1. 2020 Cadillac XT6 – Review & Road Test
  2. The Cadillac XT6 is Better Value Than The Escalade
  3. 2023 Cadillac XT6 | Dominating Retirement Communities
  4. Is the NEW 2023 Cadillac XT6 Sport a BETTER luxury SUV than a Audi Q7?
  5. The 2020 Cadillac XT6 is The Real Replacement for Your Old 3-Row SRX
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2020 Cadillac XT6 – Review & Road Test

the Cadillac xt6 is a three row luxury,midsize SUV that shares its basic,structure with the GMC Acadia and Chevy,Blazer to be honest I have a few gripes,but lets start on a positive note,[Music],Here I am in the third row at an utterly,average 5 foot 10 inches I fit just fine,and getting back here wasnt too tricky,thanks to reasonable access past the,second row those second row seats also,slide and recline to maximize comfort,and kindly distribute legroom amongst,the second and third row occupants cargo,usability is another xt6 strength with,handy milks strewn about the cabin our,seat back mat pockets a decently roomy,glovebox center console storage a louver,console storage hold a dedicated,wireless charging phone slots a,supplemental spot for your delightfully,minty lip balm bottle storage in the,door a slide-out hold for the second row,got to keep your fear of medical tape,somewhere and a side bin in the cargo,area whats really nice is that the,third row powers down very quickly from,here and there are also second row seat,releases saving me a trip all the way,around to those side doors because Im a,lazy lazy man you know with that flat,cargo area Mike theres no reason not to,keep this unbroken shot going get on in,there you with the second and third rows,lowered cargo capacity peeks at a,healthy seventy eight point seven cubic,feet behind the second row there are 43,point 1 cubic feet and with all the,seeds raised theres still 12 point 6,cubic feet behind the third row plus an,underfloor storage area and beneath that,spare tire and just to keep the magic,going heres the entire exterior shot of,the car while circulating its worth,mentioning that the Cadillac xt6 comes,in two flavors luxury and sports our,test car is the larger version but,finally stopping this endless runner,here is the sport version xt6 spotters,will note that the $4,400 pricier sport,version includes dark accents a black,grille and clear rear lenses while the,luxury version has red taillight lenses,and a brighter galvano finish on the,grille roof rails etc by the way I,googled galvano and Cadillac was either,inspired by galvanism or a senator in,Florida I bet it was the senator,sport model is also distinguished by its,standard twin clutch all-wheel-drive,system with active yaw control active,suspension damping plus a quicker,steering ratio than the luxury model so,that sport title is actually backed up,by enhanced agility as hinted upfront,there are aspects of the XT six I,dislike specifically inside where a,scrutinizing eye finds details like,uneven D pillar trim weirdly unsecured,knee rest trim o unsightly trim gaps,cheap feeling plastics where occupants,will frequently grab like right here and,here and recess third row USB seaports,that invite the slow destruction of the,plastic that surrounds them but hey if,you like fuzzy carpet the XT six has,lots of fuzzy carpet,bottom line if youre stepping up from a,Chevy Malibu all of this might seem okay,but the collective effect does not be,like world-class luxury one last annoyed,observation last night when I was,driving the xt6 I felt the persistent,breeze against my head and wondered why,would Cadillac design event that,couldnt be aimed away from the drivers,head and then I discovered its just,broken Im not sure thats a preferable,explanation all right thats enough,negativity for now lets counterbalance,with praise I love the Cadillac has,spread six standard USB ports throughout,all three rows of seats I also like that,the standard eight-inch touchscreen,includes apple carplay and android auto,near-field communication for simple,Android phone pairing and a decently,intuitive interface controlled primarily,through this rotary knob or if you,prefer a touchscreen so how does the xt6,Drive similar to what I noted in my,Cadillac XG for review torque steer is,an issue watch the first thing that,happened when I started driving the xt6,was that I pulled out from a Starbucks,and then I got on it and then the wheel,was ripped almost out of my hand thank,god Ive got such excellent grip,strength cut cut to the next step but,wait Myka arent you driving an,all-wheel drive xt6 why is it sending,its power to the front wheels,good question voiceover mica the answer,has to do with the drive mode selector,right down here in touring mode the,optional all-wheel drive system is,deactivated sending power solely to the,front tires that helps fuel economy but,it leads to the second notable thing,that happened to me driving the xt6 I,was leaving a stoplight at partial,throttle and managed to squeal the tires,like the wheel man in a bank heist movie,just going to put that right back into,all-wheel drive,there are also Sport and off-road modes,but when you want to get sporty or dirty,respectively during standard commutes,Cadillac xt6 rolls in smooth fashion,with a quiet cabin relaxed light,steering and virtually transparent,shifts from the excellent 9 speed,automatic transmission as hinted at by,my tire squealing antics power from the,3.6 liter v6 is strong utterly,obliterating the spec you might,otherwise feel merging the traffic,provided you keep a grip on the steering,wheel speaking of when cornering the,steering feels cold and distant like a,crumbling relationship where neither,party wants to admit that its over,before you ask Im actually just riffing,my marriage is fine as far as Im aware,thats weenie,one thing I know for sure is that the,Cadillac xt6 starts under $54,000,including destination charges and comes,with a deluge of standard features like,eight-way power heated front seats,leather a Bose 8 speaker audio system,front and rear parking sensors a,hands-free liftgate keyless access,wireless phone charging three zone,automatic climate control automatic,emergency braking with pedestrian,detection blind spot warning and lane,keep assist thats a lot of gear but if,youre still not satisfied consider,adding options like adaptive cruise,control adaptive dampers for the,suspension automatic parking abilities,ventilated front seats heated rear seats,embedded navigation for a kind of pricy,thousand dollars and night vision which,our test car sadly didnt come with not,saying I wanted to do any stocking I,just kind of wanted to mess around with,a night vision load it up with night,vision and some other stuff I easily,SPECT an XTC export to more than 74,grand,one last pricing note the only free,color is silver and the other color will,cost you between six hundred and twenty,five and twelve hundred and twenty five,bucks,if the xt6 were a top-tier luxury,vehicle it had compete with the BMW X 7,Audi q7 and mercedes-benz GLA but,knowing what we know a more appropriate,competitor set would probably include,value price choices like Lincoln aviator,Volvo xc90 Acura MDX and the Buick,Enclave adding even more complexity if,you seriously option a non luxury SUV,like the hyundai palisade Kia Telluride,or Ford Explorer youll have an SUV,thats cheaper yet arguably as indulgent,as Cadillac,nonetheless for some people there is no,replacing that Cadillac crest if you,want a three row Cadillac SUV and you,dont want to spend Escalade money,thats your ride,[Music]

The Cadillac XT6 is Better Value Than The Escalade

[Music],Im Yuri Im Jakob were going for a,drive,2020 Cadillac xt6 sport lets start with,the horsepower and torque 310 horsepower,271 pound-feet of torque from a 3.6,liter naturally aspirated v6 so why does,it say 400 on the trunk lid,I have a special stat today that is,apparently the torque figure in Newton,meters but thats not the torque figure,no its not so apparently they have a,different number for the torque and they,rounded up in Newton meters which we,dont use in North America I made a,badge for that on the back so let me say,what the actual number is 367 Newton,meters of torque so they rounded up to,the nearest 50th to get 400 did you know,that Im actually 6 feet tall you are if,you round up to the nearest next foot,thats weird youre not allowed to do,that Cadillac dont do stuff like that,ok so now lets get into what this is ok,so this is all new 3 row SUV its not,body-on-frame like the Escalade this,slots in just below the Escalade and,above the XT 5 and then theres also an,XT 4 as well thats right and this one,looks like that concept car from the,Detroit Auto Show that we went to a,couple years ago yeah I think it was,called the Escala or something the one,that we said looks like Iron Man yeah,and this looks like it and it actually,looks really good yeah Im actually,stoked that they came out with like a,concept e style so do you want to start,with the looks now well this is actually,the Sport Package and theres also a,premium luxury package yes so the,difference with the sport and the,premium luxury is basically in the front,end and in the taillights so in the,front of this one weve got a blacked,out grille which looks super awesome and,its a mesh grille as opposed to like a,metal kind of interweaved grille with,more chrome and weve got like more,chrome delete on this as well and we,also have different headlights on this,one which I actually prefer to the,luxury trim I think out of all the new,Cadillac SUVs this is the best-looking,one yeah and I also like how the bumper,kind of wraps over itself at the bottom,it kind of looks like someone biting,over there under lip,I got you that and then we also do have,some fake grills up there but its a,luxury-car not really a sporty car so it,doesnt really matter yeah pretty much,every car is fake grills so there you go,and if we look at the side view the,overall profile looks alright nothing,too crazy yeah its not like big and,menacing like the Escalade it looks kind,of just run-of-the-mill yeah but since,this is a sport model its all blacked,out so all the chrome around the window,trim is just black yeah and I definitely,think it looks better this way and the,wheels also look much better on the,Sport trim so I really like these wheels,to be honest none of these wheels across,the packages do anything for me I do,think that they could have done better,and what is the Continental recommended,tire for the XT six the cross contact,UHP so now lets move on to the back end,I like it but again doesnt stand out,too much you know what grinds my gears,oh I know the taillights dont go all,the way up just like the Escalade like,even the XT for the taillights go all,the way up yeah thats a Cadillac thing,they should not stop that of all the,things they change I agree with that,overall though it does look alright we,do have the fake exhaust typical of,basically every manufacturer right now,yeah not too much stands out its I,think also pretty run-of-the-mill back,end,yeah the front end the front end is,whats the money in this car exactly but,you know we also have in the back its,an illuminated logo okay so we asked,about that because you guys complained,when we complained about it in the,Escalade because its useless most of,the time so it projects to the right or,the left I think in this one its to the,left in the Escalade its to the right,and the reason its not centered is,because thats where they want you to,kick to open it but you cant see during,the day yeah so its a feature that,works less than half the time and it,doesnt say kick like if instead of if,they projected the word kick here kick,me or kick here that would be way better,anyways so you do have an illuminated,logo its still not centered so now that,were done with the looks we should also,probably tell people where we are so,Cadillac invited us this little island,outside of Pei but its actually cool,back yeah so its called Elim de la,madeleine and its actually a beautiful,place yeah this place is like it feels,like Im in a different world its like,French Pei thats what it feels like so,next I want to talk about the interior,because its a lot different than the,escalator we drove which we werent too,fond about yeah theyve actually,upgraded it a lot and I really,weve got this cool carbon-fiber inlay,on the dash and the best part is its,glossy and its got a fade from the,bottom up in black and its real woven,carbon fiber I think this looks so cool,for a luxury car I think its kind of,out of place in a car like this but,theyve done such a good job that I,really like it and then the rest of the,materials look pretty fancy but like,this is like hard plastic not actually,leather wrapped well its like yeah some,kind of simulated leather wrap type,thing but then like the metal materials,and like the – everything is very nice,the steering wheel is nice and it looks,really good – the seats the seats are,really comfortable Ive had no issues,with them yeah except for there is no,massage yeah that is a bit of a miss I,feel like they need to add more features,to beat other manufacturers then just,kind of match them yeah I think thats,kind of the theme of this whole car is,like they just caught up yeah exactly,and since its a three row we need to,see if we can fit in all three yeah so,if I were to sit in all three rows,behind myself in my most comfortable,positions I dont really fit in the,second or third row especially not the,third row however if I were to move,those seats up just a little bit Im,actually really comfortable and Im,actually more comfortable in the third,row than I am in the Escalade because,the floor is lower and since youre 7,feet tall and Im 6 feet tall weve,rounded up weve rounded up yeah were,200 perfectly fine thats right and in,the second row we actually have heated,seats as well which is pretty nice and,we do have the captains chairs option,in this one and from the trunk theres a,button so we can drop the middle seats,but we cant raise them but we can drop,and raise the very back row from the,trunk but then we wont have too much,room but when the back seats are up,right yeah the trunk space is pretty,lacking in terms of like the trunk with,all the seats up and then I noticed if,youve got the middle row up and you try,to lift the back row it usually sticks,on the middle row so you need to drop,the middle row then raise the back row,and then open up the door get in there,and lift the seat so its all kind of,useless yeah because the headrest hit,yeah its all just a little too long on,each end yeah just a little bit and,theres also an issue with getting into,the third row thats right so theres,actually a little bit of a lip at the,door so I end up kicking it every time I,try and get in or out yeah even when you,slide the seat forward theres not,enough room like its just enough for,the width of one shoe yeah if they shave,that down just a little bit to be fine I,think personally if youre getting a,three row you should just get a minivan,but youre not the market for this no,and okay marketing lets talk about that,theyve got a new commercial called like,theyre not targeting this towards,families theyre targeted towards your,crew like your crew your boys youre,hanging out with yeah and its like all,right,honestly if my crew picked me up and,told me to sit in the back row Id be,like I think I need a new crew yeah like,shot not because its hard to fit that,many adults in here right exactly,you know when you call an uber and you,get uber Excel youre lik

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2023 Cadillac XT6 | Dominating Retirement Communities

[Music],the Cadillac xt6 this is Cadillacs,large three-row front-wheel drive-based,premium SUV it comes in at three,different trim levels luxury premium,luxury and Sport this is the premium,luxury and it tops out at about 74 75,000 which makes this a very expensive,SUV and as Ive just spent about 1400,miles on this thing over the past week,just getting back from Bowling Green,Kentucky today which is a seven hour,drive Im going to be giving you a,pretty brutally honest look on the pros,and cons of this vehicle lets start,with the pros well its not ugly it,looks fairly traditional its big with,all of the rows down maximizing your,storage space youre looking at almost,80 cubic feet of cargo capacity with the,third row up while that dramatically,shrinks you still have a small usable,space back there and the third row is,good enough for smaller adults or,children the second row is for fairly,large and theres good visibility in,this cabin I can report even after six,or seven thousand press miles which,might as well be dog years there are no,rattles and squeaks and the cabin space,is fairly quiet which is good thing all,the controls in this car are also idiot,proof whether they be the HVAC controls,the infotainment controls theyre all,very very very easy to use and the head,unit while it does look ancient has,Wireless Apple carplay and it connects,very easily but thats where the pros,end because a lot of the attention to,detail of this vehicle particularly,again at its price point is where it,starts to really hurt it does not remove,that general feeling of cheapness,particularly in the lower parts of the,cabin or some of the attention to detail,present in some of the cheaper GM,vehicles the audio system despite being,a Bose performance series is horrible it,sounds like its from an outdoor,swimming pool the premium features like,super cruise and night vision in this,vehicle are essentially Half Baked as,well night vision looks horrible it,looks like its from a gas station CCTV,camera and super cruise is not,particularly good either while super,crews in their current generation,Vehicles works very well this is clearly,retrofit doesnt change lanes it does,not do a good job even keeping you in,your lane and it constantly is fighting,you and thinking your eyes are not on,the road which is very very annoying but,with that said I think its time for us,to head into the shop and put this thing,up on the lift,thank you,whyd you drag me out of bed for this,Jack mark this is a Cadillac its called,the xt6 ultra luxury trim level yeah,three trims you got luxury Ultra Luxury,and Sport the sport and this Ultra,Luxury get variable dampers or adaptive,dampers the sport gets sport tuning and,Brembo brakes and this is built on the,C1 XX platform which is shared with real,Honeys like the Chevrolet Blazer the,Chevy Traverse the Buick Enclave and,some other premium automobiles that won,JD Power Awards so what else we got here,we got a strut front got some aluminum,most of this is,somebody forgot the underbody coverings,which will make this easier to work on,when you buy the set of buy here pay,here a lot in five years so you dont,have to worry about checking or doing a,typical inspection you can just stick,your camera tied to your foot you can,tape your camera to get the underbody,shots uh its a front wheel drive,platform because this is built on the,Blazer and Traverse it comes with two,different engines you can get this as a,four-cylinder or you can get this as a,V6 and the V6 has active fuel management,system it has a nine-speed automatic and,an on-demand all-wheel drive system it,looks like the brake lines are pretty,exposed too so itll be easier to swap,those out when they rust out what about,the back end its got a torque tube Jack,because thats a manage all that the,power going to the back because this can,be front-wheel drive even with the,all-wheel drive uh equipped models and,then when you put it in the correct,drive mode to experience the very modes,that Cadillac has you can go all-wheel,drive you can put this in sport or,off-road mode I think I would like to,work in GMs marketing division because,I would definitely get a little bit more,creative you know Lincoln has like,excite and all those I would have like,nursing home assisted living Bingo mode,thank you,[Music],all right Mark you got seventy four,thousand dollars youve looked at x5s,gles,q7s but you want a caddy oh yeah put,this into sport mode for you,[Music],foreign that throttle pedal in this car,feels like youre crushing a small like,Sponge full of like motor oil and grease,okay well theres a few things that I,picked up on because all Ive heard you,do is complain about this car,first off yes all the inputs need to be,easy because you probably got bad ankles,you dont want to be putting a lot of,force down on the throttle pedal the,brake pedal you dont want to apply any,Force because you dont want to have any,stress on your meniscus tear the audio,Engineers knew that the owners of this,car have spent the last 60 years arguing,with their spouse and theyre half deaf,so they didnt need to do any specific,tuning to make it sound good I mean a,lot of the finer details in here are,just kind of an afterthought and I think,the people that are buying this are,looking at it purely from,probably the fact that they can get it,with a huge discount well they,theoretically could but today todays,market okay youre paying 74 big wing,wings for this Mark if youre looking at,it that youre paying 74 000 for this,that is a very very hard sell and Im,trying to soften the blow of saying that,as as well I I dont particularly get it,uh it it feels very like commodity GM,underneath in terms of drivetrain uh,maybe you know I know you you lose your,you you lose uh part of your prostate,out when you talk about super Crews you,love it so much,what else what does this do well because,you spent a lot more time on this than I,did its got a V6 thats the one thing,that this thing does well its got a V6,and a traditional automatic which,isnt tuned all that well at least its,smooth and it rides wallet and it is,exceptionally quiet I will say this oh,theres a lot of body motion under,breaking with this wow I mean granted,nobodys gonna be driving 100 miles an,hour and hitting the rents like that but,this car I will say it feels pretty,light on its feet is what platform is,this on I know we talked about it in the,shot form that the Traverse and the,Blazer thats why theres a Blazers I,[Laughter],it does feel pretty it does feel light,on its feet it doesnt I mean in normal,driving its really soft but I I would,say I thought it was going to be a hell,of a lot of bigger boat than it is where,it was just cumbersome to move like Im,a GM man now apparently right like I Im,moving into my second GM product tell me,about your new balance velcro shoes how,youve had a C7 Corvette and youve,toured the country now youre getting a,C8 from the factory and yeah okay tell,me about your your beef jerky collection,you have,my problem with this and to be fair even,internally at GM they will admit this,there are four different companies,within General Motors or four different,tiers of engineering right the Escalade,is great the lyric is good the Black,Wing Cadillacs are tremendous even the,regular ct4 and the ct5 are at least,somewhat competitive the Corvette is,good the Camaro is good and the trucks,are good this is not from those teams,this is not from that this is not a,competitive product and thats the part,that kills me because I know they can do,a good job and there are elements of,this that are decent but the overall,package particularly at its MSRP is very,hard to,[Music],swallow the problem with this is that,other things exist at its price point,Im exploring the gearbox tuning the,wonderful Blazer RS derived nine-speed,automatic,to,you didnt even have that off no turn,that off Im gonna put it back into tour,which is front-wheel drive oh you had,traction control

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Is the NEW 2023 Cadillac XT6 Sport a BETTER luxury SUV than a Audi Q7?

hey guys whats up its joe rady from,ladies rise were back here at my,favorite filming spot location because,guess what we have that three row,mid-size suv from cadillac that has some,new touches this is a 2023 cadillac xt6,this particular one is the sport trim,but before we get into this,all-wheel drive three-row suv lets talk,about whats going on here cadillac when,i say cadillac what vehicle comes to,your mind its definitely not the xt6,its the cadillac escalade,more so than any other cadillac whether,its the eldorado the barretts even when,we think about the black wings today the,the end of that,internal combustion engine manual,transmission the last hurrah well guess,what cadillac wants to take that sporty,style and performance and bring it into,this mid-size three-row suv so this suv,is definitely smaller than an escalade,but it packs plenty of room and like i,said theres some changes that have been,done to this vehicle not only on the,outside but also to the interior but,what i want to find out is usually when,people are wanting luxury sporty type,suvs they go to the german brands audi,bmw,and mercedes-benz what i want to do is i,want to find out should you be getting,one of these xt6s,or should you go with an audi q7,lets go ahead lets dive into our,opulent blue xt6 sport and find out,right off the bat new color i really,love this opulent blue i know it may,look purple but its not its a very,very dark blue and it really kind of,makes this,suv,actually look a little sportier now at,the front of the business cadillac does,a bang-up job on their lighting full,projector beam led headlights you got,those,nice slim headlight housings a little,bit of silver trim and then i always,love the way that they work their,daytime running lamps and turn signals,sort of like that waterfall design,really unique and youre definitely not,going to confuse it with anything coming,from the german brands now my one major,zonk right off the bat,is this guy right here i like the shape,of this area this is all fake i wish,they would have made some type of,functionality out of this vent or just,make it smooth,and maybe put some led,fog lamps in there that might have been,a little bit nicer way to go but,compared to the q7 i feel like this,design on the cadillac looks more,contemporary now on the lower end youre,going to get this gloss black on the,lower lip extension that goes all the,way across and then more that beautiful,opulent blue now as we come across the,grill youre getting that sport design,grill youre looking at a ct5 sport same,exact grill nice crisscross pattern,gloss black youve got a forward facing,camera with that cadillac badge and what,i like besides the camera and the badge,is that you only have the shiny aluminum,finish along the bottom not the top i,think that also helps with the overall,sportiness of the front of the vehicle,so gloss matches nicely with the grill,and then you got this nice sort of like,a polished aluminum it doesnt look like,chrome and its not chrome so im happy,that they didnt chrome it up working,your way down more of that same grille,design on the lower portion you can see,that aluminum extension there and some,of the gloss black but i really really,like how you have the same design top,and bottom when it comes to the grilles,and you can see the width at the front,end of this vehicle now when we get up,onto that low slung hood youll notice,everything comes to a peak,theres a nice peak starts on the bottom,rises up onto the hood and then it,disappears,as you go towards the windshield when we,come around the bend get ready for some,big things coming around the bend not,only do we have big wheels but we got,some massive big brakes im loving this,new wheel design 20 inch wheel it,reminds me of the wheel that was,featured on the 2023 c8 corvette that i,did same overall shape machine aluminum,with that nice dark gray finish you got,the cadillac badge and then on the sport,check out the brakes massive brembo six,piston calipers rotors are almost 15,inches in diameter so youre definitely,going to get that awesome braking,capability i love the edge red that they,use it really allows it to pop without,looking looking too obnoxious and then,if youre wondering well joe whats the,size of the tire on this wheel 235 on,the width 55 series sidewall my one,big,head scratcher,and the zonk is gonna be why are we,using michelin primacy tour tires if,this is supposed to be a sport and we,got big old brakes up front give me a,little bit sportier tire something like,you would find on an audi q7 or an sq7,the other thing i like to point out,everything is painted on the fender,opening no flat black as it should be on,this sport trim now as we come down i,like the little addition of the silver,cadillac badge,we got color match on the mirror caps,led turn signals they did it right they,kept everything black so we have black,around the window treatment just like up,front,color matched door handles that aluminum,trim just a thin,sprinkling of it along the bottom with,the xt6 badge remember when you see x,thats dealing with their suvs xt4 is,the smallest,xt5,xt6,and then there is no xt7 its called,escalade,but i like the way they have that,tremolo on the bottom as we go down the,side of the vehicle one thing im a,little,kind of confused about is that they,painted the caliper at the back,that edge red like up front but its not,a brembo caliper thats your standard,floating style caliper,i also do like how they kind of flare,out the rear,fender a little bit there just just kind,of kicks it out a little bit nice large,quarter window because we do have three,row seating and then as we swing it,around back we go all the way wide,around this vehicle,bang up job by cadillac nice long roof,spoiler you do have your led lighting,just like up front very stylish very,contemporary the xt badge xt6 badge all,that aluminum finish all the way across,one of the things that i feel is like a,big waste,is this 400.,who cares about this this is actually,the torque in newton meters rounded up,lets just leave that off save the money,on the badging this ones a important,badge we got the all-wheel drive and,then working our way all the way to the,bottom youll notice just like up front,we got that peak it comes all the way to,the center you got the,decorative trim rings that stainless,steel decorative trim room im so glad,they didnt make any of this look like a,vent or anything and then this cover,hides the towing capability of this xt6,but let me go ahead lets pop the hood,and see whats powering this suv guys we,got the hood pop you do have hydraulic,hood struts underneath that kind of an,interesting looking engine that is for,sure,the way that it is designed but what do,we have we dont have an inline four we,dont have turbo chargers or a,supercharger we have a 3.6 liter,naturally aspirated v6 pumps out 310,horsepower 271 pound-feet of torque it,is mated to a 9-speed automatic,transmission 0-60 about 6.3 seconds top,speed 132 miles per hour whats,interesting is that the sport trim comes,with some performance goodies its got a,torque vectoring differential setup on,it and you can tow with the vehicle,mpgs 18 in the city 25 on the highway,and the all-wheel drive version weighs,in at 4,700,pounds now interesting,this compared to the audi q7 but why,dont we go ahead lets fire up this v6,and hear if it makes any sound,all right guys were inside this 2023,cadillac xt6 i know youre saying to,yourself well joe,i need three row capability but i dont,want some big huge behemoth,like the cadillac escalade,my friends tell me to buy german you,know what,my dad drove a cadillac,my grandpappy drove a cadillac my great,great great pappy even drove a cadillac,how much is this one so this one being a,sport with the opulent blue and the,brakes and everything else youre,looking at msrp of 75 000. lets see,what you get for the money to the door,panels what youre going to notice right,away is that two-tone

The 2020 Cadillac XT6 is The Real Replacement for Your Old 3-Row SRX

when you think of a Cadillac most people,automatically associate the brand with,the range-topping,Escalade I mean come on with a name like,Escalade how could you not associate,that name with something that you aspire,to something that is range-topping,thats a flagship now the Escalade also,happens to be the only Cadillac vehicle,here in America with three rows of,seating which is why Im standing by,this new addition for 2020 meet the,all-new Cadillac xt6 a three row midsize,luxury crossover thats based on the,same platform that underpins the,Chevrolet Traverse the Buick Enclave and,the GMC Acadia it has standard three,rows of seating has standard v6 power,and it has an all-new look at the front,fascia that was inspired by the very,powerful looking Cadillac Escalade,concept that we saw a few years ago so,the question I want answered if you guys,are looking for a new midsize 3 row,luxury crossover and you want a Cadillac,but dont necessarily want the thirst of,the Escalade how does the all-new XT six,stack up thats what were here to find,out,[Music],hey guys before we get started with the,xt6 video I want to first give a shout,out to the sponsor of this video vince,arrow watches now again I have been,working with them for quite some time,and today Im basically wearing my,favorite watch from them which is the,rogue black-and-white just like all the,other vince arrow watches it is coated,with a crystal sapphire glass which is,scratch resistant its water resistant,as well and it just looks really,expensive but without the super,expensive price tag like a lot of these,luxury brands that I often show you guys,full reviews on now as always they do,have new watches that show off from time,to time this week they also sent me,something they called the altitude,silver pine which has kind of like a,green face to it with a tan leather,strap which looks fantastic they always,get compliments every time I wear one of,these watches now if you guys are,looking to pick up one of these,fantastic watches be sure to click on,the link in the description below Ill,include that in the description and in,the actual video portion there you can,get a special discount just in time for,the holidays Vince arrow is having a,special sale so pick one of these up,before they sell out quickly because as,you guys know these make fabulous gifts,and if you guys are looking to pick one,up be sure to follow that link in the,description below for a discount code,now its hard to believe that with,Americans snatching up three Road,crossovers as quickly as they do,Cadillac was soldiering on with only one,vehicle that offered three years of,seeing so obviously the xt6 was a much,needed vehicle for the brand now looking,at the styling of this all-new model you,can see it has the new front fascia the,new corporate face of Cadillac then,were gonna start seeing grafted on to,the rest of their model lineups in the,coming years I actually think it looks,pretty good this was inspired by the,Escalade concept car that we fought saw,a few years ago you can see the Cadillac,corporate five-point grill is boldly,presented at the front its available in,two different finishes this particular,one that Im showing you here is the,Sport trim oh look how do lock actually,keeps simple theres only a premium,luxury or a sport model the premium,luxury has a slightly different finish,versus the black kind of mesh finish you,get with the Sport trim its kind of,carried over through into the lower,fascia some of the grille openings here,are fake although there is a slight,opening here that helps to create an air,curtain over the wheels and then as you,can see here full LED headlights are,gonna be standard equipment and then the,Cadillacs signature,blade running LED daytime running light,which also houses the LED turn signal,overall I think this is a very,good-looking SUV that will distinguish,it again from its platform mates like,this Chevrolet Traverse the Buick,Enclave but some of you guys have noted,that Cadillac kind of took the easy,route when it comes to the styling,because it doesnt have the same kind of,distinctive look that we see from the,other new competitor in the entry which,is the Lincoln aviator now when you look,at the side profile of the all-new XT,six for the front fascia looking as,distinctive as it does the side profile,the vehicle actually looks a little bit,bland you could basically say it looks,like every other three row boxy luxury,crossover in the segment in fact in,terms of the overall proportions this,rides on the same wheelbase as the,smaller XT five at one hundred and,twelve point seven inches long this is,again shorter than most of the,competition in that regard the new,aviator has like a hundred and 1819 inch,long wheelbase which will limit the,interior space of this vehicle slightly,compared to some of the competitors,thankfully its overall length at one,hundred and ninety eight point five,inches long is about the same size as,most of the competitors however if,youre gonna compare it to an Escalade,this is still about six inches shorter,overall its also lower its also,narrower so this is an easier vehicle to,drive in city traffic and fit into tight,parking spots now looking at the wheel,choices you can see my tester being the,Sport trim has an optional 21 inch alloy,wheel wrapped in 265 45 with tires they,definitely fill out the Willows nicely,most xt6 buyers are going to be getting,a 20 inch wheel and if you want a 21 you,have to go up to this sport rim the,sport rim also includes the blacked out,treatment its here for the window trim,for the roof rails which are nice and,low profile for aerodynamics and overall,I think the XT six is the right size,vehicle in fact it closely resembles,that of the first generation SRX which,was available from oh for 209 that was,the other Cadillac vehicle that offered,three rows of seating until they,discontinued that in 2010 remember the,XT 5 is a considerably smaller vehicle,about 9 inches shorter overall than the,XT 6 now from the rear you can see the,design is distinctively Cadillac right,down to these vertical stacked LED,taillights which include a full LED,design LED reverse light LED turn,signals as you can see in fact it kind,of reminds me a little bit of the kia,telluride which i think is one of the,best-looking vehicles,the non-luxury player it kind of,occupies a white space because it has,some premium features to it but its,delivered at a much more attainable,price tag now of course theres an XT,six patch and then of course theres,this really awkwardly placed 400 badge,which this vehicle does not have 400,horsepower that actually is in reference,to the torque in Newton meter so it has,400 Newton meters of torque which a lot,of Americans are going to look at that,number and think what the hell is that,its super confusing I think Cadillac,could have just gone without it the,Sport trim also has this unique rear,fascia with these nicely grated exhaust,system so again it has the typical,Cadillac look to it now because this is,based off of the Chevrolet Traverse pot,form although it is a little bit smaller,than the Traverse you do get a fairly,good amount of cargo space back here but,you should know that it is smaller than,some of the competitors with the third,row seat up youre gonna get around,thirteen and a half cubic feet of space,that trail is the competition by about,three cubic feet when you look at,something like a Toyota Highlander or a,Kia Telluride although those are again,are in class below if you want to fold,down these seats which Cadillac makes it,pretty easy theres basically just a,button here that you push that will,automatically fold down the third row,when you fold down the third row you get,around forty six and a half cubic feet,of space which is a fairly good amount,of space theres also a little bit of,storage underneath this you know,compartment over here which is typically,the norm in the segment then if you want,to fold everythi

Cadillac XT6 Review // A nice Surprise

today were looking at the 2020 xt6,Cadillac the new 7 seater now you know,what I think about this brand whats,that you love it youre a big fan Im a,big fan because I grew up in an era when,Cadillac meant something it was a,prestige car they had beautiful cars in,the in the old days now I think theyre,bringing back some nice-looking models,and what I like about Cadillac and I,like about this is it doesnt look like,everything else no it doesnt you know,its got this boxy look to it it is,athletic sporty it comes with standard,20-inch wheels now yeah and this one is,the Sport trim so just to let everybody,know they have their luxury line and,they have their sport line and they have,a different look so the the luxury line,has more of the traditional Cadillac,chrome yeah and this one gets what well,its got a good mix of the chrome and,the black trim which I really like it,actually makes it look a little more,sophisticated yeah the front grille the,black grille with just a little bit of,the satin trim around the windows are,black I would automatically gravitate,towards the sport but this car I think,is interesting because its kind of an,in-betweener,so basically what they did is they took,the xt5 made it a plus and now its an,XT 6 yes and they didnt have it before,so anybody who needs a little bit more,space this is something you should,definitely look at LED headlamps come,standard equipment 20-inch wheels you,can offer 20 ones we dont have those on,here today power liftgate is standard,equipment it comes very nicely equipped,so lets get in go for Drive this video,is brought to you by car cost Canada get,the dealers cost list of rebates plus,discounted interest rates use the promo,code motormouth to become an expert,member and get extra searches the link,is in the description below so Im just,thinking weve had plenty of Cadillacs,that youve driven with me in but I,dont think youve ever driven a,Cadillac,maybe not ah yes yes I drove the,Escalade oh did you yeah thats it,thats a different animal yeah its a,whole different animal its huge its,top-heavy but lets not review the,Escalade and so I wasnt sure what to,make of this and it is so fun to drive,so sporty its got a its got 310,horsepower 271 pound-feet of torque,its 3.6 liter v6 v6 9 speed automatic,what about you stop and let me out my,staff I know my style so I think this is,just so fun its easy to maneuver I,cant even tell you how impressed I am,with the drive and you know the drive,its important to me so the sport gets,an adaptive suspension it isnt magnet,magnetic ride control that is available,to another General Motors products its,sort of a lighter version of that but it,is an adaptive suspension and you do,have modes here and I like it in the in,sport because this is the sport model,and it does make a difference with this,product it does and even when you go,over speed bumps you you dont even feel,the speed bumps its quite sometimes you,get good feedback yeah you do you get,really good feedback I have been saying,for a long time and I encourage you to,go and watch the GMC Acadia review I did,a year or two years ago when that,vehicle came out yeah and Ive said many,many times and weve got the Chevy bolt,video thats going to come out as well,is that General Motors is one of the,best companies when it comes to,calibrating suspension now a lot of,people would roll their eyes and go come,on Zach you get the big floaty like the,Cadillacs of old right yeah the new,General Motors cars they have excellent,suspension feedback and this I think is,where this excels well for me I dont,like a floaty Drive so the fact that I,really like this tells you it is not,floaty so I picked it up on Monday,Tuesday you drove it you came home I,said what did you think and what did you,say I said I loved it I loved the drive,I just love you said it might be my,favorite it might be my favorite in this,theater category for sure now a couple,of things Lincoln of course the direct,competitor mark has just brought out,their aviator and Genesis is just about,to bring out their GV 80 but the Lincoln,the only one I drove which was,impressive its got a great engine its,bigger than this is that they have air,suspension hmm and I do not like air,suspension so it would drive you mad,thats that really floaty sort of thing,its a very different approach so,theyre going traditional luxury and,Cadillac is going more European mm-hmm,which one appeals to you more European,for sure,yeah I think its I think there is a,bigger market for that the problem is,youre competing with all the Europeans,yeah and thats what they do really well,right yes they do really well but if you,want something that looks different if,you want a seventh seater that youre,only using once in a while then then I,think this is it so youre a mom with,two kids what is the number one priority,for you for a family vehicle if you were,going to get a seven passenger is it,just space or is it a combination of,space and what you need as a driver for,me its a combination of everything like,Ive talked to you about this before I,have my checklist and drive is on the,top of the list for sure for me but then,you have a family and you need space and,it has to work within parameters right,yeah and and and whats your activity,level with your kids,okay so lets pull over and talk about,that okay,so I mentioned the KDI drove the,interesting thing is so this is based on,it the same sort of a Karka tech chure,and platform when they brought that,Acadia out a year or so ago they made it,smaller which was a really interesting,choice compared to say the Chevy,Traverse which is still quite big so,they wanted to have a more City based,utility and its interesting that they,chose that platform for this Cadillac so,its not really a direct competitor for,some other seven Cedars its sort of,like a five plus two right thats right,I agree with that I think you would use,it when you need it but you wouldnt use,it all the time because the cargo space,for groceries its not that big yeah,with the third row of seats up about,camera gear back there today you went,grocery shopping yeah and you barely fit,everything yeah barely fitted in I had,to throw some things in the backseat but,if youre not taking if youre not using,the third row all the time you would use,the power folding rear seats put them,down and then you have a lot of room so,its not as big as some of its direct,competitors so that is a negative and,maybe a positive because you like the,way it handles yeah it could be both,its really about lets go back to it,its really about budget its really,about value its about space and what,you need and and what you need okay so,that thats a personal decision now we,get into the real facts yeah this screen,is eight inches and the premium world,these days that is kind of small most of,them are twelve twelve point three,inches thats right its really small an,8 8 inch screen they could have done,better this is a brand new view yeah,2020 yeah lets lets do a little more,but I will say they had what was called,the Cadillac user experience or the Q,system a lot of people hated it I got,used to it as I drove a lot of them now,theyve gone to what everybody has in,the industry its a touchscreen there,but also a controller here so you can do,it either way that makes a big,difference thats competitive with,everybody else,okay now Cadillac makes a big deal about,everything that you see that looks like,carbon leather suede aluminum is the,real thing and thats what this has,so its real carbon real leather its,hand cut and sewn leather,however they cheaped out around this,little cutout here around where you,would see maybe put your film or,something,its vinyl like I mean its its to me,as soon as it got innocent went oh,thats disappointing yeah but that they,went to such great efforts here up but,then from here down they cheaped out on,that and I dont know that just bugs me,well you know what cutting costs trying,to save money

The 2020 XT6 is Cadillacs Family-Friendliest Hauler

motorWeek is made possible by tyreq comm,rockauto.com and State Farm,by now youve likely heard the news,about Cadillac becoming GMs primary,electric vehicle brand well well save,that for tomorrow today Cadillac still,has to maintain its traditional role as,General Motors premier luxury brand and,that means offering their base plenty of,internal combustion engine utilities,well now Cadillac has added one more the,new 3 row X t6,if weve learned anything in the last,decade its that a brand can have too,many utility models even when the mother,of all luxury SUVs the Cadillac Escalade,is in your stable theres still room to,escalate your game with one more three,row family hauler at least Cadillac,thinks so,with the introduction of this 2020 XT,six Cadillac has had its ups and downs,in recent years but things are,definitely looking up with their well,received crossovers this XT six their,biggest crossover yet focuses just as,much on features for the family as it,does on the usual caddy priorities of,luxury and technology that starts inside,with an invasion of USB ports sometimes,there just never seems to be enough of,them not the case here youll find six,standard with seating for seven that,only leaves one passenger out unless you,upgrade this second row captains chairs,then youre set either way the second,row is quite roomy third-row space is,also very good for the segment all seats,are quite comfortable when things are,superbly quiet and tranquil inside lots,of tech here as you can imagine,including night-vision surround vision,camera and automatic parking assist a,big change to the user experience,sayonara touchpad cue it says a lot,about that system when were actually,glad to see a central controller thrown,into the mix plenty of traditional,controls returned as well we couldnt be,happier ad launch you can choose between,a premium luxury version or sport we,opted for sport naturally and it comes,with black exterior trim unique v series,inspired grille more aggressive faces,for the front and the rear tinted,taillight lenses unique exhaust outlets,and standard 20-inch wheels with 21s,available GM also put some sport in the,sport with active handling continuous,damping control and quicker steering,plus similar to the XT 5 a twin clutch,torque,during all-wheel-drive system it,improves handling by varying power at,each rear wheel and corners and anytime,traction is hard to come by and our test,track despite expected body roll the XT,six proved pretty light on its feet,rotating fairly quickly the XT six is,built on a chassis shared with the Buick,Enclave Chevrolet Traverse and GMC,Acadia it rides on the Acadia short,wheelbase version but it is about five,inches longer overall and should still,fit in most garages,theres no four-cylinder like the GMC,the bass and the only XT six engine is a,familiar 3.6 liter v6 its 310 horsepower,and 271 pound-feet of torque feels,adequate but pales in comparison to the,400 standard horses in rival Lincoln,aviator so on a typically hot and humid,mid-atlantic summer test day it was a,little slow off the line building power,steadily for a 7.2 seconds zero to sixty,chips from the standard 9-speed,automatic are buttery smooth as we,worked our way down the track for a 15.6,second quarter mile at 90 miles per hour,its truly a quite civilized trip down,the strip the suspension soaks up track,imperfections with a,with very little noise finding its way,into the cabin a 120-foot average,braking distance from 60 is on par for,this segment good pedal feel and,stability throughout as for hauling,cargo space behind the third row is tied,at twelve point six cubic feet but,expands effectively to a good forty,three point one behind the second row,and further to a max of seventy eight,point seven which is quite good shorter,wheelbase keeps towing capacity to a max,of 4,000 pounds government fuel economy,ratings with all-wheel-drive are,seventeen city 24 highway and twenty,combined and that makes for a slightly,below average energy impact score of,sixteen point five barrels of yearly oil,use and 7.4 tonnes of co2 emissions,Premium luxury trim comes with,front-wheel drive as standard starting,at fifty three thousand six hundred,ninety dollars all wheel drive will cost,you another two Grand Sport trim,includes AWD and starts at fifty eight,thousand ninety dollars all very,reasonable for this segment no doubt,Cadillac has escalated their crossover,profile with the 2020 XT six where every,seat is the best seat in the house it,may not have the cachet of the Escalade,or its presence but its a much better,family utility and finally one Cadillac,user experience we can get behind,[Music],[Music]

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