1. CBDfx Gummies – 1500mg – Review | CBD oil | CBD oil for anxiety | CBD for sleep | CBD gummies | CBD
  2. CBDFx Review – ???? The End Of CBD Fx Reviews
  3. CBDFx CBD Vape Juice Review
  4. CBDfx Gummies Unboxing | CBDfx Gummies Honest Review – Are They Really Worth It?
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CBDfx Gummies – 1500mg – Review | CBD oil | CBD oil for anxiety | CBD for sleep | CBD gummies | CBD

[Music],on the table,hello my name is lee from sportscbds.com,and today,im going to be reviewing cbd gummies by,cbd fx,where are they,here mate,thank you cbd gum is by cbdfx,enjoy,[Music],before we get into the review if you,wouldnt mind,liking commenting and subscribing to the,channel it would be really appreciated,so you wont miss any video whenever,they are made,also head to sportscbds.com,for the latest health and fitness news,workouts,recipes health and fitness news,do you need any cbd for your,post-workout requirements,then head to the sports cbd store now we,also do under armour clothing,yoga clothing and yoga accessories also,now lets get to the review yesterday,i finished my cbd capsule so today,marks the opening and unboxing of my,cbd fx gummies with turmeric and,spirulina,ill be doing a review shortly but i,wanted to catch on camera first,my reaction to actually taking him for,the first time as you can see,sealed for freshness well get into the,details in a bit but first of all lets,give one a try,[Music],flavor of this is very nice and sweet,very very large on the palette its not,too hard but very soft as well so,virtually melt in your mouth but anyway,that tasted good its a first impression,now on to the review,so what we have here is cbd fx,gummies now these are,turmeric and spirulina flavor obviously,youve heard of turmeric,and you would have probably heard of,spirulina but if you havent,spirulina is a anti-inflammatory and,anti-oxidant so that has this in as well,as turmeric,and cbd also,it just tastes like a sweet it doesnt,taste like strawberry orange or anything,like that it just tastes like a random,sweet to be fair i dont really know,where let me just try one now again let,me just see,it could taste sweet like an old school,sweet that your granddad used to give,you back in the day,very nice indeed what i like about these,is is the fact that they are soft,theyre not like normal wine gums that,are quite sort of hard,on the palette they are theyre quite,soft and they,i dont chew them i just sort of let,them melt on my tongue theyre not like,a skip,or anything like that but what they are,like is them theyre very soft,kind of like jelly to be fair and i just,like to suck them sort of like a,lozenger,but um theyre nice the flavor is not,harsh or anything like that as you can,see,ive been using these now for a couple,of weeks and,personally i dont actually have to,sometimes have two if ive had like a,bit of a,hectic day or whatever and i just want,to make sure that i go sleep and i dont,have any issues,i have two of these and then i dont,have any issues waking up in the night i,sleep through,and i feel okay in the morning normally,i just have one a day,because one of these tablets,is the same dosage as the capsules that,i reviewed previously,if you click on the suggested box above,that will pop up and you can watch that,if you would like,so these are quite strong to be fair,generally speaking i only take,the one before bed sometimes two which,is the recommended dose,[Music],the strength of the bottle is 1500,milligrams,now that is quite a strong amount to be,fair its not strong,its medium to strong each individual,gummy consists of,30 milligrams of hemp extract 25,milligrams of,cbd 25 milligrams of turmeric extract,and 10 milligrams of spirulina extract,so the recommended dose for this,is two gummies,we have organic cane sugar organic agave,syrup,organic tapioca syrup purified water,emulsifier pectin acidity regulators,trisodium citrate citric acid turmeric,extract,spirulina extract and hemp extract its,only suitable for,adults aged 18 plus,the gummies contain no animal gelatine,no artificial,sweeteners and no corn syrup if youre,pregnant,breastfeeding or under medical,supervision consult your doctor before,use,you get 60 gummies per bottle,which equals 30 servings,i think the presentation is good i like,the labeling i like the gummies,i like the bottle i love the logo,its got all the information you need on,it as i say ive used these guys before,and i think theyre very good theyre,one of the best cbd,companies around,[Music],would i say these are value for money i,would definitely say yes they are value,for money,these retail at 49.99,which again does sound pretty pricey but,at the end of the day you get a months,worth but what i do is i take,half of the dosage a day less so youre,pretty much getting two months worth in,one bottle,so you could say cost 25 pound a month,if thats where you want to look at it,but again with regards to getting your,daily cbd,this works absolutely fine this is the,only cbd im taking at the moment,sleeps been fine trainings been fine,so ive got no hold-ups there,would i buy these again definitely i,think next time what im going to do is,im going to try a different flavor,because each different,cbd gummy flavor these guys do has,different extracts in it,i wanted to try this one with the,turmeric and the spirulina because of,obviously the,properties that these have obviously,turmeric is good for inflammation as,well,if you wanted to get hold of these you,can click on the sports cbd store if you,scroll down,the cbd fx logo is about the second one,down i think,click on that and it will go to all,their products and scroll down the page,and youll see all the cbd gummies they,have so check that out if youre,interested,alternatives for this product would be,youve got your cbd dropper,which is in the tincture obviously from,this brand or another brand,obviously doses you know drops vary per,manufacturer youve also got capsules,which i reviewed in the previous episode,so you can check that out as i keep,saying youve also got,topicals but if youre new to cbd and,youre a little bit dubious about a,dropper or something like that under,your tongue then you can take two of,these or even one,even and youre going to get your daily,amount of cbd,which is going to do the job no problem,whatsoever,[Music],this is well worth buying if youre into,cbd you cant go wrong with this product,i do like cbd gummies,ive not had the cbd effects ones before,but these cbd fx ones are really nice,i enjoy taking them too far i always,sort of look forward to a little tweak,so dont really eat sweets a nice little,treat before bed these seem to be,working very well indeed,i think theyre worth it as you know i,use cbd all the time,this is the cbd that im using at the,moment no problems whatsoever,i would recommend trying it definitely,if youre in the market for cbd give,these a go,cbd fx dummies with turmeric and,spirulina,so there you have it that was a review,if you enjoyed it please give it a,thumbs up,also dont forget to subscribe to the,channel it would be really appreciated,so they wont miss,any video whenever they are made also,head to,sport sportcbds.com for the latest,health and fitness news,cbd products workouts recipes,meditations pretty much your one stop,shop for all your health and fitness,needs,so until next time take care bye

CBDFx Review – ???? The End Of CBD Fx Reviews

the cbd industry is growing bigger and,bigger every day,new companies and products are popping,up every month and when an industry gets,this big,generally a lot of companies tend to,choose quantity over quality,and if you are new to using cbd or,thinking of trying it out,then youll have to read tons of,different reviews about the various,brands,their products their manufacturing,process and whatnot,all in all its a pretty frustrating,experience,well dont worry because this cbd fx,review has been curated to save you the,trouble and provide you with all the,information you would need about the,brand in one place,so lets have a look shall we lets look,at the brand overall,if you are buying a cbd product for the,first time,then having a brief knowledge about cbd,is very helpful,to make sense of the different products,cbd or cannabidiol is one of the,hundreds of different cannabinoids found,in the cannabis plant and no,it doesnt get you high it is used to,treat various pain related issues as,well as seizures and migraine,it can be consumed in the form of vaping,cbd oil drops,gummies tablets and even drinks nowadays,with that bit of knowledge in the bank,lets take a look at cbdfx,this california-based company is one of,the most renowned companies in the,cannabidiol industry,and they have built up a stellar,reputation over the years for their wide,range of authentic and easy to use,cbd products despite their growth,it is very difficult to find relevant,information about the brand and this,might make the brand look like a shady,company at first glance,they dont even have an about us page on,their website,but dont freak out because it is very,easy to contact them through the phone,numbers and email addresses listed on,their website and the company is known,for their amazing customer service,the company also does independent,third-party tests of its,products which goes on to ensure that,the claims made by the brand on their,labels are authentic,they have a huge product range the,product range of cbdfx is insane,you dont like vaping dont worry,theyve got edibles,you want a drink that tastes like a soda,theyve got it too,theyve got something for everyones,preferences and the huge product list,can be overwhelming sometimes but its,always better to have more choices,right lets take a look at their range,cbd fx vape pens and kits the vape pens,from cbdfx are widely regarded as one of,the best in the industry,they are available in the form of,disposable 30 milligrams vape pens or,the form of all you need vape kits with,a clear set of instructions for use,they are available in tons of flavors,like blue raspberry,fruity cereal rainbow candy strawberry,kiwi,wild watermelon and much more cbdfx oil,tinctures,the oil tinctures are one of their most,sought after products and are made of,full spectrum hemp extract which means,that the oil will give you the complete,benefits of cbd,they are available in three,concentrations 500 milligrams,1000 milligrams and 1 500 milligrams and,it is recommended to start with the,least concentrated one if you dont know,what works for you,they are also available in three,different colored bottles blue,red and green each with their unique,combination of flavors,vape additives the vape additives are,produced to be used in cbd e-cig juices,and are available in four potencies,60 milligrams 120 milligrams 300,milligrams,500 milligrams because of the mild,potency range,they are highly recommended for people,who are new to cbd products or are,trying to find the right dosage for,themselves,cbdfx gummies cbdfx produces different,types of gummies for sleep deprivation,jet lag inflammation and other issues,they are really easy to use you just,have to eat them like candy and has a,fruity taste too,it is recommended to start with a couple,of them at first and slowly increase,your intake,cbd fx capsules cbdfx also produces gel,capsules with each of them containing a,dose of 25 milligrams of cbd in each,bottle containing 30 capsules,it is recommended that the doctor should,be consulted before using them for any,health issues,cbd fx beverages the cbdfx drinks come,in regular drink bottles and each bottle,contains about 20 milligrams of cbd,they are available in lemonade and berry,flavors and they taste much like a,regular soda,lets look at the pros and cons of cbdfx,the brand offers one of the most,extensive collections of cbd products in,the market,but generally a huge quantity of,products from a company leads to poor,quality in production and service,is it the case with cbd fx lets look at,the pros and cons,pros huge range of high quality products,although cbd fx produces a ton of,different products,they have managed to maintain the high,quality standard that they are,associated with,their approach of sticking to their,tried and tested range of products and,simply perfecting their craft instead of,focusing on mindless innovations has,paid off,the company uses locally and organically,grown hemp,which speaks for the supreme quality of,their products,independent third-party lab tested,the companys products are tested by an,independent third-party lab called farm,labs in san diego and the results are,uploaded on their website,this goes a long way to show that the,company offers authentic products made,from the highest quality ingredients,free shipping cbd fx offers free,shipping to all 50 states in the us and,this has given them a significant edge,because of the rarity of the service in,the industry,phenomenal customer service cbd fx has,one of the best customer services in the,industry,contacting the company through the phone,numbers and the email addresses is a,breeze,their representatives are super friendly,and very patient to answer any small,question you might have,you get a very quick response even,through the contact forms in their,website,cons very limited information available,about the brand,the biggest negative thing that can be,said about the brand is that very,limited information is available about,the brand,their website doesnt even have an about,us section,it will do them a world of wonders if,they provide info about the brands,inception,their founders their factories and other,relevant stuff so that the customer,feels more connected with them and their,brand,the final verdict drum roll please,so its time for the final verdict is,cbd fx a good brand to try,are their products good enough the,answer is yes and yes,cbd fx has grown into one of the biggest,brands in the cbd industry due to their,continuous effort in producing large,varieties of products,high quality to suit every customers,preferences,add to that their amazing customer,service and your whole experience with,the brand is a cruise,even though you might be put off by the,limited info about the company,dont let it stop you from trying out,this great brand,keep in mind though that you should,consult your doctor before using any cbd,products if you have any existing health,issues,if you enjoyed this video please dont,forget to subscribe,hit that like button and share this,video

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CBDFx CBD Vape Juice Review

CVD effects CBD vape juice review whats,up guys my name is Eden Im the owner of,well se comm and today Im going to be,reviewing the entire line of the CBD,effects CBD vape juice now the CBD,effects CBD vape juice is made with 99%,pure CBD isolate meaning that it is 100%,free of THC and that there is only CBD,in there and the full line of the CBD,effects CBD vape juice is available in,250 milligrams 500 milligrams and a,thousand milligrams of CBD per 30 mil,bottle now lets first walk through the,entire line of the CBD effects CBD vape,juice products Before we jump into,todays review video so first up we are,going to be reviewing the wild,watermelon from CBD effects and I mean,Im excited because watermelon is,honestly an incredible flavor when it,comes to vape juice products and I mean,watermelon is just an incredible fruit,so definitely looking forward to that,one next up on the list we have the,strawberry milk,you know for those of you that like the,creaminess kind of sweet mixed with a,fruit flavor so that is another one that,Im really looking forward to trying,next up we have the strawberry Kiwi and,I mean lets face it guys strawberry,Kiwi is like one of the best flavor,combinations ever and I mean those two,fruits like even if youre not vaping if,youre just eating strawberries and,Kiwis together,youre definitely having a good time you,know Im a huge fan of both those fruits,so really looking forward to that one as,well,next up we have the blue raspberry and I,mean lets face it guys blue raspberry,is just a classic fruit flavor Im kind,of expecting um I dont know if its,gonna be a candy blue raspberry or if,its gonna be a full-out fruit blue,raspberry flavor,so eager to give that one a go next we,have the rainbow candy and you know that,rainbow candy just as the name implies,its definitely going to remind you of,some of your favorite sort of rainbow,candies that youve had you know think,of skittles think of sprees and you know,those two candies that wins me over,right there because those are some of my,favorite candies and then last but,certainly not least and the one that I,am most looking forward to trying,because I am a serial vape juice lover,is the fruity cereal and you know just,as the name implies its going to really,have sort of some notes of milk or,creaminess that are perfectly paired,with a fruity sort of cereal think,fruity pebbles Froot Loops so not gonna,lie thats the one that I am most,excited to try with you guys today so,now lets jump right in Im so the first,one were going to be doing is a the,wild watermelon in the entire line that,Im going to be reviewing today theyre,all gonna be in 500 milligrams and,whats great about vaping,especially if you need some relief from,CBD very very quickly like that vaping,it vaping has a near immediate effect,meaning once you start pulling on that,within a few seconds the CBD really,starts to be absorbed and start to take,effect so today Im gonna be using as,with all the review videos Im gonna be,using an RDA and then but I did want to,point out you know you can use the CB,effects CBD vape juice in a sub ohm tank,such as this or you can use it in a pod,device such as the smock Nord which is,one of my classic favorites or you know,if you really want to stick on the CBD,side of things um you can also use the,CB FX CBD vape juice in the koi Zen CBD,vape device which is of course available,well se com,alright so wild watermelon shake it up,guys,ooh it smell it reminds me of a,watermelon candy very sweet very fruity,mmm,flavor smells amazing now lets give it,a vape drop it on the RDA,all right of course you know I just put,on a brand new wick so gonna give it a,couple seconds to kind of saturate the,wick dont want to burn it or anything,what a great flavor experience so all,right and then when vaping guys um CBD I,always recommend that you stick anywhere,between 40 and you know even 80 Watts is,pushing it I like to stick between 40,and 60 today Im actually going to,actually let me crank this up Im going,to be vaping on the good old classic 420,so lets give the wild watermelon,watermelon to go ooh ooh very candy it,candy watermelon is what it reminds me,of ooh but its very the the fruit,flavor of watermelon is definitely there,but I kind of get sort of like a like a,watermelon candy kind of taste I mean,mm-hmm,that is really good like the second you,aam take a draw and you inhale the vapor,you are your taste buds are instantly,filled with you know the taste of wild,watermelon and see the it effects in a,phenomenal job on this watermelon flavor,and you know Ive tried tons of,watermelon flavors especially on the,vape juice side of things but I do have,to say this is very very good one of my,more favorite watermelon flavors you,know on the flavor scale out of one to,ten Im gonna have to give that a,straight seven out of ten no doubt about,it,very very good give it one more baby,damn thats so good and its got some,good vapor products you know the VG PG,ratios and even balance of 50/50 but you,know and Im the effects of the CBD,theyre starting to kick in you know,its really what I feel first initially,uh my focus and concentration,I feel just laser focused right now so,lets burn off the wild watermelon,all right,and then the next flip were going to be,doing wonderful strawberry milk just,like the wild watermelon its gonna be a,500 milligram and Im a huge fan of,these chubby gorilla kind of small,bottles because theyre really easy to,you know put into your pocket the one,thing the downside to them whereas like,with our well sec but oil that you can,vape they come in tinctures so its,easier to kind of measure out your dose,and calculate your dose per serving that,way with these since they got the needle,nose tips its a little more difficult,for you to exactly know I mean of course,you can judge it based off the size of,your vape tank you know basically to,calculate your serving per milliliter do,the total amount of CBD in the bottle in,this case to 500 milligrams divided by,the size of the bottle 30 ml bottle so,that would mean sixteen point six six,milligrams of CBD per milliliter you,know a lot of vape tanks are you know,one and a half to three milliliters so,then you just multiply that by however,the however big your tank is that youre,using so alright the strawberry milk,lets give it a smell strawberry it,smells just like strawberry milk you,know just like if you were to pour,yourself a nice tall glass of milk and,then put like the Hersheys strawberry,syrup in there it smells just like that,mmm Im very interested to try this,because in the past you know Ive been,vaping Ive aped like milk flavored,stuff fruity cereals I I dont really if,any time people try and make something,else besides like cereal with milk it,always tastes funny to me so but lets,see how this strawberry milk taste from,CBD effects alright,I definitely initially you get that,strawberry and then as the flavor,matures and kind of lingers in your,mouth and during the exhale thats when,you start to at least I start to taste,the creaminess of this strawberry so are,the creaminess of the milk mixing with,the strawberry flavor actually I was,worried about you know having milk in,there as I said it tastes funny,sometimes for me and some juices but,actually CBD effects really paired the,strawberry milk I mean its an ideal,combo but it is difficult to do and CBD,effects really did a phenomenal job,blending the strawberry with the milk,its not overpowering or anything I mean,for me Im a huge strawberry guy I would,have liked a little bit more strawberry,flavor but thats not to say I dont,taste it at all like once during that,exhale I get a full strawberry milk,flavor in my mouth in it I love that so,[Applause],on the flavor scale on one between 1 and,10 Im gonna have to put that one at a 7,out of 10 as well I like it um you know,its,I would vape that absolutely they turned,me into kind of a strawberry milk of a,juice lover now so nicely done CBD,

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CBDfx Gummies Unboxing | CBDfx Gummies Honest Review – Are They Really Worth It?

Hello and welcome to another  unboxing and review for one of  ,the many CBD products that you can  find on the OnlineCBDStore today i,will be unboxing the apple cider  vinegar gummies made by cbd fx,now as you may know there are a lot of  people who have started incorporating  ,taking apple cider vinegar capsules or straight up,drinking apple cider vinegar to detox their bodies  ,or and some people use it for weight loss  the good news about this product is you,could take these gummies and not  only will you get the health benefits  ,of apple cider vinegar but you  can also get the benefits of cbd,as I mentioned these are gummies  ,made by the company cbdfx and in the little sample  bag I have here there are eight gummies total,for a total of 200 milligrams  of hemp based cannabinoids  ,or cbd and this is a vegan product  there are its non-gmo and it is also a,broad-spectrum product and it  also contains no corn syrup  ,or it doesnt it also doesnt contain  any animal gelatin and there are no,artificial sweeteners and for those  of you who consume apple cider vinegar  ,as a part of your diet youll  be pleased to know that for,every two gummies for every serving right  ,which includes 50 milligrams of cbd theres  also 1 000 milligrams of organic apple cider,vinegar okay now before we get completely  into it let me just first say that  ,this product is available in  a bottle of 60 gummies on the,online cbd store website and right  now I checked the price it was 49.99  ,and again thats for a bottle of  60 gummies which if you take a,serving a day right which is two gummies  itll last you for a month okay lets  ,open this up Im really excited  so all right it definitely smells,like apple cider vinegar and let me go  ahead and grab one out so you can have  ,a nice close look at it heres what it looks like,now lets see how it tastes,I am pleasantly surprised to be  honest I did not know what I was  ,going to to taste I didnt I didnt  know it was coming because to think,about taking a shot of apple cider  vinegar was a little terrifying  ,but I will tell you this tastes really  good theres a little bit of an aftertaste,that you can be like oh yeah that thats  like apple cider vinegar but its very mild  ,so now Im going to wait  about an hour to allow for the,cbd to kick in and to digest and  then I will be back to let you know  ,all about it hello Im back and its  been over an hour since I took a,couple gummies of the apple cider vinegar gummies  ,from cbd fx Im gonna go ahead and say  that the effects of the cbd arent as,obvious as theyve been for me in the past  with the other products that weve unboxed  ,and that is to say that I dont feel like a,significant relaxation in my body and I  dont necessarily feel any kind of effect  ,in my head even like a really  mild effect I dont really feel,like that and I dont really feel much  of anything thats different to be honest  ,um however I am confident  that the 1000 milligrams of,organic apple cider vinegar that is in one serving  ,of this product is doing its thing right its  probably doing a lot of detoxification and all,that good stuff that a lot of  people take apple cider vinegar  ,for but as for the cbd part I have to say  I dont obviously feel the effects of it,in my body at this point and it has been over  an hour Ive kind of given it a lot of time  ,which Ive usually would have felt by now,especially since each gummy had 25 milligrams  of cbd so I really consumed a total of 50  ,milligrams at this point and I usually would be,feeling something by now  so overall I will say that  ,although its probably a better alternative  to just taking straight shots of apple cider,vinegar out of the bottle if youre  taking this for cbd purposes that  ,I didnt feel the effects as much  as I did with other products such as,the wild huckleberry flavored gummies  that we tried and also the cbd peach  ,rings that weve tried so far I  um its just not the same right,and Im here to tell you the  truth and that is the truth  ,if youre really looking for a cbd product  that is delicious and and you can actually,feel it in your body I would maybe  try something different all right  ,so thats it for todays unboxing  and review video if you had a good,time with me today go ahead and  click that thumbs up icon below  ,to let us know that you liked this  video also we would love to hear,about any of the products on the  OnlineCBDStore website that you would love  ,to have us unbox and review  for you guys so leave that,information in the comments below as well as  any other questions and feedback that you have  ,we love to hear from you guys until,next time stay tuned for the next unboxing  and review video here on our channel

Take a closer look inside CBDfx with Co-Founder Jameson Rodgers.

[Music],[Applause],hi im jamison rogers,one of the co-founders here at cbd fx we,were founded on the belief that everyone,everywhere should have access to on the,highest quality cbd products possible,we were founded in 2014 and over the,past,six years weve done our best to launch,you know one,well thought out product after another,with a focus on,layered functionality cbdfx has grown,today to be the,the fifth largest privately held cbd,company according to,the latest report from the brightfield,group cbdfx products are,now sold in more than 35 000 points of,distribution,across 25 plus countries and so over the,last um six years and weve,built our catalog up to you know 200 and,something plus skus in multiple,different,markets throughout the world just a few,months ago we shipped our,30 million gummy its our one of our,flagship,products within our catalog we also have,pet treats that focus on a number of,different,ailments all the products are organic,vegan pita certified,and cruelty free of course so in 2010 as,a company we launched our first product,started out of a little garage here in,southern california spent the first,year just building the business out of,that garage then moved to a small little,900 square foot office quickly within,four or five months outgrew,that space then moved from there to a 10,000 square foot facility just down the,street from where we are now,and about two years ago in 2019 we uh,moved into this this facility here its,about 40 000,square feet about half office and half,warehouse so here all,all operations accounting marketing,creative,the content team customer service sales,and the pick packing and shipping the,warehouse team all the orders that we,ship throughout the world,leave this facility were shipping a,little over 100 000,orders a month and growing out of this,warehouse let me show you lets,take a look,this is our warehouse this is where all,the orders are pick packed and shipped,to consumers and retailers throughout,the world,products like uh like our gummies the,award-winning 30 million,gummy as you can see weve got a little,qr code on the side of the label,which opens up right to the,lab report for this specific lot in,batch,weve got over 250 different skus,everything from bombs like i mentioned,to creams and capsules and,various different kinds of tinctures for,different ailments,things like sleep or calming stress,anxiety and that kind of thing,weve got a super dedicated team uh here,thats passionate about making sure that,products,get to our customers as quickly as,possible were currently shipping,thousands of orders a day and growing,from here and so,were really grateful to have such,awesome people on the team and we,continue to try to,raise the bar on ourselves you know day,after day as i mentioned we have,65 employees here at this facility,everything from,supply chain team to our web developers,content creation,copywriters marketing creative team as,well as customer service,sales etc weve got some of our newest,products,that natalias taking some photos of at,the moment,we do everything here on in-house we,like to keep our team you know close,together and,uh interactive we just feel like its,its better to feed off of each other,awesome well let talia finish up,without disturbing her too much,over here we have our upstairs customer,service team um,theres also some members of the team,downstairs that handle customer service,as well these guys are have been,im here every single day i havent,missed a day and servicing the customers,in europe as well as the us just from,this team,in addition to our in-house customer,service team we also have our entire,creative department,just over here lets check them out,the team in this room focuses on,everything from email marketing designs,as well as packaging revisions on,innovation,around different branding that were,looking at potentially releasing,sales sheets web design content and,coffee,that kind of thing just got back from,a short visit to our state of the art,facility where we viewed,on the latest production run of our,charcoal face masks,i was able to snag myself one now its,time for a little,tlc,[Music],you

CBDFX CBD Gummies Review

[Applause],[Music],hello everyones good today and welcome,back to Prai CBD hoping it ones looking,forward to spring just around the corner,and yeah and everyones sheds and stuff,didnt get blown away in the bad weather,that weve just had so today lets get,started on what were going to be,reviewing today we are looking at the,CBD FX gummy bears these are great,little products weve seen the effects,Ive been using these for over six,months with my son he suffers with ADHD,one before school seems to really set,him down and hes doing really well on,these so yeah a little bit about them so,its very in flavor Im reading as well,as talked to you guys I should know this,product inside and out by now but its,100% vegan which is good 300 milligrams,total but thats in the whole pot there,five milligrams each theyre quite a low,dose but perfect for children perfect,for yourself a very easy way of working,out how much CBD youre in taking a lot,of my questions are you know what sort,of dosage dosage should I take with CBD,and really its a bit of a trial and,error situation theres a great link to,dosage on our Facebook page so go and,check that out thats very informative,thats just proceeded eShop on Facebook,youll find us so add us on Facebook,really good content on there but back to,the dosage its really a trial and error,thing really you youre best off with,like anything starting low and building,yourself up until you see an improvement,and basically these are a great way of,doing that because you know you take one,in the morning you know though five,milligrams you take two in the morning,youve antennae etcetera quick laughs so,yeah its pretty much it they are $44.99,on the website which is WWE but,basically if you,anyone that watches my channel wants to,purchase from the website if they type,in tube 10 at the end of the checkout,with the basket youll get 10% of each,item so its not only 10% off the full,basket which most of our codes are I,really love the YouTube community and oh,where are hundreds of subscribers so we,are getting there we are in the race to,firown top content of 2020 but yeah all,joking aside yeah anyone that watches,YouTube and wants to purchase from a,website then just type in tube ten at,the end and youll get 10% off each,individual item which is a fair amount,of money so thats really good so far,would you lets crack the pot open and,get one of these a try now this isnt,blind like I said I have tried them,before because I tried them prior to,letting my son have them in the mornings,before school,hes been on for about six months now he,is massively better and this is only,personal experience its not gonna work,for everyone Im not a doctor or well I,can relay is the the information that I,read on a daily basis the articles the,information and then obviously the,feedback that I get from my customers,and this customer even though he doesnt,paint me isnt the Sun so yeah weve,seen great results so on top you get a,nice seal on there so you know that your,product hasnt been tampered with what,else theyre burying flavor and another,mention that theres no artificial,sweeteners because that would be or,sugars is its coating in sugars but,theres no artificial no corn syrup you,get sixty in a pot so even though its,$49.99 its quite good value if youre,taking one per morning lets read their,description these CBD gummy bears from,CBD effects are easily and easily the,tastiest purest most natural gummy bears,available no corn syrup no artificial,sweeteners no GMO and a hundred percent,vegan a guilt-free CBD taste set,sation wow they are so literally each,Gomi contains five milligrams of foresee,spectrum CBD so its full spectrum such,brilliant all of the guitar pins in,there you can monitor your daily dose,perfectly thats what I said,yeah they must have ripped that from me,these are also the perfect introduction,for anybody whos interested in CBD yet,edible herbs capsules allow convenience,and control your doses click convenience,and to control your doses are measured,out equally so simply pop one in your,mouth and youre ready to go capsules,are best swallowed but gummy gummy tabs,are good just to let melt in your mouth,this will encourage the kind of a noise,to quickly absorb in the bloodstream,through the capillaries in the mouth,they also taste delicious,well weve said this so many times on,this channel CBD with that earthy taste,some people love it some people hate,its a Marmite situation so if you get,like a drink or an edible,I personally believe if its if it,tastes half decent and youre on to a,winner so lets for a judoka Oh another,interesting thing with CBD the CBD bomb,just jumping on this review by healing,cauldron so I dont know if you guys,know Im fashioning a beard I had a bit,here that just wouldnt grow basically,been robbing bomb into it this time,round a lot beard and its literally,totally all covered in now like again I,cant say its gonna work for you this,is personal experience Ive had beards,on and off for years and that patch,there is never growing ever so I would,like to say that its due to healing,cold and seemingly bomb check it out on,the website alright anyway just crack,this open,oh I smell amazing yeah they smell,really good just like pick-and-mix all,right lets get one help show you guys,up close the little bear there he is,any child be happy to take know in the,morning with their Pitmans hmm okay,its a soft texture I was expecting it,to be chewy its not its its quite,soft Im just love it around in my mouth,dissolve slowly like I said now in the,background you can definitely taste the,sort of weed not weed the RV hemp Etape,that makes sense well its definitely,disguised well not over empowering with,the berries now that was quite palatable,it wasnt horrible it wasnt like the,oils you had like if youve ever had,under sunt inches thats the flavor in,the background but it is masked very,well its nothing well take it is,masked very well by the berries now its,a better this product I would have liked,to have seen him sour thats just,personally I love sound sweet sour,melons but,I can see when the Sun totally enjoys,that in the morning its not terrible at,all,so what much else to say really go check,them out on the website 14 or $49.99,like I said but youll get 10% off that,with tube 10 so please dont forget to,add that in the coupon section and once,again thanking you guys everyone that,watches a channel if you get a little,bit out of it then I really appreciate,it and if you could subscribe thatd be,amazing okay were at hundreds so little,milestone but were a little company and,these little subscriptions I see every,single one of them because were that,small that we you know its a great,place to be because we care about every,single interaction on our website on,Facebook and on YouTube you know I know,my customers pretty much by name,especially when they come back and back,you know its great love it so thanks,again for that guys and if you could,continue to support pro CD we would,really appreciate it I think thats it,next video coming up Im going to be,talking not a review for once which is a,surprise to most people is going to be a,talk on anxiety which is what led me to,CBD and I Ive talked to professionals a,few times about it but Ive never talked,to anyone really about it about my,struggles as a man and having CBD so you,can see having the anxiety and why that,led me to CBD so please check into that,Im going to go as deep as I possibly,can with it and then hopefully its,going to be uncomfortable I know its,gonna be uncomfortable for me but the,thing is that if it can help another guy,in my situation where didnt want to,tell his mates because you know its,embarrassing then thats great thats,sort of thats all I need to do one,person so it needs right cool okay catch,one the next one guys appreciate it,like and subscribe see you all next one

CBD Shack – Review of the CBDFX Vape Kit

whats up everybody its Joe from the CBD,Shack that US and Im here to bring you,a video reviewing easy VFX bait kit we,got it right here this is what comes in,the box,my friends open up a new store to,distribute for them their products are,fantastic theyre great to me so far,everything Im about to say is,definitely personal everybody is,different no this is approved by the FDA,so use it at your own risk or at your,own will,I was drinking heavily for like the last,year every night I was drinking beer I,knew I had to stop and I figured I need,something to get over the anxiety of not,having a drink in comes CBD I decided to,try a plan out I think before remember,CBD marijuana the cycle actives of,marijuana always made me anxious,paranoid was a little too intense for me,so I decided to try CBD with the no,cycle actives and when the claims that,it helps with anxiety and all that good,stuff I havent had a drink in two weeks,big part of that I think its the CBD,now once again its a personal story,everyones different Im not saying this,is not selling snake oil here but for me,this is why I started this whole thing,is because its just changed how Im,operating right now so anxietys doing,doing really well its under control,my sleeping is extremely satisfactory,and yeah I just wanted to show you guys,the vacant Im super excited because Im,gonna be smoking this I think regularly,I love the Pens I love to sleep design,but this is just more bang for your buck,with the juices the juices are more,expensive up front but they apparently,are gonna last me a pretty long time so,without further ado lets break into,this kit over here,we have the kit its got a its very,small so its very compact very discreet,if we open this up with the magnetics,this is everything that comes inside,here so you got your battery,you got your charge board your magnetic,coils I guess you could say they help,attach it to the coils the cartridge,that is and then you get your cartridge,there with the CD dfx brand right here,we have our CBD FX 1 milliliter,cartridge so that will last,Im gonna guess 2 days and I have a Lee,smoke I cant help it so thats just,what I do,you got your battery kit there you got,your charge cable there there USB cable,is actually kind of weird Ive never,seen a the USB cable that looks like,that so thats pretty cool so once you,get to the side of the package here,youre gonna want to charge up and make,sure your battery is fully charged,youre gonna take this guy off of your,cartridge youre gonna screw on your,magnet and that is gonna go right in,there like that so it looks like if you,were to turn it upside down and shake it,it will come out I have the gelato,flavour 250 milligram terpene blend here,terpene is just a chemical compound made,me found it plants its just a fancy,name for CJD basically open it up here,unscrew that and youll see here that,you have a fill line for the one mill so,youre gonna want to basically fill it,up to that line gelato is one of my,favorite flavors Sour Diesel might be my,favorite terpene flavor yeah I mean I,havent been disappointed yet with any,of the terpene flavors alright were,just gonna let this soak for a second,here lets give it our first go here,much bigger hit than you get from the,Pens the disclosed little pens as much,that love them real smooth,delicious flavor subtle though its not,overpowering by any means wow thats,delicious,that is tasty mmm okay so thats gonna,be my new little kit for now I say this,kids pretty fantastic I do have more I,do have more available,if anyones interested in one you must,be 21 or older,Im not messing around with this crap,Ive got disclaimers everywhere if,youre interested in checking out what,Ive got going on I sell for a little,bit cheaper than CBD FX and then I do,have a discount code going right now Im,just trying to get things off the ground,connecting you guys so yeah let me know,your favorite your favorite brands are,or juices whatever you guys are using,the bombs the skincare the edibles Im,really interested to kind of diversify,and figure out what kind of things work,for me the best so far the vape has been,fantastic Im gonna want the full air,full air is just a little tinge in the,back of the throat yeah thats tasty,fool thats a lot of the dream guys the,dream dont get it confused with blue,dream which we also do have on the store,so yeah without further ado guys Im out,of here Joe with CBD Shack about us and,yeah were looking to get this thing off,the ground so go ahead and like check,out the website down in the description,below and let me do a guest thing,leave a comment and lets get this,movement going love you guys later

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