1. Cash App Hack – Free Money Glitch – Scam Exposed
  2. CashApp22.com $750 To Your CashApp Is This REAL?
  4. Cash App Hack – Free Money Glitch – Scam Exposed
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Cash App Hack – Free Money Glitch – Scam Exposed

this is a fun one here unlimited free,cash,look at that that money just goes on,forever,have you seen this cash at money hack,where these guys are saying you can make,three four or five hundred dollars a day,even some saying you can make unlimited,money a day all by downloading the,updated version of catch app is this,real lets check it out so let me show,you what im talking about here these,guys are saying all you have to do is,download the latest version of cash app,and when you click on the button youre,going to get,five hundred dollars a day this guys,account just keeps on going check that,out,look at that who doesnt want that a,hundred dollars for doing nothing at all,so this guys being pretty conservative,hes saying you can only make 300 a day,right so hes trying to stay in the,wheelhouse of truth because if its only,300 you might be thinking to yourself,wow that kind of sounds true because how,could it be unlimited money but 300 yeah,that sounds true that sounds real every,time he clicks it he clicks on add cash,it gives them a hundred dollars this is,a fun one here unlimited free cash,look at that that money just goes on,forever this sounds pretty simple right,and if you need money you really want,this to be real you really want this to,work but the fact is its not real let,me show you exactly how it does work so,check this out this guy right here hes,saying you can make 500 here so hes,tapping on the screen but whats,happening is this is not a real app hes,trying to tap on it and tap on it,nothings happening because its just a,screen its just like a picture right,its not an actual app hes tapping hes,tapping hes tapping nothings happening,there so theres a few different ways,the scam works the first is what theyre,doing is creating their own app that,sounds pretty difficult right but you,can go on a website like fiverr and put,create,app,and they can get an app made for as,little as ten dollars see they dont,actually need the app to work they just,need it to look real they need it to,look like cash app from there they have,a website created same thing ten dollars,gets you in the door next they get,affiliated with the cpa network what a,cpa network is is a lead generation,network so with their website theyre,gonna tell you go to this website to,download the app but before you can,download the app youre gonna have to,enter your email address that email,address is how theyre actually going to,make their money theyre selling your,information so once you download the app,and do these clicks it might look like,it works it might look like you have,money in your account but it doesnt do,nothing its a dummy account its not,going to work its not going to go,anywhere its not real money so the,second way the scam works is they dont,have to build an app or a website they,just get affiliated with a certain cpa,network and that cpa network will have,all the steps lined up already all,theyre going to be doing is providing,the links so this is actually where a,huge amount of money is made because,whats happening is not only are they,selling your email address theyre also,making money off of monetization with,the video this video right here has 46,000 views look at this one nine months,ago 184 000 views two months ago,259 000 views also when you install that,sketchy app youre installing adware,into your phone or pc adword can steal,your browsing history personal,information and passwords and credit,card info and that information gets sold,over and over through various channels,so talk about passive income,starting injection i think they need to,change that because injection kind of,means like a virus or something theyre,putting into your phone which thats,exactly what theyre doing,another way they make money is they say,in order for this to work you actually,need to download a certain number of,apps so when you download those apps,theyre also making money off of you,downloading those apps through the,affiliates every time you download an,app through their links they make more,money and it doesnt sound like a lot,right but some of these guys that have,250 000 views how much money is that,they got half of them to try this out,thats 125 000 people trying this out,lets say they only made 30 cents per,sign up thats 37,500 for making one video not to mention,the money theyre making off of adsense,off of monetizing the video and on top,of that theyre selling your information,over and over again so thats just money,coming in on top of money im sure,theres other ways that scam works to,where you actually have to send money,from your cash app to somebody elses,cash app account but im just not aware,of those what im thinking is you,receive that fake money lets say 500,and then they say in order for this to,keep working you have to send us a,hundred dollars from your actual cash,app account so you send that money you,send that real money the next day your,fake cash app account is closed and,youre done oh no look at this one right,here youre giving them all your,information check this out lets slow,this down a little bit,youre giving them your name your dob,youre giving them your phone number,how much you make per year your marital,status your tax filing status how about,that your tax filing status what app,ask you for your tax filing status your,ssn,please tell me you didnt enter your ssn,here theyre asking for your ssn right,here in the words of dengcook hi im a,red flag nice to meet you so please,dont play yourself dont try this its,not real even if it was real where would,that money be coming from that money you,have to be stealing it from somebody,else right if it was real but its not,theres no way money is being generated,out of thin air i know we want to,believe thats easy money right but no,dont try this at home but check this,out if you want a real way to make a,hundred dollars click the link in my,description to sign up for chime when,you sign up with chime and deposit your,first 200 into your new account youll,receive a hundred dollars for doing,nothing else but setting up a new,account thank you for watching dont,forget to check out all my other money,making videos check you on the next one,[Music],you

CashApp22.com $750 To Your CashApp Is This REAL?

whats up everybody its your boy two,phones back again with another,informative video uh this video is about,this uh website called cashapp22.com,i just want to know if anybody any of,you out there have signed up to this,website and have you been able to,receive,free money to your cash app account,um now the reason why im bringing this,website up is because ive been hearing,about it on um,ive been hearing about it on the radio,and instead of being promoted over the,radio so i just want to know if its a,real legit,website so were going to go ahead,and type in,cash app,22,dot com,and see what happens,lets see what happens,now okay now if this is the real,legitimate website then everyone else,should have seen this as well,uh technically this is the front page of,the cash app 22.com but when you look at,it at the top,it says,www.survey,surveys and,pro promo online dot com,so,its the whole thing,like just trying to get you to,is this a whole legitimate website or,its its cash app 22 just a way to get,people to click on it and then sign up,to something that,they have nothing up,so yall let me know yall thoughts in,the comments section below,lets just scroll through the front page,okay it says how fast can i get my,rewards,uh they saying anywhere between five to,seven business days,once you complete required number of,deals you could uh you must complete the,reward claims process,that requires a id so they exit for id,also ask them for your sms information,um theyre giving you a rundown how much,money you can actually earn per level,and deals,okay,so level one cant get nothing level two,you can get with two two uh required,deals claimed,you could get up to five dollars,they saying for the fifth left for the,fifth rewards for fire rewards claim,and completely up to level three get up,to 100 bucks,okay and then the last one is all the,way down 2 000 but the key was 750 to,your cash app,that was the key that thats what they,kept promoting on the um on the radio,alongside the cash app22.com situation,750 on your cash app,uh when you go to this this website,called cashapp22.com,all right um,i dont know how legit it seems i mean,i mean they give you information they,let you know already located,um,program requirements about a program,member support,they got reward status they got,frequently asked questions,medicare,disclosure,and then it asks you to tap to know,about the program they break down,how to use the program what you got to,do to get into the program,i mean its free to sign up,okay they got this fine print guys got,to read this stuff right,yeah got to get started now button,where does it take you okay actually it,is do you use cash app,how do you plan to use your 750 dollars,how many times do you shop it,okay they ask you i dont question so,yall let me know your thoughts in the,comment section below is this cash out,22,uh dot com website a legitimate website,like i said when you click on it well,when you hit enter in google search it,takes you right to this website called,surveys and promo online dot com,but its its covered up as cash,app22.com,i dont know man yall tell me anybody,use this already and have you had any,luck,have you received a lot of money in your,cash up yet,um,let me know your thoughts

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foreign,hey YouTube this is millionaires first I,would like to apologize to all of my,fans Im totally sorry I have not,uploaded a video in four weeks guys but,Im back in better than ever what is,cold outside lets get so anyway guys so,Im here to talk about the 750 cash app,card I know tons of people got that,email and probably was like scam fake,guess what its real I got the 750,two times yes two times so I ran it up,fifteen hundred dollars so Im gonna,tell you how to do it so about four,weeks ago my play sister sent me a text,message and was like hey sis do this,survey and youre gonna get 750 and I,was like no no fake you know I dont do,that she was like sis its totally real,my boyfriend did it he got the 750 and,he totally paid his rent so I was like,let me give this a try so I start doing,the surveys like the first 50 questions,are just totally random questions like,whats your birthday whats your email,address how much money do you make do,you like Halloween just weird random,questions so thats the first step the,second step is youre gonna sign up for,like 10 subscriptions sent bird uh,Dollar Movie Club dollar book club Hulu,Disney plus combo I mean all of these,subscriptions once you make it past the,Second Step then its the third step the,third step is sign up for 10 more,subscriptions Im talking about,um yeah like I said the movie club,um to save Insurance download this app,download this poker app download this,poker app I mean just I mean I just kept,signing up signing up signing up signing,up signing up I signed up for 20,different subscriptions I dont know why,I just put up seven 20 different,subscriptions and after I did that you,keep going back to the main screen,refreshing its going to be like a,little map the map is going to be like,check you made it to this far check you,made it this far check you made it to,that for it so once you make it to the,end of the map bam,its gonna be like guess what youre 750,uh cash App gift card is now being,processed,youre going to get an email the email,is going to contain like a form like,your entry winners form,then you got to go get it notarized once,you get it notarized you have to take a,picture of that notarized form,take a picture of your drivers license,and take a picture of your bill I use my,water bill because that was something I,had in my email so once you have all,three of those documents together the,notarized form the drivers license and,a copy of your bill youre going to send,that to the email on the form its like,RZ something like reward zone or,something like that once you do that you,send that to them youre going to get a,reply email from them saying we received,your documents guys in,seven days,I had my money so Friday,came I was at The Jump Place um Sky Zone,with my kids were all hanging out and,my play sister sent me a text message,shes like sis check your email I check,my email and its like,congratulations youre a 750 reward is,here swear so I opened up my email Im,like freaking like Im shaking,baby so Im shaking so Im looking like,750 dollars 750 dollars so Im like bam,so I opened up my email and its like,follow these steps to get your money so,its so cool you can like you can break,your 750 F you can get 100 Amazon 100,Target a hundred dollar Walmart a,hundred dollar wherever no I need cash I,got a 750 Visa gift card so I got the,700 750 Visa gift card you can choose if,you want the actual card or a virtual,card I want the virtual card I need my,coins today baby so so I get the virtual,card they send you like a passcode so,you can retrieve it next step you want,to know what I do after that I got the,square app I swipe well digitally enter,that virtual gift card onto my Square,app to get the cash instantly boom I,digitally enter that manually enter that,virtual gift card that I just got into,my Square app once I do that the 750s on,my Square app then I transfer that money,directly into my bank account okay yes,Square did charge me I believe like 32,bucks or something like that so I end up,getting 712 dollars into my bank account,instantly its real and you better do it,Im gonna have the link in my uh bio,Ill have the link Ill just I have all,the information you need in my bio on,how to get it what to do you know what,Im saying because when youre doing all,those surveys and when youre doing all,those subscriptions I dont know why I,keep calling the service or,subscriptions when you do all the,subscriptions it takes a little,literally two hours like literally you,gotta keep going back keep going back,refreshing your page okay and then it,didnt recognize that I did Hulu let me,go back and then also when you download,those apps you gotta,um play the game like its like um some,type of building app or some weird crap,like I go in there and play the game so,the reward thing can recognize that guys,so like its very finicky you have to,just dont give up like I literally,spent two hours on a Saturday morning I,did not get out of my bed to like got,that form and went straight to the bank,and got it notarized for two dollars,guys like this 750 it is the the cash,app thing it is not a scam it is real,the way I got it twice because you only,can do it one one per household thats,why you gotta get it notarized send a,copy of your ID a copy of a bill because,its like going in the files like no,Tanika you cannot do this twice the way,I got it twice was my best friend shes,Rich she didnt need she didnt want the,750 she didnt want to have to do all,the subscription stuff so so I did it in,her name and got it twice I just got,that when I did that one just this last,Monday and I got that money on Friday as,well actually we got it real early we,got it like Friday morning it was crazy,like,750,750 the cash app card is not a scam,everybody got that email people said,they saw it on Instagram people said,they saw it on Snapchat people got,direct emails its real the,okay guys so one last thing so because I,signed up for 20 freaking offers guys I,went ahead and got me a new debit card,so I waited about a week you know to,make sure it wasnt required that you,stayed subscribed to all those things or,whatever so I waited about a week and I,went to my bank and I just got a new,debit card because I dont want to be,charged for the scent Club the Hulu Club,the Dollar Movie Club because I may not,remember to cancel all those,subscriptions guys so thats another,thing that I like to tell you guys like,dont be scared to use your debit card,for signing up for all these things,because I canceled that card and got,another one and I did it twice so now I,gotta cancel my other card that I just,got and its totally real guys do it now,if you dont want to do it Ill do it,Im gonna get some more money peace,okay guys so you already know what time,it is if you like that video hit like,make sure you subscribe,and tell all your friends and share it,thank you guys millionaires is back Im,gonna be making my videos I like to do,them every Friday guys thank you so much,Im like at 350 subscribers Im almost,there to a thousand kinda okay guys I,love you thank you for watching guys go,get that money Im gonna do it again

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Cash App Hack – Free Money Glitch – Scam Exposed

its just unlimited money right what,more can you ask for,all right what do we got to do wow look,at that 200 just like that whats going,on youtube welcome back to currency,counts where i cover all things money so,these guys wont stop these scammers,wont stop scamming how about that so,ever since i put up my video on how this,catchat money hack scam works ive had,nothing but spam in the comment section,of that video i take all this spam down,daily check this out im so impressed,with your job above name look at this,guy franklin failed its fake of course,its fake thats the whole point of the,video im out here trying to educate,people from getting scammed with this,cash at money hack because its not real,and these scammers have gone as far as,to try to get this video taken down if,youre not sure what im talking about,let me show you yo you guys gotta give,this cash i pack a try right now just,watch this video all the way to the end,gotta settle down theyre coming in a,little bit too high this guy actually,sounds like that guy from atlanta that,social media guy that comes out sounds,almost exactly like that it might even,be him but anyway this is how the scam,works theyre telling you download this,certain app the new cash app and once,you download that you go through a few,hoops and check this out once you do,that,look at,oh man no he didnt no he didnt look at,how weak this app looks look you can,clearly tell,they pasted,a two right here this green doesnt even,match this right here and this font is,not even the cash at money font i dont,even know what this is right here,oh man you can do a better job than that,ive been doing this for a while and you,can actually know the money you know,paypal bitcoin yeah i dont know about,any of that lets go back here you just,click it add oh you added another fifty,dollars wow check that out free,okay,hes telling you how to do it boom boom,boom downloading cash app.gz yeah that,sounds legit kidding of course,look at this guy right here this whole,thing looks sketchy red flags all over,the place the new method lets check,this guy out,he has no money starting out with no,money starting an injection i made the,comment on my last video on cash chat,that starting injection kind of sounds,like youre injecting a virus all right,you got the new cash app here you got,zero dollars lets see where it takes us,all right what do we got to do wow look,at that,money dont stop two hundred dollars,just like that five hundred dollars in,five minutes,all right so this guys ready to,download ready to get that money hes,making all that money but he cant even,buy a phone thats not cracked how about,that,that money just keeps on going sounds,good right thumbs up oh yeah lets do it,cash app free money method made me a,thousand dollars every five minutes come,on now so check this out theres a cash,app and cash at plus plus why would cash,app have a plus plus its not a real,cash app look at this one right here,its getting a hundred dollars check,that out boom add another hundred lets,go for one more but think about it how,can somebody give you 300 wheres that,money coming from its not real so lets,cover how this scam really works so,theyll tell you to go to a certain,website where you can download the new,app you enter your information you have,to download a few additional apps before,you can go forward so in between that,they didnt show where you had to enter,all your personal information they skip,that part and a lot of times theyre,going to ask you for stuff like your,social security number so what these,scammers alleged scammers will do,is theyll either have that made,themselves or,theyll go to a network that has the app,already theyll make a quick video like,this one throw it all over social media,and hopefully you bite on it see this,one right here its about a year old has,a hundred ninety three thousand views,once you download the app from their,link they got you theyre gonna ask you,for a few different steps theyre going,to ask you for personal information,theyre also going to ask you to,download several different apps theyre,also going to ask you which kind of,worth its weight in gold is your email,address because with your email address,youre going to start getting a ton of,different spam from a ton of different,places so look at this theyre asking,you to download all these different apps,which these guys are affiliated with,right so every time you download a app,through their app theyre getting money,whether you purchase that other app or,not theyre getting money for you,downloading it also when you download,the app you have the potential of,getting malware installed into your,phone which is kind of like a tracking,device it tracks everything all your,movement on your phone your apps your,website your location your accounts your,pin numbers and just about anything you,do on your phone and that can be,devastating especially if you do online,banking ive even seen some of these,apps ask you for extensive personal,information like your social security,number how you file your taxes whether,its joint or head of household how many,children you have basically theyre,stealing your identity allegedly videos,like this are all over social media just,dont fall for it because its not real,you think these guys are doing this to,make you money no theyre doing this to,make themselves money because anybody,who has a real plug like that is not,going to put it out there like that if,somebody has that golden faucet just,getting all this money over and over,youre not going to want to give up that,info think of it like that this scam is,not real dont fall for it i cant,stress that enough i hope this video,helped you out check you on the next one,[Music]

Cash App Debit Card Review

so today were going to be reviewing the,cash app debit card now ive actually,been using this card for a little over,two years now and i just want to give,you guys a breakdown of what i think,about it,what the functionalities are for this,and if i dont cover something feel free,to ask me in the comments down below and,ill do my best to go ahead and answer,them for you,now this debit card is a visa debit card,as you can see up here it does have,a chip for you as well so its extra,security on there,and the really cool thing about this,cash app card is the fact that of course,it is linked up to your cash app account,now anything currently in your cash app,account will be able to be used,with your debit card now you can use,this debit card pretty much in any store,that is,that is accepting visas but also to,online as,well just as you would use any other,debit card now i know a lot of people,ask,yes you can actually withdraw money from,this card into cash at an atm,now there might be fees in this,typically on the atm side and not on,cash apps side now when it comes to,other fees i know a lot of people are,always curious about the fees with this,stuff there are no,fees for having this card its a free,debit card to order which is,right onto your cash app account which,by the way if you dont actually have,cash app and youre,interested in signing up im gonna have,a link for them in the show notes down,below you can usually get anywhere from,five to fifteen dollar bonus when you,sign up,send five bucks to a friend or family,member within the first 14 days,after you add your bank account but,lets go ahead and get back to those,fees,like i mentioned getting the card is,entirely free so theres no cost there,now using the card whether its at a,store or online there are no fees as,well,theres also no fee for just having the,card and its sitting there doing,nothing so its really nice and handy to,just have around for you,now you can also add this to your google,wallet or your apple pay,card wallet so if you are somebody who,wants to just use apple pay,and those banks or services allow you to,use it you can go ahead and do it just,that way,now these cards are customizable im,going to go ahead and kind of show you,guys,right over here on screen you can see,mine says tf for this channel which is,true financials with a little face,with dollar signs on there as well but,you can customize it whatever way you,want you can,draw little things on there i believe,the colors actually come in black,or white now when i ordered it was,originally just in black,all the information is on the back end,of this card here for you,so everything is a little bit more,private for you but of course there are,some other really great features that we,actually need to go on to the app for,so you guys can actually see what this,stuff is so lets go ahead and switch,over my screen here,and now were on the phone app here as,well so this is what the app looks like,once you have it downloaded,um and were currently in the card,section and this is whats really cool,about cash app one,um you can kind of see some numbers with,cash app but right now i have it fully,blocked off,you can have it shown so you can use,those numbers to put something digitally,in case you maybe dont have your actual,card with you on hand,um but then they have this really cool,boost feature now this boost feature you,can see i currently have what says,chick-fil-a on there,five percent off but we can go ahead and,swap this to all these different,promotions fifteen dollars off of,shake shack five percent off or sorry,thats fifteen percent off shake shack,uh five percent off at burger king uh,ten percent off go puff,goat five percent off uh fight club uh,flight club i thought i said fight club,i was gonna say we cant talk about that,uh playstation network five percent off,uh dominoes and all that stuff,so this actually allows you to add,whatever promo you want and when you use,the card at those locations you will get,whatever benefit that is so for dominoes,here it says,it expires in six days you can have you,have to have a minimum of a dollar fifty,in purchases and you get a maximum,discount of 750 but you get five percent,off up to that amount,so if you want to you can just hit add,boost and then boom you can go ahead and,now use it at dominos and get that,really cool bonus now the other really,cool thing about the boost feature is,those boosts are giving you the discount,right away,so you dont have to sit there and wait,till the end of the month or whatever,the case may be to get your bonuses,whatever that five percent off is or ten,percent off you actually get that money,right away back into your account,sometimes they even do bitcoin where you,can get free bitcoin,into your bitcoin cash app account which,is also a really cool feature now the,other cool thing,with cash app is for some reason lets,say youre not going to be using the,card for a little bit or youre a little,bit more skeptical on other human beings,maybe finding out your card info,you can go ahead and actually lock in,your card to disable it from being used,anywhere until you re-enable it,so this is an extra protection for you,in case youre maybe again,just a little weary on that front now i,know people have asked me in previous,videos about using the cash app card,when you have no money in the account,but maybe you have an account connected,whether its your bank or another debit,card,and the answer to that is no so if you,try to go use this card somewhere when,you dont have enough of a balance,it doesnt pull from your regular bank,account or whatever card you have on,file,you do need to make sure you have that,available fund in your cash app account,right away,now if you go to places like gas,stations and whatnot where maybe the,total isnt,completely known it does actually do,like a roundup feature for you and then,it kind of puts that money on hold until,it finds out exactly how much youre,gonna charge from that account,so just something to keep in mind when,using the cash app card now if for some,reason you ever lose your debit card or,whatever reason you maybe want a new one,you can go ahead and on the cash app app,click on the three right buttons on your,card itself and then from right over,here you can see you can design a new,card or you can report your card,lost or stolen so you can do all of this,directly from the app,so you can get it done and taken care of,without having to call anybody else now,another great thing is,once you actually order your debit card,with cash app you actually,will also go ahead and get an account,number and a routing number so if youre,somebody who wants to maybe have your,paychecks deposited into cash app,before any other bank account you can,actually do that thanks to having the,free,debit card now another very common,question that ive gotten before in the,past when it comes to using the cash app,debit card is can you add,cash from an atm onto the card and the,answer is,no so you cant go ahead and add money,to the card from an atm but like i said,earlier you can actually go ahead and,withdraw money,from the card on an atm hopefully in the,future that will change but as of this,recording,that is not a feature that is currently,available like i mentioned earlier im,gonna have a link for them in the show,notes down below for you can go ahead,and sign up and get that free little,bonus,but if you want to learn more about cash,app i actually have a whole playlist,right here so you can go step by step on,making sure you learn everything there,is,to learn about cash app my name is,dennis and ill see you in that next,video

Cash App Reviews – Cash App Has the Worst Customer Service

i got locked out of my cash app cash app,will not allow me access back to my um,cash app account i have money,in that account that i can no longer,access,and they are not willing to work with me,to unlock my account,so um im just warning other people,that you know be weary or mindful when,using cash app dont keep large amounts,of money in your cash app account,because if you get locked out,you may lose your money thats in that,um in that account,and they are difficult people to work,with and their customer service is,horrible,i basically got locked out of my cash up,account,so i contacted them which i had no idea,was so difficult to contact them i,contacted them,via email and i even called a couple,times,and they basically send you a bunch of,automated responses,saying you know verify your name,your cash tag they tell you to open up a,new,cash app account so that you can even,contact them because im locked out of,the other one where i cant even log,in so i did that,um it did everything they asked me to do,as far as setting up a new account,contacting them through the app,um and to get access to my old account,that has,money in it that im trying to access,and,um basically i keep getting into this,customer service loop,where im not everybody keeps saying oh,for security reasons,we cant give you access to your account,and im like why cant i have access to,my own money,that is my money,and its just a loop and theyll you,know email them probably like,20 or 30 times and ive gotten no,results,from them and they keep basically they,theyve escalated to a manager the,manager basically says the same thing,you know were gonna try to help you get,you access and i said okay you had me to,open up this new cash app,um account if you cant give me access,to my old account,why cant you transfer my funds to the,new account,and nobody seems to have a clue as to,anything its like nobody understands,how their systems work,to let people know that you know and it,and,you know just let people know they need,to be careful,and mindful when using cash app because,something as simple as you know you,might lose your password or something,you get locked out of your account,and they wont give you access to your,money,you know its not right you know what,even a bank doesnt do that,you know so and then right now in this,particular time,during pandemic people cant be without,their funds,you know and its supposed to be a,simple way for people to be able to,um send money back and forth between,friends loved ones or paid things online,but yet its more of a nuisance to,refund me my money,the money that i have in the account i,have probably about,between 800 900 in there so for them to,refund me my money,um just be careful and i would not hold,a large amount of money in your cash app,account,probably max fifty dollars because,in the event that you do get locked out,of your account,just know theres a great possibility,that you wont,get access back to that account and you,will lose that money

Nodle Cash Review – Easy Passive Crypto Mining? (Full Truth)

Is Nodle Cash really an easy way to  earn crypto completely passively or  ,is it a waste of time? My names Mikael and many viewers have asked me about this  ,app. So I decided to test it myself and in  this Nodle Cash app review Ill give you  ,an inside look and show the pros and cons  based on my experiences, so you can find out  ,exactly what to expect and whether this  is the right opportunity for you or not.,So before I log into the app, lets go over the  basics of what it is. And as you can see on the  ,website it is a way to earn crypto while securely  powering the decentralized network of the future.  ,Thats what they call it anyway so what does  that actually mean, well that means that all you  ,have to do is to just download the app. And you  can see they have different images and then you  ,will supposedly earn their own cryptocurrency,  their potential value of that and how you can  ,get out and all that we will talk about that  later. But all you need to do is basically to  ,just download it connect via Bluetooth. As you can  see and then you will just connect to the network  ,and you will start earning these Nodl tokens.  And I have done it I will show you inside in a  ,minute so you can see exactly how it works. But  basically as you can see you get rewarded when  ,you provide connectivity to devices around you.  So how much you can earn will also depend on  ,where you are located and how many other devices  are on this network and how it is expanding and  ,things like that. So thats one thing to be aware  of that theres no guarantee you earn the same  ,as me. You might learn a lot more, you might learn  a little bit less. Well go inside and Ill show  ,you my results so far. But as you can see at the  bottom of the website also it has so far close to  ,three million downloads and its available on both  through the App Store and through Google play. But  ,let me now log into the app and then you can see  exactly how it works and if its worth it or not.  ,So I have now logged into the app and once you  sign up all you basically need to do is just to  ,connect to Bluetooth and then you can start  earning. It kind of scans the area youre in  ,and all this but as you can see right now I have  not had a lot of success because I think this is  ,because of the area I live in. Basically there  are not a lot of opportunities. So even though  ,Ive had it running for a few weeks or so, I have  not actually earned anything yet and I have moved  ,around also in areas where there are more people  and things like that. But again that is probably  ,because of the country I live in. So this is just  to say right away that even though you live in a  ,country where you can download it, they dont say  exactly which countries that is. But from what  ,I can see its available in a lot of different  countries. But even though you can join and you can  ,sign up theres no guarantee that you will be able  to earn yet. This all depends on how this whole  ,network will expand but all you basically need to  do is you have it installed you have Bluetooth on  ,the location sharing on and then you will earn as you move around. And you can connect it  ,to several devices. You just need to go to the  settings for that. And then you see there is some  ,wallet settings and this is where you need to then  do a backup of your wallet. Because then when you  ,then install it on a different device then instead  of installing a new one or creating a new account  ,you can just use your wallet phrase here or code  to sign in on a different device so you can use it  ,on several devices. If you want to there is also  a way to earn more and that is again if you go  ,to the settings you can see there is something  called mode. And right now I am as you can see in  ,eco mode and if we click mode you see there are  different options. And eco mode is low earnings  ,but that is also where your device or your battery  wont be drained there if you go up higher it will  ,drain your battery more. That is what what they say  themselves also exactly how much more it drains it  ,again this will vary from device to device. But  this is just something to be aware of. This is  ,something you can test yourself you can see like  does it actually change how much you can earn in  ,your area. Does it drain your battery like for your  specific device and anything like this things like  ,this. But this is just a good thing to be aware of  that you can play around with this and potentially  ,also earn more by doing this. So definitely you  can earn passively but with ways to earn passively  ,with mining like this, as they call it. We of course  also need to talk about how you can then get the  ,earnings out and what the value of this NODL  crypto you are earning is. So lets do that next.  ,So I just closed down the app and thats because  so far theres not a way to take out what you earn  ,from inside the app. So I cant really show you  how to take it out as it is of recording this  ,video. Then what you can do with the NODL tokens  you earn is to send them to other NODL users. You  ,cannot exchange it yet to other cryptos. Its  not listed yet on any of the big exchanges or  ,anything like that and that also means that you  do not yet know what the value will be once it  ,will hopefully launch. And thats the thing with  new products like this where you can mine crypto  ,very easily its always a little bit of a gamble.  It doesnt take any effort so thats a great thing  ,but you dont know if it will ever have a real  value or if you will never get any value out of  ,it. The advances is clearly that you dont have  to really do anything once its installed. Yes  ,you have to share your location whether you feel  safe about that or not that is a personal choice.  ,They say that they have a lot of safety I cant  say exactly what it reads and what it shares. You  ,can look into that yourself on the website. Im not  like a technical expert that can see exactly what  ,they share and all that. Its just something to  consider. But with new projects that is where you  ,can fast earn thats an advantage, but you dont  know if you will ever be able to get it out and  ,how much it would be worth. And when it comes to  a NODL, Ive seen content that was created more  ,than a year ago where it also said like eventually  youll be able to take it out. Youll be able to  ,send it to exchanges. You will get a real value for  it. But it hasnt happened yet I havent been able  ,to find any information about when it will happen.  So it might happen you know by the time you watch  ,this it might be another year two three years. It  might never happen. I cant say anything about that  ,because they havent told anything about that. And  thats the insecurity of new crypto projects like  ,this. So lets then sum it up and talk about  whether this would be worth it or not. So to  ,sum it all up I think Nodle is an interesting  project because in general I do believe crypto has  ,a really bright future and I love the technology  and it is really useful. Exactly when it comes to  ,Nodle I am not sure yet uh how it will go like  personally where I live, I dont really get much  ,out of it. I do use several different like crypto  mining apps where you dont really have to do  ,anything. I will also leave a link below to more  information about some options that I do use. ,Because the thing is, as I mentioned, you dont  know yet whether it will turn out to be great  ,or not worth anything at all. So when it comes to  something like Nodle I would recommend that you  ,go to the website, read about what it is. Read what  the project is and what the plans for the project  ,is. If you think its a great product or project  then you can start using it. Because then there  ,is a chance that it will succeed and you will also  get something out of it. But if youre just doing  ,it for Fast Cash ass then no then dont just try  it because then its just a gamble.

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