2. Dr. Sugai Reviews: CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum
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  4. Cerave Vitamin C Serum VS La Roche Posay | BEST Vitamin C Serum
  5. VITAMIN C SKINCARE ROUTINE + PRODUCT REVIEW | CeraVe Vitamin C Serum | The Budget Dermatologist
  7. Cerave Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum Review | Best Drugstore Vitamin C Serum for Face?


well hey guys I imagine you are somewhat,surprised by the title and thumbnail of,todays video but Im going to be,reviewing for you guys per your request,be a new survey skin renewing vitamin C,serum if you are at all new here I do,not use vitamin C serums and I have a,video describing why that is so Ill,link it down below for those of you who,are new but I am a huge fan of Sarah,beet products and I always recommend,their moisturizing cream in the tub,some of my most viewed videos are of me,reviewing Sarah V products so I know you,guys are fans and youve been asking,about it those of you who like the,purple renewing line in particular I,think have a great interest in this so I,thought it would be a good opportunity,to kind of revisit it vitamin C vitamin,C serums what we know about why they,might be helpful for skin and what their,limitations are and kind of remind you,and you know clue in may be newer,viewers as to why I dont use them,vitamin C is the most abundant,antioxidant in our skin but I like,plants and other some other animals,humans dont have the ability to make,their own vitamin C we lack the enzyme L,gluco know gamma lactone oxidase that is,needed to make vitamin C and when we go,out in the Sun or you know some that,comes through the window ultraviolet,radiation and other other environmental,stressors actually deplete our skins,Viman sea levels theres a lot of,interest in topical vitamin C for skin,health for anti-aging for improvement of,wrinkles and fine lines and also from,the perspective of potentially,preventing some of the damaging effects,that occur and subsequently set the,stage for skin cancers we have several,laboratory studies and some small,studies in humans suggesting many,benefits from topical application of,vitamin C it can as an antioxidant it,and reduce the damage from stressors,like smoking UV from the Sun and also,pollution topical vitamin C also count,in terms of an anti-aging outcome can,theoretically boost collagen production,not only can it boost collagen,production ultimately improving the,appearance of wrinkles and fine lines,but it can also inhibit an enzyme called,matrix metalloproteinase –is that gets,activated when your skin is exposed to,ultraviolet radiation that enzyme matrix,metalloproteinase are those enzymes they,degrade collagen in our skin so vitamin,C can actually put the brakes on now,potentially it can neutralize free,radicals and it also has an anti pigment,area FAQ we get something that is,exciting and as a potential treatment,for hyperpigmentation so its a really,compelling ingredient and an area of,dermatology research that is exciting,however the devil is in the details with,the formulation of the vitamin C vitamin,C or l-ascorbic acid is an ingredient,that is water-soluble meaning it,dissolves in water and because it is,water-soluble or hydrophilic that makes,it really really challenging to get it,to penetrate the waxy lipids skin,barrier you remember our skin is a,barrier its designed to keep things out,so thats one of the reasons why Im,never excited about using vitamin C is,how does it even get in there are a lot,of strategies and tricks that,manufacturers have employed things they,have looked into that seemed to enhance,penetration for example the pH is,critical pH of less than 3.5 is needed,to allow for the vitamin C to get into,the skin also the concentration is,really important so reputable vitamin C,products will generally have 10 15 20 %,l-ascorbic acid l-ascorbic acid is a,form of vitamin C that is the most,bioactive but again is water-soluble so,difficult to get into that waxy layer,also another thing about vitamin C is,that its got a charge on it charged,particles are things that our skin,doesnt allow to penetrate into the skin,so that is another component of vitamin,C that makes it very hard to get into,the skin and also vitamin C or Ellis,Corp Accountant is not stable it,oxidizes very readily one of the,negative effects of using a topical,vitamin C product is that it will,oxidize and in doing so it can be become,a little more irritating and it can and,a can and wont discolor your skin,orange so that is thats a negative,outcome thats probably the most adverse,effect of using a topical I lost formic,acid I would say the adverse effects of,using a vitamin C serum or cost,irritation because it caused stinging,and burning and also the discoloration,which is not permanent to your skin so,you know its its pretty harmless,ingredient but its something that Ive,tried before and never really,appreciated any substantial benefit and,given what I know about how,cosmeceuticals are non-drug cosmetics,that arent regulated I dont have a lot,of confidence in different vitamin C,serum,I just never you know I just dont have,the evidence the data to to make me feel,confident about them and so Id smell,something I pursue and a lot of people,use them you know you know Im not,saying its wrong to and if anything you,know maybe it can help so I tried out,the therapy at skin renewing vitamin C,serum and a note about it this uses 10%,l-ascorbic acid to a good concentration,it uses l-ascorbic acid which is the,most bioactive form this product uses,something called multi-level t lamellar,vesicular technology or MBE I think its,what its called and that actually has,been shown for vitamin C for l-ascorbic,acid as a novel way to get vitamin C,into the skin in a better way basically,what it does is it kind of shields some,of that charge by coating by coating the,l-ascorbic acid so it allows it to to,penetrate the waxy skin lipid barrier,and kind of then in doing so you get,kind of a gradual and sustained release,the yellow score Pocasset into the skin,as opposed to just depositing on the,surface of the skin at having an,oxidized there so its a more rational,delivery system for uluka acid and,vitamin E these two ingredients have,been shown to stabilize the vitamin C,allow it to get into the skin better and,also in the case of Peru liqu acid,facilitate the appropriate pH so theres,no further lacasa,you know you lose that in the skin,renewing vitamin C serum but otherwise,you know you know see I kind of have to,put put your confidence in the MBE,technology that that that is keeping it,stable and off but again because its a,cosmetic a non drug who knows you know,who knows theres no theres no that,there knows there are no studies that,will tell you that all right but the,inactive ingredients in this its a,great moisturizing vehicle will say that,it has hyaluronic acid which is a,humectant that can help hold water in,the skin it has Sarah mines which are,ingredients when applied topically to,the skin can help your skin barrier,restore itself the ingredient in the,serum that will give you pause most,likely is the presence of alcohol,denature ant which can be drying,irritating and will sting a little bit,but its not about ingredient its added,to things like sunscreens to protect the,active ingredients and in this case,probably added for stability of the,vitamin C so its not its not something,to you know rule out automatically and,this product is actually very,moisturizing it does sting a little bit,when you put it on on the cheeks for me,which is the case with all vitamin C,assumes that you know they can sting a,little bit and be a little just a little,bit of tingling and for me that that,happens mostly on the cheeks but you,know I actually heres the package and,Ive been using this I used this I,should say Im not currently using it I,used this for four months and then I,stopped I didnt notice any appreciable,difference in my skin as far as,hyperpigmentation,or suppleness texture but it was,moisturizing and pretty easy to hack so,I didnt mind chugging along with it for,four months I stopped about six weeks,ago so Ive not been using this for that,for six weeks so Ive got a bit of a,washout period and I see no difference,in my skin so I dont really think it,did anything but it wasnt harmful or,irritating to me you know goi

Dr. Sugai Reviews: CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum

guys its dr daniel sugai board,certified dermatologist another dr sugai,reviews,cerave vitamin c serum,so cerave is a great brand trusted bram,makes great products you are a beginner,in the world of vitamin c,serums you want to consider this one,its affordable its a great start,id say its not the most sophisticated,i dont know if i would say now that,its on my top five list but,it is up there because of its,affordability its,ease of use if youre choosing a vitamin,c serum you want to go for something,with vitamin c or ascorbic acid is the,most potent active form,levels 10 or 20 there are formulations,that are over 20 but youre at risk for,irritating your skin,vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant that,fights,free radicals from pollution tobacco,smoke so uv light,uv radiation so you want to go slow with,it if youre starting off with it,and if you go less than 10 percent,youre not going to get its benefits as,much,as if you hit id say 10 is the sweet,spot and this one is 10,why use a vitamin c serum first of all,vitamin c as we talked about is an,antioxidant,it can help glow up your skin helps with,brightening your skin so it can lighten,dark spots ive actually lightened some,freckles on my face by being consistent,with the vitamin c serum just as as as,of 2020.,2020 i i just started doing vitamin c,serums,i knew that they were good but i just,didnt have the will,or energy or interest to incorporate it,in my morning routine,you want to use it in the morning,because i think vitamin c,orange juice drink it in the morning,with your breakfast use this in the,morning,so that you can protect yourself from,the environmental elements that can,damage your skin this does not replace,sunscreen though you still want to have,sunscreen on,at the very end of your skincare regimen,so usually what you do is you cleanse,put your serum on like this moisturize,if youre dry,then a sunscreen if youre not so dry,just put a sunscreen right over the,vitamin c comes in different forms too,they can have other formulations like in,rocks,vitamin c serum its a different stable,form,and these newer forms are more stable,than ascorbic acid and the critique of,ascorbic acid is that its very potent,and active but,its very unstable especially in,sunlight heat,so if you have these stronger ones,your bottles might last longer they,might do better when youre out in the,sun,they wont oxidize and turn color and,ill show you this soon,thats my critique for this if some of,these newer formulations may even dive,down into the second layer of your skin,the dermis and it might influence,collagen production and increase,collagen,so the they say a lot of times these,vitamin c,serums they can help with fine lines and,wrinkles like a retinoid,so i was convinced i started this in the,morning,i tried to do it every day as much as,possible,cerave is known for its ceramides this,has its ceramide still,it has moisturizing ingredients like,glycerin which is a humectant that draws,in water,also has dimethicone which is another,great ingredient in my moisturizers ive,seen it in other,videos like rocks retinol olay,regenerous retinol 24 also has,dimethicone,all of these moisturizing serums or,retinoids,these all incorporate dimethicone just,like my hand moisturizer so,this one has dimethicone in it it also,has vitamin e,which helps stabilize your vitamin c and,when you look at the ingredient list you,always want to see what kind of vitamin,c youre using this its very easy,versus vichy you know ive heard people,say its very inconvenient in dealing,with these ampoules,you got to break it off with uh tissue,youre dealing with glass you put a a,little,applicator on this one here just,convenient right ready to go,nice twist off cap here and then i just,want to show you though,the color here,guys you can tell that just doesnt look,right this is a really nice product,but you have to use it id probably,recommend using it up within two,two months three months max but two,months of um,using this up because if you dont if,you take too long using this this will,oxidize quickly despite having um this,in a,stored in a cool um area i leave this in,my bathroom drawer,and i take it out apply it put it away,uh even though its in,a pretty its in a very well protected,uh package,here or tube its not like those glass,bottles are translucent,this still will oxidize pretty quickly,so keep in a cool area if you have a,skin care fridge you could put this in,its going to show you,how it looks the color it can be it was,like dark,orange to brown which is not what you,want to see for your vitamin c,serum im going to open up a brand new,bottle of this,ive heard people say that this is this,is uh been hard to find at the store,you see this plastic ring here youre,going to have to,unscrew the top to release that ring,so that you could now break that,metal seal going to screw this back on,real tight and that should break it open,and now look at this,its like almost white,thats that color is just so different,from what i had before,so its a yellowish maybe very light,orange color thats a brand new bottle,thats what it should look like here,guys,versus,one thats been in my drawer for way too,long,can you see the difference there guys so,thats uh,the difference between a brand new,bottle of this versus an oxidized one,thats already probably lost its,potency and its probably not going to,work well i dont see any,any issues with it being dangerous,but if you want to try it out and see if,it still works go ahead because its,your hard-earned money but if you start,getting irritation from it definitely,stop,soon so this is your brand new bottle,look how it just rubs in really well,moisturizing has that glycerin has,dimethicone,just blends in so nice doesnt feel,heavy,its a serum its lightweight and its,just ready to go with your sunscreen,right over this,it shouldnt pill or clump because this,just blends in so well melts into your,skin so well,so again very nice introductory vitamin,c serum but,be careful use it up quick hide it put,it in the fridge if you want,stay tuned for a vichy review because,the advantage of,the ampoules is that you dont have to,deal with oxidation you can use this in,two to three days,done you go on to another preserved,bottle of this,okay so what did dr sugai think of the,vitamin c serum by cerevi,i give it a three and a half chakas out,of five or a seven out of ten,i like that it has glycerin as a three,essential ceramides that makes,cerave so well known has 10 ascorbic,acid which is great,i think thats a really nice start for,beginners what you want to shoot for if,youre starting off because using more,a higher concentration could lead to uh,irritation,i knocked off points because of the,quick oxidation it does change color,very quickly,on their website they did mention that,it can still be effective,for six months after that you should,probably toss a bottle if you still have,some left,i do like that it does feel moisturizing,it is light,it is very easy to use ease of use its,all in this nice,tube here where you dont have to work,with you dont have to use,glass ampoules that are the pain in the,butt to,work with hope this video was helpful it,was really neat to show you the,difference between an oxidized older,vitamin c serum versus a brand new one,that i just cracked open just for you,uh right here on camera okay so take,care be safe,please like the video please share with,your friends please subscribe to the,channel thank you guys for your support,[Music],peace,[Music],you

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Alright, class. Its exam time for Vitamin C 101.,I hope you all have prepared for whats to come. Good luck.,Hello! Welcome back to Plik Lhung Glong, a skincare review from a formulations perspective.,Ill be your professor today, and well be putting popular Vitamin C products to the test.,Which ones will pass? Which ones will fail?,As you all know, Vitamin C has a variety of benefits. But there are so many kinds of Vitamin C in skincare.,The Vitamin C family is as huge as a Chinese family. Each kind has its pros and cons.,You might be wasting your money on Vitamin C that doesnt work for you.,Lets see which kinds of Vitamin C are in these products.,Are they supported by research?,Are they sensitive skin friendly?,Are their prices reasonable?,Ready? Lets go!,Before we begin, lets briefly talk about Vitamin C.,Why are they so popular in the skincare industry?,Is oral ingestion of Vitamin C or Vitamin C in skincare better?,A lot of people think its better to glow from the inside out through ingestion of Vitamin C, but I can tell you that this is not true.,Our bodies can absorb very little Vitamin C for use. There is more research backing for topical Vitamin C use.,The three magical properties of topical Vitamin C use are:,1) Theyre great antioxidants. This helps protect your skin from UV damage and pollution.,2) Theyve been proven to boost collagen production, which further helps with anti-aging and plumpness.,3) They can inhibit melanin production. This is great for people with dark spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).,So how do we pick our Vitamin Cs?,Our first participant just submitted their papers.,Fantastic. But wheres the date? Youre not dismissed, we have 15 minutes left to the class.,Our first product: Cerave Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum.,This is our new student from my all time favorite brand.,Thank you Cerave for sending me this product to review. ,Lets review the first question on the exam. Is the type of Vitamin C used in this product effective?,Let me quickly explain how Vitamin C works.,You can categorize Vitamin C into two main groups. Active and Inactive.,Actives are activated the second they touch the skin. Theyre called L-Ascorbic Acid.,Meanwhile, inactives are not activated until theyve converted into L-Ascorbic Acid.,Its like preparing documents for your Work Visa before entering a country.,Vitamin Cs in this group are called Vitamin C derivatives and we have a plethora of them.,Each category possess all three magical properties of the ingredient.,So what types of Vitamin C are in this Cerave serum?,We have 10% Ascorbic Acid, a percentage backed by research.,The two main problems of Ascorbic Acid are a headache and are also the reasons why chemists avoid using this ingredient.,1) Ascorbic Acid is very unstable. When it comes into contact with external factors, they are rendered ineffective.,Cerave fixes this problem by packaging the product in a tube designed to stabilize the ingredient.,This is much better than droppers we usually see in the market. They dont make sense at all.,It also has Vitamin E, which helps stabilize our Ascorbic Acid. The brand claims that this product lasts six months after the seal is broken.,Products like this usually last a month.,2) Ascorbic Acids need to be in acidic pH levels for skin absorption.,Low pH levels can cause irritation and stinging in some people. ,Cerave solves this problem by encapsulating Ascorbic Acid in a ball of fat, which helps the ingredient rely less on acidic pH levels to be absorbed into the skin,This product utilizes the type of Vitamin C that is studied the most for its effectiveness.,They truly understand what the ingredient requires for optimal results. They get an “A” for Vitamin C quality.,How interesting are their supplement ingredients, though?,Every Cerave product comes with Ceramide Complex, strengthening the skin barrier.,This is why I love Cerave. Ceramides are supported by research to strengthen the skin and reduce irritation in the long term.,Cerave encapsulates their ceramides as well. This technology is specifically called MVE.,MVE allows optimal absorption and releases a constant flow of the ingredient within 24 hours. This gives our skin long lasting hydration.,This also gets an “A” for its supplement ingredients.,Is it sensitive skin friendly?,Ascorbic Acid is highly irritable. 10% Ascorbic Acid is considered low on the scale, so it should be appropriate for sensitive skin types.,Because its pH levels arent too acidic and its also fragrance free, I see no reason why sensitive skin types should avoid it.,This gets an A- in sensitive skin friendliness.,This is also Cerave Thailands most expensive product at 9xx THB for 30mL.,Popular Vitamin C serums in the market are usually in the 2,xxx to 5,xxx THB range.,For 9xx THB, this is fairly reasonable. B+ it is!,This is a great product from Cerave, and I can definitely recommend this.,Lets see what our next student has to offer.,Your handwriting is just like your mothers… illegible! You know I pretty much raised your mom, right?,Our next student is Pixi Vitamin C Tonic. Before we begin…,I apologize for our connectivity issues. Online learning has its limits!,So how effective is the type of Vitamin C used in this product?,If you follow my Tiktok, you know the answer.,It uses Ascorbic Acid as well. But dont forget that the ingredient has low photostability.,Their transparent bottles allow contact with light and UV.,My experience with stability tests tell me that these bottles arent the best environments for Ascorbic Acid.,Brands that play with Ascorbic Acid need more than courage. They also need to understand how the ingredient works.,This is a case study for improper Ascorbic Acid use in a product.,This gets an F. Ill see you next semester!,(I should just move schools…),Didnt I tell you to get a haircut? I WILL call your parents, dont try me.,Our next student is Garnier Vitamin C Ampoule Serum. Shes new and French.,This comes in a transparent Ampoule… were in trouble!,Breathe, guys. This uses a Vitamin C DERIVATIVE Ascorbyl Glucoside with high photostability.,It doesnt need to be in acidic pH levels to be absorbed into the skin either.,But remember… not only do they need to be absorbed into the skin, they also need to be able to convert into Ascorbic Acid for use.,Scientists arent sure how much Ascorbyl Glucoside is converted into Ascorbic Acid. The estimates are 50%.,What about the three magical properties? Through in-vitro tests (non-human skin tests), current data suggests a provision of all three properties.,This gets a “B” in Vitamin C effectiveness.,How interesting are their supplement ingredients?,I really cant deal with teachers who lick their fingers to turn pages. Major ew!,There arent that many interesting ingredients in this serum. We have niacinamide, a very basic ingredient.,There is a misconception that you shouldnt pair niacinamide with vitamin C. This is not true!,Ill give this a B-,This serum has a relatively short ingredients list. As usual, this Garnier serum has a lot of fragrance.,And we also have artificial coloring with some incidence of irritation.,At 798 THB for 36 mL, this is neither cheap nor expensive. ,This gets a B for affordability.,This is a new Garnier product with outdated concepts. Very typical of Garnier to put artifical yellow coloring and fragrances.,The ingredients are the bare minimum, like putting previous serums in new packaging.,See me after class.,Plantnery Yuzu Orange Serum.,Lets talk Vitamin C. This has Vitamin C derivative Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.,Its highly photostable and doesnt need acidic pH levels for skin absorption.,Research suggests higher absorption than Ascorbyl Glusocide. How well can it convert to Ascorbic Acid?,A study showed 86.3% effectiveness, higher than other known derivatives.,An in-vitro study suggested a provision of all three magical properties.,An in-vivo study supports 2% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid in reducing dark spots.,Im not sure

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Cerave Vitamin C Serum VS La Roche Posay | BEST Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serums can give you smoother,  brighter, and younger-looking skin because  ,of the antioxidants and collagen-boosting  properties it gives your face. Not just that,  ,vitamin c serum has the potential to improve  your skins appearance by preventing wrinkling  ,and reducing the appearance of dark spots  and hyperpigmented patches around your face,  ,and is probably the reason why youre using  them. In todays video, we will be going over  ,2 of the most popular 10% vitamin c serums on  the market. The CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C  ,Serum VS The La Roche Posay Pure Vitamin  C10. Definitely stay tuned till the end,  ,and youll know exactly which one is better  and why you would want to go with that one.,Ive been getting a lot of questions on different  products and Ill be making more comparison  ,videos in the future, just like this one with a  lot more products, and Im open to suggestion too,  ,so make sure to hit that subscribe button  down below, to not miss out on future videos.  ,Also, If you learn anything  in this video, take 2 seconds,  ,to give it a like down below, as  this really helps out my channel. ,So to make this video hopefully easy  to follow and easy to refer back too.  ,Ill first start out with what the Cerave vitamin  c has common with the la roche posay vitamin c  ,then ill break down each of them into their own  respective components, weigh the pros and cons  ,so you dont have too, and then finish it off  with my final take. And for full disclosure,  ,I purchased these myself, and this isnt a  sponsored video, so my review is totally mine and  ,i think its great to be transparent about that. So  please like the video, if you enjoy transparency.,Now: These guys are both going to be 10% vitamin c  serum. Which as you know, that sweet spot for the  ,concentration level vitamin c is between 10 and 20  percent. 10 being a great beginner friendly level  ,that is just right enough to start off with.  Because its higher than 8 percent for it to  ,produce results and quick tip, avoid going over 20  percent vitamin c, which could lead to irritation  ,and doesnt increase its benefits either. Which  is why youll see most products use 10, 15,  ,or 20. The form of vitamin c they are in also  matter too, they are both pure vitamin c in the  ,form of l-ascorbic acid, which is the form you  want. The other forms like, magnesium ascorbyl  ,phosphate or ascorbyl-6-palmitate wont do the work  you need. L-ascorbic acid is a highly unstable  ,molecule however. SO does requires a water-based  environment, a low pH, and antioxidants to  ,increase its ability to really get into the skin  deeply. Because you need it to get in all the  ,way. And These 2 products ensure all of that. They both contain hyaluronic acid which will  ,help your skin retain moisture and give  it a plumping effect to combat sagginess,  ,they both have vitamin e: which i always  recommend that your vitamin c also has  ,vitamin e, because the vitamin e will stabilize  the vitamin C for maximum skin protection. It also  ,softens the skin, protects it from damage,  and helps lock in moisture even further.  ,I like that they both dont use  any common allergens, sulfates,  ,parabens, or unnecessary oils. And there is  a total of 10 ingredients in both of them  ,that they share in common that are going to work  tremendously in anti aging, brightening the skin,  ,dark spots and just overall better texture. Oh and  one more thing, because they use l ascorbic acid:  ,they need great packaging otherwise theyll  oxidize and change color when exposed to sunlight.  ,Which both of them have good packaging in  mind. So its not an issue with either one. ,Now lets dive a little deeper on  the vitamin c serum by cerave.,This serum feels like a water gel  consistency and I am very impressed  ,with the fact that this Vit. C is not  sticky or tacky which is a huge plus.  ,It melts nicely into your skin and leaves behind  a velvety smoothness which I absolutely love!  ,It does have a scent to it, not a citrus scent  as you would think but more of a floral scent  ,which does dissipate quickly so no issue  there. Overall am very impressed with it.,And there are 3 notable ingredients in  it that stook out to me. The first being  ,is that it uses ceramides. And as you know,  most cerave products incorporate,ceramides 1,  ,3, and 6-II. And ceramides are essentially  just lipids found naturally in the skin and  ,are there to protect your skin barrier and  retaining moisture. Especially ceramide 1:  ,as It contains the essential fatty acid, linoleic  acid which plays a “binding role” in the lipid  ,layers of the extracellular matrix. Basically  think of these ceramides as a waterproofing for  ,the face. The second ingredient is the fact that  it uses, tocopherol acetate, or vitamin e acetate  ,instead of just free tocopherol. And the reason  why you see this, is because Tocopheryl acetate  ,can be more stable, since then it is converted  to its biologically active form, vitamin E,  ,within the skin when applied topically. So  its one extra step to ensure the vitamin e  ,gets to the skin intact. The third ingredient,  is cholesterol. And you might be thinking,  ,why is there cholesterol in this product?  Well, cholesterol is actually found naturally  ,in the outer layer of the skin. About 25%  of the mesh thats between our skin cells  ,consists of cholesterol. So when cerave uses it in  addition to ceramides, they are targeting a deeper  ,problem that may be causing pigmentation, which  is the skin barrier. Which I applaud them for.,Now lets get into the la roche posay vitamin c  serum. Immediately when applying it, The serum  ,has an excellent consistency, youll notice it  right away when you try it. Its not to thick  ,or runny. And The dropper, if youre  not careful, can be a tad messy,  ,but it does help control the amount.  And You only need a dime size amount  ,since a little goes a long way. But really guys,  the serum feels refreshing and weightless on my  ,skin. And It absorbs quickly and doesnt  feel sticky. Both of these products,  ,let me make it clear, they both dont leave a  tacky or sticky residue and it can layer pretty  ,much weightlessly under a moisturizer or other  products. So they both win in that department.,Now, there are 3 ingredients in here, that  stood out to me as well. The first is:  ,While both of them use hyaluronic acid, the  la roche posay, uses both hyaluronic acid  ,and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, Hydrolyzed  Hyaluronic Acid is a low molecular weight,  ,chemically chopped up version which may absorb  easier into the skin. Which may help keep your  ,skin moisturized longer. The second ingredient  is: that is also uses Salicylic acid as the 27th  ,ingredient. So not a hefty amount, but enough  to reap some of the anti inflammatory benefits,  ,Which at the levels in this product, it can be  great for exfoliating the skin both on the surface  ,and in the pores. And the third ingredient is the  Neurosensine dipeptide of tyrosine and arginine  ,as the ingredient: Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl  Ester. Which is what really makes la roche  ,posay unique. The dipeptide, works by stimulating  the skin nerve cells to release met-enkephalin,  ,which long story short, its a signal for the  skin to relax and relieve pain. And the reason  ,why its used, is so that it can instantly  decrease skin irritations coming from heat,  ,chemical stinging or  mechanical stress on the face.  ,This combined with vitamin c theoretically can  really create the environment on the skin to  ,support vitamin c’s brightening and glowing  effects. So there may be some synergy there.,Now both of these products are an amazing option  when starting off with vitamin c, but no video  ,is complete without going over some things I  didnt like about each of them. Because remember,  ,this is all about transparency. The only drawback  with both is they both use denatured alcohol which  ,can irritate the skin, if your

VITAMIN C SKINCARE ROUTINE + PRODUCT REVIEW | CeraVe Vitamin C Serum | The Budget Dermatologist

is this a good vitamin c product to add,to your skin care routine,im going to tell you the complete low,down on cerave skin renewing vitamin c,serum,so that you can decide for yourself,boiler alert this is more than just a,product review video,this will give you a great overview of,vitamin c,and skin care so that you can find out,if you need to incorporate it into your,own skincare routine and most of you,would want to know that this video is,not sponsored in any way,its just solely my own opinion after,personally using this product for a few,months,as well as discussing its use and,following,up on its results with several of my,patients in my private practice,dermatology clinic now one of the,benefits of listening to a practicing,dermatologist like myself,review products is that you are often,not just getting my personal opinion of,it,and even though its great to hear what,one person thinks,of a product the truth is everybodys,skin is so unique,and what works for one person may not,always translate,into what works for you and your unique,skin type and skin concerns,but as a dermatologist i have the,benefit of taking care of other peoples,skin,all day long year after year this leads,to really,thousands of patients i talk skin care,products and advice,and get to see patients back time and,time again for follow-up,so that i can personally see the results,from the products that i am recommending,and from the skincare routines that i am,curating for their own skin so these,reviews are really worth,so much i think its like youre getting,to hear the review from many many people,all nicely packaged up into this little,video here so welcome,thank you guys for watching im excited,to share with you today what i love,and dont love about this product im dr,marin locke im a board-certified,dermatologist,better known here on youtube as the,budget dermatologist now make sure you,are subscribed to my channel,if you want to hear me teach you how to,transform your skin,on a budget and review other skincare,products along the way,my focus of this channel is just to make,skin care,simple and approachable for you so that,you can take,immediate action to start getting real,results for your skin,okay so topical vitamin c in skin care,is used to treat signs of aging and,hyperpigmentation or dark spots,and it acts as an antioxidant against,damage from sunlight,and environmental toxins and other,stressors so if you want to target one,of those things,a vitamin c product is a very good,option to add to your skin care routine,but you may be wondering,how do i pick the right one and is this,a good vitamin c serum,in order to answer those questions let,me explain first,the five things that you need to know,about the vitamin c ingredient,in topical skin care products number one,vitamin c,is highly unstable and its quickly,oxidized which means its inactivated,or not effective when its exposed to,light,and air so the packaging of the product,really matters,it must be packaged in a way that blocks,light,and is not exposed to air so that it can,maintain its stability and,effectiveness when you choose a vitamin,c product,you want to first look at the packaging,and take this into account,second most forms of vitamin c need,an acidic environment to really,penetrate the skin and be absorbed,effectively,acidic products on the skin tend to,sting a bit for some people,so it really must be paired carefully in,your routine,so that the ph of your skin is at an,appropriate acidic level,to really accept the vitamin c and let,it actually absorb in,or else you will just be wasting your,money and not seeing results,and i will explain how to achieve that,in this video number three,other added ingredients can really,improve the effectiveness and stability,studies show that adding vitamin e,and ferulic acid and fluoritan can,really improve the benefits of vitamin c,so you want to look at the formulation,or the ingredient list,and see what other additives the product,has number four,it comes in different percentages not,all products will actually disclose at,their percent,but many will and i think that choosing,a product with a specific percentage is,really important and lastly,number five there are different forms of,vitamin c,the form l-ascorbic acid is what you,will commonly see listed in the,ingredients label,on vitamin c products and its a form,that can most,readily penetrate the skin more so than,some of the other derivatives of vitamin,c,i am going to explain exactly how well,this sir of a product,addresses each of those five things,throughout this video also when i do a,product review,i follow the same framework each time to,really give you a full picture of the,pros and the cons of the product,and to know if its a good fit for your,particular skin,this is what im going to tell you about,this particular product im going to,discuss,the packaging and the formulation which,is especially important in vitamin c,products ill talk about the category of,this product so whether it is a,treatment product or a product for your,skin barrier for example,i will tell you who should use it and,who should avoid it,what it treats and why you should be,using it ill discuss,the key ingredients in the product now,in some products,i will do a complete ingredient by,ingredient breakdown if i feel thats,necessary,and i will also tell you whats not in,the product,because sometimes whats not in the,product can be just as important i will,of course tell you,how to use it what step you should,incorporate it into your skin care,routine,what you can pair it with and what to,avoid pairing it with,and about how much you can expect to pay,for the product and how long it will,take before you see results,okay so lets get started this is cerave,skin renewing,vitamin c serum its the purple,packaging that sets this product line,apart,this line is geared towards anti-aging,so they have included this product and,marketed it in this way,this is a treatment product in a serum,formulation,now when i say treatment product i mean,that you are adding it into your routine,to treat a specific concern its not,like a cleanser,or a moisturizer that are used to,maintain the daily skin barrier health,instead this is a product you select for,a specific reason,to address a concern that you have i,will talk in a minute about these,specific concerns that it really works,great for now compared to other serums,which can be much more fluid,this product is a bit thicker so its,actually easier to control,and apply to the skin many other serums,you will find come in a bottle with a,dropper,i personally dont love that as much,because i find its messy,and harder to precisely apply to the,skin without wasting product the bottle,with the dropper packaging,also exposes them more to air and light,when you apply them,and this may affect the stability of the,product ingredients,just depending on the overall,formulation and that brings us,to this products packaging and one of,my overall favorite things,about this vitamin c serum so this is,packaged in,almost a tin like tube that is very,similar to how,prescription medications are packaged to,help stabilize them and protect the,ingredients inside so here you can see,what i mean this is an example of a,prescription topical medication,and you can see its in a similar style,tube,now this gives me a lot of confidence in,the effectiveness,of this product this tube will block,light penetration,and overall has less exposure to air now,topical vitamin c is one of these very,popular skin care products,that can be found in a wide range of,prices,from just a few bucks up to hundreds of,dollars it is typically,a bit more expensive because of the,challenges formulating it in a stable,way,and packaging it safely but this is just,so tricky because,the price of the product means nothing,for how effective it is,often they have nothing to do with each,other at all and its all about,marketing to the consumer,and convincing you to spen


guys and welcome back to my channel i hope you  are all having a fantastic day and if you are  ,new here hi my name is lavinia and i post beauty  videos regarding makeup and skincare three times  ,a week every tuesday friday and sunday at 8 am  at mountain center time so if thats something  ,youre interested in i would love for you to join  my channel by hitting the big red subscribe button  ,so if you have been following me for a while  you know i do tons of skincare trials here on  ,my channel where i tested a product for like  one to two weeks to see how it affects my skin  ,and i have dry sensitive acne prone skin so thats  usually the types of products i will test to  ,help the type of skin i have but from time to time  we also do test products for different skin types  ,as well today im really excited we are going  to be trying out the sarah v vitamin c serum the  ,skin renewing serum i am so excited i saw this  at my drugstore and i was like you know what  ,ive tested so much from cerevi weve done like  all their cleansers moisturizers and different  ,products so im like lets try out one of their  serums and vitamin c is something im kind of  ,getting more into so im like why not try out a  drugstore option and review it with you guys and  ,see how it works so im going to be testing this  out on my skin for two weeks were gonna be seeing  ,how it helps brighten my skin help with scarring  and im gonna be using this in the morning  ,so if you wanna see my two week trial of the  sarah v vitamin c serum just keep on watching oh,so like with all my skincare trial videos were  gonna get into some product information before we  ,actually test this out so im just on the cerave  website right now so were gonna take a look at  ,the product first off off the box right here it  says that this formula contains mve technology  ,um which is supposed to basically control  hydration throughout the day rather than  ,right when you apply it supposed to maintain that  hydration throughout the day so thats really  ,great to see since i have super dry skin and then  we have the vitamin c of course which is supposed  ,to visibly brighten to even the look of the skin  tone its also supposed to be gentle on the skin  ,some people do find sensitivities to vitamin c  so im glad that thats stated allergy tested  ,and its suitable for all skin types and it is a  fragrance free which i love to see its developed  ,with dermatologists its a unique formula with  three essential ceramides and ten percent pure  ,vitamin c l-ascorbic acid um so it says its going  to visibly brighten the skin while helping to  ,restore this protective skin barrier one thing i  really enjoy about cerave is that they have these  ,products with these you know ingredients that  are supposed to target different skin issues  ,but they always make sure that the product also  does not overdo um or strip the skin barrier and  ,the moisture barrier which i really like because i  have super dry skin and my skin is super sensitive  ,so the last thing i need is a disrupted moisture  barrier for our products so i can usually count  ,on cerave for having that under control we also  have hyaluronic acid and vitamin b5 in here to  ,leave the skin hydrated soft radiant and healthy  glowing lets see if theres any other info on  ,their website so they do have a bit of background  on vitamin c so im just going to share this with  ,you guys so we can kind of discuss it together  so vitamin c is a powerful skincare ingredient  ,that has been proven to provide highly effective  antioxidant protection so basically if you dont  ,know what an antioxidant is it protects the skin  from free radicals in the environment um think of  ,the sun think of pollution all of that and free  radicals can basically lead to aging and damaging  ,in the skin so it says here its gonna protect  against environmental damage like i just said and  ,youll see visible improvement in the appearance  of fine lines wrinkles and uneven skin tone  ,vitamin c is used in a lot of anti-aging skin care  products so thats usually what its targeted for  ,and its supposed to help neutralize  the free radicals which i also discussed  ,i also do like that this formula contains  those ceramides that help maintain that  ,moisture barrier as well as some hyaluronic acid  to help bring hydration into the skin lets get  ,to using this product so it says to apply evenly  all over the face and neck daily avoid the eye  ,area and store in a cool dark place and the  reason for that is because vitamin c is fairly  ,unstable usually it is put into like a opaque um  container so that light doesnt um degrade it so  ,here is what the serum looks like all right  so my hands are clean and im ready to apply  ,the product now the reason im gonna be using  this in the morning is because vitamin c you  ,shouldnt really be combining with like your  retinols your ahas bhas so i do like to use  ,those types of treatments at night usually im  gonna keep this in my am routine also vitamin c  ,does help support spf so using them together is  usually a good idea so thats what im gonna do  ,lets open it up here squeeze some out onto  the back of my hand first to see the texture  ,so it is a pretty thin serum texture that  is that feels actually really nice kind of  ,gives a glow and feels very hydrating just  off the hand so im excited to put this on  ,all right im gonna drop some out i  think that should be enough there we go,im gonna apply it all over the face,it feels very nice and hydrating for a serum,not too tacky which i like  especially for the morning  ,very that like sunk into the skin right away like  thats not heavy at all like already that like  ,sunken wow im very impressed not oily or greasy  so first impression wise i feel like i really  ,like that its super smooth so heres what my skin  is looking like right now um and i will use this  ,for about two weeks im gonna continue using this  every single morning and i will update you guys in  ,a couple days hey guys so it has been about a week  since i have been using the cerave vitamin c serum  ,and i wanted to give you guys a bit of an update  um so right now as you can see i do have some  ,spots and ill put a picture on the screen my skin  went through a hormonal flare up um a few days ago  ,i got a bunch of hormonal breakouts especially  on my mouth thats usually where i tend to get  ,those breakouts i honestly think theyre  more stress related and obviously vitamin c  ,isnt a direct acne um fighting product but it  can help you know protect the skin from those  ,free radicals and the environment as well as help  brighten the skin which can help with acne scars  ,post inflammatory pigmentation which is left um  after acne and right now the only active pimple  ,i have is this one right here all of these other  ones are in the healing process um and i have been  ,using this every single morning i did realize i  was using this wrong i um last time i was taking  ,this full cap off to take it out but it does  have this other little cap its like a two in one  ,and that makes it a lot easier to disperse these  serums as you can see i was getting vitamin c  ,oxidation around here so im just  gonna apply some of this i usually do  ,a fairly good amount of it and i just cleanse my  skin so i just apply this in the morning overall  ,one of my favorite things about it is applying  it its the most like smooth serum ive ever come  ,across and right when i apply it i feel like my  skin looks smoother for some reason and brighter  ,it just feels so good on the skin and for my dry  skin the serum gives a little bit of hydration  ,to the hyaluronic acid in there and those great  like moisture barrier protecting um technologies  ,so i do feel like for dry sensitive skin or  someone who has a compromised moisture barrier  ,this would be an amazing product for you um just  because it does keep my skin nice and hydrated  ,as far as the bright

Cerave Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum Review | Best Drugstore Vitamin C Serum for Face?

hey guys welcome back to my channel for,todays video we are going to be doing a,deep dive review on ceraves,vitamin c serum ive had a lot of you,guys ask if i will look into this and,let you know my thoughts so,here we are thats what were going to,do today i thought it would also be,helpful to quickly compare that to,dermatologys vitamin c serum because,if you guys are not familiar with this,then you probably havent watched a lot,of my videos,this is my go to vitamin c serum this is,my everyday vitamin c serum so,i thought it would be helpful to compare,im sure some of you will be wondering,my thoughts on that okay so if you want,to hear my thoughts on the crv vitamin c,serum and,if its worth the money or not you are,in the right spot lets jump right into,it,let me quickly read a couple of the,things that they have on their site,about this so they say vitamin c is a,powerful skin care ingredient that has,been proven to provide highly effective,antioxidant protection against,environmental damage along with,visible improvement to the appearance of,fine lines wrinkles and uneven skin tone,vitamin c serum is an important,anti-aging skin care step that helps to,neutralize the free radicals that may,lead to signs of premature skin aging,in addition to enhancing the skins,radiance and healthy looking appearance,this features ten percent pure vitamin c,in the form of allosorbic acid,for antioxidant benefits while helping,to visibly brighten complexion,and promote promote and promote even,skin tone its also formulated with,other skin replenishing ingredients like,ceramides hyaluronic acid,and vitamin b5 to help to hydrate,replenish,improve texture ill cut it off there i,feel like we dont need to read that,entire thing thats basically the gist,of it,so lets quickly address some of those,initial claims that they have about,vitamin c,im sure some of you guys are wondering,do i absolutely need vitamin c in my,skincare routine if im trying to,improve my skin,maybe you have specific concerns like,anti-aging or texture or maybe youre,just trying to get beautiful glowing,skin,so short answer is no you dont need,vitamin c,is it something that may help to improve,your skin as far as wrinkles fine lines,texture brightness it may it definitely,could,i notice an improvement in my skin when,i use vitamin c on a consistent basis,and when i first started using vitamin c,i absolutely saw a huge improvement my,skin just looked,healthier and glowier but that may not,be the case for everybody of course it,depends on the type of product that,youre using how your skin responds and,while theres a lot of promising,research out there about the benefits of,vitamin c,and everything that cerave claimed,theres no,promise or guarantee that vitamin c can,actually properly,absorb into our skin and that it can,actually properly penetrate our skins,barrier,because vitamin c is water-soluble and,our skins barrier is very,waxy so just know that thats one of the,potential issues,slash downsides to using vitamin c,theres multiple but thats one of the,main ones,however yes i still do use vitamin c on,a daily basis,i love it but you know you may not have,the same positive experience,okay so lacorbic acid is the most,researched form of vitamin c and by the,way i know im not saying that properly,my tongue literally does not let me say,that word,a sore i cant i cant i feel like i say,skin care ingredients incorrectly all,the time or i pronounce them incorrectly,all the time and i know that,but its like my mouth wont let me say,it right but aloe cervic acid is the,most researched form of vitamin c and,theres a lot of promising research out,there,relating to its benefits for all the,things that we just talked about the,claims that therapy made so for,anti-aging,improving skins texture and tone,helping to fade melasma slash,hyperpigmentation,actually helping to boost collagen,production theres a lot out there that,indicates that this could be a really,beneficial,ingredient to include in your skincare,routine the issue with allosorbic acid,though aside from the things that we,already talked about is that its,extremely,unstable so there are other forms of,vitamin c that exist that in theory are,much more stable but theyre far less,researched than l-ascorbic acid,so essentially what that means is that,when its exposed to,light and oxygen it oxidizes or degrades,which minimizes its potency,making it less effective which of course,is not what we want so,its really important to store vitamin c,away from the sun and its also,important to make sure that its in,proper packaging,so if its in packaging that allows,light to come in,thats going to cause that degradation,to happen so opaque packaging like this,that doesnt allow light to seep through,it,is ideal or having some sort of dark,glass bottle like this is great as well,so this packaging,is great for allosorbic acid because,its,opaque and then of course per usual with,cerave we have many other ingredients in,this serum that will help to hydrate,moisturize and replenish our skin one,example is three essential ceramides,that you will find in all cerevi,products and ceramides are natural,moisturizing factors that help to,protect our skin,heal our skins barrier and moisturize,this also has panthenol,which basically does a lot of similar,things to ceramides moisturizes,protects and strengthens our barrier and,has nice skin soothing properties,this has cholesterol which is also a,natural moisturizing factor thats an,emollient,that will help to soften and smooth the,skin and then finally this has sodium,hyaluronate as well,a great humectant something thats going,to make the skin look and feel,very nice and hydrated and plump and i,dont think i even said the,concentration of vitamin c in this serum,is 10,which is a nice concentration to find at,the drugstore so vitamin c is going to,be most effective in concentrations from,5 to,20 anything higher than 20 just,increases risk for irritation,vitamin c definitely has a potential to,irritate the skin,especially if you have active signs of,damage or irritation already,so i would skip on those days or until,your skin has properly healed before,introducing vitamin c into your routine,but 10 is a nice concentration of course,its not as high as 20 so its not going,to be as effective as some of those but,if youre irritated by,a 20 vitamin c serum then this may be a,safer bet for you,okay so thats it as far as nice,ingredients that i wanted to call out i,do want to mention,two ingredients that some of you guys,may have noticed on the label because i,know a lot of you guys look into labels,as well,the first is denatured alcohol which is,towards the top of the ingredient label,ive talked about denatured alcohol,a few different times at this point in,separate videos and thats an ingredient,that absolutely has the potential to,irritate or dry the skin so,if you find that youre incredibly,irritated by alcohols like that then,this may not work out for you this may,be something that irritates the skin,but its not going to be something that,needs to be widely avoided at all costs,it may not be an issue for you,i personally dont have an issue with it,in this serum or in other products that,i have,but its in there it may cause,irritation,and then the other one is isopropyl,mirror state and i bring that one up,because it has a very high kinetogenesis,rating so,that rating scale is from one to five,a lot plays into that which ive also,talked about before the amount present,makes a huge impact as to whether or not,something will actually clog your pores,or cause you to break out,and the other ingredients in the,formulation make an impact on that as,well so thats the only ingredient,in this serum that has a high rating on,that scale which is not even the most,valid scale but i know that a lot of,people are concerned about,products or ingredients that may cause,them to break out or if you already are,acne prone you want to know that,its towar

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