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  2. The Musical that Saved a Genre – Lemme Review: Chicago (2002)
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  4. Its a History Haul! Univ. of Chicago Press Sale
  5. Chicago (2002) Movie Review | The Quest for the Bestest
  6. Lori Lightfoot Snaps At Reporter Asking About Companies Fleeing Chicago
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Week in Review: Chicago Casino Gets Approval Nod

[Music],thank you,[Music],good evening and welcome to the week in,review Im Paris schutz well be joined,by our week in review guests in just a,moment but first some of todays top,stories two people are dead after being,shot and killed outside of Benito Juarez,High School on the citys Southwest side,in all four people were shot around 2 30,this afternoon outside the school police,havent confirmed the names or ages of,anyone involved and superintendent David,Brown says there is no suspect yet,its the preliminary investigation were,just getting started were reviewing,video in the area were viewing our,cameras at our application district and,OMC and uh hopefully we will be able to,get further along with investing,investigation,mayor Lori Lightfoot says she has tested,positive for covet 19. Lightfoot,revealed the news late this afternoon,and says she is not feeling any symptoms,which she attributes to being fully,vaxed and boosted she says shell work,from home and follow the CDC guidelines,for isolation Lightfoot presided over a,full city council meeting yesterday and,this is her second reported case of,covet 19.,the Father the man charged with the,Highland Park shooting now faces,criminal charges of his own the Lake,County States Attorney is charging,Robert cremo Jr with seven counts of,Reckless conduct because he signed his,sons application for a firearm owners,identification card Robert cremo III is,being held without bail accused of,shooting and killing seven and wounding,dozens of others during the Highland,Park Fourth of July parade father cremo,Jr is set to appear before a judge,tomorrow,Federal prosecutors say Alderwood and,Kerry Austin is trying to pull a fast,one by claiming shes too sick to stand,trial Austin has said shes suffering,from health issues that should exempt,her from going to trial but in a court,motion today prosecutors say they did,limited surveillance of Austin and found,that she did a number of things among,them she visited a beauty store a fast,food restaurant and got her hair done,suggesting that she is exaggerating her,health issues Austin is charged with,getting personal benefits from a,contractor who is trying to do business,with the city among other things,and now to our week in review panel,joining us are Sarah carp of WBEZ 91.5,Mike Flannery of Fox 32 News Sarah,freistat of the Chicago Tribune and Greg,Pratt also of the Tribune and lets get,to our agenda for the evening first,after Decades of talk Chicago is on,track for a number of major projects,along sought after casino is approved by,city council older people also approve,Tif funding for extending the red line,to 130th on the far south side meanwhile,a controversial new high school on the,South Side approved on the Chas old,Harold ickys location and after nine,years and more than 800 million dollars,the Jane Byrne interchange officially,opens all right thats a lot to get to,Mike Flannery these are some big ticket,items that passed out of city council,yesterday the casino approval a tiff for,the red line extension South to 130th,these are things that even eluded former,mayor Rahm Emanuel should Lightfoot be,taking a Victory lap right,well she is uh and uh its uh many years,before uh that uh CTA project in,particular will begin construction uh,and then even additional years before uh,Riders will be uh using it but um the,the the first designation of of this as,a project the feds would be willing to,fund did come under mayor Manuel as you,noted and Greg Pratt are these the kind,of things that could translate to uh to,campaign success as polls are out now,showing that shes trailing some of her,Challengers,of course and the mayor has a variety of,things that shes been able to do and,succeed with in the past four years that,she can talk about and things that are,going uh down the pike like the casino,like the red line extension and the,issue for her is going to be whether she,can uh get that out there and get it out,there Beyond some of the things that,cause her problems like crime and like,the criticism of her personality,sometimes but she absolutely has things,to talk about all right lets take some,of these big ticket items and and pick,them apart Sarah freistat with the tax,increment financing district for the CTA,red line extension its about 900,million dollars that could be available,there how is this Tiff gonna work,so this tip is its a little bit,different than a um traditional Tiff,that you might be thinking of uh,basically theyll be taking,um that that roughly 950 million dollars,um its going to be generated,um in in a stretch of the city from,downtown to Bronzeville basically and,theyre going to take the money thats,generated there and and bring it further,south to um to build the red line to,extend it uh five and a half miles south,down to 130th Street from from 95th down,to 130th Street and they they passed,this uh before the end of the year,because they wanted to get some of that,Federal matching funds as much as two,billion dollars is it a cinch Sarah that,theyre gonna get that money that,Federal money,you know the the Tiff was,um pretty key it was a key step forward,in getting that but they do still have,to go out and get these federal grants,and then and and some other money on top,of the federal grants you know all told,this project is is supposed to be 3.6,billion dollars so theres still quite a,bit of money left to get Sarah carpa,this has been talked about since perhaps,the 1950s under former mayor Richard J,Daly so this is the funding aspect of it,but do you think this is actually going,to happen will there be shovels in the,ground at some point uh to start,building this extension,you know I I was just thinking about how,long this has been I remember when I was,working for the daily South Town right,out of school in 1995. they were talking,about this extension because you know,the the southern suburbs are very,interested in this especially like,um you know like Calumet City and places,farther south so its taken a long time,and I I do wonder if itll ever if it,will ever get done,um but now if they have money then then,that looks like thats a thats a good,thing but,um isnt it right that the aldermen for,um like the Brownsville area was not in,a complete the money out of the tip,right that was the one no vote,yeah so I think that thats kind of,interesting and you know,I wonder you know if shes if she can,can make some of a point because tips,are usually very you know very much what,the alderman wants,um and in fact the the Tiff money thats,being used by the cha land thats in all,their McDonalds area,um you know for the new near South High,School is something that she shes,really pushing for she was in favor of,that and I do want to get to that but,first lets uh run a quote for mayor,Lightfoot from yesterdays city council,meeting about this red line extension,vote,I just want to say congratulations to,the far south side its a long long long,time coming,its absolutely needed,okay so whats approved is this tax,increment financing District we we,havent seen the official plans to have,drawn up actually to to extend the red,line or or what date might this might,begin now Mike Flannery city council,also approves the casino plan uh is it a,cinch now that its going to get,approval from the gaming board because,that is the last step,well I think in the end that it will get,approval I wouldnt say its a cinch I I,think that Ballys will face some some,tough questions,um I I dont think and and again were,were looking at a transition,potentially in the mayors office uh,should Lori Lightfoot win re-election it,would certainly strengthen the case for,Ballys,um I I think there are potential slips,Twix cup and lip here as Shakespeare,once wrote but I think in the end,theyre going to win the states,approval Craig Pratt I dont have a,Shakespeare quote to provide you with,this question but I want to ask you,Brendan Riley brought up the fact that,Ballys uh is leveraged with a

The Musical that Saved a Genre – Lemme Review: Chicago (2002)

so the other day why was procrastinating,working on my big video I decided I,wanted to watch some sort of,light-hearted fun musical phone and,musical it was light-hearted it wasnt,so Chicago is a 2002 musical crime,comedy drama thing I think it was a,smash hit and even won Best Picture at,the 75th Academy Awards the film is,about Roxie Hart a struggling singer who,after cheating on her husband with the,promise of getting a spot and vaudeville,act shoots her lover when she finds out,he was lying Roxie is sent to an,all-womens prison where she meets Velma,Kelly a famous vaudevillian who rocks,hes a huge fan of that also murdered,her husband and her sister Roxie hears,that the prosecutors at immunity at,Roxie hung so she hires a big-shot,defense attorney named a Billy Flynn,Roxie soon realizes that she is getting,massive attention from the press due to,the trial and wants to drag her Fame out,for as long as possible,Ive always loved darker musicals like,Sweeney Todd and Little Shop of cars so,a musical about a murder trial is right,up my alley you may be asking its a,music cool house the music and its,pretty good,one of most important things for musical,is to have good music and Chicago has,that in spades each song moves the plot,along as well as being catchy and,enjoyable to listen to some highlights,are we both reached for the guns cell,block tango all that jazz and I move on,the only song it wasnt wild about was,mr. cellophane it does its job in,showing us how a mist feels through all,of this issue is not as enjoyable as the,other songs but its definitely not bad,all of the performances are great in,each of the characters are equally,unlikable but in a good way,the main problem for me though is the,editing the editing is super early 2000s,and its a very hyperactive its not,necessarily bad it just doesnt work for,me you can tell the editing as a,stylistic choice and it does work,sometimes unlike something like Bohemian,Rhapsody which has unintentionally awful,editing most musicals have great songs,but struggle to make the non singing,scenes live up to the same quality as,the musical numbers like 95% of Chicago,is musical numbers theres not many,scenes where theres not a song going on,but the non musical scenes like the,courtroom scene are equally high-energy,and just as interesting to watch the,costume design is fantastic with each,musical number having its own distinct,look every costume is super sparkly its,like the actress,were planning on leaving set and going,directly to the Oscars one interesting,thing that Chicago does is the way that,they frame each musical number in this,film every musical number is a cutaway,with characters on a stage expressing,their inner thoughts these scenes are,interwoven with what is happening in the,real world which is a very interesting,way to implement the musical numbers in,the story for example in one scene where,several other inmates are explaining how,they murdered their husbands to Roxy the,film cuts between the six girls acting,out their murders while doing the tango,with them casually explaining it to Roxy,while at lunch or while washing clothes,each musical number follows the rules of,this framing device and it leads to a,really interesting mix and even the,dancing in each musical number is,metaphorical and not just dancing for,the sake of dancing during the song we,both reached for the gun the film,attempts to show how Billy Flynn whos,played by Richard Gere has the presss,opinion of Roxy on a string the film,does this by cutting between Roxys reel,press conference with scenes of Flynn,controlling Roxy who looks like a dummy,and several journalists dancing around,the backgrounds that are meant to look,like marionettes this is one of those,films you go and pretty much for the,music the storys kind of bland its not,really all that jazz,you see what I did there for some reason,theres one part in the movie where Roxy,fires Billy Flynn and then like five,minutes later hes back and just,mentions that she rehired him earlier it,was probably something from the musical,that they had to cut for time but Im,not really sure why it was necessary for,the story one interesting thing is that,the agents of Renee Zellweger and,Catherine zeta-jones started fighting,about who got Top Billing on the poster,they solved it by doing this like,diagonal billing where the right side,was raised up and the left side was,lowered down so depending on which way,you read it one actress had top billing,one way and the other the other way I,just thought that was cool I guess in,speaking of petty celebrities lets talk,about the Oscars so this movie was an,award season darling and I think it,might be a little overrated,the film won six Oscars some of which it,deserved like best costume design but it,also won best picture while Chicago is,great I think most of the other films,nominated for awards were better and,more deserving of Best Picture they also,won best film editing further proving,that the Academy thinks that noticeable,editing equals good editing Chicago,along with Moulin Rouge are also,credited as helping create a resurgence,of big Hollywood musicals so we can,blame Chicago for cats is Chicago a,great musical yes should it have won,Best Picture,no Chicago is probably the best of the,modern movie musicals Im assuming its,a pretty good adaptation of Chicago,cause in most of these movies you see a,bunch of Broadway fans being like oh,its straying too far away from the,source material its not good but for,someone that never saw the play I,enjoyed it a lot,Chicago is a great musical thats pretty,funny at times and has some great,costume design songs and dance sequences,while the story could be a little meteor,and the editing could be a lot better,its definitely still a great film and,thats why Im giving Chicago an 8 out,of 10 there arent a whole lot of modern,movie musicals that are great and Ive,been trying to look for a few of the,better ones so if you know any let me,know down in the comments below and Ill,probably check it out anyways if you,like this video make sure to LIKE and,subscribe for more gaming and movie,content along with random reviews,through out the week,see ya,this is boomerang from Cartoon Network

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How To Get Published!

again this is the how to get published,workshop,which is the penultimate workshop of the,year,in the ma academic and professional,development series and today we are,joined by,rebecca feinberg and rebecca is the,academic coordinator for the m.a program,in global thought which means she,is the director of that program and then,matt hart is an associate professor in,the english department and also the,director,of that the m.a program in english and,comparative literature,both of them have all kinds of,experience,as editors and writers so they have a,lot of great things to share with you,today about how to get published and,with that i will turn it over to you,rebecca,thank you rachel so hello everyone good,morning thanks for joining us,so as rachel explained i direct the m.a,program in global thought,and ive also worked for eight years as,a managing editor,who is the person that you actually,interface with when you submit,work for a publication to a scholarly,journal,or when you review others work i worked,for two different journals one was,environment and society with bergen,books,and the other was gastronomica with uc,press,and so i wanted to talk to you today,both about,my experience as a published author but,also seeing things from the other side,from the inside if you will because that,experience made it far less,intimidating for me to publish and i,wanted to clarify kind of how things,work,um and to set real realistic,expectations for that process,um so ill be talking first about,publishing,in scholarly journals and then well be,turning it over to matt,um who will be covering publishing in,other,um other places so you know popular,media para academic,more of a general audience venue,um so to begin let me just share my,screen here,so to begin with i think really the,first question to start with when youre,thinking about getting published,is why do you want to do this in the,first place right,is it to share your work with a specific,audience to whom it matters,is it to enter into dialogue with other,experts,or stakeholders in your particular field,are you interested in staking a claim in,a particular idea,or analytical approach or is this really,just to add a line,you know to your cv to strengthen your,application,for other pursuits so depending on what,your goals are,thats really going to help you figure,out where to submit your work,and how to prepare it for publication um,as you know those goals are overlapping,but theyre not identical,and theyre going to push you in,different directions,so once youre clear on why you want to,publish that will help you figure out,what it is youd like to publish right,you know which,pieces of your work are most promising,for those ends,and what contribution or approach do,they have to offer,because the core thing i think to,remember with academic publishing and,publishing of all kinds,is its not just the topic but really,the core ideas,that your work generates or pushes in a,new direction,thats going to be of interest to,editors,so then when you have a piece that you,are confident you want to move forward,with,the next step is finding the right fit,so for an m.a student some of the,big name journals in your field may be a,bit of a moonshot at this stage,because they require a depth of,experience,and expertise that is very difficult to,acquire in just a year or two,so instead if youre doing the academic,route i would really encourage,you to look for maybe perhaps,less famous,or smaller but more focused publications,journals that specialize in an area or a,field or a topic because,there is where youll have a much better,chance of getting published,your work will be sent to expert,reviewers,who are more likely to be familiar with,the field that youre writing about,and if you are published it will be to,an audience,who is more likely to be interested in,your work,because its already specialized,so thats where i really encourage you,to consult with your advisor,with your instructors or with cu,librarians,who are experts in this field to help,you identify,good candidates this also includes doing,a lot of reading,right which journals are publishing the,kind of work that youre excited about,that you want to be in conversation with,and that seems most accessible so come,up with a list,of potential places to publish and make,that number,right in terms of you know first choice,second choice and so forth,and at this point you may also realize,that youd actually be happier,publishing outside of academic journals,or in spaces that are read by a wider,audience,so well do academic publishing first,and then,go into the wider world of more public,scholarship,so next step is preparing your work,and i think the the most important thing,to remember is that you should not,ever submit your term paper or your,thesis,or whatever it is you have written for,class as is,dont do it because its very obvious,when that happens and you will not get,published,um so instead youve really got your,work cut out for you at this point,once youve identified which journal it,is youre aiming for,youll want to read a lot of things that,have been published,in that journal to look for patterns,right,what whats the format whats the style,of the pieces that appear,in that publication so paying attention,to how do those articles start off,right when does the argument come in um,how much sign posting is the author,doing in terms of identifying,the specific bodies of worker ideas that,theyre in conversation with,you know is there a set apart lit review,is there like a method,section um you know how is that author,organizing their evidence and analysis,you know each journal there are quite,clear patterns to this,even though each author may have their,own unique approaches,there are conventions that each journal,pushes their author towards,and the more you can do to make your,work resemble,those conventions the better shot you,have,at having your paper be accepted for,review,so youll want to revise and kind of,polish accordingly,and journals are interested in helping,you out in this regard almost any,journal will have a published,set of instructions for contributors,not just what font to use or what,citation style they prefer,but also really the mandate of the,journal,what kind of pieces theyre looking for,so once youve done kind of the,conceptual polishing youll also want to,make sure,that you followed instructions the total,word count the citation style,the formatting its really worth your,time,to pay attention to that and get it all,right,then once its beautiful and polished,and ready to rumble,before you send that in first,to be considered by the journal it is,very much worth your time,to get feedback on it from your advisor,from your instructors or from your peers,in the field,because they will help you identify you,know whats really clear,or what needs more work maybe elements,that are a bit repetitive,or things that are tangential or if,if the article is doing what you want it,to do yet,because the bet the better shape you can,get it in and the more clear and,compelling it is as a paper,um again the better chance youll have,of having it make it through that next,step of editorial review,so this is all to say that by the time,youre ready to actually,upload your article for submission it,should not,look or sound or smell like a term,paper or a thesis right,by the time its done it needs to be an,article which is a different thing,because i guarantee you editors can,smell a term paper a mile away,so it really it needs a transformation,okay so at this point youre ready to,submit,youll want to pick one journal to start,with,most journals will ask you if you have,submitted this work elsewhere,or if its under consideration elsewhere,and many journals will not move forward,with work thats been submitted,elsewhere,because theres a chance that they wont,end up publishing it if its already out,for review somewhere else,so pick one to start with and make sure,youve rea

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Its a History Haul! Univ. of Chicago Press Sale

hey booktube its peg welcome back to,the history shelf,today we have a small or smallish,book haul from a university of chicago,press,50 off sale that um,recently took advantage of the sale i,believe is still going on,they sent out catalogs i know ive seen,other booktubers who have also received,the um its called the great sale or,something like that,where everything is about fifty percent,off and some newer releases are twenty,percent off,um so i made two separate orders um at,two different times and the results of,which are about eight or nine books so i,thought id show,you what i picked out,yeah its been the season of university,press sales lately between princeton,and chicago press i was just going to,town,okay well lets start off with my first,order,these are the first four books that i,picked up,from the great university of chicago,press all right we have a facing,racial revolution eyewitness accounts of,the haitian insurrection,by jeremy jeremy d popkin um,as you know ive been growing my library,on haitian studies,uh all kicked off by that wonderful,biography on toussaint lover tour by,suit here but hazaring i believe and i,wrote a review on that book,really loved it and yeah,so ive just been really interested in,haitian history so i came across this,book here,and uh picked it up for half off um,its basically um and jeremy d popkin,he sounds his name is familiar i believe,he i believe he just,released a book on the history of the,french revolution,i think this is the same guy um,i dont have theres no its just,basically the blurbs on the back but,its blurbed by um madison smart bell,who,wrote the trilogy of haitian fiction,um the all souls rising,um which i believe is the first in the,series about the haitian revolution,and which i have the first two books of,that series,um lets see ill just read this here,jeremy popkins collection of,first-person narratives of the haitian,revolution,is an extremely valuable work accessible,sound,and intelligent i only wish such a book,had been available 15 years ago when i,was in the early stages of researching,my series of novels,popkin has been deft and tactful and,stitching together these excerpts,and as a result he manages to tell a,complete version of the revolution,almost entirely in the words of the,people who experienced it,this book engaged me deeply and that is,from madison smart bell,lets take a look at the page of content,or table of contents here,um,lets see here like chapter one is,becoming a slave mask,a slave master chapter two is the oh gay,insurrection,chapter three is the first days of the,slave interrupt insurrection,um um,chapter eight weve got things like,fighting and atrocities in the south,province in 1792 to 1793,um wow so yeah each chapter is a,different,um kind of like an individual,accounts of what was going on oh this is,fascinating,sorry i did get these a little while ago,so i havent had a chance to really,get in depth into into all of these but,um,its a great resource for my studies so,facing racial revolution,eyewitness accounts of the haitian,insurrection all right,the next book i got uh takes you takes,us to greece,um this is nosos and the prophets of,modernism,by kathy gear,these are all chicago press books,obviously,in the spring of 1900 british,archaeologist arthur evans began to,excavate the palace of nosos on crete,bringing ancient greek legends to life,just as a new century dawned amid,far-reaching questions about human,history,art and culture with nosos and the,prophets of modernism kathy gear relates,the fascinating story of evans,excavation and its long-term effects on,western culture,after the world after the world war,after world war one left the left the,enlightenment dream in tatters theres a,little bit of a typo here that wasnt me,after world war one left the,enlightenment dream in tatters the lost,paradise that evans offered in the,concrete labyrinth,pacifist and matriarchal pagan and,cosmic,seem to offer a new way forward for,writers artists and thinkers such as,sigmund freud,james joyce giorgio de chirico robert,graves and hilda,doolittle assembling a brilliant,talented and eccentric cast in a moment,of tremendous intellectual vitality,and wrenching change kathy gear paints,an unforgettable portrait,of the age of concrete and the birth of,modernism,so fascinating ive never read anything,by kathy gear,um im really intrigued by this concrete,labyrinth,that shes talking about um,i have a another book on,crete or the or the palace at no sos,um but i think this one takes a more,it takes a more ethereal abstract look,at the ideas,the ideas of the time and how they,influence the writers as the book,blurb describes so i think,i think this will just kind of take it,up another level weve got some,illustrations here,or photos,whats funny is ive always been,intrigued by crete ever since,i was there once when i was in the air,force,we had an overnight stay on the island,of crete,on our way to saudi arabia and they put,us up in a hotel,at the top of this beautiful hill,overlooking the city,um and just the beautiful mediterranean,and the sun was setting,and uh people were drinking the greek,was it,or something like that um and dancing at,the end and smashing plates they just,brought out boxes of use you know,cheap plates and people were celebrating,at the end of dinner and after,you know drinking all these shots of uzo,or whatever and just smashing,plates on the ground and dancing dancing,in the showers they wanted me to dance,with them,i kind of wish i had now but i didnt i,was like no,i dont want them,[Laughter],a lot of them were barefoot too and i,was like what are you doing,beautiful island we went to a beach the,next morning before we had to head off,to the,air airstrip to take off but i just had,great memories of,crete ive always wanted to go back and,study the history and,um you know i remember we passed like,little huts where people were living,with their goats running around in the,yard and,it was just like wow talk about going,back in time,anyway next book oh yes,ive been wanting this book for a while,im a big hannah a rent fan,errant and um ive been collecting a lot,of books on her,and i believe im going to be doing,hopefully this year once i,get settled and we get settled into a,new house,a friend of mine on youtube but also,uh who comments but also on instagram,stephanie,wants to do a read along with me on,anything by hannah aarons or even her,the biography on her,this book after i saw the movie hannah,arrington,and her falling out with one of her very,good friends,after her her pieces came out in the new,yorker about,eichmann in jerusalem it caused a,firestorm obviously of controversy,where it was hinted that she was or,where they,said that she was hinting that,in certain places in the in her,reportage,um that jewish leaders,in the villages were or the elders were,complicit,and cooperating with the nazis um,so that caused a huge furor and she fell,out with one of her very close friends,and i believe its um it might be,detailed in this book but anyway this,is uh the correspondence of hannah arons,and gershom sholum,ive been wanting this for a long time,but the price has been way too steep so,when this was half off i said yeah,this is the time nice hardcover,and this is edited by marie louise not,and translated by anthony david,let me just read you a brief snippet,a few people thought as deeply or,incisively about germany,jewish identity in the holocaust as,hannah aaron and gershom sholum,as this landmark volume reveals much of,that thinking was developed in dialogue,through more than two decades of,correspondence aaron and shalom met in,1932 in berlin and quickly bonded over,their mutual admiration for,and friendship with walter benjamin or,walter ben comey,they they began exchanging letters in,1939 and their lively correspondence,continued until 1963,when sholums of vehement sorry vehement,disagreement with aarons eichmann in,jerusalem,led to a rupture that

Chicago (2002) Movie Review | The Quest for the Bestest

[Music],[Music],hey everybody welcome back to the quest,for the bestest from backlog banner,my name is timo nelson this evening you,can call me the voice im joined by,tanner dykstra the man of the people,abram,the arbiter of taste bunner and tucker,hazel,who does not have a nickname today he,doesnt get one,all right im sorry i just have it yeah,its how were going today were talking,about the movie chicago,from 2000 2002 directed by,rob marshall its a musical weve had,some thoughts and some issues about,musicals before,um but lets see well see how this one,ends up being when we when we get into,the discussion,but first weve got a little thing to,talk about last week we had old clint,eastwood with his film,unforgiven from 1992 a western another,genre that maybe were not all,huge fans of but he kind of won us over,a little bit there was some interesting,stuff to talk about we talked about the,genre implications and the ending and,all this really cool stuff about the,movie that we thought was pretty pretty,good,and we ended up placing it at number 10.,so it just,cracked the 21 out of 21 10 out of 21,thank you,it just cracked the top um well its in,the top half,of the list if you didnt catch our,special episode from a little while ago,we we messed around with the godfather,part twos ranking just to remind you so,youre not all confused it now list,sits at number four um and so,our list is is filling out its filling,out nicely im,im very happy with it actually so am i,so am i,so work here boys good we i were doing,good stuff,and i think we should continue doing the,good stuff by talking about chicago,oh yes oh yes,no no dont okay all right were gonna,were starting this right off the bat,that,you know what guys im the am the indie,well that didnt come out right,im the anti-musical guy classically,this happened with,with uh west side story didnt didnt go,so hotly,um i really liked this movie my least,favorite part about it was tanner,singing,you sent some questionable discord,messages about about dangerous thoughts,you were having,due to his singing which made me very,happy dangerous thoughts tanner,likes to sing along to this film,boy do i i love saying i love singing,along to chicagos music i think it has,a absolutely,stellar soundtrack to it uh some great,songs which obviously arent unique to,this,to this film actually id be interested,to know if um,which uh which songs if there were any,songs that were that were unique to this,film that were,they they created just for the film,version but yes,i absolutely love every song in this,movie,even the slow ones which i usually dont,like i like the slow song,so um someone want to give us a little,recap of what the what the plot is of,this film because unlike other musicals,this one actually does have a,a pretty consistent and thorough plot um,throughout it i got it tanner you got us,all right hit him okay,its 1920s chicago theres bro,theres flappers theres burlesque,dances theres hooch drinking,and boy oh boy is their murders theres,murders on every goddamn street corner,mostly women killing their lovers or,husbands,or boyfriends what have you and one such,woman is named roxy heart shes,shes she wants to make it into the big,business but so she starts sleeping,around with this guy,he ends up to be a liar she kills him,she goes to prison,they sing some songs they have some fun,uh and through the way she meets billy,flint who is the best criminal lawyer,in all of illinois and he and roxy hart,they sort of uh they they they build,this relationship,and they end up you know they go they go,to court and uh,whats gonna happen is roxy heart gonna,get off is she not,lets find out thats thats the watch i,know that she does,she yeah watch the movie she does get,off also the velma kellys there,shes like she was gonna be the person,that was gonna go to court but then roxy,hart comes along and steals her place in,court,its all very dramatic and i love it,very much,there you go abram what are your,thoughts on this movie to lead us off,after our,excellent synopsis there,i think this film is mesmerizing i loved,chicago,i i think that this it really is,the complete package for me in terms of,evocative,feel in terms of great thematic elements,in terms of really,excellent filmmaking elements i think,the editing in particular,is astonishing i think that the way the,film coalesces,into the the larger chicago experience,is,truly stunning and it takes an,incredibly deliberate and talented cast,and crew to pull this off,and i think this is one of the best,films weve watched for this this,program,wow whoa hes hes coming out strong,glowing review,yeah yes tucker youre you uh you hinted,a little bit that you really liked it,um care to tell us why yeah so going,into this i was mostly carrying my west,side story opinions with me for,uh particularly how i would enjoy this,film,however i would say that this does,subvert,most of my complaints when it comes to,what i dont enjoy about musicals,i think the main part being this is a,very character focused story focused,film,that happens to have musical numbers the,musical numbers arent you know,often some sort of dreamland not really,impacting the story,they are intercut with actual things,happening,they reflect the things that are going,on with the characters theres character,development,thats shown off through each of the,songs and while you get some of that in,some of the other musicals i think this,one does,a great job not only at having those,musical numbers which tie into the,characters,but having a compelling story outside of,that theres a solid part of the movie,that is not in musical numbers at all,which ah just give me a little time to,breathe you know just a little bit of,time to reset my brain and get ready for,the next thing to happen but i thought,the balance of that was really,really interesting and on top of that,really interesting characters that have,interesting dynamics and interesting,uh cultural implications for for the,time and the era and,the justice system and all things like,that i think theres a lot to dig in,here from,thematic point of view from visuals from,editing all of that and i,i really did enjoy it a lot more than i,was expecting to,i enjoyed this film too i thought it was,a fun fun musical i like the musical,elements its a little different i use,you said that you liked how it,doesnt like the musical elements are i,would say separate,they exist as like a show maybe a show,is being put on about the story but its,getting it intercut with the actual,story happening and thats pretty cool,um i think there is a lot of stuff to,like i really want to dive in eventually,dive into the thematic material and how,it being a musical serves the theme of,the film,which is something that is very,interesting about,you know if youre gonna do a genre,movie you might you really should lay,into and have that,impact what youre saying in the film,and this film has some stuff to say,about justice news journalism show,business its got all that there,um and not only does it ask some,questions i think it gives some answers,which,abram we know likes it when the film,uh actually has some stuff to say rather,than just making you think a little bit,so yeah there is some stuff i didnt,like um but its,a little minor about it um so i mean,we can get right in tanner you have you,have something youre given a thoughtful,look on your face,um yeah i mean uh the only thing that,detracts from this movie for me is that,i think you can count on about two hands,the amount of,non-musical footage in this movie its,its basically wall-to-wall musical,numbers which are done well i i i,i really want to compliment the,production design the choreography is,all stellar in each and every one,theyre all you know theyre all like,the the vaudevillian you know burlesque,dancing scenes but each one feels unique,in how its,costume design is presented and how the,choreography is done,um but again theres not a lot of time,for,

Lori Lightfoot Snaps At Reporter Asking About Companies Fleeing Chicago

at a press briefing promoting her 2023,budget proposal chicago mayor lori,lightfoot was asked about companies,leaving the city,lifo pushed back on the reporter,demanding she instead report the,corporations moving into the windy city,claiming that the economy is booming,lightfoot brushed aside fears that,businesses would leave amidst rising,crime and high taxes she is currently,running for re-election against a wide,range of democrats seeking to replace,her in the mayors seat,lightfoot has faced a great deal of,criticism for her handling of violent,crime she is also a frequent target of,police unions who have accused her of,insufficient support of law enforcement,officers and weak on issues of law and,order,many blame crime for causing companies,like citadel and boeing to ditch chicago,and taking the taxes gained by their,presence with them,thanks mayor there have been a number of,high-profile corporate departures from,chicago like boeing moving to virginia,stated all moving earlier this summer,what impact do you think that those,departures will have on budget revenues,and what is the city doing to keep,corporate headquarters um little to none,what i think you also need to report is,the number of corporations that have,moved into chicago that have made these,investments we had over 173,companies last year make pro-chicago,decisions thats either moving here and,relocating from someplace else or,expanding their footprint in chicago,were on the same pace and may exceed,that number this year so yeah one we,dont want to lose any businesses but,i think he said,he said citadel boeing and you mentioned,one other,okay,yeah its unfortunate that those,companies choose to relocate but what,im focused on is the companies that are,betting on chicago,google um kellogg,abbott labs and others and big notable,household names international companies,that are finding what they need here in,the city of chicago to keep our economy,booming we had a phenomenal 2021 and i,expect,were continuing to see um the recovery,from covet 19 flow into uh 2022. if you,walk around our city you can feel it and,see it for yourself but importantly the,data tells us that chicago is back that,our economy is booming,and those industries in particular,hospitality and tourism that were very,hard hit and 20 and 21 are seeing pre,better than pre-pandemic,records on weekends bookings and so,forth so i feel very optimistic about,our present and our future,craig wall,theyre off topic if we could um,another person has joined the race,to challenge you another member of city,council,with the field continuing to grow there,are political observers who,think this is,you know

Watch Chicagos Newest Roxie Hart, Angelica Ross, Meet the Press

Whats up?,Im Angelica Ross, and Im talking to Playbill about the Broadway,musical Chicago.,For me, its such an affirmation,because Im a theater kid.,Ive always been about the craft of acting.,And so for me, this moment is an affirmation,that everything that Ive worked so hard for all my life has not been in vain.,And its been leading up to this moment.,I dont believe in luck.,Im like Oprah.,Preparation plus opportunity equals luck.,And so I knew that this was an opportunity that I just needed to prepare for.,I immediately called up my acting coach, Brad Calcaterra here in New York,and wed been working virtually at just,playing and loosening me up for the role.,Ive been working with a vocal coach for a year in L.A.,and then I started working with Eric Vetro,Once I got onto the cast.,And then Ive been working with Greg Butler in Los Angeles, going over,the dance moves before and learning really the specific Fosse,aspect of things before getting to New York.,And so in my first official day,of rehearsal, which was just this past Monday, you know, David,just kind of looked back and it was just like,,okay, shes ready to play.,And he was like, Im very pleased with how much you already know,and whats already in your body was like, This is going to be a great three weeks,of getting you ready for the show.,Im hoping to bring,a lot of universality to the role,,because what I know about great drama or great theater,is that when we get really specific, it can be very universal.,The specific can be universal.,So even though specifically, I personally am a black trans,woman, seeing me in this role,and thinking about me, shaking things up.,But when you actually get into the story, you get to see in this moment,just how universal it is having a black trans woman tell the story.,And it helps us to take that step further once we leave the theater,and be able to understand how universal dignity and respect,and having a dream is for everybody, regardless of gender.,When I came to the show and started rehearsing the monologue,,there were just so many ways that I saw the connection,between women,,all kinds of women who have to just do their best,to navigate a world that is male driven,,that even when you think about Hollywood,,even back in the days of yore, Joan Crawfords and Betty Davis,,you know, thinking about the fact that there were men making these decisions,about who is pretty and who gets to be a star.,And so, you know, when I think about all of this,,I love the fact that were really shaking up,that whole outlook,and who can be seen as a star.,And I hope to be a reflection for a lot of people who are stars,in their own sitcom thats going on in their own lives, you know.,And just at the very least, Roxy is a little delusional, and I love it,because I think that there sometimes,needs to be a little act of delusion in your life to,be wild enough,to think that your dreams can come true.,Thank you so much for watching.,Ill see you September 12th at the Ambassador Theater.

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