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CarParts.com CEO: We’re looking to ‘pass on savings’ amid inflation

welcome back sticking with the recent,earnings reports that have hit the tape,lace lately and were focusing now on,the auto world where shares of,carpartz.com on the move this morning up,over three percent thats after the,company posted record quarterly sales of,176.2 million dollars thats up 12,on the year for more on this were,joined by ceo of the company david,mignon appreciate you stopping by this,morning david uh you know one read on,this because you live kind of in the,auto repair maintenance uh part of this,industry is that people are maybe having,bought cars during the pandemic taking,the time now to service them as maybe,they get back on the road what do you,see as the demand for your business and,kind of the car repair industry in 2022,thanks for having me brian you know what,i think is is happening right now is,that the consumer is under a lot of,pressure so if youre looking at,interest rates gas prices you know,inflation across the board for first,necessities there is a need for the,customer to find savings wherever they,can uh you know at carparks.com we sell,mostly replacement parts collision,replacement mechanical its factory,direct its the same quality as you can,find in the brick and mortar uh but its,lower price so i think were well,positioned to capture some of that,demand and help the consumer get back on,the road uh in an affordable way yeah,david lets build on that point because,you know you talk about consumers trying,to save money at the same time for those,who are looking to go out and get a new,car may not necessarily be able to get,their hands on one there is a supply,issue theres also a cost issue with,rates going up as well how big of a,tailwind has it been on your end,yeah were actually seeing it and whats,whats been happening is that the cars,are staying on the road longer um you,know theres 300 million vehicles on the,road today the average age of a car on,the road believe it or not is 12.2 years,so the average american drives an older,car usually the third or fourth owner uh,so theres an opportunity for us to,capture some of that demand because you,want to keep that car running longer,because a new car is just too expensive,or interest rates on a consumer loan are,just too high and you just cant afford,it uh david im thinking about the,inflation side of this story because i,imagine that youre feeling both sides,right theres a higher demand as you,outline four car parts given where we,are in this cycle but then secondly you,might also be experiencing the supply,chain issues with you know covert,related things maybe ukraine related,things choking up the availability of,those parts are you still raising prices,now or are you starting to see some,pushback from consumers if you do try to,do that,yeah i mean you guys cover this all the,time there is inflationary pressure,across the board theres freight theres,transportation theres labor theres,cost of goods you know ultimately for us,what we see is an opportunity to just,you know double down on efficiencies and,figure out ways to get the best product,at the cheapest price so that we can,pass on those savings to the customer,again like ive said it ive said it the,customer is getting squeezed so we have,an opportunity to figure out a way to,provide more value to the customer at,more reasonable prices what does that,pipeline look like for you going into,year end i mean you know id imagine now,youre not experiencing the kind of,supply disruptions that you did early on,in the pandemic but certainly a lot of,concerns going into the second half,already in the second half of the year,towards the end of the year,when you talk about try to improve,efficiencies i mean what are the biggest,concerns you have,i mean were feeling good about the,second half of the year uh we came out,yesterday and said that you know,investors can expect double-digit,year-over-year growth you know some of,it is due to the environment but a lot,of it is due to the investments that,weve made over the last three years you,know what weve done is weve really,loaded up on inventory for the last two,years uh weve made it a point to carry,as much inventory as possible so that,when there is a demand increase we have,it you know again our business is very,technical in that its fit specific,parts and we sell parts that fit a,specific vehicle and in our in our,business either you have it or you dont,so you know we made it a point to carry,as much inventory as we could,so uh i guess if we could talk about,another kind of trend here electric,vehicles right rising gas prices have,incentivized a lot of people to get into,ev vehicles thats going to be a bigger,part of the market going forward,whats the parts industry like for ev,cars i mean obviously they all have,wheels im sure the things that can be,crossed over but i imagine there are,also kind of proprietary parts that are,going to be unique to ev,evs themselves that you need to source,as well what do you see in terms of the,growing need on that side,yeah listen for us evs and hybrids are a,huge opportunity in terms of expanding,that assortment um i think there is a,misconception that you know there are,unique parts but 90,of the parts that we sell are agnostic,to the powertrain so if you look at,everything outside of the car anything,in the wheelbase all of that carries,over so i think for us you know our,supply chain our data and catalog our,technology and our customer experience,really carries over uh what we need to,do as a company is really invest we need,to invest in growing that assortment we,need to invest in building a destination,for ev drivers to find their part so for,me its a trend but its also a huge,opportunity

Installing My SECOND Bumper From carparts.com

weve got something big so the first,time I got this bumper it came in a big,wide box that fit the whole bumper this,one is completely folded,[Music],I dont think bumpers should look like,this this is literally the weirdest,thing Ive ever seen,Ive never my other bumper didnt look,like this,when it came in what is going on guys I,hope you guys are having a wonderful day,my hair is a little bit different from,the last time you guys saw me a little,bit a little bit purple now but this is,weird because I was excited to put my,new bumper on today and it looks how I,just showed it in the beginning so quick,back story I got a new rear bumper,because the rear bumper originally on,here was cracked instead of having to,fix I said Frick it Im gonna get a new,bumper so I did then I got it and,theres a big crack in it which Ill,show you guys here in a second so I said,Im gonna reach out to car parts calm,and say you know theres a crack in it,heres some pictures the box was a,little damaged my god is there anybody,get a new one so all that happened all,that last about three weeks until I,finally got them to say okay well send,you a new bumper and theyve sendin me,this bumper thats completely folded in,half and I dont know why its folded in,half and Marshall were supposed to come,fold in half Im not sure the other one,supposed to be full enough and didnt,but this one feels like a different,material now and I dont know if its,gonna even fit anymore so Im gonna try,to throw it on,but so far carpets look car parts calm,you guys are failing me terribly because,I dont know what the hell this is,[Music],[Music],you can clearly see here by the first,bumper this sent me these boxes nothing,werent the same now people are gonna be,like why would you get a whole new,bumper why would I get new bumpers its,a tiny crack and and heres the issue,with that you buy a car part and expect,it to be perfect and pristine and when,you buy a car part and theres a crack,in it you know the first thing that I,have is Im gonna get a replace because,Im what the car looks good thats half,the reason I bought new bumpers for it,was so it looks good,they sent me stuff that was broken does,flawed so I said hey can you guys send,me new one took a while took a lot of,people to go through but I finally got,one sent to me in a box its too small,so they folded it in half I dont know,if anyone else has ever had this before,Ive never had a bumper get sent to me,in half Ive never had car parts debts,that have been half this is exactly what,thorough flex is and its not good,quality and its not good at all so now,Im here and this sucks because Im just,trying to make this a good car with a,bumper has folded in half so I cant I,dont think I can put this on today,because I went to my friends and they,said that you should wait and leave it,in the Sun I could heat gun it probably,I could squeeze on the car but I think,Im gonna just let it off until tomorrow,so Im gonna have it baking in the Sun,until it unfolds completely by itself so,Im not forcing it so it doesnt break,again I dont know whats going on with,this folded bumper stuff Im not sure,thats a usual thing that companies do,is send folded bumpers so right now car,parts calm is like everything I hate,right now the front bumper fits really,bad the rear bumper this M is broken,the second rear bumper they sent me was,folded in half I dont think Ill ever,borrow from this company again because,they dont have good quality parts and,they dont fit right and my fenders fit,pretty much perfectly except for a,little adjusting,Im not a body shop so Ive never done,fenders Ive never dusted them but I,could probably get them near perfect,fitment and thats from Ricardo and,theyre perfect but then were over here,getting car park home offenders and,theyre just not good they dont fit,they come folded in half for some reason,its so far I dont know if Im being,like overdramatic about it but Im not,happy right now well after doing some my,research it looks like a lot of,companies do send bumpers fold it in,half dont know why dont really like,the idea of it and I dont know why they,didnt send the first bumper me fold in,half and why they sent me this one fold,now but you gotta let it bake out in the,Sun and enforce the suns going down now,so I could you guys tomorrow at some,point so its now been a entire day out,in the Sun its been out here marinating,the bumper has been marinating in the,Sun for which seems well its been all,day because its now like 5:30 and I put,it out this last night now it got some,shape to it still looks a little bit,wonky but Im gonna try to fit it on,hopefully it fits right and hopefully,its not as bad fitting as the other one,was is the other one was very flare II,and I was trying to use a heat gun these,hard time to try to fix it so hopefully,this one fits better now and hopefully,we can give car parts calm a little more,credit because yesterday when I got a,folded bumper,the boy was angry well see how it looks,this time so Im gonna show you guys a,bumper real class and then well try to,put it on its still a little bit wonky,around here like in this general area,but other than that it looks fine so,were gonna try to put it on,I havent adjusted it at all but this is,the same thing Im having with the front,bumper from the same company it was kind,of fighting to get put on holes arent,lining up how theyre supposed to,were flaring out on the sides over here,again Im not very happy with this now,back to the original issues I was having,with the old bumper two holes dont want,to line up like theyre supposed to ever,the bottom ones on the bottom of the,bumper line up perfectly the side clips,theyve fit relatively decently but I,cannot get these rear clips and Ill,show you what I mean theyre just not,lined up Im gonna try to show you how,Im doing this the best I can but on my,tripod on me right now,come again this to work but pretty much,Im doing is if you see the hole seek,the pry bar a little bit back there,bend it makes the hole perfect so you,can squeeze your little jiggly bits,right in there now the bumper is all on,and Im starting to show you guys,installation but its very easy to do,just a couple clips and a couple screws,and Im gonna say fitment on the second,round bumper the one that came folded in,the box the one that Im pretty sure is,a different material than the original,one fits a smidge better than the other,one car parks icon gave me so that being,said am I happy with this one Im more,happy than I was because at first I was,extremely upset and depressed about it,and I really was gonna write a mean mean,letter to them but after installing it,Im gonna do a little short edit thing,for you guys to show you guys the,fitment its not perfect,I wasnt expecting perfect I was,expecting better than the old other,bumper but it is but better than the,other bumper I cant talk right now Im,tired but its a little bit better and,Im happy about that because it doesnt,look as janky as before yes some things,are still bit off yeah we have slight,gap issues that I kind of think I know,wait I can actually fix the gapping,issues but well get to that maybe in,another video but Ill show you guys,what it looks like,[Music],now with that little edit done it,concluded you can see we have some small,issues going on with it and I think the,gapping on the sides if I actually were,to theres Aspergers in there and I,think ever to sand it down a little bit,I got you shove it up in there and then,tighten the screw more to make it so the,gap is less and I think that is what I,might end up doing not right now my hair,is a mess right now well but that would,cover the gap another issue is the,exhaust isnt centered like its I mean,that close being centered and the,exhaust on the original bumper came with,the car was centered and it again with,the aftermarket bumpers for some reasons,not so much if I should adjust it but I,am planning to get an entire new catback,for the car soon as

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2004 Honda Accord sedan carparts.com headlight housing unboxing

hey guys,were fixing the,honda accord 2004.,i wanted uh,to spend some good money on bulbs,so housings i bought from carparts.com,again 2004 honda accord um sedan,so i wanted to see what sort of quality,they they are,i wanted to get it all up here because i,know a lot of people are hesitant from,buying from carparks.com myself included,and,i thought maybe if we got some people uh,you know just uploading,their experience with it we could uh,you know buy the good throw away the bad,okay so first off this does seem to be,two boxes taped together not one box,like i originally thought,that was right and i dont know why i,get these every time from carparts.com,is a wine voucher,you know,if anyone wants to steal this theres,your code first come first serve naked,wines.com,none of my personal information on there,enjoy claim it within 30 days,so lets start opening up again this i,got this with the bumper cover i think,it was definitely under 300 it was like,280 for the set,ill do the bumper cover next,ive never been upset with their,packaging so far i have ordered some,small stuff from them,never been upset with their packaging,but i guess that depends on,whoever they ship through so im not,really worried about this thing being,cracked up or anything,this is beefy stuff try to work oh,yo it came with headlights,im over here trying to cheap out on the,houses,headlights,headlights included,oh my,now i know you might be seeing these,scratches here,those arent scratches its actually,covered with saran wrap,it comes with these mounts okay,im im so far thats a big plus for me,and actually these are,these were uncoded like originally from,honda,and they actually put in i think like,zinc coated bolts,um honestly,all the plastic,like some of these tabs are a little,more flexible it does have a little,water drain port i think im not sure,um wow though,i dont really see you know for the,first impression with them coming with,headlights in and lets see this was,this 12 volt 55 watt not a 9006 and a,9005 dot headlights,you know thats just what youre getting,from autozone or wherever youre picking,them up nothing fancy im probably gonna,put leds in next,but wow man,thats not bad for for these were 50,bucks each,and you know,what is it now 12 bucks a headlight or,something for these probably a whole lot,cheaper now i i havent checked or,whatever but,you know lets say eight still thats,like,with the blinker were getting,everything here and its got all the,mount points and everything i dont,really have to port anything over,okay thats pretty thats pretty nice,for the first box for 50 bucks i mean,you know you could be spending,you know,a little more than that you know,definitely for oem honda or some good,aftermarkets,and these are no name eagle eye taiwan,coming free with headlights,box number two,see if,they got quality control,oh look at that that ones gotta have,like two so i dont think these are like,used theyre sending no these are,definitely new,yeah very,its like custom molded packaging pop,this thing out of,it looks all the same same saran wrap on,the front,i gotta say,im gonna see how they hook up but so,far,you know thats a fun surprise im,satisfied

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CarParts.com ➡ Find Car Parts Cheaper Than At A Store

hey guys its king haywood lets walk,through,lets review this websites content,carparks.com,and if you are right now maybe your,mechanic,body shop you do,maybe body shop and mechanic youre both,of those or youre just looking to buy,parts online thatll be cheaper,than going to your regular auto zone or,rallies etc then just review and walk,through cardboards.com we have interest,to you,now guys i did a little bit of research,on this i actually uh,did a little 2000 on a 2008 dodge magnum,and,looking for some catalytic converters,and not just the part you have to weld,in but the you know complete the,the driving pasture,so,i found a pretty good price so i just,pulled it up right now i got it already,pulled up so,all right its evan fisher 2008 dodge an,item catalytic converter driver and,passenger side,and you cannot ship to california,colorado new york or i think thats main,if im not mistaken,and the pricing here for both of these,the,the driver and passengers out of 436,dollars i think thats a great price to,me,if you can find something cheaper leave,a comment,all right but the brock said parts brand,new and,436 dollars,now remember you can search up at the,top right here guys,carparks.com you see that pinned in the,comments or description box to the video,click it open up this website and simply,search the car now i search 2008 dodge,magnum,catalytic converter and they pull this,up and theyll do the same for your,vehicle so if youre looking for,maybe headlights or whatever youre,looking for brakes for whatever vehicle,just type it in there and theyll pull,up the,selection of products they have the,parts,all right and ill get it by wednesday,for order today,all right and you can also read reviews,on the product too if you,skeptical all right so lets jump back,to carparks.com so when you go to,carports.com youll pull this page up,here,and youll see at the top auto body,parts mirrors hit license lighting,engine and drive train brake suspension,and steering interior,and you can i recommend just creating an,account because more than likely guys,you can come back and find the part,youre going to need for cheaper here,thatll come to you doing it itll be,new,all right so you can click sign in or,create an account,find the right parts faster,now this is how i found carparks.com,guys i i just simply googled what i was,looking for by 2008 dodge magnum,catalytic converter,and it carparks.com listing popped up,okay,so,thats thats great on their part they,automatically,now they have a customer because im,definitely gonna shop and buy,you know,but um just let you guys know remember,to do if whatever car parts youre,looking for just search it here by part,part number vehicle,whatever you do okay you have a price,match guarantee,90 day returns and lifetime replacement,so if the lifetime replacement mean if,something goes wrong with the part,lifetime replacement 90 day return,if theres an issue,and 90 days,uh said lifetime replacement check that,out make sure that theyre talking about,there,but price match guarantee lets say you,find a car parked cheaper on,this website or even at a store,theyre saying they can match the price,yeah so hold them to that,right,hey it says the summer cool down 70 up,to 70 off msrp,from ac compressors to radiator kits,youve got all the cooling essentials,you need all right,and folks,hopefully you have a working air,conditioner in your vehicle because its,very its hot right now its 92 degrees,outside where i am its june 12th,so and i live in the south so we know it,gets hot here in the south you may be up,north with a little cooler but overall,once you get to by july and august,youre just going to be hot everywhere,all right the further north you go like,go up to canada,it may you know you may stay,still cool little cooling 70 high 80.,but when youre riding around your car,you do not want to be hot,so make sure take advantage of this,whatever,the whatever the 70 off msrp ac,compressors ac condensers cooling fan,assemblies radiators,30 off everything,see for each frame you refer to,carparks.com so if youre interested in,referring someone click there they give,you a link,all right now here are some of the,categories here auto body parts and,mirrors so if youre looking for,anything,cosmetic,maybe something needs to be fixed the,bumper your grills things like that then,you can order from here too headlights,and lighting,engine and drive train,brake suspension and,steering,interior accessories exterior wheels so,looks like you can find just about,anything on this website,tools and garage so if you need the,tools they also sell tools here repair,manuals,garage accessories jack slips and stands,so this is a,what i would say a mechanics paradise,auto body shop mechanic shop,guys you can bookmark this site and let,it be your,order site for your customers,or just have your customers be a,mechanic just an idea just tell them to,go to car parks carparks.com order,this part,and,they can pay for their own part they,just pay for the labor to put it on,that way instead of you ordering it,and then charging them for which you,know say i know some of yall guys out,there gonna,add to the price you order it cheap and,then want to put a hundred dollars on,the part price which i dont think,thats right,but it may be business to you it may be,right through your eyes but not to me,all right say shop popular parts,now the best way to find parts on here,and this is from my own,personal experience is simply just to,search the part by the vehicle that you,have,okay and itll pull it up,all right says guaranteed fit,take the guesswork out of shopping for,auto parts but carparks.com we make,purchasing our car parts products online,easier by providing,accurate detail fitment information,which makes for straightforward and,hassle-free shopping experience,fast shipping,uh,lets see yes i think there are two,business days,so if i was to order today they could,have delivered by the 15th,for those catalytic converters,90 day returns at carparks.com were,confident that youll be able to find,the right part or accessory for your car,truck or suv but if for some reason,youre not completely satisfied with,your order we accept returns within 90,days of purchase,all right so you have 90 days,and,not satisfied more than likely people,have said im satisfied as long as the,part goes on it works no problem,but the only time ill be irritated is,if a part part arrived looks new and,its defective so that ill be irritated,then and definitely be calling for a,return and refund more than likely to,refl ill return it to you before refund,now guys more than likely if you return,the part youre gonna have to ship the,part back to them,so just give you a warning,so email deals so if youre interested,in receiving emails from carparks.com,for exclusive promotions maybe discounts,then you want to enter your email here,and click sign up,now you can shop by your make of the car,acura audi,dodge forward just click it here,and it says what the customers are,saying 10 out of 10 overall rating,it was easy to find the part price and,checkout without having to search,everywhere as mark,and 5 out of 5 rating there parts i got,were just right perfect fit and very,cheap i pay more for the delivery than,my fender liner thank you of course i,will get my stuff with you guys,definitely,all right,now popular brand shopping,these are some of the popular most,popular brand being shipped out,purchased and shipped out,but you can see all brands by clicking,this button here and the garage here are,some articles you can read,and recently viewed products,all right,see the recently viewed products and see,right there thats my original view,of course im recording this video,a walk through and review of their,website and their content,so i will be thats me there,and here are other people,[Music],all right guys and at the bottom here,now you can contact now i recommend this,if you really dont like ordering online,guys then you ju

The BEST and CHEAPEST places to find auto parts ESPECIALLY when rebuilding a salvage car

hey guys and welcome back I am Sam crack,and when youre buying a car for rebuild,the deciding factor and whether its a,good deal or not is whether or not the,parts that you end up buying to rebuild,the car are good deal themselves so,behind me is my 2015 psst when I first,saw it online it looked like this you,can see the whole front end is pretty,much gone there were a lot of big body,parts that needed to be replaced and,really I learned with this car and the,money pajetta the easiest places to find,these parts the cheapest places to buy,them and the difference in quality,between third-party parts in OEM parts,this is the only guide youll need Im,going to give you a list of places you,can buy all your parts from and when,youre all done youll have saved a ton,of money over just walking into say a,dealership or the auto parts store and,buying them all over the counter lets,get started now the newer the car the,more difficult the part is going to be,to get doesnt mean that the part is,actually difficult it just means that,theres less newer cars out there,damaged and that theres not a lot of,used or wrecked cars for them to pull,parts from but lets talk about the,dealership really quick this is a 2015,Fiesta ST and I bought it last year in,2016,these fiestas came out in 2014 so that,left about a year for damage Fiesta ST s,to be on the market this left for a,short period of time to go and find,another salvage VSS T in a junkyard,somewhere and try and buy parts off of,it so I went online and started,researching parts and when I found out,is that I would have to purchase a lot,of them from the dealership since,theres not a lot of third party parts,available for this specific esti model,generic fiestas theres a lot of third,party parts available and the reason for,that is because the Chinese,manufacturers and the third party,manufacturers they look at the most,popular vehicles on the road and then,they make generic parts for that because,those are the cars that obviously get,damaged more so when it comes to the,dealership they have every part,generally at MSRP for a customer like,you or I just walking in but the people,that get discounts are body shops and,businesses and other dealerships so,heres a big tip call the local,dealership it might,it was a Ford dealership for this car,and tell them Im planning on buying a,lot of parts from you and even more in,the future because Im rebuilding a car,and I dont just need one part I need,several is there any way we can work out,a wholesale style discount the first,Ford dealership I called locally offer,me a wholesale discount close to what,other small businesses would receive so,by just making one phone call and,networking with the dealership Ive,ordered from them several other times,they actually order from dealerships all,across the state and so if theres a,dealership that wont give me a discount,they can call and it could be for,another make like my Volkswagen or Audi,theyll call them and get me a wholesale,price on it and then sell it to me at,the Ford dealership its pretty neat to,know and its especially a place to get,large parts online youll see things,like hoods and bumpers but they cost a,lot to ship because theyre large items,and when it comes to body parts besides,them being large OAM body parts are,really the best qualities Ive had other,sorts of generic and third-party body,parts they dont always either fit up,correctly or have the same quality of,the OEM part so when it comes to parts,that are tough to ship and also a little,less common because the car might be,newer definitely try and call your local,dealership and see if you can work out a,wholesale discount with them the second,one is one of my favorites and if you,havent heard of it already youre going,to want to check it out its called car,dash parts calm Ill put a link to it in,the description box below basically this,is an online inventory of all the parts,and junkyards in the entire United,States so you pick your make and your,model and then you pick exactly the part,you need whether its a body part or a,mechanical part and it will search the,entire country their system knows if,this BST uses the same part as a generic,Fiesta say that a junkyard has a generic,Fiesta but it still has the part you,need on it youll know exactly where,that part is and where you need it the,other thing that it does is defines,local junkyards to you and it lists all,the prices of all the junkyards and all,their phone numbers so basically you can,have an idea of what that part will cost,now mind you these are obviously,use parts off of totaled cars if you,need a hood and the Carlos it and the,front end chances are youre not going,to get a hood however what you can do is,once youve taken an inventory of,everything you need for your project,call them up and buy as many parts from,them as you can and then take their,asking price for all those parts which,are again usually listed on this website,and ask the record yard for a discount,theyre more than likely to give you a,cheaper price if you buy more parts from,them all these places are really wheeler,and dealer style they all negotiate on,almost everything so definitely try and,buy as many parts as you can on my Audi,s3 I had a lot of suspension parts that,were broken and the nice thing about an,s3 is it shares a similar platform as,the a3 so everything but the shock,struts and springs are basically the,same suspension wide off of an,all-wheel-drive a3 I found a yard that,had a collision damage outie a3 and I,bought every single part from them I,probably paid about six or seven hundred,dollars for all my suspension components,from one place if I bought them from the,dealership it would have cost likely,four or five times that amount so,definitely check out car dash parts comm,for parts that are local to you and also,parts at junkyards and record yards that,you can likely get for a very good price,the third suggestion requires a little,bit more work and thats how to pick,your part yard a large public company by,the name of lkq owns a lot of these,junkyards that youll find on car -,parts comm but they have other centers,where you can actually go and pick the,part off your car now the best part,about the pick your part yards the parts,are probably the most inexpensive of any,option weve discussed and thats,obviously because you have to go and,remove it versus a junkyard that would,go and remove the parts for you and then,sell them to you these places can just,be a lot of fun to roam around for a few,minutes anyway they usually charge you,an entrance fee which is nominal a,couple dollars and you bring your own,toolbox and start picking now Ill list,the link to the website below for LQK,pick your parts yards basically you can,go on their website select your closest,location and see what cars are in their,inventory now they dont tell you,anything past that so say that you,needed a hood for a fiesta,well if they have a fiesta there theres,still a chance that somebody might have,went and pick that hood before but like,I said youre going to pay a lot less,and obviously youre getting oh em,because theyre off of a smashed car in,their yard so definitely check out LQK,pick your parts yards if you want to,have a little bit of fun dont mind,getting your hands dirty but youre,going to save a lot of money buying,apart from them the next suggestion is,one that you might not have thought,about but you probably know about and,thats an automotive form so for the,psst its kind of an enthusiast car the,Audi s3 definitely an enthusiast car,there are forms dedicated to Audis and,Fords but specifically s-line cars and,Fiesta ST s so what does that do theres,a lot of people to modify these cars so,since I still was trying to keep a tight,budget on this car I went online to the,psst salon as a matter of fact I bought,the majority of OEM parts from a really,nice guy that happened to really mod his,car he swapped out almost anything you,can think

Carparts.com CEO: Expanding inventory and distribution has been key to our success

shares of,carpartz.com coming under a little bit,of pressure here today despite record,third quarter results sales at the,online auto parts retailer jumped 21,year over year as the company turns this,supply chain crunch into an opportunity,joining us now is lev picker ceo of,carpartz.com love welcome back to the,show good to see you again and,congratulations on a strong uh a third,quarter i want to dig into this supply,chain because unlike a lot of other uh,auto parts retailers carparts.com,actually controls its own inventory tell,us how that has helped you navigate,through the supply chain disruptions,yeah its great talking to you again um,so by owning our own supply chain we can,basically go,from the factory direct to the consumer,um and were not relying on anybody you,know we always like to say that,inventories are oxygen and im really,proud of the work that the team has done,to help us build up inventory in the,third quarter,we reported the largest inventory weve,ever seen in our company history,and we have a fantastic team that,basically,controlled our destiny and allowed us to,build up inventory to 132 million in a,very difficult environment,continue to keep growing your inventory,were going to continue uh growing our,inventory uh you know one of our pillars,of our strategy is getting closer and,closer to the consumer and we believe,that we win by uh being able to deliver,parts to customers in one day so you,know were going to continue opening,more and more distribution centers right,now were expanding our texas facility,uh it used to be 210 000 square feet and,were adding another 156 000 square feet,there uh were also opening a,jacksonville facility that should be,operational uh in q2 um and then were,going to continue getting closer and,closer to the consumer uh making sure,that we get the parts to them uh in one,day,so the company your company is not,immune to higher shipping costs i mean,companies across all industries are,having to deal with that right now,how have you been able to manage those,higher shipping costs to get the product,when you need it and have you had to or,do you plan to pass any of that along to,the customer,so our industry is unique in that you,know there is pricing power,um you know additionally inflation right,now you know is hitting all companies uh,pretty much equally uh so some of that,gets passed on to the consumer but our,model is unique in that we go from the,factory directly to the consumer and so,we pass on a lot of those savings,straight to the customer so if you think,about buying parts on carparks.com,versus going to your local store or your,local mechanic you are saving 50 to 70,percent and so those those savings,continue to stay with the customer even,if we pass on some of the cost increases,uh that were experiencing ourselves,the demand for these used car parts is,so strong do you see that continuing,into uh the next year as well,absolutely uh you know we have,the oldest fleet uh weve ever had you,know the average age of the vehicle on,the road is 12 years,uh theres 286 million vehicles on the,road,um and the fleet is aging even more,because you know there is a chip,shortage uh its very difficult to buy a,new car so used car prices are going up,as well and consumers are hanging on to,their vehicles longer which means more,maintenance more repairs uh so it builds,very well for our industry uh going,forward,lev i know that you cant be uber,focused as the ceo on the stock price,but i am curious about how investors are,reacting today because the stock is down,now about seven percent do you think,theyre getting tripped up when they,look at the net loss of 4.7 million,compared to net income of nearly one and,a half million the same time last year,why do you think investors just arent,so pleased today,yeah it could be the net loss you know,again you know as weve said uh on the,call yesterday but the majority of the,net losses driven by non-cash,items and so were really focused on,building a long-term business now this,this industry is huge its 300 billion,dollars,and you know were,a tiny company that still has a ton of,room to run,and were making a lot of investments,into the business to try and disrupt,this industry you think about how auto,parts have been bought for the last 50,or 60 years you know they theyre being,bought the same way today,were one of the few industries left uh,that has single-digit online penetration,and so it requires a lot of investment,to try and and disrupt this so were,going to continue investing for the,future uh were going to continue,getting closer and closer to the,consumer and focusing on solving their,problem um you know and the stock price,will do what it does but eventually,itll catch up,well as you know theres a big climate,summit thats happening in glasgow in,scotland right now and a big push in the,u.s right to move towards cleaner cars,how does that impact your business you,know long term,yeah i think long term you know we we,did launch an evhub,uh its,carparks.com,we have about 700 000 different,applications uh that you can shop for in,there um you know were making,investments today but it is going to,take a long time,for the evs to penetrate the car park,you know again 286 million vehicles on,the road they are getting older so its,going to take some time,for evs to penetrate the car part but um,the majority of the parts that we sell,are agnostic to the drivetrain so if you,think about an electric vehicle it still,has bumper covers and hoods and mirrors,and headlights and tail lights and,control arms and you know almost all the,parts are pretty much the same sure its,missing a lot of the engine components,but,outside of that all the parts that we,sell are are really on nav as well,lev when you talk about wanting to get,closer to the consumer and it will be,very important for you to have,distribution centers across the country,whats the cost of that going to mean to,carpartz.com and how is that playing,into your your outlook uh when you look,at you know margins going forward,yeah so from a cost perspective you know,we can open a distribution center and,finance most of the equipment,and then our inventory turns four times,faster than the industry so usually we,can stock a dc and turn the inventory,before,the bill is due so from a cost,perspective there isnt really that much,cost that gets baked into,the margin and so our margin is really,not affected uh by the cost of operating,in dc its really below the line its,the labor,and all the things that go into that but,thats a variable component of of,operating agency,all right lev peeker ceo of carparts.com,always a pleasure well see you next,time

2006 Lincoln Town Car 4.6 Egr Valve CarParts.com Unboxing Review $82.99 Cheapest I Found

just want to add something in here real,quick its part carparts.com,carparts.com was the best,affordable price for this egr valve i,said car id in this video,and i made a mistake i apologize guys,what is going on,so i had a code pop up in the computer,on the 2006 lincoln town car you guys,know my pride and joy,love that car it was for the egr so i,pulled the egr off of,the vehicle and i checked,the ports inside no clogging no nothing,going on,didnt look like anything was really,building up inside the port thats going,into,uh the ejar itself and then from the egr,into the intake manifold everything,looked pretty clean overall i mean i,really really baby that car and it gets,that car gets the best of everything um,so i went to the parts department and,even with an employee discount i say hey,give me a price on an egr and they say,its 212 dollars and i said are you,freaking kidding me,theres no way im paying 212 dollars at,employee price for an egr,so i walked away yes this is not,happening called the parts or up 158,dollars 152,164 and so this is this is unreal im,im not paying these prices for an egr,valve,and i thought you know maybe you have to,stop being cheap,until i started looking at some reviews,and i started looking around and i found,this,i think its called carid.com and,im going to put a screenshot up here of,what i paid 82.99 for the egr valve,and i have to say it came in three days,standard mail because i ordered it on a,friday,next day wasnt available and uh,the two-day shipping wasnt really,available it showed the same time it was,all going to show up at the same time,because it was right before the weekend,it came in it came in this big giant box,here and there was a smaller box inside,the part number on it is rf5092001,it came with the egr itself,really nice i mean,very very very very nice really good,quality it looks,actually one of the first things i,always check whenever i buy a part that,is,threaded to make sure the quality of the,threads are real good,clean and make sure the seat in the back,let me flip this around,really good quality part nice and clean,on the inside,and what it is is this a theres a,sensor on the top of this,that measures the different its called,the dpfe sensor so you have your egr,valve,you have your control floor that opens,and closes it but theres a sensor on,the top of it that senses the difference,of flow on two separate ports all,so the sensor in the top of this valve,is typically what goes bad,and the one on my car i pulled off and,i checked everything i had to put it,back on because there was no way that i,was going to go about paying the prices,that they wanted me to pay for that,thing,so i ended up getting this for 82.99 and,i think it was like,10 12 bucks for shipping or something,like that and it was here,i ordered it friday evening it was here,uh,today tuesday afternoon tuesday 10,oclock in the morning it was already,delivered to the house,and the nice thing about this is it,actually came with the new gaskets and,the mounting bolts,which look to be pretty high quality,and the sensor overall sensor actuator,assembly,it looks to be pretty nice so,i am going to flash that order receipt,of mine,so you can see what it cost me and get,an idea and i will be installing this,tomorrow and then giving you guys some,feedback on the quality of this part,to actually see you know for myself,whether or not,it was worth buying a cheaper part that,seemed to have really really good,reviews,so this is a egr valve,for um pretty sure its like a,2000 or it could be like 2001 or 2002,up a lincoln town car with a 4.6 liter,and not a common thing to go bad,but not uncommon either its kind of,like uh so so,but this looks to be a really good high,quality part,and this will get installed tomorrow so,you guys will get a second video on this,tomorrow,i just couldnt believe the prices man,theres no way theres no way in hell,im gonna pay,that much money for something this old,and i know people are gonna give me hell,for it and i expected,but if i have to go cheap especially,right now during the times that were in,and it works im okay with that im okay,with that i just want to get through,2020 and all the the nonsense thats,going on in the world and just,get through to next year and kind of,reset and start over,but anyway here is the actual,screenshot of my order receipt and ill,see you guys tomorrow after i install it,and give you some feedback,you

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