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  2. 2023 Cadillac XT4 // BIG Style for a SMALL Price! ($36,000)
  3. Driven- 2019 Cadillac XT4 AWD Car Review
  4. 2019 / 2020 Cadillac XT4 | Taking On The X1
  5. 2019 Cadillac XT4 – Review & Road Test
  6. 2019 Cadillac XT4 | Road Test
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2022 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury / Full Model POV PLUS Test Drive

a small premium crossover was all new,for 2019 adding more safety in 2022,cadillac of lakeland brings us the 2022,cadillac xt4 premium luxury in your,twilight blue metallic inside adding all,the luxury with the latest technology by,q,new for the year three different color,options the sports trim will also,receive red brake calipers to make it,look a little bit more sporty especially,when were going against the rivals like,your bmw x1 or x2 your audi q3 your,volvo xc40 which is the best route to go,for performance for luxury technology,safety im anthony from hawkeye rides,were going to go over all the specs and,details starting now,[Music],the new cadillac xt4 is the smallest ute,in the cadillac lineup but it still,brings the cadillac tradition the,styling up front with the crease lines,and thats going to start with that,jewel like led headlamps that just flows,into your led fog lamps non-functional,air curtain right here but it still has,the attributes of sports and luxury,because of the high gloss and against,this twilight blue metallic i think it,sets a nice tone as well working down,the lower bit 6.7 inches of ground,clearance those strong lines are going,to encase into this cadillac grille very,aggressive youll have the chrome,inserts with the gloss black chrome,surrounding all of it pushing up onto,your hood giving a nice aerodynamic,scheme this is not going to be the,widest but its 74.1 inches a height of,64.1 inches when you sit this next to,the rivals this is always going to stand,out more because of the traditional,styling that cadillac uses and,implements in the silhouette styling 20,inch dynamic nine spoke diamond cut and,medium android finish the disc reading,behind it 12.6 inches the front,ventilated the rear 12.4 inches you can,make this suspension as sport derived if,you want they have an available active,sports suspension which entails that it,will continuously control the dampers,adjusting the chassis and tuning every,two milliseconds you got your mcpherson,front suspension five link rear,suspension four-wheel independent,suspension,58.1 to 41.9 weight distribution so its,not necessarily going to be the most,athletic however it still packs all the,attributes of luxury and performance a,length,181.1 inches with the wheelbase at,109.4 inches this is going to be the,longest against the volvo against the,bmw and the audi what i like is the,styling cues we get the door handles,they illuminate at night time so you can,see it it makes a nice luxury flare the,lower skirt is going to get the silver,so it gives that sporty attribute you,get the chrome around all the window,treatment so you keep that luxury and,youre going to get the silver on the,roof rails with the lower roof spoiler,the gloss black thats going to surround,it and some hidden jewels thats going,to start with your rear windshield wiper,also your rear view mirror its digital,the camera is tucked underneath there,led tail lamps that give the signature,cadillac styling working down the lower,bed you got your dual exhaust outlets,youre going to receive the silver,thats going to be around it with your,reflectors down low front and rear,parking sensors at 360 degree camera,power liftgate going inside to your,cargo at 22.5 cubic feet we receive,storage underneath the floor a 12 volt,charger the rear bench split falls at a,60 40 split thats going to max that,cargo to 48.9 cubic feet thats going to,be better than the audi and the bmw the,cadillac xt4 keeps a simple luxury,handsome styling and the best part about,it is it still has a traditional suv,look its not a bubble for aerodynamics,or anything like this they keep the,attributes and they keep both of the,fenders for the front and the rear just,bulging out so it stresses the,performance a cadillac backs it with a,2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged,engine producing 235 horsepower and 258,pound-feet of torque thats paired to a,nine-speed automatic transmission,achieving 24 to 30 mpgs which in the,city this is the best in class 0 to 60,around 7.8 seconds a quarter mile at,16.1 seconds top speed at 132 miles per,hour which is so quick it beats all the,rivals that were talking about stopping,70 to zero at,174 feet which makes it nearly the best,in class yet again so youre getting the,styling cues for a sports slash luxury,utility in a small package all blended,in backed by cadillac let me know what,you think in the comments about the 2022,cadillac xt4 premium luxury as we go,into the interior go over the tech and,take this for our test run entering,inside the cadillac xt4 were going to,receive 39.4 inches of headroom 38.3,inches of legroom its going to have,better headroom than the volvo bucket,front seats light platinum with jet,black 14 way power adjustment ventilated,heated massage memory for the driver,cadillac embroidered in the front seats,and in the rear seats the only,disadvantage is the ventilated and,heated seats is a delete because,of this chip problem and shortage,cadillacs dashboard is going to be,simple very modern flat with the,contrast stitching it almost looks like,a two-tier the way they have it,projected you have the wood inlays with,the metal look around the air vents on,the side and even on the center thats,over this eight inch touchscreen,infotainment with navigation this is,your shoe system so we have the pinch,we have the swipe click it to the home,button so you can see that we have,wireless apple carplay wireless android,auto wi-fi hotspot slide it over you can,do your climate control sirius xm,streaming bluetooth am fm switch to,reverse you do have full trajectory its,a 360 degree reverse camera you can,change the viewpoints and you can do it,multiple times to make it easy for your,reversing and i like how intuitive that,it is in the reverse because everything,is seamless and you know what youre,doing when you push it its not like,youre guessing dual climate control,settings is going to be underneath it if,you dont want to do it through your,infotainment open up inside here and you,got a large storage a usb and a 12 volt,cup holders easy fit about a 20 to near,32 ounce you have a driver mode select,so you can go to your tour sport or snow,and ice you have your intuitive drive,that will do everything for your,infotainment if you dont want to use,the touchscreen elbows are going to be,nice and soft open up inside here it is,a pretty large storage its just not,necessarily so wide with the 12 volt it,has an area here that you can put your,phone so you can charge it and they do a,great job hiding wires there you have,storage on both sides here i wish it was,a pass through like the xt5 but this is,a smaller suv steering wheel is a,leather wrap multi-function paddle,shifters and i do like the cadillac,badging in the center it is heated,however because of the chip problem we,dont have that feature the gauge,cluster has a tft display that can go,through an array of information for the,driver pretty much everything that you,need to see for your optimal gas,consumption your navigation and if you,want to use your bluetooth settings get,the contrast stitching its soft on all,the top memory for the driver one touch,up and down for the front windows you,get that wood with that polish over it,with that metal storage i would say you,can fit about two or three 16.9 ounce,water bottles and you got an area here,that you can fit for your umbrella the,rear view mirror is digital so you can,flip it this way its also edgeless you,can leave it on that camera thats,hidden in the rear lets see how i look,in the back seats for the back seats im,at 39.5 inches of headroom 38.3 inches,of legroom which is the best in class,comparing it to the rivals that ive,been competing with today,as for the way you sit youre going to,sit a little bit more in youve got your,air vents in the center heated rear,seats two usb ports the heated rear,seats is also a delete because of the,chip problem but it is something that,you can retrofit later on storage

2023 Cadillac XT4 // BIG Style for a SMALL Price! ($36,000)

whats going on youtube,so historically cadillac was known for,making a large land yacht sedans however,these days crossovers are what it,specializes in now,first introduced in 2019 the xt4 has,been tweaked over the years to stay,competitive with the competition,so what do you get inside cadillacs,smallest and most affordable crossover,which starts at under forty thousand,dollars lets go ahead and find out,[Music],now before i start talking about the,exterior design as a whole i might as,well go ahead and point out our 2023,changes thats going to be basically,exterior color modification so weve,removed one of the blue color options,weve also replaced the silver and red,options with new,hues so for those of you that matters,there you go now in terms of the overall,design nothing has changed this year so,youre going to notice that signature,cadillac grill up here in the front,weve got the premium luxury today so,thats going to add the chrome elements,through here as well as in the mesh,itself if you choose that sport model,its going to black this out for an even,more aggressive look,now lets come over here and take a look,at our headlights as you can see these,are led headlights these are going to be,standard on all of the models,youve got a cool daytime running light,that comes down through here but you,will notice once it gets to the turn,signal,that part is going to be incandescent,unfortunately and we also dont have any,fog lamps on any of the models,now next up with this fashionable,crossover lets talk about the,fashionable wheels,youre going to have 18-inch alloys as,standard equipment however what we have,today are the optional 20-inch alloys,these have these special,android finish is what cadillac calls,them and they look really good i do like,this design got a lot of spokes and,youve got this kind of gray finish with,the silver accents throughout looks,really good and pops with this overall,design of course on the side youve also,got your silver cadillac emblem,and lets come on up here to our mirrors,they are going to have heating as,standard equipment as well as blind spot,monitoring and if you choose the premium,luxury or the sport models that are that,is also going to throw in your auto,dimming as well as your power folding,all right guys so i have quite a bit to,talk about here at the side of the xt4,so the first thing ill knock out is the,overall length were looking at 181.1,inches which actually does place this,around 10 inches shorter than the,cadillac xt5 and it does also kind of,put it as a tweener vehicle for,different segments so if youre looking,for like a reference point its,definitely smaller than something like,an audi q5 but a little bit larger than,something like an audi q3 now as far as,some of the side design elements go,if you go for one of the luxury trim,levels youre going to have all these,chrome elements going through here if,you go for this sport thats going to,block everything out to give you a nice,sporty look and the premium luxury is,going to throw in the chrome roof rails,at the top to give it a lot more of a,luxurious feel than just the,plain luxury model now as far as the,rear design of the xt4 is concerned,nothing changes for 2023 were going to,have the signature xt4 design,which is actually a pretty nice design i,like the way this vehicle looks so as we,break down some of the individual,features we do have a hidden rear wiper,underneath the spoiler so i like that,its not just attached on down here we,also have a nice spoiler integrated on,all the models then if we check out our,tail lights were going to have some,signature l-shaped tail lights these are,going to be led on every single xt4,model as you can see this is your brake,light this also doubles as your turn,signal indicator if you go for the sport,model thats going to clear out the tail,light lenses to give you a little bit of,a sportier look your reverse slide is,integrated down here in the bumper this,is going to be incandescent,unfortunately that looks a little bit,less premium than i would expect then if,we drop down to all the lower areas,premium luxury is going to add some of,the silver finishings all the models,have the nice exposed trapezoidal,exhaust outlets and we have a 3 500,pound tow rating for,models equipped with the tow package,so for your safety systems cadillac is,throwing in three out of four of them as,standard equipment on every single xt4,so thats going to be ford emergency,braking with pedestrian detection auto,high beam headlamps as well as a lane,keeping now if you want adaptive cruise,control you will have to option that on,later on the xt4 on some of the higher,end models and as far as your warranty,is concerned we actually have a quite,long warranty for the luxury segment,youre looking at four year fifty,thousand mile basic warranty six year,seventy thousand mile powertrain,warranty and cadillac is also throwing,in one complimentary service visit,well guys thats gonna wrap up the xt4,on the outside now lets go ahead and,check out the interior before we take it,out in a spin,now to get inside the xt4 as you would,expect you do have a standard smart,entry system,this is cadillacs key fob with real,metal trim on the outside edges we also,have remote start built into the fob,itself,and then as far as the door handle we do,have illumination built in and you press,the button to unlock,so theres a good look at the interior,and well go ahead and climb inside here,now taking a look at our seats and,starting off with the color material,choices,what we have on board is a real leather,seat youve got the choice between the,jet black you see today or also a,beige color option for the premium,luxury grade,as you can see a nice looking seat it is,full black,nice perforation in the middle youve,got some stitching details on the,outside edge it is pretty comfortable to,set in as well,as far as the seat adjustment youre,going to have a standard eight-way power,adjusting seat however on todays,specific example we also have the,optional lumbar massage,now coming up here to our door trim,weve got a nice leather that covers,around that kind of twists down all this,upper part is also covered in the same,leatherette material stitching detail,through there,premium luxury and sport models will,come with two person memory seating and,our windows are one touch auto up and,down for the driver and passenger auto,down for the other two,coming up here to the upper dash again,youre going to find leatherette,covering all of it even the extreme,upper portions that continues down,through here and around the display with,the stitching detail we also have,genuine aluminum accents inside of the,cabin,and then down here again on your center,console all this is going to be covered,in a leatherette including the area for,your knee to rest against on the side,now to start it up put your foot on the,brake and press the standard button,[Music],so starting off here with our gauge,cluster,as you can see we do have a mixture of,digital and analog elements on board we,also have the 4.2 inch multi-function,display right there in the middle you,can upgrade that to a full 8 inch,display which will take up the whole,area,via an option group but in terms of this,one it does have all the typical,information you would expect and you can,also make some adjustments to things,like your safety systems,a head-up display is available as well,and coming back to the steering wheel,weve got a nice leather wrapped one,its got the latest cadillac design some,of your buttons down here on the lower,parts are going to be made of metal we,also do have a heated steering wheel and,its going to be manual tilt and,telescoping,all right lets go ahead and check,interior storage next,to open up our center console,looks quite large we have a little tray,we can toss off to the side yeah and it,really is very large once you get inside,its very deep nice felt lining over all,the areas as well,and um,defini

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Driven- 2019 Cadillac XT4 AWD Car Review

the all-new 2019 xt4 is the smallest,vehicle cadillac has offered in a long,time but really its significance is,larger than an Escalade ESV first off,its a desperately needed crossover for a,brand swimming in sedans secondly its,much more than a reach into the General,Motors parts bin Im at the press launch,in Seattle Washington where caddy,executives and engineers claimed that,the xt4 is the first of a slew of new,products that will return significant,innovation back to the brand as,something it was once known for Cadillac,is positioning this crossover against,out eq3 BMW x1 and Mercedes GLA thing is,X t4 is larger than all of those,slotting in between them and the q5 x3 +,GL see thats a lot of letters from,numbers in contrast X t4 has just three,trim levels luxury premium luxury and,sport which is pretty much an appearance,package with things like clear taillight,lenses sports only performance advantage,is the ability to add an active damping,suspension that reads each wheel 500,times per second which ought to be,enough dont you think,the brakes are electro hydraulically,controlled so the pedal response is more,consistent in all conditions and theres,no parasitic engine loss from a vacuum,pump the 2-liter four-cylinder with a,twin-scroll turbocharger is all-new and,can run on just two cylinders its ex t,4s only power plants making 237,horsepower,and 258 pound-feet of torque starting at,1500 RPM on specified premium fuel Im,not a big fan of electronic shift levers,but this one that controls a 9-speed,gearbox is okay manual shifting is,available for the few owners that will,actually use that feature the twin,clutch all-wheel drive system can,completely disengage the rear axle for a,better fuel economy drive modes adjust,transmission wrapping steering and,throttle response if youre an all-wheel,drive and shut the vehicle off it will,stay in all-wheel-drive the next time,you turn it on however if youre in,sport mode which is also all-wheel drive,shut the car off turn it back on,it defaults to front-wheel drive which,looks a little bit like this thats one,reason why when launching on wet,pavement all-wheel drive grip is helpful,not all guesstimate zero to 60 miles an,hour happens in just under 7 seconds,gotta say I really like the new 2-liter,four-cylinder turbocharged engine the,band is very usable and its very smooth,the new structure is steel girder solid,in 4 hours of driving and never once,felt a quiver steering weight at speed,is moderate Road fuel is good theres a,vibration absorber integrated into the,airbag behind the steering wheel to,reduce any unpleasantries coming up,through the column right quality is,comfortable not soft and floaty Cadillac,hasnt done that for years and its,quietness,its a Cadillac a brand that does a poor,job of marketing the excellent handling,dynamics of most of its vehicles,I drove a premium luxury and sport model,with the continuous damping suspension,and found both to be good fun driving,during hard cornering the tires were,specially developed for the XT four by,Continental 9 speed transmission is,programmed and very smooth youll hardly,even notice it if you have a person that,uses the paddle shifters though dont,expect quick dual-clutch slight shifts,theyre a little slow disability is fine,cadillac has improved its mirror that is,both a regular unit showing my drive,partner perry stern or a video monitor,that offers a much wider field of vision,though it does take a moment for eyes to,focus on it,alright xt4 has a fuel saving engine,start/stop system and its very very,smooth unlike other General Motors,products though this one has a button to,easily turn it off the all-wheel drive,XT fours EPA fuel economy average is,rated at 24 miles per gallon a smidge,better than out eq3,a ticker – lower than BMW x1 and,Mercedes GLA active safety features like,automatic emergency braking with,pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise,control are available or in other words,theyll cost you frankly I prefer the,interior in the XT 4 – the one found in,Big Brother xt 5 I shot two of them at,the event the carbon fiber and aluminum,trims are top-notch same with the wood,hefty door handles are satisfying to,operate loads of stitching and,substantial looking surrounds adorn the,cabin when your eyes drift downward,though there are some plastics that look,more Buick than Cadillac I do like these,handy pockets for iPads and magazines,the optional surround view system has,more cameras than an ESPN Studio,including a unique view that appears to,be shooting from the front and above it,also includes cross path detection the,chairs heated and vented as-tested are,on the firm side but were comfortable,and supportive during the drive,feature for the driver is available my,old phone doesnt support the high,powered wireless charging here and I do,need a new one the center console is big,enough to handle the giant cinnamon roll,I picked up at the Black Diamond bakery,Cadillac took a drubbing in the past for,its cue user interface this system is,snappy and responsive with crisp,resolution and clean graphics though the,8-inch screen seems a touch small,near-field communications simplifies,phone pairing the user interface uses,the right amount of redundant knobs and,hard buttons these that control the HVAC,system look and feel particularly good,Android auto and apple carplay are along,for the ride a long push on the home,button easily toggles between them and,the Cadillac interface one goal of the,Cadillac engineers was to offer a much,better backseat experience than the q3,x1 and GLA they have succeed in – adults,will be just fine back here though the,seat backs are a little bit upright,Cadillac claims a six foot tall,passenger can sit fairly comfortably,behind a driver of the same size thats,believable xt4 is future proofed with,the latest USB ports heated seats are,available door storage is skimpy but,there are pockets on both seats,the optional panoramic roof adds a,spacious vibe,while there are belts for three a,moderately sized drive shaft tunnel and,the small dimensions of this ute will,cause most to stop at two passengers in,this space no sorry not doing the tepee,contest Im at an event I didnt show,the optional kick to open tailgate,either theres only so much time on,these programs the security shade,removes easily but does not store well,in the cargo hold thats something that,might need to be left at home on,occasion I would expect 40/20/40 split,seats at the Cadillac level and since,there are no seat back releases owners,will either get their designer jeans,dirty from bumper road grime or walk,around to the back doors drop the seats,doing this offers up a nice flat load,floor and a fairly generous 48.9 cubic,feet of cargo room not bad for a small,ray,xt4 has a solid design presence that,looks better in person than a dozen,pictures while its clearly a Cadillac,it has a different sense of style,compared to xt5 and Escalade pricing,starts at thirty five thousand seven,hundred and ninety dollars for a,front-drive luxury model which is close,to a base GLA q3 and x1 with the same,equipment the loaded up premium luxury,and sport models that youre seeing here,are in the neighborhood of fifty five,grand which can be significantly higher,than those German competitors on the,other hand xt 4s price reflects,equipment and interior room not,available on those three youll also,want to check out Volvo XC forty,Infiniti qx30 and Lexus NX none of these,are inexpensive so research and test,drive and this one is worth heading off,to check out the FX t4 is a look at the,future of Cadillac the brand is moving,in the right direction a quick note,about the new engine its camshaft has,electromagnetic actuators that shift a,moveable shaft with different cam lobes,they operate imperceptibly between three,operating modes which are high valve,lift for maximum power low lift for,power and efficiency balance and the,cylinder deactivation mode that disables,two of them in

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2019 / 2020 Cadillac XT4 | Taking On The X1

[Music],today were out in the forest during a,break in the rain taking a look at the,vehicle that I have received probably,the most requests for over the last few,months the all-new Cadillac XTS over,this is Cadillacs smallest crossover in,the US and this is designed to compete,in one of the hottest luxury segments,going right now the segment that also,contains the BMW x1 x2 LD q3,mercedes-benz GLA the all-new Volvo XC,40 and of course the upcoming 2020 Range,Rover Evoque as well some viewers were,asking whether the XT 4 was really,targeted at this particular segment or,whether it was intended to compete in,the next segment up where the x3 xc60 Q,5 etc compete the answer is that,Cadillac is definitely targeting this at,the smaller segment the subcompact,crossover segment even though this is a,little bit on the large side for this,particular group the overall styling of,the xt 4 is instantly recognizable as a,modern Cadillac we have the LED light,pipes running down the front right here,that are very common in the Cadillac,line at full LED headlamps right here on,the inside and theyre nice and slim,which is definitely something that I,like we dont have fog lamps down at the,bottom but we do get some accent girls,there and well and graded parking,sensors the model that were driving is,the Sport trim of the XT 4 so we get,some slight tweaks up front to the,overall styling weve course have a,360-degree camera right there underneath,that Cadillac logo and then Cadillac has,done a really good job of hiding the,radar adaptive cruise control sensor in,the front bumper,unlike the Cadillac Sedan lineup in,America the XT 4 xt 5 and xt 6,crossovers all start out their life as a,front-wheel drive vehicle with,all-wheel-drive being an option,this particular model does have that,optional all-wheel drive system well,that may disappoint some shoppers in the,larger categories where the XT 5 @ xt 6,play down here in the xt 4 category,thats actually not a problem because,there are no rear-wheel drive entries in,this smaller crossover luxury segment at,the moment the BMW x1 which was the lone,holdout is now a front-wheel drive based,vehicle as well and that really changes,the way that the XT 4 and any of the,other competition ends up being compared,to that particular BMW model now one of,the reasons that the XT 4 has been,confused as being in the next category,up is its overall size at,one hundred seventy eight point one,inches long this is definitely on the,long side for this category but it is a,notable eight inches shorter than the,Cadillac xti and the overall difference,between the X t4 and x t5 is very,similar to what we see in two,competitions subcompact versus compact,models but youll see that down there at,the bottom of your screen this is a full,ten inches longer than the Range Rover,Evoque and a good four inches longer or,so than the average in this category,although this is not always the case in,the XT forest case right here the,greater exterior length does translate,directly into greater interior space,than we find in most of the competition,most specifically legroom we actually,have a very generous amount of front and,rear legroom in the XT four especially,versus the smaller entries in this,segment be sure to let me know what you,think about the overall design of this,vehicle down there in the comment,section below I have to say that I have,always liked the overall exterior design,of Cadillacs modern vehicles I like the,angles going on here the light pipes are,well executed in the front and in the,back over here and the XT four also has,a nice muscular stance youll notice,that the body really flares out right,here around the rear wheel wells that,helps it look a little bit sporty ER we,also have dual exhaust tips well,integrated in the bottom back here and,exhaust gas has actually come out of,those thats something that we dont,always see in European entries at the,moment we find just one engine under,here its a 2-liter four-cylinder engine,that produces 237 horsepower and 258,pound-feet of torque this engine is a,little bit different than the other two,liters we find in Cadillacs engine,lineup this one features not only direct,injection but also cylinder deactivation,in order to help improve overall fuel,economy the only transmission available,is a 9 speed automatic that was,developed in-house by General Motors,themselves,so this 9 speed automatic is not related,in any way to the 9 speed that we find,under the hood of the Range Rover Evoque,certain Acura and FCA products this 9,speed automatic transmission is,considerably smoother as Ive noted in,reviews of other GM vehicles that,receive the same automatic transmission,now this transmission is not quite as,smooth as some of the competitors,8-speed automatic transmissions but,generally speaking this behaves and,feels like a traditional automatic as,youd expect out of a crossover,all-wheel-drive is optional and that,will take your fuel economy down from 26,mm,per gallon from the front-wheel drive,model down to 24 miles per gallon if you,choose the all-wheel drive option an,interesting touch with the,all-wheel-drive system under this body,is that they actually included a sort of,torque vectoring function right back,here for the rear axle this is very,similar to but not exactly the same,thing that we see going on under modern,acura vehicles General Motors tells us,that this system does not have the,ability to overdrive the rear axle so,assuming no front wheel slip the most,power that can go to the rear is 50% but,the vehicle can then send all that 50%,to a single outside wheel whenever it,needs to it can do this to improve fuel,economy by completely decoupling the,rear axle entirely or it can do it to,improve overall driving dynamics by,giving you a little bit of torque,vectoring ability out in the corners,its not going to be quite as aggressive,as what we see in the Acura RDX,but its definitely going to be more,aggressive than we find in any of the,competition in this particular segment,when it comes to front seat comfort Im,going to give this model 9 out of 10,points we are driving the top-end,version which offers a front seat,massage feature which is quite unique in,this particular segment even some of the,European options that offer massage in,their upper-level models dont offer it,in the competition to the xt4 we also,have a power tilt telescopic steering,column that is memory linked another,feature that we typically dont find at,this end of the segment,a final nice touch in here is that the,pastor seat has exactly the same range,of motion as the drivers seat we,typically see this in American luxury,cars and some of the European entries as,well but we generally dont see that in,entries like the Lexus u X now the,passenger seat and the drivers seat are,not quite as comfortable as some of the,top-end trims of the competition mainly,because of the size of the overall seat,bottom cushion I found it a little bit,short for my tastes but I did love the,fact that this has inflatable side,cushions and again that massage,functionality hopping into the back seat,youll immediately notice that we have,about 2 inches more combined legroom,than we find in the average entry in,this segment and that means its a lot,more comfortable for adults to sit back,here than some of those smaller options,especially like the Lexus u X which is,definitely on the low end of this,segment as far as overall legroom is,concerned now remember that this is not,as wide as a compact luxury crossover so,if I move over to the middle seat its,not going to be as comfortable for three,folks across the back,Headroom is pretty generous back here,overall for this segment although my,head does touch the ceiling we are in,the model with the panoramic roof now if,I move over to the right side youll,notice the effect of all this added,legroom this front seat is all the way,back in its tracks I had a six foot five,person very comfortably up there you can,s

2019 Cadillac XT4 – Review & Road Test

The XT4 is the Cadillac of compact SUVs. Nailing down its,competitive set is tricky, but well hash that out shortly. First what is this,thing? Thats right, its a distinctly styled small SUV. This,particular XT4 is the Sport trim as indicated by its gloss black trim and,sporty wheels. A more traditional luxury aesthetic can be had with the aptly,named Luxury and Premium Luxury trims. Regardless of trim all XT4s present,a bright face with standard LED head and running lights. In back the Sport has,clear LED taillight lenses, while Luxury trims come in red before moving on. Ill,point out that this color free Cadillac crest looks like a smushed Decepticon,logo. If possible, editor, theres be a really good point for you to use the,robot voice on me. What is life like like a transformer? Oh, its not so bad. I mean,theres a lot of sitting around interspersed, but its the moments of,sheer terror, but you know its a living. So, does this orange paint make my butt,look big? You can be honest.,Inside buyers can choose, okay, enough with the robot voice. Buyers can choose,from a variety of themes with wood metallic or on the Sport model carbon,fiber trim with lovely stitching, soft surfaces, and a modern design, the XT4,feels like a premium product. Defying that premise are hard plastics hidden,down low and at least in our test car janky-looking A-pillar trim. Ive also,noticed that at certain angles the trim in this region reflects the sun right,into my eyes. Another visual consideration is a high beltline that,makes sitting in the XT4 kind of feel like sitting in a hot tub. There we go.,Not unlike a hot tub the XT4 is a pleasant spot to hang thanks to soft,armrests, extending sun visors, and a good driving position and back legroom is,excellent for a small SUV. At least when seated behind myself Ive got plenty of,knee clearance and my feet fit way under the front seat so I can stretch out.,Headroom meanwhile is merely adequate, and the seat backs do not recline but,theyre squishy enough I cant stay mad at them. Oh, thats nice. Thats so cozy.,For hiding smaller items the interior offers seat back map pockets, deep center,console storage, these handy slots and umbrella holsters and the doors between.,You definitely use if it ever rained in California. For larger gear a spacious,conveniently square 22.5-cubic feet hides behind the second row expandable,via 60/40 folding seats. On a related cargo note using the OnStar system and,an Amazon key app you could have Amazon deliveries dropped right in the trunk of,your XT4, and if that sounds like a bad idea try leaving those deliveries on,your porch all day. Hey, Tim how many times have you had stuff stolen off your,porch? Twice. Twice that wouldnt be package. Yeah yeah thats true,yeah, three. Well I know, I know how math works. Another prime bit of technology is,the standard 8-inch Q infotainment system featuring Apple CarPlay and,Android Auto smartphone integration and near-field communication for simple,Android phone pairing. You just tap this spot with your phone and it connects. How,convenient, quick reacting, and cleanly arranged I dont have much to complain,about. I especially like that even though they,have a rotary control knob down here they also give you the freedom to just,push the buttons up here on the screen. I like options.,Moving the XT4 is a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with an,inoffensive yet defeatable engine start/stop system and the ability to,transparently deactivate two cylinders when cruising for improved fuel economy.,On that score front-wheel drive XT4s get up to 30 mpg when driven tamely. Gun,it and theres ample power to jump ahead of traffic. At the same time with all,that power going to the front tires torque steer rears its head. It doesnt,take much effort to counteract the steering wheels tugs but it does remind,me that some car makers have managed to exercise their torque steer demons.,Remember the fun we had in the Civic Type-R? Interestingly models equipped,with the optional twin clutch all-wheel drive system also experienced torque,steer in tour mode, power is efficiently directed solely to the front tires,helping explain a meager one mpg drop on the highway versus front drive XT4.,If you demand full-time traction enhancement just like all-wheel drive or,sport mode when rolling through the suburbs the XT4 is smooth. Enhancing,the experience is relaxed and low effort steering, a hushed cabin with active,noise cancellation, and a responsive frame shifting 9-speed automatic,transmission. By contrast the engines personality is,abrupt and unabashedly turbocharged. Press the throttle and a short pause is,followed by a wishy turbocharged kick. Whether mellow or intense the XT4s,acceleration feels raw for a Cadillac especially at low speeds. Its hard to,ease into the power, but that measured foot input looks like Im trying to get,my learners permit. For the record, I have my drivers license.,Ive also noticed a disconnect between the steering resistance and the rate of,vehicle turn, but there I go again complaining about steering feel.,Lets change things up and complain about the brakes. The XT4s brake,pedal is both spongy and overly sensitive. Hows that possible? We will,have cut to b-roll by now if the editor has done their job. Dammit. The,prime suspect is an electoral hydraulic braking system that ditches old-school,vacuum assist for a compact electric motor. The result is odd pedal feel and,improved efficiency. On a brighter note the XT4 Sport can be equipped with,adaptive dampers elevating ride and handling by matching the suspensions,reactions to the demands of both the road and the driver. Buy a sub $36,000 XT4,base trim including destination charges and youll enjoy four USB ports,both, A and C types, eight airbags, two zone climate control, our front each with,2-way lumbar, rear parking sensors and keyless access so you dont have to mess,with the fob when youre coming or going. Populating the option roster are heated,and ventilated seats, leather, blind spot warning, wireless phone charging, a,dazzling 360 degree camera system with a range of views a rear view camera for,unimpeded yet creepy visibility, and super adjustable seats with a massage,function, though when you first start the car up it takes the screen a little,while to boot up, and you need the screen to select the exact kind of massage that,you want. Tack that to a growing list of tedious complaints from privileged,people. As youd expect from a modern luxury vehicle the XT4 offers active,driver assist options like dynamic cruise control, forward and reverse,automatic braking, and lane departure warning with steering assist. Load up a,sport or premium luxury trim and the MSRP can top $55,000.Heads up, the only,free color is silver, any other hue will cost you between $600 and $1200.,Pit it against compact luxury SUVs like the Audi Q5 and,BMW X3, the XT4 is a bargain though it could be argued their real competition is the,bigger Cadillac XT5. Move down a class to sub-compact SUVs and the XT4 is a,larger but pricier alternative to entrants like the BMW X1 and,Mercedes-Benz GLA. Perhaps the most direct competitors are the value priced,Lincoln MKC, the popular and similarly priced Lexus NX, or the slightly pricier,but lovely and more powerful Acura RDX. However you compare it, the XT4 is,distinct, comfortable, and practical. Its not perfect but it is the Cadillac of,compact SUVs.,

2019 Cadillac XT4 | Road Test

motorWeek is made possible by Thai Rak,comm Rennicks hum by Verizon State Farm,and WeatherTech well if you thought they,couldnt possibly be room for yet,another compact luxury crossover you,were wrong you see until now Cadillac,has been sitting this one out and that,all changes with an all-new XT 4 so,lets find out if its a welcomed,addition to the club,[Music],Cadillac formulated the 2019 xt4 for our,new generation of luxury buyers ones,looking for spacious comfort along with,expressive design inspired performance,and lots of new technologies a tall,order indeed and one that is already,being serviced by the likes of the BMW,x3 out eq5 Acura RDX among others but,one thing the xt4 does outdo them all is,an expressive design here you get a,slightly detuned version of Cadillacs,current very bold look,the front fascia hits you with,knife-edged inverted l-shaped LED,headlights separated from a large shield,grille a pinched waist and concave body,panels under set at all yet still Kupa,she favored roof that ends with minimal,overhang at the rear taillights or a,modern take on the familiar Cadillac,theme now reaching out and up alongside,the hatch there are also unique elements,for each trim level which includes,luxury premium luxury and sport this,premium luxury includes plenty of bright,metal work while the Sport trim gets the,blacked-out treatment and alright on,standard 18s with twenties optional,moving on to performance all xt floors,are powered by surprise a 2 liter i-4,turbo output is a healthy 237 horsepower,and 258 pound-feet of torque helping,fuel economy our active fuel management,and a 9 speed automatic transmission the,government ratings are 24 City 30,Highway and 26 combined with front-wheel,drive 22 city 29 highway and 24 combine,for all wheel draw making the energy,impact score an average one with twelve,point seven barrels of annual oil,consumption with co2 emissions of five,point six tons the available twin clutch,all-wheel drive system can completely,decoupled from the rear axle only,engaging the aft tires when additional,traction is called for and it was the,competent operator,this power train that was the true,highlight of our initial driving,sessions which happened in the Pacific,Northwest near Portland Oregon using,some techno trickery dump try power,sliding camshaft lobes in the engine,allow for three distinct operating modes,as well as big delivery of torque when,called upon an available active sports,suspension features continuous damping,control and gets the most out of the,strut type front suspension with five,linked independent rear aiming for the,Younger sport minded buyer means ride,quality is not plush enough to bring,back memories of riding shotgun in the,bench seat of grandpas caddy but this,thing rips around corners better than,Gramps could have ever imagined and five,place accommodations of the XT four are,every bit as nice as he would remember,spacious as well front seats are well,bolstered and comfy without being saw a,thick three-spoke steering wheel Falls,readily to hand as do a welcome number,of manual switches that poke out of the,bottom of the wide flat dash,rear seat passengers fare just as well,plenty of legroom good comfort in the,seats here too youll find 22.5 cubic,feet of space in the cargo bay,expanding to forty eight point nine,cubic feet with the seat backs folded as,for xt four technologies the first thing,youll notice is a new rotary controller,added to the Cadillac user experience or,cue system gauges are the now expected,mix of analog and the virtual lots of,information presented in a clear fashion,the eight inch HD infotainment screen is,recessed into the dash and is high,enough for easy monitoring near-field,communications makes for quicker and,easier phone pairing theres faster,next-gen 15 watt wireless charging and,four standard USB ports not to mention,Cadillacs improved rear camera mirror,surround vision cameras and an available,driver-assistance,and,automatic breaking the base luxury xt4,starts at 35,000 $790 from there you can,choose the premium luxury or sport route,both of which go for forty thousand two,hundred ninety dollars for all-wheel,drive at another twenty five hundred,dollars the 2019 xt4 has what cadillac,needs to compete in the compact luxury,crossover segment and to stay relevant,as a brand as well so while the xt4,faces a container load of rivals already,charging after New Age luxury buyers it,easily checks all of the boxes and then,some it is a fine addition to the story,brand and who knows it might even appeal,to a few of their traditionalists too,indeed we think the xt4 is destined to,become Cadillacs best seller,[Music],[Music]

2021 Cadillac XT4 review // Check out those quality scores!

weve got the cadillac xt4 in the sport,trim the fastest growing segment of the,auto industry are vehicles just like,this this ones a bit of a surprise,that sounds pretty good now last week we,had the cadillac xt5 this week the xt4,whats under the hood of this one a two,liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine,with a nine-speed automatic transmission,237 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of,torque front-wheel drive and all-wheel,drive is available and this is a newer,vehicle than the old xt5 that ones at,the end of its life this one came out,just a couple of years ago and it comes,with a lot of stuff lets get into our,key standard features here are the base,model features in canada an 8-inch,touchscreen a 4.2 inch driver,information display wireless apple,carplay and android auto seven speaker,audio system,heated leatherette front and rear seats,power driver and passenger seats with,two-way lumbar support heated steering,wheel keyless open led headlamps and led,tail lights power liftgate and 18-inch,wheels got a nice dashboard lots of,buttons theres one here that says mode,what are we gonna put it in you have to,put it in s for subscribe and if you can,hit the notification bell youll be,notified when our videos drop and then,you can watch them all we do five a week,we do this a couple car review every,wednesday every saturday we put out,another couple car review monday is the,live show tuesdays always a comparison,and friday some cool old or collectible,car and how you find out is to subscribe,but also follow on instagram its,motormouth underscore andrea and from me,its motormouth underscore auto and the,links are below this video is brought to,you by carcass canada get the dealers,cost list of rebates plus discounted,interest rates use the promo code,motormouth to become an expert member,and get extra searches the link is in,the description below so any given week,we have three or four different cars,parked in front of our house to drive,yeah what car has andrew youve been,driving all week,this one i keep picking this every time,i go out i think im gonna drive the,cadillac this is really fun i like this,engine the nine-speed automatic,transmission shifts smoothly i think,that this vehicle is fantastic and it is,one of the better ones in this class,that i have driven actually thats not,what you said you think its your,favorite in this class i think that the,x1 is a little bit more dynamic and i,like it a little bit more but this xt4,is right up there so the engine and the,transmission and the way it works is all,strong but a vehicle is the sum of its,parts and then when you get into the,inside and were going to talk about,that in a moment there are winds and,misses for each car and thats what,were going to get to with this but you,had a point about turning it around yeah,well although i think its very nimble,and quite quick for a two-liter turbo,the turning radius isnt very good the,xt5 that we just reviewed had a better,turning radius than this xt4 so when we,pick this up a white car i thought oh,white car theyre so dull to shoot but,this one looks good with the white and,black contrast this is also the sport,trim which gives you a slightly,different look yeah i like the big bold,grille that we see with cadillac this,one is in black and like zach said you,get all those black accents throughout,this one comes with 20 inch wheels weve,been upgraded i like the bigger wheels i,think it makes this vehicle i think the,fit and finish of the interior is quite,nice this one is all black leather i,think we could lighten it up a little,bit but if you are someone who always,tends to go with black this is a good,one it has some cinnamon orange colored,trim cadillac calls the stitching in,here cinnamon so it adds a little bit of,contrast but not a lot does it go with,your spice latte i i dont think pumpkin,spice,you also get a bit of carbon in here now,lets get into the size of the screen,because andrew and i kind of differ on,this it comes with an eight-inch screen,i think it fits the dash it looks,proportional i think it looks,proportional and its intuitive to use,but it just is not good enough in this,class its only because you know whats,coming from cadillac theyve theyve,already given us the escalade with the,big huge wrap-around dashboard and weve,seen the lyric has the same thing youre,just thinking i want that in this,im just thinking that the other,competitors have a bigger screen you see,it in mercedes-benz with the gla the q3,and even the volvo xc40 has a 9-inch,screen this is just not good enough i,want to see whats in the lyric in this,because this is a small i was coming,down 33 inch led curved screen all right,kudos to cadillac though because you get,a very intuitive so the size of the,screen andrew thinks is not big enough,but it works really well uh general,motors infotainment system is very easy,to use but i love the fact that they,have all the hard keys below that for,the heat for a lot of the features,youre going to use on a regular basis,plus you get a controller wheel volume,knob theres lots of ways to interact,with the car so theres a couple things,that irritate me about this interior and,the trim levels the premium luxury trim,it doesnt come with a panoramic sunroof,and on the base trim you cant get a,panoramic sunroof double thumbs up so,you have to either add that in a package,or through an a la carte item the other,thing that irritates me is this sport,trim that were in only comes with,leatherette trim this is leatherette,yeah no this is not leatherette we got a,package and we upgraded to leather but,if the premium luxury trim comes with,standard leather so should this sport,trim its the exact same price this,vehicle is kind of really bogged down by,packages everything is in different,packages we want,cadillac to come with a low medium and,high trim in luxury and sport and thats,it because i think if they sharpen their,pencil and came with a lot of good,content which they have at a reasonable,price they would sell more yeah the base,model comes with a lot of standard,features and then if you get the premium,luxury you get driver seat memory,ambient lighting and a hands-free power,liftgate its the same with the sport,trim but if you want a wireless charger,a panoramic sunroof,you have to pay extra for these things,even the bose stereo system a 13 speaker,i want that it should just be in they,should have a low medium and high trim,and package it that way,the only way i would buy this car i like,the way it drives i like the way it,looks i think its a well done product,is if i got a deal on it sure i would i,would have to go to car cost canada use,the promo code motormouth find a deal,and then id be happy with it if i paid,full jam for this no i wouldnt be happy,too many packages too many features in,different packages and the price adds up,way too fast,for this category zach what do you think,about the second row seat for you and,space well they made a conscious effort,to take the space available in this car,and put it towards the rear leg room so,this is actually very good this is best,in class this has even more space than,the corsair and even that envision that,we recently reviewed which felt very,spacious in the second row when you open,the trunk it doesnt look as big theyve,obviously taken space away from the,trunk and put it in the rear seat with,carry-on on a cooler andrea how did it,do it did okay like weve talked about,its not best in class behind the second,row the q3 and the x1 along with the,corsair and the envision offer more,space,well thats interesting time now to get,into our pumpkin latte you would never,touch a pumpkin spice latte ever time,now for questions coffee and cars,your questions from instagram ive,always liked the xt4 but it seems like,an in-betweener in size does it compete,more with the subcompact or compact,luxury vehicles they actually dont call,it subcompact they call it small,i know its so confusing and then o

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