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Cobra Kai: Season 4 (My Thoughts)

wow januarys hopping you see all those,movies coming out,exactly but that affords opportunity to,talk about other things and first i do,want to thank the sponsor of this video,this video is brought to you by dr,squatch dr swatch is changing the way,men approach hygiene by providing,natural healthy products that make you,feel great and smell like a champion,their soap doesnt have any of those,weird harmful chemicals that other big,soap companies use seriously some soap,companies is like you trying to clean me,or turn me into a three-eyed fish and,release me into springfield i still use,dr squatch to this day ive used dr,squatch ever since they first sponsored,that first video all that time ago,havent used another shower soap since,right now my shower is bay rum its,smooth,yet spicy so click the link below and,use my promo code dsq johns to get,yourself 20 off your purchase of 20 or,more and thank you once again to dr,squatch for sponsoring this video i do,appreciate it and now its a time long,past time its overdue to talk about,cobra kai season four but i gotta tell,you this in all fairness thomas ian,griffith the one who plays terry silver,in karate kid three and cobra kai found,out that he is,actually younger than ralph macchio who,plays daniel larusso i learned that,information then now waking up from a,catatonic state um its time to do this,its late now is that really what,happened well you know its going to be,my version of events,till the grave its younger than ralph,my [ __ ] hell its just weird you know,you look at karate kid threes like yeah,john chris and i we fought in vietnam,also im younger than the guy playing,the fresh out of high school students,all right cobra kai season four is the,newest season of cobra kai also spoiler,warning gonna talk spoilers not gonna be,a play-by-play just some things i liked,about the season but going to talk about,pretty much you know all of it in terms,of the end dont spoil the warning in,cobra guys its not like,its not like eric draven from the crows,shows up its like hey im here to join,eagle fang its nothing like that,happens but you know in case youre,concerned youve been born so where,cobra kai left off last time as the,cobra kai kids broke into daniel russos,place and they got into a big old brawl,john crease was like well settle this,at the tournament which to be fair,thats the thing i like about cobra kai,a show that should be getting old right,about now for me i should be just kind,of tired of it but im not they do a,good job at keeping you on your toes,throwing some curve balls and at the,very least listening to the online,chatter i mean the show runners of cobra,kai have to have their finger on the,pulse of the social media chatter more,than any show ive ever seen because,after cobra kais season 3 a lot of,people were like,why didnt they just call the cops,whats up with this settled distance,tournament thing why no so in cobra kai,season 4 they addressed that i guess sam,really didnt want to draw it out so,they were like okay we wont call the,cops i mean sounds like a [ __ ],excuse,but it shows me that the showrunners are,listening to feedback so in a world,where johnny lawrence and his eagle fang,dojo have teamed up with daniel larusso,and the miyagi doe dojo to take on the,greater enemy which is now cobra kai run,by john crease john crease gets terry,silver back into the mix,hes just like hanging out at vegan,brunches and john crease is like,we cant have that he looks happy ish i,mean as happy as a really wealthy guy,eating vegan brunch can be thats what i,love about john crease john crease hes,a virus hes a cancer hes a blight on,not only karate,the lives of the people around him so he,gets terry silver back i thought terry,silver was an awesome and amazing,addition to cobra kai so the dynamic of,terry silver and john crease was a,little different than i thought it was,in karate kid 3. like in the cobra kai,villainous hierarchy i always saw terry,silver as above john crease like john,crease was the villain then in the,sequel you find out that theres,actually a villain above that villain,that villain had a boss and i saw terry,silver as that boss but i went back and,looked at karate kid 3 with new eyes,because i hadnt seen the movie in years,and had it wrong terry silver is,definitely john creeses soldier not the,other way around like i thought you want,to see some more i want to see a lot,more bring them back and john crees,still has that hold over terry silver to,this day and i love that season four,hammered home that complexity for terry,silvers character now there are some,things you see coming,50 million miles away at least one,season away where its like oh johnny,lawrence and daniel larusso theyre,working together no one thought that was,gonna work out extremely well you know,you know theyre gonna clash and they do,but the show has fun with it however,ridiculous the show can be,it makes up for it by having fun with,the premise it doesnt try to hide it,doesnt try to run from it its like,yeah but well have fun well entertain,the [ __ ] out of the audience i love that,daniel trains johnny in the ways of,miyagido and johnnys like all right now,youre going to learn my way of karate,its its hilarious his monologue about,how everything in the world is trying to,make you soft and one of the things he,throws out there is like automatic,transmission i was like preach but i,totaled that camaro,rest its soul some things that stand out,in season four as great moves they made,like robbie they actually use him,at the very least he becomes his own,character he does his own thing hes,like nope,im with cobra kai now in fact im gonna,train cobra kai students in the way of,miyagido so in the tournament they know,how to counter and fight miyagi but in,terms of his characters character has,conviction this season thats what i,liked about it and thats with the new,character kenny payne which at first i,was like weve seen this a hundred times,before its kind of the karate kid cobra,kai storyline you know oh the new kid,who gets bullied he learns martial arts,he learns karate we get it but again,its not as cliche as it could have been,there are about three or four angles in,this one story arc that ties between,different characters that makes it feel,like something that needed to happen,robbie mentors this kid which gives him,that teacher-student relationship which,brings him closer to understanding a,father-son relationship and how mistakes,are made in those scenarios also daniel,larussos son,remember his son his son that never,stood out or did anything just kind of,had his head in video games yeah they,actually use him in this season too they,use him again as the bully that you,wouldnt expect to be the bully and they,kind of flipped the script on that which,they kind of did in terms of bullies in,the first season of cobra kai but daniel,larussos son is bullying this kenny,payne kid which then leads to robbie,teaching this kenny payne kid so theres,this trifecta going on where i liked how,it was woven together and i like how it,led to robbie being like im tired of,blaming you dead,hug and well see where next season goes,i mean grant its a little fast i,imagine in real life therell be,years upon years of therapy before it,comes to that phase but we dont have,that many years cobra kai in the course,of all four of its seasons thus far has,taken place in the course of about a,year for the characters thats why like,when it gets all high school drama-ish,and like uh miguel kister but also i,gotta remember for the characters it,hasnt been four years its not like oh,four years dude how long you gonna hold,on to that its one year or so thus far,hawk turns good were we kind of saw,that in the last season but he was still,hocked but now robbie and the cobra,kais held him down and shaved his,mohawk off so he lost his hawk identity,hes now eli moskowitz again he has to,deal with that which again great lesson,and hes still a

Cobra Kai Season 5 TV Review: Is It The Best Season Yet?

after getting two seasons of Cobra Kai,in 2021 the fan favorite series is set,to return with an all new season only,nine months since the divisive events of,the most recent all Valley tournament,with Terry silver firmly in charge of,Cobra Kai John crease Behind Bars and,the rest of the characters left in,various subplots Cobra Kais fifth,season brings more cameos more martial,arts action and more melodrama to the,ongoing successor to The Karate Kid,feature films while I have found each,successive season of Cobra Kai to be a,fun Excursion into a beloved 1980s movie,trilogy this latest season is the most,inconsistent run to date while the first,half is over long and stuff with what,ends up feeling like padding the second,half showcases some of the most intense,and entertaining episodes the show has,had yet the fifth season of Cobra Kai,again consisting of 10 episodes picks up,immediately in the aftermath of the,Season 4 Finale Terry silver played by,Thomas Ian Griffith has supplanted his,friend John Crees played by Martin Cove,as head of Cobra Kai and is rapidly,expanding the dojos from a single,location into a franchise eyes across,the region with his eyes set on global,expansion silver enlist multiple senseis,to usher in his Monopoly on martial arts,training at the same time Miyagi doe has,closed its doors in accordance with the,BET made by Johnny Lawrence played by,William zabka and Daniel Larusso played,by Ralph Macchio best defense is Nobi,there,I mean dont be there well Johnny,frantically heads to Mexico to find,Miguel who is looking for his father,Daniel and chosen played By Yuji okamoto,continued to try and bring silver and,Cobra Kai down at the same time Tori,Nichols played by Peyton List struggles,with knowing that silver cheated in her,fight against Sam played by Mary Mouser,at the all Valley tournament Robbie,played by Tanner Buchanan continues,regretting turning Kenny played by,Dallas Duprey young into a bully and the,rest of the characters deal with the,ongoing Rift between the two karate,schools for the first half of the Season,theres a focus on those various,subplots most of which take up far too,much time and could have either been,excised completely or condensed into,fewer episodes the Excursion to Mexico,takes up multiple episodes and serves,mainly to take Johnny Robbie and Miguel,out of the main narrative long enough to,put focus on the alliance between Daniel,and chosen the episodes also focus a lot,on the ensemble cast dealing with Cobra,Kai reigning Supreme in the valley and,creating a false sense of tension,between the characters Cobra Kai very,often is prone to repeat the same,structure sure of having two characters,disagree then fight then learn a lesson,and then reconcile season five is no,different with this happening across,several relationships both familial,platonic and romantic its getting a,little tired of the redundancy until,Cobra Kai finally brought everyone in,the cast back together Midway through,the season while the entertainment value,of the first half of the season was,underwhelming the second half may be the,best run of episodes Cobra Kai has had,Thomas Ian Griffith is far stronger and,more menacing of a presence than he was,last season the characters resources,alone make him a formidable opponent in,a way that John crease never was this,season also features two big additions,to the cast from The Karate Kid Part 3,one of whom is shown in the trailers the,other which adds a major element to the,Miyagi verse I did not see coming the,back half of the Season ties up multiple,plot threads from prior years despite,still being mired in the now all too,familiar structure of showdowns,competitions and yes tournaments what,does work well is that many rivalries,have been going on far too long and are,once and for all put to rest this season,which allow allows the story to finally,head in a potentially different,direction in the yet to be green-lit,sixth season interestingly Cobra Kais,fifth season has many moments that make,it feel like it could work as the final,season of this story with so many,elements reaching closure in the finale,there are also enough open story lines,that could fill the sixth season that,producer and writers Josh held Hayden,schlossberg and John hurwitz it seems,like a foregone conclusion that a much,different Cobra Kai is on the horizon,for next season what I appreciated most,over this season is that while there is,still a focus on the teen characters,theres also a lot of substantial growth,for the adult characters William zabka,continues to transform Johnny Lawrence,from a villain into a hero but also from,a loser into a well-rounded person Ralph,Macchio gets to channel the darker,elements of Daniel larussos life,echoing his characters Arc In The,Karate Kid Part 3. theres also a nice,amount of character building for Yuji,okamoto as chosen another villain with,the Redemption Arc Courtney hengeler,gets to do more as Amanda Larusso as,does Griffin Santo is Anthony Larusso,Thomas Ian Griffith is definitely the,MVP of this season with an intense,performance of silver while Martin,coves Arcus crease is certainly going,to get fans up in arms the new season of,Cobra Kai definitely is worth watching,and each episode has enough moments that,will keep fans of these characters,entertained but you really could skip,the first five episodes and not miss a,beat of the overall storyline you would,miss some fun cameos and some creative,f-bombs but not much more as a whole,Cobra Kai season 5 delivers another,solid entry into the new generation of,The Karate Kid Saga despite some bumps,in the first half that dont really,warrant as much screen time as they are,given still the final half of the Season,features several moments where I was,worried about the fates of characters,and cheering for the good guys to defeat,the bad guys overall Cobra Kais fifth,season is still a welcome and fun season,of a surprisingly good show that falls a,little short due to the inconsistent,first and second half of the season but,like miyagido and eaglefang sometimes,different styles can come together to,create something special thats why Im,giving this an 8 out of 10. thanks for,watching Joe Blow videos If you like,this content make sure to like this,video and click on the Bell to receive,notifications for our latest videos,[Music],thank you,[Music]

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Cobra Kai – Season 1 Review

Kovach I Sayed Copic I never dies bet,your ass Cobra Kai so Cobra Kai is a,YouTube read series is about ten half an,hour long episodes on YouTube YouTube,read as a service you have to pay for,but you get a four one month free trial,so Cobra Kai is the story of Johnny from,Karate Kid its been decades since the,original Karate Kid it does take place,in 2018 Karate Kid was mid 80s its been,many decades since that first tournament,Daniel Larusso owns a successful car,dealership,Johnnys luck hasnt been so good so,Johnny opens a karate dojo in the valley,under the name Cobra Kai so now Johnnys,kind of the Miyagi only not anything,like Miyagi what I love about this is,this show does show us the other side of,it one thing Karate Kid never did was,ask Johnny side of things there was that,joke on around the internet I think it,was in the form of a YouTube video and a,Facebook post and a hundred other things,well if you look at it Daniel was kind,of the bully and Karate Kid and though,that is an extreme it does show that,there are two sides to that or two sides,to that tale whats Johnnys side of it,you kind of get Johnnys side of it,because the students that sign up to be,Cobra Kai its not like theyre the,[ __ ] you knew Cobra Kai in the,original Karate Kid really these kids,are scared they have bully problems in,high school so it makes you go maybe,that was the story of the Cobra Kai in,the original Karate Kid maybe they,didnt start out as [ __ ] maybe they,just started out as kids who were scared,to go to school really what this show,does well is the semantics of good guy,bad guy doesnt really exist here in,this story sometimes Johnnys the hero,sometimes hes a bit extreme and he runs,into Ralph Macchio Daniel Larusso and,sometimes Daniels alright sometimes hes,a bit of a dick too it sheds the layers,of Daniels the good guy John hes the,bad guy maybe they both have their good,moments maybe they both have their,douchebag moments which makes them,complex human beings among the,perspectives theres Daniel and Johnny,Johnny and Daniel Johnny and his,students a couple of his students in,their dating situation in high school,didnt you have Johnnys actual son his,relationship with Johnny and you have,Daniel and him I mean just its theres,a lot of layers of this thing but I also,like is the fact that Johnnys just hes,not squeaky clean,this dude is nothing like Miyagi it kind,of reminds me of the Spider Man mantra,is with great power comes great,responsibility and they came out with a,Scarlet Spider comic book where Scarlet,Spider was super hardcore and its,a clan was all the power none of the,responsibility Johnny kinda reminds me,of that hell tell the students like,alright you need to get punched to the,face because you cant be [ __ ] and,then then being young kids in 2018,theyre like oh that reinforces gender,stereotypes and he doesnt give a [ __ ],and I really like that because theres,no way you could have this damaged,person who was in his heyday in the 80s,and now hes just kind of a burnout,theres nobody can have that character,and have him be so PC in this day and,age I do in shows and movies do that,they want to show you someone whos,really gruff and rough around the edges,but you still got to keep it clean for,Twitter not this show not with Johnny,actually like that call what I love most,about the show is it is the tailors,oldest Im someone who starts something,that he himself was a part of when he,was young but hes like Im not gonna do,it the way it was Im gonna do it better,this time but when you use the same,tactics you dont make it better it just,keeps the wheel going it reinforces a,cycle and the end fight of this season,was actually it was quite profound by,the end I was like these are levels of,depth I didnt expect in Cobra Kai cuz,in the end Cobra Kai was surprisingly,good and surprisingly deep its a look,at the Karate Kid trope through,different angles different perspectives,thats what it is its a celebration of,perspectives whats Johnnys side of it,whats Daniels side of it what are the,Cobra Kai students side of it did they,see themselves as bad do they see,themselves as [ __ ] or maybe the road,to hell is paved with good intentions,this was a remarkably good time in one,sitting I just binge daal ten episodes,on YouTube read I got myself a 30-day,free trial I believe thats just,standard so you watch Cobra Kai then,cancel it alright so Cobra Kai have you,seen it what did you think about it,whatever you thought comment below let,me know and as always if you liked what,youve seen here and you want to see,more click right here to see more Cobra,Kai never die,[Music]

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Honest Trailers | Cobra Kai

the following trailer is rated as for,spoilers,and k for karate,[Music],from the executive producer of jaden son,and three huge daniel stans,comes a show they got everything right,about making a new tv,franchise except for launching it on,youtube red,goodbye fallen soldier turns out there,are losers in this dojo,cobra kai prepare for the story of what,happens after the triumphant freeze,frame ending,of your favorite 80s movie in a premise,that sounds like it has just enough gas,to power a funny or die sketch,but is actually good enough to fuel,multiple seasons and now that the saved,by the bell sequel is off to a fun star,too,were back on board with the last scraps,of pop culture being strip mined and fed,back to us by telecoms and streaming,giants,hey is jude nelson still alive lets,crank out six steps of old man bender,they can fight the robot from short,circuit,i mean good return to the atlanta area,of the san fernando valley,and follow a washed up guy whos out to,prove that theres more to him than one,thing he did in the 80s,william zepka i mean johnny lawrence,it turns out he got crank kicked so hard,his entire life collapsed,ultimately turning him into a booze,hound with a two-word vocabulary,cobra like the badass snake and youre,being a cobra kai,is about being badass dont be a what,its badass,lightbeard is from truckasaurus was,badass those are,moves kicking is badass drowning is for,all right dont be afraid,whos so stuck in the past youll start,to wonder if that kick,actually put him into a waking coma for,one of those hashbrowns at the end you,know like hash brown team cobra kai or,something www,period cobra kai period com ill lower,case,this concussion nonsense uh you might,want to rethink that last one on frozen,caveman sensei thats a facebook,wow but no former antagonist reframed as,a protagonist is complete,without his former protagonist refrain,as an antagonist frenemy,enter daniel larusso the karate kid who,definitely stopped practicing karate,but never gave up on his asian fetish,the yanagi or yanagiba,depending on the region is a knife used,exclusively,for cutting sashimi this guy definitely,has a waifu pillow when cobra kai,rises again hell defend his version of,the martial art,a boring hybrid of tours in therapy that,only works by accident once youve,tricked a teenager into jacking it for,you,mr miyagi would be so proud if you just,stopped talking about him for once in,your adult life,mr miyagi had to teach me only mr miyagi,could do it mr miyagi didnt want me to,compete anymore i wish you were here to,give me some of that miyagi wisdom right,now,mr miyagi took me to this beautiful lake,up north to train mr miyagi built this a,few years before he died mr miyagi,treated me like a son,not a foreigner that was mr miyagis,favorite song mr miyagi,i mean youre such a great teacher,please stop talking about the old man,you were best friends with in high,school,but this show isnt just about old,karate kids,its also about the next karate kids,sorry the next next karate kids,no and that was kung fu stupid movie,these karate kids miguel whose decision,to learn karate brings him confidence,and gets him paralyzed so wow that got,dark fast,daniels daughter sam who grew up doing,martial arts,okay sure aisha the only one with,parents sensible enough to keep her out,of season three,after the fight her parents moved her to,a private school lip slash hawk,the kid who can have exactly one gimmick,at a time,so im not supposed to mention his lip,at all leaving early to fix that stupid,haircut,dimitri an insecure nerd with a bright,future in a college improv comedy group,im at peace with my depression last,thing i need to be a suicidal,tory the tory of the bunch raymond,a live-action nickelodeon character who,snuck into the show for a season,here 2-4 you can refer to me,as stingray robbie the son that johnny,gave up on,because he could never shut his mouth,literally,[Music],and anthony the son that danny clearly,gave up on,because even though he lives with him he,could not give less of a [ __ ] about this,little a-hole dad where the hell is my,drink hurry up,you know what im gonna throw him in the,goddamn pool okay yeah you know id,adopt my rival son to spend less time,around this kid too,sometimes you just have it done in your,hands a trianglish muffin,what is this afghanistan explore a,series where everyone bullies,everyone else and it always leads to,them turning into overnight karate,masters,[Music],where johnny was bullied by a sensei,danny was bullied by johnny,and johnny was bullied by danny i kicked,his face,im just busting your chops so when you,meet some nerds who are getting bullied,by the popular kids,johnny bullies the nerds into learning,karate i see losers i see nerds,see a fat kid with a funny hat with,popping out hey shirt,thanks im joking it sucks so the nurse,can use karate to bully the popular kids,who go on to learn karate from the,sensei who bully johnny to believe the,nerds turned popular bullies who bullied,johnny into learning karate in the first,place until johnnys karate is strong,enough to bully him back,did i get that right its like a vicious,circle shaped like the drum in karate,kid 2,which means bullying is part of balance,because you cant have balance with,quiet,yes sensei so enjoy a battle of good,versus cobra,not seen since dodgeball thats not,exactly prestige television,but is the best around for a,binge-worthy nostalgia trip,that takes all of these 80s archetypes,who can easily settle their differences,with a big karate fight,and treats them like actual characters,with layers in depth,who settled all their differences with a,big karate fight,if it aint broke right,[Applause],starring cobra commander,macho man marvel kisses boys nova,immediately,living in a van down by the river,dont talk to me or my dumb son ever,again,richard jewell this cameo brought to you,by seattles best hawaiian restaurant,kona kitchen let them fight insider,valley references,come visit any of our locations in,tarzana woodland hills north hollywood,for sherman oaks my girlfriend bartends,this place over on kawenga 5am tomorrow,morning,corner of fulton and raymer i worked at,fat cells all summer,i came here well in and out,and then here easter eggs defeat,does not exist in this dojo,what does it do i fixed it for you,[Music],is that why you brought me here to trick,me into doing karate deep cut easter,eggs,daniel russo was gonna coach,[Applause],okay holy crap you nerds who wouldnt,even notice that these were easter eggs,hey sam banana ramen chocolate chip,pancakes are up,hey hey,this is miyagi miyagido,[Music],reasonable solutions to end all this,karate madness calling the police,and take off your shoes,sorry i just had to get that off my,chest breaking board,you know its a good thing not one,person in the entire valley has taken an,mma class,these kids would all be so screwed,i need to find a way to touch a lot of,people at the same time,strike first strike hard no mercy,the best defense is more,wax on wax off,rest in peace bread venable

The Drinker Recommends… Cobra Kai

no much like my boy Thanos Im all about,maintaining balance in the universe,so after layin into mid summer for being,probably my worst movie of the year,until a certain other film comes out I,think its high time for a bit of,positivity and optimism that means,another episode of the and in this case,the drinker recommends you watch Kubrick,I remember the Karate Kid movie from the,1980s,remember the [ __ ] bad guy Johnny who,made Daniels life for misery and ended,up getting his ass kicked in the finale,actually it was his face ever wondered,what became of that character after the,events of the movie nah me neither but,YouTube read certainly did in fact they,commissioned an entire series based,around the concept feature and most of,the original actors reprising their,roles from like three decades earlier,and that sure was to be called Cobra Kai,the show premiered to rave reviews last,year returned for a second season in,2019 and by all accounts its been,renewed for a third one in 2020 Cobra,Kai is one of those shows that kinda,came out of nowhere and took the [ __ ],world by storm but why what the hell is,it and why is it so popular well pour,yourself a shot kick back and relax,because the drinkers about to guide you,through one of the best new TV shows of,the past several years Cobra Kai picks,up in the present day with the,middle-aged Johnny Lawrence the,antagonist of the first movie its been,three decades since this humiliating,defeat at the hands of Daniel Larusso,and his lifes can have gone down the,crapper hes down on his luck divorced,borderline alcoholic and within minutes,of us meeting him hes unemployed,Daniel meanwhile has gone from strength,to strength,parley and his minor celebrity status,into a successful car dealership hes,got a big house two kids and a beautiful,wife who loves him in short hes got,everything Johnny always wanted for,himself after drinking and feeling sorry,for himself one night Johnny runs into,local kid Miguel whos getting [ __ ] from,a bunch of young punks so Johnny kicks,their asses with his karate skills and,sends,on their way its a short confrontation,but its enough for Miguel to see him as,a total hero and he begs Johnny to train,him so he can defend himself in future,Johnnys reluctant at first but a chance,meeting with Daniel brings his old,rivalry to the surface and eventually he,decides to reopen his old karate dojo,Cobra Kai he bases it on the train in,mantra that was once drilled into him as,a teenager strike first strike hard no,mercy,despite the fact that hes making up,most of this [ __ ] as he goes along and,somehow turns out to be exactly what the,kids are today are looking for and soon,Cobra Kaia begins to attract other,misfits and losers victims looking to,defend themselves,drifters in need of guidance and,discipline or just lost and disenchanted,kids looking for a place to belong being,a mentor give Johnny a new sense of,purpose and he slowly starts to grow,into the role he even begins to pull his,own life together for the first time in,years but of course all of this soon,comes to the attention of Daniel who,knows all too well how dangerous Cobra,Kai can be so he decides to start his,own rival dojo based on a more peaceful,and compassionate form of karate,the two rival senses and their students,eventually end up in a collision course,that will be settled where else but the,old valley karate championship if this,all sounds like a cliched load of,nostalgic [ __ ] then prepare to have,your expectations subverted and not in a,Ryan Johnson kinda way because despite,the goofy premise Cobra Kai manages to,get virtually everything about itself,right it does this for many different,reasons but for the sake of brevity and,because Im obsessed with lists Im,gonna give you the five main ones right,here number one the characters Johnny,and Daniel are the clear focus of this,series and its interesting to see how,theyve changed and developed over the,years they were well defined archetypes,back in the original movie one was the,pushy and arrogant bully he throws his,weight around the other was the scrappy,underdog who ultimately prevails but,know their roles have been kinda,reversed now its Johnny whos the,downtrodden loser that you empathize,with hes the stereotypical jock,who crashed and burned after high school,and never really lived up to his early,potential Daniel with all his wealth and,success and they starts off in the,superior position and the shore even,flirts with the idea that hes not as,good a man as you might think,hes not exactly a bad guy but hes kind,of complacent and full of himself now,and when Johnny reopens Cobra Kai he,shows a more ruthless and spiteful side,even being willing to damage local,businesses to tres shut down his rival,both characters are very much older men,now and neither one is dealing with it,particularly well Johnny still cruises,around in a borrowed 1980 sports car,trying to impress women half his age and,acting like hes still the high school,stud that he once was,Daniel meanwhile is dealing with the,void left by the death of his mentor mr.,Miyagi the fact his kids are growing up,fast and the realization that display,offers money theres something,fundamentally missing in his life the,supporting characters are equally good,Miguel has a hero worship thing going on,towards Johnny hes eager to please and,obey his instructions without hesitation,but gradually he develops more,self-confidence and starts to question,his mentors judgment at times it even,seems like Johnny needs Miguel as much,as Miguel needs him,Aisha is a timid overweight girl that,gets shipped from her [ __ ] classmates,and initially Johnny doesnt want to,train her because shes a girl but,finally he gives in and she becomes one,of his best students but my favorite has,to be hawk this guy is a [ __ ] legend,and I love how he transforms from a shy,geeky wimp into a brash super confident,[ __ ] he goes from being a victim of,bullying to kind of a bully himself and,I guess thats not too far from reality,when you think about it [ __ ] man,even John Crees comes back and gets a,few sympathetic moments the point here,is that all of the characters in Cobra,Kai feel fleshed out and complex in a,way that very few shows manage to do,nowadays,nobody is a hundred percent good or bad,there are varying shades of gray,everyone has reasons for being who they,are and what they are and how you,perceive them very much comes down to,your own personal perspective number two,the performances,I mentioned before that a lot of the,cast from the original movie returned,for Cobra Kai which is no mean feat,considering the movie came out more than,30 years ago most of the heavy liftin in,the early episodes is done by William,Zabka as Johnny I honestly cant,remember seeing this guy in anything,beyond the 1980s which I guess please,well into his character but holy [ __ ] he,really nails it here delivering a quiet,reserved an honest performance thats at,times angry resentful self-pity inand,grimly resigned to his failures hes a,man broken down by a waste of life the,kind of middle-aged guy whos given up,on his dreams but every so often you get,little flashes of his former confidence,or a glimmer of approval when he sees,something that reminds him of his youth,and when he finally has something to,strive and fight for again it feels,genuinely rewarding and satisfying to,watch him come alive Ralph Macchio might,have had a bit more of a career in his,time but hes still been largely absent,from the big screen since his 1980s ad,and he still looks about 20 years,younger than he actually is,he slides so easily back into the,familiar role hes played three times,already that it honestly seems like hes,never been away from it he might be,older now but he still got the same,cockiness the same way of talking even,the same mannerisms as before and you,can tell how happy he is to be back,playing his most iconic role again,number three the writing the two dojos,in

Cobra Kai: Season 2 – Review

wow those lights are bright hold on all,right,now thumbnail john crease bane stance,all right so cobra kai season two i know,i was gonna do a video on cobra kai,season two and season three came out but,theres no,real foreseeable release date for season,three plus cobra kai just came to,netflix,recently-ish some weeks ago point is,i watched it all from episode one of,season one through season two it just,gets better and better every time i,watch it also spoilers because i have to,talk about the end,of this season i have to because its a,big part of the impact it leaves you,with,in fact its its all that so spoiler,alert watch cobra kai season 2 before,you watch this you just should,and cobra kind of season 2 it does what,a sequel should do is it just,it steps it up it raises the stakes,without losing,what it was that made it enjoyable to,begin with season one ended miguel wins,the tournament and john crease,shows up which total mandela effect i,thought martin cove had died,i dont know why i just and so in the,show and he was like oh hes dead im,like yeah,they wrote him out of the universe,because there he is he was a great,addition to season two he shows up right,when johnnys like okay we got to go,back to the drawing board a bit,because miguel was fighting dirty and i,dont want to be that karate teacher,that tells my student to sweep the leg,or i dont want my students to at least,believe,that thats how they should fight it,just shows that johnny does want to do,right by his students he wants to be a,good teacher then enter the devil who,kind of gets the ear of some of the,students and,things start going bad for johnny but,you do see why,johnny wants to you know he wants to,give this guy a second chance though,i would argue if youre dealing with,that guy he had,second third and fourth chances well one,of the things i always liked about cobra,kai is it,showed perspective you know its really,good at showing you the perspective of,the other side,in cobra kai seasons one and two daniel,comes across,as a bit of a smarmy prick hes always,passive aggressive to johnny talks down,to him theyre at that restaurant johnny,orders the coors,hes like what daniels like nothing,johnny enjoy your course,im like wooly wood before you said that,dick and you look back at karate kid and,youre like,yeah he kind of was then too i mean i,know were supposed to root for him,but really going back and watching,karate,kid after cobra kai you see it with,different lenses i now see daniel as,this kid with a short fuse whos pretty,quick to get into fights,that might have been on the path to be,an [ __ ],but mr miyagi found him and put him on a,good path it actually makes the karate,kid mythos a bit deeper and those are,the layers to karate kid that cobra kai,the series is retroactively peeling back,and exposing and you see that with hawk,hawk has become,full-blown bully mode when you look back,to where hawk came from you see a bit of,a flashback with hawk in season two,youre like,its this is how bullies are made but,john crease isnt the only addition to,season two,stingray paul walter houser hes,hes so ridiculous i just find the guy,so funny hes funny and endear,hes a perfect fit for cobra kai is he,too old to be in that dojo,absolutely but they joke around with,that but in gushing about what i like,about kobra kai what works for me,the point is it just has a remarkable,amount of heart,the whole things about redemption the,whole thing is about johnny trying to,be the best version of cobra kai,possible whether it be the start of a,romance with miguels mom and johnny,whether,it be really the father-son relationship,with johnny and miguel,all stemming from the fact that he was,an absentee father and he feels that he,knows his mistakes he recognizes that he,wasnt there for his son,and if his son would have him now he,would be a father to his son but,his sons just resentful so when this,father-son relationship between him and,his student miguel he sees the,opportunity to be the father he never,had and the father he never was,theres something nice about that you,know its like it makes you you just,root for johnny but for me a,surprisingly,enjoyable and surprisingly heartfelt,part of this entire season in season two,was when he caught up with his old cobra,kai buddies just yeah its like all,right johnnys on this path but how are,they,like ones a pastor now theyve all,moved past cobra kai but,then they start talking about how john,crease messed them up and they took,those lessons into their adult lives and,when youve learned that rob garrison,the guy from,karate kid you know the johnny kid of a,party bad guy that guy he dies in the,show,but he also died in real life it makes,it sad it makes it a real good buy i was,just kind of crushed to hear that point,is cobra kais season two would,wherever it had to step it up you know,do that next chapter,make the stakes higher but dont lose,who you are dont lose what made season,one great it does all that i think it,did it very well,it does still have the teen drama,absolutely id be kind of baffled if it,didnt because thats how teenagers in,high school are i mean youre still,dealing with teenagers in high school,and every karate kid,movie has a romantic interest so,whenever it starts to overcook it on,that angle and this girl breaks up with,this guy now shes saying this guy this,show still keeps me focused on what i,like about the show and yes the catalyst,to the big throw down at the ends was,it literally is a girl saw her boyfriend,kiss another girl fight ensues in school,just look at that information,it doesnt seem too spectacular but my,god that fight was,damn entertaining and i like the fact,that all right season one we had our,tournament season two,you have a straight up fight these kids,are out for blood man i mean,the warring dojos of cobra kai and,miyagi do dojo its come to a head and i,suppose i just i give that,catalyst to pass because a well youre,talking about a fight in high school how,else would it go down,but two it leaves you on a very dark,note because,miguel shows mercy and then,90s heartthrob team,dude johnnys son in this show looks,like the flash went,back in time snatched up some 90s,heartthrob from 1995,ran through the speed force dropped him,off in 2018 and was like here you go,cobra kai have fun the point is miguel,gets knocked over,a rail falls down a flight of stairs,smacks his back,hes in bad shape and the fact that it,leaves you on that note i think is,so good because it just gives you time,to soak it all in im left thinking,about johnnys left,playing that really somber rendition of,curl summer its a great version i may,or may not have listened to it,quite a few times which cruel summer,played in the original karate kid when,daniel was at school,i think it was his first day at school,then it plays in cobra kai season 2 the,very last episode when they go back to,school after summer,then it plays this version of cruel,summer when johnnys just reflecting,on his failures you really feel like,johnny wanted to redeem his past with,the present you know he wanted to do,right by his students he wanted to do,right by miguel and he was so close to,it i saw a little bit of,fan anger the fact that johnny and,daniel never had their fight but i,always felt like they had their fight,they had their fight in the tournament,yeah theres new beef sprouting but its,not really with,johnny it really daniel should fight,john crease he should fight him i was,more interested in the fact that they,sat down at dinner and they started to,break bread they,shook hands and its always that close,enough thing ever they were so close,this season with flashbacks and,execution builds up what cobra kai means,to johnny and you really feel the fact,that this guy,wanted cobra kai as it should have been,you know remembered lord of the rings,when gandalf comes back gandalf the,white and he was like i am sorry man,im sorry man as he should have been,thats johnny and

Cobra Kai Cast Test Martial Arts Gadgets | WIRED

hi we are the cast of cobra kai and,were guest correspondents for wired,and today well be testing and reviewing,martial arts tech,[Music],all right first gadget please,oh my god i feel like its a hand,strength thing it looks like a swing i,dont know whats like this,tiger claw eagle catcher eagle catcher,is great for building strength in your,hands,and fingers individual resistance spring,provides focus workout for each finger,shaolin said nice wow i wanted this,thing for my kung fu training i can,reposition my fingers in order to work,different parts of my hand simple old,school like device that is easy to use,five stars success book club said im,sorry i dont trust this already because,youre a book club not a karate person,but whatever this does not work well all,caps and bolted i do not recommend this,piece of exercise equipment it is not,easy to use and cannot be adjusted to,fit oh hes got small hands to fit,different size hands or hamstrings one,star yeah im sorry if your hands are,even smaller than this,i feel like the goal is,your eyes,thats copyright careful,oh,maybe this is really good and we just,dont know how to use it it seems so,situational,id say like it it does its job,im sure it does what its supposed to,do five out of five,oh shoot its like a mini box,oh its like a handle in the back i just,love this oh i hope this is not a big,like,yeah i think its got to be a catching,mitt boxing mit human head it says the,head shape helps increase punching,accuracy lightweight helps increase,punching speed left and right hooks,uppercuts leg kicks leg kicks how was,that okay slipping punches,and so much more boxing kickboxing mma,muay thai and karate training benjamin,sensei says pretty good purchase this,piece of equipment is worth it i think,the only drawback was that the handle,rubbed my hand pretty bad i would,recommend having glove on five stars,cj805 said hard to hold not very,effective doesnt hold well for striking,the handle should be in the center not,on the back because it just flops side,to side uncontrollably when someone,throws hooks even light ones can take,jabs and crosses okay one star,all right you want it like this like,this like that youre just gonna let go,lets see if i come in here,i think the guy gave it a one star was,just mad and didnt think of it in a,creative way like we did yeah i i think,this one i actually liked this one more,than the last one it was i think i think,four stars though because youre right,if you could wear it as a mix yeah,it was satisfying though other than that,yeah four and a half stars and it smells,bad so four stars,can we have the third gadget please,theyre boards that you can break but,you can put them back together so youre,not wasting,their environmentally friendly,rebranding,boards,victory martial arts branded rebreakable,karate boards are made with premium,quality high impact molded plastic with,rubber padding on both sides break slide,back together and break again different,colors equal different levels of,difficulty match the board thickness,with your belt level to get an idea of,the thickness you need cassie said it,breaks again and again the cushioning is,a nice touch although it doesnt make a,lot of difference five stars too hard to,break,didnt expect it to be so hard to break,one star sorry youre a green belt buddy,three,two one,tanners like it really hurts,did it hurt,[Applause],all right what do you guys think the,last the face one was more fun,but youll get the most use out of this,one but its environmentally friendly,wheres the brick one five out of five,so five stars for that five stars five,stars five stars,may i please have the next gadget,oh i know this one yeah,this could be one of two things play,catch with yourself,yeah it also,raise your reflex poor reflexes in the,ring lead to painful losses ko the,competition when you refine your,reflexes and high-end eye coordination,with champions,reaction ball set ready set spar comes,with one head man four balls with chords,and four extra chords canoedo del leon,said training and entertainment the,product was just as described its,entertaining and fun for all ages my,four-year-old son and 72 year old dad,have used it its challenging yet very,straightforward five stars do you hear,that its for all ages,and then eric said trash it might as,well be garbage the worst part is how,easy it is for the ropes to snap for mma,boxing more like a pathetic childs toy,thing that should be named pathetic one,star i think hes got tiny hands,i think he has tiny hands,oh,world star all right someone else should,try this im going to embarrass myself,im starting to agree with that eric guy,there you go there you go yeah,i think peytons right i think it does,feel a bit like a cat but its really,fun i think itd be cool to get good i,dont know if i would spend my money on,this but i think if i dont know wired,were to like gift one,gift hes gonna escape with this today,this one party trick i was about to say,this would be a fun like party game if,you lose the party game guys yeah you,take a sip of capri sun yeah you take a,sip of your mountain dew and you do this,mountain dew there we go,good five stars,i actually agree eric was the one who,gave the nasty review right yeah i kind,of agree that with eric that the string,was a little lame i think i would give,it four i would not charge more than,like fifteen dollars i think that would,be scamming people i feel like its,probably how much is it,may we please have the final,gadget thank you oh its r2d2 i feel,sturdy i mean this feels pretty cheap,you know what this is its a holder its,fushiki,a vibrating massage ball vibration,technology improves range of motion and,flexibility reduces soreness and,stiffness and enhances muscle,performance goodbye pain use it like a,fitness roller on your hand foot neck,body or whatever you see fit bohab said,i have one of these and two of the,larger versions this one is good for,smaller body areas you dont want the,full force of the larger version the,vibes on this are strong love them both,we know what the vibes mean yeah,gs said not nearly enough vibration to,be more beneficial than a ball i guess,the small size is limiting for vibration,amount one star,oh there we go intensity what are you,thinking,i mean im gonna agree that its not,great,hey yeah it kind of just feels like your,phone is buzzing but what if you like,laid on it wait wait wait wait its like,it feels like your phone is buzzing yeah,it feels like you just have white noise,on your back,oh my god,that went up my spine,maybe try it on the top of your thigh,i like,it i think i think you would bow have on,this one,this would go in my junk drawer for sure,oh,that was the most savage this is like,all day this is like a wrap its gonna,go in my junk and then you never,yeah okay this thing is not that good,okay the difference is that last thing,was twenty dollars and this is like a,hundred and fifty dollars,its gonna,[Music],awesome guys yeah those are all five of,the gadgets whatd you guys think of,them,its like a pretty even split i like the,face launcher the reusable boards i like,the carrot on the stick the most yeah,not to introduce them yeah too hard,draining yeah,catch us next time see you next time,[Music]

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