1. Olive Oil 101 | Olive Oil Series w/ Elana and Ken
  2. Top 7 Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils 2021
  3. What Is The Best Olive Oil? Olive Oil Review!
  4. Youre Buying Fake Olive Oil…Heres How To Avoid It!
  5. Top 10 Best Olive Oils in 2022 – Olive Oils of the Year
  6. Our Taste Test of the Best Extra-Virgin Olive Oil at the Supermarket
  7. Olive Oil Scandal- is it extra virgin or lamp oil? CC

Olive Oil 101 | Olive Oil Series w/ Elana and Ken

so forget the nice whistling action,going on,your eminence done yeah,Im counter known Colavito is corporate,chef and a certified master chef and Im,Melana a trapano,creative director and recipe writer for,Cole Evita olive oil is incredibly,popular today there are many questions,out there regarding how to use which oil,were going to talk about the facts,about olive oil show you cooking methods,demonstrate recipes and show you how to,get the most out of Colavito olive oil,in your kitchen lets get started,lets begin with a little history about,olive oil Ken olive oil has great,culinary history in the Mediterranean,and olive trees have been grown and,cultivated in that area for thousands of,years the oil has been part of the diet,for just as long the Mediterranean diet,is known to have many health benefits,and Kola vita the trusted family brand,has been producing olive oil from the,Mediterranean since 1978 what all this,boils down to is that there are many,good reasons to work olive oil into your,diet olive oil is the richest source of,monounsaturated fats and its naturally,cholesterol free in fact olive oil,contains much more good fats than butter,margarine and many other popular cooking,oils why is this important consuming,monounsaturated fats is shown to reduce,overall cholesterol levels plus olive,oil has antioxidants,to promote good health and what about,cooking benefits what am i tastebuds,getting out of this,since Colavito olive oil has such great,flavor there wont be a direct impact on,the dishes that you cook so it is,important to truly understand the,cooking technique before you get started,lets talk about the different kinds of,olive oil the three most popular types,are extra virgin pure and light the main,difference is flavor extra virgin has,the most bold flavor also happens to be,the healthiest pure olive oil has a,milder taste with a hint of fruitiness,and light olive oil has the least amount,of flavor for this series were gonna,focus on extra-virgin olive oil in our,next episode we will demonstrate how to,cook with Colavito extra virgin olive,oil and walk you step-by-step through,the cooking process so join us as we,continue to explore cooking with olive,oil from Colavito cooking oil this one,here is the better one,[Music]

Top 7 Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils 2021

hi if you are new here welcome you are,watching compact reviews,we aim to update on the latest and best,everything has to do with cooking,and the kitchen we test them out in real,life,so you know what they like even before,buying them,for someone who loves cooking nothing,could be better than compact reviews,in this videos we will discuss the top 7,best olive oil,so lets get started,number 7. california blend olive oil,many notable global awards guarantee the,quality of this extra virgin oil,moreover its made from olives carefully,selected from the best olive growing,countries such as argentina,chile and portugal this product is,extracted by the cold pressed method,that means there is no heat and,chemicals involved,as a result california olive ranch can,keep the original flavor,and the quality of the oil on top of,that,it has an exceptional taste of fresh,herbs fruit and green grass,for me its perfectly balanced and,smooth,last but not least this oil is stored in,a dark green bottle to protect it from,the light,and keep it last longer in your kitchen,number six filippo berrio extra virgin,olive oil,firstly filippo berrio olive oil has a,strong and rich flavor,you can add a few drops to a salad,dressing or a dish to give it a,delicious taste,this oil can be used for sauteing,roasting drizzling,and marinating as you might not know,this staple has a smoke point at 338 to,374 degrees fahrenheit,and is not suitable for deep frying,additionally,it is processed by the cold pressed,method to keep its quality and flavor,moreover this product is imported from,the united kingdom,and is packaged in a 25.3 ounce plastic,bottle,last but not least its non-gmo,cholesterol-free,trans fat-free gluten-free sugar-free,and sodium free,[Music],number five pompey and smooth first,cold-pressed olive oil,if you hanker for sauteed breast chicken,with fresh herbs and ginger,pompeo and smooth extra virgin olive oil,might be an essential ingredient,to make the dish perfect for me i often,use this oil to make quick and delicious,marinades,due to its smooth aroma it enriches the,flavor of the chicken,and makes it tastier moreover its also,useful for soups,salad dressings and stir fries this,extra virgin,olive oil is imported first cold pressed,from italy and is farmer crafted,therefore it appears original and high,quality,for health-conscious people its,all-natural gluten-free,non-allergenic and non-gmo,number four atlas organic european,certified olive oil,if you are looking for a healthy olive,oil brand for dipping bread,atlas organic extra virgin olive oli is,all you need,this oil owns a flavor that is perfect,for making a simple dish,become more palatable to taste to be,more specific,it features sweet and balanced flavors,with a subtle note of pepper,when dipping with bread you can taste,the slight bitterness that appears,compelling and satisfactory,this product is imported from morocco,and is cold pressed for premium quality,moreover its usda organic certified and,kosher certified,its stored in a three liter bulk metal,tin to avoid light contact,and keep it last long,number three meena extra virgin moroccan,olive oil,when it comes to frying meena single,source extra virgin olive oil is a top,candidate,firstly with a mild flavor this oil,doesnt overpower the original flavor of,the main ingredients,therefore its perfect for making yummy,dishes,secondly for frying the smoking point of,the oil is essential,this product has a higher smoking point,due to its quality,to be more specific it has less than 0.2,percent acidity,and is cold pressed thirdly its sourced,in morocco,and is extracted by a family-owned,company that has a good reputation,for consistent quality throughout time,last but not least,this oil can be used for external,purposes as skin and hair moisturizers,number two gia fresh greek special,reserve olive oil,first and foremost i was impressed by,the beautifully packaged product,bright yellow olive oil is packed in an,eye-catching wine bottle made of dark,colored glass,after the first taste i was even more,amazed by the excellent quality,this oil is pressed within three hours,of harvest to keep its original flavor,and retain rich amounts of nutrients the,harvest date is,also shown clearly on the body of the,bottle,what is more its made from coronaiki,and athenelia variety olives,and is harvested when green with such,fresh flavor,nothing can beat this oil when it comes,to salad dressing,number one calavita extra virgin premium,selection olive oil,colavita extra virgin premium selection,olive oil is selected from arbequina,picul and coronaiki olives around europe,including italy,greece spain portugal on top of that,its cold pressed to retain the original,quality of flavor and nutrition,this oil comes with a bulk capacity of,68 fluid ounces to suit family use,if you and your family members are fans,of mediterranean food,you might need to have one in your,kitchen it comes with a well-balanced,aroma between fruit and spice,you can taste first the meloness of all,flavors then a slight pungent of pepper,making this product a winner for baking

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What Is The Best Olive Oil? Olive Oil Review!

hey friends my name is george gianaris,and if youre here its because you like,to eat healthy save money and cook like,a pro at least i hope so,and many times you will leave,suggestions and comments down below,which i take very seriously i try to,respond to,almost all of them whenever i can and,whenever i see that theres a banter,between,a serious subscriber or serious viewer,who really is engaged in the video,i reach out to them and i ask them to,make suggestions for future videos and a,while back someone had made a suggestion,about i should do a video on olive oil,and i,i apologize for taking so long to,actually get to it and,the reason why i did is because i didnt,even know where to begin,olive oil is such a giant spectrum of,oil,where do you start do you do you choose,a specific region do you,choose a specific type do you choose,boutique olive oils the price range is,all over the place it would,almost be like doing a video on wine,i have narrowed down some olive oils,here based on a few criterion and thats,how im going to approach todays video,the first is i want to make sure that i,choose olive oils that you can get,readily available olive oil so thats,the first thing thats were going to be,talking about today,second is i wanted them to be budget,friendly olive oils can be ridiculously,expensive,so i chose olive oils that are under 20.,the third thing that i wanted to make,sure is that the olive oils were extra,virgin,were going to talk about that what does,that mean and or,first press if you want to jump around,and get right to the chase,there are video chapters in the,description down below youre probably,aware of it but,everythings listed like a table of,contents so you can go to where you,really want to go,without having to watch this whole video,stick around,so let me begin by saying that besides,this olive oil here which im very,familiar with,i have never tasted any of these olive,oils intentionally,maybe ive had them unknowingly and none,of these were given to me none of these,are sponsored nothing in this video is,sponsored,everything here is something ive,purchased with my own money,i wanted to make sure that we were,choosing olive oils that were reasonably,priced so i kept it under 20,and some of these are much more,affordable because i bought this one for,example this is the kirkland brand from,costco it was almost half the price of,the rest of the olive oils by weight,so i wanted something that you would be,able to,buy readily this olive oil here,comes from a small village in greece,theres a friend of mine who has olive,groves back home,they harvest the olives and they make,their own olive oil and he imports it,into this country in very small batches,not so uncommon believe it or not a lot,of italians and a lot of greeks that i,know,do this so if you have an opportunity to,bump into one of these people and get,your own olive oil from,small batch from a town in italy or,greece,do it because the olives olive oil is,going to be the best,this is what im going to be using today,as a reference standard since you cant,taste this olive oil,i want to find an olive oil here,that resembles this one because this is,my favorite the difference is that a lot,of these olive oils here,come from different parts of the world,theyre blends,so italian olive oil spanish olive oil,moroccan olive oil very different in,flavor and,and texture because they come from,different terroirs,with olives it all depends on when,theyre,harvested for example the greener the,olive is the more,bitter that it is so if you have a very,bitter olive oil,chances are that that olive was,unripened,so you say just like why dont we just,wait and and make the olive oil from a,very,ripened olive well you cant do that,either because then it wont have any,shelf life,so olive oil makers are very much like,wine makers and theres an art,and a science to creating a decent olive,oil its kind of complex,so the best resource for you,is to pick an olive oil that you,like now theres this other problem with,olive oil,that is an unfortunate thing and its,made the headlines,recently as of the past few years is,that a lot of these olive oils,have been tampered with they say by the,mafia,ill put a link to the article the few,articles that there are online,so in order to prevent this from,happening there are councils in place,that,monitor the integrity of olive oil one,thats,well known is the international olive,council and then theres also the,california olive oil council those are,reputable sources and some of these,olive oils have the label that theyve,been tested,or theyve been approved by these,councils,just because like this one doesnt this,is an organic olive oil from greece but,that doesnt mean that its,corrupted in any way not having that,symbol doesnt mean that the olive oil,isnt any good,extra virgin olive oil is simply olive,oil that has been cold,pressed and has been grinded to a paste,and that grinding process has never gone,above a certain strict,temperature sometimes olive olives are,ground in stone grounding sometimes,theyre ground in metal most of the time,its metal because its just,more of a production these im sure,maybe this one not but for the most part,these are ground with metal but again,they cant go above a certain,temperature,[Music],the other way to extract olive oil from,olives is to apply heat to it because,its a lipid and the hotter it is the,more fluid it becomes,and that would basically nullify it as,being considered,extra virgin if i were to do a,comparison video here and,replace all these olive oils with lets,say something like,uh soybean oil or corn oil there,wouldnt be much of a comparison video i,dont think id be able to taste the,difference in any of those oils because,they really dont have any flavor,where these are going to have unique,flavors one of the best ways to find out,if the olive oil is any good,is to actually taste it and being that,this is my favorite,im going to compare these flavors to,this one and judge,these ones these olive oils based on,this flavor,let me give you a little analogy here,are two very different,powerful bold wines this one is by oren,swift its produced in california it is,a blend it is a blend of three,types of grapes it is zinfandel syrah,and petit verdot very excellent very,jammy,very fruit forward very reminiscent of a,typical,powerhouse california fruit forward wine,this is chateauneuf de pape it comes,from a small village in france it is,made up of grenache syrah and more vedra,very different than this wine both of,them are very powerful,you may love chateau nifta pops,and hate blends from california,its such a subjective topic and youre,going to experience the same thing with,olivo maybe not to this extreme,but close and it could be to this,extreme because ive had spanish oils,that were just like,overwhelmingly strong and ive had,moroccan oils that are unbelievably,bitter and they almost had to put a,label with the olive oil,justifying the bitterness of it so again,im going to use this as a reference,standard,for my olive oils and,im going to cleanse my palate in,between tastings,with a green apple and some seltzer,when i go through these wines ill talk,a little bit about each one and then im,going to pick my top favorite three,some nose not bad,nice olive not a very dark color,this one here has a bitter aftertaste,this almost has a little bit of a sting,on the back of my throat when i,finish consuming it um,nowhere near the quality of this one not,really my favorite,i hate these little plastic tabs that,drive me crazy,very similar in color theres a little,bit more amber,has a much nicer nose very strong aroma,of olives,so this one is nice and buttery no,bitterness whatsoever,not bad this one is interesting,this has no certification on it at all,this one is the amazon brand its the,happy belly brand,cold extracted extra virgin olive oil,this one here tells you where the olives,come from and theyre from all of,the planets s

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Youre Buying Fake Olive Oil…Heres How To Avoid It!

youre buying fake extra virgin olive,oil in fact 70,of the evo at a normal grocery store is,fake and thats a really big problem,because extra virgin olive oil is,expensive,and actually the study comes from uc,davis,they have an olive oil institute right,there they have the numbers and theyre,the same people that exposed,the avocado oil scan that 80 some odd,percent,of avocado oil at the grocery store is,fake watch that video as soon as were,done,so how is it fake extra virgin olive oil,or evo as i call it,has to have a number of certain,requirements to be considered or graded,evoo,most 70 at the grocery store dont meet,that um the problem is theyre also,oftentimes cut with lower quality,processed plant-based oils like,canola soy corn peanut to dilute them,thats really bad because youre not,even getting extra virgin olive oil then,and another problem is a lot of them are,made with old,rancid rotten olives usually from last,years harvest ill talk about that in a,second,and oftentimes theyre mystery olives,theyre sourced from different parts of,the world maybe like tunisia,greece italy spain portugal pressed in,another country,and you dont even have any traceability,you dont know what youre getting and,thats really really a problem because,extra virgin olive oil is one of my,favorite fats to cook in,i have a video we did a few weeks ago,the three heart healthiest oils are,extra virgin olive oil,avocado oil and virgin coconut oil evoo,is extremely heart healthy in fact it,actually raises your good cholesterol,its rich in polyphenols antioxidants,and its anti-inflammatory and because,its rich in polyphenols,it attacks free radicals in your body in,the cells,really good stuff but heres the two,ways they cheat an extra virgin olive,oil thats most prevalent number one,they cut it with those inferior oils,which is horrible like i said,but imagine you have a allergy to,peanuts to soy to corn,and you uh cut that into your oil there,thats a problem,but heres the other bigger problem for,me too is that a lot of time these oils,are made with,inferior olives and this is actually,illegal but its so hard to catch,heres how they do it theyll use old,rancid,olives some of the olives will be,sitting on the ground a long time or be,stored from,months and months ago thats not good,but also theyll use,oil from last years harvest and this,oil or these old olives or rancid oil,olives are spoiled theyre bad and,normally your mouth or your,nose would taste that or detect it but,theyre tricky tricky dicky right what,do they do they refine it they process,the oil to death to get rid of the funk,to get rid of the spoilage,so you cant taste or smell the,rancidity,but its there and what happens when,that occurs is that you reverse all of,the good things i just talked about,when you have rancid bad oil thats cut,with inferior oils,uh all of a sudden instead of having,polyphenols its gone,instead of um attacking free radicals in,your cell,it actually has free radicals in there,instead of being anti-inflammatory,its inflammatory so the whole thing is,flipped on its head which is totally,bogus because evo is expensive,okay lets get down to the nitty-gritty,what is the best evo,on the market that number one is real,not fake and to cook with,and to finish with costco family youll,be happy to know that,costcos 100 italian evoo,consistently rings one of the best which,is amazing because you get the costco,price,this is fantastic its actually so good,you could use it as your finishing oil,if you want to,i dont do that i do that with a better,bottle ill talk about in a second,the only knock maybe against this one is,that its in a plastic bottle,but i dont care because you keep this,out of sunlight and they dont put the,oil in there when its super hot,this is fantastic stuff always always,rated high,um if youre a trader joe shopper i,would get the,greek evo kalamata oil that one always,ranks well,at most mega marks or grocery stores you,can get um,california olive ranch the 100,pure california olives not the one,thats the destination series,and lucini evo makes a really good one,too now for me those are,cooking evoos so immediately you might,be like bobby i thought you cant cook,with,evo and i thought in general you cant,cook with olive oil because number one,it burns easily it has a low smoke point,and for some reason people think it,gives you cancer because it burns,no the smoke point of most evos is about,400 degrees,i would not do it with this this is my,finishing oil this is a great single,estate,evo from spain and its actually,harvested,and pressed within six hours of being,picked off the tree so its super fresh,and actually not that expensive,but you can do whatever you want with it,i just wouldnt cook with that because,its expensive,and even though you add heat to this evo,yeah you do,change some of the flavor and ruin some,of the you know precious evo notes its,totally fine because i dont want olive,oil thats been really processed and,refined,and thats the problem with most mass,market olive oils or evos you see at a,grocery store,theyve been homogenized and processed,to death so they have the same,flavor note from bottle to bottle thats,impossible it should never be like that,uh,evo should be like a good bottle of wine,this is my favorite keto wine with no,chemicals or sugar but every bottle is,different,why because they pick it at certain,times of the season certain times of the,day the terroir is different right,but the big box evo makers want a,certain flavor or homogeneous flavor,every single time,so they process it and refine it to,death and thats when you reverse the,good health benefits and its not really,good,extra virgin olive oil in the first,place and my friends over at the fda,this is very low on the totem pole for,them they dont have time to,regulate evo like they would other,things that are way more serious,and if you ever see a bottle of evo that,says light,or extra light do not buy that theyre,actually refining the delicate or,robust flavor of evo out with heat,processing and refinement and then its,all garbage at that point its,absolutely ridiculous so go with the,ones i recommended,i like cooking where with this one from,costco and like finishing with a good,bottle like this,um ill leave links down below but just,find any good,small bottle it should cost anywhere,from 10 to 25,thats a finishing oil and when you have,extra virgin olive oil like this,do yourself a favor dont store it near,a heat source like this because the heat,will make it spoil or,quicker dont put it in direct sunlight,because the sunlight,oxidizes it um and i know my mamet oz dr,oz a few years ago had this thing where,like you can tell really quality extra,original olive oil by putting it in the,fridge,and if it gels then its real evo thats,not true that panned out,turned out to be hundred percent false,you get really good eboo by buying the,ones i talked about,and knowing that their single estate or,single origin,extra virgin olive oil and the most of,the stuff at the grocery store,is bogus except for the ones i mentioned,so thats it i hope you found that,helpful,speaking of anti-inflammatory which uh,extra virgin olive oil is,uh my flave city immune tea is just,about ready i believe it went on sale,already ill put a link down below,its anti-inflammatory and immune,boosting with organic turmeric and,ginger,and black pepper and monk fruit really,good stuff its the powdered shell,stable version of my popular tea on my,blog,im going to throw that out there with,the links down below the flay city,t-shirts should be available anytime,soon the second cookbooks coming on,december 1st,and the app should be on the next 30 or,40 days we got a lot of stuff going on,so subscribe,like share hit the bell icon below our,video that way you,you get push notifications when we go,live and you dont miss out and you help,uh you and your friends put the best,quality stuff in your body if you want,more exposes like

Top 10 Best Olive Oils in 2022 – Olive Oils of the Year

im going to review the best olive oil,in the market for this year,welcome to our channel the only place to,find the best products for buyers who,want to save their time and stress,of figuring out what to buy out of many,products we have tried our best to,highlight both the merits,and demerits of the products and in the,last,based on our observation we have shown,the best,product that will not go worthless what,we consider for selecting a particular,product,are brand reputation ease of use and,flexibility,durability price as well as customer,feedback,if you watch this video until its end,then it will be you who must feel that,this video has contributed,much on taking decision which product to,buy,and ultimately this will lead you to,pick the best one,last but not the least that we also want,your hard earned money to be used for,the purchase of the best ranked,and well-performed product at number one,pompeian spanish bold extra virgin olive,oil,this olive oil brands itself as being,the first cold-pressed extra virgin,olive oil,it has a 100 spanish origin and is,farmer crafted,it is available in five different sizes,but the differencing in packaging,designs can make it seem like youre,getting the wrong product,the olive oil has a fruity and robust,flavor while remaining an excellent,choice for drizzling and dipping,this product has a certification from,carbon trust,as a recognition of the reduction in,carbon footprint,for some individuals this olive oil,serves as both a cooking ingredient,and an option to treat flaky or dry,scalp,at number two colavida extra virgin oil,this oil is available in various sizes,as well as multiple packages,one of the packages is the frustration,free option that like the name infers,simplifies the process of getting your,oil out of the package,the oil has a quality seal from the,north american olive oil association,and certification from iso reiterating,that the product is free from,carbohydrate and cholesterol,as an extra virgin oil this product,offers an excellent taste,and 0.8 percent less oleic acid,at number three amazon fresh italian,extra virgin olive oil,this virgin olive oil is an unrefined,oil available in a smooth blend,and has trace amounts of herbs and,pepper to give it a unique taste,the manufacturers boast of a high,quality product,going as far as offering a refund if you,have any issues,even one year after purchase the oil is,available in three different flavors,including a mediterranean organic,mediterranean and italian,it is available in three different sizes,with a different bottle design for each,size,storing the product properly is crucial,since heat and light may cause,issues although it becomes cloudy at low,temperatures,the quality of the oil remains intact at,number four,colavitta roasted garlic extra virgin,oil,a considerable benefit of this oil is,its cholesterol-free content,which means a healthier diet for,consumers it has a unique fragrance and,flavor of garlic,which is a crucial ingredient of this,oil the oil is suitable for various,actions including roasting marinades,bread dipping dressings grilling and,more,if you consume low fod map diets,then this is an excellent option it also,has a certification,from monash university at number five,partana extra virgin olive oil one of,the excellent features of this olive oil,is its capability to stay fresh for long,periods,this is attributable to the dark tin in,use when storing this oil this olive oil,is taken directly from the farm and,undergoes,cold press a few hours after they are,harvested the healthy nature of the oil,is another attractive feature,it contains naturally produced phenols,and antioxidants,there is no trans fat or kosher in the,bottle so most individuals dont have to,worry about the adverse effects of these,at number six iberia extra virgin olive,oil,it doesnt matter if you want to take a,bottle on your hiking trip,or store a large quantity in your home,this olive oil comes in six different,sizes to pick from,this is a non-gmo product that contains,20 extra virgin oil,and 80 sunflower the oil is imported,from spain,and is an excellent option for cooking,your meals due to its great texture,using it for non-stick sauteing pan,coating and crispy frying,are some of the best options available,halfway of our list i really appreciate,your patience with,keenness to watch this video and also,expect,that you will definitely watch this,video until it ends,check out the links in the video,description to get other information,on each product,[Music],so,[Music],thanks for watching this video if you,have recently bought products and got,any experience during purchasing,then you are welcome to share that,experience in our comment section,and hit the subscribe button as well as,the bell icon,to be the first to enjoy the latest,videos in the future

Our Taste Test of the Best Extra-Virgin Olive Oil at the Supermarket

choosing a good bottle of olive oil at,the supermarket is a shot in the dark,for most folks but jacks here to show,us which brand is worth the money yeah,this is really tricky we sampled the 10,best-selling brands in the u.s and,frankly most of them were very,underwhelming so im going to show you,how you taste because theres a way you,do this theres a method to the map oh,theres a method to this so were in the,blue glasses we have a candle are we,doing a seance here no no no i dont,want you having any preconceptions so,the blue hides the color hides the color,warm the bottom of it by holding it kind,of cupping it all right trapping the,volatiles youre going to get a lot from,your nose here okay and then put your,nose in big sniff and then were going,to aspirate the oil so follow me,the idea is youre coating your palate,with little drops of olive oil to really,get the flavor dispersed,nobody aspirates like you julia so was,it elegant it was really elegant you can,do it the rest of the tasting however,you like what i really want you to focus,on are things that taste like olives,given that its many times the price of,vegetable oil why would you buy an olive,oil that doesnt taste like olives,several of the brands that we tasted,were utterly bland people said this,could be canola oil or vegetable oil,youre going to see that there are some,styles here where theres a much more,aggressive kind of peppery olive oil and,there may be things that are sort of,more fruity and balanced and again,thats really just about how ripe the,olives were when they were picked we,also sent these out to labs they look,for something called free fatty acids,and its a sign basically that the,olives were allowed to ferment before,they were pressed and its a sign of,rancidity which indicates the main,problem with olive oil in the u.s is,freshness most of the samples need to be,fresher but by the time they get the,olive oil over from europe to u.s,markets its not at its best so you want,to read the labels,only buy olive oil that has a harvest,date in the last 12 months at 12 months,the oil really starts to go downhill,second thing you can do at the,supermarket is buy olive oil in a dark,green bottle,the clear bottles may be pretty and let,you see whether youre getting a golden,oil or green oil but theyre letting,light in catch up and that can be like,from fluorescent lights in the,supermarket or sunlight either of those,is going to damage the flavor the third,thing is one single source so if you,read the label and it says made with,oils from and then lists 11 countries,that is a very very bad sign it means,its industrial basically and theyre,buying the cheapest oils they can get,mixing them all together our two,favorite oils one came from tuscany one,came from california all picked in one,single region bottled in that region,that assures that theres gonna be,freshness and when youve got 12,different countries supplying oil it is,not a good thing so ive given you some,time to sniff to swirl any impressions,of these three samples well theyre,definitely different and im getting a,lot through the nose almost more so than,tasting this one was my favorite it had,a well-rounded flavor it had a peppery,bite at the end but it wasnt,overpowering so okay of all three this,was my favorite now these two to me,taste a bit more mild i gotta i didnt,really like either of them okay so,youre allowed to yeah like whatever you,dont want to look terrible but on the,other hand this one had more flavor so,lets start with what you liked all,right julia you chose the winner its,california olive ranch its really,peppery it can be very assertive tasted,like this but again when you start,putting it in a vinaigrette or drizzled,over a piece of grilled fish its really,quite delicious favorite of the tasting,panel its relatively inexpensive its,9.99 its a great olive oil yeah not so,expensive which is really nice so which,brings us to number two all right which,was our runner-up now this is the tuscan,oil its very mild and buttery its,right on that fine line between buttery,and bland we think it is on the buttery,side but its expensive its almost 21 a,bottle wow and so for somebody who wants,olive oil but wants something thats not,peppery that was our top choice gotcha,and this last guy this is pompeian we,thought it was just bland it just,doesnt make sense to spend the money,for olive oil if it doesnt taste like,olives,so there you have it when youre buying,olive oil at the supermarket look for,the brand california olive ranch,thanks for watching americas test,kitchen whatd you think well leave a,comment and let us know which recipes,youre excited to make or you can just,say hello you can find links to todays,recipes and reviews in the video,description and dont forget to,subscribe to our channel see you later,ill see you later

Olive Oil Scandal- is it extra virgin or lamp oil? CC

Hi, its Parris from Epic Reviews the health channel, and I wanted to talk to you about olive oil.,Ive been cooking mostly with olive oil the past several years since Ive found out about its,health benefits, and some of less-than-beneficial effects of some of the other oils commonly used,for cooking. Now, olive oil is more expensive than a lot of the other oils, and I forgot what brand,we used to buy. But we had heard, we read somewhere online that you had to be careful buying,olive oil to make sure it was extra virgin, and to make sure it was actually from olives in the,country you thought you were buying from. There were lots of tricky things going on where,companies would buy olives from a variety of countries and bring them in and turn them into,olive oil, and then say, “Product of Italy,” or, “Product of Greece,” but actually the olives were,from who knows where. So there are organizational seals you wanted to see on your olive oil,,and then you could be fairly confident what you were getting was high quality and the real thing.,This is the brand we settled on. We bought this for several years. This brand you may be familiar,with. And we dont usually have the olive oil like in a glass – I mean in a plate and dip bread in,it, not so like you do at the Olive Garden. We just cook with it. So the, the food taste will hide an,altitude of sins apparently with your olive oil. Now, this olive oil may be perfectly good. All I,know is that in September of this year I was eating out at Which Wich and happened to see an,issue of the The Austin Chronicle newspaper – sort of the alternative news newspaper here in,Austin. And they were talking about the olive oil that youre buying you may not be getting what,you think, and about a study done at the University of California, Davis where they tested. They,bough off the shelf a whole bunch of different variety of olive oil, tested to it see if it really was,the extra virgin, if there were any other oils in it and so forth, and they found that 69 percents of,the oils that they bought off the shelf at the supermarket were not exactly what they claimed to,be.,So even with our certification on the back of this brand and so forth it turns out this was one of,the brands, the expensive olive oil that weve been buying. Thinking we were getting 100 percent,virgin olive oil meeting all the European standards and criteria because of the marks, the,certifications, on the bottle itself. It turns out that this was amongst the brands that they found,that didnt quite meet up to what they said that they were selling. Well, there is some of the oils,were mixed with other types of oils – wasnt even all olive oil. Some of them were from olives,that had fallen on the ground. I forgot the name for it, but its the tree-fall olives, which theyre,not supposed to be using in the top quality olive oil. And that in fact in Europe the oil made from,the olives that have been laying on the ground, you know, like with apples you get insects in,them and so forth. Thats considered lamp oil. Its not supposed to be sold for people to consume.,They found that type of oil also mixed in with the oils that were being sold at a very high,premium extra virgin olive oil.,So I was shocked by this because I assumed with the certifications that this company and this oil,if I bought it in Europe would have to meet certain standards, that would meet the same,standards in the United States. Well, it turns out the United States isnt party to that organization,that does the standardizations. So they can put whatever they want on the bottle basically when,theyre sending it from Europe over to the United States and importing it. And the U.S. doesnt,have much in the way of regulations about it because their hasnt been much of a domestic olive,oil industry here in the United States, nobody to complain as it were.,But now, people are starting to complain because theres a growing domestic industry, and their,not liking whats happening with the imports from Europe. So it turns out that the oils imported,from Europe can pretty much say whatever they want, but they dont get inspected. They dont,have to substantiate their claims. And so you would think buying the, you know, “These olives,have been made in Italy. These olives have been made in Greece,” kind of oil youd be getting,the best in the world. Turns out much to my surprise that if you buy olive oil which is actually,made in the United States youre much more likely to get real extra virgin olive oil and top-,quality olive oil.,One of the brands they mentioned in the article, which of course I immediately ran over to the,supermarket to see if they had it in our supermarket is this Texas Olive Ranch. And they have a,variety of flavors. They come in these bottles, and kind of expensive I thought. Well, of course I,thought this was expensive. Weve must have paid about $12.00 for this, Im thinking $12.00 -,$14.00 for 17 ounces. These bottles are 8 1/2 half ounces, so about half, and this about $9.00 for,these bottles. So it seemed kind of expensive, but of course if Im actually getting what Im,paying for its a much better value than saving a few dollars to get a bottle of who knows exactly,whats in it. So weve tried these. Theyre very good, very tasty. Once I learned about all this of,course I had to go and actually try dipping some bread in it and seeing. And I actually do – I,really like this garlic one, this garlic flavored Texas Olive Ranch brand. Im here in Texas, so,they sell them at the local supermarkets. Fortunately for me they seem to sell then throughout,most of Texas what I can tell on their website. If you live somewhere else, and now you realize,oh my gosh, what have I been cooking with for these last number of years thinking it was extra,virgin olive oil, and you want to try out domestic brand theres a website for the Texas Olive,Ranch, TexasOliveRanch.com. Ill put a link down below here if you want to check that out.,California also has a growing olive oil industry, and so they have some brands that were rated,very highly in a recent consumer reports review. Consumer reports didnt go in for the chemical,analysis. I think they did more of the professional tasters. People who really know their stuff,with olive oil And they actually did review this brand I think it came in as good to fair. And so,Im paying top dollar for this, and even the consumer reports is saying its got a little bit of an off,odor and a little bit of acidity, and this sort. . . . And I thought I was buying one of the top olive,oils I could get. So wanted to make you aware of that. Do your own research. You can go to The,Austin Chronicle. Just go to Google search for Austin – well, no. Ill just put a link down below,to the Austin Chronicle article too. If you subscribe to Consumer Reports go check out what they,have to say about olive oils, which brands they like, which ones actually do taste and according,to their professional tasters have all of the characteristics you want in a fine olive oil.,But basically I just want what Im paying for, and I want it to be healthful. I dont want to be,paying for a more expensive oil, and then not even knowing what Im getting in the bottle. So,from now on its Texas Olive Ranch oils for me. And so check out the links below, and research,this. But by all means continue to consume olive oil. Its a great oil, very healthful. All kinds of 81 00:07:09,971 –> 00:00:00,000 health benefits for you. But, make sure youre getting what youre paying for.

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