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Cheetos Lovers Taste Test Cheetos Mac and Cheese

– Hi, Im Mireille, and today Im gonna,be trying Mac N Cheese Cheetos.,(upbeat music),Im a pretty big fan of Cheetos.,- I love me some Hot Cheetos.,The reason Cheetos are the perfect chip,,obviously the taste, the cheese powder.,Secondly, its the texture.,- God, if you were a kid in middle school,and you had Hot Cheetos for your snack,,you were pretty cool.,So, you know, I made my mom go to Costco,and get me the 50 pack Hot Cheeto box.,- Im gonna be cooking two of them.,I got Flaming Hot and I got Cheesy Jalapeno.,- I feel like, you know, you take two things I really like,,Cheetos, Hot Cheetos, Mac and cheese,,and put em together, it cant be bad,,Im pretty excited.,- My initial impression is that,theyre both gonna be bangers.,- Lets get snacking.,- The instructions seem very simple.,Its just boiling six cups of water.,- Were doing the microwave guide,because why get a pot dirty?,- You add the pasta.,- All I need is water, so thats gonna be great.,- Weve had this cooking for about seven minutes.,We have to drain these noodles,,add our butter, add our milk.,Then were gonna stir it all together with the cheese.,Its gonna be so good.,- [Mireille,] It is very orange so far,,that is a little alarming, but were gonna pretend,that its totally normal to eat highlighter.,- [Irish] Thats Mac and cheese!,- Oh, shoot.,I wasnt supposed to add the seasoning.,(test screen),Oh my God.,I just cooked pasta.,For anyone but me, this probably wouldve been easy,,but of course, you know, I had to mess it up.,- Lets see how this is as a Mac and cheese.,Wow, thats a fantastic taste!,- Okay, okay.,This is Mac and cheese.,- I would say its warm, its not spicy.,- It might be like a little bit more cheese forward.,Im not mad about that.,- Youre a real one if you eat Cheetos with the fork,,let me tell you that.,- It really is a bold mac and cheese.,- Oh man, its even better with the Cheeto on it.,- The moment weve all been waiting for (sighing),,the Hot Cheeto.,Hmm.,Hmm (giggling),Okay.,- Hmm. – Hmm.,- Okay.,- The Flamin Hots, when you buy em in the box,,come with so much more flavor,,all though it may just be the flavor,that Im obsessed with.,- It is spicy!,- It feels like youre eating a mac and cheese,and then one or two seconds later,,it comes in with the Hot Cheeto flavor.,- Its gooey like mac and cheese would be,,but the flavor will not be reminiscent of mac and cheese.,The flavor is pretty like, one note salty spicy.,- But it feels like youre just eating,like a soft noodley Hot Cheeto.,Thats essentially what these are.,- Its more like kind of like a hot ramen,,like a spicy ramen without broth.,- Some mac and cheeses have breadcrumbs on it,,that give em a crunch.,This has Cheetos that gives it a crutch.,- For me, the winner, between the two at least, is here.,For me, the winner in general,,I think if Im gonna pick a box mac and cheese,to keep in my pantry, I think Id probably go with it,to be honest, I loved the texture,,I love the cheesiness, like the cheese forwardness of it.,love the ease.,- I dont wanna be in the kitchen for an hour, 1:15.,- You just found yourself a fangirl Mr. Chester.,- We have been blessed.,(upbeat music)

Cheetos Mac And Cheese Review

hey guys welcome to the video today in,todays video i am going to review and,taste test this cheetos mac and cheese,bold and cheesy flavor and im a big,cheetos fan but im not sure about this,and my wife saw this at the store,um you know and sent me a picture and i,was like yeah i want to try that i want,to see what its all about so um you,know cheetos is probably one of my,favorite chips um,you know i bet i pretty much order it,every week with our groceries like a,regular bag of cheetos uh and i eat them,with my sandwiches and those types of,things so this is more like a curiosity,im not necessarily a big mac and cheese,fan um although i do eat it so im very,curious to see what this tastes like so,lets lets open it up lets see whats,inside here,and,okay theres the pasta in there and then,the packet,um so lets see the instructions here,what do we got to do,um so we need to boil at least six cups,of water on high in a medium saucepan,stir in pasta cook for seven minutes,or until tender stirring occasionally,okay let me get the water in the pot and,i will be right back,all right guys i got the water in the,pot now im just waiting for the water,to boil so ill be back when the water,starts boiling,all right guys the water is at a boil,here so im going to put in the pasta,and then,lets set the timer here for seven,minutes,and ill stir occasionally um until the,seven minutes is up so i will be back,when the pasta is done,all right guys the seven minutes is up,let me uh turn off the stove here and,then let me strain the pasta and ill be,right back,okay i drained out all the water and,then i have two tablespoons of butter,here so im going to let that melt into,the pasta here,um and then after its all melted in,here,um,were gonna add the milk and the,seasoning,and then well see what this is all,about,so,um okay its melting doing its thing,im just moving it around to try to make,sure that uh,all the pasta gets some butter,and,just about done here,ill be back,when its fully melted and before i put,the milk and seasoning in,okay so now im adding the quarter cup,of milk,and i filled this to the brim so i got,to be very careful oop spilling it all,over the place okay theres the quarter,cup of milk,and then here is the seasoning,um,know whats going on apparently i cant,tear this opening open by hand so,let me cut this open,here oh wow thats very,very orange,look at that okay lets stir this up,here,and,very curious you know it kind of looked,like that powder look i mean like the,same same color as the cheeto so like i,said um,not a huge mac and cheese fan i do eat,it,uh from time to time,but i am a big cheeto fan so,im curious to see,okay let me mix this up a little bit,better and ill get this in a bowl and,then ill taste it and well test it out,all right guys well here it is i got a,cheeto here just for comparison,um so we can see the color its just,its more orange than yellow you know i,typically when i think of mac and cheese,i think yellow and this is definitely an,orange color so um okay so lets lets,see what this is all about um,here we go,i was gonna eat this cheeto but i dont,want to ruin my my taste buds before i,take a bite of this so,yeah okay,it tastes like youre eating,yeah,okay i mean maybe some people can like,this i think its okay but,i think tasting the the taste of a,cheeto with mac and cheese,is a little bit more than than i can,personally handle,um,you know maybe some people really like,this you know i think its okay,um,its kind of funny,it tastes,it tastes kind of like what i expected,it to taste like i think thats why i,was laughing you know it tastes just,like a,mushy cheeto or something like that,yeah i mean maybe an acquired taste the,more you eat it maybe the more you like,it so,let me chew this up,such similar taste so,all right guys well,i think its okay you know um,like i said im not im not a huge mac,and cheese fan so its not something,that i would find myself like drawn,towards i was more drawn toward towards,it just because of the the cheeto name,and i just really was curious to try it,out so um,i think its okay though you know its,its uh you know different tastes for,different people so im curious to hear,if you guys tried this out what you,think though so uh you know thank you,guys for watching i hope youve enjoyed,the video please like subscribe and,comment and i hope to see you guys in,the next video,have a good one thank you guys for,watching please like subscribe and,comment and if you have the time check,out these other great videos,[Music]

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CHEETOS® Mac n Cheese

whats up yall today I got my grubby,little hands on some Cheetos mac and,cheese,I didnt know this was a product but it,makes a lot of sense to me I love,Cheetos I love mac and cheese and I,found these I got these imported theres,a place that I dont know where I got,actually my associates picked these up,for me cost about 12 bucks and the,shipping took like a week or two,half of that cost was for the shipping,but we got three different flavors Im,sure these are readily available in the,States but and I think these are all,through flavors but Im not really sure,we got the original here what do they,call that they call that the bold and,cheesy we got the Flamin Hot and we have,the cheesy jalapeno over here so these,um are super simple theyre like cup,noodles so what you do here you remove,the lid and seasoning pouch add water to,the fill line Stir It Up microwave,uncovered for three minutes dont drain,it and then stir in the seasoning pouch,and then you have to mix two to three,minutes for maximum cheesiness I dont,want to be sitting there for two to,three minutes just mixing it but I guess,thats what were going to be doing I,dont know if Ill be able to cook all,three of these at the same time but Im,gonna try because Im not gonna do one,of these at a time so were just gonna,put these in for like five minutes maybe,I have a weak microwave but lets pop,the top on one of these and see what,were working with,all right so here is the seasoning,packet and it did mention something,about this this white powder here,some,OT Genesis stuff up in here man,apparently it is crucial for cooking so,you dont want to remove that so you,just want to carefully take out this,pouch,The Fill line is to about right here so,fill it up,foreign,and repeat the process for the other two,it does say to Stir It Up Before you,microwave it and I didnt know these,were this shape,as you can see its kind of a what do,you call this shape,fuzziwi that Snow White is definitely,mixing in there with it and I dont know,what that does I dont know what that is,pop these in the or the microwave and,Ill be right back,this could be disasters so while Im,waiting for that let me show you my new,hat yall probably didnt even notice it,did you but,jeez I dont know about this brand 47.,Im a hardcore New Era fan to be honest,because they make caps that actually fit,my giant head but I had to pick this up,its as you can see I had to,pick it up for filming because,you probably cant even see it on any,video but,I always wear my hat backwards on my,videos and you can see a Chicago Bulls,logo I know you probably cant see it,but I know its there and I gotta rep,the hometown Squad so my plan is to only,wear this hat when I film and never,outside or never again Im gonna keep,trying to keep this,till I die oh they also had one with the,actual like red logo couldnt find it at,least for a decent this one was cheaper,so I got this one trust me I scoured the,internet for a new era that had like a,decent like black hat with a good Bulls,logo Im still on the lookout for one I,might if I do find one I will cop that,but like personally what Im looking for,is like a black hat with nothing weird,on the sides just but a giant Bulls logo,over here that would be sick,what this is going to have to do for now,even though,you cant see anything by the way if,anyones wondering about my hair,situation these days I still have it,still have some its Im getting gray my,hairline is is betraying me,a little bit but uh,its still there,I feel like Im talking too much I think,my last two videos I was just jibber,jabbering,and they had giant intros I think this,one will too,I promise my next video Im going to cut,right to the chase,so stay tuned for that one whenever it,may be I think this is going to be,another two videos in one day type of,day so again same shirt youll probably,see in the next video its not gonna be,back to back days for my upload I dont,think itll be a few days later,but stay tuned for that one it should be,mighty fine,let me taste one of these hopefully I,didnt overcook these too bad but I,dont really care if I did,I like that,perfectly fine with me so,Flamin Hot,original,Hall of pain if theres ever a time when,I needed an extra arm this would,definitely be that time I can see I,guess I can see why they want you to,stir it for like two to three minutes,because uh the sauce,it needs to thicken up I mean theres,still a lot of water in there Im maybe,that white stuff was like a uh like a,would this be foolish to say like a,cornstarch or some type of starch to,I dont know Im not a fan of cheese,soup you know,I remember one time when I was like 14 I,went over to a friends house,uh Shadow real deal and he was like hey,lets make some craft and I was like all,right yeah and I I love Kraft mac and,cheese ate this since I was a kid he he,he he made some cheese soup and I didnt,like that,I dont know what the deal is with that,so yeah this uh the original is looking,like a little bit of cheese soup but,that should thicken up as we go Ill,save that for last you flaming hot and,the jalapeno over here looked pretty,much good to go so Im gonna get into it,youre not going to get the best,visualization because Im just gonna eat,it straight out of the bowl I mean,thats half of the the whole point I,think so oh snap see maybe you really,should store it for three full minutes,whatever man these cant be that amazing,anyway Im gonna go in for the flaming,hot first,one last look,hopefully its not too hot,top,okay,real up,okay,um,I dont know yall,I do not know,all right,I I dont like it,a little bit of a spicy kick to it the,color is really I know thats probably,not coming off on camera like Im seeing,it with my eyes but its insane,I dont like the color I dont like the,flavor actually I if this tastes good I,wouldnt care but the flavor of it,I dont like it man,its not terrible but its almost pretty,terrible to me,just give me regular flaming Hots and,give me crafts mac and cheese Ill eat,them separately or sprinkle some on top,of the Spoonful I think that would be,much better,thats thats its almost its off,somethings off man,I dont want that,so my review this could be an actual,review because you might actually be,able to buy these products,um I would I will give this one,well well keep this as the control for,now because thats the first one Ive,had jalapeno,I dont know if Ive ever had jalapeno,Cheetos in general so,this one tastes better to me for sure,less artificial,I may have overcooked these slightly,Ill tell you I have a weak microwave,and it says one of them for three,minutes on high,which Im Im assuming that means a,thousand watt because who has 700 Watts,these days that I do,actually mine might be like even less,than that book,I didnt think maybe I should have only,cooked it for about four minutes I dont,know,so a little bit mushy,very hot,this ones horrible and I I think this,is one of those things that,you have to have a little patience when,theyre eating it you want to stir it,for three minutes and then maybe even,let it sit out for three minutes because,it will retain its temperature,I would cook it less I would add heres,what I would do heres a suggestion if,you want to try this first stay away,from this one second add maybe the water,just a tad below the fill line cook it,for,maybe a little bit under the recommended,time,because as it sits as you stir it for,three minutes uh the the pasta is gonna,get,even softer,so honestly even putting all three of,these in my weak microwave I probably,should have only cooked it for like,three minutes,but as you can see here this one this,ones not bad at all I like this,last but not least,original its still soupy man,thats a damn shame,this one smells like straight up Cheetos,thats pretty crazy golden,foreign,much better than this one not quite as,good as this one,flavor wise Im saying flavor wise,but I could eat this whole one uh its,it tastes like mac and cheese except,its got that extra Che

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BoxMac 156: Cheetos Mac n Cheese

frankie weve got the cheetos macaroni,and cheese today on boxmark,were doing it,if i didnt get 30 messages saying you,have to try this new cheetos mac,i didnt get one there has been a lot of,interest in having us try this mac,so much so that you had to go on a quest,yeah i didnt realize at the time it was,a walmart exclusive i dont know if it,will continue to be or what the story is,maybe theyre debuting at walmart and,theyll spread out if they do well or,something,in any event i went to the fall river,one first because normally that has more,stock,yep and they actually only had the red,one okay that was it and this cup so i,went all the way to the dartmouth one,and they had pretty good stock and i was,able to get all three,then we were also sent them in by fans,so were gonna have the fan ones they,have a cup,per variety but at both walmarts i went,to i could only get jalapenos cheesy,jalapeno theyre all spirals sometimes,the pasta that they use is very low,quality in these so im a little,concerned,it makes sense thematically because,cheetos the snack is like a spirally,indeed flamin hot which is brilliant red,which is a little disturbing to me well,do you remember when we had the flaming,hot skeletons for halloween snacks yes,and we were like wow this is just too,freaking hot yeah were gonna try the,flamin hots,oh my god theyre super red they look,like theyre gonna burn me,crisp i dont know anybody who wants to,just snack on something horribly spicy i,have to like stop,theyre too hot for me i fear it might,be the same thing here were gonna see,and of course weve got bold and cheesy,which is the base brand now supposedly,these are all about a dollar,96 cents they are oversized boxes,but they are not oversized portions,theyre 5.9 ounces,versus seven and i think were gonna see,a lot of empty space inside,no actually its pretty full because,those are actually pretty big spiders,theyre huge spirals way bigger than i,thought they would be its got the key,branding right on front i mean chester,the cheetah who i associate with like,cocaine addiction or meth addiction,yeah because theres a meme i think a,family guy joke or something yes,it aint easy being cheesy it aint easy,being cheesy and hes snorting the,cheese yeah its funny its good comedy,and then i also noticed that they had a,baby shark max gloria ended up trying,and quite like it was,really good flavors nickelodeon you,still like the baby shark shes kind of,moved on from baby shark,show on occasion shell start singing it,yeah shes like dude,i was gifted a nice new mask by our,friend and fan,amy seder brown who made it out of that,mac and cheese material look at that,thats,great the quilt that we were gifted the,stitching is noodles,it is a grand and beautiful thing so you,can wear it like this,or you can reverse it because she had,that other mac and cheese kind of,yes inspired long noodle the blue if you,need something a little more formal for,the evening,if youre going to a mac and cheese,banquet thats really nice i really like,that pretty good right so,the first time i ever wore this out was,when i was going to walmart to go buy,these yep so imagine if you will,a man in a mac and cheese mask making,off with all the mac and cheese,i only realized it later where i was,like that must be im literally buying,nothing else,especially if you had been wearing the,box mac shirt as well which i wasnt and,i used self-checkout so nobody really,you should get a mess for every shopping,trip,like im only buying cereal today and i,just want,cheerios on the mask not only does it,look awesome and is it custom,and all that nice stuff but it actually,feels really good it kind of fits my,face perfectly yeah its got a really,good shape to it excellent,so this is my this is my new favorite,mask thank you more treasures from amy,seder brown just have to make sure that,for the jalapeno we dont have to add in,any like little mix or anything,holla freaking pena holla freaking peno,weve had jalapeno macs on the show yep,we had a velveeta one,we did it was okay the old flakes of,jalapenos huge flakes oh,spicy though that hasnt really hit me,yet the spice yeah i mean its kind of,spicy,its pretty spicy frankie i dont like,it first of all its,wow its really spicy i am concerned,about the flamin hot let me ask you this,do you ever get canker sores,very rarely in your mouth ive gotten,them like chronically my whole life yeah,uh and my family gets them after years,of trying all kinds of different,remedies,like my dad would give me like a like a,numbing cream or something,nothing seemed to help other than time,nina was like i wonder if,having a different like a sensitive,toothpaste would help and it really did,really and let me tell you when you have,like a burning hot,canker sore in your mouth oh god all day,it aint easy it aint easy being canker,sorry,sorry i went to the dentist recently and,i had to have an air abrasion filling,yeah i have kind of a small mouth yeah,they just kind of stretch you out,because i got to get a lot of material,in there,theyre not careful about like nicking a,piece of your gum or something,theyre just doing what they got to do,you know because any time like you cut,the gum it kind of turns into a canker,sore yep i got like three of these,things from this,dead strip ive recovered from two and,ive got one right on,the corner of the inside of my mouth and,the notion,the notion of two spicy mac and cheese,that this bright red mac and cheese is,gonna,be anywhere near that canker sore,pre-dread and i do want to be clear with,the audience actually because ive,noticed that,some people confuse canker sores with,cold sores and theyre not the same,they arent im confused i think they,have common properties okay a cold sore,is like when you have like a thing,outside your lip this is all inside,oh yeah okay so the canker sore is,entirely inside them yeah when i used to,have canker sores as a kid,i remember having this little vial that,my mother would put on them it was,called cankosaurus,yeah you told me about this yeah i tried,it and it worked or didnt work didnt,make it damn,nothing works nothing nothing completely,useless,you ever run into things in life where,youre like wow theres no fix for this,yeah and youre and youre certain there,must be yeah but there isnt,let me give you an example yeah okay for,my bathroom you know i did my custom,bathroom when i redid the apartment,i wanted a carpet mat a bathroom mat,that i could custom shape,to the right size no one will make you a,custom bathroom shaped mat because i,wanted one that went around the toilet,and made a,big area because you know i like to a,big guy you know,its gonna drip everywhere what i wanted,to do and ive looked into this is a,custom sized one from the shower and the,toilet in one rug but theres,only one company that makes them and,they wouldnt respond to my emails ill,give you another one yeah,nintendo switch if you dont have a,tempered glass screen protector if you,nick your,plastic screen yep theres nothing you,can do no protection at all,in my case i dropped it you can order a,new screen online a third-party screen,online and try to change it yourself,destroy the integrity of the thing,theres been a lot of times over the,course of this,show six years now cracker barrel was,was one of the most notable ones,yeah the kraft food dye was another,example mac and cheese candy canes,theres been a few things now where its,like you guys must,address that i guess if we were chasing,seo we would like,have known this was coming yeah and then,like bought it the day of and like got,the episode out like made a big ceremony,out of it,something ive noticed about people they,would much rather wait for the box mac,episode to see what we thought yep,before buying,than they would just investing 96 cents,and seeing for themselves,if there was a reviewer who consistently,reviewed a product that i really liked,i might wait for their review to go take,a look at it yeah

NEW Cheetos MAC N CHEESE (Flamin Hot, Jalapeño & Cheesy!!) REVIEW

hey guys its steph and today i am so,excited to be doing,this video because cheetos came out with,a mac and cheese,sounds like its gonna be so amazing i,am so excited mac and cheese is like my,favorite stuff,ever because its cheese you know me so,they got cheetos mac and cheese,bold and cheesy so then there is a,cheesy jalapeno,this one sounds really good i love,jalapenos,and then this one is the one i am most,excited for,this is the flaming hot mac and cheese,and that looks just so good so i cannot,wait to try this one,this one i feel like is gonna be my,favorite and all the boxes say you can,add cheetos on top of the mac and cheese,to make it,crunchy so im going to try doing that,as well,so were going to make all of these,today,they came out on the 8th and my mom went,to walmart,and i was like i bet theyre going to be,sold out but like if you want to look,you can,she went and looked and they had them,they didnt have this one out on the,shelf though so she asked,and the guy brought him in from the back,so i got three of each box,so hopefully theyre good we will see i,dont know some stuff,is overrated like just because,like a certain brand makes it sometimes,its not even good like you know,velveeta,kraft mac and cheese you know those,might be way better but they also have,the little microwave,cups too those ones are like so much,easier to make than like this because,this isnt like,a family portion well like two people,portion i guess,and the microwave kind is just like a,good little nighttime snack and its,easy to make you just microwave it,this one you have to add like butter and,milk so yeah im so excited i havent,seen any,youtube videos of this yet i have seen,lots of posts on instagram now,i saw people were rating it like 9 out,of 10 which is really high,because you know i usually rate my stuff,like a average,six or seven because nothings like whoa,amazing besides the quesarito which taco,bell is getting rid of that,okay so yeah we got the cheetos secret,seasoning right here and a whole bunch,of,spiral noodles those noodles are really,good different than like,other mac and cheeses like usually its,like shells or just like the little,small straws whatever you want to call,it i dont know like,noodle names okay well lets get these,noodles cooking,okay so i put a whole bunch of water in,the pan,and were gonna wait until that starts,boiling and hopefully it doesnt,overflow this is the biggest pot i have,i couldnt even add all the water in,there i did about like,like 15 cups of water thats a lot but,i dont know if that really matters okay,so,the water has begun bubbling,lets add in all of these noodles,[Applause],theres a whole bunch of noodles okay so,these are going,to cook for about seven minutes,okay so the noodles are,about done i am going to drain the water,okay so each pack of noodles that calls,for,one-fourth a cup of milk so im adding,three-fourths since this is three packs,and then like six tablespoons of butter,because each one calls for,two were gonna add just a little bit,more too because butter,is so good okay here is portion,one okay lets add in the packet for the,flaming hot,it smells exactly like cheetos,look how red and vibrant these,noodles are oh my gosh okay so this is a,bigger bowl,here is the cheesy jalapeno seasoning,oh this came out to a really nice color,these look really good,and the last one is the really cheesy,one,wow look at that okay so here is the,cheesy one lets add the cheesy on this,side,then we got the flaming hot,the jalapeno,and look at that okay everyone it is,time to try,so lets check out the jalapeno one,first,that is really good so,cheesy and a little bit spicy too,um okay,now lets try the flaming hot im so,excited for this one,lets see,very spicy well yeah pretty spicy it,doesnt have as much,of a cheesy flavor like this one though,those are hot those are spicy it tastes,honestly just like the cheetos just less,cheesy,okay,now lets just try the bold and cheesy,one,i feel like this ones gonna be really,good,i really like that one,i feel like by looking at them they all,look super yummy,probably these two look the yummiest,because theyre the most vibrant,this ones very orange this ones so red,this one i kind of like the best,um or this one,okay theyre all so good and im not,lying,it tastes just like cheetos this one,might just be a little bit too spicy for,me,i dont know,yeah this one doesnt have as much,flavor its just really hot,thats like kind of it lets add some,cheetos to that one,okay lets see how this is i put in,cheetos,i put cheetos in my burritos before i,wasnt a huge fan of that,but we will see how this is,lets try this one,these are the only cheetos i have here,thats actually really good like really,good,hmm,i definitely like it with the non-spicy,one,just because it does add a little bit of,spice but not like too spicy,i definitely think the noodles the,flaming hot ones are hotter than,the cheetos,i think so okay lets try,this with the cheeto,its hard to pick them up though,you lost that one okay,yeah this one doesnt have as much of a,cheesy flavor,it is good though it actually is really,good with the cheetos i like would,definitely add the cheetos on top of it,again,its hard to pick them up,okay very good now lets try,it jalapeno,um the cheetos dont really go on that,one,so the cheetos i think tastes the best,on the cheesy one,and the flaming hot but what do i rate,it,i really like this cheesy one i would,rate this one a nine out of ten,the flaming hot one seven out of ten,just because i feel like theres not too,much flavor its just like spicy,but i mean if youre in the mood for,spicy then why not,almost reminds me of those like super,hot noodles that people eat for,challenges ive done it before,its kind of like that but those noodles,like actually burn your mouth really bad,this is,this doesnt but i dont know the taste,kind of reminds me of that,i like this one then,the jalapeno i rate this one like an,eight out of ten,and then the flaming hot is in third,place,i like these noodles,so,well i hope you guys enjoyed todays,review if you try out any of these,noodles dm me and let me know which one,you like the best and i feel like the,this one will be the most popular just,because like,thats the most popular cheeto like who,just craves,cheetos they want flaming hot cheetos,but,yeah i like the flamin hot cheetos,better than the noodles if you enjoyed,todays review,make sure to give this video a thumbs up,and subscribe also click my notification,bell,and well see you all next time bye guys,[Music],you

Taste Testing the Weird: Cheetos Mac & Cheese?!

this looks like were eating,the blood of the innocent it really does,welcome back guys try,dont yell at him im just so excited,you know whats great about being adults,what a lot of things one of them being,that i can eat whatever crap i want,whatever the crap i want to eat it but,thats also,the problem exactly but when we were,kids we didnt get to do that,we didnt you know youd want to have,some mac and cheese per se,at two oclock in the morning nope,because you were in bed by nine,because your parents were dictators but,not anymore,well now were adults i want to sit in,the cupboard and eat my,mac and cheese all into the morning why,are you sitting in a cupboard because,thats where i hide the shame,of the fact that im an adult eating mac,and cheese at two in the morning do you,fit in the cupboard depends on the,cupboard oh my god i would not fit in,the cupboard were like a walk-in pantry,you shrink i wish okay,i just carry it not while im eating,this stuff well today,were going to be trying the brand new,flavors,of cheetos mac and cheese thats right,they were just released back in the fall,i want to say,they just appeared nobody talked about,them they were just,on the shelves all of a sudden cheetahs,has always been pretty good branding,they are they got solid branding thats,a good looking,now growing up weve always had mac and,cheese,oh yeah honestly im a little bit bummed,that we didnt get to enjoy these,in our childhood right but even better,we get to enjoy them as adults exactly,because you,think to yourself whats a really good,cheesy chip youre always going to go to,cheetos yeah now im curious,are you a fan of the flaming hot like,are you i do enjoy flaming hot cheetos,yes i feel like im in the minority im,not a big fan of the flaming hot im a,bigger fan of the jalapeno you know,ill be honest i dont even know if ive,eaten jalapeno what,no way youre fan of the puffy see i,like the not puffy the ones that look,like little,caveman clubs so these yeah regular,cheetos theyre crunchy,exactly i didnt like the puffy ones,because they would get stuck in the,teeth,see i am a huge fan of the puppy but,lets try,the tried and true the crunchy oh,heres the original classic,so good man i dont know if its just,because i am so,freaking hungry that these are like oh,my little clubs though,i always thought they were a little like,caveman clubs i could eat the apple bag,now that i am like actually eating these,i might prefer these to the puffs,because like you said it doesnt get,stuck in your teeth,the only downfall of cheetos is the,cheeto finger,true like they need to figure out how to,fix that,a cheese snack that doesnt get cheese,on your finger thats gold thats a,trillion dollar,business easy because heres the other,thing now as a parent,it sucks giving your kid cheetos because,then they get their cheeto fingers on,everything,i know well and me personally when i,really want to enjoy these when im,playing video games and theres nothing,worse than cheese,crumbs on your controllers out of 10,what do you get,i mean crunchy cheetos comparing it to,best chip ever best chip ever id give,it like a,like an eight i would do a solid eight,okay next one on the list,crunchy now i got a question for you,mm-hmm have you ever had the flamin hot,puff i dont think i have they have a,flamin hot cheeto pup,and it is horrendous,it is so bad and everything is good in,every way you can imagine it is like a,dead,zero on the scale ill look at that,beast,that is a child mutated okay go ahead,why is it so red,because its flaming hot heres the,flaming hot,oh yeah i think thats like a freaking,femur and i do want to say when these,came out i want to say we were in junior,high when these came out,they were hot then but i feel like,theyve even doubled their recipe since,like theyve gotten,spicier since weve gotten older what,are you thinking on this out of 10.,im not a fan of the spice how it hits,here its still good,id still eat it but i think i have to,pick other chips way before this so im,going to go with six,okay like i would i would go crunchy,before i go flaming,maybe ill give it like a 7.5 because if,theres a day when im,you know im like i dont feel like,having heartburn today another drawback,of being an adult and being able to eat,whatever you want,last and final chip okay the cheddar,jalapeno,now these in my opinion are the superior,cheetah out of all of them yeah,they got a little bit of spice not as,much as the flamin hot and a little bit,more cheddar,see yeah theyre still crunchy just,little sprinkles of green,and they are good i could taste the,jalapeno taste saladino you can taste,the cheddar,it does have like a little twinge to it,too like a oh,thats a big wing knock somebody out,thats a big boy right there,see thats pretty good right you dont,have as much spice,not as much but its got a tiny its a,little tiny kick,enough to enjoy a whole bag maybe more,than a whole bag,now all of these have been made into a,macaroni and cheese,flavoring freaking genius and i am so,excited for this flavor,what took you so long right it seems,like a slam dunk of an idea and its one,of those things where youre like why,didnt they do this sooner that seems,like the next logical step,maybe they were just intimidated all,right oh boy,here we go that is the most orange thing,ive ever seen,it almost looks unnatural of course it,is,theres nothing natural about these,there you go i dont know if it shows in,camera,but that is like punch you in the face,orange,it doesnt look remotely so its like,almost the same color as the box bro,it is yeah its like wow i almost dont,even want to eat it it looks so,unhealthy and,spirally all right cheers amigo,okay theyve really captured the cheetah,and put it into a liquidy cheese form,i can see the flavoring is there for,sure but i cannot get behind this noodle,texture the noodle im not mad about it,i dont know if its the spiral noodle,thats just not doing it,a great serve just like its doing a,disservice i guess its technically,not macaroni because macaroni is elbow,macaroni is the noodle,yeah so this is just like so what if we,took the graft mac and cheese,call it mac and cheese then what would,they call it noodle and cheese,they would call it spirals and cheese i,guess,cheese spirals okay now that weve had,this,im a fan is it better than craft like,thats what were trying to find here is,this,the new king i like the cheesy taste,more than ah its been like traditional,since ive had a normal mac,i mean that is just like fluorescent,orange oh,its really good though heres the thing,im not,the biggest fan of the traditional,original,kraft macaroni and cheese same but this,is probably my,the fault that im falling on is im a,huge fan of the three cheese,mac and cheese three cheese is better,than this in my opinion but this,might be better than the original yeah i,think its better than the og,mac cheese still not the roaning craft,but this is better than their,original macaroni and cheese oh boy,all right so if the orange one was the,same color as box do you think the red,ones going to be something high,yep 100 that is even more,oh my gosh dude i dont know if i can,recommend these just based on color,alone,look at that how do you even make a,color like that,a lot of red 40. i bet youre right red,40.,guys oh my gosh,this looks like were eating the blood,of the innocent it really does look,hot and steamy all right lets try this,stain chester dude that looks wrong,cheers me this is more bold in color,than,jello you know what i mean jellos,opacity is a little low,thats got some heat oh it brought it,wow,that packs a punch i gotta say this,isnt cheesy,this isnt macaroni the spice hits a lot,faster too,yeah well and i gotta say this tastes,like top ramen like if you were to eat a,spicy top ramen,thats what this tastes like this does,not taste thats why i like mac and,cheese,i dont taste any cheese in this not a,one but then again,the flamin hot cheetos you dont really,taste

Cheetos Mac And Cheese Review

okay so,this is my new daughter-in-law,its the daughter i always wanted this,is brianna this is jack jrs new wife,some of you saw if you havent seen it,its on the live feed,your wedding was beautiful and she had,the perfect weather,it was gorgeous out everything went,beautiful she looked beautiful,he looked handsome if you havent seen,it go watch it,and some of you who bought gifts off the,registry we just want to say thank you,all right and some of you have asked me,to post the registry links,last time im doing it im only going to,put it down below once so itll be out,down below this video,will be the registry links for any of,you who want to,give them well wishes so uh you want to,say anything about the wedding,uh it was beautiful and it just turned,out even better than,i could have expected and i really,appreciate all of you guys that sent us,stuff it means a lot,thats so cool all right anyway the,reason i have her here is because,now are you uh mac and cheese fanatic do,you like mac and cheese,i mean im okay with mac and cheese but,im really fantastic thats why shes,here,shes here because im just i wasnt,that excited but i,i thought this was this combination was,really cool the cheetos combined with,mac and cheese so uh were gonna bring,in close,and im gonna talk about all three of,these and then once i prepare it,im gonna have her taste it were gonna,see what she thinks,because she can be a mac and cheese if,ashinato okay,so shell tell you whats good shell,tell you which ones your favorite and,then well leave it up to you to try,them all out all right,so come on in close lets see,[Music],okay guys so were doing this according,to the box the box says,two tablespoons of butter and a quarter,cup of milk in each one,so we got it all ready so what were,gonna do is bring the bowl macaroni over,here,weve got our flamin hot jalapeno,cheesy jalapeno and bold and cheesy okay,so were keeping everything in order the,macaroni is all the same were gonna,cook it all,and bring three bowls of hot macaroni,over to here,so its going to be cool all right guys,took about seven minutes to boil the,macaroni and cook it all,and we got them all laid out so were,gonna bring brianna back and let her try,out they smell amazing,i could smell them standing here so,lets put the boxes up here so you can,see which one were trying,there we go okay,so were gonna start off with the,mildest one,this is uh bold and cheesy,get that flavor in there it just came,off the stove might be a little warm be,careful it tastes just like cheetos,just like cheetos yeah just like that,you took a bag of cheetos before,thats exactly what it tastes like now,you have this is the jalapeno cheesy,jalapeno,youve had those cheetos too all right,go ahead,now shes had all three flavors on the,chips so she knows what they all taste,like but on macaroni,and cheese is totally different it may,be good may not be good i dont know,again tastes just like the cheetos kind,of weird,as a macaroni but not like a bad weird,just like,im not accustomed to it weird okay guys,let me know if you know what weird is,but not a bad word,okay so lets go for the hottest one,nice,the hottest one watch out five alarms,im backing up a little bit just in case,shes safe i can come in they all,literally,taste exactly like the cheetos okay so,youre saying that,no matter what flavor you like youre,gonna like this,yeah i think that if you like any of,those flavors,if you just transfer them onto my cream,its almost as if they like the dusty,stuff that they put on the chip,is what they poured into the macaroni,okay which one,could you sit down and eat probably the,cheesy jalapeno,really i wasnt expecting that but yeah,probably really so,so you lean towards that the most all,right well i just want to say thank you,for helping me,decide which one you like ill give them,a try but um,thank you so much all right so well uh,now she tried which spoon you did the,that side right tammys being weird,she brings us two spoons can you believe,that,im like really we dont need i mean she,gets a spoon i get a spoon we just go to,each bowl thats what i would do,so anyway uh let me start on the mild,okay were gonna start with this one i,dont eat cheetos,oh that is thats like i just ate a bag,of cheese ive had cheetos,but i dont eat on a regular basis so,thats really good,very mild i could totally replace,kraft macaroni and cheese with this,piece of cake all right lets try the,jalapeno one,that ones better thats just cheesy,this has got a nice little kick to it i,could feel the heat on the back of my,throat,that means this ones going to be,amazing are you ready lets try it out,thats my favorite the hottest one is,awesome its flaming hot my mouths on,fire i love it,all right this is her favorite,this is my favorite trust me when i say,these are delicious,try them out and let us know which ones,your favorite right,i love you guys and ill see you on the,next episode bye-bye

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