1. Is Chipotle The HEALTHIEST Fast Food? | With Full Menu Review
  2. Chipotle vs Qdoba Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS
  3. US vs UK Chipotle | Food Wars
  5. Keith Eats Everything At Chipotle
  6. CHIPOTLE Launched A Makeup Line?! ???? Honest Review!
  7. Chipotle ???? Carne Asada Burrito (Chosen by You!)

Is Chipotle The HEALTHIEST Fast Food? | With Full Menu Review

life city fam what is up it is brad and,bobby coming at you from chipotle to,continue the series of,fast food reviews youll remember last,week we went to chick-fil-a,but to be honest my go-to spot when im,out and about for lunch,is chipotle its because number one its,tasty but number two the ingredients,here,are pretty much in my opinion head and,shoulders above,99.9 of other fast food restaurants so,what i want to do,is go into chipotle order a few things,and show you my go-to,order and in case you didnt know it,there is kind of like a hidden menu that,has a keto and a paleo option,that is absolutely fantastic and ill,break down all of the ingredients and,how they cook it and why,chipotle in my opinion is slightly,better and sometimes way better than the,rest,before we get a rocket and rolling you,know the drill like subscribe share my,friends the only way this channel keeps,growing,but the only way to help you ill put,the best quality stuff in your body is,by you spreading that flavor city love,okay,less talking more eating lets go into,chipotle,okay i have two of my favorite bowls,that i get at chipotle when im out and,about,this is my go-to if im out and i cant,make a homemade lunch the thing is ill,tell you these two bowls are not,available on the main menu,its part of the online only or the,secret menu but before we go into these,the cool thing about chipotle unlike,pretty much any other fast food,restaurant is that they use a real food,they use no preservatives no msg no,nasty ingredients and if you saw,our chick-fil-a video the other day,youll know that is not the case at,chick-fil-a and many other places so,when youre getting chicken,it really is just chicken cooked in oil,thats not that bad,theres no msg theres no yellow food,coloring,all the vegetables are fresh and the,cool thing is,the oil is actually one of the more,decent oils at any fast food,all of the stuff they cook in oil,besides tortillas,is cooked in either rice bran oil or,sunflower oil,thats not bad for fast food because,those two oils are not gmo,unfortunately if you get tortillas here,whether corn or wheat theyre cooked in,canola oil which is gmo,i dont think chipotle has that non-gmo,policy i think they got sued about it,and had to remove it,so cooking in sunflower or rice bran is,not bad the thing is i like to keep it,relatively low carb when im here,and this is how you do it check it out,brad this is,an off menu item you can really only get,it on the website they put a ton of,cheese on here today which i normally,dont get but i got it just to show you,this is called the keto lifestyle bowl,that is cauliflower rice there with pico,de gallo or salsa,a little bit of chicken here and some,guacamole,the cauliflower rice is pretty darn new,and the cool thing about it its awesome,the only thing thats not awesome about,it,its expensive okay number one its a,two dollar add-on for most bubbles,and then its skimpy as can be brad did,you see the scoop in there today,they always give the short scoop its,like dude im paying two dollars extra,for cauliflower rice that being said,its grilled cauliflower rice and you,can taste the smoky flavor without using,like,natural flavors or liquid smoke cilantro,and lime,and its only four net carbs per serving,when you tack on the,guacamole which is a perfect keto um,item,the cheese the chicken and the tomatoes,youre low carb as they get here at,chipotle,so i would usually get this without,cheese because i dont eat too much,dairy,but go on the app or sometimes theyll,do it for you tommy want the keto,lifestyle bowl,thats the way to go now if you dont,want the dairy and you want another keto,or paleo option,this is my other choice this is called,the paleo salad bowl this is really cool,because its lettuce its a really good,like spring mix lettuce its not just,romaine,theres a bunch of other stuff in there,big scoop of guacamole,chicken grilled fajita toppings this is,great too because,its low carb its dairy free,and its clean as can be which is super,duper cool now there is something we,tried to get but the lady didnt know,how to make it,its called the queso rito i guess brad,told me its like,two layers of tortillas made into a,queso then wrapped into a burrito,i thought itd be fun to get but they,couldnt quite make it today but these,are your two healthiest options,by far at chipotle just know if youre,gonna get anything else on the menu,its pretty much clean as can be except,for the gmo canola oil in the,tortillas and this is probably the,tastiest guacamole of any fast food,restaurant what do you think brad,how it is its cause theyre literally,mashing it you can go and look,they mash them in the back now its not,cheap the keto salad bowl with the,cauliflower rice is 11.50,but its a really really solid option,and i like to do low carb here,so when im out and about when i cant,go home to make lunch,i usually get one of these too sans the,cheese cauliflower rice is the bomb,even though theyre skimpy and its,expensive its okay every once in a,while so,that is it if you havent checked out,our chick-fil-a video that ones super,interesting,scary check that out as soon as this is,done and if you want to see more fast,food,leave a comment down below let us know,it could be fun to go to mcdonalds and,say,if you have to go there what are your,best quality options and what exactly is,in the food there because it aint gonna,be pretty uh but thats it uh for brad,and i,were gonna crush these right now we,will leave you like we always do hashtag,keep on cooking mad love,and peace

Chipotle vs Qdoba Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

chipotle versus cudoba its going down,lets talk about that,[Music],good mythical morning before we start,battling fast mexican food against fast,mexican food we want to let you know,that this is the last week of season 21.,were going to be taking next week off,for a brief little week-long cacknap,but then well be back with a nap,i tried to say catnap but then i just,kept going cac nap were gonna be back,with good mythical summer beginning on,july 11th new episodes drop in every,monday wednesday friday monday wednesday,friday good mythical summer today were,putting two build your own burrito,empires against one another chipotle and,kudoba want you to think that theyre,all nicey nicey with each other take for,instance this tweet thread casey colwell,tweeted,hey chipotle tweets qdoba mex,grillworkers are talking smack she,didnt say smack about yall oh to which,qdoba said whoa now were all just,burrito buddies to which chipotle,replied right cant we all just get,along okay but if theyre burrito,buddies then why did cudova in 2018,mock chipotle for its free guac day by,delivering truckloads of avocados to,several chipotle locations in denver and,then they had this orange sign out front,of it that said hey chipotle heard,youre giving away free guac with an,entree today well from the people who,have been doing that for a while now,we worry you have underestimated what it,takes happy smashing whoa,happy smashing that doesnt sound too,buddy-buddy to me q-dopa its time for,food feuds chipotle versus q-dobo were,gonna taste and compare popular menu,items from both establishments and rate,each one of them head to head whichever,restaurant gets the most points will be,dub the best bean boy and win a chance,to sponsor a future gmm episode are you,jealous if if they take the title of,best bean boy im the best bean man,on delay,all right lets see whos serving us,today hello hello im quintin from qdoba,super famous mexican restaurant we are,the sleeping giant of mexican fast,casual dining,we are expanding so quickly that soon,all of your chipotles will be q-dobers,but we wont stop there no,soon your schools,and your children and your homes will be,q-dobers,villainous laughter okay so this is our,grilled chicken adobo bowl its,delicious it has a beans it has seasoned,rice it has lettuce and cheese and uh,its only 9.95 ah yes delicious theres,some melted cheese on this and we have a,side of,just meat so were going to isolate yeah,yeah yeah,why is he sweetheart excuse me all right,sure,hey there hey i dont know what kiddie,is but uh i am cheryl from chipotle and,um cheryl cheryl with a chair okay oh,um and this is this is well let me tell,you about myself first since he did a,whole thing um i am happily married for,25 years all my kids went to college so,now i have an empty nest so i took a,part-time job my favorite restaurant,chipotle,and im really excited so this is our,chicken bowl and it has brown rice it,has pinto beans and fajita veggies for,8.80 all right,thank you cheryl no crab,we got some salsa here,we kind of got what we thought was a,comparable salsa the the spicy one maybe,just dip that because that it could be,kind of spicy im just gonna do,something on one side you know i wont,do it on your side now im familiar with,kudo but theres one in downtown l.a but,back home in north carolina this was the,first place that came along for us yeah,it was there was there was one in uh in,the town of apex where i was living yeah,so i knew about qdoba before i knew,about chipotle,interestingly,kedoba,it came out after chipotle so chipotle,was founded in 93 kidoba in 95,and chipotles been a little bit more,successful uh theyve got over three,about 3 000 locations in the u.s where,qdobas only got about 700.,yeah i havent been back to q dope in,quite a while you know i usually get,guac on this i get guac on everything at,chipotle heres some individual chicken,bits do you want to analyze that no im,actually gonna go in for the bowl here,you know they got a rounder bowl im,trying to okay heres im not going to,come to two conclusions about that,pretty comparable in terms of looks you,know like,a beans of bean in some ways chickens a,chicken right yeah i think so yeah im,gonna stay away from the heat but im,just gonna do a direct comparison of the,of the chicken,cudoba chicken has this like rub on it,that makes it taste sausagey isnt it a,little weird and then youre right the,chipotle chicken is not as tender but,its just its very much just like a,frame flame broiled taste much more of a,grilled a little bit of a char on there,ta it tastes a lot better dude,i like it better im not saying its a,huge improvement in terms of the overall,ball though,thats a really solid bowl i know it,just,the chicken really makes a huge,difference everything else is kind of,the same,im going to give that chipotle bowl,sans guac,out of 10 a nice,solid im gonna give it a seven im,gonna give it a seven as well over here,in kudoba land the chicken the chicken,is hurting me a little bit im gonna,give it a five,im not going that far down but i am,going to a six,the chicken was just that much different,to me man no regrets,all right whats next i think its the,pork right check,[Laughter],my young co-workers told me what that,means the vibe check apparently everyone,has a vibe,mines menopause,this is our carnitas quesadilla for ten,dollars so the bible is good you have a,good yes oh thank god,that wretched woman reminds me of my,mother,she was always keeping me from creating,more kudobas oh right this is our,superior pulled pork quesadilla its,delicious and it is only 10 45. okay,i think the other ones just ten dollars,actually this was actually cheaper but,you know so weve got the isolated,carnitas from chipotle versus the pulled,pork and im bringing in the cudoba the,sour cream you know its a little,side-by-side i like to give it some too,i like to dip my quesadillas into the,sour cream,thats,seems nice,why did you dip into the wrong sour,cream,because it was closer to ignore that,bite this is the sour cream that you,should be dipping in youre right right,sorry ill even spit out this bite yep,what,that might count,gone from his mind yep,i almost screwed up the whole episode,um,its so simple it tastes exactly the,same,um,i figured that would be the case,i mean first of all thats a thick,theres a lot of meat there if you look,at the,kudoba one it has a little bit of a taco,bell sort of shape to it in terms of the,way the the taco bell uh quesadilla is,yeah well its kind of thin yeah which,is more of what i expect always what you,expect,yep yep thats right feels like,something you might make at home,or if you drew a picture of a quesadilla,the flavor profile of the kudobo one is,much more to my liking well the cheese,is better and strangely im going to try,something they call that pulled pork and,they call this one carnitas which,carnitas is more what you expect to be,like a stewed thing,yeah because theres like a,the juice thats this in that its in is,um wow oh man look at that its very,seasoned its almost like a salsa verde,or something down in there,and this is just dry,whoa,that pork is,worlds better,i think the cheese is a lot and the,cheese is better because they,the ratios are really good,chipotle pretty big disappointment um,and i usually dont get the quesadilla,but pretty big disappointment for me im,gonna im gonna just give this a five,i agree im going five here over here,uh ill gladly go seven,im saying this is a very good,quesadilla all the way to eight wow,lets get another round all right this,is our sofritas,um crispy corn tortilla black beans,lettuce cheese and then queso blanco but,its a dollar sixty extra i know what,youre thinking everythings extra with,chipotle but you know what else is extra,and my co-workers say this,me,and thats a good i agree with that its,a good thing hes a free avocado,hope you choke on it avocado,this is our impossible meat taco so,weve got the crispy uh this wha

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US vs UK Chipotle | Food Wars

Harry Kersh: From calorie count to portion sizes,,we wanted to find out all the differences,between Chipotle in the UK and the US.,This is “Food Wars.”,This is a UK chicken burrito.,Weve also got some black beans, some white rice,,some lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guac as well inside.,Were gonna measure the length, the–,[auto-tuned record scratch],I dont want to say girth.,Producer: Youre gonna have to say girth.,Im gonna make you. Harry: Aw, man.,Producer: Theres going to be a lot of girth,in this episode.,Harry: Game face.,Were gonna measure the length,,the girth, and the weight of this burrito.,So, our burrito is 7 inches long.,Joe Avella: I have the same burrito Harry has right here.,Well, not the same one. The same order.,I dont know where the burrito ends and the tinfoil begins,,so Im kind of eyeballing it.,It looks to be about,It looks to be about,between 7 1/4 and 7 1/2 inches.,Harry: A girth of 10 inches.,[saucy guitar music],It has a girth of –,[laughs],I promise Im a professional.,Joe: Its circumference –,girth, really?,Going all the way around.,Almost exactly 10 inches.,Burrito is a 10, if youre,thinking about making it a tux.,[upbeat suave music],Harry: And, finally, it weighs…,more than the scale can handle.,This isnt even the big boy.,Joe: Hey, told you guys to get a new scale.,We got a new scale.,Harry: Bear with us.,[distant screaming],Harry: So, were gonna weigh this burrito half at a time,to see what the total is.,Half one, 310.,And then this one,,plus Ill get the scraps from the plate.,So, combined, the two halves,of our burrito weighed 597 grams.,Joe: Chipotles burrito order weighed –,man, thats hefty.,That is a hefty boy.,Harry: In the UK, we can also get our burritos,in bowl form.,This bowl contains the same ingredients as our burrito,,but obviously without the tortilla wrap.,Lets weigh it and see what it measures up to.,So, this one came out to pretty much exactly 500 grams,,which, even with the bowl factored in,,is, like, 100 grams less than the burrito.,Joe: So, this here is that same burrito ingredients,in bowl form.,Whoa, gonna have to go this way.,Oh, wow, Im really smart.,Wait, is it heavier?,Wow. So, correct me if Im wrong,,but theres more here than there was in the burrito.,Harry: Finally, we can get our meals,in the form of a salad.,Now, this has all the same ingredients as our bowl,,but without the rice.,Lets weigh it and see how much difference that makes.,Strangely enough, this came to pretty much,exactly 500 grams, the same as the burrito bowl.,Joe: And here is the salad version of that bowl,,which was the bowl version of that burrito.,Sticking with me so far?,Being weighed.,I do want to point out, this does have white rice on it.,I mean, salad is boring and disgusting.,I would never get one.,Harry: In the UK, you can only get one size,of chips on the side,,and thats roughly this many.,Some of these are a little bit fractured,,so I will just try and form whole chips where I can.,Im like the Banksy of tortilla chips.,Banksy, youve done it again.,29, 30, and a half.,Joe: At a US Chipotle, you have two sizes of chips,,the regular,and the large.,Regular chips first.,Thats gonna take forever.,All right, one.,[fast-forwarding],25, 30, 35, some broken ones.,[normal speed] A regular bag is roughly 41 chips.,Now lets count the large.,75, 76.,Nearly double for the large bag of chips at Chipotle.,Very nice.,Harry: In the UK, we can only get,one size of guac on the side.,Its supposed to be 4 ounces.,Were gonna measure it to check if thats the case.,Ours was just shy of 4 ounces,,so pretty much right.,Joe: The guac in the US,,of course, comes in two sizes as well,,and Im gonna weigh them just to make sure.,Just to keep them honest.,I dont know how much the measuring cup is.,So it should be over 4 ounces, if anything.,3.75.,[clears throat],Thats including the cup,,which, correct me if Im wrong, you do not eat.,Skimping on the guac.,Dont act like 0.25 ounces isnt that much.,If its not that much, then put it in there.,8 o-zeezers.,Its a little over 7.,Zoom in on that. I want to shame these people.,Shame on you, Chipotle.,You already charged us extra for it,,and youre also just not giving us,as much as we pay for.,Tsk,,tsk!,Harry: And, finally, we have tacos.,Oh, hell, yeah.,When we looked at the menu, they were only available,in a portion size of three.,In the UK, this taco is 6 inches in length.,We got a veggie taco,,which includes guac, salsa, sour cream,,cheese, fajita vegetables, and black beans.,And ours weighs….,Joe: At a US Chipotle,,you can get tacos in orders of one, two, or three.,This guys falling apart.,Its a 6-incher.,And, of course,,I did not get a vegetarian taco.,This one has meats aplenty.,So it has different ingredients,than the one that they weighed,,making this weighing completely arbitrary!,Harry: Now, this [burrito thuds],is the biggest burrito you can get at a UK Chipotle.,We chose chicken as the base,,but then we added every other meat as an add-on,,and weve also got all the vegetables and all the salsas.,They were a bit reluctant to make this,,but eventually they got it done,,and it seems to not be leaking,,so good job, guys.,Joe: This right here is the biggest burrito you can get,at a Chipotle in the US.,So big, in fact, I named it the Big Boy.,Got that?,Fantastic.,OK, “Whats in it?” you ask.,Well, its a carnitas burrito with double carnitas,,and I also got double barbacoa.,Of course its double wrapped,,because it has guacamole, white rice, fajita veggies,,black beans, queso blanco, mild tomato,,I actually got all the salsas,,sour cream, cheese, and lettuce.,This runs about $18.20 in the US,,which is about 13 pounds and 16 shillings.,Harry: This burrito set me back 16 pounds 75,,which is around $22, which is quite expensive.,Youre looking at kind of 2 pounds 70 per meat you add in,,so, honestly, if youre looking for just quantity for lunch,,its probably cheaper to just get two single burritos.,Now, its the same length as the other burrito,,coming in at 7 inches,,but you do get one extra inch of girth.,And, as we all know, a little goes –,[laughs],As we all know, a little goes a long way.,[laughs],Joe: Now I will measure the length,and thickness of this one.,Almost 9 inches.,OK, its about 8 3/4.,Yo, this guys a lot thicker.,So, thats about 11 1/2 inches of thickness.,Its much bigger.,Harry: What about the calories?,Well, this is the most popular burrito from Chipotle.,It contains eight ingredients:,chicken, white rice, black beans, sour cream,,guacamole, cheese, fresh tomato salsa, and lettuce.,This contains 1,320 calories,,540 of which are from fat.,It does contain 2,610 milligrams of sodium,,which is 113% of your daily allowance.,Joe: And in the US, that same burrito,,according to Chipotle, is the exact same nutrition,and calorie count.,They use the same smallwares and utensils,to make the burritos in the UK as they do in the US,,so everything should technically be the same.,Thats what their PR people told us.,And, hey, if you cant trust,a major conglomerates PR people,,who can you trust, right?,And if you get that same order in salad form,and didnt put rice on your salad like a maniac,,that would bring this calorie count down to about 800,,and it lowers the sodium to “only” 1,520 milligrams,,or 66% of what you should have in the day.,Chipotle also gives you the option,of having their vinaigrette salad dressing on the side,,which adds 220 calories,,bumping it back up over 1,000 to 1,020 calories,and bumping up the sodium to 2,327 milligrams,,or 101% of your daily –,basically, its liquid salt.,Whats with the…? Jeez.,Harry: If you choose to get your burrito in a bowl form,,that loses you 320 calories,,bringing it down to an even 1,000.,Now its only around 40% of your daily caloric allowance.,It still contains 1,855 milligrams of sodium, however.,In the UK, a side of chips is 540 calories.,Joe: Same with our regular chips here.,Now, if you upgrade to the large,,thats going to be 810 calories.,Harry

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oh my goodness its how much to buy oh,man what is going on everybody welcome,back to another video welcome back to,another hundred dollar menu challenge,now let me tell you everybody four years,ago I decided to take it upon myself to,eat ten Chipotle burritos and it was one,of the most insane challenges that Ive,ever done Chipotle is very delicious but,its also very very filling in the,aftermath for that one was oh and guess,what four years later Ive done a few,Chipotle menu challenges and every,single one of them has been extremely,extremely difficult and guess what else,you guys happen to vote for the next,hundred dollar menu challenge to be,Chipotle so for this challenge everyone,the goal is to eat a hundred dollars,worth of Chipotle in one sitting the,good news is I absolutely love Chipotle,Chipotle is absolutely delicious they,have a ton of different menu options the,bad news is yeah its just really really,really really so I went ahead and place,my order online Im actually gonna put,all of that right there,you guys you guys can check that out and,I think its gonna be a good challenge,Im definitely have my work cut out for,me for this one because like I said,support lay is very very very filling a,lot of rice a lot of beans a lot of,vegetables regardless though I think,this is gonna be a very interesting,challenge Im most definitely gonna be,feeling it in this challenge for sure,that being said Electric Empire its,gonna take a little while for them to,make everything so its time for some,activities now my Chipotle is getting,made,the wife you guys are new to the channel,I dont just sit around and do food,challenges all day happened to actually,know the majority of the dates that are,running up my appetite to get ready for,these challenges this challenge in this,video folks is gonna be insane so about,the minibike here you get some movement,going before you get started here,everyone and yeah Im still further than,doing a lot more at home workouts Ive,been posting them on my Instagram so if,you guys havent fallen in there yet go,check it out its down below in the,description if you guys want to see more,behind food challenges more my workouts,more my personal life brought me and,yeah hell it to Americans guys there so,head on over there if you havent,already,now folks its time to go get some,Chipotle,-,yeah I think thats Margaret there,shot the Chipotle say whats up Sara,all right everybody we have her to pull,a realistic meeting subscribers in our,local restaurants anyways now its time,to get this home and get this all,present well let me just tell you all,right now this this is a lot of Chipotle,everyone this is the most important,think Ive ever ordered at once and like,always I am very very excited to get,into this one I do have to remind you,all again you voted for this one all,right after the last hundred dollar menu,challenge Ive heard a thing you all,love that one I think that has like half,a million views right now you guys want,to see me eat Chipotle next so what you,guys got to do right now and put a,little interactive poll for you guys,right at this point of the video go up,there wherever it is and vote where you,guys want me to go for the next hundred,dollar menu challenge because we still,got a lot of options out there with fast,food and with just actually with food in,general so let me know what you guys,want to see next everyone I just gotta,say right now that after reviewing my,order when I got home it seems Ive made,a mistake,because I did not mean to get five large,bags of chips oh my goodness like a,small child oh my goodness its so much,to buy oh man wow it looks beautiful,this is usually the part where I let you,guys know how much Im really going to,hate tomorrow now the moment of truth,everyone so we have 13 menu items that I,ordered online and plus the two extra,chips lets see if Chipotle got it right,here all right 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11,12 13 14 15 items they nailed it they,got it all right now its time for me to,let you guys know how much all of this,actually cost me my first order to,Chipotle was ninety five dollars and,thirty nine cents for the majority of,all this and of course Im,wonderful girl named Sara who works,there who subscribe to the channel shots,you Sara and I bought two more things,two more bags of chips unfortunately and,two diet cokes which cost me $9 and 46,cents so lets do a little math here,everybody so nine dollars and 46 cents,plus ninety five dollars and thirty nine,cents brings the grand total to a,hundred and four dollars and 85 cents,everyone we have $100 worth of Chipotle,right here folks over ten thousand,calories of Japan lei and Im going to,attempt to eat all of this in one,sitting but before I get me this,challenge though Electric Empire like,always I need to let you guys know the,exact amount of calories that are in,this challenge those will be listed like,right guys in total macros that means,protein carbs fats total macros will be,listed like right in that device without,further ado my friends my family members,of the alleged empire this is the,hundred dollar Chipotle menu challenge,lets do this,are you ready to get this challenge,started we are ready to get this one,underway oh goodness,after all that Chinese food last week I,guess I needed a little change in,scenery even though this is salt anyways,everybody where is my health business,thats gonna give the video a like today,I think were gonna get into our steak,bowl first corn salsa steak rice beans,starting off with some fibers and health,and fitness its totally gonna matter,after like the ten thousand eleven,billion calories and bucks consumed,re-election campfire its time to get,this to pull a hundred dollar chipotle,megu-chan we started here we go,[Music],you guys know steak corn beans rice,[Music],alright guys well personal anymore this,completed so far something oh goodness,gracious,its the keto salad perfect have your,entire days worth of fat in one salad I,see you boy I see you you guys know,[Music],eat up no more,[Music],as well second menu items down who knows,I just want to say everybody both look,magnificent hats off to Chipola it,actually make pretty decent on us,[Music],menu items down okay,and thats everybody oh I think were,just gonna do what everybody we got to,get into our first giant burrito,everyone that had this burrito is,massive okay this thing is absolutely,huge like look legit its like a baby,its as big as my head I just had to cut,it in half because weve got so Fritos,in there we gotta give the vegetarians,and all the bacon some love come on,people,and so Freitas is actually really,delicious,[Music],now were get a taste of the new queso,blanco sauce I mean case I was,[Applause],[Music],hes got a cake,[Music],as well first oh well at least the first,drink is now now if you guys student do,two challenges where I eat a lot of,crunchy things and they definitely mess,up in fact pretty sure the roof of my,mouth was give a,[Music],Oh,[Music],wait Community Church oh my goodness,[Music],privately so the first bag of chips is,down,Wow talk about poor decision-making,[Music],you a some more people out there youd,be having an absolutely amazing time,with me right now if you were your hair,and this part one thing cuz I mean just,this this is all the side here,[Music],I cant do the rest of those chips right,now I think great move on to something,else over here electrical fire we want,over to some more crunchiness and were,going to now get into our second finger,tacos heres the thing folks the tacos,theyre amazing theyre you know theyre,even more amazing when you spruce them,up with some official Tabasco sauce you,know you gotta catch your eyes everybody,I mean this is a sponsorship I really,would love I mean lets just be a,mystery you guys know about magic and,there you have it everybody ranch Erised,sauce arised deliciousness,[Applause],[Music],as well Ive actually lost count on how,many are you in but successfully in t

Keith Eats Everything At Chipotle

– In 1993, in Denver, Colorado,,Steve Ells opened a Mexican grill inspired,by the popularity of the Taquerias,and San Francisco burrito restaurants,in the mission district,,where he had worked before.,After a big old loan of $85,000 from his daddy,,he opened the very first Chipotle Mexican Grill in Denver,,right by the college.,And now, everyone knows it.,Its delicious.,Its often the butt of a joke,,but I dont really know why.,It doesnt (beep) me up too bad.,But maybe it will today.,As always, Eat The Menu is brought to you by,Keiths Chicken Sauce and Keiths Burger Sauce,,and…,Introducing Keiths Taco Sauce,,a not too hot sauce for tacos and other stuff.,We finally did it.,We got three different hot sauces out.,You can buy yours today,,or you can buy a box with all three.,Pretty dope.,Plus, I signed 1,000 labels of the new taco sauce,to be intermixed in the first 10,000 orders.,Maybe youll get one. Either way, I love you.,Thanks for letting me do this. Its so fun.,Okay. Lets watch the video.,(upbeat music),Lets Eat The Menu.,Starting with the chips and the dips.,I do love Chipotle so much.,Why dont we just start with the chip?,I think their chips pretty good.,(crunch sound),Oh. That is so good.,Theyre just 10% too salty.,Lets go on old classic. The chips and guac.,(crunch sound),Right, heres something I always got a harp on.,This is not the first time Im seeing this little bubble.,Hit me in the comments if you know what Im talking about.,Fill it all the way.,Lets move over to the queso.,Chipotle recently changed their queso.,I didnt even know they had queso at some point.,But this is the new queso.,Lets try the queso.,(crunch sound),Hm. Its got a good,jalapeno flavor or perhaps its a serrano flavor.,Not bad though.,If I was drunk, Id crush it.,All right. Lets move into the pico de gallo.,Its typically my salsa of choice because its just fresh.,(crunch sound),Mm. This picos actually really good.,- [Nick] On the menu,,its just called Fresh Tomato Salsa.,- Really?,- [Nick] Yes.,- Does the rest of white America still unaware,that its just called pico de gallo?,Its not a hard one to learn.,Tomatillo-green chili salsa.,Mine has a little piece of lettuce in it.,Lets grab him.,Hi. Hello.,Ive never gotten this before.,Ive always been afraid its too spicy.,(crunch sound),Kinda great.,Overall flavor, yeah, thats good!,I cant even taste the lettuce.,Well, you know what?,Since we have that green,,why dont we try my own green, huh?,Mines obviously redder than it should be,as a green salsa but its based in green.,(crunch sound),Its wild.,Its like sweet.,Almost, its like a verde mole.,It sort of lives between those two places.,Im thirsty, boy.,All right, were about to move on,to the hottest of the sauces.,You might be seeing here,,you might be like, “Keith, wheres the corn salsa?”,Well, it just so happens,that Alex who went to get it just came back.,Nope.,Alex didnt get it.,Thats an oops.,The tomatillo-red,,the tomatillo-red chili salsa.,I sound like Matty Matheson. I love Matty Matheson.,He talks like this the whole time.,Were making roa.,A lot of spice, not a lot of flavor.,Very hot, hotter now even.,Ooh, thats so hot.,I only ate it with the right side of my mouth.,The right side of my tongue is so hot.,Woo. Woo!,Yeah, thats hot.,I dont need to try it twice.,Okay, those are all the sauces that we have right now.,Well have the corn one later, I promise.,Now, lets move on to the tacos.,Ive never had the tacos here.,I assume they taste like the burritos.,Yeah, I dont know.,Yeah, we dont know where the tacos are.,Well just have one of them.,I know were supposed to have,both hard shell and soft shell.,And then we have the secret one thats coming later.,Yes, Sam. I know.,I dont know why, Sam.,He hung up.,Here we go. All right.,Were back, baby.,Two tacos that were sampling here.,(container squeaking),One moment.,Uh-oh. Oh, no.,What was this…?,I guess this was holding the lettuce.,The barbacoa taco.,(crunch sound),Yeah, thats fine.,Barbacoas got a great texture.,Very tender, but still has a chew.,This is good.,Mm-hmm.,Oh, I taste the beans.,Theres a bean stuck in my tooth.,This is a big taco.,Whoa!,Oh, my.,Wow. Its huge.,Its gargantuan.,This is a hot taco?,This is huge.,Okay, lets eat the taco. The Carnitas Taco.,(suspenseful music),Perhaps, too much.,I think its good but the black beans,are really dominating the flavor right now.,Whoa, the cinnamon seems like itd be so crazy, right?,It is crazy. Crazy good.,Now lets move on to the newest addition to the menu.,No longer a secret item but a real item.,The quesadillas.,Please welcome to the Eat The Menu table stage,,my wife, Becky Habersberger!,♪ Ba pa pa ra pap bap bap ♪,- Pew, pew, pew.,- Come on in.,- Thanks.,- Becky loves quesadillas.,We even got a quesadilla from Taco Bell last night.,- We said we are not gonna tell people today,that we ate Taco Bell yesterday.,- Well…,Im honest with my audience.,- I will say though, now that theyve taken the quesadilla,to be a not secret menu item, its smaller.,(Keith gasps) When you used to get it…,And Sams nodding cause he knows whats up.,It would literally be the whole,,like, tortilla, two tortillas sandwiched together.,And then they cut it lengthwise.,So youd have this sort of half moon.,- This is horse shit.,(Becky laughs),- [Nick] The chicken is $8.40.,And the steak and barbacoa are $9.40.,- It was cheaper when you got it before.,- Wow.,- And they would give you the salsa for like 20 cents.,- All right, lets try it, sauceless first.,- Too much chicken.,- Way too much chicken.,- This tastes like a sandwich.,- Yeah. That is not a quesadilla.,Mm-mm.,Thats not what Im used to, Chipotle.,I would still order it the secret way.,Go back.,- “Can I get the secret quesadilla?”,”Maam, its not a secret.”,”No, no, no, no.”,- “The other one.” – “The secret quesadilla.”,”What do you want, maam?”,”The secret quesadilla.”,Hey guys, guess what?,Alexandria did bring us the corn salsa.,She just didnt know she did.,The corn salsa. Told you wed get there.,(crunch sound),So fresh.,Also,,isnt it funny to eat corn on a tortilla chip?,Because its corn.,Its dipping corn in corn.,Just dip me in a big, old vat of Keith.,This is the sofritas quesadilla.,- I bet this has an abundance of cheese.,- Whoa, look at all that sour cream.,Jesus Christ. Oh, my God.,Did we go to a grocery store?,- Whos gonna eat that much sour cream?,- Its all sour cream. – Sam. (laughs),Sams like. “Me!”,- Lets take a bite of the sofritas quesadilla, no sauces.,- Tastes like a Taco Bell quesadilla. (laughs),- It does taste like Taco Bell.,Mm, and really good.,I think the guac is gonna spice it up.,Mhmm. Mhmm.,- The cheese distribution is not even enough for me.,This whole spot, no cheese.,- Yeah.,- I dont want a sofritas pie.,- No.,You should pull up our quesadilla and it should be like,,(wooing) you know like… (wooing),Im gonna try it with this crazy amount of sour cream.,Oh, my God.,Yeah, this is like the kind of dip youd have to do,to get close to eating all the sour cream.,Uh-oh. Becky, I forgot.,- (gasps) You forgot.,Oh, look at how gre- Ooh, so greasy.,- Yeah, the sofritas is oily. – The sofritas is a little,oilier than I anticipated. – Now, these are the generic,lactose enzyme pills.,- Kirkland.,- Lactaid, if youre watching…,- [Becky] No, its not Lactaid, its Kirkland.,- I know, Im telling Lactaid if theyre watching,,I could be using name brand stuff.,Your move. Also, your court.,- How have your sponsorships,been working out so far for this show?,- Not good.,Lets move on to the secret items and some special items.,There are some few secrets left.,(Becky gasps) Some of these things are things we made up,,but they seem like realistic things.,Were gonna start actually, with a hack.,Apparently, we just learned this seconds ago off camera.,You can ask for chips instead of rice in the bowl,and then you got nachos.,Oh, bloop, bloop.,- That looks like soup, though.,Okay, all right, all right.,- Its nachos! – All right, bro.,

CHIPOTLE Launched A Makeup Line?! ???? Honest Review!

hi sisters james charles here and,welcome back to my youtube channel,i am excited for todays youtube video,because we are doing something that i,really rarely ever do here on this,channel and that is a,makeup review i dont do makeup reviews,very often you guys know by now i really,tend to use a lot of the same products,every single time that i get ready but i,like to switch it up and do really just,fun entertaining videos for yall,however i went to the mailbox yesterday,to just open up some packages see what,came,in and i got this very interesting box,from elf and found out that elle,is doing a collaboration with chipotle,oh my gosh,when i opened this up i said and when i,opened this up,my mind was blown and i knew i had to,film a video on this,if you guys have been following me for a,long time now since like the beginning,of my social media career you would,know that i am like a hardcore chipotle,stan i went through a phase where when i,first moved to la i was literally eating,chipotle like four to five times,a week and i still love it but like it,was a little bit much okay i literally,used to sell merch that said guacamoles,extra and so am i on the consistent,apparel hoodie and i actually have,two shades in my eyeshadow palette that,are related to my burrito bowl,being guac which is the metallic green,shade and then no beans which is the,warm tone dark brown shade,so chipotles always had a very very,special place in my heart if chipotles,food is amazing im sure,hopefully the makeup will be amazing as,well but lets go ahead and put this elf,x chipotle collection,to the test,[Music],so lets go ahead and open it up it says,its okay to be a little extra oh my god,look its a little metallic box and it,has all of like the,food things on it so when i do chipotle,i do a burrito bowl always,and i do oh theres no meat on here okay,so i always do,white rice because its literally,amazing no beans hence the eyeshadow,shade if you like beans,good for you cant do it myself,personally and then i do,chicken guac lettuce mild salsa,and thats it i know honestly im not,defending it it is a little bit more of,a boring bowl but you know what its,what my taste buds enjoy,anyway lets go ahead and open up this,box and see what this little chipotle xl,collection has,to offer so it says eyes chips face,that is clever and like because alphas,eyes lips face ice chip space,okay so we have the chipotle eyeshadow,palette which is 16,and if we take it out of the packaging,this is what the elf chipotle eyeshadow,palette,looks like oh my god wait,oh wait a second i oh how do i get this,plastic off,look at this it matches they literally,took,their like main ingredients and turned,them into colors make it hot lip gloss,which is eight dollars,the extra guac sponge oh theres sponges,extra guac sponge set which is ten,dollars and then eyes chips,face makeup bag which is eighteen,dollars im not surprised by the prices,because elf is obviously known for,having very very affordable but good,quality products so i love,to see that they are on the more,affordable side for consumers and,chipotle fans everywhere,normally i would just go right ahead,with the eyeshadow because thats like,what the look is going to focus on,however,since we have a little extra guac sponge,set why dont we go ahead and take this,out of,the box wet it in our sink and then just,do a quick little foundation routine,together to see how these sponges work,oh my god it comes with it,its the avocado avocado,look its like the avocado in like the,little pit are you literally kidding me,im first gonna grab the little avocado,sponge i wet it and it definitely feels,very very,soft so im liking the texture a lot,lets just dip in the nice butt end,into the foundation just gonna go right,into the face,something about the texture of the,sponge definitely does feel a little bit,different than a typical beauty blender,that you guys may,be used to i dont know how to describe,it like it feels a little bit more,soft than what a normal beauty sponge,does which,for some people may be ideal personally,i prefer something a little bit more,dense just because i feel like it does a,better job of like distributing the,product rather than soaking it up,whereas i feel like this would take up a,lot of product but some people obviously,prefer a much like softer light coverage,application,looks really good okay i just put my,hair up in a little,god the whole point of getting a perm,was to make my forehead look smaller now,im sitting here on camera looking like,this,gently put a little bit of concealer,underneath my eyes to cover up any bags,or dark circles,a little mustache a little beard oh my,god i forgot to color correct whatever,you know i guess i will use the,mini one to try to blend this out,personally i,am not a big fan of mini beauty sponges,theres nothing wrong with it at all i,just honestly have a,really big face i can see why although,honestly like if like a kid was picking,up this collection like a little sponge,like this would be so cute for somebody,thats like just getting started in,makeup and maybe its like a little bit,smaller,okay you guys so im just gonna grab a,little bit of my translucent setting,powder from,laura mercier or whatever one you want,to use okay so you know i was mentioning,earlier that the sponge is like a little,bit softer than i typically,like it to be heres why this becomes a,little bit of a problem,is because when i filled it with water,obviously before putting on my,foundation i wrung it out really really,well to get all the water out but it,still feels,pretty damp so now that im dipping into,this to put on my,powder the powder is like clinging to,some of the areas of the foundation,because its putting on like wet powder,as opposed to just like packing on the,dry powder i just turned the lighting,down a little bit so you guys can see,but this is what i was talking about,like the wet,sponge like its these little chunks on,my forehead are like from the sponge,holding too much,water but like all right you guys our,base is all on and set in place using,our cute little avocado guacas extra,sponges and its looking pretty,good so far this collection is pretty,small so the next product that were,going to dive into is going to be,the chipotle x elf eyeshadow palette but,i have quite a few steps in my makeup,routine that i have to do before we get,to that,so im going to cut and i will see you,guys in a little bit to continue this,review,all right you guys so i went ahead and,did a contour blush brows and primed my,eyes ready to go,and test out the eyeshadow palette for,this little collection so the shades are,lettuce guac corn salsa mild salsa,pinto beans black beans disgusting white,rice brown rice green salsa,hot salsa sofritas and fajita you know,what i want to give chipotle and elf,major props for this there have been a,lot of brand collaborations where a,non-makeup brand will partner with a,makeup brand to create a you know little,collection together,and majority of the times not naming any,names but just to be blunt,they suck not necessarily the quality of,the products but theres just never any,like creativity this happens so many,times where you know a major corporation,will see that makeup,in the makeup industry can generate a,lot of money and well say okay heres,an easy check,lets make a cute little collection,nobody ever like puts the brand identity,and like the thought behind the,marketing of these actual products,but this is so well done im not being,biased when i say this either because,my own personal opinion the colors in,this palette while they match perfectly,to chipotle,are not colors that i would want to pick,up i have a million brown shadows and,everything and like i dont need,any of these other colors however i,think it makes a lot of sense and like,this is just a really really cool thing,to see im really really excited to dig,into this my only,only qualm with this palette is that a,word,i believe s

Chipotle ???? Carne Asada Burrito (Chosen by You!)

[Music],hey guys its Kent from Cuba deep,Ruxins TV you all come back to another,kendama food video just for you Im in,the partly cloudy partly sunny City of,Vaughan Ontario Canada because you guys,I asked the question as I throw my phone,across the car I asked the question,alright subscribers and new viewers time,to let you choose what I eat next and,the three options were from Peter I,bought Don Rouge Tanya Kensington Market,and I dont even know how to say this,persons name and he want me to try the,carne asada at Chipotle so we are here,because you guys got 47% with 1,200,votes I wanna continue doing this,because I want you guys to choose where,I eat next alright so you guys can keep,letting me know where you want me to eat,and you guys can choose out of two or,three maybe even four options but its,up to you guys as you can see I already,got my burrito and this is how that way,[Music],she puts so much stuff into my burrito,and another percent to come along and,double wrap it in a soft tortilla lets,get out our trusty steering wheel tray,and start eating so I did the the extra,charge once again for the guac because I,have to have guac on it here at Chipotle,its two dollars and 70 cents for the,extra guac the actual carne asada,regular burrito is $10.50 altogether was,1320 just a little bit more money than,what Im gonna be showing you next week,its a surprise all right lets get this,burrito out that thats got to be two,two and a half pounds I love to weigh,that I should start I just start,weighing this stuff man cuz that is,crazy Im only going to eat half of it,today I didnt grab napkins what a tool,that took forever I need napkins ran,back inside got me some napkins once,again I think its gonna be a five,napkin meal one of the things she boldly,doesnt do and I guess if you ask them,theyll throw it on the grill for you or,on the like the little panini press,thing but I was kind of its kind of,interesting that they went straight from,wrapping it to giving it to me but Im,pretty sure I dont I dont go to,Chipotle a lot so Im not sure if thats,there there there mo they normally do,that or not,wow this is gonna be super messy like I,said Im on any bit half of this I was,going to get them to cut it in half also,bye dad,so many problems trying to put all this,food in the one freaking soft tortilla,Oh Mikey yeah this is crazy big all,right people carne asada if I say that,right I hope I do but you guys will,correct me wont you,all right check out that soft tortilla,it would definitely be better toasted,but today,[Music],mmm-hmm I went hot but I also did the,tomato mix I think thats their regular,and then have mild and hot my time so,far so good its a little chewy,because of the extra tortilla I watch,every 100 double wrap tortilla before,this is interesting I really want to get,to that kind of startup but part of me,wishes that they kind of remade it with,just a little bit lots of some of the,things to put in it but job because the,double wrap part is just a little,overwhelming with the chewiness,chewiness of it and but the carne asada,is fantastic is lovely like its got its,own heart beat up,[Music],Im afraid if I buy it come on its,gonna go so far its a thing of wonder,and I wonder how much more can I eat,this is actually quite a nice treat,because I usually always get either,shrimp burritos or chicken burritos,rarely ever get beef burritos let me,know in the comments below what are,those three things would you choose more,over the other on lets say you ate at a,burrito place at least once a week or,whatever what would be your number one,go-to again chicken beef or shrimp this,ones my favorite but I think this is a,nice treat because you guys wanted me to,do it,I love carne asada and its very tasty,[Music],got a lot of meat in that pipe hmm,very nicely cooked steak mmm Im so glad,you guys asked me to do this one,[Music],check out all those lovely ingredients,off the top of my head I dont remember,which things I didnt put on definitely,no I didnt put salad on there or,lettuce and I shes like oh I can put,that on there Im like I dont think you,couldnt and obviously they couldnt,because the first time they try to wrap,it they just everything started smashing,out the bottom check this out,it is falling out everywhere lets do,another bite,[Music],the chunks of steak along with all the,other stuff that I put on there and that,guacamole is just it is a perfect,burrito Im definitely not going to be,able to eat all of this burrito right,now but Id love to give all you guys,who participated in that poll who asked,me to come here and try this amazing,burrito Im gonna have to give you guys,I want two oclock in the morning shout,it bite just for you are you guys ready,and for the people at Chipotle who came,up with this idea you guys wrong once,again this is for all the one oclock in,the morning people who love to watch my,videos at one oclock in the morning we,dont know why you do it what you do,this bike is for you I cant stop with,that one oclock in the morning shout,out bite I have to do another one to go,that stuff right there,[Music],there you go ladies and gentlemen two,points for Ken did it go in,yes it did well that was a fantastic,burrito all right guys on my rating,scale Im gonna have to give Chipotles,carne asada their burrito a go out and,get it now,it was fantastic like I said I usually,get chicken or shrimp so Im really glad,that you guys kind of got me to try the,steak cuz I might actually start to try,that more often than the other two,because I enjoyed it that much,definitely dont do if they if they,offer you to double wrap your burrito,dont do it it was really chewy I didnt,really like that part of it but the rest,of it was amazing all the right toppings,all the right spices and all the right,flavors I like to thank the 1,200 people,who participated in that last pull to,get me to come here and eat the carne,asada burrito,stay tuned for more future polls where,you guys decide where I eat next alright,guys if you love these videos and you,dont want to miss the next one please,hit that subscribe button its its,right around here click the notification,bell but if you want to show your,support for me doing these videos just,for 1,200 people hit it with a thumbs up,ding ding ding ding ding and well see,you next time another Ken Donna food,review and Donecker welcome back into,another kendama food video starting I am,in the overcast and sunny city to the,city damn it of Vaughan Ontario King as,you can see I already got my ran back up,but Id love to give you guys a one,oclock on the show once again this is,for all the one oclock in the morning,shout out people know,Id like to thank everybody for I like,to thank everybody Id like to thank the,1,200 people who I like to thank that ah,alright guys thanks for watching talk,today

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