1. The Ulitmate American Candy Mystery Box Challenge! (EXTREME SUGAR RUSH) – MUKBANG
  2. Ranking The Newest Candy From 2021
  3. HAUL The Craziest Candy Ever! Weird Spray Candy, Eating Crayons + Prank Ideas
  4. NCT DREAM – Candy Winter Special Mini Album Review | Reaction
  7. The Shocking True Story of Candy

The Ulitmate American Candy Mystery Box Challenge! (EXTREME SUGAR RUSH) – MUKBANG

[Music],um,uh,[Music],is,[Music],you guys are about to witness the most,intense sugar rush,ever so guys i want to give a massive,massive thank you to jaws sweetie barn,jaws sweetie barn,for sending me out all of this amazing,stuff so george sweetie barn is one of,the top trending uk sweet shops one of,the best sweet shops here in the uk,they do amazing sweets they do giant,pick and mixers they do a massive range,of stuff they also do this this is their,monthly american candy mystery box so,every month they bring out a brand new,mystery box full of all kinds of,different american candy sweets cookies,uh chips or crisps and i know in some,mystery boxes you even get cereal you,get pop cakes all kinds of good stuff so,guys im gonna have a link right at the,top of the description check out joel,sweetie barn check out on facebook and,on instagram they do some pretty amazing,looking stuff so what im going to say,to the guys over at your sweetie barn is,if you guys want to send me over the,next month this is julys box by the way,in case youre wondering my next one,will be august so if you guys want to,send me over august box and have me do a,round two,then i will definitely do that so right,here i have got an insane amount of,stuff ive never tried pretty much any,of this other than one thing which is,the hersheys,cookies and cream bar down here you,cant really see,all of it fully but ill kind of go,through each thing as im going i dread,to think how many calories are here,there is a lot of sugar in fact its,pretty much all sugar so im gonna have,an insane sugar rush but i am very,excited guys uh one thing i am going to,say is there is there is going to be,quite a lot of jump cuts purely because,its going to be a lot of chewing,theres a lot of candy a lot of hard,candy and the last thing i really want,is to be sitting here and have you guys,watching like a 40 minute long video of,me chewing sweets were gonna try and,kind of fast forward it a little bit but,i assure you guys i will be eating,everything that is here 100,also to help wash it down guys ive got,some almond milk,low calorie,got to keep the calories down,right guys no time limit on this im,going to go through each thing as im,going and now guys there is a couple of,things i will not be eating and that is,this,so this is chewing gum,obviously theres no point in me eating,uh chewing gum,ive already tried this its really good,its mint chocolate chip flavor,sugar-free chewing gum i will not be,having that and also i dont think im,gonna have these these are the harry,potter jelly beans you guys might have,seen these before,but these are the jelly beans that i,have all the disgusting different,flavors i dont really want to eat these,i mean i might but well leave them,there for now anyway guys enough talking,lets jump into this this is the,ultimate american candy mystery box,challenge,[Music],right guys lets get into this now i am,ready ive got an additional light there,ive got two giant lights there what do,you guys have to think of this out loads,more light should look a lot better,anyway lets get straight into this guys,im ready lets take this down so weve,got two cans of poppy im going to start,with the fanta grip,fanta grip,full sugar,found a grape,quite nice right im actually going to,start with these,so these are jalapeno flavored crisps or,chips if youre american jalapeno,flavored cheese curls,[Music],[Applause],you smell spicy i dont know why you,guys can see that,[Music],the light watch it we have watches here,in england with a slightly spicy cotton,i actually really like these,[Applause],man they acted quite nice ive not had,full sugar pop in a very long time all,right next up what have we got were,gonna try some of these out,so these are blue raspberry flavored,little chews weve got a lot of these so,oh wow thats colorful look at that,jesus,[Music],very chewy,i dropped one,tastes like grapes,thats quite nice theres a lot of,packaging here,come on ive got about seven my mouth,okay so we have something here in,everyone called um blue bon bons,the little soft sweets thats kind of,what that reminds me of theyre not,massively flavorful but,quite nice um right guys were gonna do,toxic waste,i think we have this in england but,nuclear sludge sour cherry flavor,theres going to be a lot of chewing in,this video a lot of chewing,there it is,toxic waste,[Music],its sour,its definitely sour guys definitely,sour its all right not my favorite,thing in the world i think ive gotten,to one so weve got another one this is,the blue raspberry flavor theres a lot,of blue raspberry flavored stuff here,same thing this ones more of a pink,color,[Music],i like that one that ones a lot nicer,i should point out im literally just,swallowing these whole now 170 calories,in one of these cans jesus,its all right my keto diet starts,tomorrow,all right guys next do i do more chewy,stuff you know what im gonna try well,try well try well try well do,these chewy lemon heads,citrus flavor,so thats what they look like,little balls,wow,very sour,im gonna go at the dentist straight,after this uh lemon heads uh chewy lemon,heads theyre all right not too too bad,what next all right were gonna get some,of this chocolate chip a bit so this is,a chocolate cow tail,chocolate cow tail chewy chocolate,caramel with a cream center,sounds nice,what is that,[Music],oh it smells very chocolatey,i could get down with that so its like,a soft chocolate on the outside and like,a picture of the filling from an oreo in,the middle thats what thats kind of,like all right guys next up what are,these now and later the long-lasting,chew,i dont know if this is chewing gum i,hope its not chewing gum because id,rather not eat chewing gum right now,its watermelon flavor by the way also i,want to give you guys a massive thank,you for um getting me to 2700,subscribers,my channel is definitely growing very,fast and im very happy with how its,gone so consider subscribing if you like,seeing this kind of video and plenty,more to come,more packaging for you guys this is,probably quite a fast video for me im,having to sit here and unwrap all of,these so here they are little,watermelon chews watermelon,the sour,nice,i like it chewy i dont know if you,might just swallow these but im just,swallowing them otherwise ill be here,forever which is the hardest part is all,the packaging last one,yeah theyre quite nice not not the best,in the world but quite nice next up we,are going to do,mike and ikes ive heard of these,mike and ikes original fruit flavor,do you like jelly beans,[Music],fruity,mike and ikes just like jelly beans,really right next up we are going to do,more mike and ikes this is the very,blast flavor oh im just waiting for the,sugar to kick in im okay so far im,walking so far give it time,yeah these are the same things just,different colors same thing just,different colors,[Applause],[Music],guys when i say im literally just,swallowing these whole im not joking i,dont think thats how you meant to eat,them but,right i want to do another packet of,these get them up with mike and ike,tropical tycoon,got that mike and ikes,i dont want any more mike and i explore,where mike and eggs,oh theyre very sweet oh man,down the hatch,mike and ikes they all kind of taste,the same,im going to do the last packet of mike,and ikes this is the red red rages,great name i dont want no more mike and,ike score,same thing just pink,[Music],oh,oh,hello i feel like my teeth are going to,pull out,down the hatch,i want some chocolate i think no i dont,want to lie were going to do one of,these ive actually ive actually seen,these before these are twisters or,twizzlers twizzlers,sorry twizzlers twizzlers like um,strawberry flavored strawberry flavored,lace thing we have two of them because,one is not enough strawberry twizzler,dude,yeah i dont know if thats how they,meant it is but that tastes really like,artificial plastic,no thats not for me at all yuck next up,sour jacks wild berry,[Musi

Ranking The Newest Candy From 2021

welcome to good mythical more its been,a year,where a lot of candys been invented,these are fresh new candies this year,and were going to rank them and were,going to rank them but first,were going to play new cell if were,going to play lets play new selfie face,this is roller skating off of a cliff,i always just kind of had just over gone,over the cliff i was looking down at it,like we were going over yeah i didnt,even know that we were going over yet i,was just feeling the weightlessness of,no longer having my skates not feeling,the ground underneath yourself i also,have a list of embarrassing things that,i did mm-hmm uh ill just go ahead and,get one out of the way i dont have a,list,uh,well there is i mean there a list does,exist but you dont have to read it i,mean i didnt you could if you want to,because you i didnt do anything,embarrassing yeah you didnt you didnt,but you did im sure your list was,probably more entertaining but i mean,you dont have to read it i dont have a,list i mean youre correct how could,there even be i mean they probably,prepared one just give us give us one,embarrassing thing number one,lost to link in the longest peeing,competition,and,peed in a bucket like so like the,process of what i had to do,in order to lose was also embarrassing,is that what youre trying to say that,peeing in a bucket,in a urinal or in a in a uh what do you,call it a booth what do you call the,thing a stall,on the internet is embarrassing im,proud of that moment,yeah i dont cant embarrass me i dont,win often but i do when it matters and,peen contests matter,um we got some nerds we got some reeses,cup i did not i didnt know about any of,this even the reeses with a marshmallow,top,id like to these are the ones im most,excited about so id like to wait on,those,you want to start down here,yeah its a mystery i dont understand,what a mystery flavor twizzler does that,mean they dont they release this flavor,and it was a mystery the whole time can,you get a different mystery every time,well it says can you guess the mystery,flavor its a its a hunk in a lot of,them,is it all the same flavor,i gotta get two to find that out yeah,im gonna try this one,thats cotton candy,mines like berry,theyre all different,oh hold on,god didnt taste anything like cotton,candy,now both of mine tastes the same but,neither one of them tastes like cotton,candy but mine tastes the same and i,just said cotton candy because its the,first thing that came in my mind but,maybe blue raspberry what about this one,oh raspberry,it is raspberry,this year twizzlers launched its first,ever mystery flavor today the candy,company revealed,on june 23 2021 that the flavor is sweet,summer fruit,raspberry what sweet summer fruit dont,dont make it awkward just say raspberry,you dont have to say sweet summer fruit,i like it,do you like it um,i i want it to be black licorice because,it almost looks like it so,well re-rank these but youre saying,this is this is uh not winning did you,hear about one of the embarrassing,things that i did in 2021,i played the kazoo while banging my head,with a tambourine while covered in chain,mail,oh again another moment im proud of do,you remember that,yeah it was in the that was in the again,i dont have a good memory but for some,reason i remember this it was in the,beat the beasts,it was the guy who did the thing oh now,do you remember that,i just took a deep breath i had a little,bit of that in the back of my throat and,i almost died,clapping we were all going to go into,your lungs because if it went into your,lungs do you know what happens i kind of,and it came back up i kept it soft if it,gets into the lungs that could be a,problem,it really is its a twizzler its,interesting that were so susceptible to,getting things in our lungs and yeah,its so diabolical if it happens,isnt that it seems conscious yeah its,on the edge it seems like those two,pipes shouldnt come together right,there yeah it seems like a,maybe a mistake,yeah it does,yeah,um,sour crunchy crawlers my friend you,excite mom so this is a a gummy bear,covered in something a gummy worm,covered in gummy center candy shell,oh the consistency,did you get a blue,no i got a red,i like that,i like a lot of things about that very,tarty,man,i like it almost as much as the time,that,i didnt realize that the humming,technique for the soda can challenge was,fake okay that was embarrassing,hey dont draw me into this,i remember being a part of that yeah,yeah i think you got that one too,the kid it was a it was a science fair,in maine and all the details seemed so,believable,seventh grade,main science here see i do remember some,things,hmm i have a selective memory,maybe i only remember the times that i,lose,this is unlike any candy ive ever had,as a gummy aficionado,have you ever had a crunchy on the,outside gummy,not by design but by mistake ooh,you like i love the way it,get,dont dont breathe it,im telling you man,those holes those those pipes connected,a little bit of the worm juice went down,my throat youre so juicy yeah,itll kill you man itll crawl down,there and kill you more so these will,both kill you so far thats what weve,learned ill be honest with you,be honest its way better than the,twizzler what is this,oh thats a list of embarrassing things,that you did but you shouldnt read them,because you won,but if you were to read one like what,would maybe one of them be,well theres nothing on here,but if there were i mean probably,calling nicole a hoe,i told you yours would be more,entertaining than mine but uh dont,remember that,yeah,okay moving on,when did i take a hundred strokes to get,a ball through jeff bezos mouth during,pick and putt yeah 100 may be an,exaggeration but it was definitely a,disqualifying amount this is,popcorn,flavored m ms milk chocolate with a,crisp rice,center well wheres the popcorn problem,problem part what is the popcorn problem,guys whats the popcorn problem what do,you mean a crisp rice center,well find out by eating it,is popcorn flavored,did you well the chocolate ones arent,theyre chocolate flavored no no the,inside of all of them,no the the dark one was just,it had a popcorn flavor its just,chocolate no its a popcorn flavor it,has a buttery,that rice has some like butter flavor,are you saying theyre all the same,because the yellow ones gonna taste the,same yeah yeah,there is a yeah,the element tastes the same what about,the white one,its all the same its very subtle i,cant i cant pick up on the popcorn but,do you see the theme in 2021 you see,what companies are trying to do what are,they playing around with,theyre playing around with texture,because thats what the kids want these,twizzlers is not playing around these,two are playing around with texture but,then you cant generalize,two out of three is enough for me to,make a definitive conclusion about a,whole generation theyre playing around,with texture in 2021 whats the texture,here though this is an m m what are you,talking about,that ones not texture either the crisp,rice center is something is that new,have you had an m m before friend,i feel like im in the twilight zone,have you had a regular m m,does it have a crisp rice center i think,you know the answer to that okay,do you remember the time that i plucked,my butt hairs,yeah i do yeah yeah that was,its a bit embarrassing ah that was,stupid if you would have told me that i,plucked your butt hairs id also believe,that man i was i was i was right back,here,where was i right next to me walking,watching you do it there was a sheath oh,i did it too you did it too myself you,did too yeah yeah these are good because,they dont taste like popcorn ill do a,second one youre going to be let down,but i think this is moving to the lowest,playing with texture in 2021 though,would you agree uh no thats way better,than the twizzlers it is but its just,because its its a because theyre,playing with texture yeah but its not,as good as the trollies you remember,that time i was not able to eat

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HAUL The Craziest Candy Ever! Weird Spray Candy, Eating Crayons + Prank Ideas

cookies worlds alright cookie pants,today we are gonna be checking out some,of the weirdest candy I have ever seen,are you ready so I have a whole bag Oh,jumbo bag here lets see what exactly is,in here lets start things off with this,grass thats totally totally edible so,it says its Easter candy grass that has,candy bunnies but look at it it actually,looks like grass like the grass that,youd put inside of an Easter basket so,I feel like you could totally prank your,friends by putting this into your Easter,basket and then just grabbing a handful,of it and eating it,well whoopsie exactly yeah look at all,of this grassy candy really its just,sugar and has nothing to do with grass,theres no real grass in it or anything,it looks like straw lets see here lets,break a little bit off Oh like that and,eat some of this grass hmm theres other,thats Apple I am banana flavored Im,just gonna tasting your sugar tastes,definitely very very very sugary little,grass well have a little bunny to taste,it okay this is totally weird it totally,tastes like cardboard I feel like Im,eating styrofoam its so weird so it,doesnt taste the best but it is edible,and its just totally random and weird,eating grass Easter grass,okay whatever ear candy did I find this,totally weird a little squeeze candy so,it should taste just like those little,round smarty candies it should be tart,and tangy but its just so weird that,you can actually squeeze the Smarties,into your mouth itll open this up it,almost looks like its toothpaste but,its totally candy whoa its all sticky,mmm oh thats really good candy oh,thats super duper good so you can,totally totally squeeze this candy into,your mouth you know what this would be,good for pranks to imagine wrapping like,a toothpaste wrapper around this and,then youd be like okay Im rushing my,teeth and then ah you just put this,whole thing in your mouth and everybody,would be like so totally weird squeezy,candy how about eating a pack of crayons,theyre not just eating crabs theyre,bubblegum crayons,lets open these ones up so they,actually look like a little box of,crayons I feel like I should have like a,coloring book with me so well open up,one of these boxes who it says it has,magic colors oh look at that they look,real,like real crayons okay they dont have,the little tip but it says crayon right,on it so of course you cannot color with,these you just eat these crayons lets,taste a yellow crown yummy bubblegum,totally totally is another prank that,you can do like have a real crown next,to you start coloring in a coloring book,then swap it with this one and then take,a bite out of it all of your friends,will totally scream so do they have,different colors inside well this ones,got like blues and green crayons oh and,one purple this one has a lot of orange,and some red in there cool I have to,make my own crayon box take one color,from each pack it was look so realistic,it almost looks like little chalk but so,cool so cool no what about eating with,this juicy drop pin so you actually get,a little pin that says that you can,totally squeeze it to completely put a,bunch of this candy jelly right inside,of these little gummies and that is,gonna be totally totally chewy chewy,gummies and sour jell juicy drop gummy,one dare to drop oh yeah I dare to drop,here we go so open it up theres a,little packet of these gummies and they,have these little holes in the middle,thats where you put the little sour,goopy gel from the pin so lets get,these out there we go whole bunch of,little gummy gels open up the pin which,completely looks like a marker they even,have the little clip on it too that,looks totally like a little red marker,you can open it up oh theres a little,candy tip and start squeezing it here,comes the candy and Im gonna take one,of these and Im just going to fill it,with oh there we go oh thats so cool,thats so cool oh lets taste it oh its,so sour,they started out SuperDuper sour and,then it got really sweet so we can fill,it with even more there we go I mean how,cool this is just so so so cool using,this little gel pen your candies what,there we go YUM totally cool and again,this is totally another prank idea,youre just right with a red pin swap it,out with this one and go Im hungry,pop it like that and then just start,oozing it into your mouth everybody,would scream I promise theres a bag of,booger gummies,you spot your regular gummy totally,gross um boogers are gonna be inside of,here,open these these are like little,individualized little packages of,boogers so we can open it and it will,does that look like it was freshly,picked from someones and nose you know,it kind of looks like earwax – or like,foot gunk or something lol oh so nasty,little boogers lets see whats in this,pack theyre the same ones you get one,of each color oh yeah totally,it also totally gross boogers so nasty,if you were to like lick the back of it,it will totally like stick to your nose,hanging out but dont eat it after you,put it in your nose okay what about some,gummy candy body parts – inside of this,vampires mouth theres like eyeballs,what else do we have I just see a big,jumbo eyeball so its like actually,shaped like a coffin – so what type of,gummies you know theres somebodys,heart a big o heart gummy right here oh,come on out with the next body part more,hearts,oh theres two eyeballs you wish that,somebodys toe its a foot you know what,somebodys foot oh you know this one you,can see really well you can see all the,individual toes and everything oh okay,these are just so gross so gross but,like perfect for Halloween time what,else okay I found these little troll e,sour bite blasts and it looks like,theyre these little cubes that have a,little bit of some like liquid candy,inside kind of reminds me of these,little things that we just filled up,with the candy pins but it says it has,juicy exploding cubes see what this is,all about so heres a cube a little,orange one took a whole bunch out kind,of pile them up with your food oh here,we go I have an all kind of like stacked,up and these little cubies so lets take,a bite out of one and see how juicy it,is on the inside yeah there it is,theres a little juicy on the inside so,it does have a little liquid filled,these are super good oh if they taste,like a little sour worm lets see whats,inside the orange one Oh YUM cherry and,the green dry a little bit of some,cherry in there – yum yum they all have,cherry no that was different,these are so good okay these are totally,SuperDuper delish you these are,excellent they taste so good yeah I,found some weird spray candy too look at,this big Oh jumbo macho green apple on,the front hes all muscular showing off,his muscles oh its green apple flavored,instead of green its green so is that,its sweetened with real fruit juice so,lets give it a twist here Oh open it,like that and just spray it just like,youre spraying on like some body spray,its totally sprays OH its SuperDuper,sour all that green apple totally sour,oh so weird,I found this jumbo pushpop candy which,is supposed to be mystery flavor so I,dont know what flavor it is so lets,push it up and find out and I should,search that candy whoa oh it just,totally popped up it like pops up candy,oh thats so weird I can fit totally in,here but it totally pushes up so lets,try it well unwrap it and taste it oh I,think thats cherry Im tasting cherry,on this so this is just so so so weird,totally push it down and you can save it,for later that is just so crazy so,really weird candy,I found the best suck-ups candy its,more liquid candy that youre just,supposed to just totally suck it kind of,looks like a eye dropper bottle whenever,you put like,eyedrops in lets open this one up and,lets see yeah totally oh here comes the,candy oh it totally looks like eye drops,Ellucian it totally does oh its very,sour oh very very sour which I have even,more weird candy that looks kind of like,that are these little bottle ones these,are baby bottle pops,so they

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NCT DREAM – Candy Winter Special Mini Album Review | Reaction

hey yo bubbles welcome welcome back to,the channel my name is Caitlin Benson,[Music],hey yo bubbles welcome welcome back to,the channel today we are checking out,the album a city dream candy lets go so,by now I have reacted to the music video,and that should be going up before this,so if yall havent seen my music video,we actually go check that out right now,it was fun it was cute I thought the,cover really suited them and I got,attacked a lot a lot I got attacked a,lot um but now were gonna be checking,out the b size off of this special,winter album heres the thing I am not,emotionally stable enough to listen to,like Moon and like graduation off the,bat because graduation is right after,candy and Im like,were not doing that so what I decided,to do was that we were gonna listen that,kind of out of order but it doesnt,matter because were still listening to,the full album I put Moon and I put,graduation at the end because I just,cant do that off the bat like you know,what I mean like I I like like if I do,cry and I need to suck it like I want it,to just be at the end of the video where,I dont have to worry about I gotta,react to other songs if I end up sobbing,at least its going to be at the end of,the video okay we could quickly wrap it,up but now we have Tangerine love and,then we have,um take my breath and then we have walk,with you which is that part of walk home,no thats gonna be like another like,series like you know like the um like,theyre series with two my first and,last oh my God thatd be so fun if they,do another one of those but um then we,have Moon and then we have,um graduation which that is the song,that everyone keeps talking about so Im,like youre gonna be last so without,further Ado lets just get into this I,know my boys so you know we are using,lyric videos but I do know them quite,well there are some instances though,where I may be questioning like is this,is,you know it happens for the most part I,know my voice and so uh this should be,okay unless theyre singing in a,different way that Ive you know Ive,heard them before like I remember the,first time I ever heard like run June,rap or like chunless I was like oh my,God is that them so you know sometimes,that happens but anyway Im excited,nonetheless here we go,lets get it,oh,[Music],um,okay,um please do not start with him like,that what he hit that like they oh,literally just want to hear him sing for,all eternity like can I do that is that,okay to do,oh my God,[Music],[Music],okay,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],what is this,what are yall doing,huh,what are yall doing,we starting like that,everybodys in timeout Market even come,in yet everybodys in time out though,whoa uh-uh this is funky and hitting on,all the right places hold up I got,attacked by everybody hes like I,couldnt break for a second youre my,favorite oh my God dont say that to me,dont say that no they hitting it um Im,gonna tell you right now if you continue,to sing like the way you were singing,its going to be a problem okay he he,out here singing okay he said oh youre,my favorite bye bye,[Music],[Music],Shadows,[Music],Im sorry pause he said baby girl I,didnt realize he said baby girl no no I,cut it out not,my time,dont touch me,[Music],[Music],[Music],huh,huh blunt face if you press a dimples a,pair of smile for me like the full sun,my full sun hey John Mark what the hell,Mark Lee Mark Lee what Mark Lee what,what do you work that cant be a,coincidence,[Music],that was runging running right there I,mean we all know Mark is seeing but like,itd be shocking the hell out of me,[Music],[Music],[Music],oh my God Jesus,[Music],[Music],Im gonna beat all of yall cause yall,are not singing on this track Like That,hate yall cut it out oh my God,Goosebumps chills Goosebumps chills,bumps,pumps oh my god did you wait wait Hold,Up Wait A Minute pause so on this bridge,right did we Loki just get everybody,hold up let me just because hold up wait,a minute we got juice hold up wait a,minute,[Music],okay we didnt get marked though I was,gonna say,there he is,come on,[Music],[Applause],[Music],come on,[Music],[Applause],what the hell they really had the,audacity to come out with a no skip is,that whats happening right now because,I didnt listen to The Highlight medley,obviously because I wanted to be,surprised this time around and also I,just didnt have time thats really what,it was because like finals was like a,trip but anyway so I dont know if this,is no skip based off of that but like,this is the this is the song we getting,off of the B side so far I dont know I,know theyre not out here doing this,like that okay after giving us already,like the album of the year like they,really out here doing that,the audacity Marks first was so good I,loved it so much hey John Chandler at,the end of the song they was hitting all,kinds of freaking runs bro I was like,okay let me let yall go off let me let,yall go off Jasons voice sounds really,mature to me obviously hes got to get,better and better and better but its,like his voice seems so mature on this,he sounds so warm like he sounds warm,and Im like oh I love how he sounds he,really is growing into his voice and I,love it banana and and general every,time my type baby girl I was like oh,whoa cut it out thank you no man this,was so good everybody sounded so,freaking insane obviously hey Sean hit,that forget I know thats about thats a,10 out of 10. I would play that over and,over and over and over and over and over,again they just keep doing big things,you know they keep doing big things its,a lot its a lot to take favorite so far,but thats the only Beast that weve,heard so far so cant say that is my,favorite technically but it was hidden,so all right lets move on to the next,one lets go next up is take my breath,and Im like wait I need to breathe,dont take it from me oh Im scared,these photos are too much okay lets go,nope nope nope the brain did and then he,said take my breath oh my God okay Mark,Mark,[Music],oh my,oh my God,[Music],were not doing that were not doing,that stop,tag teaming me yall really are taking,my breath away,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],boys boys okay can we stop look we,havent even gotten the moon in,graduation and I already cant handle it,like can we,stop yeah,what do you mean,[Music],[Music],all day,[Music],again please,[Music],[Music],[Music],Im gonna freaking throw something cause,yall are getting all my nerves thinking,like this doing this doing this doing,this its the second piece I am,its overwhelming everybodys hitting,everything,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],breathe out take my breath,Im exhausted are yall exhausted did,you feel exhausted listening to this,album,so I feel exhausted,like I feel like I cant take it what do,you do when the talent is too much,because what,oh my God breathe in breathe out take my,breath okay take it from me take it I,when Jenna said imma hold my breath,until its over Im like wait a minute,wait you gotta breathe I know that our,vocal line did not just do that at the,end of that song cut it out,um so this is the couple parts that like,really ooh this part,[Music],like they that that whole entire,pre-chorus oh my God its so good and,then that double harming in that Harmony,there like can yall stop actually both,times they did that because hey Shawn,did it a second time and I think it was,run Jun and who else did the harmony the,second time it says uh I was wondering G,song so like that was just a lot,[Music],[Music],its so good that whole like just,everything there was perfect by,everybody it was so good,[Music],who did that who did that,take my breath,[Applause],oh I like how he broke that one up,[Music],breathe out take my breath period 10 out,of 10 still a Bop NCT dream its like,they get stronger every single time no,matter what project they do if its a,winter album,um if its like a regular album,full-blown album they be coming out here,leaving everybody on the ground and its,just


[Music],yeah yeah twist drop spray yeah thats,too many which one of these warheads do,you want to try first Im going to try a,sour blue raspberry and the sour cherry,you know stick on the long side and you,have toddlers on the other side be in my,face,if I put even more its gonna be super,sour and I dont even get things kids,watch this a lot okay your pilot whats,with me Green Pig everything gets that,work for daddy extreme voices extreme,super cell help I dont throw up which,one sour apple flavor,daddy Im going to eat ooh theres only,one Im gonna pick blue one now when I,try blue raspberry lets try it,[Music],super duper sour sour,okay,[Music],[Music],[Laughter],okay what do you want China twist twist,twist,lets try next one,follow away this ones better not too,sour what do you think no theres,nothing open the last one nothing this,one comes with three flavor well you can,separate it take it off so the red one,is watermelon flavor mm-hmm the green,one is green apple flavor huh,and the yellow one is lemon flavor time,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],what should I pick all of them look,scary,which one youre gonna you can pick,those dude Ryans gonna try the,watermelon and blue raspberry what is,this green apple thats good,who can finish this whole thing now,which Duan drop yeah what is that one,blueberry and green apple wake you up,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],wake you up now were gonna try a super,duper warhead extreme challenge spray,and drop all put down candy into one,[Music],triple Coney OH,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],vixen,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music]


thats what they look like who they feel,so much like jiggles oh whats up is,calm ski and welcome to the Thursday,vlog now in a moment Devon is going to,be joining me but he cant right now,because I sent Devon on a mission I sent,Devon all the way to Japan for one,reason and that reason is to get,Japanese candy for us to test so right,now everyone please all the way from,Japan about to make him teleport my,little brother Devon key I have all of,this candy well he wasnt out there for,the only reason I know actually having,their first trip but yeah actually got,candy while he was out there and I had,no idea what he got so in a minute were,gonna be tasting this stuff reacting to,it its yeah I have known you said you,got some pretty weird I got dirty weird,stuff Im pretty excited yeah you got,excited for another sibling video,another video Devon let us know by,liking this video and comment down below,what is your favorite sibling video that,weve ever done before on this channel I,want to let you guys know that for,Fathers Day Devon and I have partnered,with best fiends and basically if you,guys download this app and if you guys,play it on Sunday June 19th which is,Fathers Day you will get a free gift so,Devon what do they have to know bro you,had one job okay no I cant talk right,now I just got the level 9 bro what do,you want alright right now yes right now,oh okay,the download link is in the description,below so make sure you go download it,its free so might as well and Im just,gonna take my phone back nope Im taking,this back yes you what introduce the,video go for it how do you any want to,start the video okay lets jump into,trying out the inside of these Japanese,oh yeah how are we gonna jump into a bro,okay now that I have all of my Torres,gear off lets jump into these first,candy BAM,what thats good right it looks like a,turd do I am super interesting to find,out is this taste what if it literally,is just like a turd but in my hand its,like a delicacy oh right yep,whoa,[Music],stop debugging bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah,[Music],all right so the first one Devon good,job it was like thanks Ireland foam on,the inside a home I had no idea what,that was gonna be in a surprisingly good,yes he plus with the church,all right cool another next one hi is,doing Bam Bam Bam its like these two,little cats are they edible yeah oh my,god they have little bells on them so I,dont know if thats edible or not but,well you know I dont yeah what a metal,Bell I mean never mind thats weird all,this stuff instructions I dont know,maybe do not eat Im gonna go for the,hand first,[Music],mmm-hmm thank you straight sugar not too,sugary,youre gonna eat the whole thing mmm-hmm,why I feel like you could just eat one,ear a day though pretty good finds a,little ball of it thanks for the next,one yeah oh this very next one is this,little sushi thing oh I know it looks,super plastic you know cuz you at one of,them I only have one go for it little,bit of sushi you put together uh I guess,not in the trash like two parts a little,bit too from the public biting really,hard I cant honey I know,alright so next we have these little,circular things that almost looks like,tex-mex yeah lets get a replay on that,yeah so youre sure this is a candy Im,I bought a candy store does it taste,like the TechSmith stuff out really,amount I figure Id just add does not,taste good,lets put it up now go put okay okay,this one is a hit or miss thats what,they look like I,have no idea if these are gonna taste,good or not so lets find out who they,feel so oh oh its like jiggles oh it,does feel weirder than I expected,its better if you bugger something bro,I hope that oh man I like ah that was no,that was not good,that was terrible you like everything,sorry check out this bro its hard you,bite it but like on the inside theres,some what is this blah ooh that was a,major loss that was really gross okay,lets do another these that I got for a,very special reason because they look,like little pillows I like to sleep on,these but I couldnt serve it Im,assuming its gonna taste like mints and,Im hoping it tastes like mint it,actually looks Im so sorry looks really,good mmm oh that was Devons tooth the,insert break its pretty good mm-hmm,yeah look theyre not a perfect ten der,Linden to six and a half to seven but,not like super sugary so theyre kind of,an acquired taste,all right jumping on into the next one,is kind of a mystery box yeah I actually,dont even know whats inside of it so,were gonna find this out together,yeah take a little photo insert it like,right over here is you guys yeah were,talking about thats for my snapchat by,the way hi here we go,sure to eat it,[Music],no oh Im gonna pop it down to the half,what why,note to self do not long another,persons face those gross Ill be right,back – was it bad these ones are,actually kind of promising okay yeah,yeah,Oh a little cute I know I guess so okay,so these are almost like where are those,uh those Halloween candies dolls no no,like birds whoppers these are like,whoppers okay,it tastes like cereal thats been,sitting soggy in a bowl of like 20,minutes theyre like some chocolate milk,its like a reverse whopper I like these,were really done next up we got the,little brother to the big church they,really do they look like little ones,they exactly the same as the big church,just smaller yeah Im not excited but,Im not either lets take a turd and try,it a little different dont I youre,like Clint here no no no uh-uh,oh you watch my mouth again yeah these,are these are worse I need a cloud,pillow to help out my last one this is,the last one hope you saved the best for,last,I did actually Oh what I have actually,tried I literally bought this ate the,whole package and then went back the,next day no were having for the flight,so okay,yo Ryan you had these out so jealous mmm,theyre so good oh my god right right,really good oh my gosh if I gum the,YouTube like it slowly dissolved but it,has so much more flavor mm-hmm wow wow,that was a good one thats a good one to,end all right theres no like give me a,big,comment down below watch another place,in the world we should try candy from,and also and maybe Ill travel there,yeah maybe,good havent already make sure you,subscribe to this channel love you all,so much

The Shocking True Story of Candy

candy,what did you do,tell me welcome to ms mojo and today,were discussing the shocking true story,of candy she was a pillar of the,community she was everybodys best,friend she believed,that,as long as she held it together,no one would ever know for this video,were looking at the unbelievable events,that inspired hulus 2022 miniseries,candy did you watch candy what did you,think tell us in the comments below,life in small town wiley texas in the,mid-1970s,betty and alan gore moved from the,suburbs of dallas to collin county texas,where betty had found a job as an,elementary school teacher in the small,town of wiley at the time they had one,daughter they didnt have to worry about,money,i mean i think he made good enough money,and of course her being a schoolteacher,im sure helped out considerably too pat,and candace candy montgomery soon moved,to town with their two children both the,gores and montgomerys attended the,first united methodist church of lucas,where they sang in the choir and often,helped organize other church events,their daughters were also friends and,frequently had sleepovers at each,others houses all we hear from,christina these days is becky this becky,batt,shes just so happy to have a friend,well she is welcome over any time for a,sleepover the affair though her life may,have seemed perfect on the outside candy,was struggling with boredom and overall,dissatisfaction she longed for,excitement particularly in the bedroom,and started considering having an affair,with someone she was rebellious and she,always had an eye for the boys she was,always trying to live a more exciting,life candy and allen both played for the,churchs volleyball team and one night,the two collided on the court while,going for the ball not long after she,approached him after choir practice,bluntly telling him that she found him,attractive and well id like to have an,affair,neither of them wanted to hurt their,respective partners or become,emotionally attached to each other this,arrangement was strictly physical and,very well planned candy and allen talked,over the phone and in person to figure,out the logistics of the affair where,when and how often were gonna do it,every other week on a tuesday or,thursday because jasons in preschool,those days and three out of four will be,plenty enough to cover errands the two,officially began their tryst on december,12 1978 at the continental inn near,allens office in richardson later that,month theyd get together at the como,motel which became their regular,rendezvous spot every other week well,i think we should get on with it,would you come over here and unzip me,please,theres something else you want to try,this time just let me know okay by,february 1979 candy realized she,developed feelings for ellen she,attempted to end the affair but alan,talked her out of it this cant be the,last time,candy,well i asked them i know,i dont care,i need it in early june allen told candy,they needed to take a break so he could,focus on betty candy agreed and even,threw betty a surprise baby shower later,that month you did too much this is so,beautiful oh my god betty this is the,best youve ever had honestly no one hot,mama thank you,[Laughter],alan and betty became closer when their,daughter bethany was born in early july,and when he resumed his arrangement with,candy in late july he actually felt,guilty he wanted to break things off,with candy now that their affair was,affecting his marriage i understand your,appetite going down while im pregnant,its but it just would really help me if,i knew what it was you were doing after,seeing each other a few more times and a,church-sanctioned marriage counseling,experience for alan and betty candy and,alan ended things between them if its,working we should stop,thats kind of what i was thinking,things are better,i think,for everyone the murder of betty gore on,june 13th 1980 alan gore left for a,business trip to saint paul minnesota,betty always hated to be left alone and,was upset when her husband left i just,think mike,my stomach is,starting to act up again and theyre so,worked up,im sorry allen called her from the,dallas airport before boarding his plane,but she didnt answer that evening he,arrived at the hotel in saint paul and,continued to call and soon began to,worry something was wrong he then called,his neighbor richard parker asking him,to go check on her as well as candy who,was babysitting the gores daughter,elisa i called the hospital and i called,the police,he also enlisted the help of another,neighbor jerry mcmahon who then called,lester gaylord to go over to the house,with him the three men realized the,front door was unlocked and cautiously,entered calling out for betty one of,them saw blood on the bathroom floor,then heard the wailing of the gores,infant daughter in her crib she was,crying and,wet i mean shed obviously been in the,crib all day,now they were truly scared lester was,the first to spot the massive amount of,blood on the floor of the utility room,while jerry assumed she had taken her,own life with a gun after getting a,glimpse,its not good,but the babys okay,what about betty,im sorry alan it looks like shes been,shot it was later determined that betty,was hit with an axe dozens of times with,a majority of those blows to the head,theres so much overkill here,how many of these wounds of the head,would have killed her,do you need to do any more,this was just rage,the murder weapon was left at the scene,along with bloody fingerprints and a,small footprint the axe wielding killer,attempted to clean up in the bathroom,and left hair in the shower drain lots,of hair,[Applause],it was abundantly clear that someone had,been in there,and left behind some smeared blood and,it looked like a person had showered,investigators also found a newspaper,open to an article on stanley kubricks,the shining which was released may 23rd,equally eerie the first installment in,the friday the 13th franchise was also,just released on may 9th and bettys,death landed on friday the 13th and i,think that the boogeyman phenomena was,in peoples minds the investigation alan,gore was in shock when hed heard that,betty had taken her own life but he was,even more so after it was determined she,had been murdered with an axe but,investigators along with bettys family,were allegedly suspicious that allen,wasnt more distraught my gosh if if my,wife had been murdered i think id be,boohooing i mean it wasnt that case it,wasnt like that,he should have been a basket case you,know i would think the quaint town of,wylie never suspected anyone in their,community could commit such a heinous,act and feared that an ax-wielding,maniac was on the loose but law,enforcement and the medical examiner,believed the murder to be more intimate,the killer was more likely someone she,knew i wasnt worried about this being,an outside person,crazy person this was going to be pretty,personal on the morning betty was killed,one of elises friends in the,neighborhood reportedly knocked on the,door of the gores house but didnt,receive a reply so she probably,interrupted i was there during the time,of the homicide the girl told the police,that she saw mrs montgomery leave their,residence around 11 a.m since candy,seemed to be the last person to see,betty alive she was brought in for,questioning on june 15th during the,interview we actually took her,fingerprints because whenever youre,there we took fingerprints of everyone,that was in that house after bettys,funeral on june 16th allen was,interviewed by investigators and his,alibi was confirmed the next day he,called to confess that hed had an,affair with one of their church friends,candy montgomery that ended about seven,months prior,the one that was with your wife,at your house yesterday,yes,i didnt mention it because,like i said it was,over a long time ago thats when,investigators ran candys prince and,found that they matched the ones found,at the crime scene and on june 27th,candy was ar

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