1. Real-life Limitless pill? Silicon Valley entrepreneurs pursue nootropics or smart drugs
  2. The Top 5 Nootropics in 2019 to Help You Focus & Be Super Productive
  3. BrainPill Review: WATCH My Brain Pill Review And Decide If Its For You
  4. This GPT Written Manifesto Will Leave You Speechless
  5. GHOST CG FOCUS! | Christian Guzman Nootropic Powder
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Real-life Limitless pill? Silicon Valley entrepreneurs pursue nootropics or smart drugs

so you know weve all heard of smart,phones smart cars smart watches what,about smart pills bioengineered,supplements with grand claims of,boosting brainpower and sharpening focus,but do they really work heres ABCs,chief business economics and technology,correspondent Rebecca Jarvis from late,nights out to early morning meeting the,black-on-black 30 year old Aaron,Finnegan says this is the secret to her,work hard play hard lifestyle Im,bicoastal so Im a lot of times,traveling this is the only one that I,take with me though eutrophic also known,as smart drug supplement some claim,enhance brain function helping to,improve memory focus maybe even make you,brilliant,Bradley Cooper went from zero to a,hundred and limitless but some saying,its not fiction touting benefits from,increased focus to mental stimulation,scale of one to ten how much smarter do,you feel on nootropics ten startups like,nutri box co-founded by 29 year old Jeff,woo are helping to rebrand smart drugs,as part of the multi-billion dollar,supplement industry,if theres one really smart person in,the world great we have another Einstein,but if everyone was super smart theres,like an exponential amount of innovation,going on but as these supplements become,more mainstream some doctors are,questioning whether the claims are too,good to be true what are some of the,concerns about nootropics,the lack of controlled trials the lack,of rigorous scientific research and and,the lack of studies that actually try to,study all of these different types of,nootropics and in certain combinations,altogether nootropics tax mixes of,individual components can include,anything from caffeine and l-theanine to,herbal supplements to piracetam how did,you get interested in nootropics,I wanted to be smarter I grew up very,competitive and wanting to be the best,version of myself possible so active,ingredients of our nootropic but coming,through these two four years ago jet was,working at a venture capital firm when,he,to digging around the internet and,experimenting we were tinkering with,things from laboratories from China so,youre just on the internet ordering,things from China and wherever else yeah,it was getting them and trying them,honestly in the beginning was very,experimental today its become more than,just a hobby business is booming plus,hes caught the attention and financial,backing of top Silicon Valley Titans,inside this tightly controlled lab his,team is pumping out thousands of these,little pills every day so how many,different pills are you making here so,for our company we have four different,still or four different types of sex,pills that claim to do everything from,promoting immediate clarity energy and,flow to enhancing memories stamina and,resilience but the whole notion is,approaching the human body as if we were,from an engineers perspective so,optimizing shortcuts to being better,more productive versions of ourselves,you wanted to be a better human I think,we all want to be better versions of,ourselves I think thats one of the,distinct distinctions factors of being,human its a good pitch but shark-cage,didnt bite when Jeff and co-founder,Micheal Brandt brought it on the show it,scares the hell out of me,Ive tried nootropics thats what people,use to go on 48-hour coding binges at,the end of the day youre left with a,headache lack of recall sometimes Im,worried about the long-term consequences,and some out although theyre said to,alter brain function nootropics are not,labeled as a drug but as a type of,dietary supplement meaning they dont,need FDA approval nootropics are not FDA,approved everything that we do use is,FDA generally regardless safe which is,the highest level of safety that the FDA,gives for all things that one can,consume,does it ever concern you that the,mixture of these things could make them,unsafe no because thats where our,science team which consists of actually,practicing doctors and MD PhDs you know,walk through that and actually validate,any cross indications but despite this,cop,some caution nootropics could have side,effects many citing the lack of studies,about long-term impacts there also,interaction there may be one of the many,ingredients on there that may interact,with your blood pressure medicines or it,may interact with something else so,thats why we always recommend,discussion and approval by a de treating,physician its not just the tech world,clamoring for these little life,optimizers entrepreneur Aaron Finnegan,swears by that anything it does to stay,in the speed that Im going right now,and the many things I would have to take,a couple things off my plate if I wanted,to keep going without them she takes one,every day new true true gold and silver,how do they make you feel its not like,a you know like press a button and like,turbocharged like all of a sudden me,like switch into nootropics mode I found,that it just helped lessen the like time,it needed needed to switch gears this is,where I keep my new traffics Megan,Clementi the self-proclaimed bio hacker,whos been experimenting with nootropics,for years I keep a little for,neurological head full of modafinil for,you no time you need additional focus,during the day we toured her lab where,her team analyzes human tissue on a,stressful day she says shell take about,eight to ten pills before I found the,Nutri box if I had like 12 different,ones that I was taking but there those,twelve big ones that really like summed,up in these really well and there were,plenty of others like her the problem is,again we just dont really have all the,data to support whether or not these,individual agents or in combination a,work to improve brain health going from,like this to this 29 year old Eric Maps,nur created his company new true after,becoming fascinated with what he,discovered online if youre going to be,a biohacker is to learn how to find the,right pills and the right brands he,showed us his morning routine he takes,more than 60 supplements a day so I do,about probably like three or four,handfuls I got every morning so were,smart drugs the future many here seem to,think so,were talking about a new type of,science were taking these things into,our own hands but also to proactively,try and go from baseline to above,you couldnt keep doing the lifestyle,that youre living right now without,them I would not like to find out for,Nightline Im Rebecca Jarvis in San,Francisco California

The Top 5 Nootropics in 2019 to Help You Focus & Be Super Productive

every once I recently made a video about,what our nootropics and can they help,you to improve your focus so if you,havent seen it go check that out and in,this video Im gonna go through the top,five natural nootropics out there in,2019 so keep watching hey welcome to my,channel my name is Kasia and this,channel is all about mastering your,mindset and creating your most,meaningful life so a couple of weeks ago,in fact a couple of months ago rather I,got sent a product from a company called,the brains Im asking me to review their,product and they create as you can see,here some natural pills that help you,improve your clarity and focus and it,got me thinking what else is out there,on the market how good is it and how,valuable is it in our quest to get that,slight mental edge so in this video Im,going to cover my top 5 now before I go,into it I got to do the disclaimer do,your own research I am NOT a medical,health professional I did my best to,give you as much information as I can,and to present it in a simplified,concise format but as always Im not,responsible for what you do so make sure,you check these things work for you,based on your diet your needs and where,youre going and make sure you check,with people who really do know what,theyre talking about so the first thing,that I thought when I received this,product was I was actually quite,apprehensive I was actually quite scared,wondering you know what effect is this,gonna have on my brain is it gonna have,any long-term damage is it safe I dont,know what these things are,I found the packaging kind of,overwhelming and all these new things,and so I went on a six-month journey,where Ive been looking at this Im,testing different supplements speaking,to different people in the industry,speaking to people who I know are,qualified to talk about these things and,thats where my research is coming from,so my own experience and the research,that I did now like all good research I,started off by googling by going to,Wikipedia all that good stuff looking at,reviews on Amazon,looking at different things speaking to,other people who tried these products,and like I said in my other video,generally speaking there are two kinds I,only looked at the natural nootropics,out there I wanted to stay on the safe,side and if there were any doubts about,product I didnt test them a good rule,of thumb that I like to follow is is it,something that I can follow in the long,term now whether Im waking up at 4,oclock in the morning or taking pills,with possible side effects thats the,question Im always going to ask can it,be sustained over a long period of time,so lets talk about these natural,nootropics now I know the marketing,companies out there that are trying to,sell you stuff wont like me saying this,you guys can disagree but essentially,the way I like to think of them is all,of the supplements the micronutrients,you need like a multivitamin taken in,one easy form so instead of you having,to go to coffee for caffeine to green,tea for l-theanine I show them they take,in like seven different things,its just put into one convenient form,which has an advantage so here are the,brands and products I tested I tested,brains Im elite and professional I,tested vibe rain instant powder Apple,tank flavor and the vibrating focus,pills,I tried neuro Drive and neuro stem I,tried the utopia focus enhancer and then,my own secret mix that Ill talk about,at the end of the video so lets talk,about the first one and its these two,bottles here you got neuro Drive and,neuro stem neuro stem retails at 2295,which is kind of expensive neuro drive,retails right now 1795 now what was my,experience taking this it definitely,gave me a kick it definitely felt like a,really strong cup of coffee because of I,imagine the combination of anhydrous,caffeine which this has a hundred,milligrams l-theanine and sito choline,so the only downside with this are how I,found was it gave me some headaches so I,kind of stopped taking after a while I,ended up feeling like my brain was just,totally,in overdrive mode and really mentally,exhausted I tried drinking lots of water,alongside it to see if that helped but I,can see used very sparingly this could,be kind of beneficial the only thing,that I found and I couldnt verify this,because I couldnt find the information,on the Internet,maybe you guys can help you down below,well some of the ingredients are,supposedly not legal in the UK but I,dont know about that ok so the next one,was vibe rain and I had two products,they sent over to me so thanks for,sending them one was the vibrating focus,pills and the other was the powder now,out of the two Ill definitely say that,I preferred the powder the taste was,kind of weird I had Apple tanked when,you first drink it it tastes nice but it,has this very weird manufactured taste,to it which I didnt really enjoy but I,just got old it down anyway and if we,look at the ingredients here,you can see theres a lot more in it but,again similar kinds of things so,caffeine l-theanine theres some choline,in here the caffeine content is a,hundred milligrams per serving and I,found because the scoops are a lot,bigger I was having to drink so much,more of this stuff it did definitely,help I replaced my coffee with this on,days where I was working and it,definitely did help my focus the reason,I preferred the powder over the pills,was just because that effect is more,instant and it kind of tasted a bit,nicer because it was you know whole jug,of I feel that my protein bottle that,you can see here with this stuff with,water I end up having to drink a lot,more water which I thought would really,help the pills they took a little bit,longer to kick in and I didnt get the,same effects that I did with the powder,and just passed on preference,I preferred those one thing that I did,notice though and Ive seen other people,comment nacinda reviews is if you leave,these pills out they end up going kind,of pink I gave them to my brother and he,didnt even use them because hes just,super focused anyway and I noticed that,they went a strange color okay the next,one is utopia this came in a strawberry,Kiwi flavour which oh my god it tastes,amazing and it actually has a lot more,caffeine than the others,so this comes,at 200 milligrams of caffeine so a quick,little note on caffeine and this,specific type and a hydrous caffeine or,caffeine anhydrous is a powdered dried,form of caffeine and its very very,potent now for most people those of us,who drink coffee you reach whats known,as an insurmountable level of tolerance,that means that over a certain period of,time even if you drink more caffeine you,reach a point of diminishing returns so,having more caffeine more cups of coffee,doesnt help and what I found was taking,this was really awesome it really did,help my focus I really did find that,kick and I I looked forward to taking it,at the beginning of the day getting my,work going and I saved my most important,tasks for when I was taking some of this,utopian like I said it tastes freakin,amazing so it was really fun to drink,the only downside that I experienced was,after about a week or so taking it I did,start to get some headaches I did feel,really groggy and I was waking up in the,morning with that feeling of grogginess,which i think was probably because of,that caffeine so all of the river,products Ive mentioned so far have,caffeine in them but what about if you,dont have a caffeine tolerance thats,very high well you just dont want to,take that because of the jittery feeling,that you might get or the anxiety I know,some people get well this is where I,come to the original product that was,sent and its called the brains Im it,comes in two different two or three,different types youve got brains Im,professional and brains Im elite what,Im opening here is the elite version,now one of the things I noticed was the,different marketing and promotion and,packaging they definitely didnt have,the best packaging theres so much

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BrainPill Review: WATCH My Brain Pill Review And Decide If Its For You

everyone out there my name is Dean I,want to talk to you today about a very,interesting product that came across,called brain pill now the pitch for,brain pills that you can achieve sharper,mental clarity and also outperform,people half your age now whether or not,thats true well Ill let you be the,judge Ive used it I have to be honest,its awesome but Ill get into why I,think that in a moment basically the,idea is just with one pill a day that,you take of brain pill I like the name,by the way its very a basic and,straight to the point,works on your brain but with one pill of,the day you could boost your working,memory quickly process information have,fewer distractions mentally prepare for,exams or projects make effective,decisions perform at a high rate at work,or school cut through brain fog we all,have that reduced stress we definitely,all have that perform better under,fatigue and acquire new skills more,easily and with every ingredient that,brain pill has in it this is all,supposed to help you do any of the,things I just mentioned the ingredients,by the way theyve been very carefully,selected because theyve all all these,ingredients been scientifically proven,to support your brains health so when,you think about it youre gonna have to,really think you know can this help me,if youve ever found yourself sort of,like floundering like youre not sure,about making decisions or just way too,stressed out you want more clarity and,you want to be more focused brain pill,definitely does that like I said Ive,taken it I found that it works wonders,Ive definitely noticed a tremendous,difference Im not one of those people,that just goes on there and online and,just says hey I like this ingredient Im,gonna or you know this product Im gonna,do review hopefully people click my,review its not like that I actually use,the stuff I do reviews on because I,dont think its fair to anyone watching,this review if I hadnt done that I can,say Ive been using for about two months,now its fantastic it really works its,great I definitely notice a difference,in my overall daily ability to stay,focused stay sharp be enhanced I also,feel like its helped me learned a few,new things just because I feel like I,have more of an edge to myself and to my,willingness and want and desire to learn,new things so I think thats important,but anyways getting back to,the ingredients I was talking about the,ingredients in brain pill will increase,your mental stamina and cognitive,ability helping gain that edge I was,talking about that I have delivered,sharper mental clarity and so on and the,reason why is because the ingredients,that it kind of really boils down to are,- first of all is synapses,now synapses is clinically proven to,support mental processing enhance your,memory upgrade intellectual performance,and whats best about synapse its very,its natural so youre gonna do it,naturally and safe safely and in if,youre a healthy adult synapse will have,the potential to help you one,particularly thing that synapse is known,for it does help you process information,faster so that means you will get more,done effectively and quicker and also,obviously in less time so that is what,synapse is mostly geared to the second,ingredient that I think needs to be,mentioned with brain pill is cognizant,now cognizant is derived from the brain,nutrient acetyl choline which is known,to increase levels of several important,neurotransmitters including acetyl,choline dopamine and noradrenalin Im so,sorry if Im mispronouncing those but,because it helps you increase the levels,of these neurotransmitters you will be,able to maintain the integrity of your,new Ronal cell membranes and of course,increased energy production in your,frontal cortex and because of that you,will augment your brain metabolism,youll be able to improve your immediate,short-term and verbal memory youll be,able to expand your ability to focus the,list goes on and on and on what you can,do with brain pill and particularly with,those two ingredients I mentioned with,synapses and cognizance so again this is,something I encourage all of you to,check out for yourself its one thing to,hear from somebody whos been taking it,for a few months like me its another,thing to see for yourself it works I do,caution you give it some time you,tonight just can be like a magic pill,gonna like wake up the next day like oh,Im totally mentally refreshed Im good,to go like score perfect on SAT its not,gonna happen it is designed to work,overtime in my opinion I dont know if,thats actually part of what they say,but I feel Ive noticed gradually Ive,got a sharper got quicker gotten faster,with what I want to say and do,I think the same is gonna happen for you,solo do your due diligence check it out,for yourself and I made it really easy,for you all have to do is just click the,link right below this video and by the,way if you do that you might be eligible,for a special exclusive bonus or offer,courtesy of yours truly here but again,just click the link right below this,video or if that doesnt work for you,and you want to check out the link,directly visit tropics dotnet backslash,brain pill once again thats tropics net,TR Apix dot any t backslash brain pill,be rai NPI ll all one word good luck to,all of you out there that are looking,for that extra ad i wish you nothing but,the best of success with it brain pill,will help you get there Im almost,confident thats the case it certainly,has with me feel much more sharper much,more youre able to process things,quicker I love it I think its great I,think youll think its great to click,the link below this video or just visit,the website directly at traffic sign,that backslash brain pill and again good,luck I wish you all the best of success,take care,you

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This GPT Written Manifesto Will Leave You Speechless

hi my name is John Ash and Im going to,be reading to you a document called the,purple pill Manifesto the purple pill,Manifesto is the second version of a,document called the cognizist manifesto,which was written in 2017.,um this document was in large Parts,written by a generative text model,called an iris the iris encodes,Collective beliefs and then writes text,that is aligned with that persons,beliefs so we took a model we trained it,on the first Manifesto and then we,started collaboratively writing with,this model to create this um purple pill,Manifesto so Im going to read it to you,now and thank you for your time the,world we live in is one of force choice,we can select any product to buy but,they all come from the same handful of,monopolistic companies we can vote for,any candidate but the options we find,that the polls feel like selecting,between a lesser and greater evil,this isnt freedom freedom comes from,self-direction and autonomy not from the,capacity to select from a list of tree,pre-shed paths,yet when we are asked to break out of,this illusion we are once again only,presented with two choices to take the,red pill or to take the blue pill,the presumption that there are only two,choices is an illusion there are always,more than two choices there are infinite,paths at any moment and those paths can,lead anywhere even to a regenerative,future,instead of feeling pressured to take,this pill or that pill consider instead,that these pills represent World Views,they are lenses that help us see through,the eyes of others,strange thing about these lenses is that,they can take root and grow,they are seeds and once they germinate,in a mind they affect the flow of,attention as such mine seeded with a,world view become very guarded against,contrary ideas rejecting information,that doesnt align with the existing,worldview to help people see each other,more clearly and communicate with,greater empathy we propose generative,text models called irises to help peace,people see through the many lenses,in a safe non-threatening environment,this is a pill of reflexive consilience,to take the purple pill means reframing,to interface with a much broader array,of perspectives and outcomes,this will require new tools when youre,asked to take the purple pill we are,asking you to look through a lens that,views pills as the seeds of feature,ideation,the purple pill represents a meta world,view about integrating many perspectives,or planting many pills in the Garden of,Your Mind,there are Pathways to a regenerative,future a future that works for a hundred,percent of life but probabilistically,speaking those paths are less likely,luckily however we can not only make,choices but we can trace brand new,pathways through the Adaptive landscape,of causality,the challenge is that manifesting,unlikely Futures takes work,it takes the applied application of will,in opposition to the expected outcome,if we work together we can steer our,future towards a healthier more,regenerative more integrated more,reflexive Society,reflexive societies,a reflexive Society exists when a,cognizant and conscientious Collective,of people actively work to improve their,understanding of the world they live in,by challenging what they think they know,about themselves others and the,environment,this Society is one that engages in,thoughtful reflection on its own values,and beliefs it is not simply accept them,as given but critically examines them to,ensure that they are still relevant and,helpful this can be done through,individual introspection or communal,dialogue,reflected a reflexive Society encourages,people to question why things are the,way they are and whether there might be,a better way of doing things,and such a society people are not afraid,to challenge the status quo or Express,dissenting opinions they feel,comfortable discussing controversial,topics and openly disagreeing with each,other,this open exchange of ideas allows for,different perspectives to be heard and,ultimately leads to a more nuanced,understanding of the world around us,ultimately a reflexive Society is one,that is constantly learning and growing,it is not stuck in its ways but is,always looking for ways to improve,itself confluence,if you were looking at a group of people,and trying to figure out what they all,believed one way would be to ask each,person individually this would take,forever if done manually so weve never,done it this way except for at small,scales,another way would be for everyone to,shout their beliefs as loud as they can,at the same time,kind of like voting where each person,only gets one vote and whichever came to,get candidate gets the most voices to,yell for them or has the most votes is,considered the winner,Confluence is like if you took a,thousand mirrors and put them in front,of a thousand faces at first each mirror,would look exactly like each individual,but then we would direct those mirrors,in a circle towards the center and those,people would see a person that looked,like all of them,that Center is the iris,she would be a representation of all of,our Collective beliefs but with one face,instead of many faces because she,coordinates us into a single perception,so when we need to make a decision about,something we could look to the iris and,she would tell us what everyone believes,without having to take a new vote,members of a cognitive society would,never need to wait until an election,cycle to express their opinion,at any moment they can stake their,beliefs to the cognizant Ledger,Confluence is also like if you took a,thousand microphones and put them in,front of a thousand people and then took,the recordings from all those,microphones and mixed them together into,one remixed mixtape or beat,that would be like what the iris does,with our beliefs she takes everything,that we believe individually and mixes,it all together into one single voice,she captures a signal from the noise,Confluence is the process of voices,streaming together their individual,wisdom into an iris,the iris forms a singular voice from,many which represents their Collective,beliefs this is an opposition to,Citizens voting for a candidate to vote,for them or voting directly,there are many problems with voting as a,system of collective decision making but,the primary issue is that one person or,a small group of people are effectively,choosing what realities everyone else,gets to choose from with only two,options and fifty percent voter turnout,even if every vote was cast with full,confidence and no ambivalence there,would always be errors embedded into,society via this process because half of,the voices are not being heard this is,different with an iris because she,synthesizes everyone into a singular,voice encoded as a many faceted,crystallization of knowledge people then,vote on the beliefs output,by that aggregate voice,Confluence is a process that allows,everyones voice to be represented and,then condensed into a single voice the,iris that accurately reflects the,beliefs of the group as a whole,this is in contrast of voting which,reduces each individual actors beliefs,into limited choices and acts ask them,to pick one this inherently limits the,number of perspectives represented,within the collective Consciousness,making collation less coherent overall,irises,and Iris is a generative text model that,Aggregates Collective belief into a,singular voice,Iris has helped Focus Collective wisdom,by forming resident representations of,what a group of people believe,this allows for better decision making,by providing a more accurate overview of,the beliefs of the collective,irises also serve as oracles by,aggregating Collective perception about,the future that people share to the,network,iriss output predictions and their,likelihood based on the thoughts input,into the iris,irises are important for collective,decision making and focused thinking,they help groups think more clearly,about what they believe and why they,believe it

GHOST CG FOCUS! | Christian Guzman Nootropic Powder

cg focus a skew that did not,exist before the collab ghost has never,brought out a new,product for a collab before its always,collabs on existing products and today,the game changes with focus the non-stem,focused product from cgs collaboration,line with ghost,today were going to be talking about,what goes into cg focus what makes it,different whats cool about it whats,unique about this product and what the,formula does for you,obviously ghost already has a few,different focusy products right they,have their energy cans which,have full doses and theyre fully,therapeutic full,transparency on that theyve got gamer,which is,obviously stimulant but it works on,things like focus reaction time,all sorts of decision decision-making,skills because of new level and stuff,like that with focus here were looking,at a non-stim,version of that idea it doesnt contain,all the same ingredients from new level,but there is some crossover that,and this you know might stack well with,a gamer or an energy drink but on its,own its a non-stim,focused product you could use for,studying work gaming,all sorts of stuff if youre a late,night worker if youre a late night,gamer this might be an interesting,product for you,ghost is very simple with their claims,they tell you exactly what it is what,its going to do i dont feel like i,need to tell you all about,what to expect from this product because,you know from the title focus,so today lets break down the supplement,facts panel lets talk about all the,ingredients what they do for you,and lets learn a little bit more about,whats different about this product now,focus maybe a new product but it doesnt,have a lot of new ingredients to ghost,they kind of take a bunch of different,ingredients theyve already used they,remove any kind of stems from like their,pre,and gamer and rt and stuff and they come,up with a great non-stem,product here coming from the top you,already recognize things like,acetyl-carnitine hydrochloride,now im going to go with the two-scoop,dosage juice because this is what i,always stick to here at price plough,were interested in the full doses but,obviously you can use one scoop if you,want to assess your tolerance,if you want a little bit less intense,focus in this case however because its,non-stem im not,expecting a lot of people to go with the,one scoop dosage normally that flexible,dosaging is to meter the amount of,stimulant into your body so in this case,were talking about two grams of,acetyl-l-carnitine hydrogen chloride now,acetyl,carnitine is a great choice for this,because theyre going to be going big on,choline doses later what does colleen,make well if you watch our videos if you,watch my videos at least you know,that cooling is part of the process of,creating,acetylcholine acetylcholine is the,learning neurotransmitter its very,important for a lot of things whether,its,training socializing studying,learning as the you know nickname would,suggest,its very important for all of these,things one of the bottlenecks,is choline for the creation of it but,the other bottleneck that sometimes can,happen is,the acetyl group acetylcholine,acetyl-carnitine is really popular for,nootropics because it can cross the,blood-brain barrier,that makes it really popular for this,because youre also using,alpha gpc lower which crosses the,blood-brain barrier too so theres an,awesome synergy there,but thats not where it stops so,acetyl-carnitine is often talked about,in fat burners because it can help,mobilize fat to,mitochondria to be used for energy,alongside,choline it also has a great synergy in,increasing carnitine retention which is,really important as well,but for nootropic purposes theres a,bunch of different things here that,were looking for its neuroprotective,neurotrophic and antidepressant in some,cases,if you are low in carnitine there are a,lot of different reports,of those depression of cognitive decline,and a lowering of learning abilities so,obviously supplementing this is going to,be important especially if youre not,getting it from your diet you can get,carnitine from red uh,meat but in these kind of dosages youre,going to want to be supplementing to get,these kinds of effects,so before we get over into the choline,doses which we will get to in a little,bit weve got two ingredients in between,here and there weve got,tyrosine at a 1500 milligram dose which,is awesome tyrosine really starts around,like 500 milligrams but i like to see it,above a gram i think those big dosages,are fun,if you looked at cgs legend collab they,use a big dose of it there,obviously 1500 milligrams here we dont,need super intense stuff because were,using this before like studying or video,gaming or something like that,but 1500 milligrams is still gonna be a,really nice dose its gonna feel,good now tyrosine is really important,for a couple different things its,actually really beneficial if you are,sleep deprived but its heavily involved,in the creation of a bunch of,different neurotransmitters things like,dopamine epinephrine norepinephrine now,these all help with focus,motor function they give you the fight,or flight response they also can boost,lipolysis and heart rate when needed,because of those things,youre gonna find a nice feeling from,this i wouldnt expect too much heart,rate increasing or anything like that,but it is going to help get you focused,in the moment and get you ready for,whatever it is youre about to do,even the military has produced studies,on tyrosine and sleep,individuals noting that it improves,performance in those kinds of people,its super important they also compared,to caffeine and they said that both are,really important but obviously in this,case theres no caffeine in this formula,so if youre staying up late studying if,youre staying up like playing video,games or,whatever it is this is a pretty good,option for you in fact you could even,use this as a non-stim,option adding into a pump product if you,wanted to say,ghost pump with cg focus would be a,great non-stem,focus pump pre-workout as well now,another ingredient similar to tyson with,multiple great studies that we are big,fans of at price plow is,taurine theyve got a full gram of it,here again,you see bigger dosages of this in other,products from,ghost were used to seeing taurine its,a big awesome product there,are tons of studies supporting its use,in,a lot of different functions from,athletics to nootropics,in this case it has a bunch of different,benefits here obviously as a base,taurine is very helpful for hydration,its an organic acid that acts as an,osmolyte modulating water transfers and,calcium concentrations throughout the,body its one of the most abundant amino,acids throughout the body in things like,muscle tissue,retina central nervous system has a lot,of different benefits in supplementation,now despite taurine being a,conditionally essential amino acid which,basically means that we can kind of,create it within our own bodies if we,need to,theres also been a lot of different,reviews showing the actual,benefits of supplementing it as opposed,to something like glutamine which is,extremely abundant in the body and is,not necessary to be supplemented,especially because the digestive system,cant handle it taurine,has been published in a few different,studies one which was named taurine a,very essential amino acid which,shows the authors insistence that its,actually extremely essential to get in,especially if youre an athlete now,researchers are humble enough to,admit that we dont really understand,all of the different mechanisms of,actions that it has however,its critical to eye health because its,crucial for photoreceptor,development and insufficient levels of,it are linked to several health,consequences including neuron damage,development of abnormalities renal,dysfunction and cardiomyopathy a lot of,its cognitive benefits come from the,restoration of gaba receptors and,taurine transfers,which reduces oxidative stress and,narrow inflammat

Genius Burn |Fat Burner| The Genius Brand Supplement Review

hey whats up everyone my names Robert,welcome to the spot where you can go for,fast and simple sub Banerjees today,Ill be talking guys about the genius,burned by the genius brand Im gonna,cover all the ingredients that are in,here also gonna cover how these can,possibly help you out and at that very,end were gonna talk a little bit about,what people are saying about this,product today alright now I know that,sounds like a lot of information but,guess what Im gonna get you guys all,the information you need to know in,under five minutes and at any time you,feel like you might want to pick this up,go ahead open up that description box,and I do have a link in there for you,guys right lets move on to this so this,is by the genius brand if you dont know,who they are let me tell you real quick,they basically just focus on clinically,researched ingredients right they bring,out supplements that have ingredients,that are actually proven to work they,want to provide supplements a little bit,safer than it has been done in the past,and theyre pretty much their slogans,like supplements just a smarter way,right so its definitely a good thing to,hear if youre trying to get supplements,from any company when theyre talking,about clinically research and just a,safer way of doing it all right now with,this genius Burnet kind of falls right,in line with all of that they actually,both said this genius burn has nine,ingredients in here that are clinically,researched and backed by science who,actually work right,they say the genius burn is here to,actually help improve your mood and also,help with any fat loss as well right,well lets get into these ingredients to,see if any of that is actually possible,now the first ingredient in here is that,IFA you guys can read it right theyre,not gonna fish it basically what this is,going to do is actually help synthesize,fatty acids and with that its going to,help control your appetite also help,with that weight loss right so its a,good ingredient to have in there its,the top of the list the next one in here,is Central Centrals actually basically,comprised of ashwagandha so ashwagandha,is going to help reduce any stress and,anxiety its been clinically researched,proven to do that this is important for,weight loss because you know its just,gonna help clear your mind up alright,you might have some high goals you might,be a little stress out on losing weight,maybe for a certain event things like,that right so you dont want to add any,more added stress because you can,possibly get pushed into inaction that,means youre just gonna stop actually,doing it so having this sensor all in,here is going to definitely help out to,good nootropic to have the next,ingredient that is in here is tea cream,so to Koreans basically like a,substitute to caffeine caffeine has been,no,to actually be prone to dependency and,also give you like a jittery fact things,like that could be possibly negative I,think is probably negative too dependent,on caffeine Tians basically going to,give you a better mood and just a,cleaner energy right youre not going to,get dependent on it youre not gonna,feel any jittery effect no crash or,anything like that all right,the next ingredient in here is cognizant,cognizance actually gonna help you focus,so if youre in the gym or maybe if,youre deciding on fast food or healthy,food youll focus in on the one thats,right okay,the next ingredient that is in here is,this GS 4 GS 4 is actually there to help,lower any blood blood sugar all right so,thats a good thing and then you also,have this thinning theming is there to,help relax you without actually having,you like pass out right because a lot of,things that relax you pretty much you,want to go sleep right after that right,after you take it now this one doesnt,do that youre just going to feel,relaxed but youre still going to have,the energy from all the other,ingredients that are in here which is a,good thing like I said if youre too,stressed out your your body is just not,working at its optimal level and youre,not going to lose as much fat as you,actually want to do all right so its,definitely a good thing to have in here,on next up you also get this paradox,time paradox is actually going to help,stop fat from actually being sword in,your body so youre not adding on any,extra pounds then it can also help get,some store fat thats already there,basically those hidden Twinkies or,whatever you got going on there thats,just been hiding there for years all,right its gonna help get rid of that,basically mobilize it to actually being,burned and speaking of being burning fat,is you have cats and Macs Casa Max is,there to specifically go in there and,help actually mobilize that fat burn it,and use it for energy all right so those,are the two main ingredients that are in,there that are actually gonna help burn,some fat off for you right so its a,good thing you also get the scooper Xena,serrata,I think I said that right its basically,just another nootropic ingredient and,then lastly you get this oestrogen,estrogens just going to take all these,ingredients and its actually going to,help our body absorb them right this is,a lot of different ingredients so we can,actually take full effect of all of them,now you might be asking yourself well,why is there all these patents and all,these craziness on there basically again,the genius brand basically just wants to,do things for,so they picked these ingredients for the,simple fact that these are tested to,clinically research and when you have,them on this patent theyre actually,regularly tested as far as each batch,that comes through so youre not getting,a bad batches or anything like that so,its a good thing to have but not for,what I think about this product lets,get into what some people are saying,about this and when it actually rates so,first off this thing rates 4.4 stars,which is pretty good right that means,the vast majority of people whove taken,it have said that this actually does,work right a lot of people are saying,that their mental clarity is just on,point all right theyre just thinking a,little bit more clear their mood has,been boosted theyre not down in the,dumps or anything like that thats from,all the nootropics this thing is very,heavy a nootropic ingredient so its,definitely an obvious result from taking,a bunch of nootropic ingredients right,and obviously you know the other main,reason why people would get this is to,burn some fat right a lot of people have,lost some weight from this and from,various amounts of weight in various,times it all depends on you taking this,supplement and also getting a good,exercise routine and eating healthy as,well right now my personal opinion on,this I love the supplement just because,its heavy in nootropics and then it has,these fat burning ingredients in here,that have all been proven to work and,thats the biggest thing you know thats,clinically researched and proven to work,right so like I said if you guys want to,try this out go ahead open up that,scription box I do have a link in there,just for you guys,comment below if you guys have any,questions on anything and thanks for,selling bye adios

EMZsings Reviews Shape Shifter

hi guys um so Im not gonna be singing,today I just wanted to do a really quick,cuz I do for you guys,a first I just wanna start off by saying,thank you so much for all the support or,my true colors cover Ill put on the,screen theres the dog in your mouth,food on the screen and now if you,havent seen it but um we put a lot of,work into it and stuff so Im really,glad that you guys all like to undulate,to me second of my Scottish accent for,once instead of my weird I made a can,accent that usually second and so,basically over like the past like since,the start of the year FK not being like,struggling up at with my weight and,stuff and like aim of China like just,been like eating just because I I want,to eat like rather than like needing to,eat and Im Ive definitely put on like,a lot of weight like since the end of,last year so I wanted to do something,about it I always do em every now and,they not do it like the fatness T so,like in flat summit eat stuff like,youve seen already what Ive done,before they definitely worked for the,bulletin and stuff and but I wanted,something like not stronger but,something that is designed specifically,to suppress hunger etc because I was,getting in a really bad habit of eating,just such junk food em so so this is a,card that I want to show you today um,its called shapeshifter and its,essentially a fat burner with appetites,of placement metabolize the metabolism,boost and its got a thermogenic,compound own so basically like it heats,up all the fun so you do it and then I,can get,so um Ive got like quite a small frame,so I always look like slimmer than your,average person but Ive actually like,Ive got to know the heaviest Ive ever,been in and Im not happy with my body,and I want to get it tuned and like,fatness stuff so when they wrote to me,asking if I was like Im trainer and I,always like yeah definitely I want to do,a venue on these and the only reason Im,doing a video on ER is because this,actually works Ive not been eating as,much junk food since I started taking,them Ive definitely lost some weight,and it started to like make me a bit,more toned when Ive been going to the,gym excetera,Ive not been going to the gym as much,as I should do but these are so,definitely making a difference even,though Ive been like not go to the,Germans not much the only reason Ive,not been wanting the job that much is,because Ive been working like a lot,recently and sometimes you just a lot of,time for the gem so any so Ive been,taking these you take a hug its xy8,earth to see capsules in the morning,before your breakfast and then to assess,recaptures before your lunch so when I,first seen that I was about like that,seems like too much to take for our,supplement like that its just like it,kind of scared me Im gonna be honest,with you I was like that seems like a,lot of like stuff going onto my system,so when I started off I only took three,a day and and like I could only see like,really slight changes and I was like,maybe its because youre supposed to,take sex but Im usually quite and like,stains tips to stuff like that so it,doesnt want it like just force myself,into taking sex tablets a day but I,eventually decided to like do the full,dose because thats obviously where,youre going to get the best results and,Ive not felt sick or crazy at anything,I can tell you like Im definitely more,Dallaire and Ive got more focus which,is also what it says that it does but,Ive definitely noticed a change and,like my body shape which is obviously,what I wanted it for em so I just wanted,to like let you guys know about us in,I like to the description of it and also,just quickly before I go am Ive been,doing like cocaine a lifestyle change,and said to start will the end of last,year of collector convent it to be a,vegetating which will soon be turnin and,to vegan and just because of many,reasons and mostly environmental reasons,and because like just watch coast but,its a is actually just shocking,okay and and also through that Ive been,trying to like find myself so Ive been,doing a lot of like yoga and like,mindfulness etc and like Ive definitely,been more happy and like ever since all,helping together its like make me a,better person because Ive started,getting like super lazy and its not her,want to be so Im going to do some more,videos about like like how to transition,to being like a gluten-free vegetarian,because its obviously like quite,difficult to do when youre gluten-free,and vegetating and Im gonna do more,health videos as well but obviously,dont worry there will be second videos,as well so dont panic aim Ive got a,lot going on music wise right now so um,hopefully theyll be a lot thanks for,you to see and the near future but until,then thank you so much for second bye I,love you guys so so much and have a,lovely beautiful day bye

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