1. CloutZap Review -⚠️WARNING⚠️- It’s Another SCAM!! (See PROOF!)
  2. Clout Zap Review – Is Cloutzap Legit Or a TOTAL Scam?
  3. CloutZap Review – Really $1000 Daily? (Red Flags Revealed)
  4. CloutZap Review 2021 – Is CloutZap .com A SCAM or Legit?
  5. Cloutzap Review Can You Really Make Money Online With Cloutzap Legit Or Scam?
  6. Cloutzap review | Online scam | My honest review
  7. How to Get Clicks on Clout Zap – CloutZap Review

CloutZap Review -⚠️WARNING⚠️- It’s Another SCAM!! (See PROOF!)

this website here called cloud zap,right so basically what im going to be,doing in this video is kind of a review,and kind of um,an exposure video because i see a lot of,people doing these things right here,like on this cloud zap website so i,wanted to make this video to show you,guys things that i found thats actually,proven that this website here is a scam,right so im going to show you these,things and my aim by showing you these,things is to make sure that you dont,fall for these scams right so,im gonna walk you through a few,pointers here that are gonna um show you,why and things that ive seen that made,me say that this is a total scam right,but first of all before i get into,showing you guys that if i have to show,you guys this thing here these things,that are going to confirm cloud zap as a,scam uh you really want to make money,and like you really want to learn a real,way to make money online what you can do,is simply go and subscribe to my channel,because if you check my channel youre,going to see that i make real videos,like real step by step videos i show you,real step-by-step ways to make money,online uh if you look here you can see,i have this this video here where i talk,about how to make three thousand dollars,per month with affiliate marketing this,one i was doing a ten thousand dollar,challenge thats me in the video this is,me this is my channel here so my name is,danielle if you dont know me this first,time seeing me so yeah you can go ahead,and subscribe and turn on notifications,so that whenever i post tutorials here,on how to make money online you will get,notified by youtube alright so back to,cloud zap right here lets talk about,why and what ive seen that has made me,come to the conclusion that clouds app,is a total scam right so first of all uh,yeah lets go and,look to the website right here so first,of all,if you come here the first red flag ive,seen is that its saying that youre,gonna get that five dollar sign up bonus,right,thats the first red flag right so like,thats too good to be true and whenever,things are too good to be true guys you,always know that it actually,uh thats right like most of the time so,if youre coming against he says that,youre gonna get paid for clicks on your,referral link and ive seen a bunch of,websites like this one here what they,basically do is they get you to do,things to complete cpa offers they make,money with cpa marketing the same thing,i was teaching in my video here they,make money from you and after making the,money theyre going to be showing you,that youre making money on your,dashboard but when it comes,time for them to pay you out theyre not,going gonna pay you out your money,right thats how these things work right,here thats why they can comfortably,tell you that theyre gonna pay you did,five dollars,when someone saw them but theyre gonna,pay you per click,because theyre gonna keep showing you,money on your dashboard youre gonna,keep on working keep on working and then,when it comes time for them to pay you,they are not going to pay you so lets,come down here first of all,and look through what they have here so,this one says like this is um a payment,from clouds app and then from clouds up,payments from cloud zap right here,payment from cloudzapp right here so,there are a bunch of payments coming,here now,the thing is that people dont know how,these things work anybody could create,these images right here anybody could,create this thing here anybody could,have created this thing here with,photoshop right thats why i always tell,you that you should only trust people,who are showing you like video proof of,money being censored because anybody,could edit this thing here and write,clouds up here and dig this in here and,write clouds up here and make it look,like clouds up you sending our payments,for real they are not paying anybody,right so,they say that their members are from,other,are from around the world some of our,multiple countries usa united kingdom,canada um australia india japanese,singapore and other stuff right there uh,theres nothing to talk about right,there but lets come down here now they,say that,that they actually paid their users 10,000 on average that means on average,every user on this platform gets about,gets paid about 10 000 users so lets do,a quick match right here because ive,im seeing a lie im seeing a lie right,here right so lets see uh,lets say,they have about 210,monthly active users right here so lets,say,10,000,on average,times 210,okay let me go back here times 210 uh,thousand monthly users right here,okay monthly 210 thats going to equals,over um,2.1 billion dollars right here okay 2.1,billion dollars per month thats what,theyre paying out to people on average,so,they say that theyve been here for,about,four years plus right so if you do 2.1,million,so due to,one,okay then three zeros again,i dont even think that was 2.1 million,right i think that was 2.1 billion lets,do the math again lets do 210,1000 people multiplied,by um ten thousand dollars right here,thats equal okay now its actually 2.1,billion dollars thats what they say,they are paying out to people every,month,right like every month every month and,they dont say that theyve paid out,over 22 million dollars to use us you,can see the first lie right here like,thats the first lie right there and,apart from this lie right now which is,pointing towards the fact that this site,is a scam yeah come down here as well,and look through that site youre gonna,see that,they say that theyve been here okay,they dont have any any um users about,any information about how long theyve,been here,but let me kind of communicate they say,theyve been around for like four years,plus that means theyve been around,since around 2016.,thats what it means so let me confirm,that let me see if they are lying once,again so what i do is i go into,um who is uh who is,websites look up right so,what i use that tool to do is i use it,to see who owns what website when,website was created like you see the,whole information on a particular outfit,and its its its either they are going,to be hiding their information,or uh,they werent smart enough to hide it so,im going to put in their website right,here im going to click on the search,bar right here,and when i click on that little search,bar right there whats gonna happen is,that its gonna load and you can see,right here it says that this site was,bought from namecheap.com,and then down here this site was,literally bought 2021,tenths,of,of i think last month or our last two,months and on their sides here theyre,telling that theyve been around for,four years and theyre telling that,theyve paid out over 22 million dollars,meanwhile from the max we did it means,that every month they pay out about,2.1 billion dollars to people thats not,even realistic guys,this is the second line right here,this site was created you can see right,here says registered on 2021 right here,1009,right so thats the first lie right,there and then um here,okay they actually hit the persons,information the person that actually,created side because these guys are,actually scammers thats why they will,always hide that information right here,but guys the point im trying to make,here is that this whole cloud zap thing,is total scam so if you go where it says,about us lets see what they have on,there to still further prove to you that,the site is a scam right here you can,say it says that they are the,that they are the um,um,clouds up the hash on influencer network,you can see they say that theyve been,around since 2017 meanwhile on here,these guys were literally registered on,just two months ago,so this thing here is a total lie like,its a lie dont mind understanding its,a total lie,right so here let me scroll down here,and find another line right here,so okay so say that close up is a,community of people,you know okay now thats what they have,there and um let me come here proof wall,and see the approval,what they say

Clout Zap Review – Is Cloutzap Legit Or a TOTAL Scam?

whats going on gearberry here back,again with another review and in this,video were gonna take a look at clout,zap now cloud sap is very popular right,now and maybe youre wondering is this a,waste of time is this a scam thats just,gonna take your effort and your time,away from you or is this an actual legit,way that you can make up to 500 a day,but youre in the right place because,ive been doing reviews like this for,the last five years and by the end of,the video im gonna give you my honest,verdict after revealing many different,points,on whether or not i think you should do,this or you should go somewhere else now,i will say this definitely is not my,number one recommendation even if this,turns out to be real which ill share in,just a second im gonna include a link,directly below this video to my number,one way to make money even if youre,brand new and you have no tech skills,its a worldwide opportunity but without,further ado let me dive in now okay so,im on cloud sap right here and the,first thing is they claim you can earn,money you know up to a thousand dollars,a day they say you can sign up for a 35,bonus,and then they have you know other ways,to make money right and basically the,main things theyre claiming you can do,to make money is refer your friends and,family so if you have someone sign up,under you they claim that youll get,paid for that and also if you complete,task walls okay so theres different,offers um you can you know play games,you can test out free apps you can you,know complete daily quests and thats,what theyre claiming right and that,sounds good right its oh wow its,really easy to make a lot of money but,as we dive deeper i think its going to,shock you okay so first off the claim,right here is that theres 560 000 plus,members okay if i go down here,they say that theyve paid out you know,22,million dollars okay now if that number,seems shockingly high,theres a reason why okay and if i go,here so if i can go to a website called,who dot is what this website does if you,put in a url like clouds app it will,tell you when this site was actually,created and if you look at here,registered you can see that it was,registered at the time of recording only,two months ago okay,so unless this site is the worlds,fastest growing site okay with 210,supposedly real active users in just two,months or theyre lying and they just,randomly put this,number on here okay,now if youre still not sold that this,isnt exactly what its claiming i want,to go even further okay so i went to the,payment proof section now now this one,for example right here this testimonial,right supposedly real it says you know,amount 1 350 supposedly thats what,someone made you can see transaction,date right what was the date that they,were paid supposedly from clout zap you,can see right here august 26 2021,but wait a minute wait a minute remember,okay theyre registered on october,but supposedly someone was magically,able to make money before the site even,existed,okay either theyre traveling back in,time and they have voodoo powers or this,site is fake right,but if youre still not convinced i want,to go even further right here im on you,know a page where it says what our,members have to say okay and it has,these people now if you watch this the,people are going to be claiming that,theyve actually made money with this,site but what i want to point you to is,a site called,fiverr.com okay fiverr.com is a known,site,its basically you go on there you can,pay five dollars for to get people to do,different tasks for you and you can,literally just go to fiverr look up,spokesperson and i can pay any of these,people as little as five dollars okay i,could pay this woman five dollars and i,could say hey,um i have this new site called cloud zap,i want you to tell people that youve,made money and literally i could just,take this persons video and then put it,on my website pretending like im,getting people making money okay so,this is literally so simple to fake that,its ridiculous okay so dont buy into,this um you know a lot of people are,claiming theyre making money with this,another thing i want to do is i want to,go to a site called scam advisor scam,advisor is where you can basically look,up a certain website and you can see,what other people have to say what,theyve rated it you can see the trust,score is literally a one now in all my,five years of experience ive hardly,ever seen a website with such a low,trust score so this is definitely,showing you that this is not legitimate,okay so not only was it registered just,you know a few months ago and people are,pretending to have money coming in,before it was even registered the trust,score is shockingly low okay the,testimonials can easily easily be faked,on a site called fiverr and last but not,least,okay this is another cloud sap review by,someone and if i go into the comments,you can see okay i did a test and its a,scam,what they say are service surveys are,just high-priced gift cards they want,you to buy theres no apps to download,and test support is nowhere on the page,okay so this is basically you know i,have three separate payment dates um,basically you know still have hasnt,been paid,i can tell you right now its an,absolute scam okay so these are real,people right on youtube you can find,these people and this is what theyve,had to say okay cant get referrals,everything else activates so far,supposedly you know but no return,theyve made money but no return its a,scam,um you know waiting on,this much money okay they havent been,paid its told me nothing okay thats,about the video but you see what honest,real people are saying okay its a scam,just like social rebel i did another,video just like social rebel this is,very very similar to that its basically,just a copy okay and last but not least,i mean you can just see,that,you know this is a rip-off of many,different um other so-called real ways,to make money okay so what is my verdict,honestly after five years online i,highly believe this is not real okay,like why would they make up that if you,know theyre having all this money if it,was just registered a few months ago,right do some thinking and look at the,reviews look at what other people have,to say and i still havent found after,tons and tons of research one person,showing real proof with a date that,theyve actually made money however,before you get going youre probably are,looking for a legit way to make money,right maybe you dont have a lot of tech,skills or maybe youre brand new and you,just want a legitimate way and maybe 30,minutes to maximum an hour a day to,generate some life-changing income if,thats you im gonna again include a,link directly below you can check out a,free overview video of my number one way,to make money now this way is legitimate,like i said you can go through my,channel ive been doing this for five,plus years i have tons of testimonials,of my own students um that you could,even message on facebook theyre real,people and youll see more information,and success stories on my website okay,so all in all i i would avoid this,personally i just dont think its real,youve seen the evidence you can make,your own decision but highly recommend,you check out the link below for the,real way that people are actually using,in this year and these coming years to,make some serious income anyway my,friend thanks so much for watching be,sure to subscribe with the bell icon so,you never miss out on my weekly reviews,and until my next video ill talk soon,[Music]

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CloutZap Review – Really $1000 Daily? (Red Flags Revealed)

ist krause juni,2011 daily die kremser nicht website ist,das ganze stay away from my name is,michael en miniature horses,to cloud sei,das ist ein,realistischer quick look inside,handy.de gute tage hier für euch selber,so john the task washington sieht herzog,all service auf dem andern service an,den kliniken mit mode 50 dollar ist hier,die,letzte,hier,youtube,ist,die plattform,der,website,oktober,emmi baut allerdings genauso sehe ich,hier in unserem menschen zu setzen und,wenn sie einmal ist dieses interview ein,f,denn oberteil,medienliebling

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CloutZap Review 2021 – Is CloutZap .com A SCAM or Legit?

hey everyone its stephanie here from,preciousnews.com back with another video,and in this video im going to be doing,a quick review of the website clouds app,now this is a website that claims that,you can earn money by completing tasks,and getting referrals and having people,click on your links so as ive seen this,being posted and shared i thought id do,a review just to give you a bit more,insight about whether or not this is a,genuine website and whether or not you,can really make money online with this,website so be sure to stay tuned right,here in this video so you can find out,more so having done a bit of digging,into this website unfortunately i,believe that this website is a scam i,believe that this website is very,similar to other websites that claim to,be the number one influencer network and,things like that that claim you can earn,a lot of money just by completing,certain tasks and when ive come across,previous websites as youll be able to,see on my channel you know its been,clear that those have been scams and not,paid their users and unfortunately i,believe that cloud zap is exactly the,same so im going to go into a few of,the reasons why i believe that cloud zap,is not genuine and is a complete scam so,the first thing that i did when i came,to this website was to check when this,website was actually created and usually,when i see these types of websites,thats the first thing that i do so i,use the tool called who is where you can,check the domain name and when it was,registered and as you can see here this,website was registered on the 9th of,october 2021 so that was only two months,ago from the time of making this video,so this website is obviously according,to the registration very new um but if,we scroll a bit further down and we have,a look at their sort of information,about you know the website and how many,users they have they claim to have four,years of experience now the fact that,theyve made this claim that theyve had,four years of experience experience when,in reality their website is only two,months old is just a big red flag and,for me was just a clear sign that this,website is going to be very similar to,other ones ive reviewed in the past,where they make these kind of claims to,be you know so many years,in business and you find that theyre,only a few months old so that was one of,the very first red flags that i came,across not just that but they make,really bold claims you know such as you,know being able to earn a 35 sign-up,bonus you know so apparently they can,pay you 35 just to sign up which i mean,if you really think about it how are,they going to get enough money to pay as,many users as they have 35 just like,that for no particular reason so that,was just another red flag you know the,bold claims that they make and again,ive reviewed previous programs like,this that have had the same bold claim,and have all turned out to be fake im,not just that but if we actually have a,look at some of these supposed,testimonials um this one and theyve,actually got here the person was,supposedly paid out on the 1st of,january 2020 but as we saw previously,the website was only created in october,2021 so im sure you can figure this out,that theres no way that this user could,have been paid more than a year before,the website was even created so the,thing is with this type of,these types of screenshots is that these,are not genuine screenshots they just,use this on other websites to do the,same thing where they you know make,these fake payment proofs if you search,people online they are not making money,unfortunately with this program um so,that was a another red flag for me and,then finally what ive done previously,on websites like this is to,when i go ahead to create an account is,i actually see if they are genuine in,verifying my information and my email,address and because a real legitimate,website would actually verify your email,address and make sure that youve got,correct information so they can trust,that you are a real person so im just,going to go ahead and create an account,and were just looking into that a bit,more okay so as you can see here ive,just entered in some details just to um,show you this is what ive done on,previous sites and the reason why ive,done this is to show you that this,website is not going to verify your,email address so if it cannot verify,your email address how can you expect it,to even verify your payment information,to be able to send you out your payments,so were just going to go ahead and,click create an account okay so it says,the username is already taken so im,just going to create another username,and do the same process again,so as we can see here straight away the,website was created for me,now the fact that this website did not,ask me to verify my email address and,you know if we go over to my profile im,sure,it will just show that thats supposedly,my email address,so we can see here the email now if you,were signing up to any legitimate,website they would not allow you to even,go to the next process without,confirming your email address so how can,you trust a website that doesnt even,confirm your details let alone expect it,to pay you so this was another red flag,for me and again ive seen this on,various websites where ive done the,same process and theyve not paid their,users so that was just really an,additional thing that i wanted to share,with you unfortunately like i said this,website is just not honest they cant,even verify basic information theres no,way theyre going to pay you your money,if they cant even do the basics so,were just going back to the home page,so those are the red flags i wanted to,share with you and personally from my,experience of reviewing websites exactly,like this and from the red flags that,ive seen in this website i believe this,website is 100 a scam i do not believe,that anyone will actually get paid from,this website and if you have currently,been promoting it or using this website,then i highly recommend that you stay,away unfortunately this website is not,going to pay i hope these red flags do,highlight that information for you and,just help you when looking for other,programs in the future and just looking,out for these types of red flags and,looking into these types of things so,hopefully you found this part of the,video helpful what im going to do now,is to actually share with you some real,legitimate ways that you can make money,doing the kind of tasks that they,suggest in this website such as,completing surveys completing offers,watching videos referring others im,going to show you real websites that,actually do that and im going to leave,a link to this page in the description,which is my best legitimate survey and,get paid two sites these ones that i,personally recommend and have used,myself and they are all 100 free to join,but they are more realistic in their,earnings youre not going to expect a 35,signup bonus maybe you can expect 50,cents or one dollar sign up bonus,because these are more realistic ill,leave a link to these in the description,below and i have received payment from,them myself so i can attest to them,being real and legitimate earning,websites so ill leave a link to these,sites in the description um so you can,get started so theres also some crypto,earning sites as well,and i will try to update this as often,as i can as well with more legitimate,sites so you can go ahead and also,bookmark that page if its helpful to,you another site i wanted to recommend,was this website called free cash and,ill leave a link to this in the,description below this is also one of,the fastest growing websites to make,money online right now and the great,thing about this is that um again its a,legitimate way to make money online it,works in many different countries and,you know the the earning potential is,more realistic you know youre not going,to have claims of 15,to refer somebody these are more,realistic income claims and this website,is the legiti

Cloutzap Review Can You Really Make Money Online With Cloutzap Legit Or Scam?

can you really make a thousand dollars,daily online with clouds app,in todays video were going to be,looking at a site called clout sap and,were going to do a full review of it,were going to show you how you can,possibly earn that thousand dollars,daily and were also going to dive into,right at the end of the video a few,things youre going to want to know,before you go and sign up so make sure,you stay tuned right to the very end of,this video im going to actually reveal,a few secrets about clout zap that you,need to know about,okay so thats it lets head over to the,desktop,and go through a complete review of,cloutz app and find out you can earn a,thousand dollars daily,okay welcome to todays video and as you,can see we have landed on the website,clout zap and as you can see flashing,across make 500 today make a thousand,daily uh and welcome to the number one,influencer network earn money at school,home work etc,it also tells you here youre gonna get,a 35 dollar bonus on sign up so,everything is looking rosy why dont why,wouldnt you sign up of course you would,well stay tuned because im going to,show you some reasons why you may change,your mind and may you may not want to,actually sign up and im going to go,through those,just after weve gone through the,website and showing you what its all,about and how youre gonna possibly earn,this thousand dollars daily,okay so were gonna go across to the how,it works tab,now as you can see here it says here,that you can learn learn how to earn,money with clout zap and it says this is,how how much theyve already received in,cash their members just bear that figure,in mind and as you can see here this is,how it works its,easiest easiest the number one network,in the world easy as one two three all,you have to do is join share and earn,okay so that is the principle you join,shout,you join clout clout zap for free,you actually go and get some money for,doing that and you get money for,inviting other people by sharing your,link you get 15 per person that you,actually invite how you can one other,way you can earn money you get two,dollars every time someone clicks just,clicks on your referral link they dont,have to join its just two dollars every,time someone clicks and when they sign,up you get 15 as well then all you do is,go in and take some easy money when you,answer some surveys and polls you can,also earn money by doing app tasks or,playing games testing some free apps and,you do a daily quest as well,to redeem money,for,every completed quest,and theres also giveaways as well on,the site now as you can see here at the,bottom as well theyve got 560 000 plus,registered users users and theyve paid,out to users 22 million dollars so that,is a phenomenal amount of money theyve,actually paid out,okay so also on the front page it says,they have two uh 210 plus,thousand active monthly users our users,average monthly pay is ten thousand,dollars plus,so this is basically what you can,actually earn okay so you get paid for,clicks on your referral link which is,what i said two dollars you get paid for,completing daily quests doesnt say how,much you get paid for referral signups,15,or more,and you got an hourly giveaway and you,get a 35,sign up bonus as well,so it all sounds really fantastic,but,watch the next few minutes im going to,go through some bits that you may find a,little bit alarming,and they may stop you actually going to,join this clout zap,so okay what we did we went away and we,quickly had a bit of investigations and,we actually went to a site called who,dot i is and we put in the uh clout,zapp.com,domain name,and as you can see here for a website,the domain was actually registered back,in,uh october of 2021,okay,so thats only just over a couple of,months uh thats all so uh thats when,it was actually registered okay,so right bear that in mind lets quickly,go back over to the cloud zap,and as you can see here they were saying,theyve had over 22 million pay out,and theyre paying out 10 000 a month,so lets go to the proof wall,and well quickly look at first of all,guys uh if if you have a proof war on,any website,thats a red flag straight away because,why do you have to prove youre making,these payments the big sites do not,prove that theyve got these payments,they dont have everyone sending in,their proof of payments so that is a big,red flag to begin with but if we quickly,scroll through this youll see here um,now this one is they obviously paid out,um,on the 14th of october thats just four,days after the website went live,this person was received 405,okay,and thats whats more alarming is uh,back in august this person got 1 350,out of clout zap,now i did say 26th of all of august,now ive already told you that the,website wasnt registered until october,so that just doesnt add up uh weve,also got uh this here is another one,there for 1500 in august,so lets go through a couple more of,these uh and as you can see here look uh,2nd of november so ok thats about a,month possibly a month after it,registered and that is 350,but we already know that theres a,couple that this one it goes dates back,to the 1st of january,2020,so thats over 18 19 months ago uh,way before the actual clout zap was,actually registered so these are,definitely all made up theyre all fake,its as simple as that that was 31st of,january 2020 so as you can see guys uh,there is certain things on this website,that just dont add up,lets click click across at,the about us page and as you can see,here it says here did we really become,the number one network in under 10 years,well it says here theyve got data here,from 2017 all the way up to this current,day and like we we know guys already,that we proved that this domain was not,actually registered until a couple of,months ago so again this is not its,false information they are giving you,so lets quickly look at the info and,well go across uh again to the terms,and,well go across to the reviews at the,moment and they have got some videos on,here that probably real people have made,what they do is they get you to actually,create a video uh specifically saying,exactly what they tell you what youve,got to say in the video and then you get,fifty dollars in your account just for,doing that uh and remember these guys,are supposed to been around a few years,and um they supposed to be doing this,for quite a while these are just four,videos that are on their website at the,moment and if you actually go across to,youtube theyve got their own uh site,here and the about page on the site,theres nothing on it but they actually,joined uh in november 12,2021 so that is just a month ago,so the website uh the youtube account,was only created a month ago so again,that backs up the theory that this site,is very very young,so weve also got the terms and,conditions here and theres something,else thats not right here says these,terms of use were last updated on the,14th of may,2021 but again,this website wasnt even up then so how,would they be updating the terms,when theyre no longer there and well,tell you why if you go across to some of,the videos ive done previously um lets,just look at some of the similarities of,other ones that have been out there and,also take a note of the name clout zap,its pretty unique name as the clout,part okay,so check this out and what i went,through previously on some of the videos,ive done,now this is uh my playlist uh which is,online scams to avoid and as you can see,here the first one here is called clout,og,okay and that was supposed to be make,two of 500 pounds right 500 today the,number one influencer in the world uh,get ten dollars to fifteen dollars for,every friend you invite,something familiar going on there guys,as you can see the names even familiar,youve got cash tree reviews its five,hundred dollars per day today youve got,um,earning cash is the same,youve got uh zone cash youve got,other ones here all of these look 15 per,referral gem,cash gem review bread plenty bread is,500 a d

Cloutzap review | Online scam | My honest review

hello guys welcome to my channel and in,this video im going to be making a,hundred people on this side called,zap,dot com,so,so im gonna be because me i strongly,believe that this sub service has come,so,im gonna be showing you my proof that,this website has come so,before that my name,is how to make my life but i did that,if i found out something working for me,ill show you guys so,sign up sign up now for,that five dollar so many times,if you sign up you getting that five,dollars uh sign up on us,so,if you guys,they said,right they say,get paid for get paid for click on your,referral link,so get paid for the value sign sign up,so they say get paid to do simple tasks,and play game test,test our free hours have more so they,say get paid for completing daily quests,they say hourly giveaway are much more,so,so,it will go down,okay,[Music],so,so if you come,so if you scroll down right here,you can see all these things,theres the other thing that they have,theres their payment proof obviously,you are you yourself you can actually do,this thing because this is nothing to,if they can just,they can you you can just say this and,do it like this so,so this the canoes are received,the canoes and deceivers,so,so you can see all these ones,so,so let me scroll down more,lets go down,so,so so they say our members are from,around the world some of our most,popular members say us,so as you can see here,the seemingly active users,two hundred and ten thousand plus,pay out to use us 22 million,dollars plus,so this one is here our users average,monthly pay,ten thousand dollars plus,so right so they say years of experience,four years lost,so,this,monthly pay so which means,which means on average,on average every,every,every user get paid about,ever ten thousand dollars,monthly,so so if you multiply,two hundred and,two hundred and ten thousand,active users writer,by,ten thousand dollar,it can be getting,like two points,one billion so this actually like the,audio alarm for everyone or force right,here,so,so,they cant be saying that,they are pay at,that pay at 22 million and you can in,the idea come and divide this,monthly active users,210,000,multiplied by,ten thousand ill be getting two point,one,billion dollars so theyre lying,so this is a lie,do you show that that has come,that uh,that has come in every one of us who is,using this,this website,so that is it so if i come right sound,and go and check,um,[Music],about those right here,if i dont click on this and that goes,and let us see more,about them,[Music],so,so right here,so,[Music],what i want to check when the site was,created they said ive been around 2017.,so what i actually do is that,i will go to this call,who is the domain,so this type actually tell us when you,when this website was created so,all right yeah,as well right um if i scroll down right,so i can see,um,as you can see the light had they said,that their site was created,2017 that ive been around 2017 but,right here we are seeing that,that this site was created,so,this is another like right here so,if there are some but thats wrong with,this website youre not gonna get paid,so,this website is cap,its a big scam,so so you have seen it uh so if you are,still working with this app youre just,promoting cpt cpa offer for them,certainly for them so and they will not,make money so they will not give you,they will not pay you they will,they will keep on telling your stories,so,so run away from this website,theyre not gonna appear you

How to Get Clicks on Clout Zap – CloutZap Review

yeah hey whats up guys welcome back,once again to my YouTube channel and in,this my video Im going to show you how,to get more clicks on the cloud zap,sites you know clouds are is also a new,site that helps people to make money,online I have uploaded a video the first,video on a review of the clouds up how,everything goes and how to create the,account and inside my description you,will see my referral link over there so,you can take my referral link to just,sign up and enter five dollars bonus for,free yeah sure so I dont want to waste,much time over here Im just showing you,how to get more clicks because every,click gives you two dollars every click,gives you two dollars and its very very,simple and so cool so why dont you try,this so before I get you guys into the,video I just want you to do the task,that is coming right now so I jump you,guys into the video,foreign,it is similar to the time social it is,similar to time social it all helps make,money online I have a video on times,which are also you can just go and watch,all those kind of videos over there how,to get clicks how to get reference how,to get referrals how to do everything,but with the time social it gives you,more money for the sign up I support,five dollars and with the clouds up it,gives you 35 dollars you see sure so,they are both similar because let me,show you the account over here right now,and how to get a place to be projected,on the screen over here so just wait as,I project it onto the screen,okay so as you can see on the screen,right now,that is my ending so far you can see my,earnings so if I have n562 dollars,sorry,562 dollars and for my clicks I have 27,clicks and I have referrals of nine,and my commission has 15 Commissions in,the tax that they do or everything they,do I get 15 from them and Ive earned 45,46 dollars from them every day tax I,have not completed in tax right now,because I just did this I think,yesterday that I created this account so,I havent done any task I just want to,take you guys through everything step by,step so that you dont miss any,important details so that is how I want,everything to work over here so as you,can see everything and I have uh the,post I have posted six,six and the post it depends on the type,of post or the type of media social,media that you post the video and the,amount of money that you will get from,there I want to use this opportunity to,just show you how it works if you go to,social posts,go to social post it is loading okay so,you see a YouTube video also earn 45 per,video and,um Instagram Facebook post 45 also,Instagram 45 and with the rules you get,20 and Snapchat 80 and Tick Tock AE um,a Facebook story 15 and Instagram,stories but you can get clicks from this,place maybe if you upload a video you,add your link,to add your product link inside the,videos description or the video,description so if people tap on it you,get what you get clicks Im going to get,clicks yes so lets go home again and,one place you can get more clicks Im,using this opportunity to introduce to,you this particular,um social media that is very very cool,it works as Facebook so okay let me give,you two you can also post it at Facebook,if you have pages over there you can,just post it over there if people click,on it you are actually going to get,clicks money from the clicks that they,are clicking on this so we are clicks,over here 27 before I can get more,clicks to this I have to copy my my link,I have to copy my link over here so if I,go home Im going to listen to you this,social media that is me we me as me and,we so maybe thats the app over here may,we as a world can see so we go for the,movie one thing about me we is that if,you create accounts for the start asking,right now Im not going to make uh any,post you cant make any post in any,group you can see the group on the top,here I just make money online this is,the super coolest book I have ever,joined on all social media platforms and,this really helps me so much I havent,posted my link here any but in this,video Im starting with posting it over,here or pasting it over here and in my,next video we will see how our,all my clicks have exceeded so if you,come this way that is how a little trick,that I showed you guys in making or,getting clicks on the time switch I can,go and watch that video also I have that,video over there so if you come you can,just uh or type use this my trick so I,can get more clicks so it says hello,guys,just use,my referral,sorry,referral,link,and,gets,level 25,well thats five dollars free uh free,sign up,bonus,on clouds,up,so after this then,you paste your link over here,so you paste your lane then you send it,so after saying it you see that people,will be clicking on it you want to know,what it actually using it so you can,just dont,um do anything again you can just post,your link,sign up,into,their account into their site,and make,free,45 thats five dollars,sign up bonus,and you post it again or you paste it,again inside a group okay so sure after,this then you are good to go you can,just wait for like,um five to ten minutes and after that,you go to the site,you go to the sides and you can just,refresh and see even though thats not,its not yet up to,um how do you call it,five to ten minutes but Ill just,refreshing it as you can see it was 27 I,have gotten 28 right now even just now I,have gotten 28 as everybody can see so,it is simple guys it is simple everybody,here should try using the clouds up its,also a new thing that everybody is,making money from it but its actually,what Im going to get more clicks from,if you share the clicks if the person,Taps on your click or on your link I,want to get a click theyre going to get,a click bonus of two dollars so make,sure the more you share the more you,share the more clicks you get the more,you should the more clicks you get so in,my next video Im going to show you guys,how to get the referrals on on the,clouds app and how to grow your,referrals very very fast and the,commissions that you make so,thanks for watching this video make sure,you like this video make sure you,comment on it now you understand,and I hope this video will really help,you so much to make money online without,you going anywhere so thanks for staying,connected with me,bye

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