1. Chipotles NEW Plant-Based Chorizo REVIEW!
  2. Chipotle NEW Vegan Plant Based Chorizo – Review
  3. Chipotle Plant Based Chorizo | Review ???????? Tastes like Real Chorizo
  4. Chipotle Plant-based Chorizo review
  5. Chipotle Plant-Based CHORIZO!????????????????
  6. Chipotles NEW Plant-Based Chorizo REVIEW and COMPARISON

Chipotles NEW Plant-Based Chorizo REVIEW!

bring on the trees guys today i am,trying chipotles brand new,plant-based chorizo so like every couple,months chipotle um releases a brand new,meat and last time i think it was,no carne asada,brisket it was brisket and it was pretty,good that was all right but today its a,plant-based meat and um if you havent,had chorizo basically its like a,mexican sausage wait is it mexican let,me confirm chorizo is a type of pork,sausage originating from the iberian,peninsula okay so thats where its from,but it is used a lot in mexican cuisines,and things like that so i personally,love chorizo it has a very strong flavor,a lot of spices and you guys know,sometimes i do struggle with plant-based,meats some of them just give me the dog,food vibes but i will say that chipotle,um already has a plant-based meat on,their menu i think its made out of tofu,its called the um sofritas and its,like this like ground chicken texture a,lot of spices and it tastes great to me,it tastes like taco meat pretty much so,im really hoping they can pull off the,chorizo as well i hope it slays me i,hope im destroyed and this is coming,from a non-vegan a non a vegetarian like,this is my point of view so of course if,you are vegan it might taste better to,you it might taste different to you and,of course i had to go all out i got the,plant-based chorizo on a quesadilla on,tacos and a bowl and my bowl only has,rice and chorizo typically i get tons of,toppings but i really want to see like,first things first how the chorizo,tastes almost on its own so this is from,chewboom.com um it says chipotle,signature plant-based chorizo combines,chipotle peppers ripe tomato paste,crushed garlic spanish smoked paprika,and extra virgin olive oil with natural,protein from freshly grown peas for a,full flavored vegan protein that chorizo,fans crave okay that sounds pretty good,to me lets open this food up but guys,subscribe to my channel timmys takeout,for more brand new fast food reviews,fast food news and full menu taste test,guys im up to date this came out today,and i am tasting it today im posting it,today actually so,okay so i think this is the quesadilla,it is not in a typical quesadilla,packaging maybe they ran out of those,today that is totally fine um and they,put the dipping sauces on the side i got,the of course hot red salsa the green,salsa and sour cream and i think these,are the tacos,yes theyre the tacos they are just,wrapped so tight okay and then we have,the bowl the very plain bowl so shall we,open them im nervous i can already,smell it,and it smells very chorizo-e it does,oh im scared,okay,that looks very nice it has a very,strong smell wow,oh my god,it really smells meaty like it smells,like a cow,on a farm that ate a lot of plants,no im sorry a lot of peas oh my god i,kind of love it it smells kind of,barbecuey a bit the chipotle seasoning,not the restaurant like the actual,seasoning called chipotle has a sort of,smoky barbecuey smell to it and this,really captures that which is great now,the meat portion does look a bit small,um on ubereats it was an extra dollar 25,for the um chorizo so its a bit pricier,but it looks great lets see how the,tacos look sadly they didnt have the um,crunchy shells today they only had soft,and i love those crunchy shells but its,fine soft works too i got cheese um,tomato salsa and sour cream kept it,pretty simple okay there it is do you,see it,okay not like huge abortion but you know,im assuming that its pretty pricey to,make because they have to like make this,in like a lab right or something,i dont know how plant-based meats work,but i just imagine like a scientist like,concocting it with like tons of steam,coming up and like a cauldron and last,but not least we have,the quesadilla so of course im gonna be,totally honest give you my honest,opinion on if i like it or not and im,gonna see which item it tastes best in,heres the quesadilla,okay,that looks very,very nice im kind of sure guys like,oh i just love the smell i really do,okay so,oh my god oh so loud what is that,oh i got the shivers what is that,oh my god i think its the tag,excuse me,before we taste test anything lets get,my thumbnail guys,on this side,and then,lets do a close-up guys,okay okay the moment of truth will this,taste like actual meat or will it taste,like a whole garden im gonna taste the,meat by itself,focus,look at that okay,lets try it,im scared,hmm,im really shocked,the texture,is very chewy in a meaty meaty way,its very chewy wow,its,it might be even more chewy than actual,chorizo,which im not mad at because it it,really tastes meaty,flavor wise,it really tastes like,chorizo spices can it pass as chorizo,almost not all the way there is some,sort of a,oh wait theres an aftertaste tastes,like a fart but not a bad fire,wait,i think its the peas theres a pea,aftertaste yeah,thats,a little trashy too just a hint of trash,wait,okay,im just trying to figure it out,i like it i do okay so first impressions,great chewy texture it has some sort of,a sauce that does separate,in your mouth like from the chewy pieces,its hard to explain it almost like,melts off as you chew so thats,interesting there is a slight pea flavor,especially after,you swallow it um and that does sort of,break the illusion a bit you know what,it almost has the taste of like an old,vegetable but its only in the,aftertaste if you keep eating you wont,taste that at all it almost kind of,tastes like ground meat and rice mixed,together and i have not tried it with,the rice yet just like the meat itself,has like a ricey kind of meat texture,its almost like two textures together,overall it is one of the better,plant-based meats out there in my,opinion i think its still delicious it,does have a couple small issues um that,kind of give it away but overall,it is totally enjoyable just like the um,sofritas lets try it with the rice now,um,when its with stuff it really passes,this meat,like a lot,no joes like,a ground chorizo beef,something and yeah it has a nice,tomatoeyness and a lot of spices and i,wouldnt call it spicy i think that i,think that people that hate spicy food,might think its a bit spicy but to me i,love spicy food like the spicier the,better it does not taste spicy to me at,all so i think it just depends on your,preference,it really gets the job done it really,understood the assignment once by itself,you you can tell,that theres something off but when its,with things it really tastes just like a,delicious flavorful spicy meat i really,like it and you all know im honest,about fake meat like beyond burgers we,dont know her oh yes also a lot of fake,meats can be mushy and this one is not,all like i said its chewier than real,meat,for fake meat im giving this like a 9,out of 10. and compared to normal meat,im giving this a nice 7.5 i think its,great like i keep eating it guys for me,to want to eat fake meat,this is a big deal,i really really like it let me bump this,up to an eight im sorry um i think its,one of the better meats at chipotle like,as a meat eater i would order this again,im kind of shocked lets try it in taco,form lets see how it tastes with the,cheese and the sour cream and the,tomatoes and the tortilla,this is a big test guys,hmm,you know,mmm andrews perfection tacos ive,always felt like chipotle has always,missed like a nice ground beef like they,dont have any like ground beef besides,like the sofritas but thats more,chickeny you know this,really gives you the ground beef taco,like americanized taco experience which,i love with a little hint of spice like,in a taco its even more convincing like,i like genuinely if i did not know that,this was like plant-based meat i just,would think it was just ground beef like,a delicious spicy ground beef,i chopped cheese,so good im really impressed with this,like shocked,i like this more than their brisket and,their chicken ive never liked,chipotles chicken its kind of gooey,and i hate their steak this is one of my,new favorite meats i hope they keep it,so i th

Chipotle NEW Vegan Plant Based Chorizo – Review

hey guys thanks for tuning in to poppy,eats today ive got the latest meat from,chipotle,if you recall i wasnt a big fan of the,brisket despite everybody else being a,fan,so its not lost on me but today,something a bit different than an actual,meat weve got plant-based chorizo so i,say it chorizo chorizo i i dont know,anyways chorizos typically like a spicy,pork um,theyve had it before very good but now,they have plant-based i dont know how i,feel about that were going to give it a,shot,see if its any different than youd,expect,so i got a burrito bowl,um the chorizo was 8.95 for me as,opposed to say the chicken which was,7.95 at my store,heres my bowl,and i do see the chorizo im gonna get a,little,a little bit of that take a little,stupid selfie thumbnail you gotta have,the thumbnail game going for youtube you,all know,here we go,there we go so thats the trees all,right um,looks like the real stuff just its,plant-based,so like i said lets get that,all right,lets give it a shot and try without,anything else first,yeah,thats the thing with it its so well,seasoned,that,i guess you really wouldnt taste the,difference,the texture is right its,very spicy so if youre not into heat or,spice dont get it,thats a decent uh decent replacement,if they had this or the regular meat,chorizo on the menu all the time id be,pretty happy with that,but uh,this will have to do for now its,limited time is it worth the extra,dollar maybe to try it,heres the thing if it was the regular,chorizo i would say yeah pay it because,i love it same flavor its good i say,its worth it let me know if youve,tried it its been in test markets,before now its nationwide starting,today,i think through january so go give it a,shot your local chipotle,im sure it works well with everything,else that was delicious im gonna im,gonna dig into this this bowl is going,down yeah guys i already filmed an,ending to this but im just im,re-recording because this is so good,me and it you get your big,big fork full of whatever you got in,your bowl you get this in a burrito,would be good,i wouldnt do this in the quesadilla i,wont do the quesadilla at all,but this,thats good um,i dont do beans i do white rice extra,peppers and onions mild and medium,sauces cheese light on a sour cream,good combo i think,but yeah super good super flavorful um,give it a shot its around till january,31st i think,uh,yeah chipotle like i said leave me a,comment let me know if youve tried it,if youre going to try what you think,about it hit that subscribe button if,you want to see more like this,means a lot to me i really appreciate it,you guys take care

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Chipotle Plant Based Chorizo | Review ???????? Tastes like Real Chorizo

all right chipotle just launched the new,plant-based chorizo,we got it right here lets check out,this new bowl featuring that plant-based,chorizo,[Music],whats going on its your boy big ben we,back again with something new you,already know if something new just came,out well its something new we gotta,talk about people today we got something,new from chipotle got a little late,night order here of chipotle going on at,the house because they just launched,their new,plant-based,chorizo nationwide they have a little,test market going on,in denver and indianapolis last summer,guess it were good so for all the,vegetarians new years resolution people,people are going to kick the meat habit,that aint necessarily me i dont fit,that criteria but i just want to try it,out for you guys to let you know if,theres something you want to get or if,its something you want to skip so,they got this um,chorizo in here right ill show you guys,what it looks like but you can get it a,lot of different ways,um they got all these different,lifestyle balls a whole 30 salad bowl,vegetarian bowl,or a vegan bowl,or theyre also featuring a specific,unique bowl that i got which is a thai,verdes bowl okay you can probably see,him right here,um but thats what i went with so it has,a plant-based chorizo,um i guess its you know he must have,inked the deal with chipotle,and uh hes featured on this thing so,here is the first look guys and ill,tell you,what is all in the thai,verdes bowl if this cover can come off,geez,here we go,all right,so check it out guys check it out,hopefully i dont spill a little bit,harder to do on this camera but as you,can see we got the guacamole on top but,underneath there is the plant-based,chorizo we got white rice in here,uh black beans pinto beans fajita,veggies fresh tomato salsa romaine,lettuce and then they also give you a,little tortilla on the side now i dont,know how to eat this with the tortilla,so,drop it in the comment below do you put,some in a tortilla roll it up,and uh take a bite you know how do you,do that thing just let me know below but,yeah this is the type of bowl featuring,that plant-based chorizo now they are,taxing for this chorizo i will say that,price tapers bowl is 11.15 cents,they get getting that chipotle,cheddar okay uh you know respect the,calories calories for as full as,1330 calories,um let me see if i can get you guys a,little bit of that chorizo,were gonna hop right into trying this,all right so theres your first look at,it guys that new plant-based chorizo,crumbled up real nice,lets take a bite just by itself make,sure like and subscribe,new plant-based chorizo from chipotle,that was interesting,that was interesting im not a big uh,you know vegan lifestyle person but um,plant-based chorizo they say it combines,chipotle peppers,ripe tomato paste crushed garlic spanish,smoked paprika,extra virgin,olive oil with natural protein from,freshly ground peas for a full flavored,vegan protein that,chorizo fans crave if theres 16 grams,of protein per 4 ounce serving wow,that was uh interesting now it,definitely isnt you know,come on now its not chorizo but i mean,for you vegan people out here,you know that may want something like,that,um had some good flavor had a nice,little kick nothing too,crazy me get a second bite,um,its not bad its not bad at all,with the other ingredients on that,second bite was a little bit more pasty,still not bad you know if if you know,you had me give up chorizo to solve,world hunger,i willingly do it you know if this is,the trees that we talk about its really,not too bad,okay,as i keep going just got the ingredients,mixed in here at this point but,um you know let me let me pop the top,here i got a lot of guacamole as you can,see,but underneath guys i got a good decent,amount of uh that uh chorizo that,plant-based chorizo so not too bad,im not mad at it im not mad at this at,all pretty good now what you gotta do,you got a little tortilla action you,know im gonna do that off camera,because im gonna shut it down but as,you guys know when i always do chipotle,you gotta get the secret ingredient that,little honey vinaigrette sauce,banger takes it up a whole other notch,my score for this chorizo,um im gonna give this,im gonna give this a solid,solid eight i mean could it be better i,dont know,im on mars right now at this point i,dont know what to expect but its,decent you know what i mean like,its not really bad like i was actually,actually spending a lot worse frankly,you know me,going with like steak chicken chorizo,like some type of protein right,this is not bad like i said ill easily,give it up,um,you know four or four bigger,circumstances lets not get it twisted,but its honestly its not bad i like,the flavor i think if youre a,vegetarian a vegan and you want like an,option that kind of i dont know why you,want like a chorizo flavor but what im,trying to say it just tastes good you,see that chipotle vibe um im not mad at,it so im gonna say solid eight i think,thats what i said solid eight like it,uh if you try it out let me know what,you think about the chorizo gotta hear,from my vegetarians my vegans my healthy,people,leave a comment hit it with a thumbs up,but id love to hear what you guys,really think about this you know coming,from my people whove tried other,vegetarian vegan food does this live up,to part does it hold its weight let me,know below,um if youre looking for some other,vegetarian options i will get some more,on the channel i do got a couple you,just gotta go look i got some stuff from,qdoba i know that um i also got wendys,uh they made a spicy bigger little,vegetarian type burger option so i got a,couple things but im gonna keep adding,to it you know i know some of you guys,want some healthier stuff this year so,im gonna make sure to do that but,in closing thats the review as always,if you like the video if you rock with,me the whole time please leave a like,dont share once share it twice drop a,comment let me know what else you guys,want to see on something new and whether,youre regular or first timer please,subscribe hit that notification bell,reminder ill catch you guys next time,peace

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Chipotle Plant-based Chorizo review

hello veggie film its your girl ashley,of freddys veggies coming to you with,another test tuesday and you know im,excited to try pretty much anything at,chipotle but they have the vegan chorizo,and thats why you click on the,thumbnail so we gonna take us a little,field trip but before we do if this is,your first time tuning in this is how we,do it okay we take a vegan plant-based,product we taste test that we give the,star rating and we wrap up the video at,the end because,why spend the money honey why spend that,money honey if you dont have to ill do,it for you also here are my socials for,all of your updates during the week i do,meatless mondays on my instagram and,tick tock so make sure to follow and,lets take this little field trip shall,we okay everybody so i got the bowl,and the chorizo is underneath all the,corn salsa i mean i asked for extra but,man i went for it um and im awkwardly,doing this as a person is watching me uh,probably,in the car that parked right in front of,me i mean,i tried to be in the back but here we,are,now im gonna put the phone down so we,can do a taste test so lets see,okay so lets see what it tastes like,so lets see,okay,okay,i think im in love,it is really good um,let me get a little further out,it is really good i like that its a,good spice to it,the pork down its a nice spice to it i,love the heat,its really,good its um seasoned well,its the meatless crumble it tastes just,like meatless crumble like usual but im,loving the spices,its its not super spicy well i like,things with a little cake so it aint,bothering me but it reminds me of,chorizo okay,its getting um im gonna say,as im eating it and continuing to eat,it im not,not wanting more im actually liking it,and im used to getting just the fajita,veggies on my bowls ive been doing that,for the longest now um and i really like,this its a good spice,a nice subtle heat to it,but it reminds me of chorizo its just,the meatless crumble obviously,i think rotarizo is a little bit more um,like held together but obviously its,meatless horrible but it is really good,im liking this shout out to chipotle i,might get this again so on a scale of,one to five,i think im gonna give this surprise,and you know how hard that is for me i,like it i like it um,yeah,thats all i have to say so lets wrap,up the video and thanks for coming with,me on my little field trip and thanks to,the person across from me for watching,me eat yay,all right and were back so how did you,guys like it what do you think what do,you think about the review make sure to,comment below if this is something,youll give a try and thank you guys so,much for tuning in with your girl ashley,of herbless veggies where were always,cooking up fresh rings on the daily,again here are my socials here,yes you know id love to chat with yall,comment below and i will see you guys,next time bye

Chipotle Plant-Based CHORIZO!????????????????

eat some baby whats up with it whats,up with it everybody its your boy rdr,and welcome back to rdr4 reviews and as,you can see here right in front of your,face at the bottom of the screen today,thats right your boy rd rizzo is trying,chipotles new plant-based chorizo,thats right their new plant-based,chorizo so um this is the first time,ive been to chipotle since my very very,first,youtube video and i dont know why i,havent done chipotle videos in a while,i mean,in over three years it looks about,almost two three years now uh but you,know im here now and i was very curious,about their plant-based chorizo,and im so excited to get into this,today so,we already got our chipotle right here,and were going to get into this review,all right guys if this is your first,time coming to rdr food reviews im your,host roberto del rio and this is already,our food reviews i do a variety of food,videos uh i also do uh mukbang videos of,the challenge videos versus videos to,works so if you like what you see in,this video please hit that subscribe,button at the bottom next to that,notification bell to get the latest,greatest audio free views also dont,forget to check your boy out on,instagram alberto deal reel 86 lets get,a quick moment of prayer father bless,what im about to receive help his food,national body made me strongest person,stronger as a man and please bless those,out there that grow hungry as i pray to,please follow some neat holy gracious,mighty name we pray father amen all,right,amen father so,we got our plant-based chorizo,i got it in a bowl you could get it in,different varieties you can get in the,burrito,nacho form or whatnot,um,this isnt the first time that they,experimented at chipotle with,plant-based stuff i think the fritos,theyve done it that way but this is,uh this chorizo plant-based chorizo is a,hundred percent no soy its a pea,protein and its 100 vegan now i got a,drink with this but the the bowl by,itself was like seven,[Music],uh 785 plus the guac um,round out to be about 10 bucks so,um,lets see what were talking about up in,here man im very excited about this,no all right,this dude tried to,try to bring me some bread or something,to,just try to sell me some bread or,whatever like that [ __ ] i know them,scams bruh im over here trying to film,[ __ ],disregard trying to put air on him but,then again you got to respect the hustle,cuddys out here trying to uh,sell bread,in front of chipotle,knowing,people got money around here but im out,here filming ill probably catch them,afterwards this right here cuddy is the,chipotle,plant-based chorizo right here,also got me a um,also got me a nice one of these uh what,does this say,nectarine drink right here,yeah lets go ahead,damn son whered you find this,looks really good i got uh some guac on,the top got light cheese uh got me some,pico de gallo,um i got me some sauteed onions in here,on a bed of,brown rice,so,hey,[Applause],no im fading out but,well do what we can do baby,well find a thumbnail in later lets,not play no games no getting miss cuddy,so lets go ahead and get into this,review,chipotles plant-based chorizo,lets try to get us a whole,game,all right,lets go,supreme victory,100 vegan,cody,if you blindfolded me,from the texture it aint no way you,couldnt tell me that this wasnt me,that texture,of that chorizo that plant-based chorizo,is on like spot on i love oh man and,just like in the after,like the aftertaste of that i got a,little uh smokiness,the flirt,little chary smokiness from that chorizo,delicious,you did it,[Music],chipotle you did that,man hold up,gotta make sure i get some guac up in,here,give me some creamy action up in there,paul,avocados from mexico,yeah,yes,yep,this is,a1 cutting,this is a1,let me try to get this big chunk,this big chunk of,plant-based chorizo you see that chary,charitiness on the cusp of the cutting,look at that its hard to scan in,because it was a call out,it has a,a smoky,charish uh flavor,you can taste the garlic in it,and the smokiness,from the seasoning maybe like paprika or,something like that cuddy,and then,yeah,yeah its starting to give a little bit,of bite of,a spice burst,all right,this is,elitsky,yes sir,now,this ball it comes around to be like 11,not 11 10 10 bucks almost close to 11. i,feel like and you know plus the guac,because the guac you know how guaca,chipotles expensive,i dont feel bad about the price in it,because like i said in a couple times,before,plant-based,plant-based foods or can be a bit,expensive but i feel like this is okay,and on par because you could not tell me,because if you blindfolded me that this,right here,this right here right here,is,not me,you got me food,refreshing,man hold up chipotle,he did that cuddy i would love to see,how this uh,plant-based um,chorizo would be like in uh nacho,burrito form or whatnot,it was very rich,and deep in flavors,p protein this is 16 grams of protein,might i add cutting,16 so you getting that pro in there,and that the in in the the chorizo this,all these ingredients this was all all,these ingredients that goes into this,chorizo is all form its organic,and none of this stuff cooked in no lab,you know what im talking about you can,taste that its just,organically fresh and i like that,the chipotle and ancho peppers in here,give it a nice spice bite when you,combine it together because ancho,peppers are like,a mild,ive had to perform,multiple flavored peppers,and its kind of like in the low grade,of the,the scoville scale probably like 500 or,whatever,scoville,and i forgot i got these black beans in,here and thats hitting its giving it,some,strength of flavor oh yeah cause this is,great,this is really really good and i enjoy,it a lot,so,on the alphabetical scale what would i,give the chipotle plant-based chorizo,cut,him i have to say it i got to give these,guys a straight up hey,i got to give it an a,im speechless in words,how amazingly good that this plant-based,chorizo is its amazingly its amazing,good im telling you its very enjoyable,um,vegans you went in out there because,chipotle done did that for you,its nice smoky,uh chary,rich in flavor,it has very f i mean the chorizo is so,flavorful and its got a nice bite of uh,heat in it and it its just so enjoyable,and its like layers and layers and,layers and you know like you create the,bowl,you can make this into so many different,ways of flavor but the main ingredient,the plant-based chorizo is,phenomenal its phenomenal cuddy for,real im glad i didnt go od with the,glock guac because you know how good the,guac is from um,uh chipotle i wanted to make sure the,star of the show the plant-based chorizo,was,all that in the back of chips and it was,it was and im so glad i got to try this,so lets go ahead and close this bad boy,out,[Music],ultra refreshing,that everybody is my true monetary so my,chipotle plant-based,chorizo video i hope you guys enjoyed it,its your boy rdr and like i always say,man hey look food is a gift so please,give thanks dont forget to hit that,subscribe button also dont forget to,hit that like button and if you dont,like this video you really dont like my,content go hit it with a thumbs down it,dont matter because you cant see that,[ __ ] anyway,its your boy rdr and im signing up out,of here god bless yall take care,already i love you guys and im gonna,see yall soon god bless yall,have a good day

Chipotles NEW Plant-Based Chorizo REVIEW and COMPARISON

hello welcome back to my channel this,week im outside of chipotle because,there is a new plant-based chorizo on,the menu but before we get started,please be sure to subscribe to my,channel give this video a thumbs up so,that way we can keep on growing now,chipotle actually has two vegetarian,vegan protein options the first is their,sofritas which came to the menu in 2014,and is tofu based and the second is,their new plant-based chorizo which is,made from pea protein so im gonna get,both so that way i can compare and tell,you what i think lets eat,[Music],[Applause],[Music],okay,i have my chipotle,here ive got the sofritas and then this,is the plant-based chorizo i am very,excited to try it they had plenty of,both it was advertised um all in,chipotle so its definitely something,theyre pushing right now which is,pretty exciting okay so the first thing,is smell so let me give the sofritas a,little smell okay it just smells like,taco seasoning to me let me see if the,treasure smells different okay the,chorizo smells very smoky im curious,how they got that flavor maybe they use,liquid smoke if you dont know liquid,milk is ill put a photo right here its,really cool to keep in your pantry if,you want that smoky flavor so im going,to have the chorizo first and spoiler i,have had this sofritos before but ive,never really eaten them on their own,ive only ever had them mixed in and i,cant really like distinguish like a,memory of the taste so okay so lets,have the chorizo just plain,okay so you can kind of see it up close,its very crumbly as expected okay so,now to try it,oh it has a little bit of a cake,okay i know trees are supposed to but,like i dont know you just kind of like,hope for the best but that is like a,good flavor,im very impressed okay the smoky,definitely comes through but thats like,not all youre getting youre getting,like a nice subtle,um spice to it and it is a really good,texture,i dont know if youve ever had um like,any kind of ground meat before that you,just cooked at home it feels like you,kind of just like really crumbled it up,because there arent too many like like,this i would say,is a big chunk its gonna be hard to,show you but like,you know the chunks arent very big its,a lot more crumbly and i cant tell it,looks like there might be,some kind of bean or other texture in,here too,its good it has a really nice bite it,is definitely like a more dry texture,but i dont hate it like i think that,its a good texture its well seasoned,and its well balanced i dont know id,expect to like this one as much because,i dont always like like smoky flavors,too much so but this is i dont know,this is pretty good so far all right so,let me try the sofritas,okay this is the sofritas,already off the bat it you can just like,visually tell that this one seems like,its gonna have a lot more moisture,so lets see,yeah the sofritas is so much more moist,so so much more moist so like i think if,you were ordering one or the other you,wouldnt even think about it especially,if youre not eating it like plain like,this and you just had it mixed in,so if i was to rank them based on flavor,i think that the chorizo has a more like,more of a standout flavor like i think,that you know mixed in like when i mix,it in and taste it its gonna definitely,like give more to the bowl i think that,the sofritas i would be worried like in,a burrito that it would maybe be too wet,because you can kind of just like tell,off the bat the differences between them,that like one is obviously much more,moist than the other,that being said like,i this is a salad i always get a salad,at chipotle,and i normally have like guac and sour,cream and salsa and like all these other,wet ingredients so a protein thats more,dry is kind of a win i feel like because,itll absorb all the other moisture that,being said i think that the sofritas is,still a good option if you dont want,pea protein and you want just tofu,instead dude its still really flavorful,and to be honest if someone gave me,these like i would just take a wild,guess of what they were made of like i,wouldnt really be able to tell i mean i,think if someone told me they were,plant-based then maybe i would be able,to figure it out but like that being,said they definitely hold up in,comparison to like a ground meat,i feel like theyre packed with flavor,and also,i think a key difference between the,sofritas and the chorizo has to be,that the sofritas looks like it also has,like peppers in it as well,um which i think you know adds a lot,more flavor and there is a benefit to,using tofu because its able to absorb,more flavor over time which is you know,the benefit of having the sofritas over,the chorizo however as i said before i,think that the chorizo flavor is really,wheres that like i was surprised,because i dont normally like smoky,stuff but like i dont know thats,pretty good now that being said like if,youre not in the mood for something,thats like smoky kind of like barbecuey,then i dont think that thats the,option for you i definitely would go,with the sofritas,and now if youre someone who has never,tried a plant-based protein before and,youre kind of nervous to try it i think,either option is pretty good if you like,barbecue normally and like that barbecue,flavor definitely go with the chorizo as,a first time try and if youre someone,who likes just like traditional,like just ground meat and taco seasoning,then i think that the sofritas is a good,option and overall i think its really,cool that chipotle is offering not one,but two plant-based options besides the,fact that they have you know the ability,to make a vegan or vegetarian bowl,without any protein even necessary,because you could just get beans which,are still a source of protein,so i think that thats pretty cool and,its definitely something worth checking,out next time youre at chipotle if,uh that is something that youre,interested in,okay,now as a final test im going to mix,mix it a little bit here,and kind of get like a more of like a,sour cream,bite with some lettuce,so as suspected like mixed in with the,sour cream the flavor holds up pretty,well its not as strong as i thought but,i think that the sour cream complements,it really well so if youre vegetarian,and not vegan i would definitely try,having with the sour cream because since,its a little spicy it kind of mixes in,well now let me try the same with the,sofritas,so its really interesting because its,so fritos to me,like that tastes like a typical like,taco salad or like taco bowl,but the chorizo one kind of just tastes,it just tastes different because of that,smoky flavor so they are definitely,different flavor profiles they did not,just like make a chorizo with the same,flavorings as the sofritas which is,really cool because theyre two,different options so again if you want,something smoky chorizo if you want,something thats more like taco,seasoning based with some peppers then,go with the sofritas overall im really,impressed with the new plant-based,chorizo from chipotle and i will,definitely be getting it again soon but,thats it thank you so much for watching,please be sure to subscribe to my,channel and give this video a thumbs up,if you havent already so that way we,can keep on growing and make sure you,let me know in the comments below if,youve tried the new plant-based chorizo,from chipotle and which one you like,better the sofritas the chorizo or if,theres something else on the menu that,you want me to try uh just let me know,in the comments below and ill catch up,with you soon,bye,[Music],[Music]


[Music],whats up fam welcome back to the,channel its your girl marie and,you know the vibes like dope,im done,anyways yall we are back with another,review video we are reviewing chipotle a,couple of you guys left a comment uh,down below saying you guys wanted us to,try this so,we are um we got right here for you you,know the vibe we got the,chorizo type of meat,and um yeah thats whats new on their,menu so they have a new plant-based um,chorizo meat so yeah so now they got two,meats for the vegans wait did you try it,already no oh okay i remember you got,chipotle the other day but you didnt,get the meat huh no okay perfect so,yall im starving i am ready to eat,yeah,so were about to get into prayers so we,can go ahead and try it for yall okay,no,all right,dear heavenly father forgive us for our,sins thank you lord for this who you,bless us with let it nourish our bodies,bless us and prepare to your first name,we pray amen,amen im so thankful for this food,because some day of school so you guys,on mine i have brown rice um,black beans a little bit of pinto beans,i have the um soy chorizo,uh medium mild and a little bit of hot,corn lets get sick go ahead and taste,it corn and,people want to know whats in the bowl,thats the whole point of a review corn,and peppers and then the lettuce on the,top,hot sauce and cider guac,yeah,all right yall because somebody is just,cant wait yeah so were going to be,doing let me get the meat wait lets,show them how it looks could we do that,um,yeah,let me show yall,i got a bean in it but yeah you guys,this is kind of how the meat looks,it actually looks really good all right,come on lets go ahead and get a bite,do yours got any cherries though yes you,put a lot like,i got all right one two three,you dont like it um,that face said it all,i mean its just maybe its that,chipotle though,chorizo is just heartburn,mine tastes good,maybe tell it i got that brick oh its a,little spicy too,um,yeah i love chipotle so i was super,excited to see that they had a new,plant-based,um meat for us,yeah im just happy to be in the video,eating,[Music],no i like this,its good its just spicy,if you guys cannot handle spice this is,a bit spicy,guys i dont im gonna take none of that,spice,you dont taste the spice,did you get the bread sauce,yeah,all right,i always tell them low on the rest i was,like please,and they put a little,so you got no go ahead no i was already,finished,so you guys i just got back from me and,hd just got back from vegas,um celebrating,my sister-in-law um and her,husbands anniversary,so my voice is gone like,i dont i dont even know if i was doing,any yelling but my voice is gone,wow,islamic kept calling me,every second sorry,but it was really fun we had a good time,it was nice to,kind of unwind,and not worry about anything,guys thats not my favorite word unwind,we,i go to a room because i like her,coverage is way more softer than mine,lana get out im trying to unwind right,now every day unwinding like parents let,me not even be in the way like that if,you have a full day of work or whatever,just really,just an active day,and at the end of the day you want to go,in your room relax watch your favorite,tv show maybe like my mom says that on,her chill days,mom yes you do just the whole day of,dealing with you and dairy i need to,know,youre alive,girl you always in my face,so thats no such thing,guys then whenever i dont come in a,room for the whole night you depressed,london,wow girl,no alana really has attachment issues,she has to be,near me every second no,guys that is nowhere near true,um also before i take the bite id be,getting a little haters in the comments,you know im really getting famous like,that or whatever somebody was like why,should you like that,i dont know im just a little greedy i,guess,and then on this other video someone,said,someone said the wig is not cute okay,and i still pull it off thank you,um there was a other comment but i dont,really dwell on them so i just wanted to,bring that out because like you know im,really getting up there,oh okay yeah lets talk about the,positive what about the people that has,been donating to you um macbook fun oh,yeah,what every time theres like a cat have,notification i just be so surprised,shed be so excited like mom they really,donated to me yall are so sweet,um if you guys didnt know alanas doing,like a little campaign to get a macbook,because um,she wants to start her own channel and,do her own editing and everything so,her dad told her that if she raises the,money hell um to like 700 yeah or,something like that whatever she raised,he will um go half on that,to get her the macbook so,thats what shes doing if you guys want,to donate her cash out will be in the,description,um,yeah um,you know if you tell me,if everybody watching could just donate,a dollar youll be um right youll be,basically there we already got like four,thousand viewers on like most videos,yeah so everybody go ahead and chip in a,dollar so lana could get that macbook,they crashed in 10 seconds buddy,oh and shout out to everybody whos,checked out my boutique signed up to the,mailing list um,that information is down below too i get,a lot of questions in my dms,asking where is my boutique how can they,find it,its always in my bio and my instagram,and um down below in the description box,so,if you guys want to check out um what i,have my clothing,um check it down below in the,description,its uh,personalspacela.com you know the vibes,oh my gosh okay you know when you eat,too fast and then you just get full,um no but im a little too greedy for,that but whenever i eat too fast i get,like hiccups and stuff oh my i actually,hate hiccups like me too worst thing,ever it literally gives me an attitude,like make me smile ill be somebody like,what are you still hiccuping for even 10,minutes like,come on yall this is good i am gonna,lie,yeah um i always like a good chipotle,bowl but i dont think i would just get,this on the daily,if you guys,are wondering where um hd is he aint a,big fan of chipotle well he likes it but,it doesnt sit well on his stomach,so thats why im doing the video with,lonnie,guys she just wanted to do a video with,me yeah okay okay,oh yeah ive been eating too much now,yeah um,i have this much for my bowl doug let me,ask more lettuce actually,oh um i know were probably talking a,lot yall i also want to mention because,we got a couple of comments saying that,lana does not need to be on the diet or,anything as you can see she is not about,his diet,lana mom you just told me this is,healthy it is healthy im just saying,youre not on a diet,um yeah alana has a skin condition,called eggs okay but,yeah even with that wherever i be eating,healthy i get,hush anyways,so lana has eczema which um when she,eats better and like cleans up her diet,it really helps with her skin not um,being so what,like ugly,yeah it really helps heal her skin so,whenever you hear her mentioning shes,going on a diet or shes um,whatever anything like that she really,means like shes just cleaning up her,diet to help her skin,no because,in my life does not need to be on a diet,diet is good its not like im starving,myself so,diets are good,yeah guys is good for you clean out your,body and stuff,healthy eating,okay is it not a diet,well,its a lifestyle i started that oh shoot,yall im over here doing what i eat in,a day as well,im doing what i eat in a day today so,if you guys want to see what else i ate,earlier,um that should be on this channel i,dont know if its going to be before,this or absolutely before,you go edit it,yeah,yeah right,um its so funny when my friends ask me,youre gonna be vegan for like forever,and its just the word forever just,makes me laugh like,i mean whats the point of changing back,at this point like already adapted to it,like,you already used to you know like its,like its like them still going to be on,their like lifestyle thing like its the,same thing so,if you guys were wondering that too no,and tell them

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