2. I tried the CeraVe MOISTURIZING CREAM for ONE WEEK! (not as moisturizing as I thought…)
  3. Dermatologist Reviews: CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion
  4. CERAVE Review by DOCTOR V| BROWN/ DARK SKIN OF COLOUR| cream, moisturiser, ceramides
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is i believe this is the full size of,the product that you get they do offer,bigger size than this as well in case,you need a bigger size but this is more,than enough and this is going to last,for a very very long time so once you do,purchase this youre good to go now the,amount that you get is about 19 ounces,and youre gonna pay about 15,its different depending on where you,buy it if you do buy it from target its,around 14.95 something like that if you,do buy it on amazon its a little bit,cheaper so depending on where you go to,purchase it the price may vary the,claims of the product guys the cerave,cleans this is going to moisturize and,restores the protective skins barriers,this product contains three essential,ceramide complexes i believe they are,ceramide np ceramide the eop and,ceramide ap as well so those are the,three different ceramides that they have,used in the product we have talked about,ceramides before ceramides are great,hydrating and moisturizing ingredients,you know they are great for almost all,skin types and even if you have eczema,even if you have really really sensitive,skin youre going to benefit from using,you know product contains ceramides this,particular moisturizer is going to,offer all day hydration so once you,apply it youre good to go you dont,necessarily feel the need of,you know reapplying anything on top of,this product another thing that you have,to be aware of this is non-comedogenic,which means its not going to clog your,pores it contains hyaluronic acid as a,main ingredient as one of the main,ingredients and this is fragrance free i,believe serving makes their products,uh fragrance free in case if you do have,allergy or sensitivity for fragrance,this is the brand that you want to,explore and see how you like their,products theres no any active,ingredients in the product so this is a,regular moisturizer thats going to,moisturize your skin it doesnt offer,any anti-aging benefits again guys it,does not,really like affect the surface of your,skin its going to hydrate the surface,of your skin but its not necessarily,going to treat any problem like,fine lines or wrinkles now lets go,ahead and talk about my experience about,the product guys so what i think about,the product the performance of it i,personally tried using this in the,morning and also at night in the morning,i do not necessarily recommend this,product if you do wear makeup especially,if you do use waterproof makeup or,certain foundations nobodies that are,transfer proof sometimes i do use,transfer proof,foundation on my skin so it doesnt,slide or move around or melt from my,face for that reason like i need to wear,something you know lightweight,underneath my makeup like lightweight,gel consistency moisturizers are great,or,you know the moisturizers that have like,a very light feel to it but on the body,on the hands oh my goodness using it as,a hand cream,its amazing its incredible i,absolutely love how it feels on my hands,guys especially when i do the dishes and,my hands get you know dry as soon as i,apply it it literally takes away the,dryness of my hands and off my body as,well i have tried using this product you,know um on my body as a body lotion as,well and i love it something else that i,noticed guys,it doesnt have that stinky smell that i,always complain about moisturizers you,guys know im very particular about the,fragrance i would say im more critical,than a normal person when it comes to,the smell of skin care products if,youre pregnant oh my goodness this is a,cheap alternative for many of the body,lotions out there thats designed for,pregnancy and considering how your skin,is going to change during pregnancy you,know turning from normal to,sensitive skin minded,and i have to be very cautious about,using products you know that are not,going to irritate my skin so this is a,great option you just want to be mindful,if you do wear makeup you know just,stick to something lightweight stick to,something that doesnt,make your makeup look you know greasy or,making it feel like its melting off,from your face but other than that this,is a type of skincare that you can,actually rely on this is a type of,skincare that you can purchase over and,over,and its sustainable as well so it,doesnt break the bank and its gonna oh,my goodness guys look at this its gonna,last forever,all right guys i really hope you did,enjoy the video and found it useful if,you do have any questions make sure to,leave them down below in the comment,section i will make sure to answer all,of them and if you are new to my channel,make sure to subscribe if you do like,skincare beauty lifestyle inspiration i,do make a lot of useful and inspiring,content on my channel hopefully youre,going to come back and hang out with me,in my videos,all right time for me to go and cool,myself off because,this pregnant lady,is melting guys i am melting,all right guys im gonna leave you alone,now have a great day and ill see you in,my next video,[Music],you

I tried the CeraVe MOISTURIZING CREAM for ONE WEEK! (not as moisturizing as I thought…)

does feel quite heavy so I feel like,this already is too much for my skin I,was expecting it to feel a little bit,more hydrated not gonna lie hello guys,today Im really excited because Im,going to be putting to the test,the Sara V moisturizing cream for one,entire week and actually see how well it,moisturizes my skin because let me tell,you it has recently been feeling quite,dry especially on the lower third right,here and so Im really curious to see,what this is gonna give the girls,especially since this is charted for dry,to very dry skin hopefully this will,work but anyways this also contains,three essential ceramides in it and if,you guys didnt know ceramides are,literally one of the biggest buildin box,in our skin and they are responsible in,keeping the skin fair intact and healthy,as long as keeping our skin moisturized,and hydrated so its really important,that we replenish them and this could be,a way in which we could so that sounds,very promising and on top of that this,also contains the yannick acid which is,literally one of my favorite skincare,ingredients because it is a humectant so,its actually gonna draw moisture from,the air into your skin and really plump,up the skin and moisturize it so it does,seem very promising on top of that if,this was enough this is also fragrance,free but anyways Ive also tried the,lotion version of this cream in this,video right here and let me tell you,that is literally one of my favorite,moisturizers ever so I really want to,see if this is gonna stand the chance,there are many questions that have to be,answered in this video so Im really,intrigued survey Im gonna tell you that,without free jus lets get to,experimenting then shell be okay guys,so Ive done my serums its now time to,apply it the moisturizer this is what my,skin looks like on day 1 as you can see,I dont have any pimples at all and also,I dont have any blackness or anything,however my skin is definitely feeling a,little bit dry especially right here on,the jaw and also on the cheekbones even,though it doesnt look that dry trust me,when I try to move in mmm its,definitely feeling very tight but,anyways you guys Im definitely curious,to see if this turns out to be literally,like a thicker version of the lotion,this smell literally is exactly the same,as the lotion just maybe a little bit,stronger but lets try to see the,consistency its definitely thicker I,will say that if,very refreshing on the skin it also does,feel quite heavy so I feel like this,already is too much for my skin I have,to say this does have a little bit of,that smell of silicones and dimethicone,and paraffin so I feel like this will,contain a little bit of that but I dont,know if Im gonna like it as much as the,lotion version but I guess only time,will tell but anyways guys these are my,first impressions lets hope this wont,break me out even though it is,non-comedogenic we never know sometimes,sub creams they be lying they say that,they dont go region X and then your,breakers out so guess only time will,tell,oh and by the way guys I will give you,an update in the morning to see when I,wake up what my skin is looking like so,to see if it like passes the test of the,night ok guys so we just woke up exhibit,a look at the hair for proof but anyways,event until my skin is looking like as,you can see its very matte excuse the,hair but its very matte I was expecting,it to feel a little bit more hydrated,not gonna lie I was expecting this to,give me moisture and juice but I simply,did not deliver as I thought I did this,question you saw it because a cure came,out yall know that I cry for nothing,and I was watching ariana grande sing,besides the point thats beside the,point but you guys I dont feel like it,passed the night test so throughout this,week this moisturizer its definitely,gonna need to show up and show off for,me to approve it cuz girl as of now its,just not giving the girls with the girls,need okay guys so its day two nothing,has changed for my skin however I do,want to point your attention today watch,do you see this redness right here its,basically because my skin is dont itch,it I just scratched it and now its,irritated I really want to see if this,is gonna help with that this is gonna be,the ultimate test anyways before we go,any further with this experiment I wanna,read the ingredients so we can better,both understand what this moisturizer is,gonna give the girls if we can actually,trust it if we shouldnt trust it so,lets analyze it together so first I see,glycerin which is very normal glycerin,is actually contained in all moisturizer,and its just a very hydrating and,moisturizing ingredient then theres,federal alcohol this is another,moisturizing and hydrating ingredient,one of the good ones in skincare then,there is also,bristle or Caprica triglyphs right now,you guys remember the trick can I tell,you guys always all the time whenever,you see GL why is any skin care,ingredient that means that is derived,from glycerin however this is also,derived from coconut oil now coconut oil,has amazing antibacterial properties so,its gonna help reduce the acne and kill,the bacteria causing acne but its also,going to be moisturizing and soothing to,the skin then I see a petrol atom at the,corner from inverted Mexico and,standards bent on a drone IAM of methyl,sulfates I didnt know what this was I,just have to be honest you guys but it,looked it up for you guys and this is,actually supposed to be soothing and,moisturizing and soothing to the skin so,I mean we like that oh you guys okay so,finally we get to the juice were all,looking for finally the three ceramides,so theres so my number six Sara my,number three and Sara my number one and,if you guys didnt know,termites are again as I told you guys,what are the biggest building blocks in,our skin so its really important that,we replenish them so that we can keep,our skin not only healthy and moisturize,but also able to hack them a lot more I,dont eat a lot more of that moisture so,its really beneficial I love product to,contains Germans in them then its also,ironic acid which is a humectant plumps,up the skin amazing I love it,I literally loved it so much that I also,inject it in the face in the form of,Phillips what exactly is white trash,anyway I dont even know what would it,really mean I know its a bad word but,what exactly does that post it I dont,know maybe we are white trash and now,lastly I see sodium lauryl actally no,basically this is an ingredient that is,supposed to help other active,ingredients penetrate a lot deeper into,the skin so its definitely beneficial,to have this for example because its,gonna help the ceramides and the ionic,acid and the coconut in it and just all,the other really good ingredients in,this to penetrate deeper and anyways you,guys as you can see Im really gonna,concentrate it a lot right here because,this is really going to be to test and,see how well its actually,anyway you guys the increments I mean,its definitely approved there is no,fragrance in this there are no,ingredients that I dont approve of that,maybe can be irritating to the skin it,servi always a snaps with the ingredient,list though I mean this looks promising,but will it maybe be a little bit too,heavy for me and break me out oh my god,guys so its day five I want to show you,what my skin looks like look if you take,a look under the neck where the right,spot is you can definitely see it but,its so reduced now looking so much,better but while this is not a soup,kitchen right straighten that neck up we,act like were taking a photo shoot and,also my skin is feeling a lot less,tighter so I am definitely happy with my,skin is feeling like however I have,definitely found out a few things and if,you are worth mentioning and I feel like,this is not exactly for everyone and for,anyone who has oily skin like me you,definitely have to keep on watching and,also my dry skin people you also want to,watch because I have tips for you as,well I will

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Dermatologist Reviews: CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

[Music],hey guys its dr daniel sugai board,certified dermatologist welcome to my,channel im a dermatologist here in,seattle and i work out of two offices in,bellevue and rent in washington i do,medical surgical and cosmetic,dermatology i see adults and kids i did,my training at harvard medical school,and so ive been on youtube for now over,two years and im loving it nice,interacting with all of you i appreciate,the support on the channel today im,going to talk about one of my favorite,brands cerave have been recommending,this brand since way back in boston when,i was a resident and ive been using,this brand for many many years probably,from when i was in hawaii ive been,using this so probably over 10 years,ive been using the brand cerave but,more recently we learned how to,pronounce it i was calling it cerave for,most of my medical career its actually,cerave because you have ceramides which,is of course in cerave and thats the,sarah part the v or ve here is really,correlating to the mve technology or,multivesicular emulsion technology that,is related to these spheres with many,layers that will slowly release and give,you lasting hydration throughout the day,thats what cerave is known for ceramize,and hydration and great for those with,sensitive skin so gentle that its been,recognized by the national eczema,association of nea where theyve gotten,their stamp of approval by the nea for,multiple products today im going to be,talking about the cerave am facial,moisturizing lotion now when you see me,in clinic as a patient with acne i do,talk about cerave a lot because its not,comedogenic helps restore the skin,barrier with its three essential,ceramides and it helps with hydrating,your skin because im going to be giving,you medications that are most likely,going to dry your acne out and the,surrounding skin and so we dont want to,worsen acne by clogging up the pores you,want something thats non-comedogenic,one thats very accessible and,affordable to all of my patients because,im all about cost medications can be,pricey especially acne medications acne,rosacea medicines thats also another,thing im struggling with getting,covered for my patients so i want your,hard-earned money to be diverted to your,prescription medications but also have,money on the side to help with the,supporting players like your,moisturizers your sunscreens while,youre using these topical medications,now when it comes to acne rosacea thats,a very chronic condition theres no cure,its something youre gonna deal with,and youre gonna try to avoid triggers,acne hopefully yall grow it but some,people deal with teenage acne or young,adult acne that later becomes acne,rosacea now when youre a teenager or,young adult i do recommend cerevi,products the am is great the pm also,awesome to use and of course pm is one,without sunscreen this one also three,essential ceramides niacinamide which is,a vitamin b3 player that really helps,with inflammation helps with sebum,production decreased sebum production so,great for those with acne or acne,rosacea and three hyaluronic acid which,is hydrating its a humectant that draws,in water and keeps water there and they,help draw on water in your epidermis and,so it really helps with plumping up your,skin and also decreasing the chances of,you getting irritation from say your,prescription medications classically,your retinoids those can really dry out,your skin and your epidermis and cause,peeling redness irritation feeling,really tight in your face so i like cv,cleansers a lot but im gonna really,talk about their am today this one is a,broad spectrum spf 30 broad spectrum,meaning that its blocking uva and uvb,rays uva are the longer wavelengths that,will go deeper into your skin affecting,collagen leading to not only skin cancer,but also breaking up of your collagen,your enzymes chewing up collagen and,that will lead to sagging skin wrinkles,over time but also can cause tanning of,your skin tanning boots use uva youre,not going to have the burn from the,shorter wavelength uvb but youll have,longer wavelengths going in deeper into,the skin that can cause tanning and also,aging and so block that but you also,have uvb coverage which is you see spf,30 which is really relating to the uvb,coverage and uvb you know i like to,remember uvb as uv bad uv burns is very,carcinogenic and can cause thymine,dimers in your dna and those lesions can,really kink up your dna leading to skin,cancer and so the big thing of using,sunscreen is decreasing your risk of,skin cancer through protecting yourself,from sunburns when you get sunburns,thats leading to dna mutations dna,lesions and that will disrupt your,epidermis quite a bit making a skin,cancerous lesion or pre-skin cancerous,lesion we call in actinic keratosis now,servi youll see here theres no mention,of it being water resistant so if youre,gonna go out for a run go play in the,pool or at the beach this one is,probably not for you this does have five,uv filters homosatellite moratomate,octanoxate octocrylene and zinc oxide,these five are all trying to work on uv,and uvb in various degrees this is not a,mineral sunscreen this does have,chemical uv filters four chemical uv,filters and one physical inorganic,filter zinc oxide this is not tinted but,here you have niacinamide big plus there,glycerin another humectant that works,like hyaluronic acid youll see,dimethicone you see the ceramides,further down the list hydrolyzed,hyaluronic acid in this this ones oil,free so i like this for my patients with,acne so lets put this bad boy on very,lightweight this is a lotion keep in,mind so not very thick goes on very well,because it has the chemical uv filters,this is very lightweight and these,classically do not cause a white cast,put some on my face here,no fragrance too so great for those with,sensitive skin hydrating but doesnt,give you too much of a dewy finish but,just enough there no white cast blends,in very quickly so i like this sunscreen,a lot but we cant say there is one skin,care product that works for everyone,skin care there is definitely a trial,and error process so i have to say that,i have a lot of patients who like this,but i have some who say oh it stings i,have eczema and it stings because the,chemical uv filter just doesnt work,with your compromised skin barrier,although this has ceramides that help,rebuild your skin barrier which imagine,a brick wall with bricks and mortar and,keratinocytes are your epidermal cells,that are the bricks and then you have,glue in between the layers of,keratinocytes and that would be,cholesterols fatty acids and ceramides,are in there its part of that glue that,keep the skin cells together the bricks,together and so when you have very,compromised skin barrier youll see it,as redness peeling scaling pain and so,when you have a raw compromised skin,barrier things that arent usually,irritating can irritate your skin,further and so if you were to say that,vane cream doesnt burn its great for,sensitive skin but yet it burns me yes,that can happen when your skin barrier,is very compromised if you want to avoid,sunscreens with chemical uv filters this,one might not be for you this one,doesnt have oxybenzone but it does have,octanoxate in it which the sales of,sunscreens with octane oxide or oxygen,benzone have been banned in hawaii my,home state im not going to comment on,the controversy behind that because the,studies that found these ingredients to,be harmful to the coral reefs are not,real life settings this is laboratory,settings where they put these chemical,uv filters in a controlled environment,and saw that at bleach coral reefs and,so theres this whole uprising of the,term coral safe or reef safe sunscreen,its a term that doesnt carry a lot of,meaning to us dermatologists because is,it truly a real life setting where we,are wearing enough sunscreen is a,sunscreen leeching off of her skin,causing bleaching of coral reefs were,not sure you wouldnt be wearing this at,the beach anyway

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CERAVE Review by DOCTOR V| BROWN/ DARK SKIN OF COLOUR| cream, moisturiser, ceramides

hello im dr vanita ratan and this,channel is dedicated to skin care for,skin,of color so im a doctor but im also a,cosmetic formulator,and this whole channel is actually about,decoding,what skin care is available for you and,which ones are best for skin of color,now i get asked all the time but surely,everything on the market should be good,the skin of color right,well this is the situation with skin of,color,our skin burns and pigments very easily,so with one bite one burn,our skin will hyperpigment and start to,produce too much pigment in that area,and so actually theres a lot that we,cant do and theres a lot that we,shouldnt be putting on our skin,that is fine for caucasians to put on,their skin caucasian skin you can,literally burn the whole top layer off,and theyll be fine whereas,us if we did the same procedure we would,get pigmentation so theres a lot that,we cant do,that caucasians can do but same time we,actually need,different concentrations of ingredients,to caucasian skin because of,our pigmentation because when we,hyperpigment,we actually need very high strength,actives in order to treat that so really,this whole channel,is all about telling you the best,products for our skin and which ones we,should,avoid so today we are talking about,cerave and im actually very excited,because there are a lot of products that,i love,in the sarah v line which if youve,watched enough of my videos you will,know,is very rare so yay im really happy,about today,um so lets dive right in,okay so starting off with the first,product which is sarah vsa smoothing,cleanser okay so the second ingredient,here is a very,mild surfactant its sodium lauryl,sulcosanate,which is fine when youre working about,15 percent,as a wash off product or at about five,percent if its a levon product,and so as this is a wash-off product,its fine that its the second,ingredient,the third ingredient here is coconut,propyl,and its a mild surfactant as well so i,like the fact that both,are quite gentle for the skin um theres,also lots of moisturizers and emollients,in this product so here weve got,glycerin,ceramides weve got hydrolyzed,hyaluronic acid,so i love this product theres nothing,in it thats going to irritate your skin,its great for acne skin its got no,fragrance no essential oils no alcohol,its got no irritants nothing thats,going to sensitize your skin,so its a fantastic product for acne,prone skin,and actually its very good for teen,acne so,when youre at about 13 14 15 years old,and youre still quite young and you,dont want to be applying,some of the harsher products this would,be a very good cleanser for that age,group as well,so the next product is the cerave,foaming cleanser,and again i love this product so,oh go and buy this one definitely so the,positives are the moisturizers,a ton of moisturizers theyve got,glycerin theyve got propylene glycol,theyve got,uh caprylal glycol theyve also got a,sodium hyaluronate which is a cousin,of hyaluronic acid so its got great,moisturizers in it its got very,mild surfactants in it so its got cocoa,betaine and its also got sodium cocoa,glycinate in it too so again very mild,surfactant,this is great for oily to normal skin,its non-comodogenic,so its great for even acne prone skin,its great for inflamed skin,theres no essential oils no fragrance,no irritants no sensitizes,theyre getting the basics right and i,love this about the cerevi brand,i mean you know if youve watched my,videos on estee lauder or loreal,or you know the more expensive brands,theyre not getting the basics right,um which is this if you can get theres,no point going into more complex,formulations,until you get the basics right and that,means the percentage of humectants that,percentage of emollients,the fact that you shouldnt be using,essential oils you shouldnt be using,fragrance,i do believe that they are well i know,theyre watching my videos,because they do message me and they will,be coming out with fragrance free lines,in the future,um but for now im absolutely loving,cerave and i,i recommend it actually in a lot of my,videos for skin of color so moving on to,the next product which,is the hydrating cleanser now this is,actually a very,interesting product ive never seen such,a,simple ingredients list um so i would,recommend this first of all for normal,to dry skin,and all it has the top three ingredients,water glycerin which is the humectant,which holds water in that top layer of,skin,and saterial alcohol which does a,similar thing the fourth ingredient is,your phenoxyethanol so do you remember,once you see that word finoxyethanol,everything under it is less than one,percent,i mean the just like 99 of this 99.5,19 blah blah blah 95 of this product is,just,water glycerin and saterial alcohol i,mean its,very simple very gentle its not going,to irritate your skin,very hydrating no alcohol no fragrance,so,again if you have normal to dry skin i,would definitely purchase,this product so the next product is the,essay smoothing cream now they got the,majority of this product right,so the positives of this product is that,theyve got a lot of emollients theyve,got anti-inflammatories and theyve got,moisturizers so for example theyve got,10,urea which is a fantastic humectant,again holds water in that top layer of,skin,its got sea tail alcohol its got,parkie butter its got glycerin its got,sodium lactate so its got a lot of good,ingredients plus its got nice cinnamide,and you all know,one of my favorite ingredients is nice,cinnamon skin of color because it just,does so much,um please go watch my nice cinnamon,video if you dont know about nice,cinnamon we basically all need it in our,skincare routine,its one of those ingredients that it,reduces your erythema,it reduces controls your sebum levels,it helps with acne it helps with,pigmentation,it helps to increase cell turnover so,its just it just does a lot,im glad that they put cerave actually,uses quite a lot of nice cinnamon which,i like,again the positives are that they dont,use fragrance no essential oils,you know they uh they theyve got a lot,right the problem with this one is that,the fifth,ingredient is alcohol as a solvent,i think theyve done this in order to to,dissolve the,um the salicylic acid but,i prefer butylene glycol to do this,the problem with alcohol is that its,it basically it almost like destroys a,top layer of skin and creates,a free radical party and its not a good,party its a bad party,because free radicals are so bad for our,skin,they damage the collagen they lead to,premature aging and while theyre doing,it they do it silently so you dont even,know that this is whats happening to,your skin,and so just any time you see alcohol,as a solvent in that in the top sort of,10 ingredients,in a product list i would run,away in the opposite direction and the,damage actually continues,even after youve worn it even after,youve washed it off,so the damage doesnt end actually when,you,apply when you put alcohol on the skin,it really does damage your skin barrier,so its a shame i would avoid it they,could have,very easily sidestepped it and used,retained glycol instead,but cerevi if youre watching and you do,decide to reformulate,then let me know and i will absolutely,do another video for you,then endorsing it because just make that,little tweak and i think itll be a,great product,so what are ceramides so cerave is all,based on ceramides and ceramides are,essential,they can they compose 50 of our skin,its,its basically the lipid barrier so,ceramides basically lipids,and what that does is it prevents trans,epidermal water loss it almost is like,a waterproofing of the skin to keep the,water in,rhymes so when you keep the water in,you are creating a healthy environment,for your skin problems happen,uh with your skin when it dries out,actually aging happens because of,dehydrated skin,a lot of inflammation happens because of,dehydrated skin,so hydration is actually the key,to solving a lot of skin care issues,and definitely

Cerave Moisturizing Cream Review | Skin Barrier Damage Repair- Barrier Reinforcing or Burning?

hey guys welcome back to my channel for,todays video were gonna be talking,through the Sara V moisturizing cream,Im gonna be giving you guys my review,on this product thoughts and how I used,it to heal skin barrier damage so I,talked about that in a recent video that,I had some brutal skin barrier damage,from essential oils which is one of the,many reasons I will not be using,essential oils or fragrance with in,skincare anymore thats something I,talked about in depth very recently in a,video that I posted talking through why,fragrance and essential oils are no good,for the skin and showing you some of my,favorite fragrance free skincare,products so car for that here linked,below if youre interested but basically,I did use this to heal skin barrier,damage I will get into the details of,that after this introduction so if,youre interested in hearing about that,and just hearing my overall thoughts on,this specific moisturizing cream stay,tuned well jump right into that before,we do if you could please give this,video a thumbs up subscribe and click on,that notification bell that would help,me out a lot it would really mean a lot,to me because I uploaded three or five,days a week for you guys and if youre,interested in keeping up with my life,more just day-to-day behind the scenes,or you want more content from me at my,Instagram and tik-tok handle it is right,here,already lets jump into it,[Music],no go ahead go ahead I have talked about,Sara V so many times at this point here,on my channel I already have an entire,video of my entire Sara V collection,talking through each one of those,products so if you guys want to watch,that that will be linked below of course,but essentially you guys know at this,point I am a huge fan of Sara VI rave,about their products all the time and,for good reason their products are,fragrance free their products have,amazing ingredients in them and they,dont have a lot of the B s ingredients,that you will find in other skincare,brands especially fragrance and,essential oils which seem to be,everywhere these days so I freaking love,Sara B if you guys want me to do,continued reviews like this even though,this is more so to be talking about how,I healed at my skin barrier damage if,you want me to highlight one specific,product at a time and make a shorter,video on that product let me know I can,absolutely do that I know sometimes full,brand reviews are just kind of hard to,watch if you dont have the time to sit,there and watch that entire video so,whether that be a CeraVe skincare,product or something else I can,definitely do individual reviews on,products that you guys are interested in,so this moisturizing cream this says it,moisturizes and helps to restore the,protective skin barrier it has three,essential ceramides and what else it,says its non comedogenic it has,hyaluronic acid in it and its fragrance,free other ingredient call-outs this has,their signature ceramide complex which,is something thats going to help to,restore and repair the skin it has,dimethicone in it which is a skin,conditioning ingredient that also helps,to improve our skins softness and,flexibility it has petrolatum which is,considered to be one of the most,effective moisturizing ingredients and,the reason for that is because it is an,occlusive ingredient meaning its,actually going to act as a protective,barrier on the surface of your skin any,sort of thicker product like this which,I will show you quickly here oh I almost,just spilled that everywhere any sort of,thicker moisturizer like this is really,great at helping to actually seal in,moisture versus one that is lighter,weight and more of a gel-like,consistency with humectant ingredients,thats something thats going to draw,moisture to the surface of the skin from,deeper layers of our skin but its,actually not going to provide you a,long-term moisture and the way that a,thicker cream like this would so,something like this is going to be great,for those of you that have really dry,skin flaky skin or a potentially,irritated skin which I will talk about,in a little bit but that is one of the,benefits of petrolatum,is sealing in that moisture and then not,the last ingredient but final ingredient,call-out that I will make this also has,glycerin in it which is an amazing,hydrating ingredient that helps to,replenish and restore the skin so skin,types that may benefit from this,moisturizer again if you have really dry,skin a flaky skin you might love this,you could still use this if you have,combination skin or normal skin and you,could just use it in the p.m. if using,it twice a day seems to be too much for,you its hard for me to say because,everybodys skin is different Im not a,dermatologist of course so I cannot,prescribe skin care products to you of,course and the only way that you can,really know if something is going to,work for your skin as if you try it out,but in general thicker occlusive,moisturizers like this are not ideal for,really oily skin types that may be where,you want to stay away from it but again,you could try out just using it in the,PM because its thicker to really help,with overnight hydration or this may be,something you need both in the AM and PM,if you are dry this is something that I,dont use very often just because I have,combination skin that I would say tends,to lean more oily so I find that,something like this daily is just too,much for me but I definitely have used,it before more so in the winter months,when my skin starts to feel a little bit,drier the other way that I have used,this which is why Im sure a lot of you,are watching this is for skin barrier,damage repair so let me show you guys,the photo here of my skin barrier damage,I had repeated damage to that area of my,skin long story short it happened from,using essential oils and I used to use,tea tree oil as a spot treatment for,acne that,something that used to work really well,for me it would dry up my breakouts I,mean almost overnight and make the,healing process a lot quicker and I,never experience irritation from that,however in doing more skin care research,and just really starting to understand,ingredients on skin care labels I have,realized that essential oils are a no-no,in skin care in the same way that,fragrance should not be within our skin,care products essential oils may provide,some benefit so in that case for me it,was helping to clear up my breakouts,faster but the negative side effects,like potential irritation or allergy,development or contributing to signs of,aging are not mitigated by those,positive benefits so the positives dont,outweigh the negatives I no longer,recommend the use of essential oils I,know that something I did used to,recommend to your on this channel but,like Ive said before Im just doing a,lot of research behind the scenes and,Im continuing to share what I find with,you guys so I did experience a breakout,on my chin jawline region from wearing a,face mask welcome to the club happy to,have you I know a lot of you guys are,dealing with that too and when I used,that essential oil that was around the,same time that I had started to become,extremely particular about the products,that I was allowing to touch my skin so,I still did have some products that had,essential oils in them and I was,starting to not use them anymore I think,just because of that my skin was no,longer used to repeated exposure to a,central oils day after day it freaked,out when I did put the essential oils on,my skin so what I did to try to heal,that damage was use this CeraVe,moisturizing cream I did two things so I,used this AM and PM only on the area of,my face that I had that damaged because,again this makes me feel a little bit,more oily than I would like to if I use,it all over my face so I kind of like I,used this as a shield,first I rubbed in this moisturizing,cream into that area with the damage and,if youre trying to figure out if you,have skin barrier damage I mean if it,looks like that photo then you,defini


hi everyone so today i want to do a,review on one of the,skincare products by sarah bay and it is,the,moisturizing cream so i did decide to,get,this version because i think theres,three different types of packaging,there is the tub where you just i guess,put your hands in it and then put on,your face,then they have another tub that has a,pump with it and then they have,this which is the eight fluid ounce,version of it,which i like this the most just because,i feel like,i dont need too much and like i dont,want to be dipping my heads and stuff,and the bigger one with the pump,id probably go for that later on if i,wanted to like replace this maybe,i dont know if i get that yet just,because its so big i feel like its,kind of tacky looking,anyways so i got this version because at,one point i thought i had,um fungal acne,i dont know what i have i just assumed,it was fungal acne just because its,just like the little bumps that wont go,away,but i mean it is summertime so maybe,its like,eight months i dont know but,this is probably,this is the only moisturizer that was,fungal acne safe like if you had how you,say it malassezia,i think thats the name for it for,fungal acne because its not actual acne,its,something different anyways but this is,good if you have that it wont feed it,so,keep that in mind if you do have it,and also it is a thick cream,but i have oily to combination skin and,it doesnt seem,too thick to me like,i dont know its thick yes but like,still comfortable on the skin,like i dont feel like its sitting on,top of my skin and it doesnt leave it,like,super moisturized looking like it,doesnt look glowy and stuff after im,done its pretty,matte like its almost mattifying in my,opinion at least on my skin it is,which i kind of like i dont know i,dont really need the shininess,like like its nice to have that nice,glow but like for me i have oily,combination skin i dont really need,that i feel like,im gonna look that way anyways after my,pores start leaking the oils,but anyways really like this,i will say that and when i said its,like ive tried the um,the survey lotion that they have,moisturizing daily lotion,that for some reason broke me out,another reason why i thought i have,found acne because,that had some ingredients that do feed,from acne,so thats why i kind of went for this,because i noticed i was starting to,break out,and that stuff i dont know sometimes,its like over,moisturizing because that specific one i,think it did,leave a shine on me actually no i dont,think it did,never mind but anyways,this one is really nice and what it is,is just,it says its for normal to dry but i,feel like,it just comes down to preference for,real if you like it thick because i use,this at night since it is thick,but um i think it just comes down to,preference if you have oily skin i think,this will be good at night,and i can kind of handle it in the,daytime it just depends on my skin feels,and if you have dry skin i think youll,definitely like it,because i think it is moisturizing but,its not too heavy,at least in my opinion its not very,very heavy,if you have normal skin i dont think,you have a problem with it either,so it has three essential ceramides,hyaluronic acid and,it doesnt clock pores and its free of,fragrance and it has,mve delivery technology,which is just to help control the,release of hydration throughout the day,thats interesting but,yeah that is the main stuff,that it provides the main information,that this product,provides on the packaging so when i said,that it was thick it,is very thick so,this is what it looks like,im only going to take a little bit out,because i dont want to use too much of,it,but it is kind of thick like,like this isnt going to work its not,runny as you,see im holding upside down and like,its not going anywhere,and when you rub it in this is what it,looks like when you,rub it and i didnt even get a lot of,that,i dont know let me try to get it all,the way,it is very moisturizing though like i,love that about it you can honestly use,it,for anything in my opinion i dont know,if its specifically for the face,but i know you can use it on the face,but honestly you can use this anywhere,so this is how it looks on my skin well,on my hand,after its dry like its not shiny as,you can see,theres no type of shine it looks kind,of like,matte to me even on the skin and as far,as like,how it feels on the skin i told you its,not heavy but,it feels it feels,moisturized its not heavy it doesnt,sit on the skin it actually does feel,like it,seeps into the skin but i honestly if,you do have like oily decombination skin,i wouldnt use,too much because then i think it could,for really heavy a little,too much hydration but,it doesnt really feel like anything,once you really get it into your skin,and i use that as the last step and i,call it a day,for the night so like i said it didnt,break me out i havent had any issues,with that,no more breakouts than i usually get so,thats a plus,because almost everything breaks me out,but honestly its been really good for,my skin i feel like,any hydration that has been stripped has,just come back into my skin so if you,use like a lot of acids,you do a lot of exfoliation whether its,physical or whether its like a chemical,exfoliation,i think this is really good for you at,the end of the day just because it,really,brings that hydration back to your skin,its because i said i use it at night so,when i wake up in the morning,my skin doesnt feel like oily or,anything it just feels,soft and hydrated and thats like,that means something to me because,usually i dont always get that feeling,like thats why i say i think i have,oily to combination skin im on the oily,side but i definitely,am dry sometimes but i dont know if,thats just from over exfoliation or,what,because sometimes it just feels like my,skin,like when i try to smell like its gonna,crack its like that sometimes,thats why i really kind of like that it,just feels like it balances everything,out,you know my whole skin is moisturized i,feel like its also,healing at the same time but like that,is why youre supposed to use like,heavy creams at night just so you can,really just,soak in the hydration and kind of like,repair your skin,from any damage you have done during the,day or like,earlier in the week i dont know but,yeah that is a really good moisturizer i,im trying to think do i have any cons,id say a con might be,honestly,i cant think of any,i think its a really good moisturizer,overall id give it a 9.,im going to say if i had to rate it 10,being the highest,id say its probably like uh,a 99.5,i say that only because for my skin type,i feel like,i dont want to use it often during the,day just because i feel like,that cream plus sunscreen on top of that,and any other products its just too,much for my face,thats too heavy but so i do try to,stick with it,at night like i said before so like,thatll be the only con,because im always looking for a daytime,moisturizer but most moisturizers are,too drying,or overly hydrating like i will look,like a hot,oily mess like i will really look,like i look so oily by the end of the,day im,shining like a glazed donut which can be,cute,but it aint really anyways,so thats like my only kind,but i mean it is for dry skin its just,i wish,that the lotion they had was,suited for all types of skin like if you,do happen to have fungal acne or,something like thats my main thats why,i think i do have it,im not sure but i dont know i just,could not do the lotion i dont,understand why,i dont understand why i wish it worked,because that lotion is like a really,good,daytime moisturizer for me like it,wasnt,too heavy but it was very it was,it felt light on the skin but i feel,like gradually during the day as the,time went on,it just started to just i dont know,it just caused so much oil production to,happen,and that just wasnt cute,that just was not cute it was too much,for my skin,i need something light but hydrating,because ive tried,the mois

Which is the best CeraVe moisturizer for you?

hey skincare nerds welcome back a lot of,you found my survey cleanser guide,really helpful,and i got so many comments from you guys,requesting a,follow-up video this time about their,moisturizers,so it did take me a while to make this,because i find affordable drugstore,moisturizers and sunscreens to be,some of the hardest products to find,because theyre the last steps in your,routine,that means the finish is really,important and,they have to really work well with all,of the other steps that youve already,done,in your routine oh and like my cleansers,guide this is,not a sponsored video i bought all of,these products with my own money,so dont worry you guys im right there,with you in the struggle to find a great,affordable,moisturizer and sunscreen so today were,gonna be comparing,five cerave moisturizers the,moisturizing cream,the moisturizing lotion the facial pm,moisturizer the am facial moisturizer,and the ultra light moisturizing lotion,we are going to look beyond the,marketing to answer,which one is actually best for your skin,[Music],so before we get into it lets talk,about what you should actually look for,in a moisturizer,and why you should even have one in your,routine so,i used to think that the point of a,moisturizer was to,add moisture back into my skin turns out,moisturizers can do,way more than that there are actually,three different types of moisturizing,ingredients that all do,different things for your skin,humectants emollients,and occlusives humectants like,hyaluronic acid and glycerin draw,moisture into your skin which is great,if your skin is dehydrated,emollients like triglycerides most plant,oils and shea butter,smooth your skin and makes it feel,really nice and soft,and occlusive like petrolatum and,squalene create,a barrier on top to prevent trans,epidermal water loss,basically they lock in the moisture to,keep it from evaporating,one major part of finding the best,moisturizer for your skin,is knowing what skin type you have and,figuring out what your skin concerns are,im not gonna go through all of the,different skin types in this video,because i already did that in the,cleansers video,so if you dont know what skin type you,are or you just kind of need a little,refresher,hop on over to that video basically you,can have,oily dry combination balanced or,sensitive skin,i like saying balanced skin instead of,normal skin because,normal skin makes it sound like anyone,who doesnt have balance skin,isnt normal which just isnt true oh,and sometimes sensitive skin is called a,skin condition instead of a skin type,because you can have both sensitive and,dry skin,or sensitive and oily skin one thing to,watch out for,especially if youre prone to breakouts,is that some ingredients in moisturizers,can be,pore clogging or comedogenic cerave has,labeled all of these moisturizer,formulas non-comedogenic,but you should use these non-comedogenic,labels,as a guide so you know what im going to,say,always patch test your new products so,you dont,end up with a really bad reaction all,serraview products,including these moisturizers are,fragrance free and have,essential ceramides cholesterol fatty,acids and hyaluronic acid,these ingredients mimic your skins,natural barrier which helps prevent,moisture loss and protects it from,external damage,ceramides are especially great because,they act as glue to hold the barrier,together,so its helpful for preventing premature,aging,acne and eczema cerave also has this,technology called,mve which slowly releases the,ingredients into your skin,to help with penetration instead of all,at once,take those two together ceramides and,mve and,thats how they came up with the name,syrupy so,it is pronounced cerave not cerave,lets start with the moisturizing cream,and lotion,these are great if your skin is on the,balance to,dryer side theyre formulated so you can,use it all over your face and body,and you can use these both day and night,so the moisturizing cream,is the heaviest of the five its great,if you have dry skin,so if you have flakiness or a little bit,of itching or if you have dry patches as,well,this is really sensitive skin friendly,and eczema friendly too,so i would not recommend this as an,everyday moisturizer for you if you do,have oilier skin,or if youre prone to breakouts unless,you do have dry skin,and youve already patch tested this to,make sure that it wont cause any issues,for you,so as for the packaging you might be,used to seeing it in a tub,but i got the travel size because i have,combo skin and i use this,only when i go snowboarding so this size,is a lot more convenient to take with me,but if you are gonna get the regular,size and you dont like tub packaging,they do have a version of it with the,pump as well,as for the formula its basically a,heavier version of the moisturizing,lotion,and what i mean by that is that its,more occlusive,because theres petrolatum in here,petrolatum is the,most occlusive ingredient out there and,its also what vaseline is made of,but you already know all that from,watching my slugging video,if you havent it basically creates a,physical barrier between your skin,and the outside world making it great,for preventing that trans epidermal,water loss,and encouraging wound healing to happen,but unlike,vaseline which is a hundred percent,petrol atom,its not greasy at all if you have,extremely dry skin,and this isnt working for you but you,also dont like vaseline because its,way too greasy,cerevi actually has a healing ointment,as well which is made of 45,petrolatum so another ingredient i do,have to mention,is that there is dimethicone a silicone,in here,actually it is in all of these,moisturizers other than the,ultralight moisturizing lotion if you,dont like silicones in your moisturizer,i wouldnt necessarily walk away from,these completely,i also really dont like silicone,textures but silicones,arent the base in these its actually,much further down the ingredient list,its really just there to help with skin,soothing and also to provide that,kind of like nice velvety finish so,lets check it out,its really rich and creamy but it rubs,in,really well and it doesnt leave any,white streaks,it doesnt completely sink into your,skin when you first apply it,because of the occlusives in it its not,really supposed to,so again thats not necessarily a bad,thing thats what actually makes it,really great for,drier skin types so it makes your skin,feel really,smooth and it also leaves like a really,nice velvety finish,now on to the moisturizing lotion this,is really great if you have balance to,dry skin,but i also think it could be really,great if you have combo skin because,its got an oil-free formula its,sensitive skin friendly,too actually both the lotion and the,cream,got a seal of approval from the national,eczema association,so if you do have eczema or sensitive,skin,both this one and the cream are great,for you to use,so formulation wise again its basically,a lighter version of the cream the major,difference,is that it doesnt have petrolatum in it,so it isnt going to be as,occlusive it does have polysorbate 20 in,it and i,mentioned that because i know some of,you can be really sensitive to that it,also has,parabens where the cream does not so if,you are sensitive to parabens,this might not be so good for you so the,difference between this and the cream,also comes through in the texture,the texture is definitely a lot more,watery,so it is gonna be lighter weight and,smoother and it sinks into your skin,really really well but its also got,like a really nice,slip to it the finish is a little bit,more satiny at first but then it settles,in,and just kind of looks and feels like,skin so i would say that the finish is,more,like a semi matte its also not greasy,at all and it just really makes your,skin feel,like super smooth yeah i really like,this one,all right so lets move on to the pm and,am moisturizers which are going to be,better for you if you have a balanced,to oilier skin type so i r

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