1. Honest Chicwish Review: My Experience
  2. *HONEST* Chicme Review + Try-on Haul
  3. Royalton Chic Cancun Resort Review – Good or Bad?
  6. Royalton Chic Suites Cancun Review || Walk through/Restaurants/Entertainment
  7. Chicwish Review | Why You Should AVOID This Company! (2019)

Honest Chicwish Review: My Experience

hey guys Im Anna welcome back to my,channel this is the second time that Im,doing a sheik wish video the last one,you guys really liked except that I,pronounced it chick wish literally the,entire video so you guys commented below,I told me that it was actually a sheik,wish so I really appreciate you guys,helping me correct that so last time I,did a sheik wish addressing negative,reviews and this time Im just gonna do,a sheik wish review overall and trial,and then Im gonna talk about shipping,prices and return policy at the end so,another really exciting thing that I,have for you guys today,is a giveaway Im gonna be giving away,one of the pieces that I try on today,and I will go over the rules at the end,as always make sure that you subscribe,you want to see more reviews comment,below if you want to request a specific,store or service like the tote or,something like that,or just anything at all so lets get,into the video I have ordered from,Sheikh Bush four times now so I think,thats a pretty good sample size of,being able to give a review and talk,about my overall experience the quality,of the items and also return policy and,shipping time and all of that this time,I ordered seven pieces,this first skirt was one of my favorite,items I have been eyeing it since last,spring it is 55.90 I got a size small,I love the ruffles on it I love the fun,hemline I love the color I know that it,looks like its just light blue but its,actually kind of like medium blue and,white stripes the stripes are just,really really fine so it just kind of,looks like one color the only thing that,I actually dont like about it is that,the waistline is just not stretchy at,all like it does not give at all like it,has to fit you really well and and then,when you sit down just be careful a,little bit but its really not that big,of a deal its not very uncomfortable I,really love this one and I think that,its really unique like its not,something that you would find on a lot,of the clothing sites I definitely would,recommend this and this one will be,linked below as well its still,available,okay and this next one Im really,excited for this one I just now realized,actually that this would be really cool,for Halloween even though thats not at,all what I had in mind when I had,ordered it what I loved most about it I,would say is like the fact that its so,poufy its kind of like a petticoat but,like not under anything just like out,I like the a-line I love where it hits,the knee I like that its like a little,bit shorter than someone she pushes,skirts usually are because like I would,say if you peruse their site and youll,see this like a lot of the skirts that,are on sale are like pretty long I love,that even though its tulle,its not like see-through like you cant,see through the black it makes like a,pretty opaque black which is kind of,cool for like the kind of Halloween II,which II like effect I also think that,its kind of cool to transition into,fall like you compare it with like a,really brightly colored sweater and it,would be really cool this one is also,linked below it was fifty two dollars,and this did not have a size its kind,of like a one size fits all thing okay,so this one was my most expensive item,it was seventy three ninety and I got it,extra small the reason that I splurged,so much on this one was because like I,am a ballerina and I just like had to,have it like it gives me all the,ballerina vibes like it would have been,my dream skirt when I was little and,thought that I was going to grow up to,be a ballerina princess one day its,really dreamy I love the layers like I,love that its tiered the only thing I,actually dont like about it though and,kind of disappointed me for the price,point was the elastics like pretty cheap,and that was kind of true the black one,too but less so so this one like the,elastic is pretty cheap too where it,gets like all like twisted up in there,so its kind of like starting to turn in,on itself and I feel like at a price,point of almost 80 bucks like I expected,better quality elastic so I dont love,that so Im a little bit disappointed,about the elastic but I overall think,its a really pretty look it does have a,liner too so it is okay even though such,like color like its not see-through at,all okay so the next one is also kind of,a departure of what Sheikh wish usually,has on their sights like I would,definitely say that it has better stuff,for like spring and summer its not,really like where I would go for like,fall shopping well I say that but it to,me it has cuter stuff for spring/summer,than it does for fall in winter except,for the coats their coats are so awesome,I have two coats from there that I,absolutely love that I got in previous,orders but this one is kind of not like,a spring and summer piece so its kind,of a departure of what I usually order,from sheepish and what theyre usually,pushing on their advertisement but the,reason I got this is because its really,unique looking its giving me Cruella de,Vil vibes which is really cool I dont,really have anything else in my closet,that gives me Cruella de Vil vibes,I love the cutouts on the dress I think,theyre really unique just like the spot,where they hit I love the material the,most is probably my favorite thing about,it its kind of like thick really,stretchy material like and the whole,thing is super stretchy so it conforms,perfectly to your body like very body,con so it makes me look really curvy,especially where the white lines hit it,makes me look really hourglass II and,thats always a good thing right thats,what youre always striving for so I,really really love this one it was 52,bucks and I got an extra small and its,linked below – this is the first of the,tops that I got in my order as you can,see it is a blue and white striped,situation again just like the skirt its,very like roughly at the bottom and,billowy just like that skirt clearly Im,not ready for a summer to be over,because like these colors are speaking,to me right now the buttons are not real,but that doesnt really bother me,because theyre not like low quality or,Chiefy or anything and theyre not like,hanging off like I see from some other,like online clothing sites I really love,the sleeves they give me like a louis,xiv or like french nobility vibe which,im really into and youll see like in,the next couple of tops im really into,that right now for summer,and even though I didnt even realize it,I like that the elastic isnt a really,flattering place on your waist like a,big problem that I have with button-up,shirts all the time is that theyre,there too if they fit me in the,shoulders theyre too wide and the,ribcage part but this one its like an,elastic that hugs your waist so its,really great,this one was 39 90 and I got a small and,it is linked below or the next top that,I have is very similar to that one and,cut but what I love about it is that,again you can adjust it so like you tie,it at the waist its kind of hard to,figure out how to tie and I had to go,back and look at the picture but I,figured it out eventually so you tie it,at the waist so that you can kind of,like adjust the ribcage size so thats,perfect I love that I love that its,like a fresh take on something thats,really classic like a white button-up,but its like a way more unique take on,that so something that I really love,about chic wish is that they have unique,pieces that you wouldnt see or in other,sites this one was 42 dollars and I got,an extra small this one is not available,in white anymore but Ive linked down,below the other color this last one is,also giving me major French nobility,vibes like remember that part in Beauty,and the Beast where like he gets all,dressed up to do like the tale as old as,time dance when shes wearing the yellow,dress and hes like all froofy peppers,like this dislike chest part here,reminds me of that so like definitely,like old French nobility vibes again I,really like the color I like that its,like nude kind of new di

*HONEST* Chicme Review + Try-on Haul

yeah no,[Music],hi guys and welcome back to my channel,um im filming on my phone its a little,bit different for me,so if i keep trying to look its because,its a little different setup for me so,i posted a poll,on my instagram about if you guys wanted,the tea,on um however you say,shake me chick me whatever the case is,you know the brand that youve been,seeing all over facebook,and its a 100 yes so,all the clothes behind me minus this,dress over here,is from them plus a few more pieces that,i do have on my bed,um so were just going to get into it if,you want to see the review on this and,im actually going to try some of the,pieces on for you,um just keep watching so everything i,have from them came in,one of these little bags minus one skirt,it came in just a regular plastic bag,so i mean the packaging is not anything,spectacular you literally just,open it looks like that um so,first things first were gonna talk,about the actual,customer service part first um,so i ordered these clothes,when did i leave for nationals i left,june,18th so i ordered them,a month prior to that if i can find the,exact date i will post it here somewhere,but i ordered them,over a month prior like either a month,or a little bit before a month,prior to when i needed them for when i,left for nationals because i was going,to wear these clothes,in florida for my national pageant so,i ordered them and i paid for expedited,shipping,it was an expedited i literally got them,half of my order mind you i got half of,my order,was it a day before i left and the other,half,the ones that i actually really needed,which would have been my orientation,outfit my white party outfit,and one other important outfit that i,needed,they didnt get here until the friday i,was in florida so the package was,sitting at my door the entire time i was,in florida and i was in florida for a,whole week,so yeah so i tried to cancel,the other half of the order while trying,to cancel the entire order all together,because um were gonna get into that in,a little bit but then i tried to cancel,the other half that hadnt made it to me,yet,and they told me i had to wait until i,had received everything,in order to cancel it so yeah,i was so frustrated because like like i,said i really needed these clothes so i,can leave,but um so when i got them i was not,satisfied im not gonna lie to you i was,not satisfied with the first half of the,order,and so because i was not satisfied with,the first half i kind of assumed that,the second half was gonna be,not as great i dont know but anyways i,am done talking about that ill talk,about it more when i get to the actual,pieces,and yeah just know,their customer service is i mean they,responded obviously they responded,um in a timely manner um prior to the,fact because i messaged them several,times like i paid for expedited shipping,and i do not have my stuff yet where are,my clothes,so they did um respond quickly to that,and they do have a policy that um its,i want to say 30 days after you receive,your package,is the only time like within those 30,days is the only time that you can,actually get a refund,once i received the first half i told,them i didnt want it,and then they start responding to me but,yeah anyways i feel like im rambling,now at this point but let me just get,into trying on some of the pieces this,shirt is actually from them,move up a little bit okay so its just,like an off-the-shoulder situation,i did wear this in florida with a,different skirt ima grab the shorts,that actually goes with it,this is actually one of my favorite,shirts they made a mistake and they sent,me the outfit twice,the same outfit twice so i have two of,these shirts now i love this shirt its,comfortable it fits,really good it makes me look really good,i love the one shoulder action let me,grab the shorts that are supposed to go,with this,and ill be right back all right so,these are the shorts,that are supposed to go with this shirt,i ordered everything,based on measurements because this is a,chinese based company,so i bet order them all based on my,measurements so some of them are extra,large some of them,are a large i think i want to say,um like this skirt shorts situation,is an extra large and so its the top so,the top fits great,i am going to put these shorts on for,you,and then im going to show you what it,looks like all right so here are the,shorts that are supposed to go,um with the shirt,its very cute the outfit the concept is,very cute but,theyre extremely see-through not only,that like the belt,does not fit like,okay so i could get past like wearing it,without a belt but guess what,so the belt comes off but the belt,itself does not fit,so i can get past wearing it without a,belt because like,just buy another bow and put it in there,but theyre so see-through,that i literally could not wear these if,you could literally see,the entire outline of the shirt in my,underwear through and i will show you,the material up close,but um i was very disappointed this is,like such a cute little outfit,all right so this is outfit number two,um,i dont have a bra on but i actually did,wear this outfit in florida is one of my,favorite ones from the entire,lovely collection that i did buy from,them so i wore this one in florida,ill insert pictures um it is extremely,see-through as well,but if you like can get past that,i dont know i actually think this,outfit is very cute its a,ive worn this like several times now so,not gonna lie because,its its comfortable and its just i,dont know i think its cute,all right so im gonna go ahead and,review this in this outfit because um,there is literally no way im fitting,into this so,as you can see my little sticker is,supposed to be an extra large,and i have more,thats annoying its a cute little,leather skirt or whatever,you know super cute supposed to go like,this,obviously super cute it does not stretch,at all and,like i said theres no way im gonna fit,in this supposed to be extra large but,it aint gonna happen and it smells,weird,ew like i could,lets see lets do this for fun guys,just yeah no,let me go ahead and show you back up so,you can see,its not going up past my thighs like,theres no way im,gonna be able to wear this and i had,ordered it to wear with um this t-shirt,that i had made,for my friend at her pageant but,doesnt fit outfit number four,all right so this outfit i literally had,to laugh when i tried it on because,um is it to the back im not gonna go,through the hassle zipping it up because,it is extremely see-through it is,egg strainly see-through,um the material is very cheap,its like i dont even know what you,know what you would consider this,the color is absolutely gorgeous though,i love it but like,honey if this was my texture is almost,full,but this color bomb but its so,see-through that i literally was like,you cant do it um im gonna take this,off and im gonna show you the material,up close,because i cant do that with it on my,body so this,is the material up close like its super,super light,its super see-through i dont even know,what its considered this is an extra,large um besides the fact that,again yeah extra large so besides the,fact that its see-through,it does fit i just,i dont know you would have to like its,like a material that like you couldnt,even go,[Music],like naked completely naked under here,because like they would literally see,everything like all of your business,would be shown through this material,because like,i have so many lights in here so its,probably making it like,to where you cant see how see there it,is but like honey,its see-through next all right so the,next outfit little,outfit is this jumpsuit um,it has opposed to the other ones like it,has a little bit of stretch to it,it was supposed to come with a belt,theres no belt here,um it has like the the scrunchy,pant bottom thingies um just like,everything else its extremely,see-through and i really wish it would,have came with a belt because it had,like this really cute belt

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Royalton Chic Cancun Resort Review – Good or Bad?

all right everyone as you can see were,at the Royalton Chic in Cancun Im going,to get right to the point like I always,do were Elton cheek Cancun good or bad,excellent absolutely phenomenal,were gonna break this video down to,different sub sections here lets get to,the immediate reviews so I dont waste,your time Adults Only Resort you husband,wife spouse whatever you guys want to,come down here and hang out is this a,good option in my opinion phenomenal,option Im here with my wife right now,were celebrating our 15-year wedding,anniversary,this is Im Im not one if you watch a,lot of my other reviews I am not one for,a small Resort in Cancun I love Cancun,but theyre not big on land so,everything is kind of vertical as you,see here after a while I sort of get,closed in but how they had this laid out,is pretty smart and I never me,personally I didnt feel that experience,I havent heard anyone complain about it,everyone has been down here Ive been,down here about five days now so Ive,been polling other people that are down,here getting their opinion getting their,feedback and it all lines up with mine,so its not like Im the anomaly here,lets get into it Im going to start,talking about the layout a bit and then,kind of mesh that into where everything,is in terms of the restaurants and all,sorts of,special activities whatnot so lets get,in heres your main lobby,so standard for any kind of resort and,to the lobby different sections one,section would be like your general,admission check in,its right in front of us and then off,to the right if you had something like a,diamond club membership which Royalton,is big on,you get a private check-in so I never,experienced the other one we always had,a Diamond Club,and so that was how we always came in it,was only what 15 minutes to,to book in so its really nice various,stores over here so if you need glasses,sunscreen shirts things like that they,got you covered lets get out here,theyre different restaurants that are,down here,grotty all the way in the back back over,here,all right and again Im sorry Im being,far away theyve got music blasting down,there and its actually really good,music so gratis down here its the,Italian restaurant really cool because,during the day that pizzas to go so you,can just go out there and grab a pizza,and well see if you dont want to like,take your swimming pants off or anything,you can just kind of grab pizza have a,seat do your thing next to that you have,a coffee shop thats over there coffee,Shops really really nice to have,different pastries and whatnot that are,in there iced coffee hot coffee hot tea,you name it,um,pools so again not a huge Resort but,really good use of space if you ask for,my opinion General Pool right here,General meaning anyone could be in here,regardless of what like status or level,of emission that you have,oh theyre pulling chairs around back,behind me okay then youve got this kind,of like laid back loungy area here where,they should have seats here and you just,kind of kick into the pool nice and,quiet down here youve got like a,Jacuzzi style area so they put the Jets,on you kind of hang out in there now if,you do opt for a Diamond Club,membership,we come down here,and what the Diamond Club does which is,typical of the other Royalton resorts,you have a Diamond Club,in the past we were in Dominican,Republic and we had Diamond Club,it felt very exclusive there was hardly,anyone that was here like it was like 10,people in this ginormous pool here the,pools a lot smaller and again thats,just how it goes in Cancun but theres,so many Diamond Club members that are,down here this pool is packed,and the general mission one isnt so,weve been just kind of taking turns and,we dont care you know its not like,anyone stepping on each others toes,here tons of seating theres never a,situation I think Ive talked about this,in the past with other Resorts weve,gone to where people play this game,where five in the morning theyre,putting towels out reserving seats look,around no ones doing that its not,necessary theres such an abundance of,seating,I think that was a problem in the past,maybe Resorts of like wisen up to it or,just threw more seats out I dont know,uh in the back youve got behind the,bars typical like this one snack area so,again if you dont want to get upstairs,and get formal whatever you just want to,grab a snack usually around 12 12 30,they start firing up those those grills,and they have Burgers dogs sausages and,fries all sorts of really good finger,food uh typical of any pool what good is,a pool without its own swim up bar so,youve got all these really great,swimming bars here,and then same with over here,youve got another bar back there was,that one called dips so you have the,dips bar and then they serve food as,well we have a little menu there and you,get nachos and things like that and they,also have the hot food that comes and,goes every half hour so just random,stuff theyll be thrown out there really,neat stuff,tons of areas to sit like they have,little Lounge areas back here just kind,of to get out of the Sun and whatever I,dont know about you but Im baking down,here and I tan but it is kicking my tail,Beach talking about the beach beach is,phenomenal everyone always asks whats,the seaweed situation like whats a,seaweed situation look I never judge a,resort on a seaweed I mean I dont judge,regardless I do kind of give points,though to how fast they clean the,Seaweed off,they are constantly out here granted,its early time its seven oclock in,the morning here,theyre constantly out here cleaning,seaweed its July the seaweed its just,how its going to be,you dont smell it you dont get flies,Ive been to other Resorts where they,just did a horrible job cleaning it up,and it would be mountains and mountains,and mountains of seaweed and just it,stunk and it was horrible not like that,here you gotta get some seaweed but,theyre constantly grooming,grooming the sand I mean you can tell at,one point some truck or something made a,pass already because its nice and level,in the old days theyll just be out here,cleaning it up cleanliness is key down,here really big on just constantly,sweeping the constantly cleaning theyre,constantly picking things up really,really impressive its a Monster job to,keep a resort like this as impeccable as,they do,all right so like I said,not big on,real estate because it is Cancun so they,build vertical so,vertical were gonna go up,so we got the two restaurants that were,over here,[Music],if youre like me youre like my wife,and for just traveling between one floor,to another floor theres really no point,in waiting for an elevator these,elevators can take a bit of time,stairs and these stairs are pretty cool,because,they loop around and then you kind of,get a full View,of whats going on back here,so here you get your Steakhouse we did,the steakhouse for the first night,we,it was good,it was hardly what,I kind of expected I thought it was,going to be,pretty phenomenal it was good,of all the food weve had this probably,was not the best,in terms of the restaurants here,so,lets continue up over the third floor,where the food shines youve got your,buffet buffet is wonderful,its not like a standard kind of,Buffet where things are soggy and,lukewarm no its actually really really,good the phase not open yet back there,tons of seating tons of options in terms,of,views if you want to look at the strip,on the other side youve got the ocean,so and its all panoramic so you can see,everything you cant lose,Agave we ate here last night Mexican,food,Top Notch like absolutely top-notch can,I stress that enough,good,however the next day when we went to,Jade that we had we had Chinese food,that night,blew our minds it was absolutely,phenomenal,[Music],lets go downstairs,on the very very like the basement area,you have the gym Im sorry the gym,and you have the spa,I think the gym actually theres a gym,back here Jims on second floor sorry,Ill show you the gy

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today im sharing no less than seven,classy and chic french handbags with a,review of the collection at pullen paris,now if youve followed my channel for a,while youll already know that im a,huge fan of the parisian brand belen i,love the styles the quality and of,course the color palette and after lots,of requests from lovely subscribers i,thought it was about time i did a full,review of their collection i do feel,very lucky to have worked with polen a,lot so i do already have a lovely,selection of their handbags however as i,mentioned in my french women chic,lookbook that i did recently if youve,missed that one i will pop a link in the,description box below but there i,mentioned that i borrowed a selection of,pele paris handbags so i could really,give you a good idea of all the,different styles and the color palette,that theyre available in,dont forget everything i feature in,todays video will be linked in the,description box below along with a link,for you to follow me on all my other,social channels should you wish so today,ill be talking you through their range,pretty much in full i have the very,classy numero un the minion the nano the,incredibly cheap numerous set both large,and small,the new inn numero di hobo the numero,wheat and the timeless french chic le,cabbas in fact i think im only missing,the numero neuf however i have actually,seen that in person two so i can give,you my opinion on that one as well,essentially if youve been debating,purchasing one of their handbags this,video should give you the full rundown,of everything you need to know so lets,start this review at the very beginning,with the classy timeless and,best-selling numero un now i have this,myself in the monochrome black this is,the textured version and ive also,borrowed it in the gray so i can show,you this tone as a lovely alternative,now i probably use this handbag the most,out of all of my handbags and i would,say thats mostly down to the size it,can fit just about everything i like to,take around with me which is quite a lot,so the numero un is a very feminine,shape with all these lovely gentle,curves and i do find it a really classy,addition to all my outfits it just,suddenly makes me feel more elevated i,could be wearing the most laid back,outfit i have but when i add this,handbag into the mix i suddenly feel,more polished in a very french chic kind,of fashion now the leather like i,mentioned is textured calf grain leather,which i think adds to the luxe feeling,of the bag and you have these little,poppers that retain the shape of that,curve but it also gives you the option,to open it out bigger should you need,more space inside you have a zipped,pocket as well as two flat pockets,and though not big enough for a laptop,you can really get a lot of stuff in,here in fact thats probably a good idea,lets see how many things i can get into,each of these handbags so you can really,get a good idea of just how big they are,okay lets have a look,purse,my phone,put my lipstick in the zip pockets i can,get that easy shall we be ambitious and,try the entire makeup bag,hand cream yeah no theres loads of room,in there so yes theres lots of space in,there if like me you are a bit of a,hoarder when it comes to filling up your,handbags and as you can see doing it up,with all of that stuff in it although,its a bit heavy it hasnt lost its,shape at all strap wise i tend to wear,it probably in four different ways,depending on my outfit booked over my,arm you could use the strap over your,shoulder and then of course there is,enough room there to go crossbody as,well so its an elegant classy and very,timeless design thats got lots of space,and its beautiful quality of course it,actually feels like it should cost a lot,more than it does,lets take a look now to the newest,super chic addition to the plen handbag,collection the numero di hobo now this,style is available in both a smaller,half moon shape and the larger one which,is called the hobo that ive borrowed to,share with you in this review both,styles have been inspired by the,equestrian world of saddlery which now i,know i can see that through the,detailing across the front here its got,a curved strap foam padding and the,strap is actually adjustable but i must,say i actually prefer leaving it quite,short like this so i can wear it over my,shoulder you could however wear it,crossbody and long on the shoulder as,well if you wanted palen paris very,kindly offered if i would like to choose,a bag from their collection and i,actually went for this one in the chalk,i just think its very classy and chic,especially when im trying to channel my,inner french woman style i thought this,handbag would work perfectly now the d,hobo is actually quite a structured bag,more structured than you would think it,is and thats something i tend to warm,to particularly as i know it really,elevates your outfits this one seems a,little bit like the numerous set it,doesnt feel like its going to lose its,shape any time soon so taking a look,inside lets see how much we can really,get in here its not very wide at the,bottom but obviously its quite long so,i think were going to get quite a bit,in there lets do a bit of a stuff test,phone is going to fit easy purse lets,go for hungry,no i think i might ruin the shape if i,tried to put my entire makeup bag in,there so different to the new maroon,youve got a flat pocket inside this one,rather than a zip and i think the inside,of there is suede it feels really lovely,and soft so ive not overstuffed the bag,but ive definitely got all my,essentials in there that i like to take,around with me and as you can see weve,not lost that beautiful classy and,timeless shape i love this bag i am very,very excited for mine to arrive,people often ask me which is your,favorite perlen paris handbag that,youve got but its a really hard,decision to make because they all seem,to offer something different for lots of,different occasions which is kind of,where my heads at when i saw the numero,un mini in person ive fallen in love,with this one too i absolutely love it,in fact doing this video is probably,really dangerous for me because i want,them all smaller than the classic numero,un but larger than the nano the mini,strikes the perfect balance for me with,those gentle folds and subtle hardware,its just the epitome of french chic,its simple its understated and so,timeless you would literally have it for,years and if were keeping points on,versatility i think this particular,style would work perfectly both for day,and for night i think the shade of grey,theyve used is just stunning the,quality is impeccable the gold hardware,stands out but its really subtle and,elegant which then in turn feels really,effortless this is just my cup of tea so,if i open the clasp here like its big,sister its got the folds here with the,poppers so you can open those out,if you want a little bit more space and,as you can see there for a small handbag,thats got quite a lot of room so i,think to get this sized person there im,going to need those poppers open lets,see if i can get that in,no its a little bit too tall,can we go sideways,you know its a little bit tight,widthwise getting that purse in but i,can just about do it,and i could probably,close those folds as well,i would just be nervous whether im,going to ruin the shape a little bit,because i can kind of feel the purse,really pulling on that leather there now,because i love the bag so much i,probably wouldnt risk it with that,particular person and use something,different thats just a tiny bit smaller,on the width or maybe just take my cards,out so probably a no on that purse,obviously you can get my phone in there,and you get some makeup in there,um,i could get my hairbrush in there as,well just about an angle,so in all honesty you are going to have,to adapt what you put in there maybe use,a slightly smaller purse but i,personally dont mind at all because i,just love the handbag so much now like i,mentione


hello guys welcome back i am vandessa,and if youre new here to my home hello,i love fashion home decor,and everything else that has to do with,everything else so guys,i am coming to bring you,a review and what i have been going,through with a brand and if you want to,know what this brand is,please stay tuned,[Music],[Music],so guys what is this brand name it is,right here,chick me,guys i saw some being on facebook it,kept popping up and i was like oh you,know i really do like these pieces went,into their website,some pieces im like oh yes i can see,your girl coming up on her 48th birthday,i can rock some of these pieces,guys guys guys,so what im going to do first i am going,to introduce the pieces,to you,so,the order took,a little over a month to get to me,kept tracking it kept tracking it,got hold to the company im like okay,wheres my package 100 worth of stuff up,wheres my package,still no package they would not respond,to me,finally they respond to me and say oh it,may be a delay,then it stayed at custom it was at,customs for about two weeks,um so finally,it made it to my home,how did it come,well,this is let me turn it backwards,this is the package it came in,the package was,this much,wide,open okay,so instantly when i got it i noticed,that i ordered a pair of sandals the box,are crushed to nothing,this is how the box came,mind you i ordered a pair of shades,and they put them inside this box,in that flimsy bag,okay,so,what i want to do im going to tell you,about the items and then im going to,show you guys,what i have been going through with this,company ever since i received the,package okay and it is unheard of i have,yet to get my money back,nothing has been done,and i have asked these people several,times hey i didnt get all my items,things are damaged pieces are missing,this package was open i waited over a,month and where is my money you can have,this crap,okay so guys lets get into the pieces,okay guys so the first thing that caught,my eyes on this website was this cutie,patootie suit oh my gosh i was like this,with some heels,and i bought a suit up under it i was,like yes can you bring in your 48th,birthday light what fine as wine,so guys,let me show you what i received,okay guys i dont know the,card ran out of space i dont even know,the last thing i said but anywho um i,was saying they come in a cute little,bag like this and it says,chick me on it and in this bag guys,this cute little outfit i mean it it,delivered to what it said it looked like,but it was nice if i would have got all,of it and also it fit because i ordered,a size large let me make sure,this one is,no i ordered an extra large because i,know it was china based so i was like,let me go ahead and order a extra large,these are the shorts they are absolutely,so nice they are so nice they are well,made,very very well made there was no,clippings of no threads no nothing they,are sort of sheer in a way but im like,you know put on a black undergarment i,mean it would rock,the downfall god is,so look at this picture and tell me,whats missing,like what is missing off of this yes so,every day with my package being open,uh they said because this bag was,partly unzipped,so therefore,i didnt even get all my package,all of my items i didnt even get so,besides that i said well you know what,let me go now ima tell you,can you hear that,there is no give no give at all so if,you looking to order this,dont if if if you are a size 8,you can wear this,im a 10,and i cant wear it,um,so,i can say the material is,a nice material it feels like,a suede type feel,beautiful work beautiful i cannot,complain with that although i thought it,had pockets but it doesnt but other,than that if it was a complete outfit it,would have been absolutely so cute and,if the sharks would fit,the the over jacket is oversized so i,know that would have fit but if the,shots were to fit,it would have worked out,so now let me show you this cute outfit,so this outfit is this one right here,and guys how this girl was marvelous and,i was like oh yes and its my color its,all white i love it another outfit for,my birthday,so here it is it came with this cute,little chick me bag also,when i pulled it out the first thing i,was like okay,i see you fabric,i was like i see a lot of threads that i,shouldnt see,i see like look,like threads everywhere,i mean like everywhere,but um overall hat is made it is very,very nice,um these are the pants,very nice but of course you see in,between the leg,there theres another one oh well on the,bottom here,theres another one,yeah so,i ordered this in an extra large because,i was like okay china-based let me get,an extra large because i already know,so guys,this is the pens,now,this is the shirt,thats the shirt,looking at it i love how the,shoulders are made you can drop a,shoulder be sexy with it says chick me,on the inside,guys i put this on and these pants stop,right there i dont even have budgets in,my hips or anything these pants stop,when i pull up the top and i was like,im not even going to try to put this,thing on im not even,so,this was a no,so,now lets go on to,these shoes,okay so the shoes that i order are these,shoes,i thought they were absolutely so cute,um,i was like okay i can rock these with,that little green outfit i can rock that,together like that,okay guys,i received the shoes and ive already,told you,right that is how the box came,whatever,and,these are the shoes,so its like when i got them first of,all i didnt see that gold on the back,and thats so ugly,but,listen to this,the soles are freaking rubber,these are rubber,its rubber,its freaking rubber,im sitting there like are you serious,and then the material on the shoes,remind of the old black,stockings that some people on the usher,boy used to wear,or you know back in the days,no,so,im sitting there again like,what are those,what what what are they,like what are they,so the shades unfortunately i cannot,show you because it was in that box,they were crushed,okay,so now lets get into,me,contacting,the seller,okay guys if you look right here so the,first thing you notice that i have,contacted them,20,times,not one not two,not three,but 20 times concerning,this issue,20 times,so lets go back up here to the very,first one and i put in there hi i,ordered my received my order today,after about a month,all of the pieces in this order is not,in the package in fact my package was,open the items are much too small and,the items,need to be returned i am a youtuber so i,will be ordering more but i see,i must buy a plus size in order for it,to fit the off-white outfit is way too,small,the shoes,and also the shorts,outfit,only the shorts was in the package i,need to know how to return the item,thank you,okay,uh that was july,that was june the 30th same day i,received it july 1st hello thank you for,your letter i am so sorry about that,could you offer the skewed number and,the items that you are talking about,under the code on the package,um we will try our best to help you,please note the fallen ice can,cant be returned or exchanged,mass swimsuit lingerie,bathing suits swimwear jewelry and,accessories have a nice day regard leo,okay so you know hey im like boom i,aint worried about that because,i only know that so here i did exactly,what they asked i put all of,the information in there so,um i put,the shoes how it was when i said this is,the shoe how it came the sunglasses,inside the box are broken laughs out,loud this order was just a mess but i,know your company didnt send it out,like this so i was giving them a,compliment already to let them know your,hey i know your company is sending out,like this but this is how i received it,so next um i showed them,the,shorts and i let them know on this,outfit nothing but the shorts was in,this package but they are too small so i,was letting you know hey they are just,still too small so lets say hello sorry,for,our products not being satisfied to you,um the order is better optimize our,product size s

Royalton Chic Suites Cancun Review || Walk through/Restaurants/Entertainment

[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel,in this video ill be doing a review of,royalton,chic sweets cancun resort and spa this,resort is adults only so it was perfect,for our girls trip so ill be going over,our experience,entertainment food activities and just,give you guys an overall review,so as soon as you arrive at the resort,your temperature is taken,and youre offered a welcome drink,[Music],do,[Music],do,[Music],do,so,[Music],so,[Music],so guys this is the lobby bar and i,tried to zoom in so you guys can have an,idea of the alcohol that they serve here,now over to my right on that first shelf,is the diamond club exclusive alcohol,and ill let you guys decide if its,worth it or not,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],so guys here we have the beach and the,water was nothing short of,beautiful on days when the waves were,too crazy the lifeguard wouldnt allow,us to go in we could only put our feet,in or lay by the shore but when the,water was much calmer we were able to go,in and swim,and do other activities,[Music],this is the buffet area and this was,open daily for breakfast lunch and,dinner,many nights when the other restaurants,were fully booked and we didnt want to,wait we actually came here,to have dinner i personally stuck to the,seafood options because they were made,fresh to order,and they were pretty good im not gonna,lie,[Music],so guys this is hunters steakhouse and,i will try to capture as many menus as,possible just to give you an idea of,what is served in each restaurant,now the one thing i can say is dont go,to the restaurant if youre super hungry,go to the buffet because you will sit in,every restaurant for at least an hour,before you actually get your,meal which can be frustrating now the,steak house was decent the only downfall,is they didnt serve our steak the way,we order them,for instance mine i ordered medium well,and i got it,almost raw i think and my friend ordered,you know medium and she got it well done,so the quality control here is not the,greatest,but the customer service as usual was,very very good,[Music],[Music],[Music],do,[Music],so,[Music],so guys this was what i ordered from,room service and i know it doesnt look,like it but it actually tasted very,good but as you can see the portions are,very small,so if you do order this plate,make sure you get two servings for one,person,[Music],[Music],another thing i absolutely loved about,this resort was,the nightlife there was always something,to do that catered,to every type of crowd for instance this,was a performance in the outdoor theater,and sometimes they would have,performances on the third floor which is,in the martini mix bar that usually goes,on until like,1 1 30. if theyre not having a,performance theres always a dj playing,music,and our absolute favorite is the silent,headphone party that they had at the,outdoor theater,we had so much fun here,so,[Music],[Music],so,[Music],[Music],[Music],so,so another good thing about royalton is,its,location it is literally an eight to ten,minute walk to the cancun strip,so we got to experience you know local,food mexican tacos,meet the people visit the craft market,and also we ended up partying at a club,called mandala,and let me tell you this club is super,fun,but its very packed on the weekend and,also very expensive so keep that in mind,but youll have a great time here,[Music],so guys to wrap this video up i just,want to quickly mention the elevators,they can be annoying because there are,only four people,allowed on the elevator at a time due to,covid,so you know there were only six of them,servicing 18 floors,so wait time could be up to 10 minutes,give or take but besides that my,experience,at royalton was amazing the pros,far outweighed the cons and i would,definitely return,so tell me what you guys think about,this resort and as usual ill,answer any questions you have please,like share comment and dont forget to,[Music],subscribe

Chicwish Review | Why You Should AVOID This Company! (2019)

this right here is actually the piece,that made me really be like what the,actual really chic wish youre really,selling lists of people your scam,artists hi guys welcome back to the,whimsy soul Channel Im really happy to,have it here today Im gonna be doing a,chic wish haul in review Im sure you,have seen this company on Instagram,you probably got served some Facebook,Ads they do a lot of gifting with,influencers so Im sure youve seen your,favorite influencer breath something by,cheek wish at some point in time theyre,really known for these super whimsical,and funky at trendy pieces like this,sweater and this dress very cute so I,had to try them out for myself just,gonna let you know this isnt gonna be a,nice review I had a lot of problems that,Im excited to share with you before we,get started you know the drill make sure,to subscribe click that little,notification thatll also follow me on,Instagram I put out I cheat vs every,Monday and Friday and I post there,almost daily so you can find me there as,well alright lets start this review,alright what did I get here I got a,bunch of items I got a couple skirts,boom oh Im sorry theyre all this right,here and a few tops so Im going to walk,through all the items with you and my,general experience with chic wish which,has not been nice as already told you so,when I do these clothing hauls I am,giving the companies our rating based on,customer service shipment speed of,shipment the actual quality of clothes,and the trendiness start off with the,good thing the one good thing is that,they do have cute trendy Styles that,being said the quality is quite hit or,miss so they dont quite deliver on that,but they do get a point for having,trendy cute styles lets just get into,story time real quick I actually ordered,three skirts not two and I apologize for,the trap,knowing its out there I live on a busy,street old building problems and I got,my first order within a few days and I,was super impressed about the speed so I,originally was like great big an a-plus,on speed this is amazing and then I,realized that my order was actually,split in two not one not two but three,parts and I wasnt notified about this,so I went and logged on to my Sheikh,Bush like order account because I wanted,to return a couple of the things and,then I saw oh wait I have two more,skirts that I ordered that I havent,gotten I wasnt provided a tracking,number for these theyre split up into,separate orders and I was never told,that theyre going to be coming at,different times the worst thing is,though I didnt really I didnt get an,update about these things until I,reached out to customer service so I had,to be proactive and be like yo where is,the stuff that I ordered I spent like,250 dollars as she wished and I was,really bummed out to find out that half,my order just wasnt wasnt here so the,second skirt this blue one it took a lot,longer to arrive but took at least a,week afterwards and the third one still,has not arrived its been about three,weeks so I reached out to them and I was,saddened separate email chains for like,both of these skirt orders so great but,this one I kept I kept asking when is,this one coming,when is this one coming when is this,homecoming and the customer support,agents kept just copying and pasting,their script were like oh this skirt,needs five to seven more days to be,produced and then Id reach out a few,days later be like can I have an update,and theyre like okay well this skirt,needs five to seven more days to be,produced so after their third time I was,just like good my skirts never coming,they clearly sold it to me even though,it wasnt made yet they have to make a,new one and its not coming at any point,time soon so its been a rollercoaster,ride trying to sort out returns as Ill,mention at the end of this Im returning,every single thing that I got because,its all really crappy just like the,short end if you want to stop watching,right now I do not like their quality of,clothes I do not like the customer,service,I think they overcharged for everything,so if you just stop watching right now,you can got enough if youre curious to,learn more keep on watching but yeah I,went to Im trying to return at all but,base because things like are split into,different orders and stuff and this one,skirt never actually arrived Im getting,double charged for return fees thats,the thing chic which has like a super,odd return policy you can get charged,between 8 and 13 dollars for your,turning bangs which is not cheap at all,its like its not fun so Im getting,charged an additional eight dollars,because I never got this skirt so,theyre charging me to ship it back even,though its not even made yet hey Twyla,Twyla please stop eating the bag quiet,Network,she really likes eating plastic so yeah,thats been fun um I also after I,ordered from them I hopped onto bed a,Better Business Bureau,I have an F rating for BBB thats not,good you guys most of the complaints,were about super delayed shipments which,I am victim of and then a lot of them,were that they never actually got their,return they return the things but they,never accredited for their return so Im,already like mentally preparing to have,a big battle within and then probably,getting my credit card company involved,to actually get refunded for these items,knowing that is a little easier so like,I at least know to look out for that if,you do choose to order from sheepish,just be super careful about that and,just know that you might run into really,long shipping delays and you might have,to get your credit card company involved,because they tend to have a track record,of not refunding people thats always,fun all right lets look at some clothes,people lets lets get this show on the,road so this is one of their most,popular items if you look on their page,its supposedly one that people really,like and I liked the bow I thought it,looked really cute this is what it looks,like Im a model and does not look that,way on me so as you can see it is way,too large so I am a size 12 I usually,wear a large or extra-large usually for,companies like this I need an,extra-large because theyre made for,really super tiny people and I am NOT,that but as you can see on me it looks,super lumpy you cant really see that,theres a bow at all the bow is supposed,to be this cute statement thing and,instead it just makes it just looks like,a lumpy marshmallow on me,the material is scuba material which is,fine but in the summer get back its,really hot you know but it is pretty,comfy but yeah this in general like this,top just was a major a major miss for me,so I honestly think that I would have to,oh wait I just noticed I got sent an,extra large and I definitely ordered a,large so theyre already sending me,wrong items on top,this fun well I could have definitely,then worn a medium probably and been,just fine so sizing not not good there,which is bummer I thought business would,have looked really cute with a bunch of,high waisted things but not so much all,right you know what were on the shirt,hit okay lets do the second one so this,one is the second one I got and this is,actually the piece that I thought was,the best there are a lot of flaws with,this though but this one was the one I,was the most tempted to keep but at the,end of the day Im not so this one is,really on the model looks super cute,look at that the ruffles and everything,I like the color a lot as you can tell I,like blush but this is my fault I,totally missed the fact that this is,100% polyester which as you know its,not a high quality fabric as you can,tell from right here I dont even have,to cool it up close it gets really,wrinkly really quickly this is the type,of fabric that you can spend a whole,half-hour steaming and ironing and then,the second you put it on its wrinkly,again so for that reason I usually try,to avoid it clothes that are and made,out of that because Im not gonna Im,not gonna iron that seven times a day,its just impractical the se

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