a little bit annoying but i think,the style is kind of cool again its got,great stretch and comfortability with it,i think the hoodies are pretty sweet,this is their workout tank top or i,guess swimming tank top this is a medium,i really like it again i dont have a,great build overall but i think it looks,pretty good so ive noticed the cotton,blends have a different fit from the lux,it just is a bit looser has a cotton,material so it looks different and,obviously this is the tie-dye one i,still really like it i think its kind,of a fun different type of shirt you,know because i have lots of solid colors,so its kind of fun to mix it up every,once in a while i have so many shirts,here im trying to figure out which one,oh this one youre gonna love let me,show you this one chicks just love this,shirt its actually not built brand but,take a look,okay i just saw it and i i like this,shirt i like fun so well move on,heres another like tie-dye one this is,a cotton blend again i love it i think,its just kind of cool and unique i have,a different color of this surprise and,this one people are always asking oh did,you uh get dunked in water whatever but,obviously thats not true overall i,havent found that these stain very,easily and if they ever do get stained,you can just put stain remover on them,and it comes out really nicely okay so,this is just a different style that,build offers,i think it looks pretty cool but now i,want to show you their athletic shirts,compared to the lemon athletic shirts,lets do that okay so this is the built,shirt the athletic blend i love it i,have a black one of these its in the,wash i have a couple other of these in,the wash i couldnt bring surprise,surprise real quick one of the biggest,questions anyone ever has with getting a,shirt does it shrink i say they barely,barely shrink so if youre on the edge,of a medium but you could wear a large i,would honestly probably get the large,and then let it shrink a little bit,overall they hardly shrink so if youre,like i feel great in medium get the,medium youll be just fine this is the,athletic shirt its got an awesome thin,thin material and its really breathable,and again it has that same built fit,which i really like okay now here is the,lululemon again its just a little bit,of a different fit overall i still like,it though ill wear these ones no,problem if i have my choice which i do i,always go for my built shirts if they,are clean but then ill go to lululemon,if theyre not now lets talk about,lululemon athletic shorts versus built,athletic shorts alright so these are the,lululemon athletic shorts these have the,built-in underwear so do the built ones,i love getting the built-in underwear i,know everyones different on that but,its just one last step getting to the,gym i know its complicated to put on,your underwear i love these shorts i,havent had any issues with them theyre,super comfortable very stretchy but now,ill show you what the built ones look,like with the built shirt ill tell you,what changing with a herniated disc does,not feel good here are the built shorts,i personally really dig the style of the,built shorts its got the built-in,underwear again pockets are nice if i,again have my choice ill wear these if,theyre dirty then ill obviously throw,them little lemon ones but with this,theres only one thing i would say that,i dont love and right here the material,that goes around your waist is just a,little bit rough the lululemon ones the,soft fabric comes over it this just is,stretchy band right on your waist again,its not really an issue but if i had to,pick between t

BYLT Basics Review & Rating – Drop Cuts, Tanks & Henley

whats up guys today im back with,another review and in todays video,well be going over,a bunch of different t-shirts from built,basics so if youre new to my channel,this is where i do honest clothing,reviews,i always try on all my clothes and then,at the end of the video ill give it a,score out of 10,based on three criteria and those are,number one fit worth four points number,two,is comfort worth three points and number,three is style which is how good it,looks,for an additional three points so a,total of 10,and you need to stay tuned to the end of,the video which is where i give the,score,so with that being said lets go ahead,and get started with review,all right so lets get started with the,first thing that you see when you,actually get the package,which is how the t-shirt comes wrapped,and its in this awesome package that,theyve obviously spent a good amount of,money on,super high quality love the way this,looks it just gets you excited for,whats inside when you get something,thats such high quality,packaging so,here we got our first white tee and i,saved this for the video,just so that i could open it up i opened,everything else up this is the only one,i could wait for,so this is actually my second bylt or,built,purchase the first one i ordered,probably a couple months ago,and i did like it a lot so i ordered a,second,purchase and ill show you everything i,got so far so the one im wearing right,now is the luxe,sand colorway and it is a drop cut,every shirt i have is a drop cut from,built so,and i did get the other built blend as,well so im gonna,break down what the differences are and,which one i like better just,a little bit later on in the video so,ive worn this shirt a couple,times already and this is another one,that ive had for a couple months and,ive worn it,quite a bit and the uh,logos are coming off not a huge deal but,you know with their like premium quality,i would expect it to,last a little bit longer but no one sees,that so i really dont actually care,but i figured i would show it so this,one right here is another,luxe blend i think this color is called,stone and i,love this color,again its a drop cut,if i could try and explain the material,of the luxe blend,it would be kind of like maybe like an,under armour,but a little like thicker and stretchier,um it feels really high quality but it,lays on your skin,kind of like like that cool feeling that,you would get from like an under armour,shirt,you know what i mean its not super,duper soft,cotton its like its really smooth,but its like cool to the touch a little,bit if that makes sense,alright so heres another lux and if you,look close this is one of their micro,dots,so this is like charcoal and sea breeze,i believe,i really like this one this is one of,the new ones i just got see,still got the tag,its really cool like the material i,wasnt sure how the dots were gonna be,on there i wasnt sure if it was like,id feel them or if it was like sewn in,there,and what it looks like to me is,they put it through like a like a,t-shirt,what i dont even know what that things,called its like you put the t-shirt,down and then the ink comes over and,they like rub the ink through,it um but thats kind of what it seems,like to me,its called screen printing i just,thought of it so they also have like,bigger like polka dot ones and i wasnt,really a fan of that one i like this,because like,at a distance it kind of just looks like,one color but then when you get up close,thats when you can see the dots,so you know i dont really want to show,off the polka dots i just like,the way that it looked like from like a,distance all right so finishing up with,two more luxe blend shirts,so this one is another micro dot,tank,pretty cool,all drop cut again,everything is a size medium im six feet,tall 165 pounds,okay so heres the last luxe blend shirt,and its another micro dot tank,its fit perfectly,all right so this is our first built,blend t-shirt,and right off the bat i can tell that it,feels way different it feels more,like a traditional shirt more like,cotton,feeling and i did notice that this one,fits like a little bit bigger,its just like theres a little more,room,in the arm holes it feels a little bit,bigger,this one is definitely like softer on,your skin i would say,but that doesnt mean that i like it,better im not sure which one i like,better,i feel like probably the lux because it,fits a little bit tighter,but as far as like feeling the softness,on your skin if thats what you like,this one is softer okay this right here,is the built blend,henley in dusk,got a visitor,hey hi hi elena i really like the color,on this one,it reminded me of like cuts clothing i,think they have a color thats similar,to this one i just really like it,so this is the built blend in navy,so as ive like gotten older i feel like,i just love,navy now its just like a clean classic,color,always looks good and last but not least,for the built blend t-shirts,we have our black pocket tee,and i got one more surprise so close,your eyes,and three two one boom,so i got this for free because i spent,over a hundred dollars,and i actually really like it so,this is their mask its reversible i got,the,olive and black,and you know everyone doesnt really,like wearing these but you gotta do it,and the one i had was just so,uncomfortable so i was actually excited,to get this for free,and its like better than i thought it,would be the material,it doesnt really feel like either of,the materials on the shirts its like,even better so i dont know if its like,that performance,their new performance um fabric that,they have,but if it is i might have to get some of,that stuff,but yeah its like really stretchy,comfortable on my ears the other one,that i had,was like super uncomfortable on my ears,after i wore it for like,you know more than five minutes so,happy i got that so i want to talk about,my favorite and,least favorite things about both blends,the luxe and the built blend,so ill start off with the lux and,my favorite things about the lux are,that its really stretchy um its like,cool to the touch but at the same time,thats,kind of like a dislike too because its,not as comfortable,as some other shirts that ive worn um,another plus is that its like extremely,high quality,like its it feels,so premium like i dont mind paying,30 bucks for 28 whatever it was for this,because it just feels so high quality,its like,its like a little thicker you know ive,done a cuts clothing review,and you pay over 50 for a t-shirt and,its just really thin like i like their,colors and its comfortable,it feels pretty high quality but this,feels really high quality,another thing about the lux is that it,does fit a little bit tighter,so i like that better if i could change,one thing about the way that built makes,their t-shirts i would make them a,little bit tighter around the arms,like because they are just a little bit,loose and these are mediums and im 165,like,my favorite shirts i fill up the arms on,them and you know,i feel like a bunch of people are going,to say get your weight up but its not,that easy for me so,id rather just fill up the medium so,one of the things that i dont like,about the lux,um as ive worn them i realized that,they kind of get like these,little stains and its my fault,obviously i spilled something or,whatever it was but,it its hard to get out and i dont know,if you guys can see,you see that its like right here,but um yeah like its its not coming,out and i think it happened to my other,luxury as well,but yeah thats kind of upsetting but,you know again its,i guess its my fault so this is what it,is,okay so my likes with the built blend,t-shirt,is that its definitely a lot softer,so softer on your skin its not as,stretchy,so i guess thats kind of a dislike like,when you put it over your head,you notice how not stretchy it is,because the collar here,it doesnt it like doesnt stretch out,that much like you know what im saying,um it does fit a little bit,bigger so thats

BYLT Basics – Mega Haul Unboxing and Updated Review!

guys i was wrong about build basics if,you had watched my video from several,months back i reviewed cuts versus built,basics at the time the cuts clothing it,fit better and felt better on my body,but that was quite some time ago since,then,lockdowns pandemic stuff working at home,ive put on some weight not all in the,good places i might add but just in,general ive been working out in my home,gym furnishing it further getting some,new stuff down there overall ive gained,about 15 pounds over my weight when i,last reviewed cuts and built the guys at,built saw my video and sent me a massive,haul to try on and review,and honestly,it fits way better this is a built shirt,right here this is one of the ones i,wore in the video i think and even this,fill feels so much better on me already,so guys this is my,new updated late 2021 review of built,basics so you guys can see all the,different styles and how they all fit,and what they look like so lets jump,into it,[Music],this is a massive haul that the guys,built sent me so lets just quickly go,through open it all up theres a little,bit of everything in here from t-shirts,to shorts to jogging pants even a hat,some boxers im not going to try those,on,on video for you guys but theres a,little bit of everything in here,as i said in my last video when i,compared cuts and built i did mention,that built really does a whole whack of,stuff they make all sorts of clothes and,apparel and accessories they even do,shoes so if youre looking for something,a little bit outside of the realm of,what cuts does you can definitely go,check out built they probably have,something that will suit your style and,taste that will fit really nicely and is,of a very premium quality material,so again im not going to try on these,built boxes that they sent me but i can,tell you for a fact theyre extremely,comfortable the first thing i am going,to try on though is the drop cut luxe,hooded henley ive got it in this sort,of maroon red color i think its a,really nice color something a little bit,different and perfect for fall weather,very very comfortable very stretchy,couple of buttons at the top nice,drawstrings a decent sized hoodie and,although it is a little bit light its,perfect for again for fall weather it,will keep you warm its nice to wear on,a walk or just when youre hanging,around the house very comfortable indeed,and it pairs very well with jeans shorts,joggers whatever youre feeling like,wearing very versatile i love this piece,ive been wearing it non-stop next up,lets try on all five of the awesome,t-shirts that built sent me over just so,everybody is aware right off the top,everything that im trying on today is a,size medium theyve sent me some great,colors including limestone day glow,white black and bone,some very versatile colors so you can,mix and match and pair this particular,type of shirt with a whole bunch of,different outfits theyre all super,comfortable very stretchy breathable and,they wear very comfortably and very,light these luxe blend shirts are 70,cotton with a 25 polyester and 5 spandex,material makeup to again allow for that,stretchiness allow you to sort of,breathe and fit into it as the day goes,on theyre super comfortable ive washed,them several times to date and they have,not shrunk at all nor have they gotten,bally or pilly im going to give these a,very high durability rating at 29 us,dollars each are about 36 37 canadian i,dont think you can go wrong with,picking up some of these for your,wardrobe next up we have the mens elite,plus joggers they are in black here and,these are extremely comfortable these,are replacing my old nike joggers that i,wear all the time when i go out and im,walking the dog or going on a hike these,are super versatile two nice pockets in,the front i wish they were a little bit,higher set theyre a little bit hard to,reach sometimes and a little awkward to,put stuff into but they are a decent,size and theres two nice drawstrings in,the front with of course a very strong,elastic waistband theyve got great,stretch and theyre not super heavy so,youre not going to sweat in them if you,go for a long run or a hike,next up lets try on the two pairs of,shorts that i was sent these first ones,are the mens elite plus joggers in,green this is a really unique color,definitely stands out when youre,wearing them and i love the embossed,built logo on the side of them that is a,super cool touch and the pockets are,really nice and deep these are super,comfortable and next we have the kinetic,shorts in storm gray and these are,probably the most versatile pair of,shorts that i think built cells these,can be worn and youre going out having,a nice casual day but they also pair,really well with polos and are perfect,for the golf course i wore them out,golfing several times this summer and i,cant wait to do it again next year too,these are just so sharp and so versatile,i think these might be my favorite piece,that i got in this giant haul guys,thanks again for watching this massive,unboxing and review from built basics,thanks again to bill for hooking me up,with all this stuff this stuff is super,comfortable super flexible super,versatile wear it up dress it down,whatever you want to do highly recommend,you go and check out built basics cop,yourself some cool stuff thanks for,watching guys and see you in the next,one,[Music],you

The shocking differences between the BYLT Blend vs LUX Blend by BYLT Basics

hey welcome back to my channel life made,easy with devori and in this video im,going to share with you the shocking,differences between built basics lux,blend and their built blend lets get,started,now its no secret if youve already,purchased some drop cuts from build,basics youve had the option to choose,between the built blend and the lux,blend,but which one should you go with what,are the key differences this is what im,going to discuss in this video today,because i believe it makes a huge,difference especially if you,really care about the details of the,clothes that youre wearing so in this,video im going to touch on seven,different things that ive noticed that,will explain the true difference between,those two blends and which one i highly,recommend that you choose based on your,style or your needs now i have both of,the blends right here in front of me so,the first one here is the built blend,and this is a drop cut short sleeve all,black,and ive already worn it,the past week ive washed it quite a few,times,and then i also have the luxe blend,and this is their overlay,short sleeve,and youre not going to be able to,really tell the difference just by me,you know,putting it up to the camera but im,going to go over the key differences and,youll be able to see it from there and,im also wearing,a luxe blend that ive had since july of,2020 and this has been my go-to long,sleeve all black shirt and one of the,things that ive noticed about always,wearing this long sleeve is its always,been a go-to for me ive,sometimes i feel like i dont want to,wear that i dont want to wear it but,then i end up wearing it anyway,so i have a lot of great things to say,but lets just get into,what you need to start noticing about,the difference of the blends so lets,first cover the fabric okay the built,blend its made up of 67 polyester 28,percent cotton and 5,spandex now listen,who even knows what that looks like and,what that feels unfortunately you have,to buy the product in order to know how,it really looks the crazy thing about,this is that even though it says 67,polyester,it doesnt feel that way,and then we have the luxe blend which is,made up of 70 cotton 25 polyester and 5,spandex so let me just give you guys the,bottom line as it pertains to the fabric,here is the difference even though the,built blend is made up of 67 polyester,it feels like its 100 cotton i know,thats crazy right and then the lux,blend which is made up of 70 cotton,feels like 70 polyester thats something,you should definitely know before,choosing your next drop cut because the,blends do make a difference the fabric,absolutely makes a difference so lets,talk about the fit what is the,difference between the built,and the,lux well the build is casual very loose,very relaxed its not fitted whatsoever,and its not athletic either the lux,blend on the other hand is more athletic,a little bit more fitted also feels,better in my opinion part of the reason,why the fit is that way is because of,the different fabrics moving on to the,third point which is how does it feel,well,the built blend again is feels more like,cotton,more like the shirt that youre going to,end up throwing in the trash sooner or,later and the luxe blend feels like,something that youre going to have for,a very long time,meaning that it feels soft it feels,great it feels like a shirt that you can,wear not only in your home but outside,your home in the office on that dinner,date wherever it is or whatever it is,that youre going to do,that would be where the luxe blend,really shines so the fourth point is,durability which one do i really believe,is going to last longer and be able to,put up with you know the normal wear of,tear of wearing something every day well,definitely deluxe blend because,it just performs better it looks better,it feels better it fits better and it,doesnt have that cotton fill,where if you wash it 100 times it starts,to fade and thats my perception and,experience of the built blend it just,feels after watching it and i just got,this shirt last week which is it,its crazy um and it already feels like,if i keep washing it its going to fade,or its gonna uh you know how you have a,cotton shirt and then it starts to have,a lot of lint uh thats what i dont,like about the built blend so the fifth,point is how clean do these shirts,really look well the built blend if i,could just show you guys here,its got more lint on it and i didnt,even do anything i just took it out of,the dryer and ive got nothing but lint,on it already,i mean,if youre gonna pay,right 30 40 bucks for a shirt,this is the last thing that you would,want and this is why im making this,video because i think people need to,know,that the built blend,is the cotton that,attracts lint,and the luxe blend on the other hand,is the type of material that you can,just,wipe off any lent and it wont come back,i mean it literally just falls off the,shirt,and again ive had this long sleeve uh,since july of 2020 and thats why i keep,going back to it because,for whatever reason the lint just falls,off and listen i have cats in my house,so you know i think im one to know what,it means to have lint on your shirt a,lot or pieces of hair on your shirt a,lot because we have cats and their hairs,fall off my lux blend but they stay on,the built blend and that is really,annoying so the sixth point is,what should you use these shirts for,lets say youre a person thats like,well i still want to get the built blend,you know i think thats best for me well,again i believe in my experience that,the built blend would be best served for,you to stay at home you know maybe you,want to lounge around you know or maybe,youre going to go outside and do some,yard work or something like that i think,that shirt is perfect,but the lux blend is for if youre going,to leave the home and youre going to,have a meeting a date or youre going to,be doing your thing around the town,whatever it is the lux blend would be,best for that because again it keeps its,shape it doesnt really wrinkle,it looks always clean it always looks,brand new the built blend does not look,brand new after you wash it and the,seventh and final point,the overall value which shirt do i feel,is more valuable for what youre gonna,spend,absolutely deluxe blend again this its,a no-brainer okay,you want to spend your money on,something that is going to last for a,very long time,and i would argue that the lux blend,lasts longer than the build blend why,because even though the built blend,might still kind of look brand new since,i got it its its all,lint its got nothing but lint on it,um i noticed that it doesnt keep its,shape,i dont like the way that it looks so,whats naturally to happen im going to,get rid of it versus deluxe blend im,still wearing it since july of 2020.,so,in my opinion the value for the lex,blend supersedes the value for the build,plan so overall heres the bottom line,if youre a person that youre trying to,figure out should i go with the built,blend or the lux blend you should go,with the lux blend theres no question,about it i think youre wasting your,money with the built blend because again,doesnt keep its shape it attracts lint,all day it looks like its not going to,last for a very long time it may in some,peoples opinion in some of the reviews,ive seen feels a little bit more,comfortable and cotton than the luxe,blend but again do you want to walk,around with a shirt that continues to,attract dirt to it all the time and,doesnt look like its going to last for,a long time and doesnt look brand new,or would you rather walk around with a,shirt that,absolutely still looks brand new and,its almost been two years im sure,youd go with that shirt so lux blend is,definitely the way to go let me kick it,back over to you huh,what questions did i not answer in this,video and if you own both of these,fabrics why dont you comment down below,and let other people know what your,experience is,thank you so much for checking out this,video

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