1. Cacti | Spiked Seltzer | Travis Scott | Review 2021
  2. Cacti Spiked Seltzer Variety Pack Review!
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Cacti | Spiked Seltzer | Travis Scott | Review 2021

[Music],what up,welcome back to the channel im old ij,now today i have something different,than what i normally do normally my,channel was reviews recaps and tv shows,but i said you know what,lets make use of everything that were,doing and guess what we got today a new,product from cacti and travis scott its,an agave spike,seltzer now if you dont know what agave,is just like me i didnt either its a,plant,its long about six to eight feet and,its the base,for making tequila so me personally i,like to drink truly,but were gonna see what this is about,today now disclaimer im not a hypebeast,so youre not gonna see all the travis,gear on me all the astro world but i do,like a good drink so im gonna give,yall a little run down over this,these are nine packs here three,different flavors you can see on the,front,we got pineapple lime and strawberry im,betting on the pineapple or the,strawberry to be the best for those of,my two,and lets give a little bit about the,box you know sam,you got the cacti logo on there seven,percent alcohol volume,um agave spike celsius now let me see,what this,is can we get can we get a zoom in on,one of these,agave spike seltzer made with 100,premium now premium now blue,agave from mexico in natural flavors,from,refreshing and bold taste 9,9 cans 12 fluid ounces 355 milligrams,for those that use that,metric system each now,i dont know how these are going to,taste this is going to be my first time,ever tasting something like this and im,sure its probably a majority of yours,too,but lets see what were going to do man,were going to get in this,and were going to open it now im not,going to do a taste test for all of them,because yall not about to have me just,opening them up,and drinking one can like a fourth of it,no,no no no i should probably be careful,because i know,some people like man save those boxes,but i aint no height these these things,get thrown away when im done,all right real quick before i go in here,which can do yall think im gonna pull,out first pineapple,lime or strawberry let me know im about,to pull these out randomly,and thats what were going to do the,taste test with,pineapple okay cool,now lets see,the can you got your little can we got,150 calories,no fat 20 milligrams of sodium dang i,was watching for my sodium,we got three grams of carb one gram of,sugar,zero protein damn hey travis we need,some protein we gotta,gotta get right but here goes the moment,of truth,cacti pineapple all right,you hear that when you hear that you,know its time,drink one,i can taste the pineapple,yeah i can i can definitely taste the,pineapple i cant,its not bad to be honest with you let,me see this is the pineapple let me get,these out of here for you,its not bad,okay i can see me drinking this now it,has a it has a little taste to it you,can tell its like a,maybe a little bit of tequila to it but,overall its pretty damn smooth,but i mean my personal favorite is,pineapple when it comes to drinks,yeah im gonna have to do this,im gonna have to do this with a,comparison directly with the truth but,this,overall im giving this,i probably have to i dont know just off,of this taste,im giving it a seven and a half but,eight now thats only because i have im,a,a fan favorite of the truth but this,right here is its pretty good i can see,me,you know what im saying i can see me,drinking one of these next were gonna,go with the strawberry,lets get a zoom in let them see that,you see that strawberry,now pineapple is my favorite flavor when,it comes to a drink this strawberry,were going to see how it is same thing,150 calories no protein,traps you got to hook this up did yall,hear that beautiful goddamn pop,all right gluten-free,strawberry,[Music],strawberry i will say for me,you can taste the strawberry but it,seems like a flat strawberry,i call it pop wrong from but a flat soda,it just,its all right i give i give the,strawberry flavor,um i gave pineapple seven and a half,eight ish im giving this about a,six now i can drink it but it just,tastes like a flat drink to me,it may be different for somebody else,now were going to go ahead and,go to the line one more test just to,make sure i aint tripping,yeah this one to me tastes like a a flat,pop but,that means somebody might like that like,melted popsicle,let me go ahead and get this lime our,last choice,uh here can we get a little zoom on that,thing,the line the last and final one yall,know how i like it,i gotta hear that beautiful pop noise,all right nothing like lime on a,ice cold,listen up moes lime,lime,to be honest with you lime,it tastes like water,sparkling water and a little bit of,you see the leaves on here like that,rubbed together,here now im not im not saying its a,bad drink but out of the the seven and a,half maybe the six,this one lime im going to hit and give,this stuff,if i was dying of thirst ill take the,lime,but at least three lime is my bottom one,and im giving it a,its not its not undrinkable i give it,a five and thats being modest it,wouldnt be my first choice my first,choice would be,pineapple strawberry,and then lime let me,seven and a half is drinkable,maybe six drinkable the lime im,im honestly not going to pick that one,im gonna go ahead and get that one with,my brother in,and you got two limes in here you got,three limes in here,but overall for a new product and for,them to just be getting out there,i give them i give them a seven and a,half because its a new product its on,the market todays the first day so of,course,i dont know if they had too many like,taste tests within,like the actual community or like,regular people testing it,its not bad though im not knocking,travis or,cacti the drinks are good i can drink,them but you know,its just a new product so i think you,give them a little bit of time,then definitely they can get it you know,saying they come out with some,different type of thing like the,lemonade version or,the iced tea versions but overall i give,it a seven,and hey thats travis scott cacti me,personally,you know i gotta finish this pineapple,when i can drink this one with a meal,these other ones hey if you toss it to,me imma drink it,and thats about that j man im gonna,give you the honest review im just,gonna tell you my taste buds yall may,be different,but let me know what yall think down,below and if you can find them,definitely look out,for the website drinkcacti.com,because they do have merch on the way i,dont know if im about a merch now,somebody wants to send it to me travis,let me know man im modi j thanks for,watching if you like the content on the,channel hit the subscribe button,give me a like also i have a goal to get,the 5 000 subscribers,thanks for watching if theres anything,youd like me to order and open up and,give you a taste for it let me know,put it down below but im more jay,thanks for watching and im out,jimmy on the beat boy,[Music]

Cacti Spiked Seltzer Variety Pack Review!

[Music],welcome,to another exciting episode of kentucky,review im still reserved special k,flamingo and tonight were doing uh,apparently a rappers,sell series according to travis scott i,dont know who that is,so this is the cacti seltzers pineapple,lime and strawberry flavor,seven percent alcohol volume uh made,with agave one percent real juice,theyre from mexico and they are,sixteen dollars for a nine pack and,theyre made with the,you hear that 16 for nine packs or more,expensive at a gas station,or you can get the founders thats also,made with agave,for 15 for a 15 pack so,also 150 calories thats a lot yeah,for a salsa yeah i feel like its gonna,be very all right,heavy so as tradition on the show we,start out with the worst one,lamb will we agree yeah no no no,no no no two two versus one you lose no,strawberrys gonna be the way no,strawberries cant be good,so its its gonna taste like hard candy,so the other one is that a bad thing,i dont like hard candy whats those,other sellers the toppo chico or,whatever they are,yeah yeah i cant find those anywhere,everybodys been asking for those,i think theyre more of a west coast,thing but i live in the water i listen,cal,i looked in uh scentsy at newport i,could find them these were hard to find,sounds like an alternative to me,im not really getting any lime in there,are you a tiny bit this is like more,like,its its dirty sour,dirty lime pretty carbonated uh i guess,weve got to drink,it yep unfortunately oh no,i mean it doesnt taste like lime but,its very sour i like it actually,no this is all right can you get the,agave no its not bad at all,i told you it was gonna be good um you,all doubted me all right,i mean i told you it was gonna be good,im not gonna say theyre great pprts,good yeah you need to try that anyways,uh i thought it was gonna be heavier,honestly for 150 calories like i thought,it was gonna be like super seriously,heavier than i mean its heavier than a,normal normal seltzer but its not like,like mikes hard you know what i mean,where its like oh god,well mikes heart is also a lot more a,little true i dont know,i mean its all right for what it is but,now,strawberry strawberry give me my number,real quick uh,theyre theyre good for the sauce five,im gonna go with the six,because i would give them a seven,i was gonna go with the six as well i,mean its okay i just wish,like just drop the price a little bit,you know yeah i would give it i would,give it a,if it was like 13 or 14 bucks id be,okay,ill give it a seven if it was for a uh,tote bag yeah like a nine pack like who,does nine packs yeah,apparently cacti does cacti,all right this one smells like cough,syrup bro,its a lean fluid it gives you that its,lean flavored bro,i dont like that it smells like pes,actually,no it smells like pes no its really,hard candy strawberry hard candy yeah,um why does it smell so much stronger,than a taste,it just tastes like water with with you,accidentally dropped,a drop a strawberry,i mean its okay that was that was weird,um like thats not right,i think its its like water but it had,a heavier,mouth feel when i was drinking it and,thats what threw me off because it was,so,light in flavor its like wine its so,heavy but it doesnt taste like,hard but not heavy why is it heavy but,not heavy yeah and it confuses i give it,a four,it confused me yeah im still going with,six i just think its,its its good for its above average,self-serve,i mean but it is a lot of calories and i,will say for something thats just like,celebrity endorse so far pretty good,because you know most times,youre just paying for like okay this is,whoevers whatever you know what i mean,hes playing for the night yeah,all right on to the pineapple,pineapple would better be the best one,thats a lot at least its the last one,yeah,but youre worth it im worth it,um pineapple farts,i mean at least it actually smells like,pine like you just cut a pineapple,its not a super artist it smells like,fake pineapple no,it doesnt smell like you dont know,what pineapple smells like it doesnt,actually smell like crap,that is the most fake pineapple smell,you you i cut up pie,look im like five reviews in all right,leave me alone im just as many as you,are and,i also have had nothing to eat today,this this is my first review and i,ate on my way here see i professionally,i stopped at burger king,and got some bacon cheeseburgers that,sounds like smart man,i think i might get some burger king,ive been wanting a lot before,yeah that up front flavor is weird um,yeah,what back ends good its like bitter,and sour at the same time at the,beginning and why,this is the worst one it tastes like no,no you ever like cut a pineapple too,early and its not all the way right,thats what it tastes like no because i,dont cut a pineapple too early i do it,does taste like unripe pineapple yeah,but um its a little grilled pineapple,though,is the the stuff uh this one would be,the worst,and im gonna say im gonna go with a,four and a half with this one,three and a half,like a three yeah,like i said the llamas gonna be the,best one yall doubted me,dont its all right well i wouldnt i,would your five reviews is theres,thats why im gonna dealt with you fair,enough uh,for a nine pack sixteen dollars nah nah,what you need to do,get you a make your own six pack right,bust this open,take out one lime one and put it in the,make your own six do not buy the whole,nine pack of this,uh i mean if youre a hipster and you,really like sell service and you have to,drive yourself,super love travis scott for some reason,i still dont know who that is,so all right this is what you do you go,out you buy a lime,you buy some salsa water and you buy,some vodka,clear rum or youre just getting a lot,of chloe better you get the lime la,croix and some stoli,ive always been a clear run guy over,vodka i just think its better,i mean for mixing youre like zero but i,mean i also just take shots of straight,vodka so you know thats because,yeah because im me ive got every clear,film frisky so,whiskey i could i could pull out the,real,where was i frisky but um,so overall do you have fancy feast did,you did you give the the pineapple one,yeah so that was like a three um so the,pack is a whole,uh four five its average,four and a half it would have been a,five if it wasnt so expensive,i i think the seven percent is nice its,kind of in between the hard ones um,so i have the white cloth surges in the,fridge for like oh yeah theyre not in,their fridge theyre on the shelf no,theyre,just from the first product all right so,well do those later probably after the,stream i dont think,because theyre not cold yet but um i,got the,how many flavors are there two oh well,then i got both of them,cool so yeah cranberry do i recommend it,i recommend if you like sell service and,you want a higher abv seltzer,this is okay this is better than the,eight percent celsius,this is better than mostly eight percent,ill give it that in its category for,seven to eight percent seltzers,its its better than most but its,still not better than a lot of the five,percent sell series,and the price is uh not great atrocious,yeah for sale if they just made like a i,dont know,an 18 pack for like eight days,for like 20 bucks its like they were,gonna make four flavors but then they,just gave up thats what it feels like,yeah maybe theyre like ill just do,four house girls just do nine yeah,do nine packs did he show you those,little mini cocktails i see them yeah,but you know i dont know but theyre,like theyre like 32,37 actually all right well thats been,our episode theres something youd like,to see on the channel you leave a,comment down below dont forget to hit,that like button im special okay,im still reserving domingo thanks for,watching

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Travis Scotts Cacti Spiked Seltzer Review: Its Lit!

prescott van meyer iii sommelier from,home in todays episode well be,reviewing travis scotts,cacti agave spiked seltzer its one,internet celebrity,to another doing you a solid giving you,some of that sweet sweet,internet exposure so the first thing you,may notice is in the name,its not a hard seltzer its a spiked,seltzer wonder what made them choose,that name,does the spike come from it being spiked,with something,what is it maybe its in reference to,the cacti all the cactuses,cactus cacti is that plural,i forget i dont drink a lot of cactus,this particular variety is lime so,looking forward to that so im not,immune to the criticisms,to the blowback ive been receiving,online of uh being a little too generous,with my ratings for celebrity backed,beverages its not gonna happen here,and it never happened before either you,know i was honest with those and im,gonna be honest with this one today too,youve got my word bon jovi earned that,score,delightful man delightful delightful man,did you see my duet with him on,tick-tock check it out,its pretty good i did some singing no,auto-tune needed mr travis scott,im kidding your music is great ive,been listening to it for 30 years,how old is he im not sure ive been,listening to it a long time but back to,this,so it is a pretty large 25,fluid ounces a lot of times with these,hefty cans they come in at 23.5 well,theyre giving you an extra 1.5 fluid,ounces in there,just like a little little bit of nip on,top and coming in at seven percent,alcohol its a little bit more than you,would find,saying a beer we have a very nice logo,here,got the cacti,leaves branches stems,whatever you call those looks like we,got some prickly pears in there too,i dont know if thats gonna show up in,the flavor profile at all,so theres two other varieties the,strawberry and the pineapple im gonna,try lime today,keep it nice and simple keep it one,honey,100 keep it in what keep it at one honey,honey i think thats something else not,sure,lets lock and pop this top,[Music],open it thats all i meant,so i did notice in the ingredients that,lime juice from concentrate,is listed so that is an authentic lime,coming across good to see that its not,a hint of the flavor,that weve seen in other products can,smell that agave,as well kind of giving that,the effervescence of sort of tequila,flavor,in the background smells like one of my,videos going super viral,ever clear one million views,it smells like keeping up with the,kardashians reruns,are they making new episodes smells like,going double platinum,maybe triple its not no iced tea,yeah i binge it hashtag travis scott,bing doesnt do hashtags though thatll,actually crash the server,its like a topochica lime but with 13,million more followers,lets take a sip,an authentic lime flavor to it,pretty decent got that agave coming in,the back notes,tasting like a very mild tequila,tickling the seltzer,lets give another taste,tastes like my own mcdonalds meal,tastes like shoes that are named after,me,air prescotts do not play basketball in,those shoes though,well get a two-inch vertical theyre,more like loafers,you know strolling through libraries,thats what theyre really made for,thick carpeted libraries i would also,pair it with tv game shows and board,games,the shoes air prescotts not the drink,that i would pair with,being in the studio cranking out hit,after hit,i know what thats like is what i like,to tell myself,positive reinforcement my free therapist,says,you know who likes travis scotts music,phoebe one of his songs come on she,definitely dances like no ones watching,or is within 12 feet of her shes got,wild arms,you know hes got one song highest in,the room thats anyone thats mr schultz,and his uh friends customers yeah i put,two and two together if you want to,learn more about mr schultz just uh,click here ill leave my thumb up for a,minute,did you click it its fine,[Music],tastes like if white claw was a profuse,sweater some of that sweat fell into a,cheap bottle of tequila,like i dont know maybe 818.,who else would be drinking this people,in their 20s who never have to worry,about money again,so theyre willing to just try things,who would be drinking this people who,use auto-tune,[Music],if they can afford it for my rating i,try to come in,unbiased when i do my reviews on,products but,uh because this was celebrity-backed i,try to be honest about them,but i did notice quite a bit of negative,reviews of this product on twitter,and i gotta say its actually not that,bad of a product im gonna give it a 53.,if you like hard seltzers and you like a,little bit of that agave flavor,this might be a good drink for you is it,as good as the rocks tirmona tequila no,is it as bad as topo chicos mango heart,seltzer, no is anything as bad as that my,divorce,wasnt as bad as that milork could make,a hard seltzer,and it would probably be worse but it,would be close,anyways travis scott thanks for gracing,the hard seltzer community with another,option for people,and mr travis scott if youre watching,this you know from one entertainer to,another,keep your head up im sure things will,work out for you youll land on your,feet,and if you need an assistant let me know,still quite unemployed

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Travis Scotts Cacti Hard Seltzer Review ????

today were trying travis scotts new,hard salter,cacti a highly requested review,by you guys were gonna taste all three,flavors and were gonna let you know if,we think theyre thirsty approved or not,and if you want to taste them at home,you can get them delivered to your door,by bottlerover.com,so they have three different flavors,strawberry,pineapple and lime,i really like the the cans yeah theyre,pretty theyre,vibe yeah i do i like the packaging its,definitely screaming travis scott,its cool its like artsy first up were,gonna be trying the lime,[Music],cheers,i taste the agave yeah the agave is,definitely coming through,it doesnt really taste like tequila,though its made with 100,premium blue agave from mexico lime,juice from concentrate,cold fermented cane sugar so its not,tequila,its sweetened with agave oh okay,so these are 150 calories i think most,seltzers are like around 100 calories,so its a little bit more indulgence yes,they have seven percent alcohol which,white claw,truly i know those have five percent so,theres a little bit more booze in here,which thats a plus should we rate them,as we go,okay for a lime seltzer im going to,give this,compared to other lime flavored salters,that ive had before,i i have to give it a seven compared to,like of other lime,like i like agave and cocktails but it,kind of overpowers,the flavor the lime isnt coming through,as much,i dont know if i love the lime yeah i,want to taste the other ones,all right next i dont know pineapple,time could be better,pineapple pineapple time,okay cheers cheers,mmm it smells very pineappley,okay this is a yes for me thats so good,its not real pineapple juice in here,but it tastes really good it tastes like,pineapple like fresh pineapple im into,this,thats delicious i like this one i love,it i dont get to talk about it,its so refreshing this one,i love that flavor and i love the,bubbles in this,its a party in there like this is a lot,of flavor so if you like your seltzers,with not much flavor,then this isnt for you ten out of ten,past,with flying colors like i just want a,full,box of pineapple yeah in my house well,we dont know because we havent tried,the strawberry yet so im a little,nervous for the strawberry because i,love strawberry flavor but i usually,like,fresh strawberries muddled,in my cocktails yeah so,strawberry flavor sometimes artificially,can be a little bit,hit or miss yeah,yeah lets go okay here we go okay,im lit im like,okay where he says lit we lit,are you travis scott fan i mean i like,him,you got me stargazing what is that what,is that the the butterfly effect,what is that isnt there a butterfly,song,i am not good with names of songs like,if you start singing it hold up,i get those songs every time,i think everything he does is pretty,cool so including this logo,including him getting me lit today yeah,cheers lets cheers,because i really want to taste oh my god,it smells really good,oatmeal like a strawberry,strawberry flavor coming through okay,here we go,yes i taste the strawberry the,strawberry is there,okay its very good pineapple is better,though,100 like the pineapple better but this,is delicious,but the pineapple wins because its a 10,out of 10. this is a nine,a nine yeah its pretty good but i think,i can only have like one strawberry i,think i could have like,10 pineapples same i agree with that,its thirsty approved stamp the,pineapple and the strawberry,yes the lime we could do without it can,you please,come out with a full box of pineapple,pineapple is wow thats how i would,describe the pineapple cacti,wow amazing amazing insert lady gaga,amazing beautiful showstopping,never done before we love it thank you,travis scott,for some fire new salters not only are,your songs good,but your seltzer is popping,[Music],you


hey guys its julia welcome back to my,youtube channel,so this looks a little bit different but,thats because,today say hi to bear everyone,um we are taste testing and reviewing,and kind of chit chatting,kind of just like vibing,while trying the cacti,by travis scott new agave seltzers that,are hot on the market um,but i got the last one we got literally,the last one at the store we were like,oh you know it would actually be really,fun because weve been seeing people on,instagram making stories about,like their opinions its really lets,just make a video like its saturday,saturday is for fun and where its for,the boys,okay it is real ones out there know what,im talking about,but we thought it would be a really fun,idea to taste test review,chat whatever and we thought it would be,a valuable review,because were young and fun,right yeah young and funny young and fun,we like weve drank lots of drinks,we know whats good we like to have a,good time we have experience okay,yes we have experience by the way if you,are new to my channel,you dont really know like how old i am,because i think i look,younger im 24. okay,and hes 26. so were not,that young everyone like literally,people comment like yeah okay when,youre 21,something and im like,okay,okay weve already drank the full cans,almost of all the flavors and im,filming this intro,after so things seem a little cray cray,say hi bear thats why but oh also,follow me on instagram,to see all my outfits and just my,day-to-day life,actually mcladden cacti hit me up if you,want to sponsor me,travis we like your music travis oh yeah,and also literally between,all of our taste testing realizing the,travis scott just set the mood right,um but yeah okay without further ado,lets get into the video okay guys,welcome,to the official taste test,of the cacti,seltzers by travis scott if you dont,know what these are oh my god i almost,dropped it,theyre agave spiked seltzers,that travis scott made so its a nine,pack and it comes with pineapple,lime and strawberry we really wanted to,review these,because we have been seeing lots of,mixed reviews and theyre like,going like theyre popping off right now,like theyre really popular,everyones buying them so we wanted to,try and give our two,cents it says made with 100 premium blue,agave from mexico and natural flavors,for a refreshing,and bold taste and they have seven,percent alcohol,all right lets do it we should do the,same flavor at the same time,all right so,okay were starting with lime oh and,lets say,theyre 150 calories and have one gram,of sugar,less than one gram less than one gram,and theyre gluten free,no protein though all right ready,i hope its not too loud out here but,cheers,oh,i mean so this is the first like agave,spiked,seltzer that that ive ever had or like,am aware of im pretty sure white cloth,truly and [ __ ] like that is cane sugar,or something other fermented to get the,alcohol so,obviously this is going to taste a,little different okay,so i dont hate it but,its very tequila i mean i like tequila,and i wasnt expecting that since it,said seltzer but its agave you have to,expect the agave,like the syrup doesnt taste like,tequila thats what i was thinking,it was like that kind of a situation,heres bear also um honestly this phone,is looking better yeah front camera,goddamn damn must be looking real,sharp okay but anyways so lime,um zero through ten whats your,trying to think like kind of situation,why like what you know if these would be,good for like all kinds of situations,seltzer,seltzer wise not like compared to all,the other compared to all the other,salsas yeah,i dont know i feel like youd really,have to like binge on these to like,really get an idea,because im like one could be good but,two of these i feel like i would be like,nauseous,after like an afternoon crushing these,like i mean obviously its like it i,think i saw someone say that they taste,like theyre like limeritas and,strawberry,im definitely getting that from this,like this is very limerita like okay,guys were back,we finished i mean to be honest i have,like a sip left,but im not loving it so im not,gonna finish it because we are dedicated,to finish,like drinking all of them were going to,try it were all going to were all,going to finish one,but we got to rate it now that its free,oh read it my personal,preferences and personal personal,ratings,five two okay what about you,um im gonna give it a solid seven and a,half and the reason,thats like good ten is like the best,let me,i need to do a quick research thing and,then ill ill give it some context,the its key to to note that its seven,percent alcohol by volume which is more,than your typical beer your typical life,beer all that [ __ ] its five percent,so what about white closets white cause,and true ace or five percent oh,all right so next up thats the one,do you want to do no i think thats,gonna be the best,strawberry its gonna be like strawberry,i love strawberry stuff so well see all,right so,strawberry dirty strawberry up next,strawberry up next sponsor us,okay so all the same info obviously,100 premium blue agave from mexico,strawberry,cheers im scared i can already smell it,wait you can crack it you can smell it,right away,wait why do i like this one,i mean it tastes like they grinded some,fresh strawberries and its,fresh like it tastes like theres like,strawberry puree,in it i agree 100 yeah,like its kind of like strawberry jolly,rancher,i mean i guess i mean imagine like just,um,like your average lacroix and you like,crushed up some fresh strawberries,like like a real strawberry like from,yeah i like this one actually this is,what it tastes like thats what it,tastes like,i did not i dont get that heavy i dont,rather like this one,yeah taste is is different for sure from,the line,totally different id much rather prefer,this one im super curious to see what,pineapples gonna be like i feel like,guys were back after finishing the,strawberry one,we keep taking breaks like after we give,our initial taste,and then we finish it and we listen to,jonathan scar,just so you know the experience is,completely authentic with us,head banging to travels in between,wheels,uh def i mean definitely not headbanging,but,definitely vibing definitely taking it,in,more and more with each step um,all right so now we gotta give the final,review,after finishing the whole one sipping on,it for a good 10 minutes,[Music],and mine is we definitely would do it,again,loved it yeah strawberry was pretty,funny strawberry was good,but i i after like after drinking it for,a while like i chugged half of it and,then just kind of slowly sit the second,half,and you can definitely start to a while,after a while like taste the agave,a little bit in my opinion for me no,but um,it was good it yeah definitely not,strawberrito,lime was limerita but the strawberry was,not strawberry,i gotta give it an eight i mean oh my,god i was gonna give it an eight too,yeah there we go easy so yeah that was,that was good so now it is time for,the third one the pineapple,lets see if were gonna ladies first,hes been saying that all day like you,have jokes or something,and you definitely was recycling that,joke but,okay all right so this is what the,pineapple looks like,okay im excited to try this one though,because everyone has been saying this,ones the best,shall we we shout wait im just now,reading the ingredients,and it does say cane sugar it does say,cold fermented cane sugar so we might be,i might be mistaken on the the actual,alcohol source,all right so i can smell it immediately,can you,yes okay,all right god damn dont sip it into my,cheers dude,relax i know what the protocols are,okay ready,[Music],tastes like something else thats,pineapple thats like from my childhood,like yeah like the what is it,capricious or something i dont know,this tastes like like some pineapple,[ __ ] like the,the flavor of like some numbing,novocaine [ __ ] that they would get,there at the dentist yeah extremely,a

Trying Travis Scott’s Cacti Hard Seltzer

brad hall here and today ive got,travis scotts latest its cacti,hard seltzer im gonna taste test this,ive never had a hard seltzer so it,should be interesting,lets find out if its any good,last week travis released cacti his hard,seltzer,and it took the beverage world by storm,people were going around to grocery,stores to,other types of stores looking for this,trying to get their hands on it i had,trouble,finding it in store but fortunately you,can order it,on that cacti website now getting into,the hard seltzer game,that move makes total sense to me it is,a,rapidly growing market i think a hard,seltzer is just the beginning,youre gonna see more and more travis,products,in rapidly growing markets maybe his,next move is to get into that,compostable toothbrush marketplace,i would definitely pick up one of those,toothbrushes so i hope that happens,now before i get into the taste test,just a couple things,ive never tried a hard seltzer before i,have had,plenty of sparkling waters though so im,fairly familiar,with this general genre and if it does,prove to be too much for me,i do have this a spit bucket,thats going to be right by my side at,all times id also like you to know that,i,am of the right age to consume,something like this it may come as a,surprise,but i am over 21 years old,i do like this packaging a lot its in,this,kind of sandy brown a very travis,scot-like color,so there are going to be three flavors,that were trying today this is made,from,premium blue agave refreshing bold taste,i do love a bold taste so that all,sounds,really tasty,so heres a lime pineapple and heres,our strawberry,ive got some glasses im going to show,you what they look like too,and lets start lets start with the,lime,i think this one,just a taste we dont want to get too,much in there,definitely smells so here we go this is,the lime,its actually its kind of tart i wasnt,expecting that at all i thought it would,be a lot sweeter i do get,just a little bit of lime but the flavor,is,not overpowering at all we are gonna try,pineapple now,makes a nice sound just a little,just a little drizzle in here you can,really smell the pineapple,easy does it you dont want to get the,liquid,into your mouth too quickly it gets too,wet in there,its got a lot more smell than it has,flavor,lets try that one more time,theres a little pineapple but,definitely,a lot more when smelling it,and now the strawberry there is a strong,strawberry odor with this one,just it hits you in the nose and it,doesnt want you to,really get up after it knocks you out,that one actually has the most flavor,just down the line one more time,tickled my throat a little bit and then,one last time with this lime,now the lime is standing out to me,that was a surprise i think actually if,i were to rank these,i put lime number one,strawberry number two,this pineapple one that is coming,coming in the rear so that is my,official ranking,did not have to use the spit bucket,today,i would say if youre into hard seltzers,this one is,light its crisp it is refreshing,for me personally im gonna stick to my,sparkling waters,that is more my speed thanks so much for,watching,hope everyones doing well


now were on our way to target to see if,they have anything,at target that is not no iced tea,nothing,twisted tea nothing nothing,not no iced tea no ice cream all of them,all of them,just grab them bro by the case bro all,of them bro by the case though,i dont know ice tea thank guys i know,iced tea,oh cacti is not no iced tea,[Music],all of them,wow,whats going on youtube its prayers and,its kevin and today we got for you,cacti by travis scott seven percent,agave seltzer review for you this just,dropped today and we went everywhere for,them,we went to bevmo pavilions,target target and we had no looks,but at ralphs we had some luck we got a,bunch of them,we take stock here and we decided to,review them,for you this is the cacti nine pack,agave spikes seven percent seltzer by,travis scott,lime strawberry and pineapple flavor the,three,initial flavors ive been very excited,for this weve seen billboards and ads,and commercials for this and now its,finally here,packaging looks nice it looks,like a collectors item nice box not too,bulky,not too heavy contains just nine of them,pretty cool a nice change from your,usual six-pack,or 12-pack just right there in between,three pineapple three lime and three,strawberry,agave spike salsa cacti is made with a,hundred percent,premium blue agave from mexico and,natural flavors for refreshing,and bold taste i love how it says,naturally flavored with other natural,flavors,so its naturally flavored with natural,flavors,other natural flavors and the natural,all natural flavors,packaging looks sick very simple,got the cacti logo on the front on the,side pictures of the bottles,on the back same thing and right here,theyre statement to 100 blue agave,salsa from mexico,seven percent at the top nine cans,and the flavors right there one can is,only 150 calories so honestly its not,even a lot of calories,less than one gram of sugars,gluten free whoa thats thats pretty,cool,its [ __ ] gluten free if you guys,want to go order some go check them out,at drinkcacti.com,lets do this child proof packaging,a nice addition,im just gonna go in from the side,from the top,all right,theres your side view is that a little,panel top lets pull out,the first one lets see what flavor we,get,and its the pineapple oh wait,let me fix that its the oh,all right let me fix this hold on hold,on technical difficulties weve had any,technical difficulties,pineapple,oh cheers brother found it,oh this is bomb oh yeah,travis scott loves four locos,this tastes like a four look i can,actually drink cheers,it doesnt taste like [ __ ] high,school drama and [ __ ] basic [ __ ],not much of a drinker when you taste the,tequila,tequila has such a smooth taste to it,that afterwards,you dont even taste it i hate drinking,i hate hard liquor cheers and yet,theres no aftertaste in my mouth,when you just sit there and throw that,[ __ ] back you dont taste a single thing,not as carbonated as a white claw,not as disgusting as a four loko,like right in between i dont like those,seltzers,because then theyve got my stomach,feeling all bloated,so this right here so far so good,a little scary actually with how smooth,it is,just dont think about it just dont,think about it,i gave up my aaa meeting for this this,what i give up my meetings for,can we go back to smoking it tastes like,a four loko,theres no really other any way to,describe this but like a four loko,its got like that zesty tangy,medicinal taste to it i think it tastes,like,candied pineapple like a pineapple candy,and dipped into some,hard liquor hey travis you in there,damn and to think i was gonna pound,these yeah we thought they were gonna,pound these these arent really,poundable,theyre kind of not harsh but they sit,in your stomach,i wonder what made travis scott decide,to do this i wonder what compelled him,to,make this he was probably tired of white,claws,my head is already feeling warm,[Music],and so it begins,[Music],this is 12 ounces,of you are going to get your ass,kicked i,am getting [ __ ] up this is just one,and i already feel a sort of a head,change,i feel wavy i dont feel too much but i,feel like damn after two or three,imma be smacked,oh god that [ __ ] was in the bowels in my,stomach,im basically done,ah yeah trevor scott you some,you some bitter [ __ ] yes im,getting [ __ ] up without feeling too,stupid i dont feel bloated i dont feel,like im about to throw up all that,feeling has been burped away,and now i dont even have a liquor taste,in my mouth its amazing,sick of mood i think one is great to,relax,i think once you start getting into more,than one you start to push the limits,of being sober and although now i still,feel a little sober i do feel a little,bit,[ __ ] drunk that was the pineapple the,pineapple was all right,i like the taste this pineapple makes,my mouth numb my ears,they feel red as [ __ ] they feel so warm,right now,and i got a sort of buzzing feeling in,my head while,its sitting in my stomach its like i,just ate a whole meal,this is just too much,but its pretty good,i can drink these,without feeling too bad in the sense,that,beers are too heavy they leave your,stomach,full and with four percent only five,percent yeah,not doing anything then you have other,seltzers that just make you feel bloated,and bubbly,also four percent and five percent and,that tastes like [ __ ] this,actually tastes pretty good its like a,subtle taste,thats what i like you really cant,taste the liquor or the vodka,too potently you can taste them just not,like a four local bro that [ __ ] be going,down your,throat and ill this is more like just on,your tongue when you first sip on it,and i really enjoy that because im not,a fan of liquor im not a fan of alcohol,if i drink straight [ __ ] shots,i will throw up because i dont like the,burning i dont like the flavor i dont,like none of that [ __ ] im a stoner,but this is not bad,its lit,why travis why do you not like being,sober,does it always have to be sickle mode,for you,cacti is not no iced tea,yeah i think we might have to go for the,second one i think were straight,[ __ ] if we dont go for the second,one i think were straight [ __ ],[ __ ] oh i know,i didnt want to go for the third one,bro we have to,mow my razor [ __ ] its sickle mode time,cheers,one two three,oh yeah oh its getting better oh yeah,its getting better,oh oh thats a lot better this tastes,like a hai chew,its fire yo strawberry strawberry fuego,strawberry,fuego i dont know if you like,strawberry travis but strawberry,magnifique pineapple still takes,pineapple still packs too much of a,tangy,flavor this doesnt have no tank to it,its lip smacking,oh my god this ones too dangerous if,you dont know this was,cacti youd be sitting here thinking im,drinking some,strawberry juice oh this one the flavor,leaves immediately which is what i like,it doesnt sit there too long,very impressive very impressive indeed,i think strawberry is my favorite now so,far im starting to feel,that flustered,heat body heat feeling,like my body is starting to heat up,lets get through it,my body is not receiving this very well,i think you might need to eat something,with this i think thats probably why,youre interested i think if youre,eating something and at the same time,youre drinking this,it might taste good and it might feel,good,[Music],strawberry has a good strawberry taste,to it,its like the strawberry haichu,[ __ ] bro i dont like alcohol bro why,cant we just smoke weed,oh,hows this legal bro,usa usa,i havent drank in a while kai taitan no,iced tea,i dont really drink this much anymore,so thats why i feel like its hitting a,lot harder,this is slowly becoming more and more of,a mission to finish,nonetheless we proceed onwards,i better not puke,wow how is seven percent hitting so hard,bro,i dont even feel [ __ ] up its just,oh damn [ __ ] i must have a,strong stomach bro i dont think i could,drink,nine im having a tough time getting,through this second one,youre just kidding no i tried to,but i couldnt get ty travis s

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