1. worth the hype? GYPSY WATER BYREDO + alternative fragrances
  2. Byredo Gypsy Water Review | Full Bottle Worthy?
  3. Byredo Gypsy Water (Unboxing and First Impression!)
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worth the hype? GYPSY WATER BYREDO + alternative fragrances

lets talk about,gypsy water,probably by redos most popular,fragrance and ive gone through half of,the bottle of this and ive got some,things to say so if you want to know if,gypsy water is worth buying,stay tuned and subscribe for more,fragrance videos which we talk about,here on the channel a lot okay,gypsy water,amazing fragrance let me just say it but,ive got some things to say about it um,ive bought it,probably about two years ago now ive,gone through more than a half of this,hundred mil bottle,and,i love the design of the,whole bottle i think that is one huge,pro it looks amazing it look,looks minimalistic,ive got um ive got i love the magnetic,cup,so so cool i love the simplicity of it,the scent itself,ive got here feels really refreshing,it opens with,lovely citruses you can straight off the,bat smell some woods in there,you can get some incense in there and,loads of pine needles to me when i think,about this fragrance,it really smells like forest but not a,forest in the wintertime but like in the,summertime when everything is dry and,theres just this amazing like herbal,crispness to the woods it really smells,like a very light,woodsy scent like a walk through a,forest in a summertime to me,its perfectly unisex i think both women,and men can wear it because its just a,scent,that truly just smells like the nature,like you just you cant say this leans,feminine or masculine this is a straight,bang in the middle of sort of a,fragrance that,everybody can really really enjoy and,im not surprised its such a big seller,because especially the opening and we,all know sometimes weve made probably,mistakes buying fragrances based of an,opening of a fragrance that we smell in,the shop this one,really like the magic is in the opening,it smells so refreshing its hard sweet,just woodsy pine needles juniper it,smells,just,amazing,and like a little,fairy it literally smells like a,very light goddess,of a fragrance the price,is huge and many people say for this,price they would want a fragrance to,last long and let me tell you,it wont last a long time at all it will,last probably an hour two hours,depending on the weather maybe three,hours tops and this fragrance it does,project for the first,you know half an hour if you spray,really a lot and i found that i really,have to spray like 10 sprays of veg to,really be smelt but not like im not,talking about a huge sun cloud but smelt,i need quite a few sprays of this thats,why ive gone through so much of this,and ive got a couple of hundred,fragrances my collection so that is why,this fragrance is down to here because,when i wear it i need to apply it i,think most of us want to be somewhat,small they want to either like you want,to smell yourself smelling good or you,want some other person that is standing,next to you to know oh this is a nice,fragrance because lets be honest when,we spend,more than a hundred pounds on a,fragrance we want to be complimented on,our fragrance even though some of you,might not really say it,i mean come on guys you want a,compliment for your fragrance so,long lasting,projecting not so much so dont be,disappointed there this is not a,fragrance to be predicting what i can,say is that this fragrance really,changes when you wear it,during,cold weather cold weather climate it,really is different than when you wear,it in the summertime in the summertime,it really comes off my skin a bit more,its more citrusy it just smells so,fresh whereas in the wintertime,this fragrance is much more vanilla,based to me it really is different so i,find that that is amazing if you want a,fragrance that will smell like kind of a,different fragrance a little bit um when,you move throughout the seasons of the,year so that is a definite plus for this,fragrance it also smells nice it smells,different but because its so popular,theres loads of tubes of it so,you know some people might smell this,but not smell exactly of gypsy water,that is a minus um because especially in,big cities like london new york you know,theres probably quite a few people that,smelled this and have got it so you,might smell basic but if you,live in a little village then youll,definitely be,very very different smelling to me this,is a scent,that i would wear to,work i wear this at home a lot because i,just feel good this is a feel-good,fragrance if you want to have this,delicate scent cloud around you and,non-invasive non-intrusive but you just,smell,very natural kind of like you all,just bathed in the most amazing um bath,and then applied loads of luxurious body,products on your body this is what it,smells like it kind of smells like,youre just very clean and you use loads,of luxe puff products this is what it,smells like to me,amazing fragrance,but,in terms of longevity very very,disappointing id say if you love this,fragrance enough if you want to make it,your signature scent really get a huge,bottle and just apply the heck out of it,and youll be great smelling but for me,personally i would say theres other,fragrances that i might suggest to you,you might also enjoy and that might be a,bit cheaper,but,you get the same just goddess,just natural smelling of a fragrance so,one of those fragrances that i would,recommend,is,commodities,gold and gold and theyve got,so for each fragrance in commodity,youve got different spheres of,projection but in the gold stand i would,say go for the white ones or the closest,projection one because um those three,scents that theyve got of gold they,smell quite different but if you want,something that smells definitely like,this or similar to this go for the,white version it smells beautiful good,right here,and it smells very natural kind of milky,little bit,like your skin but better it gives you,that same just transparent,beautiful woodiness with a bit of,milkiness with a bit of citrus so that,is a very very pleasant scent,if you want to,discover something a bit more also,another niche fragrance that have uh has,got that really amazing,pine needle juniper sort of feel is pin,pen halligans,juniper,amazing fragrance really check it out it,also gives you that airy feeling and if,you love that pine needle juniper combo,then that one replicates it a little bit,and,if you want that in your fragrance which,i think this is the best part of gypsy,water then go and check out that one i,would recommend it wholeheartedly if,youre looking for something if you,maybe have worn gypsy water for a while,and you dont want to smell like that,anymore because you find that a lot of,people smell like that go for that one i,hope you enjoyed my recommendations let,me know what you think about gypsy water,to me its a beautiful scent but i dont,know if i will purchase it i dont know,i enjoy wearing it but the long,lasting power and the popularity of it,not so great so let me know,what you think about gypsy water again,down in the comments check out the other,fragrances i suggested to you ill link,them down for you as well and follow me,on insta at monica underscore where i,post a bit more about fragrances ill,see you guys again very soon bye,[Music]

Byredo Gypsy Water Review | Full Bottle Worthy?

hey guys its marileen delicious,delights welcome to my channel,todays review is from the house of,byrado,this one is called gypsy water so not,too long ago,i reviewed balda freak that one was,quite a surprise to me i actually really,enjoyed it,and it kind of inspired me to pay more,attention to this house,a lot of you guys in the comments,suggested that i give gypsy water,a try and i also know its quite popular,in the community but its just not,something that i,you know was inclined to,ever pay attention to but anyways i have,been wearing gypsy water,for the past week or week and a half and,you guys are totally right,this is an absolutely gorgeous scent,i think i even like this one a little,bit more than the balder freak,yeah im even considering getting a,bottle of this because it,just its beautiful and it smells like,something that i could wear every day,it is a signature scent worthy kind of,perfume and,i love it so notes in,gypsy water top notes are juniper lemon,bergamot and pepper middle notes are,pine needles incense and oris roots and,then the base notes are sandalwood,vanilla and amber,i have the dry down here and then ill,just spray,a strip for the top notes here,i mean its its just gorgeous,okay so what does this smell like in the,opening i get,a creamy creamy lemon,almost dessert gourmand kind of scent,this lemon is mixed in with some,sandalwood which is also quite creamy to,my nose,and theres also a sweetness to to this,from vanilla so,yeah in the beginning its very gourmand,very,warm very smooth and,theres also a touch of spice in the top,here almost like a peppery spice,and yeah i was like wowed with this,opening its just a gorgeous gourmand,creamy lemon,and very smooth and almost like a silky,texture,and yeah as this fragrance dries it gets,even more interesting,theres this beautiful incense note in,here that i definitely,pick up after about five minutes on my,skin,it slowly turns into like a piney,smoky incense,and it starts to get even warmer on me,but at the same time its still fresh,because of this,lemon citrus bergamot note,that keeps it uplifting and not too,heavy but then on the other hand,there is this like darker,soft green,earthy incense smoke that,uh yeah its a very nice contrast,and um smells amazing on me,i im just telling you guys i really,was surprised by this on my skin here it,smells so so good,even better than it does on my clothing,because of how this fragrance,develops because you know after,some hours on my skin im left with,a woodsy vanilla incense,it is quite a faint scent i will say,its,just its a skin scent and for some,people that,might be a deal breaker because its not,something that projects very loudly,or you know maybe you have to be pretty,close,to to smell it,but if youre looking for something that,you can wear every day,that isnt very loud that is very unique,inoffensive something for the office,perhaps,um then this one you should give a try,because for me,its something that i can wear for all,occasions,its just an easy going beautiful,unique niche perfume that,um i as i said,i absolutely love this one so yeah this,is,amazing thank you guys so much for,suggesting this,and yeah i would love to hear your,opinion on gypsy water,by byrado so there are other ones from,this house that im definitely going to,explore but yeah this one is definitely,a winner two thumbs up i i think this is,my favorite of the house so far,its just wonderful so that was my quick,review of gypsy water from,byredo thank you guys so much for tuning,in and ill see you guys soon in the,next video,take care bye

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Byredo Gypsy Water (Unboxing and First Impression!)

so today were gonna be doing an,unboxing and first impression of the,mysterious by rados gypsy water so,stay tuned and hear my thoughts on this,one,[Music],hey whats going on guys hunter here and,welcome back to my channel if youre a,nintendo subscriber and if you are new,what i do is i make fragrance related,content so if you love fragrances please,just have a subscribe button down below,and um yeah thats correct well be,doing an unboxing and first impression,of gypsy water buy by radio now im very,excited to actually unbox this one,because this is my first from the house,guys ive never smelled anything by,byreto which is weird to say but yeah,first fragrance from them and i decided,no better fragrance than go with gypsy,water from them which i believe is one,of their top sellers if not their most,popular from the house so yeah very very,excited for this one im not really,dont know what im gonna be expecting,when im unboxing this one but well see,how i like it but lets go ahead and,look over the packaging which i think,looks incredible as you can see it comes,in this nice white box i think it has an,embossed,print all over it i dont know if thats,like their logo,buy radio gypsy water this is an ode pop,foam and i actually got this in the 50,ml bottle they also have a 100 ml as,well now i actually got this for um i i,dont really remember the price maybe,around 130 bucks or so but i got it on a,black friday deal so i couldnt pass it,up got a great deal for it i think it,retails for around 200 for a 50 mil,so i got some money off but on top you,do have their bean logo right there the,buy radio right there as well which i,think the font looks absolutely,incredible of course made in france,and then on the bottom you do have your,batch code and barcode to authenticate,your product to see when it was produced,so,lets go ahead and open up the,cellophane,looks like a very interesting packaging,like a vibrato sticker or seal on both,sides make sure nobody got inside this,first before me,which is always nice to know just for,security,all right so it actually comes in a,sleeve lets see,so it pulls out like that which is nice,all right oh yeah this is like a very,like straight weary kind of niche,fragrance house which i love like look,at that,by radio right there in a circle looks,great and then you have the seal on both,sides so,lets see i think okay,not sure it kind of has like a like a,supposed to cut it or something down the,middle i dont have a knife there we go,so never mind you dont need a knife you,could just kind of,separate it,but be careful i dont want this thing,to fling out and hit the wall or,something now just noticed as well it,says by radio embossed on the front guys,very nice attention to detail wow it,sits so,so nice,all right so lets put that to the side,and it all white is very very,minimalistic,so lets take a look at the card first,so i think its just going to be like a,buy radio like thank you card or,whatever or to authenticate your,purchase as well which is nice that they,include that,open that up later and lets pull this,out,all right very very snugly in there,now look at this bottle wow,so clean,look at that you have the white label,right there,gypsy water by byreto,and then on the bottom you of course,have your batch coat down there as well,so thats what it looks like if youre,trying to authenticate your product and,i believe these are magnetic caps as,well lets see,yep a nice magnetic cap you cant go,wrong with that i love when they do that,just nice touching the detail like i,said it also has a b inside the cap and,a b right there as well now the cap it,is plastic but,it does have a nice weight to it since,it does have a magnetic inside or magnet,inside so that is nice you can pick it,up by the cap as well so,lets go ahead and spray gypsy water and,see what i get like i said i dont know,what im gonna be expecting from this,all i heard is this is a very mysterious,fragrance so im gonna spray on this,army because i do have something on my,left arm from testing so lets go ahead,wow,all right i did spray a ton of juice,look how concentrated that is guys wow,a nice sprayer as well too,so lets see,very interesting,so it is opening up like very citrusy,i think im getting like lemon bergamot,in,here wow,well done though it actually smells,those two citrus notes lemon and,bergamot smell very very natural,very juicy,[Music],thats good but it also has some kind of,like spiciness to it as well,very green a very very green fragrance i,dont know if i was really expecting,that,but it is very green,maybe a little bit fruity as well,its not coming across very very strong,im assuming,its gonna be more of like a um,like closer to the skin its not gonna,be like a beast mode fragrance,but im not always looking for beast,mode fragrances that just pretty much,offend everyone around you um sometimes,i dont like my fragrances to pretty,much be known when i walk into a room,obviously its nice on certain occasions,and its nice to have but also its nice,to be able to spray our fragrance on if,someone does come somewhat close to you,theyll be able to pick it up,and maybe even get a little bit more,close or even follow you around,you know that might be a little bit,creepy but im just saying it happens,but yeah with this fragrance guys its,coming across kind of transparent,but very well done you can tell a master,perfumer put this one together it smells,really well blended together smells very,high-end as well,oh man so yeah just kind of fruity,citrusy and a little bit spicy,and very green im almost getting like,um,almost kind of like a christmas tree,kind of vibe in here,which is the perfect occasion for whats,coming up since it is december maybe,this be my christmas scent of the day,huge possibility so far from the smell,of this,but i think i heard that theres incense,in here and i didnt do kind of research,on it because i love incense incense is,one of my favorite notes um honestly,right now at least,im not picking up on like any incense,at all,im assuming probably in the dry down,the incense will start to come through,maybe some woody notes,it is kind of creamy now as it is sort,of drying down,either vanilla or sandalwood its almost,smelling more like sandalwood,yeah,again that sandalwood vibe which can,kind of come across like um,like dill pickles to me a lot of times,when i smell sandwich it does smell like,dill,i dont know if you guys get the same,kind of similarities to sandalwood let,me know down below,but i am picking up on sandalwood in,here it is kind of coming a little bit,more warm,all right let that sit for a moment as,far as seasons go for gypsy water hmm,i dont know its honestly kind of hard,to tell,because the opening like i said its,very citrusy very fruity uh which means,more so in the like spring summer it is,also very green almost like a christmas,tree,maybe thats pine needles im not sure,maybe or maybe patchouli i dont know it,might be pine mill,yeah kind of like ralph laurens polo,green let me get the pine in there its,kind of a little bit similar to that but,he has 4s seasons its coming across,very versatile at the moment,but im assuming as it dries down youre,going to get more of the woodiness,probably more smoky incense as well,which i cant wait for guys,im just waiting for that to actually,come through it might take you know an,hour or so for the middle notes and bass,notes to start settling and coming,across once the,citrus notes start to fade away but its,hard to tell but,as far as its changing now i can,definitely see its going to be more so,for like the fall,maybe winter i dont think its like,dense enough to beat like the cold 30,degree winter days or like minus you,know those very very cold snowy days i,dont know if its um,strong enough just to burst through,those cold weather um so i think fall,is good for this one and also spring,i would stick to fall and spring i think,it was perfect for gypsy water,thats a very unique name a

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The Ultimate Byredo BUYING GUIDE!

hello everyone welcome to my channel my,name is Josephine and on this channel we,talk about all things fragranced todays,video is a buying guide video on the,brand by Rado a lot of you has asked me,questions on my Rado which fragrances to,get so I thought I would do a very,simple buying guide Ive done a previous,video on a full house review of my radio,so Ill link it down below if youre,interested in that but here Ive done,very clear categories for you to,understand which fragrances could be,right for you and for which occasion so,if youre interested in knowing a bit,more about my radio and what fragrance,is to get from the brand then please,keep watching alright so I thought Id,begin it with a very quick introduction,into the brand so burrito is a Swedish,niche fragrance brand that creates,fragrances but they also do some body,products candles and I believe leather,goods as well so like accessories the,whole idea around the brand is this sort,of scandi minimalism its just quite,minimalistic its very cool and edgy,without trying too hard,I think the fragrances in general from,by Rado are very easy to understand,theyre very approachable but the,fragrances that youll find are quite,unique so theres always a combination,of ingredients in here that give the,fragrances a little twist and make them,interesting enough but yet very easy to,wear now lets get on to the buying,guide so the way that I have created,this guide is that we have fragrances,for different occasions Ive separated,out in different categories you will see,that for each category theres at least,one or two fragrances so the first,category is the signature scent which,fragrance is the most versatile which,one works in any occasion all throughout,the year day and night any time,basically so I have two fragrances under,the signature scent category the first,one is gypsy water this may not be a big,surprise because it is one of the best,sellers from the brand and it is,definitely a fragrance that is super,easy to wear gypsy water is a very clean,invigorating type of scent that has sort,of a calming feel as well this scent is,inoffensive its very casual it can be,worn to go out to run errands it can be,worn in the weekend it can be worn in an,office type of environment it can be,worn during the day even during the,night so this is a very easygoing type,of fragrance I did talk about it in my,previous barrier House review because I,didnt have it and to be fair the last,time that I smelt this scent was many,years ago and I wasnt very impressed by,it because it is quite simplistic but I,ordered a sample to do this buying guide,and I actually fell in love with this,fragrance and I ordered a bottle of it,so I think its a great scent and one,that I very much enjoy wearing its its,closer to the skin the longevity isnt,amazing on this its around four hours,which is a bit of a disappointment but I,dont mind reapplying it throughout the,day because I think it is just a lovely,fragrance this is more of a subtle scent,but people will definitely ask you what,youre wearing because you smell really,good and I would say that water is,definitely a unisex scent although,perhaps leaning more towards a little,bit feminine the second fragrance within,the signature scent category is one that,Ive loved for many years Ive talked,about it so so much on this channel it,is Val discreet this fragrance is a,gorgeous vetiver scent its really warm,its radiance its super comforting I,personally enjoy wearing it more in the,winter time however I think that this,would work great all year round and the,reason being is that it has a solar,element to this fragrance so it has,African marigold and also Jasmine and it,has bit of this balmy feel kind of like,a summery feel but at the same time it,has these woods that are very enveloping,and comforting which brings more,structure and grounds the fragrance,which is why it works so well in the,winter time as well to me this fragrance,really brings a warm fuzzy feeling and,this is definitely a scent that I,gravitate towards if I want something,that is a bit more enveloping and sort,of a happy scent,yeah this is a very comforting warm,happy scent to me the projection on this,is also wonderful so this is probably,one of the better performing pareto,fragrances I get at least 7 hours of,wear,this and also the projection or CR is,amazing on this scent and it will give,you a ton of compliments I dont know a,person who doesnt like the scent,every time Ive worn it Ive gotten,compliments for both men and women and,some people even went out to buy this,fragrance because they loved it so much,when I wore it I will say this is a,really great one to grab for and if I,would recommend only one cents to get,from buy right oh just one buy left week,would be it,the next category is daytime scent and,within the daytime sense Ive separated,them out into sort of casual daytime and,your office type of perfume so within,the casual subcategory of daytime sets I,have two fragrances the first one is the,unnamed so this is the brighter bottle,which doesnt have a name and this,perfume to me is entirely unisex and is,really the very definition of unisex,fragrances it has notes of gin pink,pepper,theres violet theres Oris oak Moss and,fir balsam the scent itself is very,clean it feels fresh I get more of a,violet sort of orris root type of feel,and its also a little bit musky to my,nose I also get a little bit of,fruitiness in here that is reminiscent,of the flesh of big even though fig,isnt mentioned in the ingredients this,is the type of fruit that it reminds me,of this fragrance is very linear its,not crazy complicated so its very easy,to understand but it smells really good,it does a job I think this is the type,of sound that you want to throw on when,you get out of the shower you want to,smell really clean and fresh and out the,door this fragrance has an incredible,tenacity so it will last on your skin at,least on mine it lasted minimum seven,hours and also it projects quite,strongly so this is another,better-performing sent from by Rado the,second fragrance is rose of no-mans,land this perfume is a fresh dewy rose,type of scent its a little bit musky so,theres rose in here theres raspberry,theres pink pepper poppy risks to me,this fragrance is a really easygoing,rosy scent if you dont like rose,fragrances but you do want to try a rose,scent,I think Rozsival mens line is really,great because its really inoffensive it,smells very fresh it slightly floral and,just works really well I would say,probably,everyones skin because its quite clean,transparent light and airy this is a,very Airy fragrance theres definitely a,romantic soft side to this perfume for,some reason it makes me think of a,bubble bath with rose petals scattered,on top of the surface of the bath and,the dry down on this perfume is a bit,more musty as I mentioned it reminds me,a little bit of additional Veronique by,Meisel SIA however it differs in the,sense that it feels a little bit more,gritty theres something in the,background of this fragrance,I wouldnt say is earthy but theres a,bit of grit to it so I think this is,great,to throw on for the daytime so that was,rows of no-mans land I have one,fragrance for the office this is Mojave,ghost,I think this scent is really great,because its more of a skin type of,scent its a bit woody its musky with a,touch of fruitiness and I think it would,work really well with this crisp white,shirt so this perfume to me smells,really nice its really whimsical and,the fruitiness in here is sort of like a,pair like fruitiness so its a bit green,its a little bit juicy and overall it,just glides on your skin this perfume,reminds me of elevator music also my,burrito,which was a limited edition that was,done with version upload which I own,which is in the back here but if youd,like for example gypsy water then I,would say that you would really enjoy at,Mojave coast because its on the similar,lines its very casual and easy

In My Bathroom: Your Fragrance Questions

hi everybody I have been receiving quite,a few questions over the last few months,about the frequencies I wear and so I,wanted to make a little video reading to,talk about some of my favorite,fragrances and fragrance in general its,February which means Valentines Day is,upon us and I always find fragrance to,be such a lovely gift to give and,receive around Valentines Day,particularly to my girlfriends I always,like to give my girlfriends a little,Valentines Day gift so Im gonna walk,you through my five favorite and Im,also going to be answering some,questions that you guys sent in I,actually have quite an extensive,fragrance collection purchasing,fragrance is one of my favorite things,to buy for myself its such a nice sort,of pick-me-up gift it can really kind of,change your mood and very very personal,as well I find myself sort of trawling,the department stores sometimes just,trying out new scents the first,fragrance is my all-time ultimate,fragrance and this is by Rados gypsy,water I have purchased this probably,five to six times now over the last,couple of years and I love this because,its so easy to wear I can wear it all,through the day I can wear it in the,evening I get tons of compliments on it,and actually its become a really sort,of familiar smell with a lot of people I,get asked all the time are you wearing,gypsy water at first when I smell this,its got a really kind of like woody,almost like sand or wood scent to it,which makes it kind of really fresh,almost a thing its quite a groundings,then it has pine needles in it as well,which lends to it being really kind of,fresh and green at the same time so I,feel like its a really wonderful,everyday fragrance you cant go wrong,with it its not offensive like I said I,get a lot of compliments on it when I,wear it and a lot of people are already,familiar with this fragrance so a great,one for gifting or a great kind of,fragrance if you are not familiar with,the buy Rado cents and you kind of want,to enter the buy Rado world I really,feel,that people will really really love this,so Im gonna answer question first,question comes from Jenny Aisha what,perfume of yours evokes the most,wonderful memory so thats a really good,question because thats going to lead me,into my second favorite fragrance this,is John Malone London lime basil and,Mandarin and this is one of my favorite,fragrances because this is the fragrance,that my mother and grandmother always,wore and so I find myself picking this,up often when Im in need of a little,bit of comfort or I want to feel my,mother or grandmother close my mum lives,in the UK and Im you know based and Im,based in Los Angeles and so you know,when Im feeling a bit homesick or you,know just those moments where you want,to feel your mum close to you Ill find,myself picking this up but it really has,a kind of very elegant fresh modern,scent to it which is all the things I,would describe my mum and my grandmother,as so thats my second and I would say,this evokes some of the most special,memories to me my third favorite,fragrance is actually a fragrance that I,recently just picked up a few months ago,its the potato Vanetta,Parko Paladino 5 so when I smell this it,really has like a very fresh masculine,scent to it almost like a crisp its,like kind of green hue to it Im not,sure what the notes are I looked this up,Im after I purchased it and couldnt,find what the notes are in it but I,really do love it and a little bit of,this goes a long way,and Im often the person thats spraying,the bottle all over and over does it,with fragrance so a little bit if this,goes a long way and because its a,masculine fragrance a great one for,gifting about aunt Ines day for anybody,thats got a special partner the bottle,is stunning as you can see and really I,think its a very kind of classy elegant,scent ok so next question comes in from,at J dot e dot mm what is your favorite,scent,for the opposite sex so I would have to,say its the fragrance there Jason,wheres he wheres I think you say to,your Terry tear by her mares and this,evokes so many special memories to me,because this is the fragrance he wore on,our first date and he still wears it to,this day every time I go into his,bathroom or he leaves the house and he,leaves in this sort of like cloud of the,scent it just brings me back to those,first special dates that we had with one,another,and I always ask him to wear it when we,have a special event or were going out,together and so yeah next question is,from iconic dot figures do you change,your fragrance seasonally do you have a,day to nights and so I would not say,that I change my fragrance seasonally,like I said Im a big fragrance fan so,Im often buying new fragrances and,trying them out but I do tend to wear a,different fragrance in the day to the,night during the day I just want to feel,light and fresh wear something thats,like non polarizing that people are,really going to find it easy to be,around Im often in the office I just,want to make sure that obviously smell,good but its not a scent thats going,to be overpowering in close quarters and,then in the evening I tend to probably,take a little bit more of a risk in the,evening and go with something a little,bit more heavy tends to be a little bit,more sensual or masculine and so Im,actually going to show you some of those,fragrances that I like to wear in the,evening as well so my next favorite is,10 wha 29 from the lab Oh a girlfriend,of mine bought me this for my birthday,and I can tell because here you can,personalize with the date and she bought,this for me on April 17th this year the,day before my birthday and I love these,little a bow fragrances for a number of,reasons but one of my favorite things is,that you can personalize the label so,great for gifting whether it be for,yourself or for a friend or a lover,and this scent has a sort of bergamot,and bergamot and fig notes in it with a,little bit of bay leaves so its quite,grounding and also very kind of warm,with that little bit of fruitiness in it,as well so yeah this is one of my,favorite fragrances that I like to wear,out at night and again I get a lot of,compliments on it its one of Jasons,favorites too so always good okay so my,next question is from Teddy dont Eva,do you prefer spraying fragrance on the,skin or on your clothes I always like to,spray at my fragrance around my neck my,deck ratash I also kind of like to spray,it out in front of me and then kind of,walk into it so it kind of mists my,clothes really evenly sometimes I like,to spray it in my hair as well Ive had,a few disasters where undressed ready to,go and well spray the perfume and it,will stain the silk or the top that Im,wearing so definitely be mindful of that,sometimes its nice to apply a perfume,before you get dressed so you dont have,any disasters but yeah thats typically,how I usually apply my fragrances last,but not least Im a big fan of this,fragrance from Frederic malle called,lipstick rose the Frederic malle,fragrances are really unique because,they bring in a knows somebody that,creates fragrances and this fragrance,was created by a man called Rob Schrager,and I actually worked with him when I,developed my rosy for autograph scent,which launched about four years ago,really really nice man and kind of,happened by coincidence and didnt,actually realize that until sometime,later that I was already a fan of his,some of his fragrances lipstick rose is,a fragrance that I probably would wear,in the evening,it has a very sweet powdery scent to it,and again,a little bit of this goes a long way but,its super super feminine and I really,just love to wear this at nighttime,because I get a lot of compliments on it,and its so now I would say its a,heavier fragrance so like I said I do,like to wear things a little bit heavier,in the in the evening so it has,obviously rose in it and it has a little,bit of violet in it as well which gives,it the floral scent and then it has,vanilla and musk in it which makes

BEST OF BYREDO – The 5 you NEED | Shopping Guide & Review

hey guys welcome back to my channel if,youre new here my name is jana this is,the scented we talk about fragrances and,today were going to be talking about,the top five byrito fragrances so if,that sounds interesting to you keep on,watching make sure you guys subscribe to,this channel hit that notification bell,as well stay tuned for new videos coming,up we do all kinds of fun fragrance,things on this channel and todays video,is intended for people that are kind of,newer to niche fragrances theyre just,getting into discovering niche fragrance,brands by rito is one of the more,popular ones and this is when you just,start dipping your toe into nice you,dont know where to start these are the,five burritos that you absolutely need,to check out they are my favorite i know,fragrance is a subjective thing,everybodys tastes are different but,these are the five that are going to be,the most likable,they are going to be the easiest on your,nose easy to wear and,honestly,most worth investing your money in when,youre building your fragrance,collection because you will be getting,wear out of them so lets jump right in,of course were going to start with my,personal favorite this is bel defreak,this one smells like sweet vetiver,marigold theres a little bit of citrus,its creamy,its very very unisex i love this one,for myself i wear this one all the time,this is one of my personal signature,scents i did a full review on this,fragrance when i received it ill link,that one up here and,honestly,this fragrance i didnt like at first at,first i thought it was,maybe a little bit too masculine i,almost thought it was smoky but i got,the hand cream and it really grew on me,its the sweetness really comes out its,really addictive this type of scent its,beautiful its easy to wear performance,is lacking thats the thing with burrito,fragrances a lot of them are not very,strong but the scent profiles are so,beautiful balder freak there are a lot,of smell likes out there theres a lot,of more vetiver heavy fragrances but,nothing really compares to this this by,far,is my favorite from that type of scent,profile it just is perfectly balanced,all the other ones theyre either a,little bit too smoky a little bit too,bitter a little bit too citrusy or,peppery this one yeah its perfectly,balanced i never get sick of it,everything is just in harmony in this,fragrance it smells to me like the color,orange its a very happy scent this is a,fragrance that you put it on and you,shine bright like you are sunshine in,that moment and its really just,perfection its,no wonder why this is one of their top,sellers its the most probably hyped,fragrance in their collection,and theres a reason for it it is number,one you absolutely need to check out,byrido,the second one you need to check out is,byrido blanche this was the first bottle,that i ever got and its almost,completely done,this one smells like laundry if youre,somebody who doesnt like the smell of,laundry you probably wont like this,because this is legitimately,sparkling fresh clean,kind of a laundry scent its very,bright and bursting it has a bubbliness,about it,it smells sparkling clean like it really,smells like sparkle and i think its,really beautiful i think its easy,wearing i wore a ton of this super work,appropriate super kind of everyday,casual,and unique its still very very unique,its not those old-school aldehydes that,youll find in chanel fragrances or some,of the you know old school classics this,is very modern aldehyde this also has a,light floral powderiness about it,theres rose peony and violet violet has,the sweet powderiness about it and its,noticeable in here but its its mostly,about the aldehydes musky and,soft and clean,plushy and sparkling really really,beautiful i saw this being compared to,moschino toy 2 on fragrantica there is a,slight resemblance but that ones a lot,more citrusy and it smells more,synthetic this ones a lot better,quality and you can really smell that so,this one i think definitely worth,checking out especially if youre into,clean scents the next one you need to,check out is mojave ghost this is,another one of their absolute best,sellers this one smells powdery floral,clean and musky and it has a unique note,of sapodilla fruit kind of gives a,little bit of a tanginess its really,nice if you like chanel chancellor,tundra or marc jacobs daisy you will,like this as well i do find it quite,similar to chanel chancellor tantra but,this one is more kind of musky,where chanel chances was more floral and,this one has that tanginess of the,sepodia fruit,really nice,really fresh easy wearing for me,personally the association is that its,a new mom smell because this fragrance,is,what i wore basically after i had my,baby i have a,conditioner that smells exactly like,this and i came home took a shower put,that leave-in conditioner in and i,smelled like mojave ghost and so for me,thats the association its just a very,clean comforting powdery,mom scent in the best way possible the,best citrus fragrance from burrito in my,opinion is gypsy water its a woody,citrus scent it has pine it has lemon,incense but a very very gentle incense a,little bit of sandalwood juniper,and this one it smells like pine and,lemon those are the two main notes that,stand out to me but its balanced out,with,like a creamy sweet vanilla think of,like a,lemon meringue pie,kind of like that thats the kind of,sweet lemony,vanilla facet that you get,but also,fresh pine like eating,a key lime pie or like a lemon meringue,pie,outside if youre having a picnic,thats what youre getting,its really really beautiful it is very,gentle in terms of performance in terms,of projection none of these fragrances,really are that strong i think blanche,is quite strong actually um,and the last one that ill mention does,perform quite well but generally no they,are not super long lasting fragrances,but the fragrance scent itself is really,beautiful and the presentation and,really when youre buying niche,personally i dont find its all about,the performance a lot of niche brands,really dont perform if im being honest,its more about the creativity in the,scent and,a lot of it is just the satisfaction of,buying a luxury good like lets be,honest a lot of niche fragrances are,just about buying a luxury item as with,handbags and shoes you know im sure a,lot of you guys are gonna come after me,for saying that but its just facts so,no performance not strong but scent,profile beautiful beautiful citrusy,piney,refreshing summer scent this one i think,is like the easy easy reach for the,summer like this is one of the best,summer fragrances for sure and lastly,one that i find to be a cold weather,scent and a feminine leather fragrance,this one has plum,it has violet leather and its bibliotec,this is a very easy wearing leathery,fragrance so for women that want to,explore leather but are kind of scared,and a lot of the times it comes out,quite sharp this is not a sharp leather,this is a powdery gentle soft leather,sweetened with the plum its for me,something that i always reach for in the,evenings in the fall and in the winter,very very comforting quiet scent this,feels warm and quiet and i really enjoy,it for that reason the leather is gentle,its soft its almost like,lamb leather you know like like a lamb,leather jacket thats that kind of,leather and the fruits are not super,sweet so you dont get that harsh kind,of you know um tuscan leather raspberry,and leather kind of combo i find it very,intense a little bit harsh this is very,very gentle so super easy wearing you,will get a lot of wear out of this and,it does perform really well on my skin,especially i do get really good,performance and by that i mean about,seven eight hours,so yeah really really nice also a,compliment getter very unique scent but,people seem to really like it so when i,wear this fragrance i do always get,compliments and its really beautiful so,those are the top five burrito,fragrances especially for people that,


[Music],yo what is up guys welcome back happy,weekend this is troy d,from thetroidy247 mall channel on point,reviews,all day every day welcome back yet again,guys i dont know if you noticed this,bothersome red mark on my nose thats,from wearing the n95 mask all week and,it definitely created,this mark on my nose that by the way my,son headbutted yesterday when he wanted,to say hello to me,he gave me a headbutt and so ive got,this big red annoying mark,at the bridge of my nose now anyways,were back to talk about a fragrance,that,is pretty hyped it actually was really,really hype,when i started as a reviewer okay when i,started last year reviewing,i heard about this fragrance really,really hyped by certain channels,but for some reason nothing really,drove me to buy it you know what i mean,i i didnt feel the need to,buy a full bottle of this fragrance,until,i got the travis scott you know which is,a byredo travis scott release im sure,youve seen my video on that,and if you buy retail of course theyre,going to give you guys,all the samples thats what theyre so,generous about okay so,you dont have to buy samples online if,you buy,retail theyre just going to give you,what you need and they were so nice,so they gave me a bunch of vibrato,samples now the fragrance we are going,to talk about today is pretty mysterious,guys if you love to buy retail,and you usually go to shops like,nordstrom i mean i do sometimes on the,weekends,and youll see the byredo boutiques over,there the little byredo midi boutiques,youll see that this one is front and,center as one of their top sellers,and this fragrance is none other than by,redo,gypsy water all right gypsy water right,here,bye bye rado is exactly what were gonna,talk about today now the thing about,byredos gypsy water is obviously the,mysteriousness of the name,because ill tell you guys theres,nothing theres nothing,in this fragrance to me that is a direct,match to the name,of gypsy water maybe a little bit but,not really you know and thats why,fragrance reviewers like us,exist because youll see something like,this gypsy water,youll think about water is it like,silver and mountain water,and does it have anything to do with,gypsies and then you know,eventually youll go to youtube and,youll be like man i gotta find out what,this is about,from fragrance reviewers that have tried,this fragrance so thats what were,gonna go talk about today by redo gypsy,water,lets go spray this thing right now,mmm oh yeah interesting so byredo,gypsy water guys generally speaking this,fragrance here is a,woody fragrance okay so if you are,looking for,a woody fragrance something new to try,definitely byredo gypsy water should be,on your radar this fragrance opens up,with,four notes number one is your juniper,number two is your lemon number three is,your bergamot,and youve got your pepper right here,guys okay,now when you look at the lemon the,bergamot and the pepper this combination,is actually,not groundbreaking okay its not a,groundbreaking combination here lemon,bergamot and pepper now i will say this,this combination is grabber worthy when,you have a combination like lemon pepper,and bergamot,i mean this makes this fragrance an easy,grab guys you know you dont have to,think twice youre going out,bam gypsy water you know and thats why,i think a lot of people love it its an,instant grabber guys because of these,opening notes,now one of the chief notes here in,byredos gypsy water,is your juniper okay the juniper right,here is the note,that basically starts this domino effect,it cascades into the later notes but,this one sets up,everything and the juniper right here is,your woody,balsamic aromatic and piney,uh note that sets up everything guys,okay so,you will have your lemon your bergamot,and your pepper,again nice grabber worthy start and then,youve got your,piney woody juniper to basically become,the chief note,here in this opening this woody juniper,piney juniper is,actually more of a crisp type of note,rather than any type of fresh,start okay just remember that the lemon,and the bergamot provide,a little bit of that freshness right,there but this is a,curved note this juniper plus the pepper,basically curves this fragrance and when,i think about gypsy water when i try it,on,i think about nighttime engagements,casual,nighttime events guys going out to the,bar going out to a restaurant going out,to the mall maybe late nights,something like that i think of gypsy,water i would say,it borders a semi-formal or elegant,uh type of engagements guys but,definitely,at night now this piney juniper note,cascades into the mid,and the mid right here i mean this is,more direct you got,pine needles here on the mid so more,pine,more woody uh nuances here with byretos,gypsy water and by this point about,45 minutes to an hour in with the pine,needles i mean youre gonna get a direct,picture in your head,of being in a forest like a pine forest,guys definitely because,its already set up that way kind of,earthy piney now i would say that this,fragrance doesnt go,completely earthy because this is where,they,insert the gypsy side of things guys and,thats the,incense the incense does come in here so,really i mean the picture i have in my,head is like,more of like a foggy uh enchanted forest,you know and ive always uh talked about,incense as that magical note that comes,in,and it it accentuates the feeling its,not just a pine forest its a pine,forest,with some fog and some enchantments on,it an enchanted forest basically and,its that incense that,provides that okay and the other note,that accentuates the mid right here that,accentuates this enchanted gypsy forest,right here,is your oris and i used to think,just like many others that auris was,always going to be,powdery but in my opinion after trying,gypsy water for a few times,i mean its not so powdery to me to me,its the buttery creamy side of oris,that comes out here,which is the perfect bridge note,eventually,to your sandalwood because sandalwood is,one of the chief notes,here in gypsy water it comes out a bit,later but definitely,the auris sets that up now the oris to,me,smells femme thats for sure so for a,lot of people that are asking man,is this a unisex fragrance well you know,its kind of unisex in the beginning,but i will say this that once it reaches,the oris part of this,it kind of feels fem ive seen other,reviews on gypsy water and theyll say,something like,you know what after a certain part it,smells the same,all the way actually what they are,smelling here is the,woodiness from the beginning from the,juniper,being set up by that oris and sandalwood,combo guys okay so the oris comes in,and then it mixes with the sandalwood,and you have this like total,creamy uh buttery base you know and then,thats,you know with that combination a lot of,people think that oh its a linear scent,its just,you know a one trick pony type of scent,well thats because,everything is actually a great cascade,its something that maybe,a lot of fragrances dont have some,fragrances do have some,notes that really stand out from mid the,dry down and everything like that but,in this one its really a smooth,domino effect type of fragrance right,here from start to finish again the,woody notes,set up from the juniper all the way to,that creamy,sandalwood now from that point on its,really sandalwood,on the base notes you are going to get,vanilla and amber but do they,really overcome the sandalwood no,sandalwood here,is basically the star of the show once,it comes out,its going to be sandalwood all the way,maybe with some sweetness of amber and,vanilla on the background but really,its all sandalwood right here and,you know i hate comparing but i think if,you like fragrances like tam dao i did,review that tom dao by diptique,which has sandalwood i think that youre,gonna like this one too because,this is definitely sandalwood all the,way uh once it kicks in,but again dont expect vanilla and amber,to come out like,you know you expect it to

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