1. Casper Mattress Review 2022 (Watch Before Buying)
  2. Casper Mattress Review 2022 – Is It The Still The Best Bed In A Box?? (UPDATED)
  3. Casper vs Purple vs Leesa vs Nectar vs GhostBed vs Saatva (Mattress Review Guide)
  4. Casper vs Leesa vs GhostBed vs Saatva vs Purple vs Nectar | #1 Mattress Review Guide (2022 UPDATED)
  5. Purple vs Casper Mattress Review | Which Bed Is Better? (2022 Update)
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  7. Original Casper vs Wave vs Nova Review (Which Casper Mattress Is Best?)

Casper Mattress Review 2022 (Watch Before Buying)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video were going to do a review,of,probably the most popular online,mattress ever the original casper,mattress,casper as a brand was one of the,original brands that started this whole,online mattress craze and whenever i,meet people and tell them that i review,beds for a living,they oftentimes ask me if the casper,mattress is actually good or not,and thats basically the exact question,were here to answer in todays video,were going to talk about what the bed,is actually made of what it actually,feels like to lay down,on how firm it is which sleeper types is,going to work for how much it costs,and answer that question is it actually,good if you get something out of todays,video you find it helpful make sure you,give it a thumbs up and,subscribe to the channel we really,appreciate that we put a ton of time and,effort into these videos,and if you need any more information,about casper they do actually make a few,other mattresses that were going to,briefly mention in todays video,but make sure you check in the,description for lots of information,about casper as a brand,and any discounts we can find lets just,dive right into the video by doing a,brief overview of the,policies casper comes with if you decide,to get one this is stuff like shipping,returns trial periods and warranties,now casper like all these other mattress,brands did send us their beds for free,so we could test them out and then tell,you about them,but should you decide to get casper it,comes with free bed in a box shipping,this is how most beds are delivered to,you these days and its a pretty fun,process,its really quick and easy to do,although i do want to mention that,right after bed is unboxed it might look,a little strange it might have a bit of,an odor,and its probably going to be a bit soft,just wait a couple days all those things,should be rectified,and the bed also comes with a trial,period of 100 nights,once it arrives at your door so you get,a little over three months to decide if,you actually like,the mattress and want to keep it if you,dont within that trial period you can,get free returns and a full refund but,should you decide to keep the mattress,which the vast vast majority people do,or else they wouldnt really be able to,offer free returns,you get a 10-year warranty with this,mattress and all the other casper,mattresses,but enough about all that lets get into,the more interesting stuff like what,this mattress is actually made of,which will let you know what its,actually going to feel like to lay down,on,now one thing we need to get out of the,way first is that the original casper,mattress actually comes in an all-foam,model and a hybrid model that you can,spend up for,the actual feel isnt really going to be,affected by these coils the bed will be,a bit,bouncier which sleepers like myself,really enjoy but its not going to be,significantly different the biggest,difference is that having a hybrid,option makes the original casper,mattress more suitable for heavier folks,we pretty much always recommend people,in the 250 pound range to get the coil,mattress for the added long term support,and durability,so construction wise it starts off with,a dense layer of support foam or,pocketed coils depending on which one,you decide to get,and then above that you have a thin,layer of zone support memory foam,now if you actually look at the foam you,can see that its divided into different,sections,the middle section is going to be a bit,firmer and then the outer third is going,to be a bit softer,this whole design is to give you more,support where you need it where you,carry the majority of your weight,and more pressure relief where you need,it and its supposed to help keep your,spine just stay in a more neutral,alignment in whatever position youre,sleeping in now this zone support design,isnt super noticeable on this specific,mattress,you might feel it the first couple times,you lay down on it but its pretty,subtle,now casper does make two upgraded,mattress models with a much more,advanced version of this whole zone,support setup,the casper nova and the casper wave more,information will be linked down below in,the description about those,but we think its nice they added this,design feature to the original now to,finish off the construction you have the,primary comfort layer of casper,which is caspers airscape foam which is,proprietary to them,its a really soft neutral feeling and,noticeably breathable foam,the construction of the casper mattress,adds up to it having a soft neutral foam,feel i would say this mattress almost,feels bland,it doesnt have a sink in quality of a,memory foam that you might be used to,and it doesnt have that bouncy,responsive feel of a latex foam,but the vast majority of people who laid,on on this mattress generally like it,now it might not be the exact,feel that youre looking for especially,if youre looking for that more,traditional memory foam feel,but odds are if you get the caster,mattress youll probably like how it,feels,its one of the reasons this bed is so,popular the vast majority of people who,get it,like it so we would describe the feel of,the casper mattress to be really,accommodating for most sleepers,and its firmness is going to be pretty,much the same way,its around a medium on our scale so it,should be able to work pretty well for,all sleeper types whether you sleep on,your back your stomach your side,or a combination of all three a medium,firmness is actually especially good for,combination sleepers because you spend a,good amount of time in multiple,positions at night lets talk about a,few things that couples are going to,want to know about,namely edge support and motion isolation,motion isolation refers to how well the,mattress absorbs cross mattress motion,and the casper mattress does this quite,well the,all foam might do a little bit better,than the hybrid but i dont think,theres a significant difference,so if your partner tosses and turns at,night you shouldnt be jostled awake,but keep in mind that other factors like,your partner pulling on the covers when,theyre tossing and turning,are just as likely to wake you up as the,actual motion going through the mattress,edge support refers to how well the,outer edges of the mattress hold up,under pressure,so its not going to feel like youre,going to roll off the mattress if you,need the entire sleeping surface,and the edge support on casper is pretty,good its not the best weve ever seen,because its not a big burly hybrid,mattress,but i dont see people having issues on,that if youre sharing a smaller,mattress,before we start talking about the,pricing of casper lets take a brief,break to mention our monthly mattress,giveaway,we give a brand new queen size bed to,one lucky winner every single month,and now theres actually two ways to,become eligible so if you do,both you can actually double your,chances of winning so make sure you,check in the description for all the,details on that,i hope you entered i hope you win but,lets get back to the review,and price wise the casper mattress is,pretty affordable its right in line,with,other competing mattress brands like,purple lisa and even,helix a queen size all phone version,will retail for around 100 bucks,and the hybrid is 200 more at about 1300,bucks,now casper will usually go on a pretty,small discount year-round so make sure,you check in the description for,whatever we can find on it,but around major holidays im actually,recording this a little bit after,memorial day theyll run an even bigger,sale,so just make sure you check in the,description for whatever were able to,find but just keep in mind that these,prices are as of when im recording this,video,pricing and discounts for online beds,change all the time and casper is no,exception,and thats just about going to do it for,our review of the casper mattress and,looping back to our question from the,beginning,is this mattress actually good and yeah,wed say its

Casper Mattress Review 2022 – Is It The Still The Best Bed In A Box?? (UPDATED)

hey guys martin here from mattress,clarity if youre looking for a mattress,with a great balance of comfort and,support youve come to the right video,today were talking about the casper,original mattress were gonna take a,look at its construction my experience,with it who its a good fit for and who,its not a gift fit for lets get,started,first off you want to see a list of our,top picks for mattresses head over to,mattressclarity.com,there youre going to find some other,reviews on mattresses bedding and,pillows and some great discounts on,mattresses like the casper youll also,find some great coupons in the youtube,description below,so the casper original mattress is one,of the most popular mattresses on the,bed in the box market and it has been,for quite a long while thats because of,something to have called zone support in,the second layer gives a great balance,of comfort and support im a big fan of,this mattress i want to hop in right now,so now lets take a look at the,construction of the casper original,mattress first off its going to be 11,inches tall then starting off on top and,working our way down,on top you have a knit cover very thin,breathable and soft as well the top,layer of the casper is something called,air escape foam its basically,responsive polyfoam you can see here,bounces back into place very quickly,its also ventilated for airflow to help,with cooling now below that you have,your layer of zone support this is kind,of the center and the heart of the,casper mattress,basically we have a layer of memory foam,and towards the center its going to be,firmer than the head and the foot of the,mattress you can see its even a,different color here its going to give,you kind of that balance of comfort and,support and give you support in the,right areas comfort in the right areas,as well this is the all foam version of,this mattress is also a hybrid version,with this all foam version again youre,going to have a foam base layer so what,does all that mean well first off lets,talk about again the zone support can be,a good match for multiple sleeping,positions giving the right comfort in,the right support in the right areas,speaking of cooling it is an all-foam,mattress so it might trap some heat that,being said for an all-foam mattress not,a horrible match for hot sleepers a,breathable cover right on top and,ventilation for airflow,last but not least speaking of,durability looking at the construction,the overall materials here should last,between seven and ten years so now lets,talk about firmness and feel in terms of,firmness i thought the casper was close,to a seven out of ten just a little bit,firmer than average thats because on,top you do have some softer layers but,you press in its firmer beneath that,again it does have zone support in the,construction so it is firmer towards the,center of the mattress softer towards,the head and foot of the mattress,speaking of feel overall has more of a,balanced kind of responsive foam feel so,again press my hand in,bounces back into place very quickly,test out the bounce we have our ball,here,wow thats some very very good bounce,for a phone mattress so lets me know,its very easy to move around on the,casper so now lets talk about how i,feel in different sleeping positions on,the casper original mattress starting,off my back a very good match for me,nice balance of comfort and support also,some extra support from the zone support,on my lumbar area a very good match for,back sleeping moving to my side not a,bad match for me some decent pressure,relief on my shoulders and my hips it is,softer in those areas of the mattress at,the same time if youre a lighter person,lighter than 250 pounds you should feel,even better pressure relief than i did,finally moving to my stomach a decent,match for stomach sleeping again the,zoning in the middle is making it firmer,so im feeling a little bit of support,under my hips but not quite enough so,not the most fantastic option for me as,a stomach sleeper here at mattress,clarity like to make subjective opinion,with objective tests and one of those,tests is the pressure map so i lie down,on my back side and stomach you see,anywhere from blue for no pressure all,the way up to red for high pressure now,pay close attention to my side keeping,results specifically on my shoulders and,my hips lets get started,[Music],so if you sleep with a partner you also,want to think about motion transfer,basically youre lying down on one side,of the mattress your part moves around,on the other side are you going to feel,that motion or not,test out the motion transfer on the,casper mattress place a glass of water,here in the center,push another areas around it,you can see the water is not disturbed,too much actually absorbing this motion,quite well,to further test out the motion transfer,with the casper mattress i laid down on,one side of the mattress and tanner,moved around on the other side he,changed positions he got in and out of,bed and i didnt feel too many his,movements transferred to my side of the,mattress overall some pretty good,handling of motion transfer if you sleep,with a partner or you like sleeping,towards the edge of the mattress you,also want to think about edge support,basically if youre sitting down or,lying down near the edge of a mattress,do you feel secure or marker going to,roll off and onto the floor,so here i am sitting down at the edge of,the casper original mattress i feel very,secure in this position i could lean,over and easily tie my shoes,but lying down on this mattress,you can see im lying very close to the,edge im rolling around its not,collapsing too much under my weight so,overall some very good edge support and,now lets talk about the pros who i,think the casper might be a good fit for,first off its a great option for back,sleepers with that zone support youre,gonna get some extra lumbar support with,this mattress also overall a good,balance of comfort and support very nice,for back sleeping,i think also a very good match for light,and medium weight combo sleepers good,support when youre on your back good,pressure relief when youre on your side,and enough support when youre on your,stomach,last but not least speaking of feel if,you prefer more of a balanced foam feel,that lets you sink in just a little bit,but its not too hard to move around,youll definitely like the casper so now,lets talk about the cons so who i think,this mattress might not be the best fit,for first off i think if youre a,heavyweight side sleeper you might want,to look elsewhere i felt some decent,press relief on my shoulders and hips,but if youre over 250 pounds you might,want to find something made specifically,with larger people in mind also i think,if you sleep just on your stomach you,might want something a little bit firmer,you might get enough support under your,hips but overall if you sleep just in,this position find a firmer mattress,overall and last but not least speaking,of feel if you prefer more of that slow,moving memory foam feel where you lie,down and slowly sink in you dont really,get that with the casper overall it has,more of a balanced responsive foam feel,if youre taking a look at the casper,mattress you might want to know how it,compares to one of its major competitors,lets do that right now were talking of,course about the purple mattress,so first off there are some construction,differences now with the casper on top,you have some airscape foam below that,the proprietary zone support layer,memory foam firmware towards the center,softer towards the head and foot of the,mattress now over on the purple you have,a very unique hyper elastic gel polymer,that forms the proprietary purple grid,this is going to be pressure relieving,and supportive at the same time its,also very breathable now speaking of,firmness the purple is going to be a,little bit softer than the casper,mattress now speaking of feel they are,both responsive mattresses but their,feels are slightly differ

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Casper vs Purple vs Leesa vs Nectar vs GhostBed vs Saatva (Mattress Review Guide)

whats up guys Im Jeff Rizzo and today,we are once again doing our mega,mattress comparison video we did it last,year nearly a million people saw that,video but there has been some big,changes to some of these mattresses so,we thought we should update it the,question though is still the same is,there any difference between Casper Lisa,purple ghost bed nectar satva and why,would you get one over the other so,thats what were covering in todays,video were gonna talk about what we,like what we dont like and at the end,well talk about who we think each bed,is best for and just so you know we have,done other reviews and comparisons and,buyer guides that include all of these,mattresses so check down below in the,description for more details there,theres a bunch of stuff that you want,to look at in the text below the video,screen including probably some coupon,codes alright so weve got a lot of,mattresses to cover lets see if we can,get through this thing okay so just to,kick things off yes all of these brands,did send us their mattresses for free so,that we could test them but we did not,accept any payment to say good or bad,things that would be super lame and,thats not what we do here on the,channel so what were gonna do is go bed,by bed and talk about the major features,with each one of them again we did do,individual reviews and Ill have those,linked down below in the description so,theres a lot of stuff down there that,you want to make sure you read also all,of these mattresses ship completely free,they all come with some sort of in-home,trial period,most of them come with completely free,returns if you dont like them you can,get all of your money back inside that,trial period and then they all have a,ten year plus warranty all right so,lets go in alphabetical order lets,start with Casper which very well could,be the most popular most well-known,online mattress brand so the flagship,Casper mattress is four layers of foam,with a soft really nice cover it is,extremely comfortable it just has like a,soft foam feel to it its not like,memory foam even though the bed does,technically incorporate memory foam it,just has a soft neutral foam feel to it,that I think a lot of people will really,like its responsive and has none of,that stuck in the mud feeling its not a,medium on the soft to firm scale which,makes sense because theyre trying to,please the most amount of people with,this bed we think itll be good for side,sleepers back sleepers stomach sleepers,and even combination sleepers,like me that tend to rotate positions,during the middle of the night so all,sleeper types should be comfortable on,caspere,now what Casper changed in the past year,is that theyve added this new zone,support system which first showed up on,the casper wave mattress this,essentially provides more support in the,center third of the mattress which is,where the majority of your weight is,right your trunk your hips thats where,you carry the majority of your weight so,what they did is they reinforced and,made a little bit more supportive and,firm thats Center third and then the,top and the bottom of the bed have a,little bit more pressure relief mostly,for your shoulders now its a subtle,change its not like youre immediately,going to notice it but I do think its a,really clever feature to add and we,happen to really like it the biggest,downside that we see with Casper and,this applies to a lot of the beds out,there most of them on this list is that,its only about ten inches thick and it,is made entirely of foam and therefore,its not a great option for individuals,that are heavy so if youre over 250,pounds you generally want to go for a,coil mattress and therefore Casper and,some of these other beds wouldnt be our,number one picks now if you are looking,for our number one picks for heavy,people check down below in the,description because we did an entire,post about that right like 2,000 words,and in a video that accompanies it and,so that should be really really helpful,for you we see Casper and a lot of these,bed in a box mattresses as being ideal,for petite and medium sized individuals,now the MSRP for the original Casper,mattress is about $1000 for a queen size,but they do offer discount code so check,down below in the description we,probably should have one down there for,you next is ghost bed we didnt include,it last time but it definitely deserves,some airtime you can tell who ghost bed,is going after just based on the name of,the mattress this is a Casper competitor,the bed has three layers of foam you,have poly film as the base then memory,foam in the center and then latex foam,on the top it has more of a mixed,overall feel to it its kind of between,memory foam and latex foam which makes a,lot of sense because it uses both types,of foam you get the pressure relief from,memory foam but then you get some of the,upsides of latex as well which are that,it tends to be a cooler foam tends to be,more responsive and very very durable,its actually one of the only beds out,there that uses latex foam that is this,affordable generally when you see,texe foam you can expect the bed to be,more expensive and to take a lot longer,to ship but ghostbed has some of the,nice upsides without a lot of the,downsides of latex foam I think its,actually a pretty nice mattress thats,actually really comfortable it too is,about a medium on the soft to firm scale,maybe a hair firmer than Casper and we,also think it will work for all types of,sleepers back stomach side and,combination sleepers as well now ghost,bed like a lot of these brands tends to,play around with pricing quite a bit it,goes up it goes down the MSRP for a,queen-size mattress is about 900 dollars,but you can typically find it for around,$800 so check down below in the,description and well try to have some,sort of discount down there now we have,Lisa which youve no doubt heard of its,one of the most popular bed to box,mattresses out there I would put it,right in between Casper and ghost bed in,terms of firmness it is slightly firmer,than Casper but slightly softer than,ghost bed keep in mind though that,softness firmness is subjective based on,your weight so Im about 160 pounds so,if you weigh more than me youre,typically gonna think the beds are a,little bit song and if you weigh less,than me you will think most of the,mattresses are a lot firmer,so just keep in mind that firmness and,softness is on a range its not an exact,point the overall feel of Lisa is pretty,neutral it still offers good support and,nice pressure relief but no overwhelming,memory foam feel its actually really,really comfortable and they just updated,it with a new layer so previously they,used a foam that was called a vena foam,now theyve swapped that out for a new,film called LSA 200 and this foam is,more responsive it offers better,pressure relief and it is more durable,so Im really happy that they,incorporated the new foam and swapped,out that older film now I also think,this mattress will be just fine for all,sleeper types a back stomach side and,combination like ghost bed Lisa sets,prices a little bit high and then they,almost always offer discounts so a,queen-size mattress is around $1,000,before discount but you can typically,find it after a discount for about $850,so once again check down below in the,description I will stop saying that,because you can just assume that theres,a lot of stuff that you should look at,down there next is nectar this is our,only true memory foam mattress,this one is interesting for a number of,different reasons firstly it doesnt,come with a 100 night trial period it,has a 365 night trial period so you have,an entire year to test out nectar which,is pretty absurd and you can get free,returns inside the first year if you,decide that you dont like it so thats,pretty cool it also comes with a forever,warranty so most beds are about 10 years,this one has like a tiered system but is,a lifetime warranty so after youre 10,its a little bit less

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Casper vs Leesa vs GhostBed vs Saatva vs Purple vs Nectar | #1 Mattress Review Guide (2022 UPDATED)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video we have a mega,hex tuple mattress comparison well be,looking at purple versus casper versus,lisa versus ghostbed versus nectar,versus saatva,now these are some of the most popular,online mattress brands so we decided,lets just put them head to head in a,big video,and let you know why you might want to,get one of these beds over the other so,what were going to do in this video is,talk about some really specific,important categories that you need to,keep in mind when youre shopping for a,new mattress like firmness and sleeper,types construction and feel and pricing,were going to talk about how each of,these six mattresses fits into all these,categories and ill have a summary for,you at the end and hopefully this helps,you make a decision on which one might,be best for you that sounds good and you,find this video helpful give it a thumbs,up and subscribe to the channel wed,appreciate that a lot and theres going,to be a lot of stuff down in the,description to help you out with your,mattress search including any discounts,we can find to help save you some money,on these mattresses so lets just get,into the video by doing a comparison,between these six beds of all of their,policies this is stuff like shipping,returns trial periods and warranties,now these brands did send us their beds,for free so we can test them out and,tell you about them but lets talk about,the things you should expect if you,decide to get one of these beds,now all but one of these beds is going,to actually ship to you inside of a box,so casper lisa purple ghostbed and,nectar theyre all going to have the,same delivery method they show up inside,of about a four foot tall box the,unboxing process is really quick and,easy to do you just bring it inside and,rip off all the plastic and then watch,your new mattress inflate,one thing i should mention with any,mattress thats delivered inside of a,box,is that they do take a day or two to,fully inflate and reach their proper,firmness level these beds have been,compressed in that plastic so tightly,for quite a while so its just going to,take a while for them to fully inflate,and reach their proper firmness level,you also might notice a little bit of an,odor and the bed might look a little,misshapen but thats totally normal,dont worry about it the soffit matches,on the other hand is actually going to,ship to you with a method they call,white glove delivery this means that,they coordinate with the local delivery,team and the mattress will actually show,up full size theyll do all the heavy,lifting for you and theyll even take,away your old mattress if you want them,to,this is pretty nice especially if you,dont want to deal with the hassle of,unboxing a mattress,and the fact that they take away your,old mattress for you if you want them to,is pretty valuable as well because it,can be kind of a hassle to get rid of an,old bed once the mattress arrives at,your door with whichever delivery method,thats when your trial period kicks in,now trial periods do tend to vary in,length depending on the brand and casper,lisa purple,have a hundred nights which is pretty,standard so a little over three months,you decide if you actually like the,mattress after sleeping on it for a,while,ghostbed gives you an extra night so 101,nights pretty negligible difference,saatva and nectar on the other hand,offer you a much longer trial period,they give you 365 nights which is pretty,fantastic i do think a hundred nights,roughly is more than enough time to make,a decision on whether or not you like,the mattress but if youre a bit,indecisive or you just want a ton of,time to try out the bed then nectar and,saatva are the ways to go here so within,that trial period you actually have the,option to return these beds and get a,refund with all but saatva youre going,to have a full refund and free returns,so its pretty much risk-free with,saatva though since they use the white,glove delivery method and they incurred,more of a cost shipping the mattress to,you they will charge you a 99,transportation fee if you want to return,their mattress,it is a pretty small fee but there,arent really many online mattress,brands that do charge any kind of fee,when you want to return their mattress,so that is something to keep in mind if,you decide to keep any of these beds,they do come with warranties the casper,purple and leesa mattresses all come,with a 10 year warranty the saatva,mattress comes with a 15-year warranty,ghostbed comes with 20 and nectar comes,with a lifetime warranty well try like,more information about all these,policies down below in the description,these policies do sometimes change,depending on the brand but that is what,it is right now as of when recording,this video,lets move over to the subject of,firmness firmness is pretty important,when youre shopping for a new mattress,youll want to figure out what is your,dominant sleeping position,and if youre a side sleeper like me,theres a good chance youre going to,want a bed thats a bit softer it helps,cradle your pressure points like your,hips and your shoulders if youre not,really sure what your dominant sleeping,position is or if youre a combo sleeper,you might want a medium,and if you are a back or stomach sleeper,you are probably going to want to,gravitate towards something firmer in,this comparison the casper mattress the,ghostbed mattress the leesa mattress and,the purple mattress are all going to be,roughly a medium on our firmness scale,this means that they should be able to,accommodate all sleeper types fairly,well so if you are a back stomach site,or combination sleeper,you should be able to get by on any one,of these four mattresses,a medium firmness isnt going to be,perfect for everybody but it works,really well for combo sleepers and for,couples who might have different,sleeping preferences,if we look at the nectar mattress that,one is going to be around a medium firm,so thats going to be a better option if,you are a strict backer stomach sleeper,and you want less give in your mattress,of these six beds though saatva is the,only one that lets you pick and choose,your firmness level when youre checking,out you have three options with saatva,you have a plush soft model a luxury,firm and a firm,that plush soft is going to be actually,closer to a medium maybe slightly softer,than that so again just as accommodating,as the other four that we talked about,and then the luxury firm is going to be,around a medium firm which is the same,as nectar,but the firm model is truly firm its,one of the firmest things ive ever laid,down on and if you are a strict backer,stomach sleeper who wants as little give,as possible in their mattress then this,is a good way to go so saatva does give,you the most choice when it comes to,firmness with all these beds but a lot,of people gravitate toward that medium,firmness,and most of these beds are aside from,nectar lets move over to the subject of,construction and feel and the one sort,of odd one out with these six mattresses,is going to be saatva because that one,is a hybrid mattress by default it,actually features two layers of coils so,its going to be the most supportive,mattress of these six especially for the,long term if youre heavier i would,recommend getting a coil mattress for,that added long-term support and,durability the only other mattress in,this comparison that even has a hybrid,option is the original casper which you,do have to spend up quite a bit to get,it with coils,but those two are the only available,hybrids when it comes to feel though the,saatva mattress is going to have a very,classic inner spring feel its going to,feel kind of similar to a mattress i am,guessing you grew up sleeping on it has,a very classic feel that i think a lot,of people are going to enjoy however,most modern beds tend to stray away from,this more classic feel like the saatva,mattress has,the casper mattress and the leesa,mattress 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Purple vs Casper Mattress Review | Which Bed Is Better? (2022 Update)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video i have a comparison,between two of some of the most popular,online mattress brands were looking at,purple versus casper im guessing if,youve been shopping for mattress online,youve heard of at least one of these,brands if not both and it can be kind of,difficult to decide which one is,actually best for you because they,promise so much on their respective,websites but weve spent a ton of time,testing out all the beds from purple and,all the beds from casper and pretty much,every bed youve ever heard of so were,just going to cover how these beds are,similar how theyre different and why,you might want to get one over the other,if that sounds good and you find this,video helpful make sure you give it a,thumbs up and you subscribe to the,channel wed really appreciate that and,theres gonna be a lot more information,linked for you down below in the,description and for the purposes of this,video were gonna be focusing most of,our attention on the original casper,mattress and the original purple,mattress i will mention the other beds,that both brands make in some detail,but were gonna be focusing most of our,attention on those two beds just so you,know with all that stuff out of the way,lets just dive into the video by,covering the policies these beds are,going to come with this is stuff like,shipping returns trial periods and,warranties,both brands did send us their beds for,free so we could test them out and tell,you about them but if you get one for,yourself youre gonna start with free,bed in a box shipping the unboxing,process is really quick and easy to do,and this is how most beds are shipped,these days i do recommend having someone,there to help you out because it just,makes the whole process easier and the,purple mattress specifically is pretty,heavy because of their special material,which well talk about a bit later once,the mattress arrives at your door thats,when your trial period of 100 nights,kicks in and this is going to be the,same for both brands so you get a little,over three months to decide if you,actually like the mattress and you want,to keep it if you dont you have the,option to return it and get a full,refund within that first hundred nights,but if you decide to keep the mattress,youre looking at a standard 10 year,warranty with both so thats all the,policy stuff and theyre the exact same,for both brands if you decide to get one,of the higher end beds from purple itll,actually ship with white glove delivery,which means you dont have to deal with,unboxing the mattress ill try to make,some more information about the policies,down below in the description including,the warranty info the warranty info its,actually pretty easy to read theres not,that much to it and it does to be like,what kind of foundations you can use for,your mattress and whats actually,covered so,all that stuff will be down there but,lets get into the comparison itself now,and were going to start with the one,and only thing these beds have in common,and thats going to be their firmness,level so in our test we found the,original casper mattress and the,original purple to be a medium a medium,firmness works pretty well for all,sleeper types back stomach side and,combination a medium works especially,well for combo sleepers because youre,going to be spending some amount of time,in more than one sleeping position,and it works really well for couples too,who might have some different,preferences on which position they like,to sleep in most,now im not going to say a medium is,going to work perfectly for everybody if,youre a strict side sleeper like me,theres a good chance youre going to,want something softer that gives you a,bit more pressure relief and if you are,a strict back or stomach sleeper theres,a good chance youre going to want,something firmer that has a little less,give which helps maintain spinal,alignment,this makes sense for these beds to be a,medium though because they are the,flagship mattresses and theyre trying,to appeal to the widest variety of,sleepers,so medium works pretty well for,everybody but it might not be perfect so,just keep that in mind as far as,similarities go though that is pretty,much all there is when it comes to,casper and purple lets get into their,key differences now and were going to,start with their construction and feel,theres quite a lot here to discuss,so one of the reasons the casper,mattress is so popular is that it has a,flat soft neutral foam feel that most,people enjoy when they lay down on it so,within this construction it has a layer,of dense support foam a layer of zone,support memory foam and then a layer of,what they call their airscape foam which,is a nice soft yet responsive foam,memory foam underneath will provide you,with some pressure relief,but the nice responsive nature of the,airscape foam means youre not really,going to get that sinking sensation you,might normally associate with a memory,foam mattress,probably nine out of ten people who lay,down on a casper think its pretty nice,it might not be exactly what youre,looking for in your next mattress but,again theyre just trying to appeal to,the widest variety of sleepers out there,and most people generally like casper,one construction element i do want to,mention for casper that is not available,with purple,is that the support layer can actually,be replaced with coils if you spend up a,little bit,having coils means the mattress is going,to be better for heavier individuals and,just provide you with a little extra,bounce to your mattress and more,long-term support and durability purple,does make hybrid mattresses like the,purple hybrid and the two versions of,the hybrid premiere,but those are pretty different,mattresses,most mattress brands when they make a,hybrid the bed is totally different but,with casper you literally just swap out,the foam for coils which i think is,pretty cool now i did mention the memory,foam layer within the casper mattress is,zone support,so the foam here is actually divided,into three separate sections with the,middle third being a bit firmer and the,outer thirds being a bit softer this,means you get a little more support in,the center third of your body where you,carry the majority of your weight and a,bit more pressure relief on the outer,thirds,so this is meant to keep your spine in a,more neutral alignment while you sleep,and its not common to see it in a,mattress this affordable,casper does make the nova hybrid and the,wave hybrid that feature a much more,advanced version of this zone support,design but i think its pretty nice that,they put it in the original regardless,so the bottom line is for the original,casper mattress just generally very,comfortable with some nice bells and,whistles with the optional coils,and the zone support layer lets move,over to talking about the construction,of purple now,and if youve been watching this channel,for a while if you know anything about,purple youll know that they use a,proprietary top layer called the purple,grid this stuff is made of a material,called hyperelastic polymer its,actually quite similar to something you,might find in a insole for your shoes,but just the size of an entire mattress,this stuff is really squishy responsive,and stretchy and it gives the purple,mattress a very unique gel like feel,its very unlike anything youve,probably ever tried on a mattress,now it seems like from our experience,the purple material is kind of divisive,people seem to either really love it or,they just think its a little too weird,and off-putting the 100 night trial,period is especially important for,purple me personally i think the purple,mattress is incredibly comfortable and,again very unique very unlike the,original casper mattress and even though,the airscape foam on the casper mattress,is noticeably breathable i will say the,purple grid specifically makes it really,nice for hot sleepers if you look at it,from the top down you can see that the,pur

Casper Select Mattress Review – Best Costco Mattress??

hey its bridgette a certified sleep,science coach and mattress expert here,at sleepopolis and today im going to be,reviewing the casper select mattress im,going to put this through a variety of,tests and let you know how it does on,our sleepopolis scorecard,but before we dive in here are some,quick facts you should know about the,casper select first off you can only get,it through costco with the costco,membership its 12 inches tall all foam,and has zone support which means it has,firmer sections of foam in certain areas,to help keep your spine aligned while,sleeping it has a medium firm feel that,props you up while youre sleeping but,still gives you some nice foam,cushioning you can either buy the casper,online through costco with shipping,included or go into the store costco,offers a 100 satisfaction guarantee and,the casper select comes with a 10 year,warranty it arrives compressed in a box,so id ask someone to help with setting,it up my co-worker emilia so generously,helped me as you can see here,now lets test for motion isolation,motion transfer is how movement carries,from one side of the bed to the other so,this is really important for anyone who,shares the bed with a partner or a pet,if youre sleeping over here you dont,want to feel them tossing and turning,over there so to test it out we use our,classic red wine test,i put a glass of wine on one side and,move around on the other to see how much,it moves it and these were pretty solid,results which isnt too surprising for,an all-foam bed overall id give the,casper select four stars for motion,isolation,next up is our edge support test edge,support is how well the perimeter of a,mattress supports weight so think if you,ever sit on the edge of the bed or you,sleep near it and you dont want to feel,like youre falling off this is also a,really great thing for couples because,you can use the full surface of the bed,to start the test i sat on the edge and,moved around up and down and i felt a,little bit of sinkage here then i laid,and moved around on the edge of the bed,and it was a lot more supportive laying,down and pretty impressive for an,all-foam mattress,so overall id give it four stars for,edge support,next up the pressure map test the,pressure map uses heat mapping,technology to show where pressures,building across my body when i lay on,the casper select so heres what you,need to know when youre looking at,these results blues and greens are good,and are showing low pressure oranges and,reds are bad and are showing high,pressure youre going to want to see low,pressure around your back hips and,shoulders if you sleep on your side or,back and when i lay on my back i saw,blue and green all throughout on my side,there was pretty much all blue and green,too with a touch of yellow forming on my,side,so overall i give the casper select five,stars for pressure relief for back,sleepers 4 stars for pressure relief for,side sleepers you may have noticed i,havent mentioned stomach sleepers its,not really about them when it comes to,pressure im going to cover them next,lets go over the different sleeping,positions and how they do on the casper,select every sleeping position is going,to want to have spinal alignment but,they need different things out of a,mattress to make that happen,stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to,keep their hips elevated and spine,aligned i consider the casper select to,be a medium firm to firmer bed so i,think some stomach sleepers weighing,under 250 pounds could do well but those,who weigh more than that will likely,want a firmer mattress id give it three,and a half stars for overall stomach,sleeping,side sleepers need some contouring,around their shoulder and hip and i,thought this did a pretty good job but,some side sleepers may want more,softness and sinkage around their joints,so id give it four stars for side,sleeping,while back sleepers need a comfortable,and supportive option and i think theyd,be happy on this so id give it five,stars for back sleeping,now lets test for responsiveness,response of this is how easy you can,move around on a mattress so this is,important especially for combination,sleepers or anyone who just wants to get,in and out of bed without a struggle,i dont feel stuck in the casper select,and can move around easily on it and,when i move into a new position i feel,like the bed adjusts well to this new,sleeping position,so i give the casper select 5 stars for,responsiveness,price is of course an important factor,and keep in mind mattress prices do,change a lot and this one specifically,requires a costco membership to buy it,but currently you can get the casper,select all faux mattress in a queen size,for about 750 dollars including shipping,and handling,right we have made it through all of our,tests so now i want to give the casper,select one final score along with the,different tests you saw in this video,im also going to use components like,its materials cooling abilities warranty,information and more to help give this,final score and when i add it all up and,crunch the numbers it gets a final score,of 4.13,out of 5.,alright i hope you found this review,helpful if you have any more questions,about this mattress other mattresses or,sleep products and accessories head over,to sleepopolis.com we also have sleep,health information there and coupons too,before you go hit that subscribe button,and ill see you next time,[Music],you

Original Casper vs Wave vs Nova Review (Which Casper Mattress Is Best?)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video we have a comparison of,the three main mattresses from the brand,casper were looking at how the casper,original stacks up to the upgraded,casper nova and the even more upgraded,casper wave they kind of have a good,better best model and were going to,talk about the key differences between,these three mattresses and which one you,might want to get for you and your,sleeping preferences if that sounds good,and you find the video helpful make sure,you give it a thumbs up and you,subscribe to the channel we appreciate,that a lot,and as always theres a ton of stuff in,the description to help you out with,your mattress search including our full,written reviews of all three of these,casper mattresses comparisons to other,popular beds some best lists and any,discounts were able to find to help,save you some money lets just dive,right into it by quickly running through,the policy information for casper and,since theyre all from the same brand,all the beds are going to be the exact,same when it comes to policies now,casper did send us these beds for free,so we could test them out and tell you,about them but should you get one for,yourself youre gonna start with free,bed in a box shipping now they even,managed to fit king size beds in these,boxes which is pretty remarkable the,embossing process is pretty quick and,easy to do,although i should mention that right,when you unbox a mattress it will,usually look a bit misshapen it might,have a bit of an odor to it and it might,take a couple days to fully inflate and,reach its proper firmness level this is,totally normal dont worry about it once,the bed arrives at your door you get a,hundred nights to sleep on the mattress,in the comfort of your own home to,decide if you actually like it if you,dont for whatever reason you can get,free returns and a full refund which is,pretty fantastic but should you decide,to keep any of these three beds they are,all backed by a pretty standard 10 year,warranty,now casper is one of the oldest online,mattress brands and they did sort of,help set these online mattress policies,so normally when we do a one-to-one,mattress comparison well usually talk,about what the beds have in common and,then talk about their key differences,but since were talking about three beds,i think itd be a little easier just,kind of talk about each bed individually,and talk about their differences as we,go so lets start with the most,affordable mattress which is the casper,original its their flagship mattress,and its one of the most popular beds,you can find online this bed is about 12,inches tall and uses three layers in its,construction now you have the option to,get this bed in an all-foam version or a,hybrid so at the bottom you have dense,support foam or pocketed coils depending,on which one you get and then in the,middle you have a layer of memory foam,that acts as a transition layer and then,on top you have a layer of what casper,calls airscape foam as the primary,comfort layer this is a soft neutral,feeling foam and it strikes a nice,balance between support and comfort its,much more responsive than a memory foam,but you still get some nice pressure,leaf from it as well the whole thing,adds up to give the casper original,mattress a soft neutral foam feel youre,going to hear me say that a lot in this,video,and the vast majority of people who lay,down on this mattress and all the other,beds from casper just think its,generally really comfortable,now if youre looking for a specific,type of feel in your mattress like a,dense sink and feel of a memory foam or,a more bouncy responsive feel of a latex,foam this isnt really that but it just,appeals to a really wide variety of,sleepers out there most people enjoy the,feel of a casper mattress which is one,of the reasons its so popular online,firmness-wise this bed is a flat medium,on our firmness scale which means its,going to be generally accommodating for,all sleeper types back stomach side and,combination casper is our main,definition of a medium firmness mattress,we actually use it to compare the,firmness to other mattresses that are,also around a medium and when it comes,to price the casper original is pretty,affordable which is again another reason,why its so popular the queen size has,an msrp of about 1100 bucks and that is,for the all foam version youre going to,spend up about 200 for the hybrid and,id say spending it for the hybrid is,worth it if youre heavier somewhere in,the 250 pound range because it just,provides more long-term support and,durability with those coils casper does,often go on discount make sure you check,down below in the description for that,overall its just a really comfy,accommodating affordable bed in a box,mattress that a ton of people out there,are probably going to like lets move,over to the casper nova mattress now and,talk about why you might want to spend,up to get this bed over the casper,original,and the biggest key difference between,the nova and the original is that the,nova is a lot softer and its more aimed,toward primary side sleepers,firmness-wise its around a medium soft,on our firma scale which means its,going to provide you with a ton of,pressure relief and as a primary side,sleeper myself i find this mattress to,be extremely comfortable,in terms of its feel it is very very,similar to the original casper although,i would say it has a bit more of a light,airy feel in comparison then the other,key difference lies in the construction,of the casper nova i didnt mention this,with the original but the original,mattress has a zone support design and,then the nova has a more advanced,version of that and basically the middle,third of the bed is going to be a bit,firmer while the outer thirds are going,to be a bit softer,this is designed to keep your spine in a,more neutral alignment while you sleep,and just provide you with more support,where you need it and more pressure,relief where you need it i do think,people who suffer from back pain might,be intrigued by the zone support design,in all three of these beds its,definitely more advanced with that zone,support pro in the casper nova you have,many layers of foam that are cut out in,specific ways to provide you with that,zone support if you look at the casper,original its just slightly firmer foam,in one layer now this probably isnt,something youre going to notice on a,nightly basis i think when you first get,the mattress and your body is adjusting,to it you will feel that difference in,firmness a little bit but its not,something thats going to really affect,the comfort level of the mattress,another thing i want to mention for the,nova in regards to it being different,than the original is that you actually,have the option to spend up to get the,nova snow which basically means its,going to sleep a bit cooler weve done a,whole video about the snow technology,and whether or not its worth it to,spend up to get it and well make sure,thats linked in the description if you,want to learn more about it but its a,pretty nice option to have when it comes,to price the casper nova is quite a bit,more expensive than the original for,queen size the msrp has said it right,about 2 000 bucks and we should have a,discount linked in the description to,save you some money on it and then the,last mattress we need to talk about is,the casper wave hybrid both the wave and,the nova are hybrid mattresses by,default and the biggest thing that sets,the wave apart from the nova and the,original is that it has zone support max,which is probably the most advanced zone,support system weve ever seen in a,mattress,at one point the casper wave is actually,endorsed by the american chiropractic,association for how well it can help,alleviate back pain it winds up on most,of our back pain related lists for that,reason if you look under the hood of the,mattress youll see that the foams are,cut out in very specific ways to provide,you with that zone support and

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