1. Coinbase Debit Card Review – Are its Crypto Rewards Worth It?
  2. Coinbase Debit Card Review 2022
  3. Coinbase Debit Card – Pros & Cons. Is it worth 4% Cash Back?
  4. Unboxing the Coinbase Card & Testing Coinbase Debit Card to Purchase with Crypto!
  5. I used the Coinbase Card for 30 Days and heres what I found | 1 Month Review | Dos & Donts
  6. Ive used the Coinbase Card for 6 Months now and Heres What I Found | 6 Month Review | Deep Dive
  7. Crypto Visa Cards COMPARED: Side-by-Side ????

Coinbase Debit Card Review – Are its Crypto Rewards Worth It?

The new Coinbase debit card is finally here.,If you use Coinbase and youve been,wanting an easier way to access the crypto in your Coinbase portfolio,,the new Coinbase card makes this easy with no transaction fees and the ability,to also earn crypto rewards on your everyday purchases.,But is the new Coinbase card worth it?,Well, lets get into it.,Now, for those who have been on the waitlist for the Coinbase debit,card in the United States, you can now get both a physical card,and a virtual version of the card right from the Coinbase app itself.,Coinbase has actually made some recent,changes to the card that make it a much better card for everyday Coinbase users.,Because up until recently,,guys accessing the crypto from your Coinbase card and your Coinbase account.,It included heavy transaction fees,,pretty much making it inefficient for everyday purchases, right?,But with the new refreshed card not only has Coinbase completely waived,the transaction fees that were on it before, but theyve also now added,rotating rewards where you can earn up to 4% cash back and crypto rewards,with every purchase that you make with the card.,Now, to be clear, while the Coinbase card is available in over 30 countries,,this debit cards, new crypto rewards feature and the removal,of transaction fees are actually currently only available to residents,in the United States, with the exception of users in Hawaii.,And if you havent actually received your physical card yet, dont worry guys,,because those on the waitlist can actually now access a virtual version of the card,that you can start using right away from the Coinbase app.,And your physical cards should be arriving,in the coming weeks in the mail just the same.,So lets now hop on over to the Coinbase app where Ill show you how to access your,digital card from the app so you can start using it immediately.,All right guys, so here we are now inside,the Coinbase app on the Homepage dashboard.,To access your virtual card from the app,,you simply want to click on the bottom right corner where it says Pay.,Click on that Pay tab right there.,Then at the very top of the Pay tab, youll notice the new Coinbase card here.,If you havent activated your virtual card,yet, this is where you can access it right in the app.,So you simply want to click here on View card.,This is where youll also be able,to manage your card even after your physical card arrives in the mail.,Youll be able to manage everything all from within the Coinbase app.,So as you can see, I currently have $0 funds on the card.,What I want to talk about first is the actual rewards because there are new,rotating rewards when you make purchases with the new Coinbase card.,So as you can see, it says every time you,use your Coinbase card to make a purchase, you earn crypto as a reward and these are,rotating rewards guys, you get to choose your reward.,As you could see at the launch of their,rotating rewards program, you can earn up to 4% back,in Stellar Lumens all the way down to 1% in Bitcoin or Ethereum.,So you get to choose your specific reward that you want to choose.,Lets say, for example, I want to earn my reward in Bitcoin.,I would simply Select Bitcoin and that is my current reward category.,But again, you can click that and you can actually change it at any time.,Now in addition to choosing your reward,category from the app, you can also go to the Manage tab right,here and that will allow you to do things like add funds to your card.,You can add it to Apple Wallet if you use,an iPhone, or you can also lock your card as well.,If you want to lock your card because,youre not going to use it for a certain amount of time, you could simply lock,the card and beneath setting a Pin, you will see the option for support,,which is where you can go if your card is lost or stolen and you need to report,a stolen or lost card, you can lock that down right here from the app.,Another thing to keep in mind guys, is that these rotating rewards,from the Coinbase card, they do have an expiration date as well.,So if you dont select a reward when,the next rotation begins, Coinbase will automatically select,the reward for you with the highest crypto cashback rewards rate.,So if you want to keep control over your,crypto rewards and choose the crypto reward that you truly want,,you want to be sure to go inside the Coinbase app and choose the crypto,reward you want after each new rotation begins.,In addition, there are also a couple of ways you can pay with your card because,you can have it pull from your crypto assets on Coinbase.,Or you can also have it pull from your Fiat on Coinbase as well.,To select that, you simply want to choose where it says Paying With right here.,If you select Paying With,,that will allow you to change the asset you spend with your card.,So lets click on this button right here.,And as you can see, the Coinbase card does offer zero crypto spending fees.,With the Coinbase card, you could spend crypto anywhere.,Visa is accepted with zero crypto spending fees, a spread still applies.,So do keep that in mind and it says,spending is like selling at the end of the year.,Well help you with taxes on any crypto that you spend with the Coinbase card.,So if we click Continue here,,this is where you can go to change the asset you want to spend on the card with.,So right now its set to USD Coin by default.,But you can also change it to a crypto asset on your portfolio.,Say I want to choose Bitcoin.,I want to spend with my Bitcoin.,Whenever I use the card, I can Select Bitcoin.,If you have another crypto, you can choose that as well.,Or again, you can also choose Fiat if you have any Fiat in your Coinbase account.,Once you choose the asset you want to spend, you then simply have to click,on Submit and that will make the change for you immediately.,And again, you can go in here anytime to change the crypto asset or the Fiat,asset that you want to spend on your card with.,And if you want to keep track of all your,transactions that you made with the Coinbase Card,,you can simply on the same screen go down to where it says recent transactions,and this is where your most recent purchases will show up right in the app.,So you can always keep track of that as well.,And the last thing we need to go over is,how to actually top up your Coinbase card, how to add funds to it.,So right from inside the app, you simply want to click on the Pay screen.,Again, click on View card right here you,want to then select again where it says paying with.,Again, you choose your assets.,After you choose your asset, you then simply have to click on Add funds.,And right here is where you can choose your payment method, your payment source.,You can choose PayPal.,Or if you want to add another payment method, you can also add a bank account or,a wire transfer or even direct deposits from your Paycheck,,which is also were going to go over that in just a second as well.,But lets just say you want to choose your payment source.,Then you select how much you want to add.,Then you would simply click on Preview and from there you would confirm and it,would add the cash and top up your Coinbase card.,Alternatively, if you dont want to add,cash to the card, you can also spend your crypto.,Like I said as well.,Simply go back here, select on paying with change your asset to crypto.,So lets just say I want to spend my Bitcoin.,I would choose Bitcoin, click Submit, then go back out to the app.,And now youre paying with Bitcoin.,It shows you how much Bitcoin you have available.,So now when you swipe your card, its going to pull from the Bitcoin.,So always be sure that you have the right,asset chosen that you want the card to pull from.,And of course, once you receive your,crypto rewards to the Coinbase app, they are yours to do with as you wish.,So you can keep them in your Coinbase portfolio.,You can trade them for another crypto of your choice.,You can even stake them,,which is basically a way for you to earn interest

Coinbase Debit Card Review 2022

last year coinbase came out with a,coinbase debit card which offers four,percent back in crypto rewards,unfortunately the website doesnt make,available to you what the specifics of,the card are until youve been accepted,and with the waitlist thats been in,place that can take some time since i,was recently accepted im going to walk,you through what the specifics on the,card are so you can decide if its a,good fit for you im bradford with the,payment guide of personal finance first,make sure you hit that like button so we,know to make more videos like it now,lets jump into the card specifics now,when youre first accepted to get the,card youre going to fill out some,information about yourself and youre,also going to be given this disclosure,which i have on the screen right here,now the first couple pages are just kind,of standard information its going to,walk you through okay what information,is coinbase allowed to share what,information are they not allowed to,share can you limit sharing on certain,items now but continuing clicking on,down here were going to get to the page,that i really care about focusing on,first so kind of the background of the,card it is a prepaid debit card so,youre gonna have to load funds onto it,to be able to spend it now the first,things here it is a zero annual fee,theres no minimums required you,basically the card is free to use but,coming down here were going to look at,the spending money and the getting cash,so this is where its really important,so while coinbase does advertise that,you can spend your cryptocurrencies,using this debit card you dont want to,do that and the reason is say you have,some bitcoin and youre trying to spend,it when youre going to buy some,groceries at walmart,every time you have to spend a,cryptocurrency that you have coinbase,has to sell that token convert it into,us dollars so that way you can actually,use it but when they do that theyre,gonna charge this 2.49,transaction fee for you to use the card,now yes while you can still get the four,percent back in your crypto awards,youre really cutting into the rewards,that youre using and if you decide to,do that its really better just use a,regular cash back card instead so make,sure youre loading just regular dollars,or usd coins onto your card because then,there is no transaction fee now the same,thing applies if youre trying to take,money out with an atm,if you are trying to take money out with,one of your cryptocurrencies that you,have in your wallet that 2.49 fee does,apply so make sure youre loading your,card with regular dollars or usd tokens,another thing i want to mention on here,i scan through it there is no atm,reimbursement for you even though this,is a debit card so just something to be,aware about if you are trying to,withdraw money consider using a,different debit card that you have so,that way youre not having to eat the,atm withdrawal fee then continuing down,here on this page it just breaks down no,youre not going to pay any additional,fees just for using the specific card,one thing i want to point out is that if,youre using this card overseas while,coinbase does not have a specific extra,fee youre going to pay you are still,going to be charged a currency,conversion fee so theres something to,be aware about even though it does say,zero for all these expect to pay extra,just because youre trying to transfer,the us dollar into a euro or a pound or,whatever the local currency is and after,that none of this other other,information is really that important,basically continuing on its telling you,how you access your funds how you talk,to them things like that the next part,that is important is this section right,here to talk to you about how you can,actually use your card and what the,limitations are the first thing i want,to point your attention to is that the,maximum card balance at any time because,it is a pre-paid debit card is going to,be effectively ten thousand dollars nine,thousand nine hundred ninety nine,dollars and ninety nine cents all right,not too big of a deal but the other,thing i wanna point your attention to is,there is a cap on how much you can,actually reload your card each day and,thats gonna be five thousand dollars,per 24 hour period and it breaks that,down what are the other things that,arent capped by the dollar amount in,terms of just how many times you can,load money onto the card in any 24-hour,period the other thing to look at here,is that it does limit the number of,times you can withdraw money from an atm,or if youre at the counter trying to,withdraw money from the cashier is no,more than three times a day and it does,limit how much money youre actually,able to withdraw with your debit card,and caps it out at a thousand dollars,per 24-hour period now thats kind of,restricting,and the last thing i want to mention on,here which i think is really a big,crunch point especially if youre trying,to make large purchases to get the most,crypto rewards is you cant make any,purchases larger than 2 500,and then for any given 24 hour period,you are capped out at five thousand,dollars for that 24 hour period and then,just continuing down here the other,things to look at,talks about atm fees how youre,basically not going to be reimbursed but,theyre not going to charge you an extra,fee and really the biggest thing here is,talks through you cant sue coinbase by,signing up to use this card youre,agreeing that youre going to use,arbitration if something happens,basically,you cant sue them you have a mediator,and thats how you decide whats going,on thats not anything thats unstandard,thats pretty much how all legal,documents are these days and thats,something youre not aware of thats,just a lesson making sure youre reading,the fine print all right now lets jump,over to the coinbase website and see,what it looks like once you actually,have the coinbase debit card sweet so,heres the coinbase website itself so,once youre approved and youve signed,up after youve been removed from the,waitlist youre going to be able to use,the e debit card immediately but it will,take 7 to 10 business days to receive,the actual plastic card in the mail so,the things that really you can adjust,here is you can adjust how are you going,to pay with your money where are the,funds coming from that youre actually,funding the debit card from and it gives,you what choice of all these other,cryptocurrencies that you can use,dont choose any of them thats just,giving money away use either the us,dollar or the usd coin because there is,no transaction fee to use those,past that all right it talks about a,four percent crypto award but how are,you actually getting that and what,cryptocurrencies are you able to earn,that reward on great question i was,wondering that until i actually got,approved for the card i had no idea what,they were so you have eight different,cryptocurrencies youre able to choose,from four receive a four percent crypto,award and then the other four only,receive one percent so the the four that,receive the the highest percent back is,going to be stellar lumens,the graph,amp and rally and then the one percent,back are going to be the board larger,names its bitcoin ethereum dogecoin and,die,dont pick any of these,pick one of the four percent back and,then if you want to transfer it because,theres not gonna be any sort of fee to,transfer it on coinbase do it at that,point get the four percent back and then,transfer it over to bitcoin or ethereum,or whatever youre trying to do so that,way you really are getting four percent,cash back on your purchases and thats,really all there is to the actual coin,based card itself on the website its,just really choosing how do you want to,pay for the card and then how do you,want to earn your rewards back,all right so whats the bottom line with,the coinbase debit card i think its,really cool that you can earn,equivalently four percent cash back on,your purchases while you use the card,now if youre like me and y

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Coinbase Debit Card – Pros & Cons. Is it worth 4% Cash Back?

hey everyone youre watching story about,Dan in this video I want to go over pros,and cons of the coinbase debit card Ive,had this car for over six months now and,there are some things that I love about,this card and some things that I dont,lets start with what coinbase is,coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange,platform so as you might already have,guessed this card has to do something,with crypto and yes with this card for,every transaction you can get up to four,percent cash back rewards in crypto four,percent not bad like for example I have,here my Apple card which is easy to,apply for and its fancy metal blah blah,blah titanium it gives me only two,percent cash back if I use my Apple pay,and only one percent back if I use the,card itself to get coinbase card you can,simply apply for it in coinbase app you,go to a paid Tab and you click and you,order it and once you get it you can,choose what you want to get rewards in,you can get up to one percent in US,dollar you can get one percent in,ethereum polygon 1.5 in Bitcoin and four,percent in seller lumens I said 9 to get,cash back instead of lumens because,logically it can make more cash back,with this option what I do is just at,the end of every month I convert it into,like Bitcoin Salon ethereum or just US,dollar and really get just more cash,back other than if you would get 1.5 in,Bitcoin the card itself is pretty simple,its nothing fancy its a very simple,design just like coinbase likes lets go,over pros and cons right now lets start,with the pros you can make up to four,percent cashback this is even rare for,some popular credit cards some credit,cards can give you like three percent,cashback if you purchase at this store,and one percent cashback if you buy gas,or whatever this card has no limitations,anywhere where Visa is accepted you can,buy anything and get your cash back so,this one might be another Pro for others,but for me its a pro its a debit card,its not a credit card I personally,dont like credit cards you have to open,them you have to actively use them,because if you dont use them bank and,close different activity and sometimes,you can hurt your credit score I dont,like doing that I have only two credit,cards and the rest are of debit cards,but its also your con and Ill get to,this later now fees this card has,absolutely no fees and I love it like,anywhere in the world internationally,you can use it no fees regardless what,you buy this car will give you cash back,and youll pay absolutely no fees and,the last one its an instant investment,I like that you can instantly invest in,whatever asset you choose Bitcoin,ethereum sterile lumens I dont know if,you like it or not but its an instant,investment so you swipe your card its,instantly biased a little bit of,whatever asset you choose and its,really cool I mean youre gonna spend,money anyways why not also get rewards,for it right and thats about it thats,my biggest Pro is four percent cash back,thats why I use it lets go over the,cons now customer support is terrible,coinbase is Fuller mod operated company,so I guess they hire people for their,support overseas which respectfully very,hard to understand and deal with,seriously take it from the guy with,Nexon Ive had a couple issues tried to,get a result and it took forever,seriously you can only either email them,which I dont want to email in 2022 or,call them which is also hard to get rich,of them and it took forever to figure,out my couple issues and I Im always,worried that if Im gonna have an,organized charge or some problem with,the card Im Im not going to be able to,resolve it quickly just to compare Apple,card support is just its its seriously,its amazing its like in a matter of a,couple minutes you can literally chat,with a specialists in your iMessage and,get resolved anything its its amazing,number two its a debit card I know I,said its a pro but its all so calm,because debit cards are not safe to use,in public if someone steals your,information steals your card they still,mine in from your card you will probably,never get them back credit cards are,better in that way because you can,always dispute charge this is the reason,why I never keep large amounts of money,on on this card can you imagine if,someone steals money and you try to,dispute charge and you go over their,support their support sock its a lot of,pain number number three depositing,funds so its kind of been weird for me,depositing funds into coinbase card,because sometimes theyre available,instantly and sometimes not sometimes it,takes up to seven days for them to be,available so Ive been usually,depositing over a thousand dollars and,its like you can never guess that,theyre gonna be available instantly or,not so its been kind of weird I dont,know I didnt really research too much,into it but I guess there is like,verified process or something so theyre,not available instantly sometimes if,youre the best money you can never,guess if you can use them right away or,not number four four percent cash back,is not always available,what like seriously wasnt that the,whole purpose of me getting this card,for four percent cash back so in July of,this year when Bitcoin tumbled they took,away four percent option there was only,two percent of in Bitcoin or whatever I,was like I was spaced I was like why in,the world and when I got this card it,back in February they were like actively,advertising that hey up to four percent,cash back on their website it was like,big title up to four percent cash back,now they took it away they still show,that you can make up to four percent,cash back its kind of weird every month,they send you a message hey choose your,new reward what do you want to get,rewards in so I was like this is kind of,weird but on the moment this recording,four percent cash back option is,available they took it like for a month,then put it back so why do I use it well,starting from February of 2022 this year,I made over 600 in cash back I mean not,bad I was just using for things that I,usually use my car for like groceries,some bills and travels its been pretty,good it but thats worth the pain of,poor customer service and were,depositing things and all other stuff,that I mentioned I dont know well I,hope this was helpful I hope you,got my position I tried to stay neutral,as possible so you can decide for,yourself if you want to get this card or,not and let me know in the comments how,much cashback youve made if you already,have this card and thank you so much for,watching and Ill see you in the next,video,thank you

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Unboxing the Coinbase Card & Testing Coinbase Debit Card to Purchase with Crypto!

the coinbase card,is here guys the coinbase card is here,is finally here with me right now,and i am going to do a little bit of an,unboxing for you guys today,although its not a box so its really,going to be just an unpackaging,and then after that were going to be,able to show you guys how to use this,card as well,to be able to use your crypto on,coinbase to make some purchases,so lets open this,[Music],so we just got access to the coinbase,card that lets you use this card,for normal transactions but instead of,using cash or credits,it uses your crypto on your coinbase,account,right now were about to test out using,this card,and see if there any hiccups with it or,any major differences,from using a regular debit or credit,card you might be wondering,ted why are you so excited right now,some of you might be saying oh ted its,just a normal card,that changes your crypto and sells it,for regular,fiat currency and then uses that for the,purchase,but you might be missing out on the,biggest perk,of using this card over here and that is,the four percent,cash back in stellar lumens on all,purchases,well if im saying still lumens i,shouldnt say cash back,i should say crypto back four percent,crypto back but that is still pretty,dang,awesome,[Music],so in order to actually start using the,physical card we got in the mail,we need to go into coinbase and activate,the card over here,so lets get started while were in,coinbase its asking us to enter,our 16 digit card number so im gonna go,to the back of my card,read that section i blacked out for you,guys so you cant steal my card,information,and then the cvv that theyre asking,over here is just a three-digit security,code thats gonna be written,on the back of this card then its gonna,ask us,to set a pin and this is gonna be the,pin that you might need to type in,whenever youre using this card at an,actual location that requires you to,type in a pin,and after that were all set up to use,our,coinbase card,[Music],all you gotta do for mobile is scroll,down on your home page,until you see the coinbase card you have,right there,in the middle of the screen lets go,ahead and click on that and you can see,right here,that i already have 100 worth of usd,inside of my coinbase account,and its showing that i can use this 100,usd to actually make my purchases,but if i wanted to elect a different,currency to make my purchases with,i can do that too so im gonna go ahead,and click on this click on,change asset and right here its loading,in my entire portfolio,for coinbase unfortunately this doesnt,actually allow you to select an,asset that you have on coinbase pro,however,and thats actually where the majority,of my cryptocurrency is but regardless i,can still go over here,and select whatever crypto i have inside,of my account for coinbase,and click submit for example if i want,to go with ethereum and this information,right here is super important for you,guys to know,if youre actually using your real,crypto as a purchase method instead of,usdc,then you should know that theyre going,to take out a flat fee,whenever they make a purchase with that,crypto because its effectively,like selling your crypto and then using,that fiat currency,to make that purchase so make sure you,understand this concept,and just click i understand and now you,can see that our card is actually using,our ethereum reserves,in order to pay for whatever we want and,this next part is the part im super,excited about,its the cash back or the crypto back,right now its saying im getting four,percent back in stellar lumens,but if i clicked on it you can also see,that we have the option of getting,one percent back in bitcoin as well now,you see,i care a lot more about getting the,stellar lumens in my account,because its such a bigger difference,between one and four percent,if i wanted btc i could just go ahead,and click on that,but because i want the most crypto back,ill actually go,and select stellar lumens and if i,really want bitcoin in the end,all i need to do is convert the set of,lumens that i get,into bitcoin and we can scroll down here,under the,recent transaction sections and we dont,have any recent transactions because we,havent actually tested out the account,yet,so all we got to do to test out the,account is click on the manage button,right up there,and heres the virtual card thats going,to display when youre inside of your,coinbase app and if you want to see all,your information,you can click on the i button right down,there,and my information is displayed,obviously im going to blur this out i,dont want to see a new subscription to,pornhub on my coinbase card okay,and if i want to copy over the,information instead i can click on this,copy button and i have the card number,copied i actually want to go back,and instead of selecting ethereum i want,to change the assets,to my usdc because spending,with usdc will actually totally negate,the two percent conversion fee that,coinbase takes,im im actually super excited about,this too because,before there was almost no purpose for,me to have,any usdc whatsoever besides like the,small amount of yield that you get on,coinbase,but now with the coinbase card theres,almost no point,not having usdc in your account because,you can actually use your coinbase card,to make purchases with it now,okay now heres the tricky part i,actually have to find something on,amazon,i want to buy how about taken by the,t-rex,dinosaur erotica oh my goodness look at,this,dont ask me why this was in my,recommendations okay,theres really a lot of dinosaur erotica,out there huh,all right im not buying this i dont,need to buy anything actually how about,i just buy a visa card instead so ill,get most of my money back,so lower amounts you buy you actually,take more of a loss,from the fees but this one right over,here if you buy a 200,visa card you have to pay another seven,dollars on top of that,hold on a second if im getting four,percent,back in stellar lumens and the fee for,this card is,3.47 percent,did i just figure out an infinite money,loop over here,or am i being really stupid right now,okay guys,i absolutely have to test this theory,out now the only problem is that i dont,have enough usdc inside of my account,so lets add some more usdc im gonna,click on this,and i can actually add funds and i,believe i need another,107ish dollars so im gonna preview a,buy,buy now continue is it available in my,account,looks like it right there i have that,207 right there,okay well i guess lets try it out,instead of using any of the cards that i,currently have,im going to add a new card all right,moment of truth guys oh my goodness this,is,crazy add my card the card adding was,successful,holy moly guys are you ready for the,moment of truth,are you ready to see if placing this,order will actually,work and get us our cash back lets go,lets place orders been placed im,literally gonna get the card tomorrow,too,holy moly okay lets go check out my,coinbase account real quick and see if,it actually deducted that amount,im refreshing and nothing is showing up,nothings changing in my recent,transactions and it still says i have,207 right there for my usd whats going,on,okay im a little concerned right now,lets check our coinbase,desktop uh web app real quick and,see if any changes happen there so while,were in coinbase,instead of scrolling down to the bottom,you want to go and click,on your portfolio instead and right over,here,wait it just happened it just happened,right in front of our eyes,manage card available balance is five,cents,okay okay it worked guys its currently,pending but im sure its gonna be able,to go,through just fine were also back on the,mobile app real quick to see what,happened,and over here we have a recent,transactions yes i did just purchase,this,in amazon and currently pending i can,click on that pending transaction,i can see exactly when it happened what,asset i used to purchase,how much coinbase took as a fee since i,used usdc,there are n

I used the Coinbase Card for 30 Days and heres what I found | 1 Month Review | Dos & Donts

whats up guys its tj with another,crypto video and today were gonna go,ahead and talk about that coinbase card,ive made a video for you guys its been,one month like i told you guys we said,hey were gonna rock it,all through august see what happens so,this is a one month review of this,coinbase card so lets go ahead and dive,right in all right hey real quick if,this is your first time visiting our,channel,make sure you go ahead you take a second,and you hit the subscribe button check,that notification bell,and were always posting tips and tricks,on how to help the average person get,ahead thankfully i retired,day before i turned age 28 and im,always trying to make videos tips and,tricks to help out you guys so make sure,you subscribe all right lets dive into,it so this is what it looks like,for the coinbase app,one month of usage all right lets go,ahead and open it up,all right so,im chose to earn all my rewards,in xlm that was the only option,uh really that it gave me to earn,rewards at the time,so i had xlm or bitcoin right one,percent on bitcoin or four percent on,xlm so i went with xlm and man yall,check this out,uh 164.89,in 30 days so just from choosing to use,the coinbase card of course were paying,everything with usdc so theres no fees,for any of the transactions uh make sure,you guys dont forget if youre using,any other crypto uh there are fees for,that so usdc though is free so thats,what we went with so basically at the,beginning of the month i just load money,onto the,card and then boom so four percent on,every single transaction so one perk to,the coinbase card is that it doesnt,matter if youre doing like a touch,touchless pay or if youre actually,swiping the card one thing i hated about,the apple card was that yeah i got two,percent back on every transaction but,only if i was doing touchless payments,if i ever had to actually swipe my,physical card it was only one percent so,like half the places i went,didnt have the the wireless technology,so i was half the time i was only,getting a one percent,um cash back rewards so with the coin,base card if im at a gas station where,i cant pay at the pump using just my,phone and i have to pull out that card,boom i still get four percent and whats,awesome is its not like one of those,credit cards that you know you have to,use the points for,paying for a flight or pay for a hotel,right i can redeem this for anything i,want you know gas groceries vacations,its just,its cash right so super excited about,that loving the coinbase card one month,in uh just uh reloaded some stuff on,here to get ready for september,and yeah loving it so far so um,lets see theres a few things i,couldnt use the coin based card on um,it is technically a debit card but i,guess however the transactions work,there are a few things that i couldnt,use it on so,um on my capital one app for like our,car payments it says i can use a debit,card and just pay like a three dollar,fee to use the debit card so i was like,sweet pay three bucks im going to get,like 16 back um but it didnt work so,i couldnt use it on car payments i,couldnt use it on,the house payment of course,so little things like that car insurance,i could have used it on but they wanted,me to pay like,if its not going to like auto draft out,of a bank account,then,my company wanted like to pay two months,up front just to be able to use the,debit card going forward so i was like,its not worth it so i didnt i didnt,do that but those are the only three,things um,really that i couldnt use it on so,and then basically the way we have it,set up me and jessica um you know it,works with apple pay right so,you know you just put it in your in your,wallet and i put it on my phone jessica,puts the same exact card on her phone so,we can both use the same exact card it,all comes out of that same account so,yeah thats uh thats kind of how were,doing it and then we have the physical,card we only have one of those but were,pretty much always together um and then,of course we have a backup card if for,some reason we dont have the card,with us so i guess one thing like if i,wanted to think of like some feedback,you know when,when youre using the coinbase app um,and youre looking at your transactions,theres not a whole lot of like,um i guess data,there so um you know maybe in the future,id like to see them add more stuff in,um kind of like with my apple card right,i could go i could look at a monthly,statement,i could look at you know how much i,spent in just that one week right,so like all of that cool stuff where you,can like filter through your statements,or look at how much you spent in a month,like if i want to go back six months ago,and see something um you know i think,all of that stuff coinbase has some work,to kind of build all that interface in,so you can see,um you know a holistic view of,everything right now its basically just,transactions right just you can you can,view everything but itd be a lot of,scrolling if you wanted to go back a few,months or something so,you know maybe more stuff like that kind,of like that you have like with your,bank statement or so um,yeah pretty stoked about it so far um,still excited for the celsius card i,think thats going to trump pretty much,anything out there when it comes out um,and ill be im excited to like,all that money thats in my account,thats going to be my you know thats,basically my bank account its going to,be earning interest the whole time when,im you know,well while im waiting to swipe that,card so im excited for the celsius app,q4 theyre looking at um you know,sometime before the end of the year,theyre supposed to be launching that,thing so super excited about that um if,you guys like videos like this make sure,you give us a thumbs up leave a comment,down below anything you guys want to see,in the,future and yeah,thats about it i guess well catch you,guys,in the next video,[Music],you

Ive used the Coinbase Card for 6 Months now and Heres What I Found | 6 Month Review | Deep Dive

whats up guys this is tj and in this,video were talking all about the,coinbase debit card ive used this card,for six straight months maybe youve,seen the video i did in the very,beginning where,i was using it for 30 days straight to,see how it was well maybe youre,thinking hey hows it going now so,heres a six month review in this video,were gonna be talking about how much,money i made in rewards the whole six,months,how we use the coinbase card the pros,and cons of the coinbase card and the,common questions that you may have about,the coinbase card or that ive gotten in,the comments that ive answered uh just,to give you guys some quick info on that,so,all right if you guys are ready lets,dive in so first things first make sure,you guys subscribe to the channel were,really helping uh the average person get,ahead so make sure you guys follow our,content and like this video so that,youtube knows that our content is,awesome so,six straight months so august was our,very august first of the first day we,started using the coinbase card so this,is all the way from august first through,january end of january and yeah we made,over,1250 dollars in rewards so,1281 dollars to be exact heres a,screenshot of,my phone,on february 1st before we use the card,that day so,january 31st you guys can see last thing,i did and boom 100,1281 dollars in all-time rewards so uh,if you guys want the coinbase card and,you have dont have it already if you,guys dont have a coinbase account make,sure you guys use our referral in the,description i think we both get free,bitcoin ten dollars i believe free,bitcoin and you can sign up for the,coinbase card and start using it for,free so,uh lets talk about how i personally use,the coinbase card so uh we hold most of,our wealth in crypto right so,if youve known anything about celsius,were unbanking ourselves right so,getting away from this crazy banking,system and we huddle most of our wealth,in celsius so,in usd specifically were earning over,eight percent on our usdc and then once,a month we send over a chunk of usdc,over to coinbase and then we get an,additional four percent when we spend it,so thats how were doing it of course,we on other crypto as well that we hold,in celsius you know bitcoin ethereum et,cetera and uh earning lots of interest,on that too so um,yeah thats how were basically doing it,every month and then were choosing to,get our rewards in xlm so one way you,can do it is kind of stack your xlm all,month long and then you know sell it,once a month and convert that four,percent of,rewards into,bitcoin or ether or whatever so thats,how were doing it we also,only have one card you only have one,card with the coinbase card so me and my,wife both have it on our iphones uh we,use it apple pay and then we leave the,main card in the,family vehicle so we have an suv if,were taking the kids anywhere were,pretty much always driving that and we,pretty much just leave the card in there,that way if for some reason somewhere it,didnt take apple pay we still got the,physical card and then of course we both,have like an apple card,as backup that we could use if we had to,um but yeah if you dont know about,celsius look into them for sure,hold your its your home for crypto so,thats where we stack all of our crypto,and earn interest on it so if you guys,dont have them already make sure you,use our link i think you get fifty,dollars uh when you create an account,using our referral so um make sure you,do that use our referral and im excited,about their credit card uh that they,have launching pretty soon the celsius,card where basically youll be able to,live off your interest you and uh the,roars are supposed to be amazing so i,cant wait for that to happen so pros,and cons of the coinbase card so one,its a visa card right so anywhere visa,is accepted youre going to be able to,use it no annual fee so thats awesome,right you dont want to be paying,hundreds of dollars just to be able to,use a card uh atm yes it does work at,the atm you can withdraw up to a,thousand dollars a day at an atm,uh four percent back so got all kinds of,rewards uh you got uh stellar lumens you,can do the graph amp rally all those get,four percent back uh you can also choose,if youd rather have one percent back in,like bitcoin ethereum uh dogecoin and i,think die as well,so like i said what i specifically do is,i choose to get four percent back in xlm,and then once a month or every two weeks,however you want to do it basically you,could convert that four percent into,bitcoin or into eth and then just like,getting four percent of ether four,percent back in bitcoin so thats what,were doing and then uh when you sign up,for the card youre going to get the,digital version of the card immediately,right so you can go ahead and add it to,your wallet on apple pay or google pay,and start using it and then youll get,your card in seven to ten days so thats,awesome uh usdc and usd theres no fees,for using that so thats what we do,thats why were using usdc it does work,with apple pay and google pay like i,just mentioned uh touchless,yes with my apple card that i was using,before this i loved it but you only got,the rewards the max rewards if youre,doing touchless transactions so im,really happy that whether im using the,physical card or apple pay i still get,four percent back every single time so,thats awesome,um and im not stuck to using my rewards,at a specific place right like if i got,a,you know credit card that gives me air,miles or gives me like marriott rewards,for a hotel stay or something like that,im not stuck to using all my rewards at,just an airline or just a hotel or,whatever right i have cash that i can,use anywhere for anything i want so,really excited about that i love that,part and you have the opportunity to,spin your crypto if it came down to it,or if youre an emergency situation or,something like that you could click on,the app switch to pay with bitcoin and,then boom you can pay with your crypto,if you want to so those are some of the,pros so lets switch over to cons right,so we just talked about spending your,crypto if you did have to do that just,know there is a 2.49,fee that theyre gonna basically charge,you for selling the crypto and swapping,it to usd for you uh another con is that,theres only one card so that kind of,sucks me and my wife uh definitely wish,we could both have our own physical card,you know because sometimes you do have,to use your physical card like if youre,at a restaurant and they dont take,apple pay or something like that um so,id like to see them add that feature in,the future kind of like with your bank,account you know normally you can have,two cards on the same hooked to the same,account,there are some uh transaction limits um,so well talk about those and what those,details are,and then uh theres some restricted,places that you cant use,the coinbase card so well talk about,those as well so lets go ahead and go,through those uh real quick,so thatll take us into common questions,that i get or that i had right so like i,said to the cons are sometimes there are,transaction limits and sometimes there,are places you cant use your card so,lets talk about that why are my,transactions getting declined so,so theres a few reasons that your,transaction could get declined right you,could have insufficient funds you could,have already passed your spending limit,for that day so this max spending limit,in a day is 2500 so,for example if youre about to pay your,rent and your rent is 2500 but you just,got gas at the gas station youre not,going to be able to pay your rent,because you already use the 2500 for,that day so that you know little things,like that,there are places you cant spend it so,well go through that list in just a,second um,transaction could be deemed high risk,ive never seen that one never had that,happen so so yeah those are a few of the,reasons,so where can you not use your card so,pretty much anything that is paying off,a loan a lot

Crypto Visa Cards COMPARED: Side-by-Side ????

looking for the best crypto card well,youve come to the right place,my name is guy and in this video Ill,review some of the top crypto cards on,the market and go over a card or two,that gives you some insane perks Im,talking about free spotify free airport,lounges and potentially thousands of,dollars in free crypto cash back all,that for simply getting a crypto card,and putting your normal expenses through,it by using these exact strategies ive,been able to earn a ton of free crypto,cash back for basically spending money,that I would have spent anyway I also,have a personal tip or two which you can,use to maximize those perks so be sure,to stick around till the very end if you,want those little nuggets of wisdom now,before I get cracking Ive got to let,you guys know something nope I am NOT a,financial adviser and I dont give,financial advice everything in this,video is for educational purposes only,oh yes and I also want to welcome anyone,here who is new to the channel I release,videos like this regularly so its best,advised to hit that subscribe button oh,and dont forget to turn on those,notifications as well get them the,moment they hit the tube all set great,lets dive right in coming in at number,five we have the coin base card its,available to practically anyone living,in Europe and yes if youre like me and,based in the UK you can get your hands,on this card too in short the coin base,card can be used anywhere that accepts,Visa and last time I checked that was a,hell of a lot of places so if youre,looking for a way to easily spend your,crypto then this card certainly has you,covered when it comes to cost it will,set you back four pounds ninety five in,the UK and four euros ninety five if,youre based in Europe I guess the chaps,of coinbase have peered into the future,and discovered that my beloved great,british pound will eventually hit parity,with the euro,for that one-off card issuance fee,youll get a plastic coin base card,delivered to you in five to seven,business days activating the card is,pretty straightforward youll get an,activation code with the card youll,then use that in the app to activate,so what cryptocurrencies does this card,support well it supports Bitcoin,litecoin Bitcoin cash ripple basic,attention token orga 0x and Stella keep,any of those Kryptos on your coin base,account and you can spend them in the,real world with no problems at all now,if you like me and like to use,contactless card payments the good news,is that this card as you covered the,coin base card is basically a,back-to-basics card with that – of,convenience that coin base offers,however I do want to be upfront with you,and let you know that youll pay for,that convenience fancy with drawing more,than 200 pounds or 200 euros from an ATM,per month well coin base will charge you,1% on any amount over this if youre,somehow able to hop on a plane and want,to use the card abroad well you will pay,2% on any ATM withdrawals over 200 euros,get to that fancy holiday destination,and want to buy stuff with this card,well youll have to pay 3% in fees for,that oh yes on top of all that there is,a 2.4 9% crypto liquidation for you as,well so one of the most expensive,transactions you can make is by going on,holiday sipping that pina colada,at that exotic bar and paying for it,with your coin base card that,transaction will cost you around five,point five percent there is good news,for those who want the option to tap,into that crypto portfolio in an,emergency and that is that domestic,purchases have no direct transaction fee,at all however its important to know,that youll still have to fork out two,point four nine percent for that pesky,crypto liquidation fee Im going to,level with you guys it seems that coin,base have decided to charge a fee,wherever they can that makes this crypto,card one of the most expensive options,out there for regular card users however,if you want a pretty cheap crypto card,that you can use in an emergency which,also supports some,easily exotic coins then you should,consider this no fuss no mass option,want to get your hands on one well be,sure to check out the link in the,description below at the number four,spot I have the wire X card you can,spend any of these cryptocurrencies at,any merchant that accepts Visa right off,the bat I have to let you guys know that,the wire X crypto card is only available,in European countries and Singapore,dont worry if youre from the US I,promise that Ive not forgotten about,you guys,to get your wire ex card sent out you,will also need to kyc which includes,taking a photo of an ID document like a,passport and taking a selfie when it,comes to cost there are no upfront fees,here however you will have to pay a one,pound or one euro twenty card account,maintenance fee every month now youd be,right in thinking that over the course,of a year that the wire ex card at 12th,grade per year seems twice as expensive,as the coinbase card at five pounds now,while this might be true thats only if,you never actually use the card,however with wire X you wont be paying,any in store or online fees at all when,it comes to ATM fees wire X charges one,pound seventy five or two euros twenty,five per withdrawal that means once you,take account of coin bases two point,four nine percent crypto liquidation fee,that wire ex ends up cheaper for all but,the most modest ATM cash withdrawals,another thing thats awesome with this,card is that for most people its free,to deposit funds on your card everyone,in Europe except the UK uses the C /,banking Network and thats free UK guys,like me will be using the faster,payments network which is also free,however if youre going to be funding,with crypto then you will be paying a,deposit fee of 1% now that doesnt seem,too bad to me oh yes lets talk about,yrx card limits put it this way,unless youre balling out of control,then chances are you will never hit any,of yr Xs transaction limits you can,spend up to ten thousand dollars per day,on the card withdraw up to two hundred,and fifty dollars from an ATM and make,Seifer deposits or withdrawals up to,five hundred thousand dollars per day,yes in the UK it seems that transaction,limits are capped at a measly three,thousand pounds per day but lets be,real thats probably more than enough,for most people now all that sounds well,and good however what really pushes wire,X over the edge for me is that you can,get up to 1.5% crypto back for just,using your card use that wire X card on,a $1,000 shopping bender and youll get,up to 15 dollars in crypto cash back,over the course of a year that perk,could add up to hundreds or even,thousands of dollars while that 1.5%,cash back number is impressive this is,through the use of their own WX t token,if you hold a certain amount of the,token then you get more cash back to,start you all get 0.5% crypto cash back,which rises to 0.75,if you hold 500,000 WX t tokens 1% cash,back if you have a hundred thousand,tokens and a pretty impressive 1.5,percent if you are huddling five hundred,thousand WX team now last time I check,100,000 WX T was priced at this much a,token,what this means in plain English is it,you will need to hold about 500 dollars,in WX t tokens to get that 0.75 percent,cash back 1000 dollars worth of it to,get one percent cash back and a whopping,five thousand dollars worth of WX t,tokens to get that big headline number,of 1.5% crypto cash back pretty average,cash back numbers for a sizeable stake,if you ask me there are better options,which I will cover in a bit having said,that though wire X is one of the better,crypto cards out there you can also get,$10 worth of free Bitcoin if you sign up,using my link below this includes $5,when you buy over $100 in crypto with,your credit or debit card and another $5,bonus when you use your wire X visa card,install of course given the current,global situation I dont want to,encourage anyone to go off to a store,solely to get this bonus however if,youre dropping by the local groc

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