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  2. Cha Cha Real Smooth – Movie Review
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Cha Cha Real Smooth is FANTASTIC | Movie Review

i see the title and i think of every,high school dance ive ever been to,cant help it,shot shot real smooth,what is up flick fans welcome back to my,channel i was able to see cha cha real,smooth all the way back at sundance,earlier this year but today we are going,to talk about it because its dropping,on apple plus this weekend and im going,to tell you why this is one of the best,movies of the year and you cant miss it,unless you do but you should so fresh,out of college and stuck at his new,jersey home without a clear path forward,22 year old andrew begins working as a,party starter for bar mitzvahs where he,strikes up a unique friendship with a,young mom and her teenage daughter comes,to us from filmmaker cooper rave who,directed a film that i,thoroughly enjoyed and a stacked cast,that well get into but first the rating,for this movie is actually rated r for,language and some sexual content but i,will say its one of the more restrained,r-rated movies ive seen in quite some,time but i want to get into this cast,because even though rafes direction is,wonderful and outstanding in this movie,without,an array of characters that you just,find so much interest in this film would,not have worked so we will start with,cooperate himself who plays andrew,someone who is just trying to maneuver,his way around life figure out the,dynamics within his family and,maybe certain people that are there that,he doesnt want to be there but also how,hes going to push forward into the,future dakota johnson plays domino and,her daughter played by vanessa berghard,lola theyre dealing with a wide array,of their own issues here domino is,someone whos just trying to find out,where she goes from here she is in a,relationship with someone by the name of,joseph but is that relationship good for,her on andrews side of things he has,his brother david i love a great brother,dynamic and while it wasnt something,that was prominent at first at the,beginning of the movie you slowly got to,learn more about their relationship and,the love and respect that david has for,andrew his older brother that he looks,up to and something like that youre,gonna sweep me off my feet if thats a,big part of the story and it is but then,his mother played by leslie mann and his,stepdad greg played by brad garrett a,nice surprise a great relationship so,much humor and comedy that comes from,that relationship this movie is focusing,on andrew and domino bringing two people,together at a time in their lives when,it feels like everything is beginning to,unravel that may be a strong word but,not working in the way that they want it,to work and how many times in our lives,have we felt that way we ask ourselves,do i do what i believe is best for me do,i continue on the path that feels easier,our 22 year old protagonist is asking,himself these questions and then we have,someone whos in their early 30s shes,at a completely different stage in her,life but shes dealing with something,just as serious and while it may not,seem as serious to others only we know,the severity of our own,struggles and thats what i believe cha,cha real smooth does a beautiful job of,conveying,we know our strengths our weaknesses we,know what we are going through,and thats something that will bring,characters together and thats what,happens in this movie now we are getting,deep with that storyline but what works,about this film is,andrew as a protagonist there was a,moment in the film where he does begin,to lash out and thats probably my,biggest issue is some of it feels maybe,more unnatural than it needed to its,almost like there had to be tension and,that much emotion so there was and that,creates a bit of a riff even between he,and his brother but what i loved about,this movie is when everyone starts,coming together and that relationship,that he forms with domino but for me,maybe even more so with,lola babysitting lola helping out that,family obviously that bond forming with,lolas mom but lola being such a,wonderful character that you care so,much about and seeing this movie end in,the place that it did is heartwarming,heartbreaking i felt so many emotions as,it was playing out its such a sweet and,subtle story that is filmed in such an,expert way no flashy editing nothing,that adds too much to the story like i,said one or two questionable character,decisions towards the end,but it doesnt go in the direction that,you think its going to go and thats,the most beautiful part about this movie,is it is unpredictable as simple as it,is and as subtle as the story is its,unpredictable with where its going to,go but it went in a place that i,personally loved im so happy the movie,ended in the way that it did and i was,just enamored by the filmmaking,sometimes these movies come along and,they just fill you with joy and sadness,and all of these emotions i liken it to,coda from last year do i think this has,a shot at best picture no its not,necessarily that kind of movie,but i would put it in the top ten at,least at this point in the year the,cha-cha real smooth aspect of things the,guy is a party starter he knows how to,start parties he goes into these bar,mitzvahs he gets everyone going people,see that they realize that but there are,points in the film where so many things,are going on in his life thats not even,a successful venture for him so trials,struggles and my final point ive,praised cooper ray if i love his,performances andrew dakota johnson is,incredible in this movie she is charming,shes smooth everything you want her to,be but she is going through just as much,as andrew and she conveys that so well,right she was taking over sundance when,i watched this movie but this was the,performance for me that put it over the,top and im telling you everything i see,her in nowadays shes wonderful this is,no exception to that before i give you,guys my score leave your thoughts down,below youre watching this on apple tv,plus and drop that like it helps the,algorithm and my mustache cha cha real,smooth is the best cooper rafes,direction is incredible and he has so,much charm as an actor dakota johnson,continues to impress and this film nails,almost every emotion it goes for my,score is really high dont care its a,92 percent i love this movie you get a,film that hits you in every single way,it needs to that was this film even with,my minor complaints i want to go watch,it again ive seen it twice its going,to be on apple this weekend,yo just let me know what is that movie,for you that just comes out maybe not,everyones raving about it but it hits,you in the way that it needs to youre,the best see you soon

Cha Cha Real Smooth – Movie Review

good evening is the oscar expert here,with brother bro at the sundance film,festival and its time to review cha-cha,real smooth this is the second feature,from cooper rafe who apparently blew the,house down at south by southwest with,his first feature house and once,again he is directing writing and,starring in his own film the film is,about a recent college graduate whos,back in his hometown and he forms a will,they wont day relationship with a,mother in her 30s and hes also emceeing,lots of bar mitzvahs hence the title of,this film this is a very charming,wholesome and feel-good film that had me,beaming right from the start it was,obvious from the beginning that you know,as long as this film didnt falter along,the way this was going to be one of the,best of the festival and it really,didnt falter along the way and it is,one of the best of the festival cooper,rafes andrew is so charismatic i cant,even remember a character ive seen in a,film that had this level of charisma and,likability so much so that it made me,kind of wish i had the same personality,at least in like public settings that i,was just able to charm everybody i was,around yeah its weird how much i liked,admiring the main character of this,movie because i dont usually watch,movies to like admire the people in them,but something about this characters,willingness to put themselves out there,and kind of be like dorky and inviting,in that way its also nice to see a,movie embrace a characters extroversion,to this extent and to just give someone,a really strong personality i think,sometimes we have the assumption that a,more reserved character is more likable,and down-to-earth and relatable but this,film shows you that that is just not,always true it also makes him really,easy to like root for and care about,throughout this movie and its part of,the reason i was just so endlessly,charmed by this one like it got me up in,all the feels it was funny relatable,sweet and the romantic tension that he,has with dakota johnson is just like you,want you want it for them really bad,yeah theres a lot of tension built,between he and dakota johnsons,character there was even a part where i,was thinking like why isnt this paying,off like wheres the payoff here i want,this to go somewhere and then by the,time you realize what the relationship,kind of means to one of these characters,its like oh that makes sense that they,held us in that state of tension for so,long to that point dakota johnsons,really great here this is one of her,best roles and the chemistry she has,with cooper rafe is off the charts you,just completely buy it this is a very,easy movie to like fall in love with,while youre watching it and that makes,it just the perfect rom-com its got a,great sense of humor but it doesnt feel,like its retreading any of the,territory that weve seen in other,rom-coms i mean its not like,reinventing the wheel or anything but it,gives you enough off-kilter scenarios,where it does feel fresh yeah you dont,exactly know where its going and it,doesnt play out how you expect it to,this movie gives you such a a big dose,of cooper rafe and if you werent on,board with that during this movie i feel,very sorry for you because,not only is he like a very hyper like,charismatic lead but you know hes also,the voice as the films writer director,which is kind of a risky move where one,persons personality has such a hold,over something hes also kind of this,unconventional lead like if he wasnt,the writer and director like they,wouldnt have cast him probably but he,is perfect for the role i mean he wrote,it for him so of course he is whats,interesting is only cooper rafe could,have played andrew in this movie and i,feel like he knows that and the movie,only works because cooper rafe just,completely brings himself into this,movie that is where all the charm comes,from its a heaping dose of this,character not just the one he paints for,us on screen but it feels like were,getting his real life personality as,well i dont know where that stops and,starts but it felt very confident in,that way and that confidence is just,infectious but hes not only right for,the role,hes excellent in it hes just as good,of a dramatic and comedic actor as he is,a filmmaker i can see a scenario where a,filmmaker puts himself in the leading,role and up against like dakota johnson,is just not bringing the same level but,hes magnetic hes on the level of the,rest of the cast who are uniformly great,its an infectious lead performance a,really memorable unique one too and i,would be more than happy to see him get,some golden globe consideration at like,the very least and that might happen,because this movie is the talk of the,town right now even though theres no,in-person festival this is the only film,i think so far to capture that real buzz,that like sundance buzz where everyones,saying okay this is it this is the movie,that we go to sundance to see and fall,in love with its also like very,poignant theres some heavy emotional,beats in there too you know nothing too,heavy like this is still a rom-com but,well it definitely becomes more of a,drama and leans into the romance as it,goes along yeah i like the sense of,humor in this movie but it wasnt like,the funniest movie id ever seen not,because it wasnt funny but because it,didnt strive to be funny all the time,yeah but mostly i like that its so real,and that it doesnt just strive to like,give you gags i would hate that if the,movie was just trying to make you laugh,instead of diving into the characters,more exploring what this is really about,and my main takeaway from this film is,its about a character struggling with,how hes supposed to live his early 20s,which is a time in life when youre kind,of desperate for some sort of shape to,take form to be a part of something or,even have like a social group and so,youre in this vulnerable state where,youre trying to print yourself onto,other peoples lives i guess ill just,leave it at that because there was one,moment that really hit me very,powerfully felt like it was speaking to,me and i think a lot of people will have,a similar moment there and i think,people could have different takeaways,too of what they find relatable and,valuable from this story yeah it,actually didnt really seem to try to,give you one specific message or like,give you that one line that makes a,whole movie click together i think its,about a lot of different things like is,it about the sort of multiple soul mates,thing is it about that contrast between,you know someone living her life in her,30s someone living their life just out,of college like its about all these,things you know for me i dont even know,if i would say i had a main takeaway,which makes me excited to see the movie,again and see maybe if there is more of,a main takeaway but im also just,content with the movie resonating on a,lot of different levels i cant deny,that i was just like emotionally,involved in this movie such an enjoyable,film to be in such a crowd pleaser cant,recommend this movie enough i would give,it a nine out of 10. i would also give,it a 9 out of 10. probably my favorite,of the festival this is like this years,palm springs maybe not as much of a,laugh but you know in terms of the charm,that it has i think this is this years,prom springs and if youre kind of,wondering about awards possibilities,like this one might win the damn fest,which could get somewhat of an awards,buzz going on there i dont know if i,see it that way again i might kind of,just reference palm springs and like,give you that but maybe some screenplay,hype if the movie becomes you know,really buzzed about later on in the year,the problem is that i have a hard time,seeing this picking up nominations,outside of like okay well if i got best,picture maybe you would get best,screenplay like i cant really imagine,it getting other things,supporting actress like if they really,wanted to like for dakota johnson yeah,if they really needed i mean id b

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Cooper Raiff on Getting His Break on Twitter, New Movie with Dakota Johnson & Working for Uber Eats

our next guest is an award-winning,writer director actor and card-carrying,member of gen z his new film is called,cha-cha real smooth,to answer your question,what was your question,you said tonight tonight and i,said what night tonight is the night,that you and lola dance your booties off,there is no rush at all no hurry but,just know that nobody on the dance floor,is going to have nearly as much fun if,you guys arent there,so,[Music],[Applause],please welcome hooper wright,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],look at this guy look at this guy 25,years old yes solved 47. 47. no im 25.,you played 25. i have socks older than,you,wait but now youre friends with um,will arnett right i am yeah thats so,everybody knows will will arnett is a,friend of mine he does a podcast hes,friends with all 25 year olds yeah yeah,which,which isnt creepy,no hes one of the greatest people in,the face of the planet yes but wait a,minute so i watched your movie its,always weird when like you see a movie,or something then you meet the person,and were like oh my god you were just,on my tv youre crazy it is so wild im,like so im a little starstruck right,now because the movies so good i loved,it and you wrote it and directed it and,like,how did this happen because i cant get,anything made,um,how did i met with dakota johnson and,she made everything happen period thank,you for coming yes thank you for coming,shes that dakota no but she she really,i met with her and she was on board and,then the rest was just like following,her and having her,her name and her yeah yeah yeah but this,is but this is the second like big movie,youve done and youre 25 yeah you kind,of wrote and directed and all that like,how did you how did you get your start i,got my start i made a really small,homemade movie and i actually uh i put,it on youtube and then,i tweeted the youtube link to a,filmmaker my favorite filmmaker jduploss,hes amazing the best person in the,world yeah and i said bet you wont,click on this link and then email me,after and then 24 hours late literally,24 hours later he emailed me said i won,the bet,and i got lunch with him and thats,crazy yeah i mean nothing like a threat,to get people to watch right yes yeah i,love that now i have this crazy fast j,duplass story ill try and make it i,went to the this is so embarrassing i,went to the premiere of the show,transparent years ago remember that show,love okay really good show and so he i,was like oh my god i went up to the,theater after the show was over i was,like you were amazing oh my gosh and,hes like uh no thanks hes like a,little standoff im a director not an,actor yeah yeah right and so i was like,but he wasnt saying much and i was like,thats really odd scottie my husband,grabs his mom and says thats not jay,duplass thats molly shannons husband,fritz okay and i was like wait what i,was so embarrassed in the car i text,molly she goes i know were laughing,about it right now,and i was like oh my god so then a few,years after that i go to jay duplasss,production company and i pitch a movie,to his the head of production jennifer,there and i tell her this story and she,goes um and i show her a picture i did a,side by side just to,show how much i cry okay right i i was,right,and she goes thats not j duplass,thats rob hubel,right but they do look a little bit,alive yeah so i got it wrong twice yes,and then i showed her a photo and then,she showed me a photo this is jay and i,was like oh i didnt even get that right,it was mark duplass,yeah but all from the same family maybe,do you know what im saying they do look,a lot alike yeah yeah well white guys,cant cut cut a break in this yeah yeah,but we dont have a picture of jay here,no no hes a very good looking guy yeah,hes very good looking well get a,picture later well put it out later,google google jd plus hes amazing of,course i know who everybody is now and,everybodys great,so wait so,so have people now tweet it at you,thinking itll work for them the way you,you tweeted to uh jay ten times a day,really and they all think theyre the,first person to do it so i i i dont,because they know your story yes yeah,but i uh its,hopefully one day i will j duplass,someone but i not i cant get anything,made myself so its like oh i dont have,any power i dont know how to help you,but this,thats your response yeah im like i can,watch a movie its great your movies,awesome but i dont know how to help,mentor you all right so if you dared jay,to watch your clip yeah i wonder if,somebody should now be like im gonna,kill you if you dont watch it yeah,right and then,and then youll watch it people have,done that and then i watch it im like,so good i dont know how to help you i,really dont know what to do yeah really,yes but you dont know like lets grab a,lunch and ill tell you what my story,how i put it together you have to know,dakota johnson yes yeah ill introduce,you to dakota johnson yeah thats right,yeah wait so you went so tell me the,trajectory so you were in college when,you when you thought of this idea for,this movie for cha-cha yeah yeah i,actually was yeah i was in college i was,just writing a lot because i didnt want,to go to class,and so i uh not if you have to do that,yeah,um but i was writing a lot and i came up,with this mother and daughter,relationship and i started pitching this,relationship and people like thats not,a movie thats a relationship so then i,uh,put myself in the middle of the movie,and then it started rolling from there,and then i thought of the bar mitzvah,idea yeah well tell people what the bar,mitzvah idea so you play a i play so,andrew is this 22 year old he just,graduated from tulane yeah new orleans,sure shout out yeah um and uh shout out,to colleges everywhere,and he uh goes to his little little,brothers friends bar mitzvah yeah and,its really awkward as all bar mitzvahs,are and he started starts the party,essentially yeah and then all of the the,mothers swarm him in the parking lot and,say will you be the designated party,starter for every party so you become,this party starter yes would you get,that idea because is there such a thing,theres a oh yes people are party,starters they get up and dance for kids,so theyre not embarrassed its this,shameless adult whos like begging kids,please do the cha cha slide on the dance,floor yeah right and then they wow its,so fascinating but you so you came up,with the movie when you were in college,did you have any like,a regular job because most people dont,go straight from college to movie star i,did,uber eats,oh you did yeah,i,uh what,okay because and did you ever skim some,food off the top there and always are,you serious,they do that though of course i mean,thats why okay smart restaurants will,staple the bag and thats why they,stapled thats why your bags are stapled,because,id be eating those fries yeah,yeah,is that really true of course i mean you,could have like a whole meal and never,have to pay for i had ketchup packets in,this on this side so if i had a fry i,could put yeah thats not true but no i,would eat a lot of the food that i was,delivering,that is just i its kind of why i dont,order out like ill go pick it up now,right like i cant because i imagine you,dropping my food off,um wait so you know did you attend bar,mitzvahs growing up at all,all the time so i went to a uh small,school but it was like 40,jewish so i didnt it didnt mean,anything to me that all my friends were,jewish until seventh grade and i,literally went to a service and a party,every single saturday you did yes so you,dont know this but your mom sent us a,photo of you at a bar mitzvah no yeah,this is it right here,yeah great yeah thats a great picture,its amazing if you could redo where,where would you put your hands you might,do this i think,i think theyre perfect right there im,not going to put my arms around girls,why not,by the way the girl on the right is like,a fourth wheel she no shes shes just,showing shes like look at his arms look,at his arms

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Cha Cha Real Smooth Review: An Early Contender for Best of 2022? – Sundance 2022

[Music],hello hello everyone ive got another,sundance 2022 review for you and im,just gonna spoil the surprise right up,top because you all know i cant contain,my enthusiasm this is a review of my,favorite film of the festival this year,its cha-cha real smooth the movie,actually stars the writer and director,of the movie cooper rafe he plays andrew,and,life after college isnt exactly what,andrew had hoped for hes living back,home in new jersey with his family and,has a job at a food court stand called,meat sticks so you know not exactly live,in the dream there but andrew does still,know how to be the life of a party so,because of that he winds up getting,sucked into the bar and butt mitzvah,scene working as a party starter and,thats where andrew befriends a local,mom domino played by dakota johnson and,he becomes very tempted to take their,budding relationship to the next level,i was utterly delighted charmed and,moved by cha cha real smooth every,single second of the movie and i just,didnt want it to end yes it does feel,like a very full story with a mighty,satisfying conclusion to it but,i just didnt want to leave this group,of characters that i had fallen so so,hard for,i went into my viewing of cha cha real,smooth,mainly being well aware of the romance,at the core and that element of the,movie is very very successful i think,largely because as always dakota johnson,is just incredible and she has such an,irresistible chemistry with rafe as well,and hes also really good at giving,viewers access to andrews headspace,its its kind of effortless to tap into,the feelings he has for domino and also,the pull hes feeling towards her so yes,cha cha real smooth is a very effective,love story but,its also so much more than that and,thats what takes it from being a really,really great film that i enjoyed very,much to jumping to that top tier of very,special releases that have best of the,year potential and also themes and story,elements that i dont think im ever,going to forget cha-cha real smooth is,also largely about the idea of soulmates,and the very different but equally,fulfilling relationships we can have,with people in life,race chemistry with johnson is powerful,again but,hes got a very strong connection with,pretty much every single member of this,ensemble,and on paper i might not have expected,certain relationships of andrews to make,as big of an impact as they do in the,final film and im pretty convinced a,lot of that comes through the ensembles,talent rafes performance and also his,work as an actors director theres just,something about the writing and,directing in cha-cha real smooth that,made me feel like rafe prioritizes his,characters and their growth above all,else and also isnt afraid to take the,time necessary to let them figure things,out and earn that growth,i am,not going to get into specifics on every,single supporting character here but i,do really want to name drop some actors,because theyre great in the movie and,they very much deserve credit but also,just to further emphasize how much rafe,manages to accomplish in a sub two hour,film so evan assante vanessa burkhart,leslie mann brad garrett raul castillo,and odaya rush,none of them are in the film just to,tick a box to fill out andrews world,they all contribute to his journey in a,very meaningful way and also takes,something of great value from it for,themselves all right lets score this,thing im giving cha cha a real smooth,four and a half dues out of five on the,dewey decima movie scale i adored this,film it brightened my day while watching,it it made me reconsider how i look at,certain connections in my own life and,then it also left me very very eager to,watch it over and over again so its a,good thing it was scooped up by apple tv,plus this is a very very big winner in,my book and i just cant wait to share,the experience with you all when it,finally gets released all right thats,my review of cha cha real smooth oh i,love this movie so much,before i let you all go ive got a,patreon shout out its an important one,because this is for billy you guys at,this point know how strongly i feel,about billy one of the biggest hearts,right there hes so much fun to talk to,and such a good influence on this,patreon community that we have billy you,better know how much i appreciate you,and i appreciate everyone out there for,watching this review be sure to like and,share it before you leave and more,sundance 2022 reviews coming your way,very soon,[Music],you

Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022) Apple TV Plus Movie Review

i missed cha cha real smooth at sundance,this year but luckily it was picked up,by apple tv plus and is coming to the,platform should you be putting this,festival darling at the top of your,watch list,a young man who works as a bar mitzvah,party host strikes up a friendship with,a mother and her autistic daughter this,stars dakota johnson and the writer,director cooper rafe now right off the,bat im just going to say get this out,of the way race character of andrew is,supposed to be a 22 year old guy right,out of college now he looks like hes in,his late 20s and while i know thats not,a significant age difference how that,plays out in the story really did have,an effect on me and then some of the,impact of the narrative so andrew,returns home right after college hes,somewhat aimless not really sure what he,wants to do but one day he takes his,younger brother to a bat mitzvah and,through the natural course of the,evening discovers that he has a real,talent for getting people hyped and,engaged in the party during that evening,he also meets dakota johnsons domino a,single mom with a teenage autistic,daughter named lola lola is played by,newcomer vanessa burghardt and her,performance is endearing sweet and very,charismatic now its obvious almost from,the very get-go that andrew is attracted,to domino as he flirts with her and has,these moments where his stare in her,eyes lingers just a bit too long now,andrew is a seemingly good guy hes,caring approachable and awkwardly funny,there are moments where he says things,that can feel very relatable if youve,ever said something out loud that you,instantly wish you had not said out loud,like it sounded witty in your head but,when it escaped your lips it was,anything but domino also returns the,flirty attitude maybe not to the extreme,degree that andrew does but its still,present which helps to encourage andrew,in his pursuit of her the story draws us,into andrews world where hes,continually searching for his place he,begins working as a party host for bar,and bat mitzvahs something that he,thrives at doing hes also put him in,contact with domino and lola often,because this particular party circuit,seems to be close-knit as all the kids,are basically the same age so it would,make sense that there would be a lot of,these parties occurring in a very short,amount of time i like the romance angle,of this but also found it to be,frustrating were told that domino is,much older than andrew but they dont,appear to be in visual sense i mean,domino looks to be in her early to mid,30s making andrew i mean if we believe,hes 22 much much younger than her but,because he looks to be more in his later,20s that reconciliation is very hard for,my mind to accept which then also makes,andrews behaviors harder to believe i,mean he acts like a confused 22 year old,making decisions that feels somewhat in,line with that age but everything about,his appearance screams older dude making,the character to appear more like he,just has some mental or emotional,difficulties that lead him then to be so,confused or awkward and those are,present also in this narrative but,theyre not really examined the,discussion of mental illness is,addressed but peripherally leading us to,only make assumptions about certain,characters now the editing in this is,sometimes choppy especially the first,half of the film scenes transition a way,that feels a little jarring but its not,a consistent feeling almost like as the,editing process went along a groove was,established which made the rest of the,storytelling flow more easily there are,some supporting characters that i really,enjoyed leslie mann plays andrews mom,and they have a close relationship where,its more of a friend base than parent,kid but i didnt have an issue with it,just something that was noticeable brad,garrett plays andrews stepdad and hes,in this minimally but the antagonism,that comes from andrew feels out of,place because there isnt any context,given now we can assume that andrew has,an issue with any male figure involved,with his mom that isnt his dad but its,not explained so were only left with,that assumption and some oddly,antagonistic interactions between the,two evan asante plays andrews younger,brother and i really enjoyed their,dynamic there is a realness to portions,where theyre not always chummy but the,admiration of a younger brother looking,up to his older brother is apparent and,its executed well i was really drawn to,this story the romance while subtle is,engaging but theres enough tension,thats infused to keep us on edge that,things may not turn out so well for,andrew i mean we can root for him and,want him to succeed in certain areas but,the reality is that its probably not,going to turn out that way i like that,the story balances the fantastical with,reality while this doesnt break off,into some fantasy film we can see how,andrew wants the world to be just by,observing the emotion in his eyes,longing desire hurt and love are all,projected in very palpable ways the,dialogue is frustratingly awkward at,times with stutters and characters,hemming and hawing and it all feels very,natural like weve been allowed to,eavesdrop and observe so many private,interactions i enjoyed the growth we see,in our characters andrew and domino both,have some maturing that needs to occur,and i appreciate that we get to see that,play out sometimes its frustrating,other times its incredibly,heartbreaking but the forward,progression that both demonstrate drew,me in these werent static characters,even though for portions of the story,they were stuck unable to move out of,their emotional rut so overall cha cha,real smooth is an engaging character,study of longing love and finding your,place in this world the dialogue,captures a realness and brings,believability to the interactions even,though they are often frustrating,conversations the energy of the story is,engaging but is never rushing us through,the emotions the actors bring a great,deal of charisma to their characters,creating relationships that feel genuine,and even though i struggled to believe,that andrew was only 22 i was concerned,for his well-being and outcome wanting,him to succeed and grow in a positive,manner so he could find happiness and,purpose i think the editing was a bit,rough at times but on the whole the film,is wonderful from a visual standpoint,creating a spectacle that had me,captivated and invested theres sex no,nudity a lot of profanity and a little,bit of violence i give cha-cha real,smooth 4 out of 5 couches are there any,good emotional dramas youve seen,recently let me know in the comments,below if you enjoyed this review please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe im chris this is,movies and munchies thanks for couching,with me everybody clap your hands

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If anybody knows how to start a party, its my brother, Andrew.,Or should I say…,the Jig Conductor.,Thats fine. Its so cute. Its so good.,No, Mom. If anybody sees that, Im gonna get put on a watch list.,I cant believe college is over.,You have a job now, or…,Were not allowed to talk about jobs at the Bat Mitzvah party.,So, you either dont have a job, or you have a bad job.,How much does a party starter get paid, I wonder.,I have a bad job, yeah.,Honey, Im not just saying this because Im your mother.,But I feel like youre way ahead of the game.,Whos that?,Thats a mom and her kid.,Do you two dance?,Were not feelin it right now.,How about I bet you three hundred dollars,that I can get her to dance.,I will give you a thousand dollars.,She really likes you.,I really like her.,Tonight is the night that you and Lola dance your booties off.,Oh! I dont know how to moonwalk.,Do you think he would be a good sitter, for you?,I do not do well with sitters.,But I think it might be a bit different with Andrew.,Do you wanna meet my hamster?,Yeah.,I wanna thank you for being so kind to Lola.,Easiest thing in the world.,Im having more fun now than I did the whole night.,Do you have a husband?,I have a fiance.,I hear youre a great party starter.,I hear youre a great professional lawyer.,Much to figure out, after college.,Giving your heart to somebody is the most…,perplexing thing.,You cant just decide that you love somebody.,-Yes, you can. -No, you cant.,Yes, you can.,We dont need you to babysit anymore.,Why?,Lots of reasons.,Are you drunk right now, Son?,Everything is just a mess.,Growing up is hard.,Is he your soulmate?,Do you believe in soulmates?,I think we all have like a ton of soulmates.,How many soulmates?,For you, like four.,How many do you have?,Like, twelve… hundred.

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okay so alonso and i feel very,differently about this movie we dont,disagree very often but we are going to,right about now on cha-cha real smooth,uh yeah so cha cha real smooth directed,by and starring cooper rafe if anybody,knows how to start a party its my,brother andrew,or should i say,the jig conductor,its fine its so cute its so good no,mom if anybody sees that im gonna get,put on a watch list this is his second,film i did not see his first movie uh, house but it was a big winner at,south by southwest um he plays a recent,college graduate whos kind of aimless,would like to maybe raise enough money,to go to barcelona to hang out with his,girlfriend who was there on a fulbright,scholarship uh but is working at that,end job hes living at home in jersey,jersey,jersey city wow slip of the tongue there,sorry jersey city we feel fine about you,um,with your twin leslie man,and his younger brother and uh leslie,manns new husband uh brad garrett and,um,doesnt,seem to have any direction in mind but,uh he accompanies his younger brother to,a friends bar mitzvah and finds that,they really desperately need a hype man,to get people out on the dance floor,which he does and suddenly all the other,moms are like i want to hire you to do,my kids bar mitzvah mitzvah because you,clearly know what youre doing at that,party he meets a single mom played by,dakota johnson she has a teenage,daughter who is autistic and the two of,them strike up a friendship that might,or might not lead to something else uh,as he gets his life together um yeah,this movie i found real irritating uh,almost throughout just because,the dakota johnson character is not a,character she is this construct that,weve seen in a million movies she is,the beautiful damaged woman whos gonna,help you know our like frustrated white,guy like figure out his way in life,um cooper rafe is,not as charming as the director cooper,rafe thinks that he is and gives him a,lot of close-ups and a lot of screen,time and almost the entire movie has,other characters talking about him um,and i just got real fed up with the,whole thing the one bright spot for me,is uh actress vanessa burkhart who is,actually autistic in real life who plays,uh the daughter of dakota johnson she,gives a very funny performance and very,present and is the one character in this,movie that i actually cared about um the,rest of it just felt like,a string of sundance cliches and,this is like weve seen this career,trajectory so many times before this guy,is the new edward burns or vince vaughn,or like you know zack brath zach exactly,like the handsome non-threatening white,guy who becomes an auteur and im sure,hes now going to move on to make like,uninteresting hollywood movies like star,wars hell get a star wars,star wars sure uh but yeah i was just,not feeling this and the the more the,the the further into it i got the more i,realized this isnt going anywhere that,i cant predict this isnt going,anywhere that feels genuinely revelatory,or dramatic or funny or interesting and,i just,didnt care um,the other thing i liked is the,production designer art director who,came up with all of the bar mitzvah,games because theres like five bar,mitzvahs in this movie and theyre all,completely different so kudos on that,but yeah,this left me cold this seems like the,kind of movie that people love at park,city and then you see it again at sea,love and youre like,so you clearly dug it so tell me no i,i recognize that it is so many cliches,its like the stunted man-child and he,has to learn how to be a grown-up and,then there are also kids in this who are,more poised and mature than he is and,you know um,i recognize that there are a whole lot,of like sundance formula cliches here,but there are enough,inspired ways into those familiar tropes,that i,i knew where it was going but i was,engaged nonetheless as you mentioned,vanessa burkhart is very good in this,she has really great timing,the story never condescends to her,no the cooper rave character its never,condescends to her this could have been,a really mockish element of this script,and it is not he treats her like a peer,and i admire him for that and i admire,the film for that he is better in the,comic moments again this is a very much,like your mileage may vary kind of thing,if you think hes funny and can get in,his wavelength youll find him amusing i,find him pretty amusing for most of the,time i think hes not up to par on the,dramatic,scenes like clearly opposite dakota,johnson,who i do think is very good in this and,she does find,dramatic heft within a character that is,in theory an idea at least shes not a,medic,shes not a manic pixie dream girl no no,no shes also a producer on this so i do,feel like she had more agency to use a,word that you were fond of as far as her,depiction shes not just like along for,the ride i ive seen interviews with her,where she says this is the thing shes,the most proud of because she was part,of it from day one and like help,shepherd it so if anythings good about,this it is her performance and she,made it that way i would argue and yeah,again like if you think he is like,annoyingly quirky youre gonna be,rolling your eyes into the back of your,head because hes in like every single,scene in this movie royal castillo is in,this and he feels very out of place,but also intentionally i think hes,meant to feel out of place i think hes,not meant to be a part of this world and,thats a narrative choice um,leslie mann does not get a whole lot to,do,brad garrett,i dont know i think leslie man is fine,in what she does get to do which is not,much and its mostly how does how does,her character deal with his character,you know and and and i agree that that,like uh dakota johnson is doing good,work which she always does,uh but i just,even if she was one of the sort of you,know architects of this project the,character still comes off feeling to me,like,this amalgam of i yeah an idea more than,a person,uh brad garrett i want to say i enjoyed,some of the passive aggressive sniping,between cooper rave and brad garrett as,his stepdad um thats kind of amusing,so there are enough pieces here within a,very familiar formula that i enjoyed it,like i wouldnt have spent what was it,10 15 million dollars on it like how,much did apple pay for this movie yeah,something crazy like a lot of money like,drunken sailors those people um so this,is out on apple tv its also playing in,theaters some theaters um our friends at,the grill house the grail movie house,rather in asheville north carolina are,among the theaters playing this,so you can go and see it if you want to,or is also on apple um im saying 6.8 i,said 4.8 i,you know some elements that i like but,overall i just,found it annoying and i found him,annoying,you

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