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CLOUD ATLAS (2012) Revisited – Sci-Fi Movie Review (Tom Hanks & Halle Berry)

i want you to hit me as hard as you can,[Music],these forces that often remake time and,space,that can shape and alter who we imagine,ourselves to be,begin long before we are born and,continue after we perish,in this weeks installment of the best,movie you never saw we take a look at a,fairly recent film in 2012s epic genre,bending cloud atlas directed by the,wachowskis and tom ticker cloud atlas is,a film that deeply divided audiences,when it premiered on the big screen and,underwhelmed at the box office grossing,130.5 million dollars globally against a,budget that was estimated to be close to,150 million how is this possible the,ruddy money was pouring in while cloud,atlas did garner multiple awards for art,direction makeup it also courted,controversy for having actors playing,against race and gender i am miss nukes,you do not wish to cross,its a movie that when i initially,reviewed it i loved and looked forward,to re-reviewing upon a second watch,almost a decade on though cloud atlas,remains one of the most unique films,ever made and still is something for,everyone in terms of genre tone and,performance while not nearly as,recognized as other films from the,directors resumes cloud atlas is,potentially the best film of all of,their careers based on the 2004 novel by,david mitchell cloud atlas was deemed,impossible to adapt by the author,himself mitchell said my only thought,was what a shame this could never be a,film it has a russian doll structure god,knows how the book gets away with it but,it does and he cant ask a viewer of a,film to begin a film six times the sixth,time being an hour and a half in theyd,all walk out the book was optioned by,the wachowskis in 2009 who were working,on the script with director tom tickberg,at the time tickfur was best known as,the writer director of german indie,films one lola run and the princess and,the warrior starring francophotante plus,2002s heaven starring giovanni rabisi,and kate blanchette 2006s perfume the,story of a murderer starring ben wishaw,which was a huge hit worldwide and the,international which was a rare action,flick from him starring clive owen which,is not a great movie but has an amazing,gunfight in the guggenheim about halfway,through that is worth watching for that,alone,thank you for watching joe blow videos,if you enjoy our shows please subscribe,to our channel right now like this video,and click on the bell so youd be,notified each time a new video goes up,now back to the show,tickfur had collaborated with the,wachowskis indirectly by contributing a,song to their soundtrack for 2003s the,matrix revolutions ticker has since,worked with the wachowskis directly on,their netflix series sense8 as well as,on the score for the upcoming the matrix,resurrections,within a year the filmmakers had asked,natalie portman tom hanks holly berry,james mcboy and ian mckellen to appear,in the film and in 2011 all three,directors officially signed on to,co-helm the movie of the actors that,were initially approached only hanks and,barry signed on but their names were,followed by hugo weaving ben wishaw,susan sarandon and jim broadbent hugh,grant also joined the film with five,roles and actually asked for a sixth,with all the actors on board german,production companies a ard degato film,and ex film,financed with 140 million dollars 20,million of that came from the german,government with additional funds from,other sources the wachowskis also,contributed seven million dollars of,their own money which brought the final,reported budget close to 100 million,dollars the back and forth financially,was a challenge from the beginning with,warner brothers threatening to pull the,plug tom hankss enthusiasm helped save,the movie as his repeated support for,the project kept the cast and crew,invested in making the movie come to,fruition when production officially,kicked off in september 2011 tickfur and,the wachowskis filmed some scenes,together but the majority of the project,was shot independently by the filmmakers,tickfur was primarily responsible for,the segments set in the 1930s 1970s and,2012 the wachowskis were in charge of,the 19th century sequences as well as,the future and post-apocalyptic parts of,the tale cloud atlas was originally,planned to be shot in chronological,order allowing for the filmmakers to,work more closely together but two days,after filming began holly berry broke,her foot which impacted the shooting,schedule to accommodate her more,physically demanding scenes all three,directors worked together entirely,through pre-production and,post-production to cohesively deliver,the finished film which clocked in at a,pretty lengthy 172 minutes which was 22,minutes longer than warner brothers,initial 150 minute maximum run time,despite the budgetary concerns when the,film was starting production wander,brothers still felt confident that the,film would be a success financially the,studio launched their marketing with a,six-minute extended trailer for the film,followed by a shorter trailer in,september of 2012 the film received a 10,minute standing ovation during its,premiere at the 2012 toronto,international film festival when the,film finally screened for critics the,results were divided it holds a 66,rating on rotten tomatoes but cloud,atlas was lauded by roger ebert who gave,it 4 out of 4 stars while slant magazine,the guardian and the village voice all,proclaimed it as a failure both time,magazine and the village voice put the,movie on their list for the worst film,of 2012. fans were equally divided with,the syma score holding a c-plus when it,was released the cast and crew have all,been very supportive of the film in the,years since it made its debut especially,tom hanks who said cloud atlas altered,his consciousness and remains the only,film of his that he has watched more,than twice halle berry has stated that,she loved playing all of her characters,and portraying other ethnicities and,genders was poignant in something she,never ever thought shed be able to do,on any other project jim broadbent was,also highly supportive of the film but,lamented that a bigger budget film that,was really an independent movie at heart,is a risky proposition these days and it,faced substantial marketing challenges,and didnt get the support it fully,deserved hugh grant also praised the,film and the wachowskis as special,filmmakers who truly love cinema author,david mitchell was pleased and called,cloud atlas magnificent and was,supportive of the changes made by,tickfer and the wachowskis in the,screenplay he told the wall street,journal that adaptation is a form of,translation and all acts of translation,have to deal with untranslatable spots,if youre the one with knowledge of the,into language do it works when asked,whether i mind the changes made during,the adaptation of cloud atlas my,response is similar the filmmakers speak,fluent film language and theyve done,what works so what is it about cloud,atlas that makes it so loved by some and,dismissed by others set over six time,periods that take place across five,different centuries cloud atlas is at,its heart a film about love and the,eternity of the human soul clocking in,at just under three hours it has a very,complex structure that shifts from the,pacific ocean in 1849 to late 20th,century to futuristic seoul south korea,and a far future after the fall of,society it employs all sorts of plot,devices that weve seen countless times,before like voice over narration to,imaginary characters while causing,genres like pulpy noir broad comedy,romance action mystery and sweeping,period drama,if told in distinct chapters focused on,individual timelines cloud atlas would,feel trite and somewhat over the top,where the movie really comes together is,in the elaborately edited narrative that,shifts between seemingly unrelated,stories it becomes apparent slowly that,elements from one story directly impact,others like the journal written by adam,ewing played by jim sturgis from

Cloud Atlas – Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

I have never gotten more requests in my,life for a review I should have never,told you guys that I saw it at Toronto,but I did so lets review this Cloud,Atlas is a film by the Wachowski brother,theyre not brothers anymore,the Wachowski z its based off of a,novel which I have not read it stars Tom,Hanks Halle Berry this humongous cast,that I really cant even take the time,to name but there are so many people in,this movie and it tells a very intricate,tale over many time spans featuring,similar characters who look the same but,with various makeup adjustments that,tell a very similar and slightly,interconnected story over these various,times the future the past the present,all over the place this movie is there,is really no way that I can fully,explain the plot of this movie too,because it is just so big this movie is,huge its like three hours long it is a,humongous epic and its by far the most,challenging film Ive seen all year 100%,the audience at TIFF I could tell,appreciated it but the overall vibe I,got from people were that they were,really polarized by it and I think that,eventually as more reviews come in and,more people see the film that will be,the initial response is definitely,polarizing its movie you either love it,or you hate it and Ill be honest with,you Im somewhere in the middle I dont,hate this movie at all it is way too,impressive of a movie for me to hate but,I dont love it and Ill explain why I,wanted to adore this movie I really,wanted to just flat-out love this movie,but theres something about it that I,had a hard time grasping and that is the,fact that it is horrendously confusing,and I dont just mean that its hard to,understand but I got to be honest with,you I really didnt get a lot of this,movie and I feel like if you watch the,first like five minutes of this movie,because theres this big intro with all,this narration you see every single,character within these five minutes and,its this really long monologue but all,the different actors after that five,minutes passes if you liked that then,youll probably like the rest of the,movie you cannot deny the technical,ingenuity of this film though it looks,beautiful and there is just so much,happening that I cannot even begin to,think about how these people approach,this material because,it is just so huge there is so many,different things happening like Tom,Hanks and Halle Berry theres this one,story where Tom Hanks and Halle Berry,are like way in the past and then,theres one with their way in the future,and they all sort of carry the same sort,of themes throughout the film my,favorite one was probably this one with,Jim Broadbent where he was sent to this,senior citizens home and he had to try,to cook up a plan to escape with some,other seniors I really liked that one,that was probably my favorite one of the,most confusing ones for me was in the,future with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry,they had like this different form of the,English language I dont know what else,to call the future speak like they would,add extra syllables towards that were,used to saying and actually had a hard,time understanding it for a while and I,had to kind of teach myself as I watched,the movie how to understand what they,were saying and that was kind of,difficult Tom Hanks Jim Broadbent I,thought these guys were definitely to,stand out to this movie there were good,performances for many people Hugh Grant,was barely in the movie at all Hugo,Weaving did fine and I gotta say Im,impressed with this movie its just so,polarizing I just I cant wait for you,guys to see it cuz I know that right now,everything Ive read for this movie of,peoples anticipation is so like,universally positive like everyone is,just frothing at the mouth for this,movie and I dont want to disappoint you,or make you feel bad but I just thought,it was too difficult to understand but,Im going to recommend that you see it,because I really think this is an,important movie thats the weird thing,about this movie is Im not seeing one,movie this year where I have been this,confused about the way I feel about it,upon leaving because I admired it and I,thought it was really impressive and,lots of things to commend about it but I,dont really know if I want to see it,again because it was just so so,difficult it actually felt like school,at times and if youre not familiar with,my reviews if youre new to this because,its like the only cloud Eilis review,out right now know this I respect movies,that are difficult my favorite movie of,2011 was Drive and I think that is an,excellent film but it is by far not your,average you know film its different I,like artistic movies so dont think that,Im you know bad-mouthing this movie,just because it didnt have enough,action in it or because it wasnt matrix,II enough it was just very difficult to,understand and hard for me to latch on,to emotionally because of that so Im,going to give Cloud Atlas a C+ a lot of,people are going to say this movie is,American cinematic masterpiece a lot of,people are going to say that it is an,absolute atrocity and a failure perhaps,50 years from now this will be todays,2001 a Space Odyssey I have no idea I,may be completely wrong about this movie,because I just didnt get it but I just,didnt really get it and I gotta be,honest with you guys I gotta keep it,real with you guys and maybe trust me a,little bit the movie is worth seeing,because I think you should see it,because its just so different and,unique and original but a lot of you are,going to be scratching your heads and,wondering what you just saw for three,hours,I warned you guys that The Last,Airbender sucked a week ahead of time,before any reviews were out I warned you,guys about cars to not being that great,before any reviews were out Im telling,you this movie is well done but its,going to be polarizing trust me,thanks a lot for watching guys and as,always if you liked this review then you,can click right here and get stuck mine,eyes

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The Philosophy of Cloud Atlas | How Beauty Will Save the World

В романа си „Идиотът“ Достоевски направил двусмислено твърдение; „Красотата ще спаси света“.,Цитатът озадачи мнозина през следващите десетилетия, включително романистът и историк Александър Солженицин,който в своята Нобелова лекция през 1970 г. отговори;,„Какъв вид изявление е това?,Дълго време го смятах за обикновени думи.,Как е възможно това?,Когато в кръвожадната история правеше красота някога спаси някой от нещо?,Облагородена, приповдигната, да – но кого има спасен? “,Вярвам, че това е лъжата в сърцето на Cloud Atlas,,режисиран от Том Tykwer и тези на Wachowski, и въз основа на книгата на Дейвид Мичъл.,Облачният атлас разказва шест различни истории, разделени по време и жанр,,и въпреки това, свързани от привидно тънка нишка на съдбата и съвпадението като главни герои на всяка история,намерете вдъхновение в историите, предшестващи техните, за да се промени в крайна сметка по смислен начин.,По много начини; това е история за истории;,за особения начин, по който можем да предадем жизнен опит от един индивид на друг;,от едно поколение на следващо.,Правим това чрез дневници, писма, литература, филми и по по-абстрактни начини чрез религия и митология.,Солженицин, на когото се споменава във филма повече от веднъж използва всеобхватния термин „изкуство“,да уловим това, което той вижда като „единствения заместител на опит, който самите ние никога не сме преживели“,,и именно тук той откри същността на Спасяващата света красота на Достоевски,и дойдох да го разбера не така “Небрежна фраза, но пророчество.”,За да разберем истински смисъла на това, трябва да вникнем малко по-дълбоко в темите, изследвани в облачния атлас,,който автор Дейвид Мичъл описва като;,Единият е взаимосвързаността на причината и следствието; мислите, че имате свой собствен малък живот,и върви по собствените си писти, особено в наши дни.,Мислим, че сме острови, но всъщност сме взаимосвързани архипелаги на острови.,Номер две, става въпрос за предистория; начинът, по който хората гледат на хората,,племена на племена, корпорации на техните домакини общества, състояния на индивидите в тези държави.,Механиката, електрониката на предшествеността, ако ми бъде позволено да използвам такъв език.,Да започнем с взаимосвързаността на причина и следствие.,Животът ни не е наш собствен.,От утробата до гробницата, ние сме обвързани с другите, минало и настояще.,И от всяко престъпление и всяка доброта, ние раждаме бъдещето си.,Облачният атлас се обляга тежко на представата за вечен рецидив,което често се свързва с духовни понятия като прераждане и карма.,Въпреки това, създателите на филми изразиха това, въпреки че те приветстваха духовните тълкувания,,те също искаха специално да проучат светски перспективи;,Имаше дни, в които предпочитах “както знаете в рамките на вашия,,да речем, генетична струна, която всъщност играете ,вместо да казваме „душата, която се свързва вашите герои “,,и имаше различни думи и различни описания за цялата идея за вечен рецидив,,знаете, какво бихте могли да наречете превъплъщение;,което е дума, от която не се страхуваме, но в същото време, ако наистина кажете, че това е филм за прераждането,бихме се почувствали така, че това е ограничение перспектива.,взаимосвързаността на причината и следствието е показана в книгата с мотива на кометообразна рождена марка,открити в главните герои на всяка история, което предполага, че те са една и съща душа, олицетворяваща различни герои,,но във филма те промениха това, използвайки същото актьори, които играят различни роли,,превръщането на пътуването на една душа в история на мнозина.,Като използват повторно същите актьори, те целенасочено отчужди публиката от отделните герои,вместо това да ги насърчаваме да правят връзки помежду си на ниво, което надхвърля отделните им истории.,Обичам тази идея, която можете да покажете точно на нивото на лицето,че главните герои във филма се превъплъщават отново и отново в различни часови зони.,и това, което получавате, е вид, добре, че думата всъщност е матрица; матрица от прогреса на поклонниците,на герои на етични пътешествия през времето, само през лицата на актьорите.,Друг начин, по който филмовите производители се разшириха тема на взаимосвързаност,е чрез промяна на повествователната структура на оригиналният роман.,След кратък пролог шестте сюжетни линии са донякъде сходни с романа,,представени накратко в хронологичен ред,,но тогава има основен момент къде тази структура е нарушена.,Има много конкретен момент, когато веднъж полето се отвори към пресичане между последователностите,без никаква поръчка вече и с вътрешна свързаност и вътрешен поток,което според нас има дори по-голям смисъл, отколкото всяка друга структура би могла да направи за филм,,който е в началото на барабан 3, където Чанг на Джим Стърджъс среща Сонми за първи път.,Знам, че си Sonmi 451.,Има този момент, в който можете да останете с това, което сте свикнали, или можете да отидете на друго място и да се присъедините към нас.,И ние се чувствахме като, добре, че имате 45 минути, за да се подготвите за това и сега трябва да вземете този избор.,Можете да останете тук и рискувате да бъдете открити,,или можеш да дойдеш с мен.,Отново отличителните качества на филма се използват за по-нататъшно разпръскване на границите между всяка история,и подчертават тяхната взаимосвързаност, което води до структура, в която историите са пресечени,базиран на музикален поток, визуални връзки и сподели емоционални състояния.,Целта на всичко това е да се покаже, независимо на вашите духовни или религиозни вярвания;,дълбоко сложните начини, по които нашите действия въздейства върху света около нас,,заловени с думи в откровението на Sonmi;,Говорихме за това много, това Хосе Сарамаго линия, която препращаме;,„природата на нашия безсмъртен живот е в следствие на нашите думи и дела,които се разпределят през цялото време “;,това е наистина красив светски начин на изразяване карма или прераждане.,Това ни отвежда към втората тема на Cloud Atlas,което разкрива последиците от това взаимосвързаност на причината и следствието,и ни приближава до отговора на откриването въпрос как красотата ще спаси света.,Има само едно правило, което обвързва всички хора,,един управляващ принцип, който определя всяко отношение на Божията зелена земя.,Предсказаността е основният източник на конфликти в облачния атлас,,тя се отразява в историите на всеки един от героите, докато се борят срещу алчността, властта, злонамереността,и всички останали качества, които водят до победители и жертви, потисници и угнетени,,отразена от простата мантра;,Слабите са месо, а силните ядат.,Ако вземем взаимосвързаността на историите, взети под внимание;,изглежда, че има деморализираща истина за това твърдение,,защото въпреки че отделните истории завършват с главните герои, постигащи някаква форма на победа,над потискащите сили, пред които са изправени,,в по-широкия космически мащаб се чувстват тези победи по-скоро непоследователни,тъй като напредъкът, постигнат във всяка история, се намалява от нова форма на потисничество в следващата.,На този свят съществува естествен ред и тези, които се опитват да го използват, не се справят добре.,Той повдига сериозен въпрос за моралното поведение на индивидуално ниво;,Защо трябва да страдам и да се жертвам за по-добро благо, което никога няма да се прояви?,Защо да застана срещу несправедливостта, ако моята усилията само ще се окажат неубедителни?,Ето, пише Солженицин „Само ако всичко беше толкова просто!,Ако само някъде коварни имаше зли хора извършване на зли дела,,и беше необходимо само да ги отделим от останалите и да ги унищожим.,но постепенно ми беше разкрито, че линията, разделяща доброто и злото, преминава не през държави,,нито между часовете, нито между политическите партии,,но точно през всяко човешко сърце.,В този момент от живота си всичко, което познавам Sixsmith,,е, че този свят се върти от същите невидими сили, които усукват сърцата ни.,„По време на живота на всяко сърце тази линия продължава да сменя мястото;,понякога е притиснат по е

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Chuyện Gì Đã Xảy Ra Trong CLOUD ATLAS (Vân Đồ)?

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Cloud Atlas movie review

you want to talk about an anticipated,movie of the year Im pretty sure Cloud,Atlas is one of them so you know what,lets talk about it,finally Cloud Atlas,so Cloud Atlas isnt the story of,something its many stories spanning,many centuries Cloud Atlas is written,and directed by the Wachowski which,youll remember them from the matrix and,a few other things they more or less,been producing now but they were like,alright lets get in touch with the guy,who did Run Lola Run and well write and,direct a movie with him thats like,three hours long,luckily the point of Cloud Atlas isnt,the individual story so I dont have to,explain the stories to you the point of,Cloud Atlas is showing how everything is,intertwined and everything is connected,but its spanning centuries its big on,the whole reincarnation concept so,something you do in one life back here,will affect your later life hundreds of,years from now thats pretty much the,point of Cloud Atlas and it stars a lot,of people Tom Hanks is pretty much the,main star of this movie Tom Hanks and,Halle Berry Hugo Weaving the kid from 21,I dont know his name to me hes the kid,from 21 and in a movie with such big,scope there is a huge contrast,in-between people whove seen it people,either consider it the modern art,masterpiece of our time or they consider,it a piece of cloud Atlas is like,the Resident Evil 6 of movies funny,enough theyve both come out at around,the same time some people love it some,people hate it you get a few different,stories that intertwine but in Cloud,Atlas it just spans you know centuries,and thats a bold move and that is cool,but you cant base the movie just for,the fact that its bold there are people,who are like yeah well you know I you,know Im not quite sure what I think,about it its bold and I dont know if,you think that Ill make it easy for you,you hate the movie its true it just is,what it is and lets be honest trying to,jump from one skyscraper to the other is,a bold move doesnt mean its gonna end,well for you,so saying making a movie thats the,scope of Cloud Atlas is a bold move,doesnt really do anything for me the,movie is like 2 hours 45 minutes to 3,hours long its a long movie so movies,like that Im like oh right well see,but it actually had me interested I had,to piss through the entire movie I never,got up once to go do it why because I,felt like if I got up Id missed,something important and Im proud,right about that you gotta have your,thinking cap on in this movie you got to,go into Cloud Atlas and just know that,youre going to have to pay attention,take a day or so to really think about,the things that happen you know how,things here affected things there how,events spanning centuries actually ended,up coming to a head way in the future I,mean that stuff I consider that cool I,like that stuff is it done in the,smoothest of ways no its not sometimes,your likes movies a mess its not always,a mess its not like its a three-hour,mess but there are moments where well,show like one timeline for about one,minute literally its 60 seconds itll,jump to the other one and show that for,about two minutes they dont jump to the,other one and show that for 15 so its a,little uneven sometimes it makes you,feel like you just snapping your head,back and forth makes you cinematically,dizzy but I felt they did a good job at,keeping the tones uniform like in the,scenes where someone has to escape from,something itll bounce back to one of,the other stories and one of the other,centuries where someones escaping from,something alsa Im in the fights break,out itll bounce back and forth between,a couple of fights and thats good you,cant have a couple different stories,bouncing back and forth with completely,different tones you cant have the sappy,love story bouncing back and forth with,like war unless its one of those really,cool war scenes where everythings in,slow-mo and everyones just like youll,never get me Joe that can be cool other,than that try to keep the tones together,it is surprisingly good job with that so,that impressed the out of me the,acting is really good in the movie I,mean if for nothing else I dont think,this movies going to sweep the Oscars,like Tom Hanks was awesome seeing him in,about seven different roles in this,movie theyre like yeah I get you youre,youre still a great actor but I will,say not everything in this movie is,relevant there are moments where youre,like that just seemed like you just,wasted my top why they even show that,and then its like a bad thing its not,like the moment is bad its interesting,stuff you dont feel it really feeds,into the other story spanning the,centuries the relevance of some of these,moments is just kind of lost on me the,Cloud Atlas have to be three hours long,I dont really necessarily think so itd,be in three hours sometimes makes it,feel really indulgent like they were,like oh hey you know what were gonna do,our epic and its gonna be awesome and,no ones going to tell us no no ones,going to tell us what to do I think it,could have Illustrated the point of,Cloud Atlas without it being damn near,three hours long and I dont really see,the point of using the same actors to,play different characters across the,centuries at first I was like oh yeah,because theyre supposed to be the ring,carnate its elves right but,not quite sure about that because,theres this birthmark that you see on,someone then one of the other centuries,someone else will have that same,birthmark so youre like okay so thats,the same person so like I get that when,Halle Berry has it in this timeline and,then say the kid from the movie 21 has,it over in this timeline but Halle,Berrys also in that timeline is Halle,Berry the reincarnated soul or the one,with the the birthmark I dont know,sometimes I felt like the movie tried to,be both its like sometimes theyre,reincarnated and they look the same,other times its the birthmark their,bummer is they cake make up on people,and try to make certain people look like,different ethnicities and it doesnt,always work like uh Hugo Weaving were,gonna need him to look Asian in the,future that makes sense put the makeup,on he doesnt look Asian he looks like a,white guy wearing makeup to make him,look Asian which just looks weird in the,course of seeing the movie someone I,know got up and left the movie he was,the one I thought would love the movie,the dude I thought who would hate the,movie ended up loving the movie in,another dude was like I really dont,know which means he probably hated it is,it the modern art masterpiece of our,time that people are hoping it is it is,definitely not however when a three-hour,movie can entertain me and Im invested,in the characters and you see everything,connecting and its really awesome,even though it is a little sloppy,sometimes but its not always sloppy I,will say Cloud Atlas is a good time no,alcohol required so who would you like,to have been in a previous life thats a,good question for this one me,TJ you kidding me Thomas Jefferson all,the way why complete badass genius,wordsmith whats not to love whoever,youd like to be comment below let me,know anyone says Attila the Hun well,played psycho Basterds and as always if,you liked what youve seen here and you,want to see more click right here to see,more,you

Why So Many People Didn’t Understand Cloud Atlas

hello this is aunt for introvert and,today wed like to look into one of the,most contradictory movies,of the year 2012 cloud atlas this film,adaptation of david mitchells novel,directed by the ochoskis and tom tickler,became one of the most expansive,independent films ever produced,yet it received very scanned praise from,the critics,the cast is brilliant tom hanks hugh,grant halle berry hugo,willing and bandwidth shaw played,several roles each,which allowed them to show the,flexibility of their acting skills,where else will you see tom hanks as the,villain and hugh grant is the leader of,the cannibals,but the cinema world received this,project with mixed reactions,many saw this epic film as a shallow,repetition of the novels plot,with its hectic reincarnations and,transitions between stories,lets see what the advantages of the,movie are and,why it is more complicated than it seems,at first glance the novel by david,mitchell tells six stories the first one,is about siboyaj of adam ewing,its 1849 and dr goose tries to poison,him but is rescued by a slave a man,ewing had previously saved,second story is 1936 and about a young,composer,robert frobisher he writes cloud atlas,symphony and commits suicide,third story is investigation by,journalist lucerae its 1973 she works,on material about nuclear threats,and nearly gets killed by contract,killer the fourth one is a comedic story,of the unlucky editor timothy kievendish,from 2012,hes placed in the retirement home by,his own brother but he,finds alice and flees the next one is,the dystopia about the year 2144 and,girl sami 451,she becomes the symbol of the uprising,against the totalitarian system,and social inequality the last story,shows us the life of shepherd zachary,in 2321 he helps stranger maranam to get,to abandon station on the mountain and,send out an emergency signal,to extraterrestrial colonies in the book,each story is delivered in-house first,mitchell tells the beginning of the,first,five stories and the six,post-apocalyptic stories presented to us,in one piece,and then well learn to rest of the,first five stories in reverse order,in authors representation the,protagonist of every story is the same,soul,reborn in different ages the theme of,reincarnation and immortality of the,soul,is one of the essential ones in the,novel the approach of the film,adaptation is different,the directors choose to tell all the,stories in parallel showing directly how,the themes in vans overlap,only this approach doesnt reflect the,idea of one particular soul,reincarnating throughout time the film,shows not just one soul that gets reborn,but several of them,the creators choose to convey the idea,of reincarnation by letting the same,actors,play different people of different,epochs in some of the,six stories tom hanks hugh grant and,others take the lead roles,and sometimes they appear literally for,a couple of seconds in the crowd,ewing frobish ray cavendish sommy 451,and zachary are the main characters of,the stories,life after life they share a comet,shaped birthmark what is more they all,undermine the established order of the,worlds,when taken separately each of the six,stories looks pretty trite,and classic dystopia a parody of a,victorian novel a post-apocalyptic story,a political thriller,and a grotesque comedy each one has a,set of cliches you can predict,but the point is they arent supposed to,work separately these six plots together,give us the big picture,what does the film tell us them first of,all cloud atlas is devoted to the topic,of immortal souls reincarnation,in different eras its not just about,the characters sharing a birthmark,for example hugo wilming and hugh grant,both play villains in each story,obviously,each of their characters is a,reincarnation of the same soul,in philosophy the question of the,reincarnation of an immortal cell first,appeared in national greece,pythagoras spoke of the past lies he,lived and plato created the teaching,based on this idea in platos philosophy,his soul is immortal and exists in the,world of ideas,and from that place the soul comes to be,embodied in people,a soul possesses the knowledge of all,its previous lives,but before incarnating the body it has,to drink from the underworld river of,oblivion lethe,and forget everything it knows cant,also recognize the mortality of the soul,but denied that the human mind is,capable of proving it goddamn,schopenhauer who came after him,also wrote about the immortality of the,soul i am certain that i have been here,as i am now a thousand times before and,i hope to return,a thousand times said gote on the screen,we dont just see the literal,immortality of the soul theres also a,motif of the mortality of art,the prime example of course is the cloud,atlas symphony by robert frobisher,the music we hear in every one of the,six stories ewings letters,rays notes zacharys narration are,different forms of art,creativity that makes the the author,immortal another semantic layer of the,film is related to the phrase,the weak or meat the strong do eat it,runs through all the stories,its represented by the struggle of the,weak with the strong,be that an old person struggling with a,rude nurse or villagers fighting against,cannibals,and in every story the weak eventually,take over adam ewing and his wife joined,the abolitionist movement,after being rescued by a fugitive slave,eliza ray managed to defeat the assassin,timothy cavendish,successfully escapes from the nursing,home and psalmy 451,becomes a symbol of resistance and the,founder of a new religion even if she,dies,the characters of cloud atlas always,speak about order the idea of order or,law that is a norm by default in the,movies world is opposed to the idea of,freedom,and characters arent supposed to,defined to understand this idea better,we should turn to the philosophy of,gnosticism that balances the idea of,ancient philosophy and christianity,its cornerstone is the concept of gnosis,which stands for knowledge in greek for,the gnostics knowledge is the only way,to save the human soul,and perceive the world as a prison that,they can escape,only with the help of knowledge an,invitation to an execution a dystopian,novel by,vladimir nabakov the main character is,put to trial for committing,gnostic turpitude in a world with no,place for knowledge he dare to strive,for it,characters of cloud atlas commit the,crime of gnostic terpe too,they exist in the prison of laws and,orders that are alien to them,slavery a totalitarian dystopian world,of the future,or a post-apocalyptic world that,struggles fiercely for survival,the characters of cloud athletes learn,that everyone has the opportunity to,know the truth of the world,and change this world once they,understand how vicious it is,they have to change the order that this,world is based on erase slavery,save fabricants and escape from the,cruel nurse world,having power over the world is an,exclusive trait of humans it is human,being actions,that make history the world is based on,what helps a person free themselves from,the oppressing laws and norms,only knowledge does knowledge leads to,liberation,its knowledge that louis array fights,for and its knowledge that allows,zachary,to free himself from his fears,only knowledge does knowledge as we can,see the main idea of the film is the,liberating power of knowledge something,that is as relevant today,as ever from his fears,as we can see the main idea of the film,is the liberating power of knowledge,something that is as relevant today as,ever

Everything Wrong With Cloud Atlas In 24 Minutes Or Less

oh lords of night,and babbitts ballin wind,binderbone haggard hanks harks,haphazardly hoping humanity heeds his,hyperbole,question one oh its gonna be one of,those kind of movies that just hops all,over the place be bopping and scatting,all over me distracted driving,what the [ __ ] am i doing here dont ask,me halle berry ten seconds ago i was on,a beach following a man with a top hat,affliction and seconds before that i,was sat around a campfire living out the,alternate ending to castaway i havent,been this lost since that time my,parents dropped me off at ikea with,nothing more than a rusty compass and an,encouraging jeremy be free,while my extensive experience as an,editor has led me to a disdain for,flashbacks and flash forwards,and all such trixie gimmicks,typewriteration also im sorry movie but,no amount of self-awareness and,self-deprecation will save you from,being seen for what is one of the most,confusing ass opening sequences i have,ever seen and i just watched primer,i believe that if you dare reader can,extend your patience for just a moment,you will find there is a method to this,tale of madness,the following three-hour feature film,would beg to differ the movies biggest,weakness is its source material when,reading a massive novel its much easier,to keep track of many characters in,different settings and time periods but,a movie version has to cut a lot of that,down and its going to bounce around,between stories and settings and time,periods so much we end up just hearing,blah blah blah whenever they say,anything important do you know the price,a quarter pound of these will earn,five cents your version of the truth is,all that matters,thing i tell myself every morning as a,mantra but also to help me forget about,that indecency charge,ends up in the script wouldnt it have,been easier to introduce these six,disparate stories without,with the timeline as well this is,complicated enough to follow without,also having five of these introductions,take place,at their respective conclusions tenet,called once its migraine back,if this is room wouldnt it make more,sense for six smith to be the one,escaping through the window fact forever,sure is leaving the country all together,why does he care what the hotel staff,thinks anyway he could leave through the,front door what are they gonna do kick,him out yes,thanks for the waistcoat i needed,something of yours to keep me company,ah yes nothing says i love you like a,waistcoat there are three lamps on in,this shot,and yet the entire scene is darker than,the lyrics to my middle school,gothbands one hit,song my urethra this movie jumps around,in time more than a bill in ted movie,[Music],murder foreshadowing for murdering,murder shadowing the rest of this,particular storyline straight up only,happens because of this accidental,meeting and it is insane to me the,broken elevator conveniently gives six,smith and rey time to explore her,journalistic background which will,in turn inspire him to ask her for help,in exposing hooks unsafe nuclear,reactor it also allows six smith to,exposit the location of his niece a,piece of information,rey will later use as a last-ditch,effort to expose hooks evil plan,none of this happens if rey oh i dont,know takes the stairs or waits for the,next elevator,thank the lord for plot-inducing,elevator malfunctions it was the night,of the lemon prices,not the lemon prices oh my god lets go,hello this vulgar irish john travolta,thing that hanks is doing here just does,not work at all i wont be needing this,anymore,i know the daily mirror is hardly a,bassy and tasteful journalism but i,struggle to believe that even they would,be allowed to publish this graphic,picture of a bloody dead man on the,[ __ ] page of their newspaper,also did the bartender having just,witnessed hoggins murder a man decide,the next appropriate course of action,was to serve him a drink and then,immediately start taking photos of him,whats up timothy cavendish i presume,cut with your cacks down is that really,surprising you just broke into the mans,bathroom this is a perfectly acceptable,place to have ones cacks down,what do i do for felix,fench the law put finchs murderer in,prison now admittedly thats perhaps,little comfort for a dead man but these,guys are acting as if they can kill with,impunity ordinarily i begin by asking,prisoners to recall,their earliest memories why to waste as,much time as possible,i say you speak consumer surprisingly,well this movie really needs to work on,its definition of surprising if the sole,purpose of the fabricants is to satisfy,consumers wouldnt it be a relatively,simple yet crucial feature for,fabricants to fluently speak the,consumers native tongue what else would,they be speaking yeah she speaks,mandarin here but if its restricted,why make that her default purpose or,servers have,just one possible future,you mean exaltation could you describe,this annual rite of passage,this guy is answering his own questions,like some kind of a screenwriting,exposition monster,who woke her siri why would a seer,wake a server why does radio shack ask,for your phone number when you buy,batteries,do you ever think about what it must be,like,up there with the consumers up there,theres so much room,where babies burp and flowers bloom,im gonna go ahead and say that the,restaurant forcing these girls to wear,these uniforms is ultimately as,responsible for this kind of behavior as,the person performing said behavior,this is gruesome this is the far future,cant you put something in her brain,that kills her without all this blood,and gore in front of kids and families,jesus also that guy with the pen trigger,was hugh grant in super heavy asian,makeup and i have questions,concerns and more questions the movie,wants to tie its stories together,theme-wise by casting the same actors,over and over in heavy prosthetics or,makeup but all it does is pull me out of,each storyline when i see blonde maybe,white halle berry and female nurse hugo,weaving or,asian hugh grant god damn it the,director said lets have tom hanks eat,an apple while narrating the scene so,that everyone knows hes the good guy,wait thats not right aint no blade can,protect you from the true true the true,true,native now i guess hughes playing the,cultural appropriator in this movie,tom hanks watches his brother and nephew,get slaughtered to save himself,and im sending the movie for trying to,make me think that was wrong hed have,died too you dicks,prescience come bartering twice a year,their ships creep crawling on waves just,floating,on the smart of the ordinance but when a,civilization with technology this,advanced be it inherited or not possibly,me from a primitive group of valley,dwellers and goat herders yes i know,maranam is here on her own mission but,how did this bartering process start,does the tribe have a particularly good,goat stew recipe painted novelty,footballs what why words slink and slide,off a tongue when we need him most,why movie talk missing words act like,new language genius discount susan sarah,because now it is probable that the,enforcers and the dna sniffers will find,out about you,and if they do if they realize your,connection to uni 939 you will be,excised,how exactly are the enforcers going to,figure out any link between yoona and,sonme,its barely a link to begin with all,they did was watch a clip of a movie,together in a cupboard and you know it,was killed before she could even give,that information up,also what use would a dna sniffer be,these fabricants all live work shower,and sleep together theyd be covered in,each others dna,but you have a choice you can,remain here and risk being discovered,let me guess or she can climb out the,window and up the scaffolding to the,roof yeah,seen this movie before here is a woman,trying to sleep with a nightstand lamp,turned on and a mysterious skylight that,funnels the moon and starlight directly,over her head,if you want help you kill i just the,same is true,you

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