1. How Does Coffee Meets Bagel Work? Beginners Guide
  2. Coffee Meets Bagel Got Crumbs From The Sharks | Shark Tank MISSES | CNBC Prime
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  6. Coffee Meets Bagel Dating app – full overview and how to use?
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How Does Coffee Meets Bagel Work? Beginners Guide

hello steve from dudehack.com and today,we are going to be talking about,how coffee meets bagel works,coffee meets bagel or cmb is an online,dating app or website that,is focused on matching like-minded,people without,endless amounts of swiping the vision,behind coffee meets bagel came from,three sisters and originally it was,released in new york,boston and san francisco but since then,it has now taken over the world the,point of difference is that coffee meets,bagel provides a,slower matching style if you havent,really picked it up by now the whole,idea of coffee meets bagel is,rather generating you suitable,like-minded matches,rather than just endlessly swiping,through profiles look in other words,coffee meets bagel is essentially a,matchmaking service,which has been adapted into an app along,with its,anti-swiping type approach coffee meets,bagel will match you with other profiles,using something called its smart,algorithm and since theyve launched,theyve actually facilitated,over one million dates okay but lets,get into exactly how coffee meets bagel,work now using their smart,algorithm every single day at noon you,will be sent your matches which,are called your bagels once you receive,your bagels you can either match with,them or kindly pass,so the whole idea is the work is done,for you to present people that you would,be most likely to be compatible with,without having to go and waste your time,swiping on people you wouldnt be the,number of bagels that you will be,suggested per day does,alter some days it will be more some,days it will be less,the app also gives you the ability to,search someone via a set amount of,criteria,also it offers a paid premium,subscription which well get into in a,little bit but,look coffee meets bagel is a very simple,platform to use,and once you figure out the lingo what a,coffee is what a bagel is,youll wrap your head around it very,very quickly but first lets talk about,how you go about setting,up your coffee meets bagel profile now,first things first youll go in either,your app store or the google play to,download the app depending on what,device you have just like most dating,apps theyll ask for your email your,phone,number and a few other little bits and,pieces of information now from there you,can actually start building,out your profile one thing you can do on,coffee meets bagel is select what you,are,looking for so whether thats something,serious or something casual you can,actually,put that in on coffee meets bagel now,after youve selected what youre,looking for,youll go ahead and youll fill out some,pretty basic information just like your,location,your height your ethnicity your age and,your religious beliefs just like pretty,much any other dating app youll be,asked to upload a photo,next you will fill out your prompts now,prompts just like,hinge is a series of questions for you,to answer that you can have displayed on,your profile a,really good way to make a first,impression hopefully have a bit of an,icebreaker and find somebody like-minded,when they see that you would probably,have pretty similar answers to them the,prompts range from things like you know,youre having a good date,when and my perfect sunday morning is,and just things like that,where youll finish a sentence or answer,a question for these ones dont be,afraid to show,a bit of humor show your personality a,little bit the fact that coffee meets,bagel does,include these its a great way to flesh,out your profile,rather than just being boring with one,simple bio and one picture now as i said,you will use some of that information as,ice breakers but in coffee meets bagel,there actually,is a feature called icebreaker you can,select to add an icebreaker,this will essentially be a little blurb,or a little fact about yourself,it would basically just be something,that youd like your match to hopefully,start the conversation on,next lets talk about how you actually,will find,a match on coffee meets value keep in,mind on the app there will be,four distinctive tabs at the bottom of,the screen and each of those do,serve a different purpose those four,tabs are,suggested likes you discover and chats,now suggested will be the bagels that,you suggested on a daily basis,likes you will be just like tinder for,example where you can see a list of,every single person who has liked you,already chats,is where all your conversations will be,and the discover tab,is where you can find other bagels,outside of your suggestions,basically these will be bagels that are,just outside,of your criteria and therefore werent,suggested to you in the first place in,the discover tab you will be able to,search,via a number of filters so you can view,profiles that,basically match a set criteria so if you,only want to see,some person of a certain height for,example you can jump on the discover tab,and do so so,youve got to match how do you actually,go about messaging now once you and,another profile have matched youve,mutually showed interest within each,other,that is when you can go ahead and start,a conversation remember any conversation,will be done out of the chats tab now,with coffee meets bagel,either gender can start the conversation,at any time theres no rules and that if,you dont send a message your match will,be expired or anything like that now one,great thing i found about coffee meets,bagel is,chats will stay open for a total of,seven days so youve really got seven,days to make an impression and get that,conversation going,otherwise it will expire so the reason,that i feel that this is such a good,feature is it does,give you a decent amount of time to make,a real connection with someone i.e seven,days but it also just gives you a little,bit of that sense of urgency,so you make it happen but keep in mind,if you really want to chats,can be extended on top of that when you,do have a premium account which again,well get to,you can actually view how often the,other person will,send the opening line so that could give,you a little bit of an idea if,you are the one to start it or they are,now if youre still with me at this,point and youve enjoyed,anything that were talking about please,go ahead and press the thumbs up button,but how does coffee meets bagels,algorithm work as i said before coffee,means bagel have coined the term smart,algorithm but what exactly does it mean,well remember i said that within the app,you can select your preferences so,whether thats their height,religion ethnicity and things like that,but you can,also select deal break so essentially if,you are not too picky,the pool is quite large but on the flip,side of that if you have,a lot of very select preferences the,pool,might be quite substantially smaller now,in terms of what actually affects the,algorithm negatively or positively im,not exactly sure i cant find too much,information,on it but as it stands right now this,smart algorithm,purely just works off your preferences,and,your set deal brokers and just a quick,side note if youve never used coffee,meets babel before,or youre still not sure which dating,app is best for you,make sure you head over to dudehat.com,and take the free,quiz which will tell you exactly which,dating app or site will suit,you your personality what youre looking,for best,now a question i do seem to get a lot is,whether or not coffee meets bagel is,free now the good news with coffee meats,bagel is like,apps like say tinder or hinge or bumble,is you can,still get quite a lot out of it without,ever spending,a cent so without spending any money you,can still go ahead and download coffee,meets bagel,get your daily suggestions search,through the discovery page and send,likes but if you do decide that you do,want to upgrade,to coffee meets bagel premium youll get,access to features like likes you which,is seeing everybody who has already,liked you you will get eight,more likes on the discover page youll,unlock extra information about your,bagels for example whether or not they,are likel

Coffee Meets Bagel Got Crumbs From The Sharks | Shark Tank MISSES | CNBC Prime

hello my name is Arun Tau and Sue and,were the king sisters from San,Francisco,today were raising five hundred,thousand dollars in exchange for five,percent equity in our company,coffee meets Bagel is here to profoundly,change how people discover and fall in,love,sharks I know what youre thinking its,another dating site we all know online,dating sucks why because it treats,people as a piece of information you,search for from a huge database,people want to go back to time of,happenstance where you just stumble upon,someone special maybe through a friend,thats why we created coffee meets Bagel,we took the proven concept of daily,flash sale sites immersed it with social,networking elements to create the,highest quality dating service for,singles,here is how it works,every day at noon we create one perfect,match who is a friend of a friend,you have a 24 hours to review their,profile information and choose to like,or pass on the match,Mutual like leads to a private chat line,that expires in seven days,the secret to success in online dating,is winning over women,single women are tired of signing up for,dating websites only to get hit on by,creepy strangers bombarding them with,disgusting messages,and that is why women love coffee meets,Bagel since our national launch weve,been growing a double digits monthly and,now with your help and investment we can,help singles all around the world so,sharks whos going to be our perfect,match so its very interesting we,actually raised 2.8 million dollars in,external funding so far wow our notable,investor actually is of one of the,co-founders of match.com who absolutely,love their idea and he was our very,first investor on the million dollars,how much will you lose this year well,lose a million dollars youll lose a,million dollars on a million dollars in,sales this year yes which is why we,actually have to raise more money,because were trying to ramp up our,growth youre projecting 10 million,dollars for the second year exactly how,much money will you make on that 10,million we will break even on 10 million,youll break even let her go let it go,and heres why we plan to bring on about,4 million users next year whos going to,generate about 2.50 each hence the 10,million and whats your customer,acquisition cost 30 cents next year we,plan on spending about three to four,million dollars on marketing spending,and acquire 4 million users it is our,decision to invest more now so we can,accelerate growth but we cant just as,well just grow this business as a,fascinating dilemma because I hear where,youre coming from the Baseline model,works you want to pour gasoline on that,fire exactly its a pretty big bet and,and while Im doing it I part with five,hundred thousand dollars and I get five,percent one of the problems for me now,in Shark Tank in season six is,Ive come to realize Im really valuable,big time and its made me very greedy I,dont do five percent deals thats,worthless to me I wouldnt do this,Im out,if we really thought this was all or,nothing we would have raised a lot more,money from the beginning now we actually,have a choice of just growing the,business traditionally or raise more,money to make this big I think one thing,for sure is youre great at raising,money thank you I also think this is a,site thats needed I think the women I,know that have been on the typical,website feel like a piece of meat and a,meat locker exactly looked over they,dont you know its almost insulting yes,this is a site that gives women a little,bit more control and I like all of that,but Ill tell you what I dont like the,Breakeven at 10 million a break even and,Im only only five percent of the stock,thats spooky doesnt seem like enough,upside for the enormous risk Id be,taking,so for those Reasons Im out,[Music],thank you,let me ask you a question if I offered,you 30 million dollars for the company,would you take it,[Music],no,I would not be taking it because we see,we see this business going growing as,big as Match.com and you know how much,revenue theyre generating 800 million a,year theyre becoming a billion dollar,Revenue company and we think this model,and the product has potential to be as,big as much he offered you 30 million,dollars and you didnt even Flinch she,should feel confident its a newer,ephemeral version of Hot or Not which is,brilliant but I dont know how,protectable that is while I give you,total credit and I think you guys have,done some brilliant things I dont think,the risk reward is there for me and for,those Reasons Im still out,good luck,[Music],thank you excellent presentation,the golden ticket goes to my favorite,product Ive made you a good offer,thats what Im talking about that is,the winner riding all the way to the,bank,place

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Coffee Meets Bagel in 2022

hows it going everybody nick daniels,here coming at you live yet again and,today were talking about coffee meets,bagel in 2022,so coffee meets bagel uh is an app that,i have reviewed before hopefully i pin,it up here on the top here um the,general app setup is actually not too,bad its pretty good but there are some,things that make this app stand out a,little bit more than the usual one and,uh of course thats what were gonna,talk about here today um so the yeah so,the general app ill put it up here,obviously but the app setup is pretty,straightforward you know picture um,whatever it was weird that it asked for,an apple id it wanted me to use an apple,id to create the account um i dont,really know why you would use that um at,all if anything,you know i guess i could see a reason or,two um out there but uh you know you go,with that um so like yeah you put your,name on there you know your preference,is obviously uh you know what youre,looking for you have your email uh i,dont know if you actually like sign,into that uh at any point i mean,naturally when you download like an app,like again coffee meets bagel or cmb,its its calls itself um it just seems,to kind of automatically open so youre,pretty good there um the,preferences of what youre looking for,are a little like kind of a little more,straightforward like theyre really you,know serious relationship whatever,whatever you dont really get any um,anything else in there um and then when,you identify as your gender of course,theyve got like 50 of them there so i,mean like its really inclusive if you,thats something youre looking for um,in the app theres definitely options,like you will not be displeased um with,that so once you get through the initial,setup anyway it try it it constantly um,through the app itll give you like,random prompts like on the top or to the,right or whatever um and itll be like,random things thatll tell you like like,tool tips itll be like hey like you,know profiles that have three pictures,are like 15 more likely to do this you,know so things like that that theyre,really trying to influence for sure to,try to get you to upload a couple extra,pictures um i didnt really see if you,could do like a video or something like,that um you might be able to,and i do like those in apps like if you,can kind of if you can slap that in,there i think thats kind of nice um now,i did make a mistake when i first set up,the app and maybe this was maybe this,wasnt my mistake at all um but when i,initially stood the setup it asked for,like age height you know what distance,am i looking for like that kind of thing,you know like my preferences in women,but it didnt really let me fill out a,lot of my profile like it did a very,generic profile and i had to go in after,the fact and edit in things like what,school did i go to do i have a pet you,know things like that right that like,maybe some people are looking for um so,yeah i had to kind of go back and do,that which was rather unfortunate um and,inside the um,app setup like when youre initially,setting up the account um there is a,paywall at one point where it does,prompt you to get the premium benefits,uh which with no further ado well talk,well talk about right now um yeah so,its and its very,to me thats very obtrusive um to do,that,while setting up an account um like you,know what i mean i havent even made the,account yet and youre like hey check,out premium um and its a very weird way,of doing it because theyre definitely,trying to shove that down your throat if,they can um so i got it just here on the,screen here um so,this is apparently what they they offer,now as you know im a stickler when,certain things come in um in dating apps,um and they try to tell you you look you,know youll get more matches if you get,tinder premium you know stuff like that,right uh so,lets get to it so it says two times the,dates youll get double the dates,members get up to two times as many,quality matches and dates that makes no,sense to me,like,especially um in this app it functions a,little differently um i dont believe,and i could be wrong but i dont believe,theres really a search there is a,discover but i dont really i didnt,really get the point of it um because,nothing came up,but you get 12 matches a day is what,its supposed to be able to give you at,the tops of 12 matches a day so you will,get like these profiles and then you,like like or you like them or whatever,and then they you go from there um,so,i ran out of them naturally like last,time within the first day there was none,so paying for this premium would,literally show me no more matches and it,would be a complete waste of money,um and i hate when they say that youll,get more matches and more dates,how,right explain to me how like give me a,little vert like give me a little line,that says you know how am i gonna get,double the dates how am i going to get,more matches you know are you going to,give me more matches right and then,naturally i might get more dates i dont,know,um,see all your likes,uh i didnt know some of those were,hidden i only had one i only had one,like on the app anyway and i could see,that like i could see the profile uh but,im assuming they must be hidden if you,get so many uh eight discover likes a,month um so apparently you can send,likes to people who catch your eye and,discover so thats what i mentioned,earlier i think discovers more of a,search but it looks like obviously from,that youre paying to light those,profiles and not naturally letting them,come to you,through their 12 a day thing uh premium,preferences uh so you can set,relationship goals smoking habits and,then more thats in the suggested again,massive,waste of time and money to lock down,preferences i dont understand it,three boosts a month so you get up to,five times the views plus likes that get,shown sooner uh okay,so like certain things like that i just,cant understand uh unlimited skip the,line send flowers to popular people to,stand out and be shown first that sounds,like a super light to me um unlimited,rewinds so you can like if i said no to,a profile i could rewind that take it,back um again like you have a limited,amount of them i dont know how many you,have but to limit the amount of those,that you can use is just ridiculous,um,activity reports so you can see whos,worth your time with activity in chat,data we will get into that in just a,moment but the activity reports i didnt,really understand i didnt pay for it so,i cant to talk too much on the feature,uh but it seems to be like you can see,like their response time um you know,when they were last online that kind of,thing like you know kijiji has that,feature like oh like my my average time,on kijiji is about two hours to answer,you so like maybe thats what it says,there which i think is hilarious because,like are you like basing a match off of,that like okay shes gonna respond a,little quickly im going to you know,ill give her a like,read receipts so you can know when,someone has like read your message it,really only works in my opinion as a,first message um being discounts you get,15 more when you buy beans from the shop,beans seems to be their in-store,currency um,that you can use to like message to like,those kind of things,i didnt see a way to get those for free,so you probably gotta buy the beans,i dont remember if i actually put it in,the video so i will have to cue that on,my phone real quick because i need to,see what the goat what they go for,um anyway so the best value they prompt,you here um for six months so it works,out to 27 a month youre billed every,six months and it is 100 apparently on,sale or something because that is 282 by,it,159.99 um again which works up to 27,a month um i dont like when places will,suggest the automatic six months like,because its the way they obviously get,more money um you can go to their other,plans and then you see three months at,99.99 um for 34 a month and 47 a month,works out 246.99 which is the one month,p

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8 Types of Guys YOU SHOULD AVOID for Online Dating – Dating Tips 2019!

sometimes you have such a great,conversation texting each other online,but soon as you meet each other the,energy suddenly disappears and you,wonder why how guys will come back if,youre new here my name is crystal I,make videos every week on travel and,dating tips if you enjoyed todays video,feel free to like and subscribe to my,channel and dont forget to click the,bell icon so you dont miss my new video,so I realize you guys really enjoy when,I share my dating tips and dating,stories so today Im going to summarize,a types of guys that Ive dated before,from dating apps that you probably want,to avoid if you are a girl you might,want to avoid these eight types so you,dont waste your time if you are a guy,you can use this as a reference to see,if you are one of them so you know how,you can improve increase your chance to,dating success but again these are all,based on my personality and my own,personal experience as you know everyone,is different but if youre interested to,see my eight types just keep on watching,to help you better understand,I actually rank these eight types from,number 8 to number 1 and actually number,1 is my least favorite so make sure you,stay to the end of the video to see all,of them and lets get started so my,number a is the clingy guy this type of,guy is usually needy they dont like to,be alone and they like company to spend,time with or talk to you all the time so,when I was still dating I remember I met,two guys who were very clingy,so the first one is actually very sweet,and friendly but after our first day he,just constantly text me checking on me,and tried to ask me out every weekend,but sometimes I already had a plan or,you know I just wanna to have some alone,time to myself,and hes non-stop texting really scared,me away so I stopped dating him and,later I met another guy who didnt even,let me go home on our first date so I,remember we met over a dinner the whole,night he was sharing his life stories,and just non-stop talking and we talked,until almost midnight,and I remember I told him that I was,higher I wanted to go home and,surprisingly he tries so hard to,distract me by showing me more videos,one after another until the end of the,evening his such as said I stay with him,for the night since it was too late so,from our conversation I could tell hes,a very friendly and sweet person hes,just lonely and needed company but I,just didnt like that people try so hard,to get the attention especially on our,first day its just too much pressure so,if youre like me whos independent who,likes freedom and need some alone time,maybe this is the type that you want to,avoid so my number 7 the last minute guy,so this type of guy that usually asks,you out on the same day or a few hours,before the day and expect that you might,be available so to me its just not,thoughtful or respectful that I assume,the girl whom they just met will be,available anytime,Im just not a last-minute girl,especially when we just start dating I,could be spontaneous sometimes but just,not for that if you know what I mean,thats why I rang them my number seven,so my number six is a cyber only guy,this type of guy that always takes you,or floor with you online but they never,take you up this type of guy they are,usually pretty good-looking they seem,popular and charismatic they will,connect with you chat with you over text,or social media here and there and they,will reply to your incest or ease or,your snapchat and constantly comment on,your looks but thats it they never,asked you out or take any further,actions to me this type of conversation,was meaningless,so I usually blog those people on the,end maybe they were just not interesting,enough or they enjoy flirting with girls,online but I got no time for that and my,number 5 is the too much physical touch,guy I understand that people like,physical touch when they like someone,but it just doesnt feel right and good,on a first date because hello I barely,know you can you just focus on getting,to know me first when I say too much,physical touch I dont mean the,nice gestures when they guide your way,padding your bag or a hug to say hello I,mean they literally rub my hand or too,much intentional body contact throughout,the first day to me that just didnt,feel right or comfortable kind of ruin,the fun and mystery on the first day if,you know what I mean thats why I rank,them my number five and my number four,this is an interesting one the gold,touch on the first date guy I understand,this might be a tricky one since,everyone has different perspective about,money for dating and I totally respect,that if I can choose I will never ask to,go anywhere fancy or even have a meal,for my first date because I understand,that online dating is such a tiring,process you meet so many people and its,a lot of money and time invested to me,what I care the most about the first day,is to really get to know that person so,I dont really care about you know where,we go what we eat thats why I usually,suggest to me over coffee or a tea so I,can make it quick and sure if I dont,click with the person in that case I,will appreciate my date if he got me a,soft drink instead of us going Dutch on,our first date for me is something about,you know taking initiative to pick up,the bill make me feel special and you,know that person want to take care of,you I know there are girls who are,totally fine paying their own drink and,like I said everyone is different and I,remember I met one or two guys that,asked me to go dutch on our first day,and that was just a huge turnoff for me,and finally Im revealing my top three,so my number three is a no common topic,guy one thing I really care about online,dating is if we could communicate and,connect if we barely have common,interest its just so hard to carry on,sometimes you have such a great,conversation texting each other online,but as soon as you meet each other the,energy suddenly disappears and you,wonder why trust me,this does happen thats why later I,prefer to me the person soon after we,connected so I didnt waste time,chatting online for too long before I,found out his,good match so make sure you dont waste,too much time on the person who doesnt,share common interest or the same body,and my number two is the all about me,guide have you ever encountered a friend,or a day that all they care about is,themselves yep I remember I had a few,days that they were self-centered and,they always talked about himself what I,did what I like instead of asking me,what I like or getting to know me I,understand that some people they didnt,mean to be mean or rude but being able,to listen is such a important part for,me it takes two to tango and I just,didnt enjoy the one-way conversation,too much thats why I rank them my,number two and finally my number one the,last minute bell guy remember I rank my,last minute guy number seven the reason,why they are number seven is because for,the last minute guy you can just refuse,going out with them without losing,anything but for the last minute Bell,guy they can they could ruin your plan,imagine if its a Saturday evening date,and they flake last-minute thats such a,wrong thing to do so ever since I,started online dating I never give this,type of guy a second chance but the,funny thing is this type of guy they,always come back to you later and ask,you out again and I just didnt get it,and of course the answer is no so these,are my eight types that you probably,want to avoid for your online dating how,many of these types have you encountered,leave me a comment and let me know and I,hope everyone is enjoy your dating life,so far as you get to know yourself,better every single day until next time,thank you guys for watching see you next,Tuesday bye

I tried dating apps for serious relationships | dating horror stories, my profile, app comparisons

he told me that,racism was fake and that it was made up,by social media,and institutions,another party another friday night,another talk that,might turn into a fight,too many faces,you only see online too many cases,hello everyone welcome back to my,channel,um today i wanted to talk to you about,dating apps which ive never talked,about on my channel before,but i just wanted to,you know talk about dating apps because,i think that,theyre still somewhat controversial,and you know theres a preference for,meeting people naturally which i think,is really great but i think especially,with a pandemic its been hard to meet,people naturally especially in person,um and dating during the pandemic has,just been really strange,so,yeah i just wanted to share my,experience on using dating apps so i,actually first went on dating apps as,soon as i was vaccinated,um and the reason why i went on dating,apps was because,um you know i started graduate studies,uh here at stanford,um right when the pandemic was just,released of,sirius and,um there werent a lot of people on,campus first of all and,we werent even able to intermingle with,people on campus,and so really the only people i got to,hang out with were,the 11 other people in my own cohort,in my program,and you know after hanging out with the,same you know 11 people uh,for about a year,um i i just really wanted to meet,someone else and i hadnt dated anyone,at all like,hadnt been on any romantic,dates,or been in any romantic relationships,for about,maybe three,to four years at that point because i,got out of a relationship my senior year,of college and then i did two years,of work in baltimore and i knew that i,didnt want to stay in baltimore for a,long period of time,so i didnt look for anything serious,and then i got to campus and it was,still the pandemic and so yeah i just,spent a year not meeting people,romantically,and i finally went on dating apps and i,went on a few that my friends have been,really successful on,honestly like most people around me,found their significant other through,dating apps and so i i wanted to give,them a try,so i first want to,show you which dating apps i used and,try to compare them,so,one of the dating apps i used was one,that ive actually been on before its,called coffee meets bagel,and that app is,uh its been around for a long time i,used it once when i was in college,and i was visiting ucla,as a student researcher and i actually,did um get into a serious relationship,through that app but we were long,distance and things just didnt really,work out,um and then i never went back on um but,i you know downloaded that and tried it,out i think its a little bit outdated,now the interface seems really old to me,um but the good thing about coffee means,bagel is that you,um,you only get a certain number of matches,per day,i think youre only shown maybe like 10,profiles a day or something and you can,choose um from these profiles um who you,like i think generally for women it,works a little bit differently uh,at least from what i remember when i was,first on it i think for women um you,were only shown people who had already,liked you so you could choose who you,wanted to match with right away,and i think you would only really get,like one match a day or something like,that but i think now maybe its like a,couple more a day you know i think its,a really good app for people who dont,have a ton of time and dont want to be,overwhelmed by dating apps because,dating apps can be just like endless,scrolling through profiles and swiping i,actually tended to match with similar,people on,coffee meets bagel,as i did on hinge and so i thought they,actually had very similar algorithms in,terms of matching people um so,next i used hinge which i thought was,the best out of the ones that i used,hinge,uh is,is really interesting for i dont know,exactly how their algorithm works but i,like that they have different sections,so you can like see whos already liked,you,and you can just go through that pile or,you can choose from like peoples,favorites so profiles that have received,a lot of attention,over the past week or so and you can,like send them roses if you want,and a rose is something that you can pay,extra money for you also get like one,free rose a week and you can use that to,show someone you really really like them,instead of just sending them a like,hinge is really similar to just normal,social media so i thought it was really,similar to instagram um where you can,look through pictures and they have like,short prompts uh to sort of allow you to,show,um your personality and then theres,also sort of an explore page,where you can just go through profiles,in your area and of course they have um,similar settings to any other app you,can choose um if you like women or men,or both,um you can choose um whether certain,things are deal breakers so like,generally theyll show age,your religion if you have one what sort,of drugs you do which i thought was,interesting i think thats somewhat of a,new feature where you live uh and then,where your hometown is so where youre,from and your job i actually ended up,only using hinge for most of my dating,because i just thought it it worked,better for me i liked the pool of people,that i saw on hinge compared to other,dating apps um and it yeah it just,seemed like all of the young,professionals are using hinge these days,and it just worked really well i also,used bumble for a little bit towards the,beginning of,my,my dating endeavors,um but i think there were a few things i,didnt like so one of the things is you,cant really see whos liked you so far,um so you have to do just like sort of,endless swiping until you,you connect with someone whos already,liked you,and,yeah i think it really is up to the,woman on on bumble to initiate the,conversations and then um recently i,actually went on a different app its a,religion based app called upward,and i had never heard of it before,and i went on it because you know faith,is really important that religion is,really important and spirituality is,really important for certain people i,was just really curious to see um what,type of people id find on the app um so,i went on it um i personally am,christian but i,um saw a lot of people on there with you,know a variety of religions there were,people who were muslim people who were,you know christian like myself people,who,were,buddhists you know a lot of these,different things and,uh i thought the pool of people i saw in,there were like much older than me,yeah generally i guess like not the type,of people that i would imagine myself,with um but it works similarly to bumble,i think where you have to to keep,swiping um and then once you match,someone i think its up to you to try to,initiate conversation with them um so,now im going to show you what my,profile looks like so this is my hinge,profile,and i currently have it on pause but i,unpaused it for a couple of days just to,show you um how people or how men would,respond to,certain prompts and pictures on my,profile so it has my real name on it,obviously eugene,uh i use this as my main profile photo,its one that i took at a winery,and okay so obviously like all most of,these pictures are from before i started,bleaching my hair which was uh this past,summer,and,i actually changed this prompt i think,it used to be something like new to the,bay area was good or something and i,dont think thats really conducive for,serious matches so i changed it to,im looking for,someone who wants to enter into a,serious relationship that could,potentially result in marriage three to,five kids and a lifetime of fun and,laughter i got a lot of really,interesting responses to that because,you know i think generally men my age,are not ready for that,uh and then it shows my age uh my height,yeah thats also something they show,uh and then my location,uh whether you have children or not and,then whether you want children or not,uh and then whether youre vaccinated,

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating app – full overview and how to use?

so here is coffee meets by gold dating,app,um its constantly in the top charts of,app store uh in different categories for,example its among 200 apps in lifestyle,right now,um but,yeah its one of the great alternatives,to tinder or bumble or other app youre,using so if you want to try some new,high quality experience try out this app,and i think that the overall vibe around,this app is that its more designed for,finding like long-term relationships so,its not just like tinder,around that,so,thats the point of the app,um,you can see here that 86 percent of cmb,dieters looking for something serious,uh,yeah of course you have also premium,version but we will go through that,and,yeah so there are around 124,k plus ratings 4.5 out of 5 average,rating here,so lets just go through that so yeah,okay heres my profile so first of all i,created another video about,starting this app creating your profile,super easy,uh you can just log in with apple id on,iphone there arent like 50 questions,so everything is quite straightforward,and pretty fast because in other apps,you can just have another date and apps,you can have like 30 50 questions about,all your habits,and it can take you half an hour to,create an account but here its uh,super fast and then you just have,suggested feed,where,you can see all the matches uh,and its like,um yeah like tinder and then you have,like,a limited number of likes you can send,you can just tap a heart icon or you can,just also send like a message,and then tap send like um,so yeah thats about it looks like,tinder,you can also in the bottom tab to block,and report or something,um,then you can see in the second tab,who liked you uh,well update you here when you get likes,then you can just go to discover,uh,you can search,so you can select distance,40 kilometers,ethnicity activising and then just apply,and then,[Music],youll see all these people and then you,can just send likes so thats kind of a,bit different feature compared to tinder,here you really have like a search,engine where you can search people,depending on different parameters and,filters,and then you can just,select age,so then yeah then you can start a new,search you added a search,then you have chats here where you have,all these,conversations and yeah in this app i,think by goal means its a new match so,if you get uh,a match is kind of like coffee means by,gold so yeah,then in top right you will see the your,number of your beans,uh if you want to send more likes or,something or some additional features,you will need more beans thats how the,app is monetized you can also get free,beans in the bottom you can get 500,beans for just inviting someone or 200,for following this app on instagram,then you can just purchase,these beans here for like,24.99 3000 beans there is also an option,to subscribe to premium,where like one month is 30 dollars which,is actually quite expensive right but,you can go for like six months 99 and,then its like 16 dollars per month,so thats cheaper and then there you,also have your wallet,and thats basically,thats thats the app,then here is your profile,you can just tap on it,um,you can add all your uh,information you can add ice breakers in,the bottom you can add all of these,questions you can add more photos you,can add prompts,prompts are like example answers,okay lets just,just an example,and then you just added a prompt here,you can add all these photos you can,always edit them and yeah then you have,preferences you can always add like,preferences for suggested,matches then you will see here,some profile tips,so yeah some interesting,photos,so yes im interesting tips okay here,you can also invite again and earn 500,beans,then there is like help,support so you can always read all the,faq sections and then you can submit a,support request,in case you are you dont know whats,going on somewhere,and then you can go to settings and here,the important stuff is just you can,pause your account,so pausing your account means that your,data wont be deleted but you just wont,be shown in the,discovery field and in the search and,all of that,so you can just pause your account if,you want to completely delete your,account just go to the bottom and from,here you can delete your account,and just tap delete my account in the,bottom,uh you can also tap here to log out,uh,yeah,um,then you can,enable or disable sign in with apple you,can enable disable like push,notifications here so all of that,standard settings,um,so yeah,thats about it i would say,thats the app i didnt explore it,completely,but its like seems like a nice friendly,design its super easy to use,uh,nice and excessive and yeah you can,really get a hand of it like in a few,minutes,so definitely give a try to this app,lets see yeah if you have any success,if you already used it a lot and if you,prefer the batter then just leave some,comments below interesting to to know,why do you think this app can be better,than tinder or,badu or bumble or some other major apps,why do you think this app is more more,fun to use,should you upgrade to this app,i dont know,if you upgrade you can just get full,access to see who liked you you can have,addis car likes per month monthly,profile boost activity reports read,receipts,skip the line exclusive deals and bills,on beans so if you subscribe to a,premium you can get more beans for,cheaper price or something,so yeah uh,thats the abs thats about it um,anyways thanks for watching everyone uh,please subscribe to my channel im,trying to reach hundred thousand,subscribers recently there are more,subscribers so thats fun thank you so,much,you can also visit my website mr hack.i,i also occasionally do some tech,podcasts where i just discover and tell,about some tech news or some cool tech,apps,so hope that was insightful guys,thanks for watching and see you around

REAL Coffee Meets Bagel Couple #1- Their Secrets to Find LOVE – Online Dating Tips 2020

I spent a lot of time reflecting and,praying meditating on the qualities Im,looking for filter it down to five,qualities that was it so going in there,I just browse through it and then I just,know hello everyone welcome back to,another dating tip episode if this is,your first time to my channel my name is,crystal I make videos every week about,travel and dating tips if you enjoyed,todays video feel free to like and,subscribe to my channel and dont forget,to click that Bell icon so you dont,miss my new video notifications alright,I know its been a while Im sorry about,the delay I was traveling the entire,January spending some quality time with,my family in Taiwan and now Im back so,get ready for a lot of great dating tip,videos and travel videos for todays,episode is actually a real Kupa meets,bagel couple interview I invited my,friend Christina who made her partner,now husband Kevin on the coffee meets,bagel app in 2016 and three years later,they just got married in December 2019,in this video they are going to share,some useful tips including how can you,filter your candid a much faster by,finding the three to five qualities that,matter to you the most and why being,patient is so important and why should,you enjoy your single time and lastly,for guys how to take rejections just,like drinking water if these tips are,interesting you all you need to do just,keep on watching I went to that process,just eliminating what I dont need in,the process during my,passion time I spent a lot of time,reflecting and praying meditating on the,qualities Im looking for whether,theyre very important or not do those,time I filtered down to find qualities,that was it so going in there I just,browse through it and then I just know,that I see how the faith Im looking for,if not that now is it so can you tell me,again that by criteria that you got,faith courier I just have a job Im on,health he knows how to manage money and,attractiveness and my takeaway is that,with those five things that Im looking,for and it got so very easy for me to,swipe a white guy but then when Kevin,came around he truly satisfied,everything I wanted but then he still,wasnt the one I was thinking because I,was kind of stuck in past somehow,oh hes not this or that hes not well,trouble it is enough Taiwanese he,doesnt know our culture he doesnt use,chopsticks none that I could just cut,him right away but then I made a promise,in my head Im like five things Im,looking for so my takeaway is when you,need someone who is what you you might,be looking for but dont give up because,online dating is truly two strangers,youre talking about two random people,in the world now you think he may be a,potential it will take time took us at,least a year to sort out,and another thing is enjoy your,singleness you dont always have to find,a guide to make you happy I think I was,very happy to speak to back behind and,just enjoy my time with Michael and now,I marry its a different pace of life,just enjoy being going in I just you,know in a couple years so were gonna,get marry and we wont have too much,time together anymore,[Music],in todays culture theres always a sort,of mentality where you have to find the,right person with the right gifts with,the right personality yeah just to drive,the right car you know stuff like that,the real question is am i the right,person for this person over here because,when you go into relationship dating is,a sort of precarious situation that,youre both a very vulnerable theres a,connection of emotions and your control,or whatever because we always know about,this notion where two halves make a,whole but two half of this person half,of this person doesnt make a whole week,just their work tearing apart in that in,a union and you shouldnt be able to,sort of force those values or make,someone else try to be you right you,should be writing yourself and that that,will naturally attract coerce the right,person to show up we would have Bumble,nights with my dear friend Patrick so it,was always fun to like broadcast his,bumble up on the TV and we would just,see the matches the potential matches he,okay,and I shared all the five criteria when,she was looking for God what offers sure,I dont have a five bullet points more,or less but ultimately there has to be,some chemistry and some attractiveness,involved obviously and then just be able,to easy to talk to them faith based on,faith and yeah theres a sense strong,values as well those are the key things,that I was looking for for me I might be,slightly biased but I feel like theres,a lot more guys than girls on these,dating apps maybe is that accurate,so whenever you try to talk to a girl,she sometimes doesnt talk back or she,gives like a one-word response theres,always like a big no girl its always,sort of strenuous to find like someone,who is able to reciprocate your messages,at the time just because theres so many,competition lets see you our first,impression about Christina oh shes,attractive shes lovely I think just,maybe impatient a part of me is not like,maybe Im just not attractive,I couldnt find a guy in the real life,done,here now,yeah and it just took a long while for,me to go through the guyss its easy to,get discouraged yeah softening to more,immediate gratification when you go out,there but usually it should take time,you should be the slow process it,shouldnt be a fast process because,ultimately when I went to it I was,looking for someone I was coming into my,life with rather than you know just sort,of reality with this woman at the time,it should be a slow process you can have,to consider it because I just that,dating is a precarious situation,we have like when you explained remotion,so youre trying to connect on a deep,level in the legend being and that sort,of stuff shouldnt come quickly it,should be a slow gradual process the,bold take risk ask people out dont be,afraid of rejection at least something,after that was always like when I was,OkCupid I was always sort of talking to,people and figure it out do you want to,something go together like you got some,time and they were out to say no like,okay no big deal no loss its always,better to take a risk and get rejected,and forever go on what could have been,in that you know with that potential so,if you ask her lies and she says oh its,okay youre sick yeah okay no problem,dont take it to heart and you know just,agonize over that rejection to say okay,whatever which I really appreciate we we,got connected and then you have to talk,to each other were talking so and then,his next question is hey so what do you,want to do on this day and in he,straight up just asked me out I can use,a really funny crazy thing if you want,like a blood or giving a gift card for,like five dollars of what world would,you like to go yeah so he was trying to,be fun to talk about,oh okay okay hes hes trying not funny,enough but hes trying and then so we,went off our first day Sunday lunch yeah,and then and he was very generous its,import or anything,thanks guys these days sometimes I have,complaints for my other girlfriend,complain about how guys just talk to,them and just wander off and disappear,after boom beam or something maybe,theyve their lack of interest too so I,mean I really admire that hes,interested you just say hey lets just,go out because its so different from,talking through text online rather see,some person you have so much more when,you meet a person for me is to be,open-minded to not narrow yourself like,even though I have like five things,having people but theyre pretty broad,hold on to those values but dont overly,focus on that I feel like dont be open,be open minded and other than that be,free be single you know enjoy your time,go travel explore do whatever you arent,you know it is a face and there will be,one thing give me three adjectives to,describe each other attractive kind of,January,steadfast and Bishop ambitious okay,[Music],thats it for today I hope you find,Christina and Kevins s

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