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Chaos Walking – Movie Review

chaos walking was directed by doug lyman,and stars daisy ridley and tom holland,and was shot in 2017,and then two years later in 2019 they,did reshoots,and now its coming out in 2021 so the,film hasnt exactly,had the easiest route to release the,film takes place in a dystopian world,where there are no women,and all living creatures can hear each,others thoughts,in a stream of images words and sounds,called noise i first heard about this,movie because charlie kaufman,wrote one of the earliest drafts and,apparently its been changed so many,times that hes not even credited as,producer writer,nothing he was just involved at one,point and so naturally i was interested,to see,what he was coming up with i highly,doubt it was anything thats in the,movie,that we got there maybe a few lines here,and there but,im just not seeing him writing this one,at least based off what i saw because,this is one of the messiest movies ive,seen in a long time,it feels like theres really no,structure to this movie and,if this film is the result of reshoots,that fixed whatever it was,i cant imagine what it was before,because the film really doesnt feel,like it has much of a structure,daisy ridleys character crash lands in,this new world,that apparently is not earth tom,hollands character whos walking around,with this,misty foggy bubble that sometimes,appears around his head,with his thoughts just being heard by,everyone,including images and impulses and,everything that he might ever think,and when people discover that daisy,ridley has a path,off this planet mads mikkelsen the mayor,of this town begins to hunt daisy ridley,and tom holland as they are on the run,trying to flee from this guy who i guess,would really like to get,to her pathway off this planet because,she has the ability to call some people,who can maybe come down and,take them to someplace else i dont know,its its a strange motivation,as i was watching the movie that was one,of my biggest questions,its a film where you can hear,everyones thoughts,but you dont [ __ ] know anybody its,a film where the characters are mostly,on the run,the whole time but you dont really know,why you understand that the villain,has a goal of getting to a ship that,could maybe call another ship,but then what you know like whats he,going to do next,convince the ship that comes that he,should be taken and all these other,people,at gun points its just a strange,strange story,and never once did i feel invested in it,its a story that feels like it restarts,every 25 minutes like you know what the,movies about for a while,and then it becomes about something else,and they almost forget what it was about,at one point in time,daisy ridleys character barely speaks,for a long time in the film which really,didnt do any favors for her character,either,and tom holland and her in the script,the characters are kind of pitted,against each other even though they have,to work together,which does a real number on any,chemistry potential between the two,because theyre supposed to sort of not,like each other for a long [ __ ] time,and so you have two people who are in,the woods,running from bad guys who dont really,like each other,and dont really want to talk to each,other and youre not really sure why the,bad guys are following them because you,cant really follow the logic of their,plan,nor can you follow the logic of the,heros plan except dont,die and so you really have a hard time,getting invested in that,plus it is jumbled as [ __ ],it doesnt feel like the scenes build to,the next scene it doesnt feel like a,logical progression of events,it just feels like a series of events,that have no real connection with each,other and the film does take some stabs,at humor the fact that tom holland,occasionally,imagines romantic things with daisy,ridleys character and he cant,keep her from seeing that because,theyre in his head theres occasional,moments where the film goes for comedy,but theres a lot of missed,opportunities,like for instance one of them could have,gotten a song stuck in their head and it,just keeps playing,at various times and theyre trying to,figure out what the song is,and that could have made them bond a,little bit because maybe the other,person,remembers what the song is theres just,a lot of opportunities that they didnt,really explore when it comes to what you,could do,if you had the ability to generate,actual,images from your thoughts they use them,in certain ways but usually just through,combat,or through deception and sometimes it,was interesting the concept behind this,movie is,interesting its just that they kind of,threw a bunch of boring people into the,concept and when you have,mads mickelson the [ __ ] mads,mikkelsen like,the greatest gift to acting thats ever,been given,and tom holland and daisy ridley all in,the same movie and its just like,somethings wrong im going to give,chaos walking a d-plus,i think there are going to be a lot of,people who enjoy watching this movie but,i just,took nothing from it it didnt impact me,in the slightest there were so many,moments that were supposed to be,powerful that meant nothing to me and i,just um,im not surprised it sat around for as,long as it did guys thank you so much,as always for watching look forward to,more reviews very soon and if you like,this you can click right here,and get stuck manized,you

Chaos Walking Review

that problem boys,no problem,very clever use of your noise sir likes,me,after more than a decade of regular y.a,film adaptations it takes more and more,to stand apart from the pack,chaos walking directed by edge of,tomorrows doug lyman has a great cast,and a promising concept,but never manages to find a way to,consistently make them work towards,telling an interesting story,chaos walking adapts the first novel in,patrick nesss series of the same name,and centers on todd hewitt a teen raised,on the colony planet new world,living on this alien planet comes with,one hell of a caveat if youre male,men on new world become afflicted by,noise a condition which externally,manifests their every thought for all to,see and hear,some men are able to channel their,thoughts slash noise into flashy mirages,and todds showing promise in this,regard,only the dastardly mayor prentice is,able to completely control his noise,even suppress it at will,and he uses that advantage to exert,absolute authority over new world,seemingly lone settlement prentice town,when viola a scout for the next wave of,new world settlers crashes in the jungle,todd decides to risk his life for the,first girl hes ever met and the two go,on a journey to help viola contact her,crew,for those who havent read nesss novels,the big draw will be tom holland and,daisy ridley leading the cast,with chaos walking having filmed just,after holland and ridleys big breaks as,marvels peter parker and star wars,ray respectively its clear that kevin,feige and jj abrams knew how to play off,their strengths better than the,filmmakers here did,neither hollands charm or ridleys,intensity get much of a chance to shine,instead holland and ridley play things,incredibly straight for the most part,pair do come to life a little more when,the script calls for comedy but these,moments are few and far between,what are you doing,im sorry i didnt considering shes,almost the only female character viola,in particular feels woefully underdrawn,todd spends a lot more time lamenting,that he cant hear violas thoughts than,actually asking her what shes thinking,strange to see everything youre,thinking it was strange for me too not,knowing whats going on in your head,i mean i know you might not like my dog,or you want to hit me over the head with,a rock or something,so by the time the movie gets around to,its ho-hum conclusion it feels like we,barely know one of our leads,chaos walking hangs a lot of its hopes,on the sci-fi hook at its storys center,but its a burden too heavy for the,noise to bear,in the films first act much time is,spent showing the audience how the noise,affects,everyday life in princess town chiefly,through todds racing teen brain,as he analyzes the world around him stop,dont come any closer,its a girl oh my gosh the staccato,bass observations that todds noise make,border on i love lamp levels of,cognitive depth and grow old quick,the constant barrage of noise borders on,disorienting early on which ironically,undermines key demonstrations about how,the noise works,like when todd uses it to conjure a,snake to scare his rival,like cocky,[Music],once daisy ridleys viola enters the,picture and separates todd from the,chaos in princess town the noise becomes,far,more palatable the occasional clever gag,aside the noise too often feels unbound,by rules or consistency,it stretches credulity that men so used,to noise as a daily part of life could,be so easily tricked by others using it,against them,the less than stellar visual effects,that bring the aura-like noise to life,dont help,worst of all the noise is rarely used,effectively in furthering chaos walking,stories or,themes its perhaps chaos walkings,worst miscalculation,the potential of the noise as a,narrative device ends up being a lot,more interesting than the formulaic plot,and action scenes that relegate it to,window dressing,as a side effect of releasing years,after completing principal photography,chaos walking does benefit from having a,cast this production probably wouldnt,be able to assemble if it were made in,2021,on top of tom holland and daisy ridley,pro villain actor mads mikkelsen has fun,lending his signature creepiness to,mayor princess who bombs around in an,absurdly garish fur coat with a freudian,minefield of a gun holstered directly in,the middle of his belt,as stated subtlety is not chaos walking,strong suit david yellow,cynthia arrivo damian beshear and nick,jonas round out the supporting roster,and theres a definite sense that,everyones trying to make their parts,work but the script doesnt give the,rest of the cast many memorable moments,do you know where youre going though,yeah definitely maybe,chaos walking doesnt do nearly enough,to take advantage of its talented cast,or the thematically ripe noise which,plagues the men of its world,tom holland and daisy ridley could have,been a compelling duo but they arent,supported by a creative team,that can get on the same page about what,the focus of the movie should be,with its charms few and far between,chaos walking is a tough sell to anyone,but fans of the novel,thanks for watching dont forget to,check out some of our other recent,reviews and as always be sure to follow,and subscribe to ign wherever you like,to watch

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Chaos Walking — How to Make an Unreleasable Movie | Anatomy Of A Failure

hey,hey,[Music],chaos walking is a high concept,adventure movie about todd who lives in,a dystopian world where all your inner,thoughts manifest themselves audibly as,was visibly why is the creature here,you dont even need a preacher,and it pretty much packs as much,potential for success as any movie,possibly can the core concept of,external inner thoughts is really,original and interesting the main actors,here are some of the most recognizable,young stars of the time both peter,parker from the mcu spider-man and,avengers as was the galaxys most famous,nobody from star wars all in all when,this movie was ready to release in 2018,the only possible outcome was a,massively successful birth of a new high,profile franchise,yeah cast walking was apparently so not,great that the studio executives thought,it wasnt fit to even be seen which,isnt that surprising because chaos,walking is also a nickname for the,movies director doug lyman who has been,in the same situation multiple times,before but whereas before hes always,been able to pull asus out of his sleeve,this time the initial product was in,such a state where it took them years to,rewrite and reshoot and rework which,they clearly did quite a bit they,revamped the whole finale to be,something much more streamlined we gotta,get to haven no there isnt time theres,an emergency transmitter to two floors,down it still works i can use it they,give a deeper layer to the main villain,the only thing youre good for,and they even for example added in a,steamy kiss scene between the,and its such a stars moment bridging,the understanding of the noise and even,though im sure all these reworkings,made this movie better compared to its,initial unreleasable state they still,werent enough to save it from being,doomed on a spot with no hope for a,sequel which is very interesting because,it serves as a good case study that no,matter the outside talent you bring in,to change your broken movie down the,line there are some things a simple,superficial band-aid just wont fix it,doesnt matter how complex your villain,is if that complexity is built on,nonsense it doesnt matter how many kiss,scenes for stars you add if the,relationship between them is hurting the,main purpose of your movie a broken leg,remains broken even after you give it a,nice tan and so what i thought would be,useful to do here today is to look under,these changes to find out what are some,of the most foundational factors about,this movie that they tried to fix mostly,unsuccessfully so what is it about high,concept movies like chaos walking that,you need to get right the first time or,they might very well become and forever,remain,unreleasable,[Music],firstly chaos walking shows that the,more different special high concept,ideas you add in the less valuable and,special each one will become so like i,said the main out of the ordinary,special idea here is that we live in a,world where every thought you have can,be heard and seen by others known as the,noise very clever use of your noise,likes me thinks im a man which is such,an incredible concept because it by,default creates a ton of conflict and,makes even the most basic interactions,into a struggle,but then just a few minutes after we get,introduced to the noise the movie,already decides that its not enough and,also adds in another special idea of,this girl viola who falls down from,space the specialty of which comes from,the fact that on this planet women have,gone extinct and also because all women,apparently for some reason dont have,noise and the problem that now,immediately arises is that suddenly the,majority of our attention is going,towards something that has nothing to do,with the original idea we came for never,seen a spaceship its from earth how do,you get it,station girl its a girl girl oh my god,youre a girl oh my god girl shes here,yellow hair uh what the hell space girl,oh my god girl right in a movie where,the special high concept thing is,supposed to be the noise of external,thoughts pretty much all the specialty,now gets allocated to this other high,concept thing about there being a girl,in a world of only men meaning that,suddenly noise itself seems that much,less of a crucial big deal because our,focus is instead being taken over by did,he say,and with every new extraordinary,conceptual edition its the same thing,when the movie introduces the arrival of,space colonizers,thats where our attention goes when it,introduces the existence of aliens,thats where our attention goes and each,time our attention goes it goes away,from the reason were supposed to be,here in the reshoots they clearly knew,this was a problem because they tried to,limit most of the other stuff to an,absolute minimum but it doesnt matter,if you establish that there are aliens,on this planet in a way that is in no,way connected to the noise suddenly the,noise seems that much less special,because theres freaking aliens,it doesnt matter how tiny they roll if,we know theres an alien in the barn,what do you think were gonna think,about movie think about the noise chaos,walking the noise the noise is important,movie noise noise is the main point in,i understand the temptation to do every,cool thing you have in your head for,example the idea that todd lives in a,world without women and now has to go on,an adventure with one is really fun and,does lead to some really great moments,what are you doing,im sorry i didnt im,tired,i dont know but ultimately in a two,hour film you have to make choices and,focus on just one conceptual thing where,all aspects are connected and logically,equal each other if your movie is about,a quiet world where people live in total,silence that also has monsters that hunt,with sound thats one thing but if the,monsters dont hunt with sound and then,theres also zombies as well as an,upcoming mayan apocalypse thats,multiple different things and theyre,draining the specialty from each other,so if you want to make a movie about,noise and someone who doesnt have it,then do that forget the whole women,dont have noise thing forget the whole,all women are dead thing forget most of,the space condensation stuff and,definitely forget the goddamn aliens,instead establish a world where both men,and women show their thoughts through,noise and then introduce viola as,someone who doesnt now you get the,exact same adventure movie about an,unordinary person everybodys after in a,way that keeps our focus fully on what,we came for now the main special thing,about your movie isnt the fact that,theres a girl but instead the fact that,theres someone who doesnt have noise,what do you mean women dont have noise,what do you mean all women have been,killed by the aliens what aliens every,time you add in a new high conceptual,idea youll just end up complicating,things which then requires you to,actually spend time exploring them to,justify their existence in your movie,happened to all the men when we landed,on this planet every thought in our,heads on display didnt affect the women,why,keep it simple stick to one,interconnected thing because otherwise,in addition to confusion all those other,extra ideas you add will only devalue,and degrade the original in a way that,cannot be saved later on,[Music],the second thing to take from chaos,walking is that regardless of how deep,and complex your characters are none of,that ultimately matters unless we,understand the most basic motivations,driving them a great example of this is,the main villain of the movie the mayor,basically the mayor is the leader of,todds community and also his father,figure who above all else wants to,ensure the survival of his own people,until in the finale it then turns out,that he is actually the one behind all,the women being killed stemming from the,fact that look at what you did to me,you taught those men to kill because you,couldnt stand the thought of all those,women seeing you for what you really are,a coward,a coward,right so the mayor carries this,fear-ba

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Chaos Walking Review – YMS

so i just saw chaos walking and it was,bad,who could have seen this coming for,those of you who dont know this movie,has been kind of a meme for me for the,past while now,i first found out about it because my,favorite screenwriter charlie kaufman,was credited as writing the first draft,of the script but not only is this movie,based off of a young adult novel but the,script was changed so much from the,first draft that hes no longer,officially credited on the film not that,hed want to be anyway,you know why they call something a young,adult novel instead of just a novel its,because it sucks,this books for babies because adults,wouldnt enjoy this one this movie was,supposed to come out years ago and then,they realized it was really bad and,needed some reshoots and then they just,delayed it and then they deleted again,and then they deleted again and then it,was may 2019 and then it was,january 2020 and then it was january,2021,its always a great sign when you delay,your film from,january to january and this decision was,made,well before kovid was shutting down,theaters and then its january 2021 and,you think its about to come out nope,delay it again sorry anyway its finally,out now and i watched it and wow what a,surprise it wasnt a good movie,at all not even these sad twitter,accounts could save this film from its,negative reception,chaos walking memes please,this is a verified promotional account,for the film and they completely gave up,on posting in the middle of march,theyre not even trying to promote the,digital release in april because nobody,gives a [ __ ] apparently they thought,this movie would be a success just,because tom holland and daisy ridley are,in it and to be fair thats probably the,reason why most people saw it but,apparently you need like a competent,story what the plot of this movie is,that theres a planet and its not earth,and tom holland and a bunch of other,people,are on it its the future its 200 years,in the future and theyre settling,this planet and the planet something to,do with it makes it so,that your thoughts are go outside your,head so if youre a male,and not a female your thoughts uh are,really loud,and the people can see them but it,doesnt affect,women then a space pod carrying a bunch,of,people and also daisy ridley shows up,and it crash,lands on the planet or at least thats,the implication because it starts,crashing and then it just cuts away and,then,its a burning rubble and daisy ridley,is just,completely unscratched and everybody,else died so daisy ridleys team is,basically there to scout the planet,because theyve lost contact with the,first,wave of settlers and so theyre like,lets just see how things are before we,send the second wave which is really,weird because they dont really seem to,think theres anything wrong as theyre,going down in this pod or whatever like,theyre all acting pretty casually and,nonchalant before the pod starts,crashing for no reason youd think you,could send like a drone or a robot or,anything other than just 10 people who,dont know what the [ __ ] theyre doing,like theyre just showing up,even though they have zero clue what the,first wave is doing or if theyre alive,really meanwhile tom holland is [ __ ],around doing nothing and they throw a,bunch of exposition,at us and hes like ive never seen a,girl in my entire life and this,is because there was an alien race on,this planet that we were trying to,colonize and theyre called the spackle,im not kidding and the spackle killed,all the women,and this was before i was old enough to,form any real memories so,um yeah anyway tom hollands walking,around by himself and oh my goodness,somebodys trying to steal,supplies from the barn who the [ __ ] is,that let me chase after them oh [ __ ],they ran away,hey what the hell is this theres the,fire is still smoldering,and this is a space pod and theres,graves here graves people are dead,so the space pod crashed very recently,daisy ridley,has had enough time to bury all of her,friends,she is completely unharmed and just,running around doing all this athletic,[ __ ] and now we find out that the,crash ship is a,short walk from their town and nobody,heard this all right so now tom holland,needs to go back and tell the mayor,about what he saw but,hes accidentally telling everybody else,on the way back because his thoughts are,too noisy you cant control your,thoughts sorry,i dont know how he was doing it but he,didnt have any noise,[Music],find her so from this information muds,mikkelsen decides that it must be a girl,because if it were a man then youd see,the thoughts so it has to be a girl but,tom holland saw this person for,not even 10 seconds but throughout the,film you show many male characters that,dont,constantly have thoughts screaming from,their head and for longer amounts of,time than tom holland saw,daisy ridley this wouldnt really be any,kind of anomaly that hed have to,mention but the script needs to go,somewhere i guess so they gotta be like,oh its a girl,gotta find the girl so tom holland,manages to find her and hes like oh a,girl youre pretty,youre very pretty i like you youre a,girl and hes like oops stop it silly,brain thats my thoughts im sorry,and tom holland tries to keep her a,secret all to himself but his stupid,brain lets the other people know that he,found her and then one of the guys,thats supposed to be making sure she,doesnt escape decides to play with one,of her space gadgets and then it,explodes and then she escapes and then,shes under the floorboards and shes,just theyre conveniently listening,because mods and another person decide,to,start talking about their evil plan and,it is very,very difficult to understand what his,plan even is,im done living in exile if we take her,ship we can take control of the planet,theyll be in hype asleep when they land,so they wont expect an ambush,so theres a ship coming for daisy,ridley that has like 4,000 people on it and he wants to steal,their ships so that he can take,over the planet and because mods is so,confident that theyll be in hyper sleep,when they land hell be able to,ambush them without them expecting it so,now daisy ridley has to escape so she,can find a way to contact her ship which,is the largest in her fleet because if,she doesnt do that then they will all,be in hyper sleep when they land and get,ambushed like mods will just show up,outside the ship and say open sesame and,the doors will open,and hell point guns at people while,theyre still sleeping or something i,dont know,the ship is mine now i can take over the,whole planet,okay so daisy ridley was in a team that,was scouting the planet for this ship,specifically because they were unable to,contact the first wave of colonizers,her pod crashed her entire team is dead,shes the only one left and has no way,to contact them and this 4,000 passenger second wave colonizer ship,is just going to land on the planet like,nothing happened,like we cant contact anybody from the,first wave so were going to send out a,scouting group and oh it turns out we,cant contact them we dont know whats,happening to them lets just land anyway,while all of us,are in hypersleep apparently no [ __ ],wonder nobody who saw this movie,understood what the villains were trying,to do the entire time,none of it makes any [ __ ] sense,whatever this is the plot of the movie i,guess so tom holland and daisy ridley,escape with each other in this epic,chase scene with like motorcycles and,horses and stuff and they fall,and tom hollands best friend little dog,manchy,shows up because he was really fast and,just happened to follow them,then they get hungry and tom holland,just takes off his shirt and goes into,the water and starts punching a sea,monster i guess he used a knife but i,thought he was punching him at first it,was pretty funny and then it just cuts,away to them eating the sea monster,stuff you had the opportunity to do,something a little interesting,and he kind of just skipped over it okay,as the two charac

CHAOS WALKING is my Nightmare | Explained

todays video is sponsored by expressvpn,so chaos walking i have been,super excited for this one not because i,thought it looked super amazing or,because im a daisy ridley simp even,though i,am or because like im a huge spider-man,fan no,im not even someone who read the,original books when they were releasing,you see its a story with a premise so,wacky at first glance that it demands to,be watched,and then you get all the background,information highlighting its production,snafu,[Music],yeah this is a movie i didnt even know,existed or was in production until i,started seeing the news articles from,this year saying that it was being,delayed again from january to march,and in my head i was like delayed again,from when because that was after it had,already been delayed from an unspecified,2020 release date after its original,release date of march 1st,2019. that is two years ago,and well get to why all that happens,soon but first of all what the hell,is chaos walking well first off its not,very good,its not terrible but i was kind of,hoping that this would either be,surprisingly,great or to so bad that it was just a,non-stop,dunk fest but after reading the books,im mostly just upset for fans of the,series,based on the novel the knife of never,letting go yes that is a wordy title by,patrick ness,chaos walking is a trilogy of books,taking place in a world where something,has occurred to kill off all the women,and have left the men with something,called the noise,which makes all of their thoughts,manifest out loud and outside,of their bodies never seen a real woman,before,theyre all gone so what im saying is,its a nightmare land,catch me dying if im somehow the only,female still alive,we follow a character named todd played,by tom holland in the movie the youngest,member of a settlement called prentice,town whose world is very quickly flipped,upside down when he comes across,a pocket of pure quiet and realizes its,a person he cant hear,because surprise its a girl its a girl,girl oh my gosh youre a girl,girl dave shut up todd sorry im sorry,oh honey,run while there are a lot of differences,between the book and the movie the,general progression of the story is todd,and viola escaping prentice town and,todd finding out that the reality he,thought he knew was not as it seemed,wacky unique maybe a little bit dumb on,the surface but im,down and sadly for fans of the books,most of the changes they make to make,this work as a movie are not necessarily,positive ones,but well get to that i did end up,reading the books i think i probably,would have been quite into them when i,was younger,but first what happened with the,production of this movie,after the book trilogy concluded in 2010,lionsgate bought the rights to adapt the,story in 2011 when a ton of these,dystopian ya series were being picked up,for adaptations building into the height,of their popularity,which quickly became a roller coaster as,like why a dystopian hit like a wall and,then just,fell like that dropped off so hard that,some of the other dystopian fantasies,didnt even get their final installments,could have made it one movie yet greedy,bastards but that was,10 years ago so what happened apparently,charlie kaufman was hired to write the,screenplay in 2012.,you know eternal sunshine of the,spotless minds synecdoche new york,adaptation im thinking of ending things,charlie kaufman but for whatever reason,kaufman left the project in 2014,and then it took six other writers,including the author himself to revise,this first draft that he created so who,knows how much of that is still around,so regardless of how you end up feeling,about this the author of the series,patrick ness was involved in the writing,and hes now one of the only two,credited screenplay writers alongside,christopher ford then in 2013 there were,rumors that robert zemeckis was being,considered to direct you know of back to,the future fame,before doug lyman was officially hired,in 2016.,at this point daisy ridley hopped on to,play viola apparently she was a huge fan,of the series and they nabbed tom,holland towards the end of 2016 to be,todd then a year later in november of,2017 the shoot,wrapped with a planned release date of,march 1st 2019,so why is it just coming out now well,you see,the movie was deemed unwatchable and,unreleasable after its first draft was,finished so they had to order reshoots,which is a huge deal when you have,daisy ridley whos contractually,obligated to finish star wars and tom,holland whos owned by the marvel mouse,but they finally managed to get those,reshoots going in 2019 with the studio,feeling confident that they could make,it work,after spending a hundred million dollars,so apparently there was like an alleged,release date sometime in 2020 which was,never announced and then the first,official new release date was january of,2021,when it then got delayed again until,march 5th of 2021 which is when i,heard about it and they still couldnt,send it to me because i live in canada,and lionsgate somehow knew that i lived,in canada and it wasnt planned to,release in canada yet so they kicked me,off to e1 entertainment and theyre like,ooh,we cant give it to you until theres a,canadian release date so they sent it to,me last week after it was already,available digitally in a bunch of other,locations just because it wasnt,available yet in canada because it comes,out on like friday the 23rd,in canada and im definitely not at all,upset by that,im a little upset how did they know i,was in canada but regardless its here,10 years later and with a production,history like that i just had to talk,about it,and as per usual i watched the movie and,read the book so lets go over it,because they are very different,obviously this is just a modified,adaptation of the first book so they can,make it work as a standalone in case,they didnt get,their sequel im sure theyre not,getting their sequel and these books do,actually cover some pretty heavy topics,some of which carried over,like the idea of trying to make a better,life for yourself individual against,society gender politics masculinity,suppression of information and education,however it did leave out a lot of themes,or they just didnt handle them as,strongly but i understand why this,trilogy is so highly regarded in the,young adult dystopian fiction world it,stays very consistent in tone and is,oddly,dark and brutal for something that is,intended for ages 13 and up and i,realize that sounds insane because the,hunger games is literally about children,killing each other so that the,undesirables remember their place in,society but this movie and especially,the book have some aspects that just,seem like,way more brutal than they probably,needed to be like somebody gets his nose,bit off by a dog in the book,theres also some rough moments with,animals all im gonna say is watch out,for the rapid scenes in this movie id,probably just give it a little,fast forward so what did i think of it,well it wasnt,great its the kind of thing that reeks,of potential but then ends up being like,so unbelievably forgettable it does have,some funny moments,oh [ __ ] good did you see that,i saw that introduces some really great,themes but then ultimately just falls,flat in a lot of ways,like im working on this and a shadow,and bone video right now because i got,that early to review and my brain just,keeps pulling me in the direction,of like that world and i need to finish,focusing on this world to get this video,done and one of the more disappointing,things is that this world actually has,so many interesting concepts and set,pieces and the movie just never really,capitalizes on it by the end of it it,just feels like a pretty run-of-the-mill,y-a action that doesnt try to do,anything different with the themes that,it has introduced in the story aspects,that it has introduced and it also just,blows a lot of its mystery really early,in the movie,unpopular opinion id rather watch the,percy jackson movie,i have i

Chaos Walking reviewed by Mark Kermode

ive been looking forward to mark,reviewing chaos walking for,actually about 10 years because,im a big fan of the of the patrick ness,books patrick is,is a genius um his novels are terrific,and,the chaos walking books his imagination,is up there with philip pullman,and it was i thought theyre probably,unfilmable but then there weve got,exciting word that actually was being,filmed and had a,very good cast and so on um but im,beginning to feel im just,checking the vibes here looking at the,set of marks jaw,and im prepared to be crushed here we,go chaos walking,well you know i would start by saying,that thing that you said about,theres a concern about whether theyre,unfilmable and i would say that on this,evidence,they are unfilmable so you know yes,patrick ness,a brilliant author i havent read um the,chaos walking books obviously im,familiar with the monster calls,so this is directed by doug lyman and we,reviewed,locked down recently which is a film,that a kind of heist caper that doug,lyman made,during the pandemic and it was kind of,fun but you know,nothing to remember this was actually,made before it it was,shot in originally shot in 2017.,wow principal photography was 2017 and,then they had to do reshoots which,pushed into,2019 and involved getting in,uh for the alvarez and there was you,know,there were problems anyway so the the,the set up in the film,uh youll know better what the set up in,the book is so theres a colonized new,world and the problem is that all,the men on the new world can hear each,others,thoughts and the way that these its,its a kind of idea that owes a debt to,some extent to you know douglas adams,talks about,is the cacrifone or you know who are the,the the race that are cursed with being,able to hear each others thoughts all,the time so they have to keep talking,otherwise they just,they can hear each others thoughts its,an interesting idea,so the way they do it on the film is,that there is this kind of cg purple,fog of thoughts that go around peoples,heads so you hear what theyre saying,but then this kind of this foggy thing,follows them around talking and then,uh viola played by daisy ridley star,wars daisy ridley,falls onto the planet immediately meets,up with todd it was tom holland so these,two big stars its actually one of the,reasons i think why the reshoots took so,long because they were you know walking,around,star wars and spider-man and uh and all,the rest of it,and she falls onto the planet and of,course she can hear,all his thoughts because he has never,seen a woman before heres a clip,whoa stop dont come any closer girl,girl its a girl girl oh my gosh where,are you from youre a girl no noise you,from early girl,dave shut up todd sorry im sorry ive,just never,ever seen a girl before are you from,earth youre really pretty yellow hair,i found her i found her wait wait wait, stupid noise,its kind of thats an indication of how,theyve,tried to get around this idea of the,noise,and the legend is that uh all the women,have been killed in a confrontation with,the indigenous spackle,and then you meet max mickelsons mayor,and immediately you think,thats almost certainly what didnt,happen um,i suspect something much failer is afoot,i have to say i think this is one of the,most ill-judged screen adaptations ive,seen i mean,originally it was earmarked for i think,it was robert zemeckis,and charlie kaufman did the first draft,of the screenplay,and then charlie kaufman moved on,there was endless other writers doug,lyman,came on as i said freddie alvarez was,involved in,the reshoots um kaufman it no longer has,any credit on it so i have no idea what,if any of his,script survived but they did the,original shoot then they did reshoots,and they did test screenings and,and now i mean 100 million dollars later,in four years and it creeps and its,terrible i mean its really really bad,and i think the the main problem with it,is,it is hard to imagine how you would do,that idea of the noise,on screen effectively and they have not,found a way of doing it effectively what,you,literally get characters who have got,this purple sort of,foggy cg thing going on around their,head with their thoughts sort of,visualizing around it,and its its every bit as ridiculous as,you know nick cage with his head in a,cage of bees at the end of the remake of,the wicker man,plus this,i mean its hard to know exactly where,to apportion the blame,but its boring its plodding it,its absolutely inert it feels,vaguely preposterous but never,preposterous enough to be engaging,it just its when you look at if you,compare it to the other kind of you know,why a dystopian future movies,it doesnt have any of the zing or zap,despite the fact as you said,you know impressive cast um you know,people who have starred in really big,hit blockbuster movies but,it is quite terrible and all the time i,was watching it i kept thinking,im sure that on the page there is a,brilliant version of this,and you know i mean in order for charlie,kaufman to have a take at the script it,you know i mean regardless of how you,know warmly or otherwise one feels,towards kaufmans work hes a serious,screenwriter,you know hes a person of heft and this,is,its the what the thing that this lacks,is heft or interest or mum,it is absolutely,bum numbingly dull and stupid,which is its sort of,i mean its a tragedy because sorry,a really original inventive idea to have,daisy ridley and tom holland,as your stars and for it to be the way,you just described,is is offensive really yeah i mean im,really sorry but it is,awful it is didnt really properly,rubbish,didnt doug lyman do the firstborn film,yes he did yeah and he did swingers and,he did mr and mrs smith and hes a good,director,and so you know you look at this thing,and then actually then you you then look,at the production history they go okay,you know written and then rewritten and,then rewritten and then shot and then,reshot and then cut and they go okay,and and it looks like a film in which,they never solved any,they never solved the fundamental,problem which is how were going to make,this,not look stupid

[Review Phim] Cô Gái Ngọt Nước Bị Rơi Vào Hành Tinh Chỉ Toàn Đàn Ông | Chaos Walking

ở trong tương lai khi trái đất hoàn toàn,không thể ở được nữa con người bắt đầu,chia nhau ra Tìm kiếm các hành tinh mới,để duy trì sự sống một nhóm người đã đến,được một hành tinh có khí hậu giống hệt,trái đất tuy nhiên vì ảnh hưởng của sóng,nhiễu đặc biệt mà họ suy nghĩ ẩn giấu,trong đầu đều sẽ bị người khác nhìn thấy,và nghe thấy điều này khiến cho cư dân,tại đây chẳng có chút riêng tư nào cả,Tom Hà Lan nam chính của chúng ta là,thiếu niên mồ côi được hai ông chú tốt,bụng trong nông trường nuôi dưỡng từ nhỏ,đến lớn cậu luôn bị người khác chế giễu,vì sự khác biệt của mình bởi vì đám đàn,ông khỏe mạnh cho thị trấn tối ngày chỉ,suy nghĩ sử dụng vũ lực để đánh nhau còn,tôm thì yếu đuối và không thích sử dụng,bạo lực Tuy nhiên cậu lại có trí thông,minh hơn người Hôm đó thằng con trai của,Thị Trưởng tìm đến gây chuyện cậu liền,dùng suy nghĩ để tạo ra một con mảnh giả,khiến nó hoảng sợ ngã cắm đầu xuống đất,Việt chưa bá đạo này của Tom còn khiến,cả thị trường phải công nhận để ý từ đầu,phim đến giờ thì trong thị trấn này chỉ,toàn là đực rựa và không hề có Bóng Dáng,Một người phụ nữ theo lời kể của ông ta,20 năm về trước toàn bộ phụ nữ của hành,tinh ngày đều bị một con quái vật trong,núi giết hại và mẹ của Tom Hà Lan cũng,không thể thoát khỏi Định Mệnh ấy,anh này vẫn khiến cậu tỏ ra hoài nghi,bởi tất cả mọi người ở đây đều có thể,nghe thấy suy nghĩ của nhau chữ ông Thị,Trưởng ông tạ cương dáng đến nỗi xong,Hiếu cũng không ảnh hưởng được tâm trí,nơi này có quá nhiều bí ẩn khiến cậu,phải đặt hàng ngàn Câu Hỏi mỗi ngày,nhưng hai ông bố nuôi của cậu ngoài cặm,cụi làm việc ở nông trường ra thì chẳng,bao giờ giúp cậu giải đáp thắc mắc cả,chắc nghe nó hỏi nhiều quá muốn nổi cả,não nên mới vậy Cùng lúc này bên ngoài,không gian một phi thuyền chở những,người từ nơi khác đang bốc cháy và hướng,về hành tinh nơi Nam chính sinh sống hôm,sau Tom Hà Lan cùng với hai người bố,trong rau sạch thì cậu cũng phát hiện có,kẻ lạ mặt đang ngồi đồ trong nông trại,thế là cậu lập tức đuổi theo kẻ không,làm mà đòi có ăn kia nhưng người thì,không thấy đâu mà chỉ thấy một chiếc phi,thuyền cuối nát đang bốc cháy ko nghĩ,rằng kẻ trộm chắc chắn ở gần đây và cậu,có thể phát hiện ra đời phương nhiều làn,khói trên đầu hai âm thanh mỗi khi suy,nghĩ nhưng tìm mãi mà không thấy gì nên,cậu nhanh chóng chạy về báo cho thị,trường biết ông ta lập tức dẫn người của,mình đến hiện trường điều tra sau khi,quan sát ông ta lên đoán kẻ chạy trốn,chính là một người phụ nữ nên đã xuống,ngồi chia nhau ra tìm kiếm lúc này tao,mới biết được suy nghĩ của anh không bị,nhìn hay nghe thấy đang đi loanh quanh,thì cậu Vô tình bắt gặp cô gái lạ mặt,đang trốn trong rừng sau khi là chuyện,toàn mới biết tên của người đẹp là Yola,và cô ấy đến đây từ trái đất mộng mơ còn,cô nàng cũng ngỡ ngàng nước mát khi rơi,xuống một hành tinh kỳ lạ nghe thấy có,tiếng người đang đến Nên kêu la vội vàng,bỏ chạy muốn rớt cả buồng trứng nhưng,chưa chạy được bao xa thì đột nhiên một,bức tường gỗ từ dưới mặt đất trồi lên,nhốt cô ở bên trong hóa ra bức tường này,chỉ là ảo ảnh do suy nghĩ của Thị Trưởng,tạo ra mà thôi người đẹp nhanh chóng,được đưa về nhà thị trường sau khi mời,cô uống cho ông ta liền hỏi lý do tạo,sao vi lại lạc Đến Đây cô nói mình cùng,với vài người bạn đang thực hiện nhiệm,vụ dò khám những hành tinh có môi trường,thích hợp để sinh sống nhưng khi đến,hành tinh này thì gặp tai nạn và khu là,người duy nhất sống sót Người đẹp mong,rằng thì trưởng có thể mỗi lòng từ bi,cưu mang mình cho đến khi những người,đồng đội khác tìm đến cứu ông ta liền,hỏi cách thức liên lạc với những người,đồng đội đó phiêu la đang định trả lời,thì nghe thấy rất nhiều suy nghĩ sâu xa,của cánh đàn ông bên ngoài muốn xúc than,cho vào cái lò hư hỏng lúc này cô mới,chợt nhận ra mình là người phụ nữ duy,nhất ở đây nè à cẩn trọng hơn không nói,ra tất cả những điều mình biết thấy,không nói thêm được thông tin nên thị,trưởng đã nhốt tiêu là vào trong phòng,rồi rồi đi đương nhiên người đẹp không,thể ngồi yên mà chờ chết như vậy cô quan,sát xung quanh căn phòng để tìm cách,trốn thoát bỗng nhiên thằng con trai của,thị trường bước vào vì Từ nhỏ đến giờ,chưa nhìn thấy Gánh Ân hắn không thể kìm,nén suy nghĩ tà dâm giống lão sắp vùng,lông của tôi yêu là nghe thấy liền tỏ ra,vô cùng tức giận đang không biết phải,làm thế nào thì hắn ta lại bỏ chúng tối,vũ khí của người đẹp Thấy thiết bị kỳ lạ,Hãy bấm thử một cái kết quả một tiếng nổ,lớn vang lên còn hắn thì lăn ra bất tỉnh,nhân sự yêu là nhân cơ hội đó liền chui,xuống sàn nhà trước lúc bỏ trốn cô đã,nghe thấy kế hoạch xấu xa của ông thị,trưởng và tên một xu tay sai chúng muốn,trừ phi thuyền của đồng đội Villa đáp,xuống rồi Phục Kích và chiếm con tàu sau,đó thống trị toàn bộ hành tinh này Tom,hoa là lúc này đang làm việc ở nông,trường thì phát hiện view là đang trốn,trong nhà kho thấy người đem run rẩy sợ,hãi cong đền trấn An và nói rằng mình,không muốn làm hại bất cứ ai cả ngày,thấy suy nghĩ ngây thơ của chàng thanh,niên trẻ Cuối cùng điều là cũng đặt niềm,tin vào cậu Khi ấy Bộ trưởng tìm đến để,hỏi thăm tung tích của viola Tom cố gắng,kìm nén suy nghĩ của bản thân để giúp,người đẹp lần trốn hai người bố nuôi,cũng có mặt để giúp cậu con trai giữ,vững tinh thần như vậy mà có thể lừa,được bọn chúng rồi đi biết mọi chuyện từ,giờ về sau sẽ không hề đơn giản nên hai,người bố nuôi cũng chịu nói sự thật cho,tôi biết hóa do phía sau cánh rừng mà họ,đang sống còn có một thị trấn khác nữa,Tuy nhiên khi cậu con trai hỏi với bí,mật của lão thị trưởng thì cả hai loại,từ chối trả lời vì sợ cậu sẽ đau khổ và,gặp nguy hiểm Sau đó họ vạch ra lộ trình,cho Tom và viola trốn thoát khỏi đây,nhưng con chưa kịp xuất phát thì Thị,Trưởng cùng người của hắn đã quay lại,Tom nhanh chóng bị bắt lại để tra khảo,dù đã cố gắng kiềm chế suy nghĩ của mình,nhưng cuối cùng cậu vẫn phải gục ngã,trước những câu hỏi hóc búa của ông ta,biết yêu là đang ở trong nhà kho ông ta,lập tức sai người xông vào trong khi bắt,người đẹp biết chuyện liền nhảy lên con,cuối phần lớn chim én đi mà bên 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chằn,tinh rồi mang lên nướng mỏi cho người,đẹp thưởng thức sau đó dụng tạm một túp,lều đơn sơ để tránh mưa vào nghỉ qua đêm,Sáng hôm sau trong lúc di chuyển cả hai,phát hiện một con quái vật thuộc mất một,tay trồi lên từ mặt nước dùng nhanh,chóng núp sau bụi cây như âm thanh từ,suy nghĩ của con đã khiến họ để lộ vị,trí con quái vật lập tức lao đến tấn,công khiến Nam chính phải ăn hàng nhập,miệng không có một cơ hội nào để cho Tom,chống trả Chị thấy nó tiền đến chỗ view,là thanh niên liền cầm dao lao đến chơi,khô máu nhưng kỳ lạ thay nó chỉ nhìn,người đẹp mà không hề tấn công cô không,lẽ con quái vật này cũng có sở thích mê,gái cái thông cầm dao định Giết nó Villa,lập tức hết lớn kêu cậu dừng tay lại vì,cảm thấy sinh vật này không gây nguy,hiểm cho họ trải qua nhiều ngày vất vả,cuối cùng hai người cũng đến được thị,trấn và front người dân ở đây rất thân,thiện hòa đồng và còn có cả phụ nữ nữa,khác hẳn với sự u ám đầy bạo lực nơi Nam,chính sinh sống cả hai gặp được ly Nữ,Thị Trưởng của thị trấn này sau

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