1. Clickbank Review 2022 (Clickbank Marketplace Review & Thoughts)
  2. I Tried Clickbank Affiliate Marketing For a Week (Complete Beginner)
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Clickbank Review 2022 (Clickbank Marketplace Review & Thoughts)

what better time to do a clickbank,review especially for the fact that they,just got a brand new facelift on their,marketplace im going to be talking to,you about my experience with them ever,since using them id say around 2012,maybe a little bit earlier as an,affiliate and a vendor have had a lot of,experiences both anyway lets go on into,the marketplace to talk about whats,brand new in this so this is one of my,accounts where i actually used to sell a,golf swing product as you can see golf,factor i dont use this one too much in,fact clickbank is one of those,marketplaces i feel like i used a lot,more in my earlier online marketing,stages and as i got more advanced i kind,of look for different offers this is,nothing against clickbank but they dont,have a lot of these specific offers that,im looking for in various aspects ill,talk about that later now lets look at,the upgrade that they got so top offers,saved offers and new offers,this is actually a great way to get a,lot of eyeballs on you know offers that,you might not be able to see especially,for the fact when something is kind of,newer the gravity score will be a little,bit lower as you can see like point,seven five point eight five point nine,two uh looks like these are sorted by,rank we can sort by gravity two for,being newer yeah so thats gonna be like,the higher one and going on from there,lets go back,anyway top offers this is usually what,youre going to want to be looking for,you can even sort by gravity so i like a,lot of things about click make,especially for the fact that they do,sort it that way gravity i did a,completely different video on is just,another way of saying that a lot of,different affiliates have made at least,one sale it doesnt mean its gonna be,the highest converting offer but you at,least know that since sales are being,made that its going to convert at least,decently okay what i also like about,this is that theres usually great spots,for finding you know ways to make more,money in terms of the affiliate section,ive done this in another video where i,talked about tips and tricks we can,actually reach out and see if you can,get a bump in commissions you know given,the fact you might have been already,doing sales and they want people to make,more sales for the product which makes,sense,another thing i like about it talks,about the average conversion right here,as you can see this is great this means,that the average conversion youre,making 149.49,now does this mean that youre going to,make this every single time no in fact,this could mean that theres recurring,process into this like you can see here,so for example lets say the the front,end is like 47 and theres also,recurring offer of also 47,lets say someone bought that and then,they bought two recurrings thats close,to 150 so sometimes it takes much longer,to reach that because that could be a,lifetime you know aspect of that so,thats something to keep in mind but,either way its a much more attractive,number compared to something thats like,10 or you know 12 20 sometimes 18 you,know something like that,overall youre looking for those not,specifically that one but,those arent always going to be perfect,and of course they got the affiliate,page lets check this out ive gone over,a lot of these many times what youre,usually looking for is just anything,thatll help you out this ones pretty,bare but lets go to the resource page,okay one sec,so either my id is invalid or im not,approved either way lets go to a,different one okay lets go to affiliate,page for this one,hey hop like structure,this one doesnt have a ton of stuff,lets look for eight lets go up higher,usually the higher up ones have a lot of,stuff for you,okay this is exactly what im talking,about usually a lot of the offers that,do very well its like they want their,affiliates to do well because the more,you win the more they win and i like,that so if you scroll down and look at,this obviously key facts getting your,links tracking pixels email swipes a lot,of great things that you can utilize,when it comes to promoting this product,images which is very important for blogs,especially these type they get a lot of,clicks uh more banners and ive seen,even better ones where it has like the,demographics so if youre doing facebook,ads you know who to target you know what,age to go after uh what location you,know and so on and so forth and thats,really helpful a lot of people dont,realize that they can do a lot of help,for you you know in terms of doing the,research like keyword research maybe,what videos should you create videos,around what keywords should you target,in your advertising and so on and so,forth thats something i really like,about clickbank is that a lot of the,offers not all of them are good in terms,of helping you out as an affiliate uh in,terms of the offers i think theyre,great more so a lot of beginners,gravitate towards clickbank more so,because they have a lot of video sales,letters they have sales letters you,dont really need to worry too much,about selling these are a lot of proven,video sales letters that have been,tweaked tested and you know split tested,so much to convert on cold traffic and,because of that usually just have to,send traffic that is somewhat interested,and itll be much easier to make,commission so thats something to keep,in mind i think a reason probably why,ive done gone more so to other offers,because i dont need that extra boost in,terms of having to sell something,usually when you have a product that is,just really good you kind of can just,demo and people be like yeah thats,awesome you know what i mean so,that in my opinion is probably why ive,moved away to other offers but its,nothing against clickbank obviously,every now and then if it offers really,good and i like it its on clickbank of,course im gonna promote it okay so,overall i have loved clickbank you know,more so in the beginning of my career,you know as i talked about a lot of,great offers theres so many niches to,choose from oh lets see if you look,down here all these categories and then,within these categories theres even,more categories its crazy,its probably one of the best,marketplaces in terms for looking for,offers that convert,thats really a good thing its i cant,think of any other places that have as,much variety you know there are some off,the top of my head but usually they,focus on a few niches as opposed to,being so broad,but yeah if clickbank is something you,want to sign up for you know feel free,to its free to join both as affiliate,and a vendor,and you can do a lot of good things with,it so overall i do recommend clickbank,theres not much bad i have to say about,it other payment system is great uh they,pay quickly ill put another link if i,remember in the description about a,video that shows how they pay out in,case you need some help with that and of,course creating a clickbank nickname,which i know is a very big deal,thats about it if you have any,questions feel free to leave a comment,down below and that concludes my,clickbank review thank you so much for,watching

I Tried Clickbank Affiliate Marketing For a Week (Complete Beginner)

so i tried clickbank affiliate marketing,for one week as a complete beginner and,this is exactly how much money i made,more that after the intro,all right guys so before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this weeks free workshop,where its the fastest and easiest way,to make money online sign up for it in,the link below,okay so i want to tell you a story about,my first week when i started with,clickbank before you know i actually,went started and was actually getting,paid this weekly from clickbank right,here as direct deposit,because it wasnt always sunshines and,daisies,it was actually pretty much complicated,right like i remember when i first got,into clickbank,literally years ago because i was like,building this affiliate,i was building this drop shipping,business and these e-commerce businesses,but the thing about that is it was very,very annoying to deal with all these,like complicated logistics im not,im not like a logistical analytical,type im more of like a creative type,so it was always very hard for me to,scale my e-commerce business because the,fact,that it was just too much moving parts,you know i had to hire staff that i,didnt know how to manage i had to deal,with supply chains i had to deal with,like suppliers i had to deal with like,customer service and refunds,it was just like pretty much annoying,right so i wanted to get into like,clickbank affiliate marketing because i,saw that there was people making,millions,but they didnt have to do all the,complicated stuff that i was doing,and i just thought okay well im pretty,decent at advertising and facebook ads,if i just honed it on that and had,somebody else go and do,everything else then maybe i could go,ahead and make some money but the only,problem was i didnt know how to run,facebook ads with clickbank offers yet,you know it was very confusing because i,know that people were getting banned ad,accounts left and right when they were,doing it the wrong way because theres a,right way to do it and the wrong way to,do it,so initially my first week when i first,got started in clickbank affiliate,marketing was i was just like trying to,make youtube videos now heres the thing,you know what i would actually do is i,would find like either a weight loss,product or a womens,dating product and i was only just,focusing on that you know i was like,typing in,and here like how to lose weight and all,these words that pop,up i knew that these are exactly what,people were searching for,right if this is what pops up as,recommended to uh,click this just means people on youtube,are searching for this,so i knew if people were actually,searching for this that there was,actually demand,and if i can make a video on this and,put like the link to my clickbank offer,in the section below i just knew it was,just a matter of time before people,would actually end up,buying and thats literally what i did,for the first week i found like this,womans weight loss offer,and i was like okay i put like this,really tight disgustingly tight shirt on,and i literally took like my phone put,it on a little dinky,ipod i put it on a little dinky like,tripod,right and i went to the backyard and i,remember just like,turning the camera on and just trying to,be like this womens health expert at,that point,i was like hey guys here i am i help,women,lose weight these are the tips that i,have to lose weight i remember just like,did a little bit of research and i i was,just just putting it out there to just,see if i could rank for these keywords,and it was just hard man because i was,talking about a thing that i wasnt,passionate about that i did not enjoy,doing,and this was also before i knew how to,run advertising to it so i was like you,know what,this let me just let me just see if i,can go ahead and do this,so i kid you not for the first week i,was just making a bunch of weird videos,for products that i did not know how to,sell,and that i wasnt passionate about when,i was like making these videos about,womens weight loss,about you know womens dating i remember,i found this guy hes essentially like a,womans dating,like expert and i was like okay i just,gotta be like this guy but like the,asian version of him,right and i re i remember buying some of,his products which was like really weird,because,his llc was like get the guy llc,which is weird because then my dad was,like looking at our you know credit card,statements and he was like,son did you buy this uh product from,gettheguide.com is there something that,you want to tell me and i was like no no,dad im just,you know doing a lot of funnel and,marketing research and product research,and whatnot,which was also like pretty embarrassing,right because its like your dad comes,up to you and youre like why didnt you,buy this i was like no its just for,marketing dad i swear,but i remember i was like finding all,these things and i was like okay let me,just make videos on this because this is,what hes doing hes making a bunch of,money so,i can probably make a bunch of money and,of course now things are easier because,with like the vidiq app if i just type,in like,womens dating tips it literally tell,you what everyone is actually,looking for right now right like and,then you see the competition and you,realize if its worth it to go in or not,and i see that theres actually no,low competition at all like if i just,type in,text the guy okay so here are some,better ones,youll see some of the competition are,low right here like relationship,coaching,okay some of these are still pretty like,hard,3 000 people searching every single,month how to tell if a guy likes you,over text,now you know exactly how much people are,actively searching for,when it comes to you know like certain,products right its exact same thing,with,weight loss like if i was going to talk,about the keto diet i know that theres,literally a million people looking for,this every single month but the,competition is very high,of course ill just sort things out by,very low and see if theres like,something,that i could come in without that much,of like a headache or hassle like,internal medicine,a ketone bodies mediterranean diet look,at this 140 000,very low competition so literally make,videos about that and just try getting,people to my clickbank offer,and because i wasnt passionate about,what the hell i was,talking about nor did i have the money,to invest,in uh somebody to do the videos for me,it was extremely hard in the beginning,which is why if i was gonna do it all,over again,i would pick a product that i was more,passionate about and thats the beauty,of this you could see that the money,thats coming in,you know on a weekly basis because its,products that im going ahead and,promote,like it could literally be any single,product like even if you go to this,product right here,i realized for me im more like the,entrepreneur in,biz app space where its like,recommending products and services,that people use to make money online and,if i just come in here you see that,theres other clickbank offers right,here,uh with split test optimization and,whatnot and these are all launches,and these are exactly what i more prefer,to promote with clickbank,because the thing is a lot of these,people ill end up naturally meeting,because of a bunch of like mutual,friends,what this website essentially is this,munch eye website is all about like,internet marketing launches so,if someone has a new course a new,software a new service,they literally put it up on here they do,like this huge like competition,where essentially for like a week or two,you just all,go and promote like certain products and,in that week,theres like prizes theres cash prizes,like i won third place place for one,which was like a ten thousand dollar,price,theyll also pay per lead that you go,ahead and send them and also give you a,bunch of like example email swipes that,you go ahead and do,i started enjoying these launches more,so,and this is another one that i

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I Tried Clickbank With NO MONEY For 60 Days (UPDATE)

hey everyone chad here so around a month,ago from today i taught one of my,employees taylor how to do clickbank,affiliate marketing with no money for 30,days straight now when we started this,30 day challenge she started from,complete scratch which means she had no,following no email list and no prior,experience so we ended up finishing that,challenge with her making around 367,dollars and thats all profit now at the,time of recording this video its,officially been 60 days since we started,that affiliate marketing challenge and,since i got such great feedback on the,video i thought id make an update for,you guys so with that being said lets,go ahead and see how much taylor is,making now and what kind of things shes,been doing different to scale her income,higher okay so like i said we last,updated you on day 30 where she made a,total of just over 350 in commissions,and keep in mind that is all profit now,i think thats not too bad from starting,from complete scratch with no money for,just 30 days but the thing i really like,about affiliate marketing especially if,youre building up a digital asset like,a social media following a facebook,group a youtube channel an email list is,it can slowly build your income up over,time so maybe the first month is kind of,your learning phase and then month two,you have a few commissions here and,there and then you can just slowly build,it up over time so anyways i want to,update you on her progress and how much,shes banking because i think the,results are pretty dang good so anyways,im gonna show her tick tock account as,you can see,this is at the time of recording this,video shes at almost 20 000 followers,right so what shes been doing is shes,been being way more consistent on her,tick tock videos so even during the,30-day challenge and i think this goes,for everyone is its really hard to stay,consistent especially if youre not,seeing a lot of results but once she,started seeing more results and she saw,more commissions coming in it made her,want to be more consistent right so as,you start making money,i think it actually gets easier to start,putting in the work and taking more,action because youre actually seeing,results so ever since that first month,shes been way more consistent as you,can see shes literally posting every,single day and some of the videos will,not get many views,but you know she keeps going on and the,next video will get 30 000 views it,doesnt do so good next video does,really good next video does okay next,video doesnt do too good doesnt do too,good doesnt do too good and then boom,this video does really good so really i,think its all just about being super,consistent thats one of the most,important things in affiliate marketing,so thats something she probably lacked,a little bit during the 30 day challenge,but we wont mention that to her anyways,now shes being more consistent shes,getting better at actually making the,videos so another thing when youre,starting affiliate marketing is youre,going to lack the skill set of,copywriting of writing headlines of,making videos if thats your strategy,right so as you do it more and more over,time you start to get better at the,skill set so thats going to give you an,advantage thats going to help you make,more money and then the last thing like,i said earlier in this video is she has,a digital asset she has more traction,now so its easier for her videos to go,more viral as you can see she posted,this video i think yesterday its,already at 81 000 views so since she has,all these followers its easier for her,to get more traction on her videos go,more viral get more views get more,people clicking the link in her bio and,ultimately make more money so as far as,what kind of product shes promoting on,her account right now the last video she,was only promoting a clickbank product,shes promoting the work from home jobs,product and anyways if you actually look,at the link in her bio lets actually,click on this and as you can see shes,actually promoting two products right,now so shes promoting the free quiz,learn the best work from home jobs this,is a clickbank product so it takes him,straight to a free quiz this is her,affiliate link and then the next link,says how he got started making money,online right so how she got started was,learning from my course so this goes,over to my affiliate marketing challenge,so this is another product she recently,added in,to that link in her bio now you guys,might be wondering chad why is she,sending people straight to her affiliate,link why isnt she collecting any emails,yet so it first started off as she just,want to start making commissions and not,worry about building a funnel in the,email sequence she kind of want to prove,to herself that it actually works and,kind of give her the confidence and,knowing that she keeps wanting to do,this,now she should be building an email list,by now but the reason she hasnt been is,one we just been really busy with our,other businesses and things were doing,because keep in mind she is part of my,team she is one of my employees so she,has other things shes doing,shes only working on this business this,affiliate marketing and tick tock,account shes only spending around two,to three hours per week on this at the,most the second reason is because im,actually launching a new product around,side hustles in october its going to,pay recurring commissions for life so,shes actually going to be an affiliate,for that and were kind of just waiting,until we launch that product before we,actually build out a funnel and an email,sequence a facebook group all that,different stuff for her brand,and her account so,thats the main reason were just,waiting until i launch my new product,which is coming out in october so we,figure you know instead of taking the,time to build a funnel right now lets,just wait until we launch that new,product and then were going to build a,funnel for that product that shes going,to promote on her tik tok account so,anyways now lets go and talk about what,you guys have been waiting for which is,the actual results right how much money,is she actually making is she going to,make more on the second month in the,first month lets go ahead and show you,some of the screenshots shes been,sending me so anyways this is the first,update i got from her so this is,actually on day 50 of this challenge so,like i said the last challenge ended on,day 30. this is the day 50 screenshot so,as you can see this is posted on or she,sent me this on august 11th but anyway,she just said you know look how many,sales i got today i posted two tick,socks instead of one and i opted to get,a ten percent commission bump so today,was my first day getting 85 commissions,instead of 75 the best part my tick,tocks only have 1500 views each not even,the views right so i think this is her,first 100 day which is pretty good,because you know,like the first 30 days we started this,she made like 350 an entire month so to,go from that to making 113 in a single,day she was pretty stoked on that so,that was the day 50 update and then,around two days later she sent me this,as you can see this is august 13th and,as you can see right she had her first,hundred dollar day this is the,screenshot i just showed you august 11th,133 dollars she ended up making,and then boom all sudden it started,picking up right she had 128 a day she,had 165 day right so she went from,making you know a few commissions here,and there i think shes a little bit,inconsistent on this period but anyways,it started really just picking up as,some of her videos started getting more,views she started being more consistent,and this is where it started to really,pick up traction so like i said this is,day 52 and then day 55 two days later,again she sent me this as you can see,that 120 dollars turned into 185 on,august 13th and then she had a few,commissions on 14th and 15th right so,again when it comes to sales it can be,random some some people will just,purchase al

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My Honest Review On Clickbank Affiliate Network With SuperAlvinTV

hi everyone this is super album tv,coming with you with another product,review,and today,this is not about a physical product,this is,a,affiliate network that i once used clip,bank,and i tried it out,and,i am going to give yall my honest,review on clip bank,just uh,those yard is new make sure you press,that subscribe button i appreciate yall,coming in and like i said this is my,honest review on clickbank,so i first discovered clip bank uh,through you know forums and i was in,search i was trying to find like,different affiliate programs,and clickbank,happened to be number one and,one reason why i always wanted to find a,top-notch you know affiliate,network like clickbank is because you,know,theres a lot of scams you know theres,a lot of affiliate uh programs that,dont pay you on time and uh i just,wanted to,join a network,that has a reputation,and clip bank had that you know offers,that reputation but,you know im going to give yall honest,my honest review on it,so after trying to promote several,uh affiliate uh programs within the,affiliate network clickbank,um,its just it its really hard to gain a,conversion,um,i only got one sale and thats after,i would say hundreds and hundreds of,clicks you know,and thats what it takes to clip things,you have to have hundreds and hundreds,and hundreds of clicks because the,conversion rate,is so,bad the the ctr the percentage is so low,you know our base offer like ive used,you know organic traffic ive used you,know paid traffic,both for them will clip make just that,specific you know their specific,products within that network and i and i,think this is my honest opinion on,clickbank,i feel like clickbank uh since there are,selling,you know primarily i would say over 90,percent of their products are digital,ebooks,and i think because of them being,digital ebooks the worth of the product,is actually low but with clipboard if,you notice their products,it typically be a high cost for a,digital ebook you know itd be like 30,and 40 dollars and i think a lot of,people,theyre interested in the products,because i was interested in some of the,clickbank products myself but i wasnt,willing to spend like fifty dollars or a,hundred dollars on a product that im,not necessarily you know,um its just a digital ebook and,you know that you probably could get,that information a whole lot lower or,you could get a coach you could hire a,coach or something like that,um but my experience,is the the click-through rate is so bad,you know uh youre gonna be getting all,this traffic,and,youre basically not gonna see any sales,now youre going to see a lot of people,hit on the sales page,like like before they actually put their,credit card information in,but theyre not going to actually,purchase anything that was so irritating,as well to see all these people go to,the sales page,but they didnt purchase anything,i only got one sale and it was uh i,forgot what product was so long ago,it was uh oh yeah it was a product that,helps you,uh get your wealth like your your,website promoted through the search,engine and i got one person that,purchased that service and i believe i,made like uh it was like 70 a little bit,over 70 dollars in that product but of,course you know you dont you know get,all of that money uh you get a,percentage of that money so,um but it was horrible my experience,with clickbank was hard but im not,going to tell yall you know what to do,im just giving yall my honest opinion,so you might not you may not want to go,through that you know uh this is my,honest opinion with clip bank um so,i recommend you know,do not try this at all dont try,clickbait at all ill be honest uh but,it might work out for you so you know,you may you might give it a shot but i i,i wouldnt recommend theres so many,other affiliate programs you can join,um in which you know you wont you know,because at the end of the day you want,to properly make money and then you have,to have a thousand people,to to see a product in order for you to,get one sale you know thats going to,make it number one hard on you uh as the,marketer because you have to you know,promote these products you know whether,its on your website or wherever youre,promoting it and number two,youre not going to see much profit,especially if youre paying for traffic,so,clickbank is uh,i i wouldnt recommend this this service,this disaffiliated network uh try,something else,try something else thats what im gonna,say,um if you enjoyed this review or,clickbait,you can hit the subscribe button i,appreciate every single one of yall to,take the time out your day to watch this,video

Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money on Clickbank for Free (Step By Step 2022)

so in this video im going to show you a,step by step how you can get started,with affiliate marketing through,clickbank to start making money online,today and look the truth is you dont,need to spend money to learn how to do,this you dont have to buy an online,course to learn how to use clickbank to,start making hundreds of dollars per day,ive done this myself uh and ive,learned this for free from other people,and im gonna share with you for free,today in this video you can check the,links in the description i literally,have nothing to sell to you this is all,just free information uh because i wanna,help people learn how to get started,with affiliate marketing and obviously,uh with doing something like this it can,be quite passive you can find yourself,making hundreds or thousands of dollars,per day this is not a scam theres,nothing like i said i have nothing to,sell to you this is just something that,weve done in our business to start to,scale this passively so that were able,to make hundreds of dollars per day with,affiliate revenues and its all through,free traffic sources you dont have to,necessarily start a youtube channel you,dont have to necessarily start a,website theres a number of different,traffic sources that im going to share,with you in this video but overall what,were going to do is were going to,break down this concept of clickbank,affiliate marketing were going to break,it down into a digestible action plan,that you can take for yourself by the,end of this video so you can start,making money in 2020 on clickbank okay,so lets get started with this the only,thing that i ask because we dont sell,anything we have no products promote,here the only thing that i ask is that,you subscribe to the channel and drop a,like on the video if you find any value,in it,and when it comes to affiliate marketing,i think in some cases first of all im,going to assume that you already have,maybe a little bit of an understanding,of what affiliate marketing is or what,clickbank is and how youre essentially,marketing products for other businesses,and other people right thats what you,do on clickbank its kind of this third,party where,clickbank is the the intermediary,between the company and the person whos,marketing for that company and so,clickbank is the one that you go through,for that okay so the problem with,affiliate marketing and the reason why,it gets a bad rap in a lot of cases is,because theres a lot of people who are,out there just promoting products that,arent very valuable theyre not very,good products and they end up promoting,them because they want to get some money,right they want some short-term cash in,their pocket and so what i would suggest,doing if you go on this affiliate,marketing journey you want to start,using clickbank im going to show you,exactly how to do that in just a second,and some of the traffic sources but if,youre going to go this route its,something thats totally possible but i,would highly suggest that you keep a,high level of integrity when you go,through this and i just know from from,my business and from my brothers,business that we whenever we promote,something through clickbank or through,other different affiliate networks like,cj or amazon associates we always make,sure that were promoting a product that,we truly believe in something that we,either use or our friends use or has,very good reviews and we know that we,can sleep well at night because we know,whatever were marketing out there with,whatever traffic source whether its,through youtube facebook websites or,some of the other traffic sources that,im gonna share with you in this video,whatever it is its something that i,feel very good about because i know its,a good product okay im to show you how,to find good products in here as well so,first things first we need to go through,the process of actually signing up for,an account with clickbank okay so we,need to click create an account and im,not going to walk you through every step,here when creating an account because,its pretty straightforward the good,thing about this is that even if youre,not in the united states,most countries offer clickbank unless of,course if youre in maybe north korea,you might not be able to use clickbank,but for the most part uh you will be,able to use clickbank whatever country,youre in so you see the international,button up here theres a bunch of,different languages a bunch of different,countries that support this so go ahead,and create an account you might need to,put in some banking information,otherwise theyre going to send you a,physical paper check every month,depending on what country youre in but,go through this process of signing up,for this account uh and then youre,going to get your information obviously,create a good password we already know,these things so were going to skip,through here and im going to go to my,account once youve already created this,okay and then were going to show you,how to actually find these good products,and how to navigate this entire,affiliate dashboard okay so once you,create an account youre going to go up,to this bar right here and click on,marketplace and this is where youre,going to find the products that youre,looking to promote and keep in mind with,affiliate marketing that look theres a,number of other different affiliate,networks out there clickbank is not the,only one i use a lot of other affiliate,networks for promoting different,products like cj or amazon associates or,impact those are all very good ones but,clickbank does have a number of products,what i dont like about this and im,just gonna be honest with you here uh is,that there are a lot of bad products on,clickbank you have to sort through them,uh and so generally the only things that,i really promote on clickbank anymore is,when im talking to a company about,promoting the product and then they tell,me that theyre already doing it through,clickbank i dont want to confuse you,there though,lets go over to categories here and,lets find a number of different,different products that we can actually,decide if we want to promote it or not,so theres a couple of different,industries that will generally have sort,of more payouts uh more money in them,versus say if youre in the industry of,minimalism right and youre telling,people to not buy stuff and youre,writing blog posts about that or youre,commenting somewhere with your link your,affiliate link its going to be,difficult to to you know make a lot of,money because youre telling people to,not buy anything because your topic is,minimalism if your topic is say software,and youre talking about this this uh,investing software or uh adobe premiere,pro for example this the software that i,use to edit these videos thats very,expensive software has a lot of money in,it generally so if you find software,products promote that could be a pretty,good deal theres also ones like health,and fitness theres a lot of money in,that theres a lot of money in a couple,of different areas as well that well,talk about later on throughout this,video like online education um but lets,look at uh health and fitness right here,and so so were gonna click on this tab,right here and then were gonna see all,these different products that are,available okay and were gonna go over,what this actually means here actually,youll see average sale youll see,something down here called gravity it,can look a little bit confusing at first,but its not actually terribly difficult,to understand so first of all just,looking at the average sale when were,looking at these products here that you,can promote you know obviously if you,click promote then youll get your,special link they can start putting out,there you can cloak it you can put it,into a number of different traffic,sources ill show you how to do that,but,what we can look through here is find,all these these different things okay so,lets look at organifi right here right,so this is actually a product that i,know i have a numbe

Spark by Clickbank Review | How to Make Money With Spark in 2023

were about to give a try to spark by,clickbank and im going to show you guys,how you can start making money using,this tool so lets get started im,fairly confident that if youre watching,this video youre probably familiar with,clickbank now this is one of the biggest,affiliate marketplaces on earth,connecting more than 100 000 sellers and,marketers but it is not the only website,of its kind its got a lot of,competitors such as digistory24 gvzoo,warrior plus there are countless,different other affiliate marketplaces,there are certain exclusive offers that,you can take advantage of on clickbank,which their competitors do not offer but,now heres the thing what most beginners,get wrong about affiliate marketing is,that it is not enough to just set up an,account on clickbank and grab an,affiliate link that is not enough to,make money online clickbank offers you,the possibility of promoting thousands,of different quality products and,earning up to 150 dollars per sale but,the question left for us to answer as,affiliate marketers is how are we gonna,make people click on those affiliate,links how are we going to drive traffic,to those landing pages that is something,that most beginners struggle with and,that is the key element to this whole,process in other words guys clickbank is,not a way of making money its just a,tool and it is entirely up to us whether,or not we can use it effectively and,that is precisely what spark is all,about this is a tool developed by,clickbank that will allow you to get,started with affiliate marketing and,really understand whats happening here,really understand the business model and,how you can implement it correctly as,opposed to just grabbing an affiliate,link off of clickbank and then spamming,the internet with it because thats what,most people do lets face it im sure,youve seen one of those videos that,suggests just grabbing an affiliate link,and then pasting it on some random forum,or pasting it on some random facebook,group or facebook page that is not,enough that will not cut it you might be,able to just grab your affiliate link,and then get a few dollars here,endearing commissions by spamming the,internet with it but this is not an,efficient use of your time and over a,longer period of time it will prove,really unproductive the earning,potential is a lot higher when it comes,to affiliate marketing but you need a,successful strategy and thats what,clickbank has set out to do when they,build spark helping beginners get,started so guys lets learn more about,it lets see what this is all about and,whether or not it is worth your time,heres how it works every spark course,will include access to the spark,campfire community in other words you,will not be alone on your journey and,you guys can exchange feedback with,other affiliate marketers so what are we,waiting for lets just sign up so whats,in spark what does this program actually,contain well it gives you access to,their private community just as,mentioned on top of that you can also,take advantage of a weekly group,coaching and by the way this is not a,sponsored video im just trying to,review whether or not this feature is,actually worth our time and money youre,also going to benefit from monthly,whats working now interviews there will,be a new course launched on a monthly,basis you get access to course archives,so you can keep track of the older ones,and you can even get a discounted vip,access to certain events and as of,recently they will also provide you with,access to the 100 per day formula with,diamond affiliate robbie blanchard so,lets join it and as soon as you click,on that button you should be redirecting,straight over to the checkout page the,current price of the product is about 27,dollars including that and this is,supposed to be 50 off one time offer im,not entirely sure whether or not that is,true or this is just a marketing,strategy but what is for sure is that,im gonna purchase it for 28 bucks and,ill be right back and there you go we,are now on the other side and of course,they are gonna try to upsell you as soon,as you place the order but leaving that,aside lets just move on so lets say no,thanks to the upsell and lets see what,spark is all about was it actually worth,the money well lets find out and before,you can access all of the resources,there will be one more step left for you,to complete which is just filling out,your details such as your username your,email address and your password but once,that is out of the way youve got access,to all of these resources right here so,lets just click on that and this is,where we can get started jump into this,course or scroll down to view more,courses so lets see as you might expect,there will be a few introductory videos,here just to get you accustomed with the,platform in case youve never used,clickbank before this will be a complete,tutorial for beginners were talking,about getting started setting up your,account navigating the marketplace and,things of this sort but lets face it,this will not move the needle these are,not things that will maximize your,profits chances are you probably already,know how to use clickbank so lets skip,over this so lets skip to the second,one and its got a pretty catchy title,the path to your first paycheck thats,exactly what we are after isnt it and,once we have taken our first steps we,can move over to internet marketing 101,were talking about background when it,comes to online marketing most,importantly weve got some steps to take,immediate action such as top internet,marketing channels and theyve taken the,time to create a whole pdf breaking down,each and every single one of them such,as email marketing social media theres,even some advertisement exercise here,for instance think about something that,you see advertisements for a lot more,than likely youre seeing that ad based,on your expressed and tracked interest,online in other words what all of these,advertisers are doing which is common,sense by now is common knowledge is that,they are tracking your interest in other,words if you click on a certain website,that is about vehicles they are going to,show you ads corresponding to that,particular topic that you are,specifically interested in and so heres,a quick exercise in the space below,answering this two-part question if you,were to advertise for that product which,types of marketing would you choose and,why were talking about a product that,you are seeing a lot and being write the,call to action for the product knowing,what you do about the product and b,write the call to action one that you,would actually click on moving on we can,take a look at affiliate marketing what,it is whats in it for you dos and,donts and more on spam which is a,mistake that most people make and weve,seen it countless times beginners who,are starting out with email marketing,just to see that their emails are ending,up in the junk folder which is not ideal,as you might expect moving on were,talking about clickbank and the digital,marketing landscape and heres the,process topic product selection weve,even got an exercise here that we can,try and just to make sure that you are,making progress there will also be a,check-in section at the end of each and,every single lesson once youre done you,can just complete and continue which,means they can even skip some steps but,i wouldnt recommend that i suggest that,you just go through the entire thing,moving on we are talking about the,psychology and marketing and were just,going to take it one step at a time each,and every single one of these lessons,will have different courses integrated,and so to put it very simply what,clickbank is doing here is that theyre,just giving you a complete breakdown and,they are targeted people who are just,starting out and have no idea whatsoever,about affiliate marketing theyre gonna,nurture you give you all of the,information examples resources that you,can use and so by the time you complete,this course chances are you

Exposing The TRUTH About Clickbank Affiliate Marketing..

on december 11 2018 i posted my very,first video called,clickbait journey to a thousand dollars,per day and ever since then,yall see me posting clickbank content,showing on how much money i made what,products i was selling and even doing,some clickbait challenges but lately,i havent and theres a reason for that,today i will be exposing why i dont do,clickbank affiliate marketing anymore,and what im doing now thats making me,thousands of dollars every single month,yeah i know i got to keep it real with,yall for the coach,lets get it,[Music],so the first reason why i dont do,clickbank affiliate marketing anymore,is because its oversaturated man man,man i remember the times where barely,anybody knew about clickbait the times,where all you had to do was throw up a,facebook group post,and make a couple hundred dollars a day,in free traffic but yall dont know,nothing about that but because clickbank,is free to sign up,anybody could get started with it which,is a blessing,and a curse its a blessing because,people that came from nothing like me,could get started with it but its also,a curse because theres no barrier to,entry right so that means anybody and,they mama could do it and when theres,too many people doing one thing,it becomes hard to see profit with it,and this is coming from someone that has,made hundreds of clickbait videos and,made,six figures doing it so as clickbait,grew in popularity more and more people,hopped on the train especially in the,spirituality niche,matter of fact let me show you guys what,im talking about alright so im on,instagram right and were just going to,type in law,of attraction real quick,lets see lets click on this page for,example so it doesnt look like they,doing a clickbank product but im,telling you,most of these pages are promoting,clickbank products so lets see about,this one real quick,lets see what they promoting well,switch,this seem like it could be a clickbank,product let me see real quick,let me scroll down lets see,click the order lets see yup,like i said this is a clickbait product,heres another page promoting the same,exact offer theres another page,promoting the free numerology readings,on clickbank and another one you get the,point clickbank is just way too,oversaturated right now,the second reason is because of the,products and refunds on clickbank if im,keeping a bug with you clickbank is not,known for their products,so there will be refunds lots of them,and when youre doing affiliate,marketing,every dollar matters so them refunds,they start to cut into your profit,i remember when i first started,clickbank right i didnt know how to,find the best products because i was new,to it,and it was really no youtube videos on,it so i just picked out any product that,i thought looked good,but i found one right and it was called,fat diminisher or something like that,it was a weight loss product i started,running traffic to it promoting it,promoting it promoting it for weeks,and i didnt make any sales for weeks,promoting that product but one day,i made like 200 in a day from that,product,[Music],keep in mind i was still a beginner so,that was a big big deal to me at the,time,so you know i went crazy that night but,about two days later i seen that they,refunded,all of it,i was hurt man but look make sure youre,doing your research before you go,promoting a product on there and i know,youre probably wondering what were my,top two products on clickbank,from all my sales and everything like,that i would say my top two were the,free numerology readings and 15 minute,manifestation,third reason on why i stopped doing,clickbank is because,you do not own the products that youre,promoting youre spending all the money,getting all the traffic but only getting,a 30 commission,product owners are getting 70 commission,without doing any work that just dont,sit right with me,plus this ties into the refunds right,because you dont own the product you,cant control the customer experience,so thats going to result in more,refunds so lately ive just been taking,matters into my own hands and building,real brands,yeah i know i got an app coming out very,very soon so stay tuned for that,and i also been focusing heavy on,instagram to make me,thousands of dollars every single month,yall see i got the black hustlers club,which is almost at 500k,for the coach and i also got saved money,by black which is at 135k,and im also in the process of buying a,whole nother page but ima say that for,a later video and if youre interested,in learning my exact strategies on how i,took my pages from zero to where they,are now to 500k 135k,i grew multiple pages to over 100k,followers click the link in my,description below,im offering the ig hustlers academy for,only a hundred dollars for the next 100,people so dont miss out but instagram,is on the come up right now,theres so many different ways to,monetize your page we got drop shipping,affiliate marketing merch,going love selling your own products and,services,the list goes on and on so thats what,my main focus is right now just building,real brands in my app,because the possibilities are endless,when you build a real brand,and if youre new to instagram you dont,know how to grow a page or you have a,page but youve been struggling,here are a couple tips to help you out,number one use hashtags hashtags are,extremely important,so that you can get seen by new people,and for this im actually show you guys,proof im gonna take you guys inside one,of my instagram accounts and show you,guys how effective,hashtags really are alright so im on,one of my instagram pages right were on,the black hustlers club,and if youre not following this page,make sure yall go follow this page,but im gonna show you guys a post from,one day ago as you can see this post got,almost 25k,likes right and if we go to the view,insights we can see that,it got 20 000 impressions from hashtags,alone,just from hashtags it got 20 000,impressions so that goes to show you,that,hashtags are effective if i didnt have,hashtags on this post,thats missing out on 20 000 impressions,but lets look at my top performing,posts for the whole year so you can see,how those posts and hashtags go hand in,hand,right so im gonna go ahead and go to my,insights,and then im gonna scroll down and im,gonna go to my post,and were gonna see my top performing,posts of the whole year,so this right here is my best post from,the last six months with 311k,impressions,and as you can see in the insights it,says 22 000 impressions from,hashtags alone hashtags are crazy man,lets actually go to another one this,one right here,16 thousand impressions from hashtags so,you get the point,hashtags are extremely extremely,effective number two,post consistently when it comes to,instagram you gotta be posting every,single day,i see this all the time with people just,starting off with instagram,theyll post once a day or something,like that nah you got to be going hard,with instagram especially in the,beginning because nobody knows you right,so this is where the first one will come,into play too with hashtags,if you use hashtags and posts every,single day multiple times a day,my recommendation is three to five times,a day at least three to five times a day,in the beginning,do not do once a day dont do once every,other day or something like that,do three to five times a day in the,beginning so you can get seen by new,people,and then youre gonna add hashtags to,your post as well so the algorithm will,start pushing you more,if you look at some of the top pages on,instagram they all post,multiple times a day like just a little,boy,um hoodville they post multiple times a,day on a page,so you want to be doing the same thing,and if youre confused or youre not,sure about what to post on your page,all you really have to do is look at,other pages in your niche right,so lets say youre in the weight loss,niche what you want to do is type in,things like weight loss,healthy lifestyle just things related to,your

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