1. Canva Business Card Printing Review + A Few Updates!
  2. Canva Review (2022) — Pros and Cons & Key Features
  3. HOW TO PLAN YOUR INSTAGRAM FEED USING CANVA | Why I dont use planning or scheduling apps!
  4. How To Make Money With Canva in 2022 (For Beginners)
  5. The Business Model Canvas – 9 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Model – Startup Tips
  6. Canva Pro VS Canva Free – Whats the Difference? – Complete Overview
  7. Canva Review: Is Canva Worth The Cost? [HONEST REVIEW]

Canva Business Card Printing Review + A Few Updates!

hello everyone whats up welcome back to,my channel or welcome to my channel if,youre new today I thought I would do a,video about my experience with canvas,new ish printing services so yesterday,actually I just received my first order,from them for my business cards now I,normally order business cards through a,couple of different services Ive used,mu the one that I use most recently I,think its called u printing but I,needed some new business cards and I,thought hey I already designed them in,canvas,so let me go ahead and order them,through canva too so that I do a little,unboxing and share my experience with,the open and also if you are a,subscriber or you care what I have to,say at all um I will be sharing a couple,of quick announcements at the end of the,video too so just to give a little bit,of background canva now allows you to,print a bunch of different documents,using their printing services so what I,did is I designed my business card in,Canberra theres a ton of different,templates and like I said Ive already,been doing that anyway so that was,pretty easy and then youll just go,ahead and choose print and choose a few,different selections so what I chose,that they think this is an order of 150,business cards I chose the premium paper,theres three different types of paper,its like a standard a premium and then,kind of like a deluxe so I chose the,mid-range one and I chose two-sided,color and I think those were the only,selections I really had to make and I,ordered these last week around this time,I want to say so they came yesterday,which that impressed me first and,foremost is it was really really quick,shipping so this is what the box looks,like its super cute actually it says,enjoy and it actually came with a card,too in the top I actually dont know,what I did with it but I just said thank,you for choosing to order with us this,is a new service for them new ish like I,said so I think its great that theyre,adding that extra level of service to,the delivery and then you got this box,here thats what you get and its its,actually really cute I love that its,branded with the key envelope and it has,the little push things you push it out,and here is your cards here are your,cards which I could talk now so have one,of my old cards in hand too so I can,kind of compare and talk through these,this is a really a review of the design,say because like I said Ive been doing,that for a long time already,but I do really like the design I did,pay an extra dollar to use this marble,background so that was a little bit of,an upsell but its really worth it a,dollar is like nothing in the grand,scheme of things you know so anyway I,thought the design turned out really,nice I just went for this really neutral,kind of elegant look I wanted my,business cards to almost look like what,I wear like I feel like I would wear,these colors and these textures all the,time so feeling the card in my hand it,does feel very nice Im holding both of,my cards my old and my new one and they,feel pretty similar and I will say that,this older card was about the same price,they feel pretty pretty similar but I,will say the canva one is quite a bit,more bendy I guess like this is pretty,firm this one you can see I could crush,this pretty easily so it is a little bit,of a I think a thinner paper theyre,both pretty matte but you can see that,like this one has bent quite a bit,usually more easily by putting the same,amount of pressure so nothing crazy I,mean I dont know Im not expecting,people to you know do acrobats with my,business card in their pocket or,anything like that so its not a huge,deal but they do feel a little bit,lesser quality and I say a little in,bold um overall though they feel very,nice and the only other complaint I,guess I have about canvas business cards,is I really loved my rounded corners on,my old card and I was really hoping that,that was gonna be a selection when I was,ordering and its just not so if for,some reason they do happen to be,watching I really hope that you guys,offer that in the future nowadays with,business cards it is kind of hard to,stand out especially if you go into a,networking event and everyones giving,out their card its like its nice to,have kind of a differentiator I really,like the rounded corners and then I also,like like the square business cards in,different just different shapes and,stuff like that so if youre looking for,like a true luxury feel on your card,maybe try out their premium paper or go,its like a more traditional service but,for ordering just your everyday business,cards something that you need in a bulk,order I think this is pur,I will say that I probably wouldnt,personally go with the lower grade paper,because this is already a little old,flimsy for me so the lower one would,probably be I dont know I probably just,wouldnt do it it would probably be,comparable to the type of paper that you,get out like staples which Ive printed,business cards at Staples before because,theyll do them next day if youre ever,in a pinch but I dont love the quality,Im not going to lie so anyway thats,thats those I think they turned out,well but I also wanted to take a couple,minutes in this video to share a couple,of quick updates with you totally,unrelated to business cards number one I,wanted to let you know that my new not,new my coaching program for the first,time really ever I am opening it up to,new students so a lot of you asked me,for one-on-one help with your businesses,and before its just kind of been whats,the word I guess just kind of like on a,case by case basis like when people come,to me and need help Ill determine if,theres a fit and if we want to work,together but I finally opened it up into,like a true program with the true,process and all of that and Ive,actually shifted a lot of my client work,over so I can dedicate a lot more of my,time to coaching and Ill be honest I,thought coaching was a huge scam for a,long time until I hired my first coach,and my life has changed my business was,changed so Im excited to do that for,some of you Ive already had some really,amazing clients just get some amazing,results and I dont want to make this a,sales pitch thats not what this is I,just want to let you know as my viewers,that it is open now so you can go to a,journey acecomm slash coaching to read,more about the program theres also an,application form free to free to fill,out the opportunity a flick agent boring,but it just helps us determine effect,because I want to make sure that Im,right for you and youre right for me so,yeah I hope to see some of you over,there I probably will close that,application form in like a month or so,just because I dont want to be,overwhelmed so if you have any interest,please do get those over you know as,soon as you can,so thats announcement number one,announcement number two is that I know a,lot of you have been giving me some,great feedback on social notes my new,series where I talk about whats new in,the world of social media and Im so,excited about that I really love doing,theyre really fun but they are very,time consuming to like pull all the,articles and do all the screenshots and,all that and its also really important,to be timely obviously I want to do,those and post them pretty much in the,same day so I just want to give you a,heads up that those are gonna be on hold,for the next like maybe week or two just,because I have a lot going on kind of,behind the scenes but Im just trying to,get a couple of things done trying to on,board a few new clients trying to get my,coaching clients all set up so those,will be on hold but they are coming back,I just didnt want you to think that I,was not doing them anymore and then my,last announcement is that my podcast was,accepted to its first festival a what so,I went to school for film and I always,thought someday not always thought but I,dont know I kind of thought maybe,someday I would have the opportunity to,be in a film festival and I never,expected to

Canva Review (2022) — Pros and Cons & Key Features

Hi there, it’s Matt from Style Factory.,In this Canva review I’m going to walk you through the pros and cons of an increasingly,popular browser-based design tool.,Is it right for your business, or should you use a desktop app like Photoshop or Illustrator,instead?,Stay tuned to the end to find out.,Let’s start things off with a key question: what IS Canva?,Canva is a design tool that lets you create professional looking visual materials easily,,and without needing graphic design skills.,Canva can be used to design social media graphics, videos, presentations, slides, posters and,other visual assets — and a wide range of templates and royalty free images is provided,to help you do this easily.,Although you can install Canva on your own computer, there’s no need to do so, as it,works fine in a browser.,You do need to be online to use it, however.,But is Canva any good?,To answer that question, I’m going to take you through some of the key pros and cons,of the app.,But just before I do, a quick reminder to like this video, hit the subscribe button,,and click the notifications bell.,This supports our work and helps you access all our business tips and app reviews more,easily.,Right, let’s look at 5 key reasons why you might want to use Canva.,One – Canva is really easy to use.,Canva promises to make graphic design easy for non-designers, and it really delivers,on that promise.,Its interface is simple and intuitive, and anyone with the most basic of computer skills,shouldn’t face much of a learning curve from Canva at all.,Two — it’s great value for money.,For a very low monthly fee, Canva gives you access to hundreds of thousands of design,templates, royalty free graphics, photos and videos.,Not only this, it also lets multiple users access your account.,Additionally, Canva provides a generous free plan that comes with a significant amount,of functionality and a large number of templates and royalty free images.,Despite this plan being free, you can actually create some pretty stunning work with it.,You’ll find a link to the free plan in the video description.,Three — Canva makes it easy to stay on brand.,Thanks to its ‘brand kit’ feature, which lets you upload your own logo and define your,own color palettes, Canva makes it easy to ensure brand consistency across any materials,you design using the tool.,Four — Canva is really flexible.,Canva can be used to design a wide range of media types.,You can create static images, videos and even printed products like T-shirts and business,cards without ever leaving the Canva interface.,And, thanks to its ‘magic resize’ tool, Canva can take an asset you’ve already designed,and automatically reformat it for a variety of channels.,Five — Canva comes with a great mobile app.,You can use Canva on a mobile device, thanks to iOS and Android apps that are available,for the platform.,The mobile app is really easy to use, highly functional and is ideal for creating visual,assets for social media on the go.,So there is a lot to like about Canva.,But where could it perform better?,Let’s go through the 5 main disadvantages of using Canva.,One — the output formats are limited.,Unlike most desktop design tools, the output formats for Canva are pretty limited.,This can make it hard to start a design or video project in Canva and hand it over to,a professional designer or editor for enhancements.,Two — you can’t back up your projects.,There’s no obvious way to back up your projects in Canva.,So if you accidentally delete a design, or lose access to your Canva account, you may,be in trouble.,Now that said, you can retrieve deleted items from your Canva trash for 30 days, which is,helpful.,But it would be better if there was a proper backup system in place.,Three — there’s no phone support.,If you’re somebody who likes to get instantaneous support by talking to a human being via phone,or live chat, you may be a bit disappointed by Canva — only email support is provided.,That said, the product is very easy to use, and a wide range of online help materials,are available to help you if you get stuck.,Four — producing printed products with Canva is expensive.,It’s great that Canva gives you the option to produce printed items like t-shirts, hoodies,,business cards and tote bags.,However, doing so is pretty expensive, and you can usually only print up to 50 items,in one go.,It would be better if you could mass produce items more cheaply using the tool.,Five — Canva doesn’t work offline.,In order to use Canva, you need an internet connection.,So, if you find yourself without WiFi, you won’t be able to work on any designs.,So that’s it — 5 key pros and cons of Canva.,We’d sum Canva up by saying that it is a great value tool that can empower your team,to produce high quality visual materials really easily — even if they don’t have any formal,graphic design skills.,However, if you need to output your designs in very specific formats, or envisage needing,to work offline, then traditional tools like Photoshop may work better for you.,But overall, Canva gets a big thumbs up from the Style Factory team.,If you’d like to learn more about Canva, do check out our full Canva review, which,you’ll find on the Style Factory website.,There’s a link to this in the video description, along with a link to a free trial of Canva.,For more essential tips about running a business, do remember to subscribe to our video and,click the notifications bell – this will give you easy access to all our content.,And if you have any queries about Canva, just leave a comment below.,We’ll do our best to help.

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HOW TO PLAN YOUR INSTAGRAM FEED USING CANVA | Why I dont use planning or scheduling apps!

if you use a planning app like planoly,unum later or preview to plan your,instagram feed,you might be overlooking the simplicity,of using canva instead,whats up everyone its modern millie,welcome or welcome back to my channel,where i post videos every wednesday,teaching you the latest strategies and,trends on social media to help you,grow your brand still give a little love,tap on that subscribe button and stay up,to date on all the latest tips and,tricks that i have for you first i want,to say a huge thank you to this videos,shout outs i wouldnt be here if it,wasnt for all of you,so if you want a shout out in one of my,future videos screenshot yourself,watching this video and tag me on,instagram stories or leave a comment,below and subscribe to my channel,as always timestamps will be in the,comments down below because i value your,time and you already know why youre,here,so lets get into it so in this post on,my instagram i shared with you guys some,of my favorite apps that i use for,instagram and a lot of you guys,were shocked that i used canva to plan,out my instagram feed,so thats why i decided to make this,video so i could show you what i mean by,that first were going to jump into the,how with the screen recording and show,you how i plan everything through canva,and then were going to talk about the,why i choose canva over all the other,planning apps out there,all right so we are in canva now,i know he said im going to jump,straight into canva but i know a lot of,people love,planoly and later because of,their abilities to both plan,your feed on desktop and your phone no,hard feelings okay no hard feelings,there,i have used every planning app,that i i mean the popular the most,popular ones and ive ive tried unum,preview later planoly im not a fan,ill tell you why but first lets jump,into canva ill show you guys how i plan,everything,so this is my little social media posts,folders because you can organize your,posts and your content into different,folders,so i have a folder for my social media,posts templates,all of that stuff with my instagram feed,i find it easier,to plan everything on my laptop because,one i get so distracted on my phone,you know what i mean you know what i,mean i get so distracted,i will get sidetracked like that when i,use my phone and two,since my feed uses more graphics it just,makes more sense since im already on my,laptop im creating the graphics i might,as well stay,on my laptop and plan out my visual of,my feed so what i do is i created my own,little,template called my planning feed,template within canva,this is what the template looks like,this is my old feed this is like the,more recent stuff that im planning,and ill show you how i made this i just,typed in the instagram,story sizing because thats the,dimensions that i wanted i,used a blank template and then i went to,elements,frames and i choose the square frame,now you can scroll through and try to,find the square frame but be careful,because this is not a square it has like,a little,on the edge square can be hard to find i,know my shapes so,let me do this im going to bring this,down to,360 copy and paste it then im going to,copy that and paste it,copy that and paste it and well do one,more row boom so now i can plug and play,all of my different images into these,elements,so what i do is i upload my photos,here the great thing is with a lot of,other planning apps you cant plan out,your,reels very well with my experience,and they dont keep the reels in the,feed layout after youve posted it into,your feed,so thats why again i like using canva,because i can have a reels cover image,so this was a cover image that i used,for real and i can see,when i plug it into the feed what it,will look like how it will look cropped,so i can drag it into a box and thats,what itll look like on my feed with,that cover image,lets just say i want the pattern i like,to use the checkered pattern im sure,you guys know my feed is,a little checkered box so im just gonna,keep dragging pictures,plan it out like this yeah and its like,okay well i dont like these two blue,ones side by side,so let me put this one,here ill do i like the look of that,this one here there we go now were,getting somewhere this white one,im sure you guys are starting to see,what i do and then,since im able to plan so far in advance,with my graphics,its easier for me to be like okay this,is monday tuesday wednesday thursday,friday monday tuesday wednesday and,thursday friday im gonna choose my,this is three weeks of posts all i have,to do is plug this into my trello,board and see what it looks like in the,calendar view i use trello,to plan out my content calendar but,there is an option,on canva if you have a business account,to plan out your content calendar so,this is to show you how i got here if,you just are in the canva home,on the side they have a content planner,and they recently updated it so that you,can also plan out your instagram content,before it was like every social media,platform but instagram and now instagram,is finally integrated into that so this,is really great,but its only available for business,platforms or business accounts so if you,have a creator account,this wont work for you but if you have,a business account youre able to,schedule out your entire feed here,which is really cool just so you guys,know that exists i dont use it because,again its for business accounts and i,use trello you guys know i love jello i,already said that,im going to show you guys what my,content calendar kind of looks like on,trello,and how i then plan everything after,canva so this is my instagram planning,board i have the,layout set for monday through friday,because i only post on monday through,fridays i try to take the weekends off,and,i plug in the captions and the photos,here and i also like add the date to,each card so that way when i go to my,calendar power up it,looks like a content calendar i try to,do this just like week by week,because that seems to be manageable for,me when it comes to batch writing my,captions,but usually i have the images planned,out two weeks in advance,now at the beginning of this video i,said that im first were going to,show you the how and then were going to,talk about the why so before jumping,into that i,want to tell you guys about todays,sponsor which can actually help you,increase your instagram engagement and,its 1.80,dollar 80 is inspired by garyvees,growth strategy,this is a simple concept where you,basically leave your two cents,on nine posts for 10 different hashtags,while that might sound like a lot of,work,dollar 80 is a chrome extension that,makes this strategy a lot easier,than having to do that manually on your,phone what i love the most about dollar,80 is that its not like a bot,system or something its a software,thats literally designed,to make it easier and a more organized,way for you to comment on other users,posts,and increase your engagement and,following because if youve seen any of,my other instagram videos you know that,to increase engagement and to,increase your following the point of,having a social media app is to be,social so this,browser extension helps you do that in,just a more organized way,so ive noticed this strategy works the,best when taking the time to write,meaningful comments and truly engage,with each post instead of just like,breathing through and being like great,post nice dress you know,so if this is something that sounds,interesting to you and you,want to try it out then use the,affiliate link in the description to get,a free month when you use the code 2021,growth,and why i prefer to use canva i touched,on a little bit here and there,and one is just i get so sidetracked,with my phone i prefer to,plan out anything like business related,on my laptop because that keeps me,focused,also there are other we know theres,other planning apps we have preview,planoly,later and all of those apps which,theyre amazing i know planoly and later,have desktop

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How To Make Money With Canva in 2022 (For Beginners)

hey guys michael steele here and in this,video were talking about how to make,money on canva and how beginners are,earning a hundred,to three hundred dollars a day with no,experience more with that after than joe,hey guys michael steele here welcome to,the video before we actually remind you,that sub spots have opened up for this,weeks free workshop where its the,fastest and the easiest way to make,money online,we have a 62 year old woman go from zero,to 160 grand profit in 90 days so check,it out now,now canva is very interesting as you,guys can see right here because it is a,free,editing photo editing tool that can,allow you to actually make money,for example my sister had a very,interesting story with this my sister,you know was like 22 years old at the,time,and she ended up leaving college after,graduating she graduated i didnt,my mom was like super proud of her my,mom still kind of like disappointed that,im like a drop out from dental school,i digress my sister ended up leaving,college because she was done and she,went on a years sabbatical to go and,find herself while traveling,she visited me here in bali she went to,thailand she went to the philippines,and before she knew what she realized,that she did not want to go back home,anymore,and she needed to find a way to make,money online the problem was,is she had no background and experience,in making money online and she wanted to,find a way if she could,make money while traveling so that she,never had to go back home again,so what she ended up doing was she,realized okay well i know how to use,canva because i use it for some of like,my instagram posts,and my pinterest blogs that ive done in,the past i want to see if i could go,ahead and sell this as a service,right and essentially what you realize,is that theres literally businesses out,there,that need help with marketing that are,business owners that dont want to,actually spend the time to making their,own youtube thumbnails their pinterest,thumbnails um any type of video editing,thing,and she didnt have money for photoshop,she didnt have money for adobe,illustrator or whatever,the crazy you know online virtual things,are to like do editing photos,she literally just had canva and she,wanted to see if she could go ahead and,get clients,so for the first couple of weeks she,decided okay,what is the niche that i can focus on,that if i focus,all of my time and attention in them,then i can make the most amount of money,and while traveling she was like right,she got into this weird little,issue community in chiang mai thailand,where it was like a yoga health and,wellness space,and she found out that there was a huge,opportunity theyre like oh my god,all these people that are into health,and wellness,are all kind of like doing the designs,themselves and theyre not actually,focusing on their business,which means theyre not making more,money than they actually could so what,she ended up doing is she reached out to,them and she was like hey let me just do,all the designs for you your instagram,posts your youtube posts,your thumbnails and whatnot your,infographics and you just focus on your,business,ill do and support you for that and she,charges like 500,a month for each one of those services,she was able to clear 10,000 in a single month because she just,did this design work for clients,while traveling guys if you want to make,money with canva you really got to find,a way to focus on,b2b how can you serve other businesses,because thats exactly how youre going,to make the most money what you can do,is focus on creating accounts with,fiverr and upwork,these are what is known as freelance,sites where you could essentially go,and sell your services for free for,millions of entrepreneurs that are,needing help with their services,for example as you can see with fiverr,you can see if youre good at logo,design,or seo or illustration or translation or,book covers,or wordpress or video explainer or,social media,with social media local logo design,and illustration you can actually do all,the work,on canva for very very very cheap you,can see some of these people are,charging thirty five dollars fifteen,bucks,thirty dollars and this is just one way,that you can go ahead and do it another,one,way is youtube or is up work if i type,in graphic,designer you can see people making,upwards to seventy,dollars an hour with this guys but i,want to break down the niches that work,really really well for you so that you,could actually niche down and make money,that way,the first way of course is pinterest now,look at this its very simple to create,these pinnable things,like if you look at my pinterest that,gets 162 monthly,thousand views you see that all these,things are super super ugly,and super super repetitive yet a lot of,people are always clicking on my blog,from this,in a way where you know like im making,money with this right,now the secret with this is with,pinterest you just come in here,and what i want to do is find out okay,like if im working with a client i want,to find out what is already working for,a keyword that theyre ranking for,you see with this how to make money on,pinterest,so if i come in here the reason why i,chose that scheme,is when i type this in and i type in how,to,make money with pinterest i see that,this is the thing,these are the themes that are working,you know a pink reddish thing uh,another one red pink with like a picture,on here,so now that i know that thats why i,know that okay well if pinterest is,ranking this,on their search engine i might as well,do something very similar,so as you can see i literally scrolled,down and started modeling it,based off of those color schemes it,first started off like this but then im,like okay i can just duplicate this,and ill change this in any way that i,want,based on similar things that are already,ranking on here,but the beauty about this is if youre,dealing with other people that have,existing blogs you dont actually have,to do the writing you just have to do,the optimization of okay,like he wants to rank for this keyword,how to make money on pinterest,how can actually go and help them rank,for this right and you could even,just type this in if i just type in,pinterest,marketing you can see that people are,charging 65,from this and theyre doing it from,anywhere in the world we have this,person from italy doing this guys,scroll down you know 25,this ones 40 dollars an hour we can,even go check in,uh fiverr and type in pinterest look at,this pinterest marketing growth and,management 130 dollars guys,thats insane so thats one method that,you could go ahead and do,and remember youre dealing with,businesses so you need to find out,what article that theyre trying to make,money with and you got to find a way to,rank it,on pinterest because pinterest is,essentially a search engine,right so for example say i had a video,of say i had a video or a youtube video,or blog about how to make money with,youtube,ill do the exact same thing how to make,money on,youtube and all these things are what,people,are actually searching for right now let,me just type in tips right,say i created a blog article about this,i can see exactly what is actually going,viral and,you know ranking right now its,literally simple words up here,and then the word youtube right there so,if i wanted to go ahead and start anew,i could literally just come in here type,in pinterest pin and just like that i,could get started,just like that very easily if i wanted,to add my own photos,i could go ahead and do that if i wanted,to go ahead and have templates,you can see this i could start using,templates,and just like that i could just mix and,match any one of these,with any one of these new photos and,whatnot and just model,the design that theyve kind of already,done for me,i could change up the colors the designs,if i wanted more of a red color you,could start changing it to red,you start putting this in the background,and as you can see,as long as yo

The Business Model Canvas – 9 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Model – Startup Tips

so one of the interesting things about,thinking about a start-up is how is your,company going to be organized and what,we now know is the most efficient way to,think about all the pieces just all the,parts is by a business model and so the,next question is okay Steve you just,told me to think about a business model,but what is a business model what are,all the pieces well lets take a look,and a business model is how a company,creates value for itself while,delivering products or services for its,customers now if you think about it in,the old days we think about how to,organize a company around functional,organizations we think no no a company,is about its sales department or its,engineering department and you would,draw an org chart but now were going to,draw a very different diagram were,going to draw a diagram how to think,about all the pieces of a business and,so lets take a look at these nine boxes,the nine boxes to describe any company,from the worlds largest to a two-person,startup starting in your parents garage,lets take a look at the first piece,called the value proposition the value,proposition answers the question what,are you building and for who the value,proposition,says hey its not about your idea,product its about solving a problem or,a need for a customer that is what pain,are you solving what gain are youre,creating and more importantly who are,your customers now value proposition is,a fancy word for what product or service,are you building this is where you,normally would list all your features,and heres all the speeds and feeds and,benefits and whatever but were really,going to be asking a different question,than might have been used to its not,all about your technology your,technology is just part of the value,proposition customers really dont care,about your technology the customers are,trying to solve a problem or fulfill a,need by the way well be talking about,this through multiple lectures the,difference between a problem and a need,is a problem is I have an accounting,problem or I want to use a word,processor and and those types of,products solve a problems but there are,other things that human beings do like I,want to be entertained or I want to have,a date those are some basic hardwired,social needs or I want to communicate,with my friends like Facebook or Twitter,those are needs these are different than,problems and by the way if you could,find products that solve needs your,total available market as youll see,later is huge compared to I solve,specific problems,so the next thing is who are my,customers who are they and why would,they buy and as youll hear a number of,times your customers do not exist to buy,you exist for them and what youre going,to do by getting out of the building is,figuring out all their geographic social,characteristics demographics such that,you actually could draw and put up a,picture of on your wall of who the,archetype is or who the persona is of,your customer and it turns out that in,most startups you might have more than,one or two or three types of customer,archetypes and personas but you need to,understand them in detail and there is,no possible way you could have anything,but a hypothesis on day one of who they,are,the next is channels how does your,product over here get to your customers,over here and we use distribution,channels to do that now whats really,interesting is pre 1990s the only,channels to get to a customer was a,physical channel that is you went to a,store you had sales people there was,physical distribution but since the,mid-1990s in the last couple of decades,we now have virtual channels the web,mobile cloud and so distribution,channels the first question you want to,ask is how will I be selling and how do,I be distributing my products are they,through physical channels or they web,mobile or given today almost every,physical channel also has a web presence,what is the relationship of how your,product gets from your company to the,customers,customer relationships its kind of the,fourth piece and customer relationships,has a really interesting interaction,with these other three pieces,it basically says how do I get customers,how do I keep them and how do I grow,them and just like thinking about,distribution channels these are very,different for web mobile than they are,for physical channels but visually they,kind of look like this double-sided,funnel so lets just take a look at,quickly a web example in getting,customers youre gonna be worrying about,how do i acquire them that is how do I,get them even to my website how do I,activate them that is how do I make them,do something and then later on well see,after I got them how do I keep them,around that is how do I not lose them,through attrition and churn and then,what can I do once I have customers to,make them spend more money or use my,product even more and so one of the,things well be thinking about is how do,I get keep and grow customers and just,like every other step you might have,hypothesis on day one but youre only,going to figure this out when youre out,of the building,the next thing is revenue streams how do,you actually make money from your,product or service being sold to,customer segments you know revenue,streams basically ask the question what,value is the customer paying for and,then actually has you think about whats,the strategy of how Im gonna capture,that value is it Im gonna just have a,direct sale and its a complete a,transaction based on price is it a,freemium model where Im going to give,away the product for free and hope that,some portion convert later,is it a license or subscription model,that revenue model is different than the,pricing tactics that is what is the,dollar or pound amount or euro amount,that Im gonna be charging again the,only way to figure this out is being,able to interact with tens or hundreds,or thousands of customers so you finally,understand what the right revenue stream,and revenue model is,next piece you want to think about is,one of the key resources what do you,need to make the business model work,what assets are important and whats an,example of an asset and in a key,resource well finance do you need,capital do you need a line of credit,some assets are and resources are,physical do you need physical plan to,like the manufacturing line do you need,specialized machines do you need vans,and for delivery do you need cars is,there something else you need,if there are intellectual property you,need is there patents you need to,acquire or protect do you need to,acquire customer lists or is it just,that you need to get great people great,software programmers in a specific area,or great hardware designers or great,manufacturing people and then finally,again at the interaction between,intellectual and human capital is thats,another key resource what specifically,do you need to do to keep these people,and who are they,the next pieces who are your key,partners and suppliers and partnerships,are kind of interesting is we need to,ask ourselves before whats the deal is,what exactly are we acquiring from,partners and also what activities are,they going to perform and when and this,is where startups sometimes make a,mistake of thinking well large companies,do partnerships I guess I need those two,on day one it turns out the types of,partnerships you need in year one are,certainly not the ones youre going to,need in your three or five or ten and,the types of partnerships could be,strategic alliances joint ventures just,regular suppliers and buyers and so you,need to be thinking through who they are,and actually getting out of the building,and testing them,next our key activities whats the most,important things you need to do for the,business to make the business model work,are you in the production business,you know are you making something or are,you in the problem-solving business like,youre doing consulting or engineering,or are you managing supply chains what,what are the key activities yo

Canva Pro VS Canva Free – Whats the Difference? – Complete Overview

Canva Pro or Canva Free, what to choose between the two and what is best for us,,you will understand all these things by the end of this video. Because in this video, we are going to talk,about whether you should go towards Canva Free or towards Canva Pro.,We are going to understand the difference between these two. So lets start this video.,Hello everyone! I am Harmeet. Welcome you are all in the WsCube Tech channel.,Today we will analyze Canva Pro with Canva Free.,I have used Canva Free for quite some time but when I entered this field as a professional,,when the requirement started getting high, I switched to Canva Pro. Let us analyze both of them that,what will be best for us out of these two? I have opened the Canva. The price on Canva is,,one is a free version, the next is Pro, and now they have launched Canva Enterprise. This is for a group of people.,This is the version used when a lot of people who are in our Enterprise. So we will talk about this too.,Right now, we will compare Free and Pro. Lets see extensive differentiation of Canva Free & Canva Pro. As it is written here, For individuals to create & download designs for any occasion. Its not that you cant create something for free.,As it is written here, it is for individuals. For individuals & small teams who want advanced tools & premium content.,For those who want to create premium content or professional content, there is Canva Pro. How?,We will get more features in Canva Pro. For example, Canva Pro has 250K free templates. But its double in Canva pro.,We see many such templates which we like very much, but they are not available for us. If I talk,about free photos, then 200K photos are available for free. But if I talk about Canva Pro, then 71M, i.e., a lot of millions,free photos are available inside it. It is more than 100 times as compared to Canva Free. This is an outstanding feature.,In Canva Free, you will get 57K free graphic elements. But if I talk about Canva Pro; you will get 4.5M free visual elements.,What happens here is that even in Canva free, we can download any graphic from outside and add it to our templates.,But if you have Canva Pro, you do not need to go to any other website. Normally, we take a picture with free stock, remove its background,,then upload it in Canva, and then we can use it is in templates. But if you have Canva Pro, 0:03:10.570,0:03:15.700 then you will not face any limitations at all. All your work will be done here.,In Canva Free, you will get 13K free videos. But if I talk about Canva Pro; you will get 2.5M free videos.,In Canva Free, you will get 1700 free fonts. But in Canva Pro, you will get 3000 free fonts. 0:03:28.600,0:03:36.460 In Canva Free, you will get only 75 free audio tracks. If you want to create short content, for that, you are going to get 25K,audio tracks in Canva Pro. In Canva Free, you will get only six animation effects.,But in Canva Pro, you will get 14 animation effects.,Free folders in which we can do categories, they are only two in Canva Free. But in Canva Pro,, you will get unlimited free folders. Cloud storage is essential.,You are getting 5Gb in Canva Free, but you are getting 100Gb of cloud storage in Canva Pro.,Brand kit one is written here, but as much as I have seen that we can use little or no brand kit. But in Canva Pro,,we can customize the brand kit according to our needs. According to our needs, we can customize our logo, color palettes, etc.,You will not get the social media calendar option in Canva Free, it is only in Canva Pro.,This is a difference. Lets see on the Canva. This is a basic differentiation. If I talk about the price, price of Pro,,if you take it monthly, you will get 499 rupees per month. If you bill it yearly, you will get it in 4000 Rs. 0:04:50.720,0:05:00.060, It is 499 rupees for a month. If you are working professionally, then it is not a small amount.,If I talk about Enterprise, if you have a team of 25 people means if you want to take for an organization,then it is perfect because it will have all the features of Pro, Apart from that, the part with team control is excellent., The workflow will be great; it means you can share with the team. Storage is unlimited; this is the best part.,Apart from this, an essential feature that you will find in it is SSO. SSO means Single-sign on.,It will open from one ID. It is also very suitable from the security point of view.,Apart from that, you will get 24*7 enterprise-level support.,Canva itself will assist you if you face any problem. This is your plan. We have compared them.,When you go to Canva, any design you are going to create, then in the templates that will be there,,then you will see some free templates like this. In the Pro,,the crown will be made. This is for Pro.,You will have to take its paid version. Only then will it be available for you. This is a comparison of, Canva Free, Canva Pro & Enterprise version. You can choose your plan according to your requirement & work.,We will start the course from Canva Free,after that, well move on to the Pro version so you can get complete knowledge about both the versions.,Thats all in this video. See you next video. Dont forget to like, share & subscribe WsCubeTech channel. Thank you so much.

Canva Review: Is Canva Worth The Cost? [HONEST REVIEW]

in this canva review im going to show,you everything you need to know about,this design tool if you have any,questions please comment them below and,ill also leave a discounted link so you,can always get your moneys worth for,canva canva is a powerful design tool,that can be used in education to create,projects that not only look great but,can also help teach students the basics,of digital design once you log into,camber as we can see we can select what,were using it for so that could be a,large company non-profit or charity,small business,student teacher or personal,and then this will recommend designs and,templates depending on what we select so,im just going to go for small business,and as we can see weve got loads of,different templates here you also have,the option to search for specific,content but first lets just have a look,at the different templates so this is,our recommended for you weve got play,with canva whiteboard presentation,video,instagram post square,poster,etc weve got whiteboard so weve got,normal whiteboard brainstorm whiteboard,flowchart and more we have presentations,social media videos print products,marketing and more so im gonna first go,on instagram post square click on there,and this brings us over to the design,editor now in this section here we have,templates,again you can search for a specific,instagram post template,or we do have some filters at the top,where you could search for the color,or the language theres also some tags,at the top if you wanted to click them,like labor day quote september sale,and theyre just some different tags so,im going to go for this one,to start with now if you didnt want to,use a template you can just go straight,past this and drag in your own picture,and design but im just going to use,this just for the sake of this so first,we can edit the text we can edit the,text at the top obviously thats got a,site there we could put our site in,there and our own motto in there for the,text for example we can choose the font,we can choose the size,the color we can put it bold or italic,set the alignment,set it as a list if we wanted to,spacing,effects,so we could add that like neon or glitch,and then weve also got the option to,animate the text as well so we could go,for that one,you can obviously do this for all the,pieces of text or just any element as we,can see even that line there we can,animate that change the position we can,also copy the style,change the transparency link it,or lock it,under templates we have elements,here is where we can drag in various,different types of elements weve got,lines and shapes if we wanted another,one of those lines,we could drag one in and place that,wherever we wanted to theres also,various different graphics like rips got,stickers,photos videos charts tables frames,grids,all different kinds of collections,as well so we could click onto this,collection and then we could drag in,some 3d blocky shapes so theres loads,of different customization options there,below elements we also have uploads here,you can upload files or you could also,record yourself,so you can upload images videos and,audio,so say if for the background i wanted to,use my own background instead of this,one but still keep it similar to the,template if we upload a picture,we could just drag that,as we can see,that will change the background you can,also do this for videos,and you can also stick audio on there as,well below uploads we have text here,again you can search for specific type,of text depends on what youre looking,for or we have a whole variety of,different texts here so youve got,things from like menus to glitchy sort,of text and if you drag that in,same as before you can just edit that,now if you wanted to undo something,we do have the undo button at the top,there,same with redo also at the top we have,file where we can create new design,show rulers and guides show margins show,print bleed find and replace text save,save to folder view all comments,version history,make a copy,download and open in desktop app its,also automatically saving as we can see,there all changes are saved you have the,option of title in the post insights and,also how long it will play as weve got,that animation on the text this is going,to work as a video so we can see its,animated for five seconds you can edit,the time in there and you could make it,go slower,or faster we also have the more section,where you can access even more content,to create amazing designs weve got,other apps in there such as bitmoji,draw which is in beta where you can,create simple sketches on top of your,work we have giphy,emojis,google maps,you can import media from all of these,social medias here so theres loads of,different options there you can also set,the size that you want to edit this in,you can zoom in,or zoom out,and you can also add a page at the,bottom there as well once youre happy,if you go on share now theres only one,person in my team if i wanted to add,someone else into my team i could add on,them there and add their email address,and then this could be shared with them,we can also copy the link put it,straight to instagram,download it share on social print your,design or more which has loads of,different sharing options if we go back,onto home as we can see this was just,the instagram post template there is,loads of different templates to go,through if we go on to templates we can,see we can filter this by whatever we,could do this for labor day food,birthday business etc we also have the,suggested for us,and and inspired by your last design and,theres loads of different templates to,choose from so if you wanted to use a,video say a mobile video then we could,create a blank mobile video,or select from one of these templates,so if i wanted to go for the stop noise,pollution,we could go and customize this template,and this will take us over to the editor,now obviously the editor is similar to,before but this is working for a video,as you can see here weve got the,timeline,we can always add a page if we wanted to,add some text at the end,we can add in those similar elements as,before upload our own media we could do,images or videos or audio and add our,text we can also adjust the timeline at,the bottom so we can make sections,longer or shorter under templates we,also have projects any projects weve,worked on will show here so as you can,see weve got our video that we were,just working on then and then our,instagram test post as well and thats,just about everything,so what did i think of canva well i do,actually have some experience with canva,and i still occasionally use it to this,day canva really does make digital,design super easy and its also a,brilliant way to learn and get better at,it theres such a huge array of,templates that you can create a design,for whatever youre looking for i would,definitely recommend canva thanks very,much and ill see you next time

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