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  4. Canik TP9 Elite Combat Review
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Salient Arms / Canik TP9 Elite Combat Review

the canik tp9 elite combat lets check,it out,[Music],[Music],[Music],Kanak is one of those companies thats,just very responsive to the market they,have released so many different models,over the past few years and not only,just upgraded models they have different,features with different firearms to suit,whatever preference you have one of the,things about Kanak is its a very high,quality firearm for the price in fact,you can really match these with about,any premium grade firearm and it will,match it the quality control that goes,through these handguns and these are,NATO approved firearms for military and,so theyve gone through a lot of,rigorous testing fifty thousand rounds,is what theyre claiming that these will,withstand they have a lifetime limited,warranty now were going to take a look,at the canik tp9 elite combat and,theres a lot of features that this has,that supersedes all the previous Kanaks,and a lot of that has to do with their,partnership with salient arms a salient,arms is known for its glock upgrades in,fact some of them just very expensive a,Glock handgun some of the most expensive,upgrades on the market and they have,joined with Century Arms and kanuk to,produce the canik tp9 elite combat this,is the ultimate Kanak at this point but,knowing cabot theyve got more things to,come it does have a really nice seracote,finish but its over black nitride so,its going to be very durable then the,course the frame is a polymer frame its,a striker fire pistol its really based,closely to the Walther p99 originally,and theyve kind of just upgraded over,time to make its own pistol to be honest,before we get started were gonna drop,our magazine and has a 15 round magazine,with a three round extended baseplate so,youve got 18 rounds in the first,magazine lets go ahead and fix make,sure the gun is unloaded and it is and,then you have an extra 15 round magazine,which is typical for the Elite Series,its a little bit of a shorter grip so,it gives you a little bit more compact,feel and yet is still full size and so,inside here and of course you see the,mag well this is a salient arms mag well,its aluminum and it really helps,those magazines to go sailing in really,easy in the bevel is very well done does,have your back strap which is of course,from Kanak the barrel is also a salient,arms barrel it is fluted it is a match,grade barrel and it is threaded the,thread pitch is thirteen and a half by,one left-hand threads and well be,looking at that in a minute its very,nicely knurled and you need a wrench to,take it off because it really tightens,up very well and of course there are a,ton of adapters for the thirteen and a,half by one left-hand pitch thread the,big problem is is remembering which way,to turn it when youre taking it on and,off this is also known as Janak because,people will say something in the,comments but we dont pronounce Turkey,Pirkei here in the u.s. eithers the,sights are also from salient and you,have a black outline with serrations on,the back and then here at the front we,have a fiber-optic front sight and this,does have a shelf so you can reload off,your belt or course a table or wherever,this is also an optics ready model and,you have a plate here and there are four,different adapters but you can switch,this off to fit any of your micro red,dots or your arm ours now one thing,youll notice are these extended slide,releases and they are nice and I said,slide release because honestly this is a,slide release and a slide stop but,thats really for competitive shooters,and it is ambidextrous and one thing,youre gonna see too is the trigger,flat-faced trigger this is from Kanak as,well and it has the blade the safety so,its not gonna you know it makes it a,safer pistol to fire this is an aluminum,trigger so its going to be really nice,were gonna take a quick look at that in,a minute but this is an excellent,trigger 1913 picatinny rail you have,serrations here on the back and on the,front abbreviated theyre not really,theyre a little bit difficult maybe to,grab hold up but if you just want to do,the press checks you can but typically I,use just the rear cocking serrations,anyway but the slide also just comes,down to an arrow point right here which,may,it really nice for fitting into holsters,the texture on the grip is really well,done and then you have these pyramids on,the front and on the back straps I,believe this one is the smaller one and,again you can change that out it does,have a nice feel to it now one thing,that a lot of people have complained,about in the past is that because this,is so wide it can wear on your hands but,Kanak has done some improvements to this,to make it a little more comfortable,when shooting now while weve got it,back this way youll notice this little,red dot this is your [ __ ] striker,indicator doesnt mean the gun is loaded,or unloaded it just means that its,ready to fire and when you pull the,trigger it disappears but we also have a,loaded chamber indicator right here so,were gonna take a dummy round and,youll notice that there is a small rise,right here its not too obtrusive and,but yet its tactile you can feel that,there is a round in the chamber the,barrel is 4.8 inches in length the,overall length is about 8 inches and,then its 6 inches in height and then,its 1.45 inches in width and the weight,of the tp9 combat elite 1-pound 13,ounces it does feature these little,memory pads on either side one is,textured the other is just has lettering,but it still you had that feel to it so,it gives you a nice grip and then,theres a little bit of checkering here,on the front of the trigger guard and so,you know its got a really good solid,feel to it with these areas right here,that kind of come in and it just makes,her hand mold right to the grip now,were gonna check the trigger action,with the flat face trigger its gonna be,really nice you have your trigger shoe,right here which is a safety will not,fire unless you have a full grip on the,trigger here a little bit of take-up in,a super crisp snap or a break guys Ill,tell you its just a really excellent,trigger and then reset right there super,quick and then back at it this is just,an excellent trigger and kanuk is known,for their really good triggers were,gonna take trigger pull weight with our,Lyman trigger gauge from Brownells,three pounds 14 ounces three pounds 8.1,ounces three pounds 14 ounces Kanak says,its a four point eight pound trigger,pole but again were getting about that,three and a half a little over trigger,pull a lot of times pistols that our,optics ready that have threaded barrels,and they seem to be really large thats,one of the things about the elite combat,it feels more like a standard pistol and,I really like that I mean it still has a,really good balance to it but its not,just overly big thats one of the things,about the SFX you know its got the,longer slide its got you know just a,bigger pistol and even a longer frame,but with this one you know youve got a,good size on it but its not too big and,to me that makes it a little more handy,especially in competitive shooting but,thats just my opinion,well thank Fiocchi for sponsoring the,ammo or shooting 115 grain Full Metal,Jacket Yokis all made in the USA also,want to thank Lulla loaders they do send,me mag glue that sends me loaders,sometimes and guys once you start using,these its hard to go back,[Music],now taking it down to the range we went,first without the RMR sight or without,the reflex sight we wanted to kind of,test it out and you know a lot of guys,are just going to shoot it as is it does,have the threaded barrel so youre gonna,be able to put a suppressor on there or,at least a compensator if you like that,and then of course with the mag well,just being easy to drop those mags in,and then a lot of the other features,this gun stands alone without an arm arm,but once you put the RMR on here it,definitely transforms things now theres,a lot of people that are really getting,into guns with opt

Canik TP9 Elite Combat Review (POSSIBLY the Best Combat Handgun)

welcome to fire,there so dont yell welcome to firearms,of america today im back here at,shooters in fort myer florida very,excited because im about to do the,review,of a gun that i wanted to review for a,very very long time its a canik,yes or as uh,the proper name would be chanuk not cat,right if you uh do the turkish the,actual turkish,not spelling pronunciation and this is,the tp9 elite,combat,absolutely magnificent looking gun i,love the way it looks but even more so i,love,love the way it shoots and i did a lot,of shooting with this one already,because,this is my personal sidearm yes this is,what i chose now uh,this is the full package this is the one,that comes with the actual uh,vortex red dot you can find it um,right now theyre kind of on and off the,market but you can find these uh the,most expensive the full package,so,lets uh put a few rounds through it and,then we will start talking about the,features well actually i can start,talking about the features right now uh,first of all everything that it comes,with lets start with that and it comes,with a lot of stuff guys it comes with,a hard case it comes with two magazines,one extended one one regular one this,one is 15 capacity right here the one,that i have,nicely numbered as you can see double,stack very easy to load i think im,gonna put some uh,five rounds because why not lets start,with five rounds and uh,four,four,inch 475,inch barrel for nine millimeter i think,this uh well i,i dont think i know because i already,shot it but uh usually,thats uh at least four and a half inch,barrel for a nine millimeter,and,the recoil is practically non-existent,so,ill pretend that i dont know whats,going on here and uh,ill try to shoot it and,try to find out right,lets do that,so uh we have right there a variety of,targets freshly painted i think ill,start with the yellow circle in the very,very,middle and uh,see what we got here,hi,[Music],[Music],pretty good group now with the red dot,probably youre gonna be more accurate,but,with the red dot of course carrying it,with the red that,um you kind of sacrifice the variety of,holsters,that you can get for this gun so lets,start from the very beginning lets,start with the grip as you can see,we have our uh polymer frame there is,very decent amount of aggression here on,the grip we got a little bit of,different style of aggression,at the back,and,at the front and of course at the side,uh you can see its very similar to a,custom stippling that people normally,get on their glocks so here it is,already implemented which is very very,nice but one thing about the stippling,that i wanted to mention here you can,see theres a little bit right here,which i love,i really really appreciate that little,thing it might not seem like a lot but,whenever youre having your proper grip,it almost serves,like a gas battle because you put your,thumb,on this grippy part right here and it,really definitely does,make the difference so i i,definitely appreciate it uh canik,yannick however you like to pronounce it,great job all right now uh lets move a,little further we got our,mag release button uh not a very regular,mag release button here it actually is,very nicely extended so,which means,putting in,and taking your magazine out is very,very intuitive very easy to locate the,button all right youre not going to,miss it now its not ambidextrous keep,that in mind all right and you probably,already noticed it comes with,the magwell implemented again if youre,not familiar with the magrule especially,whenever you have double stack magazines,that are,a little bit thinner on the top makes it,much easier to find and,do the speed reloading,which obviously you know being this,being your side arm being your tactical,side arm makes sense that you will want,to be able to reload it fast and with,with the mag well and with the,thinned out magazine the very top makes,it,perfect all right i love it uh lets,move a little further now we have our,slide release over here again as you can,see it is extended and uh there are two,things that kind of stand out right away,to me and whenever it comes to this,extended uh slide release first of all,it serves,again as a thumb rest for,your,right hand all right i have to think,about which one is right which one is,left all right,enough to be there okay usually usually,if you have a manual safety thats what,you use to have uh as a thumb rest but,because most of the times,those manual safeties are located way,back,a lot of times you end up with this,crooked weird,shape of a thumb,not very comfortable all right but here,as you can see it goes all the way out,forward and this is a very very,straightforward very proper,grip,on this gun i absolutely love it now,there is no manual safety but we will,talk about all the safety features that,this gun comes with because there are,a few of them out there and number two,thing that i like about the slide,release is so intuitive and really just,one hand operation you dont need to do,a lot,thats it and youre ready to go bam,okay so,lets uh,do some five more rounds and see maybe i,can do a better group this time okay,and uh,we will uh,talk about some more features because,theres a lot a lot on this gun a lot um,magazine is surprisingly even this being,a,brand new gun i probably put,maybe 200 rounds through it so far,uh very very easy to load all right,so,the slide feels,very light very easy to wrap,nevertheless it does handle the recoil,very well so,uh lets do the orange little circle at,the very top,a little too high and we got a little,gym as you can see we got a little gem,little gem but i think it was a user,because i let it go,all right,so as you can see i had a little jam but,that was me i think i let it go a little,too much and didnt manage the recoil,very well so while the cartridge was,ejecting i let it go too much and it got,caught okay so lets talk about some uh,safety features here,because there are a few there are,actually two,uh of the visual ones all right first of,all we have,wrecked slide,probably has a different name for it but,wrecked slide indicator at the very back,right here so you as you can see theres,nothing right now but if i do wreck,the slide,now,you got that little indicator right,there and if i release the trigger,it disappears all right now the reason,why i say its racked slide indicator,and not,load a chamber indicator,because there is a loaded chamber,indicator check this out im gonna,actually put a,round in it,tana theres nothing,tana there is something,all right as you can see,if my camera decides to focus on it you,see this thing,sticking out that is your loaded chamber,indicator,and obviously wrecked slide indicator,and this thing is ready to go im gonna,shoot that round,yeah heard that loud rank all right so,lets talk about the trigger,trigger is very interesting its a good,trigger,its a tactical trigger all right now,to kind of give you,a little bit of,understanding the difference between,well the differences between the,triggers right you have your,accuracy competition trigger right very,loud very light and uh maybe,two-step or or just one step were,banging thats it right,most of the times,and the tactical trigger is the one that,needs a little bit more,finger smashing all right to do in order,to get here,here,is a very good balance between the two,you can use this trigger as a tactical,trigger but at the same time if youre,using this gun like for example if,youre at the range if youre just,having fun you know you want to be you,want to impress your friends and shoot,very accurately all right you can use it,as a competition accuracy trigger and,ill explain lets let me just show you,what it is okay so we have our little,pre-trigger,here which serves as uh your,typical glock safe action trigger right,so drop safety if it drives a blah blah,blah youre not gonna be able if youre,not pressing this pre-trigger youre not,going to be able to press this the the,the actual trigger all right for me,p

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Canik TP9 Elite Combat Executive Review | After 1000s of Rounds!

whats up america neal here with jogger,farms academy thanks for watching today,were going to be doing a review,on mechanic executive so lets get,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],started,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],all right so you guys know im not a big,unboxer i really care but,heres the box its a nice plastic box,like you would expect from any gun,lets take a look whats inside you get,your standard fare of manuals and crap,it does have a cleaning brush along with,a rod if you want to use this for,cleaning,i would imagine most people probably,have some form of general equipment,before they get a gun but whatever,here we have a second back strap so you,get two one thats on the gun and this,one,you have your wrench by the way do not,lose this wrench or at least have one,nearby,and make sure that you torque your,barrel nut down pretty good on this one,okay this is the the thread protector,right there,because if you dont i promise you after,a few mags you will no longer have that,on the end of your gun so use that,again to tighten that down you also get,a plate its numbered,0-1 i believe this one is for the vortex,viper,but they have several others youll,notice on the side of it as well it has,a little,screw opening which i will show you what,thats for in a minute but that would go,on the gun to replace if you wanted to,put an rmr style on there,on the gun itself these two screws are,going to come out and,this is going to come off one thing to,note people uh have mentioned in the,past that when you do that youre going,to be losing your rear sight,and that is uh that is a fact so if,thats an issue for you,no thats part of the deal then we got,and this is where kinnick kind of threw,me off this is,the canon holster that comes with it and,it is obviously not a flashlight,ready model but for from a actual,holster that comes with a gun,this was pretty impressive i mean if i,bought this,i would not be unhappy with it its got,retention,its uh basically for all intents and,purposes a kydex holster,ive seen a bunch of different versions,so theyve been updating this over time,theres one with like this weird,push thing that locks it in retention,and there was another one with all these,wheels and stuff i dont know never been,too impressed with holsters,that came with guns but this one is,probably the best one ive seen,its even got some pretty decent uh,retention clips there,not a big clip fan i like loops but,nonetheless,this holster will definitely get you,through and do a decent job,so i got to give him credit on that you,get an amazing,uh magazine loader its really not,amazing youre going to get two,magazines ill show you those in a,minute,you get this space age lock ive never,really figured out how to use it its,got this uh,sp nasa key i dont know i never really,cared but you do get that,okay then you get your box of,stuff in your little canik box,and now oh by the way i know a bunch of,people black its yannick well im in,america so thats what i say,it comes with two fiber optic fiber,optic replacements so the red one,is already on the gun when you get it,i actually prefer grain and maybe one of,these days ill get around to,doing that with my free time then you,get a bunch of little accessories in,here,this is what i was talking about earlier,so were talking about that uh,plate you can actually screw this in and,then you get,kind of a charging handle if you will to,rack your gun for,competition or whatever use youd have,for that,then we have three,i guess technically four all in all but,comes with three actual magazine,extensions trying to get these all out,okay and i say four because you can take,them all off like i did,and you have a very good magazine,release,ive never been with a bunch of extended,widgets in my gun so it is what it is,but,if you want to ill just throw this guy,on here real quick,that thing sticks out incredibly far if,you cant hit that i,assume you have no fingers,[Music],lets talk features so this gun happens,to be packed full of features,uh youre gonna get two magazines both,are gonna be the standard 15 but one of,them comes with a plus three,base plate and it is aluminum so thats,pretty nice,then we look at the barrel that is not,cerakote that is a pvd coated barrel so,increases its lubricity and also its,durability,i havent had anywhere reasonable like,you would with cerakote,with about a thousand or two that we put,through the gun so far so so far its,been holding up very well,and it is a barrel made by salian arms,so its supposed to be an,increased marksman style barrel for,accuracy,i can tell you that this gun certainly,cannot shoot me no doubt about,that lets talk sights so for me when,im looking for sights theres two,things that are important to me,and whether theyre night sights or not,isnt one of them whats important to me,is that the sights are made of metal,and they have a combat edge and,which is exactly what these sites have,this is extremely beefy,kind of reminds me of a cig style rear,sight which also ive always been,impressed with,but it has a very clean edge on it i can,catch this on anything,tables pants belt lines whatever i need,to do,if i need to manipulate the gun one hand,style,these sights are pretty robust,that said the front sight is also steel,but it has a fiber optic like youve,seen earlier,it has a red rod in it but you can also,change it out to green which at some,point,when i get around to it i probably will,where i talked about the plate you can,take those two screws off and put an rmr,style side on there if thats your jam i,uh,its not for me but doesnt make it bad,just not for me,as you can see you got a full rail down,here you can put any type of light on,there this is the tlr1 pretty common,light,we also have a thread protector on there,make sure you,tighten that up or you will not have,that very long and then of course we,have,an extended and ambidextrous slide lock,slide lever from,whatever camp you want to be from but,then its easy to fit im sorry easy to,hit,and one of the things that ive always,had an issue with with my larger hands,on,smaller sized guns or medium-sized guns,is manipulating,that uh slide lever when i dont want to,so typically guns wont lock open for me,because my,aggressive thumbs forward grip tends to,touch that during shooting and it,doesnt lock open,for whatever reason the magic of,mechanic i dont know,but i have not experienced that at all,its locked open every time on this one,so,pretty impressive and it is very easy to,hit no issues whatsoever,we have the magazine release it is not,ambidextrous,but i believe you can swap it from one,side to another by the way it looks,right here,im a right-hander so i dont really do,that,but you can make that as big as you want,that thing will stick out,a mile outside of that if you want to,add those additional expansions that,come with the gun so lets talk about,the mag well,and actually before i get into mag well,theres two grips so you have the one,that comes in the box,and this one so you can customize that,to fit your hand,but it does come with the saline arms,aluminum,very nice mag well now the one thing i,have found through experience of using,this the one little,uh nick i could say against the gun and,theres two of them,uh is that the mag well attaches with,the screw in the back right where the,rear grip is,or where the back strap is and when for,me being that i have larger hands,when i go and grasp the pistol,especially in a you know,a higher speed drill or something like,that with some stress from grabbing it,onto the gun i can actually feel the,bottom im sorry the front,of that mag well okay on the front strap,start to kind of separate a bit,from the grip so i think to improve the,product to make it better,if there was another way when they put,some type of set screw or something in,in the front of that that would hold it,uh much firmer without any movement but,i can definitely feel when i go to pick,that when i grab that

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Canik TP9 Elite Combat Review

[Music],excited about Airsoft hit the like,button and comment to join other,airsofters in the conversation,whats up airsofters gas blowback,pistols for all of their perceived,differences in shapes and sizes pretty,much all function the same way what I,mean is most of them are essentially,Hammer fired even Airsoft Glocks have an,internal Hammer that does most of the,work this pistol right here is the Canik,tp9 Elite combat gas blowback Airsoft,pistol and it does things,a little differently in a way that,departs from just about every other,system out there but before we get into,the nitty-gritty of its Unique Mechanics,lets go over this pistol in detail,check out how it arrives in the box and,give you our thoughts on this exciting,new offering from cyber gun,taking a look at the Box theres no,mistaking theres a beautiful Canik,inside here the really cool logo on the,front opening the top cover we get a,look at the included instructions at the,top the Pressed cardboard holding nicely,the tp9 elite combat and included,magazine in the Box its a very very,simple packaging but held beautifully in,there right at a rock this compact,pistol has a high strength nylon fiber,reinforced polymer frame with,well-placed texturing and thoughtful,cuts to give you a better grip its,available in three colors tan black and,a two-tone featuring a black slide and,tan frame up top weve got a full metal,slide and Barrel as well as blowback,assembly the Salient arms designed,Barrel is a fluted match grade style,closely mimicking the nitride coated,version of the real thing it is threaded,in 14 millimeter negative a thread,protector which Ive got installed here,is not included in the box but,personally I think the EMG blue thread,protector which jives with the Salient,arm themes here fits perfectly and its,available separately on our website the,serrations provide just enough texture,to Aid in manipulation without being,overly aggressive the Salient style,single hand manipulation sites look,great and are easy to acquire and if red,dots are your thing then youre in luck,the Canik tp9 Elite combat has a,provision for an Optics Mount which is,sold separately you could put a red dot,on your slide for ultimate coolness it,is worth noting however that installing,an opticsplate will result in removing,the factory rear sight entirely out here,at the back there is a functioning,loaded chamber indicator which is both,visible and tactile thats a pretty cool,feature that not a lot of Airsoft,pistols have ergonomics wise there is an,enlarged Square trigger guard so wearing,gloves isnt an issue as well as an,enhanced metal mag well designed by,Salient for faster reloads your hand,will ride relatively high in the borax,its giving you good control over the,pistol this feel is similar to other,Striker Fired pistols although the web,of your hand sits deeper into the back,strap than it would on something like a,Glock which should lessen the chances of,slide bite in addition to the slide,release being ambidextrous its also,within easy reach of the thumb you dont,need to adjust your grip to drop the,slide which is important for quick,efficient operation during use,it is worth noting though that because,of the extended nature of the slide,release or slide lock it can be quite,easy to ride it with your thumb which,means you should either be counting your,shots or be cognizant of your thumb,placement otherwise the slide might not,lock back when you have an empty mag I,also appreciate the attention to detail,given to the magazine release button,its perfectly prominent without being,dangerously easy to activate and it can,be swapped to either the left or right,side making this a truly ambidextrous,pistol but I did want to mention just,how striking that red trigger safety is,on the pistol its really cool looking,and of course any modern handgun worth,its salt has Provisions for accessory,mounts like lights or lasers there are,three slots under the barrel on the,frame here which is plenty for just,about any Tac light currently available,but all of those external features are,not what sets the tp9 apart though as,mentioned earlier this pistol features,an entirely different different system,of operation typically striker-fired gas,blowback pistols actually use an,internal Hammer to strike the valve on,the back of the magazine,this one departs from that Trend,entirely take a look at this here on the,right is a typical gas blowback pistol,lower you can see the hammer which slams,forward when the trigger is pulled now,compare that to how the Canik tp9,operates the tp9 does not use an,internal rotating Hammer assembly when,you pull the trigger this tab in the,trigger assembly impinges directly on,the gas release valve so instead of,relying on a spring to slap the valve,open youre directly pushing that valve,and then that valve closes again and,resets the trigger importantly this,means no rotating hammer and no rotating,hammer spring to wear out and break and,require replacing over and over again,this new system in the tp9 functions in,a way that actually gives you a crisp,trigger break while also allowing for a,much smoother more efficient slide,travel I think one of the most striking,elements of the tp9 is the trigger,feel theres a definitive wall and a,clean Snappy trigger break when you pull,the trigger lets head outside and Ill,show you what I mean,when you first go to pull the trigger on,a Fresh Magazine it might feel as though,when you pull the trigger that its,already bottomed out at the limit kind,of where a trigger would stop if you,were inserting an empty Magazine on any,other gas blowback my recommendation,pull a bit harder,as the design of this trigger and the,magazine and how it activates the valve,in the magazine means that you will get,a nice stiff trigger pull,like so,I will say if you remove the magazine or,the magazine has no gas in it you do,lose the wall of the trigger break,thats because the whole system relies,on the resistive pressure of this,Magazines valve that means that dry,fire training without a magazine with,gas in it is not something this pistol,was meant to do as for holsters we do,offer a Safari Land holster the 579 GLS,7ts profit which does fit this pistol,even with the RMR installed otherwise,you can always go with a universal soft,holster or get a custom Kydex one to fit,your needs our Chrono test showed an,average of 325 feet per second while,utilizing our test standard 0.20 gram,BBs loaded in the included green gas,magazine additional 25 round green gas,magazines are available at evic.com if,youre in the market for an airsoft,sidearm one that feels comfortably,familiar and yet very much much unique,one that runs well has an Optics cut a,threaded barrel and true ambidextrous,controls the mechanic tp9 Elite combat,is just what youre looking for you can,find these gas blowback pistols and,everything else you need for your,Airsoft game right here at evic.com,thanks for watching,want even more Airsoft content hit the,Subscribe button and click the Bell,notification icon follow us on Instagram,and join our Facebook for epic weekly,giveaways

Canik TP9 Elite Combat Executive Unboxing

whats up beautiful YouTubers its your,boy Justin with cereba firearms and,today,we are unboxing the best bang for your,buck,polymer Striker fire pistol out of the,box in any model,Canik this thing I have been waiting for,so lets get it,[Music],before we get into this wonderful pistol,I want to let you guys know that one way,to help yourself and the channel out at,the same time is by visiting,xdealtargets.com and picking out your,favorite AR 500 AR 550 steel targets,made in America reasonably priced,codenamed cerebral at checkout gets you,10 off another way you can support the,channel is by giving us a super thanks,anything we receive by super things goes,directly back into the channels now,enough of this lets get to the pistol,God bless,all right lets get into this beautiful,case containing a beautiful pistol first,off this is the vortex Viper Edition so,this came on top of the pistol it is no,longer on there for the review purposes,something happened youll have to check,in to the review video to find out what,happened Im not going to give it away,but can it gives you a beautiful box it,comes with a couple locking mechanisms,in the front which is pretty cool its,like a little pullover tab type of,locking Edition,um and then once you open it,unfortunately it is laser etched for one,gun in particular it is separated by,laser etched styrofoam,separator with a folder full of,information so its got disassembly,information with picture diagrams a,couple NRA items some Century Arm items,and the Beautiful owners manual,now getting into the rest were gonna,have to switch up the camera angles a,little bit so hold up all right up top,everything has its spot it is,beautifully done I love it it has little,etching marks where,um other Canik model stuff will fit so,seeing as this this came with the vortex,Viper red dot already it only has the,zero one,uh plate sitting up here,there is three other ones that you could,I guess buy from canix and she didnt,spend enough money on this firearm I,will say thats one of the things that I,wasnt very happy about if you buy the,vortex Viper on top of it I guess they,think youre just gonna run that period,And I understand that concept but it,would be cool to include all the rest of,the plates,um it comes with a backstrap thats a,little bit larger than the one that,comes on the model I took the small one,off and I put the large one on top now,seeing as this does have a threaded uh,thread protector on top of it because,its a threaded barrel it comes with a,little wrench that allows you to really,get down and and tighten that thread,protector pretty cool little bit of,innovation on Canik and it does have,caniks name on it,um moving its way down you get a brush,for the barrel,it also comes with a a wipe so you can,put your wipes and cloth in through it,and then dry the barrel making sure that,everything is super clean after about,seven thousand rounds just kidding and,then were going to move our way down,here moving our way down here were,getting into the nitty-gritty so first,off it comes with a holster,um The holster is just your generic,outside the waistband,holster it has no retention aside from,the the Kydex and it has one little,screw that uh kind of adjusts the,retention I guess you could say,um it has a couple of hooks that are,okay but this is great for a first time,firearm owner to have everything you,need period,um and for other people its great you,have a holster right off the right out,of the box because kanik holsters arent,really sold in a lot of places or are,not very viable to get immediately at,least,it comes with a lock,this in particular comes with the vortex,Viper adjustment tool so this is for,windage and elevation,it comes with one 15 round magazine,and everything is very well made,and then it comes with another,15 round magazine,with a plus three base plate which is,pretty cool Im gonna be honest with you,comes with an easy loader type of thing,so its,I mean its very Bare Bones very like,easy to go boom boom boom these these,magazines are really not hard to load,even right out the box,and then it comes with all of the,hardware you will need in order to fix,up your gun or uh return it back to,whatever condition you want it even,comes with a cool little,charging handle here that you could,screw onto the side of this base uh this,red dot plate,and as you do that instead of having to,grip the Red Dot at all or the rear or,anything you just charge it like this,pretty Innovative if you ask me,it comes with a couple more red or,yellow fiber optic rods so you can,change them out if anything happens or,preference wise or whatnot,then it comes with a couple Allen,wrenches for your various items it comes,with a longer shorter uh mag release,because,this thing is chock full of features and,were about to get into that now all,right before we do anything I want to,make sure that this is absolutely clear,so we stick our finger in make sure its,beautiful and it has nothing in it close,it make sure one more time that this bad,boy is clear and it is and take a look,at that beauty right there this thing is,an absolute awesome,firearm pistol it is,chock full of amazing features including,an extended mag release already on it a,Salient arms aluminum mag well,comes with Salient arms blacked out rear,sights and then a fiber optic front,sight,uh Salient arms thread protector comes,with the cool Salient arms match grade,fluted barrel,and that is made of a gold PVD which,means when you are ready to clean you,just need a paper towel and a wiper Down,Easy Breezy baby ambidextrous,controlling slide stop on the left and,right side I will say it was a little,bit of a process for me to figure out,how to place my hands compared to a,Glock because I kept interfering with,the last round slide stop hold whatever,you want to call it,um it has texturing where you put your,thumbs on the the pistol grip over here,on the side on both sides here oh wait,it doesnt back here okay it kind of,does it has a pick rail for your amazing,lights the checkering is on the front of,the trigger guard as well uh checkering,is on the front of the pistol grip and,the rear pistol grip these are,interchangeable back straps like I said,it comes with two,and the name of the game for this bad,boy is not just the beautiful Barrel,match grade not just all of the upgrades,but this trigger and like I said we are,100 still clear,but you have to feel this trigger to,understand why connects are popular so,it has a little bit of a take up a wall,at 90 degrees,and then you pull,and thats about a 4.8 pound trigger,pull,that reset is very tactile and awesomely,feeling,oh man that trigger pull is what these,mechanics are all about and it just gets,better with time kind of like Glock,where it it literally,it just gets way better over time and,the 4.8 pounds does not sound like much,but man does that feel good the the,trigger safety what they call the Dingus,is very large comparative to a Glock if,youre looking at the the gun like that,um I thought I was gonna hate it just,because of how large it is I actually,really like this aluminum flat face,trigger,and the really large Dingus I guess you,call it if its if its not on a Glock,do you still call it a dingus let me,know in the comments,um the pistol grip texturing is the only,thing that I dont like this side I kind,of like the back and the front,checkering I dont like,you have pins that are holding in the,back strap and internals,you have a takedown lever thats kind of,like Glock but not really so its a very,interesting takedown Ill talk about it,during the review but I just wanted to,get into some of this beautiful features,that come with the Canik,and Im gonna be real with you,best bet for your bucket Im Im just,saying it right now,I I like this gun so much my buddy,bought two of them I bought one of them,after this review and now theres gonna,be three different reviews of the Canik,series I wanted to get into an unboxing,before we

Canik TP9 Elite Combat Review | Canik Elite Combat Salient Arms Upgrades

hunt fish shoot is back with you this time were  bringing you guys the canik tp9 elite combat so  ,if you guys like what you see today what you  like comment subscribe and ring that bell for,notifications,tp9 elite combat can hardly be called a canik  in my opinion because its reworked by saline  ,arms whos very well known for making some  high-end stuff they make awesome rifles shotgun  ,modifications to benelli and also obviously they  have their own clock variation but what they do  ,with this gun is it gets a new barrel from salient  they work on the trigger a little bit mag release  ,it gets sights all that stuff are huge upgrades  with this gun and frankly i am impressed and  ,i havent even shot it yet and i just i know im  going to end up liking it it comes with a mag well  ,which is a really nice setup um outside that  magwell you get a really nice mag release which is  ,large its it sticks out from the gun  its very easy to reach with gloves  ,got a good grip texture and feel on it then  outside of that the trigger on this gun  ,might be one of the best production guns uh for  a striker fire gun if its not the best it is  ,flat out amazing its wide its flat it breaks  crisp it breaks clean and the reset is super short  ,elite combat it really fills that name well uh  in my opinion its got aluminum trigger on it  ,again really nice feel it is super light it just i  mean the reset i dont even know how short that is  ,its literally as soon as you start letting go  its already reset and so i cant wait to shoot  ,this a little bit today and show you guys how  good its probably going to shoot nice sights  ,on it blacked out rear sight from salient and then  youve got a red fiber optic which you can change  ,the nice thing about canik is i throw a lot of  stuff inside the box for you and the overall value  ,is amazing this gun retails for about 850 from  canik but andrew was able to pick it up for close  ,to about 750 so really good value with everything  youre getting you know really its a trigger job  ,match grade barrel thats fluted thread protector  on it so you can throw a suppressor on it if you  ,want and then the whole gun itself is cerakoted  and fte so just tons of good options and  ,it is a sweet pistol and then lets not forget  about one other important fact is it does have  ,an optics cut in it the downfall of this office  cut i will say if i had to say something negative  ,right off the bat is that its only made to fit a  vortex so that type of footprint so itll fit your  ,shield rmsc and some of those other ones thats  fine but in order to get some of the other ones  ,with what it comes in the box youre gonna have  to actually get an additional adapter plate so  ,that is what it is so you gotta spend a little bit  more money but the gun overall is pretty cheap we  ,start looking at the other guns out on the market  they have optics plates another downfall that  ,that i will say is that i can tell you the  100 certainty when you put the optics plate  ,that comes with the gun in the box mechanic you  cannot co-witness iron sights because it actually  ,takes away your rear iron sight in addition to  that the front one then also isnt high enough  ,either so we dont have anything mounted on here  i know andrew does have an intention to put a red  ,dot on this pistol in the future but overall a  lot of good stuff and then the last thing so i  ,dont forget for you guys is you can change out  the rear back strap on this gun and it is it just  ,has a lot of customization to it you can even  change out the bag release and how long that is  ,ambidextrous slide release on it too and just just  an awesome pistol so lets shoot it today and you  ,guys can give us your opinion what you think so  whats also nice with this cannon is that you get  ,an 18 round mag thats basically a 15 rounder  with plus three extension on it that base pad  ,makes it super nice for throwing it slam it in the  pistol so lets shoot this gun see how she shoots,oh man that trigger on this canik  ,from salient is awesome man is that nice it is  very very easy to shoot very very light and an  ,awesome reset lets shoot a little bit more im  going to move up on the target and do a little  ,shoot on the move and see how fast i can really  run this but i can guarantee its going to shoot,quick,wow i am flat out and impressed mechanic  tp9 elite combat can absolutely be run hard  ,fast and its easy to shoot oh my goodness but  im im impressed i want you a little bit more  ,today then im going to give you guys some  closing thoughts on it the cannon comes with  ,a match grade fluted barrel thats four and  three quarters inches long so were out of 50  ,yards now i want to see how it shoots ill throw  about 10 rounds downrange and see how it goes,so,thats probably just me but thats all right  its a little chilly today the gun shoots  ,good uh without a doubt i mean it will hit 50  shot 50 yard shots i mean like i said again  ,thats me not hitting that so my mistake  there but other than that gun shoots great,yeah super accurate easy to  shoot uh obviously all those hits,in there these are old here but all those hits  15 rounds there in the head so it shoots really  ,really good easy to shoot trigger all that stuffs  good the only thing maybe ive noticed is with the  ,with the canik is that it has a little bit of  a high bore axis compared to some of the other  ,ones even probably a little bit touch higher  than even the sig i mean really that its its  ,negligible because it does shoot really good and  just practice and its fine but you could tell  ,with the recoil impulse its a little different  its not quite as easy as those two like whether  ,it be sega or the glock because it is just a  touch higher you can tell that but other than  ,that i mean the guns easy to shoot the trigger  is excellent on it so really an awesome gun,so  ,its really hard to argue with with this missile  i mean the the trigger on the kinect tp9 elite  ,combat is probably one of the best triggers  ive ever felt on a striker fire handgun it is  ,really really good its it is absolutely  fantastic so if you guys like what you saw  ,today with the mechanic tp9 elite compact  i want you guys to like comment subscribe  ,and make sure to ring the bell for notifications  and follow along next time with hunt fish shoot

Salient Canik TP9 Combat Elite Tabletop Review and Field Strip

welcome back very excited to have a,different looking at canik box here with,us today thats because this is the tp9,elite combat this was a special,conglomeration if you will between,century Kanak and a company more known,for their glock parts well take a look,next coming up so a brand you might not,have ever suspected of being involved,with panic before salient arms partnered,with Century and kanuk in producing this,gun and its got quite a few things that,are different making this pretty much,the ultimate of the tp9 guns so you can,see it comes with the holster more on,this in a bit one of you our standard,going through the box first yeah this,nice bicolor cutout phone case you can,see that we have an additional back,strap here it looks like its slightly,larger than the one that came on the gun,we can take a look at how that fits in a,bit some extra spaces here we have the,plates for different optics I can dig in,there and get one out blur nice and snug,you can see the number very clearly got,some threaded inserts into the piece,that helps keep this piece made of,lightweight material but the threads,nice and strong as they need to be weve,got our speed loader our pistol lock 15,round mag the gun itself came with an 18,rounder well get to that and then in,this nice little case here I think this,is a pretty cool addition if you will,for all of your smaller parts and those,parts include the screws you need for,attaching the reflex sight plates weve,also got that charging handle the,threads on this side a pin for driving,out the back strap and different,magazine release sizes all in one nice,little case as well as replacement,fiber-optic pieces,front sight post being a pink or green,actually havent really taken motion to,skin yet Im excited to see what its,like Im really discovering these things,as you guys see it look at what comes up,top behind the divider we have,registration assembly in this assembly,in nice big clear pictures making this,about as easy as it could be some,information about the threads on the,barrel because yes its a threaded,barrel and weve got our sails bits,anything weve got a wrench cleaning rod,soft brush the back to the holster which,you can see has adjustable points so you,can set it any hint that you want and,this manual made specifically for this,version of the gun lets get all of this,stuff out of the way and get to the,exciting part and take a look at the gun,thanks to the wonders of not recording,the whole time was able to remove the,sticker that kenick or Janique puts over,to protect the finish on this labeling,as well as the chamber flag and all the,stuff that gets wrapped around again so,here it is in that Glock company that,you might know about is salient see,Elliott Arms partnered for the barrel,the trigger and the mag well on this,first things first Ill try to keep some,order to this Im pretty excited about,this gun this is pretty much the direct,response to the PB qq5 match but in,Kanak form will check for mag release or,eject you got a little bit of kick out,there now this mag might be a bit,heavier because it does have that,aluminum base plate taking the capacity,up to eat teen rounds on this thing it,was pretty awesome,of course the chamber is clear we had an,indicator there that would have popped,up had there been around in the chamber,a nice way for the in competition world,its ability very quickly if your gun is,loaded or not,lets start at the front weve got no,wiggle between the front of the slide in,the front of the dust cover notice we,have this threaded barrel on here,threads are on quite snug its probably,why that wrench was included weve got,our front serrations as we could expect,fiber-optic front sight which is red you,can look at the sight picture there you,get the camera to focus down on the end,for you,not quite but weve got plenty of rail,space for mountain lights lasers etc a,little bit of texturing on the front of,the trigger guard,its nice memory point here for your,finger on the right side its the made,in Turkey label for left-side thumb or a,left-handed shooter using their trigger,finger Ive got a texture point notice,that flat trigger flat trigger with a,very large safety bit this is aluminum,up front and I got to show you this,trigger travel because this is pretty,exciting no zoom in for this so whats,gonna check clear Safetys out we come,to a wall the trigger is vertical notice,perpendicular to the barrel back a,little further break pretty much zero,over travel watch this reset thats it,takes you right back to the wall and,breaks again this is gonna be a very,fast gun for shooting,controlled pairs or hammers these are,you not familiar controlled pairs as,well Ive got videos on how to do that,type of shooting but its whats,commonly mistakenly referred to as a,DoubleTap continuing down the gun weve,got some nice progressive rated,checkering on the front strap here and,you notice the largest of the magazine,release extension buttons is on there,which makes it really easy to get to and,yet its actually so big that striking,down is not gonna bump it you can put a,mag in there,its not gonna bump the long Walter,style slide catch slash release when,theyre this long folks is really for,releasing and the idea is you can just,jump in and smack down and go not doing,the slingshot that its a little too,slow for the competition world notice,there is this magazine well funnel on,here that tapers very nicely to the,natural edge of what was already on the,gun so they did a great job there looks,like it secures into the bottom of our,back strap see that thread there screws,into there texturing in a slight,recession you can see that in the grip,which allows it to be narrow where your,fingers wrap around we also have this,recession on both sides here which works,for thumb rest to keep it from getting,in the way of your slide slide stop and,also help with trigger finger reach for,those of you with smaller hands plugging,serrations on the back that grab you,also have a nice 90 degree flat edge,there or using belt cable etc for,one-handed operation as you might have,noticed the rear sight is serrated to,keep any glare reflection off of that,and the red dot there serves as our,striker indicator goes away after its,been fired so if you end up with a dead,trigger and look you immediately know,that its not armed coming around the,right side you can see that our magazine,release is reversible but more important,than that weve got an ambidextrous,slide stop and release overall very good,looking gun yes this has the cutout as I,mentioned earlier for putting on,different plates for different optics,curious to hear from you all if you,wont see this shot with or without the,optic on there of course the optic does,add some weight which can slow down your,cyclic rate can also cause short,stroking if the optic is too heavy,thats what in the past with the SFX,what you havent have right here for a,comparison this is a long slide we,didnt mount an optic on it for the,range time because I didnt want any,extra weight slowing down the slide and,potentially causing a malfunction thats,not really the guns fault,it would be more the optic going to,happen to have on hand fit that day its,fault that makes sense to yall,next well field-strip this thing and,take a look inside the gun so,field-stripping these is a little,different than what you might be used to,Im going to pull down on these takedown,levers on both sides push the slide,forward about an inch after pulling the,trigger really some tension there and,then the slide comes off the top just,like that right interesting setup take a,look inside you can see it maybe a,little dirt from factory firing testing,this is also a very early production of,this new series of gun we have our metal,rail inserts plenty of metal inserted in,there for the locking block area and you,can see the Walther like trigger bar,with the two pieces there theres our,trigger safety and striker some black,in

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