1. Eldridge & Co. – Richard Emery: Civilian Complaint Review Board
  2. Newark Establishes First Ever Civilian Complaint Review Board
  3. Civilian Complaint Review Board Public Meeting in the Bronx
  4. Mayor de Blasio comments at Civilian Complaint Review Board event
  5. Review Boards in Many US Cities Handle Complaints Against Police
  6. Newark to Use Civilian Complaint Review Board to Help Oversee Police
  7. City Talk: William Kuntz, New York City Civilian Review Board

Eldridge & Co. – Richard Emery: Civilian Complaint Review Board

hello Im Ronnie Eldridge welcome to,Eldridge & Company New York civilian,complaint Review Board was established,in 1993 and almost from its beginning,its been criticized for being,ineffective but mayor de Blasios recent,appointment indicates a new era for this,independent agency Richard Emery a,fierce litigator known for defending,civil rights and challenging,governmental actions is the person he,selected to accomplish this and hes my,guest today welcome hi Ronnie how are,you Im fine thanks these are very,difficult times it seems to me for your,agency even if you needed to reorganize,it with the public distressed I mean,every time you look at the news you see,another case somewhere in the country,where people are objecting to some,police action so I mean with this this,demoralized police force and this,overacted citizenry how does it affect,you guys on the review board do you get,more complaints recently well its its,very complicated as you as you pointed,out messy situation to say the least the,real problem is that the civilian,complaint Review Board is at the middle,of all the forces that can never really,accommodate one another the unions the,officers the police department and the,communities none of which really deal,with each other in a very collaborative,or positive way and were in the center,we have to give dole out if you will,justice to the people who come and,complain to us and we have to be of,course fair and and straightforward with,the police officers who are depending on,us to get rid of the complaints which,are frivolous and there are many of,those as well so its a no win situation,at some level and the key is to somehow,gain the integrity and Trust of those,various components through transparency,and efficiency and clarity of,decision-making its some channel know,its a huge challenge and its actually,very exciting Ive litigated police,cases all my career,always from the outside trying to get,the government to do to police more,effectively and more humanely and now I,was asked to do this and I did it only,because I felt like after all those,years of criticizing and being an,outsider and representing individuals in,one aspect of this big problem it was,time to step up and really try and see,whether there was any way to accommodate,these adversarial forces and your you,like challenges well thats right and,and and and I have the energy to do this,and Id like to do it Im continuing to,practice law all this time but it does,look like we can make some significant,important changes so the review board is,a place where as a citizen if youve had,some interaction with the police officer,deplete do you ever call them cops sure,theyre sometimes called they call,themselves got the time I dont view it,as an insulting term at all good so they,have an interaction with a cup thats,they dont like one either it was,abusive or they think it was too,forceful well its the category of the,jurisdiction of the same complaint,Review Board is called fado fa do force,abuse of authority discourtesy and,offensive language and thats,interesting yeah and so fado is our,jurisdiction a lot of things come to us,which are not fade oh and we refer those,away and the police department refers,fado to us even though I a be the,Internal Affairs Bureau in the police,department can also investigate,internally they refer the complaints,that come to them that are within the,Phaedo jurisdiction to this event you,have a lot of people agency I mean,youve got the the police department,with their IAB then youve got local,prosecutors right yeah that thats more,rare its mostly its mostly people who,have had interactions that theyre upset,about who give to file a complaint they,can do it on 311 they can do it at a,precinct they can come into our offices,were trying to have more offices in the,boroughs were trying to have hours,that are not just daytime hours so,people have real access is real outreach,effort now for the ccrb to,be available to people when they dont,have to give up work to come in they,dont necessarily need even to know the,name and the shield number no not,necessarily obviously it helps but we,have the ability to work with the police,department to identify officers the,interesting thing about this phase of of,the history of the ccrb which is really,in a new era with the mayor and with,Bill Bratton and is that they want us to,succeed its the first time that the,administration and the police department,has wanted the ccrb to actually succeed,theyve mouthed that in the past but it,hasnt been true theyve done everything,under the Kelly era under the Bloomberg,era and Giuliani before him to sabotage,the functions of the ccrb in my opinion,I think that the ccrb has been,undermined as an agency and gotten used,to a kind of inactivity and mediocrity,and bureaucracy that has infected its,functions and its product is it because,they thought they didnt get very far,with their work and no I think its,because the study unions and the,constituencies really didnt want to,have anybody second-guessing the police,except the police department itself and,then of course there was the whole stop,and frisk controversy where the police,department was not only encouraging but,directing stop and frisk that was,unconstitutional and the ccrb was,actually punishing or recommending,punishments for those police officers so,the ccrb was on a completely different,track from the police department the,police department sabotage and didnt,listen to the ccrb during that whole,period hopefully that period is moving,forward and were having less stop and,frisk so one of the things people say is,youre too friendly with Bratton right,youre a personal friend right know that,kind of stuff but you think that thats,irrelevant and it also helps right well,I think that its interesting because,you guys I have a trust them well we,have a good communication we have a good,trust but more importantly I stand on my,career I mean my whole career has been,one of indicating people civil rights,fighting government when it when it has,acted to excess and working to make sure,people are properly respected as human,beings in the police citizen interaction,that was the famous case you brought in,and one right with the what well we had,we have had a number of non violent,inmates said the nonviolent people at,Rikers Island right well who are being,strip-searched I mean we had two major,strip search cases one by the police and,one by the corrections people and settle,both of them for tens of millions of,dollars for these people and changed all,the procedures to prevent people from,getting stiff made it possible for me to,be in the City Council well that was a,whole different that was a whole,different every but we did any structure,new york city government because of the,because of the board of estimate,elimination and the board of us when it,was not one person one vote it was one,borrow one voted thats right thats,right and so so the the interesting,thing about the relationship with Bill,Bratton is that it creates I mean I I,dont think Bill Bratton would he would,have supported me becoming the chair,unless he had thought I was going to be,vigorous and in us in the disciplinary,process his goal as the ultimate person,with responsibility over discipline of,police officers which he has and he,should have because hes the one whos,accountable is to have us become an,integrated part of the police,disciplinary process instead of a,stepchild of that process as it has been,in the past and also tell me what,happens with the the new inspector,general not it does that I think that,the the review board was always,criticized because it didnt really in,inspect I mean collect the data right,though it could estimate trends and and,talk like that is that what do the do I,the dispatch inspector general is going,to do no its actually were going to,work were going to do youre going to,were going to work with the inspector,general but one of the untappe

Newark Establishes First Ever Civilian Complaint Review Board

of Warren Lee abyssea feral shock on,Nance longtime Newark community activist,Larry hem reciting a roll call of Newark,errs who died in the custody of a police,force that the Justice Department says,has for decades engaged in,unconstitutional stop-and-frisk,practices racial discrimination and,excessive force today by executive order,mayor rass Baraka established the citys,first civilian complaint Review Board we,hear because people can get shot eight,times in the back as they run unarmed,away from the police were here because,people can be choked to death on the,street while saying that they cant,breathe Baraka says the ccrb is being,created to avoid more cases like these,but also as a way to codify checks and,balances within a system that has none,protecting bad cops at the expense of,good ones it is a systemic problem that,at best covers up bad acts at worse,defends bad acts and so it is important,for us to create opportunities for the,community to be able to have redress the,ccrb will be made up of three City,Council members the citys inspector,general and five members from the citys,leading community-based organizations,appointed by the mayor their decisions,will be subject to approval by the,citys police director which is given,pause to some who fear it gives one,person too much authority his decision,will have to be based on the findings of,the ccrb with very few exceptions for,clear error and will be bound on the,disciplinary matrix that will be pre,negotiated between the city the police,department and the police union in,consultation with the ccrb superior,officers association president john,crystal says they support the idea of a,ccrb in principle but have had a hard,time getting the mayor to the,negotiating table these matters,according to state law state labor laws,it says,the promulgation of new laws or,modification of existing laws shall be,negotiated with the majority,representative so this is a mandatory,top negotiation weve previous,administrations weve attempted weve,negotiated weve worked out our,differences we negotiate agreements this,administration refuses to negotiate we,need one police officer one police union,representative to have the courage to,get up and say these things are wrong,and that we need to reform the police,department these are some things that we,need to do and we need to do it now,barring a legal challenge from the,police union the mayor says hes going,ahead with establishing what he calls a,matrix for disciplinary action and,selecting and training members for the,board all of which he says will be done,in consultation with the Union without,whom the spirit if not the letter of,this new board will be difficult to,uphold in newark Im David Cruz NJTV,news

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Civilian Complaint Review Board Public Meeting in the Bronx

from inappropriate searches while in,police custody to unscheduled sleeps at,a not-for-profit and the all the,complete disregard of a criminal case,involving fattoria Kelly who was,attacked on Halloween by a local,resident after calling 911 after and,theres been little to no follow-up,these and other issues were raised at a,civilian and complaint Review Board,hearing at Lincoln Hospital the board,that holds monthly meetings throughout,the city also heard from former director,of the New York Civil Liberties Union,Norman Segal responding to news that,before publishing report the board was,sending drafts to City Hall and the,police department something seagull a,pioneer in helping to establish the,current group says defeats the purpose,of an independent panel already there,for a monthly community council meeting,at Lincoln Hospital Deputy Inspector,Brian Hennessey commanding officer of,the 40th precinct came and spoke and in,hearing ms Kellis complaint promised to,reach out to the commanding officer of,the precinct where the crime occurred,and told her to expect a call he said,that hes gonna week to the 42nd,precinct commander and hopefully,something happens but tomorrow on the,job for six months the deputy inspector,admitted that there was work ahead in,the precinct their ranks number two,citywide four murders number three four,robberies and with felony assault on the,rise promise better community relations,also speaking one resident from the,Claremont section praising the police we,play competitive as well with them we,have an old woman was on called bringing,the peace you know theres a lot of,things that we doing grandma,neighborhood center with the cops so if,they would just be like that Ill,hospitalidad in the world a little bit,better following the hearing several,ccrb board members shared they want to,hear another I just spoke to two of the,young people lets broke after the,meeting and I spoke specifically to the,one that had good encounters with police,and the one that didnt have good,encounters both were excellent young,people coming from two different,perspective so I think what you have to,do to attack the problem is actually,take good and the bad and then to have a,solution,for it and Maya widely appointed last,July by the mayor to chair the ccrb had,this to say on the evenings hearing how,important for the citizens we have,complaint Review Board to really be in,touch with community directly with,residents directly about what theyre,experiencing with the police department,because our job is to be the civilian,oversight authority we want them to know,both who we are what we do and to bring,us complaints when there is a violation,but we also want to hear whats going on,so that we can be a conduit of,information to the police department to,say here are some things even if we,dont have a case or a law violation,that you need to pay attention to Maya,wiley the new chair has done an amazing,job of taking initiative and saying,lets take these are ccrb board meetings,into the community and so now we have,the calendar for the year I have it here,and were going to be going into the,community every other month and tonight,was an example of the first step in,improving community police relations the,ccrb shared they were pleased with,tonights attendance and they added that,having the deputy inspector of the 40,precinct here to answer questions,directly helped to move the evening,along her braxnet this is our Lima cocoa

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Mayor de Blasio comments at Civilian Complaint Review Board event

I really really wanted to be here to,express my feelings about this moment,and to honor a visionary because I can,tell you because I was in this building,at the time it took a visionary to get,to the establishment of a truly,independent and effective CCRB,it was not easy it was a tough mission,and one that someone would less vision,less heart less commitment would not,even have attempted but David Dinkins,was willing to do what was difficult,because he knew it was right he knew it,would have a lasting positive impact in,the city and once again mayor Dinkins I,want to tell you something you were,right it has had a lasting and positive,impact on the city congratulations,I also want to say in the vein of good,karma that is a very wonderful thing,when you can do something historic and,powerful that helps people and that was,the creation of the CCRB its also an,extraordinary thing when you can be,there a quarter century later to,celebrate it youve done something right,is all I could say now a lot of people,put a lot of effort into creating and,sustaining and building the CCRB it was,not just the first act that mattered,its everything thats happened since a,lot of people in the Dinkins,administration who worked here in City,Hall and people of serving City Hall,since a lot of people at the NYPD who,believed that it actually was the right,vision to have the kind of oversight,that gave confidence and built trust and,worked to create a CCRB,that was fair to all success has many,mothers and fathers so we celebrate,today the visionary who got us to the,point of actually having an independent,CCRB but I want to thank all of the,folks who built it over time I want to,thank the former chairs I want to thank,the former members and of course the,current members I want to thank the,staff I want to think thank everybody,who participated,in this extraordinary work its no,surprise to me its a model thats being,looked at around the country around the,world but it didnt spring up out of the,earth perfectly formed it was something,that had to be worked on for years and,years to get it to be all it could be,and we still are doing that work I,especially want to thank folks who have,played a central role commissioner Jimmy,ONeill I want to say not only of you,and your team been central to the,continued development of a fair NYPD and,a fair CCRB but because the neighborhood,policing we have a paradigm now that,meets all of the underlying ideals the,CCRB and it takes us to the next level I,want to thank you for your leadership,I want to thank executive director,Jonathan Darsh for his leadership again,all the staff everyone whos at CCRB now,members and staff thank you and we get a,lot of support and occasional prodding,from the City Council and I want to,thank a very active and activist and,effective chair of the Committee on,Public Safety Donovan Richards thank you,and to all the other members of my,administration who are here I know,believe in this mission let me say this,very quickly if you look at the history,and you know rarely do we get that,moment of pause to look at the history,the idea the progressive idea of,civilian oversight of police goes back,to the 19th century and it was a debate,that raged in the city for many years,without resolution I saw a video that,literally sent chills up my spine there,was a exhibit on the morality of John,Lindsay at the Museum of the city of New,York and theres an extraordinary clip,of video that had Bobby Kennedy then,United States Senator from New York,standing next to John Lindsay I believe,it was 1965 arguing why we needed an,independent CCRB it took another quarter,century from that moment until Mayor,Dinkins achieved it but the idea it,burned in peoples souls because they,understood what it could take us to they,understood that independence CCRB,was one of the gateways to actual trust,and accountability,and could actually heal the relationship,between police and communities done,right weve seen that play out in so,many ways I also want to say that mayor,Dinkins understood the full equation he,did not just say a CCRB is going to cure,all of our ills he understood that we,needed a number of things to make the,city safer and Ive said it many times,publicly mayor Im going to say it again,were the safest big city in America,today and thank you Jimmy ONeill and,thank you men and women of the NYPD we,are the safest big city in America and,we will continue to be the safest big,city in America but we never would have,had the opportunity to be the safest big,city in America if David Dinkins had not,done the right thing years and years ago,and got the more officers on the street,and got the support we needed from,Albany and created the programs to help,our young people that started to turn,the tide and took us away from an era of,crime and chaos and toward the success,we have today if you want to know where,that path started look to that man right,there,[Applause],were getting toward the end of another,year and Jimmy ONeil and I always know,as we get toward the end of the other,year that we do not predict specific,outcomes we knock on wood a lot but what,we see as we close out 2018 theres the,potential for even more records to be,set for safety in the city even lower,crime achievements that would have been,inconceivable when all of us were in,City Hall in 1990 we could never have,guessed,then how low crime could get we could,never have guessed,then how much stronger our social fabric,could become but we did know that we had,to start down the road we did know that,change was possible and I have to say to,Mayor David Dinkins Ive told you before,you inspired so many of us and you,taught so many of us and you gave us an,example and you have to walk through the,fire more than once but you really,stayed the course and believed and it is,gratifying to me to be able to say to,you,not only were you right not only did,your persistence pay off but today in,New York City there are people who are,enjoying that safety who are enjoying,the quality of life we all dreamed of,them having who are enjoying the,respectful relationship between police,and community that once was only a dream,but you helped us get to this day by,starting us on the road to that dream so,I know Fred Davies gonna come back up,and has a special presentation but I,want to say from the bottom of my heart,mayor Dinkins god bless you you were the,right man at the right time and you,helped us get to this good time thank,you god bless you,[Applause],so were going to go straight to the,presentation to Mayor Dinkins before,mayor de Blasio has to leave and then,after that we will hear from,councilmember Donovan Richards so Im,gonna ask all the members of the CCRB,board if they will come forward Im,going to ask the mayor if he mayor de,Blasio if he will come here Im gonna,ask the rest of the dais guests if they,will come over as well former board,members for the CCRB also Maya I see,Richard Emery Maya Wiley Richard Emery,other board members CCRB,great all right and they need us to come,closer and maybe we have to two rows so,Dean maybe we can get you all or come,back,[Music],so mayor Dinkins over the last 25 years,the civilian complaint Review Board has,played a unique and and central role a,central role in a life of the city of,New York and we all owe you a deep gret,of gratitude for the political courage,and foresight you displayed as mayor out,of your action in 1993 as weve said has,grown an independent all civilian police,oversight agency that works tirelessly,day in and day out to whole members of,the NYPD accountable and to improve,police-community relations for that on,behalf of the board and staff of the,CCRB,on behalf of all those gathered here,today on behalf of all those who have,come forth with reports of police,misconduct on behalf of everybody who,works to improve police-community,relations in this city we present you,this Pioneer Award from the civilian,[Applause],old people need

Review Boards in Many US Cities Handle Complaints Against Police

we just got dispatched to an alarm run,at a residence Justin Henry is one of,about fifteen hundred police officers,patrolling zones in and around the city,of Indianapolis were about 1 million,people either live or work Henrys job,puts him in contact with some of these,citizens every day for a policeman each,encounter is different often uncertain,and sometimes dangerous police chief,Richard Rick Hite says his officers work,to deal with that uncertainty by being,proactive about knowing the people they,police and meet some of the residents,before an issue occurs so that youre no,stranger when something happens in the,community you show up your job is to go,out there be a problem solver but when a,citizen has a complaint with an,Indianapolis police officer chief height,will know about it police complaints,going to help you thanks to the citizens,police complaint office we offer that,citizen and Avenue to say your voice is,valuable and youre you do have a voice,in this process that the police cant,come in and treat people however they,want Laura whiteheads the office whose,complaint board is made up of nine,appointed civilians it also includes,three law enforcement officers but they,dont vote on cases under review were,independent agency of the police,department we are there as an avenue for,the citizens of Indianapolis to,articulate complaints that they may have,had during a law enforcement engagement,with a police officer the complaint,process in Indianapolis was established,in 1989 by city ordinance to ensure,independent accountability they review,the Acacia the complaint the,investigation and then they were under a,decision on the findings but the results,of a 2012 audit conducted by a,consulting firm contracted by the city,found that there were serious,restrictions on how the complaints were,filed Laura white who took over the,office after the audit says she believes,recent figures for 2014 indicate the,process is working we had 110 total,officers that had complaints filed,against them and out of that we had 45,disciplines that came out of that so,almost half,resulted in a discipline when you add,the element of civilians into the,process theyre able to look at it with,an outsiders perspective and make sure,that the investigation is done fairly,and consistently over time Cameron,McElheny is a former member of the,Indianapolis citizens complaint board,and now serves as the director of,training for the National Association,for civilian oversight of law,enforcement or nicole i think what,Ferguson and other national cases have,done for oversight is made not just law,enforcement agencies but city leaders,and members of the community understand,is that this isnt something that should,be done after something has happened,that maybe its time to start doing,oversight ahead of time so that bad,things dont happen in communities,though the complaint and review process,can be intrusive and disruptive for the,officer or Department involved chief,height welcomes the scrutiny we have to,have checks and balances as we often,talk about its important to recognize,there are quality compliance we have a,channel a minute please emerge before,the surge from Madison a 2013 study by,california state university-fullerton,shows that more than 100 Police,Departments many in large cities have,civilian oversight boards while New York,City has such oversight the Ferguson,Missouri City Council only voted last,September to set up a civilian review,board Kane Farabaugh VOA news,Indianapolis Indiana,hes right,you

Newark to Use Civilian Complaint Review Board to Help Oversee Police

mayor oz Baraka is attempting to walk a,fine line between establishing public,confidence in the police department,burdened with the history of civil,rights abuses and getting that police,department to help fight a crime problem,that is keeping the city from realizing,its full potential unfortunately we have,seen serious issues within within the,department that have resulted in the,Department of Justice investigation and,the appointment of a federal monitor to,ensure that needed reforms are carried,out a DOJ report in July laid bare a,pattern of harassment and racial,profiling that many longtime new workers,began to accept as a regular course of,business but in establishing a civilian,complaint Review Board by executive,order Baraka said he really hopes to,change the way the department does,business theres a lot of talk about,individual misconduct but what we really,want to stress to is that were going to,be focusing a lot on patterns and,practices and systems that are in place,or not in place in the department that,allow for patterns and practices that,are egregious to continue to take place,five members of the nine-person board,will come from the citys largest,community organizations the ACLU,n-double-a-cp la casa de Don Pedro,Ironbound community corporation and the,peoples organization for progress the,City Council will appoint three members,and the mayors Inspector General will,serve as the chairperson of the board,longtime community activist Larry ham,who heads the peoples organization for,progress says the ccrb is overdue its a,long time coming I think the executive,order is moving in the right direction,what we need and and one important piece,was that this review board would have,subpoena power but the other important,piece is to make discipline stick to,keep to be able to actually discipline,officers a lot of this executive order,is still evolving the mayor says hell,sign it officially in 30 days but as it,stands now final discipline will be the,decision of the police director based on,a recommendation from the ccrb which,will use a matrix that the city is,developing that will determine,appropriate discipline mayor said he had,spoken to the Justice,department about the board and got their,clearance to go forward absent from,todays announcement was the police,union which has had a troubled,relationship with the Baraka,administration the Union did not return,our calls for comment today the,consensus among the community groups,represented here was that the mayor is,on the right track but not at the finish,line the ccrb should have the finding of,the fact they should have final say,about what the facts of a particular,case are and the mayor the mayor said,that theres still room to talk about,the threshold the police director can,use to shoot down cases so were looking,for more clarity on what that threshold,will be the executive order will take,effect in 30 days after a period of,public input but the mayor said today,hed like to see the City Council passed,an ordinance giving it the force of law,in Newark Im David Cruz NJTV news

City Talk: William Kuntz, New York City Civilian Review Board

hello im doug muzio this is city talk,in 2008 new yorkers filed 7,421 complaints against new york city,police officers for the use of excessive,force abuse of authority discourtesy or,offensive language,all of these complaints,will go to or have gone to the civilian,complaint review board,to talk about the civilian complaint,review board and the nypd is william,coons dr koontz is a partner at baker in,hostetler where he specializes in,commercial litigation bill has been an,associate professor at brooklyn law,school and is a member of the executive,committee of the association of the bar,of the city of new york and a member of,the advisory committee on civil practice,in the state of new york he has also,served on the board of legal services,and he was appointed to the ccrb as one,of the public members when it was still,part of the nypd in,1987. he is one of new york citys civic,treasures,welcome bill its been a long time doug,thank you so much its an honor to be,here with you,the new york times in a major front page,page piece titled police polish image,but concerns persist as the longest,serving member of the civilian complaint,review board youve seen it all and,youve dealt with many of these concerns,before we talk about the substance,of what youve seen what is the ccrb,give us some of its history and its,evolution and its mission,thank you the civilian complaint review,board,is an agency that consists of mayoral,police and city council designees the,first ccrb was created in 1953,when the police department decided that,it needed to have input from members of,the public about how police officers,were in fact operating in the field from,1953 into the mid-1960s,it was internal to the police department,there was something called the lindsay,board which you may recall in the 1960s,and at that point,by executive order mayor lindsay added,people from outside of the police,department to make recommendations to,the police commissioner that was,overturned by a referendum after a,bitter campaign led by the the head of,the police,policemans benevolence association and,then it returned to being completely,internal to the police department for a,number of years in the mid 1980s after a,number of high-profile cases bumpers,stewart stun gun cases in queens a,number of legislators went to,mayor koch and then police commissioner,ward and urged them to add public,members to the board i was one of those,public members who was added in october,of 1987.,at that time the board consisted of 12,members,six appointed by the police commissioner,six appointed by the mayor with the,advice and consent of the city council,we made recommendations to the police,commissioner at that time as you may,recall in 1993 there was a change in the,law,and the entire ccrb was taken outside of,the police department,and the structure was changed as follows,you have five mayoral designees,five city council designees and three,police department alums who have to have,whats referred to colloquially as guns,and badges experience in short they were,in the field cops they were in the field,uh and weve had people such as ben ward,former police commissioner richard,condon former first step,tony simonetti former first step david,scott high-ranking superb police,officials on the board we also have just,to make it clear on every one of our,panels well talk about the structure in,a bit im sure we have a mayoral person,a council person and a police department,person on every complaint that comes in,there is never a complaint that is not,looked at by all three sets of eyes as,we make our recommendations to the,police commissioner i mentioned the 7,421 complaints in 2008 for those four,categories which you guys call fatal,force abusive language discourtesy and,offensive language how do you how do i,ive got an interaction with a cop i,believe that ive been mistreated what,do i do how do i how do i make a,complaint the simplest easiest way is to,pick up your cell phone dial 3-1-1 they,will immediately transfer you into ccrb,the complaint will be lodged and receive,a number and the complaint is then on,file and you have to investigate this,complaint all complaints are investing,all complaints that come to us are,investigated now for example if we get a,complaint and we find out that the,person was not a member of the nypd,obviously that complaint will be,disposed of,but every complaint against the member,of the nypd that comes to us we,investigate,how does it work so i make the complaint,what happens then let us say that you,have the following complaint a citizen,calls up and says a police officer used,force against me he shoved me he called,me an offensive name and he took my,wallet lets say thats what happened,according to the complainant,the taking of the wallet is a corruption,allegation the ccrb does not have,jurisdiction over corruption never has,that goes to internal affairs however,the force and the offensive language we,will investigate we will take from the,complainant the details in person and,over the phone as to what they say,transpired,we will then,talk with the police officer we have,subpoena power police officers come down,thats been litigated they are required,to come down and they do come down and,we will say to the officer did you have,an interaction with the citizen the,officer will say yes or no the officer,by the way has council present,pba reps president and the question will,be asked to the officer what happened it,might go as follows the officer says,bill coons was driving his car he went,through a stop sign,i pulled him over i said you went,through a stop sign he said im sorry,officer he said so am i heres your,ticket drive more carefully have a nice,day thats it did you take his wallet no,did you use offensive language no did,you shop him no,you then interview the officers partner,what happened your offices partner,gives you the same story youve heard,from bill coons you turn to bill,clintons wife and you say all right,what happened,my husband went through a red light i,told him to drive more carefully okay,that is a case where youre not going to,substantiate it against the police,officer now ill give you the same basic,allegation,question of the police officer uh i,dont remember whether i stopped bill,coons well heres the ticket where you,gave him a ticket yeah i guess i did did,you say anything uh offensive no i dont,really recall saying anything offensive,um,you ask his partner,well i was here the whole time and i,really dont have a clear recollection,of what happened,okay then you say to his wife okay who,is a school mom a wonderful woman a,mother teresa what happened you say you,know my husband has driven for 30 years,hes casper milk toast he always stops,the lights he always stops at stop signs,and this police officer clearly was,having a bad day called him over was,very very offensive to him i dont know,maybe he had a fight with his wife but,it was just terrible and my three kids,in the back were upset saying mommy,daddy police officer is supposed to help,us how did this happen,okay and then it just so happens that,there was a camera at the intersection,that part of the ring of steel that,caught the whole encounter and we say,well officer you know its very,interesting uh wed like to show you,what the camera at that stop sign showed,and you did seem to have a very bad day,and he says um well perhaps uh i had a,bad memory of that now thats the case,that we might substantiate okay now what,does it mean to substantiate that we,found that the allegations,were,in fact proven,and we refer the case to the police,commissioner and say here is a case,where the complainant made the following,allegations,we believe that what happened did in,fact happen okay,that it was not proper and we recommend,a level of discipline,charges and specifications being the,most serious thats up to it including,firing command discipline being,basically five to 15 days of lost pay,and instructions where the o

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