1. NEW Callaway MAVRIK Drivers – how many yards longer than EPIC FLASH?
  2. New Callaway Mavrik Drivers FULL REVIEW! Golf Monthly
  3. One driver DESTROYED the others | Build My Bag | TaylorMade Sim vs Cobra SZ vs Callaway Mavrik
  4. Full 18 Hole Review with The Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver
  6. Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver Full Review

NEW Callaway MAVRIK Drivers – how many yards longer than EPIC FLASH?

so welcome back to the channel as youve,seen so far in 2020 one of the big,stories is all about clubhead speed with,drivers,now this is the new callaway lineup the,new maverick lineup and the big story is,the same again how they can generate,more clubhead speed for you as a golfer,than to equate to more distance,theres three head designs theres the,maverick standard theres the maverick,max and then the maverick sub zero,the big stand out for me of the three,drivers is the maverick standard because,its very different shaped to callaway,drivers and really any other drivers,ive seen in the past and the whole idea,is its going to be more aerodynamic to,help you as a golfer swing the golf club,so im going to test it in this video,the sub-zero has two weights,you can put the weight further forward,to get lower spin or move it further,back to get more forgiveness but the,shape of the sub-zero isnt quite as,extreme as the standard and then finally,theres the max version for ultimate,forgiveness the weight is as far back as,possible,not really promising more club at speed,but a very forgiving driver now price,wise all of these are priced at 469,pound when they first come out and im,intrigued to see if they actually do,swing any faster now a couple of bits of,technology have continued from,epic flash and rogue and even epic going,further back than that the mavericks,still have jailbreak in the face this is,a way of connecting the top and the,bottom of the crown to maximize ball,speed and if you remember last year the,big story from callaway cert with the,epic flash and thats where the word,flash came in was all about this new,face how theyve bought a super computer,yeah super computer to help the club,face,learn and develop into something thats,going to make it faster so when they,develop it is an optimum performance,well this time with the maverick theyve,got the flash face,whats it called ss20 the new,flash face where again its got,dimples and humps and bumps at the back,of the face and they reckon thats going,to increase the ball speed still so im,going to test it im going to take it to,the golf academy first im going to hit,some shots with all three drivers get a,bit of a feel for them tell you what i,think about them what i like the look of,what i dont like the look of,and i think its only fair to test it,out on the golf course because ive seen,a statement from callaway on their spiel,at this end,they reckon the maverick and this is a,bold statement,its five yards longer,than the epic flash im going to test,out on the golf course lets get to the,academy first and see what the maverick,has to offer okay so im here at the,academy ive got all three drivers im,gonna hit them on gc quad with pro v1s,get my initial thoughts im gonna start,things off with the maverick standard,because thats the one that has the most,unusual shape im gonna go sub-zero then,max im gonna hit for you to warm up and,im gonna start showing you some numbers,so let me touch on unusual shape,first thing off behind the ball it looks,no different to any other callaway,driver ive tested over the last few,years very much like epic rogue epic,flash just got a different colorway now,a little bit more these orange tints,still got a slightly carbon crown but it,looks like a very classic callaway,driver,the big difference is how theyve,reshaped the bottom of this golf club,typically certainly over last year,youve noticed driver heads going,longer and further back almost hugging,the floor as much as possible,on the maverick its changed that back,edge is much more elevated off the,ground now and almost it goes upwards,and ill put a close-up against the epic,flash to show the difference,now,on the sub-zero and the max version,though that goes to more traditional,shaping where the bottom edge is much,more closer to the ground its really,the standard maverick which is trying to,change the shape a little bit and as i,mentioned the whole idea of that is for,better aerodynamics to help increase,clubhead speed now i normally swing,about 112 touch 113 miles per hour itll,be interesting to see what that does,on the launch monitor,like i said behind the ball its a good,looking driver i like the look of it i,do and it does remind me from the bottom,a little bit like the second generation,of the m2 these kind of stripey bars on,the bottom thats not a terrible thing i,just like the look of it i think its a,good looking driver right lets give it,a smash lets say no numbers yet ill,warm up and give you a bit of a hit give,my first impressions,oh thats nice,okay so thats all my,warm-up shots first impression shots,done,gotta say i like it so far sound wise,its so familiar to callaway drivers,from,epic epic flash rogue as that familiar,sound i like the shape i feel like im,swinging it fast,but i think its time to turn on the,monitor and actually get some data im,gonna hit maverick,maverick sub zero and then the max and,give you some numbers first impressions,though really impressed me i like the,look of it behind the ball i think,thats a good looking shape,lets hit some more and get some numbers,okay so after a few warm-up shots im,ready to do some testing now,im excited because tomorrow im going,to take the maverick this one out on the,golf course and pitch it up against epic,flash as i mentioned callaway reckon,that this is going to go five yards,further which is a bold shout now to,give you some ideas im looking for,around about 113 miles per hour club,head speed so ill be interesting if,this swings faster and im typically,looking to carry it about 285 yards,so can the maverick,outperform that lets give it a rip im,gonna hit all heads in the same shaft,pro v1 gc quad,im excited about distances here,oh yes,wow,oh my out the block,nearly 300 carry now i must admit i was,pumped for that one that carried two,nine seven with 164 miles per hour ball,speed okay thats a few more,nice,well there are three really good drives,to kick things off yeah im really happy,with those three a few more,a little bit of the right but its not,its not horrendous still getting the,distance,doesnt stop an overdraw,thats gonna definitely miss the fairway,so just to give you some background im,hitting this in nine degree ive not,changed it it can change it can go up by,two degrees and down by one degree and,also go into more of a draw setting ive,got it in standard nine degrees im,using the aldila rogue shaft x,im really familiar with one that ive,used in the past but i think its a,newer version,this is the shaft im going to use in,all of the heads,so far just give you a heads up every,clubhead speed that ive seen on the,monitor has been faster than my average,all been faster than 113,im intrigued to know what,the averages look like,[Music],so it seems to be going a long way it,seems to be swinging fast,one thing im intrigued to see if i can,hit,a dead straight one,thats all right,thats a bit fake bit out the neck a bit,out the heel,but as a bad shot i would take that,every day right ive hit quite a lot of,shots there with maverick,lets have a look at some numbers and,then move into sub-zero and then the max,so im gonna kick things off by first,off talking about that first shot i hit,that was definitely my longest at nearly,297 yards of carry which is massive,but after all the shots then weve taken,the averages the average is obviously a,little bit lower than that because youd,hit a few miss hits as well its good,testing carry wise i was carrying the,maverick 284 yards which is bang on,where i want it to be as an average,307 yards total distance with a ball,speed of,163.7 miles per hour solid spin rate was,just over 2 000 at 2 100,absolutely perfect,interestingly i want to show you the,club head speed because typically ill,swing the driver around about 130 miles,per hour sometimes a little bit faster,sometimes a little bit slower but,average 113.,the maverick when i was testing it right,there was,114.7 miles per hour thats fast it,didnt q

New Callaway Mavrik Drivers FULL REVIEW! Golf Monthly

hello Im Joel here from golf monthly,and in this video Im testing the brand,new callaway maverick drivers really,excited about this one callaway making,some big claims about the performs of,these drivers especially this brand new,clubface designed by a super computer so,i think its about time we had a look at,the different models within the range,what theyre all about assess the looks,and the performance to really see how,these drivers stack up lets get started,[Music],okay so what Callaway done with this,maverick driver range to make it unique,and improve the performance well we saw,with epic flash how they used a,supercomputer artificial intelligence to,create a very complex multi thickness,face well can I say theyve invested,more millions of dollars into this kind,of supercomputer artificial intelligence,concept to create three different face,designs specific to each model within,the range so much so they actually needs,to use a stronger material to,incorporate this new design so Callaway,say that you know most slight miss hits,you shouldnt be losing as much speed as,you were in epic flash and certainly in,roads that this driver range replaces,there are three different models youve,got the standard model the Sub Zero and,the max model are all catering for,different needs and will come on to the,looks for those drivers and how theyre,different in a second but on the face of,it you know Callaway really trying to,push the boundaries of forgiveness with,the driver and especially accuracy,without sacrificing distance thats the,big thing theyre talking about its not,really sacrificing anything so B&C to,see how these drivers perform before we,go into that lets talk about the look,to these drivers so starting with the,looks of these kaleri maverick drivers I,think the first point to touch on is,this orange finish on the sole I think,you kind of downed if you do and damned,if you dont with driver design if you,had a plain black driver people would,say its boring if you put loads of,color on it people say its a bit Larry,and maybe cheap words to look at but a,little bit for me Im kind of in the,middle I like the fact that its got a,bit of color on it kind of pops off the,shelf but its definitely noticeable,that Im tall we saw as Im the shuffle,I put this driver in play at the,presidents car pool it was instantly,recognizable with that orange finish,which I suppose is what Callaway want,but you could argue it does cheapen the,look a little bit especially from the,sole view but address its its a nice,clean looking driver to be honest with,you very similar to rogue actually,youve got the carbon fiber weave,pattern on the crown with some kind of,very subtle orange trim around the,perimeter pretty easy to align and I can,see here Ive got the three different,models and they are three distinct,shapes actually starting with the,standard maverick driver which instantly,you can see this has a cyclone shape to,it so you can see its very high at the,back gun Ive got this high rear skirt,comes up very steeply and,so this is going to reduce aerodynamic,drag up to 61 percent compared to,everything flush so that should help,give you more club head speed its kind,of midsize in terms of down down behind,the ball at address its a its a really,nice profile actually and then you move,into the sub-zero model its got a,taller face its a little bit shorter,from front to back when you put it down,behind the ball actually and better,players will definitely prefer that kind,of compact shape and its got adjustable,so wait so youve got two and fourteen,ground that you can switch around to,change the spin characteristics and,launch characteristics of the driver so,be interesting to see how that performs,compared to the standard model it,doesnt have the cyclone shape to it and,then youve got the max model here which,I literally just received yesterday so,this is kind of like the larger,forgiving high mo I driver option within,the range its got more draw bias built,in as well so basically this is for,golfers that tend to slice the ball miss,to the right and also have maybe a,slower swing speed the max driver is a,good option for those players so three,distinct kind of profiles that address,all very good definitely prefer for the,sub-zero driver you know thats the,smallest moving into the stand a little,bit bigger and then the max is,definitely the longest from front to,back probably gonna inspire the most,confidence so three different looks to,suit three different preferences,[Music],okay so now were talking about sound,and feel these drivers and Ive got my,epic flash sub-zero just to give you,hopefully a bit of a comparison what,maverick offers we know that row a,couple years ago was a really nice,powerful thud – it was quite a set quite,sound kind of a soft sound but a very,powerful thud but lets see how apik,flash first of all set some kind of bass,feelings with epic flash about what,thats all about you know as you heard,there has a very high pitch sound didnt,really like that to be honest with you,was never a fan of that kind of tingey,sound to it so lets see how the,Maverick this is a standard Standa model,first of all see how that kind of sounds,and feels compared to epic flash that,was the Sub Zero model this is the,standard maverick and hopefully you can,detect on the microphone there there is,a very different sound definitely,low-pitched quieter probably a bit,shorter as well more kind of like a thud,to it like we saw with rogue driver and,well lets see how the Sub Zero driver,compares the poise of those so you know,this is the driver that based on the,numbers that Ive seen so far and the,before this is the one I would probably,be look to putting in the bag how many,of them and for me definitely a much,better feeling and sounding driver than,the flash Im not quite sure if its as,good as rogue for me its a little bit,louder than rogue,I like the shortness of the sound but,you had with rogue this one reverberates,for a little bit longer and its maybe a,little bit louder but definitely the,feel off the face is very solid with,these maverick drivers it really does,feel like theres minimal energy lost in,that collision between club and ball so,very very pleasing for me and if youre,looking for a driver thats going to,feel really solid and really powerful,but not be too loud and overpowering the,Maverick drivers are going to deliver,that express to the Sub Zero,what its all into the all-important,performance tested the maverick drivers,indoors on the launch monitor for such,sports HQ on the GC quad launched one,aside with premium golf balls using the,Aldila,rogue 60 X shaft which is a stock option,within the the new Maverick range and,Ill flush out all the data on the,screen a bit later you can pause it run,through it if you like well just going,to pick out some key numbers your first,thing that Im really looking at is club,head speed with that new cyclone shape,on the standard driver is that giving me,more Club speed over the sub-zero driver,and Ive got to say the answer is,categorically no unfortunately you look,at the club speed was actually 100 7.8,with the standard maverick and then that,jumped up to 100 9.6 or over 2 miles an,hour quicker with the sub-zero driver so,clearly that smaller shape 450 CCS that,driver is doing more for me than the,cyclone shape and aerodynamics and,things like that on the standard driver,so that was interesting even though the,the salmon driver was more efficient in,terms of smash factor 1 point 4 4 5 2 1,4 2 4 4 2 is given me more ball speed,marginally its launching with low,actually the stamp driver which I was,surprised about but the sub-zero driver,are tested was in the high forgiving,setting so with the heavier way at the,back of the head definitely found that,to be a nice combination of low spin and,playability on the golf course other,numbers have notice interesting the,Maverick driver is spinning a little,high for me at 2-2 whereas the sub-z

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One driver DESTROYED the others | Build My Bag | TaylorMade Sim vs Cobra SZ vs Callaway Mavrik

I love Rome welcome down to the next,build mind bag episode and boy oh boy is,it a good one today so the bill my back,series basically this year strip my bag,there and started again building it step,by step and today is gonna be all about,these bad boys so the drivers normally,Im testing out three clubs this time,Ive got four because my current driver,my title is ts3 Ive gotta be honest,these are going to be doing very well to,compete so got fitted for the TS three,back in 2018 they went back into the,bank at the start of this year now,obviously thats a little bit older than,the other three drivers which Im trying,but I got fitted for this and its got a,very different shaft which I like but,the competitors so weve got the Cobra,speed zone now the f9 last year was one,of the best-selling drivers everybody,absolutely loved it this is the upgraded,version very excited to be hitting this,one weve got the Maverick from Callaway,with this aerodynamic design that,apparently is also very very forgiving,and then weve got the sim from,TaylorMade with its aerodynamic shape,twist face its carbon crown eats,everything now with this video and with,all the bill my bag series its based on,data and then playability so were gonna,be hitting some shots down here using,the simulator getting the raw ball data,from each of these clubs seen which,other standout performers then taking,them out to the golf course and seeing,what I can do as far as shape wise is,concern how they fly in different winds,and everything in between,after the driver Ive only got one more,space to fill and that is with the,putter Im really excited to see what,these drivers do Im not here Callaway,at Cobra driving so so long so Im,really excited Im going into this semi,blind as well so what Im gonna do is,gonna look at what the features are,visually Im not gonna delve too deeply,into it Ill kind of wanna I just want,to test them on looks on performance I,dont want to get pulled in too deep by,the marketing obviously some of this,stuff I know so I cant get away from,that but Im just gonna blast away talk,you through as a go and then get out to,the course before we pick a winner are,you ready Im excited so the first,driver Im gonna be hitting is the ts3,now I got fit to this I said 2018,absolutely loved it the shaft is an ex,stiff its a 55 grams so I feel I can,move it,really quickly and it feels like it,comes off the face so so fast all these,drivers are eight degrees so weve got a,little bit of similarity there as far as,the head set of this concern but every,one of these is very slightly different,and each one has a slightly different,and interesting story to tell however,lets set a little bit of a benchmark,with this Titleist,lets give it a bash if there is a,weakness here with the Titleist I would,say that the strikes are the heel the,strikes how the toe maybe not quite as,forgiving is I would like I am NOT an,amazing ball striker with the driver so,I do need that a little bit of,forgiveness the main strength of this,driver though is just explodes off the,face when you would say well so this is,the Cobra speed zone it looks beautiful,when you look down on it everything is,blacked out i well their hazardous smoke,in this at 60 ground 6.5 so extra stiff,shaft Ive got the weight so the weight,moved a little bit forward in the head,youve got these interchangeable weight,so they should keep the spin down a,little bit for me all the things I know,about this its an aerodynamically,designed club head and designed to move,fast through the air and its also got,this infinity milled face the f9 last,year the code was solved amazingly,amazingly well it was a good driver from,why I understand but it undercut the,competition on price which is why it,sold so so well so Im gonna be,interested to see how the shapes up,first here back over driver in literally,years it looks so good behind the ball,lovely in black just those highlights of,the Li,one thing Im gonna have to guard,against with these new drivers is,getting new driver fever Im only gonna,put a new driver into Flake if I do,think its better than the Titleist that,already got Im longing to go crazy that,was nice though good spin right as well,so far I mean again that wasnt a great,strike distance-wise is very good I will,go so far I dont like the feel of it,off the face I dont like the feel of it,but the performance is good,I dont know if Ive got overly high,expectations I want to love it I love,the way it looks quite there yet,hmm not sure not sure gonna have to have,a close look at the data but dont know,feeling it so onto the sim now from a,visual standpoint this seems to have the,most technology in it compared to the,Callaway probably so I know a little bit,more about this because I was with,TaylorMade last year I got something,peek into this product before he came,out so I know about this fin on the back,I know by the aerodynamic properties and,know about all the multi material,construction that goes in obviously I,was using twist based off last year one,of the big things one of the big,improvements from previous models for me,is from the top down I think that looks,beautiful I think that looks absolutely,stunning I love that chalk white color,and I also love the way that that carbon,fiber crown looks now for me this is,probably the best-looking driver in the,sense that visually its very different,its not that classic design and yet it,looks so nice from the top down I just,hope it actually performs as good as it,looks slightly different shaft here as,well so 60 grand on my honor so I think,this is the chefs that ruling used to,use this especially so lets see how,this goes on it feels slightly heavier,than the other drivers it also looks,have a touch longer but boy does it look,good behind that ball right come on,I hope thank you that that felt Mackey,it doesnt feel completely forgiving it,still doesnt feel as nice as the,tireless but performance wise hes very,good heres a bit better than the Cobra,just looks whats quite demanding,creature this 300 its gonna be another,over 300 carry humming whoa crap getting,bigger I dont know if Im feeling it a,bit more sunlight you started to lay,into it touch more 176 balls but I,reckon I could get 180 out this year one,more with this good say that I didnt it,that that great carried over 300 again I,think this is gonna be a more demanding,Club I really really do I think this is,gonna be more difficult to control on,the bad days but distance-wise,why so now onto the Maverick and Im,gonna have to compute all this because,certainly with that tight list Ive hit,the tightest on the sim sometimes and,absolutely bond it so it wasnt hitting,it as far as I normally do but speed,really coming off some speed,so this with the Maverick Ive got the,normal Mavericks Ive not got the Sub,Zero just because the shape of this club,from y know this is the one which has,been computer engineer to be super,aerodynamic its got the multi material,construction its got the carbon crown,as well and its got the jailbreak,technology and again you know Ive not,hit one of these drivers in quite some,time,its got the Tensei shaft in as well,its ten grams heavier than the one Ive,got my title is so slightly different,but safe lights all the rest of it right,Merrick lets see lets see what yall,bring into the pie just look good behind,the ball to say,if your wife feels nice this also has,the audacity to semi tease everyone this,has the flash face technology as well so,you know weve got the engineered head,design now for more aerodynamics and,this is the scientific computer,supercomputer design on the club face as,well with a jailbreak technology you,know all this stuff I know because of,the way its being communicated by press,releases and all the rest of it so even,though Ive tried to stay away theyll,know quite a lot of how hot this driver,has feels good feels really good,actually I was down feels great either,strike on it feels really good,ball sp

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Full 18 Hole Review with The Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver

ah good day to you exciting video today if you havent seen my maverick review,go check that out but today were going to take it a step further and put it to,test on the course Im at Braemar Country Club most narrow course in the,history of life I rarely hit too many drivers Im gonna,hit driver on every par-4 and par-5 no matter what Im going to give you your,dodges stats everything hit the fair everything you know on course test 18,holes to it good one lets go see Im gonna give you ideas of where it is,compared to where I normally am see if we really get more distance off this uh,flash face ss-20 technology our official intelligence creates the face give you,most optimal everything different thicknesses and variables underneath on,the other side Im not cutting it open though lets go,well Im a one-for-one on fairways hit normally I dont I well I take this line,and Im usually 10 15 yards back there usually and its flat right there which,I like oh the line that I should have taken puts me on a nice upslope but I,didnt know itd go this far so Ill give you all the artists at the end the,way I hit on every hole but so far so good,uh this would be one of those holes where I would never hit driver on,super-skinny 4-iron gives you 100 yards left to the green so wish me luck,I was a little nervous I didnt want to lose a ball lets go this is cool I hit,the fairway heres my ball is it right there Im in the middle of the fairway,so lets Im gonna pace off the width of the fairway at the point at which I hit,it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 yards its an 8 yard wide fairway,nailed it not much left,this would be another hole I never hit driver on just too narrow,usually Im hybrid here hello miss my first fairway maybe by ten yards mr.,fairway to the lap it went straight,the park,just doing the math and no I didnt move it thats very cool awesome I got it,and today these drives are all gonna be carry,theres were gonna do a roll today so these all carry distances,this was my worst ride so far,FY another no driver whole boat golf or,fairway,I would never hit driver 325 to carry this water so am I being okay,I miss this fairway I dont know if it should count though as a myth because,beyond the fairway runs out like theres no more parity kept going I be in it but,I said Id hit drivers I had to so I did it,then out of fairway guess we gotta call it a myth though,that was cruel and unusual punishment okay,front nine is done even part is the hardest nine holes in all of Los Angeles,in my opinion even par its a maverick bombing those things Rock the back okay,were ready for the back nine just to let everybody know this is the next day,this nine and I wanted to do it on this night because its so much more,difficult to drive on this nine and on a normal day I would hit two drivers today,were hitting seven Im not gonna let up no matter what and so it wasnt,available yesterday so came back the following day same conditions though,basically the same time of day so were going to rock the back nine doom good so,far see what happens we cant keep it going,I just drove the green okay tee box is back here ball here hole,right there rolled right past the hole and done that,a while we can make an eagle,went in,- Eagle putts in a row like that,I know what youre thinking if its a different day why am I wearing the same,clothes I know I was gonna play it off like it was the same day but you guys,are too smart for that you dont fall for those tricks so I changed my mind,Im not gonna do that be honest differ day not that it matters but just want,you to know part three right now,thats a little pet peeve of mine when I hit a fantastic bunker shot and it like,lips out and then you dont make the comeback theyre tough little downhill,left the rider but still so close to a birdie both I missed that one a little,bit good news is were in the fairway but I have at least 250 to carry a,little water pond so it and theres a little breeze into us so just outside of,my range unfortunately I have to lay out,you know its one thing to do a review where youre hitting in a simulator or,just hitting a few shots on course that dont really count its another thing to,do a review or really put it to the test while youre playing shooting for a,score that is the true test of any club yeah one of the reasons I dont hit,driver on this whole is because in the landing area for the drivers the fairway,slopes like this so I hit the fairway blink bounce right here so short hole so,no big deal but still its better to be on a flat flat area and I towed that one,pretty badly so this is where mine lets say a normal Drive would be honestly but,that one I totally told,that is the fastest cut in the world right there you witnessed it here okay,this is totally not a driver hole the driver kind of got to go over the bushes,here you cant even see the line if you miss just a touch right its gone,tell anyways what Im trying to say is Im gonna hit the driver honestly Im,its a gas its a guessing game right now I think its like the highest tree I,gotta go,just like listening for it you need to hear it hit something in here hit,anything well middle of the fairway good news so,pretty good it didnt go its that it didnt go like,bought so I dont know if I didnt catch it all or if it came off a tree I dont,know any of that all I know is its in the middle of the fairway in a pretty,tight area buck and I have a birdie putt,this would be another one of those no driving homes that would just be,ridiculously irresponsible like hitting down a bowling alley lane right now so,here we go,good news get the pair away,not for sure I made that one huh,just miss that one,all right there we go the last hole is a par 3 so it didnt,really apply to this video so I thought Id spare you just filler filler content,all right its all about the Maverick driver today and how it performs on the,course I will put up I will show you now the distances I hit on every hole Ill,throw that up on a graphic right now and as you can see all of this is carry,distance because were not getting any roll out here right now winter time,conditions and its kind of cold wet conditions so no roll a lot of mud balls,too so I hit 8 maybe 8 fairways ok the green I hit in regulation off the tee I,count as a green or as a fairway so you know I just count that it as hitting the,fairway hey think I drove the green so that counts and then but I hit eight,including that green I hit eight fairways maybe nine cuz I out drove one,of the fairways so I dont know it wasnt in the fairway so Im not,counting it but thats out of 14 so thats pretty good on the most narrow,course Ive ever played so thats not bad,normally I only hit driver maybe two times and I I think I might up it now,given the fact I hit this so well out here on the course in can in playing,conditions when things actually matter I added up all the at all the yardage is,divided them by 14 drives and I got an average distance of 275 yards carry,thats pretty good and I have to say I was in a number of spots out there on,the golf course that even when I hit driver there on that hole Im not in,that position so I was getting a Im getting good great distance out of this,and my swing speed isnt getting any what wasnt faster I didnt get more,club head speed with this I had on my swing caddy launch monitor at the,range when I was warming up and its getting the same swing speed with this,as within other clubs however I was getting a lot more distance on course,with the maverick I shot a 269 at that mitts a par 71 its not bad its one of,the best rounds a long time to be honest with you so I dont know was it this,wasnt my putter all I know is fairway wise I was in even when I wasnt in the,fairway it was in a pretty good spot and my miss hits coincidentally were,basically the same distance as my normal drives when I hit it good I just miss it,in the rough so I I think well I dont have another I would compare this with,the ts3 but I cut that thing in half so thats not re


thats the maverick,its a Mac sir so this is the bigger one,my looks will do the tech as always and,weve got changeable weights now moving,more into the heel so in theory should,be a draw a draw bias well my film,camera hello hello hi Matthew being,impressed with all the Maverick rains,lets see what the max is all about who,would game it should this be the biggest,seller maybe I reckon thats why its,here it wont be but it maybe it should,get stuck in 50 gram shaft in there,stiff even slow like in the lightness,arent you yeah and Ive got the heavier,weight at the back so inferior in the,high mo I aspect of this job going to,collect some data with that and then,were gonna move it into the neck and,Im gonna try not react just hit and,lets see if it does move my shape at,all I am neutral in the neck weve,Calloway maverick sound which I get off,the face its definitely the biggest,footprint out of all of them like it is,now stretched at the back and low at the,back pulled down it actually reminds me,more of epic yeah in some ways yeah,again its got all the same looks and,features same colorways you see the,Carboni top to the black solid bar,youve got that silver face youve got,the same changeable neck lets look at,all the tech now I dont think its,gonna be that dissimilar to what we,obviously get in on the other maverick,range,14 gram weights at a 2 gram weight,movable into the heel or at the back so,back max mo I into the heel more for a,dual biased in theory it is the biggest,footprint but its 460cc so its just,squished at the back that does look the,biggest out all of them a I on the face,the same as all the Maverick range also,into the sound and theyre saving weight,in the face like the other Maverick,range around 6 grams I use an F s2 s2,tain iam to save,that way its strong and its light I,think in the face which allows them they,obviously to put more weight in that,back we get jailbreak as we do in all,the Mavericks or to bars that join the,top to the bottom and we get the kayaks,or coaxial top as well in the crown the,tri-axial crown I think they call it,tri-axial crown the one which makes that,crown really light and strong so again,theyre just sign a safe way to make the,highest mly Club they can and give you,that move ability into the heel in,theory its the most kind of,user-friendly maverick out of all of,them with an option more bent towards,drawing than any of the others and then,your next sleeve as well which allows,you to move it even more yeah,just draw real good yeah a bit too,easily,good numbers Ive got no problem with,the size of it I actually quite like it,no joking I think you can take this one,man yeah give it an option for you to be,able to draw it its not a bad thing is,it,no because you can lose it to the right,yes I would prefer to see a ball going,the same way every time,yeah and if thats going to help then,why not yeah numbers are maybe a bit,dispersion to relate to the changing of,the weight and then well move that,wagon to the hill and see what does its,just a nice sound you do these math,right these numbers are good bearing in,mind this is the one thats gonna have,maybe the like the least street cred out,there look at the numbers what are you,giggling out though,- who – six free what nine spin which is,pretty good but you do have a very low,one in there one – so whats the highest,spin – seven yes I would see this as the,potential of like a nearer 3,000 – in,the 2000 I will get 1,000 out of it,because where I hit it but its like a,two to two thousand model in my head,yeah yeah launching good at 15 yeah and,thats what its meant to do help launch,peak height at 36 so slightly higher,than the other ones that weve tested,and yeah – 6 3 longest and – 6 6,yeah okay so not the longest out the,free no which I wouldnt expect but,pretty good and consistent shapes of,shot – they all wheres the dispersion,more to the right or to the left though,- Toby drools and so its its more,right than left isnt it yeah majority,to the right but yeah when you get the,Terry ones just moving it back slightly,lets change the head over then into,draw and see where we go from there,yep so wait now in the heel not as high,am i why but in theory it might help me,deliver a different face should we max,it with the neck as well its called max,so I go into -1 in loft but indi yeah,so for drinks turn or lets max it drawl,- 1 max Mari and Im just going to try,and hit my shot so that I hit there Im,going to concentrate on me not what I,feel anything in the clap trying like,disassociate myself with any feels I am,falling in love with these DAF pride,lines just love the way it feels in the,drive put a rib base at the bottom it,feeling had obviously changing all the,next you can still line it up yeah,doesnt twist around keeps the shaft,sticker in the same place – which is all,good,yeah here we catch honestly trying here,my standard swing shot super confident,yes I have to really concentrate on this,whos going to draw cuz I could feel,that yeah react normally to theres a,decent shop I would work that into my,netting but Im not going Im just going,to like turn that all off and Im,literally thinking of this yeah unless I,I relate and they will be swinging my,eyes close a little bit you ever have,that feeling because I was always so,position growing up I got very good,which is why I can feel that numbers on,there as a practicing nettle oh yeah,yeah Im ever playing tournaments and,just speaking like I was like literally,just blindfolded hitting them in a good,way like I just get very mad thats the,number by thats the number kind of,thing huh interesting,talking is why I can test them just turn,off feelings yeah thats all youve got,so in our practice areas like no to,great comparison those two shots because,that one has gone right no matter what,jaw you still have to do yall do I know,I reckon I could feel this is a dual,bias if you gave me enough goes at it,okay dont know that does it look,different no hasnt doesnt sit any,different well it does but I love that,Ive seen it so youre just adjusting,again arent ya – Charlie the same shot,of every club yeah I mean without that,you could read that Im not trying to,make this one same as the other one Im,just trying to deliver the same yeah,okay and that club do what it does,I mean definitely I would say because I,am a slightly push guy at the minute and,we can look I would say that that has,made it not go as far to the restraint,me up okay and were with the other ones,wife here I have to feel like Im,drawing it a little bit sometimes if I,get a big cut he won that one I just,felt like we should do the accuracy test,at the end in that second go on their,numbers sir,lets go distance to 6-3 does that mean,same exactly the same hasnt changed the,peak height has got lower and the spin,is marginally lower as well and launch,is lower okay you possibly changing a,face slightly yeah well it what about,left and right,you have like you thought come in,slightly so you were 17.5 to the right,just normal averaging yeah 8.2 to the,right average put the draw biased so,more than half is a standard deviation,on that number as well yeah so sixteen,point five and fifteen point five so the,standard deviation is not that different,but in theory it was just gone like this,yeah yeah which is more so in the to,draw settings now I mean theres no myth,with the jaw settings people can react,to them and they are a physical thing,they fight against them or play with,them yes yeah absolutely,okay lets do the accuracy test to see,if we can hit fairways do this be,interesting to see how you react but I,mean thats just the same Club with a,fraction of help of not going right if,you whack it into the draw settings,isnt it,yeah I mean pretty good numbers and spin,numbers for the high mo I version yeah,definitely which I think makes it game,rule again for so many more people yes,are we max biasing in this accuracy yeah,we are gonna see how you get them I like,youre

Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver Full Review

today is the day oh its exciting boom there she is I was gonna do a bunch of,Top Gun jokes but totally spelled different so its just Rock a Callaway,naviga lets go okay what have we got here it,is the Maverick driver from Callaway what is the difference between this and,lets say the epic flash or the rogue couple years ago so here is what the,good folks at Callaway have done with the Maverick driver we have the,jailbreak technology as always right in there we have flash face technology,which came out previously in the epic flash so they use this artificial,intelligence to create the perfect clubface different variable widths all,that kind of good AAI technology there and they have what,would be considered like the the rogue single weight in the back of the driver,no adjustability here in the like the epic flash has the adjustable weight,here for a draw fade bias just a single weight in the back personally I prefer a,single weight in the back and other models I have played other brands I,prefer a single weighted driver in the back just because I personally dont,think youre gonna see much of a difference if you slide a weight here or,there I dont think thats going to correct a draw or fade but you do have,the adjustability in the hosel you can go 2 degrees in loft so I have a 9,degree lofted driver I can go anywhere from 8 down one degree or up two degrees,8 to 11 and I can adjust the hosel for a neutral or I can go slightly draw a bias,so I prefer neutral set up I like to just clean neutral set and Ive got,standard 9 degree loft that Im working with here,I have the Evenflo 60 gram stif flack shaft and a tour velvet golf pride grip,standard with this you can get your custom deals going on heres what I love,about the the maverick is the burnt-orange,is fantastic or a mustard color I love that in the face of the driver,I love the carbon fiber and I love the slight fade from black to carbon fiber,in the head it just looks really good at address looking down into the ball and I,love the black with just a burnt worn little hints of color there to help just,get you all set up and squared away also love just looking down the shaft slight,camouflage style pattern here in the black charcoal gray that meshes into,just a solid kind of a grayish charcoal color in the shaft this particular one,at least so fantastic look fantastic design simple its supposed to be more,forgiving and keep all the same good stuff that the that the rogue had but,just updated how exciting all right now lets smack some shots and see how she,performs exciting stuff I have my Skytrax set up so Ill show you all the,data as we go see what kind of spin rate all that good stuff we get alright ah,and Ill let you know how I like the sound feel all the other good stuff,trying to give you guys the best uh the best I got in terms of you know my,opinions on this I mean Im good be honest with you,skytrak doesnt it doesnt pick up swing speed as good when it starts getting,darker so dont hate on that 100 miles an hour but Im using like 105 right now,and Im loving the feel of this the sound uh its different than Im used to,but I like that dead sound it has Punk and Im used to a more louder cracking,sound but the feel is great so the theory with this its they say its more,forgiving lets say then the epic flash and now when I miss hit in the fairway,hold it just kind of healed it and it went a little lap and cut back into the,fairway so thats a good thing I like it when I miss hit it Im fine fairway so,far so good,hmmm my skytrak didnt pick that one up its getting a little too dark for it I,smoked that last one that was my best Drive well go out there and find it in,a minute all right didnt like that one either its just getting too dark for it,so lets go grab those balls and maybe get a few more see what happens,this is exciting now all my balls are right here okay so I hit a couple to the,right that were short right now theyre both right here in the rough and I felt,like man I miss those big-time high right and and Ive missed high right on,this hole and Ive been on the dang Reseda Boulevard which is right here it,happens all the time Im at Braemar Country Club by the way,first hole Masters course case you ever ever been here,beautiful spot so the – I blew away right that I was like I mean want to,show you the sky track on that but there right there in the rough and pretty far,okay so I play the green teas right there cuz its hard to film on the back,black teas and but its only a couple ten yards back but usually Im about Im,about here just past the sand traps from the green teas with my driver heres the,sand traps right here and I want to show you this again you know I did a sky,truck just kind of give you rough numbers but its it doesnt pick it up,that great when it gets dark okay heres my shortest one here all right and Ive,got one look at all these this is for real one two three four five six seven,eight were in the fairway and – – were in the right rough and these were the,ones I this short one was the one I pull that I said I missed it and I healed it,when the fairway Ive have a 96 yards left on a 360 yard hole okay so like 260,a little over 260 I hit it and heres all the rest are here and,Ive got one way up here uh if you see it up there so my longest drive and,heres what I want to show you the one I said I crushed okay dont want it,crushed look at the ball I used tor velocity okay this is a look how old and,dirty this is I dont even know why its in my bag so the worst ball I just,crushed worth it I mean I crushed that thing pretty good I mean Ill be honest,the sound of the driver isnt my favorite but the results were pretty,spectacular Im gonna go hit another hole and see what happens,okay ah this is an awesome hole because Im clubhouse in the background looks,cool and theres a ditch a little ravine thats like 24250 to carry from here and,were a little bit into the wind so were gonna see if I cant normally I,lay up on this hole see what can do okay heres whats awesome so far is that I,didnt hit hard I hit a few of those pretty good really good,all the misses went right I didnt hit one left usually on this particular hole,my misses are snap hooks left so um and youll find those Ill let you know and,then Ill just give a little wrap-up of whats going on my thoughts with the,Maverick driver head covers pretty awesome too by the way isnt it cool,I mean just classic good look cant miss that guy I will leave a link also in the,description for all the info thats just released on the maverick driver in the,description below so be sure to check that out also please not smash that like,button if you liked this video and subscribe to the channel so that way you,stay up to date with all the latest tips and drills and product reviews you want,to miss anything thanks for the support lets go see where these are Ill give,you my my wrap up my thoughts good news my misses are all just right here,together I miss those I would say pretty badly ah,you know for me and they all went pretty high right and theyre just Im just,picking them up right now so not bad in terms of where they finish because I got,pretty good distance out of it and they just went to the right all of them so,that I like when my misses are all in the same spot when youre all laughter I,loved it yeah nobody likes that so that was good lets you could see the ditch,the ravine right here lets go see what happened so heres the ravine,I never go for it I rarely unless its downwind and then drive it up here but,its into the wind right now a little breeze into its cold winter so ball,doesnt fly this one made it over got it got one right here barely made it over,but made it over nonetheless thank you dont tell anybody I hit some Titleist,balls sorry Callaway these two made it over no problem I like,bold 8-ball and this one easy this is great,mud you can see look no roll with mud balls its another reason you dont go,for it so uh lets see any that went in they


this is the 2020 Calloway maverick lets,do it hi everyone,James Robinson here first of all Id,like to say guys if you are not new to,the channel Id like to say a huge thank,you guys to supporting the channel for,watching the videos and basically for,enjoying my content if you are new to,the channel Id like to thank you for,joining us and also like – it comes to,hit that subscribe button if you havent,already,in todays video also leave us a like if,you enjoy the content as well because,that means the world to me now in,todays video we are talking the brand,new callaway maverick now first things,first guys ive got to get this out Ive,got to say this review is gonna be its,gonna be honest its gonna be its gonna,be brutally honest,not real cool but brutally honest I,think is that a thing and you see guys,there is one huge factor that means I,could play this drive this year I might,play this drivers here Ive known any,way shape or form discounted playing,this driver this year despite its name,and despite its color scheme as well,there are two things which like I said,its gonna be its gonna be brutal so,well start with the name maverick and,not so much the name but the spelling of,the name maverick nav Rik maverick I,mean dont get me wrong as first shots,go were gonna take it and when I first,heard the name and first heard where it,was gonna be called I guess thats kind,of the same thing isnt it,I was definitely gonna do a joke on top,going on maverick on Tom Cruise on all,those things but I thought I thought,well ill leave that to alex etches,because hes very good at them and you,dont really it mean a Bigfoot suit I so,theres that but thats definitely,another story for another day,and theres also again one reason why I,could play this club one big one and,that could be one of them because that,thats everything thats just thats,okay,that so I do obviously understand by me,saying theres one big reason that I,could play this club and then saying,that thats one of them that would,actually mean that really the,performance is the reason why I could,play this club and you wouldnt be far,wrong but theres another reason and,first of all before we talk performance,before I tell you exactly whats in this,club whats not in this club because,theres one thing thats not in this,club that you would expect to be in this,club but you wouldnt expect to be in,this club because this is taken over the,Callaway rogue were gonna talk color,scheme the cast Calloway whoever is in,charge of your colors I mean come on and,I know there will be people leaving,comments now that if people type in,their below saying I love the color,scheme I love the gold I love the orange,its beautiful its its its orange and,yes I do have a pink shirt on and I am,well aware that that means that my,opinion means nothing on colors so,theres that as well you got to remember,that names colors all these things,theyre subjective you might like the,might love the name you might hate the,name you might love the color scheme you,might hate the color scheme but good,comeback on to the color scheme because,theres one big reason where I could,play this club next year or this year,okay so now Ive got the color scheme,out of the way lets start talking tech,Im gonna hit another shot though,because that one was absolutely,beautiful another one it is is ah yes,yes so as youll see here guys the,Maverick does have quite an unusual,shaped head if I show you this way,youll see even more how it just looks a,little bit weird at the back there,thats its no accident thats what,Callaway called the cyclone arrow shape,cyclone arrow shape really so basically,what carved on the put loads of heads in,a narrow tunnel or a wind tunnel guess,theyre the same thing and the fam that,having the shape shallower from front to,back does allow for more dynamics less,drag and generally more speed Ive got,say guys Im quite enjoying this and I,dare say Im shelling peas here ok so,its a strange shape we know that its,Mario dynamic what else do we have so we,still have jailbreak technology we still,have the tri-axial carbon crown and we,also now have a brand new artificial,intelligence designed face flash face,I know what youre thinking but we had,flash face before we have that on the,epic flash which is still the current,driver by the way so dont be thinking,if you bought the epic flash that youve,been duped because this is replacing the,rogue as we said anyway back to the,flash face weve had a flash face before,this is a brand new flash face is the,spring-summer 20 collection or as Kara,we all know it the SS 20 collection and,basically what Callaway have done is,theyve gone and bought a new computer,another one and this computer has,allowed Callaway to not only put more,iterations in there and see what works,what doesnt work but basically design a,newer face a faster face a flushy ur,face I guess I mean even if its not,true its a great story isnt it its a,great story come on lets have another,one keep this up I was healy that was,that was really healing and thats done,really well thats gone 270 yards and if,you can see the ball mark here thats,not good now I have got to say and Im,aware that I say that on videos a lot,and Im trying to get away from saying,Ive got to say but I have got to say,that Im going to be brutally honest,here guys with the color and the name I,wasnt a huge fan of this when I first,saw it Ive got to put it out there the,first impressions and we all know how,much they account for if youve ever,been and had dinner with a girlfriends,mom and dad and its not going well and,youll know exactly what I mean,but generally I wasnt a fan of it Im,not a huge fan of the colors but there,is one bit you know Im going to tell,you guys you can get this in the custom,shop she can get loads of different,colors theres a picture of one I saw,when I did have the meeting with,Callaway its got a navy blue its got,red on it it looks way better than this,burnt orange color again its all,subjective you might love the orange,color which is fantastic but like yeah,not a huge fan but I think one of the,biggest pieces of technologies to go,into this driver which may save it and,say save it as though its in trouble,which may make people play it a little,bit more is that the artificial,intelligence computer has designed a,brand new internal rib structure for,this driver which has totally changed,the acoustics John listen to this,exactly,[Music],you see I really enjoyed last year,Calloway epic flash sub-zero so much so,that it made its my final two for the,drivers that I was going to use in 2019,and we all know that it missed out to,the TaylorMade m5 because of one thing,the acoustics this new internal rib,structure makes it sound so much better,it sounds that a little bit kind of,lower pitch for me and again this is all,subjective some people love the sound of,the epic flash and thats brilliant,thats what makes golf great thats what,makes everything great thats what makes,I mean we start tracking a bit here but,basically you allowed your own opinion,and remember guys well be testing the,callaway maverick against the callaway,maverick sub-zero and if theyve made,the sound that much better could it make,you could it make it maybe thats,massive that is apps of that thats now,its early days but thats the longest,drive ive hit all year i mean dont get,me wrong its still January but thats,thats big and you see you can probably,tell that Im getting quite excited,about this Im getting excited about,this Im getting excited about the,TaylorMade sim launch Im getting,excited about the Mizuno long and thats,ok you know its ok to get excited its,ok to be excited about golf balls are,out release is about new technology you,dont have to buy it sometimes its nice,just to try it isnt it thats an,interesting lighting position dark but,its like it Ive got to say guys Im,still waiting for that bad one we all,know youve all been watching my reviews,hopefully weve been watchin

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