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  5. Does Delta 8 REALLY Get You HIGH?
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[Music],whats up guys simplistic here back with,another video if you can tell from the,title it is another delta 8 and delta 10,video but before we get started i do,realize that cake has been a brand,thats been faked and copied a lot i,went through reddit ive seen a lot of,these accusations and stuff against them,and i would like to say it right now i,actually have a few ways to actually,prove that i got it from the source,first off is they sent,some merch with it and it actually has,like,cake on the the collar or the back which,is usually you know if they do fake,merch they have like a company,um like fruit of the loom or whatever,and then they edit or put their thing on,here but this is their shirt,this is,their sweater and their sweater even has,it as well so,i mean if thats i dont know if thats,proof enough but,you know for a company thats faked i,dont think people would bother even,doing merch,but then again i dont really know too,much about it and also they sent me,posters um i dont know what im gonna,do with these posters obviously im not,gonna just hang them around my room,because,it just says cake but,the fact that they sent me posters is,just in itself,just,i cant even open this [ __ ] thing,okay,so,look how many posters they sent all,colors,and they just say cake on here i dont,really want to open it its just hella,in here another problem that i found out,with these cake carts is that the,hardware tends to lead contaminations in,terms of lead and all its stuff so,basically the hardware was bad but these,bad boys the ones that were sent to me,these hardwares and stuff they were,actually made by dab x so that fixes,that problem another problem is that,they didnt have third-party testing,uh there is a qr code right here and i,did check them they actually dont go to,a specific website but they take you to,a download where you can download the,coas and stuff,um unfortunately,it only shows one page for each thing i,would usually i would like to have a few,more pages you know um,more information and stuff but you know,it is what it is i do trust these guys,because dab x did make it so,right off the bat it takes me to,right here im gonna click it i actually,download some already so youre gonna,see me actually,um,it says right here,i downloaded like how many of them,already oh wait didnt it says you want,to download again theyre all named the,same,but uh lets,see the one i scan was the purple one i,believe so you can see right here,the purple one,and lets just see the date that they,did this,report issue date,like i said i would usually like more,than just one page of the coas but since,i trust these guys im uh give them the,benefit of the doubt,and uh like i said i did scan this uh i,dont need to scan this one,so,and yeah the title of this video is,trying cake delta 8 and delta 10,cartridges or disposables,and were just gonna,right there,yeah and then click on this and its,gonna take you to a download download,that again,so this one is the ice cream cake so,this ones gonna have the picture of the,ice cream cake,right there,see that,the date was on the,right here thats when they did that,hopefully you can see,there we go enough talking lets get,started lets open some of these,uh also there is a qr code right here i,did scan it it just takes me to like a a,website that you can only access through,here and it shows all their gummies so i,dont know maybe they just use that as a,sticker,um but lets just show you some of the,back stuff that we have here,you can re pause if im going too fast,you can even scan it yourself if you,dont believe me okay,there you go,right so lets try this,authentic product purchase,oh [ __ ] so theres authentication,i would like to say that the child proof,was pretty easy i didnt really need to,follow the instructions i just pulled,that [ __ ] out,but,we chilling we got this it is a nice,little disposable here,like look at that,its truly,truly a nice piece lets just open the,other one here,hopefully they have the,oh [ __ ],so,they actually dont have the strain on,here but they do have a usb pass-through,charger thats cool every disposable,should have that now because,no one likes to waste oil and if the,battery dies before the oil,like,ends,whats the use right,so this one right here were gonna leave,this on just so i know it is the ice,cream cake and were gonna open this one,here,another authentication product,all that good,stuff let me try this so,lets just actually,im going to rip off,for the purple one were going to rip,off the paper on the bottom,so,lets just get a thumbnail of,the products itself,cheers guys,is there a button,hmm i think this may have uh came,without a charger,or being charged its unfortunate,or maybe you need to pull this off,oh [ __ ],okay i think you need to hold or you,need to take off the sticker,thats crazy,it might be because theres like a,little hole right here,and that was blocking it and thats,probably the air hole,could be wrong but lets just take a,[ __ ] hit i would like to say that,this is very familiar to other delta 8,and delta 10 products ive had before,honestly um now that i took the sticker,off i really cant tell other than the,taste let me see,oh yeah this is the white runs the other,one is the ice cream cake so lets take,a double hit cheers guys,i like to say the right white runs one,wow,thats fruity,um the ice cream cake one not so much um,a,flavor i enjoy its not bad its just it,kind of,its like that original like that piney,taste um,im kind of on and off with that piney,taste like ive tasted it so much that,when i taste it its not really,surprising or,exciting to me you know let me just try,to,yeah this ones way better,but this one is not bad,i would say that if you tend to like,more of the the piney,like og flavors i would recommend the,ice cream cake but as far as like the,fruity flavors go i would definitely,recommend this one um they also do have,an instagram but i tried to check it and,you guys know when it comes down to,instagram and like cannabis brands and,stuff theyre always being deleted so um,you know it is what it is hopefully they,can get an official instagram up and,hopefully they can get their their,website up and running you know but,other than that you know i really,actually i actually,i actually really enjoyed,this one specifically um i was kind of,like hesitant going into this video,because of all the fake cakes and stuff,but,after the reassurance of the test,results um the authenticity box or,whatever the merchandise the posters i,honestly think that i was just worried,for no reason you know but,i would like to say i cant stress this,enough there are fakes out there so if,you do purchase it please,do your research know where to get it,make sure you get it from a legit source,you know and i cant stress that enough,like these were actually from the people,themselves and this machinery that they,had the dab x machinery this [ __ ],[ __ ] hits uh-huh i aint gonna lie,man lets take another hit and were,gonna end the video here hopefully you,enjoyed this video nonetheless cheers,guys i also do have another one of their,um cannabinoid products this ones going,to be hxc just them trying to be,different in terms of being called hhc,or hxc theyre just using the,the x in the hexo hydro whatever the,heck instead of the hydro so its hxe,its basically the same thing though and,im gonna have a video on that as well,probably uh in a few days or so im just,gonna take the hits im just gonna enjoy,these ones and then probably do that,video but cheers guys,i dont know if theres blinkers i dont,know if i can do a blinker [ __ ],ill do,five six seconds cheers,peace out guys,[Music],you

Cake Delta 8 Banana Runtz Review!

yo,what is up youtube today,im gonna be reviewing this,this uh this bad boy,the banana runs by cake 1.5 delta a,disposable cartridge,i havent really seen that many reviews,on youtube of this so i kind of just,wanted to,you know just put it out there so,i have tried this already but,i i just wanted to review it and,see if you guys you know if any of you,guys wanted to get this or were like,thinking about buying one of these,picking it up you know,all that good stuff so,lets get right into it,so yeah when you uh when you open it up,youre gonna have like a little box and,uh this is what its gonna look like,now you have the cake logo right there,its gonna have like a little thing that,you tear off right here so,you can charge it and,you have your oil right there,so you can see how much is left and yeah,thats pretty much it,so cheers,if youre smoking with me take a hit,lets get it,uh,oh,so yeah it definitely does taste like,banana,but uh,one thing i would uh suggest is always,have some water with you,because uh this definitely comes in,clutch but yeah this definitely does,taste like banana,and like the aftertaste like after you,like inhale all the,all the smoke it tastes,i dont i dont know how to describe it,i was like a sourish flavor,but uh yeah it does taste like banana,though and i i really do like its,pretty pretty fire,so yeah let me take another hit for you,yeah this is like,ive only ever tried banana runs and,wedding cake and honestly like the,flavor for this one,compared to wedding cake like the strain,flavor is just so much better but,the wedding cake just gets you so,freaking like fried like the first time,i took it oh my gosh it was insane like,it was crazy,and i was just chilling with my friends,you know we were were on a discord call,just chilling having a good time,and it hit like it hits fast too like,this one takes a little bit longer to,kick in compared to,the wedding cake one but,yeah,thats for sure if you like banana,flavored stuff definitely definitely cop,it is a cop but i have this one,the wedding cake,this is the first ever cart,delta eight ive ever tried and it was,it was and i didnt really like it that,much like the flavor wise but like,like the effects like when that thc you,know kicks in and uh gets you fried it,it hits it definitely hits but,it does have that celery flavor but,you know,i guess you get used to it at a certain,point,but yeah but banana runs ive liked this,so far i plan on trying to get a,i think it was strawberry cough the,sativa one i want to try that next so if,you guys you know want to see more,content like this leave a like leave a,comment down below you know hit the,subscribe button,all that good stuff and yeah definitely,definitely get some cake if youre,looking for some delta a you know,so good,yes sir,and like its funny too before i,before i started dabbling with delta a i,had these edibles that i tried and those,things would hit so hard like one time i,was watching a film im a family movie,it was still like the recent dune that,came out ive never been into that,series so i just watched it with my,family and like,i was baked out of my mind like i dont,remember anything that happened in the,movie like,like the music everything was just crazy,i just remember like,i forget the actors name the one that,played aquaman he was like fighting and,then he ended up i think dying or,whatever i honestly dont even remember,like,it was such a blur i just remember too,like i was so in tuned with like the,surroundings in the movie like the,sounds and like everything that was,going on inside of the movie i dont,know i was i was probably tripping,really hard but that was probably like,the most ive ever ascended in my life,it was insane,all right,for this last hit,if youre down to take a hit with me,you know light up,get your pen get your cart,and take this one with me,oh my gosh,im gonna be so freaking blasted holy,crap dude

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whats going on everybody,welcome back to another delta dyspo,video,on todays video we got something a,little bit different,we got the cake,delta eight diamonds,blueberry cookies indica,give yall a little quick over around,the box,i want to say i hope everybody had a,great holiday a good thanksgiving,i hope everybodys staying safe,and well go ahead and jump into it man,so yall can see right there these,actually come with 2.5 grams,of the of the diamonds,yall can see right there on this side,its not an fda approved product must be,over 21.,same thing on the back,you know on this side we do have a qr,code,so well go ahead and scan that real,quick,so yall can take a look at that thats,the d8 diamond sauce up here at the top,2.5,and this is a different,lab test normally its uh,encore labs,so its interesting that theyre going,with this new lab i wonder if theyre,getting flack or something like that but,you can see cake distro up there at the,top,but yeah so well go ahead and open it,up for yall,this is how it comes,[Music],just like that,pull it out,and its going to have a little seal,here normally i put mine on the bottom,just so yall could still see what it,looks like but its going to have a,little seal here on the side to prove,that it hasnt been open,so and its child lock so let me let me,open that up real quick,all right and this is what it looks like,yall what you see through the bottom is,just that same sticker,but thats what it looks like,there used to be a lot more sauce around,the edges but thats what ive been,trying to uh,to you know give you guys an accurate,review,so you know its got the its two,pretty big diamonds in there and this,was all covered in sauce,but as yall can see i mean its pretty,its pretty hard,and then you can split them apart and,break it up like that,and so,what were going to be using today,is,the luca sea horse pro,so were going to be using that its,like an email if you have ever heard of,one of those,just put your material on this end and,pull through this end,and so well go ahead and give it a try,to be honest guys this is delicious um,i cant really think of any of their,disposables or even the 1010 kits that,theyve had,that taste these good and that are,actually this potent,um its not as,you know convenient,to um,you know have an email on you in glass,and,a tool if you need that um,but if youre at home i would definitely,recommend you know picking some of this,up,um,as far as pricing and all that,anywhere from like,25 bucks like 35 depending on where,youre getting it from,just make sure yall are actually,getting you know,the updated box like these,um if you see any of the other ones,around that dont looks just like this,just with different flavors and stuff,um thats the old batch or its fake,dont buy that stuff guys,um speaking of a video on fake cake,versus real cake coming up real soon,um ive got the boxes and all that stuff,i really just need to film the video,um and i appreciate yall sticking by me,uh yall know super busy during the,holidays with the family and all that,good stuff,but definitely would recommend you know,the delta diamonds guys is its really,good,um its very potent you know you really,only need to to dose maybe once or twice,depending on what effect level youre,looking for,and the flavors it smells,just like you know blueberry cookies um,and so its really good guys i would,really recommend,you guys picking this up but anyway,yall know the deal let me know which i,want to see down below,you know drop a comment let me know if,you messing with the video if you didnt,like it,and thats about it yall,delta dyspo,we out

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Reviewing: Cake Delta 8 Vape Pen | Strain: White Rntz | Preview Review: Covert Carts

[Music],take them chickens i dont know if you,can hear that or no,roosters going crazy over there,but,man am i looking forward to this the,cake review,delta eight,this is the white runs,strain,as you can see on the screen,lets read about it,white runs d8 by cake takes you over,with its earthy citrus aromas,accentuated by its sweet yet sour fruity,candy flavors i dont know well see,about that not too big in the candy and,fruity flavors white runts is the,perfect all day vape because not only is,it deliciously sweet,but it will bring a long lasting chill,to your busy day as it is a perfect body,and mind mashup,each white runts mini vape,pin contains 1.5 grams of hemp,derived 92 percent delta 8 thc and,terpenes,[Music],gotta have the terps,cake pens,cake vape pens are,delivered ready to go out the box blah,blah blah,wow,oh cake oops sorry its a little bit too,much,hows that there,thats a little bit better,thats a little better all right lets,get into this thing,let me bring me back up here,and maybe,ill even,do a switcheroo,and do that so we can get a better view,switcheroo with a better view all right,lets,first were going to,cut open that seal that i love so much,if itll,its focusing on me anyway lets,lets cut this seal,so satisfying,get that sharp knife out of the way,so ill cut myself pinch here all right,you ready,all right same looking card as,yesterday,thats my only gripe with these,so far,is they look the same so im gonna have,to label this one,uh delta eight because this is all delta,eight whereas the other one was delta,im sorry t,hhc pretty much its called hs hxc but,its cakes hcc,all right,[Music],lets get into it thanks for watching,let me take this off,let me do a dry puff its hard to do a,dry puff on these um,on these pens that just,theres no button or anything,but i usually try to take like to take a,dry puff just to see what the flavors,are,earthy fruity,[Music],[Music],okay,definitely feel that first hit,you know i try to come into these videos,uh,needing medication you know needing an,uplift at the moment,so i can give you a real time,review,definitely,[Music],sweet and earthy,[Music],not,too sweet or fruity for me,it has a good flavor profile,its potent i mean,it hit me pretty much like their um hxc,did,yesterday and um im you know im going,to use these pens for about a week and,do another review on them,after using them,you know so we do our initial review,flavor test flavor profile,and then do another review,after a few days or a week,to see what um,the long-term effects are you know,whoops,okay,its a little harsh on the throat i,would like to take another hit right now,but if i do im gonna cough,why not,the flavor is really good,i think i like it better than,this outer space sauce that i tried,yesterday by cake,now the hxc seems a little smoother,hitting though,i mean it doesnt,[Music],um damn pop,this [ __ ] hitting,the hxc seems a little smoother,but hey if you aint choking you aint,smoking you know so i dont mind,good flavor profiles though,take little baby hits off of it,good yeah,dude this is good,dude thats this is good,wow,lets let that marinade for a little bit,and im going to show you,uh,remember if you watched the live this,morning i did uh,i was showing you this cart that i,picked up yesterday too by,covert carts,ill pull them up too,[Music],theyre out of asheville,[Music],theyre out of nashville and,this is the cart that i got,this is the girl scout cookies,um,comes in a nice box nice packaging,very robust solid you know,slides out nice tray,my only gripe is is they dont have a,sticker here so i know for a hundred,percent,like i do with these cakes because it,has a sealed sticker you have to break,the seal i really like that on a product,um,and i will be doing a review on this,this is seventy percent delta eight and,thirty percent thc zero,and it hits like a mofo,so i will be doing a review on that uh,the girl scout cookies taste phenomenal,you have to wait for the video to get,the whole flavor profile and whatnot,um,although,it dont take a genius but look at these,uh,look at their um,headquartered and located in asheville,proudly on store shelves 13 states and,counting,products on this site contain a value of,0.03 or less thc delta 9.,thats good you know youre getting a,little bit of that stuff in there,little bit of good stuff,gummies disposables and cartridges they,also have flour,i havent seen their uh,disposables,lets see,our 1 000 milligram disposables,devices are made with our potent 70 30,delta 8 and thc distillate blend with,cannabis and botanically derived,terpenes,see theres a difference between,cannabis turbines and botanically,derived terpenes,botanically derived terpenes could be,um,lemon,or mint,flavor derived from,a botanical the plant,see the cannabis terpenes are where you,get your real flavor profile your top,notch both tur i mean,i prefer,to find a cart a,um with terpenes i mean,hands down,whether theyre botanically derived or,preferably cannabis derived terpenes,cannabis dried terpenes they use the,terpenes from the cannabis plant,ready to use right out of the box with,micro usb data or product third-party,lab tested which i appreciate,um and they are testing for heavy metals,and pesticides a lot of these companies,are not,theyll send you lab reports but theyll,just be for potency,such and such amount of cbd such amount,of thc delta eight but they wont show,you that theres no harmful chemicals or,pesticides or,heavy metals,oh i like that they,label their carts i mean their,disposables,thats a plus,whereas this cake,disposable im gonna have to take a,sharpie and right on here,a delta eight something to,differentiate it from,the other one that looks just the same,oh they have a 2 gram disposable wow,are made with 60 40 delta 8 and th so,disciplined with cannabis and tank right,oh wow,see the only thing i dont like about,this is they dont have any natural its,all apple,strawberries and blue ras orange,creamsicle gushers watermelon pink,lemonade,no man,i want to taste the flour im not trying,to taste watermelons,or blue raspberry or straw ill go eat,it ill go eat some blue raspberries,i dont know man thats just me,but i do like how they label,their,disposals,wow,recommend green or blue the lower,temperatures for best taste and,performance yep,so check these guys out im gonna do a,review on them,a little bit more,uh in-depth review,and um,but right now,[Music],this white runs is hidden,not an overly candy flavored taste if it,was id be like,not not for me but no this is good,[Music],same flavor every hit,i like that very smooth hitting too,i just wish theyd label these things,man wouldnt that be cool dang weve,been going on 14 minutes already,all right i appreciate you watching,appreciate you watching this banger of a,video i try to put out bangers,i dont know i wouldnt want to put out,anything i wouldnt want to,[Music],and youre watch this stuff anyway you,might as well do a review on it let,other people know right,lets start your channel start your,channel,[Music],then when you do we can go live together,and well just smoke out people people,will watch you know,excuse me after cough again,[Music],but i appreciate you watching and until,next time keep it frosty alright,see you later

Does Delta 8 REALLY Get You HIGH?

as soon as i started recording this,video something went into my eye and it,started to irritate it but thats not,going to stop us from shooting todays,video what is going on everybody,hopefully you guys are doing good,welcome back to another video with your,boy sebby g if youre new here let me go,ahead and welcome you to the family,dont forget to hit that subscribe,button real quick and lets get into,todays topic of the video for todays,video im gonna be answering the,question does delta a,really get you high on my comments on my,streams on every single platform of,social media it seems that nowadays i,see people constantly arguing about does,delta 8 really get you high theres the,left side that really claim that it does,wonders for them then theres the right,side of people that say that it does,absolutely,nothing for them so today im gonna go,ahead and try it out for myself and im,gonna give my own personal thoughts on,if delta a really gets me baked now,before i answer the big question im,gonna go ahead and answer a smaller,question and that question is why would,some people choose delta a over regular,delta 9 thc and the answer to that would,be that delta 8 is federally legal in a,lot more states as opposed to delta 9,that theres only a couple of states,that have it legalized delta eight they,actually found a little bit of a,loophole i guess you can call it within,the hemp farm bill and theyre able to,put out these little delta eight devices,that can actually get you baked now let,me mind you delta eight is not gonna get,anybody extremely baked like delta nine,does delta nine is truly unmatched and,this right here is what you would,probably call maybe like a little bit of,a lighter version of delta nine some,call it diet weed i guess you could say,yeah the main factor to as to why people,would choose delta eight is because,those are the people that usually live,in the illegal states and the only thing,thats actually legal and disposable to,those type of people is delta a hhc and,a lot of those other all cannabinoids,now me personally i do live in the state,of california so you know i do have,access to just about anything that i,would want but i still like to dabble,into different things that are coming,out that way i can give my own personal,opinion and not just be feeding off of,other peoples opinions now me,personally ive tried gummies ive tried,vapes ive tried just about every format,that they have delta eight and i think,personally from my personal experience i,honestly really like the disposables a,lot more now right here i have some,deltae disposables from 86. its a brand,that ive been trusting honestly from,the start and i know a lot of people who,view my channel vouch for this company,too now personally depending on some,vapes they are going to be a little bit,harsher than others but like i said i,like the 86 brand for me its been the,smoothest and i feel like i could feel,the effects a lot more with this brand,as opposed to other ones that ive tried,and i feel like ive tried a lot of them,all right guys because as you know this,channel is somewhat of a review channel,for the most part its like 90 reviews,and the other 10 i do try to do,different types of vlogs challenges and,things for you guys just so i can give,you some variety but this is mostly a,review channel so if theres any,products out there that you guys would,like to see on this channel please let,me know down in the comments below but,yeah i guess its time to find out if,delta 8 really does get you baked and,im 100 sober right now so its gonna be,my honest opinion so im gonna go ahead,and open up the lime right here which,just so happens to be lemon skunk ex,northern lights northern lights is one,of those that one of those og original,strains that literally throws me back to,the start of my cartridge days i felt,like northern lights was one of those,strains that you know if you get it its,gonna probably smack right and honestly,one thing that i really like about this,brand is its just overall smooth and,like i said thats the biggest thing,about delta eight is that i know theyre,like theres so many companies out there,that its really hard to choose from,thats why i like to do my due diligence,and go through every single one of them,and what i found works best for me is,that these are probably one of the,smoothest ones that ive ever tried and,to be quite honest with you guys like i,said earlier its not every day that i,do use delta 8 but it is cool you know,especially if i go out with a lot of,homies that dont really smoke and they,dont really want to get blasted but,they do kind of want to join in on the,fun usually theyll smack like a delta a,hhc or something like that and theyll,be cooling from what theyve told me,its like its like getting high but it,doesnt give you that paranoia and it,doesnt have you feeling extremely,couch-locked and i can completely,understand and get where theyre coming,from because for me personally it makes,me feel kind of like the same exact way,it kind of makes me feel like im,chiefing on a sativa in a sense right it,doesnt really get my head height its a,little bit more on the nonchalant body,side in my personal opinion but at the,same time i do find myself sometimes,getting distracted while off the delta,eight so i feel like it does do,something its definitely like better,than cbd right but its not as intense,as regular thc is and i feel like thats,something that a lot of people like,about it and why its been causing such,a wave is because a lot of people dont,like to feel the paranoia they just want,to feel like you know that that that,clear conscience without getting couch,locked and they still want to be able to,function but yeah i feel like thats why,delta eight comes in clutch especially,for the peeps that live in those illegal,states right so after a couple of,ripperinos right there i think that was,like my fourth one right there um im,honestly feeling it like i said im,feeling exactly what i felt earlier kind,of like that clear conscience but i feel,like i could still do stuff it just kind,of feels like its reminiscent of when,you know when you take like a shot or,something or maybe you drink a beer like,you kind of are feeling those little,buzzed effects but youre not completely,wasted to the point where you cant,function thats kind of what it reminds,me of you know but yeah with all that,being said it does delta eight or really,get you high in my personal opinion it,does get you baked but its not going to,get you extremely baked all right guys,so with all that being said im out for,todays video if you guys enjoyed,todays video on the delta 8 please do,me a favor by leaving a fat like on this,video subscribe to the channel join the,family and well catch you guys on,tomorrows video

Hemp Derived Cannabinoids V.S. THC

whats up youtube its your boy yo kev,its your girl leslie and im here with,another banger for todays video im,actually going to be teaching you guys,the difference between hxc delta 8 and,delta 10. ill be doing a giveaway at,the end of this video so you want to,make sure to you know see what the rules,are about so you could enter and then,start off with hxc do you want to tell,them more about it,so basically out of my understanding,its more like its different from,normal thc but it kind of gives the same,like high effect i guess you could say,but this is for like um i would say,nighttime use because,it gives you it gets you really stuck,but and it doesnt like get you,anti-social i guess you would say like,you dont get that stuck feeling you,feel like proactive but it is stronger,so thats why i would recommend it more,than nighttime,its a goal its a goal for sure,its also the strongest um him drive,cannabinoid out of all these right here,its gonna,like she said its gonna give you that,high effect but not tired and its also,good for nighttime views you know um,what did you hear right now im gonna,actually have pb and j its an indica,and this one right here is delta eight,shes hitting on the hxc banana brush,actually this is fire like it looks like,banana and chocolate and i was thinking,i was gonna get more of like a vape type,of like yeah like you know,its not like,but this is actually fire so i like that,the suction um the airflow i guess you,could say um,its just good you know its it doesnt,sound it doesnt feel restricted,and it feels good,the taste is there you kind of forget,that,um youre smoking out of you know um,hemp you know out of a hemp plant,this it makes you feel like youre,smoking wax and after i just took this,hit damn im over here all a little bit,like getting a little head change while,im speaking,i feel the same way i dont know if you,guys can tell on camera but the hcx is,kind of a different color compared to,all of them and id say which one you,think is lighter than w yeah delta eight,i feel like its a more like more clear,uh color the hxc is more like uh it,looks more like thc to be honest more,like wax you know,but all right um going on to the second,one which is delta eight this ham drive,cannabinoid is,damn still call me choking but this ham,drive cannabinoid is the closest one,to thc but the only thing is that the,high that delta a is going to give you,its a lighter fluffier high than thc,its going to give you that same kind of,like head change but just without the,paranoia without the couch lock and,without being you know groggy and tired,delta a is one of my favorites i like to,take it you know like,i guess you could say like in the,afternoon just because it gives me,clarity when i want like something more,heavier like leslie said ill get hxc or,take actual dab you know thats what,delta eight is delta ten,is basically very similar to delta eight,the only difference is,this is for like people that really love,to wake and bake that like to be on the,go that like to drink the coffee and,vape the people that like to have a head,change but also still be motivated and,ill be tired at all so delta 10 are,honestly made up of sativas theyll get,you motivated for the day and itll,still give you a head change but not to,the point where you were like you know,youre tired or you dont finish what,youre doing because youre so high you,know um itll give you just that that,good um,morning time yeah that morning,for sure to be honest i really rate,these nine out of ten,just because like theyre bomb they make,you forget that youre you know vaping,him,and uh,[ __ ] they they actually get you stolen,you know like im i just be hitting it,for the taste like damn this tastes so,good like oh like and you know what im,texting or doing whatever im doing and,then i look up or like im over here,trying to conversate um have a,conversation i mean like now you know,and im just over here like stuttering,or like,i dont know like just kind of like you,know i guess you could say stone and the,good thing about these are that theyre,have dried cannabinoids so,you know they come out of the hemp plant,and not the cannabis plant like thc um,so,most of these are illegal in your state,all you got to do is basically ask,google like yo um,could you know i smoke delta a illegally,in my state you know or,any of these cannabinoids and if it says,no its most likely because your state,doesnt but if it does you could even,like order im not sure of these,products specifically,but you could order products like delta,a products cbd products,yeah and what i like about these,cannabinoids is that they actually give,you a head change and i mean cbd kind of,does but its more for like the pain,yeah you feel it more,like in your body like if you struggle,with pain and stuff in your body youll,feel the cbd in your pain but when you,hit this like youll be like puffing on,it doing whatever youre doing and then,you realize like oh [ __ ],like you actually fill it like ive hit,some delta eight pins and some cbd pins,um that,that just you know make me feel relaxed,but then i hit this and then im like oh,[ __ ] like im pretty stuck like i feel,pretty stoned like so i give these 9 out,of 10 as well,but i mean all i get with these is just,like its taste yeah tastes nice head,changing cotton mouth the good thing,that is true the only thing i dont get,and i do get is,dont get tired,and um,i do get caught in mouth i can obviously,inseminate a thc i had my homeboy,earlier in here,he needed eye drops of how red his eyes,were they were all bloodshot bro,everybodys different though the way,they take thc and the way they take from,delta a or whatever theyre smoking,would you recommend it to me oh yeah,i would do recommend especially to,people that,dont really like i guess wouldnt say,theyre like,um,hardcore stoners but that you know that,want to get like up there or want to,like work themselves up slowly yeah if,youre a starter,dinner like if youre just getting into,smoking and you want to like have a pin,but its too like it gets you too tired,throughout the day because thats me,like ill have my,my dad pin and i feel like um ill be,smoking all day but ill be so tired but,if i have one of these i feel like i,wont get tired which is good so i would,recommend these to people who are just,smoking you know for sure,and they have all types of strains,growing like they got,um white rugs wedding cakes strawberries,or diesel texas pound cake like they got,bro,you know,shout out to cake for hooking up your,boy if you want to be able to win one of,these cards,make sure to go down to the description,go to my instagram page hit the follow,if you arent already like this video on,this video comment done so all you got,to do is follow me on instagram,like this video and comment done thats,all you got to do,and then of you win you know ill see if,you already did all those steps and if,you did ill send you a message to you,know send me your address and everything,and um yeah fam well you know give you a,care package i also want you to tell me,what state are you in because i want to,know if im able to ship these to you or,not all right fam were gonna hit these,three all at once,and then were out because as you can,see were already choking and were kind,of getting on our level you wanna hear,me first,i still kind of have to yeah youre,together yeah i get it together because,im kind of like oh i feel like,um,we didnt get to try all the flavors,because yeah it would be a too long of a,baby,but as far as like hitting these three,theyre so tasty like youre not gonna,its not gonna taste nasty yeah you none,of these i guarantee you none of these,are nasty bro like im kind of jealous,that im not gonna be able to taste all,of them but hey sharon is carrying these,dont blink so i aint gonna try and,take a blinker yall dont comment it,didnt yeah,um my sister tried to take a blinker and,uh,i think she puked us how much she was um,

ice cream ???? cake ???? Delta 8 flower

load load load you come full of cbd,yeah im using cones today break it down,roll it up lightly to pit it no more,anxiety,what up cut ups welcome to smoking legal,or welcome back to smoking legal if you,know how we do,if you know how we do that means youve,been here before i usually say if youve,been here before then you know how we do,i say it in reverse but whatever i go by,the name taz i review [ __ ] mainly him,now,today i went and got another product,from,jk distro i havent had anything for,them in like a week going on what we can,have so i had to go see what they got,and they do,have this delta eight ice cream cake,flour,it sounded delicious,it sounded delicious,like its hot outside,ice cream cake yeah let me try this let,me try this so let me get this here open,as always with jack hey this show i love,their packaging and i love the way they,dedicate themselves to like no but you,can tell nobodys messed with your jar,first look,you got the plastic seal on the outside,right,then,you have this seal right here,to let you know that it is fresh like,you peel this up,i got lotion on my fingers so its hard,to get it there we go put that up yo you,can this is talking about tamper proof,tamper proof now,this is coming in at 1,12 milligrams of cbd and,8.6 and 69 milligrams of delta eight 69,milligrams of delta eight this is the,delta eight,ice cream cake let me get this jar open,im gonna show it to you come up here,close,this is what oh my god its funky as,hell i aint put my nose in the jar i,can smell it from over here look at that,look at that jk distro always boost pack,in the jar,cant beat that that is amazing,when i tell you im holding this up to,the camera and the smell is already,coming to,this,ive had a great week,because this week ive had so many loud,strains,like,loud,and this one is not,failing as well this this is loud,this is really a loud strain look at,this,and then look at it,look at it,let me get around here so you can see,let me get around here so you can take a,look at this,oh my goodness,look at this,look at this,hold on focus focus,its getting hard for my camera to focus,there we go still no good,lets see again,there we go,there we go,i like it a lot,it doesnt it,okay,i dont know what ice cream cake,necessarily smells like but i want to,say it doesnt necessarily smell like,ice cream cake,its loud and funky it smells like,if this is ice cream cake this ice cream,cake has been sitting next to,a skunk or its been outside somewhere,because its loud and its funky and,heres the thing about this,its that nice olive green now im not,gonna lie i am a fan of just bright,bright lime green flowers sometimes but,thats sometimes a trick because you can,be looking for that and think oh word,boom this is light bright i got,something good right here and then come,to find out that it wasnt really all,that but ive noticed that,when strands are sometimes this nice,olive color,oh the nuggets are dense,super dense way,way too sticky for me to break it down,my hands oh my god on the stickiness,test,it is,made way too way too sticky for me to,break down my hair got to do this with,the grinder,grinding you know what i keep in the,lining,you better stay in line when you see a,brother like me shining,grinding,grinding,all right,usually saying that hook one time,is enough grinding,for it to be ready now let me,show you what were working with here on,the breakdown,show you what were working with on the,breakdown,clean,clean clean clean this is where i took,the bud,this is why i took it off the blood,these little pieces up here but down,here is the breakdown clean,nose sticks no seeds it broke down good,and it really bring out that smell,on the loudness meter,as far as loudness im gonna give it,its a solid seven,its a solid solid seven on loudness uh,almost eight and then um it smells good,as well though it really it has a nice,smell to it so its loud but then on top,of it being loud it just also smells,good,let me stop this click on i went back,down to getting the,when i first started smoking cones i was,getting that king size,cones but i went back down to just the,regular sized cone just because,somebody was like uh i had a friend of,mine who told me that they smoked better,i dont know why,but,im gonna be honest with you,they were right,the regular size phones these uh what is,this the one and one fourth size,i dont know what it is about it maybe,somebody out there can let me know but,they actually do tend to smoke a little,better for me for some reason and i i,just i cant wrap my brain around why i,have no reason maybe its just,i could i dont know maybe its all in,my head but it just seems a little,smoother i know it doesnt take as much,of a harder pull because its not coming,through as,i dont know but anyway salute to health,wealth and self self love is the best,love if you havent heard the words i,love you today then please please get to,the closest mirror to yourself self,i love yourself because you cant love,anyone else or expect anyone else to,love you if you dont love yourself you,dig,salute,delta eight ice cream cake i love did i,tell you that they always put the boost,pack in there,im gonna be honest with you,i dont know a single other company that,does that,this is tasty i dont know a single,other company that makes sure theres a,boost pack in there with your jar every,single time i just dont and i really,really like that so shout out to you,guys at jk distro for doing that,when i havent smoked a cone in a while,theyre so tasty,and i always think,oh [ __ ],[ __ ],okay,its grown,oh man,oh yeah,oh yeah,this is this is why i like delta a its,another level its like cbd and then you,take it up a notch,this is strong and tasty though,its creamy,theres a creaminess,then you get this little earth in this,taste but he got that,shout out to esau he got that good grab,he got that east off that,hmm,oh,its strong,its strong for real,on the strongest i give it a eight,nine because its kicking in i can feel,my shoulders drop,i can feel im i can tell im getting,that little giddy feel that laughing,funny i want to see something funny type,feel,and you get that earthy taste,then theres this this true cannabis,danky taste there,theres a little bit of pine but not,much,you can taste the delta eight on the,exhale,but it goes away quick like ive had,some delta eight,and some different strains of some,versions of delta a well it really,really lingers that aftertaste just,lingers there lingers there but this,its,when you exhale,you tell you taste the delta eight a,little bit,and then its gone and what else i,really like is that look its a clean,smoke look at this look look at the ash,lets see if you guys can get that,look at that ash the ashes its clean,its white,im gonna give the i give the loudness,of it like a like a seven eight seven,im gonna give the taste of it about a,eight it tastes good and its strong,this is enjoyable,and,i can feel that euphoric feeling coming,on i love delta hey like,im nowhere near through with this im,nowhere near finished with this cone,but i feel it if you know what i mean if,you know you know im not through with,this stone but i can feel myself rising,im headed towards the atmosphere,ah,space force,shout out to jk distro this i need my,astronaut helmet,because this is taking me there,this is taking me there i,jk distro ships out super quick,im talking about they get your [ __ ] out,to you that day sometimes the post,office take forever but they get they,[ __ ] out to you that day,usually takes about three days im in,nashville theyre located in california,this is tasty,i will be smoking you for the rest of,the day,these are amazing this is tazs love hhc,i love it i love it i love it i love it,but im smoking this for the rest of the,day,today,ill be back on times love tomorrow,the hc version but today,for the rest of this day,delta a ice cream cake,two thumbs up,if i had to put a knock on it i wish it,was a little bit more creamier but its,sw

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