1. 2015 Chevrolet Trax – Review & Test Drive
  2. 10 Things To Know Before Buying The 2022 Chevrolet Trax
  3. Is the 2024 Chevrolet Trax a BETTER new small SUV to BUY?
  4. 2020 chevrolet trax review (2 years of ownership)
  5. 2017 Chevrolet Trax – Review and Road Test
  6. The 2021/2022 Chevrolet Trax – The LARGER Than Life Small SUV
  7. 2020 Chevy TRAX Trim Comparison – FULL MODEL REVIEW & PRICING – LS vs LT vs Premier

2015 Chevrolet Trax – Review & Test Drive

hello everyone and welcome in this video,were going to be checking out the 2015,chevrolet trax this is a small four-door,crossover utility vehicle with seating,for five and this particular trim is the,traxx ltz,up front you do have fog lights as well,as body colored mirrors total msrp as,tested comes to 25905,now checking out the trunk,actually a pretty good size and youve,got 60 40 folding rear seats,underneath here youve got the spare,tire as well as some tools the other,cool thing is the front passenger seat,folds flat so if you need to store,something longer temporarily you can,store something up to about eight feet,so thats a pretty cool feature okay,lets have a look under the hood now the,first thing youll probably notice is,the engine is a bit buried in here which,kind of does make it a little bit more,difficult to service as far as how far,youve got to reach down in here uh,though that does keep the center of,gravity of the engine a bit lower you,also do have this plastic engine cover,but it can be removed and that just,simply gives you access to the spark,plugs now checking for serviceability,youve got your air filter here over on,the left your coolant reservoir,your windshield washer fluid youve got,your battery easy access on the drivers,side,youve got your fuse box right here and,your brake fluid reservoir then youve,got your engine oil fill right down here,and an engine oil dipstick this is a 1.4,liter inline four cylinder,charged gasoline engine it has dual,overhead cams with variable valve timing,on both the intake and the exhaust it,features a cast iron block which is,becoming a bit more rare these days as,aluminum is quite a bit lighter but it,does have an aluminum head the engine,produces 138 horsepower at 4 900 rpm and,148 pound-feet of torque at 1850 rpm so,you do get your peak torque fairly early,on so lets follow the path of the,intake air the air initially comes in up,front here where it then passes through,the air intake filter after passing,through the filter it then travels down,to the turbocharger,after traveling through the inlet of the,turbocharger it passes down and then,towards the passenger side of the,vehicle to the intercooler the air,travels across the intercooler up front,then it travels back up passes through,the electronically controlled throttle,body and then into the plastic intake,manifold you can see there pretty common,these days and then into the engine then,after passing through travels out the,exhaust through the exhaust side of the,turbocharger and then out to the rear,single exhaust pipe very simple setup,travels to the rear enters the muffler,and then out a single tailpipe on this,particular model the power is sent,through a six-speed automatic,transmission to the front wheels 18-inch,wheels with 215 over 55 continental,tires on all four wheels up front 11.8,inch ventilated disc brakes matched with,a mcpherson strut style suspension here,you can see the lower control arm the,steering linkage the anti-roll bar which,matches up with the strut and then,behind that the cv joint where youve,got your drive axle coming in in the,rear nine inch drum brakes this is,becoming pretty rare in modern cars as,they dont have quite the heat,dissipation of disc brakes this is,matched with a torsion beam style,suspension separate spring and shocks so,here you can see the shock and spring,having them separate allows for a bit,more room in the trunk and then you can,see in black going all the way across,thats the torsion beam connecting the,two sides so viewing the torsion beam,from another angle you can see if this,side were to move up it would rotate,this torsion beam which goes all the way,across and then that would resist the,motion of this rotating,all right lets have a look at the,interior keyless entry so youve got the,key fob to lock and unlock the vehicle,you can also remote start by holding,this button right here,and once it is started you can also lock,and unlock the vehicle,leather seats all around an,electronically adjustable drivers seat,okay checking out the interior plenty of,leg room and you can adjust the steering,wheel so that you wont have any contact,with your knee you know everything in,here is pretty much plastic and hard,touch but you do have plenty of space,for your legs the seats leather the,leather doesnt feel all that soft but,the seats are comfortable and they are,well bolstered,the steering wheel here leather wrap the,leather is very soft on this and you do,have plenty of controls on here so,youve got your cruise control and now,one of the things about this thats kind,of interesting is how it works um you,cant press on this though it looks like,the whole thing is a button its only,only cancel is at the very bottom of,this and then turning it on and off is,at the very top of this and then you,cant press on it on these sides so just,something to note um it would i guess be,kind of ideal if it was just one big,button you didnt have to worry about,where to push on it and then you have,you know resume uh or increase or,decrease your speed on the right youve,got your audio controls as well as your,bluetooth controls for using your phone,the display up front youve got your,tach on the left and then this digital,display which gives you your speed and,your fuel also gives you uh you know,what gear youre in what direction,youre facing how many miles your trip,computer uh you dont have it doesnt,appear a coolant uh so you cant really,tell what your engine temperature is i,think thatd be nice to know uh you can,check your average speed how far you,have until empty and then the average,fuel economy youve been getting now you,do have power windows all the way around,and power mirrors that you can adjust,here now youve got your lights up here,so youve got automatic or you can turn,them on your fog lights on and off,things like that adjust the brightness,of the display,now the infotainment system a pretty,decent size screen here for your audio,controls as well as hooking up to your,phone you also do have wi-fi so you can,use this onstar and activate your wi-fi,and then have the car basically be a,hotspot for any devices you may have in,it,youve got your simple climate control,settings down here all very basic but i,really like it all very straightforward,and simple to use,youve got your traction control button,here so if you just press this you can,turn off traction control if you press,it and hold you also turn off,stability control so there you can see,that just went off,uh then also youve got heated seats so,for both the front passengers and thats,just a simple button right here in the,center of each of these two dials now as,far as storage plenty of storage youve,got little compartments throughout,theres some here some here in the door,youve got this little down here,then you also have here here,so youve got these two sections for the,glove compartment,and then you have four cup holders up,front and you also have cup holders in,the rear so its not like these are also,for the rear you have four cup holders,so plenty of space and youve also got,this little compartment right here in,front of the gear shift youve got your,power outlet right there so a lot of,space for all of your stuff,this thing the emergency park brake does,seem a little bit cheap its kind of got,this cover here that isnt really,attached to anything but aside from that,the interior is pretty straightforward,everythings simple to use and i really,do like the amount of storage,compartments that it has you also have,one more storage compartment which is,underneath the front passenger seat,now as far as visibility is concerned,out the front and to the sides is very,good now looking out the back its a bit,restricted as you have these large,pillars back there so that can make it a,bit tricky you will have a decent blind,spot in that area but you do have a,reverse camera and checking your blind,spot here isnt too bad so sitting in,the rear i hav

10 Things To Know Before Buying The 2022 Chevrolet Trax

10 things to know before buying the 2022,chevrolet tracks,the sub-compact suv segment is on a,steady rise in the 2022 tracks as,chevrolets answer to take on the rivals,like the mazda cx-30 hyundai kona and,kia soul,offered for a base msrp of 21 400,the 2022 chevrolet trax comes in the,same two trim configurations as the,older model years and is mostly,unchanged,however the 1.4 litre turbocharged motor,is now producing 155 horsepower which is,a whopping 17 horsepower more than the,2021 model,the performance of the tracks is,acceptable and the car tackles the,corners reasonably well,it is also one of the cheapest offerings,of the segment making it the best value,for money proposition,however the ride quality is choppy and,the car misses out on many essential,driver assistance features that are,offered as standard in many of the,rivals in addition the infotainment and,interior look and feel dated,here are 10 things you need to know,before buying the 2022 chevrolet tracks,10. not the quickest of the segment the,2022 chevrolet trax now comes with the,same 1.4 liter turbocharged inline-four,motor with a different tune helping it,put out a superior 155 horsepower and,177 pound-feet of torque,the six-speed automatic transmission,sends the power to the front wheels or a,full-time awd drivetrain,dot even with the updated performance,figures the 2022 chevrolet trax is still,not the most powerful model in the,segment,however unlike the older versions the,low end and mid-range performance has,improved and the car is now easier to,drive,the automatic also provides smooth,shifts however the mazda cx-30 offers a,more enthusiastic driving experience,9 misses out on many safety features the,2022 chevrolet trax misses out on many,of the safety and driver assistance,features as standard and that may be a,deal-breaker for some,the driver confidence package which is,offered for an additional 495 dollars,must be selected if you need features,like side blind zone alert rear park,assist and rear cross traffic alert,dot in comparison the 2022 mazda cx-30,gets all of these features making it,better value for money,however all the regular safety features,like abs with ebd traction control,stability control airbags reverse camera,and many more are offered for both trims,the car also received an overall crash,safety rating of 5 stars in the nhtsa,crash test,dot 8 interior quality leaves a lot to,be desired the same plasticky interior,has been carried forward and is not,something that many prospective buyers,would appreciate,run your hands over the dashboard and,door cards of the 2022 tracks and you,would be disappointed with the hard,plastics that are used especially in the,upper half which are generally the touch,points where soft touch materials are,used,[Music],we also dont appreciate the flimsy,switchgear used around the infotainment,and climate control areas and it doesnt,feel like they are built to last,the switches felt a bit mushy as well,the hyundai kona volkswagen taos and kia,soul are definitely a step above the,tracks in terms of interior quality,7. value for money offered for a base,msrp of 21400,the 2022 chevrolet trax is one of the,cheapest offerings in the sub-compact,suv segment,it is also filled with quite a lot of,interior and exterior features making it,value for money,even the base ls trim comes with many,features like 16 inches alloy wheels a 7,inches chevrolet infotainment system a,60 40 split rear seat chevrolet,connected access remote keyless entry,and many more,dot however we would recommend you to,get the lieutenant trim which is just 1,800 more as it offers a lot more tech,and features including cruise control,rear window tint heated exterior mirrors,remote engine start and a few other,niceties,all the optional packages like redline,edition driver confidence package,midnight edition sport edition lt,convenience package and road trip,package are quite reasonably priced too,6. strong brakes coming with a front,disc and rear drum setup featuring all,the required braking features such brake,assist and abs with ebd the brakes of,the 2022 chevrolet tracks felt firm and,precise,the initial bite is spot on and they,take no time to get used to,the brake pedal offers impressive,feedback as well dot when pressing the,brake pedal firmly the transmission,helps shed speed through downshifting,providing effective engine braking,the braking progression is brilliant and,there isnt any major brake fade to,report either even under prolonged,braking,dot 5 ride is a bit bumpy the suspension,of the 2022 chevrolet tracks is tuned to,the stiffer side and that may not be to,everyones liking,being a city runabout vehicle there is,no need for a sporty suspension setup,and that is where the tracks feels a bit,disappointing,the potholes and road irregularities are,filtered into the cabin and the,passengers feel them when traveling at,slower speeds,dot even when driving at highway speeds,the ride is not completely flat,hitting bumps and ruts at these speeds,tends to unsettle the chevrolet tracks,however it is not a bone-jarring driving,experience by any means but we found the,hyundai kona and the volkswagen taos to,be more comfortable overall,4. agile driving dynamics the,independent front suspension and the,torsion beam rear setup and the coil,springs being tuned to the stiffer side,do help the tracks to be more sporty and,agile when pushed through the corners,the body roll is well under control and,the car holds onto the road with an,impressive grip level,however it is still not as capable as,the cx-30,we also found the steering to be much,better than the chevrolet trailblazer,since it offers a decent level of feel,and feedback,the steering is very light at slow,speeds and waits up adequately well as,the speeds rise and there is no,off-center vagueness,however the tall dimensions make it less,stable on the highways especially when,met with strong crosswinds this is,common for all vehicles in this segment,though,3. fuel efficiency is comparable to the,rivals get the fwd drivetrain variant of,the 2022 chevrolet tracks and you would,be looking at 24 mpg in the city and 32,mpg on the highway which equates to,combined gas mileage of 27 mpg,with its 14-gallon fuel tank capacity,this sub-compact crossover can do 448,miles on the highway on a full tank of,fuel,dot however if you get the awd,drivetrain equipped trims the fuel,efficiency does see a dip even then 23,mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the,highway are better than some of its,rivals,in comparison the buick encore and the,ford ecosport offered identical combined,gas mileage,dot 2 cabin isnt very spacious being a,tall suv the 2022 chevrolet trax doesnt,disappoint the front and rear seat,passengers in terms of headroom however,the same is not the case regarding the,legroom,the front seat passengers get 40.8,inches of legroom which is less than the,ford ecosport and the mazda cx-30,dot the rear seat experience is no,different as the 35.7 inches of legroom,is not enough to comfortably sit,passengers of even moderate height so,the taller folks certainly arent going,to be very comfortable,we also found the shoulder room to be a,bit restrictive and it cannot sit three,passengers comfortably at the rear,the seat angle is upright and the under,thigh support is mediocre,the cargo capacity of 18.8 cubic feet is,underwhelming as well,1. infotainment looks dated the 7-inches,chevrolet infotainment system may not be,the most standout system for the segment,however it does come loaded with all the,essential features,the interface is strictly average as it,does have some stutters and lags,the display quality is not the best as,well however everything is placed where,it should be and the learning curve is,minimal,dot some of the connectivity and,entertainment features included are,android auto apple carplay siriusxm,radio steering wheel mounted controls,bluetooth connectivity wi-fi hotspot and,a few more,the audio experience from the,six-speaker a

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Is the 2024 Chevrolet Trax a BETTER new small SUV to BUY?

whats up its Joe ready from Radys,rise we are here deep within Motor City,Detroit Michigan for a first look of,something that maybe some of you have,forgotten about from Chevrolet this is,it this is your totally redesign from,top to bottom 2024 Chevrolet Tracks but,before we get into this smaller sized,crossover SUV lets talk about whats,going on here the tracks it actually has,been around since 2013. now you might be,saying to yourself well Joe my,grandmother had a 2015 tracks whats up,with that I thought they first came out,in 2015 because she told me it was the,first year well guess what your,grandmother is correct technically 2015,was the first year that the Trax was,brought to the United States but guess,what on a global scale it made its,appearance in 2013 first seen at believe,it or not the Paris Auto Show and then,eventually here at the Detroit Auto Show,now of course the auto industry is still,hot and heavy when it comes to SUVs of,all types and Chevrolet I think has,taken the perfect opportunity to kind of,reinvent reshape most of their lineup,now a lot of people of course are,focusing on electrification we were at,the Detroit Auto Show and brought you,the Equinox EV and of course the Blazer,SS EV and if you havent seen those Ill,leave those Links at the end of this,video but what I want to find out is if,youre looking for that smaller,crossover SUV but you dont want to,sacrifice everything looks,versatility room and technology is this,new Chevrolet Trax is this the best new,SUV to buy and of course at the end of,the day is it worth the price lets go,ahead lets find out with this Chevrolet,Trax right off the bat youre going to,notice a new shape not only has this,been recreated with different style but,it is actually a larger crossover SUV,still a Sub-Compact so were still,talking Sub Compact remember compact is,going to be the Equinox this trim is,going to be part of that top trim setup,its the active trim and we have an all,new color now at the front of the,business youll notice a more grown up,and when I say grown up Im not talking,about in a boring way Im talking about,in a more mature way with this title,youll notice that you have your LED,daytime running lamps love the way that,theyre taking that overall style cues,from the Blazer and kind of sprinkling,it throughout their whole line up in the,lower portion you have these large very,large headlight housings LED projector,beam headlight in there and I like the,way that they blacked everything out on,the interior and just a little bit of,gloss black and the great news is,its not trying to look like anything,its a nice,style to the overall shape and youll,notice that extra width not only is this,tracks wider its actually longer and,lower plus its got a longer wheelbase,for better driving as youre going down,the road whether youre on a twisty bit,or on the highway on the lower portion,youll notice on the active trim you,have a little bit of this beautiful,darked out black chrome finish and some,flat black now as we come across the,front end of the business youll notice,how like I said taking styling cues from,the Blazer which remember is a larger,crossover SUV and bringing it into the,tracks we have that iconic Chevrolet bow,tie going all the way back to Louis,Chevrolet of course youre going to have,full functionality gloss black in the,center but Im really really digging,like I said on this lower portion I like,the dark chrome finish very very nice on,the style now of course with the,Chevrolet Tracks youll have five,different trims to choose from of course,the active is going to be residing at,the top along with the two RS which,well talk about that in a second now,when we get up onto that low slung Hood,you see some really clever body style I,love the way that they take the peak,right from the center of the front,fascia up onto the hood and then youll,notice how on both sides it curves,perfectly right into those a pillars now,as I Come Around the Bend you are going,to have some options when it comes to,wheels and it all coincides with what,trim you go with on this particular,active trim youre going to get the,largest wheel this is going to be,actually not the largest I take that,back 17 is your smallest this is 18 and,then there is a 19 inch wheel option I,do love the way they got the gloss black,matches nicely with the grill and,instead of just doing a boring five,spoke design they actually give some,nice sort of like decorative style to it,and also that overall flow with this,active of trim now if youre wondering,what is the size of this wheel and tire,setup youre looking at 225 on the width,a nice meaty 55 series sidewall and,remember this is going to be that front,wheel drive setup on this active trim a,little bit of flat black nothing too,crazy Im glad that they didnt carry it,any higher into the fender and youll,also notice that indentation that kind,of is very strong and prominent and then,it fades away as you go towards the,front door now coming down the side of,the vehicle,active trim youre going to have the,gloss black on your mirror caps you,could see the size remember Im six feet,tall this is about four inches lower and,then you have that longer wheelbase what,is that going to do its going to give,you a more comfortable ride down the,road plus its going to give you more,passenger volume as we go down the side,instead of having just regular Plain,Jane flat black roof rails you have,these nice sort of like a metallic gray,finish of course you have your sunroof,on this active trim color matched on the,door handles and then the way that the,trim goes around the fender and then,flows into the lower sill area very very,sporty and definitely lives up to its,name active this does look like a very,sporty twist to the tracks and like I,said I think a lot of people have,forgotten about this crossover SUV,especially with the Trailblazer and,everything else but I really think,especially when we get to the inside,inside youll see that this is coming,into its own now working our way towards,the rear nice body line actually comes,off right right where the door handle is,and then just curves up very crisp into,that rear quarter window I like the,proportions I really feel that this is a,smart direction to go in and if you park,it next to a Trailblazer they dont look,the same really yes theres Chevrolet,styling cues and that makes sense but,Im really feeling this overall sort of,like an urban City Vibe with this tracks,now as we come around the talent of the,business youll notice that long low,roof spoiler they integrated the third,brake light very cleanly and of course,with most of these subcompact crossover,SUVs youre going to have the exposed,wiper theyre not going to go ahead and,Tuck that underneath so were not going,to Zonk it definitely looking at the,competition they all have their exposed,wiper now one of my favorite Parts is,check out the tail lights look at the,way they wrap around sort of in that,reverse C formation love the style,simple on the badges we dont have to go,too crazy you got your tracks Badge of,course the Chevrolet bow tie and our,active trim now as we kind of spin it,around to the back portion just like up,front coming down to ground level we got,some flat black and we have some nice,dark chrome finish really Im digging,some of the style especially on the,lower portion the way that it kind of,comes to this area in the center,gives it nice proportions but why dont,we go ahead lets pop the hood and see,whats powering the new track guys we,got the hood popped obviously it does,have a prop rod and one of the things,youre going to notice is this push,obviously towards efficiency yes theres,lots of talk and a lot of movement,towards electrification but theres,still plenty of efficiency left out of,an internal combustion engine and,underneath the hood what do we have,there on this new traction you have a,1.2 liter turbocharged inline 3,producing 137 horsepower 162 pound-f

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2020 chevrolet trax review (2 years of ownership)


hello and thank you for joining me again,here on school and car reviews if you,like the content you see in this video,please be sure to like and subscribe and,comment down below if youd like,today were going to be giving our two,year review on the 2020 chevy tracks,weve put about 40 000 miles on it and,its coming up on almost two years old,now,and were considered trading it in today,or sometime this week were,weighing our options,so if you have any good vehicles that,you think would be a good trade-up for,the 2020 chevy trax common that down,below,and anyway were going to talk about a,couple of things we like and dislike,about this after two years of owning it,one of the biggest problems is i would,say its,kind of underpowered it has enough power,to get up to speed to pass around,somebody but not really enough for what,it is its a little too big for the 1.4,turbo i think they should have made like,a 1.6 turbo or something just something,a little bit bigger,maybe even a bigger turbo or something,to give it that little extra pickup but,nonetheless that i would say is a,problem,along with the transmission when it,shifts it,kind of feels as if it falls into the,next gear,not really shifting into the next gear,but it hasnt you know slipped or gave,us any weird problems for the,transmission so,not that bad of a problem uh,the uh,blind spots in this car as,theyre,on almost every corner theyre big and,in the way all these pillars you know,everythings just kind of,making a blind spot so its not super,good for,visual,but,overall like maintenance problems we,havent really had that many we havent,really had to do anything to this car so,overall id say its pretty reliable,weve only had to take it into the shop,once for a clogged air filter because it,had gotten wet,and its lower i would say thats a,design flaw that they need to figure out,and fix,but they have a,padded strap that you can put over the,vent on the bottom of the grill to make,it you know take care of the problem,uh,some of the things i do like about the,car is no matter what weather condition,youre driving in it does pretty well,other than heavy wind it feels like it,kind of gets pushed around a little bit,during heavy wind but,its not bad,uh,the,gas mileage on it where weve averaged,30 for the last two years,and i think its pretty good for what,this thing is,uh,and its only twenty thousand dollars,and obviously has a 1.4 turbocharged so,its kind of being overworked at most,points it seems,but,my thoughts is its not too bad of a car,if youre,buying a vehicle on a budget you want,something new and,you know,dont need all the extra features and,stuff obviously you can get heated seats,all that good stuff eating steering,wheel i believe,you know,but,i wouldnt recommend buying one of these,with all the options because i think you,get something better for your money at,that point,but if youre looking for something,cheap for the base model one of these,might be something good for you to look,at especially if you,live with her snow she can get all-wheel,drive in these,put that right there along the bottom of,the bumper,thats the,fix to the,bottom filter for the turbocharger,getting wet,and,that causes under boost and over boost,and check engine light,makes the car not run right we,were still under warranty so we were,able just to take it to a shop and they,fixed it for free but,obviously if you dont have a warranty,thats out of pocket or you got to go,out and figure it out and clean it all,up and,put that,chain guard on it yourself,but,other than the couple of problems i,listed we dont really have anything bad,to say about the car but we also dont,have many great things to say about the,car either other than it was cheap and,reliable,while being good on gas,and having plenty of space for,our dogs and groceries and,all that good stuff,it will be kind of sad to see it go but,cant wait to have something new to,replace it with,but my overall thoughts and review on,the car is i probably will not buy,another chevy tracks,but,it is a good vehicle if youre looking,for something cheap,and thatll be all for our video today,if you like the content you see in this,video please be sure to like and,subscribe,comment down below if youd like and,also comment with any vehicles that you,think would make a good replacement for,our chevy tracks as i mentioned were,probably trading it in sooner than later,so we hope to see on our next video,thank you for joining us

2017 Chevrolet Trax – Review and Road Test

some compact cute Utes are all the rage,these days and the chevy trax has one of,the most pinchable plenums of them all,that isnt any good from a driving,perspective,it sure is with a tight turning radius,good sidelines and a comparatively small,footprint over crowded urban centers are,undoubtedly the Traxs natural habitat,but despite the short wheelbase the,track still feels stable on the highway,it is pleasantly capable of executing,quick passes all their quick being a,relative term here as the Trax is soul,motivator is a 1.4 liter turbocharged,four-cylinder that routes 138 horsepower,and 148 pound-feet of torque to the,front or all four wheels through a,generally cooperative 6-speed automatic,transmission refrain from beckoning,boost pressure unless its absolutely,necessary and you too might meet our,real-world fuel economy score of 30 1.1,MBA and an average speed of 67 miles an,hour expect an additional two mpg or so,four front drive models,rounding out the attractions dynamic,portfolio is a smooth yet playful,suspension and solid brake field,it may not be the quietest car in this,class this one is but the Trax does a,decent job of keeping the outside world,where it belongs I should clarify that,our cabin noise assessment only takes,into account road and wind noise,suppression not these weeks and rattles,emanating from the interior and I think,I found the culprits cheapo hard,plastics and inconsistent panel Gaskell,or add to that the lack of an armrest,for the front passenger seat Sun visors,that dont extend and a Stretch,Armstrong reach to the touch screen and,it becomes quite clear that the Trax is,into your leaves a lot to be desired,and again there are a few high points as,well such as sufficiently padded armrest,an exceptionally intuitive standard,touchscreen infotainment system with,apple carplay and android auto,integration and comfortable front seats,complemented by an adequately neutral,driving position the Trax also delivers,big on the functionality front thanks to,a number of thoughtful storage solutions,spread throughout the cockpit,serviceable middle seat along with,decent rear legroom overall and a low,obstruction free cargo floor opening at,just under $22,000,the Chevy Trax starts around 1,000,dollars higher than the well rounded,Honda HRV,40 Mazda cx-3 and quirky Nissan Juke,while undercutting the equally adorable,Jeep renegade latitude and a modernistic,Toyota CHR a roughly $1,500 standout,standards consist of automatic headlight,control driver information display with,a digital speedometer and airbags a,7-inch touchscreen media center linked,to a backup camera and adjustable lumbar,support for the drivers seat something,you cant get on the Honda HRV at any,price point absent from that list,however is basic equipment like cruise,control and alloy wheels which to get,requires a step up to the $25,000 LT,trim loaded premier models add passive,entry push-button start a six way power,drivers seat heated front seats premium,vinyl upholstery as well as active,safety edge like rear parking sensors,blind spot monitoring with cross-traffic,alert and forward collision and lane,departure warning systems though it does,come at a hefty price tag,seeing as you can get a larger equally,efficient and considerably more refined,compact crossover with similar feature,content for only about two thousand,dollars more we dont recommend opting,for anything higher than the Trax LT so,while it may not be the cute ute by,which all others are measured the Chevy,Trax is still a well rounded crossover,thats also loaded with fundamental,appeal,[Music],you

The 2021/2022 Chevrolet Trax – The LARGER Than Life Small SUV

hey guys welcome to todays vehicle,visionary today i have borrowed this,2021 version of the chevrolet tracks for,my friends at red river chevrolet and,this is the ls all-wheel drive trim,level that were going to take a look at,so what exactly makes up this model,lets dig in and find out the chevrolet,trax is not what it may appear to be at,first glance the smallest suv in the,chevrolet lineup is actually larger,inside and more capable than a first,glance may indicate the tracks is best,described as a small suv that turns,heads while turning corners,the model in todays vehicle visionary,video is the ls all-wheel drive model,the exterior features halogen headlamps,daytime running lamps and 16 inch,aluminum wheels safety features include,stabilitrak stability control with,traction control 10 standard airbags and,a rear vision camera under the hood is,the 1.4 liter turbocharged engine,producing 138 horsepower and 148,pound-feet of torque this may not sound,like enough power but it does in fact,get the tracks down the road with no,trouble based on the curve weight of 3,124 to 3 292 pounds making for a solid,horsepower to weight ratio,as mentioned earlier the trax in todays,video is an ls all-wheel drive model and,ultimately puts power to the ground via,a six-speed automatic transmission gas,mileage numbers come in at 23 city 30,highway and combined at 26 miles per,gallon cargo space comes in at a maximum,of 48.4 cubic feet and the rear seats,fold flat to maximize cargo space,however if you have trouble folding down,the rear seats take a look at the screen,as i am showing you right now how the,process works by moving the seat,cushions out of the way there is a,release on the bottom side that allows,this process to work additional benefits,include remote keyless entry onstar,services and 4g lte wi-fi availability,a 7-inch touchscreen with built-in,features for compatible smartphones such,as wireless bluetooth voice commands,apple carplay and android auto,now one of the interesting things about,the tracks that i must admit is that it,takes me back to being a kid,why is that well of course you have the,remote right here it has the lock and,unlock button a panic button it even has,remote starts thats always a nice plus,on any vehicle but you might notice it,doesnt look like theres a key but,there is a button on the fob itself,click that and the key kind of just,switches out i call it a switch key,because it reminds me of the switch,combs from the 1980s something that for,some reason my parents would never let,me have okay as we head out onto the,road for our test drive there is a,manual mode pull the shifter all the way,back to m,so lets see how that works im kind of,curious to see,see if its responsive,yeah its,a response to the touch as you push the,button on the shifter to change gears,got up to a little bit of speed there,but i was just kind of curious to find,out so what is the ultimate driving,experience like in this tracks well i,must say it drives really well of course,being all-wheel drive youre gonna have,better control,as i go blowing past a mitsubishi,eclipse something you dont see very,often sorry chevrolet i dont mean to,get distracted by another brand but,thats just not something you see very,often,so,im really impressed though the driving,and the handling is really good you know,and again goes back to being an,all-wheel drive vehicle,thats going to always make a difference,stability,whether you live in a climate like we do,here in northwest louisiana where we,rarely get snow and ice does happen,every once in a while we had a big hit,of that earlier this year and a lot of,people i know said that they would,never not own an all-wheel drive vehicle,again,were going to go around this slower,moving car here thats doing about 10,miles per hour under the speed limit but,i hate to,pull out in front of somebody so give me,just a second here and were going to do,a nice little acceleration test,because well its necessary so lets get,back up to the speed limit here,this little turbocharged engine actually,has some solid pep,and,i know i dont have a lot of weight in,the car i dont have a lot of cargo its,just me in the vehicle 175 pounds worth,so,yeah its kind of hard to say how it,would go down the road with more people,in it and all that kind of stuff but,i must say im pretty impressed,not a high horsepower model but thats,not a bad thing for some people,there are people out there who would be,very content with this vehicle no matter,how much horsepower it does or doesnt,make,are there advantages to more horsepower,well for some people yes and for some,people know tell me down in the comments,what is your preference do you like more,horsepower with the tracks would you,like to see that are you happy with the,way that it is especially if youre a,current owner,this vehicle isnt made,for hot rodding around really but ill,tell you what it does handle well thats,the advantage of a shorter wheelbase a,smaller crossover like this is you are,going to get great handling and,even though this is not one of the worst,roads i could drive this on i could,probably take it somewhere else and,really put it through its paces as far,as ride quality goes but,this road ive driven this road in a lot,of other vehicles suburbans and,full-size trucks and dualies and,chevrolet 2500s,this road isnt necessarily as smooth as,it looks and so i must say the traxx is,handling it very well so overall its,just a nice little vehicle to drive,overall im really impressed for not,having a lot of horsepower the get up,and go is there when you need it,but at the same time when you dont the,gas mileage is exceptional and the price,point really isnt that bad,for this day and age for the technology,that you get you know i did a video with,this very model,uh that you can look at ill put it down,ill link it down in the description of,this video where i showed how to pair,your phone you can pair it wirelessly,you can also use your usb cable to take,advantage of some additional options,there if you so desire to do so but,overall i mean im really impressed here,a lot of great features a lot of great,functionality,for the price point i think chevrolet,has done very well here especially for,2021. so if youre in the market for a,smaller crossover suv what do you think,about this 21 version of the tracks,especially on this particular trim level,tell me down in the comments,if not tell me what you are considering,and why got to say a special thanks to,my friends at red river chevrolet for,loaning me this model for the day and of,course to all of you for giving me the,opportunity to give you a vision for,your next vehicle if you enjoyed this,video make sure to click on another,video that is on the screen right now,and i will see you there

2020 Chevy TRAX Trim Comparison – FULL MODEL REVIEW & PRICING – LS vs LT vs Premier

whats up everybody welcome back to the,channel its Ken Birdsall Here I am at,Spitzer Chevrolet of Amherst Ohio to,show you the 2020 Chevrolet Trax Im,going to be covering whats different on,each trim level the LS the LT and the,premiere some of you have been asking,for that this is gonna be one,comprehensive video thats gonna cover,trim level features basic features,whats upgraded on each trim level,package options and pricing so stick,around if you are new to the channel,please hit that subscribe button down,below,turn on your Bell notifications so that,you are notified about future videos and,just for future reference I am going to,be doing individual individual,walk-around videos of the LS the LT and,the premiere so I have links for those,as they are produced so stick around you,guys are gonna like this,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],all right again were looking at the,20/20 tracks just so you have a,reference here this silver one is an LS,the white one is an LT and the blue one,is a premiere so when I start out on the,low-end but I want to first start out,with some stats from some numbers,theres gonna be common on all of these,lets look at size exterior size here,the overall length from the nose to the,tail is one hundred and sixty seven,point six inches the width from side to,side is sixty nine point nine inches the,height now theres a little bit of,difference on the height so if you look,on this LS youll notice it doesnt have,the roof rails Im gonna talk a little,bit about that,those roof rails up top there dont have,them on the LS so without the roof rails,so it on the LS youre 65 inches tall,and then with the roof rails its about,another inch and a half so sixty six and,a half inches tall theyre your,wheelbase so from the center of each,wheel basically axle the axle youre a,100 point six inches for interior,dimensions this is going to be true on,all three trims you have Headroom of,thirty nine point six inches you have,legroom of 40 point eight inches on the,front driver and passenger four back,passengers theyre gonna give thirty,eight point eight inches of headroom and,thirty five point seven inches of,legroom,for cargo space behind this second row,seating so as long as those seats are up,there youre gonna have eighteen point,seven cubic feet of cargo space here,with the second row down youre gonna,get forty eight point four cubic feet of,space Ill show you how those fold,theyre a little tricky Ill show you,that later but knowing that you get 48,almost 50 cubic feet of space with those,seats down one other space thing that I,liked you to know about its not really,so much cubic feet here but that front,passenger seat folds completely flat so,from the dash all the way to the back,youve got 8 feet of length so youve,got lots of room to put whatever youre,hauling whether its good college,student or just moving theres lots of,room for all your cargo there your gas,tank is on the passenger side so make,sure youre aware of that but youre,guessing it is not capless feeling so,you can actually get a locking gas cap,if you would like,theres no gas release you know the door,release is just a push button to open it,up theres a 14 gallon tank in there if,youve got a front-wheel drive,its gonna get 26 city 31 highway for a,combined 228 if you go all wheel drive,and Im really given up much 24 city 29,highway 26 combined alright so well,start out here at the front on the,exterior so you get two key fobs with,lock unlock and panic button with a,switchblade key here youll get two of,those your headlamp assembly is a,halogen reflector headlamp you do have,daytime running lamps theyre just not,LEDs you will see a difference on that,when we get to the LT and the premiere,when we look under the hood all three,trim levels get the exact same engine,its the 1.4 liter turbo Ecotec dual,overhead cam 4-cylinder vit with,variable valve timing,its got 138 horsepower at 4900 rpms and,a hundred and forty eight pound foot at,or at eighteen fifty rpms it is paired,to the six-speed automatic,transmission and it does come standard,with Hill Start Assist alright taking a,look at your wheel options here so,16-inch aluminum wheels are now standard,it used to be if you have the,front-wheel drive,you got those steel wheels with the,hubcaps so glad theyve done away with,that so where they get front wheel or,all wheel on your LS and your LT are,both going to have this nice 16 inch,aluminum wheel you have four wheel,anti-lock brakes if your front wheel,drive you get disc for the front and,drum for the rear if you go all wheel,drive youll get disc all the way around,all tires except for the spare tire you,have the tire pressure monitor and you,do have a Stabilitrak electronic,stability control system as a standard,features on all trim levels coming down,the side of the LS youll notice a,couple things youve got body color,mirror caps and door handles and a black,belt lion molding the LS has the option,of getting tinted rear windows that is,not a standard feature explain that one,in a little bit but no tinted rear,windows and no roof rails along the top,for the LS it as we look to the back you,have your rear intermittent wiper your,backup camera which is always right,below the bowtie there give your,electronic release for the hatch there,and this is a manual lifting tailgate,and youll notice on all trim levels,there is not a power liftgate as we move,to the interior youll see on the door,they have power locks power windows and,power side mirrors your drivers seat is,for we manual adjusting so you have your,forwards and backwards right there,this lever if you do a little pump,action with it up and down itll,actually move your seat up or down you,do have power lumbar support as a,standard feature and if you want to do,your back rest theres a lever right,there for you do get a cloth interior,you have two color interiors theres a,light I think its called medium ash and,then this ones called,jet black and your steering wheel,before we get to this you well you have,your instrument panel you can make it,brighter or darker you have automatic,headlights that is a standard feature,goes off that little sensor right up top,there but you can turn those on to auto,manual tilt and telescopic steering,wheel that is not leather-wrapped cruise,control is not a standard feature but,you do have bluetooth hands-free and all,of your radio and volume controls right,there on the right hand side of your,steering wheel for every trim level LS,LT and premiere youre going to get a,3.5 inch monochromatic Driver,Information Center with the compass,youll see on the screen right there,north-south-east-west what year youre,in your odometer and then you also have,two tabs you have trip and vehicle those,are changes on here by hitting the menu,will change which one youre on so you,can back and forth between trip and,vehicle and then this twist here will,show you different things so fuel,economy oil life youll range under,vehicle youll be able to see tire,pressure and everything there your fuel,level is very low on this one but the,more full your tank is the more lights,will go up there your rpms and your,speed and you cant have that show not,just on a dial there you can have a show,back over here itll show your speed as,well all right they all get again the,7-inch MyLink radio this has the,infotainment system 3 2 it comes with an,am/fm radio apple carplay and android,auto youll see those those are grayed,out once you plug in through one of the,USB ports down below then those will,become colored but Ill show you the,am/fm you can plug in and do music from,your phone if you have a smart phone as,well and do that through bluetooth you,have a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot that runs,through AT&T right now they do have,plans monthly plans you can go with that,but you have your on-screen buttons to,go here navigation is done through,OnStar as well as announced our service,you can hit that home butto

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