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  2. Why Is Black Ops: Cold War SO BAD?!
  3. Is Black Ops Cold War Worth It 2 Years Later? (Review)
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  5. Black Ops Cold War, 1 Year Later…
  6. Black Ops: Cold War Is Actually Good Now?!
  7. Black Ops Cold War in 2022 – Is It Worth Playing?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Campaign Review

[Music],for a series known for virtually,non-stop shooting its surprising how,much time you spend in call of duty,black ops cold war,single player campaign with your weapons,holstered,certainly more than any other game in,the franchises 17-year history,but whether its walking around your,safe house and getting to know your,covert,ops crew or sneaking around kgb,headquarters as a russian double agent,trying to figure out a way to smuggle,your american friends into the ultra,secure building,the latest call of duty puts that quiet,time to good use,sure its got plenty of loud parts too,there are high-speed shootouts rooftop,chases and assassination missions you,know the usual stuff,but this time around it reaches its peak,without any weapons drawn,are you taking him into the kgb with you,are you crazy,wait for mason or woods to return i,dont need mason or woods i need bell,hes got the skill we need,black ops cold war really sells its um,black ops cold war setting well youll,see 80s fashion plenty of crt tvs and a,whole lot of smoking indoors,its authentic even better i love how,your choices when you fill out your,characters psych profile,actually affect gameplay your code name,is always bell,but you can choose your own background,and personality traits,and that last one manifests as,multiplayer style,perks such as faster reloading speeds or,increased bullet damage,dealt you can even pick your own name,unless youre me,for some reason black ops veterans will,be greeted by some familiar faces,woods and mason returned from black ops,1 though i was a little disappointed,that neither has a ton to do in the,story other than be your sidekick party,favors are in the trunk,it is some good nostalgia to step back,into the boots of mason at various times,though,there are also a couple of new faces but,the bulk of the co-star screen time goes,to russell adler,a living legend cia veteran slash dead,ringer for robert redford whos,recruited you to help stop,perseus a generically nefarious and,shadowy evil man whose actions tend to,topple governments,or worse you ever been attacked by a,tiger though you really get to know your,team through the safe house sequences,between,missions here you can review evidence,chip away at secret codes and,chat with your fellow spies via dialogue,tree conversations,i very much enjoyed this aspect of the,campaign even if none of those,conversations seem to factor into the,end game in the way that other choices,do,thats on a need to know basis meanwhile,combat is your standard call of duty,stop and pop shooting gallery with,the same basic and best ai the series,has always had,there is precisely one special kind of,enemy,an armored goon whos just a bullet,sponge,gadgets are strangely almost,non-existent this time around,with one brief rc bomb car sequence in,the first mission and thats it,weapons are nothing you havent seen in,call of duty before,that said i was impressed at the ways in,which cold war,admirably tries to carve out some new,space in the black ops universe with,some new mechanics,it succeeds in some ways such as making,collectibles relevant to gameplay by,using them as,in-universe evidence to set up other,missions,thus giving you organic motivation to,either find those hidden items as you go,or replay the missions theyre hidden in,before advancing,classic spy tricks like photography and,lock picking,factor into gameplay too even better,youll actually need to examine,some of the evidence to solve little,puzzles before taking certain missions,adding some light adventure game style,work to this traditionally,trigger happy series perhaps more,notably though there are a couple of,moments in this campaign that have,franchise altering implications no,spoilers but im,majorly curious if and how those will be,followed up on in all future call of,duty games,the biggest myth is in how black ops,cold war as a whole,tries to be as twisty with its plot as,black ops 1 was,and it just doesnt quite get there i,applaud it for offering multiple,endings though i was both pleasantly,surprised and,horrified when i chose a bleak ending to,see just how far black ops cold war,would or wouldnt go,and well lets just say it got really,dark,it was much more interesting than the,good guy ending i tried afterwards,and now im eager to go back and see,some of the other choices,furthermore while its fun to dangle a,bad guy over the edge of a rooftop while,you interrogate him like in the opening,scene,of tim burtons batman black ops cold,wars best mission involves almost no,guns at all,instead its an undercover romp through,an enemy infested government building,if that sounds familiar its because,something very much like it was the,highlight of call of duty world war,ii back in 2017. yes there are plenty of,kgb goons to stealthily choke out and,hide in lockers hitman style,but more fun is deciding how you want to,achieve your objective without firing a,shot,you can beeline through this or really,take your time,skulking around to explore every option,i recommend the latter,call of dutys moment-to-moment gameplay,is still primarily a well-dressed,shooting gallery,but black ops cold war succeeds in,making its quiet time a defining part of,its experience,rather than just a deep breath between,the loud and explodey sequences,its story is less successful at leaving,a black ops one level mark,but the importance placed on finding and,deciphering evidence as well as the,multiple endings give,good reason to stick with it beyond its,typical sixish hour run time,for more on call of duty black ops cold,war look for our multiplayer and zombies,reviews coming soon,and dont miss our list of 8 things to,know before you dive in,and for everything else in the world of,games and entertainment stick with ign

Why Is Black Ops: Cold War SO BAD?!

gentlemen this is black ops cold war,now cia analysts believe this game to be,the single,greatest threat to the free world,mr hudson were in the middle of a,global pandemic here activision changed,developers halfway through,personally i think theyre going to wait,another year,rather than release this broken allow me,to introduce the man,best suited to respond to that mr,russell actler hes been playing and,reviewing call of duty games for the,last few years,well mr actler why do you believe,activision,simply wont delay this game well,they might yeah but then they wouldnt,get their precious,money sir every year activision has,released a new call of duty,whether it was ready or not if it,happens this year,millions of innocent players could be,subjected to an unfinished game,[Music],mr president i am ronald reagan,40th president of the united states,mr axler what should be done about,black ops cold war well sir i believe i,think we should just hire the original,voice actors to reprise these roles i,think we should take a big fat [ __ ],[ __ ] all over their,im just gonna sit here looking cool,well then that about settles it,if activision is intent on releasing,this game,then the true nature of it must be,revealed,while few people will know of your,struggles rest assured,that the gaming community will enjoy,a quality review of black ops cold war,this game sucks well maybe not that bad,but its kind of a huge mess right now,but dont worry,ive got a mop lets get one thing out,of the way sledgehammer,and raven software originally were the,lead devs,for this years cod but after quote,major upheaval,activision brought treyarch in to take,point this is shaken up things quite a,bit,as every cod since bo2 has been made,under a three-year cycle,now instead of breaking tradition maybe,doing the smart thing and delaying it,for a couple months,hello there activision pushed this out,clearly before it was ready,and the result is well youll see but at,least this serves as an explanation for,why cold war feels unfinished,now despite what you may think of the,title let me emphasize,cold war isnt a bad game its plagued,by bad problems being made in two years,during a global pandemic,nobody would have cried if this came out,next year,with the pressure now on treyarch they,decided this year,call of duty would be said during the,cold war,and you know what that means its back,to black operations,oh yeah coming off treyarchs last game,bo4,had a whole mess of problems from being,a buggy disaster at launch,uninspired maps a controversial zombies,mode,and worst of all no campaign at all but,how does cold war improve on these,aspects if at,all what we needed at this point was a,soft reboot,yeah just like that bring back fan,favorite characters,revive the black ops storyline and,continue the great trends that were set,in modern warfare,seems like a recipe for success if only,they didnt use,a few rotten ingredients how has,multiplayer and zombies evolved,where does treyarch take the story and,what the hell happened to this mans,face,well lets track down perseus,collect evidence and crash the game,straight into this,after modern warfare blew my balls off,with its awesome campaign,i was real excited to see how or if cold,war could even compete to give a quick,spoiler free review,cold war is damn good fun and the story,is captivating,theres a lot of twists and turns and it,does what bo3 and iv should have done,connect to the other stories its got,some incredible replay value but now,were going to dive,into the story so spoilery knows,the campaign starts off red hot just,like the commies,bam real world footage montage mashed,together with spirit in the sky,if i could play this for you without,getting a copyright strike oh i would,ronald reagan gives a dramatic opening,speech and tells us about a cold war,disaster on the horizon,today is january 9 1981,even though his screen time is short,reagan adds a huge,presence to the backdrop of the story,there is no,higher duty there is no higher honor,and while few people will know of your,struggles,rest assured the entire free world,will benefit next a man named black,voiced by none other than creed bratton,mr president we have two names linked to,the hostage situation,with two suspects kavar and kasim and so,we begin by taking control of a familiar,face,alex mason,voiced by a different person youre,seven years old david stop acting like a,baby,why didnt you tell us it was an,american nuke,alongside the stunningly gorgeous,russell adler,the two smoke up at the hottest bar in,amsterdam,woods its been a while well enough,carlos you know bowman right,can we just end the game here im,jamming out to billy squire,they meet up with none other than frank,woods,also voiced by a different person yeah,youre the expert in quiet im a goddamn,onion mason,you should know that look at man whats,going to [ __ ] say that,my woods will not say that im a goddamn,onion mason,what the [ __ ] is it who the [ __ ] says,that,so we take out kaseems boys and corner,them on a rooftop,nowhere left to run casino,youre up mason time to interrogate this,motherfu,dialogue options and a call of duty,i dont think you understand the,situation,you get to choose between throwing this,man over releasing him or keeping him,hostage,if you kill him early you wont get the,coded message for a side mission so,best to stay lightside for now,[Music],with the info they need to find the,other kidnapper arash,the trio make their way to turkey arash,pulls up and executes two men in a jeep,thats our cue to drop the hammer,theres a pretty dope chase sequence and,using the rc,car we take down a god damn planet,oh lord jesus christ,that was awesome that was awesome right,there god,damn the team interrogates arash and i,gotta say he is sporting a true,80s haircut and stash what he say a man,named perseus has a plan in motion to,burn the west to the ground,who the [ __ ] is percys i was about to,say that,we see yet another familiar face in,jason hutz,yeah hes voiced by a different person,mr dope sunglasses gives us a briefing,on everything they know about perseus,ronald reagan shows up and is all like i,hope youre all,republicans yes we are mr president they,all agree,this is a threat they cant ignore,well hot diggity im invested already,its so cool to see cold war take a more,historical focus on the storytelling,because thats what ive been talking,about man thats part of what made b01,and world that war so amazing,they were grounded in real historical,conflicts,unfortunately after this the story takes,a complete,nose dive and its not the writing its,what in [ __ ] name am i looking at,i have no words cold wars cut scenes,are actually broken,ive got 15 minutes of this garbage why,is the screen melting,whats that gray box why does the sound,outpace the video and then rapidly catch,up at the end,green light didnt tell us what else are,you hiding,maybe i could knock the truth out of you,you might want to rethink that woods,what the hell am i looking at people,have reported the same problem on every,platform so its not just me,bro somehow this is worse than mass,effect andromeda at least that garbage,was,watchable i will say this game does make,you feel like youre in the cold war,cause boy it be freezing a whole lot,this game crashes more than drunk,drivers do and in,every mode even dead ops arcade for,adlers sake,and it doesnt just crash the game it,crashes the [ __ ] console,what do i have to do sell my soul to get,this [ __ ] to work,ive seen comments trying to direct,blame my way like,its because youre on xbox you need to,disable ray tracing,try shoving the power cable in your,[ __ ] i bought the game,installed it thats it end of discussion,its not my responsibility as a consumer,to play,geek squad and conduct a freaking,autopsy,i have never before seen a game with,such busted ass cutscenes,or have crashes be so frequent as to,happen during,every play session for some this could,totally kill,any enthu

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Is Black Ops Cold War Worth It 2 Years Later? (Review)

Call of Duty Black Ops cold war came out,roughly two years ago and the game I,managed to achieve a few things track,managed to release a campaign that,wasnt Black Ops 3 and that she felt,like it was in the Black Ops universe,made their traditional multiplayer that,is fast-paced good maps good kill,streaks and overall fun Gunplay and,release a zombie game mode that went,Against All Odds and actually turned out,really really well today we will be,looking back at Black Ops Cold War And,discussing whether its worth it right,now should you go out and buy this game,is it worth it two years later so,obviously well talk about the campaign,how much content youre getting in it in,terms of runtime and missions and then,well talk about the plot a little bit,as well and then Ill discuss what I,actually think of the game then well,talk about multiplayer and my opinion on,that and player counts and content and,all that good stuff and then well talk,about zombies and give a quick review,over each of the maps and if its worth,you buying it for that before that foe,heres a quick word from our sponsor now,its time for our video sponsor me if,you want to show us some support on my,channel you can do that in a few ways,the free way is to leave a like,subscribe to my channel and then leave a,comment below but if you want to go the,extra mile and help fund my videos then,you can become a member to this channel,where youll get a few cool benefits,these involve shout outs behind the,scenes looks up videos and much more you,can also check out all my other channels,that I have in the description thank you,very much diving right into Black Ops,Code wars campaign is a continuation of,Black Ops 1 and takes place a few years,after Black Ops Cold War campaign takes,place a few years after the Black Ops 1,campaign so were seeing some familiar,faces these being Woods Mason Hudson and,along this we get to see a few new faces,as well we have Russell Adler which is a,great addition to the Black Ops universe,and is one of my favorite characters in,The Black Ops universe as it is and,essentially the plot of the campaign is,another code War who could have guessed,I said she were trying to stop someone,called Perseus as he is a very powerful,force in this game and as Adler says at,best he can change the bounds of the,Cold War so were essentially tracking,down Perseus and I wont get into much,more into the campaign because obviously,I want you guys to play it for yourself,and actually experience it yourself,there are 16 missions in the Black Ops,Cold War campaign and theres roughly a,run time of 5 hours but I recommend you,guys dont rush for it as it is a really,good campaign one of the best the,franchise has done in years and it,brings back multiple choices that we had,in Black Ops 2 and the game overall just,feels really fleshed out and I really,enjoy the story theres not really a,boring moment and the game even thought,its not running on the Modern Warfare,2019 engine and its more of an updated,version of the Black Ops 4 engine it,still looks really good but thanks for,Eric always Nails in their games are the,color palettes of the missions and just,everything pretty much in the game,itself and Black Ops cold war is no,exception to that that rather than that,its actually exceeding on previous,games I personally believe the campaigns,overall are really fun ride throughout,and what I rate from one to ten Id have,to give it a solid 8.5 I think its,definitely the best campaign weve,gotten in at least the past like five or,six years and it has a lot of iconic,characters that make it just even better,looking at you Vanguard so would I,recommend you guys buy Black Ops Cold,War for just the campaign whilst doing,the quick Google search I can see that,the game is roughly going for 25 pounds,right now so thats probably about like,28 dollars and as good as the campaign,is if youre just buying it for the,campaign I dont see it as being a super,worthwhile purchase I think the,campaigns great but its only five and,a half hours long so its really up to,you if youre wanting to spend that,money on them five and a half hours or,so Id recommend for all the older games,because theyre quite cheap and you know,if you dont like it then oh well five,dollars spent what whats the big deal,but with cold war you know its its,still a fairly new game all things,considered I say that that Vanguard and,Modern Warfare out now so its actually,quite old and thats quite scary but,unless youre gonna buy it for,multiplayer and zombies as well I cant,really recommend it for the price at,this moment speaking of multiplayer,lets move on in total Black Ops Cold,War has 36 Maps now sure some of these,are gunfight Maps but a lot of them,arent your standard 6v6 and sort of,larger scale Maps thats a pretty decent,amount of content on the game that,youre getting with new recalled games,and there have been a lack of a season,pass all the content youre getting is,actually gonna you know live with the,game its not going to die out like a,lot of the old DLC did in the older card,games there are also 64 weapons to,choose from now these are ones that are,unlockable in games by leveling up and,ones by challenges all the weapons you,can get by doing challenges though so,its super easy and this can be done in,multiplayer and zombies as well with,this and a good selection of perks and,tacticals it means that you can really,customize your character to your liking,were also having access to 21 kill,streaks you can pretty much have,whatever you want on want an AC-130 you,can have an AC-130 wanna hand Cannon you,can have a hand Cannon Black Ops Code,War has no lack of variety when it comes,to multiplayer in terms of player counts,youre gonna absolutely be able to find,lobbies its actually really easy to,find lobbies in Black Ops Cold War,because its still a very active game,because a lot of people dont like the,movement in Vanguard and Modern Warfare,2. they like the more arcady feel that,Cod is known for you do get good portion,of sweats though but I mean youre gonna,get that of a Trader game what would I,rate the multiplayer are from one to ten,well I mean for Black Ops Cold War as,good as it is it definitely isnt my,favorite multiplayer of all time I much,prefer something like Black Ops 4 but,for the content alone Id have to give,it at least a 6.5 or a seven I think the,multiplayer is very good I think theyve,updated it very well the variety of guns,and maps and kill streaks makes it very,enjoyable and would I recommend this to,you for 25 pound yeah why not I mean if,you play the campaign alongside this,indefinitely Im really excited for,Treks next iteration of multiplayer as,well because we gotta keep in mind that,track only made this game with a year,and a half so Dev work and for the time,they had they did very very well now,well be moving on to zombies first,thing well talk about are the big,changes that have happened with zombies,outside the actual game mode so along,with our weapon classes we actually have,a skills section and this can be for a,lot of the stuff that well see in game,so you have your weapon class section,where you can increase the damage that,youre weapon cans do and the amount of,attachments that you can have on a,certain weapon at a certain time you,have the field upgrade section which is,like your specialist section and you can,upgrade these over time as well by,collecting an in-game currency and then,you have your perks which get better as,they go up in tiers again you can unlock,this with the same currency youve been,using for your weapons and then your,field upgrades and then youve got your,ammo mods that you see in games like,Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4 but once,again there is ways to upgrade them and,everything in the game has five tiers so,it starts off just the base version and,then you can upgrade it and then it gets,better and better its really good it,means that you guys have actually,something to work towards

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Easy Allies Review

Modern Warfare and Warzone are still going strong, but a new year means a new Call of Duty.,After omitting a campaign in Black Ops 4,,Treyarch and Raven Software bring us to the Cold War,with some familiar faces and new ideas.,As a direct sequel to the original Black Ops,,the campaign follows CIA operative Russell Adler,and his team’s hunt for the elusive Perseus during the 1980s.,You play a bit as the returning Alex Mason, but mostly as newcomer Bell,,who you shape by filling in minor details regarding their identity.,The Cold War backdrop emphasizes tradecraft which,sets the tone for some memorable missions,and separates it from other time periods in Call of Duty’s long history.,The frantic chaos of firefights remains central,,but there’s a lot more time to breathe and search for clues and side objectives.,Occasionally, you return to a safehouse where you can interact with fellow teammates,,examine evidence, and discover secrets.,It’s a compelling place to invest in the mission,and to get to know your team as people rather than expendable archetypes.,Periodically, you’re presented with choices,that usually entail killing or capturing targets,,impacting the ending in slight ways.,Aside from the canon and non-canonical variants though,,the differences are disappointingly minor.,Dialogue will change or someone different may accompany you on a mission,,so it mostly amounts to what spin you want to put on your role-playing as Bell.,Adler proves to be a darkly magnetic character,who keeps the events exciting and the stakes high,as you get closer to uncovering the identity of Perseus,,but more meaningful decisions would have propelled the campaign to greater heights.,The missions are fairly linear, but they’re large enough for you to wander off the beaten path.,Stealth infiltrations, assassinations, and vehicle-based combat,ensure that each mission feels distinct amidst the frequent hail of bullets.,Numerous difficulty options also enable players of various skill levels,to tailor the experience accordingly,,with higher settings offering a considerable test to your FPS skills.,There are two optional side missions,,but it’s highly encouraged to gather sufficient evidence in other missions,before pursuing them.,After acquiring the data, you have to decode it using in-game clues,which can be rather difficult, especially because the solution is randomized for each player.,It’s an excellent way to further embrace the sneakier side of Call of Duty,while also making exploration more thoughtful.,When you finally crack the code and engage the targets,,it feels like you actively participated in their downfall.,Zombies mode is back, and this time it’s more accessible to novices.,Waypoints lead to critical objectives,,while upgrading weapons and gear is easy and intuitive.,Killing Nazi scum yields resources that can be spent on perks,,equipment, and weapon upgrades that considerably increase your chances of survival.,Getting knocked down removes one of your hard-earned perks,,while outright dying costs you everything,,providing a welcome sense of dependency on your teammates to watch your back.,At launch, there’s just one map for Zombies, which,grows tiring too quickly after you figure out optimal builds and strategies.,All future content will be free, but currently, there just isn’t enough here.,This is clearly the beginning of a long story that will play out until the next Call of Duty, but,even with secrets and Easter eggs to uncover,,it’s hard not to feel underwhelmed by the limited offerings.,There’s also Onslaught, a PlayStation exclusive co-op Zombie mode,that takes place on multiplayer maps where you have to survive inside a safe zone,that’s constantly swarmed by the undead.,It’s a fun and quick diversion, but,there isn’t enough to warrant a serious investment.,Multiplayer doesn’t make any earth shaking changes to the status quo,,but naturally features new loadouts, maps,,and subtle differences from its predecessors, like the return of the mini-map,and traditional operators instead of the specialists of Black Ops 4.,You level up your rank and each individual weapon to grow your arsenal,,while classic game modes like Domination, Hardpoint,,Team Deathmatch, and Kill Confirmed are all present.,Players take slightly longer to kill compared to Modern Warfare,,making matches feel more disciplined without disrupting the familiar pace.,New modes joining the rotation are VIP Escort, Fireteam Dirty Bomb,,and Combined Arms.,Escort is highly competitive and assigns one player as the VIP,to escape before being killed.,It’s an excellent mode when you want to slow things down and play tactically.,Dirty Bomb plays like an objective-based battle royale in a large sandbox zone.,Ten teams of four parachute in to collect uranium caches,,then deposit them into dirty bombs scattered around the map.,Teamwork is required, making it a difficult mode to jump into without friends,,primarily because it’s so easy to get separated with multiple objectives.,Lastly, Combined Arms is a 12 on 12 large scale assault,with extra emphasis on vehicles.,All in all, the new modes add different ways to engage with Cold War,and are worthy additions.,At launch, there are ten maps but all additional maps will be free.,Satellite features desert terrain with plenty of small hills,to use as cover while the fringes of the map,make it ideal for stealth kills and sniper positions.,Garrison on the other hand, has tons of close-quarter encounters,with a few long sight lines, giving it a nice mix of combat scenarios.,Everyone engages with Call of Duty differently.,So your investment over the years will likely impact your perception,of the value Cold War offers.,With Zombies only featuring one map, Warzone remaining free to play,,and the campaign offering little incentive to replay it,,the burden falls to multiplayer.,As it stands, Cold War is a solid entry, but a safe one.,All modes feature global and cross-progression across numerous consoles.,If you’ve been grinding it out in Modern Warfare or Warzone, your progress carries into Cold War,which also shakes up how Prestige works.,Upon hitting Prestige Rank 1, you keep all your hard-earned unlocks,and begin the journey to Prestige Rank 2 and so forth.,Every 50 season levels, you’re awarded a Prestige Key,which can be used in the upcoming shop.,Warzone’s PlayStation 5 version doesn’t launch until December 10th,,but in the meantime, the PS4 version is backwards compatible with improved performance.,Currently connection issues are a consistent problem.,A patch or two will most likely address these concerns,,but numerous drops and crashes have been bothersome over the past few weeks.,Call of Duty has been an annual franchise for 15 years,,but this year feels particularly unnecessary,because Warzone and Modern Warfare continue to thrive.,It’s a solid game, but with limited maps and a campaign that fizzles out,,it’s a hard sell for players already committed to where they are.,As the seasons continue, Cold War could certainly improve,,but for now, it isn’t an essential purchase.,Next-gen has arrived, but were also taking time to remember,The Gen That Was.,Tune in every other week as we take a year by year look back at the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.,All of our videos are made possible by generous viewers just like you.,If you like what you see, check out patreon.com/easyallies to help us make more.

Black Ops Cold War, 1 Year Later…

whats up guys this is M3RKMUS1C  and welcome to black ops cold war  ,one year later i actually reinstalled the game  ive got it back on my pc its taking up like a  ,quarter of a terabyte it makes me sad but theres  a reason were doing it and ill tell you later  ,because right now at this very moment i need  you to drop a like lets see if you can break  ,10 000 likes on this video if you guys want to  see some more og call duty stuff not cold war  ,this is not old school not throwback call of  duty today but it is a year old and theres  ,a couple reasons i actually wanted to redownload  this pile of [ __ ] and play it again which ill  ,get to in a sec my controllers not working my  controller is so broken i still try to use it  ,anyway so yeah theres a couple reasons im on  cold war today the first is to see if the game  ,is still sweaty because part of the call of duty  cycle is that whenever a brand new game comes out  ,usually the previous game the year before becomes  a lot more casual its more laid back because  ,people dont really care all the people who are  sweating and tryharding are always playing the  ,current call of duty game its just how it is im  not hating on vanguard or hating on the vanguard  ,players who play the game every single day but  thats usually what happens its almost always  ,been the case in the past for call of duty it  doesnt matter which cod game it is and i might  ,have been so off because look at the levels in  here jesus christ how can you make your name big  ,silly but your level 1000. theres nothing silly  about that thats terrifying thats on youvantu  ,no theres no way its a skill-based matchmaking  thing because this games been uninstalled off of  ,my pc for months now i have not touched it i have  not played any games before recording now so yeah  ,thats one reason im on cold war today but im  on it for another i saw that this game apparently  ,had a nine gig update across all platforms and  theres apparently a secret update coming out  ,soon kind of similar to what happened when cold  war was out and modern warfare was the previous  ,game theres some new content that was added to  modern warfare later on they threw in some new  ,guns and stuff like that i think maybe a map  too i dont know and treyarch is kind of doing  ,a similar thing with cold war theres gonna  be a new gun new operator and two maps coming  ,back i think jungle and wmd are coming back im  excited to try that fish so thats probably the  ,the little shotgun now the papish i do not know  this team is so confused because he wants to use  ,the ppsh but hes called it the papish russian  smg but yeah i dont know exactly when cold war  ,is gonna be getting this little hidden update  its probably around vanguard season two so  ,yeah i figured id re-download cold war so that  way whenever this update does come out ill be  ,able to play it be able to check it out although  its not like i care that much but at least its  ,something new and its not vanguard related  so there you go does the marshall still crap  ,looks like it ive got my wacky lc10 here on this  little shark oh boy the vik smith the glass whoa,yay this is the best caught ever,father,they joined it theyre all in the corner,are you kidding me,they dont know im here,these spawns are hilariously bad what is this game,dude oh that was a nasty kill chain when  you actually get to break through and get  ,into their spawn this map is ridiculously bad  spawns are next level broken but speaking of  ,secret updates in cold war ive got a couple of  secrets up my sleeve that im gonna sort of hint  ,at now first one being that i actually kind of  uploaded a secret video to youtube its nothing  ,crazy it was just a little test i was doing  i did recently upload my near complete run of  ,going to catch arceus and pokemon legends rcs  so ill have a link in the description if you  ,guys want to check out that video but i also put  together like a quick little rage compilation and  ,i turned it into a youtube short and i uploaded  it to this channel but i didnt actually publish  ,it to subscriber feeds i wanted to see how it  would do in youtube shorts without it actually  ,going to the sub boxes so it doesnt have to  like bother anyone but ill also have a link  ,in the description if you guys want to check  that out too or you can find it on the channel  ,page whatever is easier just a casual little  experiment to see how it would go you know as  ,far as it goes for being a call of duty youtuber  you know its really difficult to actually grow  ,its been the case for a pretty long time i  dont know if people are just like tired of  ,multiplayer call of duty warzone seems to do well  for people but i mean i dont really care to play  ,warzone so yeah im not going to force myself to  play warzone just to grow the channel might be  ,shooting myself in the left florida store a little  bit there but i mean i dont care i want to do  ,what i want to do and if you guys are enjoying  the videos too then thats perfect thats dope  ,speaking of cold war when the marshall 16 came out  in this game thats like my most viewed youtube  ,short it has almost three million views we gained  thousands and thousands of new subscribers from  ,that so thank you guys so much for all the support  on that but still when it comes to youtube shorts  ,and stuff like that its totally random like you  have no idea if its just gonna do like average  ,or if its gonna blow up its the tick tock  side of youtube its still pretty neat though  ,oh i killed broccoli yogurt who the [ __ ]  eats broccoli yogurt broccoli yogurt got the  ,most disgusting mic five on i didnt realize this  would get me closer to the ptrs dude i only have  ,like a certain amount of days when does vanguard  season two start can i see the battle pass can i  ,see it i dont want to buy it well theres only  four days left dude ive gotta get this done i  ,almost completely forgot that vanguard season  two is gonna be a thing i kind of glanced over  ,the road map i mean maybe theyll have something  neat for valentines day for multiplayer but i  ,think zombies might be where its at as long as  its a round-based map and its decent then it  ,should be pretty okay but well have to wait and  see i mean oh i cant even remember the last time  ,i launched vanguard also im gonna be keeping  the second little secret under wraps but i will  ,mention that im gonna be getting a new guitar  hopefully not gonna say what it is because its  ,not fully confirmed yet im still waiting for  the order to process but if everything goes well  ,theres gonna be a pretty rad new guitar added  to the collection as far as it goes for guitar  ,collecting it had actually been quite a bit  since i like actually found anything that i  ,really wanted to get every so often i do get asked  like am i gonna do an updated guitar collection  ,video and i actually recorded one before moving  but since im a terrible person i didnt finish  ,the video like i didnt actually do anything  with it i dont think so do you im on a 16  ,but theres only two other people to distract  oh theyre all coming for me oh this is evil,i almost had the nukenstein i had what 19  kills thats not bad but yeah pretty much  ,as soon as that guitar comes in i want to do  a video on it i think i might just feature it  ,both on here and also on the music channel as  well so yeah 12v12 hardcore hardpoint on this  ,map thatll be insane you actually play these  arcade games lets play spider fighter why not,how do you play this what oh its extra fire  oh there you go this is better than cold war  ,this is actually kind of neat how you can do  this while youre waiting for the game to take  ,forever to start oh [ __ ] only got three left  these guys are crafty there we go extra life  ,just spawn trap him this games easy look at  that bonus 500. [ __ ] im sick at this game  ,[ __ ] there we go i love how you just constantly  get extra lives i mean how

Black Ops: Cold War Is Actually Good Now?!

whats up everybody this is the act man,here,and today were gonna be looking at,black ops crash,wars again,oh my god it didnt crash on me,black ops cold war didnt crash on me,its a miracle,its a freaking miracle,thats right folks crash ops cold sore,came out three whole months ago,so now that were nine months away from,the next game black ops mall cops,i thought it would be the perfect time,to check in on my old buddy cold war,is he still on life support am i,assuming his gender,did i just do that again what new,content has been added and,is it worthwhile but before we jump into,it,this video is sponsored by dragon city,build your city feed your dragons,conquer the world dragon city is a,free-to-play mobile game with,hundreds of different dragons to collect,you can download it now using the link,on screen,and in the description really helps out,the channel its pretty fun,and if youre feeling a little creative,you can even breed two dragons to get a,whole new one,how does that work mommy its a,turn-based game where you bring in a few,dragons to battle and can swap them out,at will,obviously to counter your opponent get,that jester dragon out of my face,you can feed train and cuddle your,dragons before sending them off to,likely widow their wives,in the next battle except this guy hes,too cute,im keeping him forever with different,pvp modes you can battle your friends,whenever you want,and theres new events every week to,switch things up,if you use the link in the description,youll get a special one-time reward,15 000 food 30 000 gold,and 10 gems this will help you on your,way to becoming the best,dragon tamer in the land so what are you,waiting for,download dragon city today and grab your,exclusive reward,on me thanks again to dragon city for,sponsoring this video,cold war was pretty polarizing in,several ways now,many people pointed out that my review,was a lot more positive than the title,led you to believe and thats true but,as a gaming critic with a 170 iq,i couldnt honestly give you a full,recommendation of the game just because,of how,technically flawed it was the crashing,alone made me want to shove a cactus,down my urethra,obviously my experience wasnt the same,as everyone elses but thats how it was,for me,i mean literally cold war would crash so,often,it became predictable every other match,you know not just every other match but,i would get three quarters of the way,through the second match and it would,crash,almost always three quarters of the way,through the match and that means,uh hard reset my console resync my,controller,boot up the game and play one more match,and then,start the process all over again after,that happens for the 35th,time im not going to be in a good mood,but in a shocking twist,since posting my review ive played a,handful of matches,not a single crash now apparently,lots of other gamers were having similar,problems on the series x but thank god,its,fixed man so biggest problem,no longer an issue for me thats good,were on a good track,but what about those eye bleeding,cutscenes that destroyed your immersion,in the story well guess what theyve,been,fixed too i checked out a few missions,and while the frame rate is kind of,choppy,it is way better than the garbage i saw,when i first,played this it truly is bizarre that a,cod game with such a huge,budget could have two of the most,ridiculous,obnoxious technical problems imaginable,but wow act man your two biggest,problems have been fixed is it an,awesome game now,lets find out so i recorded this before,the new zombies map came out,i just got a chance to play it and hot,diggity folks,firebase z is quickly becoming one of my,favorite zombies maps of all time and,what a breath of fresh air to see a,totally,brand new map felt like we were getting,nothing but remakes in b04,firebase is split into two sections is,pretty big,as a fairly complex layout but rather,easy to learn,along with new enemies boss monsters and,easter eggs,this is the type of content cold war,zombies needed badly,and treyarch is trying new things like,every 10 rounds,theres a defense section where you got,to stop hordes of zombies from,destroying these generator things,some sentry turrets pop out to help you,its like a real defense mode,and the new wonder weapon the ray k84,whoops so much ass,its like a ray gun mixed with an ak-47,that shoots exploding beyblades,with firebase z im definitely gonna,sink some more time into zombies,initially i was somewhat scared to,commit to playing cold war,because i knew sooner or later i was,going to get ass blasted by ronald,reagans skill based matchmaking system,that he introduced in 1984.,i still cant believe he introduced that,bill and like clockwork,it took no time at all before i was,matched with,level 1 000 players i dont even know,how thats possible,while the cutscenes and crashing has,been fixed the skill based matchmaking,system has,not but i think ive figured out a way,around it because,i had a lot of really good matches when,i played with one friend,i mean top of the leaderboards just,kicking ass and taking names kind of,matches,but anytime i played it so it was pretty,much a coin toss,i will say the matchmaking feels a bit,better but if you really want the best,experience,youre gonna have to find ways to beat,the system also,apparently you can now stay in lobbies,with people instead of getting,kicked back to the search thats awesome,it only happened once but,ill take it so once again in the middle,of editing this video treyarch has,released a few big updates one of which,is,ranked playlists what league play,your boy is making predictions on this,stuff like nostradamus,right now this is what ive been talking,about and saying for months,now youre going to call me a hypocrite,for this but the ranked mode isnt my,cup of tea,for when the sandbox tools weapons and,all that is limited,and i dont like playing search and,destroy crucify me,not what i play cod for but this is a,great addition,for the people that enjoy it that being,said it doesnt really fix the skill,based matchmaking in normal multiplayer,now i was not surprised at all to find,the exact same monetization schemes from,modern warfare in cold war,like what did you expect the cod series,is supremely predictable in this regard,of course theyre not gonna launch with,this stuff because its bad,press but give it a month or two wait,for everyone to kind of do other things,and then just,launch this battle pass tier system,micro transactions,launch that towards your core audience,and and nobody cares,they probably got like 800 analysts,working to figure out what the most,profitable form of microtransactions are,and,shocker its the battle pass theyre,doing the same,tiers time seasonal content i mean,literally,the exact same system thankfully it,seems like none of the weapons and the,tiers are timed exclusive so,theyre not locking out players from,using new guns,i dont think its all that terrible but,maybe thats just because im used to it,youre still going to be grinding out,endlessly for these tiers and thats how,they get you,to invest in battle pass stocks but,whats new,well for starters cold war has added a,bunch of new cosmetics if you care about,expressing yourself that way,couple new weapons all sorts of,blueprints which is kind of cool that,almost,every weapon has a variant now but its,also neat how you can customize vehicles,and,oh yeah i can pop in my black ops,mixtape as i ride my jet ski,[ __ ] yeah of course all the operators,have different challenges that you can,do to unlock new outfits,if youre into that or just cough up,some dough i find it interesting that so,many of the operators from black ops 4,havent returned,i mean you youd think adding victor,reznov and alex mason and,all these guys would just be an instant,cash grab,but you know give them give them a few,months well see these characters back,as far as challenges go treyarch added,daily challenges that you can swap out,at will which is pretty

Black Ops Cold War in 2022 – Is It Worth Playing?

what is going on guys welcome back to,another video today we are revisiting,black ops cold war in 2022 now even,though this game isnt very old compared,to other call of duty games i still want,to revisit it since a lot of people,moved on from this game there are either,going back to vanguard or theyre still,playing warzone or even modern warfare,2019 even though i dont hate vanguard i,do prefer black ops cold war over it and,its just nice to revisit this game,after having it for a year or so and,also i cant really come up with any,other call of duty games i dont want to,install modern warfare 2019 that things,like at least 100 gigabytes and i just,dont have that much storage on my hard,drives or ssds i already know this game,is playable in 2022 because this game,has cross play and ill get to that in a,moment but i still wanted to revisit,this game because personally i actually,like this game and ill also get to that,in a moment once we find a match,unfortunately you cant really unlock,anything black ops cold war related,through the battle pass because its,been over,overrun by call of duty vanguard and as,you saw just now we just got into a,match,this is team deathmatch this is one of,the last maps that released,but anyways going back to what i was,saying the battle pass has been,completely taken over by vanguard,uh so youre not going to be able to,unlock anything black ops cold war,related as far as the battle pass goes,thats an opponent now to clarify a few,things i am playing on pc um i dont,know how the experience is on console,but considering how this game has cross,play im pretty sure its going to be a,very,similar result if you play on xbox or,playstation,now i feel like i have to clarify that,because i am playing on controller as,you can see i have the little indicators,that indicate xbox,um and i have to clarify it because a,lot of people dont really understand,that you can play pc games with,controllers i get a lot of comments,asking me um if they could play with,their controllers,on pc and yeah you you are 100 fine with,this game playing on the controller,in fact,oh my god i just got destroyed in fact,the call of duty league outright banned,keyboard and mouse despite it being on,pc now im 50 50 on that decision but at,the same time i understand that,i almost fell there i understand that,most people are on console still and,they still play with controllers so it,does make a little bit of sense why they,made this made the decision,it does really suck,that they decided to ban keyboard and,mouse on,on pc which is like the first thing,the first time ive ever heard that,thats not part of the map is it no its,not and another interesting fact about,this game and probably with modern,warfare 2019 and vanguard as well is,that you could actually plug in a,keyboard and mouse into an xbox and,playstation and play uh with that on,console thats something a lot of people,dont really know,lets see where this guy is oh he died,let me okay,him,let me get him,i got another field mic im gonna set,that somewhere here,got him too,i almost blundered that now one of the,reasons why i play a controller is,because i actually did take this game a,little seriously when it comes to uh,playing the game i did play competitive,play which is,which with this game its actually the,first time i played um,competitively as far as like going into,ranked play and memorizing maps and,memorizing weapons and all that stuff,this was the first game where i actually,did that with other call of duty games i,never touched ranked just because i,really didnt see a point in it i didnt,take them seriously i just played them,casually but,black ops cold war really was the first,game where,i actually played ranked took it,seriously,learned the game and all that stuff,oh my god this place is so white and,bright oh my god,i am still on the,on a massive spree by the way i dont,want to ruin it,oh my god that kid just got dunked on,oh i almost ruined that one too no,i dont even know how im still alive at,this point,i pretty much,i pretty much rolled over all of my,streaks at least once at this point,im actually okay im actually trying to,get as many kills as i possibly can here,uh theres no one here,i want to get somewhere safe to call in,my artillery lets do it,boom boom boom all right lets do it,hopefully i dont blow myself up i,forgot,uh whatever the game ended i know this,game got a lot of hate,uh,for a lot of reasons one of them is,because this was kind of a step back,from uh modern warfare 2019 because if,you look at modern warfare 2019 the gun,animations the sound effects they were,really good probably the best weve seen,i just got knifed okay,probably the best weve seen in any call,of duty game and,them going to black ops cold war it is,kind of a downgrade as follows as far as,quality goes but to me that really,didnt matter that much i prefer uh good,gameplay,uh good gameplay,sorry im trying to focus here,i prefer good gameplay,over you know flashy,animations flashy graphics,just because theyre cosmetic to me they,dont really matter to me if im having,fun playing a game i dont care what it,looks like now this could also be,because,i get stuck no i didnt,this could also be because i just didnt,like modern warfare 2019s style of,gameplay i think they went a little,overkill with the uh wow how did i not,kill him,i think they went overkill with the,mechanics i didnt like double sprint i,didnt like how you had to lock onto a,wall to lean,that just wasnt my thing and even with,the vanguard im not a big fan of that,but with black ops cold war,it went back to basics i like how its,just normal running you dont have to,lean even though i dont hate leaning i,just didnt like the way modern warfare,and vanguard did it i do like the,classic style of call of duty gameplay,and this was basically that just with,prettier graphics,id even argue that this is very similar,to black ops 1 or even black ops 2 which,are some of my favorite call of duty,games of all time and i also have to,address skill based matching because i,know a lot of people didnt like this,game because they felt like skill based,matchmaking was too strong for a call of,duty game and,you know whether or not it is too strong,it didnt bother me again i think what,people need to understand is that im a,competitive person i like to learn games,i like to uh try in my games some people,might even call me a sweaty tryhard and,whether thats true or not you know,thats up to you,the bottom line is it just didnt bother,me that much that there was skill-based,matchmaking and maybe because im a solo,player and it doesnt really affect solo,players that much,but i dont know i just really,i it just didnt real the skill-based,matchmaking didnt really affect me that,much if that makes sense,i shouldnt have healed there but yeah,overall i really like this game i,actually like it more than modern,warfare 2019 and you could crucify me,all you want but i think it does come,down to personal preference but okay so,there are some things i agree with when,it comes to,not liking this game i didnt like how,the score streaks werent like true,score streaks like you could,die and the score will still be there,um i didnt like how that was i do wish,they went back to the classic you know,if you die the the points reset now im,gonna get into something a little,controversial when it comes to,this game model warfare 2019 and,vanguard but one of the things i really,liked about these games is that it,included cross play and i know,most call of duty fans on console really,do not like crossplay,oh that scared me they dont really like,crossplay because of the whole balancing,issues with keyboard and mouse and,controllers the cheater problem going on,even with ricochet in action,but,one thing that it did that everyone can,agree is a good thing is that it saved,call of duty on pc i dont know if,console gamers really know this but call,of duty on pc uh before modern warfare,2019 and cr

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