1. Clever Forums Reviews (Jan 2022) – Is This A Fake Website? Check It! | Scam Inspecter
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Clever Forums Reviews (Jan 2022) – Is This A Fake Website? Check It! | Scam Inspecter

hey there everyone hope youre all doing,well so guys do you want to know about,clever forums reviews so here we are,going to update you with this unbiased,review in this video so please stay,connected with us,and guys if you wish to buy any product,from this site then please to watch this,video and if youve already experienced,any fraud over this website or if you,have not received the product or got a,damaged product then please do watch,this video till the end to find out how,to get your money back,so guys people from the united states,united kingdom and canada are very,curious to know about this site so next,were going to discuss about the,websites type and the products they,offer so lets check it out so guys,after checking we have found out that,this website is an online shopping store,which deals with clothing products they,offer fashionable clothing items for,womens,and they offer vintage collections linen,products cordray products,dresses and many others so you can check,this out,next guys if you want to know about the,p1 method scroll it down till the end,and here theyve given it so you can pay,through visa mastercard tennis club,discover american express and so on,now if you want to know about the,shipping policy go to the shipping,policy page section and then check it,so here theyve given the shipping,timing and there are three different,shipping method there is free standard,shipping then there is standard shipping,and there is express shipping so under,standard shipping the timing takes 7 to,14 business days and on the extra,shipping it takes 5 to 8 business days,so you can check this out,now guys before going further it is,requested from you all to,like share and subscribe to our channel,and also please do share your viewpoints,in the comment section,so now well talk about the legitimacy,factors for the help of which you can,judge whether this website is a legit or,a scam site so this website is protected,through https protocol and ssl,integration to keep the details and,transactions safe which is a good sign,of this website and guys about the,domain information we have checked and,this website was registered on 15th of,september 2021 and it expired on 14th of,september 2022 which means this website,is less than six months old and hence it,cant be trusted,now guys if you want to know about their,about us details go to the about the,speed section,but guys when it comes to the about its,details this website has not mentioned,about their business establishment here,or about their founder identity so this,is a negative sign of this website now,if you want to know about the contact,details go to the contact page section,and as you can see here they have given,their physical address the contact,number and their email address as well,so guys the email address name does,match the domain name so this is a,positive sign but the physical address,seems very suspicious we have checked,but it does not seem like their own,address so it is not each and we know,same as the contact number this contact,number is totally fake we have checked,so be aware of this,now guys if you want to know about their,social media presence we have checked,but this website does not have any,social media presence so this is also a,drawback,next were going to check the written,under fun policy so go to the different,policy page section,so first of all about the written policy,they have mentioned that if you want to,return the product you have to written,it within 30 days,and about the refund,so go to the top,and here they mentioned that they will,issue a refund to original payment,method within a week,so do comment about your experience in,written rf fund of the product for,written or a funny issues check our,description area there you will find the,link to which you can solve your,vanishes,so now talking about the clever forums,reviews there are no customer review of,this website,and the true score of the site is only,two percent and the trust ranking is,forty eight point five percent and the,content quality is totally plagiarized,so in the conclusion of the clever,forums reviews this website appears to,be a scam website this website is very,young it does not have any reviews or,any social media presence also it has,got a short life expectancy and they,have not given their genuine physical,address or the conduct number and the,trust score is very low so it seems like,a scam website,but we also recommend you to make a,right decision after exploring well,so guys if this review was helpful for,you then please to comment your thoughts,about this video we are always active in,answering your comments so thats all,for todays video and do not forget to,like share and subscribe and guys have a,nice day

4 simple ways to have a great idea | Richard St. John

hello tedsters this is actually my third,TED three-minute talk and its great to,be able to share my research but you,know being known as the three-minute guy,is not always a good thing,now Ted is all about ideas Worths worth,Ill try that over now Ted is all about,ideas worth spreading but many people,think I could never have an idea worth,spreading Im not creative or artsy or a,genius well the good news is anyone can,have super ideas and the interesting,thing is that many great ideas come when,people do surprisingly simple things so,lets look at four simple ways to have,super ideas one is have a problem,because ideas or solutions to everyday,problems Richard Branson told me at a,problem he was stranded in the airport,after his flight to Puerto Rico was,canceled and to solve the problem he got,on the phone called around chartered a,plane sold tickets to the other stranded,passengers and actually ended up making,a profit the light went on I could start,an airline and the idea for Virgin,Atlantic was born,Sam Smith had a problem he was really,heartbroken after his lover left them,and then he thought well to get over it,Ill write about it the light went on,and the idea for a song called stay with,me was born it went on to win four,Grammy Awards and song of the year so,Sam went from very heartbroken – very,happy,and the idea solved his problem number,two listen because ears are Wi-Fi for,ideas dr. Jean Carruthers was injecting,a patients eyelids with Botox to stop,them from to stop muscle spasms and the,patient asked why didnt you inject my,forehead Jean said you dont have spasms,there,the patient said I know but every time,you inject my forehead I get this,beautiful untroubled expression gene,listen the light went on and she had the,idea to use Botox to reduce Brown lines,and wrinkles and from that one comment a,whole new Botox treatment came around,thats now used by millions and valuated,billions number three look around,Richard Feynman was a physicist eating,lunch in the Cornell University,cafeteria and a student stood up and,threw a plate across the room,those crazy students and Richard notices,a plate spun and through the air,the Cornell medallion on the plate,seemed to be spinning faster than the,plate well he went away got an idea,worked out the motion of the mass,particles whatever there and he said,looking in that plate was what one is,Nobel Prize ji look at a plate now all I,see his food he looks at plate and wins,the Nobel Prize so when it comes to,ideas IQ spelled a ye often wins over IQ,as Marilyn Vos savant says and she holds,a Guinness record for highest IQ to,acquire knowledge one must study but to,acquire wisdom one must observe or as,warren buffett says i always believe my,eyes rather than anything else and now,the biggest secret for super ideas could,I have a drumroll please,oh thats not bad come on one more time,I dont wait wait here I have to,introduce you okay one more time a,drumroll please whoa now thats what I,call a drumroll,the important thing is write down your,ideas because if you dont theyll fly,away never to return,Larry Page says when I was 23 I suddenly,woke up thinking what if we could,download the whole web and just keep the,links I grab the pen and started,scribbling out the details and Google,was born when a really great dream shows,up grab it so if you are dreaming of a,great idea forget being artsy or,creative or genius just be yourself,do some really simple things and you too,can have super ideas worth sharing and I,cant wait to hear about them thanks so,much

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5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

in this video im going to show you five,free ads websites that everyone who,wants to start earning from 100 to 200 a,day should know about and also i dont,want to let you struggle with this free,ads website so im going to show example,of the products and a unique angles that,i would use if i would start promoting,products on these free edge websites so,you can start making money the fastest,way possible so you can make a mistake,and this is perfect way for every,beginner because you can do this for,free and you dont need to have any,experiences any skills all that you are,putting in is your time but you are,getting out with super valuable,experiences and also even before jumping,straight into this video i would like to,notify that i have created for you in a,free master class in which im going to,teach you in the five simple steps that,everyone who wants to go from zero to,six figures need to do in order to build,long-term profitable online business so,if you would like to watch this free,masterclass you can find a link down,below in the description click there and,im looking forward to see you there as,well but now lets continue with the,video all right and lets start with the,very first free ads optional free ad,website and this first one is called my,midi ads so on this website we can post,in a new ad and all of this is 100 for,free so if you just check it out real,quick you can see that we can be posting,and marketing at job ads but as well you,can be sharing there even as a company,so if you just grow this this is in the,professional social network for media,buyers and sellers so what do you want,to be you want to be in a seller and you,want to find these buyers there so if,you just scroll down uh you can see many,companies is using this and what you can,be doing there is a post your free ad,search for offers and many many cool,stuff so you just scroll all the way up,now what i want to show you are these,marketing ads and the job ad so under,the marketing ads you can see all of,these different categories that you can,find so this is basically all the,categories that for example you can find,on a clickbank if you want to be,promoting some offer in some niche and,as well you can find in the sources and,in a basis so cost per action cost per,click etc etc all of these options but,what is the most important on the my,media ads or this job ads because what,can you do you can be basically,providing these people some job,opportunity and this is what most people,are looking for on this website on in my,midi ads they are not looking just uh to,buy some stuff some affiliate program,but they are looking for something on,how to make money for some job,opportunity and this is something that,we want to be doing as well and if you,go into this job ads you can see that,these ads are truly getting some views,so 61 views 14 17 if you just scroll,down we can see for example even 209 uh,235 359 and if you are just saying,yourself that this is not enough this,just one view one of you three views you,can see that this is not actually an ad,this is just on spam so if you create in,a genuine ad on this website it can,definitely get in a click and many,people will be able to see this so now,lets check how you can actually create,a new ad so for this you just go to the,post new ad but even before that we need,to find a program or a product that we,are going to promote as i was telling,you before most people are looking on,this website for a job opportunity so,what we are going to do we are going to,find a job opportunity over there so we,will just go to the e-business and,e-marketing and one of the best job,opportunities offers on clickbank at the,moment are these get paid to use,facebook twitter and youtube or live,chat jobs or write app reviews or paid,online writing jobs so those are all of,these four are top converting in,e-business and e-marketing niche and as,well all of these are job opportunities,so these are helping people to make,money online from their home so what i,would do i would just pick one of these,first so lets just live chat jobs i,will click on a promote and i would just,enter my nickname account i would choose,this default and i would just create my,hop link will be actually my unique,affiliate that i can start promoting on,this website and then when we will go,back to the my midi ads you can choose,if you want to post marketing ad or a,job ad so what i recommend you is to go,with a job ad and then you would just go,to offer in a job in a position you can,just choose one of these and geo target,you can put there for example united,states because you want to be united,kingdom and australia because all these,tier one countries because those are,most buyers in africa marketing programs,and in the subject you want to create,something for example like a hiring 25,to 30 dollars per hour social media,manager chat chat bot or job,up to 175 a day facebook virtual,assistant so something that would take,peoples attention and as well into this,message you want to write theres some,description about this product what this,is all about you can find all the info,if you open the afterlink and everything,will be stated there then below this,just you just posted your after link and,then this ad will go out and it can get,100 200 300 400 views but whats the,best about is that you can be creating,these ads over and over again you can,switch the product you can switch,description you can switch uh the,headline and you can be creating these,ads over and over again and this is one,of the options that even my students,were able to make money out of this so i,highly highly recommend this one then,the second free ad website that you can,start using is called,worldprofit.com so as you can see right,there this isnt a world profit and this,is in a free membership for athlete,marketers uh whats really important to,say about this website that this is not,only free ads option but as well they,have some affiliate marketing trainings,but i have to admit that i dont really,recommend them because i dont know,about anyone who was able to make some,profit out of this training so what i,recommend is website for is only the,free ads or posting and a free ad so,what do you need to do you just need to,click on join our free membership and,basically create your membership so add,your name add your email and then when,you sign in you will end up uh not here,you will end up in this place but there,will be tons of ad as you can see,jumping on it so you want to go over it,whats cool about is that you can gather,this guy talking to you because he is,kind of a some chatbot or a live,business center something like this you,can just talk with these guys if you,want if you i dont know feel alone or,something like this but whats important,for us is that right there on the left,side you can click on the free,classified ads and place ads for free,and then you can post on a free ad but,even before this this is something what,they have changed recently is that you,need to view at least 10 classified ads,to enter in a new one so what do you,need to do you just need to go back,start checking out these uh ads that are,there here and then you will get these,credits to create your own ad now whats,really important to say as well that,these ads are seen only by a members on,a world profit so you are not getting,any new members all around the internet,you are promoting products only to the,members of the world profit whats cool,about is that those are basically buyers,and people interested in affront,marketing so if you have the right offer,for make money online and biz up and all,of this stuff you are able to even,monetize these people already on the,world profit so what i recommend as a,product is just go to the clickbank and,i would still keep with the e-business,and e-marketing and what i would take,for example are offers like this one,click weld system because those are not,just some online jobs opportun

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hey lovelies welcome back to my channel,today is all about high heels and how to,make these beautiful shoes,more comfortable to wear if possible of,course we all know that heels are,painful the beauty is pain thing but it,shouldnt have to be,now i will say chunky heels and shorter,heels,are ideal for comfort but if you really,want to rock a pair of stilettos and you,just want to have an extra couple hours,in them,these tips will help you guys out a lot,now this is,sponsored video by fsj shoes im going,to put links down below for you guys to,check them out and their heels are,gorgeous and really well priced i will,say these are like this much too big for,my foot,and i got a size european 38 which,usually fits me just right because im a,us,seven and a half but so it runs like,this much too big,and i also show you guys a little,correction for that if you have a pair,of shoes that are slightly too big,i have a quick fix for you guys for that,too and lets get right into it,so a quick fix for when your heels are,just a slight bit too big and theyre,slipping out,is to get a thick piece of very squishy,foam,or even fabric that will go at the,bottom of your shoe,to just fill in that extra space,whenever you put your foot back in the,shoe again,the thumb or extra fabric will create a,little bit of extra padding so your heel,will press,up against the back of the shoe again,and voila you can walk the streets again,in full confidence that your shoe wont,be popping off,alright guys so the next one is a,slightly weird hack,but it is scientifically proven that,there is a nerve between your,third and fourth toe that is related to,a lot of the pain when wearing heels and,when taped together it alleviates,a lot of the pain and guys i noticed,from personal experience it really works,[Music],so we all know poento heels can be the,most painful to wear and also the most,difficult to break in,so here is a quick tip to hopefully make,this process faster,you just take a pair of any regular,ankle socks,and you roll them halfway down around,your toes so theyre extra thick,and then you walk around all day or,sitting at your computer,in those heels with the socks on,so guys this next one helps a lot with,super high heels,like three and a half to five inches and,because those heels are so high,all the pressure slides right down to,your toes and to help avoid that,place some kind of a sticky or tacky,material,in the sole of your shoe by tracing out,your foot,and then placing it there you dont have,to glue it down or anything,but what this does is allows your heel,to get,gription on the back of the inside of,your shoe,that way it doesnt slide down and put,all the pressure and smash your foot in,the front,so guys this one feels absolutely,amazing the first time you try it,because you realize why werent i doing,this all along,its putting lotion or something,slippery on your toes so whenever you,put it in your heels,they are free to move around instead of,getting stuck on each other,and on the shoe and cause unnecessary,pain and friction,make sure you dont put it on the back,of your heel though just to avoid your,heel from sleeping on the shoe,if you find that your high heels tend to,slip on hard surfaces it can,not only be terrifying but also super,embarrassing if you do slip,to fix this just grab a piece of,sandpaper and sand away until the bottom,of the sole is rough enough to walk on,hard floor with ease,so to help reduce the sweating in your,heels flats or any kind of shoe,just spray on dry shampoo before you put,on your shoes and youre good to go for,the rest of the day,so we all have those super adorable,shoes that youre super excited to wear,but 10 minutes in you start experiencing,super painful spots in the shoe,a quick and easy fix to this problem is,just by putting a,simple band-aid over the spot that is,rubbing to alleviate the pain,and if you forgot to bring band-aids,with you before you left the house its,no problem because,your workplace or wherever should,probably have band-aids somewhere nearby,so i hope you guys enjoyed this video,and that it was really helpful for you,guys,and that will hopefully make your shoe,journeys in the future much more,comfortable,also make sure to check out the links,for fsj shoes down below id love if you,gave them a visit,also make sure to give me a thumbs up,subscribe and ill see you guys next,time

Shopify Store Review: Feedback for a Clothing Store

hows it going people jeff here from,ecom geeks today were going to be,reviewing the store,la fontaine so lets get into it here,so theres actually a couple rookie,mistakes that are going on here so,lets uh lets get down to business,first and foremost uh,so you dont have a favicon you really,do need that so that people know,which tabs are associated with you uh,also at the bottom you still have the,powered by shopify thats super easy to,remove and we have a video for both,those guys,um so lets get down into the other,kind of rookie mistakes first and,foremost your hero banner so,uh sometimes it doesnt translate well,to youtube but this this image here is,very pixelated and that comes off as,very unprofessional and,it lowers peoples trust in your brand,so you need to make this a a really nice,image that that says a lot about you so,whether thats like a,you know group of women wearing your,your clothing or,you know simply you know summer design,or or something like that,it needs to be a better image the uh the,other,thing that you need to do is you have to,make sure that your,your header on your your hero banner um,just uh improves upon pulling people in,im just going to show you the uh the,demo theme for,debut just for this so this is the the,demo,theme for debut the free shopify one of,the free shopify themes,and you can see you know she can be,reimagined for the modern life so,in that one sentence it tells me exactly,what this store is about and what kind,of person,its intended for which is great its to,the point its got one,person there and its you know it it,looks very stylish and whatnot,so you need to make sure that your your,title here uh,very simply and straightforward tells,people who you are,and what youre about as we scroll down,we start to see,some issues going on here the biggest of,which is,your your different images here,oh man theres a couple things so the,the dimensions are different between,them and because of that you know,things arent lined up uh nicely the,other thing is that youve got a lot of,differences in backgrounds going on,so you know theres the the darker ones,here and then you know you have ones,that are,you know a little bit more lighter which,look a little bit more professional,there,its just that these need to all be,consistent just going to uh,another one of the uh the shopify demo,stores this ones from brooklyn,um you can see here if i scroll down i,mean all these images they take up the,same amount of space,uh and it just it looks so much nicer,and theres also some consistency in the,background like its all light,backgrounds theres a couple here that,are,you know you can see a little bit more,darkness there but,it really has a nice transparent,background going to it and thats,how you want to organize your store so,continuing on with your home page here,you know you have here banner featured,collections,and then a little thing about the,environment and thats it um,normally people add way too much to,their home page uh you guys are the,opposite you need to add a little bit,more,um so you have your hero banner usually,after that you have you know your top,you know top sellers or something like,that and then usually you have,something about yourself so throughout,this entire website and i did go through,it pretty thoroughly,theres nothing that tells me who you,are as a brand as a company,what you stand for anything like that,and it would be really great to have,that because i,as a customer want to understand what,im purchasing,i mean branding is everything so you,need to turn this into a brand and you,need to let people know,what you stand for who youre selling to,and and that,sort of thing that builds up trust and,rapport with the customer,so going back to uh the demo store uh,this ones for debut again,uh you know what you can see okay so,this is our hero banner,now this is what you know youre about,um,it it it has an example that ties in but,it also talks a lot about,who they are as a brand and what they,stand for um,and then theres a little bit more about,you know what they care about you know,they care about luxury materials,thoughtful design and well crafted,theyve got their featured collection,there which is just a single row,as opposed to continuing down and then,you have some other things like social,proof uh having social proof,or you know people responding about how,awesome your store is,incredibly useful and uh yeah i mean,like,you dont need to add any of this other,stuff but it really helps tie,things together uh which can help a lot,next if we go into your your navigation,here,theres a couple things that are going,on i mean its good that you have home,and that you have shop by collection the,thing is its difficult,if i were a customer to try and find,lets say that im looking for,uh you know a jumper or,um a skirt or something like that i,cant simply select that from here,because these are all kind of,specific collections you know youve got,your pink uh martini collection which,has a whole,bunch of different things there and i,think that you know its great that you,have that as a type of style,um but i would say add another menu in,here so maybe like,shop by you know leave this as shop by,collection and then,maybe shop by you know type,there has to be a better word for that,but you know for example you could have,bags you could have tops you could have,skirts you know and then you can filter,it,that other way so you can have uh the,same product in multiple collections,thats thats not an issue,at all and then that will allow people,to,be able to go directly to where they,want to go you need to make it very,simple,for the customer to be able to find what,they are looking for if im looking for,a bag,i want to be able to go find a bag super,quick i dont want to have to go to,okay well which collection um you know,are there,bags and you know i i dont know you,know this one is mainly focused on on,jewelry so,i as a customer need to be directed,exactly,where i want to go and then perhaps when,im there,you know i might say oh this is kind of,nice get that and be like oh well,theres other things as well and thats,how you can pull,customers in to purchasing other things,but you really need to make it simple,the next thing id say about your,navigation is that,you need to have you know about us in,there um also i dont think you need,your return policy,there in the header um what i would do,is id put that in the footer,but uh you do need something like you,know about us,and you know the rest is the rest is,probably fine,but but you need more information there,um and talking about the the footer,there is nothing there and we need to,have things there so,this is the the spot here where you want,to put things like,uh return policy terms of service or,you know all your different policy pages,um contact,us you you need those filled in and you,need to have those pages,most of the policy pages can be auto,generated by shopify we do a video on,that or you can look it up yourself,but you do you do need to have those,pages in there,so lets go into your product pages now,so heres a good example of where you,need to update your product description,uh theres a whole bunch of random,information here its not,pertinent and it just is distracting um,so this information either needs to be,in another paragraph or perhaps another,tab i often suggest the app,tabs by station because its completely,free and it allows you to break your,your product description into multiple,different tabs that people can click on,so if they want to know more information,about the different sizing and cuffs and,whatnot,they can you know click the other link,whereas about the first one should be,about the product,next were going to be talking about,your product images i mentioned a little,bit earlier on,but you need to have consistency with,your product,images typically with with fashion you,do,want a white background,none of your photos are really all that,profe

17 Amazon Products We CANNOT Live Without!

(dramatic music) – These are the Amazon,products we cannot live without.,- Its a good item, I use them all the time.,- Im just telling you right now, get it.,- Youre saving the planet.,(electronic beeping) If getting a package,in two days does not make your full body tingle,,I cant relate to you.,- You are looking at a proud Prime member since 2013.,(audience gasping) Im a little embarrassed,by the amount of Amazon packages that come to my house.,I buy everything on Amazon.,- If you guys have been following us for a while,,you know at this channel,,we love to support Jeff Bezos and his small business,and we order a lot of stuff from Amazon,because its just so quick, convenient, affordable.,- Yeah, look, Amazon has so many things going for it.,It had to have one flaw, okay?,- Whats the flaw?,- Bezos, obviously. – (laughing) I love Bezos.,♪ Jeffrey Bezos ♪,(electronic beeping) – We wanted to show you guys,what we like to buy from Amazon with our own money.,These are things we use every day.,We already have them in our houses.,And what better way, its just more authentic,to show you guys what we already use and love.,- [Both] Mhm.,Mhm.,(electronic beeping) – First up is our,home section.,I know for a fact that Madeleine and I are very similar,when it comes to our homes.,We like a good decor moment.,- Yep. – We like a good,picture moment.,And honestly, I think for Amazon,,the one thing it has going for it with the home stuff,is a lot of the times you are gonna find things,a little bit cheaper.,So I got a set of these two planters.,The brand is Veredek.,It comes in a set of two and its $57.,- Thats a great price, this is huge, you guys.,- I know. – Can I hold it?,- Yeah. – Is it heavy?,- No. – Oh, its nice and light.,- Yeah but its good for like outdoors,,like porches and stuff like that.,It is plastic, but its like high quality,,therefore you know for sure that youre not going to end up,throwing this out after like a few weeks.,Its not gonna break, that type of thing.,- When you guys are ready to level up, check these out.,- Yes. (electronic beeping),- Okay so my little teeny tiny candle.,Maybe you guys have heard of this brand before.,Its Diptyque, its from Paris.,I did just go to Paris, so everything I do now,has to be Paris related.,This is a really, really special candle.,Its $47 for this tiny, tiny one,and they sell bigger ones for about $80.,- Theyre so expensive.,- Theyre so expensive, but its a great gift,,I think, if you wanna give, maybe its like a home,,a warm, what do you call those?,- A house warming. – Home, house warming,,home warming gift. (electronic beeping),Okay, I dont blame Bezos, I blame the heat wave of LA.,- I do blame Bezos.,- (laughing) It melted a little bit,,but dont let that fool you.,You could just clean it up a little bit.,- A little bit, its all-,- Its just exploded.,- Listen, thats the thing, right?,I have a wonderful mailman whos very, very gentle,with my stuff, but this is not the first time,Ive seen a candle come from Amazon like this.,- I guess in that case, like, you know,,it is what it is, but the qualitys still amazing.,You could literally just wipe this up and clean it.,- Yeah, it smells so good.,- It smells so good.,The baies scent, its amazing.,Weve gone into Diptyque before on camera on this channel,and I mean, Im just a fan of their brand,and I love that about Amazon.,They do have just every brand, like even high end brands,,you can buy pretty much any,,you know about it. – Everything from A to Z, heh.,- Is that what it means?,- Are you serious?,- Amazon? – You know the smiley face?,It goes from A to Z.,- Yeah, Im like, as if thats intuitive. (laughing),(electronic beeping) Onto our kitchen round,,which I think we can both agree another favorite round,because its just encapsulated by the home situation.,I discovered this Tupperware on Amazon.,Its a ten piece set for $40,and each little Tupperware has different color rims so-,- I like it. – I mean, these are,just great quality, its a good item.,I use them all the time.,You need that many things of Tupperware-,- Yeah, totally. – When youre cooking,when you live by yourself, I just always have leftovers.,40 bucks for 10 pieces, I think thats pretty good.,- Thats really, really good.,So mine is actually a salad bowl set.,I, again, have a variety of these types of Tupperwares,with the bamboo lids.,It is supposed to be a salad bowl.,Im gonna be real honest with you,,I dont really use it as a salad bowl.,Like, I dont even think,I even own these anymore. (laughing),But I use it as Tupperware because I like how,simple it is. – Oh!,This is the perfect bowl size. – I know.,- I love eating everything out of a bowl.,- I know, me too.,- I feel like were on the Home Shopping Network right now.,(Madeleine laughing) – Like QVC?,= Wow, and the deal you are getting here today,is just unbelievable.,- Use our code right now.,- You have to call in right now if you want this deal.,Today only. – Clevver40.,(electronic beeping) – Moving on to beauty.,Another thing Amazons really good for,,especially since they have a lot of brands in beauty.,So I got this Grande brow to show you guys.,I really love eyebrow, eyelash,,everything enhancing serums. – Totes.,- So its super simple to use actually,,like it comes with this little brush,,just a normal, almost looks like a lip gloss brush in a way.,But you basically just sweep it.,I go up and down like this way cause I have one spot,in my eyebrow that has always been kind of bare.,I usually focus on that spot, but then Ill just go,underneath my brow, kind of like where the hair would start.,And then sometimes Ill put it on my edges.,(both laughing),Like, at night- – On your bald spots.,- Yeah, at night Ill be like…,- Thank you for your honesty.,(electronic beeping) – While youre trying to,grow your hair, Im trying to shave it off.,Im obsessed with Tinkle Razors, these,,its such a cute little name.,- [Both] Tinkle.,- [Sinead] Yeah, thats cute.,- It comes in a pack of four.,Ive seen them come in a pack of like 16.,Like, you can literally find so many different options.,I think for four it was $8 for all of these.,And I get many uses out of one razor.,I just clean it with alcohol and I shave my face.,Its so much fun, I guess youd call it dermaplaning,unless theres like a real specific,dermaplane sitch. – No, I think it is,dermaplaning.,- Its a single blade razor.,These ones are pretty safe.,Ive used ones before that have actually scarred my face.,- Ive had great experiences with dermaplaning razors,and Ive also had horrible experiences.,- Youve gotta be careful, dont be cocky like me,and these ones, like Im saying, are pretty user friendly.,But dang girl, when your mustache has been growing,,you just- – I know, dont look,at mine cause its coming in hot.,- Dont look at me, Im hideous.,(electronic beeping) – If you guys are starting,to catch onto this trend as well,,I feel like its being talked about,in all the lady forums or something.,Tend Skin, I heard about.,Its really just great for like razor bumps.,- What you mean trend?,This has been around,for forever. – Its been around,for forever, but I feel like people,are starting to speak about it more,because people are like,,”What are you guys doing,for razor burn?” – Oh I see, I see, yeah.,- And its like, “You guys need to get Tend Skin.”,I dont ever see like ads for this stuff,,do you know what I mean?,- Its one of those products,,like look at the logo.,- Its so old. – It has been around,for forever, the first time you try it,,youre supposed to do it like right after your shave.,You literally feel like-,- Its burning. – Someone has stabbed you,in your vagina.,- No, its not that bad.,- It is so bad, but I noticed that recently,,I bought a new one off of Amazon,just like a couple weeks ago,and I realized it doesnt burn as much,and so I almost wondered- – Oh.,- If they changed the formula.,- Maybe they changed the formula since like the 80s.,I mean, this is, its definitely an old school logo,,and

First HERMES Bag Reveal!

hi guys welcome back to my channel i,hope youre doing well,today we have a pretty exciting unboxing,um because its actually i guess,technically,considered my very first apnes bag,unboxing so um if you guys follow my,channel you know i have a lot of chanels,louboutins and i go like,sort of have luxury brands from all the,other different fashion houses,but i do not have any purse or handbags,from,fms um simply because i mean,for the longest time i didnt do a whole,lot of research,on hermes and then kind of not exactly,sure where to start,um you know other than the three most,famous obviously the signature bags the,burkin kelly and constance,i wasnt really sure what else to be,really what else,uh what other models to really consider,um,whether they retains their value well,and all that and,lately theres been a lot of videos on,like natural progression of luxury goods,you know some people once you get louis,vuitton they go into chanel and then,eventually everyone will,um get into hermes at some point uh in,their luxury kind of collection phase,not necessarily true because i know,there are a lot of youtuber and,bloggers and whatnot they um,just dont want to get into the whole,earnest game um,and you know it does it it is a bit,stressful,the whole system is very different,um but you know you cant help but be,curious,about what it is like is it really the,quality of the bag is it really as good,as people say it is and,um anyways so i went in i i started to,look around a little bit and,um it you know the long history is,fascinating,um the model like the different design,that they have its quite,constant and timeless um you know,especially but ultimately obviously i,think,most people or everyone is really,looking for those three main bags all,the other ones,they are also a lot of them are so,fairly hard to get but,definitely not as hard compared to uh,your burke and kelly and constance,mostly other handbags you occasionally,would be able to purchase them online,but,um theyre still pretty rare or you can,also purchase them secondhand depending,on where youre located to,i think that plays a big factor on how,easy it is for you to get,to those specs anyway sorry thats a,much longer intro than i,intended lets just show you guys what,the bag,is first and then ill tell you guys,what happened,and why did i buy it and all that so,here is the bag so its a hermes herbeck,and again if youre like me unfamiliar,with,the fashion house you might not know,what this bag is at all,uh you might never heard of it this,might look similar to something you,you recognize from hermes but not sure,so the herbeck is,actually like a sister bag to the famous,kelly because a lot of component to the,bag is actually quite similar to a kelly,bag,however this is definitely the more,casual,cheaper version of a cali bag you have,your hub handle,it comes with a strap and,it has this kind of their signature very,annoying,closure type things where you have to,like you put in the two pieces of,leather strap,within to within this mechanism and then,you have the,flap which all their bags seem to make,it really more,kind of cumbersome to close the side,design is also somewhat similar,and the inside is actually just one big,canvas component,so most of the herbex i think theyre,made with canvas,mixed with the top part being a leather,piece,and then the bottoms being like a very,durable canvas bag,in comparison it would still be a lot,lighter than a um leather bag,im still trying to get the hang of how,to like play with the closure i do find,find it very tricky actually to use,but a lot of people seem to say like,once you get used to it its quite easy,so im hoping ill eventually get there,so far i still find it kind of annoying,to like,close regardless whether im closing it,fully or not,i still find it kind of tricky i did do,a little bit of research because i know,ill be talking to you guys about it so,uh so here we go um,lets start why i decided to purchase,this bag so this is obviously you,probably can tell its a vintage piece,uh and its a second hand piece i,purchased from a,uh girl that ive met through like,forums,and stuff like that and she um purchased,something from me,weve been chatting about random,purchase bags there were other bags that,she had like nice vintage pieces that i,was interested in,so its someone i sort of know but again,its someone ive never met,weve never even had video chats weve,just been talking,online and um she posted this big,and then shes like um really reasonable,prize,and i was like the reason the main,reason i went for this bag and as you,can tell,this is the larva its a fairly large,bag they come in,mostly for 31 versus 39 sizes theyre,actually larger sizes like to go up to,50,and other bigger sizes those are really,like just a massive,egg 31 and 39 probably most common 31 is,probably most popular because its very,comparable to like a 30,um 32 kelly im not saying that right,size so its more your average everyday,use size,bag um i went ahead and got the 39,simply because,um the i at one point if you follow my,channel at one point i purchased the,keyboard,45 then julia like people pandulia in,the size 45,and i i did ruin the canvas i saw,the the vachetta leather on that bag and,i had to,i just couldnt i didnt love it after,that point and i just,let it go um so once i sold that bag i,i was again out of uh i dont didnt,have a weekend back to use or a travel,bag,so ive been searching for another,keyboard menu and im hoping one day i,will still find one,but lately because of a kobe the,shipping um,options are fairly limited from japan to,canada so i havent had a lot of luck,um buying from like vintage biddings um,so you know i just couldnt find,anything i like,and thats why i saw this bag i was like,okay this is definitely large enough,to be used as a weekend bag or um you,know if,i needed to um go out with my kid and i,have to like,grab a lot of stuff with me this would,definitely work well,um so thats kind of the essentially,the reason behind why i decided to go,with this large,hi guys so the most annoying thing,happened just now,i recorded a huge long video on my new,hermes her bag,and i didnt realize my memory actually,ran out after seven minutes oh my god,so i went on for another like half hour,without actually recording,anything can you believe that so yeah,i have to redo the second part of the,video for you,and yeah im not super looking for it,to be honest anyways i think i was just,about talking to you guys,about you probably thought like what,happened the bank got bigger well yeah,because in my previous video i showed,how to convert from the smaller canvas,to the large one and that was all cut,off,anyways i was just about talking about,uh the reasons why i got this bag,so it is from a friend sort of and this,was at an amazing price and it is a,vintage piece but the cool thing about,vintage piece is,they actually come with a replacement um,canvas,bag so if anything happened to your to,one of them you actually have a,replacement at a larger size,it also allows you the flexibility to,use a smaller or large bag,so thats kind of what i did earlier,which didnt get recorded,um yeah and not only that it also means,that you can go ahead and purchase,another canvas bag with a different,color,with with a different pattern and add it,to your leather piece and mix a whole,different bag so i think thats,just like super cool um and it does come,apart,so so uh basically the idea is you can,remove this leather piece all together,and then swap to another one im just,like so frustrated now because ive,just recorded everything else but thats,okay um,and i showed earlier how i actually,transferred from the smaller bit to the,large bag so now,im gonna re-record to show you guys how,i make the large bag become small again,so thats kind of funny the them um she,kept it in such amazing condition they,come with a claw shed which i actually,just removed now,to show you guys what it is,okay

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