1. IMPORTANT ALERT! My Honest ColonBroom Reviews (2022)- Does Colon Broom Work? Colon Broom Review
  2. I tried out Colon Broom so you dont have to…..???? | 30 DAY REVIEW #colonbroom
  3. Colon Broom: Dont Fall for the Weight Loss Claims
  4. Colon Broom Review – Pros & Cons Of Colon Broom – Does ColonBroom Work? ColonBroom Reviews
  5. Colon Broom (Honest Review) | #1 Natural Colon Cleanser For Real Weight Loss
  6. ColonBroom Review!!! 2 week update!!
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IMPORTANT ALERT! My Honest ColonBroom Reviews (2022)- Does Colon Broom Work? Colon Broom Review

Good morning everyone. First of all, thank you so so much for,coming to my video about the Colon Broom. If you guys are,looking for a healthy way to lose weight and also reduce,bloating, then you guys did come to the correct video,,alright? Throughout this video, I will be talking to you guys,about what the Colon Broom really is and what it does to,your health. So, if you do wish to know more about it, then,,stay tuned until the very very end of this video, this is,going to be a short review but I promise you that hopefully by,end of this video, you wont be having any doubts regarding the,Colon Broom and who knows? Also, maybe you would like to,make your very own purchase as well. Guys, also pay close,attention because I have some very very important alerts to,talk to you guys about. So, just sit back, relax, and lets,talk about the Colon Broom, alright? First of all, just to,let you know, I will be leaving Colon Broom official website,just below this video in the description box and here is,something very important for you guys to know. If you do,intend on purchasing Colon Broom, then be very clear in,your minds that it is only allowed to be sold through,their official website. So, you wont be getting Colon Broom,anywhere else just on their official website. So, if you do,want to purchase the original product, the one that will give,you great results, then, make sure you are getting it from,the official website. I did leave the link just below this,video in the description box for you guys, alright? So,,pretty much Colon Broom is a healthy supplement that is here,to help you guys relieve constipation, lose weight, and,also reduce bloating. Let me just tell you in first hand,that this supplement is 100% natural. So, youve guessed it.,There is no contradictions or side effect, alright? Colon,Broom is actually a really healthy drink that will help,you reduce bloating. It will relieve constipation. It will,strengthen your gut health and it will help you lose excess,weight as well. Due to its natural ingredients that,contains in this supplement, it will help your body to,detoxify. It will also help you with your overall health.,Combining Colon Broom with a healthy gut diet will improve,your overall health. It will increase your energy levels and,may also help reduce the symptoms of bloating. So, the,most important ingredient in this supplement is actually,phosylum Now, this is an essential fiber. It is a type,of fiber that absorbs water and becomes a vicious compound that,benefits constipation, diarrhea, blood pressure, and,weight loss and guys, let me just tell you that so far, all,of the feedbacks regarding the Colon Broom have been,positive. However, you guys need to get one thing straight.,Once you start using the Colon Broom, just make sure that you,are doing your treatment correctly, alright? In order,for this supplement to really give you great results, you,must take it in every single day. So, you can either choose,the short-term treatment or the full treatment which is always,the best but you must remember to take Colon Broom every day.,This is a natural supplement we are talking about, right? So,,of course, your body does need time to start absorbing it and,start getting used to it. So, just dont forget to do your,part. If you want to lose weight, if you want to lose the,bloating effect. If you want to feel lighter, then give the,Colon Broom a chance and just do your treatment correctly,,alright? If you guys want to know more about this,supplement, make sure you visit the official website, read,peoples feedbacks over there. Also, get to know the full list,of every natural ingredient it contains. So, for the meantime,,thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you have,enjoyed it. I also hope you guys have a safe day and take,care everybody. Bye.

I tried out Colon Broom so you dont have to…..???? | 30 DAY REVIEW #colonbroom

[Music],thank you,[Music],hey yall what is up welcome back to my,channel its me Shelby AKA simply Shelby,welcome back or if youre new here hey,whats up welcome today we are talking,about colon bro this stuff right here I,dont know if youre like me but it has,been popping up on my feeds on Instagram,everywhere ads and it claims to,basically like you dont have to,exercise and youre gonna lose weight by,pooping which is a really interesting,concept so out I am going to walk you,through my colon broom experience in the,past 30 days and also like what the,website shows you and how you kind of go,through the website and it kind of gives,you a calculation at the end of like how,much weight you will lose by this,certain time if youre using colon broom,and Im just gonna assess like my one,month results to see if its really,accurate or not I do plan on trying it,for three months and Im gonna do,another review once I get there but this,is my 30 day review,trying it out seeing if its effective,seeing if its helping me seeing if Im,actually losing weight so if youre,interested in getting like a real life,perspective on colon broom I would love,it if you stick around subscribe to my,channel if you havent already it would,mean so much to me give this video a big,thumbs up if youre feeling Vibes and,turn on post notification Bell that we,get notified every time I upload a new,video and lets get into it,okay so first we got colon broom it says,natural way to help get rid of unwanted,bloating strawberry flavored and it has,60 servings is what it says and youre,basically supposed to take one scoop a,day at first like when youre first,trying it out and then you kind of amp,it up to two times a day with two to one,scoop before like an hour to 30 minutes,before your meal so let me read it out,clearly so add one scoop a water mix,well and drink immediately 30 minutes to,one hour before your meal drink an,additional glass of water you may use it,up to two times a day do not take colon,broom less than two hours before bedtime,so first time users may experience some,changes in bowel movement or feel loaded,for the first few days while the body,adjusts to the increased fiber intake,start with one serving per day for a,week then increase the two servings per,day so Ive been trying it for about 30,days and the way you kind of see whether,its gonna work for you or not like when,you go on the website and Im about to,show you the process of the website but,basically when you go on the website it,gives you this kind of questionnaire,that you do and you fill out you fill,out the questionnaire to see okay based,on the things youre feeling if youre,bloated blah blah blah maybe you have,dietary issues,then you put in your weight age that,jazz and your desired weight and current,weight and its going to tell you by,like this date what weight you should be,so I did one when I first started it and,my weight was a little bit inaccurate,but Im gonna go through the process,because like Ive been my same weight,for years and years and I dont know why,either my scale is wrong this new scale,or I really did gain weight but this is,why I want to try colon broom because,Im like I gotta do something about this,Im not happy because this is the,highest weight Ive been up which Im,not complaining or anything like,everyone is their own weight and,everyone carries their own weight,differently but for my own self like I,Am My Own Worst critique so Im gonna,run you through the process of the colon,broom website its very very easy and at,the end it gives you kind of their,prediction and were gonna talk about,their prediction and were going to talk,about my current results so lets do the,process,hey yall so heres the Colin broom,website so first you select whether,youre male or female I know they dont,really give many options and then you,want to go into your health what are you,prone to you just want to keep answering,their questions that way at the end its,going to give you the most customized,result how often do you poop thats the,golden question here with Colin Broome,because they claim that by pooping,youre going to be able to lose weight,you want to put in your symptoms that,type of thing that youre experiencing,recently what are you sensitive to if,you have allergies if you have any other,medical conditions thats really,important and kind of what your,digestive system is like just keep,answering the questions are you pregnant,be truthful answer it breastfeeding you,know you want to make sure you and your,baby are safe if you are pregnant so,make sure youre answering honestly this,is where youre putting measurements put,in your weight years that type of thing,this is where I put in a lower weight,than I thought hey I gotta start over,and basically need to lose more weight,than I anticipated,but why Im doing this is to see if its,realistic the amount of weight they say,you can lose so for me it predicted that,I would lose about 15 pounds,in two months which you know so far I,dont think is realistic but this is,what I want to show you what the website,looks like and well just keep talking,in the video about the product and what,I think so far and if I really think,its a realistic goal or not as youll,fall in the process I believe I put a,starting weight of like 138 and it says,like my I believe my weight that I put,that I would like to be is run 120 so,lets say I want to lose about 20 pounds,it says within like the first month,I should be losing around like 10 pounds,I lost about three pounds so far but on,here like I just did it for example,and if that was my starting weight sorry,its not the best it says like within,the first month I should lose about like,10 pounds I believe which is kind of,crazy and you know it says its your bro,Juice a bowel movement and every 12 to,72 hours so by January 2023 I should be,120 which Im gonna say like I dont,believe that but you know I could be,skeptical maybe at my three month review,on my b120 well see but right now 30,days I definitely have not lost that,much weight so if youre like oh did you,see all the weight loss within the first,month no,and I I live like a pretty okay,lifestyle like I try to eat healthier,during the weekday like for lunch I try,to eat pretty healthy I try not to eat,so much carbs for during the week and,weekends like if I go out I will and,vice versa,um I do exercise maybe like once or,twice a week so my exercise isnt that,high but I also would say like Im not,eating a ton of junk food or eating,whatever it is I want but I could live a,healthier lifestyle so with that in mind,like when youre seeing these abs of,column room its basically like oh you,dont have to do anything and youll,lose weight and I dont think thats the,case like I think weightless is really,determined by how you eat plus exercise,but it really is how you eat and like my,eating hasnt been the best in the past,few months so I wanted to give this a,try to see like will it really work if,Im not doing anything like lets say,Im not exercising Im not eating well,all of that like will it really help and,so far like yes I lost a few pounds but,also like I think if youre like me and,I think a lot of women like we can,fluctuate weight a few pounds quite,often within a day overnight like its,very fluctuating a few pounds like three,pounds to me is not really anything like,sometimes that happens after a night out,of like walking forever so I dont know,if thats really accurate,so far you know so just based off of,that because I feel like a lot of people,want to know the weight loss aspect like,I havent lost the 10 pounds that it,predicted in the first few weeks now,were gonna see at the end of this,process after the three months like,whether I really will get to 120. I,dont think so unless Im making drastic,changes in my life but were gonna see,so it says your weekly poop should be,eight times per week which you know,were talking about that because this is,basically like what this prod

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Colon Broom: Dont Fall for the Weight Loss Claims

colon broom markets itself as a,supplement to quote relieve constipation,lose weight and reduce bloating other,than having a hilarious brand name do,any of these claims have any merit lets,take an in-depth look at colon broom for,weight loss to see if its worth your,money see if we can replicate it with a,cheaper alternative and give it an,overall rating,the only active ingredient in colon,broom is powdered psyllium husk a,commonly used soluble fiber supplement,like many other soluble fibers the,primary way it helps with weight loss is,by suppressing your appetite and,creating bulk in the stomach when mixed,with liquid by filling your stomach up,without significantly adding more,calories to your diet now when we look,at soluble fibers the bulkier and,thicker a soluble fiber is when mixed,with water the more effective it would,hypothetically be at suppressing,appetite since thick viscous liquids,delay gastric emptying and essentially,make it more difficult for you to eat,too quickly and too much however the,downside to bulkier and thicker soluble,fibers is that it tends to cause more,gastrointestinal side effects like,becoming constipated especially if you,dont drink enough water with it so how,does colon brooms powdered psyllium,husk compare to other soluble fibers,well celium husk is a pretty bulky,soluble fiber and can hold up to 10,times its weight in water its also,quite cheap to produce making it a,popular choice for many other soluble,fiber supplements like metamucil,metamucils active ingredient is also,powdered psyllium husk however its been,slightly refined in a way that allows it,to become dissolved almost completely in,the water colon broom and many other,psyllium husk powders are not as refined,and contain more insoluble components in,the powder which often show up as small,brown or white specks when mixed with,water there is no significant difference,in the bulking effects between them all,meaning metamucil coal and broom or any,generic psyllium husk powders will,likely be very similar in terms of their,effects on weight and constipation as,long as you use similar doses however,metamucil often uses artificial,sweeteners like aspartame and artificial,colorings while colon broom uses stevia,for sweetening and vegetable juices for,coloring so if you arent a fan of,artificial colors or sweetening colon,broom or just getting a generic psyllium,husk powder might have the upper hand,here but metamucil also sells a version,with no sweeteners and natural coloring,so youll have to check the ingredients,of the specific version of metamucil,youre getting also if cost is an issue,getting a generic psyllium husk powder,will be the cheapest by far even,metamucil will be more cost effective,costing around 15 for over a months,supply while colon broom can be 65,dollars a month now psyllium husk is not,the only soluble fiber used to help with,weight two other popular soluble fiber,drinks include chia seeds and,glucomannan which is often sold under,the trade name pgx while colon brooms,powdered slim husk can hold up to 10,times its weight in water chia seeds can,hold up to 15 times and glucomannan can,hold up to 50 times glucomannan has a,relatively high proportion of soluble,fiber per weight meaning that when its,dissolved in liquid it tends to be,thicker and hold more water than other,soluble fibers this property makes,glucomannan an ideal soluble fiber to,create this appetite suppressing,bulkiness in the stomach it shouldnt,then come as a surprise that glucomannan,tends to be more effective than psyllium,husk in suppressing appetite and,supporting weight loss at the same time,the excessive thickness makes,glucomannan cause more gastrointestinal,side effects than the other soluble,fibers making it less suitable for,dealing with constipation most soluble,fibers are relatively safe to take,although it might cause some people,minor gastrointestinal upsets like gas,bloating or mild abdominal pain make,sure you mix it with enough water or it,could constipate you worse,gastrointestinal obstructions and,blockages are rare but possible when,taking a soluble fiber supplement so if,you have medical issues that put you at,risk of an obstruction like abdominal,surgeries or crohns disease make sure,you check with your doctor before you,try it soluble fiber drinks like colon,broom are typically taken before a meal,mainly to help reduce overeating at that,meal so its only gonna help if youre,already reducing your food intake and,needs something to make your stomach,feel fuller on less food its not to,help much if youre not controlling your,diet already tend to snack too often or,tend to stress and binge eat even if it,does help dont expect miracles up to,date research on soluble fibers suggests,it can help with improving cholesterol,or blood sugar levels things that are,related to obesity but dont really show,any significant weight differences this,means that soluble fiber drinks are,mostly supportive of weight loss but,likely dont cause any weight loss,themselves again this should drive home,the point that you need to be managing,your diet already for soluble fibers to,help overall colon broom is essentially,an extremely overpriced flavored,psyllium huss drink itll work basically,the same as any other powdered psyllium,husk its pretty expensive with a,monthly supply costing around 65 us,dollars you can achieve colon brooms,effects by just getting powdered,psyllium husk that can be purchased,cheaply in bulk with a monthly supply,costing closer to two to three dollars a,month you could then flavor it yourself,with whatever you wanted crystal light,true lemon or true lime if you dont,want any artificial flavorings mix it,with any juices or smoothies you make or,just infuse it with real fruits rating,colon broom by effectiveness for weight,loss im giving it a c it basically,works to manage hunger and taking it,without already reducing your food,intake is not likely going to have any,effects on your weight whatsoever rating,it by cost im giving it an f a monthly,cost of 65 for flavored psyllium husk is,way too expensive especially since you,can get psyllium husk powder in bulk at,20 to 30 times less rating it for safety,im giving it a b psyllium husk at the,doses that coal and broom provides is,relatively safe to use provided you have,it with enough water overall rating im,giving a d i would not recommend it at,all,hi im dr brian young do you think its,worth it let me know in the comments,down below and if you found this video,helpful please subscribe to the channel,and leave me a like hit the notification,bell if you want to stay up to date and,share this video with someone you know,who use the info

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Colon Broom Review – Pros & Cons Of Colon Broom – Does ColonBroom Work? ColonBroom Reviews

hello guys how are you,my name is marquez,in this cologne broom review i will be,giving you both the pros and cons to,using this super popular digestion,supplement so you can find out whether,its right for you or not,now please make sure that you watch this,video from start to finish because at,the end of the video if you still want,to get cologne broom i will show you,where to get it for the absolute,cheapest price,if youre still wondering exactly what,cologne broom is let me clear that up,first,this is a formula that claims to help,people relieve their suffering due to,constipation,while optimizing their digestive system,so that it functions properly again,recently its blown up in popularity,with thousands of people swearing by its,effects,but are these claims actually true,thats what were going to find out,so lets dive straight in and explore,the pros of this product,first pro,powerful all-natural ingredients,the key ingredient in this formula is,psyllium husk powder,the highest quality source has been,chosen so that maximum effectiveness is,achieved,many other formulas on the market,typically use cheap psyllium husk which,is often completely rancid and can,actually cause digestive issues,cologne broom on the other hand uses,fresh quality ingredients that put other,formulas to shame,another pro,works fast,nobody has time these days to wait,around for results to make an appearance,and thats especially true if you are,constipated,thankfully cologne broom works fast,you will notice changes to your bowel,movements in as little as 24 hours,but 72 hours are more typical,either way you will notice it working,positively and in a dramatic fashion,another pro,multiple effects,if your digestive system and microbiome,are unhealthy then you are likely,experiencing a whole host of issues that,go beyond your bowel movements,cologne broom can address these issues,too and raise the overall health of your,body,common additional effects include better,mood clearer skin faster weight loss a,boost to your immune system improved,energy levels and a feeling of being,light and free,okay lets check out the cons of this,product,first and unique con,could cause bloating at the beginning,the only issue i could find is that when,some people begin using cologne broom,they find that it causes them to feel,bloated and they abandon using it,this is the wrong approach,for the first few days this can be,normal when there is extra fiber added,so you can either reduce your intake or,just write it out for a few days and,everything will be fine,overall guys cologne broom is one of the,most well designed digestive formulas on,the market today,it can be taken whatever diet you follow,whether thats vegan keto or you,practice intermittent fasting,it tastes delicious with its all-natural,strawberry flavoring,results can be noticeably experienced,within one to three days,and it uses only the best ingredients,that make a huge difference to overall,effects,now if you want to get cologne broom at,the cheapest possible price then click,the link below this youtube video in the,description and you will be taken to the,best place to purchase it,this is the official website,i hope you enjoyed this cologne broom,review and thanks again for watching,have a nice day

Colon Broom (Honest Review) | #1 Natural Colon Cleanser For Real Weight Loss

hey everyone its Janae from Netflix I,hope you look good feel good and are,ready to prosper because in this video I,will never look at this bad boy the,Colin Brook supplement and the reason I,want to talk about this supplement is,because performance is key and if youre,someone that wants to strive for,Perfection or simply wants to feel,better in your own body it is very,important to take care of your body and,this supplement can really help you with,that because if you go to the column,broom.com website which I will have,linked down below it says poop like a,winner lighting your gut current broom,is a safe and effective way to relieve,constipation lose weight and reduce,bloating it is vegan gluten-free and,non-gmos it says its time to get stuff,done over 6.5 million people in the UK,are suffering from constipation weve,already helped over 500 000 of them take,action now to improve your life or just,pooping and weight loss for good it gets,rid of heaviness in your gut,constipation imbalance got microbiota,difficulty losing weight lack of energy,and risk of bloating and after using,this supplement it Sparks a lightness in,your gut regular bowel movements,protected intestine easy to reach weight,goals amazing mood and energy boost and,improved digestive system and the reason,I want to talk about this supplement is,because a lot of times we forget to,lighten our gut and its very important,that we can let go of all of the stuff,out of our bodies to detox it and this,way it will be a lot easier for us to,consume more food because this isnt,only healthy but it also improves your,mood gives you more energy and the,reason this is super important is that,if youre someone that feels better and,you have more energy you can simply take,your life in a better way youll feel a,lot better youll be more energized so,youll be more productive and for that,reason its very important to lighten,your gut because its more than just a,perfect pooping schedule thanks to,Modern breakthrough and gastrointestinal,science weve created Colin broom a,solution for anyone that wants to renew,their body and boost its immune,responses and metabolic processes it,helps with body detox the unique complex,of essential ingredients in Colin broom,Works to improve your bodys,detoxification processes by cleansing,your gut and eliminating accumulated,toxins it also helps with weight loss,the main active ingredient in Colin,broom is basilium husk air improves gut,microbiota and the digestive system and,it cleanses your body and in terms of,improved overall health combining,Collins room with a healthy gut diet,will improve your overall health,increase your energy levels and may,reduce symptoms of bloating so what is,specilium husk the essential fiber its,a type of fiber that absorbs water and,becomes a viscous compound that benefits,constipation diarrhea blood pressure and,weight loss so not only does it help you,with your constipation with your energy,level and your mood it also helps you,with weight loss and options to feel,better in your body they also say we,know for a fact that stuff gets better,numbers speak for themselves almost,every customer noticed improve guts and,overall health 95 of consumers notice,more frequent can a regular bowel,movement eighty percent of consumers,recorded weight loss without feeling,hunger ninety percent of consumers felt,light after 12 hours of using Colin,broom and all of that sounds amazing so,now let me open this up and check it out,all right there we go so let me open it,up,so this is what you get inside of the,top and Im not gonna lie in terms of,the smell of it,it is actually a lot nicer than I,expected it it has kind of that sweet,texture to it and at the same time you,can definitely tell that when it comes,to the ingredients theyre definitely,made out of high quality and you also,receive a scoop inside of it and this is,one portion size so now let me put in a,cup of water mix it around and test it,out alright so Ive got myself a glass,of water so let me put it inside of it,there we go,and you can see thats turning red so,let me spin around for a little bit,there we go,really make sure you mix it in well and,thats pretty much it just have a look,at it not only does it smell super nice,but it also has this very delicate red,texture to it and its healthy too so,now let me do a taste test,um,its not like it particularly has a very,strong sort of flavor but but yet it,still tastes sweet and has a little bit,of a strawberry flavor to it,I mean its very easy to consume its,not like its very heavy matter of fact,its actually super light and kind of,delicious because it isnt necessarily,like it has a very sweet texture to it,or need it does have a very strong,strawberry flavor but yet for some,reason those two components are still,highlighted while Im drinking this so,so far it seems like a very good,supplement because it has natural,psyllium in it obviously Ive just,tested it out and if you want me to like,test it out for a longer period of time,say you want me to review for 30 days 60,days definitely let me know in the,comment section down below but in terms,of the product itself it has very high,quality virus in the natural basilium,helps you with mood swings helps to,lighten your gut helps you to lose,weight and also boost your energy level,so if youre more productive have more,energy and generally speaking having a,good mood and having a lot of energy,tends to go hand in hand and if you can,get both these results out of it next to,the weight loss Enlighten your gut it is,phenomenal and also if you want to check,out colored room for yourself a web in,the description and pin comment and I,think at the moment if you use one of,those links in the description or a,pinned comment youll get yourself an,amazing deal so definitely check it out,and thats pretty much the end of this,video if you want to be updated in,regards to this product please consider,to the Subscribe button and turn on the,notifications so the next time Im gonna,update you guys in regards of this,product you can watch the video so thank,you so much for watching I generally,appreciate your time and hope to see on,my next video bye bye,thank you,[Music]

ColonBroom Review!!! 2 week update!!

when i tell yall,coal and broom is this colon broom,is the shh okay,[Music],whats up family its your girl china,little coming back to you with,another review with colin broome,is um week two and i just wanted to give,you guys some updates,um if you are new to my channel if,youre new to the family,welcome welcome welcome thank you for,watching,dont forget to like comment subscribe,and share because,i need people to help me promote my,channel you know,get these good products out here you,know and also,im so grateful for you guys joining the,china little family,but um i just want to thank you guys,and stay tuned later,eventually hey yall,okay so this has been,one hell of a journey with um colon,broom and im talking about in a good,way,yall if yall knew what i went through,over quarantine it has been,completely crazy but its been a,blessing,but im talking about crazy as far as,you know me being able to be regular,i know some things may be tmi but im,gonna be honest honey,this calling broom has helped me go to,the bathroom,not one not two but three times a day,and thats only if you have,been drinking adequate amount of water,getting your water in,thats important get your water in you,guys that is,important okay if you,call yourself,taking this column bro then its,important,that you go ahead and you drink the,water that they tell you to drink,after you drink the bottle of water with,the colon broom in it,because if you dont youre not going to,see results,youre not going to stop the bloating,youre not going to stop the pain that,youve been feeling from eating all the,junk food that youve been eating,because lets lets get real,weve all been eating out weve all been,eating junk,weve all been eating drunk and laying,down weve all been doing some stuff,that,our bodies have not been agreeing with,you know if you see yourself breaking,out let me tell you,i had broke out and i dont break out in,my face,broke out like it was like patches of,skin all on my face and stuff like that,and i was telling my husband im like,babe,oh my god look at my skin and he was,just like hey like calm down i was like,no 9-1-1 9-1-1 this is horrible,like something going on my body it was,i had irritable bowel syndrome,okay and when i tell you it put me,in a space where i was like okay i need,to i need to fast,we fasted for three days then turned,around we took a week break and then we,fasted for,seven days i had to do a total body,reset then in the midst of me fasting,for seven days,i seen this and i was like okay you know,maybe,this is the key maybe thats what it is,guys,i know thats a whole nother video but,im just gonna go into it right now,why i fasted if youve never heard of,mucoid plaque its real,so when you are trying to lose weight,and you figure out you cant,its because you have hell of gooked up,mucus plaque in your intestines that are,stopping you,from losing weight it stinks its,horrible its you can pick it up,with a stick,thats how it is but its clumped,up in your intestines,yall coal and broom when i order coal,and broom i took the coaling broom okay,ive been doing coal and broom every day,this is my two week update now,and ive been doing it every day twice a,day i can fit,my pants like my i had a bulge in the,middle of my stomach,okay and it was hard for me to button up,my pants like,i was it was it was to the point where i,was just,like oh no i somethings wrong like,either im really bloated i got,a lot of waste in there once i fasted,i felt so much better okay i felt so,much better and then,once i incorporated coal and broom into,my,everyday life oh my god it makes,everything so much better,now im gonna keep it 100 with you okay,me and my husband we had a fart contest,thats how bad it was because i was like,sorry babe like,this colon broom works the first the,first two days,you are going to be gassy okay youre,going to be bloated,now once you once you drink the water,that is telling you to drink every time,you take coal and broom,youre going to go to the bathroom you,are going to see the inches fall off,your waist,because thats what ive been seeing see,when i give a review i like to go,in on my review i dont just like to say,oh i took something i didnt know,because i dont want you guys to be,going out there taking it and then its,no good for you,you know or its not working no if you,are taking,and broom or you have started and its,not working its because youre not,drinking enough water,you have to drink enough water for it to,do its job,okay and i promise you the weight will,fall off and the inches will fall up,honey,i promise you that after them two days,and i use the bathroom i was good,i was like oh my god like,look at this honey,yall i have to come back to yall,because,right after i got done doing that video,i went to the bathroom and it it hadnt,even been,a good 10-15 minutes,so i said i wasnt gonna leave yall out,of nothing if,you dont like it cmi go ahead,exit out of the video but this is real,life okay,i drank um i drank the cola broom water,then i drank regular water then i drank,another bottle of um water,and im already on the toilet again,yeah current situation so you guys,honestly buy colon room,buy coal and broom you will see a,difference you will see a change and,also help,others around you because you never know,what theyre going through you never,know if theyre having issues using the,restroom and im sure everyone is,everyone,has gained weight ive seen a big,but ive seen a big change in my weight,and my waist like i said before and you,guys,i i really want you guys to go buy it,purchase it use it and use it daily me i,started off using it,um once a day and then after that first,day,i used it twice a day,they said if youre just starting out,you know you use it like,um twice a day the next week the,following week but,im like i know i was backed up again so,i use it and ive been good but um,i just had to give you guys that real,quick thank you guys,love you family,you

ColonBroom Review!! How To Use ColonBroom!!!!!!!

[Music],okay so,with colon broom it says to do 12,to 14 ounces of water followed by,another 12 to 14 ounces of water,after you drink coal and broom after you,do a scoop,in this bottle so im gonna do a scoop,in this bottle,of coal and broom and then im gonna,follow behind it and drink this bottle,because if you,dont drink this bottle after this one,you could risk,it possibly swelling in your throat if,you dont have enough water to follow it,down,and you could possibly choke so,lets do this,okay so im about to,do a scoop of colon broom and by the way,this is the flavor strawberry and it,actually tastes,really really good it tastes like,kool-aid,it tastes like kool-aid but it is,strawberry taste it tastes really good,and its also vegan as well,so im gonna do a scoop,oh,okay well i made a mess this thing its,all right,okay it comes with this little scooper,thing too,so you only do one scoop,okay one scoop,[Music],i should have did it this way,okay,that was gonna be difficult,all right,thats what i just did,this was the most easiest way for me to,get it in this bottle,without it spilling because i would,spill stuff everywhere,and once its all in the bottle im,gonna shake it up really really good and,then im gonna drink it,[Laughter],you see how thick it got though,thats horrible okay,i feel like im making something now i,feel like a kid again,okay so before i drink this im gonna,read some stuff to you guys,and basically tell yall,what it says okay it says,add one scoop 5.7 grams thats how much,the scooper is it says add one scoop to,12 to 14 ounces 360 to 420 milliliters,of water,mix well drink up drink an additional,glass of water,take up to two times daily one hour,before,or 30 minutes after your meal,it says if youre new to colon broom for,the first,five days start with one serving per day,after that increase your intake two,times per day,it says you may experience some changes,in bowel movements,or even be a little bloated for the,first few days but,dont worry your body needs to adjust to,increase fiber intake,its not recommended that you take this,supplement at bedtime,um it says if you use any medications,make sure you consume,colon broom at least two hours before or,after medicines caution make sure you,take,supplement with a sufficient amount of,water without drinking enough,water as described above the product may,swell in the throat,causing blockage or choking consult with,your physician,if pregnant slash nursing have swelling,difficulties,irritable bowel syndrome abdominal pain,nausea or,vomiting keep out of reach of children,for adults only stop taking the,supplement and speak with your physician,for,advice if you experience any mild,allergic type of reactions such as,nose or eye irritation feeling short of,breath,itchy skin if you experience any other,uncommon symptoms which you may think,what you think may be,due to taking the supplement speak with,your physician for server,for i mean for further advice um,allergy and colon brome this product may,cause,an allergic reaction and people,sensitive,to or inhale or in ingested,um facilium or psyllium however you damn,say it,um colon broom is a natural plant-based,dietary,fiber complex that helps promote,digestive health and relieves,constipation,no sugar added colon broom is sweetened,with sugar substitute,okay do not use if safety seals is,damaged or missing does store in a cool,dry place,away from heat slash moisture also,this this video is not sponsored i,bought the product all on my own,i actually have three jars in total to,last me three whole months,and um im going to be doing this for a,little while,i dont know just how long but,ill be doing this you know just so i,can give you guys a good review on the,product,and see if it really helps as far as,me being regular and even you know if i,could possibly see some weight loss,so whats in it is uh calcium,you got one milligram of calcium uh,60 milligrams of sodium and,one milligram of potassium and psyllium,huss powder,3.6 grams and these,are the ingredients right here,so you can see for yourself it says that,its all,vegan so um it does have sea salt,i wonder if i could take this during the,fast,hmm i might have to contact,someone about that and see but,lets try it and see how it goes i just,wanted to show you guys,how thick it gets im trying to get it,to focus focus focus,there it goes its pretty thick so,imagine how it is in your stomach,wow whoa oh wow yeah,yeah so you want to make sure you drink,this with an adequate amount,of water,a few moments later whats up guys i had,to come back to yall,um this is about 35-40 minutes later and,i wanted to show you guys the,consistency of,what coal and broom looks like once it,settles like its kind of,[Music],goopy you but imagine what it does,in your stomach it probably clings on to,the waist and,brings it on down but that looks kind of,creepy,like the blob,but i just had to come back and show you,guys the consistency,and why its important to drink the,adequate amount of water,with it so that it can hit your stomach,and get some things moving in your,system,but ill see you guys in my next video,you

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