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[Music],hows it going everybody thanks for,watching another video here on chemo,365.,id like to welcome everybody to my,initiation into the realm,of the ak-47 and i figure what better,way to do that than to feature sentry,arms new ak-47 the,visca this guy right here now the big,deal about this ak-47,is i think sentry arms has finally found,a steel thats cost efficient but,doesnt sacrifice strength in critical,areas like the trunnion,its used in stuff like jackhammer tips,and excavator teeth,so before stuffing a whole bunch of,gauges in here and shooting it,lets get it under the camera look at,the riveting look at the woodwork,and see if its worth any of your,hard-earned money okay i think a good,place to start off with,is how well this 30 round pmag fits into,the magazine wheel now this came with,the rifle so it literally is the only ak,mag i got,lets snap it in there gonna rock it,back and forth,wow that is solid solid solid back and,forth,lets go side to side,really really solid lock up guys so if,you got pmags for your ak-47 youre,gonna be in good shape im not too sure,how the metal ones are gonna perform,but the magpul good to go lets check,out the muzzle,we are at the front end here nothing,abnormal about the front,sight post here here is a little button,here thats holding in the slant muzzle,brake im just going to make sure that,its not binding or anything and that,seems like its okay,im going to press it in and just,unscrew this muzzle break man thats so,cool on like an ar-15 where you need,special wrenches and whatever,so that is a nice feature let me back,this thing off and what i want to do,is just have a look at the threads make,sure theres no rust on there or,anything weird,all right thats almost off here let me,turn it sideways so we can have a better,look at it,all right everything seems okay so let,me change camera angles we can have a,better look at the pins and the front,sight and the gas block,okay looking down at this angle it looks,like on both sides that the front post,pins are pressed in evenly so im going,to turn it around when were done here,so you can see the other side,and as you kind of drift down on this,side we can see here that the gas block,pins,are totally flush so lets flip it over,and see if its the same on the other,side,okay so were on the other side of the,front side post we can see the pins are,pushed in pretty evenly,and right in this area right here we can,see the gas block pins are pushed in,pretty flush,all right we are back to the rear of the,rifle on the right hand side,were taking a look at that rivet right,there again were just seeing how flush,the rivet head is to the receiver that,one looks pretty good lets see what the,second one here looks like this guy,right here,thats looking pretty good lets move on,down,lets see what else we got here,oh theres these guys right here those,are the two rivets holding in the,trigger guard,on that side those look pretty good oh,heres another one theres another rivet,right here that one looks really good,uh what else do we have here moving on,up,oh theres one there is one right there,let me see if i can just kind of tilt,this up a little bit,yeah that one looks really good and then,we should just have the two that are,underneath the charging handle right,there and those look really good too,all right lets have a look at the left,side okay right now were on the back,left of the rifle and were going to,start looking at that rivet right there,this one looks pretty good that one,looks okay that pin is nice and flush,lets move it on over to see what else,we can see,yeah these guys all look pretty good,right here a little bit more,more examples of the spot welding with,the rail on the inside of the receiver,thats all good there this guy right,here is good that should leave us just,these two right up above vesca,[Music],and those are okay im gonna flip it,over so we can have a better look to see,how flush these rivet heads are to the,receiver,all right were going to be starting,right here again were in the back left,of the rifle these two rivets look,actually really good,lets slide all over to the left here,see what we got,all right so those are looking actually,pretty good too these guys right here,look good,that one looks really good lets come on,over a little bit more see what else we,got oh theres those two gigantic rivets,holding in the trigger guard these guys,look really good here,lets even get into focus yeah those,look good then you got this guy right,here and these look really good,slide it over a little bit more and you,know what since were in the mag well,theres another theres a couple theres,three rivets in here if i remember,theres one here,and that one looks really good and,theres a couple more here let me pick,this up and flip it around,right on the inside you got this guy,right here,and that guy those both look really good,too so those are in good shape,let me get this back around here that,rivet looks good,and that leaves us with just a two in,the front here let me see if i can get,those in the frame,and those look really good too so it,looks like all the rivets on the outside,of the receiver,are good to go okay broke down the rifle,here is a look at the american maple,nice stuff look at that palm swirl right,in here huh thats gonna feel so good,feels so good on the wood yeah thats,nice,have a look at the gas tube theres the,gas tube,some vents cut in there uh lets have a,look at the piston and the carrier,all right here is the bolt carrier and,here is the bolt lets start off by,looking at this guy,right here we got 4140 case hard and,steel basically they heat it up to make,it tougher,and again im going to be taking,pictures to document what it looks like,before and after when we start throwing,rounds down range,itll be nice to see where all the wear,patterns are especially if,it starts to deform in certain places,well have records of that,but i mean all this is going to look new,but again 4140 steel heat treated,and that looks nice and tidy lets have,a look at the actual carrier itself here,this is one of the pieces made of s7,steel as standing for shock resistance,so this is supposed to be pretty tough,stuff were going to notice some slots,cut in here for weight savings,i dont know what thats going to do in,terms of inertia,i dont think its going to harm it much,but thats something to kind of look at,because its going to be a little bit,lighter in design,lets have a look at the locking lug,section there nothing sloppy there,looking pretty,good turn it around have a look at the,dovetail,yep all right that all looks nice and,tidy and just really quick theres a,look at the piston,but nothing really fancy there but yeah,lets have a look to see,what the rifle looks like when its,stripped down okay we got the visca,broken down,pretty much to naked here visco lets,have a look at that magnesium phosphate,finish there,looking pretty smooth and even uh you,know what though,that phosphate picks up scuffs like that,thats the one thing that bothers me,about parkerization,or magnesium phosphate but the actual,coverage is good which is whats nice so,thats,looking pretty good the barrel that,theyre using is 4150 cmv thats pretty,common,in budget type ak-47s front trunnion,made,of s7 steel that looks nice and tidy,there is a look at the rear side,hopefully it doesnt go flying off,hows that working yeah that feels so,good going up and down there,so thats the front trunnion the feed,wrap is also made of s7 steel,lets have a look at this rail area here,on the receiver nice and straight no,abnormalities like bulges,theres a look at the rails this guy,right here and then on that side,this guy right here those are whats,hanging on with these spot loads in here,so if youre wondering what thats all,about,there is a look at the rack one enhanced,trigger group,they got regular smooth hammer springs,no,braids in there so thats supposed to be,an upgrade lets have a look at the,fitmen

Century Arms VSKA AK-47 5,000 Round Test

[Music],welcome back everybody today were out,here at the range complex and re-build,North Carolina and we have something fun,for you at least it should be anyway,were gonna be testing the visca aka and,attempted to run 5,000 rounds over the,next two days through it so we have a,whole bunch of 124 green red army,standard ammo and we have some gauges,and stuff like that that Im sure some,of you guys are interested in and were,gonna just run it and see what happens,were gonna try to keep it relatively,cool because of course itd be just mag,dump back after magma a traumatic after,mag any gun can burn up see the wasser,full auto video that Eric over at IV 88,did so were gonna try to not do that,give the gun a fair shot here and put,the rounds through it let it cool down a,little bit put a you know bunch more,mags through it let it cool down a,little bit bunch more Mattox etc and,test it along the way but before we do,that I want to take a look at what the,gun looks like as it came in new and do,some gauge testing and see where were,at for the base standard alright so,heres the gun with it no rounds fired,through it by me and here we have go,gauge its a 1.25 – for those wondering,and were gonna test it here with the,extractor on there I know some folks say,to pull it out but Ive never seen it to,be an issue on the aka anyway so drop it,right in there like actually get it in,there,all right lets see there we go alright,and go gage we are good to go there with,like thumb pressure and now were gonna,try the no go gage Brownells did send,these gauges out so definitely big,thanks to them on that one good you know,go gage and you guys can see my thumb is,turning white there it will not go in,all right lets get too far,all right guys first rounds we got five,bags up,one down will speed it up guys just so,you guys can see it well stop and turn,the heat and all that stuff throughout,the test starting to feel warm let me,check it see where were at,yeah were up around 380 390 at the gas,block 180 back there on the trunnion so,not too bad run one more mag and then,well let it cool down okay we just,checked the gas block its down around,115 so were ready to go run five more,mags through it here well let it cool,down after that just like we did last,time,again were gonna let it cool down here,a little bit and then get back into it,all right were gonna do another 150,rounds gasps blocks down under 100,degrees so were ready to go all right,that would be our first malfunction,looks like the bolt just hung up a,little bit there in the rear,to see you guys can kind of see it there,that one there stubborn just under 600,on the gas block back there on the,trunnion at around 220 ish so again,well let it cool down and then resume,testing once again we got the gas block,down under a hundred degrees so we are,going to continue on other 150 rounds,coming up gas block yes and c5 mid to,high 500s theyre back there in the,actual trunnion not the front sight,block this time not bad about 150 all,right its lighting cool down all right,guys same story we got the gas block,under 100 and were gonna go 150 more,rounds with Z over 500 and back there on,the trunnion not bad at all 140 130,alright well let it cool down alright,guys were back under 100 Gries 150 more,rounds to go else if you put it on,[Music],all right tell your defeat guess and see,there tried to go in tried a little bit,too hard yeah that round went back a,little bit so were not gonna use that,one let it cool down once again we let,it cool down a few more rounds to go,shes hot there as you can see right,around 600 degrees all right its cooled,down again this is gonna be the last,hundred 50 rounds we put through it,before wiping everything down taking,some photos measurements all that stuff,so would have throw the 150 through it,and wipe it down and see how it looks so,the reference cooled down we wiped,everything off were gonna breathe,lubricate it before we get back into,firing but I dont want to give you guys,an update on nothing looks crazy the,handguard is not loose we have of course,the normal slot that you have no,retainer but thats normal we have,discoloration on the barrel and gas,block as well as our little break there,but again probably normal there Im,gonna roll in photos of the whole thing,the stock is not least I know thats one,thing people would probably ask its,still on there nice and tight we have,just some normal what I think anyway is,normal finish were happening here on,the back of the receiver also here on,the rails you can see the where a little,bit of where there on the hammer again,where it contacts the carrier a little,bit of were here on the front trunnion,but theres no chipping or flaking or,anything like that which would,definitely be problem that well probably,be problematic theres none of that so,far again were rolling in picture so,you guys should see that better then I,can kind of show you here all right yeah,gas tube everything looks normal,theres a little bit of wear on the,inside and the internal points but again,thats normal just from the piston going,through there bolt here again theres no,chunks or cracks or anything that you,would really look for in terms of being,problem,like everything looks pretty normal you,guys should be seeing the photos there,we have some where on the edges again,just like you would expect from 1200,rounds carrier here staking still good,light where there on the carrier a,little bit up here on the face where it,interacts rather with the front trunnion,same here those are the two points,thats going to contact when it goes,into battery slight deformation there on,the rear but again nothing too crazy the,photos should explain it better than I,can and were just gonna check the,headspace hopefully and then I keep,barring it alright guys weve got the,no-go gates there as you guys can see,okay we get it on the extract here,alright lets see you guys and see thumb,is turning white so were good to go,its not closing on no gauge well the,rain starting to come but we got,everything lubed up and again were,gonna do the same thing guys five rounds,at a time and speed up the footage here,so you guys dont have to painfully,watch every round go downrange in normal,speed,all right well let her cool another 150,on that make it a little steam there on,the barrel of the rain lets do it,[Music],let her cool down get back to it hundred,fifty more next hundred and fifty out,here in the rain,we got failure to feed there you guys,should be able to see it its just,barely outside the chamber yeah doesnt,want to go on a try either and thats it,starting to get a little late in the,afternoon so were going a little bit,faster gas box right around 140 150 but,were going on anyway so,with the rain downrange theres like mud,down there and its starting to splash,its a little more fun that way,anyway another 150 down just take the,gas block its right around 120 so were,gonna get it going 150 rounds all right,it felt like from the shooters,perspective it felt like the hammer fall,at home so well see if that continues,good a bit of bump fire by me thats,possible as well the rain has subsided,for now another 150 up see how she does,with that light going down you guys are,probably starting to see a little fly I,can definitely see it from the shooters,perspective but anyway let cool down,were gonna try to get another hundred,fifty-eight today so be right back this,will be the last hundred and fifty we do,today,thatll put us right at 2400 rounds and,were gonna wipe it down and check,headspace and all that stuff before we,head out tonight so all right lets do,it,thats it and wipe it down and check it,out as you guys can see we pretty much,lost the light for tonight so we did a,quick wipe down of everything here Im,just gonna walk you through it Im gonna,take some photos tomorrow morning when,we come back out here so thats what,Ill be rolling in just note that those,will be taking tomorrow morning but,weve

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Century Arms VSKA AK47

in that ground,hey yall and welcome back thanks for,joining me again to talk a little bit,about some gun stuff and all that uh,today as Im sure you can tell by the,title if youre,reasonably uh,able to read,Ive got a really cool gun to talk about,I say that every time but every gun I,have is pretty cool but this one is,particularly neat,um Ive been wanting one of these for a,long time,its not something thats very useful I,dont think but its something thats,thats pretty damn cool to have and I am,really surprised at how fun this gun is,to shoot and of course Im talking about,the,AK-47 this is a Century Arms uh,everybodys calling the visca the vska,and its a pretty inexpensive model I,know that theres some AKs out there,that go well up into the several,thousands of dollars with the milled,receivers and all kinds of stuff like,that but this is a pretty inexpensive,model and its really basic but man it,is a ton of fun to shoot,um comes with one magazine Ive got some,other ones Im going to show you in a,minute Ive had severian success with,different types of ammo and Ill talk,about that in just a minute but lets,pull this clip out of here as us,civilized people call these,because it is full of bullets,um,really neat gun Ive shot it several,times now Ive put a few hundred rounds,through it probably I guess lets see a,bunch of boxes I put about 600 rounds,through this gun,um thereabouts maybe plus or minus five,um,because I had some some mishaps that,Ill talk about like I said,uh overall the build quality is pretty,nice on this considering the price now I,got this from Buds and I paid right,about 700 for it which I think is pretty,run-of-the-mill I know theres some,models from Century Arms that are a,little bit higher priced but this is one,of the lowest price models that they,make and and to be honest its a really,nice firearm its really cool and it,works very very very well 100 made in,America from what I understand I dont,know how to verify that but thats,thats the word on the street,its got the maple American Maple,Furniture,um so to speak thats what they call it,and its just pretty basic besides that,it doesnt have any kind of Optics,mounts it does not have the side rail on,here uh that that some of these do where,you flip the stock beside and all that,but the wood is nice its got a nice,finish to it,um,the only real thing that I had any kind,of issue with,is well,the uh the grip is is cheap like its,its the cheap grip its the same shape,as as a normal AK-47 you can upgrade,that pretty easily for about twenty,dollars but the one that came on it is,is pretty cheap looking but it functions,well and and I dont know that Im gonna,upgrade it to be honest with you I dont,I may or may not I dont you know you,know how that stuff goes,but the only real issue Ive had,is that this four uh the foregrip here,is a little bit loose and it hasnt,changed since Ive been shooting it and,I could probably fix that if I really,went in there and either shimmed it just,a little bit with something or if I uh,just reset it it might actually fix,itself but its not loose enough to,where you can refill it but you can just,kind of hear it rattle ever so widely,thats the only real glaring problem,that Ive had with this firearm now when,I did receive it it was in a box didnt,come with any kind of case or anything,and it was what I would describe as,relatively beat up for most guns that I,get,I dont buy a whole lot of cheap stuff I,know Ive done some Taurus videos but uh,but I dont buy too many of those to be,honest um most of what I get is is,pretty high-end and and it usually shows,up really nice and in good condition and,if it didnt I would send it back and,pitch a fit but this being one of the,cheapest AK-47s that you could get I,really didnt have a lot of expectations,now some things that that were wrong,with it its got some dents in the top,of the stock right there I dont know if,itll focus on that let me try to hide,its got some dents in here from,shipping it had a couple of dings here,and there,um a couple little little marks but it,was all just cosmetic there was nothing,functionally wrong with it so I said you,know what the hell like let me,just deal with it I mean Im not putting,this on display in my living room like,some kind of lunatic anyway so,I took it out and I shot it and I had a,good time now the first time I shot it I,was really shocked at the accuracy and,just the fun of shooting this thing like,I said to begin with I dont think this,has a lot of functional value to be,honest I mean,I know a lot of us like to live in this,Wonderland where we all uh,trying to be Rambo,to defend our family and all this and I,mean theres relevance to that dont get,me wrong I have,multiple firearms for self-defense and,Home Defense but the reality of that,situation is,very very very few people ever actually,have to engage in that scenario now if,that scenario presents itself I want to,be as prepared as possible and to be,honest this would be a,really formidable,weapon in that scenario and and I would,be happy to have it but overall I just,got this because I thought it was cool,and I always wanted to have a AK-47,growing up in the 80s you see these,things in every movie about how evil the,Russians were and so I just wanted to,get one and,pretend like I was one of those evil,Russians,um,getting it and taking out the range Ill,throw up uh some video right here so you,guys can see that,taking it out and shooting this thing,shocked me it number one how fun it was,number two how easy it was to put this,thing dead on target its its a its a,hefty gun I mean its not what I would,call super heavy like its its not,oppressively heavy but its got some,weight to it,and it doesnt,agronomically,seem as slick as an AR-15 or something,of that type of of Nature and Ive got,AR-15s and and theyre okay but honestly,they are 15 to me is is a really boring,gun to shoot Im sure its a great tool,if you have to defend yourself like I I,wouldnt have any problem doing that but,just taking out and having fun with it,its not a fun gun to shoot to me its,just I could take it or leave it,but this thing is just a hell of a lot,of fun,um and when I got it it was sighted in,for what Im guessing was 100 yards I,actually dont have a 100 yard range,around here to shoot at and where I live,you youd be hard-pressed to find a,natural environment around here with a,hundred yards of of Clear Vision most,everything around here is is heavily,wooded and if you could get a 50 yard,shot on,something with this you youd be and,what we would describe as a very open,area,so I think this was cited in for 100,yards because,at shorter ranges it was it was shooting,significantly higher it may even been,sighted in for 200 yards Im not really,sure,but I did a little studying up on some,of what the competition guys how they,sat these AKs in for for competition and,they usually dial it in where its,hitting on point of aim at 25 or 30,yards and then you have to aim a little,high out at 100 yards,so,once I found the point of aim the first,time I went out there I was just,cracking them off at a Target about the,size of a orange a little bit taller,than a little bit larger than my fist,just at will,um,standing rested seated whatever like I,it was just really easy to put these,right on target now it wasnt shooting I,dont know man people get I dont,believe anything anybody says on the,internet but you you do hear stories of,people saying oh I can shoot a,three-quarter inch group at 200 300,yards in my AR it wasnt shooting and I,wasnt hitting the hole um that I was,shooting to begin with but it was,hitting a Target,that was for any practical purpose and,what I mean by practical purpose is if,you wanted to hunt a deer,or a raccoon or uh elk or I dont know,anything that you can imagine or at,self-defense type Target it was,certainly putting round after round,after round after round after round into,a very,um acceptable,grouping uh for for all of those

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Century Arms VSKA AK

time for an ak review,let me safety check this beast,a cast member in the project,look at this ak art,a piece of ak art,by palmetto state armory this one,it is a p sac 47 gf3 third gen,a quality ak product says me,yeah i bought this one its so excellent,just came out of the safe thats why,this vinyl nub is on the charging handle,ill shoot it with that on there i dont,freaking care it stays on there,look at that beautiful nutmeg furniture,albeit it is in the warsaw pact,length,ergonomics it is which i dont like but,i cant bring myself to take it off its,just too beautiful,triangle stock on it folder its just,awesome,good luck trying to find this variant,anymore i mean on their website its,always gone,gf3,psac47 thats a bulgarian circle 10 in,there still my favorite magazine for aks,to this day,anyways though well start off with a,competitive option theres one right,there boys 76239 psac47,by our friends at psa and no they did,not give me that rifle nor did they pay,me to say that,uh i actually bought that from gunnys,the great american gun store,yeah gunnys a great american gun store,same place i got this one from so thank,you to gunnies,for loaning me this one here comes my,bunker review on the sentry arms vishka,rishka,vska ak variant rifle,with a very interesting set,of features unlike ones that i see,currently on the sentry arms website,i went there tonight,i did not see any vishka,outfitted like this so weve got a mo,moe handguard on this,weve got a full aperture ak style front,sight post on it,interesting,and then uh this rusted steel mag is,mine im just leaving the rust on it to,remind you that steel mags do this,when it rains or even if it doesnt rain,if it gets moist yeah thats so funny,im just leaving it in there this,actually comes with a us palm magazine,this one right here is what it comes,with,i actually like us palm mags theyre,lightweight i dont like that you cant,break into them to clean them theyre,kind of like well put together,permanently you have to blast everything,out with brake cleaner which is like,eight bucks a can now,thanks to biden,yeah so theyre not real easy to clean,uh i think a good way to clean it if you,had to clean your us palms heres a,little side side road well take,is get boiling water,obviously unloaded,and then just immerse them in some dawn,like probably a squirt of dawn in your,boiling water bucket of water and just,put them in there,and then use some tongs to rinse them,around slosh them then turn them upside,down and drain them out and then squirt,them out with your hose and then put,them out to dry upside down and i think,youll be fine getting all the gunk out,of them,however it would be much more convenient,to have a removable floor plate,here comes a collectible,reddish,that reddish shake i just love it a,tapco mag so these are gone,yeah so that has a great mag,our great floor plate on it for cleaning,back to the feature set has a us palm,grip on it i didnt see that on the,website either,this is by the way dudes my favorite,grip ive ever had on an ak,almost the other one that i loved,speaking of tapco was the m249 style of,grip which i dont have in bunker,that one was great it was very hand,filling comfortable stable but this us,palm one that this visca is outfitted,with its pretty incredible,i love it and then the stock im kind of,starting off with features because i,need to differentiate this from what,youre seeing on the website i dont,know who makes a stock but dang i love,it,you talk about a good length of pull on,it comfortable for me being six foot,three,this is a great stock it has like you,know a rubber butt pad on it,dang i dont know who makes it youll,hear and comment guys say whats this,and then maybe ill put it in the,description i did look on the website,and i think this variation did come from,century arms i think this was this was,new out of box i mean this wasnt like,someone who bought a visca and then,theyre like oh im gonna outfit this,stuff on there it didnt happen that way,as far as i know i think this is a new,gun and i think century arms just put,this stuff on it it was a variation they,sold,and it has an a2 style of bird cage on,there,and i think thats standard threading on,there so ar threading i dont think its,14.1 left hand i didnt spin it off,because i didnt want to loosen it,but i think thats a normal,ar flash hider,and then we have a very quality barrel,on this thing,on the visca,and thats really the difference with,this ak that century arms came out with,that and what do they call it the bf t47,im going to review that separately,all my shooting on that is also complete,but what theyre doing is amending for,poor quality,and poor materials in their past a case,now i reviewed the what was it the raz,47 and the c39,uh those shot well for us we had no,problems with it but then again we,didnt run like 5000 rounds through them,either and i said that in review i was,like hey im going to shoot what i can,afford and what im willing to shoot out,of this for time,some guys did and they had issues so,you know the trunnions gave problems the,bolt gate problems painting of the bolt,anyways fast forward to today,and century arm ca goes well were going,to build this right,the barrel for instance on the visca,which by the way i do like that name,thats a cool name 4150 steel,i dont think its chrome lined,but its high quality,well made,the trunnion the bolt carrier,the feed ramp,are made from s7 tool steel thats new,to me,i guess they use it on the teeth of,excavators,because it has a high shock resistance,factor really strong steel from what i,understand,heat treated properly machined from,billet,those components,everything else that they dont list and,brag about being from that steel,is probably member including the,charging handle the spring guide,the trigger itself and im okay with,that i dont need everything forged i,want to pay for force and in this those,particular components you dont need,forged,ive always said about forged was like,hey,if you give me a forged part and i dont,really have to pay a premium for it i,definitely want it,but if you say hey im going to give you,a forge 1911. everything honest,on it is forged,and im going to charge you 4 800 for,that 1911.,im like no thank you no,i think most guys are that way they,really are the bolt in this vishka,is,steel,the whole gun is parkerized which i,think is a huge win,because parkerization holds and retains,oil,and thats what ive always said ak,should be finished with im going to,show you a competitive option going back,to the past in the nut and fancy project,what i call the ak gold standard ill,stick by that by the way,and that one was not parkerized it was,basically enamel painted which is,inferior to this,us-produced sentry arms ak so this is,100 built in the united states,you may notice that another addition on,this variation which is very very,interesting,is that it has an ultimak on it,an ultimak gas tube which is a huge plus,it does add weight,but if you were to go out and buy this,its going to be about 105 bucks plus,shipping plus tax,and they are kind of a pain to install,yes you could do it ive done it in fact,i have one on my uh my sgl im going to,show you,i put it on,so the ultimak is actually a pretty cool,product this is an m2b,it allows you to,well get rid of a couple of components,so the upper hand guard is gone it,replaces that,and then you can put a forward mounted,optic usually guys will put a red dot on,it,i didnt do anything like that because i,wanted to accuracy test this,so in my inset video youre going to see,me shooting this with a scope which was,goofy,because it was a big tester scope off a,long range rifle but i wanted to give,this gun every opportunity,to excel,and i did,a downside of the ultimate because i,find anytime i put an altmac on it will,add weight no matter what ultimax says,they say will only add like one ounce i,find it to be much more,this gun,actually this gun is not that heavy,especial

Century Arms VSKA – my final thoughts – Buy or Pass???

welcome back to the channel guys as you,can see I have on the table here the,legendary the infamous century arms,visca this is the ak-47 thats made 100%,in the USA everything on this gun is,made right here in good ole USA and,hopefully you guys watch my full,detailed inspection and test-fire of,this rifle I actually posted the video a,couple months ago and YouTube tried to,take it down and say it was for whatever,reason not advertiser friendly for some,reason and so they do monetize that,video I dont know why but whatever and,its been the center of a heated debate,in the a.k world or in the firearms,world in general because when it first,came out if you guys dont remember,Yeager James Yeager he did a test video,is actually I think it was live-streamed,actually and his two samples of the,visca totally failed I mean he had major,malfunctions,I think the barrel pin was coming loose,and it was out of spec and they had a,lot of theater fire fare to go into,batteries all kinds of stuff just the,worst case scenario happened with the,Yeager video sent your arms saw the,video they identified that was what was,wrong with it I talked to the reps at,Century Arms a shot show and asked them,about it they addressed all the issues,that were wrong with that initial batch,of visca rifles and they said they fixed,it let me breathe over the wideness a,case Im nice by the way,it is 100% made in the USA and if you,dont know if youre not in a keg I some,of the things that a keg guys really,demand are really strong trunnions,because this steel bolt here slams into,this front trunnion here every time you,shoot it so make a guys demand this,thing to be very strong or else itll,crack or deform and start to mush and,just fall apart if its not done right,the Russians used a forged trunnion and,bolt century arms went with a s7 tool,steel machined trunnion Google s7 tool,steel its the same steel they use in,jackhammer bits and what not so very,strong high-impact steel once century,fixed all the issues that they found,with the Jaeger video they sent out new,rifles for sale because if the issue has,been fixed thats what we want as,consumers we want companies to identify,problems and fix them thats it I dont,care about the drama I dont care about,politics just fix the dang problem and,get us a gun that works especially if,its a u.s. made gun because Im an,American and I just want to be proud to,have an american-made gun that works and,apparently thats where we are at now,with the Century Arms visca and let me,just do a reminder here set your arms is,not paying me to say anything good about,their guns I get no checks from Century,Arms they did not give me this rifle as,a gift although I would take it if they,gave it to me any gun company wanted to,give me a free gun I would take it,because Im a gun guy but no Im not,getting compensated in any way to say,anything about Century Arms and then on,top of that YouTube is taking away my,ability to make any kind of money off my,youtube videos as far as guns go theyve,demonetized almost all my gun videos so,again Im not making any compensation,either from the company or from YouTube,now to make any money off this this,video Im just making this video because,I want to talk about guns thats it so I,have decided to stop with the plans to,do my own 5000 round reliability test on,this particular rifle for a couple,reasons for one I dont have an extra,thousand dollars just to throw at a gun,to test it for someone else and then,another thing is that rob ski over at,AAA operators Union hes just about to,finish up his 5000 round test on his,sample of the visca that he purchased he,didnt have it sent to him and that its,packed with flying,and all he had was a loose screw on the,buttstock here for the wood but other,than that its on its way to make it to,5,000 rounds no failures no breaks no,cracks the barrel pins just fine the,bolt the bolt carrier and the trunnion,theres no deformation theres no metal,mushing and changing shapes at all its,passing with flying colors guys so again,theres really no incentive for me to do,a 5,000 run test if Rob skis,visca is passing with flying colors mr.,of guns and gear his visca passed with,flying colors as well with 5,000 rounds,and also on chemo 365 if you dont know,who he is hes from Hawaii,he bought a visca he put 3,000 rounds to,his and he has zero issues with his,no-go gauge pass field gauge passed no,issues whatsoever with at least three,youtubers so Im not gonna Im not gonna,bother with it,hopefully you guys arent mad at me,about not doing the 5000 run tests on,here alright guys so there you have it,thats the end of this video thats an,update on this this is getting mailed,back to Century Arms if you guys want my,opinion I think that this aka is worth,buying I think its a good deal that if,you can find it for like six six fifty,you know $6.99 if you can get one in,that price range I think this is a,fantastic ak-47 to get because it is,100% made in the USA and they use,s7 tools still in the trunnion and like,I said it passed Rob skis 5000 round,tests and mr. guns a year and chemos,tests so I think this is a good deal,alright guys if you guys have a,different opinion leave a comment in the,comment section below this video let me,know what you think about the Centurion,visca and also dont forget to leave a,like to support my channel I appreciate,it helps me out a lot thanks a lot guys,take care

VSKA 6,000 Round Test (W/MrGunsNGear)

is it a visca or vishka all right well,were here today with mr. guns and gear,doing a video that I said I was never,going to do frankly but were actually,verifying the results really of a 5,000,round test you had just done your 5,000,road test right correct yep I put 5,000,rounds through the rifle Id had bleep,about four malfunctions and at the end,was still in headspace that caused some,some uproar on the Internet full,disclosure like I said in my video,century did send this rifle out for the,test but today were gonna throw another,thousand rounds through it and just kind,of see how it looks at the end but,youve checked it out so far yeah,honestly Im really shocked with the,lack of wear I mean for a gun thats,been through 5,000 rounds thats I mean,it doesnt its holding up fairly well,Ill admit so well see well put,another thousand rounds through it well,see what happens and honestly I was just,telling him a second ago that you know I,6,000 rounds should be just warming up,youre a K a good a K should be able to,last 10 times that a couple barrel,changes you should have to change out,the fire control group a couple times,just let that thing go but really were,just verifying the results not trying to,make the gun fail we just wanted like,report results we got the no go gauges,and everything just making sure that I,hes not full of [ __ ] he actually did,put all these rounds through the gun and,that were were showing were showing,you guys what happened basically these,are still cast parts you can definitely,tell because you can see marks here on,the bottom of the carrier where its,cast just like the rass 47 and a little,aside one of the things I can never,figure out about why Century chose to do,it this way is the Lightning grooves on,the bolt carrier never really understood,that because if you see pictures of the,Rast 47 where these have cracked and,break it cracked and broke theyre,always right here on these lightning,cuts you take the most geometrically,sound shape possible and you put cuts,right down the side I just I never got,it but this is holding up remarkably,well in my opinion for something thats,already been through 5,000 rounds where,pattern on the back of the bolt like,said its its holding up remarkably,well theres nothing thats obviously,deformed or anything like that so tell,you what were going to go ahead and put,this back in the gun put it back,together run another thousand rounds,through it and were gonna compare,afterward but just to verify real quick,this does pass the no go gauge test got,our gauge in there,the rifle and it does not close on the,no go it doesnt even start to close so,5,000 rounds doing remarkably well,frankly as much as you know I may have,incentive to say otherwise,so lets put another thousand rounds,through it and see were at alright,these are actually the first rounds Ive,ever personally put through a biscuit is,it a visca or vishka no nobodys been,able to tell me yet and the century,reps have said it both ways alright,lets say vishka,already getting her smoking a little bit,I can already tell this is gonna be a,long day like a damn hair band oh Ive,been avoiding that for a long time the,internet would never forgive me that is,gonna get very old very quick all right,guys another hundred and fifty rounds,were gonna throw through it here we are,cool down in between mags just to not,double feed you guys can see there two,rounds are trying to go in the chamber,at the same time when in fact theres,actually only room for one indeed and,last mag for this string did you count,to 30 every single time every time every,time cool,gotta have a new respect for Robs key,now cuz this is gonna get really tiring,thats how you build up that index,finger strength ladies so were at about,450 rounds right now at the end of this,five magazines well be at around 600,all right,give that another try were probably,technically gonna be like five rounds,light on a thousand just because of the,malfunctions the round dropping out,whos counting this video is really,making you want to have like an 80s,action hero like head band or some [ __ ],I know why Rambo did it now,lets mix it up a little bit for variety,so these are five magazines so 150 each,so thats okay cool,3/4 of the way theyre losing daylight,in a little bit before I started that,but I had already committed,next time I shake Robs keys hand Im,gonna specifically look for that index,finger cuz hes probably gonna have like,this fingers like atrophied and this one,it looks like Schwarzenegger,[Applause],malfunction,so this one is a failure to feed do you,see there the nose of the cartridge just,hit the side of the barrel instead of,going into the chamber there got a,double feed there thats two,malfunctions in one mag see if you slow,down a little bit that was that 150,hi guys got a hundred fifty more to go,through it,last hundred rounds home stretch,all right I think that concludes it,6,000 rounds and I still have a face I,have not been quiet about my dislike a,century in the past as far as how,theyve run there us made stuff but Im,not out here to report anything that,didnt happen and honestly Ive been,pleasantly surprised by the lack of,deformation on like the back of the bolt,and things like that Ill include some,photos in here as Im talking about it,but you can see the the wear pattern on,the back of the bolt were the two locks,are the two lugs engage its pretty,uniform theres no crazy deposits of,metal where its mushrooming or anything,like that where its you know too soft,or anything everything looks pretty,decent the cam lug looks pretty decent,theres a little bit of metal Ridge here,I can feel its its kind of visible,Ill show that where thats starting to,pain a little bit but thats you know,pretty typical we have actually the same,issue on the v1 8k 50 so Im pretty,partial to that Ive kind of understand,that issue the bolt carrier cam groove,everything looks pretty good theres no,real deformation there thats not you,know again standard a case tough after,6,000 rounds doesnt look like anything,crazy the tail is not mushroomed any,sort of crazy like said this is all like,really really normal stuff its Ive,seen some really really bad ones in the,past where you know after two or three,thousand rounds the tail is really,mushroomed into formed nothing crazy on,this just typical a que pattern stuff,where you see you get the line in the,middle where it rides over the hammer,nothing crazy the only thing that we,need to check on now is the the actual,headspace and if it passes the go gage,or the no go gage test so on the RAFs,47s every time you saw one of those blow,up if you let go to like Google Images,and find where they had you know,out-of-battery detonation zora scuse me,out of headspace detonations from where,they the trunnions would give out thats,why people rail against cast Runyons,and Im no quiet critic of that but this,lower right lug is always what fails you,see it blow out the side where you know,the receivers warped and everything this,this part of the trying it crack so this,part here you can definitely see theres,a little bit more where there in the,front of the lug than anywhere else that,strikes me is kind of odd what I would,hazard to guess and this is an educated,guess I just now saw this is that its,starting to mushroom up a little bit but,because of the tolerances and the way,the lug comes back over it,immediately writing it back over and,writing it flush because theres not,really an edge there that you can feel,so thats an educated guess as to why it,is but you can definitely clearly tell,theres a lot more where there at the,very corner of the lug than there is,anywhere else so its not the bolt,contacting it uniformly not guys I mean,theres really the the trunnion looks,pretty decent for for six thousand,rounds and like I said six thousand,rounds on a naked be a given any good a,case should last you sixty thousand plus,but it is still interesting that you,know I dont

Century Arms VSKA 7.62×39 | Review and Field Strip

[Music],hey guys ben here with sportsmails,outdoor superstore and today we have the,century arms visca synthetic model but,before we get started on the specs and,go over the sweet rifle i just want to,talk to you guys really quick,we noticed that the majority of the,viewers on our videos arent subscribed,so,if you would subscribe wed really,appreciate it and go ahead and hit that,notification bell while youre at it,that way youre notified when we release,new videos on sweet rifles like this,okay lets go over some of the specs on,this visca synthetic model so the only,difference between this and the standard,visca is the stock and the furniture up,front they just changed it over to,synthetic from wood,as far as internals go,this rifle has a,machined front trunnion here and feed,ramp and the bolt carrier theyre all,made from theyre machined from s7 tool,steel so that makes them really really,durable um in this awesome ak rifle so,this model is chambered in 762 by 39,so its an ak,m because the,receiver here is stamped not milled,so this is an akm style rifle chambered,in 762 by 39 so some of the features we,can cover,it has an adjustable,for,elevation the rear sights adjustable,for elevation the front side is,adjustable for windage you just have to,have a you know a punch to to drive that,left and right,it has the standard slant muzzle that,most aks come with,and comes with a 30 30 round us palm,magazine,it also features a rack one enhanced,trigger group,all right so the barrel on this visca is,a chrome molle 4150 and its 16 and a,quarter inches,and moving into the bolt its made from,4140 steel and it has a carburized,finish on it best thing about this visca,its all made in the u.s,okay so now that weve covered all the,specs,we also want to show,you guys how to field strip an ak style,rifle,we want to be a one-stop shop for you so,if you have any questions about it were,going to show you right now,so first thing,you want to,make sure that the bolt,is forward,and you want to drop your magazine so,the magazine release here releases the,magazine you got an empty mag and you,also want to make sure the rifle is,clear,no round in the chamber and youre good,to go so,you want to,first,push in on this button here on the back,of the receiver which is going to,depress the spring the recoil spring,and when you do that you can lift up on,the dust cover here and pull it straight,back removing the dust cover,then the next step is to remove the,recoil spring so,you just want to push,to push some tension in the spring and,it relieves it and then you just pull it,out of the bolt carrier,set that off to the side and then the,bolt here and everything bolt and,carrier slides back,and you lift up on it just a little bit,and thats the whole bolt carrier,assembly and thats pretty much field,stripping the rifle so you can clean it,from here,and then if you want to,remove the actual bolt you just flip the,carrier over,and you want to,spin the bolt,and it will,slide right out of the carrier just that,easy,and to reassemble its just the reverse,order so you just drop the bolt into the,carrier,and,you want to make sure that this this,little lip here slides in,and that will index and,the way you know you have it right is if,youre holding it like this if youre,holding the bolt carrier like this and,the bolt doesnt fall thats the way,its supposed to be,so you just put it right back in the,rifle in the reverse order you put your,your gas piston here,in to the gas block,and then you press down,on the bolt carrier group and push it,forward,and it locks into place and you take,your recoil spring,put it back in the back of the bolt,carrier,and you just make sure its spun over,and theres a little channel here in the,back of the receiver that accepts the,recoil spring retention,and once you get that locked in you just,take your dust cover and you want to,make sure that you,put it,theres a little notch right here you,just want to make sure thats in the,notch,and then you push,im sorry,once youre in the notch you push,tension on the spring and make sure that,its fit in here in the front and then,you press down,once that locks in,you just put a little tension on your on,your,recoil spring and it will pop back out,of the dust cover and thats how you,field strip an ak style rifle also once,you field strip you want to make sure,that you function test the rifle so,make sure its clear,function test rack it,pull your trigger keep it held rock it,again make sure it resets,and youre good to go,thats it,all right guys that wraps up our video,on the sentry arms visca dont forget to,check out sportsmans outdoor superstore,dot com for firearms like this and more,and also dont forget to subscribe to,our channel down below click that,notification bell if you havent already,and check all of our social media links,in the description as well,thanks for watching and well see you,next time,[Music],you

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