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welcome back everybody today im taking,a look at the circle water bottle highly,requested,pretty popular on social media but lets,see if it actually works in todays,video,before i get started lets take a look,at the unboxing and see how that went,here we go lets crack it open,this is my chill sleeve which i paid,eight bucks for,heres a flavor black cherry,another flavor another flavor let me see,heres the bottle itself,this is uh 15 bucks i bought a second,lid for five bucks in case i want to use,it on another bottle they say its,compatible with other bottles and well,find out,another flavor more flavors this was,about 50 bucks but they gave me a 10,discount because the more you buy,the more discount you get so it was,about 43 bucks for all this these are,what they call sips and they have,different categories of sips and i have,i believe one from each this is the,peach tea this is one of their,tea sips the tea sips are all natural,teas this is the black cherry this is,what they call a go,sip these are caffeine enhanced no sugar,drinks the mixed berry is the,fit sip that i purchased fit sips,include electrolytes,this is the classic iced coffee which is,one of the brew sips brew sips are just,iced coffee drinks heres a fruit punch,this is what they call a life,sip life sips are made with all natural,flavors and b vitamins and finally i,have the pineapple this is an,unsweetened pure sip,pure sips are all natural flavors with,no added sweeteners lets do the peach,tea first,all their sips i believe have no sugar,and no,calories im going to rinse the bottle,out before i actually use it but i,believe you just,fill the bottle with water put on the,cap insert your cartridge,theres a dial here that you can go from,more flavor to more water and i think,you go,straight water all the way to the,highest flavor i believe its,nine settings the x here i believe means,its just water so let me see if i turn,it,so yes you can go from one all the way,to nine more or less flavor all the way,to,nothing which is just water so let me,let me clean this bottle out,go for my massive taste test not only am,i going to be testing all the flavors,but also the strengths as well and im,going to see if the cap works with other,bottles like they say,so lets get started right now all right,i did put the chiller sleeve on there it,was a bit difficult to get on it kind of,stretches over it,not too hard but a little bit difficult,but all you really have to do to use the,circle is to fill it with water,and insert your cartridge each cartridge,should get you about six uses,i paid 375 per cartridge so thats about,63 cents per use,if you get six out of it the main bottle,is 22 ounces they have a 12 ounce,version as well,the cap supposedly works on other types,of bottles like this hydro flask,so really if you already have a hydro,flask you can buy the cap for five bucks,you dont have to buy the bottle itself,the closest i reviewed this one was the,life fuels which went around 2020 has,been discontinued this year,i really like this one too it had pods,that went in the back this bottle was 99,bucks though,and the refills were somewhere around 12,so its kind of steep thats probably,one reason it went out of business when,i reviewed that one a lot of people said,i should try the circle which,seems to be less expensive also i should,point out that none of the sips have any,calories and none of them have any sugar,the sweeteners they use are sucralose or,stevia,depending on which flavor you have so,lets fill this up and get started,not only am i going to taste them but,im going to rank them and the first sip,im going to try is the peach,tea lets see if i can smell it kind of,reminds me of the live fuels pods i had,shell see so you just insert it in,there thats,easy enough and this can close up,and be drank out of even though i like,this chiller sleeve im going to take it,off just so you can see a little better,i put ice and water in here so im going,to turn the dial,to x which means just water start at the,bottom work our way up,this should just taste like water,mostly water theres a tiny bit of,flavor in there all right lets start,with number one,a very mild peach flavor i could,probably drink it like that but it,wouldnt be very satisfying,let me see number two here,hmm thats uh there was a pretty big,jump from number one and number two,lets see number three,oh wow i cant imagine it getting,stronger than that thats thats about,as much as id like,but were gonna we got a long way to go,though i think by number nine youre,just drinking solid concentrate at that,point,thats thats good but its strong,number five,kind of get this little sensation in the,back of my cheeks thats pretty strong,number six,maybe too strong number seven,at this point its so strong i dont,notice much difference between numbers,six and seven,eight,its still just very strong number nine,which is way too much,well theres definitely a difference,number nine,im gonna go way down to three try that,one more time,its funny after number nine number,three just tastes like water but i will,say thats pretty good,it does remind me of the life fuels,which i i dont know which one was out,first but it does remind me of that but,this one seems a lot,more adjustable light fuels you really,didnt you had to adjust it once and,that was it,i think were off to a good start but we,got a long ways to go the nice thing,about this is you can take it out,and you can use it later that was the,peach tea im not sure where that ones,going to rank,among the others thats our baseline,lets keep going im just going to grab,one,lets try the classic iced coffee this,will be very different than peach tea,i think im just going to go with number,three and see how that tastes one seemed,to be too light and anything after five,was just,overpowering to me for the last one i,really have high hopes for this one,because i drink coffee in the morning,but,if i could have this itd be a nice,alternative,oh wow thats thats a lot better than i,thought it was going to be i think i can,bump that up though go to five,wow go back down to four i like that you,can adjust the strength though thats,genius though thats a great idea,wow thats real thats pretty good i,think i like the iced coffee better than,the peach tea if i had to rank these two,im gonna go,coffee number one tea number two but we,have four more left i gotta try them all,at nine see what happens,my number nine is the is the death,flavor lets try it out,[Applause],wow okay im gonna say no on the nine,mixed berry,fit sip with replenishing electrolytes,lets see lets go to number three on,this one,i still have that coffee flavor in my,mouth theres like a pleasant aftertaste,from the iced coffee the only thing im,not liking about this so far and im im,nitpicking,this cap kind of i have to move it out,of the way when im drinking,im nitpicking but its the only con i,really think of at this point when i,first took a sip out of that nothing,came out so i had to kind of,force it through there number three,this is a nice pleasant berry taste,reminds me of the propel drink i used to,drink back in the day,heres number five,a much stronger propel very condensed,right here you go number nine,[Applause],berry concentrate im not liking,any of these some people might though,thats the beauty of this product from,what im seeing is that you can really,tailor it some people would think that,one is not enough,and some people might think its perfect,as were halfway through i think my,ranking is the coffee number one,the mixed berry number two and the pht a,very close number three,but weve still got three contenders to,go let me pull out the pineapple,pure sip i gotta say halfway through im,actually quite impressed with this i,i really didnt think i was gonna be,this impressed i thought some of the,people online that were reacting to or,overreacting i have nothing bad to say,about it yet,pure sip flavor essence pineapple now,keep in mind im only


hey babes if youre looking to intake,water more and youre wanting to add,flavor to it with no sugars no calories,no aspartame added to it this is going,to be the way to go see that water,bottle is called circle here all those,luscious flavors you see the coffee,flavors all kind of good flavors and,some i mean it tastes like kool-aid chow,but you just put those filters in that,water bottle you can also adjust the,intensity of your flavor you can have,just water you can change it all the way,from zero up to nine which is the the,most potent flavor but i liked it on,level three for me i think that was,perfect you can refill that 22 ounce,bottle with water using only one,cartridge you get the flavor as it sips,through the filter therefore not,changing your water and therefore you,can change your flavors as many times as,youd like they even have cartridge,cases you can order to place them in as,you change them out you need to use,those cartridges within 10 days once you,open them i drank that coffee in less,than probably 30 minutes i call it,coffee but it was actually water but it,tastes just like coffee was so good i,have a hard time drinking water and if,you do too this would be great for you i,can see this going for me,there are 40 plus flavors on their site,some caffeinated some without caffeine i,saw this product on tick tock and,thought itd be a great idea for me to,try so this is not sponsored at all and,even if it was i would have given you my,honest review im gonna try this,watermelon flavor all you do is,throw your water up in there lets take,that,cartridge in there screw it down,and i like mine on um,like number three,they put back theres a little tip here,figured out you can push that down itll,keep your cap out the way,it tastes like kool-aid and its really,really good and i like the fact that it,doesnt have aspartame because aspartame,makes me have a headache so its great,for diabetics its good for people who,have a hard time drinking water like,myself thats a challenge of mine you,notice this one says life sip and this,is the vitamin silk life sips they,usually have those nutritious vitamins,you got your brew sips like the mocha,and the caramel iced coffee bruises go,sips theyre like your energy,caffeinated beverage mix beauty is not,all about your outside but i think its,important to take care of your inside,one thing about your body is you need,water,you need water your body needs water and,i know that i just dont drink enough of,it at all if any its great check out,this site im trying to get my skin,together you know,anyway circle yall,oh i think i got a trolley horse,who gets a charlie horse in their butt,me make sure you subscribe if you like,this content and youd like to see more,about beauty content and micrologs stay,blessed out there hydrate your spirit,and hydrate your body okay,see you later baby

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Oh Snap OR Oh Crap? CIRKUL & FISSION Unboxing and Review! (FLOW FILTER & SIP SAFE TOO) 2021

okay guys welcome back to todays show,video today is another oh crap or oh,snap edition where we check out the,circle bottle system yeah youve seen,this all over tick tock it went viral,but is it really,worth it or is it all hype well weve,got the regular circle brand here,and i even picked up the fission brand,bottle which is their energy drink,version,to decide if this is oh crap this was a,bad product or,oh snap why didnt i have this in my,life sooner,lets get into it,okay so like i said welcome back to each,one video and yes so like i said earlier,were checking out the circle drink and,the fission energy drink thingy made by,circle as well all right im excited if,you have purchased these recently within,the last like month you know,how slam this company has been because,they shot up in popularity because they,went viral on tick tock,uh so yeah it pushed back their orders,by like a month because i ordered this,march 20th and today it is march,17th something like that so yeah i,waited a while to get my order but i am,super excited to give it a try,lets get into it so first were gonna,start off with the circle part the main,video main part of the company and then,were gonna check out the fission,part which is the energy drink side i,was gonna make it two videos but then i,was like yeah,lets just make one but lets get into,it so i had a pretty mild order i,ordered like a squeeze bottle a few,other flavored energy sips they call,them sips and ill show you why i also,ordered a flow filter which is like a,purifier,so you can just put that at the end of,the cap and you can drink you know water,and have it purified after drinking it,and i also ordered,a sip saver i think they call it which,is something to store,the flavor capsules but lets open it up,and show you what i got,they came in two bags that made two,separate orders so i believe this is,just gonna be the flavors,yeah here are the flavors they come in,these little pouches,as you can see all the stuff on their,website is zero calories uh so yeah,really good different flavors and you,know were gonna unbox these in a minute,as well,but as you can see,i ordered a lot now one thing i do want,to mention is each one of these flavors,costs about 350.,you can get a discount if you order a,bunch in bulk but yeah so these cost,about 3.50,and depending on how strong you want the,flavoring yes you can adjust that,you can get a different size bottles,worth so for example this,watermelon ice version says it makes one,two three four five can make six,20 ounce beverages so you know if you,have those 20 ounce gatorades,one of these is essentially six of them,so you know,is there plastic here yeah you know,theyre made of plastic and stuff but,you do reduce,the waste and buying the you know,throwaway gatorade ones so you know its,a,good or bad i dont know you decide but,here are the flavorings the sips as they,call them on their website now lets get,into the,rest of it and this was just thrown in a,bag,so packaging this is just a bubble wrap,postage,off box you know the fission i ordered,the starter kits that came in a box,you can order a starter kit from circle,for about 20 bucks you usually have,discounts to get even lower,down to eight and it comes with a water,bottle and two of these flavors so you,can kind of give it a trial for eight,bucks i think its worth it,again they are currently still slammed,with shipping so,keep that in mind before you make an,order because a lot of people are upset,because theyre,you know super slammed and you know what,thats what happens if something goes,viral on the internet,you cannot find it a la popeye chicken,sandwich,but heres the water bottle i ordered so,on the bottom here it says,circle you barely read that and this is,a squeeze bottle so you just squeeze it,to get,you know your drink out i wanted the,squeeze bottle version why because,i dont know here is the lid as you can,see so,you put this on top like that boom and,then,on the top here you actually screw in,the sip which is what you drink out of,again i want to wash all this before i,open these because i dont want to,contaminate it,all right and heres what i was talking,about earlier this is the flow,filter which is basically just like a,garden variety,carbon carbon based water filtration,system and it lasts for about 20 gallons,or,30 days which is really nice so you know,if youre someone that isnt always,trustworthy of those,public water fountains you know the ones,im talking about right the ones where,you just put a bottle up against and it,starts filling your water,because you know you dont know whats,in there or you know maybe youre at a,friends house and,youre super bougie and like your,filtered water well now you can have,your filtered water everywhere,and i think that is pretty neat because,i like drinking water and,this is a supplement of that so anyway i,think thats really cool,it comes for a 30 day supply uh i think,these costs around,15 heres the price for this all this,stuff,now one thing i will say is it also,comes in like a variety pack so you can,get like a six an eight or a twelve like,a home,a years supply and the price goes down,the more you buy all right and then here,we have the sip,saver this is basically like an air pods,case but you can stick the sips as you,can see up here thats what these are,and drink them later which is pretty,nice,you can store up to two in here one,thing the website and other people,online dont recommend,is do not wait till it even says on here,do not wait too long,basically as soon as you open one of,these and start drinking out of it you,have about seven days,before you know theres any worry of,like mold accumulation so there is,that so if youre gonna put one away and,save it for later make sure,you you know youre going in between,them quickly because you dont want mold,and you dont want it to get kind of,gross,and you know as long as theyre in this,thingy they they go for a pretty long,time i mean its really just flavoring,so you can have a bunch of these,store them and you know drink them and,interchange them as youd like and yeah,i ordered even more flavors now the,reason i ordered a bunch of flavors was,because i wasnt sure which ones id,like,so i try to order a bunch i will not be,trying,every single one of these flavors,because theyre all going to go to waste,so im going to pick a few,try them in different settings and let,you know if i like them and then we can,decide there but first,i need to wash this and then figure out,how to watch this so lets go over to my,sink lets wash all this up,and then get started okay here we are in,my kitchen were gonna wash all this,stuff,and get to sipping,sorry about the lighting im this is as,good as its gonna get now were also,gonna wash the sip,saver let me see if i can get some,lighting in here sorry about that i,forgot to show this one off earlier but,i didnt want to wash it so here it is,this is all that comes in the box just,the sip saver and as you can see as i,mentioned earlier,it just looks like a ginormous airpods,case you open it up you put your flavors,in here or as they call them on the,website sips,save them for later which is kind of,nice so you dont oh,if you want to change out flavors you,dont just have to like leave it,somewhere where it can get,gross right you can kind of put it in,here save it and theres even a bottom,spout here,that you can put them into a wash so,lets wash this or,you know so the water drips out sorry,but i mean,yeah this is an airpods case i have my,airpods case for here for comparison,isnt it cute its like the airpods case,lets watch oh and there is a little,magnet in here,pretty satisfying okay and lastly i want,to check out the circle flow filter so,it gives you some quick tips on how to,put it onto the water bottle which im,going to show you,and its going to tell you how to like,first use it which you probably have to,like rinse out a couple times,so it says how to use remove the lid,fro

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Is Cirkul Worth the Money?

[Music],hey everybody jeremy here so today i,wanted to talk about,this product right here um so this is a,circle water bottle and thats about,c-i-r-k-u-l,so circle is a company that sells water,bottles and what they call sips which,are these flavor cartridges and the,whole thing is designed to get you to,drink more water which is great we can,all go for some more water in our lives,and i want to talk a little bit about,this product how it works and then also,my experience with it because i bought,this 32 ounce,stainless steel bottle last year,and,since then ive developed some thoughts,on it so anyway how does it work well on,the surface this is just a regular,ordinary water bottle,and the sips are these little cartridges,that you put down,into,the mouth of the water bottle so you,just fill your water with that you put,your sips in,you close it up the sips come in a,variety of different flavors i think the,website said like around 40 flavors or,so and then they also have different,uses so this is a fit sip that would,have things like electrolytes and stuff,in it they also have sips that have,caffeine and if you just want something,to give you a little bit of flavor then,they also have those as well,now the interesting thing about how this,works is that you control the intensity,of the flavor that you get from the sips,so theres a dial on the top that goes,from,zero to nine so basically theres an x,that means that all youre going to get,is water and then it goes all the way up,to nine which is a really highly,concentrated burst of flavor which might,be a little much for most people it,definitely is for me but you just,basically turn this dial and you choose,the intensity of flavor that you want to,get so,the concept in and of itself is really,nice and i really really wanted to,uh use this every day to help me get,more water into my system and to get a,little bit of flavor in there as well,and you know stay kind of stay away from,the sodas and the sugary drinks that you,tend to get like in the grocery store,and stuff,now they do have a website you can go,there to check out see if they have any,deals and the different water bottle,options or they also sell these at bed,bath and beyond now so you can also,check that out as well,now heres my thoughts on this thing,after having it for some months,i really really really want to like this,but there are some flaws in it that i,think,are kind of unforgivable all right so,heres the first thing the most,important thing that really upsets me is,the amount of time that the sip,cartridges last,now if you look at the box it tells you,that each circle cartridge can flavor,the equivalent of six 20 ounce fully,flavored bottled beverages so each of,these sips is supposed to get you six 20,ounce,water bottles worth of flavor now i know,when companies make claims like that,theres always like well you can get,that much if you were to drink it at the,number one intensity level and of course,the more intense the flavor the less is,going to last okay i get that,but the problem is with this 32 ounce,bottle my experience with these sips has,been ive only been able to get maybe,one to one and a half,32 ounce bottles worth of flavor before,the cartridge ran out and that is just,not good enough because the cartridges,come in packs of two for seven dollars,and fifty cents so if i can only get,about a bottle and a half worth of,flavor at flavor intensity between three,and four which is what i think most,people would want their flavor to be at,because thats the point where you can,taste it but its not so extreme you,dont get that kind of concentrated,almost bitter flavor taste you know its,its the its a mild its a very mild,flavor,and thats what i think most people,would keep it at but for seven dollars,and fifty cent for a pack and i cant,even get through,you know more than two bottles you know,its just not good enough let me show,you something right here,so heres a couple of sips,so this is the first one that i got from,bed bath and beyond and i like the fact,that they label them so you know which,one that you get so this is the,strawberry kiwi life sip and this is the,first one that i put in there and i used,it for less than the full 32 ounces of,water and heres how much is left inside,here because its supposed to be a,liquid see if you can,hear it,[Music],and here is an unused fit sip white,cherry heres how this sounds when its,all full,so,after,less than 32 ounces,and completely full,im hoping that you can hear the,difference between them but if you can i,will say that this sounds pretty much,empty,it feels its just a little bit of a,splish splash going on here where this,you can really hear those juices moving,all around and like i said i kept it on,flavor intensity between three and four,and i barely even got through 32 ounces,of water or yeah water before like the,flavor just kind of,goes away and from what ive read,through the different forums and stuff,that ive seen different reviews then,when people are also getting the same,kind of results apparently these sips,arent lasting as long as they used to,but i was hoping that as the months went,by in this stock at bed bath and beyond,became available that maybe they would,have corrected whatever was causing,those sips not to last as long as they,allegedly had in the past but its just,not the case with me so thats a big,deal breaker because that does become,very expensive over time,now thats just with the sips now the,functionality of this is something that,i also want to let you know,okay so with this bottle im just going,to put it at the flavor intensity three,all right,so,say youre going about your day and then,youre going around sipping this thing,so you take a sip,which by the way,its not like you can just turn it up,and get a bunch of water because look it,might drip a little bit but i turn it,upside down,you see you dont see anything coming,out so you have to suck the water out so,lets just give it another sip,you put it down,do your thing,you come back for another sip,and you notice that with each sip,as you suck this bottle it becomes,harder and harder to get the water out,and its almost like theres like a,vacuum thats being created within it so,you have to suck harder and harder and,harder for being professional,in order to get something out and the,way to fix it is by twisting the cap off,a little bit,and you can kind of hear that air,escaping and then,the water flows,a lot easier,so basically after about three to four,good sips you have to,untwist the cap in order to increase the,flow of water,i think thats pretty annoying now its,a first world problem definitely does it,take so much effort just to do that and,do that no it doesnt but its just the,fact that i have to do it its not,something that,i think is very efficient i think that,you should be able to just drink the,water put it down drink the water put it,down and not have to be like well i have,to troubleshoot it every few sips in,order to be able to taste something or,be able to get something more than just,super concentrated uh flavor you want to,get the water to go along with that,so that combined with the fact that the,sips dont last as long as they should,it is really is a downer for me and it,really hinders my ability to want to,continue to even buy different sips for,this because it just gets kind of,annoying over time,and the other thing is these tips are,proprietary,people have figured out ways to,disassemble the sips so that you can add,your own flavoring to it from different,brands if you want it to,but its not something that is uh,its not something the company actually,wants you to do you know they want you,to continue to buy the cartridges they,dont tell you any any of the materials,this is how you disassemble our,cartridge this is how you refill it this,is how you can not give us money you,know so if you want to do that you can,but,youre really not meant to do that so,youre meant to continue to b

Brutally Honest Cirkul Water Bottle Review

hey guys so i wanted to make a quick,update video,on my experiences with my circle water,bottle,so essentially my friend ally she is,sponsored by them and i was like oh wow,so that,seems like a cool thing to try out my,other friends who was interested in,trying them out,it was only eight dollars for the,starter kit so the starter kit came,with the water bottle two sips im gonna,set you guys down,the water bottle two sips and then,um,to have it recur it will cost 15,for the two sips so essentially i was,thinking to myself,like okay ill be brutally honest during,this entire thing the flavors that i got,were fruit punch,as well as um,the berry so they have whats called,a theres,i threw the wrappers out but theres,like two different types they,you have like your fit one which has,electrolytes and then you have your,other one,which happens to have like vitamins,so the sips arent what like the main,issue is its more so,like you know this is a decent sized,water bottle i do,feel like ive been like more hydrated,than usual which is like part of the,reasoning for why someone would buy this,as well as,you know theres zero sugar so,essentially how it works,is that you have you know your little,water bottle which looks like this,that there is the chamber sip so you,basically change them,out but,so they say in the packaging that its,supposed to be good,for up to 10 12,fluid ounces of you know,water so i have an example here for you,guys of this aquafina which is about,17 ounces and this is usually about the,amount of water that i would put,in this circle,and by the time that i had finished off,like the end of my third,of one of these to put in there,the flavor was almost completely gone,which i was like um thats strange like,i know 17 ounces is obviously,more of an amount than the 12 fluid,ounces but after doing the math,i hypothetically based off of what they,were saying on the wrapping,should have gotten about seven of seven,of these,and im like okay so thats strange,and for the recurring charge i will,actually look it up really quick because,i think yeah to work,to have it renew it would only have been,two sips,its either two sips or four,either way i was like you know that,seems like,a decent amount,and dont get me wrong the bottle is,fine the sips,for the most part are five,but,it just seems like im not getting my,moneys worth,if its not really giving me you know,the,amount that i would think that i would,get so,lets see here plans okay so the plans,are,you can get eight cartridges for 27,16 cartridges for 49. 24 cartridges for,69.,oh so oh and they have even larger,plans or the products,if you do circle so i they wanted me to,do the renew of like the,um the subscription,or if you dont decide to do the,subscription they have a bundle builder,they did,since this um has come they,were like oh my gosh like well give you,five dollars off your order or whatever,if you get the fit,slip fit sip or the go sip,you can get each one separately a,one-time thing is 3.75,and im like so youre telling me im,paying a little bit more than a dollar,you know per one of these and im like,thats literally about the same as if i,were to just go out and buy,full flavored water bottles im like,its cheaper to just get crystal light,and just refill my water that way and,plus they have sugar-free crystallite,so personally i dont think it is,worth it i think its cool if you try um,the eight dollar one but cancel it,because,for eight dollars getting the two sips,and then getting this thats actually,not a bad deal,but doing the recurring charge i would,not recommend

Is It Worth It? NEW Cirkul Water Bottle & Multiple Flavor Cartridge Review!

[Music],hey guys sabrina,with the youth family here so this is,something that ive been really,um excited to get it did take some time,to come in the mail uh and im not sure,if im saying the name right,but were gonna unbox the circle,so this is a water bottle that has,different um,flavor cartridges that uh come in a,variety of flavors,um some of them well actually all of,them are sugar-free but some have,additional things uh like they have an,energy one they have,coffee flavors which is my favorite um,and lots of fruit flavor so lets open,this bad boy and see what we got,so the boxing you know just typical,um didnt seem to have any problems with,it,uh it did send me notifications,to let me know when it was coming,now theres a couple of different bottle,options,that you could get um but,what ill do is link it down below so,that you can see they have starter kits,uh i opted for the metal,which i mean come on guys this is,really nice it does come in a,couple different colors they had a blue,orange and,[Music],im trying i think it was just blue and,orange but,uh so heres the bottle its a 32 ounce,bottle um and it does say hand wash only,see inside of it heres the cap,i opted so there is an option actually,where you can change this color of the,band,for the cap so i opted for blue but you,could do,blue orange and i think black was an,option also,they do also have a plastic bottle which,is cheaper,it is smaller ounce size from,what i remember but this is,like im very excited so this screws on,just like that looks really nice,[Music],now heres the flavors okay,so um i got a couple of different,flavors,this let me just kind of,put them out here,[Music],i got a brew sip which im really,excited about that one,so the brew soups are actually the,coffee flavored ones this ones,caramel iced coffee um and again,all of these do have uh no sugar but,this does,have caffeine in it so if youre,sensitive to caffeine,just be careful with that um they also,do,have uh these flavors that are called,life oh no pure sips so the pure sip,is actually not sweetened at all this,is a cucumber flavor so im assuming,its gonna taste,just like uh water infused with cucumber,but well see i did also,get a watermelon flavor because,for some reason lately i dont know,watermelon in me is like,yes uh,i got the thick zip,uh so the fit sip actually has,electrolytes in it as well,for this one here i think that is,white cherry so this has electrolytes in,it,got the life sip which has some vitamins,added into it this is a fruit punch,flavor,i also got a peach mango for the life,sip,um i got a tea sip which is a peach tea,again no sugar no,calories at all so all of these,beverages,are actually no calories no sugar so,thats pretty good,uh the last one i got to try was an,energy one,and its called a go sip again,caffeinated,this is grape,so uh what im gonna do now is im gonna,fill up my water bottle with some ice,and water and ill be,back to test it out which one should we,try first,hmm this is data behind the camera,wifey is letting me try it with her i,think we should go with,the one that probably wont taste the,best even though i like that combination,lets do the cucumber,okay,we like cucumber water so this is itll,be a good test,okay so got my bottle filled up put some,ice water in there,um just want to show the nutritional,so the nutrition facts zero calories,uh no salt no carbs no sugar,no pro theres not one single thing in,here except for,hopefully flavor so we shall see,um ingredients filtered water natural,flavors,you know the basic stuff okay all right,so lets open this up,so it actually smells like cucumber um,this is what it looks like,wow smell that really tough smelly yeah,smells like cucumber,um theres like this little gauge here,so thats how you,when you have it put in here i guess,what you do is,uh turn it to a number and that adjusts,your,flavor and then you open it like this so,lets get this put in here okay,so you drop that in there screw that on,uh,yeah so theres different flavor,intensities you cant really see the,numbers,but right here you just twist and you,adjust the flavor so with everyone else,ive seen they start at number four,so im going to start it in number four,and well just work our way up from,there,okay so make sure thats on that,im gonna screw this on here,oh so youre not putting powder in the,water no,it could wow,so you can actually swap out your,cartridge lets say we get tired of the,cucumber we want to try something else,swap it out,okay yeah all right so lets open this,up,it looks pretty standard,and lets go for the sit,and were out of four okay,good so i will tell you it does taste,like cucumber water,im gonna let my husband try but thats,out of four,and i think a four is a good starting,level,it tastes like theres fresh cucumber in,there,its pretty good,sorry for the slurps sound oh its,actually really light yeah but it tastes,like what its supposed to be,yeah it doesnt have an aftertaste,at all um,i think its pretty good,so what would be the point of doing that,instead of just putting,fresh cucumber slices in water and,letting it sit,i mean i personally dont like my,cucumbers to sit in the water for too,long,um i think i like with this that i can,actually swap out my flavors,whenever i want to i really want to try,this coffee one now that i know the,cucumber wouldnt taste so good so lets,do that,actually i dont even think i need to do,that so all you do,yeah definitely save that one ill drink,that one like one thats a good one,and i think they also had a lemon and,orange thats the pure sip which just,tastes,like infused water,lets try this caramel iced coffee,okay so this is the brew sip,[Applause],and again this has zero nothing so,compared to so actually let me come back,so this,actually does have one gram of carbs,per serving and theres about 13,servings in this entire package,okay yeah thats what i was gonna ask,you so the price difference between,lets say,starbucks dunkin whatever these are,about three bucks,wow yeah and once so the serving size is,1.5,um mls is what its saying,so for the rest of that for the rest of,us who are not nurses,well youd have to do the,calculation on that ill put it in the,description,all right so lets go back to a four,and this is the caramel iced coffee okay,lets zip,so,it tastes like iced coffee i only,changed the intensity to,a six its kind of sweet its sweet let,me see,and if youre saying its sweet its,gotta be pretty sweet,i think the four was probably better,its not bad okay,it does have an aftertaste a little bit,um its not bad but it doesnt,taste like like an,iced coffee right so i think im trying,to compare it to an,actual iced coffee again its not bad,um i thought i had ordered a regular,coffee one because they do have a,regular coffee one but,i think i might want to try that one and,see how that goes,uh but definitely looking forward to,trying the rest of these im gonna let,my husband try this,i dont know if hes gonna i already,know hes i already know what hes,probably gonna say,did i turn it down till far i think i,did,holy moly thats sweet yeah however,um i think it tastes really good its a,little,surprising because i dont usually like,stuff that doesnt have,real sugar in it let me try three it,doesnt,have the sugar-free aftertaste,yeah i agree with you um three is,not sweet enough four is a little too,sweet so,maybe,i think it would actually taste good,with milk i dont know if this is,suitable for milk,but or almond milk its the point is,youre drinking more water,so honestly oh gotcha so for that,purpose,i i would definitely sip that throughout,the morning i wouldnt replace my coffee,with it but,i would also sip on this because its a,like compared to other,no calorie sugar-free options,um again this is not carb free but its,one gram of carbs per serving,it tastes similar to a vanilla,uh starbucks latte that you find i think,in the store like at a gas station that,you shake up,yeah so compared to five dollars


whats up guys welcome to dianas world,or welcome back if youre my subscriber,if youre new here,subscribe,what is this what what is this,this box is a mess,its a mess in here,oh my god like everythings,no organization okay well this is a,sleeve that i got for one of my bottles,this is like so tiny also i think the,stretches,i dont know why i did,but i did,okay,so i have one bottle here this is the,squeezable bottle so you can squeeze it,to get the water out i guess,like,i got it its i thought it would be like,silicone but its basically plastic,i dont know,then theres the mini one,this is cute,i should have got i should have got the,big one this is like,foggy it looks dirty this is see-through,it looks awesome,oh my goodness im gonna give my mom,that one,two tops here one is,i dont know they look the same size,i think this is the bigger one one is,for the big ones for the little one,i i dont know which of which i dont,what are you doing in my room doing the,video,oh my god am i on the video right now,yeah oh my god,i crap it out,okay look its a tiny one,super cute super cute so in that case,i the pink one,so theyre both the same size,i dont know why i thought the purple,one was smaller i dont know my eyes are,dumb but,look its so cute,oh my goodness,so,i have looked at my order information,and ive gotten at least 22 flavors i,believe 22 flavors i think that sounds,right and my 12 ounce bottle this is 12,ounce my 12 ounce bottle cost,12,and my,22 ounce bottle,cost 15 so this is like really,inexpensive in my opinion this is like,really cheap gucci and then its like,375,about,for each,for each flavor but my order total was,like a hundred and eleven dollars and,with this coupon code which i dont know,if ive got it i think it was like,automatically applied,but if not i looked for it because i,best believe i always look for a coupon,if im shopping anywhere anywhere,anywhere,so it was like forty dollars off well,39.06 but almost 40 dollars off,and my order total was 77 so that was,like insane i got all this for 77,dollars and i think thats amazing i got,too many flavors these are going to last,me a long time,you can see them,okay so we have a bunch of light sticks,and we got,a good amount of dough sips,fit tips two piercips and two two,brew sips sorry,um so i dont want i dont really know,all the details about them and i dont,wanna,i dont wanna go like im so sorry but,basically you can look on the website,the fit sips like have more electrolytes,in them go sips give you energy healthy,energy somehow uh the life sips are like,nutritious vitamins pure sips is like,im pretty sure the pure sips are all,like super natural like,like,less,unsweetened sugar than all of them i,dont even know you gotta look into that,and brew sips its just like coffee,flavored kind of lets try them all okay,all right so ill start with this,raspberry lemonade ill start with the,strawberry lemonade kind of the white,all right so its there and you take it,out and it looks like this this is cute,it has yeah it has you can you can smell,it and theres liquid in there oh so,its liquid i thought it would be like,powder,it makes more sense to do liquid because,it would uh,just make more sense right and then what,so we have it here its in there ill,take this out so you can see better i,guess more,um on the bottle there are levels,to how much flavor you want you see,right here theres a number thatll be,im gonna see it uh,basically number nine its like lots of,like a burst of flavor,number one you dont you get just a,little bit of flavor,uh obviously they said to put it on like,four,okay four is like a good amount so then,yeah now thats on your number four and,then you just zip it,and it should taste like it,[Laughter],at least a little,okay,bring my ice water so i can taste the,raspberry lemonade because i had that,flavor before from other products thats,good okay squeeze it,without sucking on it can you just,squeeze it,thats a squeeze butter,and i dont squeeze it no oh those are,the benefits of a,squeeze butter,were definitely watching these covers,i want to try the raspberry one can you,try this one yeah so can we swap it we,can yeah yeah but i sucked on this,[Laughter],we dont share like that but you if she,sucks on something i will not suck on it,i wouldnt suck you,either she did not like that thanks,no wait you have a squeeze bottle okay,gosh ill just squeeze it out,okay and not like how you did on your,bed,okay damn,im sorry im not supposed to cuz,oh it was on,you moved it to nine oh yeah,oh that she like this,okay that was too strong oh that was,that was a lot of sweetness okay let me,back to number four,yeah its almost the same,you got me watering my eyes are watering,crying,trying is that were going to get our,mouth,with so many flavors,i just want you to put 9 because i had,to put 9. but it was an accident it,doesnt matter i want you to see i want,you to taste it,you want me to suffer,our viewers want to know what you feel,about the lime,its like oh thats bad its like sour,candy thats what its like no this one,was terrible that was a little better,yeah this one was terrible dont ever do,that guys do not do that,whoever wants to drink that at night is,trippy,tripping do mango grapefruit,oh i want to join them,okay its not coming up,this is like,too sweet,im moving it two,hmm,its pleasant because it almost sour so,this is more sweet,this one is like pure,sugar,and i almost think i can go higher let,me see lets do a six,its like no,no this ones not good this is the mango,mango grapefruit thats like just like,pure sugary,sour its not i dont know,this is very this is sweet but its not,very sweet because i did it before and,it was mild,but from my taste buds so remember we,have different taste buds,i like my things really sweet,you trying to get mine,i want to see if this is just uh if its,just me,i see what youre saying its at four,yeah okay so,and maybe after i drinking that then,this tastes different no i dont think,so i thought i dont like that,im gonna go to six oh you said this is,pleasant,okay,no why would you go higher,this tastes like more flavor this looks,like that peach candy are the gummies,yeah yeah a peach gummy cake so we,didnt like this flavor,what was this whatever that was,i went different levels of sweetness,yeah this was the mango grapefruit so,im gonna go with the average fruit,punch,i will do,blueberry what,cookies blueberry cranberry okay thats,different,she said try their four,oh my god,this is good,that sounds good,this is sour,and im thinking that blueberry is,supposed to be sweet i can smell the,cranberry i can smell it but if its,like two like two flavors that you dont,know you dont like it go down a number,nice to play,i dont know,i dont know what i was trying hold on,okay,not my favorite because its too sweet,and then its too plain lets do,something what if we,pick a number,one two two no no no what if we take,them out and then we randomly try them,that would be interesting,and guess what it is yeah sure lets do,that,at the same time well pick up our,flavor that we think watches,okay so number four one of us is trying,the watermelon and the other one is,trying the berry pomegranate and we,dont know which ones which were just,gonna,just gonna try it and guess,i knew that was easy i guess,it just burst and its at four and its,the fourth flavor yeah this is very,flavorful four im gonna try three i,love you like it yeah,um but its not flavored at three,yeah three and four its like very,difficult may go to three online can i,do three and a half,[Laughter],i cant look 43,oh its a half piece,i just put out 43.,yeah three doesnt keep four gives it,the burst of flavor but then when you go,down to three its we,the difference is its a big difference,i still would drink this at three i,think i like it at three i dont like,too much sweetness i sometimes when its,like too sweet i feel like its,unhealthy,i like a lot of flavor on my stuff so oh,this has the three is still goo

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