1. Why America Is So Addicted To Chick-Fil-A…with Full Menu Review!
  2. Millennials Try Chick-Fil-A For The First Time
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  4. The Chick-Fil-A Full Menu Challenge
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  6. People Try Chick-Fil-A For the First Time
  7. Chick-fil-A Review: Life-Changing Or Just Another Chicken Sandwich?

Why America Is So Addicted To Chick-Fil-A…with Full Menu Review!

flavor city fam what is up it is bobby,and brad coming at you,at chick-fil-a here in south florida,chick-fil-a,is crazy every time i drive by any,location,the line is literally around the corner,back on the street its like what are,they giving away the chicken,the funny thing is ive only been here,once and it was a while ago with my,friend thomas,i want to go back here and i want to,break down the menu show you the,ingredients,in the food that really make it so,crave-worthy and really light up your,brain,and show you how to navigate the menu,and maybe tell you what to buy what to,avoid and,why its going to be really fun i,havent been here in ages brad hasnt,either so lets get in there and do our,thing,before we order a ton of stuff at,chick-fil-a you know the drill,like subscribe share my friends the only,way the channel keeps growing,but the only way we help you ill put,the best quality stuff in your body is,by you spreading that flavor city love,okay,thats it less talking lets go into,chick-fil-a and order some grub,all right yall we got our spread here,at chick-fil-a the smell inside,is crazy its like fried oil and fast,food heaven i get it why people love it,were on the busiest highway here in,florida lets start off with the,granddaddy of the mall,the fried chicken sandwich here i think,they call it a brioche bun which,a little bit of a stretch brioche is,like a classic french bread,but im gonna take a bite for the second,time ever and then go over the,ingredients for the most popular,sandwich here,thats really good right not a bite,bread,no theres a word to describe this and,its crave worthy,a lot of these foods are crave worthy,and its one ingredient that really,makes it that way and its a little,scary so if you go to the ingredients,for the original chicken sandwich which,is fried,youll see very high up in the,ingredient list is something called,monosodium glutamate also known as,msg this is what makes the burger and a,lot of the stuff thats coated in fried,crave worthy the problem with msg is,that its a man made,chemically made seasoning that has one,purpose and one purpose only,basically to hijack your taste buds it,makes your taste buds,light up send a signal to your brain to,be like this is good,i want more and actually makes you,addicted to it now,a lot of people say bobby msg is not bad,for you the chemical powdered msg is bad,you can find naturally occurring msg and,parmesan cheese,tomatoes mushrooms thats totally fine,its the man-made one i dont like,and the thing is if you see in the,ingredients here theres not once,but twice msg shows up youre getting a,double dose of msg,thats honestly a huge factor of what,makes it so crave worthy,then after that sure the bun the brioche,bun excuse me,is made with enriched wheat they all are,at fast food big deal,everything is fried in soybean oil here,pretty par for the course at fast food,i would prefer canola oil because,soybean oil is a more,inflammatory oil has more omega-6s fatty,acids,and its still uh gmo but its par for,the course even a shake shack,deep fries in that but look at this uh,ingredient here its,dimethylpolysaloxane,right ive never seen that in food so i,had to google it a minute ago,its an anti-foaming agent,what is anti-foaming agent doing in food,ive seen that in toothpaste we did a,toothpaste review not that long ago,it makes it so the food doesnt foam up,or bubble too much when its frying and,i guess that elongates the shelf life of,the oil but foaming agents are not good,and its in this but look at the last,three ingredients these are actually,kind of scary to me polysorbate 80 is a,nasty preservative,yellow number five and blue number one,is food coloring,why are they putting this in here you,dont need food coloring,in the fried chicken sandwich it looks,good already bread doesnt it,it tastes good it does nothing for that,artificial food coloring,is really really bad news so i dont,know why its in there so,thats their famous sandwich i get why,its good and you know why its good,based upon the ingredients but if you,want a slightly healthier option,youre gonna go for this guy check it,out its the grilled chicken sandwich,its still the brioche bun right but,its not breaded and fried,so lets try,hmm the thing is im pretty sure when,you see grill marks like that,its not from the real grill its from,like caramel coloring or something,to be honest though thats delicious by,the way,we have all the sauces were gonna,review in a second so stick around for,that,so why is the grilled chicken sandwich a,little better according to my notes,because it doesnt have the msg the,amount of sodium,thats the big key factor for me and,its not deep fried,and besides that still cooked in soybean,oil,the rest of the ingredients arent,terrible for fast food so i think youre,doing yourself a huge service,for getting the grilled chicken sandwich,over the original fried one,and the same is true for the nuggets so,lets try the nuggets both fried,and grilled and well start breaking out,the sauces the,original we gotta start with the,original sauce right brad so this is the,original sauce,which you could actually start getting,at uh grocery stores now,i have it at grocery stores i gotta try,my nugget and i havent had a chicken,nugget in ages yeah,its good oh my god sauce is good,my brain is like,try the grilled chicken nugget,ah this sauce is,like crack oh my god so lets break down,the sauce really quick,because ive seen it at the grocery,store,primarily based with soybean oil gmo,soybean oil,a lot of cane sugar in there caramel,coloring uh,some preservatives corn syrup par for,the course for dipping sauces,highly refined oil i bet theres a lot,of sugar in here i didnt quite write,down the sugar per serving,but not the best quality im gonna see,if one of the other ones is slightly,better,this is crazy look at this brad just the,cars are coming,in and out of here like nobodys,business,you think theyre like giving it away or,something this is crazy dude everyones,brains are hijacked on msg so the fried,nuggets have the double dose of msg,and once again they have the uh the,dimethyl polysiloxane anti-foaming agent,so,youre much better with the grilled,nuggets which only have the yeast,extract,and the bad oil lets go to the fries,what did brad say about the fries when i,ordered,theyre so good right yeah i will give,them credit i do like waffle fries,myself,mmm thats a good fry wow nicely,seasoned,but this is a little freaky so its,fried in canola oil,soybean oil palm oil par for the course,for um,fast food but there is something on here,ive never seen before,whats the ingredient its disodium,dihydrogen,pyrophosphate which i looked it up it is,a,color modifier so i think it makes the,potatoes more brown when it gets fried,really like doesnt it get brown enough,when its fried and also has the um,the dimethyl polysiloxane anti-foaming,agent so if it were just the fries,cooked in the cruddy oil,thatd be normal for me but why are you,putting these chemicals in here that,just are not good for the body so this,is a little,upsetting but since we have it out here,why not dip it in some barbecue sauce,brad its only fair right,whoa that is sweet as can be,dang barbecue sauce is a little heavy on,the corn syrup there,i bought two salads also which actually,arent bad but if you want the,healthiest option for salad,its this look at this wrap its the,kale,crunch salad this is by far,the healthiest option here okay its,actually not terrible,its cabbage kale i wish the kale is,organic but who cares so very,nutrient dense fiber rich greens there,the dressing has soybean oil but also,has extra virgin olive oil which is kind,of strange,worst oil best oil and that has a couple,nasty preservatives like,saw potassium sorbate and benzoate not,terrible okay,it is a small salad which is a bummer,but im going to try the big market,salad afterwards,i feel like an investigative news,journalist here bobby parrish coming at,you from ch

Millennials Try Chick-Fil-A For The First Time

thats surprising thats it that seems,very skimpy this is a very sad chicken,sandwich I dont know how I feel about,this I never tried chick-fil-a because,there werent any where I grew up in,Montana,in college I was vegetarian and,chick-fil-a sounds chicken the lines,where was really long I grew up in,Europe I dont think there is a single,chick-fil-a in Europe so I am expecting,this to be the best fast food meal that,Ive ever had I feel like it has this,weird like cult following on Twitter and,stuff I want to be like blown away I,think its just gonna be fine expecting,a delicious chicken sandwich that will,hopefully change my life because there,are so many people obsessed with,chick-fil-a,no really really good thats a good sign,this is a nice bag,oh my sandwich you kind of already fell,apart its kind of deflated but its,nice because it doesnt look like a,McDonalds patty where its like,pulverized chicken patty very squishy,bread no I dont like that already it,smells like cafeteria food that I had in,like elementary school this is a very,sad chicken sandwich I dont know how I,feel about this,everybodys been raving about,chick-fil-a and Im just sitting here,like what surprising theres like a,little bit of crunch but salty I dont,know what Im thinking right now very,bland cuz I got much flavoring,[Music],like were old taste I would say good,texture I did not like so much I like,the sauce the pickle is in the bun have,a very distinct like Big Mac flavor I,dont really like hamburgers but Ive,had a Big Mac and its not that great,this is way better than what I was,expecting Im not only a fan of pickles,but I think that the amount in this,sandwich is pretty good I would probably,eat it again,now lets just look at these beautiful,fries these fries are way better than,other fast-food fries the fries arent,bad theyre pretty good theyre perfect,theyre like not too salty for me,theyre very standard fries Im a big,fan of like soggy McDonalds fries and,these are little crispier okay theyre,little potato egg for me I dont think I,would try the fries again but the,sandwich definitely I was expecting to,like it more its got all the fuss,people love chick-fil-a people are super,excited about it like the one that just,opened around the corner theres lines,still coming out the door I think but,why Im not disappointed but Im not,over the moon about it so I feel like I,feel like with fast food with something,thats so obviously detrimental to my,human body I need to like love it in,order to really indulge in it I dont,think Im gonna finish this,[Music]

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[Music],hey guys its mike chen when i moved to,texas probably the most messages i,received our recommendations asking me,to go to a place called buckys which,are iconic gas stations in texas that is,not only the largest gas station in the,world it has the cleanest bathrooms and,it has amazing food cooked on site now,im about an hour south of chicago on,highway 55 and i passed by this place,wallys now i havent been inside yet,but i might have just found the buckys,illinois so this is a fairly new gas,station,located between chicago and saint louis,and it is a giant gas station oh i need,this this is perfect for me no more,dining on the hood no more dining from,the trunk this is all it is,oh just put this in my trunk an insect,gun a bug of salt so you shoot salt at,bugs so i remember as soon as you go,into uh buckys you see a bunch of,camping gear grilling gear,its kind of similar what you see when,you walk into wally so this is all,camping stuff grilling stuff cookware,for your campsite,cast iron pots for the campfire you can,buy an old-fashioned bike also this is a,bike cooler,oh,so all these accessories kind of fit,into this bike oh and check this out,look at this whole thing wow,this camping chair is absolutely perfect,for driving movies you dig for your own,gyms rubber band guns what the heck,this place is full of cool stuff theres,sling shots camo fishing gear this is,like complete outdoor shop in the gas,station here wow,so this whole section you got clothing,some pocky knives jackets sandals,more toys candy,got your kids stuff here and here is why,this place reminds me a lot of buckys,first of all,tons of popcorn and then,theres the food,this is all food so they got their,bakery right here,ice cream here baked goods here so you,all bake everything on,site really,all right good doing good,looks amazing thank you right here as,well,this is all jerky then you have this,sandwich house sliced brisket sandwiches,chopped brisket sandwiches,look at this so you get brisket,sandwiches pulled pork turkey chopped,brisket,[Music],let me go test out the bathroom for you,guys a few minutes later thats a clean,bathroom if you ever want some moonshine,this place got them in every single,color imaginable,all right i just asked so if they chop,up a brisket,about once an hour the next ones coming,up in about half an hour so im going to,just stick around wait for that brisket,real slushies pineapple,thats my favorite flavor,[Music],thank you sir appreciate it,thank you,thank you fresh brisket sandwich 650.,okay definitely reminiscence of bookies,but 100 a long ways to go before they,reach that magnitude so just got one,sandwich,and a pineapple slushie,this is good then i plucked it in from,the wrong side theyre freshly sliced,brisket sandwich couple ginormous cuts,of brisket and this of course is very,very different than the texas brisket,that youll find at buckys i asked them,for the fattiest pieces possible and,they definitely obliged,[Music],this is incredible of all the brisket,ive had so far in kansas city and in,missouri usually they slice them really,really thin smokes so well but those are,nearly as tender as what i just bit into,here this is a tender tender piece of,brisket its not smoke not getting any,smoke flavor here,but an uber tender fatty schlab of beef,youre gonna find that some of you might,not be into really fatty meat thats,what i love exclusively and this is,fantastic,barbecue sauce is delicious the dry rub,is on point this is a delicious biscuit,sandwich who knew best piece of brisket,i had in the midwest in a gas station,ive got some popcorn i cant really,mess with popcorn,delicious not a lot of a variety of,foods in there yet i mean you do have,the selection of turkeys you do have the,baked goods i dont think the big grids,looked nearly as good as what i found in,buckys but that is a good brisket,sandwich good start wallys all you need,now is like a like a mascot maybe a,kangaroo or something you think of,wallys think kangaroo right,they have a bear their mascot has a bear,huh,all right beer works then cook up some,more barbecue maybe add some sandwiches,maybe a burger maybe a pastrami sandwich,i dont know but i was reading the,article the owners built this they,wanted a really interesting place to,stop when youre going on a long drive,and this was the original route 66 so,and of course hardware 55 major highway,i think mission accomplished this is a,really fun place to stop you want to,grab a slushie you grow i want to grab,some popcorn grab a sandwich for the,road explore some of their cool gifts,swear i dont work for this place i,think its a really cool gas station now,that i fed myself lets go feed my car,so 75,gas pumps all right back to st louis,[Music],happy weekend from saint louis is my,channel didnt know what to eat and then,christine brought aboard she raised the,option of going to raising raising,raising kings raising kings have you,been to raising kings youve never been,to raising kings,just chick-fil-a you like chick-fil-a,ive actually never heard of raising,kings before,thank you sir,appreciate it oh appreciate it,no thank you no thank you,as you can see just got my chick-fil-a,anyway so raising kings apparently is,this really fast-growing restaurant and,the entire menu fits in one bag because,they pretty much only serve one thing,chicken tenders so i was reading up on,the history in 1996 a man named todd,grace,what he did was he he had an idea about,having a restaurant that only serves,chicken dinners and the reaction i had,when uh when christine told me this,restaurant only served chicken dinners,is that theres no way they only serve,chicken dinners how could a restaurant,only serve chicken tenders but,apparently thats pretty much all they,serve well you know fries and then a,french toast and coleslaw yeah pretty,much chicken tenders texas toast yeah,sorry this is their box set texas toast,fries this is the chicken tenders the,king sauce is apparently their claim to,fame,and the coleslaw and we also got a bunch,of stuff from chick-fil-a because well,we both love chick-fil-a and from,chick-fil-a i got the spicy chicken,sandwich i also got chicken tinters of,course a peach shake,this is delicious i dont,ever drink milkshakes that much this is,such a good milkshake,anyway gonna do a little food comparison,here first from raising king again texas,toast nice and buttery really soft and,fluffy its less crispy than i thought,it was gonna be chicken tender looks,really crunchy to see some of the spices,and apparently they only use breast meat,nothing is frozen everything is fresh,how is it,its good very juicy,its a good chicken finger,well lets try it with the king sauce,because apparently that is where the,game really changes so the chicken,tender on its own,it is a very good chicken tender meat is,super clean tender juicy outside crunch,is fantastic but it just tastes like a,like a good chicken tender i dont feel,like its life-changing yet,yeah,yeah,do the sauce wow thats a 180. that,completely completely changed this that,chicken tender just went from good to,mind-blowing,how i would describe the sauce,everythings like a little bit its a,little tingy a little sweet a little,spicy really creamy and peppery its,definitely different,than any other sauce,like ive dipped chicken tenders and a,lot of sausages in my day nothing as,unique as that right theres just,something special about that like it,leaves an essence like a delicious,essence on your tongue paired with the,crispy tender chicken fingers,together they just taste like the,avengers you know,unstoppable,wow,that sauce is hard to describe,the only thing i can say for sure is,that i want everything in that sauce,like not just this i want the texas,toast i want the french fries i want my,face i want it all in the sauce,i didnt dip the toast in like i want to,know what the deal is with this toast,its supposed to be like a garlic i,dont understand it yet,its a really buttery flu

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The Chick-Fil-A Full Menu Challenge

hello all right so i have a chick-fil-a,deluxe a spicy deluxe a grilled club a,12-pound nugget four pounds did you get,one of everything pretty much,that was the goal okay all right its,gonna be 100.15 there you go,all right this looks amazing oh my god,all right guys welcome to the video,todays challenge is none other than the,full chick-fil-a menu challenge what,ive got right here is 18 different,chick-fil-a menu items no i didnt get,every single thing on the chick-fil-a,menu i didnt get the greek yogurt i,didnt get the food cup,come on my mentality was get everything,on the chick-fil-a menu that was thats,unique or iconic to chick-fil-a and,thats exactly what i did okay so we got,all three of chick-fil-as sandwiches in,the deluxe versions that is the,chick-fil-a deluxe sandwich the spicy,deluxe and the grilled chicken club we,also ordered all three of the different,nugget chicken nugget varieties got a,tall piece right here of their chicken,nuggets a 12 piece of their grilled,nuggets and a four piece i believe this,is the four piece yes of chicken strips,to complement the three burgers i,figured why not order three orders of,large french fries i got one of their,three different salads i chose the cobb,salad another chicken cool wrap,which i dont know whats so cool about,it three chocolate chip cookies an order,of their chicken noodle soup or chicken,soup they called it oh my i noticed on,the website they have got their own,chick-fil-a waffle potato chips so well,check these out and for the beverages,weve got a large diet coke a large,chick-fil-a sweetened iced tea a large,vanilla milkshake and a large frosted,coffee,so all in all i made a mistake there i,said 18 theres actually 16 different,menu items here for a total of 20,because of the fries and the uh,chocolate chip cookies all 20 items,clocking at 7,40 calories of chick-fil-a food and,beverage all right so without further,ado im gonna get some close-ups for you,guys and were gonna dig in the,chick-fil-a full menu challenge,all right guys you know the drill timer,will be for you guys right here im,going to time it myself personally just,to see where im going um were going to,pop this one out its got fat nugget of,chicken on one side this is not an equal,bite type of salmon just got a lot of,chicken on that side a lot of vegetables,on that side chick-fil-a full menu chows,and five four,three two,one and start,its a good sandwich i didnt like that,my first bite was literally mouthful of,chicken though this ones a grilled,chicken lets give this one a shot this,is the healthy burger,i should wear its like healthier but at,the same time its got bacon on it,tastes unhealthy,i dont know why i like to fight for,this,sauce chick-fil-a sauce,thats not half bad,yep,i can do the sauce,you got me,all right the weirdest chicken nuggets,ive ever seen in my entire life just,nuggets of chicken meat,im gonna try the foam eating sauce,ill go back to the chick-fil-a sauce,oh it works in everything,all right im going to dab cook this im,going to try a sweet tea,chick-fil-a sweet tea,all right you guys cant see it okay,lets fill it to the top this is the,chicken noodle soup,[Music],im so let down right now,right on the dock 10 minutes,the chick-fil-a cool round so confused,why they call it a cool wrap,chicken nuggets and sauce,[Music],all right last burger we got the spicy,deluxe,um,[Music],all right all i got left the salad,three cookies,four strips,and a large fry,[Music],oh,lets see what this thing goes,[Music],all right cobb salad,[Music],so,all right open another sauce got some,fries,you know what,oh man,[Music],oh,you know why,30 minutes coming in on,all that three cookies,milkshake left,come on,all right,all right,it just complained for like a minute and,a half,all right first cookie,here humongous cookies,oh my god well theyre almost like,border color in like,all right milkshake done,i need a little bit of water,just a little water,done,all right,all right,thats it,what,is that funny,is that funny,your stomach for shoes past your chest,all right lots of water,everythings done,done done,got lots of extra sauce,anyways yeah so 36 36 minutes 15 seconds,im not necessarily impressed or happy,with that time but ill take it,uh challenge completed regardless um the,entire chick-fil-a,menu or the full menu challenge whatever,you want to call it,20 total items from chick-fil-as menu,um,yeah all right guys well thats it,im going to wrap the video up right,there and end it there because uh,theres nothing else to say challenge,completed,um,i know a lot of people like chick-fil-a,im impressed im impressed by their,sauce more than anything,im impressed by that whatever their,health sauce is pretty damn good,um other than that the fries will lean,um soup was progreso,burgers were good,nuggets were good i couldnt enjoy those,cookies i couldnt enjoy the cookies,alright guys hope you enjoyed the video,thanks for watching ill see you in the,next food challenge,[Applause],you

Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A Which Chicken Sandwich is better?

مرحبا بالجميع ، هذا يعمل على فارغة,مراجعة الغذاء,حسنا ، مرحبا ، سيداتي وسادتي والجميع يراقب,هذا يجري مراجعة طعام فارغة وأنا مضيفك تقرير الأسبوع. لذلك نحن هنا,انها فعلا منتصف النهار. ما هو حول ط ط ط,2:05 مساءً بالتوقيت الشرقي. لذلك ، حتى لو بدا الأمر ، فإنه أظلم أعماق منتصف الليل بالخارج,ليست كذلك. حسناً ، أعدك أنني لست أكذب,انظر ، يمكنك أن ترى النافذة هناك لماذا هذا مهم حتى يحدث فرق. ليس لدي أدنى فكرة ، ولكن هناك على أي حال,هذا سيكون,معركة شطائر الدجاج. هذا هو وجه القرن الحالي,في كمية الطلبات التي حصلت لهذا كان لا يصدق. لقد فوجئت فعلا. كنت أتحقق من حسابي على تويتر في اليوم الآخر,وأنا أعلم أنني كنت ذاهبا كل شيء,وكنت أرى سقسقة بعد سقسقة,يمكن للأشخاص الذين يتغردون على قول قوم باستعراض شطيرة الدجاج من بوبايز؟ و,يمكنك إجراء مقارنة لساندويتش الفرخ؟ حسنا. كنت قد خضعت لضغط الأقران قلت بخير,سوف أضعها بين يديك. سأقوم بإجراء استطلاع حول هذا الموضوع. قلت ، حسناً,ماذا تريدني ان افعل؟ هل تريد مني أن أفعل هذا؟ هل تريد مني ألا أفعل ذلك؟,حسنا. أنت فقط تريد مني أن أترك موقع YouTube وقال الناس إنهم يريدون مني أن أراجع شطائر الدجاج. لذلك ذهبت مع ذلك,إليك ما يتحدث عنه الجميع,بوبايز يصنع الأمواج. كانوا في الأخبار. إنهم يظلون مناسبين والناس يقولون,يا بوبايز,الافراج عن هذا شطيرة الدجاج,نوع من مثل التنافس مع الفرخ فيل,أي واحد تعتقد أنه أفضل وأنت تعاني من كل هذا التوتر؟ تستطيع أن ترى الأشياء,الأمور تسخين,لديك مشجعو بوبايز الذين يقولون نظرة ، أعتقد أن يد بوبايز هي الأفضل,أنت تعرف ، لقد حصلت عليه مقابل أربعة دولارات ويأتي تسعة وستين سنتا مع اللبن,فيليه دجاج باللحم الأبيض ، طبعا يأتي مع المخللات المايونيز على كعكة البريوش,هذا هو شطيرة الدجاج بوبايز. أطلقوا للتو هذا و,الكثير من الناس يقولون إن هذا شيء لذيذ. أظن هذا رائعا,ثم لديك بالطبع عشاق الحمص الذين يحبون ساندويتش الفرخ العادي الذي تعرفه,يقول الناس أن هذا يتنافس معه يأتي مع صدور الدجاج القياسية,انها على كعكة المحمص والزبدة مع رقائق المخلل الشبت,وحصلت على هذا واحد مقابل حوالي 3 دولارات و 55 سنتا ، والناس يريدون فقط أن يعرفوا أنهم يبدون بنفس الشكل الأفضل,أي واحد منكم من محبي لذلك أنا سأحاول بها,أيهما أفضل ، سندويش الحمص أو ساندويتش الدجاج بوبايز؟,أنا سأحاول كل منهم وأنا سأكون صادقا تماما,أيهما أفضل ، أعتقد أنه الأفضل,سأعمل سأقوم بدوري لمحاولة تسوية هذا النقاش. الآن. أنا دائما أحب للحصول على أي تحيز شخصي,لذلك ، أنت تعرف ، أنت تعرف فقط أنني كنت دائمًا من المعجبين,حسنًا ، لقد كنت دائمًا ما أحببت دائمًا أن أكون معجبًا بخدمتهم ومنتجهم ولكن هنا هو الشيء,أنا متفتح حول هذا الأمر,إذا دعنا نقول دعنا نقول ساندويش الدجاج بوبايز,يقرع التعادل خارج بلدي وهذا أمر جيد؟,سأمنحهم الرصيد عندما يكون الائتمان مستحقًا وأظن أنني سأقول ما يرام ، أعترف أنه أفضل من ذلك,Chick-fil-a ، أو إذا كنت Chick-fil-a لا تزال تحافظ على المعايير وهذا هو ذلك,وبالتالي,ها هي الحقيبة. هنا البابايس,كيس,حق. إليكم حقيبة الكتكوت وهناك أنا معهم. أوه ، نعم ، هذا حقير حقير,لقد انتهينا,ودعنا نذهب لذلك. حسنا,هنا هو الأمل نعم هناك حق ف,هناك مناديل – تلك مكملة فعليًا صدق أو لا تصدق. أوه ، هذا مجنون و,سأفعل من أجل الوقت,أنت فقط ستأخذ مثل ثلاث قطع من كل شطيرة ثم اذهب من هناك. حسنا؟,هنا الدجاج بوبايز,شطيرة ترون,هو مثل كيف الإعلان. أنا لا أرى حقا. أوه ، هل هناك مخلل؟ أين المخللات الكامنة؟,هناك المخلل نرى انه نوع من الاختباء في المايونيز,الشيء الوحيد مقارنة بساندويتش الفرخ ، ولقد لاحظت أنك تعلم,Chick-fil-a لا يخفق في المايونيز مثلما يفعل Popeyes لكن سنرى. أنا لست من أكبر المعجبين بالمايو في العالم,لقد قلت ذلك في الماضي وهذا هو المكان الذي أقوم فيه بساندويتش أكبر,كما تعلمون ، لقد رأيت الصورة التي كنت أفكر فيها يا إلهي ، إنها شطيرة كبيرة المظهر وهي كبيرة جدًا بالفعل,انها تقريبا كبيرة مثل رأسي. ليس تماما,سأحاول الخروج منها وأخذ بعض اللقطات ، وسأطهر ذوقي,مع بعض الماء ثم وصلت إلى هناك و,ثم حاولنا فقط تجربة الفرخ ، حتى نعرف ماذا يوجد في هذا,سأحاول تجربتها وسنذهب إلى كتكوت الملفات ثم سنقارنها. لذلك هو الدجاج بوبايز,ساندويتش الذهاب. دعونا نرى ، أيهما أفضل,أنت جاهز لأني سأأخذ لقمة كبيرة لذا أعد نفسك,وانا ذاهب الى اتخاذ القليل من لدغة,شطيرة الفرخ ، شطيرة ترى كيف يكون ذلك,كما تعلمون ، كان بعض الأشخاص يحاولون حقًا أن يقولوا أنك يجب أن تجرب هذه الأشياء. هناك فرخ واحد,مع ملحق فرخ القياسية ، أليس كذلك؟ هذا,مجاملة المشتركة أنا,أعلم أنك تريد مني أن يعض هذا أولاً وسأفعل ذلك. سأفعل ذلك لك يا رفاق و,كان هناك بعض الناس الذين كانوا في الواقع في الاحتجاجات هناك قائلا نظرة أ,مراجعة bruh. لن أفرش أسناني حتى تجربها. لذلك هذا هو للأسنان. سيداتي سادتي ، إنه يجري,هناك قبعتي في الظهر,لماذا ليس منذ أن وصلناهم جنباً إلى جنب ، فلنضعهم بجوار بعضهم بعضًا لفحصه,لماذا لا ، أليس كذلك؟,لذلك هذا هو بوبايز,وهنا الفرخ فيل واحد,وهناك رأسي نوع من هذا القبيل أنا,لا أعرف ماذا يفعل. إنه في الهواء ، لكن لا,شيء على حد سواء تبدو وكأنها,أي واحد أعتقد أنه أفضل؟ ماذا تذوق كل منهما؟ مثلي,حصلت على القول أنني حصلت على منح بوبايز الائتمان. لدي اثنين أنا,لقد مرت ثلاث تجارب سيئة مع بوبايز في الماضي,أعني أنك تتذكر أيام المجد مع الروبيان حيث كنت قد دُمرت داخليًا منه و,شعرت بخيبة أمل كبيرة. أنا,فلدي يقول حجم جزء لساندويتش بوب,أكبر مما كنت أعتقد أنه سيكون ولكن الدجاج لديه هذا العصير لها,أي نوع من اشتعلت لي الدجاج هو أكثر لذيذ مما كنت اعتقد. اعتقدت انه سيصبح لطيف,لوح من اللحم يصفع ويمزح,كميات وفيرة من المايونيز,أنا مندهش من أن الدجاج مقدد وهو أكثر نكهة مما اعتقدت أنه سيكون و,المايو أعتقد أن هناك الكثير من المايونيز على ما أعجبني على أي حال ، لكن المخللات ، كما تعلمون,إضافة هذا تانغ جيدة لذلك. من ناحية أخرى ، فإن ساندويتش الكتكوت في الفرن ليس كبيرًا,أنت تعرف ، بالتأكيد حجم فطيرة الدجاج ليست كبيرة,ولكن الدجاج بالتأكيد لا حزمة لكمة من حيث النكهة كذلك و,أنت تعرف ، على ما أعتقد,مع المخللات ، لا يزال أنها شطائر مماثلة جدا. يجب أن أقول ذلك,لا تزال المخللات تعطي القليل من تانغ zesty ، ولكن لا يوجد المايونيز في الفرخ واحد,أي واحدة؟,هل أنا من محبي لأنك تعرف ، يجب أن أكون صادقًا تمامًا,كلاهما شطائر محترمة وكنت دائمًا من المعجبين ، ولكن ساندويتش بوبايز,على ما هو عليه. في الواقع أنها ساندويتش لذيذ. لا بد لي من منحهم الائتمان,أنت تعرف أن الخبز ليس غالبًا ولكنه يمنحه طعمًا رائعًا. اللحم كثير العصير ولذيذ,ومرة أخرى ، أحب هذا القدر القليل الذي تعرفه ، فكلاهما لديه المخللات التي تسهم حقًا في رأيي والضروري,تانغ إلى نوع من تعويض كل شيء آخر ولكن اثنين من السندويشات,كان بوبايز واحدًا بالقرب من أربعة دولارات و 70 سنتًا,وكان الفرخ واحد في الواقع أنه فقد ثلاثة دولارات و 20 سنتا,مما يقارن بنوعية الدجاج لكل منهما. أنا,يعني ، أنا لا أزال معجبًا بالفرخ. يجب أن أقول كلاهما يعني بنفس القدر ، كلاهما كلاهما جيد,حسنًا ، يجب أن أخبرك أن هؤلاء الأشخاص يريدون القرار. لقد جربتهم على حد سواء. ما زلت من محبي الفرخ,شطيرة دجاج أصلية,لكن عليك أن تتذكر عندما تختار بين شيئين,أحيانا يكون مثل,هذا هو أسوأ شطيرة الدجاج في حياتي. هذا مقرف,انها مثيرة للاشمئزاز وهلم جرا وهكذا دواليك,انها مثل نعم واو ، أعني ، كلاهما جيد. لكنني أعتقد أن هذا أفضل قليلاً ، كما تعلمون ، وإليكم السبب,هذا هو ما يجب عليك أن تتذكره وأنا أعلم أنه لديك الآن موالون من بوبايز,إنهم بالفعل هناك يصطادون الماشية,انهم تضيء المشاعل. انهم يحصلون على الغوغاء الغاضبين. انهم يستعدون لها. الناس يدخنون الآن,أعتقد أن حوالي عشرين قد دمرت بالفعل أجهزة الكمبيوتر الخاصة بهم في حالة غضب,على هذا,اضطررت لاقامة قليلا من,حجب الشمس,انهم غاضبون من منديل و,إنهم في حالة غضب ولكن هنا الشيء الذي يخشاه ليس بخير ، أنا,أنا معجب بالدجاج بوبايز,ساندويتش – أنا فقط أعتقد أن أفكر في سعر القيمة,أعتقد أن شطيرة الدجاج بالفرخ طعمها أفضل قليلاً ، لا سيما,نظر في السعر ولكن هذا لا يعني أنني أعتقد أن يد بوبايز أمر فظيع. لا ، ليس على الإطلاق,أعتقد أنك تعرف ما الذي يجب على بوبايز أن يمنحه لأنفسه,على الرغم من أن لديّ المفضلات الخاصة بي وبينما أعتقد أن فرخ المذاق واحد يتذوق طعمه أفضل قليلاً من بوبايز,لا تأخذ هذا كما قلت وأنا أعتقد أن بوبايز أمر فظيع لأنني لا أفعل ذلك على الإطلاق,من أصل عشرة ، أود أن معدل ساندويتش الدجاج بوبايز أ,ست نقاط سبعة من عشرة,ساندويتش الدجاج الفرخ. سوف اعطيك,7.3 من 10,لذلك يمكنك أن ترى أن هناك اختلافًا بسيطًا ، لكن الأمر ليس مثل بوبايز واحد من أصل 10,و chick-fil-a هو تسعة من أصل عشرة,أعتقد أن الفرخ أفضل قليلاً ، لكن بوبايز على ما هو عليه,لا سيما بالنظر إلى سجل المسار الذي كان بوبايز في الماضي. أعتقد أن بوبايز لا يزال جيدًا,هذا كل ما لدي لك. سيداتي سادتي ، قررت أن أقارنهم جنباً إلى جنب. شكرا لكم ورعاية

People Try Chick-Fil-A For the First Time

its happening hi my name is Afshin oh,yeah and Ive never really tried trick,played Im Ferren I have never tried,chick-fil-a before when I was younger,they would have these chicken options,that every time I had it was just like,this thin little patty I just never was,happy as a childhood Im from San,Francisco and so we dont have a,chick-fil-a so its just never been,something that I have even had access to,Ive heard people saying chick-fil-a is,pretty good you should try it I was just,like if Im gonna have a chicken,sandwich Im gonna go to a more,established a very popular Nashville hot,chicken sandwich Ive heard that,chick-fil-a has really great chicken,sandwiches I dont really know much,about I know there was like this spicy,chicken I believe and have a lot of,dipping sauces they are not very,supportive of the LGBT community and so,I feel a little bit bad today by having,it but also Im not paying for it Im,here now Im excited to see what this is,all about lets see if its actually as,good as people say it is I got friends I,have only heard about the chicken,sandwich at chick-fil-a so like Im not,privy to like anything else on their,menu so we have four different sauces,garden herb ranch fancy fancier dancing,just ranch the later is like a chopped,tomato in there somewhere,the chick-fil-a sauce which I hear is,really really good I dont know what,your sauce means okay a Polynesian sauce,why okay cool and then we have a classic,barbecue sauce which is usually my go-to,like I get the nuggets of McDonalds Im,usually going to barbecue I usually,dont mess with only these other sauces,but Im excited to try them today so,Ill try to barbecue sauce I guess Im,really good hes actually not bad waffle,fries theyre not like the best fries,Ive ever had but I can understand why,people would like these its like very,thick it has a lot of texture to its,texture that makes sense theres a lot,of fry per square inch,I guess well maybe I like them with the,sauce lets try sauce lets do barbecue,okay she had a Polynesian sauce and what,thats about I was really good barbecue,sauce so Im about this right now,I actually really like the Polynesian,sauce for an option to tip your fries,and its actually really cool Im not,usually a Dipper this,like saying a lot for me right now Ive,never really had a sauce like that with,French fries which i think is really,unique these are really good like I,would highly recommend you chick-fil-a,waffle fries I have heard so much about,this freakin sandwich right now that I,am like super super excited to taste it,heard my friends talk about chick-fil-a,sandwiches Ive never really been there,to physically see them have it but Im,also really nervous because its been,hyped up so much that like what if I,bite it and its if its trash you know,like what if I hate it worse off what if,I love it and then now Im like addicted,to chick-fil-a even though Im not,supposed to go there or I dont want to,go there and then Im like this is the,best sandwich Ive ever had what do I do,Im gonna predict a bit okay unique,little bag lets see if its all they,had its hyped up to be interesting,oh its kind of okay its like super,basic its just chicken and bread its,actually a lot thicker than I thought it,would look like I think Im used to flat,basic the moment of truth Im like,really nervous right now this might,change my life here we go looks like,alright,this is actually a little better than I,thought overview I get the hype thats,really really good like its moist the,bread is good like even the pickle is,nice like its very well seasoned its,not like oh my god like wow but its,like okay this is faster chicken I like,the uneven texture of the Patty and how,theres like puffy parts thin parts it,feels like someones grandma just made,it outside for you and pop it in it,feels a little more natural,alright I see you okay Im gonna dip in,a Polynesian sauce lets try it with,this famous chick-fil-a sauce cuz I just,dip it in there like that Cheers,sauces make it a lot better Im gonna,try to chick-fil-a sauce to see I dont,even know what your faucet is Im not,mad at this at all like this is really,really good I would go back just for,this for sure 100% its almost like,theres someone put Tripoli sauce mix so,Mayo or something I think thats why I,wish the chicken sandwich its like this,great combo of like unique taste and,punch I think I need to finish this its,so good,try to trip nuggets I actually didnt,know there was an option to get nuggets,we got nuggets you guys to dip or not to,dip okay thats a little clever I may be,real honest with you right now,McDonalds nuggets are like it for me,and like I dont usually like any other,places nuggets so Im skeptical oh okay,this reminds me of the KFC called the,poppers but a lot fatter and less,breading which I actually really,appreciate actually like little chickens,in here I might have to eat those words,that I just said that McDonalds is up,here because these look really great,its like a good piece of chicken these,are really really really good its just,like real chicken Im really obsessed,with a Polynesian sauce I feel like I,just want to buy a bottle of that just,take it home nope not for me not a fan,but different strokes for different,folks if I ever felt like having August,I would probably come to chick-fil-a to,try this these are good I would buy,these every time I go such a plate along,with the situation so Im very happy,right now all right so now were gonna,try their milkshake isnt always used to,the classic McDonalds vanilla chocolate,strawberry and cookies you Creed was,never an option thats why I was pretty,excited to try to cookies and cream when,I go to in and out I usually get you,know the number two with a strawberry,shake so Im gonna see how chick-fil-a,measures up to in and out wow this is,actually really amazing thats good it,has a very nice heavy taste to it like,very rich that is so good but six are,actually really impressive I definitely,would recommend this milkshake if you,never had chick-fil-a milkshake I would,definitely go there gee Im gonna finish,this for sure oh oh,overall my final thoughts of chick-fil-a,is actually a lot more impressive and I,gave it credit for Im like not mad at,chick-fil-a at all because that chicken,sandwich was fire the chicken sandwiches,were a lot better than I thought it ever,would be this milkshake is delicious I,would definitely go back for literally,the milkshake alone the briber q sauce,is really really good,the Nuggets were good so far so hit like,I have not had one thing that Im like,except for the Polynesian sauce sorry I,might actually start eating at,chick-fil-a and I just heard that,actually the one by our office is one of,the few chick-fil-as that actually has,taken a stand against,theyre anti-lgbt q-dance so I dont,feel as bad supporting that location so,I think if I do go to chick-fil-a again,thatll be the one that I go to I think,Im gonna give trick play a little more,credit next time and go there 100% Im,taking Im gonna go there more often,with friends and just go check it out,like crazy so happy thats like I got to,try it for the first time,[Music],you

Chick-fil-A Review: Life-Changing Or Just Another Chicken Sandwich?

can you do half sweet and half,unsweetened tea,yes i apologize for my name being so,long and for my tea order being so,complicated,[Music],prescott van meyer salman gained from,home today another fast food review,what are we doing chick-fil-as chicken,sandwich they say theyre home to the,original chicken sandwich well,well see,good afternoon or is it morning still i,would like the number one meal,so i can have your name please my name,is uh prescott van meyer iii,anything else how about the chocolate,fudge brownie,there we go thatll do it 10 22 a deal,ill play with a card slide the card out,of my brand new wallet,youre all sad thank you so much you as,well thank you,well this this is quite the service i,gotta say,all so polite so is this a good time to,talk politics,no how about hobby lobby my pillow just,kidding,lets get to that chicken sandwich as,you can see,im not in my regular vehicle im,actually in chadwicks,suv he uh had me take his kids to the,beach yesterday which is why im a,little,sunburned right there paying off that,dogecoin,the dogecoin cryptocurrency fiasco i had,so i said uh you know take the kids duke,maggie and beau to the beach and,uh you know you pay off some of the debt,and just get my car detailed happy to do,that for chad,thank you so much this smells delicious,have a great day sir you as well thank,you,boy theyre uh theyre a little too,polite if you ask me,im kidding they were wonderful all,right,lets uh lets pull over in this little,parking lot and get to,feasting on this the light of the,chicken sandwich,what do we got here we got the warm we,got the warm brownie we got the,chick-fil-a sauce,im excited you know they called world,war one the great war,and that was of course before popeyes,and chick-fil-a had a little say about,the chicken sandwich wars,the chicken sandwich wars sound so,haunting,im sure this is what 2020 and 2021 will,be remembered for,all right lets lets get my half sweet,tea half unsweetened tea ready to go,yep just got this car detailed so all my,chores for chadwick are done for the day,figured i could,get this review in here we have the uh,legendary chick-fil-a sandwich,ah crunchy chicken just the way nature,intended,all these chicken wars i wish they would,settle down theres enough cholesterol,for everyone,all right lets give it a taste without,without any sauce,definitely some crunch to this chicken i,love the simplicity,of that toasted bread on a griddle with,the fried chicken and the pickle,thats it got the legendary waffle fry,here,lets try that out,lots of surface area for the crunch of,the fry,its a nice little benefit to the waffle,all right lets try this chick-fil-a,sauce ive never tried this before,i guess just uh dip it in,chadwick doesnt watch these videos,anyway itll be fine,just gotta go get it detailed again,not bad not entirely sure what this,sauce is supposed to have,tastes like honey mustard some barbecue,in there the ingredients uh,are not very helpful a smorgasbord of,fda approved ingredients,and im sure none of these ingredients,gave rats cancer,except xantham gum,a lot of chicken flavor in here thats,for sure,i wonder if these rising oil prices,affect peanut oil,i never understood money,sweet and tagging not a bad addition,yep thats a chicken sandwich,sorry im just waiting for it to change,my life you know,nope same listless anxiety,they put something that sauce keeps you,going back for more thats thats for,sure,not as good as arbys sauce but still,something about it you know this reminds,me of nanas fried chicken,just a lot less screaming nana she was,an angry,cook well you would be too aunt karen,was your daughter,i was raised southern baptist so always,had a stink eye for burger king,you know putting itself above everyone,else pride cometh before the fall my,friend,but it made sneaking those whoppers,taste that much more delicious,[Music],tastes uh like chicken,all right lets try this stone cold,brownie,very soft very fudgy not sure its worth,two dollars,but it is chocolate well the workers,were very polite,cant say i tasted the homophobia in the,chicken sandwich itself but uh,starting to feel a little guilty,i had to use all the sunscreen on the,kids,and they wouldnt stop hitting me,duke is the worst bo is a good kid,maggie total sweetheart but uh,you can tell behind the eyes,a bit of a sociopath,[Music],dont cross maggie well i should get,back uh,just got a text from chad need to take,the kids to the park,tune in next time in the ongoing chicken,wars battle were gonna be doing,popeyes

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