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  2. Candyman Review
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  6. Candyman (2021) – Movie Review
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Candyman (2021) – Movie Review

finally the sequel to one of the,quintessential 90s horror films but,before we talk about it i want to thank,the sponsor of this video this video is,brought to you by the ridge wallet the,ridge is a new sleek modern take on the,wallet thats there to replace your old,bulky wallet its sleek and compact in,design but also very fulfilling in,execution it holds 12 cards inside cash,on the back more than enough room to,hold any and all cards and content i,have any use for especially after i was,like i havent used that since the obama,years i dont even know what that is is,that a depleted gift card i use that to,scrape frost off my windshield it has,over 30 colors and styles including,carbon fiber and burnt titanium that,quality means lifetime warranty and you,can try the ridge wallet for 45 days if,you dont like it return it full refund,so click the link below go to ridge.com,johns use promo code john save yourself,10 off your ridge wallet and thank you,once again to ridgewallet for sponsoring,this video i do appreciate it all right,now here we go all right so dont say,his name,just saying,[Music],so candyman is a sequel to the 1992,movie candyman well damn thats twice i,only say that because theres a mirror,in my camera yeah all you youtubers out,there reviewing this movie odds are,theres a mirror in your camera too so i,guess were all equally [ __ ] but it,looks like candymans doing what a lot,of movies horror in particular is doing,now just like yeah there was that one,movie that was perfect and it crushed it,and then a bunch of sequels that oh,they didnt live up so now all these,decades later this is the true sequel to,the originals this is,all you need usually having the same,title is the original just to confuse,people so candyman stars yaya abdulmatin,ii he plays a struggling artist who gets,wrapped up into the candyman lore and,starts going down that rabbit hole and,candyman starts coming back and killings,happened and candyman the cast i thought,did a great job any of the shortcomings,in the script and there are quite a few,the cast does their best to make it work,its not on them that yaya abdulmatin,martin ii was great as the lead tiona,paris who played monica rambo and won,division shes in this movie i thought,she was really good and a character that,really stands out as the comic relief,character but not overly comic relief,uses sarcasm to make light of a,situation but also knows when its just,time to get the [ __ ] out nathan stewart,jared hes a standout in this movie what,i liked about this movie from the get-go,i was like its beautiful it visually is,amazing i thought director nia decosta,did a great job at making a visually,compelling movie here whether its the,opening credits or any scenes with,mirrors mirrors being a huge part of,this movie anytime there was a mirror i,caught myself looking in the mirror,looking for candyman looking back or,creeping in the background or something,sometimes he was there sometimes he,wasnt and any of the candyman killings,happening i thought they used mirrors,really well where candyman is invisible,but hes killing people but anytime its,in front of a mirror in the reflection,you do see candy man i thought that was,really cool and it took me back to,nightmare on elm street where if,someones getting killed by freddy,krueger in the dream you see it,happening but in the real world its,like theres an invisible wraith and,this girl is not why is she on the,ceiling and they use that last point,about the mirrors and the killings to,kind of segue into what didnt work so,much for me and thats the fact that the,original candyman i cant help but,compare this movie to the original candy,man because i feel like this movie tried,to do what the original candyman did but,the original candyman movie just did it,better i like the fact that in this,movie visually and in terms of tone it,looks like they attempted to bring the,same tone from the original candyman,movie here on screen again in 2021,thats the fact that its not a cliched,slasher flick blood fest its actually a,compelling investigative character movie,only thing is the original candyman puts,the word compelling into that,description this movie is kind of a slow,crawl slow grind thats just not as,interesting to me because its all about,nuance its about execution you know,virginia madsens character in the,original candyman the 1992 candy man,shes going down this rabbit hole she,says the name five times in the mirror,and then she starts passing out and when,she wakes up people are dead is candyman,killing people is she just blacking out,and killing people herself you dont,know its a cool thing to think about,its interesting to peel back those,layers while youre watching the movie,peel back more layers after youre done,watching the movie youre laying in bed,like well i cant sleep so let me just,unravel this movie in my head this movie,does none of that from the first,candyman killing im like oh yeah its,invisible candyman killing people and,you see him in the reflection,the end of mystery as cool as the mirror,effects of invisible candyman killing,people but you can see his reflection in,the mirror was i was like oh well no,mystery then its just kind of,thats whats happening also with social,commentary this movie seems so concerned,about having its social commentary but,you cant have anyone miss it so its,gonna have zero subtlety whatsoever,social commentary in a movie is not a,bad thing many movies have done it and,stuck the landing the original candyman,being one of them but i felt the,original candyman did it in a way where,it was cleverly woven into the plot i,mean [ __ ] you could write a thesis about,what makes effective social commentary,in a film,but if you want to boil it down to a,sentence because you know why not its,fun to do i would say it wouldnt be,inaccurate to say that effective social,commentary in a movie has to do with the,subtlety or brevity,of the illustration,versus how hard it hits this is one of,the ways i feel the original candyman,absolutely excel virginia madsens,character talks about how her overpriced,apartments and the apartments in cabrini,green have the same layout because they,were the same apartments then they,remind you of that fact by location you,see her apartment and the apartments in,cabrini green maybe you notice it the,first time you watch the movie maybe,its the second or third time but you,will eventually be like oh wow those are,the same layout look at that and it,sticks with you a lot more when you let,the audience get there on their own its,like inception not the movie the concept,this new candyman movie would just,rather tell you some things like oh yeah,gentrification happened in cabrini green,moving on i guess thats a big problem i,had with this movie in a world where a,picture is worth a thousand words this,candyman movie would rather use a,thousand words to paint a picture than,show you and when it does want to show,you stuff it shows you the wrong stuff,it shows you too much and then ruins the,nuance the point is in both situations,it lacks nuance and its not just the,script and the film lacking nuance its,also character development there were,moments in this movie where it was like,huh we need to have a backstory or a,past so well show a flashback of some,sort like theres this one scene where,this character gets a childhood,flashback thats like oh thats a,tragedy that happened with her father,also,did you just kind of not have that and,then at a point like hey she needs a,childhood flashback so you have this one,flashback and then thats that yeah the,third act of this movie happens and its,like they were like hey heres a slow,crawl movie about investigating candyman,and candyman killing people who say his,name in the mirror okay hey its the,last act so lets get crazy they just,throw some [ __ ] at the wall to see if it,sticks and i was like,alright i guess,well its more horror movie-ish kind of,conflicts and tone w

Candyman Review

if youre out here looking for candy man,you ask me,stay away,candyman more than earns its place as a,decades-later sequel while director nia,decostas modern update of a black,horror landmark certainly pays homage to,the existing saga it also digs deeper,into the mythos unearthing volatile,ideas that had always lurked just,beneath the series surface the result is,inventive introspective and above all,unsettling,this is where it all began,lets do your candyman,the fourth candyman movie co-written by,decosta wynne rosenfield and jordan,peele takes many of its cues from prior,entries in the series and not just from,characters and events shown on screen,the story makes the fascinating decision,to lean into some of the more,socio-economic ideas explored in the,previous movies while still treating the,candyman himself as a supernatural,entity summoned by ritual it explores,how the myth was kept alive by the,residents of chicagos cabrini green,housing project in ways that both mirror,the first film and in ways that,skillfully subvert it speaking of the,titular candyman this movie finally,approaches him as something more complex,than a vicious albeit sympathetic,monster whose narrative purpose is,ironically to be slain once more in the,previous three movies from the 90s the,candyman was a vengeful honeybee,infested spirit who represented,unconfronted sins from a century prior,but the new film makes the case that,those sins never truly ended the past,can only stay hidden for so long and,once the mirror ritual makes its way,back out into the world its resurgence,is a treat candyman is by no means a,mystery to the audience as decosta,rightfully treats the mere presence of,honeybees as ominous but the films,violence is deliciously mysterious it,can be shocking and stark and it can,also be tongue-in-cheek depending on,whos at the other end of the meat hook,but what separates it from prior entries,is that the kills are rarely shown from,the perspective of the people who summon,candyman initially the violence is,presented from an outsiders point of,view with victims left at the mercy of,an unseen force as we watch helplessly,from a distance the film withholds its,slasher moments for about as long as the,original did meanwhile it bides its time,with a creeping slow burn exploration of,spaces and the way people and their,stories are shaped by their environments,it does much of this exploration through,its protagonist anthony who was,kidnapped as a baby by the candyman in,the 1992 original yahya abdulmatine ii,plays this all grown up version of him,which finds him living as an artist in a,gentrified chicago neighborhood with his,girlfriend brianna played by tiana paris,in an interesting twist the candyman,myth as well as what happened to him as,a baby had been hidden from anthony once,he discovers more about it though he,inadvertently falls into the same cycle,as the series other protagonists whose,investigations were often from an,outsiders perspective abdul mateens,portrayal is no doubt sympathetic as,theres a sense of desperation to,anthonys search but he also crafts a,character who reeks of a familiar,outsider arrogance at first the candyman,story and its painful legacy are simply,source material for him to exploit the,film in key moments critiques this,approach to art and turns the camera on,itself as if to question the purpose of,telling stories of black pain in the,first place dicasa and peel are the,first black storytellers to put their,stamp on candyman and they bring a,thoughtfulness to the material which,previous entries lacked both narratively,and visually anthonys investigations,into the candymans story lead to an,unexpected conclusion that feels both,satisfying and uniquely bone chilling,without erasing what came before it the,film pushes the character and his,mythology in a fascinating new direction,which not only has the potential to,re-establish him as a fixture of pop,culture but which acts as a vital course,correction reclaiming who gets to tell,the story of blackness in american,cinema,no,i dare you,part homage part modern update the new,candyman film by nia de casa is a,creeping descendant to a violent past,which refuses to stay hidden like prior,films in the series it adds new wrinkles,to the urban legend but it also remixes,the mythology in ways that are both,surprising and completely fitting for,more check out our reviews of sung chi,and the legend of the ten rings and the,richer nightmare of the wolf and for,everything else stick with ign,he has purpose for you,new to the neighborhood,you should say candyman say his name

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Ác Ma Siêu Năng Lực Báo Thù – Chỉ Cần Xuất Hiện Trước Gương Thì Bạn Sẽ Chết || Review Phim Candyman


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không,biết có thật là truyền thuyết khi gọi,kendienman 5 lần trước Hương thì có thật,sự triệu hồi được hắn ta hay không nhưng,nghe lời thách thức từ Anthony thì bà,cũng tự vào nhà vệ sinh và bắt đầu kiểm,chứng chờ một lúc lâu không thấy ra làm,enthony phải đi theo gọi trong nhà lại,có một chiếc gương đẹp thế này làm anh,phải soi khuôn mặt đẹp trai của mình bất,ngờ trong gương thân thể anh từ lúc nào,lại biến thành Candy Man cơ chứ điều này,thật sự quá là sốc tâm lý nhưng khi nhà,phê bình ra ngoài anh cũng giả vờ không,có chuyện gì mà chuyển về trước nhưng,anh cũng không biết rằng mình là người,cuối cùng nhìn thấy cô ấy khi còn sống,Anthony quyết định tới gặp người đàn ông,Kia một lần nữa để tìm hiểu rõ hơn về,Candy Man thực chất Kenny Man là một,nhân vật có thật được tương truyền lại,vì nổi Oan ức quá lớn của ông ta ngày ấy,ông ta đã không may yêu đương với một,quý cô thượng lưu ở thế kỷ trước Công,Nguyên và thế là gia đình cô gái biết,được chuyện thì liền cho người bắt ông,và tra tấn một cách dã man họ còn bỏ vào,người ông tổ ong và thay thế bàn tay,thành một cái móc câu cho thiên hạ xem,về tới nhà thì không ngờ bạn gái lại,thấy được những bức tranh quỷ dị của,mình khi vẽ trong lúc tuyệt vọng dù đã,nói rằng Candy Man chính là do mình mà,xuất hiện trở lại nhưng cô ấy vẫn không,tin kết quả trong đêm đó hai người đã,cãi nhau rất to Sáng hôm sau vụ việc nhà,phê bình bị xử nghi là đã triệu hồi,Kenny Man khiến nhóm nữ sinh này tò mò,thế là họ cùng nhau đứng trước gương và,đọc to tên ông ta năm lần tưởng gần đây,chỉ là một trò bịp Nhưng không ngờ khi,ra ngoài thì cánh cửa đã đóng chặt lại,ngay sau đó chỉ thấy tất cả bỏ mạng sau,khi ông ta xuất hiện và cô gái trong nhà,vệ sinh cũng có kết cục tương tự không,kém gì Anthony lúc này cũng cảm thấy quả,tay của mình sau khi bị ong đốt thì dần,bỏng nặng và lan ra tôi cũng tự thắc mắc,sau ông này không đi đến bệnh viện sớm,hơn đến bệnh viện kiểm tra tình hình,nhưng bác sĩ chỉ chuẩn đoán rằng đây là,bị nhiễm trùng nhờ đến đây anh mới biết,được m

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JANGAN SEBUT NAMANYA DIDEPAN CERMIN❗| Alur Tangan Berkait/Alur Cerita Film Candyman 2021

Halo Hendi Mean Time and,Papa,Hai semuanya Kembali lagi bersama,coretan Dina kali ini aku akan,menceritakan alur film yang berjudul,candyman yang rilis pada tahun 2021 film,ini bercerita mengenai sebuah legenda,urban yaitu sosok pembunuh supranatural,dengan tangan berkait jika menyebut,namaNya lima kali di depan cermin maka,ia akan datang membunuh siapapun yang,memanggilnya Bagaimana ceritanya sebelum,lanjut jangan lupa subscribe telepon,Dina dan hidup kalau notifikasi,pada awal film terlihat seorang anak,laki-laki berkulit hitam yang bernama,William ia disuruh oleh ibunya ke tempat,laundry untuk mencuci pakaian yang kotor,Di tengah perjalanan polisi,memperlihatkan foto seorang buron,padanya karena tidak tahu ia melanjutkan,perjalanannya setelah sampai di tempat,laundry Lia melihat gedung yang ada di,belakangnya bolong namun ya tak peduli,dan lanjutkan untuk mencuci pakaiannya,sambil menunggu cucian ia berencana,keluar sebentar kemudian ia menemukan,permainan jatuh di lorong dekat tembok,yang bolong itu ketika ia memungutnya,tiba-tiba seseorang yang menyeramkan,dengan tangan berkait muncul dari dalam,tembok yang bolong itu dan berjalan,mendekatinya sehingga William berteriak,dengan keras kemudian polisi yang tadi,mendengar teriakan segera bergegas ke,dalam kabin,kemudian Sin berpindah pada dua orang,pria pria kulit hitam pertama Troy dan,pria kulit putih bernama Greedy Mereka,pergi ke apartemen saudari perempuan,troll yang bernama biana Diana tinggal,bersama suaminya yang bernama Anthony,Anthony merupakan Seorang pelukis saat,mereka saling bercerita ternyata three,dan Kredibel pacaran mereka merupakan,pasangan gay mereka bercerita membahas,tentang perumahan murah berhantu yang,bernama KB kirim kemudian three,menceritakan sebuah kisah seram legenda,urban di perumahan Kavling ekstrim ia,bercerita tentang seorang wanita yang,bernama Helen Lail helm merupakan,seorang mahasiswi yang sedang melakukan,penelitian di kabinnya Green Ia datang,untuk mengambil foto-foto disana namun,satu hari yang mendadak aneh dan,memenggal kepala seekor anjing saat,Polisi datang ya ditemukan di salah satu,apartemen dan sedang tiduran diatas,genangan darah mereka semua tidak,percaya dengan cerita Troy kemudian,three melanjutkan ceritanya dalam,dipenjarakan namun ya dapat kabur dari,sana ia mengamuk membunuh banyak orang,helm juga membawa kabur seorang bayi dan,kemudian tepatnya ditemukan,kemudian di acara api unggun tahunan,cabrini yang muncul dalam kondisi tak,sadarkan diri dan membawa bayi untuk,dibakar sebagai persembahan Untung saja,warga dapat menangkap Helen dan,menyelamatkan bayi itu,ketika warga masih sibuk dengan baik,hewan berdiri dan nonton dirinya masuk,ke dalam api dan di kabin migrain itulah,ia terbakar Sampai Mati kita trus,selesai dan semua orang nampak,mempercayainya kemudian Thailand,pasangannya pun pamit pulang sebelum,tidur Anthony Yang penasaran membaca,kembali cerita kabinnya Green di,internet karena Brianna tidak mau,merinding di apartemen barunya dia,mengecek Anthony untuk tidur saja,keesokannya tanpa Anthony bersama,temannya yang bernama clef clef merasa,tidak puas dengan lukisan itu dan,meminta Tony untuk menggali kembali,popularitasnya seperti dua tahun lalu,kemudian Anthony mendapatkan ide untuk,mengambil objek tentang kabel ini Green,Diana pergi keluar bang saat itulah,untungnya mulai mencari informasi,tentang pabriknya Green,ia mencatat informasi Helen Lail dan,juga mencetak sebuah gambar gereja,sebagai petunjuk dan kemudian pergi,keluar mencarinya,untungnya telah menemukan gereja itu,namun saat ia memotret tangan Anthony,design seekor lebah,lalu Anthony memanjat pagar memasuki,Perumahan kabel ini Green disana sangat,sepi dan tidak ada orang sama sekali,ia memasuki salah satu rumah dan di,dalamnya sangat gelap dan juga terdapat,banyak coretan didinding,saat melihat-lihat ya dikagetkan dengan,sesuatu yang melintas dari luar rumah,dan kemudian ia melihat suatu gambar,dengan sosok yang menyeramkan di dinding,dan Anthony memotretnya,Anthony Kembali keluar dan ia melihat,mobil polisi datang ke pedoman itu,kemudian Anthony kaget Ketika seseorang,berbicara padanya bra itu bernama,William yang merupakan anak kecil di,awal cerita,Beliau berkata mobil polisi itu datang,untuk membawa penghuni baru Namun sudah,lama sekali tak ada penghuninya datang,dan William juga mengatakan ia pernah,tinggal di perumahan itu dulunya,kemudian Anthony mengikuti William untuk,mencari informasi ternyata belum,Sekarang sudah mendidih kantaphat,laundry sendiri,Hai Anthony menanyakan tentang Helen,Lail pada William William memberitahunya,bahwa Helen mencari kendimen William,menyebut kendimen sebagai sirman ia,bercerita usir merupakan orang yang,terkenal di sana karena suka membagikan,permen pada anak kecil tutu hari polisi,mencari sirman karena didapatkan bisa,cukur di dalam permen Halloween gadis,kecil kulit putih dan kemudian Jerman,menghilang William juga menceritakan,saat ia bertemu chairman dulu ternyata,chairman tinggal di balik tembok dan,juga memberitahunya permen karena ia,takut William berteriak sehingga Polisi,datang nang kene dibunuh ditempat namun,setelah itu bisa cukur makin banyak,ditemukan di dalam permen dan William,baru mengetahui cermin tidak bersalah,namun dia mengatakan itu bukan terakhir,kalinya ia melihat Jerman Sin berpindah,pada Antonio sudah berada di apartemen,dan ia mulai membuat lukisannya nampak,biana baru saja pulang kemudian antonim,sarjana melihat hasil lukisannya,lukisannya bercerita tentang chairman,yang dipukuli sampai wajahnya tak bisa,dikenali kemudian chairman mulai,terlihat di sekitar kabini dan seiring,waktu namanya berubah menjadi Candi men,dan juga legenda mengatakan jika,menyebut namaNya lima kali di depan,cermin Maka kendimen akan muncul di,pantulan dan membunuhmu Bella nampak,kagum dan kemudian Anthony mengajak,Diana untuk mencoba memanggilnya DNA,tidak mau dan antonim mengusili Diana,dengan menyebut nama candyman dan saat,bercanda Belanda mendatangkan Anthony,yang tersengat lebah kemudian Sin,berpindah pada antonim dan Kiana yang,baru saja sampai di tempat pameran,lukisan di sana ada seorang gadis,Bernama Heli sedang melihat karya,Anthony ya juga membaca cara,memanggilkan di Medan memotret karya,Anthony ini dan ia segera pergi karena,temannya telah memanggil lalu seorang,kritikus bernama Finley melihat karya,yang atau buat nonton yg datang nama,perkenalkan karyanya ia meletakkan,lukisannya balik cermin yang terdapat,ruangannya dan fans-nya itu nampak,memuji Anthony dengan berkata Antonio,adalah Seniman yang datang ke tempat,pameran murahan kemudian kritikus itu,pergi,lalu Anthony mendatangi Diana yang,sedang berbincang dengan Klub dan,teman-temannya lukisan Anthony,ditertawai oleh mereka namun Anthony,dapat membalasnya dan pergi dari sana,bersama Brianna nampak pameran telah,selesai brush bersama pacarnya yang,bernama jadikah sedang membersihkan,tempat itu berat bercerita pada jadi,kekesalannya pada antonim lalu Jadi kita,melihat karya milik Anthony dan ingin,mencoba kebenaran memanggil kendimen itu,Jadi kalau sudah mengikat Kuat Bersama,Dirinya di sisi lain terlihat Anthony,mulai membuat lukisan barunya kemudian,ia melihat seekor lebah datang,menabrakkan diri ke cermin seorang,ternyata menangkapnya ia masuk kedalam,cermin,kembali pada klub dan jadikah jadikah,yang berdiri bersama klub di depan,cermin menyebut nama kandungan sebanyak,lima kali,tiba-tiba saja leher jadi cutter sayap,sehingga ia terbunuh di tempat flash,panik dan melihat sekeliling dan ia,melihat bayangan sosok kendimen,truk segera melepas ikatannya dan segera,kabur namun pintu tak bisa dibuka dan,clear ditarik oleh kendimen yang tak,terlihat itu ke depan karya seni milik,Anthony dan sentimen yang terlihat di,dalam cermin make suku siklet dari sana,besokannya Anthony hampir menyelesaikan,lukisan barunya dan terlihat kondisi,tangan Antonius singa lebar semakin,buruk di sisi lain biasnaya pergi ke,tempat pameran telah menemukan mayat,Club dan jadikah kemudian memperlihat

CANDYMAN (2021) Explained + Connections to Original

hows it going everybody welcome to,found flicks today on this explain vid,were looking at the much anticipated,new candy man we follow a young couple,who move into the newly gentrified,cabrini green neighborhood the setting,of the original film a chance encounter,exposes tony to the true story behind,the urban legend known as candyman,unleashing a terrifying wave of violence,i was definitely excited for a new,candyman as the first is a definite,modern well somewhat modern classic,really thanks to the strength of that,one movie candyman emerged as a horror,icon and has endured over the years its,just a great and creepy character imbued,by the one and only tony todd this,really is a role that feels synonymous,with todd no one else will really ever,be candyman there are two later original,entries in the series the sequel,farewell to the flesh was pretty good,but these several years later,direct-to-video day of the dead left,these series on a decidedly low note so,when it comes to our latest entry i was,more than hopeful thanks to the creative,talents involved it was time to give the,beloved icon a fresh perspective i did,wonder just how much if at all they,would reference the original movies,turns out a lot way more than i,anticipated it actually factors in in,many important ways to the new movie,its that whole idea of the legacy,sequel or spiritual sequel something,akin to the new halloweens the original,did happen in this universe and now in,modern day were taking the franchise,into the present i actually was,impressed just how much the new story,had lots of parallels and interesting,callbacks to the original i dug that,aspect to it a lot especially as i had,just rewatched the first one i was like,dang these guys were actually paying a,lot of attention it even updates a few,aspects to the story that could be seen,as maybe a little troublesome nowadays i,also have to mention theres a lot of,accusations of this movie being woke yes,there is a lot of talk about race and,things like that but i have to point out,this was also a very important aspect to,the first one i mean its all about the,neighborhood getting taken over by,modern skyscrapers and effectively,pushing the lower income families out,point being its not like they,shoehorned in this concept into the new,one for wokes sake but i will admit it,is a bit on the nose at times i mean,come on this jordan peel movie what do,you expect bud i mean i know he only,co-wrote it and produced it but its,definitely got his stamp on it overall,to me as a whole i found it a satisfying,and refreshing new take on the series,and there is a lot to look at this one,in particular with his story and its,connections to the first so lets,definitely say his name five times in,the mirror and check out the latest,candyman breaking down the story the new,version of the legend and how it works,along with explaining the ending and,what it means before we dig into the,latest candyman story in modern times it,makes sense to begin with a quick,refresh on the original as it ends up,being quite important to how things have,evolved and changed over time in the,area a lot of the dna of the new one,comes right from aspects established in,the original one concept specifically is,related to urban legends themselves and,how the truth isnt always what the,story mutates into over time our first,unlucky love birds that summon the,candyman also fit right into this,concept bad boy billy played by the,least bad boy of all time ted ramy meets,up with his girlfriend and she is the,one that says his name as we know five,times into the mirror she gets slain and,billy is lucky enough to get away and,already in the aftermath the story has,changed now was billy responsible for,the murder including the baby they were,looking after but even in the same room,another kid being interviewed heard the,tale differently it was the babysitter,that turned murderous this is further,expanded upon in a college course they,bring up the classic urban legend of pet,alligators in the city that grew up to,be too big and were unceremoniously,flushed down the toilet eventually,leading to sewers full of blind albino,gators one student heard that it,happened in miami but another kid,insists it was in new york they read it,in the paper after all their teacher,trevor scoffs well then it must have,been true and considers how it is that,these two were suffering the same,delusion a thousand miles apart he calls,them campfire or bedtime stories kind of,like modern oral folklore our,unself-conscious fears of modern urban,society come to life and that hits the,nail on the head when it comes to the,idea of candyman himself these fears,have come to real manifestation in the,run-down chicago neighborhood called,cabrini green seeing how things have,become gentrified already old buildings,being stripped down and resold as condos,essentially forgetting about those that,live there all in the prospects of,making more money well what a surprise,theres already word of candyman amongst,those that live there and even the,various senseless violence that occurs,the blame is always laid on candyman he,kind of nebulously represents the trauma,and suffering tied to this area and also,is a real vengeful spirit the legend,first appeared back in 1890 a man daniel,robital was the son of a slave and his,father amassed a fortune manufacturing,shoes after the civil war lastly daniel,grew up in polite society a far cry from,the typical black mans experience of,the time he too was a talented artist,and became sought after by other wealthy,families in society for painting their,portraits things all came crashing down,when he fell for the subject of his,latest painting the young daughter of a,wealthy land baron she became pregnant,and after this was discovered the,townsfolk immediately turned on daniel,they chased him through the very area,that later became cabrini green and,first saw off his hand with a rusty,blade and shoving a hook up in there,they followed this by smothering them,and honey and unleashed countless bees,upon him he was painfully stung to death,and finally burned on a giant pyre his,ashes scattered over this neighborhood,now getting why this spot in particular,is so troublesome and rife with a,never-ending cycle of violence his blood,was unjustly spilt and as a result his,spirit was never truly at rest its a,curious grad student helen did in her,quest to learn more about the legend,foolishly summons him yet when it comes,to her he does have more than simply,murder on the mind he believes her to be,a reincarnation of his long lost love,and his desire is more of a tragic love,story than purely malevolent evil i mean,he definitely still kills people he,cant argue with that when it comes to,how his power works its similar to,urban legends themselves the more that,his name is on peoples tongue he can,return without them saying his name hes,nothing cant be forgotten the spreading,of the story and the name on peoples,lips is what keeps him coming back he,continues relentlessly pursuing helen,growling to come with him and be his,victim to join him in the beyond she,consistently rebuffs him but in the end,he manages to get her after all the two,becoming trapped inside of a bonfire,built by angry residents she is able to,escape his grasp along the way,retrieving a baby belonging to local,resident anne marie she painfully crawls,out of the raging fire and is able to,save the child but ultimately she,tragically succumbs to her injuries at,her funeral the entire neighborhood led,by anne-marie come to pay their respects,to them essentially helen is a hero,although dead things arent so,hunky-dory in the end for helen her,distraught cheating husband trevor is,struggling with her fate and wistfully,says helens name in the bathroom mirror,this brings helen back as her own,hook-handed candyman who dispatches him,and his lover showing us how its,already possible for there to be in a,way more than one candyman

Candyman (2021) – Movie Review

[Music],hey guys welcome to our review of,candyman is it scary is it worth seeing,lets find out but first a word from our,sponsors,surf shark dont surf shark almost like,stop surf shark,soul,well we told him,get what you deserve,guys make sure you protect yourself with,surf shark vpn all of your data is,online you use netflix and stuff every,day a vpn is a wonderful tool to make,sure that youve unlocked the internet,make sure you have all the movies and tv,that you want and making sure that your,credit card information isnt getting in,the wrong thats right but most,importantly it is unlimited devices so,you could use them anywhere you go on,anything its a horrifyingly good deal,guys use code angry joe show at surf,shark dot deal backslash angry joe show,and get 83 off plus three extra months,with your subscription today it works,out to 2 dollars and 21 cents to protect,everything,[Music],enjoy the review guys,all right guys um candyman uh i actually,like the original candy man,i love tony todd uh and,you know i saw this on my one of my,dads vhs tapes and i was like whoa this,is cool uh i heard there were two,sequels,theyre bad i won theyre better i,watched them i have not seen those uh,maybe i wont but uh you know i was,uh kind of excited when i heard that,candyman was going to be me too you know,coming back,and i didnt know whether it was going,to be like a reboot a continuation maybe,a combination of all the things,um,and we have um,was it jordan peele thats involved a,little bit,one of the writers and producers uh but,this was actually uh uh co-written and,directed by nia de costa uh so its not,a jordan peel completely youve got uh,her um style in it and um,we just got back from it and ill say,uh,i wanted to like it,way more than i am me too,like i was super,like i was super excited whenever tony,todd was like cassid on this i was like,you heard that i heard that too yeah i,was like okay you guys are youre,original in the whole film yes,this is going to be amazing okay i want,to talk about that,im ready for this,but sadly um,uh i know you like candyman a lot joe so,tell tell us you know why you like the,original and and how do you feel about,this one uh for me i love horror movies,i would 10 out of 10 times i would,always watch horror movies whenever i,saw a horror like uh the candyman and,like when i was a little kid it was kind,of different like his was like it wasnt,like a slash or anything like everyone,else this was kind of like its own thing,like psychological thriller thing and it,made me scared like im not supposed,uh what is it the ouija board and you,wont do candy man well i didnt know,you wouldnt do candyman joe lets go in,my bathroom right now,turn the lights off they didnt follow,the rules in this right dont have that,lights off,thats bloody mary yeah oh okay whatever,so yeah bloody mary needs to fight candy,is like that like kind of like growing,up like kind of like like,before that terrible movie,like thats just,that [ __ ] i was like oh that scares me,so,did you do did anybody try to get you to,do it at a party i remember when [ __ ],came out people tried to get us to do it,my aunt tried to she like pulled me in,the bathroom i was like no,i dont remember i know people tried to,get me to do i think i ran out too like,a coward alex did you do it with me oh,yeah definitely we did the bloody mary,we did the candyman thing,and there was always somebody because it,was a setup right it was always a setup,because someone knew better we you know,it was like a babysitter that was older,than us but i just watched the movie i,always wondered where it came from the,[ __ ] out of us when we were saying it,thats thats the whole ritual of the,thing and so of course i got to,experience that and so i didnt have a,whole lot of expectations coming into,this uh i you know i dont remember the,first one as fondly as you i do remember,liking the first one and but,new horror movies just dont hit me the,way that they used to uh and so my,expectations were really low for this,one,uh and i you know it was it was it was,there,heres my main problem with candyman and,i dont really know how to articulate it,well see if you agree with me joe uh,this candyman is much different than the,original candyman in the sense that this,is a,huge,metaphor this is a vehicle for,racial justice for,uh white versus black for police,brutality,oppression gentrification,and i think that this was a little,heavy-handed in this film,in the sense that in this film,all white people are bad,you know its candyman,does not and then candyman is so kind of,like a herald of black people and kills,only white people right in this i think,if we go through the film theres,theres no,and and,heavy-handed message and this candyman,is like a story of revenge and they tie,it very,uh you know closely to that and and i,think that,there was,it was really heavy-handed in that way,when i was hoping to see a little bit,more of the [ __ ],yeah theres the messages there but i,wanted more of the [ __ ] no i a 100,agree with you like i went in there for,a horror movie kind of like a,psychological like the first one but,this one kind of like,turned up the message way too much i was,like look i get it yeah like the first,one i think,kind of had a message it was kind of,subtle its there but it was still,horror this year,majority of it was,was the message and i dont think they,utilized tony todd as much,because his voice is,oh i love tony todds voice,so,i dont think they did him justice in,this one they could have done more with,them this one just like ah hes here you,called him,youre dead yeah and because its so,over the top with the message and,because the people in the film do stuff,to make it towards like theyre,bad and they need to be killed and you,know its its it goes a little bit into,parody territory almost,you know denigrating the message here,you know a little bit and and then it,commits one other sin,is that its,not scary,it i was not you know its not scary at,all very unscary to me,uh and i was hoping for more and so if,youre gonna go on scary thats fine uh,you know you you need to have charisma,you know cause candyman was a little bit,like freddy krueger you know yes this,idea that the more you believe and the,more people believe in candy man the,more powerful he is and hes joined me,and hes just [ __ ] freaky this,candyman is,its much different well have to talk,about spoilers,why this candy mans different but hes,unscary the presence isnt quite there,these these kills just kind of happen in,them thats it uh much like the original,but,i will say that the director has a keen,eye and i love the cinematography it,opens,in a city thats upside down,disorienting you in the fog it just,looks great and a lot of the shots,looked good um unfortunately it was,unscary and the message was really,heavy-handed and you know kind of,eye-rolling in the end yeah what about,you the focus i think was just was off,and,um,you know there was a lot of the,the the characters that we know as,candyman the the horror elements were,were focused on a lot less than other,aspects of the movie and i think that,the movie suffers for that i love horror,movies that play with mirrors that play,with shadows they have always youre,always looking in the mirror youre like,looking around you see something go,behind you turn around its not there i,love that stuff in movies and you know,its trophy but i mean i think it can be,done really well and theres a little,bit of that here they just they,constantly showed what they could do,because i think that once the movie,actually started getting going it,actually there was some tension there,there was some crazy i mean you see in,some of the trailers that his body is,kind of like breaking down and theres,some like body horror stuff so theres,some tense moments there and then it,just goes away and it never comes back,and it was so,upsetting because i think that until,like the last three minutes right

Candyman Review – YMS

hey everybody im very busy with film,festival stuff but i managed to watch,candyman and i also managed to watch,candyman heres what i thought of,candyman this is a film where the poster,had always intrigued me when i was,younger i would often peruse the horror,section in the video store and this is a,cover that always stood out to me,theres something incredibly,uncomfortable about this image anyway i,just watched it for the first time and i,quite enjoyed it part of my enjoyment,was for purely nostalgic reasons in some,ways this film feels quite dated the,first act of the film has a bunch of,awful 90s horror movie tropes there are,some annoying fake jump scares the movie,even opens up with a professor giving a,lecture to his students that includes,some of the films themes but despite,feeling stupid and cliched at points as,the movie progresses it really won me,over spoilers for the candymans leave,there are some aspects to this film that,are genuinely scary when the main,character gets confronted by mr candyman,and she passes out and wakes up and,shes in a completely new location and,covered in blood and someones screaming,their lungs out she opens the door and,theres a decapitated rottweiler what,the [ __ ] it is such an intense and high,energy moment of the film and i love how,because of its presentation we are just,as confused as the main character its a,genuinely terrifying situation this film,is also pretty well shot with some,interesting visuals and competent,cinematography the score by philip glass,also adds a lot to the movie the piano,theme is very memorable and well written,and there are many intense and operatic,parts of the score as well the practical,effects in this film are also pretty,insane the actors got covered in bees,tony todd got stung 23 times during,filming and apparently he was,compensated one thousand dollars per,sting i absolutely love the garbage,mountain bonfire set the way shes,walking over everything and crawling,underneath and the whole thing gets lit,on fire while shes trying to save the,baby this movie really does not hold,back in terms of presenting terrifying,and [ __ ] up concepts despite its flaws,it is a truly unforgettable horror film,and keep in mind i dont consider the,film to be amazing there are some really,cheesy and stupid and weird moments here,and there the ending also kind of sucks,the main characters boyfriend gets a,new girlfriend and pretty much all we,know about her is that she is very,uncaring with things around the kitchen,[ __ ] this [ __ ] and [ __ ] this too get out,of here bam kachow brazinga oh i miss my,previous girlfriend who knew how to do,things in the kitchen without being so,violent oh im gonna say helen five,times in the mirror now it is me helen i,am come to kill you now oops im dead,the last scene of this movie felt like,it belonged in a neil brain film still,as i said there is a lot to appreciate,about this movie and above all else it,is certainly memorable and im giving,candy man a six out of ten its closer,to a seven and a five i guess now lets,talk about candyman now candyman is,actually a direct sequel to candyman so,candyman is not a remake of candyman,which is weird because theyre calling,it candyman and usually the types of,movies that just call themselves the,same as the older ones are kind of,remaking them unlike candyman candyman,is kind of forgettable this film isnt,so dramatically worse than the first,movie overall that its some kind of,crime but it was a little disappointing,because the elements that made the first,film work for me werent really here,its a well-shot competently made movie,with a good score and solid performances,but every horror element in this film,felt pretty underwhelming and derivative,i wasnt scared at any moment during the,film and it didnt really present any,terrifying situations like the first one,did there was a death that was shown,from outside the apartment as its,zooming out and i thought wow that shot,looks pretty cool but i wasnt scared,and i felt like id kind of seen that,before there are different types of,scares that a movie can offer and the,ones that worked really well for me in,the first film were conceptual or,situational it was scary to imagine,waking up in that situation that the,main character did and its scary to,imagine being in that situation where,shes trapped under a pile of garbage as,its being lit on fire in this newest,film it seems like they focused mostly,on gore theres this weird infection on,his hand that keeps growing and it looks,gross theres a girl who gets her throat,cut and it comes out of nowhere and its,not scary its just kind of surprising,and the guy is trying to run away and he,says must go faster,lets go faster he gets beaten up by a,ghost theres a scene where a bunch of,girls are in the bathroom and theyd say,a candy man and then they get murdered,and it feels so weird and out of place,like its just there to add to the body,count or something yay theres more,blood but in none of these scenes am i,ever feeling like its conceptually,scary theres just some gross stuff fear,can be pretty subjective so maybe its,just me but there wasnt really much to,latch onto here near the end of the film,where im hoping to be scared by,something this character picks up a,weapon and is about to use it but its,too heavy for her and she drops it and i,just laughed another issue i have with,this movie is that its confusing and,not the kind of confusion where i get to,experience the confusion of the main,character in a specific situation but,the kind of confusion where it feels,like im supposed to understand the,motivations of certain characters and i,dont i had to reference the wikipedia,plot summary a couple times because i,didnt really have a full grasp of what,was going on maybe thats my problem i,guess i dont know there werent any,real bees in this film as far as i know,i was really impressed by that aspect in,the first film and it just wasnt here,even the poster of this film is much,less memorable than the first the image,of a bee on someones eye is genuinely,unnerving this image of a man with a,hook is really forgettable it no longer,stands out from any other horror movie,and it kind of just loses its identity,and thats pretty much what this film is,again its well shot competently made,has a good score and solid performances,but its not a movie that i will be,thinking about really ever i guess,thats all i have to say about it i,liked the ending shot the reveal about,the main character was interesting the,argument scene between him and brianna,is great theres a lot of energy between,them and their performances are,believable but yeah its just not really,what i want out of a horror movie i,guess it was fine and im giving this,one a 5 out of 10. thank you stay tuned,for some film festival videos i watched,a crap ton of movies and i gotta record,my reviews for them and theres still,more some film festival stuff i gotta,watch because its the season right now,if youre wondering about my lion king,review click on the video on the channel,thats not very far down that has the,words yms,update,in the title because that tells you all,about whats happening thank you bye-bye,oh look at that helmet,thats kind of cute pretty he looks like,he looks like a cat that like managed to,go through a sleeve,[Music],[Music],you

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