1. An affordable and practical EV | 2022 Chevy Bolt EV Review
  2. The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV Is an Electric Hatchback With Good Tech
  3. 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Review | The BEST value EV
  4. One YEAR with my 2022 Bolt EUV – Do I regret it?!
  5. 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV: The BEST EV VALUE hands down
  6. The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Is A Bargain Priced Long Range EV
  7. 2017 Chevrolet Bolt – Review and Road Test

An affordable and practical EV | 2022 Chevy Bolt EV Review

so this is the 2022 chevrolet bolt ev,now if you want a compact long range ev,this is a solid option now obviously,tesla is the go-to for many people but,honestly i think this bolt really holds,its own and for 2022 there have been,some very much needed updates and im,going to show you all those right now,but if you guys are new to car gurus be,sure to subscribe hit the notification,bell that way you guys never miss an,upload but lets go ahead and jump into,this new bolt,[Music],so for 2022 the bolt ev gets this all,new front fascia and i am really liking,it its a lot smoother i like this new,sort of area here in the middle the,headlights though i think look really,cool it flows into these body lines,going onto the side youre gonna have,this daytime running led up top but this,is not your headlight your headlights,been moved down here which does have a,really cool look now once we get to the,side profile you guys can really see,what i was talking about with these,headlights flowing into that black body,line that basically splits goes around,the windows right there looks really,nice youre gonna have these updated,wheels and youre gonna have this new,color which is called ice blue metallic,and im loving the way this color looks,on this car now coming to the back you,have one major change and the reason i,say major is because for a lot of people,this was one of the design elements that,they werent too fond of or you were,either head over heels for it so the,tail lights used to have this sort of,squiggly line for lack of a better word,now thats been replaced with two,horizontal lines back here which make it,look a lot cleaner so once again you,either love this now or you wish you had,the character from having the squiggly,lines going up but either way i,personally like the look let me know,what you guys think comment below do you,like these tail lights or do you like,the previous tail lights now,unfortunately one of the downsides of,the bolt is that you do not get a front,trunk so instead you have all of your,powertrain components under here this is,a 65 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery,pack so unchanged from the previous year,models exact same range at 259 miles and,with this being front-wheel drive that,means all of your drivetrain components,are under here as well but it still gets,a fair amount of range you guys will see,and well talk more about that once we,go for a drive,okay so on the interior of the updated,bolt ev i really like these changes i do,wish theres a little bit more color in,here to break things up because right,now it is all black but you have an,updated seat design which chevy says,should be more comfortable i cant,attest that is more comfortable,by a big margin i dont really think so,it still feels a little bit on the,harder side but youll be fine on a two,to three hour trip anything after that,you may start to feel the hardness of,the seats now coming up here you do have,an updated dash design you have a lot,more gloss black up here which is either,a love or a hate for most people if you,love to keep your car clean spotless not,a lot of dust thats going to drive you,insane especially because it follows all,the way down here into this updated,center console now yeah this updated,screen works a lot faster its going to,have apple carplay android auto and i,love the display resolution its very,crisp right below that you have your,heated seats heated steering wheel a,wireless charging pad you now have a,sports mode which is a little flag down,here youre gonna have your traction,control next to that youre gonna have,your lane assist right there and then,you have this new push button shifter,which you basically pull up to throw,into drive put it into reverse you have,a super high resolution camera park,right there you have a lot of storage,space underneath here so i have a wallet,here for example i can just easily fit,that in there and its just a cavernous,space right there even more cavernous is,this armrest i can literally fit like,half my arm in there which is pretty,nice you have this updated steering,wheel which looks really cool you have,this regenerative braking button so on,top of having actual one pedal driving,here if i want to turn my one pedal,driving off and then just use regen,at any random time lets say im going,down a mountain road and i want to take,advantage of the coasting but use this,paddle to regen you can do that as well,on top of using your brakes so you,technically have three ways to regen or,brake the vehicle which may be confusing,this one however does not have super,crews so you have the bolt euv which is,another addition for 2022 a little bit,bigger a little bit higher up that one,is going to come with supercruise you,cannot get it on the non-euv,bolt,now your digital screen right behind,your steering wheel is exactly the same,as the previous tier model so no changes,there youre gonna have a bose sound,system in here as well the only,downsides really are the fact that you,dont have dual zone climate control and,you dont have a moon roof as an option,i do wish you could get the moon roof,especially just because it would bring a,little bit more light into the car,but thats really the only downsides of,the interior so sitting in the back seat,of the bolt ev now this is pretty much,the same space as before so unchanged,once again back here now this is where i,was sat being in the front im about six,feet tall and then ive got like maybe,half an inch between my knee and the,seat so its a fair amount of room its,not going to be anything super,significant but headroom is surprisingly,good i can sit back here with my large,hair and,its like barely touching you do have,usb and usbc back here no rear vents,unfortunately so if you have little ones,back here or animals back here uh youll,probably just have to make sure the,front air is hitting them in the back,you do have this armrest which is pretty,soft two cupholders here that can fold,up and you can actually fit a third,person if you need to because once again,with this being electric you dont have,a transmission tunnel so the floor is,completely flat youve got storage space,in the door pockets and thats pretty,much all the amenities back here so,lets go ahead and check out the trunk,so in the back of the bowl ev you have a,really good amount of space for this,size of a vehicle because you dont have,a gas tank you can make that storage,space go a lot deeper and if you want,even more room all you have to do is,take off these few straps right here,lay that down there and then basically,just fold your seats down,and then you have more space now if you,can notice there is still a gap here so,this floor is adjustable so i can pull,this up,slide it right into here and then you,pretty much have a flat loading area,okay so driving the bolt ev now once,again ive always liked this car i like,the way it drives this new steering,wheel feels very nice i like the leather,it feels very buttery smooth in your,hands but obviously thats not related,to how the car actually drives it drives,nice its fairly well insulated in here,you hear road noise you hear you know,big bumps you hear the suspension doing,its thing its pretty average for a,compact,sized vehicle the one thing i do like,for sure is just the updated tech,especially in this main screen i love,pulling up the energy screen because it,shows you in this really cool graphic,the energy coming out of the battery the,energy coming back into the battery and,lots of cars have done this but i just,like the way this one looks the,resolution is very high and it just,looks very video game like its pretty,cool now as i come to a stop i can,basically pull this regen paddle and it,should,bring me to a full stop so thats pretty,cool and now once again that was with,regen one pedal off so i can push that,thatll turn on one pedal driving and at,that point i can accelerate and as soon,as i come off the accelerator you guys,will see in just a se

The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV Is an Electric Hatchback With Good Tech

this is the new 2022 chevy bolt euv,and its the latest electric car from,chevrolet the bolt first came out back,in 2017 for 2022 theyre adding a new,version the euv which stands for,electric utility vehicle because its,more practical than the regular bolt and,today im going to review it,[Music],before i get started check out cars and,bids which is my online enthusiast car,auction website and the best place to,buy and sell cool cars from the modern,era weve had some amazing sales,recently including this 1992 infiniti,q45 which sold for 27 000,under 9 000 miles this mercedes sls amg,roadster which sold for over 170,thousand dollars and this toyota land,cruiser which sold for 26 000,if youre looking to sell your cool car,from the modern era cars and bids is the,place to do it and if youre looking to,buy a cool enthusiast car from the 80s,and up we have an amazing selection with,daily auctions check it out cars and,bids.com so lets talk chevy bolt and,pay attention because this is a little,confusing the bolt first came out back,in 2017 and it was an electric hatchback,you understand that for 2022 the bolt,has been redesigned and it is still an,electric hatchback called the bolt ev,but chevy is also adding a new version,of it in addition to the regular,hatchback called the bolt euv that is,this car and its a little bit larger,and more practical than a regular bolt,so whats the difference between the,regular bolt and this the bolt euv well,euv stands for electric utility vehicle,and this is larger than the regular volt,with more interior space and a more,muscular design chevy is sort of,pitching it as kind of a crossover,electric vehicle not suv but euv thats,the thinking although to me thats a,little suspect its only offered with,front wheel drive and ground clearance,isnt very cross-overy let alone suvv,but theres still a lot to like here the,regular bolt ev starts around 32 000.,the euv is around two grand more they,have the same fully electric powertrain,about 200 horsepower and roughly the,same range about 250 miles but the big,news is that the bolt euv will offer,supercruise which is general motors,driver assist technology designed to,rival tesla autopilot and others thats,a big deal because this is the first,time supercruise has appeared outside of,some very expensive cadillac products on,the new bolt euv and today im going to,review the bolt euv and show you what,its all about first ill take you on a,tour of all the interesting quirks and,features of the bolt euv then ill get,it out on the road and drive it and see,how it feels and then ill give it a dug,score,all right im going to start the quirks,and features of the bolt euv with some,interesting exterior quirks starting,with the brake lights which are strange,because these are dummies you can see,these are lit up right now but thats,only because the headlights are on in,these functions as tail lights but when,you actually go and put on the brake you,can see the brake lights light up down,below like in the bumper and thats the,same deal with the turn signals put on,the turn signal and it also lights up in,the bumper and far away from this giant,brake light assembly which you would,expect to be the brake lights and the,turn signals very interesting and quirky,now part of the reason they do this is,because theres a regulation that says,you cant have brake lights on a piece,of body work that moves like the,tailgate but they still could have put,the brake lights over on the side like,so many cars do but instead theyre in,the bumper kind of a strange thing with,the bolt euv and by the way speaking of,these tail lights this taillight,assembly lights up when the lights are,on like i mentioned but one quirky,little easter egg over on the side it,also lights up the chevy logo you can,see this little chevy logo lights up,whenever the tail lights are lit up and,that just looks cool i love that but,anyway next up two other interesting,quirks around the back one is on the,bumper itself you can see theres this,black plastic piece in the center very,large not painted looks a little bit out,of place in fact it makes the bolt look,like it permanently has one of those,bumper protector rubber things that,people buy on the blue car it doesnt,look quite so bad but on silver you can,see it really shows up it doesnt really,look all that great one other,interesting item back here you can see,on the tail light this is badged as bolt,euv not just bolt or bolt electric or,whatever it specifically calls out euv,to distinguish this car from the regular,bolt ev hatchback which is a different,car like i mentioned and speaking of the,bolt euv mark on this car you can see,the same thing on the front fender just,below the hood line again it says bolt,euv,specifically calling out which version,of the bolt it is now in this area you,also have another little hidden easter,egg once again a chevy logo appears in,the side reflector in the orange which,is a nice little quirk if you notice it,for people who see those kind of little,details now the headlights themselves,are kind of interesting in this car the,upper piece what you see here is not the,headlight instead this is the running,light and when you put on the turn,signal it becomes the turn signal and,you can see with the turn signal on it,sort of sweeps across the front which i,think looks very cool its becoming more,and more common in the car industry and,it always looks neat and interesting so,then you might be wondering where,exactly are the headlights if theyre,not in this upper light assembly where,are they then they are down here in this,lower headlight assembly sort of in the,bumper this is the headlight this big,piece that you see thats the light and,its pretty low especially for a car,some suvs put the lights lower to make,them more compliant with cars but you,rarely see it in hatchbacks this lower,headlight but thats where it is in the,euv,one other interesting item up front is,the grill this is an electric car so,they dont actually need a big grill for,airflow so instead it is this piece here,with this sort of strange design on it,looks like the side of an art museum but,its interesting to see it there indeed,its kind of interesting to see what,automakers are doing with their electric,car front end since they dont need,grills its sort of a big piece of,unused space and all automakers are kind,of reaching different conclusions about,what they should do with the space and,this is what chevy did but anyway next,up we move inside the bolt euv and your,first impression you get in here is that,the interior is actually pretty nice,especially for the price point now its,worth noting there are some cheaper,materials in here for instance the door,panel has some cheaper plastic on it,same deal with the center console you,can see around the cup holder some cheap,looking and feeling plastic and same,deal over on the passenger side of the,dashboard looks a little cheap but,mostly the stuff in here is pretty nice,you have for instance a lot of piano,black trim which you dont usually see,at this price point in like a smaller,hatchback and you have these neat kind,of blue seats theyre dark blue to match,the cars blue exterior and they have,blue stitching which looks pretty cool,they have sort of this interesting,perforated triangle design to them too i,would say this in two is better than i,was expecting given the price point,given general motors and given kind of,the size and class of this car but,anyway moving on to the interesting,quirks in here one notable one is the,gear selector in the center no lever no,dial you have buttons p for park at the,very top then r you pull back on this,switch to get into reverse then n for,neutral you push down and then d for,drive again a switch to get into drive,kind of an interesting and odd gear,selector for an interesting futuristic,type vehicle now the button below all of,these in the gear selector is a very,important one this button turns on o

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2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Review | The BEST value EV

More Shoppers have asked us about electric  vehicles or EVS in the past year than any year  ,before it seems that EVS are having a moment but  that indicates that its some sort of fleeting fad  ,and I do not think that is the case between the  automakers doubling down and the infrastructure  ,continuing to get built out its clear that  EVS are here to stay thanks for stopping by and  ,watching this video if youre new to the Channel  please remember to subscribe this is CarGurus Im  ,Matt Smith and if youre in the market for a new  EV well that is where you need to start [Music],its the 2023 Chevrolet bolt euv and in a world  where car prices have gotten a little out of  ,control this one is a breath of fresh air the  bolt euv starts at under 29 000 it qualifies for  ,a federal tax credit and it has nearly 250 miles  of range now if youre thinking about making room  ,in your driveway for a car like this well CarGurus  can also help you sell your car a hundred percent  ,online we will Source an offer from our network  of thousands of dealerships well coordinate  ,getting the car picked up and well get you paid  so what does 29 Grand buy you well no the bolt euv  ,isnt exactly a looker the stubby proportions  but tall seating position make it look a bit  ,like Chevy couldnt decide between making this  a hatchback or an SUV I get it if youre trying  ,to keep costs down you have to keep things pretty  small but nobody buys hatchbacks anymore so lets  ,call it a crossover listen Chevy youre not full  of us our car has the redline appearance package  ,which brings these black wheels with these cool  subtle red accents theres also a black and red  ,bolt euv badge at the back and red stripes  on the black mirror caps outside the general  ,proportions I actually think our car looks pretty  cool theres this nice pattern on the front fascia  ,and we have a trendy floating roof design  with these blacked out bits near the windows  ,the summit white paint it really pops against  the black wheel wells that cladding there and the  ,black mirror caps I like that I also like that the  tail light and headlight housings have this Smoky  ,finish really adds some nice contrast but you tell  us in the comments section below what do you think  ,let me clarify something the Chevy bolt euv starts  at 28 195 dollars after its 995 destination  ,fee but this card does not cost that price when  automakers loan us vehicles for review as you may  ,surmise theyre usually pretty well appointed and  this Chevy bolt euv is no different this one is  ,the Premier trim which is the most expensive trim  and it has a few options plus the redline bits now  ,all that brings the price of this test car to  37 885 dollars and that means that even as well  ,equipped as it is this car is cheaper than every  other electric vehicle weve tested this year  ,and yet this car has heated and ventilated front  seats it has leather seats and a leather wrapped  ,steering wheel theres a panoramic sunroof over my  head the touch screen is big the climate control  ,is automatic and theres a wireless phone charger  so its well appointed now granted some things do  ,feel a little low rent everything at the hit point  and below is basically all plastic theres piano  ,black trim stretching from the cup holders to  the touch screen and the instrument panel is Tiny  ,if you can survive that stuff in the small car  realities dont bother you like the skinny center  ,console and this tiny Center bin well then youll  probably find yourself very comfortable in the  ,bull euv or at least youll be very comfortable  in the front seats back here you have to be below  ,a certain height to ride this ride even with  a scalloped Out roof Headroom is tight Im 511  ,and I barely fit in the outboard seats and I  dont fit in the middle the high floor and the  ,low seat also combined for an uncomfortable lack  of thigh support on the bright side Chevy gave  ,us two USB ports back here one a and one C and  because Chevrolet extended the wheelbase to make  ,the bolt euv theres three more inches of leg  room back here than youd find in a regular EV  ,weirdly it seems that all of that increased  length went entirely to the rear seats cargo  ,space in the bull euv measures 16.3  cubic feet or 56.9 cubic feet with  ,the back seat folded both of those numbers  are marginally less than the smaller bolt EV  ,so if you want a little extra ride height get  the bolt euv but if you want a little extra  ,cargo space get the bolt [Music] evolved euv is  a front-wheel drive car with a single electric  ,motor like the bolt EV so think of it more as a  hatchback than a real crossover we see you Chevy  ,200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque is  plenty for a vehicle of this size and because  ,of the instantaneous nature of the electric  motors its genuinely pretty fun around town  ,if youre looking for sporty performance though  well thats where the bolt euv story ends because  ,this car will definitely understeer if you push it  thats a combination of the low rolling resistance  ,tires and the big heavy battery pack similarly  the suspension you can tell its trying to smooth  ,out the bumps in the road but with that big heavy  battery its a really big job now the steering is  ,heavy and not terribly vague but it doesnt  blend well with the really light pedal feel  ,switching to one pedal driving helps with  that incongruous feeling and it also lets  ,the bolt euv shine with its intended  purpose sensible efficient driving  ,Chevy stuck a 65 kilowatt hour battery pack in  here which should net us 247 miles of range but  ,I think we can do better because on my testing  Loop ice was seeing over four miles per kilowatt  ,hour which should come out to about 260 miles  of range so if youre driving your Chevy bolt  ,UV its sub-highway speeds most of the time  I bet youre going to crush that EPA estimate  ,or I should say youre going to crush it if  you have the right weather because while I was  ,averaging over four miles per kilowatt hour almost  at four miles per gallon on my testing Loop once  ,I started driving out to our shoot this morning  when it was 19 degrees out well then I saw that  ,four drop down to 3.6 and now weve been shooting  in very cold weather all day and suddenly its a  ,3.3 so I think you can do better than the EPA  estimate if youve got good weather and if you  ,dont have good weather well like all EVS the  mileage the driving range is going to suffer  ,and the other downside is that this car  doesnt charge very quickly so it maxes  ,out at 60 or excuse me 55 kilowatts thats its  charging speed and that means that youre not  ,going to get any additional benefit from a 150  or 350 kilowatt charging station compared to  ,what youd get on a regular and much more common  50 kilowatt charging station now compare that to  ,an ionic 5 or any of those those Kia Genesis  Hyundai egmp platform cars and just means that  ,this cannot physically cannot charge quite as  quickly that being said with only a 65 kilowatt  ,hour battery pack you probably dont need too  much time to juice up and get usable range  ,Ive come to really appreciate GMs Tech I mean  it is super easy to use and understand its fast I  ,mean it moves quickly its got some Nifty features  but nothing feels gimmicky this is a 10.2 inch  ,color touch screen its standard and it supports  Wireless Android auto and carplay plus Bluetooth  ,for two devices because were in a Premiere trim  with the sun and sound package we have connected  ,navigation and a Bose seven speaker stereo the  first of which isnt necessary thanks to Google  ,Maps and the latter of which Falls a little flat  unless you have to have the sunroof Id skip it  ,and save 2500 bucks what I wouldnt skip though  is Chevy Super Cruise technology I mean this is  ,real hands-free driver assistance features that  frankly Im flabbergasted are available in a 30  ,000 car super Cruise only works on lidar mapped  roads but

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One YEAR with my 2022 Bolt EUV – Do I regret it?!

whats going on guys welcome back to the,channel and im coming up on one year of,ownership of my 2022 chevy bolt euv so i,kind of wanted to do a one-year review,of it now ive already done a top five,things i love and top five things i hate,about the chevy bolt uv video you can,check those in the card above if you,want to see those in more detail but,this video i want to do more of a,comprehensive review kind of a top to,bottom discussing what its like to own,one kind of my real world experience,with it and im going to go into great,detail here im not going to spare this,thing at all im going to talk about,things that have actually fallen apart,already less than a year in im going to,talk about what the driving experience,is like what the charging experience is,like all those kind of goodies and i,think its important to do this now,because its just now becoming a lot,easier to find chevy bolts theyve done,a lot of battery replacements and the,recalls on its way out thankfully i,still havent gotten mine replaced yet,but i dont expect that to happen but i,havent had any issues with that just,you know spoiler alert ahead of time no,issues there but since these are,becoming more available and people are,starting to pick them up or trade in,their older bolts and get new ones i,thought this was a good time to kind of,talk about what its like being an owner,one of the first owners in the country,and having this thing for almost a year,also im going to be doing a bolt q a so,if you guys have specific questions that,you want to know about what its like to,own a chevy bolt leave them in the,comments down below or ill have a link,in the description you can click that,fill out the form to submit your,questions and im going to be doing a,follow-up video answering every single,one of your bold questions all right so,starting on the exterior ive made a,bunch of videos talking about what ive,done to this to upgrade it now this is,the one lt so technically its the base,model and this is pretty much as base as,it gets it doesnt even have like the,upgraded seats or anything and well,talk more about the things that it,doesnt have here in just a second there,were two of these at my job that were,going to be put into our loaner program,i ended up scooping up one of them and,so its you know technically meant to,give to people when their cars are,getting service so it doesnt need all,the bells and whistles and things like,that if i would have wanted one like a,2lt that had,more features on it i would have had to,wait a little bit longer but i didnt,really want to wait again the main,things i did to upgrade this were,tinting both sets of windows tinting the,back window and then getting my wheels,powder coated so these were just the,base aluminum wheels the silver ones and,i went ahead and had those powder coated,black to kind of match this all black,theme that i was going for trying to,make it look as much like a blazer rs as,i could in addition i had the lettering,on the back painted so it was silver and,blue before now it is black and red to,match the whole theme so a quick,editors note shortly after shooting,this video i stumbled upon this article,right here,and its pretty interesting that,chevy took a little bit of inspiration,off of what i did on my euv,im joking of course theyve had the,redline edition for years and years and,years now the bolt euv is just the most,recent product to get this appearance,package no surprise here that they have,a very similar look to what ive got,going black letters on the bolt except,the little accent on the o and then the,euv part is all in red the main,difference between what ive got going,on and what they did on the official,version is theres a little bit of like,embossing on the back that is the,alternate color of whatever the main,letter is so on the black letters you,have a little bit of a red accent and a,red trim and then on the red letters you,have a little bit of a black accent or,black trim it looks significantly nicer,than what i have here but you know i was,working with the original thing and not,a badging made specifically for the,redline edition so i thought that was,kind of cool that i basically have a,2022 redline edition just uh you know a,year earlier than everybody else all i,really need is the red accent on my,wheels and ill be good to go and ill,say as far as like the paint and the,wear and tear all of it has held up very,well the paint still looks really good,havent had any issues with the front,lighting systems at all no under the,hood motor issues whatsoever wheels,pretty much fine i had one incident,where i,was trying to go around a tow truck,didnt swing out far enough couldnt see,over the hood and kind of went up on a,curb and i had a little bit of a scratch,down here and then i kind of curved one,of my,rims here you can actually see it right,here but other than that super minor and,then i had someone recently hit my door,and leave a little ding right there but,really im going to get that popped and,it wont be any issue but other than,that as far as kind of the paint and,features go no issues now one thing ive,seen people talk about with these bolts,is the little mechanism inside of the,charging port here its a little latch,that locks on and it lets the vehicle,know that the plug is actually connected,i have had a couple issues with this not,on my home charger if you guys want to,see the install video on that ive got,it linked above but on some public,chargers sometimes the little latch,wont click in correctly and if it,doesnt click in correctly it will say,like not available to charge or,charge your malfunction or something,like that ive had that happen two times,on public charges so just something to,keep in mind im not sure if that was an,issue with the charger itself or the,latch was just malfunctioning in some,way ive seen some people online that,have had to replace this mechanism so,just something to keep in mind on yours,that uh they really do need to come up,with a little bit of a better design for,this latch here but while were here i,guess we can talk about charging i have,had no issues keeping this thing charged,like i said i did have a level two,charger courtesy of chevrolet installed,its technically the dual level charger,that the vehicle comes with i had them,install the 240 volt outlet in my garage,so i could plug that into the wall,charge this thing overnight have had no,issues keeping it fully charged you know,to 80 or whatever chevy wants you to do,now but,no issues with range whatsoever if i,still had my 2019 crosstrek id be,easily putting 200 to 250 worth of gas,in my vehicle every single month and,with charging every single night waking,up with about depending on the time of,year 150 to,200 miles of range id say its about,20 to 30 extra dollars a month like half,of one tank of gas right now right so,no issues at all highly highly recommend,paying upfront getting a outlet and a,dual level charger or a level 2 charger,put in in your garage if youre planning,on picking up a bolt,of any kind its going to be well worth,the money and its going to save you big,time in the long run and im a,videographer right so storage space was,super important to me and thats one of,the things that i loved most about my,crosstrek and one of the things that i,was most concerned about when moving to,a smaller overall vehicle and im,pleased to say that with my gear,specifically which is typically a couple,cameras drones maybe some c-stands,tripods things like that havent had any,issues transporting it and just having,it on a daily basis groceries moving,boxes things like that no issues,whatsoever youve got this flat area,back here you can lay the seats down for,extra space and you can lift this up and,keep stuff underneath which i do very,often so a lot of pros there havent had,really any issues with that whatsoever,so real quickly i want to mention a,couple things back here that have not,held up so well because thi

2023 Chevy Bolt EUV: The BEST EV VALUE hands down

it may not look like much but the 2023,Chevrolet bolt euv is one of the,greatest values on the road today and,here is why this Chevy is the electric,vehicle to get if you are on a budget,there are plenty of things to like about,this battery-powered crossover but a new,lower price is the number one thing in,my book now this happens to be a 2022,Premiere model but for 2023 Chevrolet,slashed the price of both the bolt,hatchback and the bolt euv they dropped,it by 6 300 which makes both of these,cars a screaming deal especially in a,world with out of control inflation and,ever Rising costs,with no options a base 2023 model starts,at about 28 grand including 9.95 in,destination fees which is a screaming,deal now a similarly equipped 2023,Premier trim version is going to go for,about 37 000 and change which of course,is still a great deal,another reason to love the bolt euv is,the interior this cabin is roomy its,comfortable and surprisingly well built,two color schemes are offered you can,get black or as we have here light gray,there are lovely soft Plastics here on,the dashboard and door panels are of the,low Sheen so they look pretty premium,and the build quality in here is,excellent everything fits together as it,should and feels really tight except for,the standard issue GM control stocks,that feel like theyre going to snap off,in your hands when you go to change,lanes or turn the wipers on,this Premier models front chairs are,decent theyre not the most comfortable,things Ive ever sat in before but they,are pretty good plus theyre heated and,ventilated plus passengers in the,outboard rear positions have butt,warmers too,for adult passengers theres plenty of,Headroom and leg room in the back seat,and the cargo area might surprise you,theres more than 16 cubic feet normally,configured and then nearly 57 cubes with,the rear backrest folded,no its not going to outshine an S-Class,but GMs designers did an excellent job,with the bolt euvs interior and the,same can be said of this vehicles Tech,every version comes standard with a 10.2,inch Central touch screen that is home,to an infotainment system that,absolutely flies not only is this,multimedia array very intuitive it is,incredibly responsive it almost never,stutters or lags as youre clicking on,icons or swiping through menus,naturally this vehicle also comes with,Apple carplay and Android auto both,smartphone mirroring systems can connect,wirelessly which is always super,convenient plus we have a wireless,charging pad in here so your phone is,always fully Juiced,the main touch screen is augmented by a,smaller 8-inch digital instrument,cluster this is very crisp and easy to,read plus the menus are dead simple to,cycle through though it does look just a,little bit cheesy,two other things I really like about,this vehicle one is the backup camera,system it is high definition it is super,crisp it looks amazing and it has a,whole bunch of different settings you,can adjust so you can see exactly where,youre going I love that the second,thing thats great physical climate,control buttons right here on the,dashboard I can adjust the fan speed,turn the seat heater on without having,to dive through six menus in the,infotainment system I love that,foreign,but without a doubt my favorite tech,feature in the bolt euv is super Cruise,which I am using right now this of,course is GMs groundbreaking hands-free,driving Aid this technology of course,debuted a few years ago at Cadillac but,GM is finally spreading the love around,to its other divisions and this is great,news for value-minded Shoppers that are,looking for an EV even if the bolt euv,isnt necessarily a great road trip car,because of its slow charging,now this is not the latest and greatest,version of super Cruise the vehicle will,not automatically change lanes and you,cant tow with it I mean not that,anyones going to drag a trailer with a,bolt but still this system currently,works on some 200 000 miles of approved,roadway in the U.S and Canada that is,limited access divided highways and when,the conditions are right you just hit a,button and then you can sit back and,relax because the vehicle is basically,doing all of the work on its own its,controlling its speed and its doing the,steering to keep you locked in the,middle of the lane and Ive got to say,it works brilliantly now of course you,do have to pay attention theres a,driver monitoring camera on the steering,column there that keeps track of what,youre doing so you cant go down look,at your phone you cant eat a ham,sandwich or whatever youve got to be,ready to take over because there are,situations where the car will request,that you drive lets say its snowing,and the lines on the road are covered,the camera cant see them the camera,cant keep you in the middle of your,lane if thats the case you also may be,going through construction zone the,system may ask you to take over again at,that point so youve got to be active,youve got to be aware of whats going,on still this system is immediately,confidence inspiring about a minute,after turning it on youre sitting back,with your arms crossed because its just,that good it feels Rock Solid and its,incredibly smooth GM knocked it out of,the park with super Crews and Ive got,to say this system is way smoother than,Fords blue Cruise which tends to wander,a lot in its Lane it doesnt like turns,in the road and it disengages a lot more,frequently than super Cruise another,reason to love the bolt euv is that it,offers respectable range with a full,battery the EPA says this vehicle should,be able to go 247 miles between charges,now thats more than a 2023 Nissan Leaf,SV plus this Chevy also tops nearly,every version of the Toyota bz4x and the,bz4x of course is a slightly larger,vehicle than this so you would expect it,to have more range even though it,generally does not as for other Rivals,the Hyundai Kona electric and the 2023,Kia Niro EV both have slightly more,range than this Chevy but the difference,is just a couple miles,as youve seen there are plenty of,reasons why the Chevy bolt euv gives you,the most bang for your buck in the EV,world but it is not perfect aside from,these control stocks that feel super,cheap there are a few things about this,vehicle that I do not like and Ill tell,you all about them as soon as I remind,you to subscribe to the EV pulse YouTube,channel for more reviews like this one,plus smart discussions and Analysis of,the latest EV news make sure you hit,that like button as well because it,really helps us out,as for things I could do without this,Chevys driving Dynamics are totally mad,I mean theres nothing to love about the,steering which is numb the brake pedal,feels rubbery and the acceleration isnt,all that great all that being said the,bolt euvs performance is perfectly fine,for everyday use this thing has 200,horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque,which is enough for it to get from 0 to,60 miles per hour in about seven seconds,which is perfectly adequate but Ive got,to say the bolt the UV never feels Zippy,the way other EVs do theres never a big,surge of torque it just kind of Moses,along when you hit the accelerator,the bolt euv comes with an 11.5 kilowatt,onboard charger which is very good AC,charging at home from a 48 amp circuit,will get you about 37 miles of range per,hour and thats quick enough to,completely fill the battery in about,seven hours which is pretty standard,stuff these days unfortunately though,this cars DC fast charging performance,is another thing to dislike because it,tops out at just 55 kilowatts which is,laughably slow for the 2023 model year,of course your mileage will vary but GM,claims thats still enough to get you,about 95 miles of range in 30 minutes,and for that reason the bolt euv is far,from an ideal road trip vehicle its,much better suited for local around town,use,finally one other thing I dont care for,is this Chevys styling now in the grand,scheme of things looks dont matter that,much with cars but from

The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Is A Bargain Priced Long Range EV

a little over six years ago Chevy was,looking to shake up the electric,vehicles space with the first ever,Chevrolet bolt this was a significant,car because it was the first long-range,EV that was designed to appeal to the,masses due to its low starting price now,unfortunately for the company sales,didnt really pan out that way as,everyone continued to buy Teslas which,is why the company introduced an all-new,version of the bolt back in,2022. this particular one that Im,showing you is a 2023 bolt euv its,technically a new model because its a,little bit taller and its about six,inches longer overall to give buyers,more space in the back seat so as you,can see this week we are testing out,this 2023 bolt euv in the premiere,chairman the big question I answered if,you guys are looking to buy or go into,the electric vehicle space and you dont,want to break the bank how does this,2023 bolt euv Stack Up stay tuned to,find out,[Music],now before we start talking about the,exterior styling changes of the bolt euv,I want to show you guys whats,underneath the hood because as you guys,know with an electric vehicle this is,the million dollar question obviously as,you can see there is no frunk and the,powertrain here is pretty much carried,over from the previous generation now as,you can see youre going to find one,electric motor powering the front axle,which means this vehicle is front wheel,drive its the same powertrain like I,said from the previous generation which,means you have 200 horsepower 266,pound-feet of torque going through a,one-speed reduction Gear transmission,its powered by a 65 kilowatt hour,lithium-ion battery pack so its the,same battery pack as last year which,means Chevrolet says this model will go,up to 247 miles on a full charge now,Ill test it out in my full in my actual,week-long test and Chevrolet also says,you should get to 60 in around seven,seconds we also have our equipment well,see what we can get and from that regard,this vehicle remains as I said earlier,front wheel drive there is no all-wheel,drive version available thats kind of a,missed opportunity D for Chevy would,have loved to see them slap on a rear,motor at the back giving this vehicle,all-wheel drive because however it is,only a front-wheel drive vehicle it is a,lot lighter than some of the EVS as this,one sits it weighs in at around 3 700,pounds its about 100 pounds heavier,versus the standard bolt but closing the,hood lets go ahead and take a look at,the styling of this model now first of,all if you guys remember the dorky looks,of the regular bolt you can see the euv,does address some of that a little bit I,do like the fact that its a little bit,taller its a little bit longer sadly,however its not any wider and that,definitely still gives it kind of a,dorky hatchback look to it I do like,however the new lighting signature you,can see there is a sequential LED turn,signal here where the headlight and,daytime or where the headlight and the,daytime running light is kind of,separated from each other thats also,for the LED running light you can see,theres the LED low and high beams there,is a functional vent over there that,helps to create an air current and you,can see or an air curtain over the,wheels and then you can see over here,the front fascia has a completely closed,off Grille although there is some,openings right there to allow for a,little bit of cooling I do like how,Chevys been doing kind of like the,black bow tie and then my tester also,has a front camera system but overall in,this like silver silver iced blue,metallic exterior its a relatively,decent looking car although I will say,it doesnt have the same kind of,presence that youre going to get from,uh something from something even like a,Volkswagen id4 which you could compare,to this vehicle but you have to keep in,mind that Chevy builds this is one of,the least expensive EVS that you can buy,now moving around the side profile you,can see this is where they stretched out,the vehicle by 6.3 inches in the overall,length but still at 169.5 inches long,its still a small vehicle and its,wheelbase is around,105.3 inches long thats about three,inches longer versus the standard bolt,its only about 0.5 inches taller so,its not that much taller and ground,clearance is only 5.6 inches so again,this is not really an SUV even though,Chevrolet likes to call it that now the,wheels is also what makes this car look,a little bit dorky you can see its got,a small 17 inch wheel riding on two 15,50 Series economy-minded Michelin tires,I do wish that Chevy had gone with a,bigger Wheel and Tire to give this car,again a better stance to it it just,looks like it has small wheels and a big,body typical SUV fashion it has the,black paint or the unpainted gray,cladding along the entire portion of the,vehicle and then you can see here heres,the charge port door for this car it,does come standard with DC fast charging,and this port here is illuminated which,is nice however the car does have an,11.5 kilowatt onboard charger which,means you can fully charge this vehicle,on a level two in about seven hours,which is pretty fast however if you want,a DC fast charge this car the bolt only,accepts a maximum of 50 kilowatts which,means its going to take about an hour,at least an hour to an hour and a half,to fast charge this vehicle on longer,trips so thats going to be the biggest,inconvenience for this car if you plan,to take it on longer road trips you will,see spending about three times the,amount of time at the fast charger,compared to a lot of its competitors now,over here you can see the side mirror,has this interesting black painted area,along with a body colored area I do like,the integrated turn signal mirrors very,traditional door handles they dont open,up any any weird way you can see there,are roof rails thats how you know this,is the euv and Im also surprised to see,a panoramic glass style sunroof which is,pretty nice although I am noticing again,the rear window is not tinted typically,thats how you know this is an SUV,because the rear window is tinted but,not on the euv so I imagine a lot of,owners are going to probably want to do,that the rear suspension is a,semi-independent torsion beam so a lot,of competitors again do a full,independent suspension thats how you,know this car has more of an,economy-minded route and then at the,back here I do think the back looks,better than the front it still has again,that narrow appearance to it but I do,like how the turn signal is full LED you,have the LED brake lights over there and,then you can see it says bolt euv in the,premiere trim I do like the way the bolt,logo looks and then down here you can,see I believe your reverse light is down,there and then you have some parking,sensors and then more of that unpainted,gray cladding at the back to give this,more of a crossover like look to it and,opening up the trunk area I wish I could,say the Chevy banded the trunk for the,euv however its still the same about,16.3 cubic feet of overall space,something like the Mach e is going to,give you roughly twice the space if you,want to fold down those seats it will,expand it out to around 56 and a half,and then underneath here there is a,fairly large under floor storage area to,give you a little bit more space,so the latest bolt isnt exactly a,looker on the outside but what about the,interior thats where youre going to be,spending most of your time heres the,key fob for the vehicle you can see this,is the typical Chevy key its got the,black bow tie album on it does have a,remote start on the outside of the fob,or on the fob itself and its a fairly,nice feeling key as you can see as you,approach the vehicle as soon as you,touch the back of the door handle sadly,it doesnt open you have to touch the,button that will actually unlock the,door for you and as you can see also my,tester has kind of like a black bluish,interior with some contrasting stitching,the premiere grade includes the leather,seats with t

2017 Chevrolet Bolt – Review and Road Test

believe it or not the automotive,landscape is overrun with electric cars,so what makes the Chevy Volt so special,essentially its a combination of price,and range on the first score a base bolt,costs about thirty seven thousand five,hundred dollars including destination,exploit a $7,500 federal tax credit and,any state incentives youre looking at,less than thirty thousand dollars to,start I know what youre thinking cant,you buy a Nissan Leaf for fifty five,hundred dollars less than a Chevy Volt,yes but that brings us to point number,two range I thought there was supposed,to be a graphic here,thats the graphic where the cheaper,leaf can barely cover 100 miles the,better equipped bolt sports a massive 60,kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack,imparting it with a maximum 238 mile,range according to the EPA that kind of,buffer can really help either the range,anxiety that afflicts so many electric,car owners so its decently priced and,its got range to spare but how is the,Chevrolet Volt as a car lets say its,got its positives and its negatives to,help offset that expensive battery pack,the interior is drenched in plastic,still in trooper white and digital camo,inspired trim helped break things up but,stylish though it may be the interior,feels cheap even so the cabin does,incorporate some thoughtful design I,like this phone holder right here and,this storage area between the front,seats kind of like a minivan and hey the,standard 10.2 inch screen is pretty cool,even though its partially obscured by,the steering wheel from where Im,sitting meaning slightly to the right,helps you fully appreciate the,infotainment systems clear simple layout,the vivid power flow display the minds,you youre driving the future or the,screen itself despite an odd angle and,just to avoid excessive glare from the,drivers seat a few things stand out,one the driving position is high almost,SUV like but Headroom remains great too,I desperately wish there was better,lumbar support oh my back and three the,angled headrest crowds my noggin less,obsessive types probably,by that its slowly driving me crazy the,weird headrest beam continues and back,here but the real limitation is Headroom,Im 5 for 10 and my hair brushes against,the headliner along the edge here it,probably shouldnt if nothing else at,least the stadium seating arrangement of,these seats gives an impression of,spaciousness impression fact by reality,were knee room is concerned flat floor,is another welcome touch for whoever,stuck in the middle seat flip the,backrest down and theres a healthy 50,6.60 big feet to exploit or with a,sizeable covered storage area under this,repositionable cargo divider in familiar,electric car fashion the Chevy Volt,feels very quick from a stop thanks to,instant electric took with 200,horsepower and 266 pounds of torque runs,from nought to 60 miles per hour take,less than 7 seconds which is jolly fast,and you know its true because of my,outrageous English accent oh but Brooke,with,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],unlike some electric cars Chevy Volt has,passing powered higher speeds which is a,helpful trait when merging with traffic,to keep that accelerator pin and the,bowl tops out at a reasonable,electronically limited 91 miles per hour,so not fast enough for you why are you,driving faster than 91 miles per hour,for shame official limits aside we hear,that the bolt might actually exceed 91,miles per hour if pushed a little bird,told us yeah thats it yeah,when slowing assuming youre not dead,inside youll notice the brake pedal,feels artificial no sweat the bolt has a,regen button over here on the steering,wheel just like the Cadillac ELR that,nobody bought when you pull it the bolt,slows down and it turns kinetic energy,into electrons to the power of science,you can also put the drive selector in L,mode at L mode not Elmo,intensifying regenerative braking to a,degree where its possible to stop,without ever touching the brake pedal,I wouldnt say ride quality is,exceptional but its certainly tolerable,interestingly if youre the kind of,driver who likes to needlessly haul ass,through corners the Chevy Volt is,surprisingly willing little rolling,resistance tires be damned charging the,Chevy bolt can be done in three ways,with a standard household outlet,assuming youve got nowhere to go with a,240 volt outlet that trims charge time,to around 9 hours from empty or with an,optional $750 DC fast charger it adds 90,miles of range in 30 minutes though,youll need a DC charging station to use,that last one and even then road trippin,the bolt 90 miles at a time sounds like,a pain in case you were concerned chevy,backs the lithium-ion battery pack,they reassuring 8 year 100,000 mile,warranty on top of the 3 year 36,000,mile bumper to bumper warranty and B 5,year 60,000 mile powertrain warranty,along with all that warranty stuff the,least expensive bolt LT trim comes well,equipped with passive entry and,push-button start two USB ports and air,bags and we previously mentioned 10.2,inch infotainment system featuring,android auto and apple carplay moving to,the roughly $4,000 pricier Premium trim,swaps at the LTS cloth seats for leather,adds a heated steering wheel heated,front and rear seats and tax on tech,like blind spot warning rear parking,sensors and a 360 degree camera system a,Premier trim can also be equipped with,comfort convenience and driver,confidence packages that add lane,departure warning forward collision,alert Bose premium audio wireless phone,charging assuming your phone is cool,enough to do so and dual rear seat USB,ports notably cheaper than the BMW i3,and better equipped than the Nissan Leaf,Chevy Volt sits at an enticing middle,ground among electric cars again if,maximum frugality is the goal consider,the Toyota Prius primes it returns an,impressive EPA estimated 54 EDG once,its 25 mile electric range is depleted,and its starting price before tax,credits is almost $10,000 less than the,bolts on the other hand chevy wants to,bolt in the mainstream so badly might be,able to snag one be a compellingly feel,remove all the whiz-bang electric car,stuff and what youre left with is an OK,hatchback with a big infotainment screen,but if you cram all that stuff back in,youve got a versatile electric car with,genuinely useful range that wont,decimate your budget if youre mulling,the current crop of electric cars the,Chevy Volt demands consideration flaws,and all,[Applause],you,[Applause],[Music]

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