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Chorus Review

i love a good space shooter but my,biggest pet peeve when playing them is,endlessly circling an enemy as you try,to line up a shot chasing that target,indicator at the edge of the screen,until somebody messes up a few smart,games have solved that issue one way or,another and chorus is among the most,direct push a button and poof youre,instantly teleported behind your target,ready to blast into bits,described that way it does sound like a,cakewalk but chorus definitely isnt,especially when the pressure ramps up,even that trick and a few other god mode,like abilities might not save you but,one things for sure youll look pretty,cool pulling them off and the story that,accompanies that action is respectable,even though it threatens to drown you in,lore,[Music],when you boil it down your character,nara is basically what if darth vader,had defected after the destruction of,alderaan shes certainly well written,enacted and comes off as genuine rather,than whiny as shes dragged into the,resistance but it does become a bit,tiresome to hear a repentant war,criminal wallow in guilt for the,entirety of her roughly 30-hour fight,getting to see nara as a highly detailed,and well-animated character model during,cutscenes certainly helped me get,attached to her though its hard not to,notice that developer deepsilverfishlabs,pretty clearly only had budget for,exactly one model of this quality where,thats an actual problem is that much of,the story is told through other peoples,residual memories that nara can sense,and its not always clear whats going,on the same constraint of limited models,is evident when all the pirates youre,fighting against are flying the same,handful of ship types as the cult youre,battling so even though chorus is a good,looking game there were clearly a few,corners caught to get there on the other,hand the map is open with new star,systems unlocking as you progress,through the story and each new area i,unlocked impressed me with how much it,differed from the last coupled with the,respectable explosion and weapon effects,and some nice lighting it paints a,pretty picture some of the most,impressive moments come from when youre,battling capital ships that are,bristling with turrets then flying,inside the structures to torpedo their,cores,a short time into the campaign nara is,paired with a sentient space fighter,known as forsaken who is very much like,the non-sentient fighter she started,with except that he has an extra slot,for equipment mods and a personality id,describe as venom meets r2d2 doing a,pretty good impression of james spaders,ultron voice,[Music],i do wish there were more of a gameplay,impact to supposedly having an,intelligent sidekick flying with you at,all times outside of cutscenes he never,really does anything but i do enjoy his,aggressive openly resentful attitude and,the intriguing backstory of his origins,the plot itself is easy enough to follow,since its largely about righteous,revenge vindication and letting go of,baggage and there are some interesting,revelations along the way its a bit of,a drag that the lore of choruss,universe feels so overstuffed with,sci-fi religious philosophies and,interdimensional threats its the kind,of thing that might have worked better,if i had been introduced to it gradually,rather than being more or less thrown,into the deep end and seeing it through,the eyes of a character who doesnt need,to learn it along with me it does redeem,itself with the ending reveal which adds,something extra to the relationship,between nara and forsaken,what makes chorus space battles play out,differently from and faster pace than,the typical space shooter are those,super powered moves called rights they,seem like they should trivialize battles,but when youre under attack from a,swarm of enemies or a boss rights are,essential for survival chorus puts them,to good use not only in combat but also,in puzzle sequences where you need to,drift to quickly hit a series of targets,or blast or teleport through obstacles i,can totally see someone becoming an,artist with this system and chaining,together moves and though as of this,writing i am not one of those people i,have had some pretty spectacular and,satisfying moments where it sure looked,like i knew what i was doing one area,where chorus doesnt really knock it out,of the park is in its weapons and mods,there arent a lot of options that will,encourage you to change your play style,aside from leaning into your favorite,among the gatling gun laser and missile,launcher weapon classes or boosting your,ability to cast rights faster it,certainly makes an impact but im always,hoping for more dramatic changes from my,loot im sure you could power through,the story a lot quicker than the roughly,30 hours it took me if you ignore the,frequent side quests but i wouldnt,recommend it because there are some good,ones out there that turn into long quest,chains with fleshed out stories and,characters that would lead to powerful,new weapons or upgrades the prospect of,running into more of those had me,sidetracking to chase a lot more random,events than i normally would in a game,like,this chorus does an excellent job of,cutting out the dull parts of space,dogfighting getting right to the flashy,fun of blasting through enemy fighters,and capital ships with super powered,abilities its large and pretty map is,filled with enough fleshed out side,quests and theyre varied enough that,its easy to cruise around for a few,dozen hours if you like the story behind,it all isnt half bad once youve waded,through all the sci-fi mysticism and,nara and forsaken are interesting,characters to spend all that time with,which is a relief because theyre the,only ones we ever get to see for more,check out the first 15 minutes of the,campaign and our review of the star wars,squadron single player campaign,and for everything else stick with ign,[Music],you

Behringer UC200 Ultra Chorus Pedal Review

so today were going to be checking out,this behringer uc 200 ultra chorus,stay tuned,welcome to the guitar manifesto channel,hope everybodys doing well,so today were going to be checking out,this behringer uc 200,ultra cores pedal so these retail for,around 22 pound brand new,which is an absolute bargain-free stereo,chorus pedal a little while ago i did a,video where i was building a budget,pedal board and i put one of these on,the board,and a couple year in the comments um let,me know that these,pedals are basically the same circuitry,as the boss ch1 superchorus,now when i first tried this i did think,it sounded pretty good,and it was confirmed that it is a good,pedal because one of my go-to,chorus pedals is the boss ch1 so these,are,a nice cheap alternative um again 22,pound against,the high price tag of boss pedals now it,really is a great little pedal for the,money but they come with a two year,warranty,or if you register the product you get a,three year warranty so,it says something about the quality of,these um in terms of the casing theyve,got a plastic casing,it still feels quite sturdy and ive got,no worries about,using one of these live you get uh the,input jack,and the output jack socket youve got,the nine volt power supply it also takes,a nine volt battery so on the front of,the pedal youve got the,level tone rate and the depth,control so obviously the level adjust,your output of the pedal your tone you,can manipulate,you know how you want it to sound if,when its setting brighter or darker,the rate which you can increase the,speed of the chorus effect,and the depth just gives it either you,know a thinner,or fuller sound so this is a stereo,chorus youve got two outputs,a and b if youre just using mono just,uzi a unfortunately for this video im,just gonna have to use the mono,because my setup doesnt allow for,stereo its a really cool feature so if,youve got,two amps you can get a real nice big,crossy sound or if youve got some sort,of processing,software mixing desk where you can stick,to in you can make,a some really cool sounds of it but yeah,chorus pedal is always one of my go-to,pedals especially for my clean stuff,and i tend to use it a lot on lead,guitar as well with mixed with a,bit of overdrive and reverb and delay or,whatever yeah but,yeah really versatile pedal especially,if youre looking for that sort of 80s,sound,a lot of people used back in the day,cause pedals you get that nice jangly,sort of haunting sound but again for,lead stuff or with distortion you can,really get a,sort of cobain vibe going on with it so,i reckon the next thing we should do is,plug it in and see what sounds we can,get out of it right so weve got it,plugged in,im playing with a fender american,performer jazz master,ive got the pickup selector in the,middle position so both pickups are on,so this is my clean tone,okay lets turn it on so ive got all,the dials set to sort of 12 oclock,so with all the dolls on the 12 oclock,position you get a nice full rich,tone just a little bit of warble in,there just adds a little bit more,flavor so generally what i do with,pedals is ill leave the volume,and the tone at 12 oclock depending,what sort of guitar you got some guitars,are quite dark sounding some are bright,sounding,some amps might need a bit more input so,for this,demo ill just leave them them two and,twelve oclock,ill turn these up just a bit just to,give it a little bit more,so not a big difference there lets get,them around to,around three oclock position,[Music],just adds a little bit more warble there,and a bit more depth,lets turn them right up now this is,where you know its a big difference,not really good for rhythmy stuff its,probably better for more uh,[Music],probably a little bit too much there,lets back them off to,three oclock position again,[Music],what chorus pedal demo wouldnt be the,same without a better come as you are,but yeah thats definitely,sort of suited for that kind of music so,if youre into your nevada this,definitely,would work well with a bit of a ds2,personally for me i think that is,where id sort of want to be with a,pedal like this,just going to try it with the right,turned down a little bit now,[Music],so its going to try it now with the the,rate turned up and the depth turned down,a bit,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],so we turn the the rate right up and,turn the depth down a halfway,[Music],okay so like i said before i i,personally think this is about where id,like to be with a chorus pedal that is,my sort of go-to,sound so um yeah ill just play a little,bit of a demo,just on my favorite position,[Applause],[Music],so,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],so there you go that was the behringer,uc 200 ultra chorus,stereo chorus pedal and again these are,only 22 pound brand new really good,quality pedal for the money and i do,love these,stunt boxes instead of a little button,so if you fancy a boss ch1 but cant,afford,the price tag that goes with it these,are a good cheap alternative you,basically got the same pedal there,minus the metal casing but yeah let me,know what you think to in the comments,below,no doubt a few of you have got them on,your your pedal rig and,let me know how durable they are im,pretty new to behringer pedals ive seen,them in the past but im,im definitely kind of getting hooked on,them and i will be reviewing a lot more,of these in the future,so if enjoyed todays video please give,it a thumbs up if youre new to the,channel please subscribe,hit the notification bell follow me on,instagram the guitar manifesto,also check out my teespring store for,some guitar manifesto merch,so thatll do for today thanks for,watching see you soon peace,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

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Finally A Chorus Pedal I Want On My Board – TC Electronic SCF GOLD!

[Music],something like that anyway,[Music],do you want to get my david coverdale,out and go for it yes,no maybe not,hi everyone my name is james ivey im,drew from the studio wraps,ive been shopping,this one i didnt make,so give me give me the history because,youve always gone about the the,original pedal the original version of,this yes as being your favorite thing my,favorite uh modulation e chorusy type,thing right as used by the likes of,quite frankly,eric johnson,right,uh this is the the new,tc electronic,scf the stereo chorus flange pedal right,the original one that you might have,seen with the blue stripe down here,thats actually the mark ii believe it,or not um,the original one i think was silver but,the mark ii they were actually mains,powered oh okay um didnt have the nine,volt option because back then they,couldnt do what they wanted to on nine,volts they did on on 240. so now this is,a nine volt,nine volt faithful,recreation of that original and you know,what,its killer in that it is absolutely,monster um,its fair to say once again that this is,paid for by my own fair hand we are not,being sponsored by,behringer tc electronic i dont think,theyd sponsor us to be honest probably,not not after,anyway were running in mono because,thats what weve done we just its,going straight into the front of that,mattress over there yeah and it sounds,killer input power stereo outputs also,works in mono we have the bypass so this,is how the amp sounds without,nice we have a speed control a width,control the mode control so you have,chorus,pulse modulation,[Music],flange,[Music],and an intensity control,[Music],i think thats theres theres some,feedback elements in there which gives,you that wow,another useful sound yeah right can you,do me a favor turn the pedal off yes,can we see if the,the input gain yes drives without the,pedal being on because if it does,thats brilliant because then you can,use it as if well especially if youve,got like a pedal switching system you,can use it as a boost yep,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],hey,[Music],it does thats thats its a really,useful pedal these are about 130 odd,quid at the moment okay um,it you know as with all these sort of,things when anyone says oh we did a,direct copy of the original component by,component we changed a couple of things,well instantly they must have changed,something because this is nine volt not,240. yeah,the other thing apparently they did was,change the led to something you could,actually see on stage as opposed to some,kind of,of an led that you couldnt see on a,stage but,having heard the original and worked and,played the original this is,so so so close and unless youre,actually a being them which were not,you know its,youd be hard pushed to tell the,difference listen listen,[Music],thats very floydy,gone i know you want to do it,i get to play the new guitar well then,so listen,because i mean you cant help but go,[Music],thats too much,thats great you know,[Music],so before we get sued,before they demonetize the video,no lets not do any more,really good actually and the funny thing,is,even though running in mono,it almost feels like its it feels big,doesnt it does it feels like its,fattened up it feels like somethings,widened up,great,its the only flange pedal i actually,like,yeah yeah because in chorus mode thats,kind of like,[Music],can i grab that bank can you max out,lets max out some of them,[Music],um,[Music],this from the guy who doesnt like,modulation so you brought over two,modulation pedals today that i love im,so getting one of them theyre great and,they i think thatll be,that would work really well on any,pedalboard i think yeah its a great,thing um,just its its one of those ive always,wanted the original,now i dont need to i dont need to find,it on ebay and pay way over the odds for,a vintage pedal no um,that you could have one on your ped on,your gig board one on your home board,yeah with a studio board for the same,money as,an original if you can find one can you,does it do this just do the look of the,thing,oh that looks the same well your chorus,your distorted chorus thing which i,think it will i think it will as well,should we try it go on how do you do,that well you just need an overdrive pen,oh,i wonder if weve got any here,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],bye,[Music],[Applause],[Music],awesome i love it very very awesome im,getting one of them for my studio board,i love it yeah,so uh quite frankly well done behringer,well done tc electronic well done yeah,brilliant absolutely brilliant,a beautiful thing its again built like,a brick out house you know its going to,do really well on your board certainly,has will have the same longevity as the,other one because theyre the same style,same design im im not overly hung up,on that particular switch,its a little bit flimsy but to be fair,it was flimsy on the original yep um and,clearly its protected by on two sides,by pots and knobs and things so i mean,you know they survived they clearly have,survived,i think mine will live in the chorus,position yeah if im honest i think,youre right so so would mine so will,mine yeah will whoo,praise indeed uh we should say,again bearing tc have not paid us for,this video uh this was paid for out of,my own pocket so if if you like it then,good if you dont,we and they dont care,yeah that was a good buy anyway i really,hope you guys got something out this,video if you did dont forget to like,and subscribe all the usual stuff ring,on the bell and we will see you next,time im paul im james,oh god,okay its just im so used to saying the,one thing,i really hope you guys got something out,this video if you did get something out,of it dont forget to like and subscribe,all the usual stuff ring the bell im,paul im james and well see you next,time,[Music]

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My HONEST Review of Chorus! (PS5/PS4/Xbox)

[Music],whats up gabriel stream keska here and,this is my honest review for chorus,it feels like video games these days are,always trying to blend together genres,if youre playing a first person shooter,it typically has rpg mechanics where,guns level up if youre playing,something like a driving game its also,going to have a crafting system inside,it every developer loves to try and,combine different styles of gameplay,into a singular product but chorus it,may be a very first this is an open,world style flight game in deep space,but it combines a lot of different stuff,like side quests unlockables hidden,objectives and a pretty decent plot but,on top of that is some very very solid,flight mechanics flying around doing,space combats all of this is just,surprisingly tight for how confusing of,the package this is on the surface now,chorus is a game that has some pretty,heavy themes inside it and not all of,them fully work,now lets begin with what the plot is,were playing as this mysterious pilot,named nara who used to be part of this,huge war that was going on long long ago,essentially theres this mega church,thats not just trying to rule the,galaxy but theyre essentially doing,their own gigantic crusade this church,is going around purging anybody who will,not convert to their religion and more,than that they consider it this gigantic,song which is why they call it the,chorus its either you sing with us or,you die screaming now heres the part of,the story that makes the plot a bit more,juicy which is that nara originally was,part of the chorus she was somebody that,was one of the main expungers she,literally destroyed planets on behalf of,this giant evil church and now she,realizes the error of her ways shes,decided to quit and join the resistance,during the course of this game you get a,chance to go from different solar,systems trying to explore and help out,this very struggling resistance force,but what i like about it is that the,resistance fighters are very much,outmatched this is a serious underdog,story where we have less technology less,hope and a heck of a lot less people,against the overwhelming force of the,chorus the only way we can properly,fight back is through some very careful,flight mechanics and also by doing a lot,of side quests so during the course of,this game as you go to each of the six,main planets you start doing things like,trying to help people just survive now,these missions can be things like trying,to escort a series of refugees to a warp,gate so they can escape the solar system,or sometimes just trying to fight off a,big battalion of the chorus that have,happened to show up but during the,course of this what managed to keep me,so entertained to the entire game is,that pretty much every single area you,go to keeps introducing additional new,enemies this is a gigantic pet peeve of,mine but i feel like so many games now,have like five to nine different styles,of enemy you just end up fighting the,same monsters again and again and again,chorus literally introduces like 30,different styles of pilots youre going,against who get different abilities,different tactics different levels of,shield and while they are still just,different styles of plane that youre,fighting against they do in fact behave,differently in combat i deeply enjoyed,that the further i got into this game,itself the more it managed to change and,evolve how i had to play it but this,does bring me to the biggest surprise of,the game itself which is the fact that,this has branching story paths i mean,im still just completely stunned but,basically what happens is that during,the course of doing these missions,whether they be main quests or side,quests you occasionally get to do these,options where it basically says like all,right theres pirates in the sector go,and attack them so you go there and,fight off a bunch of like little,miscreants and at the end of the quest,sometimes itll give you an additional,option like finish them off or leave a,couple pirates alive and in some,circumstances this does completely,change the nature of later quests people,will become your friends itll change,dialogue ive had certain times where,boss fights were really really easy,because of friends i made along the way,like i had what were bad guys earlier in,the game helping me together to fight,against the chorus because of a matter,of pure survival its interesting to me,that there manages to be this warping,and changing aspect of it but this also,brings me to the gear system the major,reason youre going to be doing so many,side quests if you choose to do them is,because of the crazy gear unlocks you,can put on better shield plating better,thrusters that way you can drift around,asteroids more easily or you can just,get more powerful weaponry which,personally was my favorite thing and as,you do this theres multiple levels of,this so you can get like gatling gun,rank one two or three upgraded missile,packs or different styles of laser beams,to knock out enemy shields and its cool,the fact that as you progress you,definitely get stronger and it feels,pretty necessary some of the later,quests are actually under a time limit,so it really helps to be able to do that,extra damage per second doing side,quests really makes this game a smoother,experience and if youve done a bunch of,them then of course like i said earlier,it can even unlock a lot more dialogue,options but the final thing i want to,talk about is the final good and the,final bad which really centers on nara,herself you see being a part of the,chorus some of the soldiers get these,special abilities which are practically,magic i mean i guess they are magic but,it lets you do things like your ship can,drift it can swirl around backwards in,the middle of a boost theres also,things like a short range teleport that,lets you just literally blink behind,your enemies and blast them in the back,or even go through certain barriers and,stuff to blow up bigger capital ships,each of these abilities are unlocked in,major story elements which teach us more,about the ability how to use it the,style of magic and of course about nara,herself i think these skills are cool,its nice that theres like mysterious,space magic attached to the evil,religion i like that a lot but it does,bring me to the one major downside i,have to this game which is the fact that,the entire gameplay revolves around your,ship every quest all the dialogue all of,everything is done inside of this vessel,occasionally we get these short cut,scenes where nara gets out of the ship,and just talks to like ghosts and stuff,and thats neat but the problem is that,we very rarely get a chance to see,naras face and heres why thats a,problem there is a ton of voice acting,in this game and i think thats the,writing while it is cheesy at times is,surprisingly good like everybody manages,to vocally convey the seriousness of the,threat of chorus and its a very,believable style of like we have to,fight or we have to die fighting i,appreciate that a lot but because we,dont get a chance to see naras face,she has a lot of dialogue in this game,thats whispered or at least very vague,sometimes she talks or alludes to,certain concepts and the fact theres,absolutely no facial animation i feel,like there is some subtle context that,is lost i wish that they put like a tiny,picture of her in the corner of the,screen so we could see her reacting to,some of the major reveals like think,about it she used to be the biggest,soldier in this crazy holy war and now,shes battling against super space pope,i want to see her grimace i want to see,her grin with delight when she saves,civilians i want to see the delight on,her face and yet instead shes just a,voice in our ear now the audio in this,game is fantastic i appreciate the,subtle tones theyve managed to weave,into this and also things like the,explosions the impacts the times when,youre boosting through the inside of a,ship as self-destructs theres so much,in

Chorus Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!

im gonna be really honest with you from,everything that ive heard about this,game i really did not expect anything,major from it but like from a lot of,things in your life you just need to,give it one chance that boy i was happy,that i did and today in this video were,gonna be talking about chorus an indie,space shooter it came out in 2021 and,was a really big surprise for me so,lets get it started so what is chorus,chorus is basically an analog of the,games like everspace or an arcade,version of elite dangerous gameplay-wise,youre basically controlling a spaceship,in a very arcadey manner in a semi-open,world and by semi-open world i mean that,the world is actually divided in a few,different regions and within these,regions youre absolutely free to move,and free to do the quests and the,missions and everything that you want at,first when i thought this game i thought,that this would be some kind of linear,action shooter which is story driven but,in reality it is more of an rpg than,just an arcade shooter and plot wise you,are playing in this futuristic world,which is divided into two different,parts one is controlled by a cult which,is well fanatic religious organization,that wants to eradicate everyone that is,not them or basically some kind of space,crusaders and there are also basically,rebels which are surviving in a,different enclave there and there are,also pirates and you are playing as nara,you are an ex-member of cult and you are,basically some kind of chosen individual,who has well lets say powers you were,one of the elite executioners but during,one of the missions you were given an,order to execute the entire planet and,well weirdly enough you actually did,that and then you got sad and then you,decided to abandon the cult thats,basically the story that you were given,within the first 30 seconds of the game,and now youre basically hiding within,those smaller enclaves and no one no one,really knows who you are and youre,trying to well stay away from everything,by just doing the small escort missions,and just very very minor thing and at,first when i actually saw the first,marketing of this game well i really,didnt know what was this game actually,all about and really didnt understand,anything and yes game did not have a,very good marketing and as i started,playing the game im gonna be really,honest with you first 30 minutes to an,hour i really didnt like what i was,seeing the presentation of this game was,very dreadful very slow and you are just,giving a plot dump on you and you really,need to make sense of all and i did i,didnt like what i was seeing however as,soon as i got to an open world which you,are getting very very quickly and very,very soon and as soon as i started,seeing the different missions i kind of,liked this game i kind of i kind of,liked the gameplay of this game and you,can really understand that this game is,actually created by people whose first,priority was to create fun game and not,just a story for the sake of having a,story the gameplay of this game is,actually pretty interesting and pretty,fun well to give you a really like short,breakdown what you actually do the game,has a central storyline and when you go,through the storyline and go through,different regions make different,missions as you progress to the game,however you are not actually forced to,do any of the story missions as soon as,you can within the regions and within an,open world you can just roam around and,discover different encounters basically,side quests and side missions and you,can actually accept to do them and you,can actually deny to you them and,whether you will actually do them or not,actually affects your story as well,because youre getting a lot of great,upgrades to your ship and to yourself,through those missions and,weirdly enough the side quests were,pretty varied and pretty different and,it was not as simple just go and kill x,number of enemies like in one mission,which is one of the first side missions,youre actually given in control of,small cruiser which has completely,different control compared to your ship,and you are basically controlling this,giant this large ship full of civilians,that try to get through the waves of,pirates it was pretty interesting and a,lot of those side quests actually pretty,interesting and pretty fun to listen and,just go through entire,and go through them and as you go,through the quest you actually unlock,your ship well its kind of like a,spoiler but youre gonna just unlock,this within the first hour and its,extremely important for overall gameplay,so im just gonna spoil it to you right,now you are actually unlocking a special,ship which youre gonna which is called,forsaken or you call it forza and this,is actually a sentient ship and it has,it has its own personality and it is,trying to work with you during this game,no youre not its not a separate entity,you are controlling the ship you are,actually trying to improve the relations,with this ship because it was because it,was your friend in the past and you,abandoned it and it was its pretty,interesting to see the dynamic between,nara and the forza and as you go to your,story you also unlock so-called rights,and these rights are basically a skills,and magical skills if you want to call,it because you were powerful executioner,and you had this some kind of magic in,you as well to not spoil this rights you,because theyre pretty interesting im,gonna just tell you what one of them,does and one of them is basically giving,you a power of teleportation youre,basically teleporting behind an enemy,while finding and you can just destroy,them well by chasing them and its its,not a simple dogfight where you have to,circle on a single point to just try to,get them and just try to improve your,ship and just make them maneuvers to,just get them as soon as possible its,not like that and with these skill set,abilities the gameplay is actually,surprisingly fun and refreshing and,youre going through this open world,going through this different regions,unlocking different quests helping,different people go progressing through,the main quest and i was surprised,enough how game is actually opening from,so so story and gameplay wise to,extremely fun and interesting within,just a few hours i was pleasantly,surprised how much fun this game,actually gave me by the way this game,only has a single player and you can,only go through the campaign and as,difficulty wise this game is actually,pretty good in giving you sufficient,enough challenge to not make it,extremely easy and also giving you,enough sense of power to see that youre,actually some kind of well powerful,entity and yeah on normal difficulty i,even i havent managed to die quite a,few times even during the first few,hours of the game and as you progress,through the game the game is actually,becoming progressively difficult you are,also becoming progressively stronger as,well but the game is becoming,proportionately difficult as well and,its extremely fun to do all of those,dogfights and just do all of those,puzzles as well because yeah game is,featuring a lot of puzzles as well its,very difficult to talk about this game,without actually spoiling a lot of,things because game is not very very,long but its actually long enough to,keep you entertained so if you if youll,go through the main story if you go just,go zoom through the main story without,doing anything else youll probably need,around 10 to 15 hours to complete this,game which was pretty good enough,however if youre just doing a side,quest as well and just having fun,taking your time enjoying the world,listening to dialogue just going through,just enjoying,the game the game is easily 25 to 30,hours but now as always question is this,is it actually worth it and to,understand this lets talk about pricing,first so game is actually available on,steam and its also available on,consoles as well for the base price of,39.99 for tier 1 countries and 18.99 for,tier 2 coun

Chorus – 10 Things You NEED To Know Before Buying

[Music],of the many cross-gen titles announced,last year one seemingly slipped through,the cracks chorus a space combat title,from fish labs of galaxy on fire fame,and deep silver its out on december 3rd,for the xbox one xbox series xns ps4 ps5,pc and google stadia and promises fast,paced action with a deep single player,narrative lets take a look at 10 things,you should know before picking it up,story,course begins with nara whos part of a,dangerous cult called the circle thats,fairly serious about ruling the galaxy,as the leaders right hand she possesses,immense power but following the,destruction of the planet namika prime,nara is overcome with guilt and decides,to leave the circle while she escapes at,first and seemingly loses her powers the,cults imminent return brings widespread,destruction nara must thus rise up,against her former master and the circle,to bring them down for good dual,protagonists,she wont be undertaking the journey,alone though nara enlists the help of,forsaken a sentient ship that is also,seemingly her oldest ally they were,previously an unstoppable force together,though how they first met what led to,nara joining the cult and splitting from,forsaken and how their bond grows is yet,to be revealed as such forsaken has its,own personality and effectively serves,as the second protagonist of the story,with both characters having extensive,voice work throughout,multiple star systems,throughout their journey to topple the,circle nara and forsaken will venture to,multiple star systems theres a good,amount of freedom to the exploration and,plenty of variety in the environments,from outlands that resemble mars and,asteroid fields to populated cities and,star bases each location is fairly dense,and offers plenty to see while also,providing cover in combat there are also,places beyond our waking reality to,explore though their nature is still a,mystery not every place is super intense,though there will be some moments where,the player can relax and take in the,sights,story and side missions,chorus offers both story and side,missions the former encompasses mission,chains like disruptive tactics where you,hunt down three circle targets to,distract the cult while preparing for a,bigger attack on their citadel this,doesnt mean youll just be hunting,wandering ships though the first target,is a phantom-class ship thats attacking,refugee convoys while the second is a,circle supply station containing,hundreds of fighters that must be,destroyed you might even need to be,stealthy to recover intel in some cases,side missions include dealing with the,cobra clan answering a resistance,convoys distress call investigating a,lightning field and also facing off,against space pirates mission rewards,like mods can be earned though there is,a greater purpose to all this,recruiting allies,nara and forsaken are formidable,together the circle is an overwhelming,threat and as such youll need to build,up a resistance to fight back completing,missions is one way to do this but its,not completely clear how your allies,will help out will they provide,different benefits and perks or simply,join you in the end battle are there,more nuanced characters to meet time,will tell but youll still need their,support,drifting,as a space combat title chorus leans,more into fast-paced action than,realistic simulation to that end there,are quite a few movement options,involved thanks to forsakens ability to,drift lead artist kareem legette told,polygon that quote the back halves of,forsaken kind of separate and then,theres sort of an energy between the,parts thats what allows him to drift,around and thats something that was,built straight into the design we wanted,to push it to the forefront to sort of,show that functionality as you do the,special maneuver that we like best of,course forsaken is also capable of doing,a barrel roll which seems capable of,deflecting shots just like in star fox,64 and boosting,ship customization,along with upgrading her powers nara can,also upgrade forsaken with a variety of,weapons there are three main types of,weapons gatling laser and missile each,weapon has its own stats like hull,damage armor damage and shield damage,along with fire rate overheat time and,cool down time they each play a specific,role gatling guns are more effective at,hull damage while laser weapons deal,more shield damage and there are,different rarities to find weapons have,perks and you may find unique weapons,like the guardian fang which comes with,reaping storm this significantly,increases rate of fire while reducing,accuracy making it strong in close range,there also seems to be set bonuses,depending on the kinds of items equipped,equipping four guardian items for,example gives you shields down which,allows for siphoning and absorbing enemy,shields when in close proximity,equipping blaze items grants energy,transfer which instantly recharges a,laser weapon when disrupting an enemy,with right of the storm and supercharger,which grants two additional laser,charges weapons can also be upgraded,making them more potent in combat the,rights,weapons aside nara can also wield the,rights these are special abilities which,provide a variety of uses both in and,out of combat the right of senses is,used to uncover things around nara which,others cant see but also reveals points,of interest and other activities on the,star map right of the hunt allows for a,short range teleport that can pass,through barrier fields and position,forsaken behind enemies right of the,storm disrupts enemy thrusters shields,and weapons along with destroying,faceless corruption clusters each right,has different right fragments which seem,to be upgrades to add unique effects,like overcharging right energy capacity,after teleporting or chaining together,right of the storm to disrupt multiple,targets ruins of the faceless,while the number of rights that nara,will have to start with is unknown it,seems she can find more by venturing,through the ruins of the faceless these,are labyrinthian environments created by,the faceless interdimensional beings,that are capable of bending reality how,they play a role in the bigger story,remains to be seen aside from nara also,possessing some of the same powers but,the ruins themselves will be a challenge,to navigate with puzzles to solve and,trans-dimensional horrors to deal with,4k 60 frames per second and ray tracing,support according to its official xbox,listing chorus will support 4k ultra hd,on xbox series x along with 60 frames,per second ray tracing and smart,delivery this should also apply to the,ps5 and pc versions though whether there,will be cross-gen saves and upgrades on,playstation remains to be seen,performance and quality modes should,also be expected though fishlabs has yet,to outline them or pc hardware,requirements,thats all for now if you enjoy what you,saw please hit the like button and if,youre new to the channel now is a great,time to subscribe we upload brand new,videos every single day after,subscribing dont forget to enable all,notifications by clicking the bell icon,thanks for watching this video and well,see you next time right here on,gamingbolt

Chorus PS5 Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],im always looking for the next big,space shooter and i think i have found,that with the fish labs developed chorus,on the surface this could seem like an,average adventure game left to obscurity,however after only my first hour its,easy to see that this is a product of,dedication and love that offers much,more than i could have expected,we shall crush them,chorus is more than just a space shooter,as it revolves its many gameplay,elements around the story both aspects,evolve together through the games run,time creating a connection with the,player while not overwhelming them with,too much all at once players take,control of nara a pilot with a pass that,she isnt too proud of this isnt,glossed over either and shes constantly,fighting against her past demons which,once led her to do terrible things when,it got too much for nara to take she,decided to run from her group or,actually a cult known as the circle in,this cult she piloted a powerful ai ship,known as forsaken and the two were,killing machines however to escape it,all meant that she had to abandon,forsaken in a hidden location and make a,run for it after scavenging and taking,up odd jobs for years the resistance,enlisted her help but to take on the,circle she needs to gain the trust of,those around her and regain the,confidence of forsaken the narrative is,much deeper than it has any right to be,the main quest lines dont feature,lengthy flashbacks or filler and were,left with a genuinely engaging story of,this pilot and her struggles the,relationship between nara and forsaken,is also expanded upon as we learn more,about their past and future plans this,extends to the supporting cast as well,but i never felt too attached to the,enemy factions as your main goal is to,destroy the leader of the circle known,as the great prophet that said a few,antagonists get some screen time but not,enough to care about them throughout the,story nara will take on main missions,assigned to her she also has a power,where she can sense objects in places of,interest around her this comes in handy,when trying to find hidden items or make,your way to an optional mission the main,missions are focused but are mixed up,enough to not mainly be dog fights in,space players will have several tasks to,take on at their own pace to progress,the narrative but with the semi-open,world design theres plenty of ways to,distract you from completing these,quests side missions are incredible,while some simply have you protect a,ship or fight others have deep story,branches and optional objectives as a,result they become rather engaging and,offer significant world building that,you may miss if youre only playing the,primary missions even in the later hours,of the campaign i still made time to,complete side missions and had a hell of,a time doing it players also have agency,over the questlines as they can make,choices during missions that may affect,later encounters for example enlisting,the help of a pirate could benefit you,in a future fight but there may come a,time when you shouldnt trust the word,of a stranger its an interesting,feature and expands the players,engagement controls in space take some,getting used to on a controller the left,stick handles your speed and the right,stick controls your direction these,controls are tight and responsive which,makes general combat so much fun weaving,around asteroids and dodge rolling to,avoid damage makes every encounter a,rush in addition the space has access to,three gun types that are switched,between on the d-pad enemies are weak to,a specific gun type so its necessary to,adjust on the fly enemy types are vast,and different depending on which faction,you are fighting against while most of,the fights are against grunts there are,some rather intense encounters with huge,enemy ships and boss type enemies that,will launch mines fire lasers or have a,unique buff that makes the encounter,notable i never grew tired of these,encounters as the controls and gameplay,felt so smooth and almost cinematic as,the combat grows tougher nara unlocks,new rights these abilities allow her to,become an absolute powerhouse and a,fight while they do make some enemies,easier they are especially needed for,late game encounters that pull no,punches this can be a challenging game,if you want to take things slowly,theres also an option for permadeath,too but i couldnt take the stress of,playing that mode graphically the,gameplay portions are beautiful the,character models are a little awkward,but this is a space shooter so i didnt,really care environments are gorgeous,and provide some really cool places to,explore further the explosions and,overall design of the gunfights are some,of the best that ive experienced to,date sound design is also of note as the,voice over is excellent for the most,part just be prepared to hear nara,talking to herself a lot the biggest,downside of the experience is direction,submissions are unnecessarily long,because i couldnt figure out what to do,next of course this isnt true for a,majority of the quests as there are,hints and descriptions but ill admit,they arent always informative about the,new tasks,chorus is a surprise december release,that deserves acknowledgement for its,space shooter systems and memorable,narrative it will have you exploring the,vast reaches of space as you follow,quest leads and take out the galaxys,strongest enemies for hours on end,theres a synergy and balance between,the story controls and gameplay that,makes this a genuine standout space,adventure perfect for any fan of the,genre wizzypixel is giving chorus a 9,out of 10. thanks for watching please,share the full review on noisypixel.net,noisy pixels run by group of gamers work,hard to deliver news reviews previews,and more please subscribe to keep up,with all our future content,[Music],pixel

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