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  4. Call of Duty: Vanguard Review
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Call of Duty: Vanguard Review – Single-Player Campaign

all right boys this is it youre on me,call of duty vanguards campaign starts,off on the right track literally an,explosive train sequence for a burning,hamburg thrills as you jump between,carriages fending off dozens of angry,nazis on your way to a submarine base,its a cinematic opening to a game that,wears its film influences proudly,whether that be the tense behind enemy,lines aspects of d-day and the longest,day or the vivid depictions of the,pacific in terrence maliks the thin red,line no shadow hangs heavier over this,latest call of duty world war ii story,however than in glorious bastards its,tale of a small group of expert soldiers,on a secret mission to stop the third,reich may sound familiar to anyone who,has seen the 2009 movie but vanguard,plays it with a much straighter face,than tarantino ever could even so,vanguards campaign is over quickly and,its small series of battles are all too,rarely memorable high points,[Music],please,proceed,any story is only as good as its,villains and with the nazis you really,cant go wrong in that department two,high-ranking german officers serve as a,one-two punch in this regard and have a,lovely time chewing the scenery while,dancing the christoph waltz dan,donoghues chief gestapo interrogator,freizinger provides a chilling presence,and commands every cutscene he stars in,on the other side of the coin is lord of,the rings and losts dominic monahan who,plays the quieter but cunning yannick,richter his snake-like demeanor manages,to spark fear despite looking quite a,bit like a fascist elton john forming,the worlds first special forces unit,are one elite operator from four of the,allied countries britain the soviet,union australia and the usa all are,competently performed and add their own,quotes to the dynamic britains arthur,kingsley is a stoic level-headed leader,aussie riggs and american jackson battle,it out to be the biggest maverick of the,group the former probably wins due to,his fetish for explosives and lack of,respect for any form of authority but,its laura baileys paulina petrova who,by far offers the most compelling,character its no surprise shes at the,center of vanguards best moments to,introduce each member and give us an,insight into their personalities were,taken on missions from their past that,helped shape them as fighters its a,neat structure to the campaign because,it lets us visit numerous locations on,different fronts of the war while still,maintaining a coherent plot line sure,most of these missions dont tell us,much about the backgrounds of the,protagonists apart from theyre quite,good at shooting but petrovas leans much,more heavily into the emotions of war,but this fight,it matters you matter,you and misha,are all i have left,taking place during the horrific and,lengthy battle of stalingrad we get a,glimpse of her russian family life,before the german invasion although a,small-scale scene in comparison its,this calm before the storm that adds a,huge amount of emotional weight to her,arc and makes her feel like a fully,fleshed out character the credit here,can be shared between the poignant,writing and baillys masterful,performance understated when it needs to,be but explosive when the occasion calls,for it its just a shame that the same,attention isnt paid to the other,members of the team in this regard,paulina has the standout mission in,snowy stalingrad its one that puts all,of her sharp shooting and stealth skills,to the test the war-torn city has a,deathly post-apocalyptic atmosphere to,it that doesnt feel too far removed,from another more infected game series,that bayley appeared in not too long ago,this section showcases the best bits of,vanguard with a big emphasis placed on,movement in sections polina has the,added abilities of being able to climb,certain walls and squeeze through small,gaps at pace that can turn certain,encounters into a hell on earth version,of doom at times you have to vault and,jump around architecture dodging and,decapitating foes each of the four,heroes possesses their own perks such as,jackson being able to highlight enemies,through smoke and foliage and slowing,down time to execute them red dead style,but none feels quite as fun or fluid as,petrovas added movement capabilities it,kind of made me wish that i was playing,as her the whole time rather than,switching back to her less interesting,comrades especially when all the best,missions are hers,on the whole the list of missions are,solid if not spectacular a couple of,other highlights include an exciting,dogfight during the battle of midway and,a tense farmhouse encounter after you,drop in solo the night before d-day,during operation tonga its a sequence,that is visually stunning and not only,pays homage to war cinema but also call,of dutys own storied history tonga,played a key part in the original game,in the series back in 2003. all in all,though theres just not the variety in,mission design that weve come to expect,from a call of duty campaign especially,when compared to the heights that both,the modern warfare and black ops series,have reached youll have boots on the,ground running from objective marker to,objective marker for the vast majority,of vanguards brief five hour run time,there just seems to be some missed,opportunities here especially when it,comes to an almost complete lack of,vehicles or special one-off weapons to,use during big moments its especially,mind-boggling that you play a mission as,one of the desert rats during the battle,of el alamein one of the most famous,tank battles in history and not get,inside a tank once that being said,vanguards gun play is of a very high,standard and is as snappy as youd,expect from call of duty youre,propelled through levels with an,emphasis placed on pushing the enemy,rather than taking cover and holding,your ground the ability to now slide,left to right while mounted on cover is,a very welcome addition for when the,rare time to hunker down does arise,though guns feel distinct from one,another ranging from the suitably,rickety recoil of the mp40,to the satisfyingly powerful kick of the,car,98. the sound design is also on point as,bullets whizz past and explosions ring,out for what feels like the full five,hours further adding volume to these,theaters is god of war composer bear,mccrearys fantastic music which,soundtracks some of vanguards most,cinematic moments perfectly vanguard is,equally visually striking throughout too,whether that be the hostile greens of,the solomon islands or shell flashes,illuminating enemy silhouettes in the,midst of nighttime normandy facial,animations are also noticeably,impressive its hard to believe many,games stack up against call of duty when,it comes to the graphical quality of its,cutscenes all these factors combined to,create a holy cinematic experience,albeit one that meanders towards the,finish line the individual missions can,play it fairly safe but when the team,comes together during both the opening,and closing salvos of the story it all,starts to sing its just quite,underwhelming that this happens rarely,in vanguard with the stars of the show,being kept apart from each other for the,vast majority theres a lot to like here,and the ending is as satisfyingly,explosive as its beginning it just feels,a few more risks could have been taken,along the way,i should nazis they die,thats my plan,with a strong cast of characters used to,varying effect teletale that puts just,about enough of a spin on the stories,its paying or marge to call of duty,vanguard single player campaign is an,impressively cinematic depiction of,world war ii that said aside from a few,standout moments sprinkled over its,fleeting five hours for the most part it,plays it a little too safe in regards to,mission variety to feel like a standout,in the series it may look and sound,spectacular but it could have used more,stylish missions like petrovas to,distinguish its gameplay from the many,battles weve thought before,for everything else ca

How to NOT Write a Story (Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign Review)

ladies and gentlemen as you guys know on,this channel we dive into the story of,call of duty a lot diving into the,campaigns the trailers various different,things in the multiplayer and break down,the story within call of duty a couple,of weeks ago i made a video that was the,ending explained of call of duty,vanguard and in that video i said i was,working on a video that was kind of a,review of the call of duty vanguard,campaign and ive been putting this,together for a while now and i want to,preface this video by saying i am not a,writer ive never written a book ive,never wrote in a video game anything,along those lines but what i have done,is made a lot of story videos for call,of duty that have amassed over 50,million views you guys really like them,and its pretty much the biggest thing,on my channel so i like to think that i,know what people like in call of duty,campaigns and call of duty stories and,when it comes to call of duty vanguard i,think its one of the most poorly,written call of duty games in the last,well ever and i dont say that lightly,and most of the time i think the writing,and call of duty games is actually very,very good so if youre a writer on call,of duty vanguard im sorry to tear you,apart in this video but i think it was,just really poorly done and i want to,make a video explaining why and on top,of that how it could have been done,better so that is what we are going to,be talking about today before we dive,into it i just like to say ink slasher,merch if you want to get your hands on,it today is the last day it is live,until midnight at midnight it is gone,you cannot get it anymore so get your,hands on it while you still can first,link down below but as far as the rest,of this video essentially what were,diving into is why i think the writing,ruined the call of duty vanguard,campaign now as i mentioned before i,dont say that lightly and when i say,the writing ruined it the main reason i,say that is because i actually think the,gameplay of the campaign is actually,pretty good i think they did a pretty,interesting job having different,characters with different perks and kind,of giving a reason why but the writing,is where it falls short and it starts,from the very beginning the first,mission of the campaign you play as,novak and as far as novak goes hes one,of the operators on task force vanguard,you at this point are trying to figure,out what project phoenix is and upon,breaking into a nazi facility you end up,finding out some information is hidden,within one of the submarines shortly,after this you are captured and well,needless to say this is what happens to,novak,[Music],what,[Music],[Music],dispose of it,put the rest in the truck,[Music],now when i first played this mission it,was a strong start to the campaign and i,didnt necessarily think this was a bad,thing however upon playing the rest of,the campaign what i quickly realized is,that this simply didnt matter the main,protagonist who you were playing as in,this mission novak doesnt have any,effect on the campaign whatsoever the,rest of the campaign is told through,flashback missions going through the,various members of task force vanguard,in which there is no mention of novak,and because of this him dying in the,very first mission has no change or any,outcome on anything that happens with,the rest of the story and one thing that,i think call of duty does extremely well,is killing their main characters,whenever it happens it is always super,heartfelt and you feel something for,that character however because youve,never played as novak theres no,backstory for him you have no emotion,for him whatsoever and this scene just,ends up not mattering whatsoever a good,example of how to do this in a great way,i have a whole video on this is soap,mctavish now i have an entire video,dedicated to this with over 2.5 million,views now the reason why i bring that up,is because it shows how good they did,telling this story now this is referring,to the first three modern warfare games,cod 4 modern warfare 2 and modern,warfare 3. silk mctavish was an integral,character in all of those games and,throughout all three they were building,up his character and specifically his,relationship with captain price so in,modern warfare 3 when he ends up falling,out of a building and being dragged to,safety it makes a whole lot more,difference for the entire story it,changes the mood and anger of captain,price and on top of this you get to see,their relationship and how it developed,even with a symbol of the pistol that,was passed back and forth between them,between modern warfare 1 2 and three it,showed the relationship it showed,emotion and it brought emotion forward,in the people playing the game in other,words his death actually mattered,come on stay with me son,hi sir,[Music],get off me,[Music],im sorry,[Music],now that is how you do a death scene you,play as the character you get to know,them you get to know why they do what,they do throughout the game and the,relationship with other characters and,then when they die you actually,care then we have call of duty vanguard,where in the very first mission they,kill off a character that you never get,to know who they were theres no,background on where they came from or,why they were a part of task force,vanguard and you know zero about their,relationship with any of the other,characters he is barely,barely brought up through the rest of,the campaign the only time he is is the,very end when kingsley says we have to,do this for novak in other words his,death doesnt matter at all and this is,something that well see repeated,throughout call of duty vanguard where,things just dont matter and dont,affect the story whatsoever what i mean,by this is throughout the rest of the,campaign some of it takes place in,berlin where you were learning about the,task force vanguard characters being,captured interrogated and when each of,them is interrogated you get a flashback,mission to a previous battle that each,of them had fought in one of my favorite,characters in the game personality wise,is lucas riggs and while hes being,interrogated you get a flashback mission,to when he was fighting in africa now in,this mission it has nothing to do with,the overall story of the campaign the,main story of the campaign is project,phoenix and how that is establishing the,fourth reich and you do see some project,phoenix logos in his mission however,other than that it is just telling the,story of how his best friend in ward,died and how he goes against authority,yes it does give the character a little,more character if you will however it,doesnt explain how he joins task force,vanguard or why he is fighting this or,why he wants to be a part of task force,vanguard well guess what these answers,do exist but not in game in the call of,duty vanguard comics the first example,we have of this is arthur kingsleys,comic where we get to see the story of,how he became a part of task force,vanguard fighting in a battle when,captain butcher appears he then talks to,him about what task force vanguard is,and how he wants to be recruited,something we never even hear mention of,in the call of duty vanguard campaign,not to mention butcher is not in the,vanguard campaign hes a part of the war,zone cinematics and things along those,lines but not in the campaign not even a,part of the story and guess what this is,not the only comic we have petra nova or,paulina who has her comic which explains,how she became a part of vanguard we,have wade jacksons comic who explains,it and were waiting on two more who,will probably one of which will be lucas,riggs both of which explain how they,became a part of vanguard and guess what,it goes even further because theres,also an entire comic about novak novak,is recruited into task force vanguard,and has an entire backstory that we,dont get to see if this comic was a,mission within call of duty vanguard,that would have made his death mean a,lot more and not just be a n

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the WORST Call of Duty Ive EVER played – Call of Duty Vanguard

uh,cant do that,oh,i like my germans medium rare please,all right,where are the men that need help,[Music],which one of you is shooting at me,wait oh this one,sorry i i wish you guys said like,uh what are they called oh yes uniforms,[ __ ],uniforms,sakura type 11 is a japanese rifle,what is that doing here,no you cant tell me what to do,what just happened,the tracks are splitting jump,oh the jump scene that every call of,duty has,but since theres no helicopters yet,this is what we get,trains,i like trains,whats your uncle,how did you know,i shoot nazis they died,thats my plan,shes so cool,im sorry puppy,im sorry,yeah thats why we brought the guns to,shoot them,away,do the honest will you,all right i need to focus give me a,second,[Music],wait the germans have flashbangs,what,oh what happened we did it we finished,the mission,oh,oh no okay,uh of course,of course he hits me with the chair,[Music],three times,four times is that my fingers oh,sometimes the only way to honor a,foreign soldier is to finish i am,having a hard time caring about any of,the characters,oh boy,do i have to press anything,uh,reserve for the reserve pull the reserve,you thinking about it think about it,maybe huh,do i have a reserve,oh hes trying to catch another plane,thats whats happening oh here we go,finally,oh,there you go,wow that took,so long,absolutely insane,can i just hide in the woods and wait,till morning,thunder,[Music],thunder,hes looting,thats a war crime you cant do that,what the hell bro,okay hes gone okay hes gone okay hes,gone get his gun get his gun his gun,nice,now that was cool,why didnt you open with that instead of,that [ __ ] train mission what the [ __ ],was that,luemo i know i know this little ammo get,out of my screen,whoa dude you had,five bullets for war,youre over equipped,why cant you just take the ammo from,that one and put it on this one,like its the same thing,ill use the door obviously where am i,some kind of animal oh press f2 regroup,of course call of duty nice to see you,gents as arthur pressed forth to give,orders to allies,lets get apart oh but okay i thought i,could do it like browsing arms this,sucks,whats our options attack or attack,um,i dont know man,this is this is a tough one its a tough,one okay you guys attack that all fire,on the truck,bet theyre going to advertise in his,squad gameplay,bob your uncle,uh,im sorry,what,also white,huh supposed to be caught,oh he fired two shots and we he loaded,it once,i thought this was a big budget,production who remembers how to drive a,blitz i got this search,oh,[ __ ] focus,whoa we have all these people here why,are we doing like one man missions,i wanted to drive but this is not what i,meant,oh god,all right,why couldnt i have used the engine if,youre going to see us coming anyway,oh its true,nice,[Applause],you crazy bastards,tactical sprint,its not sprint,its tactical sprint okay theres a,difference,and the difference is a stack,listen here buddy im going to rally you,weve got a job to do get out there,is that good enough motivation perfect,did you stop the bleeding did you try to,do that,go go go,forward oh my god legit,all right you guys go first,oh my god oh,oh my god,this is crazy,you guys are [ __ ] dumb why did you,listen to me,your sacrifice would not be vain my,friends,so four germans walk into a bar,move up,uh richard youre in charge goodbye,dad used to be a person,thats why were here man because you,guys are also military dudes thats a,lot of people,why am i charging so slowly,oh,what is this come on,uh i like my germans medium rare please,you go first because the last guy,um i just said he didnt fare well,holy,god that was close,thanks,no problem man i only shot him 16 times,with the bar,oh there you are,what a weeb sorry,webb in that moment,i knew what i had to do,stop smoking,im stuck in a corner oh,spend time with your family wow only in,a video game that could make me do this,thank you for the subtitles very useful,[ __ ] if any of those two bluetooth get,past you,you know where to send them,of course disneyland will never get oh,this is nice,up here,beer,and i also have map map of the world you,have map map of the road [ __ ],forget something,i am strong russian woman this is for,you,ah this is where the music is coming,from,does everyone smoke in this freaking,town its crazy well be careful out,there,jesus spit all over my face,truck broke down this way its blocked,move along,so realistic,[Music],your eyes are scary,all right,where are the men that need help,[Music],oh there they are,all right,bring me a bandage,someone bring me a bandage i need to,save this man oh,oh,okay got it thanks game,[Music],she did,whoa,oh damn this is cool,jesus [ __ ],can i borrow a helmet from anybody,the medic needs a medic thats how bad,this is,oh its like the squid game okay so does,this one crack does that one crack no,woman just breathe,breathe its okay youre the main,character they cant kill in a cut scene,well,like this see this you never die in,these situations,so you dont have to worry,there you go everything just works out,whoa,uh,im jumping,i dont know,told you cutscenes you cant die,imagine being that,lucky hello,wait,is that is it,get back inside,im a mitchum,wait how are germans already here,time to cut some loafs,oh look thats a big loaf,wheres the butter,why are you playing peek-a-boo with,someone with the shotgun i i dont i,dont understand,hello,what have you done,you have to leave stuff i just cut some,bread,i think thats the dad,they just left the rifle here thats,convenient,that army cant save you now old man,but i cant,is that that oh,no the horrors of war,they add hollow sides to mp4s,tell mom im off to save me,they make,the cross green so they dont get sued,by red cross,true story,whoa what the [ __ ],did i just go through a wormhole what,was that,youll be showing mercy uh uh-huh,like this guy was he showing mercy,or this guy no i killed that one but you,get my point,take the money,so you sprint and,it just go easy to go,those things are polished every single,day thats how theyre that smooth,rocky,thats a good strategy keep sending,people and me till i run out of ammo,thats my work,i really need to figure out this case it,was,theyre very organized though,hey uniform is still impeccable after,that,[Music],thats what she said oh,is this still pc i dont know,and now you have made a fool of me,careful he likes cheers the only time i,feel anything is when i watch a german,beg for his life,wow,that sour the mood,huh,[Music]

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Call of Duty: Vanguard Review

call of duty games can sometimes,contradict themselves the franchise,dictates that each new game has a,specific feel things like quick kill,times and consistent approaches to,movement and weapons and campaigns that,mix a large sense of scale with an,individual intensity of battle call of,duty vanguard maintains all of these,things but it also strains under the,formula it climbs to some excellent,heights but stumbles often along the way,as well what the bloody hell is he doing,vanguard returns to world war ii but,takes a fictionalized exaggerated,approach to the conflict it puts you in,the shoes of four veteran heroes as they,come together to form the first modern,special forces team the story can be a,bit cartoonish at times it feels like,call of dutys take on something like,the expendables but its also fitting,for a game where you single-handedly,kill hundreds of enemies in each mission,these folks are the best of the best and,the story takes you through flashbacks,for each one establishing why theyre,the best and then letting them work,together to hijack a nazi train and,smash a nazi base creating memorable,characters and leaning into storytelling,is an area the franchise has often,struggled with and much of what makes,the campaign fun is how vanguard goes on,building your team its all character,all the time that helps keep the story,from getting disjointed as it leaps,around both the timeline of the war and,the globe dropping you in major battles,so you can see how each character got to,where you find them but its in those,moments of character development that,the vanguard half of the game struggles,against the traditional call of duty,half the campaign is built on,introducing each of your teams,characters with their own missions,sending you to various world war ii,theaters in an attempt to deliver a,variety of experiences in a variety of,locations its hit and miss though,vanguard wants to make each of the,characters feel like a specialist by,giving them different abilities but not,all the ideas attached to them work,especially well the standout of the,campaign is paulina a russian sniper and,hero of the battle of stalingrad paulina,is more agile than the other characters,allowing her to quickly sneak under,tables and through tight spaces or climb,walls to get to sniper perches when,shes not sniping her missions are,largely about stealth as she sneaks,through bombed out buildings to slip,behind enemy soldiers and knife them in,the neck before disappearing among the,debris their exciting and fraught,moments but her character-specific,ability flashing a knife to coax a,sniper into wasting a shot so she can,spot them,is only useful in very specific,instances it really just allows you to,kill specific enemies when they show up,and so feels less like a skill and more,like a button you push at the designated,time,other missions and characters are less,interesting and less distinct lucas an,explosives expert fighting german tank,battalions in north africa pretty much,fights the same way as british team,leader and paratrooper arthur or,american pilot wade jackson lucass,special ability is carrying lots of,different kinds of grenades and when,its his time to shine he mostly just,throws grenades,similarly arthur can order other,teammates to focus fire on certain,targets sometimes suppressing them but,theres no real strategy involved most,of the time you only have one or two,options so when a target shows up you,tell your team to shoot at it until you,can flank it and kill it if they stop,shooting you just repeat the process,wades chunk of the game is the weakest,with the digression to an airborne,mission over the pacific that mixes,confusing objectives with loose controls,and boring dogfights when hes not in a,plane wade has the strange focus ability,that lets him detect enemies through,walls and underbrush for a short period,but using it doesnt afford you any,interesting iterations on the combat,youve been playing through for hours by,that point wades ability is primarily,deployed for sneaking past enemies,during his mission but its never clear,how or why enemies detect you leading to,a much more irritating stealth section,where you just stay as far away from,everyone as the linear path will allow,it all amounts to a campaign that has,its exciting highlights but doesnt,really achieve the goal of making it,feel like youre experiencing different,aspects of world war ii or taking on the,roles of characters with particular,skills the opportunities to use specific,abilities are heavily prescribed and the,campaign itself is extremely linear in,the usual call of duty way with some,moments and elements scripted so,specifically that it can make the game,feel more like a ride than a war,competitive multiplayer fares better,although vanguards attempts at focusing,on character also struggle against the,call of duty framework on that side of,the experience as well you can choose,from a number of different operator,characters to play in multiplayer,including characters from the campaign,but the nature of the call of duty,player vs player experience demands that,they all have the same capabilities so,the emphasis placed on the operators,they even all get their own special,cutscenes when you choose them really,doesnt amount to much more than,opportunities to earn new character,skins the additions to multiplayer,though are positive ones even if theyre,mostly iterative changes to the familiar,maps are littered with destructible,walls giving you chances to bust out new,sight lines or shoot people through,flimsy cover the destruction adds,pathways and tactical options while also,increasing the overall chaos as bullets,fly from more places that makes,multiplayer matches feel like they,change over time which brings a fun,dynamism to battles that requires you to,think quickly and adjust your approach,vanguard also features some new modes,and adjustments that enhance the usual,multiplayer fare the competitive menu,includes a new option that lets you tune,the kind of matches you want to play,leaning into either large team battles,on bigger maps or smaller more intense,firefights that get you into the action,more quickly the patrol mode is a,highlight adding mobility to control,points that forces you to constantly,chase them around the map which further,adds to the dynamic feel of battles and,incentivizes out-of-the-box thinking to,catch opponents unaware theres also,champion hill which mixes the high speed,low player count intensity of modern,warfares gun game with elements of,warzone champion hill pits teams of,either two or three players against each,other in a round robin competition where,each team has a set number of lives and,earns money from kills that money can,then be spent on perks new weapons and,upgrades and armor to give you an edge,but the speed of battle means that,winning a fight usually comes down to,smart movement and good team play its a,fun iteration on call of duty ideas that,already work which resulted in a lot of,heart competitive moments in our,multiplayer sessions,champion victory is yours,along with a heavy emphasis on building,fun weapon loadouts with the gunsmith,menu the tweaks here give vanguard a,feeling of heightened customization and,fluidity presenting you with a chance to,seek out the kind of call of duty,experience you like most weapon unlocks,also transfer between modes which,lessens the grind needed to expand your,arsenal a lot of vanguards multiplayer,offerings feel like the usual call of,duty fair so if you already like what,youve been playing in modern warfare or,black ops cold war youll probably like,this too though the tweaks arent,necessarily all huge theyre solid,adjustments that bring new variety to,the series overall,where vanguard brings bigger changes is,in the perennial zombies mode although,part of that experience is currently,missing zombies has been a fascinating,addition to the series as a sort of,horde mode puzzle box that p

Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign Review

call of duty vanguard is it worth a bye,lets read the words the words,theres nothing there guys theres no,words on stage because the game isnt,out on steam theres no words really on,on the blizzard store look there is no,words guys lets just get on with the,review first up guys is the graphics,they look fantastic in this game,especially the pacific island when you,get stuck on this specific specific,island its a specific island in the,pacific specifics you get stuck on the,side it looks great guys it looks really,good heres the graphical options uh,there are a lot of i wish every game was,as good as this for the graphical,options and stuff and not just the,graphical options the control options as,well its got everything covered its,great its no problem whatsoever so yeah,10 out of 10 purely for graphical,options and your control options now,before we go into the review i have a,message,im not going to discuss anything about,the diversity,the racism,uh or the history,in this video,its,hideous,and its offensive and it got me so,[ __ ] angry that im making a separate,video about that,probably tomorrow or the day after this,video here is purely gonna concentrate,on the gun play the gameplay the,missions and all that stuff so,lets carry on so you are playing as the,special operations executive team its,made up of a russian um a american,it sounds like a joke theres a russian,and an american and thats that,well in a bar and then walk to scotsman,no matt just know um,it plays people from different,nationalities skin colors and things,like that and what happens is you get,captured by the krauts now im allowed,to say krauts because the game says,crowds all the time which means im,allowed to say it and now so thats,great we can see it crowds,crouch there we go so youre captured by,the crowds guys and um you are,interrogated and as youre being,interrogated your backstory is,shown and you clears you clear the,backstory so thats so you can get,introduced to the characters and what,theyve done and all of this stuff and,how they became who they are and all,that now these are a series of missions,that cover,a lot of world war ii really youve got,stalingrad which was 1942 i believe in,russia thats when youre playing as uh,the woman the sniper and there were,actually woman snipers so thats,authentic love it i love authenticity i,absolutely love it but then she turns,into the terminator guys which i dont,think happened ive been looking all,over my world war collection for um,russian terminator women in insta and i,couldnt find it so theyve lost that,you see everybody has a superpower in,this game oh did you not know that,sorry theyre not saying this is um call,of duty avengers,yeah youve got a superpower um you see,she has a superpower as a sniper she has,the magic hypnotic finger now what that,does is um if theres a sniper pinning,her down she just,holds up her finger and goes,like that and the sniper sees the finger,and goes i will shoot at the finger and,give my position away and empty my gun,of this round bang pulls the trigger and,uh then you know she sees where the,snipers are hes trying to reload his,gun she pops up and she shoots him and,if she doesnt know where the sniper is,she just keeps putting her finger up,and then the sniper goes ah theres the,finger the finger of death i must shoot,this finger of death oh i missed it,theres the finger of death again i must,shoot shoot shoot shoot the thing,theres the finger of death again,wheres the finger there it is shoot the,thing and so thats her superpower until,she spots them and then she pops up and,kills her um shes also,able to defeat the entire uh german army,with a pistol whilst carrying her badly,injured brother uh because shes,superhuman i mean shes a skinny woman,but shes super shes a terminator you,see you gotta get so shes walking along,hauling about,a brother with this pistol shooting,on on by the way this is not uneasy this,isnt on regular this is on the hardest,on i think its called harder difficulty,level just shooting everybody just be a,bang shoot shoot shoot shoot she does,all that its its absolute bullshittery,but her mission well one of her missions,did provide me the most fun in the whole,game uh thats when ive picked up the,ppsh this sniper rifle i had an mg42,which is just awesome the sounds in this,game of grid and uh i was just running,around shooting regular troops i wasnt,using the magic finger i was just,shooting regular german troops and,having a blast,it only lasted 10 minutes it was very,short-lived but it was the best part of,the whole game for me um the american,guy whos uh from the battle of midway,the bottle of bidview is hilarious in,this game the battle midway in this game,uh you have the most yankee controls,with the mouse and keyboard youve ever,ever ever ever ever in your ever guys,but it doesnt matter because the,japanese are blind,uh they cant see where you are theyre,just guessing all the time and missing,and when they do hit your year your,planes invulnerable in fact i crashed,into more planes than i actually shot,and i still never i still never died,i think i bounced off the sea as well i,swear i bounced off the sea i could be,wrong but im pretty sure i bounced off,the sea because i was going to hit the,scene and all of a sudden i leveled out,and i was away again but hang on a,second i should have been a [ __ ],submarine by now that was just yeah uh,its awful absolutely awful ive never,wanted a sequence to end in a game as,much as i did the battle of midway,section in this absolutely rancid guys,but then luckily you do get shot down in,a cutscene and then it gets really awful,you,end up in this jungle which looks,fantastic graphics again woo shiny,really really well but then you discover,that he has a secret power as well this,guy not only is the terminator but hes,also neo from matrix oh yeah you see you,press his super power guys and he gets,xxx i said,[Music],but not only does he get x-ray vision,guys,he gets to be an inbot,i swear,when you press your fire button the,actual game takes control of each one,and,violently points it at any g any i would,say german japanese that are on the,screen whether on the left side or the,right side just quickly yeah theres one,there over the other side theres one,there it just you just press your mouse,button and walk forwards like the,terminator and it slows down time as,well like neil,its what,what what,what are we doing here what the [ __ ] are,we doing here what are we doing here how,have we got to this from the great call,of duties when they first came out call,of duty one and two were fantastic how,have we got to this site please somebody,how a triple a gaming cough its awful,guys do you know what it gets worse how,can it get worse easily easily because,the games so [ __ ] easy youll always,be going ahead of your troops i was just,massaging every [ __ ] and you know what,me troops behind us i said take out this,tigger i said i took that out five,[ __ ] minutes ago man what are you,talking about you prick oh where we,gonna stay here you take that out what,take one out theyre all sitting there,this [ __ ] everybodys dead ive,massacred them their brothers their,brothers their childrens uncles and,these [ __ ] dog and me troops are,still sitting there,youve gone too far that happened three,or four times in the game where ive,just gone miles ahead broke the game,essentially and then eventually the,catcher if you just keep running forward,like a prick theyll eventually catch up,i mean you know what in the jungles no,now this is in france i think it was in,france there was um i had no gun the,game give me no gun because you know you,have to do a bit of stealthing around,which is good i enjoyed it i saw a,german i killed him,sneaked up on them um because theyre,blind and deaf theyre not telling that,yeah theyre blind and deaf so you can,go right up to them and just yeah you,can just play with them uh i took his,good ten rounds in huh

Call of Duty: Vanguard Campaign | Honest Review

whats up everybody this is dan with,game junk and for todays bite size,review were covering the campaign of,call of duty vanguard drawing heavy,inspiration from quentin tarantinos and,glorious bastards throughout its four to,five hour campaign you control a ragtag,group of allied heroes from world war ii,as you hunt down a remnant of the nazi,order uncovering the mystery of project,phoenix along the way as you progress,through the main narrative youre,introduced to each of the games,protagonists through flashback missions,across the entire landscape of world war,ii despite being such a short campaign,the game is able to effectively fit a,ton of varied environments into the,story while still feeling put together,and connected oh there,isnt that nice you could argue that the,campaign is maybe too short and that,would be a fair criticism if thats what,you value in a game but i personally,feel like the length is perfect having,now experienced a story for myself in,vanguard with such a character-focused,adventure you have just enough time to,learn about the heroes the excellent,villains and wrap up its story in a,satisfying way without the game ever,overstaying its welcome and speaking to,the villains specifically for a moment,these guys eat up every single scene,that theyre in you have the menacing,high-ranking officer frey singer pulling,the strings with his weasley sidekick,played by dominic monaghan acting as,possibly the most punchable villain in,call of duty history this is the sort of,guy that would be a keyboard warrior on,4chan threads as he spouts ignorant,racist remarks from the protection of,his desk giving you even more motivation,to see the story through to the end so,this chump can get whats coming to him,outside of memorable villains the game,does an admiral job as well of giving us,some cool heroes to root for honestly i,loved the entire cast of characters they,each have a unique quirk about them that,helps them to stand out with the russian,sniper polina being the standout,character given an extra freedom of,movement shes able to quickly skirt,under small crawl spaces to reposition,during combat while also being able to,climb walls it felt like mirrors edge,junior at times while playing as her and,this freedom of movement and speed added,a lot to her specific sections of the,game boasting impressive visuals sound,effects and music the vanguard campaign,is a feast for the senses as he moved,from cinematic set-piece to strong,character moments like a wild hawaiian,wave the battles are intense death is,brutal as ever and the locations,themselves gorgeous im being honest,here when i say this i really enjoyed,this campaign and id say its the,strongest of the franchise since,probably black ops 3. however the,campaign wasnt without issue some will,of course criticize the length of the,campaign or feel they didnt have enough,time to get to know the characters which,again are fair arguments depending on,what you look for in games but my issues,come more from the technical aspect of,things the first of which was some weird,ai usually things were great in fact id,argue this game had a really good,difficulty curve i played on normal and,found myself actually dying a few times,you arent just an endless bullet sponge,like in games past sometimes though the,ai just stops working or made brain dead,decisions which is a bit immersion,breaking like this sequence i didnt run,into moments like this often but the,couple of times i did really threw me,off another issue i have is with the,cutscenes playing on mac settings i,actually found the in-game engine to,look more visually pleasing than the cut,scenes themselves which were a mix of,grainy and choppy perhaps its an,optimization issue on pc or something,but while looking up issues i found a,lot of other people with the same,problems as me the biggest being during,cut scenes the audio would desync about,half the time there is no other way of,saying this but this really sucks,nothing is more of a buzz kill than,having the finale to a high octane,moment ruined by an out of sync cut,scene where youre hearing explosions,before they happen obviously this is,something that will be fixed with time,but these sort of problems really hurt,the experience for me some of the games,technical issues aside i mentioned that,this is the best campaign since black,ops 3 and i mean it i didnt want,another world war ii story but what you,get here is more of an origin story to,an a team from the 1940s which just so,happens to be set during world war ii,with call of duty campaigns i walk away,happy if i get awesome graphics and,sound strong character moments high,action set pieces and memorable missions,and this campaign accomplishes all of,that making this an extremely pleasant,surprise for a game i had no hype or,hope for prior to its release,[Music],you

I paid 60 dollars for the COD Vanguard campaign so you dont have to

vet no balls vet no balls no what are,you talking about you hate yourself call,of duty veteran is a terrible experience,im going regular and i might even bump,it down to easy later well see a,coalition of allied commandos thrown,together,and aimed at where our enemy was most,vulnerable what are we some kind of cod,vanguard squad were starting off with a,train sequence amazing train sequences,are always the best levels in games,theyre in,start enough strong here we go press b,to crouch and approach an enemy silently,okay so press b there we go i dont care,about your takedown animation thats not,true i do like them lets see one right,now,eh not that cool wheres the cliffhanger,mission like this is fine but wheres,the snowmobile you know what im saying,if this is so important why did they not,send an army its really distracting,having laura bailey just do a bad,russian accent not the best choice for,voice actor i dont think car 98k thats,my favorite gun from zombies this gun,cost 200 off the wall bang i missed look,a secret german submarine its always a,submarine maybe if they spent more time,on land in the real world they would,have won the war out of the way nazis i,need this sub to go rob mr rubio,the panther statue is here its a,special event look its a bad hans,london impression is one of his soldiers,job to carry the chair around at all,times in case he has to monologue,menacingly,ow im sorry im sorry i made fun of the,chair double press while moving forward,to activate tactical sprint what the,heck,is it a sprint but you put your gun up,and look dumb you sprint like normal i,tactical sprint we are not the same we,have a psychic in our army he can,operate the mg-42 with his brain,sorry germans,if theres a red flare that means we win,and you lose thats just the rules of,warfare it is a little unfair but i,didnt write him oh now were back in,1945.,is that,the hobbit,is that hobbit man it looks like him,doesnt it,mary dont say that youre supposed to,be one of the good guys weve had one,world war yes but what about second,world war is he hans zlanta too,how many hans landers are in this game,ah,i am laura velis russian grandfather i,hope i do not die to make her angry at,the nazis you shall play a critical role,in our war effort sit in the chair i,dont want to sit in the chair i had a,bad experience with the chair a few,minutes ago can i not get around it,nope i have to sit in there chair okay,lets take a load off here we go,lets sit down for tea and call of duty,theres gonna be three more cods before,their choose your own adventure fmv,games yeah really yay finally they put,uncharted climbing and call of duty i,thought it couldnt get any better after,i drank tea but,now i can climb buildings as well new,objective report to the medical corps,new objective get killed by tank,uh sure is a great vista we have here in,stalingrad oh no,all right we better get climbing ow,did i die flee from the bomb more,quickly hey stop making fun of this,scene its cool its dramatic okay the,dads gonna die and its gonna be sad,take it seriously our first year film,students worked very hard on the script,first-year film students oh that,explains why hans landas in it,dude its glass panels its just like,squid game dont worry i worked in a,tempered glass factory my whole life i,can tell which cod campaigns are good,ooh good thing i survived getting shot a,million times in a building flung on me,oh no one plank,could it be i have a gun,wow i didnt know call of duty was a,first person shooter papa where are you,did you get killed in today oh theres a,gun there we go,father are you okay hang on stay still,take care of each other oh no you just,doomed the brother to die whyd you do,that with your dying words i better make,it sad when the brother gets killed as,well,are you a bad guy yeah oh he did,he just turned around,that looked like a arma 2 mpc,6 gopro,over,copy that going prone over this is going,to give me motion sickness,no wonder assassins creed is third,person dont do that again please hey,shoot over here at me you cant hit me i,bet,hes not even looking before hes,shooting,hes just blindly firing into the square,hey im over here ill be dead never,start with the hand the victim gets all,woozy,see midway oh okay just remember were a,team up there and stay in formation this,time of the sack will have both your,stripes formations just slow me down,formation slow me down yeah,im a solo act formations just slow me,down out of my way nerds ill blow you,apart if i have to friendly fire will,not be tolerated,come here,take that uh oh well i dont crash into,them,this is crazy there we go return to,mission oh okay im sorry im trying,i cant turn very fast,stop im trying i left the mission you,cant if you go out of bounds you cant,turn around fast enough to get back in,climb and get in the cloud get your ass,back here what do you mean you told me,to climb,you told me to come up here what are you,talking about,what new objective group up and gain,altitude thats what i did,thats what i did im dead oh no you,just bounce off the ocean,moin numanuma trail,my,my who,focus,oh no,what x-ray vision stealth set why call,of duty just be a gun game you dont,gotta put every other game in call of,duty just make it be guns i dont want,to do this stealth let me finish this,part come on call of duty let me play,the next part please,what the behind me that he just spawned,him in they just spawned that guy in oh,my god how far back am i oh im back at,the bunker oh my god this is so long did,someone play test this and say yeah its,fun because that guy should be fired,stealth sections like this are only fun,if you have a silenced gun if you dont,have a silenced gun they suck please,dont torture us,please dont do it,oh no hes got a sword,i wanted to see the katana thats lame,no torture scene this time boys treyarch,didnt make this one theres a,difference between suicide,and sacrifice,you do well to learn it you better learn,how to kill yourself you better learn,how to do a good suicide wade a good way,to kill yourself is by trying to not do,stealth in the stealth section i already,learned oh the flamethrower looks pretty,cool,it looks nice is this the best looking,flamethrower ever in a game it might be,it looks really good tell me what your,team is planning,thats a good rendition to me,usually propaganda posters like make the,enemy look evil but thats just like a,good photo stalingrad again,we just were here oh the brother has to,die aim right at him whered he go,whered you go,huh there he is ah you got my way that,collateral them,oh my god i collateraled them i,collateraled that guy from like 300,meters away can i play the piano nah,its broken well make a piano sound,when i shoot it come on dont get sniped,please,i told you not to get shot in the,cutscene no one follows my instructions,in this game i already did this with,soap and modern warfare 3 and he died,anyway prepare to get out stealth this,is like when youre with soap as well is,this whole game this modern warfare 3 i,guess not because in modern warfare 3,during this part if you shoot one time,you just get killed by a tank this game,is putting control back in the hands of,the players hang on theres the exact,brick i have to climb defeat steiner oh,hes just in this room somewhere okay,steiner where are you oh there he is,come here come here,what stop monologuing it better not be,three hits to kill him lets see,okay i got him,is it gonna be three hits to kill him,please no,dont do it oh he disappeared yep its,three hits to kill him here we go or,its one two three stabs youre out in,the cod van guard push him off the cliff,hes right there come on push him off,kick him give him a little kick,give him a little kick,shut up kick him off already,kick him off the building please,pretty please kick him off the building,come on,no push him off the bill thank you no a,little more a little more come on,just a little bit more,you can do,shes it you,thank

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