1. GETTING OUR DEN FURNITURE! + Styling our Decor 🙂 Castlery Unboxing
  2. My Unpleasant Experience With Castlery Singapore
  3. BEST SECTIONALS for Your Living Room – What to Look for, Where to Buy! | Julie Khuu
  4. EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER 2021 | 3 Day Transformation Ft. Castlery
  5. Trendy Home Items I Would Never Buy Again (brutally honest reviews ????)
  6. Castlery Adams Chaise Sectional Sofa – Assembly Unboxing and Review

GETTING OUR DEN FURNITURE! + Styling our Decor 🙂 Castlery Unboxing

[Music],i dont,[Music],know,hi friends how are you welcome back,to my channel for another house vlog it,is,saturday i woke up feeling like a kid on,christmas today is the day that all of,our din furniture gets here,i cannot wait to see it to,style it to just finish that whole room,make it cozy and cute and do it with you,guys so thats the main focus of today,and the main focus of this vlog,oh i cant wait uh the furniture is,gonna get here anytime between eight and,one,its coming from castlery which is one,of my favorite brands ill tell you more,about them we have some of their other,furniture and its the best but,since i could get here as soon as 8 i,wanted to wake up early,it is 7 7 30 right now and i pulled,all of our old furniture into my office,so this is what my office is looking,like right now,i need to try and see if i can,sell our old coffee table on facebook,marketplace and im keeping this half of,our old couch in my office so,no one wants half a couch so im gonna,see if anybody just wants it for free,if they just pick it up the other half,so i cannot wait im going to,work on that and it feels like christmas,i also wanted to say,if you guys arent subscribed and have,enjoyed this house content,i have so many projects and house vlogs,coming up soon along with some zip and,thrifts and some unboxing,so all the good stuff that i know people,enjoy and so i would love if you wanted,to subscribe and,officially be a part of this friend,group it means so much to me,im so cold i need to get under a,blanket because its so cold here in the,morning i just got a call from the,delivery that theyre gonna be here,like 8 20 30ish which is so exciting i,had no idea what time to expect i mean i,knew eight to one but like,in that time frame i didnt know so uh,thats in 20 30 minutes im going to,just do three minute makeup to look,decent for todays video nothing fancy,and then im gonna go set up the den for,them to get here,max and brooke are still sleeping so i,just told him im gonna close the door,im so excited im so excited boom i,think that was actually,two minute makeup getting getting that,down fast also i was wearing this,yesterday,which isnt a vlog that you will see,after this i had to film a couple vlogs,out of order,just due to when things get here and,sponsors and stuff so,i should probably put on fresh clothes i,got the den,all cleared out it feels so weird,its funny that spaces feel both larger,and smaller without furniture in it like,when you get furniture youre like whoa,it feels much bigger when you take out,furniture like whoa it feels so much,bigger,i think change just makes things feel,bigger but i want to tell you all so,the furniture were getting delivered,today is gifted from castlery so this,video is kind of in collaboration with,them its a gifting its not a,sponsorship but im so excited because,if you guys remember our dining table,and,mirror are from there ill show you so,brooke has one of the other chairs in,his office at the moment because he,doesnt,have an office chair but these chairs in,this table are from castlery,its called the theo table oh its on,sale right now,are the chairs might not be sold anymore,because ive had this for a while but,the theo table still for sure on the,site,it is the best table and then this,mirror we also got from cassellary over,a year ago and i love it its so high,quality and i love,the gold lip around the edge of the,mirror,funny story uh when we had to come get a,coaxial cable installed in our house,for cable and wi-fi the technician that,came over was literally in our house for,like three hours and as he was leaving,hes like uh,excuse me sorry one question wheres,your dining table from,and i told him i was like its from,castlery and it is the best it is so,high quality its so sturdy,and its just absolutely stunning it was,like castlery he wrote it down hes like,okay im gonna go get one,he was so excited they were online too,because they deliver and it was just so,cute,so i told him i was like im actually,getting my din furniture from them too,and im really excited about it oh my,gosh,theyre pulling off right now im so,excited,im gonna let this camera run i hope,its okay with them good morning,good morning how are you im doing good,yourself good thank you,everythings gonna go in this room so,yeah hello good morning,good morning how are you i like your,text,thank you of course,thank you no problem,no worries thank you,this will be your copy here take care,have a good,hope its day easy day thank you of,course,max is awake and hes very confused max,what do you think,what do you think about all these boxes,huh what do you think,it looks like we have this one is the,coffee table base,and then two couch boxes because its a,sectional,and then im assuming thats the coffee,table top and then,hardware probably one cool thing about,the sectional i got i cant wait to show,yall,is you can choose the hardware so i got,brass legs that are going to look so,good,with that lamp and,this mirror so ill incorporate all,those accents you can also get black and,silver i think so you can pick,the fabric if you want right facing or,left facing and then the,the leg the couch which is so cool i was,really excited about that,i cant wait to start opening these up,and showing yall whats inside,its gonna be so exciting,[Music],i am so excited to see the base of this,coffee table its called the cupid,coffee table and its the coolest thing,ive ever seen and ive been dreaming,about it and so now its the moment of,truth now its the moment of truth to,see it,are you so excited are you sure excited,here,yeah oh thank you champagne to celebrate,thats so sweet,pop the champagne but i gotta get the,saucy,can you get your scent im trying to,think,he was bringing me champagne to,celebrate how pretty this table is so,cool it has a glass top that goes over,it and then you put coffee,okay i want to start cutting into the,big boxes to,see the couch im so excited lets see,if im strong enough by myself or if i,need brooke,[Music],so its called the atoms sectional i,cant wait to show it to you,once its all set up but its kind of,hard to tell online like what the fabric,is going to be like,almost kind of like soft short fleece,like a very velvety kind of soft feel to,it,oh its so pretty oh and good this is,another thing i was wondering is if,the covers are removable because having,a dog,its a good thing to know it looks like,they are which is amazing,oh my gosh i love and look at how,pretty these legs are im going to,install them,like this here oh my word max agrees,this is gonna be so pretty for a couch,have you seen a couch,with legs like this,[Music],okay heres my progress i got all the,legs on,heres the chase here is the rest of the,sofa im gonna get it all into place,out on the cushions i am genuinely so,eager to see it in this space the thing,that im gonna figure out,is this wall basically about four feet,longer than the couch,so i think im going to center the couch,and then have some room,on the side of the chase or i can see if,i like the chase push all the way into,the corner but then the couch wont be,centered so i think im gonna center it,and see how the flow,feels and then we will have a nice,little like kind of hiding corner here,for me to put maxs toys which are,currently in this little toy box so i,think it should work out well lets do,it,[Music],okay i am loving the way that this looks,centered max also loves it because you,can see out the windows now,him checking out whats going on outside,is so cute but,im gonna get the cushions along to the,back and the sides then we can finish,building the coffee table for right here,i,have realized a round coffee table with,the sectional creates much better flow,which is why im so excited for it and i,love,these legs oh much i cant wait to style,this isnt that cushion,theres another back cushion excuse me,i love that theres these side cushions,because its perfect for laying down and,watching a movi

My Unpleasant Experience With Castlery Singapore

hi so in this video im going to be,talking about my very unpleasant,experience with caslery starting from,like the very very very beginning so as,you know like i just moved into this new,place and i was looking for furniture,for the first time in singapore because,its my first time having to buy,furniture and when i was looking besides,ikea i didnt really like any other,places or if i did like them then the,price was out of my budget until i found,caspari and their products were how i,wanted my items to look like and also,for a reasonable price which is why if,you watched my like furniture shopping,video i mentioned going to castlery and,how much i loved it and i loved,everything there because everything was,like very much my,aesthetic so i eventually made the,purchase for this table that im,currently sitting at and its an,extendable table i always wanted an,extendable table because homes in,singapore are not very big and so it,would be nice to have the table be small,and then like when i have guests over,then i can extend it bigger which is the,reason why i wanted an extendable table,and i found the one that i wanted which,is from casleri i made my purchase and,it said that it wouldnt come for,another i dont know maybe one or two,months whatever i dont really care i,dont really mind waiting for the,furniture im not in a rush to get my,furniture it doesnt really matter to me,right i just want to have good quality,furniture thats it so the table finally,came in january sometime and the,delivery team dropped it off they,assembled it for me and it looked okay,they asked me to inspect it before they,left so i could sign off on it that i,received it in perfect condition and,looking back they took quite a while to,assemble it and it was a team of two,people and i just felt like its almost,like theyre the end of the day for them,like whatever like the table looks fine,i didnt really like inspect inspect i,just like took a glance over i said okay,it looks good and i signed it off right,whatever my fault my fault completely,and then i really never noticed any,issues with the table ive extended and,retracted it a few times and it was fine,so i never really noticed any issues and,then i was like oh wow like i i like,that,you know that they assembled the,furniture for me so i dont really have,to do anything on like ikea where you,have to like build everything yourself,which sometimes is fun sometimes its,not so fun,so i decided to make a second purchase,because they were having a sale which,was like for every 800,you spend you get 50 off so i really,liked the couch,that i saw when i was there and the bed,frame and i havent been able to find,something similar,in a reasonable price range and so i,decided to get it and the total was like,three,nine,something something so its almost at,four thousand which is another eight,hundred dollars to get fifty dollars off,right and so i added on a cutlery set,the cutlery set was eighty something,dollars almost ninety so after the fifty,dollar discount its maybe 30 40,whatever right upon checkout theres two,delivery options either they can collate,all of the items that you purchase and,then send it all out on the same day,or you can get your items as they become,available so i chose the as they become,available option obviously the cutlery,set was available because its just like,this small,of course its available as opposed to,like a furniture item that they either,have to make or ship from overseas who,knows how they do their stuff i i really,dont know so i arranged for the,delivery of my cutlery set to be on,friday because i wasnt expecting to go,out on friday how they do their delivery,is that if im correct the state of,delivery time frame is between 10 am to,8 pm which is basically the whole day so,essentially you have to be home the,whole day or else you might miss your,order which i was fine with because i,was like okay im going i should be home,you know but then i all of a sudden had,last minute plans to go out which i know,i know this is also on me but by seven,oclock i still hadnt heard back from,casleri and im like okay theres only,one hour left like are they really going,to deliver my order right now like huh,so then i thought okay you know what let,me reach out to live chat service so i,asked the live chat service like hi is,it possible to reschedule my delivery,and then they said what time were you,supposed to receive your delivery i said,my delivery was supposed to come today,between ten to eight and its seven,oclock right now and it still hasnt,come like is it coming if not can i,reschedule it and then theyre like oh,our delivery team didnt reach out to,you and i said no and then they were,like okay were going to have to,escalate this and i was like okay but,like i need to go out so can i,reschedule my delivery and they said oh,you have to pay the restocking fee which,is i think 10,i cant remember its either 10 or 20,and im thinking to myself like either i,pay this restocking fee or i use the,money that i would have spent on paying,the restocking fee to just pay for my,cab so i can just cap down instead of,taking public transport which is what i,initially wanted to do so i asked them,like well can you tell me when my,delivery is going to be coming but she,couldnt even tell me that because she,said she couldnt contact the courier,she was still getting in contact with,them and i was here waiting like okay so,is my delivery coming or is it not,coming because its not coming how can,you try to charge me a restocking fee,that doesnt even make any sense and,then if it is coming can you tell me,when so i can make an informed decision,on whether or not i want to wait,or if i should just go first like youre,not telling me anything thats important,information and shes like one moment,please and i was like okay but how long,is the moment like how long do i have to,wait i literally waited for half an hour,it was almost 7 30. and then there was,like no follow-up from her i got a call,from the courier himself and he was like,oh im so sorry im coming now ill be,there in like 15-20 minutes but then the,live chat agent didnt even update me,that the courier was going to call me or,even message me because how can they,make sure that the courier actually,messaged me if they didnt even tell me,that the courier was gonna message me or,else maybe one of the courier didnt,message me and then i was just like left,in the dark like what kind of service is,that so then eventually he comes and he,drops it off and its like maybe i dont,know 7 45 now and im just like so upset,like you literally made me wait the,whole day i didnt leave my house the,whole day because i was thinking like oh,my orders gonna come my orders gonna,come but it didnt come until 7 45,whatever you know whatever that one i,will take some blame too because i did,schedule it for friday so its my own,fault that i had last minute plans but i,was still so upset so i messaged the,customer service feedback form or,whatever and i said like i explained the,situation and how unhappy i was and the,agent that responded to me said now this,is why i was upset the agent that,responded to my feedback said actually,next time if you let us know we can tell,the courier to leave your item in front,of your door so you dont actually have,to be home to accept small parcel,deliveries like that,this would have been helpful information,for me to receive from your live chat,agent why are you telling this to me now,after this whole ordeal has already,happened you should be training your,live chat agents to know this,information so they can relay it back to,me are you kidding me so youre telling,me i could have left taking public,transport and not have to pay the,restocking fee if only your agent was,informed enough to tell me instead of,mentioning that i had to pay a,restocking fee and then my other thing,about the restocking fee is that my item,is this small youre really going to,make me pay a re

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BEST SECTIONALS for Your Living Room – What to Look for, Where to Buy! | Julie Khuu

hi everyone welcome back to the channel,im julie and today i will be rounding,up the top sectionals of 2021 for you,while i have four sofas in my small,ranch style home when i was sick all i,was thinking about was you know i just,wanted a really deep loungy sectional to,curl up into and heal and recover i did,a ton of research i compiled this huge,list and whittled it down to my top,favorite sectionals some of these,sectionals ive sourced for my own,clients some has been high on my hit,list and my radar for some time now a,lot of these have really incredible,reviews from online and in-store,retailers and of course a bulk of it was,recommended from my own family and,friends if youve been looking for the,perfect sectional to suit your aesthetic,and needs this video is for you,[Music],you all know from this channel that i,have a huge affinity for sectionals i,love how the modular configurations can,work for any living room family room or,den i love how sectionals can be used to,help demarcate space and divide the room,into functional zones theyre especially,useful in open concept spaces you dont,lose precious real estate when every,corner of the room can be used for,seating you can host large parties,gather your family in one area theres,tons of videos that highlight my love,for sectionals,there are so many different,configurations for sectionals out there,from petite sectionals for smaller,studios and apartments l-shaped,sectionals sectionals with sheds lounges,u-shapes conversation pits even ones,with sleeper sofas built in so you can,host overnight guests on the fly but,before we get into my favorites lets,talk about fabrics the number one tip,for choosing an upholstery fabric is to,always consider your lifestyle and needs,do you have young kids and pets that you,need to account for look for easy to,clean low maintenance performance,fabrics that you can spot clean with a,wet cloth or even a lysol wipe which is,what i typically use for my sofas linen,is a natural breathable fabric great for,hotter and humid climates,polyester or poly blends is usually my,go-to choice since its more durable and,stain resistant than natural fabrics,poly blends can also include microfiber,or ultra suede,natural leather is great for pets that,shed since its so easy to wipe down but,some leathers show scratch marks so be,wary of that always get multiple samples,and bring them into your space for,lighting conditions to see how well they,mesh with your interior vibe touching,and feeling the fabric is so important,especially if youre purchasing online,lets dive right into my top sectionals,list of 2021 and this is in no,particular order starting with a crate,and barrel lounge sectional ive sourced,this sectional for my own clients ive,tested it out in store i mean its just,downright marvelous when the proportions,feel right you just know it this lounge,sectional features deep low seats super,soft fiber down blend back cushions that,you can just sink into it has slim,modern track arms you can specify it,with shez options bumper options with,the u-shaped configuration this is my,personal favorite a left or right arm,facing armless loveseat theres over 90,different fabric options and colors so,theres something for everyone,the west elm haven sectional i know so,many people who have this sectional and,for good reason its so comfortable you,can customize it with a full skirted,base wood legs,metal legs deep chest sectional ends a,terminal chest sectional double wide,chest l-shaped wedge theres so many,options,i especially love the haven loft 3p,sectional this sectional from west elm,features plush seats the tapered wood,legs give it a mid-century vibe but the,metal legs give it an industrial vibe,the skirted base can feel modern and,contemporary in any type of setting,its one of those shapes that really go,with any interior style,moving on to the joy bird elliott,sleeper sectional i love that it has a,mid-century modern vibe and a full,pull-out sofa tucked right in you cant,even tell that its a sofa bed by day,its a loungy sectional with a,comfortable chest feature and by night,you can host sleepovers,it comes in 18 different fabrics and,color options with velvets pet friendly,upholstery and safeguard treatments,next we have the cb2 piazza sectional,one of the key features of this,sectional is end piece you can specify,no backs so its great for open concept,layouts that need that functionality you,can hop in from one room and out the,other quite easily its long lean and,super deep and i love that its low to,the floor its great for young kids so,its easy for them to climb onto the,back cushions are a down blend the frame,is made of sustainable hardwood,the drawback is that it only comes in,two fabrics,the white polyester linen blend which is,my personal favorite,and the new espresso brown velvet,moving on to wayfair wayfarer is an,endless endless treasure trove of,sectionals but i have managed to whittle,it down to my ultimate favorite for,small spaces i love the wayfarer jasper,velvet sofa and chez its so chic and,has plenty of space for four the velvet,fabric is soft and comfortable the chest,is deep and loungy the seat cushion,covers are removable so theyre easy to,launder when soiled i love the dark and,moody colors it looks perfect against,lighter walls and it helps to anchor a,living space,it also features metal legs that make,small spaces appear lighter without a,full skirt,ill also be linking some great,substitutions from wayfair below if you,love this style and shape but deep,velvet jewel tones might not be your,thing,next we have anthropologys relaxed,saguaro sectional anthropology while,always beautifully designed is really a,hit or miss with the reviews youll find,some who absolutely love i mean five,star rave about these sectionals and,youll find those who have negative,things to say i always read the negative,reviews first so i know what users are,griping about sometimes the negativity,is warranted and relevant but sometimes,they just dont apply to you i love this,aguaro sectional for its relaxed and,casual look it has down filled cushions,sloped arms and the low back is great,for interiors especially ones with low,ceilings and a wood frame base,it comes in two different sizes five,different fabrics 19 different color,options and two different wood leg,colors,next we have the r house kipton,sectional if youre unfamiliar with our,house our house is an incredible brand,theyre founded in 1986 on,environmentally conscious beliefs our,house is committed to creating heirloom,quality pieces that can be passed down,for generations they create unique and,functional furniture from recycled,natural resources and theyre committed,to never using wood from rainforests,that are endangered which is of course,great for the environment,this kitten sectional is available in a,wide range of configurations i love the,plush padded cushions the contemporary,thin sleek arms the rounded tops and you,have over 102 designer upholstery fabric,options to choose from they offer two,seat depths the petite 40 inch deep,which is actually quite deep or super,duper loungy 44 inch deep,our house is fabulous and a little bit,on the higher end side but i have,clients who have sourced their sofas and,sectionals and constantly rave about the,quality and the comfort next we have six,pennies neva sectional this sectional,comes in a variety of modular,configurations you can have a shed,sectional l shape or u shape so you can,build it according to the size and shape,of your room i love the loose slip cover,design it feels very european french,country,the frame is kiln dried hardwood,the legs are made of solid rubber wood,and this sectional boasts the fluffiest,comfiest super soft cushions and,seatings the cushions are removable so,they can be laundered when soiled you,can specify feather down for ultimate,luxury or polyfill for those with,allergies,it comes in 25 different fabric options,i mean if you read th

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EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER 2021 | 3 Day Transformation Ft. Castlery

welcome to the second room makeover in,our new house,i am so excited to be taking on this,room it was previously an office and im,excited to give it a new life,as a den sitting room for our family,heres what it looked like on moving day,okay and here is the current state of,this room,im trying to show you a before when we,first bought the house and then where,things have been for the last few weeks,basically whats been dumped into each,room,this actually just got dropped off so,im gonna have to move that back out i,wanted to see it in the space first,but i also want to show you how dark,this room is and how big of a difference,i think this paint is gonna make in here,disregard all the mess happening,everywhere here and there,but this room is right off of our front,door it has two windows so you would,think itd be brighter in here some of,thats the paint color some of thats,just where these windows are in the,house,but what im really hoping for and why,im most excited to paint this room is,that,i think it will get a lot brighter in,here today i have a little bit of free,time,all my girls are with my dad for the day,my goal of the day ive never had to,paint nine foot ceilings,so i got to get the ladder up here my,goal for the day is to get this wall,done,because ive had these bookcases sitting,in here for,weeks and nowhere to put them so im,going to try them in this room but i,didnt want to attach them to the wall,before i painted it and have to take,them off so we need to start by,clearing this room out its basically a,domino effect if i want to get anything,done i have to start here,[Music],okay check this out felt like it was,finally time to step up my painting game,so i got an 18 inch roller,so hopefully this removes a little,quicker im not excited because they are,nine foot ceilings,and ive never had to do that im not,get the ladder out check this out this,is uh,which pops in the end like that,that is so nice ooh and for those of you,complaining that i need a pole,i now have a hole and a big roller,and of course for a big roller you need,a big,paint pail pin what are these called,today we are painting with this is,swiss coffee by bear but i just had it,color matched at lowes purely because i,didnt want to drive all the way over to,where it actually is,[Music],so,[Music],its nice because its covering a lot,more space,quickly obviously but the edge of the,ruler is leaving,a lot of line so like a lot of that,extra paint line that you can have to go,over,one time and flatten it out its not,my favorite thing thats what im doing,youre not just painting really weird,im trying to flatten out those lines,that its giving it,[Music],[Music],i was actually really surprised by these,walls you would think that it would take,a lot to cover this dark color but it,only took two coats and then a few,touch-ups here and there,its a little loud because ive got a,couple fans blowing around right now i,dont know if you can tell in the camera,its crazy,how much brighter and how different it,feels in this room,its crazy i love it changes the whole,vibe of the room,i should note that normally i would,start by cutting in the walls doing the,sealing line the corners anything with,the paintbrush but today i was,not feeling it i didnt want to get up,there if i didnt have to to be honest,it just sounded exhausting so i did it,in reverse order,okay i took a big break i cant work as,fast as i usually,do this baby feels like it slowed me,down i took a long break had some lunch,and i walked back in here and i just so,excited because,the light is coming in and it is so,pretty and peaceful in here this is,exactly what i was hoping for,yes i only have like one and a half ish,walls done,and im gonna see how much more i can do,today before i just call it,call it a day and work on something else,[Music],okay lets do some of the fun parts,unboxing i have to say a big thank you,to,this video sponsor castlery all the,furniture got here sooner than i was,planning which is a good thing,but thats why youll see me jump back,to the red room for a minute,a little bit about them castle recreates,furniture with great designs at,accessible prices without compromising,on quality,their products are created to be stylish,comfortable,functional and they really are weve had,them for a few weeks now and i,love i love this furniture their designs,feature a fusion of elements from,mid-century to contemporary,and are created in-house and in,collaboration with award-winning,international designers so if youre,looking for some gorgeous,easy to assemble furniture castlery is,it you can see me unboxing here,everything was packed so well,and all i had to do was just pop the,legs on so i will take that,any day youve seen me assemble a lot of,furniture in these videos,this was very easy a few other perks to,note is that they do,free fabric swatches flat rate shipping,they have a,14 day return policy and warranty,coverage so all the good things that you,want you need,i dont want to spoil the reveal later,but after we do this,unboxing i want to show you a little bit,about what i ordered,i really needed some seating for this,room and i wanted it to be,a comfortable place to have,conversations to hang out or for the,girls to play there,but i still wanted to look nice like i,wanted this to be my light airy,nice like moms room if you will like,this is the room that i,pictured in my head and these are all,such high quality stylish,pieces that they just fit in so well i,was reading through the reviews when i,was ordering,um for the chairs that youll see here,or that you just saw,and it was just all positive so i knew,with the color,and the style i could not go wrong with,this furniture they actually had,some really great color options that,made it very hard to choose,but since i knew i wanted to go light in,here this is our love seat this is the,pebble loveseat weve already had a,handful of people over and everyone has,commented on,this furniture asked where it is from or,how comfortable it is saying how,comfortable it is,i really love the round back and the,black legs you see,the pebble style comes with the brass,caps on the end,you can see a little close-up of the,fabric here it feels really nice,i just love this so much and in the,reveal later i will show you more about,all the pieces and how they work,together i really feel like they are,what makes the room what i didnt,realize is how well they were going to,match this rug and youll see that later,i had the rug,way before the furniture and both of the,pieces ended up matching perfectly to,the colors in here one pulls from the,light,one pulls from the dark gray and i was,just so excited i was originally,planning on putting the chairs in our,living room which is why i set them up,in there,but after a while i tried them in this,room i saw them there and i was like,these have to go here i sat on this room,for a while because i wasnt sure what i,wanted to do but as soon as i,tried one of the chairs in here i got,the entire idea in my head of,i know what i want to do how i want this,room to be set up and i couldnt believe,that all the colors went so well,together,the final piece that you saw a little,glimpse of is the coffee table which i,think is my favorite part,its what i saw that sparked my idea to,like,lighten and brighten this room and kind,of go for like a slightly boho slightly,traditional vibe if you will i dont,know much about styles but,i think thats what this is um i feel,like that,the wood tones on the table are what,pulled this room together so i love that,i had a chance,to bring in some new and then use some,of the things that we already had around,the house,and find places for them in this room,and feel like they finally have,a home i will link all of my castle,pieces down below and of course ill,give you a closer look again at the end,with the final review,thanks again to caslery for sponsoring,[Music],[Applause],i like to mention this as often as i can,wh

Trendy Home Items I Would Never Buy Again (brutally honest reviews ????)

what are people called to make shelves,woodsmen,no craftsmen they actually have a name,lumber,lumberman what was jesus carpenter,hey friends hey fam whats poppin,i hope you guys are doing so super well,today,or as well as you can be during these,crazy times,and taking care of your friends your,family your heart,and your mind above all things my name,is janae,and i typically post home decor and,lifestyle videos,right here on the top and today we doing,some of that,we doing some of that we doing home,decor,i thought it would be kind of fun to,just go around the house,and give you guys a six month review on,the items that i have purchased since,moving and some of these items are like,instagram,trendy items um others were just dupes,that i found,more expensive pieces and quite a few of,them are,splurge items that i um just saved up,for,and ball hard you know i balled hard,but i just want to make sure that you,guys know,that anything that i am sharing my,opinions on if it is a negative,opinion i do not want it to come across,as if i am ungrateful,for the items because there are some,items in this video that were,gifted um or maybe it was with a,sponsored campaign,i do not take that lightly and i also do,not take you spending your money,lightly either especially if you are,trusting me,um with recommendations i just always,want to keep it 100 with yall i want,you to know whats up,and thats it there is no like you know,malice here,is that the right way to use malice if,its your first time here or you havent,been here in a while,this is what my room is looking like,right now so weve got the bed area,this office area um which used to be my,closet,and then this little seating area so we,have a few things i want to,give a review on in here first,being this bed i got a really great deal,on this,and granted i am single and have not had,anything going on because quarantine and,also im pure,hey mom um but there,um hasnt been much like action going on,in the bed but it is really sturdy,um im a thicker girl and havent had,any problems with it,um and you know i like to be ridiculous,sometimes and dance on the bed,and literally havent heard it crack or,creak stays in place,um my mattress doesnt move on it it,definitely passes the test,i would recommend it to my most loved,one,these faux marble tables sorry if youve,seen me talk about these quite a few,times,but these were definitely a worthwhile,investment they were a knockoff to an,expensive west,elm piece but they have held up nicely,um i mean i use them oh is that a,sort of snack oh yeah i had some animal,crackers,theres some minor scratching that i,think might have been on it when they,arrived but,i dont really mind that um yeah,definitely would recommend to a family,or friend,absolutely the actual bedding sheets the,duvet,insert and the duvet cover i purchased,from parachute home,and ive worked with them as a client,before but i bought these on my own,because i really do,love their products however i will say,i had white bedding that i got from um,amazon dont drag me but that i got from,amazon and i absolutely loved that,too like i dont really see that big of,a difference,except for these sheets truly do,get softer with every wash i feel like,if youre gonna splurge on bedding,maybe splurge on something like linen,bedding,like i wouldnt probably buy that again,this was,not a splurge this was a knockoff very,cheap rug,so the look yes cute she really brings,the room together,i love it but the actual feel,i mean this beach this beach crusty,okay its kind of rough on your feet not,the best,feeling ive gotten used to it now,because i really didnt want to splurge,on a cute rug for the bathroom,i just feel like so many things can go,wrong in the bathroom so,now to this i bought this from article,even though ive partnered with them,i just bought this myself pros first pro,the material is very um textured,meaning like if you did spill something,on it ive,when ive spilled something on it it has,come out really easily,it came in one piece love that great,delivery shipping experience,sitting on it i mean i sit on it,would i buy it again no i would not,spend my money on this again,i next time would just save up,for like a comfortable,um reading chair this is definitely more,like,youre sitting and waiting for your,doctor to come tell you you can come,back,you know what i mean like youre okay,but youre not living the life,moving on what else is in here that i am,oh all right now were going to be,talking big,money um saved up big time for this one,and would i do it again no i wouldnt,there is no denying this mirror is,absolutely,gorgeous however i searched really hard,for,dupe for a long time and i cant wasnt,able to find one that seemed pretty,comparable to this one,and then of course after i purchased it,a few months later,someone on instagram sent me a dm and,they found,a dupe to this mirror and it is gorgeous,and it looks,very similar its a little bit smaller,but it gives the same look same effect,and um is half the price,so i wouldnt buy that again no i would,get the dupe moving on,to the little closet office area,everything mostly in here,was gifted um from my partnership with,etsy to put this together,however i did purchase this chair and,all i will say is that i bought this,brand new,full price i would not do that again,because that was like in the peak,of quarantine when no stores were open,but recently i went thrifting for the,first time,in los angeles and i cannot tell you,how many of these chairs i saw,that were used and significantly less,than what i paid for this chair,and i would highly recommend trying to,thrift a cane,chair um and just save your coin zombie,and new if i was spending my own money i,would absolutely buy that desk,even though it was a gift i would pay,full price for something like that,just because its so unique and hangs,from the ropes,um and he has an floating desk and it,fits the entire length of my office,space,then again you can also go to lowes and,they will custom cut the wood for you,and then if you want to finish that wood,and stain it yourself a great way to,save money,okay we are downstairs now and theres,quite a few items,im really excited to just give my,thoughts about after,six months if you havent seen before,this is our kitchen area i say our i,have,two roommates the first thing that was a,splurge,are these shelves just very brief,backstory,i did have some ikea shelves that were,up there,and they were cheap they were the,affordable option,and they also came crashing down,in the night when one of my roommates,was actually in the kitchen,and literally it could have snatched her,life so,i do not recommend going the cheapest,route when it comes to shelves,but i ended up investing then in some,shelves on etsy,from what are people called to make,shelves woodsmen,no craftsmen theyre going to have a,name lumber,lumberman what was jesus carpenter dont,carpenters make wood,this is who is conversing with me right,now shes useless,woodwork i like that would i,recommend this to a loved one absolutely,these jars,not a splurge they were from ikea and,they have like a bamboo,lid um and they do have suction on there,to keep your food fresh,i would buy these again great price um,and they work my food has stayed fresh,and i havent had any problems and these,little stickers will be linked down,below,this dish rack that was a splurge item,because you can get a dish rack for ten,dollars,would i buy it again personally yes,because,i love the look of it functionality wise,not the best you can really only fit,about,five dishes on there which forces you to,put your dishes away if youre someone,like me who is a,lazy i havent spoken much about,this,kettle yet because i think im now only,at month,two of owning it this was 100 in,overpriced splurge um,so you have been warned okay she pricey,she bougie,it heats up your water i think in under,20 seconds if its not 20 seconds its,15,something crazy like that um and,

Castlery Adams Chaise Sectional Sofa – Assembly Unboxing and Review

hi so recently bought a lounge sectional,sofa from,castlery and i want to give you an idea,of how big the boxes are how it comes,shipped,so uh ill have an end to end of you,know the assembly,so here you see the two big boxes the,big boxes,are five and a half feet so you see is,55,60 inches and width-wise theyre three,feet,and height is one and a half feet,so you could see the two boxes there,theyre pretty huge but manageable what,i have here is the boxes open,you could see they are covered in cloth,so this is one of those l-shaped sofas,which youll see,at the end as i assemble it where the,shipment,comes sort of covered youll have a very,thin sort of cloth that covers it all,around,and let me go ahead and you know take it,out of the box,and show you a little bit uh up close,now the cloth cover here does have a,zipper,you can see that the zipper there all,you have to do is pull the zipper all,the way across,so it goes through the entire length of,basically the sofa seat,so im going to lift up the cover here,and unveil the,lounge piece of the sofa so what you see,here is a lot of the cushions,that are packed right into the sofa,itself,so keep in mind that this these,particular sofas that they they sell on,the internet is,designed to be shipped in such a manner,so,you know theyre fairly well protected,in the sense that uh you know their,that thats their complete intention is,to sell the sofa,through the internet so so there will be,the freight shipping thats involved,so what you see there is not a tear it,is just simply uh,tape so so that that was actually a,little bit of a relief for me when i,first saw that too,so you could see this is the lounge,slash a chase version,uh or section of the sofa,so the other view im going to give you,here panning out is right next to the,other box,so just to give you a sense of just how,big these boxes are,you know so you could have a gauge,of you know one section and then the,second section which is the main seating,piece of the sofa itself,and i do want to zoom in here and give,you a sense of the,fabric so it is nice soft,cushiony fabric here and just zooming in,giving you a little bit of the texture,so you have an idea of the texture and,the quality here,and the seams that are running on the,armrest,the legs and hardware does come in a,separate box two smaller boxes,four legs for each section you can see,here that they are very sturdy and very,thick,theyre all metal here so let me go,around and,give you a 360 degrees view of the,hardware,you can see there is the plastic sliders,along the way,now this particular one lets you choose,three different styles,for the legs and i got these gold legs,here,that are pure metal you can see the,hardware also comes with it,so it has basically four screws,per leg and there is the hex screws,and then also you know your normal,screws also comes with,the hex wrench allen wrench,and the screws to fasten it,each bolt has two preset mounting holes,on the base of the furniture itself that,lets,you straighten and align the legs,now once the two bolts are aligned what,you do is you take,two other screws and you fix the,position of the legs,in place,so you see for these legs i have the two,bolts and the two screws,which fastens it up pretty tightly in,place and its,very uh heavy duty and it doesnt shift,now what i would recommend,is that you also buy these um,felt pads for the legs themselves so,that you can easily,shift and move the sofa without,scratching,wood floors i have the chase and lounge,portion of the sofa flipped over so you,could see,if i could get this into focus here so,so you could see,uh that aspect or that section,now there is the connector you could see,sticking out there,theres like these alligator teeth,and once you push the other section in,it grabs it and and it keeps on,continuing to push it in now let me,unveil the other side of this sectional,so just removing the protective cloth,from this piece,you could see theres the cushions and,also the,corner there that rounds out the armrest,so just to give you an idea side by side,now what im going to do is,just simply put on the legs and also,show you the connector piece,so ive put the legs on and im going to,zoom in here to the connector piece so,you can see the connector piece is,triangular here,and it goes into the allocated teeth,of this fixture and this releases,so if i just leave it alone you can,continue to push it,in and then it goes in tighter and,tighter however,on this particular button here if i push,it together,it will actually release so you could,see that it releases there,so thats how this mechanism works you,know these two things might release it,right there but if you leave it alone,and you just keep on pushing it tighter,and towards each other itll clamp down,and become tighter and tighter so there,wont be,much of an air gap for that reason,now heres a final look of everything,put together and this can be done,in less than an hour and at most an hour,because its pretty simple,its just a couple of screws for the,legs and then,just uh you know putting the connector,piece,and even the connector piece is,pre-assembled,so just uh you know pan out and give you,an idea of just how big it is,and the original two boxes that it came,in with,so um you know im very pleased with it,and also just,the quality of it and how it was shipped,now it was shipped via freight so,sometimes they might,just leave it in your driveway if you,have a house,definitely if you have an apartment they,will not bring it up that is not,part of the shipping so just keep that,in mind if youre in an apartment they,wont bring it up,and even if youre in a house they,likely will not bring it inside the,house they will leave it outside,somewhere so you do want to make sure,youre there to receive it in case its,raining or if its bad weather,but thats really it i just want to give,you an end to end view from basically,delivery in the box,assembly and then also just the quality,of it,and i hope this helps and please,subscribe and support this channel and,thank you for watching,yes,you


[Music],hey you guys welcome back to my channel,or welcome if you are new if you are new,my husband and i recently moved and,weve been filming a ton,of home decor videos unpacking,organizing so make sure you go ahead and,subscribe and check out all the videos,ive already posted i am so excited,because we recently got all of our,furniture delivered from castlery if you,guys dont know about castlery let me,put you on theyre a modern furniture,company that create a story for every,room in your home and they craft modern,furniture thats super timeless but they,also use the highest quality raw,materials to create pieces that are,built for longevity and multi-purpose,use,and the best part as its a direct to,consumer brand without middlemen theyre,able to extend honest pricing and,affordability to their customers we were,so drawn to cassery not just for the,amazing quality the fair pricing but,just the overall look and i am dying to,show you guys how stunning it looks,because we really werent sure how we,were gonna style our living room its,kind of just this big open room and we,werent we werent sure how to deal with,it in terms of decor but im so,happy with how we ended up setting it,all up these castlery pieces are,gorgiana,so im going to show you guys the flow,of the living room show you guys these,pieces um we got pieces for our living,room and for my office so well head up,there afterwards but i havent showed,you guys officially the living room,setup yet so,this is the sneak peek im like this,deserves its own video this deserves not,just to be in a vlog this deserves a,whole hgtv vibe of a video so lets go,ahead and get into our little living,room tour and show you guys how i styled,our castlery furniture i love this i,already showed you guys an overview of,the room so lets kind of break it down,this wall is my favorite,favorite wall so,first here weve got the adams arm,chair and when i tell you guys i just,want to curl up in this,and read a book these two pillows that,come on the side are perfection i dont,even feel like i need like a throw,pillow on this im a throw pillow queen,i love them as is which says a lot for,me its the perfect depth like its not,crazy deep where you youre not gonna be,able to stand up but its a depth where,you can really like curl up get cozy get,comfortable and it still looks really,sleek i think what ultimately really,drew us to castlery for furniture,because we knew when we moved that we,wanted to find furniture that was like,really permanent and really fit the vibe,of the home and what were going for so,we wanted to go with kind of a,mid-century modern meets cozy which has,become you know me and my husbands,style we love minimal neutral,a little bit of that mid-century modern,but like i said i have to keep it cozy i,gotta be cozy this is my house so we,went ahead and paired this wall here,with some artwork,just some decor pieces and then a little,bit of a side table,so for the fabric in this room we chose,the pearl beige,love the pearl beige fabric it is just,like a little bit textured i feel like,this is going to be great for living you,know especially as were looking to,start a family hopefully soon,we didnt want to go with anything like,white in here the pearl beige is perfect,its got a little bit of texture a,little bit of different tones in it and,then on here it has these stunning brass,legs we love having little pops of gold,in the house so weve got a lot of,neutral tones little pops of gold or,brass a little bit of woodsy tones and,we just felt like that was gonna be a,perfect flow so weve got one chair on,this side of the room and now lets flip,flop so now on the opposite side of the,room we went ahead and paired the other,chair perfectly parallel across the room,to the other one i love that kind of,flow to the room like i was trying were,trying so hard to figure out like should,they be tight like so it was kind of,more square with the couch should they,be pushed back and we found that pushing,them back really kept the space open and,theres still two points of entry on,each side of the couch i just cant wait,to have some guests over and they can,curl up and we can all watch a nice,movie so now lets get into the main,favorite point for me this gorgeous owen,shays,sectional sofa,i have been missing in my life,a chaise lounge,oh like just,im living the dream in this shade,i miss having a chaise lounge so much i,had talked about it before um i dont,even care how bad this angle is for me,right now because im comfy so i always,grew up having a shades like my mom,loved sectionals we always had a chaise,lounge uh and it was my favorite place,to curl up and watch tv so i knew,when we were gonna move here i was like,i need a shades i need me a sectional so,when i saw this one at casper i was like,ooh chefs kiss stunning so we also got,the pearl beige i like things to match,its just my vibe here but one of my,favorite details that i noticed with,castlery with the chairs and with the,couch these pieces here,are built into the couch like theyre,not going to move like they go down into,the sides of the cushions so youve got,this really comfortable built-in armrest,and i like that it feels like i can,truly rest my arms and get really comfy,so weve got a nice depth here but its,not like so massive and oversized that,it takes up a ton of the room youre,still going to get that comfort youre,still going to get that nice seat depth,on the other parts of the couch but its,also not going to like take up your,whole space and we did walnut stain on,the legs so,listen this was all very thought out in,terms of the color palettes of this room,the side tables that we have match our,floor the walnut stains of the legs of,the couch match our favorite,uh mirror in here so everything flows,and has a tie we love the little gold,pops we love the pops of the warm wood,we have the gray wood with the floor,and that way its kind of a nice,contrast not everything is the exact,same tone and color but it still looks,really beautiful together and very,timeless i feel like the castlery pieces,are gonna look good no matter what time,frame were in and i love going neutral,with the color because if i ever want to,switch out the decor maybe maybe someday,i wont be a neutral queen and ill want,pops of color who knows thats our,living room flow,obsessed now i cannot wait to show you,guys some leather,stunning moments up in my office lets,go alright lets head into my office,space now,i am in love,with the way that this room turned out,and again i was having a very hard time,figuring out how i wanted to style,things and then the cast story got,delivered and it all just kind of came,together so im going to show you guys,the pieces in here that just make my,heart swoon so first up weve got two of,the madison leather arm chairs,they are gorgeous,like i cannot rave about them enough and,then i paired it with the esther,bookshelf in tall,and this is gorgeous like this is even,more gorgeous than it looked online and,it was even beautiful online so,the details are just stunning so i love,the way the colors flow together again,were really big on like the wood look,with a little pop of brass,and the marble detailing is crazy like,the quality is so good thats why i love,this in my office because it has a,little pop of glam and you guys know i,love a spot for trinkets home decor,trinkets uh this is great for a filming,backdrop for me but its also just super,aesthetic it gives me that office vibe,you know well probably add a little bit,more in time but as of right now this is,what i have styled on it like i love,decorative objects i love you guys know,ive been obsessed with this lamp its,kind of tortoiseshell look but yeah,were just keeping it nice and neutral,and minimal so weve got the classy gold,medal frames this beautiful dark walnut,and the marble the perfect trio of color,and then moving over into,this,madison leather armchair how i love her,i do have an accent pill

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