1. Canon T7 Review in 2020 | Still Worth The Buy
  2. Why is this the Best Selling DSLR? | Canon T7
  3. Canon Camera Buyers Guide 2022 $500-5000 | THE BEST & Worst Canon Cameras for Every Budget
  4. Cannon Eos Rebel T7 Review | Still Worth It In 2022?
  5. Canon EOS 2000D Rebel T7 | Review of the CHEAPEST DSLR
  6. Nikon D3500 Vs Canon Rebel T7 – Which is the best DSLR Camera for Beginners?
  7. Canon Rebel T7 Review and Photo Test + HD Video test

Canon T7 Review in 2020 | Still Worth The Buy

whats up guys its river and today,were looking at the canon t7,so this camera is known as the,best-selling dslr,on the market but also the best budget,camera,were gonna find out if its actually,worth the hype or if its just a,marketing,also i did an in-depth comparison of,this camera with other cameras that are,actually more expensive than this camera,to see how it really stacks up lets,dive right in,and if youre new to the channel make,sure to subscribe we review camera gear,here all the way from entry level to,high,level professional gear plus filmmaking,techniques from yours truly to take your,filmmaking,to the next level so make sure to,subscribe for all the fun content we,have coming this summer,and to those of you that leave super,nice comments thank you they,genuinely make my day and i love the,little community we have going in the,comments,lets get into the video so obviously,one of the reasons this camera is so,popular is because,its extremely affordable but how much,were they really able to pack into such,an affordable package,and how does it stack up to other,cameras on the market that cost the same,or a little bit more,so right off the bat this camera has a,24 megapixel canon aps-c,size sensor which is actually the exact,same sensor,as the canon 80d which is a 1300 dollar,camera so im happy to report that in,the studio setting,you will get the exact same image in,this camera as that 1300,camera but this camera has a slightly,lower end image processor which,i dont think youll notice unless,youre doing professional level work or,doing extreme,low light work however theres more to,the story than just the sensor,so as for photos this camera does three,frames per second and continuous,autofocus and the autofocus in this,camera is super solid,so whether youre doing portraits,landscapes kids family vacation whatever,have you,youre going to get super solid photos,out of this camera unless youre doing,something with high,action like sports or dance this camera,isnt quite fast enough and you will end,up missing your shots,but if youre a casual shooter or a,hobbyist you will be very happy,if you do need to shoot a lot of action,i totally have you covered i have a,solution for you at the end of this,video,and one of the reasons youll get,amazing images out of this camera is not,just the sensor but its also the,amazing canon color science,the colors look good right out of the,box almost like theyve already been,edited,and because of that color science people,look amazing because skin tones on this,camera just look good,everybody looks attractive on a canon,camera so,we know this camera takes gorgeous,photos but is the video any good,and im happy to report this camera does,full hd 1080p,at 24 and 30 frames per second plus it,retains,all of the canon color science from the,photos so the actual image when it comes,to video,is still gorgeous the skin tones look,good and the environments are,beautiful this camera also has slow,motion it does 60 frames per second at,720p,however 720p is a bit low res for me but,for social media and personal videos,that should be just fine however if you,want a little bit more horsepower at the,end of this video,i will be discussing cameras that are,similar prices to this that have things,like 1080p at 60 frames per second for,slow motion,also something to note this camera,doesnt have any stabilization built,into the body,or the lens so youll get a very good,image but when it comes to video you,might see a little bit of jitteriness,you just have to make sure to keep the,video,very stable or get a stabilized lens,which canon makes,very good stabilized lenses but theres,a huge glaring issue,with the video in this camera the,autofocus is trash,i love the autofocus in this camera for,photos but for video,it just tends to go in and out a lot it,does a lot of hunting if youre doing,any kind of professional work with it,the autofocus in this camera is not good,enough but if youre just shooting,yourself,going on vacation its all for personal,videos you probably wont even notice it,and the video autofocus in this camera,does not make this a bad camera,at all thats one of the factors that,makes this camera,so incredibly affordable also quick side,note guys this camera does not have a,built-in,microphone input so whatever audio you,get will actually be the cameras,internal audio and you will not,unfortunately,be able to plug in your own mic and next,lets talk about the body and design of,this camera and all the nifty features,it offers,in terms of the body its a small,lightweight and compact camera canon,makes a very quality hardware so if you,take care of this camera it will last,you forever the ergonomics on this,camera are great the button layout is,perfect its very easy to use and its,very easy to learn if youre new to,cameras,also it fits perfectly in my hand but it,still has a nice deep grip despite being,a smaller camera,design wise this camera has everything i,could possibly want in an entry-level,dslr including,an onboard flash which is really helpful,for low-light situations,the only thing that this camera lacks,that i really wish it had,is a flip screen that comes out to the,side that way i could see myself,and it would be easier to shoot low,angle and high angle photos,and videos but personally at this very,affordable price point im really not,that upset about it,and one thing that i was really happy to,see on a camera like this is actually,nfc and wi-fi you can actually connect,this camera straight to your phone,take your photos straight from the,camera to your phone edit them on your,phone,instagram what have you and share them,social media or share them with family,and friends thats a really nifty,feature to have on a camera like this,and lastly that brings us to the most,exciting part of this video,a camera comparison to see how this,camera really stacks up to its,competition,and is this camera worth the hype who,should buy this camera and should,you buy this camera,[Music],so i actually ended up comparing this to,my sony a6500,and my canon g7x the sony a6500 is,almost a thousand dollars,my canon g7x mark ii is actually 850,while this camera in the us sells for,3.99,these cameras are almost double the,price of that camera and,i was very pleasantly surprised by the,[Music],results,[Music],[Music],so the canon t7 may not have fancy,features like dual pixel autofocus or,1080p,at 60 frames per second but what it does,have it does,super super well i thought the image,quality of this camera,really stacks up and i almost cannot,tell that this is a much,cheaper camera than the a6500 and the,g7x mark ii,its pretty obvious to me which camera,is which but,i actually thought the a6500 did not,look quite as good as the canon t7,i really like the color science that,comes out of the canon camera,and im happy to report that at this,affordable price you still get that,gorgeous canon image,just without all the bells and whistles,and if youre someone thats just using,this as a hobby,or its just your personal camera you,probably dont need all those bells and,whistles or those professional features,but if youre going to be using this for,professional work here are a few cameras,that id recommend over the canon t7 to,make up for the features that this,camera lacks,without going that much over the cost of,this canon t7,so the two cameras that id recommend,over the canon t7,if youre doing professional work and,you need all those bells and whistles,or two other canon cameras the canon sl3,and the canon t7i,both of these cameras are only about 200,to 250 dollars more and they have,features like,4k video 1080p at 60 frames per second,for,slow motion video and they also have,canons dual pixel autofocus which is,phenomenal autofocus,specifically for video it is almost like,set it and forget it,and is a very very accurate autofocusing,system,the only difference between the canon,sl3 and the t7i are that the canon sl3,is mainly for someone thats go

Why is this the Best Selling DSLR? | Canon T7

so check this out this is the Canon,Rebel T 7 and as far as I understand,this is the best-selling camera in,America and Im not saying this is the,best camera in America cuz its probably,far from it but best selling is it any,good or are people just going to Best,Buy and asking the workers what camera,should I get no this has a lot of,megapixels by this one I dont know 24,megapixel aps-c sensor with a EF mount,so this thing passive potential and an,entry-level price of 399 thats pretty,good 399 I mean thats the price of a,GoPro right now so Im gonna take this,out for a little spin and see is this,actually a pretty good option for an,entry-level photographer or someone,getting into video or does it just look,more professional is that why so many,people are buying this camera to get,started Im just gonna leave this camera,on fully automatic Im gonna take some,photos Im gonna shoot some video and,carry actually just got a brand new,motorcycle and we get to go pick it up,today so and take this with us,lets go hows it like that all unarmed,it sucks well its not that bad its,just parallel parking sucks is Im gonna,reverse and use a hammer right Jerrys,bike no English I cant believe it it is,so hard to put on a helmet,Oh Terrys gonna have so much fun on,this bike Im kind of jealous for those,of you who are wondering Im not a lot,to really use my left arm yet but Im a,lot to squeeze as hard as I can its all,I really need to do on the motorcycle is,just squeeze in that clutch a bunch of,times really this is just physical,therapy for my hand and getting my grip,back so this is this is what the doctor,recommended just for you is so good,youre gonna love this bike,you just start off by saying this I,myself would never ever buy this camera,not because its a bad camera or,anything like that its just that for me,personally video is my priority a shoot,video most of the time and occasionally,take a few photos this camera is clearly,designed for a photography as the,priority and yeah you can shoot pretty,decent video with this but it is lacking,a lot of the video features not even a,microphone input jack and also no dual,pixel autofocus so during video if you,try to do autofocus it does this whole,weird shutter a glitchy thing its I,would never use the autofocus with video,on this camera even simple things like,no built-in time-lapse so if you want to,shoot a time-lapse you have to just,record it and speed it up in post or get,an external intervalometer one of the,dogs farted it smells so bad in here I,cant do this hold on but yeah the canon,t7 i and the canon and 50 they are gonna,cost a bit more than this t7 but if,video is your focus its worth every,penny because all those features I was,just complaining about those cameras,have what I think is great about this,camera is that its a great gateway,camera to getting into professional,cameras when I got my first DSLR I was,just taking pictures I was like oh these,are coming out okay but then I slowly,started learning oh this is ISO oh if I,change the white balance the colors,start to shift a little bit and once,this lens do whats that lens do so now,let me dial in my settings to where I,like to have it Im going to pop it into,manual mode and lets take it out and,see what its really capable of once you,start putting a little bit of attention,on it also try out some other lenses and,remember lenses dont have to be,expensive I mean this lens right here I,think I got it for like 42 bucks new,its a 50 millimeter F 1 point 8 so,lets take these out and see really what,is this camera capable lets go,[Music],[Music],my gosh that felt so much better to just,put it into manual and control every,aspect of the camera experiment with a,few other lenses and once you get some,powerful lenses for this camera you can,actually do a lot with it a lot of times,I would rather have a cheaper camera,with some good glass behind it opposed,to having a much more expensive camera,with whatever lens on it I mean this was,the Sigma 18 to 35 F 1.8 so that works,really well on aps-c sized sensors yes,this lens cost more than the camera,itself but some that you could,eventually work up to by the way if you,are confused about how to manually set,up a camera youre tired of just,shooting auto I have a full on course,link in description,you know what camera this really reminds,me of is the Canon t2i which I got a,while ago I think over 10 years ago and,I cleared out my bank account it was,like 850 bucks,I started getting paid decent amounts of,money to shoot on that camera it was,really a huge stepping stone in my,career to have that t2i and again this,has a lot of the same features that did,you know I was using manual focus back,then Id hook up little monitors and,stuff to it so in that sense this is an,awesome camera reminds me a lot of that,but the only reason why I dont,recommend it now is because theres so,much more technology available now for,just a little bit more money lets say I,was someone that was just getting into,photography then this starts to look a,lot more appealing even if you dont,know what youre doing with this camera,you put it into auto mode and just snap,away out a few pictures and its Auto,setting so you know sometimes the photos,are gonna come out kind of blurry the,cameras just guessing at these settings,but sometimes you might surprise,yourself and be like whoa this actually,looks pretty decent,look everybody look at this picture I,took its very great right and,everyones like yeah thats slightly,above mediocre so thats thats cool so,I bet thats why this camera is so,popular and for 399 you also get this,very okay lens its an 18 255 its,nothing special but has image,stabilization do you put a nice lens on,here and shoot in RAW this thing is a,beast of a,my only complaint would really be the,autofocus its not a very advanced form,of autofocus once you start shooting,with better autofocus then you get kind,of spoiled but you could definitely,definitely work with this camera another,thing to know is that these have a very,good resale value you get this new for,399 and then you could use the crap out,of it for a while and then bali still,get almost 300 bucks for it so you wont,be down that much because these things,are pretty solid and reliable so if,youre just experimenting or you decide,to upgrade later down the line you could,always use it throw it up on ebay and,get a majority of your money back,so lets sum everything up if youre a,video guy just look at the t7 ion 50 if,you can swing that but if you already,have this camera and you want to get,more into video you could definitely,work this its just gonna take a little,bit more work with the manual focus no,options for external microphones and no,flippy screen and if youre getting into,photography this thing is awesome,because you pull it out of the box and,you can immediately start taking decent,pictures and as you evolve and you get,better with your skills you could really,get some professional-looking stuff out,of this thing so considering its price,and availability its awesome like,anything you go into an electronics,store like a Best Buy or even Costco,this things always just sitting there,front and center looking at you anyways,lets wrap this up by reading a few,comments from my last video which was,all about frame rates when should you,shoot 24 30 25 60 120 its also secretly,a giant commercial for my video of,course but Im not supposed to tell you,guys that Marcus says shooting at 30,frames per second and playback at 24,frames per second to get the is this,slo-mo vibe is definitely a pro tip if,you have no idea what hes talking about,definitely go check out my last video,Steve Hansen says if you watch potato,Jeffs video at 75 percent speed he,seems really drunk I cant stop laughing,I need this to be cinematic you guys,noticed like the weirdest things I swear,every time I upload a video to YouTube,Im terrified of what weird things you,guys will discover you look like the

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Canon Camera Buyers Guide 2022 $500-5000 | THE BEST & Worst Canon Cameras for Every Budget

this video is sponsored by professional,photographers of america all right,whats going on guys dan watson and hope,you guys are doing amazing it has been,really crazy these past few weeks like i,have been doing some shoots with some,crazy phantom rolls royces and some,phones with bmw m motorsports branding,on it some brand new stuff coming on the,market so yeah stay tuned it is about to,get insane but we are now well into 2022,and last year i actually put out a video,going over my favorite cameras from,every brand out there however i thought,it would be cool because if youre,already a canon shooter maybe youre,probably looking at just upgrading your,body adding a second option you probably,want to stay with canon maybe youre,just drooling over some of these new,cameras like the canon r3 which i,definitely wouldnt blame you for ive,actually been shooting with this a lot,so stay tuned theres definitely some,content coming on this guy right here,make sure youre subscribed if you,havent already i want to kind of guide,you through all of these cameras some of,my favorites and even the least favorite,canon cameras for,2022. so well start things out on the,cheap side below 500 and i think this is,going to be actually one of the easiest,ones because canon has a t7 for 450 and,its actually,really good,maybe good isnt the way to say it,its not really a spec monster or,anything like that it has nine autofocus,points and three frames per second but,the camera is still good enough in every,way and especially because it is under,500 with tax and with a lens which is,insane so everything on it might be kind,of average but the ergonomics are good,the image quality is good the auto,performance whether youre using it with,the viewfinder like a dslr or using the,rear screen in live view kind of more,mirrorless camera-ish its actually,pretty good and video also on this,camera again theres no crazy features,or 4k but it focuses well 1080p means,manageable file sizes and overall its,good enough for most people under 500,and it has some good manual modes in,there for learning your way up into,other cameras plus you can find hundreds,of lenses for this camera priced below,500 which is awesome so yeah there are,other cameras that might be considered a,little bit better but when youre,talking about everything that you can,get and the camera just works extremely,well with very few weaknesses this is,going to be a great camera to buy under,500 bucks now under a thousand dollars,things actually get really tricky and,this is because canon has kind of failed,to deliver anything in this category,that i usually recommend now my go-to,camera is actually going to be this one,the eos,m62 which is actually a very good camera,i personally own it and i use it however,theres a problem with this and thats,that the camera itself uses a completely,different type of lens mount to canons,other cameras and right now i think the,future of this lens lineup is somewhat,in question so theres a possibility,that you invest buy this camera buy some,lenses for it and you find a year down,the road everything is discontinued i,dont know that for sure i just dont,know the future of this particular lens,lineup now the good news is canon does,make adapters to be able to use any of,their ef,dslr lenses,with this camera the bad news is that,all of the new rf lenses that they use,for their new mirrorless cameras like,the eos r6 and have great quality and,great auto focus performance cannot be,used with this camera so it doesnt,really work well as maybe a good b,camera for a mirrorless camera that said,this camera does have very good image,quality solid 32 megapixel sensor 4k,video and a massive step up in features,and speed from the t7 i mean this is,going from 14 frames per second in this,camera to three frames per second in the,t7 so if you dont mind taking a little,bit of gamble with this lens lineup this,is going to be the camera that i would,highly recommend now under 1500,you really have two ways you can go with,this so i am still a fan of this camera,this is the canon 90d and it is very few,weaknesses here as well i kind of kind,of crippled the video a little bit as,one sd card slot which maybe they could,have gone with two but this is a very,solid camera it is built extremely well,and im absolutely a fan of it it has a,pretty new sensor design one of the best,image quality of any aps-c its a little,smaller sensor design 32 megapixels so,tons of resolution video also looks,amazing autofocus is great and this,camera has a lot of flexibility so you,can use it like a dslr with a,traditional viewfinder or as a,mirrorless camera with a flip screen and,there isnt really a trade-off autofocus,performance is great in both it shoots,10 frames per second so very useful for,sports and wildlife and that aps-c crop,factor actually helps give you a little,bit more reach with your lenses that,said this is still a dslr in a,mirrorless world it might be a little,bit of a disadvantage not working with,any of canons newer rf lenses but the,good option is that right now you can,pick up a ton of these ef lenses for,really cheap and even get some used ones,so this is going to be a great setup now,like i said theres another option and,that is to go mirrorless with the canon,eos rp this is actually smaller i,havent picked it up in a while this is,an incredibly,tiny camera like really small,considering this is a full frame sensor,right here unfortunately this wasnt my,favorite cameras in the world think of,it more as like a canon t7 with a full,frame camera for people who have a,little bit more money to spare so as far,as your features it is more of an,entry-level camera its going to miss,out on some of the more advanced ones,but it is less than thirteen hundred,dollars with a lens its not the best,lens in the world so its going to cost,you a little bit more but it is still,pretty inexpensive for full-frame,cameras so what this does buy you is,better low-light results because its a,full-frame camera really good image,quality overall its actually a little,bit lower quality even though its full,frame than some of canons other cameras,like the r6 and some of their other,newer cameras but if youre really just,getting into photography as a hobby and,not really a profession then you just,want a casual camera with good image,quality the rp is gonna be really good,option for you otherwise definitely,check out the canon 90d now under two,thousand dollars this is a little bit of,a tricky one because canon doesnt have,the best offerings right now in this,price range you might wanna check out,some of the other brands that are out,there for this one its definitely going,to be the eos r though if you wanted to,stay canon especially if youre a,photographer if youre a videographer or,shoot kind of hybrid stuff you might,actually be better off with the 90d,or with the m62 and youll have a little,bit of extra cash lying around to get,some more lenses for that but the eos r,its a full-frame mirrorless camera it,wasnt perfect it was definitely a bit,limited with video its basically,canons first attempt at full-frame,mirrorless had one card slot so its not,my favorite for like weddings and events,and its a pretty expensive camera,overall though its still great to use,again its not gonna wow you in every,area but its a solid performer overall,as long as you dont expect too much,from it another option which is kind of,an interesting one is to find a used,canon 5d mark iv and again this is more,towards photographers only but im,actually selling mines hit me up if,youre interested in it but this is kind,of in that same price range used as,something like this and it is great,image quality actually better image,quality than the eos r and its going to,also work with live view it has pretty,good autofocus in that mode its a more,professional camera you can use this for,things like weddings plus if you already,have some ef lenses lying around or you,can bu

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Cannon Eos Rebel T7 Review | Still Worth It In 2022?

[Music],whats going on everybody its starcraft,heroes here welcome back to yet another,video where today were going to be,talking about the canon rebel,eos t7 a budget friendly dslr geared,towards beginners that came out,four years ago so the question is is it,still worth it in 2021,or should you buy something a bit more,recent but more expensive,lets find out with our liftoff,checklist where were going to be,talking about the build,performance and of course the price,all right so i described the build as,simplistic but essential because it,equips the filmmaker photographer with,everything he or she needs,to start their journey as a content,creator so one of those features is the,quick release button at the front of the,camera that allows you to exchange,lenses really quickly,thats super convenient especially if,youre gonna plan on picking up,another lens in addition to that on the,back youre getting a one and a quarter,inch,wide lcd screen now its not touch,screen and its not a flip out screen so,those are some disadvantages,but it does have an easy to use control,pad on,the back of the camera so that you can,change your iso f-stop and shutter speed,camera settings so another great feature,is a spin dial located at the top of the,camera which allows you to switch from,manual auto,and video mode relatively quickly while,also giving you access to a bunch of,other supplementary modes like porsche,mode so in terms of peripherals this,camera is equipped with a hard plastic,exterior,and it also has a variety of ports,including an audio jack so youre gonna,be able to connect this to,an external microphone if thats what,you want to do it also has a mini usb,port a mini hdmi port and of course,your slots for your battery and sd card,all of that is built right into the eos,rebel t7 so,again youre getting the essentials for,what you need to make,great content all in all has a lot of,great features in a dope looking chassis,as you can have that matte black finish,at the top,and of course the black grainy texture,and grip on the sides,all of which makes this eos rebel t7,deserving of a check for the build,[Music],the performance here is exceptional,considering its geared towards beginner,photographers and filmmakers,for just five hundred dollars youre,getting a 24 megapixel sensor and an,iso range of 100 to 6400,meaning youre gonna be able to take,high quality photos and videos even in,low light situations,one huge condo is what canon advertises,as a,fast autofocus its not very fast and,although autofocus does,change in terms of distance from lens to,lens,this eos rebel t7 body isnt the great,at its auto focus especially for video,youre definitely going to want to set,this to manual focus and there are tons,of youtube videos to help you out with,that however if youre not a,filmer and your photographer rest,assured that the cameras,autofocus for pictures are pretty good,relative,to their autofocus for videos here are,some pictures that ive taken with the,canon rebel t7 as you can see,this camera is capable of taking high,quality shots,in different situations im obviously,not a professional photographer,guys so if thats your aim you can,definitely take much better photos,with this camera if you want to see some,video footage that ive taken,with this camera well this entire video,has been filmed,from the eos rebel t7 and its in,built microphone so the microphone that,comes with,the canon body thats the one im,recording with right now,and as you can see its pretty good its,not that bad,it provides high quality footage without,breaking the bank at 500 bucks,so considering the high photo and video,quality that you can get even in low,light situations,and a pretty decent picture autofocus i,think we can disregard the video,autofocus,and give the performance a check as it,does its job and it does an,exceptionally,good job especially for beginner filmers,photographers and content creators,so the price for this camera is 500 and,that includes the 18 to 55 millimeter,lens so youre getting the lens,and the camera and the battery all in,that package,now if youre new to the camera market,you might be thinking 500,for an outdated camera is a bit too much,but when you compare this to the newest,addition to the t,series by canon the t8 that comes at 900,this is a steel as its 400 cheaper,and it pretty much has all the same,specs as the t8 the same 24 megapixel,sensor,the same 100 to 6400 iso range the same,autofocus,pretty much everything is the same,except for the price,of 400 more for the most recent edition,of the t-series so i definitely,recommend that you get the rebel t7,instead of the rebel t8 purely because,the price is so,big for such a small quality increase,in the t8 because this is a great budget,camera thats great for content creators,doesnt break the bank and provides,high quality photo and video im gonna,go ahead and give this a check for the,price,and yes we have left off a great tech,product,that anybody can buy whos trying to,upgrade their photo,and video game anyways thank you so much,for watching,if you enjoyed this video please,consider liking subscribing and,commenting down below,what you currently use to content create,or if youre not a content creator,whats your favorite piece of tech right,now if you want to see more videos just,like this one consider subscribing,you join an amazing community you,support the channel and youd honestly,make my day as always im stark white,heroes,remember to be hero and ill see you in,the next one deuces

Canon EOS 2000D Rebel T7 | Review of the CHEAPEST DSLR

the canon eos 2000d is an entry-level camera  but is it any good well it kinda sucks going on  ,guys Gary Jahman here back at it again with a new  video hope everybodys feeling safe and its fine  ,right now here in the netherlands its like  34 degrees celsius so i am sweating really  ,quite hard this right now filming in the evening  actually still but its very hot so you might see  ,me sweating during this video but anyways i want  to share my experience with this little guy the  ,canon eos 2000d because i think there are a lot of  photographers a lot of people actually out there  ,that want to upgrade from their smartphone  photography to a real camera so they might  ,come across the canon eos 2000d thinking that  this might be a great camera but is it actually  ,um it has its goods points and bad stuff so  so lets talk about the specs first the canon  ,eos 2000d has an aps-c camera 24.1 megapixels  nine af points or autofocus points and if you  ,want to do video it can do 1080p up to 30 frames  per second and also a little bit of slow motion  ,in 720p um 60 frames per second so not a whole  lot of like beautiful specs or things to that  ,really explodes your mind thats not mind-blowing  and stuff but then again this is an entry-level  ,camera so dont expect too much out of it uh what  do we have on the outside so now i got here the  ,body with the kit lens and it doesnt have really  that much on the outside at the top level we got  ,just the mode dial switch at the back we got the  little screen that is not touch screen its not  ,tilting anything or its just flat and actually  the resolution is not that high as much so talking  ,about quality wise from a smartphone which is a  lot better than what you see in this screen the  ,screen is not that great the optical fuel finder  its pretty much basic its just a looking glass  ,on this little left side compartment like a  little door we got the hdmi out its a mini hdmi  ,then a little old-school usb type of input and  then a little input for your timer or remote and  ,at the bottom we got the battery compartment and  the sd card slot actually the battery life of this  ,little guy is quite good and after like a  week or so of using it i still didnt need  ,to charge my battery because i took some photos  i didnt took it for the whole day but just in  ,several days all across the week using this camera  whenever i needed to and i didnt and the battery  ,life was really great so thats a good thing  of this camera the battery life and the grip  ,itself feels really really good the switches and  everything it feels very solid no like really  ,squishy or anything on the outside how it looks  its very plasticky its not like pro grade or  ,anything its not weather sealed whatsoever  um it has a little built-in flash that pops  ,up like so yeah if you want to blind people with  your flash then this is definitely the way to go  ,but if you dont want to use flash  you can just drop it down like this  ,i only recommend using this flash if you really  need to or if you are willing to have this kind  ,of different look so thats about it for  the specs and outside the body it feels  ,really good in the hand nice small compact camera  including the kit lens its very lightweight you  ,can carry it for all day without any issues the  price of this here in the netherlands it cost me  ,295 euros so thats a great deal even in the us  it will cost you around 200 bucks or so so thats  ,very affordable for a lot of people to go into a  real camera so the most important question that  ,you can have with this camera is can it produce  some nice images right this is the reason for for  ,why people want to step up from their smartphone  photography into a real camera the answer to that  ,is yes it can really produce some great quality  images what i did is some landscape portraits  ,cityscapes and just all around lifestyle stuff  even product photography and here are the results  ,lets start first with portraits here is a little  portrait of my wife and as you see it can really  ,produce some nice images this is just natural  light no flesh whatsoever looking very good right  ,um some landscape im not the landscape  photographer so to me its quite challenging  ,um as you see here a little bit of city landscape  the city of rotterdam in this case and as you see  ,it actually looks really good there was actually  quite late in the evening around nine oclock or  ,so so it was getting quite dark and quite like  moody i really like how the images are looking  ,um landscape as well im not a landscape  photographer but here are some example footage or  ,example pictures it looks quite good um but do we  got more some lifestyle pictures just daily stuff  ,uh with my family you know kids and wife  and stuff looks pretty pretty good and also  ,for product photography here are also some  examples it looks really good right i think  ,this can produce some great images so in terms  of image quality i think because of that sensor  ,it can produce some good images um the overall  dynamic range so lets say you want to correct  ,your exposure and lets say you underexpose your  image meaning things are a little bit too dark  ,you messed up your settings a little bit can  you then lift the exposure up a little bit yes  ,its possible its not as good as any pro level  graded stuff but still very good very capable of  ,solving your issues and now here is the  bad stuff and that is the performance with  ,that i mean the autofocus performance the  best way i can tell you is by sharing you  ,or showing you actually what it feels like with  auto focusing on a subject so here is a little  ,clip as you see right here i am looking into  the optical viewfinder and as you see it just  ,you cannot see what youre focusing on  it reminds me of using a film camera  ,almost like manual focusing so in terms of  using your optical fuel finder and checking  ,if your focus is correctly especially for  moving objects its very difficult so keep  ,that in mind if you are a beginner you will have  some quite a long or quite a steep learning curve  ,but i think if you are very used to this camera  then you can definitely use the optical viewfinder  ,to your best use is that the way to put it you  know if this is the only camera you have for many  ,years and you will be great with the optical field  finder but you can also put it in live view mode  ,meaning that you can use your screen  as your viewfinder and you can see  ,your exposure directly so with that in mind if you  are using that you can actually track a little bit  ,of your subject but it is not that good as like a  mirrorless camera here is the example footage what  ,i mean by that is that you see that it will follow  your subject it tracks it but it doesnt lock on  ,it so if you take a photo of that certain point  and then you move the subject away or that move  ,or that subject is moving and it needs to refocus  on that on that point so for moving objects this  ,is really a um a bad performer it doesnt perform  its just too slow so if you do a lot of moving  ,fast moving projects or fast moving objects this  is not your camera definitely not your camera  ,but if you are using this for still live objects  or for portraits for people that dont move too  ,much then this is actually quite an okay focusing  camera but still even though when you think you  ,are in focus youre not for sure if you are in  focus a lot of my pictures that you dont see  ,or that you are seeing right now are actually  slightly out of focus and thats actually quite  ,frustrating to seeing that your photos are not  in focus even when you thought its in focus  ,because youre looking to the optical  viewfinder youre thinking like all right  ,its good you can see it right its in focus but  then when you go back to your computer and youre  ,looking at the photos and youll be like im not  im im not in focus at all you totally missed it  ,and that

Nikon D3500 Vs Canon Rebel T7 – Which is the best DSLR Camera for Beginners?

in this video Im going to be comparing,two of the most popular cameras,available today the nikon d 3500 and the,canon t 7e RS 1500 d,I pull here from photo genius welcome to,my channel where I do photography,tutorials I share tips and tricks into,occasional gear reviews just like this,one so if youre new here please,consider subscribing now in this video,Im going to be comparing two of the,most popular entry-level DSLR cameras,one from Nikon and one from Canon now,theres never been a better time to get,into photography the range of cameras is,huge theres been massive advances in,technology and what you get now in terms,of value for money is quite outstanding,so choosing a camera can be quite,difficult so in this video head-to-head,the D 3500 the Canon t7 1500 D which is,the camera for you now I do want to,begin by saying that this video is not,sponsored in any way by anybody I,purchased both of these cameras myself,for use on my courses and workshops that,I run here in Brisbane but over the past,few months I had the opportunity to use,and test both of these cameras on a,range of different subjects as diverse,as sports to landscape macro and night,photography Ive also featured these,cameras in some of the videos Ive,played on this channel so its fair to,say that I know the cameras fairly well,now to avoid any confusion I just want,to spend a moment talking about the name,of this particular Canon camera that,were going to be featuring in this,video here in Australia where Im based,this Canon camera is the eos 1500 d but,if youre watching this video in the,united states this very same camera is,the Canon EOS Rebel T 7 now in Europe,its known as the EOS mm D and in Japan,its the kiss X 90 the very same camera,but different names depending on which,part of the world you purchase the,camera now clearly this could be quite,confusing,so for the sake of making its easier,for me from here onwards in this video,this is going to be referred to as the,canon t7 now the first of these two,cameras that i purchased was the Nick on,D 4500 that came as a kit with a,standard 18 to 55 millimeter lens and,then a few months later I picked up the,t7 again as a kit with the 18 to 55,millimeter,which is a great starter lens if youre,a beginner both of these cameras are,entry level cameras aimed at the,beginner and in terms of costs the price,of these cameras is almost exactly the,same whats also interesting its on,paper in terms of specifications these,cameras are very very similar again so,lets look at some of the things that,set them apart now one of the noticeable,differences between these two cameras is,the size the Nick on D 3500 is,noticeably smaller and more compact than,the Canon T 7 they did redesign this,camera compared to the previous model,its got a completely redesigned grip,its got a deeper grip so it does feel,really solid in the hand which is I,think a good thing however when using a,camera over a longer period I actually,prefer the slightly bigger Canon t7,which has got a more rounded grip it,just felt a bit more comfortable in the,hand now in terms of weight difference,its not huge but its worth for,mentioned the Nikon comes in at 365,grams compared to the Canon at 475 grams,and these are things you might want to,can you know take into consideration so,in terms of camera bags the Nikon is,gonna need a smaller bag its a more,compact body it might fit in a shoulder,bag or possibly even a handbag the Canon,t7 is a little bit bulkier its not a,massive difference but worth mentioning,if youre gonna go traveling for example,the Nikon could be the better travel,companion now lets take a look at the,back of the camera and the layout of the,buttons now theres a good test when,picking up a camera and that is the one,handed test which basically means when,you hold a camera with just the one hand,find out how many buttons you can,actually reach with your forefinger or,your thumb if you can reach most of the,main buttons then I think its a well,laid out camera and both of these,cameras in terms of layout are very,similar all the buttons have been moved,over to the right hand side of the LCD,which is a good thing with the Canon t7,I can turn the main control dial easily,on top of the camera its just behind,the shutter button and this allows me to,make changes to the camera settings like,the shutter speed for example the,exposure compensation Mart avión,back allows me to change not just,exposure compensation but also aperture,values theres an ISO button on the back,of the camera can reach that and theres,a cue button which allows me to change,some of the features of the camera,without having to go into the menu so,the Canon t7 I think is a really nicely,laid out camera the Nikon d5 hundred,replaced the Nikon d 3400 and as well as,changing the shape of the body we,already talked about the grip they also,changed the button layout on the D 3400,the buttons were on the left and the,right hand side of the LCD screen but,Im pleased to see that in the redesign,Nick on much like the Canon have decided,to move all the buttons over to the,right of the body so again when youre,doing the one-handed test you can reach,most of the buttons the main control,dial is easy to turn this can change the,shutter speed or depending on which mode,also the aperture and the exposure,compensation is a bit tricky to hold,down and turn the dial so Im not as,keen on that to be honest the eye button,on the back of the camera is the,equivalent of the cue button on the,Canon allowing you to change some of the,functions but one thing thats really,missing on the D 3500 is a dedicated ISO,button the D 3400 had it the D 4500,doesnt so if you want to change ISO you,actually have to press the I button,select ISO on the back of the camera and,change it that way which is a bit slow,in a bit sluggish I think thats a bit,of a shame both cameras feature a 3-inch,fixed LCD screen for reviewing images,changing camera settings and of course,using live view as an alternative to,looking through the viewfinder I,personally preferred the layout to the,Nick on display a particularly useful,feature is the animated aperture graphic,which is a really useful feature for,beginners taking a look at the top of,the camera youll find the camera mode,dial which allows you to select which,camera mode youre going to use both,cameras are fairly similar here they,offer full automatic of course because,theyre entry-level cameras alongside,the usual scene modes such as portrait,sports landscape macros covered here as,well and those can be very useful but,you dont have,creative control but of course both of,these cameras being DSLR cameras also,come with the creative modes so youve,got manual aperture priority shutter,priority and program mode if you want to,get a little bit more into the settings,and playing around and be more creative,in your cameras Nick on for beginners,also offers a really cool guide mode so,the guide mode on the Nikon allows us to,choose from a series of preset options,based on popular subjects photography at,night night portrait portraits moving,subjects and so on so if we want to take,some photos of flowers for example we,can select the close-up option press ok,menu and youre done,so now lets briefly turn our attention,to lenses now the great thing about,buying either an icon or a canon camera,is that they both been around for a long,time and therefore there are lots of,lens options to choose from should you,wish to add another lens to your kit,further down the track for now though,lets just concentrate on the lenses,that came with these cameras now both of,these cameras came with the 18 to 55,millimeter zoom lens which is a pretty,standard kit lens but actually is a,pretty good lens now the NIC conversion,also includes vibration reduction also,known as VR which is a really good,feature that helps to stabilize the,glass elements inside the lens when,youre hand holding the camera which is,really cool now Canon offer

Canon Rebel T7 Review and Photo Test + HD Video test

in todays video Ill be looking at the,Canon Rebel T 7 the Canon Rebel T 7 is,one of canons most inexpensive DSLRs,while its older sibling the Canon Rebel,T 6 is still on sale the t7 brings a,modest improvement in the number of,megapixels coming in at 24 megapixels,versus the t-6s older 18 megapixel,sensor obviously megapixels arent,everything so Ill let you know which of,these cameras Id recommend at the end,of the video Ill also compare it to,some similarly priced cameras like the,Nikon d 3500 and give you my,recommendations on which camera would,work best for you on the outside very,little has changed a few years ago I had,reviewed the Rebel t5 and the t7 has,really changed very little since as I,just mentioned it hides a 24 megapixel,aps-c size sensor behind its kit 18 to,55 millimeter non STM lens the body is,built like almost any other rebel DSLR,its sturdy and very comfortable to,handle however it isnt by any means as,compact as the Canon SL 2 or the Nikon d,3500 however it isnt unusually bulky or,heavy either the buttons on the camera,are also laid out like any other,rappelled camera with the shutter button,the mode dial the on/off button and the,adjuster dials on top the only notable,difference is the flash button which is,now on the top face theres also a,really useful hot shoe on the top face,and canons standard pop-up flash the,rear face also has very few surprises,and little seems to have changed on the,Canon t7 everything is exactly where,youd expect to find it the 3-inch non,touch LCD doesnt flip or articulate but,is decent enough to view pictures and,change menu settings the menus are also,standard Canon menus that are pretty,easy to navigate autofocus using the,screen though is a whole different story,more about that in a minute the battery,and SD card are in this compartment on,the bottom as is the case with a lot of,Cheaper DSLRs rather pleasantly Canon,provides a standalone battery charger to,charge the battery that way you can buy,replacements and swap the battery out,while youre depleted battery charges up,and as expected the t7 can also mount to,a tripod,if needed when I tested the Rebel t5 a,few years ago I found the autofocus in,Live View mode to be painfully slow and,sadly that hasnt changed much on the t7,the autofocus is unusually slow and,often inaccurate when you use the screen,to autofocus and this isnt really,unique to the Canon t7 several,entry-level DSLRs struggle with,autofocus in the live view mode as I,found at my review of the Nikon d 3500,and the only way to get around this is,to use the optical viewfinder which does,improve the autofocus quite a bit,however when you are able to lock focus,on your subject the pictures it takes,are extremely well exposed sharp and,have an overall pleasing aesthetic to,them very similar to most Canon Rebel,DSLRs all these images were taken with,the 18 to 55 millimeter kit lens with,the camera in the fully automatic mode,something a beginner is likely to use,the low-light shots are also decent but,the optical viewfinder isnt much use in,the dark and the autofocus doesnt make,it easy the Rebel t7 can also shoot Full,HD video at 24 and 30fps the video,quality is acceptable but again the,autofocus makes it hard to lock focus on,your subject quickly and accurately so,getting the right shot is a bit,challenging it does work reasonably well,for things like interviews where theres,quite a bit of contrast between the,subject and the background and there is,no microphone jack in case youre,wondering so youre stuck with the audio,from the built-in mic the camera does,come equipped with Wi-Fi which allows,you to connect the t7 to a phone or,tablet and transfer pictures which is,great if you need to quickly post,pictures on social media when youre out,of your house and usually the Canon,camera app is pretty glitchy on most,cameras that Ive tested however on the,t7 it worked flawlessly and even allowed,me to control the t7 remotely from my,phone so should you get the Canon Rebel,T 7 well that depends on a few things,for example if youre able to get it at,a substantial discount of its list price,and a fine just shooting photos using,its optical viewfinder the t7 can be a,decent starter DSLR however if youre,just starting out in photography and,really,want to invest much in the hobby the,cheaper rebel t6,is also a decent option another good,option for folks on a tight budget is,the nikon d 3500 which performs somewhat,similarly and sells for almost the same,price as the rebel t6 feel free to check,out my full review of that camera,however if you really want to get into,photography and need a camera that grows,with you I would recommend the slightly,more expensive canon SL to the SL twos,better autofocus system and articulating,screen make for a much better camera,that grows with your skill level and if,youre looking for a camera to primarily,shoot video I recommend the fantastic,Panasonic g7 Ill leave links to all,these cameras right below the video in,case youre looking to buy one hope this,video was useful if it was please hit,that like button and subscribe for more,reviews unboxings and how-to videos,thanks for watching and see you next,time

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