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  3. Chehre Movie Review
  4. Chehre (2021) Movie Review | Emraan Hashmi | Amitabh Bachchan
  5. Chehre (Amazon Prime) Hindi Movie Review by Sudhish Payyanur @Monsoon Media
  6. CHEHRE | Amitabh Bachchan | Emraan Hashmi | Rumy J | Teaser & Trailer Reaction by Jaby Koay & Achara
  7. Chehre Movie Review || Chehre Review ||

Chehre Movie Review & Analysis | Emraan Hashmi, Amitabh Bachchan

[Music],cherry is a film that has been,consistently muddled with delays and,production issues intended to be,released in july of 2020 the film has,been oscillating between a theatrical,release or a direct to otd-1 weighing,its options of what would be best for,its intended impact with production,issues that include even an actor like,kritikar bhandar being replaced,mid-shooting the film is finally here,jaire is starring a fresh and exciting,combination of actors especially imran,hashmi and amitabh bachchan for the,first time together focuses on an ad,agency chief played by imran hashmi who,gets stuck on a snowy evening in the,middle of nowhere he ends up taking,refuge in a house of a retired judge,this judge is joined by his friends also,from the field of law and every evening,over drinks they decide to hold a mock,trial now making their guess the role of,the accused how this game that,originates from carefree fun takes a,dark turn for samir to be confronted,with demons he least expected forms the,crux of cherry i also want to get one,thing out of the way that this year we,have also seen the trailer of the,bengali film anusondhan which has a,shockingly similar premise to jere of a,stranger who gets trapped comes across a,family of lawyers and a mock trial,initiates but both films rather than,mimicking one another are actually,inspired by the 1956 novel a dangerous,game written by frederick dernamat which,has also been adapted by vijay tandulkar,into a very successful marathi play,imagine it to be the coincidence of,three bugger things releasing in the,same year in 2002 or the shocking point,where similar films like lucknow central,and keyband released on the same weekend,moving on and talking about cherry,heres me telling you the good and bad,aspects of the film so that you guys can,ultimately decide whether to watch it,and select theaters or not the good the,supporting cast the film comprises of,veterans that showcase formidable,performances raghubi ryada plays the,role of hariya jata the most unassuming,man of the entire motley crew of the,house in which the mock trial presides,while his portrayal might be a little on,the nose his eagerness for there to be,some form of activity resonates through,the screen sidhan kapoor doesnt have,much to do other than smile creepily,reminiscent of the icon that is his,father it is i believe dhritaman,chatterjee and anu kapoor only that,really shine from the supporting cast,one who is pragmatic and understated and,the other who is flamboyant and animated,both the veterans create an impression,with anu kapoor having more of the,dynamic and hard-hitting dialogues,having more of an edge in the duel,premise on paper if you have read the,book a dangerous game or are even privy,to the premise you will be definitely in,the group that understands and,acknowledges that the written material,has all the ingredients to transform,into a delicious thriller a mock trial,with a stranger with a dark past slowly,unfolding leading to several revelations,as the minutes pass is an ideal premise,on paper set it up in the backdrop of,snow-capped mountains of slovakia posing,as the hilly regions of india and make,some creepy experienced old men in,facets of the justice system to work,their magic and we get jihadi the film,for fans of especially this kind of,setup will be very exciting to watch in,theaters does it deliver to become a,memorable piece of work im afraid not,so much something that i will elaborate,on a little later amitabh bachchan and,imran hashmi this is the first time that,both imran hashmi and amitabh bachchan,have been cast together one of the main,reasons why hashmi has done the film,something that he has confessed to in,several interviews is because amitabh,bachchan was involved in the project,while on paper it will come across to,you that amitabh bachchan should,technically steal the show it is for me,imran hashmi that really resonated with,me amitabh bachchan is a legend in every,right the man has a cheeky,inquisitiveness in this film that draws,you in especially in the engaging first,half of the film but these are strong,suits of senior bachchan that we are,already privy to and have seen in other,films while the director categorically,utilizes the legend through a concluding,monologue that i will come to later,hashmi for me was a much more,interesting character an ad agency head,samir mehra is arrogant pompous and,condescending in the way he addresses,others hashmi fully embodies these,characteristics and doesnt transition,his performance to become over the top,his overconfidence smugness and moral,ambiguity is clearly communicated in the,film as the walls start closing in on,the character you slowly and steadily,notice the character becoming a little,more unhinged this slow degradation of,the character is very well performed by,hashmi an actor who just deserves a,better canvas in the form of a film the,underwhelming aspects awkward moments,ria chakrabarti plays a character that,is a product of a troubled past she has,erratic reactions to circumstances which,alludes to the fact that she may have a,disturbing origin story there is a,moment where imran hashmis character,offers her something leading to one of,the most awkward bursts of laughter that,makes you uncomfortably cringe it is,again representative of the notion or,idea in the minds of hindi film creators,especially older ones of how trauma,manifests into psychosis done with,over-the-top theatrics intended to,apparently give insight about her,character but only leading to you doing,a double take in confusion i was,wondering when stepping in for the movie,that it was actually based in slovakia,or poland because it has been shot there,and the first dialogue of the film is,bhaisab,ill be honest i burst out laughing,hamari pass me snow capped mountains,i dont deny that but it definitely,caught me off guard second half,screenplay you know whats the saddest,part about chair is that it actually,builds up your anticipation beautifully,till the interval point one of the main,reasons being that the first half,concentrates on the house in which the,mock trial commences and peaks your,interest solely through the interaction,among the characters the second half,takes the foot off the pedal extremely,abruptly taking away the interest that,was at an all-time high in its first,half the running minutes after the,interval resorts to flashbacks romantic,songs some over the top acting by,crystal dsouza wenkys chicken nuggets,product placement and the most hilarious,pool sequence that will confuse you,rather than titillate you creators,should understand that every imran,hashmi movie does not require a soulful,romantic track take shanghai for example,these flashbacks are intended to further,understand what may have transpired in,samirs life correlating to the,accusation that is leveled on him in the,mock trial but the execution of those,said events are so cartoonish that it,takes away from the otherwise engaging,premise on paper dialogue bazi and,theatrics there is a point in the first,half where one of the character goes,that there is no place for mellow drama,in courtrooms and that there is a heavy,dependency on logic and facts its funny,that this dialogue is stated but the,film resorts to exactly doing what it,preached against the film has dialogues,like zindagi mesh shortcut kafi bhari,persecta zindagi karmoki likiwi kitab,while these dialogues are still possible,as you are walking in for a commercial,hindi movie it is the monologue in its,conclusion that the film creators resort,to that really irked me if you remember,a time aliabad had sort of made a name,for herself with emotional monologues,from highway to dear zindagi creators,depended on a formidable conclusion to,the film through those monologues the,impact of those monologues especially,exists because it had context of the,arduous journey of the character,similarly the relevant and powerful,monologue by amitabh bachcha

Chehre | Not A Movie Review by @Sucharita Tyagi | Amitabh Bachchan, Emraan Hashmi | Film Companion

First movie in a preview theatre in 1.5 years!,Will I cry?,Will I fall asleep?,Will I be able to watch at a stretch without needing a break for a snack?,Also, will I cry?,Rumi Jaffery’s Chehre is releasing today in theatres, if you chose to go watch,,please be responsible, do not take your masks off at any point.,And you know, general things like, don’t text if youre sitting next to someone.,Nahi, dekho, bohot time ho gaya hai, protocols bhool jaata hai insaan.,So, a group of retired law professionals periodically gather in a huge Umbrella Academy style mansion,to do natakiya roopantaran of old cases,,kyunki retirement ke baad yehi kaam bacha hai inke paas karne ko, sabke paas bohot paise hain.,One day, a man gets stuck in a blizzard and is directed to this mansion to spend the night,by one of these lawyers, and after a few drinks, he agrees to participate in the game.,No points for guessing, everything is not as it seems, these people are clearly unhinged.,Escape room sub-genre of thrillers like the Saw series, Vikramditya Motwane’s Trapped,,Room for which Brie Larson won an Oscar, must make the setting, the room they’re in,,an important accessory to the storytelling.,You’ve got to see the space the protagonist is trapped in, as an adversary,,as the villain out to get him.,It is the flat’s fault Rajkummar Rao is trapped with a broken lock, no electricity or water.,If a character is held hostage, the basement better be soundproof,,because if it is just another basement, you don’t have a strong enough opponent for your story.,Mogambo ki lair mein bhi ek kamra hai jahaan se nuclear missile activate hone waali hain,,you’ve got to find your way there to that room,,Bhool Bhulaiyya mein poori haveli is dangerous, Tumbbad, Im Thinking of Ending Things, etc. etc.,Chehre, a title I don’t quite understand, is set in, aforementioned mansion,,about 280 kms from Delhi, a signboard tells us.,Dear viewer, it looks like the Swiss Alps.,An unbelievable amount of snow covers each surface, beautiful tall pine trees,,winding glittering empty roads, there’s even a CGI frozen lake type which turns into a ravine,,all of this and more, yeh sabhi aapko milega Dilli se sirf 250 km ke aas paas.,Na fam, Chandigarh milega, jaana hai?,Khair, geography aside, lets come back to the mansion.,Why does only one judge live here?,What other rooms does it have?,If the front and back doors have locks on them, how does one escape,this aggressively mahogany prison?,Then there is the house help, which in a mansion like this is SUPPOSED to be spooky,,that’s the format.,Get Out being the best example, there is an important backstory there.,Its critical either to the entrapment or escape, right?,The butler did it, might be a cliché, but even if youre subverting, and the butler,in fact did not do it, shady butler has got to have SOME relevance to the plot, no?,Rhea Chakraborty and Siddhant Kapoor are the house helps here.,Rhea is Anna, the house keeper, shes traditionally attractive, shes paints gory paintings,and hangs them up in the guest room. Shes also prone to bizarre outbursts of laughter.,She and the other house help Joe, they have stories which are sad,,but, theyre not related to the main conflict of the movie’s central plot line, at all.,Emraan Hashmi is a cocky ad agency guy, who is playing a cocky ad agency guy.,You know what I’m saying na, you can hear him say:,“I like action. Living life in the fast lane”.,Frankly, first half movie ka interesting tha kaafi. It had me hooked, ki abhi twist aayega,,abhi ghar mein tehkhaana khulega, abhi kuch Raghubir Yadav ki khurafat dikhaayenge.,Par all of that is undone in one fell swoop when Rumi Jaffery decides to USE Emraan Hashmi.,There’s a VERY long flashback sequence with sexy scenes, lady in pool, product placement,,romantic songs. Its all very Aashiq Banaya Aapne. Toh jab tak you return to the pretty,but pretty pointless mansion, you’ve long forgotten ki chal kya raha tha,,eye rolls se pehle.,Amitabh Bachchan gets one BIZARRE scene towards the climax.,It is SO long!,Hes being a lawyer, he starts talking about his case to the judge in their little game,,and phir writer Ranjit Kapoor goes FULL ON stream of consciousness,and he makes this character give daleels about everything,ranging from sexual assault to corruption to what really is justice after all,and crescendoes to “This decadence of human values and humanity has to stop!”,,which I’m still trying to decipher.,It doesn’t help that he’s delivering this long monologue standing in one place, one frame,,hes talking to a character off camera, perhaps reading off a teleprompter.,So, despite it being AMITABH BACHCHAN, the whole thing is more tiresome than impressive.,Mr. Bachchan is credited as “friendly appearance” for “tax reasons”, according to a Rumi Jaffery interview.,Maybe its because of tax reasons the opening credits song, filmed on Mr. Bachchan,,has terrible CGI of dollar bills on fire.,Not rupees, dollars.,For tax reasons.,So, on a scale of 1 to 10 Chehre is…,2 vaccine ke dose lage ki nahi lage?,Theatre jaana hai toh dekh lo bhai apna apna.,Film Companion ko subscribe toh karo chalo, safely, from your home.

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Chehre Movie Review

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Chehre (2021) Movie Review | Emraan Hashmi | Amitabh Bachchan

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Chehre (Amazon Prime) Hindi Movie Review by Sudhish Payyanur @Monsoon Media

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CHEHRE | Amitabh Bachchan | Emraan Hashmi | Rumy J | Teaser & Trailer Reaction by Jaby Koay & Achara

[Music],hello people i am jaby kawai joined by,achara kirk whats up were looking at,the teaser and the trailer to,chade starring amitabh bachchan and,amron hashmi its directed by,rumi joffrey and written by ranjit,kapoor so if you havent already please,hit that subscribe button and the bell,icon all notifications that helps us out,helps you guys out helps out youtube the,overlord,and uh also i guess that was it okay,i guess so yeah,[Music],foreign,oh what does that mean,face the game that was quite the tv 9th,april yeah thats,that was interesting so now let us look,at the actual,trailer where we can look at cheddars,faces,see you get it yeah yeah i got it,[Music],okay,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],this decadence of human values has to,stop,[Music],okay so um our subtitle maker,put the subtitles early so i was having,to like constantly like,mentally adjust where the subtitles were,in the trailer it was a great game of,memory,thanks for that that was uh that was,interesting so,you guys wont notice because well,were gonna adjust the subtitles,well make it right for you but just so,you know everything happened,like one sentence earlier we got the,subtitle and then we had to remember the,subtitle,for the next sentence and read the,sentence after that so its super fun,that is a interesting premise and it,mostly takes place in one location,so its a bit of a knives out kind of,situation,uh but it makes me wonder if emon,hashmis character and this,is probably a stretch in the way wrong,direction it makes me wonder if enron,hashmis character,is crazy like because everything is,taking place in this house and you never,see i dont remember seeing these guys,interact with the girl,like any of them or maybe they did and i,just didnt notice,but it just makes me wonder if hes nuts,and maybe hes wound up with his own,guilt and its a bit of a,you know edgar allen poe sort of,situation with the tell-tale heart,the telltale heart im wondering if,thats sort of cut this is a stretch im,probably yeah im like im like oh,thats a very,interesting direction to take it yeah,its possible,and it could go there i dont think,thats what it is its just like my mind,started to wonder that after a while,you know because i was feeling crazy,while watching it because of the,subtitles being all off and im like ah,and then this trailer started to,escalate into a weird direction and,everyones giving,them this funny look and he said faces,like hes seeing these faces and im,like,what and so and i thought maybe he was,crazy,for a second because hes seeing the,cherries i thought that was what,happened there,i guess the the obvious direction which,is kind of the direction that i thought,was that maybe those guys um,particularly amitabh bachchans,character,is there there are people who maybe,make a game out of finding people who,are,actual criminals and then playing this,game with them so that they can,exact in staff,on them thats probably the super uh,obvious way to go i feel like,thats pretty clear maybe maybe thats,too obvious like your,your thought is maybe a little bit more,interesting and,different you can only speculate but,yeah i thought it was something else i,i mean id get confused anyway but the,subtitle being,removed from where it should be is it,was what made things a little bit harder,and more challenging for me,but i thought that what had happened was,he had a lawyer of some kind,who was doing uh a fake a dummy trial,basically so that,he could be prepared for his defense huh,because,thats some well i thought thats what,he had said because he said he was a,lawyer and theyve come here,so amitabh bachchans a lawyer imran,hashmi is an,ad executive right and for whatever,reason theyve come to this,house outside of delhi they decide to,play this game,where one of them is a criminal no but,amitabh bachchan is a lawyer correct,yeah thats what i thought okay,and so what lawyers will do sometimes,before their before their clients go on,trial is theyll do it a fake trial,theyll do like a fake uh what you call,an interrogation yeah like just a yeah,well yeah,a cross-examination and so this,helps them to prepare for being,questioned by the opponent,uh lawyer i thought thats what was,happening here and it was just like a,really intense version of that,but why would they have all those other,people there because theyre all part of,his,firm oh i thought thats what it was,like i,i wasnt exactly sure i was just sort of,running with it and,trying not to drown in the subtitles,being lost just like why is it off over,there,yeah i thought that maybe emeron,hashmis character just wound up with,his own guilt by the end of it like i,said in an edgar allan poe sort of,fashion,i thought that thats what was happening,here its a unique idea whatever it is,i mean as far as i can tell the vote,ratio um,on the teaser is not fantastic but on,the trailer is stronger and i guess,people just annoyed that they didnt see,anything i want to see jettis,it seems like most people are into this,most people that watch the trailer,all two million people uh are excited by,it yeah so,its an interesting concept to say the,least like that you know you can,the one thing i i feel like you can say,consistently,as of late is that india keeps coming up,with interesting,film ideas um premises that premises,that youre not finding too often over,here maybe youd find something kind of,like this but i havent seen a film over,here in the states where,the whole thing is this uh dummy trial,that ends up escalating into,the stratosphere of chaos i dont know,yeah i mean if it isnt,if it is a dummy trial at all im almost,convinced that its some sort of,weird party game but im also like,emerald hashmi what the,why are you at this house i thought,thats his head,and a bunch of old people i dont think,its imran hashmis house the way he was,walking around,looking at the stuff you dont do that,at a place youre familiar in,with i mean youre youre like he i mean,thats what i do at my place someone was,like oh i was like oh i didnt know that,was there thats an,interesting picture of this people being,attacked by elephants or something im,always just admiring my walls i thought,he was just,there and then they decided to play this,game i,yeah theres a lot of questions and i,guess thats good because,for a trailer you dont want to give it,all away right so,its definitely succeeding in not giving,too much away,why was she tied up and taped up i dont,know maybe,it was just like maybe its kind of like,the end of rising sun she was just into,it,i dont think she was into it you know,some girls are under weird stuff,yeah like you said it seems like hes,kind of losing his mind hes all like oh,my god now theyve got my girlfriend,what are you doing in a house full of,old people imran hashmi,yeah but also what can they do to you,that theyre,like youve got youth on your side hes,like hes like oh my gosh these are like,thugs of hindustan he runs and hides,wow

Chehre Movie Review || Chehre Review ||

hi friends this is a horror movie based,channel from india and we also try to,expose copied works,and after five months i have come to a,cinema hall my last name was ruhi,and uh,is,to be very honest,the film is,[Music],is,average to tic tac laggy and uh im,saying it again this is essentially a,courtroom drama without a quote,from drama type of movies person there,definitely they can uh watch it they can,give it a try,so guys this was our review of the movie,called,you can like share and subscribe to our,channel and you can also follow us on,instagram take care and goodbye

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