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whats up guys todays video is on the,callaway strata review 2022 through,extensive research and testing ive put,together a list of options that will,meet the needs of different types of,buyers so whether its price performance,or its particular use weve got you,covered for more information on the,product like the video comment and dont,forget to subscribe now lets get,started key features large 460cc driver,with titanium clubhead and wide sweet,spot for plenty of forgiveness low,profile hybrid is a nice companion for,the golfer looking to grow into their,game off the tee box large cavity backed,irons have large sweet spot and the,perimeter weighting helps with keeping,your shot on target technical,specifications 12-piece set the callaway,strata golf club set comes with three,woods four irons one wedge,one putter in a stand bag this 12-piece,set also has two head covers to keep the,dings out of your driver and three wood,a very nice start for the beginning,golfer in your family the callaway,strata covers a lot of bases with the,collection of golf clubs chosen for this,set,460cc driver the large headed 460cc,driver is simple as there are no,adjustable features on the club but even,with a fixed hosel,this number one wood has a wide sweet,spot that offers forgiveness on off,center strikes stand back the,multi-pocketed stand bag is a wonderful,utility that protects all 12 golf clubs,in this set with two legs and an,oversized shoulder strap the callaway,strata emblazoned bag is great for,golfers who want to walk the course,while keeping their golf clubs free from,touching the ground features and,benefits,460cc titanium driver while it is,certainly important to have a driver in,a complete set for beginning golfers,it comes with a slight warning most,novices are not going to be able to hit,their driver with any consistency and,the thought of immediately opening the,callaway strata club set and heading to,the range with the intent of using the,driver is slightly mad that said knowing,what to look for in a driver and,understanding how important it is to the,future of your game makes the driver an,essential club for any collection of,golf clubs that come straight from the,box the callaway strata golf club set,offers a 10.5 degree driver made from,titanium that measures 460cc in volume,it has a large club head and as a result,a sizeable sweet spot with nice,forgiveness off the tee box although it,may take a few months before you use the,driver the one in the callaway strata,set will perform admirably over time low,profile 3 wood the 3 wood in the,callaway strata set is lofted at 15.5,degrees making it a dependable club for,high handicappers to use off the tee box,until their game gets the consistency,and distance to allow the golfer to take,the next step in their skill level with,a low profile that keeps the center of,gravity toward the rear of the club the,callaway strata 3-wood helps beginning,golfers get the ball into the air for,maximum distance and carry on their,drives with a shaft that measures at,roughly 42 inches high handicappers will,notice an improvement in swing speed and,control with this club over the longer,driver in the set great for feeling,comfortable on the t-box this 3-wood,will certainly provide useful service,from the fairway as your game grows wide,sold 5 hybrid the 5 hybrid takes the,place of a five iron that is definitely,tougher to hit for beginning golfers in,exchange the five hybrid helps provide,solid contact at impact and the,structure of the club allows the wide,sole of the club head to slide,underneath the golf ball for a better,launch angle and more ball height as you,continue to gain more experience in your,game the 5 hybrid becomes incredibly,essential to your game,allowing you a dependable club to use on,the t-box and from the fairway on longer,par 4 seconds in par five seconds lofted,at 26 degrees theres not much,difference here between the hybrid and,the set-6 iron but the style of the club,head certainly provides an advantage for,the inexperienced golfer that an iron,cannot duplicate cavity-backed irons,there are four irons in the callaway,strata 12 piece set beginning with the,six iron and ending with the nine iron,all four irons are cavity backed pushing,extra steel to the outer rim of the club,head for better balance and maximum,forgiveness these irons would be,classified as game improvement irons,meaning they are built to help the high,handicapper get the ball into the air,easily and help keep it straight with a,destination that goes where you are in,while the irons in the callaway strata,set might not be sophisticated for the,beginner they provide a durable and,solid option for your first set of irons,even though they are a tad heavier than,wed prefer from our starter set irons,the extra heft does keep the club low to,the ground for improved contact,perimeter weighted pitching wedge,although wed like to see an additional,sand or lob wedge included in this set,the pitching wedge is a nice addition,that will certainly help the average,beginning golfer from anywhere under a,100 yards to the green the loft on the,callaway stratasets pitching wedge is,44 degrees and although that is a little,higher than wed like the wedge is a,performer from anywhere on the course,whether it be the fairway or the light,rough the heaviest iron in the back the,pitching wedge in this collection is,made to help the beginner find some,accuracy while adding a little distance,to your short game blade style putter,the putter is a blade style putter that,has some extension steel behind the face,that helps balance and level the flat,stick on the green while most putters,youll find in a complete set struggle,to provide quality work around the green,the callaway stratasets putter does a,nice job of promoting forward roll and,getting the ball to the cup the shaft of,the putter measures 35 inches which is,standard for an off-the-shelf putter a,small tip for beginning golfers looking,to purchase the callaway strata set you,may want to add a larger pudding grip,that will help stabilize your strokes,and keep the putter square throughout,the impact zone lightweight,multi-pocketed stand back the,lightweight bag comes equipped with,several pockets of varying length that,can handle all your extra necessities,including rain gear your valuables,and extra towels balls and tees the bag,has five pockets a cooler pocket to keep,your drinks cold a rain hood and a,comfortable backpack strap system with,two sturdy legs the stand bag is great,for golfers who want to mix in a little,exercise with their round by walking the,course the bag will keep your golf clubs,dry and off the ground great for golfers,who like to play in the morning do but,dont want that standing moisture to,reach the grips of the clubs,where water can do some serious damage,two head covers provided in the set is,two head covers that protect and cushion,the top two woods included in the set,one of the biggest reasons why head,covers are important to use is that,woods are the largest golf clubs in your,bag and through the rigors of traveling,and while riding on the course these,specific golf clubs have a tendency to,collect unsightly scratches and cosmetic,dings that can affect the drag on the,club causing inconsistencies in your,shots by using the head covers,throughout your time on the course and,while you travel to and from the course,you can significantly lower your chances,of damage to the woods club heads and,elongate the life of the golf clubs by,keeping them pristine complete starter,set for beginner and high handicapper,for the beginning golfer and high,handicapper a complete golf set that,comes ready to go straight from the box,is advantageous because you dont spend,any time tracking down individual golf,clubs and the sets typically cover,everything you need to immediately start,your golfing journey the callaway strata,complete golf set provides the golfer,with three woods four irons one wedg

Callaway Golf Mens Strata Complete Set – Review 2022

[Music],whats up about to do an unboxing of the,callaway strata,12 piece mens set,just got it off of,amazon was about two uh 218 with a,little 15,discount i got,like right off the bat so lets get this,sucker opened up just got yesterday,delivered two days,im to look at the quality see what so,we got whats up cash its my little,black kitten cash,all right so i got her opened up uh,looks pretty good comes with a little,like rain cover,whatever uh,just uh i would say the quality overall,is just kind of like a,cheap nylon,uh,its not bad i like the colors the blue,is really pretty on it,um,lets see lets see if the,stand it comes with a stand which is not,bad at all it does work look at that,boom lets take a look at coming up the,clubs,all right about to open up the clubs,here,it comes with a cover for the driver,everythings wrapped and uh,all the irons are,in the hybrid and the putter all wrapped,in,bubble wrap which is nice,uh well go ahead and get these opened,up,assuming this is my,three wood fairway wood,yeah all right lets take a look at it,all right i got the covers off these are,these arent bad covers i mean,cheap they are what they are but they,look nice they got,nice lettering on it to match everything,uh,nice 400 and,cc,composite titanium driver head,lets see fairway,three,there im gonna take this all out,tomorrow,and give her all,spin,lets take a look at the grips,one second,all right so,grips are,pretty basic grips,feel good though,uh,the shaft normally when you get a,good driver the chef will tell you,like the firmness the stiffness of it,that sort of thing whats up here,assembled,in china,really didnt tell me much about this,like compared to mine like old nike,drivers and stuff that would tell me,that they were extra stiff shafts or,something like that um,for the money i guess its all right i,could tell that its kind of like a,cheap shaft just by,handling it compared to like a really,expensive like 500 dollar driver,i would say this this set is definitely,good,for anyone whos just starting out,um,i just cant get this thing to,focus there um so im gonna open up the,the hybrid,and the putter show you guys that,all right so lets start out with,the,hybrid its a five hybrid,uh like i said this whole entire sets,really really basic grips are pretty,much all the same heres my favorite,iron the seven iron,its my go-to iron it comes with six,seven eight and nine iron no,uh no pitching wedge no sand wedge,thats what you dont get with it oh,actually no im wrong it does come with,a,pitching wedge there,no sandwich though if thats what youre,looking for,uh putter pretty,basic,putt-putt putter yeah,well designed i wont know that until i,actually use it uh,nice conformed,putting grip that you would see on most,you know 10 20 putters kind of thing,again i wont really know performance,wise,but thats what you get lets take a,look at the bag a little bit more like i,said it comes with a cover,uh pockets,big pocket there,basic,ball pocket,and then another top pocket there may,put your glove in,tease,and then im assuming,assuming theres another one back here,yeah another large pocket there,a little bit larger maybe for your uh i,dont see,another huge,huge pocket there,not bad for a bag like a,bag comes with a kind of a starter,uh golf set,im trying to see if it specifically has,a spot for,umbrella which i dont think it does im,sure you could,probably just shove it,shove it in this side pocket there,yeah not bad though for a couple hundred,bucks to get yourself a full golf set,and get yourself into the game,um,i would give it definitely a four star,rating overall you can tell the clubs,are kind of,just kind of starter clubs cheaply made,theyre not meant to last you forever,uh bags actually really nice,especially with the cover,i look at my old nike bag its heavier,than crap this thing almost does this,way just kind of,give you an idea its not bad,like,its not gonna wear you out it could be,a little bit lighter,um,obviously,most of the newer bags,i would say this is guaranteed towards a,like a brand new player just getting,into the game doing lessons with a,golf,pro,but i do i dont golf as much as i used,to get away from that,and uh,i would say needing to upgrade and get,new clubs and only playing maybe once or,twice a year this is all i need honestly,this will last me probably five years,only playing a couple times a year,if youre gonna play like every weekend,you definitely want to get a better set,i would definitely go for like a 500 set,um,over this and if,theres no reason you know i see a lot,of people spending thousand dollars on,their irons if you got it you got it if,you dont,a 500 set if youre playing every week,is going to be better than this 200,dollar set ill give it four stars on,amazon though its not bad,you know,like i said i plan on it lasts me at,least five years playing a couple times,every year sitting around in a garage or,a basement,eventually grips wear out well thats,pretty much it for this video thanks for,watching and if,you liked the video hit the like button,if you want to sub i do random videos,fitness,outdoors stuff,sports,thats pretty much it for me right now,so,peace,[Music],you

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Golf Club Starter Sets / Should Beginners Buy Them

okay so youre starting out in the game,of golf,youre not quite sure what you need but,you know you need some clubs so you go,to the store,you go online and you see these starter,sets these complete,sets these box sets theyve got,everything you need,and youre thinking to yourself is that,what i should be buying,were going to talk about that so lets,go,hi everyone welcome to the mobile club,maker im aj thanks for watching the,video,today we are going to cover starter sets,beginner sets complete sets whatever you,want to call them were talking about,a bag of clubs usually comes in a box,with everything you basically need to,get started so the questions are well,what are you getting when you buy one of,these why are they so much less,expensive than other golf clubs,and lastly should you as a beginner,golfer someone getting back into golf,look at a set of clubs like this versus,buying used clubs or buying new clubs,that are more expensive,were going to cover all that today so,lets get started okay so the first,thing were going to cover is,what are you getting when you buy a set,of these golf clubs,oh by the way if you havent please go,down below,hit that thumbs up button and if you,havent subscribed to the channel go,ahead and do that so you wont miss out,on any new videos we have upcoming,so what do you get with one of these,starter sets one of these boxed set of,golf clubs whats coming in them,essentially what youve got is a full,set of golf clubs that being,a driver usually one or two fairway,woods,usually one or two hybrids some irons,a wedge a putter and then,a golf bag and some head covers that is,essentially what all of them are going,to be,offering theres different brands,theres three big brands that youre,going to see out there one of them being,strata,which is actually owned by a titleist,one of them being top flight,which is actually owned by dicks,sporting goods and the last one being,wilson which is,owned by wilson each of these sets,and in some cases they make more than,one set but each of them will have,slight variations they may have a,different set makeup some of them might,have two hybrids,and one fairway wood some might have two,fairway woods and one hybrid some might,only have fairway woods and no hybrids,and just,fairway woods going into irons its just,going to depend,but thats basically what youre getting,youre getting some combination,of clubs youre also getting a golf bag,usually a stand bag that being one of,the bags that has the legs the tripod,out of it so it stands up on its own,its great if you plan on walking its,great when you go to the driving range,because you can just throw it on your,shoulder,its just a lighter simpler bag to deal,with,and then youre going to usually have,some head covers,maybe a towel those are going to be all,the things that are coming,in one of these starter sets one thing,to be aware of,anytime you look at any of these starter,sets theyre going to refer to them,as 14 pieces or,16 pieces or 12 pieces,dont be confused when they say pieces,and think that thats automatically,clubs though,because pieces are not clubs if that,makes sense all the clubs are going to,be considered pieces,but so is the bag so are the head covers,so is the towel if its in there so it,may say,a 14 piece set but when you actually,open it up that may only be,11 clubs two head covers and the bag,giving you 14 pieces or some other,variation so just something to be aware,of when youre looking at these,different sets beyond just looking at,different brands,you also want to look at whats actually,coming in them because it may be,slightly different,one set may give you an extra club,versus another set so just something to,take into consideration,okay so you know what youre getting,basically in one of these starter sets,but the next question is,well why are they so inexpensive how is,it that these clubs can only cost,say 350 dollars as a ballpark figure,some of them will be a little more some,of them will be a little a little less,but,in general theyre going to fall in that,you know say 250 to 350 range for these,starter sets,how is it that these clubs can be so,inexpensive when,just a single callaway driver can cost,you over five hundred dollars or a set,of tailor-made irons can cost you a,thousand dollars,what is it that makes these clubs so,much less expensive,than some of the higher-end clubs well,the first thing thats going to make,these clubs less expensive,is the materials used very simply,theyre going to be using,more basic materials than youre going,to find in higher end golf clubs,so if you take an iron head like this,this is a very simple to make iron head,its,one complete piece theres not a bunch,of different materials being put,together here its just,one piece of stainless steel it may or,may not have some sort of,sticker or decal something like this on,the back but that doesnt really add,anything to it other than a little,cosmetic,bling if you will but the basic design,is very simple,straightforward one piece a deep cavity,back design so its supposed to be easy,to hit its supposed to be easy to get,the ball up in the air,hit it high hit it straight hit it far,thats the basic idea of what youre,seeing with this,kind of club likewise when you get into,the fairway woods,and you get into the driver the fairway,woods are going to be a very simple,design theyre going to be stainless,steel its just going to be a standard,hosel like this,the bottom of it may have some sort of,contouring of some kind to help get,through,the grass better may or may not have,something like this some sort of little,weight screw although that is again,going to be usually a little more,elaborate detail that starter sets may,not have,but just something basic in shape and,again function being,hit it high hit it straight hit it far,uh the driver again youre going to be,similarly,simple design basic 460cc thats the,head size of it see just a big forgiving,easy to hit head thats what youre,going to get beyond that,youve got shafts either steel or,graphite,theyre going to be sort of you know,middle of the road,lower middle road quality um,the consistency of those shafts is going,to be probably,so-so uh and then youre going to have,some pretty basic,rubber grips just your basic rubber,textured,simple grips again theyre not going to,be high end grips theyre going to be,sort of,low middle of the road kind of grips so,youve got these basic materials but,also besides that,youve got more simplified technology,if you look at a club like this which is,a modern uh,more expensive iron head you can see,here youve got,multi-material construction youve got a,titanium insert here,to help move weight around youve got a,tungsten,insert set in the toe here again to help,get the weight,ideally where they want it its just a,much more complicated golf club to put,together because you have,more than one piece youre not just,casting a single piece in a mold and,popping it out youre having to,build the club youre having to put it,together its also using,a higher grade of steel this is a forged,head its a carbon steel thats going to,be a more expensive material,likewise when you get into the fairway,woods and the drivers,modern day fairway woods and drivers,have things like,adjustable hoses so you have a hosel,sleeve that slides in here and you can,adjust the lie angle you can adjust the,loft and face angle those sorts of,things,youre not going to have that on these,basic starter set clubs,youre also not going to see adjustable,movable weights like you do in a lot of,modern drivers,you know this sort of thing is very,expensive to build clubs that have all,this technology both,in designing them to make them work and,just building them with these channels,and these little weights and all the,adjustability,those are all expensive features so,youre not going to see that,in these starter sets in these box sets,youre going to see a very simplified,very plain sold fairway wood and driver,

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I bought IMPRESSIVE golf clubs from Costco!

last time i came to costco and bought,some golf clubs the video went crazy so,guess what im back im gonna go in,costco well see what i can find,normally do some golf gear seen them do,the callaway edge clubs in the past,reviewed them kirkland wedges,kirkland balls what else is there lets,go have a quick scour and its not a,paid ad youll see me spending my hard,earned money and lets see what is,available in costco lets buy it lets,review it okay golf section costco,theres these that have caught my eye,cobra xl speed ten piece complete set,driver three wood hybrid six iron down,to picture wave sandwich play putter 480,pound lets give these a test last thing,ive actually spotted its a new ball,so youve seen on my channel before ive,tested these ones link up there in the,corner and actually thought they were,pretty good but on closer inspection,these are,version two of the same ball,lets buy them i might,do these in another video coming soon,but lets pick these up as well,and just like that im at the golf,course cobra,xl speed uh it doesnt come with a bag,so ive brought my empty golf bag to,load this up lets unbox it see whats,inside whats interesting there is,literally no information on the box at,all by what clubs you actually get so,this is gonna be a bit of a mystery and,then to be honest im just going to go,and play a bit of golf maybe nine holes,its a tough day because its pretty,windy lets see what these clubs can do,will i shoot under par level par ill go,completely wrong im going to shoot way,over par,first off,lets see whats in this set,and just like that weve got cyclops,initial,looks,is not terrible like they actually look,better in real life than do in the box,weve got a six iron seven iron eight,nine nine iron pitching wedge sand wedge,weve got a putter which i must admit,on first inspection looks like the best,club in the bag so far really nice,quality head cover,like check that out that is padded and,its furry actually one of the nicest,cobra putters ive seen a bit of a,milling on the face with a nice little,thick lampkin grip as well,big fan of that and then weve got a 23,degree hybrid so thats like a,five iron effectively,this is a 15 degree three wood,again better looking in real life,than in the box thats actually quite a,cool little feature,kind of these stripes on top for,alignment and then lastly the driver the,big stick what were gonna see under,here,10.5 degrees,again not the worst looking head in the,world,huge face,and actually kind of those go faster,stripes on top which again im a fan of,first impressions impressive a couple of,downsides you can only get them in,regular so these are going to be a,little bit soft for me obviously and you,could have maybe come down with one more,lofty club pasta sandwich maybe a lob,wedge wouldnt be a bad addition to this,set,but thats you know that in the bag,thats not a bad set of clubs so lets,go nine holes here at the marriott i was,just filming some close-ups then its,two things ive spotted number one the,driver the paintwork on this driver just,overlaps the face,now for a lot of people they might not,see that as big concern but who are,going to likely buy these clubs,is maybe a higher handicapper who might,not always hit the middle of the face,and might sometimes hit the crown of the,club with the ball so in this video i,think we need to do a sky test just to,see if theres much paint that might,chip off if we hit a bad one,and another thing ive noticed as much i,absolutely love so many elements of this,putter,is something ive picked up on the grip,isnt on straight when you hold the grip,straight the face sits about maybe,three to four degrees open,so the problem with that if i hold this,dead straight the grip that face might,cause me to miss shots to the right when,im putting either way lets see what i,can do,id reckon my chances are shooting close,to level par for nine holes on a wet,windy day here in manchester,straight out the block straight down the,middle of the fairway,ill be honest with you i did not see,that coming,nothing about that club for some reason,filled me with confidence then whether,it was the loft or the softer shaft,however,ive managed to nail one down the,fairway 140 eight iron second shot into,the first,that is mr green to the right,again,not very good that one,after such a bloody good drive that,is a very disappointing,bogey,second tee shot with that driver pretty,good result again it almost like headed,towards the green would have been a bit,downwind but i dont think its got,there been near the front anyway,hello,hello that was a bit nice okay come on,for birdie go back to level par,very nice,i think im the best driver on the,planet at the moment,okay second shot to the hardest hole in,the golf course into win now 180 yards,i could do with a four iron really but i,dont have one because ive got a five,hybrid or a three wood,you have to go soft little 3 wood,oh its a bullet,it is a bullet be good,oh its on back edge of the green you,know what honestly so far,so good,go,oh that is such a terrible put the one,thing as much as im a fan of this,putter it looks wise,its very very light in the head,thats a really annoying bogey,tiny bit left,[Music],ah,me twittem,four holes done one over par,im enjoying the club so far theres not,a lot of things that ive found that,ive not enjoyed but i like i said just,the weight of this putter head,[Music],i thought i was gonna fall to the right,didnt,apart,[Music],okay you know what im feeling confident,and im hitting drivers pretty well,probably the best ive ever hit at the,moment,im 260 yards away,into wind drivers coming out off the,deck i can pull this off itd be pretty,amazing,its not bad,get up there,go,go oh my friggin lord thats ridiculous,oh my goodness what a shot look at this,front edge,you know what,its a little chance for eagle now that,would be a turn up for the box,[Music],ah,[Laughter],all that hype,and ive knocked it,five foot past,absolute idiot,seventh hole par three seven iron in,hand its an inviting pin position,thats a terrible golf shot its got to,travel or it could be wet no i got that,wrong,thats gone through the back of the,green,[Music],get up there,get up,[Music],oh,[Music],last hole path three six iron in hand,come on make one more birdie try and get,back to level par,thats gonna have to travel,get up there oh its bloody amazing,look at that for a final shot into this,ninth green,right before im not that in for birdie,let me talk about these golf clubs born,from costco for a set thats in a,package thats from a major brand cobra,they have impressed me today,things to call out,driver very good it has been ive hit,most fairways it seems fairly forgiving,doesnt seem really short either its,not perfect for me 10.5 degree regular,but it still works,that comes into a little bit of a,downside obviously you cant get custom,fit for these clubs,but you cant for a lot of package sets,woods again really good three wood was,good i hit some nice shots with that and,then the irons as a overall rule theyve,been good,i think theyre a bit stronger lofted so,they might go a bit further than what,maybe i expect but even a shot like that,that was a shot into the last hole there,182 yards i think it was hit six iron,which is about what id normally hit,and even then ive hit from that way,its landed there pulled up got this put,for birdie and i didnt hit it,brilliantly well a couple other things,to consider as potential downsides,doesnt come with a bag so obviously,youre gonna have to go out and fork out,for a bag but sometimes in package sets,a bag doesnt always fit everybodys,liking sometimes they might want a carry,bag and it doesnt come with one it,comes with a trolley bag and vice versa,overall im impressed with these clubs,they do look,very good and theyve performed well,however you heard me mention before on,the first tee ive got two concerns the,first one is definitely the putter grip,it just is not on straight,and it migh

ARE THESE THE BEST CHEAP GOLF CLUBS OF 2021? // Costco Callaway Edge Set Review

hey golf people back out on course ive,got,the callaway edge set from none other,than,costco its incredible to me that you,can get a set of 10,golf clubs for under 500. well one penny,under 499.99 but are they any good,theyve got the callaway name on them,but are these clubs actually any good,were gonna find out and test them all,for you today,im here at the beautiful carrollwood,country club,my home club where were gonna play nine,holes now heres the deal im gonna try,to hit every,club in this bag weve got a driver a,three wood a five wood,six through sand wedge odyssey putter is,probably the star of the show with the,super stroke grip,were gonna see if it can make some,putts heres the over under for us today,four if i can shoot even par all the way,up to,plus three thats a win if i shoot four,over were gonna call that,pretty good and if im five over and,above,then these just arent the clubs for me,ive never played with these clubs,before theyre brand new fresh out of,the box i hit a few shots on the range,but this is my first time playing with,these things on course were gonna look,at the feel the forgiveness the distance,the sound,absolutely everything to see if thats,500,well spent or not lets do it oh hey and,do you want to actually win yourself a,callaway edge,set stick around to the end of the video,and im going to show you how you can,enter our contest,all right first hole heres about 350,yards weve got,water on the right that weve got to,avoid on our second shot were going to,start off with the 10 and a half degree,driver from this callaway edge set,its got a 65 gram regular flex shaft on,here theres no adjustments to be made,so,well see what happens fingers crossed,the contact felt very nice felt very,smooth,it seemed to go pretty far the winds in,my face right now,weve got our g80 here to tell us how,far this thing went,all right were coming up on the ball,here and this is very similar to where,my old callaway epic would have me as,well,were right at 2 30 so im pretty happy,about that because i know i didnt take,a huge swing at that first shot with any,club im not going to take a giant whack,so,i feel really good about that couple,things ill say it sounded a little,tinny but i can get over the sound and i,would say its got more of a draw bias,which,for a lot of people theyre gonna like,that especially if you slice the ball,youre a beginner,youre gonna love the draw bias i think,i can get used to it lets hit the next,shot here,all right now weve got 128 to the hole,im gonna play this more like a 135 shot,because i know this hole always plays a,little bit long and theres some wind in,my face were going to go nine iron here,all right so i like the way that club,felt it got up in the air,very easy and i actually hit it just a,little bit thin,you probably saw i didnt take a divot,there hey,first swings of the day im still,loosening up,but i gotta say it went up in the air,very high felt good,the wind pushed a little bit so it,landed a little bit short but if youve,seen my vlogs,i come up short here a lot on this hole,so thats not all that out of the,ordinary to be honest,all right now ive got no other wedges,and my my chipping game is usually a,real strength of mine so,were playing a new sandwich ive never,played before,well see how this one fares,hey im used to voki but uh that worked,out really well,these are much chunkier than id,normally want to play personally but,again if youre a beginner,youre probably gonna love that little,extra forgiveness that you get out of a,a wider club there,and a little more top heavy were taking,out now,whats to me like the star of the show,its the odyssey,white hot putter this is a putter with a,nice super stroke grip on it its,probably worth,a third of what the set cost so great,value here,we got a little putt so hopefully we,dont miss this little knee knocker,all right,that was an easy one lets go on to two,all right now this set is set up,differently than im normally used to,and im also really excited to try a,couple of clubs here,weve got a five wood that i never play,i never play a five would i usually play,a three hybrid,there is only a six iron theres no five,and four irons also tried this one out,on the range it sounded a little tingy,to me,but it seemed to fly really nicely but,were gonna take out driver again,because weve got another big,long par four this ones gonna be 395,basically to where that pin is,weve got to hit a good drive to avoid,the bunkers that are right and left on,the fairway,and if we hit it pretty long well have,a mid to low iron in our hands,now if you can see it there this driver,has a little bit of a draw bias,so we have to hit probably a tougher,shot than i wanted to,but that will give us an opportunity,maybe to hit that five wood,we were just talking about all right,coming up on the ball here,quite a bit left of where i wanted to be,which makes this a difficult shot,because im gonna have to draw one and i,have to do it very low,now if youve seen some of my other,videos ive talked about not compounding,mistakes,but that doesnt count when youre,trying to test clubs so the five woods,coming out,well see if we can keep this low and we,can wrap it around this tree,and try to climb that hill because its,like an uphill,pin position,all right we caught a little bit of tree,there but man it flew right off this,club,all right weve got 59 and a half yards,to the hole,were gonna go sandwich were gonna see,if we can pinch this thing get some spin,on it,and stick it tight,right at it,wow spun nice actually,the great thing about these clubs is,just how easy they are to hit,and get up in the air even with less,than perfect contact from what i can,tell,already its really hard to not hit him,straight right now,all right we got a little longer putt,here maybe eight ten feet lets try to,make it for par,keep this party train going,oh just missed it this putter felt good,though,all right we went over,but that was all the errand drives,fault,this putter felt really good it kind of,flew right off that little hot white,face r3 coming here,weve got 156 to the pin,im gonna go seven iron,we are dancing these clubs are so,easy to hit im taking really easy,swings too i dont know if you can tell,but they are really easy to hit they get,up in the air so,quickly,thats what happens with the game,improvement club but you know ive,played some of these clubs and,they feel a little clunky in hand these,dont honestly,theyre chunkier than i like certainly,but,again i think a lot of people that,instills confidence,and ill tell you when you see the ball,fly its confidence instilling,because theyre going right up in the,air really nicely that was against the,wind,i took an easy swing and my seven iron,is basically pin high we got a birdie,putt to make that,bogey back lets see if we can get the,white hot to start talking,tell you what this putter puts a real,good roll on it,all right that was a little dicey three,and a half four footer there,i felt very confident with this its got,nice balance to it,this is a really solid putter all right,another little 350 hole,any kind of good drive should put us,into wedge range the other thing ill,say about this driver i like the matte,finish on top it takes away the glare,but it seems to me ill have to measure,this but the shaft could be a little bit,shorter,than what im used to and thats just,fine because that gives you a little bit,more control,oh yeah wow,nice and straight beautiful ball flight,you cannot complain with that,we got 138 im gonna go eight iron here,because we havent hit this club yet and,because ive got to make sure i carry,that water,and we still have some wind in our face,so ive got to hit it like 145 basically,all right its leaking a little bit on,me,its a little short again,[Music],all right i gotta say the checkup from,these little,chip shots has been really nice to see,another little tap in car for us,all right a par five on the shorter side,here but it is a

This Golf Set Got me a HOLE-IN-ONE the FIRST TIME I Used It! | Strata Mens Complete Golf Set REVIEW

my first time using these clubs this one,specifically i got a hole in one no way,oh my god,that was too much thank you thank you,there it is the whole one well im never,hitting that ball again,hanging onto this ball forever,yes so obviously im super excited to,tell you about them but lets find out,why they worked so well for me it was,shipped to my place in a box like this,the box is just under 13 inches by about,eight and three quarters of an inch by,about 47 and a half inches tall so this,is a strata set here this is,manufactured by callaway in the exact,same facilities that they make their,callaway clubs it has a high quality,material feel in many aspects the strong,straps these backpack shoulder straps,are nice because its lightweight and,comfortable and its nice that they are,removable if you dont want them on,there you can see it has pretty solid,stitching and zippers as well and it has,a really sturdy frame the rain guard,zips up and protects all of the clubs,and it is absolutely waterproof so i,appreciate that the rain guard is also,detachable with seven slots theres lots,of different ways to arrange your clubs,in here there are five pouches two,really big ones on one side and then one,smaller one on the other side and then,two that are right in the back that are,a really nice place to put your balls,and your ts because its easily,accessible even when the bag is strapped,onto the golf cart the kick stand is a,bipod the arms are strong and yet,lightweight and they have really nice,grippy rubber feet the grips on these,are quite nice theyre also made by,strata i really like this kind of,honeycombed pattern here mixed with,grooves and angled edges its stylish,with nice color and a good feel in terms,of the putter we have a mallet putter,head with a really nice contrasted black,and white imagery here i really like,that it makes it really clear where,youre swinging and the weight of the,head feels really well balanced compared,to where you grip it with a shaft thats,just over 31 inches now the pitching,wedge has a 44 degree angle to it its a,steel shaft that measures 32 and a half,inches long i appreciate the wide faces,and the nice heavy feel to get the ball,moving i was feeling quite confident,even though my short game is pretty poor,and all the clubs except for the driver,which well talk about later have a nice,steel shaft that kind of telescopes down,its really cool the 9 iron has a 33,inch shaft the 8 iron has a 33 and a,half inch shaft the 7 iron has a 34 inch,shaft the 6 iron has a 34 and a half,inch shaft now with the 5 hybrid i was,feeling super confident with this the,moment i set it on the grass it really,picks things clean out of the rough but,feels like a smooth 4-iron off the tee,and it has a shaft length of 35 and a,half inches the 3-wood and the driver,both come with really nice covers and,the shaft length on the 3 wood is just,under 39.5 inches now the driver here is,the best club in the bag it also has a,graphite shaft with this,460cc titanium head im six foot one and,this fits me just fine with a shaft,length of just under 42 inches i can see,someone being three four inches taller,than me and still using this driver now,sometimes i come over the top and i tend,to slice but thankfully this club didnt,enhance that effect at all and i was,getting some wild distance on a few,drives that i didnt expect probably due,to this flexible shaft here im not a,player with a high amount of swing speed,so this clubs been working for me,perfectly theyve been really easy to,clean off with the damp rag so first of,all these are going to be great for,beginners even if youve never played,before because theyre not overly,complicated and its a great value for,the kind of clubs and bag that youre,getting with these theyre also good for,any intermediate player like myself who,finally wants to invest in their first,set of clubs because like me theyre,tired of using their dads clubs that,are 50 years old and what a smart,upgrade this was wasnt it wheres that,7 iron there it is oh yeah did i mention,i got a hole in one,i think theyre also good for any,skilled player who plays a lot and just,wants a really good value for a quality,set of clubs


the callaway strata set comes in four,different options you can choose between,the callaway strata 12 piece complete,set the 14 piece plus set 16 piece,ultimate set,and the 16 piece tour set as you move,from the complete to the tour you will,add both golf clubs and pricing as well,all of the strata sets are designed for,the beginner to a higher handicap player,except for the tour the tour model has a,bit of different design when it comes to,head shaping and technology it will not,be quite as forgiving and it could be a,good fit for a middle handicapper that,doesnt get the chance to play golf all,that often shaft options with the strata,golf clubs you will get a graphite shaft,in all of the woods hybrids and the,driver with the irons it will be a steel,shaft the shaft is a uniflex option that,is designed to work well for slower,swing speed golfers the tour set does,have one stiff shaft option as well for,the faster swinging player however the,stiff shaft in this set is not going to,be quite as stiff as it would be on,other stiff shafted options outside of,that tour set you wont have many,choices when it comes to the shaft look,sound feel this set of golf clubs comes,with a nice stand back with a matching,rain hood the irons look like a,traditional set of irons and the driver,has a large titanium classic looking,head overall the look and sound of this,set of clubs are quite impressive for,the price callaway makes excellent golf,products the strata is not going to,perform in the same way that the new top,of the line maverick does however,for the person that needs to buy the,strata set,that level of performance is not,necessary if you cant feel what more,spin a hotter club face and artificial,intelligence are doing to help your game,it is certainly not worth paying extra,for it on the 12 piece set and the other,smaller sets the feel is going to be,very much a beginner golf feel there,will be lots of forgiveness and distance,with not much workability this is not a,downfall of this set as most complete,set options do not rank all that high,when it comes to feel forgiveness the,callaway strata are very forgiving golf,clubs from the driver to the 3 wood to,the 5 hybrid everything is built to give,you a large sweet spot all of the clubs,have a low center of gravity and a wide,sole if you ever struggle to get a golf,ball up in the air this set will help,you to get back in the game price one of,the reasons we think this is such a,great choice is that there are several,different options if you dont want,something that is very expensive you can,go with the 12 piece set if you want a,more premium option and dont mind,spending a bit more you can go for the,tour model strata golf club set makeup,the callaway strata golf club set comes,in a few different models golfers can,choose between the 12 14 or 16 piece set,each of the sets comes with some,tremendous technology but the set makeup,does vary from one to the next lets,take a look at some of the details,involved with each of the individual,clubs in the strata golf bag this,information will give you a better idea,as to whether or not the golf club set,is a fit for your game the strata driver,the strata golf driver is a high,performing 460cc club head that has,tremendous forgiveness and distance the,callaway golf drivers on the market that,have jailbreak technology and flash face,are going to go considerably further,than the strata golf driver however this,does not make the straddle a bad choice,for slightly slower swing speeds and,those that are new to the game of golf,the callaway strata is a perfect choice,fairway wood the strata fairway wood is,a lightweight golf club that helps,players from the fairway and even a,slight bit of rough the callaway strata,fairway wood is an excellent alternative,for those that struggle with the driver,off the tee box in addition the callaway,strata fairway wood is high launching to,increase the forgiveness hybrids,depending on which golf club set you,purchase the callaway strata set will,come with either one or two hybrids the,hybrid ends up being most golfers,favorite club in the back the lower,center of gravity and higher launch,significantly increase the overall,performance of the golf clubs the,callaway strata hybrids are very easy to,hit out of the rough irons callaway,strata irons are traditional cavity back,shaped irons that have an impressive,feel and great distance if you dont hit,the center of the club face you will,still get plenty of distance and,forgiveness from the strata golf irons,the wedges a golf wedge is one of the,most important clubs in the bag if you,are purchasing the callaway strata 12,piece set you will only get a pitching,wedge with the set however if you,consider the 14 pieces of the 16 pieces,it comes with an additional sand wedge,we highly recommend a golf club set with,a sand wedge because of the precision,and feel that you will get with that,club the sand wedge also has quite a bit,of spin to help hit shots that stop on,the green putter the callaway strata,putter is a simple blade style putter,that has a good feel and precision with,the strata putter you will be able to,easily line up your golf putt and have,performance on both fast and slow golf,greens the golf putter is something that,is easy to upgrade at some point should,you find that necessary golf bag a,strata golf bag is a lightweight stand,back this bag will not have as much,storage as a cart bag yet it will work,well for players that like to walk the,course the strata golf bag is very easy,to lift and the stand is sturdy enough,to accommodate the set and a few more,clubs pros very easy to launch,lightweight golf clubs impressive ball,flight lots of distance for slower swing,speeds great value golf club set large,460 cc driver options for three,different set makeups for giving and,easy to hit putter cons is not a good,fit for very fast swing speeds longevity,is not quite as good as other golf club,sets on the market thanks for watching,if you liked the video please hit the,like button if you want to see more,videos hit the subscribe button and if,you have something to say please leave a,comment

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